World Cup Thoughts As Barcelona Players Get Shirty With Cesc

A day away packing up the house and what did I miss? Not a great deal actually.

So Spain deservedly won the World Cup for their performance in the Final. The nature of tournament football is such that you are only as good as the match you play and whilst they have not been the best team in South Africa, on the night they were better.

Will this sound the death knell for the functional football which has been in evidence in recent months? No. Internazionale proved you can win titles and trophies by being unadventurous, beating ‘footballing’ sides along the way. Indeed, had the Dutch taken their chances, the outcome might well have been different. However, it seems that going against the grain of their national team’s style through the years, attempting to shore up a defence which has been found wanting in previous tournaments, stifled them somewhat in the final.

That and an inability of his team-mates to utilise the strengths of Robin van Persie, cost them dearly. His spell out of the game last season appeared to be some hinderance but the tactics of the team did not help either, the movement he is used to at Arsenal was only sporadically evident for his country.

Cesc set up the winner and post-match immediately consoled Robin van Persie immediately afterwards. Nothing can be read into that aside from it showing the friendship between the two, the decent act of a well-brought up young man. Likewise, the media are making something of a prank by the Spanish team and one that Cesc found amusing but did not participate in, to the extent that he did not co-operate with the attempt to put a Barcelona shirt on his body. Some have got bent out of shape over it but let’s be honest, it was doesn’t even begin to register on Ince-scale.

I don’t think that anyone has doubted the affection he has for Arsenal – simply the desire to return home has never, understandably, been hidden whether that be now or in the future. He re-affirmed his appreciation of the club and supporters in his speech in Madrid last night:

All I can say is that this World Cup victory is for all the Arsenal players and fans — they are a world-class club.

I am an Arsenal player and proud to be.

It might have been a good weekend for Barcelona on the pitch with a large number of players contributing significantly but off it, matters were not so clear cut. Well, they were actually. Depending on which media outlet you believe, Cesc bought a property in England for a couple of million or a flat in Barcelona, which seems more of a crash pad for a weekend away than a commitment to the city. More pertinently, despite reports of a meeting, Wenger and Gazidis have both declined to meet Rosell and his entourage with the message clear that they are not going to sell. The ball is firmly in the player’s and Barcelona’s court. If he wants to go, he will probably have to ask for a transfer or (and?) Barcelona offer a sum of money that they have publicly stated is far too much.

The player asking for a move seems unlikely as that is a rarity in the modern game, prinicipally down to money forsaken in doing so, although I hasten to add that there is no evidence that this would the case for Cesc. Whether that is hurt pride over the manner of his departure to Arsenal or they are brassick, nobody knows for in the same way that you decide the clothes to wear each day, Barcelona has so many faces that it chooses which one each morning for the day ahead.

Back to the World Cup. Overall, it was a disappointment. There were some good games, teams from all continents gave us entertainment, some through good play, others through being so awful that unless you laugh, you will cry if you follow those countries.

The key thing is that the big stars failed to live up to their reputations. Few of the ‘media favourites’ brought any joy to the screen or stadia; it was left to lesser lights to brighten the sky. Fifa will proclaim this World Cup a success and for the hosts, in terms of organisation, the fears printed or broadcast beforehand never played out. There were other aspects which render this a failure, the stadia are beautiful but what happens to them now.

A forlorn hope is that Fifa learn lessons over ticketing. Never more should they bow to the corporate buyers who dismally failed to turn up for the latter stages to the unsaid huge embarrassment of the governing body. Pricing for tickets must be aimed at the local market because if they fail to turn up, empty seats will remain forever a problem.

A final wish is for football commentators and pundits to cease stooping to the lowest level. A commentator should describe the action adding authority to embellish the action. Those who were forced into English homes during the tournament would have had Peter Jones and Bryon Butler spinning in their graves. As for the pundits, the only hit was Roy Hodgson, a rare twinkle of sanity in the grey skies of banality. There have been lucid individuals who have a genuine analysis of the action before them. Too often the depth could be skimmed with a spatula such was the flimsy nature of their comments.

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. Totally LOVE IT, cant wait for the Emirates Cup to sing it

  2. Arsenalkabisa

    BARCA are shit. I think we should just cut all ties with them. If Cesc wants to go, then we should Sell him to Milan or Real. Never to the SCUM of Barca.

    Hell, we should be crafty and in his next salary review tie him for the rest of his career.

    F.U.C.K B.A.R.C.A. F.U.C.K. B.A.R.C.A

  3. Arsenalkabisa

    B.A.R.C.A A.R.E S.H.I.T>

  4. Just to confirm that Cesc bought a house in St Albans BEFORE the start of the WC

  5. barc a mierda fuck

  6. You Arsenal fans are a bunch of wankers. if Cesc wants to go, to hell with it let him go. I’m a Liverpool fan and arguable our best player wanted to leave because of Rafa made him feel lees of a player than Barry and constant replacement of Lucas. Obviously i wasn’t happy to see him go but by all means if a player isn’t happy at a club let him go. It proved in our last season that Alonso was indeed our best player and Rafa made him look like a fool. Oh yeah i forgot you are all arsenal fans you have no heart for your players only when they play for you and when the rumors come your quickly in to slate your players. Arsenalkabisa : you do realsie for Cesc to sign this ‘contract’ to tie him at the club until the end of his career he has to sign it yeah ? hahaa. Trust me Cesc will hate Wenger if he makes him stay, Cesc will honor his contract without signing a new deal the move to Barca for free, who will feel like the pricks then ?

  7. You’ve just argued against your own point, mate. Sell your best player and drop out of the champions league places….who knows, perhaps even down to the championship.
    Long may Arsenal Football club show some bollocks.

  8. Xabier, I am afraid you are on the wrong blog to slate Arsenal fans for no heart or love for their players, if you want to make inflammatory comments that ring with even a drop of truth then go to LeGrove nearly everyone on there fills your criteria.

    A couple of points about your comment, if Cesc stays and honours his contract he will be with us for another 5 seasons, I wouldn’t see that as us being pricks having one of the worlds best midfielders for another 5 seasons. If he then left on a free to return to his home I would be more than happy with that. He would have repaid any loss of transfer money we would have lost ten times over.

    That said I don’t see him staying that long, but he has NEVER said he is unhappy at Arsenal and that is a fact, he is loved by the fans and the manager unlike Alonso who was made to feel like a second rate player by your idiot manager.

    Cesc will never hate Wenger he has too much respect for him and sees him as a father figure, check your facts mate then come back.

  9. I think deep down all arsenal fans know that it is inevitable that cesc will return to barca. but when he does, it will be after he has achieved all that he can at the club or by the club’s own terms. for now barca are just shit stirring trying to get lucky.

    all they will ever get is being covered in their own muck coz no way the club’s letting him go now.

  10. The FIFA world cup was not a failure. Just because the crap English team failed dismally does not make the world cup a failure. ANd what happens to the stadia has nothing to with whther the world cup was a failure. I guess you are one of those people who wanted the hosts(south africa) to fail but cant still accept the fact that they pulled it off.
    As for VAn persie, he was crap the whole tournament. Just like the other overhyped players.
    As for Barcelona, if they want Cesc they must stump up 50+ million pounds. They cant tap up our player and then tell us the price they want to buy at.

  11. I f*!king hate Spain and the barca twats!!!

  12. Barca are taking the piss ever since they humiliated us they think they own us, bastards

  13. Wow, cesc loved that no matter how we paint it, he is gone in mind if not body. We should cash in now so we can rebuild no point having a player who you know will leave next summer. Shame our captain wants to leave, a sad day for the club

  14. I hate this feeling. its like were a miserable old parent who wont let our gifted child out to play, it makes me feel sick

  15. Xabier – you should be carefully when making sweeping generalisations about Arsenal fan’s being pricks and having no hearts and aim your response at who sparked you into making this reply. Not all of us share the same views and outlooks on football hence their is so much debates on these blog sites. Views from non Arsenal fan’s are always welcome as they add a different perspective and offer insight into how other teams fans view things.

    Maybe should note this for future reference as your statement has offered nothing to this debate other than to highlight your inability to structure a reasoned argument without juvenile jibes.

    Cesc will never hate Wenger because if it wasn’t for him he would have never developed into the player he is today. Fab is in direct competition with Xavi for Spain and eventually Barca but as thing’s stand now I would like to think Cesc has the sense to see he wouldn’t start for Barca in the current formation they play. Spain midfield is Barca’s midfield and the attacking 3 will be Zlatan, Villa and Messi, where does Cesc figure in that line up?

    I must add if the boy really does want to leave then let him go, I don’t feel any player should be kept against their wishes and I would not begrudge him a move to his boyhood club. Barca could conduct themselves a lot better the same way Real could have with Ronaldo but in the end if they get their man they will see the burnt bridges as worth it.

  16. Arsenal are about to file charges against Barcelona for excessive tapping of a player

    According to sources Arsenal were collecting evidence till now and were hoping to avoid the situation but after the latest escapade they have left Arsenal with no other choice

  17. In today’s Metro they have the Cesc quote differently as:

    ‘i am really proud to have been an Arsenal player’

    Lets hope the one aobve is right and thsi is just another example of lazy hack.

    also feel sorry for RVP, i’ve seen the stat floated that in 120 mins Robben didn’t complete 1 pass to him! shocking really. i know Robben can produce magic but i can’t believe the coach lets that slide, from what i saw over the rest of the Dutch matches that wasn’t an isolated incident from Robben.

  18. Mr Cee – I wish the bridges would be burnt but simply put those bridges should have been burnt when Henry went, when they constantly tapped up Vieira, Hleb, Petit or Overmars. I know Patrick didnt end up there but they made no issue of tracking him publicly.

    It is now time to put a stop to this, it is insulting that they think they can offer £30M for Cesc when they just got £25M for Toure, they can take a long walk of a short pier with that one!

    We are a massive club who have acted like a small club due to our finances for too long it is now we started acting like a big club. Too many players come into our team whilst watching superstars that we have created leave for Barca, it is a mentality that has run on for too long and now we need to fight back!

    Screw Barca, Cesc is staying and we should insist on it, if he leaves now it sends a terrible message to the rest of the players either joining or coming through the ranks in the future.

    If Cesc goes you can bet your bottom dollar RVP will be targeted by them next summer and on it goes with Wilshire the next!

  19. Xabier on July 13, 2010 at 7:45 am –

    To be clear, Cesc has stated repeatedly he loves Wenger like a father and owes him virtually everything.

    Reading the past and recent comments of Alonso, Riera, Keane, Benayoun (among others) it is clear that Rafa had inspired nothing but contempt amongst many of his best players.

    Whereas Rafa made Alonso feel deeply unwanted, Wenger has made it quite clear to Cesc where he stands (he IS wanted) and I believe that decision has been wholly accepted.

    Your point is largely incoherent and confused and you are clearly a bitter man for coming on here to make this pathetic, unwarranted attempt at an attack on us as Arsenal fans.

    For the record, I am eagerly looking forward to watching your self-important, mismanaged club (whose years of greatness are a thing of the past and soon to be little more than a nostalgic footnote) further disintegrate into financial disaster.

    BUT I wouldn’t bother going on to a Liverpool blog to point this out.

    I’m more interested in my own club, but then I am reminded that this is probably because my club is the best run in the world, whereas yours has been gang raped by Septics and left to float in the gutter towards the dank sewers of uncertainty.

    I suppose at least an offensive turds like yourself will soon feel you have the club you deserve.

    You’ll never stink alone as they say, turdboy.

  20. Fuck Barça.

  21. I don’t think YW has said anywhere that SA failed as hosts, it was the meddling FIFA with its insistence on high ticket prices that are responsible for the empty seats. As for the stadia, ofcourse they are white elephants left for the local govt. to deal with, typical of FIFA. N5Steve do have any links for that news. If its true it can only be good news for Arsenal

  22. Jonny – Bravo (No Pun intended)

  23. Just remember, Cesc has not said anything. All of the talking is coming from Barcelona football club and its players. Needless to say the media jumps on every little thing. At the end of the day he has a contract until 2014. Arsenal football club are clearly in control of the situation and it appears that Wenger has it under control.

  24. Those Barca idiots don’t just get it, do they? Do they really think this will make Arsenal any more likely to sell?

    Arsene needs to work his magic and sign him to a contract extension through 2018 now.

  25. just don’t get it! (it’s late in the U.S…)

  26. Hear Hear Jonny @ 8:38 8)

  27. Arsenalkabisa

    Cesc will honor his contract without signing a new deal the move to Barca for free, who will feel like the pricks then ?

    five more years of Cesc. Even if he goes for free then, that would be bliss. Because within that time we will have won the EPL five times, the CL five times the FA five times…ooooooh. i would kill for that. After that even if he wants to be PAID so as to go, pay he should be paid.

    What are you doing on an Arsenal blog you Liverfool?

    Go watch Reina hosting some show for a world cup he could t even get a game.

  28. I hate barca, I hate the way they are taking the piss out of us like we are small time, I hate the way that cesc loves them more then us, I hate the way there players would die for the shirt, But most of all I hate the way that they are so dammed good. Thats the real sickener for me.

  29. The whole Spain were shouting at him like he is wasting away at some shite club or something, he is at arsenal; for gods sake, he is surrounded by the best up and coming potential in world football like Bendtner and Denilson. Is that the respect we have in Spain? Zero?. I feel sick

  30. Dik Aardvaark

    Barcelona’s attempts to woo Fabregas has more than a tinge of grooming about it.

  31. Its there arrogant attitude, they think of us as ‘That little club in england who trys to play like us’, its so annoying i hate them

  32. All of their pranks and jokes and talk, it will make it that much funnier when he goes nowhere!

    Even funnier when he scores against them in the CL this season.

    We do need to sign a few more players though make a real show of intent.

    Hmm lets see, which club are financially unstable right now?? Oh yeah Barca, let’s put a bid in for some of their players!

    After all all of their players would want to play for Arsenal, you cant buy class.

  33. Arsenalkabisa

    These two guys are retarded. Confirmed.

  34. Yeah, Barcelona fans seem to forget that between the seasons 1998–1999 and 2004–2005 they didnt win one La Liga title or UCL title or any title for that matter and now all of a sudden they disrespect Arsenal and talk down to us. What goes around comes around.

  35. The only thing surprising is the fact that anyone is surprised by Barca’s desperate dan shennanigans. Every season same time different player.Culminating in the spanish players prank of drapping Cesc in Barca colours – I am sure Cesc has several adorning his wall -. Fransesc does not strike me as souleless and ungrateful. I believe when he goes it will be with our blessing and the red carpet rolled out. Also I do not think it is Cescs time yet. Firstly the small matter of Xavi and ineiesta then noisy Mourinho who will ensure barca dont win any trophies for the next 3 years

  36. And Jason stop writing the same crap on multiple sites.

  37. Great Blog about the WC and Cesc Left! I think many people are overdramatising the latter case.

    Just wonder how overrated english players really are. Surely Gerrard and to a certain degree Lampard, Rooney (when fit) and ArseCole are good players by international standards. But the rest are average. So its difficult – if not impossible – to build Arsenal on an english spine.

    Which makes our two summer signings so far so much more satisfying. Add a good proven goalkeeper (and Cesc staying for one more year) and we should be serious contestors for the title next season.

  38. Barca and spain has constantly treated cesc like some little boy (I hope he realises this) and have continously disrespected Arsanal FC. If he has any sense he will stay at Arsenal and win PL and CL. We have new blood coming in this is a time for excitement. Don’t people realise the state of the spanish league when all the spanish team are coming from just two clubs, Barca and Real..

    Another thing, who watch those poor excuse for TV pundits.. Shearer and Hansen. Hansen looked very smug when he stated ‘ Total Thuggery’.. After many years of condoning such anti football against Arsenal, he now condemns it… talkspite said similar….
    we need a TV forum where these idiots are forced to qualify their foolish statements and are challenged by intelligent football supporters

    Cesc if you want to go then go… you will regret it…On a lighter note I’m looking forward to sat game against Barnet. aint that the Troof

  39. Jan

    Fair points,

    We can’t really improve by making any English signings, its counter productive as they are all average.

    I am hoping though for an experienced EPL CB of any nationality, be it English if he is good enough – but who out there is good enough and probbaly in our reach? Signing another player from abroad will just make our backline really inexperienced in Premiership terms. Not to mention the time it may take for them to settle in as a team – forming defensive partnerships.

  40. If you want decent analysis of games, tune into RTE2. It’s an Irish station. You can get it online on http://WWW.RTE.IE/PLAYER
    It’s not always magnificent punditry but they at least try to analyse the game and give experienced and honest opinions. There’s none of this Hansen bullshit of “you can’t win the league with kids”.
    That said, occasionally Eamonn Dunphy does come out with some sensational comments such as;
    “Cristiano Ronaldo? He’ll never be a great player for as long as he has a hole in his arse!” or
    “Mourinho, he’s a cancer on the game” or
    “Eric Cantona, always rises to the small occasion”.

  41. I think barca should be sued! But most arsenal fans were too fast in criticizing fabregas. i respected him for not saying anything about arsenal during the world cup. he said before world cup that he is solely concetrating on world cup. he showed us he is a man of his word.

  42. Boruc to Fiorentina for £1.7mil?
    Frey to Arsenal then? 😛

  43. Just read the same comment as my last by someone else on another blog about an hour ago. Fools rarely differ…

  44. The Troof

    Pundits will never allow that kind of situation where they are challenged on their views. They know they will look like even bigger twats than they already are.

    Shearer and Hansen have got to be some of the biggest mugs involved in our game. How these guys are on TV constantly sharing their very primitive views is beyond me. These guys and many of the other old guard are the ones who have stalled the progression of the English players, by stalling the views of the majority of the English public. Why many believe English players are good because they are tough and run their socks off is a joke. Without the foreign players in the Premiership we will probably be behind the Italian league!

    Arsenal bring a lot of talent through, we bring many English players into 1st team contention also, if they are good enough they get a chance. Most the time they are not and they end up at Spurs and other crappy clubs. How Arsenal the fine club that we are, are slagged off week in week out for being light weight, where we focus our team to playing technically and to pass the ball.. while others set tactics to bring down others who are better than them.. I just cant understand why everyone is having a wankfest over Spain when they couldn’t even turn their possession into any real attacking threat over the whole tournament. How many times did they win 1-0?

    Barca I won’t even start on just yet in this post, they are a joke of a club. They are a real embarassment to football.

  45. So here is my Barca related post…

    Many including YW criticise Cesc for being silent, and assuming his chit chatter with his fellow Barca team mates means he truly is desperate to leave.

    What I have said at the begin is what I will say again, I am with olumide.

    Cesc never said he will leave, and he has been under constant pressure from the Spanish media and the Spanish players. As we all witnessed last night. I don’t care one bit what their fuc*ing players come out with, they have bigger egos than common sense, and they hold no respect for Cesc or the position he is in.

    Its a sort of peer pressure when you mates are trying to get you out the house, but you cant because you know your wife will be a bit pissed off.. so you lead them on to keep them happy.. “maybe.. maybe ill come.. Ill let u know later” or “I want to come, but I don’t know yet…”

    This is exactly what Cesc is doing, he wants to go Barca, but he doesn’t want to leave Arsenal. This sounds a bit confusing I know, but I truly believe he has a stronger desire to stay at Arsenal and win trophies than go to the club that let him go thinking he wasn’t good enough anyway.

    This behaviour from the Spanish has obviously had a negative affect once again on his views of FC Barcelona, as much as he would like to return one day. Every Arsenal fan knows he has not been impresed by their behaviour in the past.

    So I seriously doubt he will be ready to step down as Arsenal captain, abandone project Arsenal, and let the guy down who made him who he is today.. Wenger of course. He loves Arsenal, he said that once again last night, he even dedicated the World Cup victory to us… yet the Barca scum still try to pressure the guy.

    It is shocking behaviour, and desperation on Barcas part.

    I too agree with cutting any ties with their club. I am very happy Wenger is finally back to shed some light on the situation very soon. I know we will keep our stance, we are financially sound, and we have no intention of selling our captain. Being an Arsenal fan fills me with pride, not only when we are winning, but for what we stand for every year. Selling Cesc to Barcelona now should be the last thing Wenger will want to do.

    I hope we come out with a very cynical press release, but I know we have more class, and I know we will probably stay silent. Cesc will come back and re-affirm his committment, maybe even before while on holiday.

    Maybe I seem a bit too positive for some, but this is what I expect from my club, and I don’t expect us to even speak to such an organization which is meant to be a great club. My hatred for them right now is greater than I have had for any other club.

    If Cesc wants to go Barca, he must ask for a transfer, then I hope we start accepting bids from other teams. NOT out of spite to Cesc, but to Barca, they do not deserve to obtain this fine player which we have produced, we turned him into what he his, and we gave him his shot.

  46. The shirt thing actually cheered me up.
    If Cesc had made it abundantly clear that he will definitely come to Barca then puyol and company would have played it cool.
    On the other hand if he had said – he was not really sure or I will let you know later chums – this is what they would have done to force the issue.

    At least this forces Cesc to come up with something next time he is asked “the future” question. Hope it is soon. Cant take this shit anymore.

    Btw didnt some fan put a barca shirt on henry some time back .. Went the next season he did..

  47. Ronaldo put me off Real…. but I honestly hope that they win their league and put Barca in the shade.
    As for holland Van Persie needs to publicly say what a selfish greedy limited player Robben is.
    van Persie was crying out for someone with a footballing brain to get some quality passes to him.
    More Troof

  48. In a couple of days time fabregas will state his intent about the move and I dont think it will be any different than when this whole saga began. ie he wants to return one day but its up to arsenal at this junction in time.

    Leaving us in a world cup year at short notice would be disrespectful and he has always shown he is not that kind of guy. No one at all should be implying the opposite until he says something really dumb. It may be next year but could quite easily could be more as barca have a big shopping list and dont actually need another midfielder right now.

    This is pretty much exactly what I wrote 6 weeks ago but there has been the small factor of winning a massive cup with 7 starting barca players…

    He is happy here but shit, its not quite the same as being surrounded by 250000 loved up spanish ladies who think you are a god hey? last time I checked he is only human.

  49. Really hope we dragg barca through some really expensive courts at some point. Surely we could not lose so they would either have to settle at our price or watch the legal costs spiral out of control.

  50. Cool down everyone the Cesc wearing a Barca shirt was just a prank.

  51. Hark must of absolutely lovvvved it 😉

  52. A classy post as every Yogi.

    And I hope your right ChrisGoona.

    In my mind this has all overshadowed 2 exciting signings and the prospect of 2 more for Arsenal which should be what we are all excited about and allowed to focus on. Instead we constantly have this shit swirling around in the media, a stinking cloud of uncertainty pumped ino greater size by the greasy arses of the barca boys. How I loathe them. But Cesc has the power in himself to freshen the air by making a clear and concise statement reafirming his commitment to Arsenal. One that dosent have to burn his long term ties with the classless scumbags that he would one day like to join.

    On the commentry Yogi, with a few notable exceptions (always liked Johnathon Pearce) I totaly agree…we are decending into sensationalism. What they don’t seem to realise is that football is exciting becasue of the grey areas and the objective nature of the game, its one of the few things in life that still has the capacity to surprise a grown man or woman. Trying to make peoples mind up for them conclusivley through commentry is as depressing as it is irresponsible and unfortunatley its a reality we have experienced at his disapointing world cup.

    Yet World Cup South Africa has served as one of the greatest collective examples of the fundamental changes the game requires to move forward and survive both practicaly and commercialy. And if thos changes are acted upon accordingly(I’m not holding my breath) 2010 could end up as one of the most important world cups ever to have been staged for the game of football.

  53. Hark those thins have repurcussions (spelling) though. Those innocent pranks i’m sure are part of a bigger thing instigated by the powers at barca. That sounds over the top but along with every barca twat spouting about dna it all seems like a constant ribbing towards cesc to grind him down so that he’ll give in to pressure. I would bet my mortgage that the order originally came from Laporta or Rosell or someone high up.

    They should be done for tapping up majorly.

  54. Why on earth aren’t they being done for tapping up?

    It sureley has to be the clearest case of tapping up to have ever existed by a million miles.

  55. I don’t think we can do much about tapping up at this point of time. As far as I know, officially tappicg us is when a club contacts a player or his agent about a transfer without speaking to the club that owns the player. What Barca is doing is tapping up for all practical purposes….but don’t think there is a legal case yet.

  56. Barcelona tapping up Cesc. Barcelona tapping up Cesc. Barcelona tapping up Cesc. Barcelona tapping up Cesc. Barcelona tapping up Cesc. Barcelona tapping up Cesc. Barcelona tapping up Cesc. Barcelona tapping up Cesc.

    Maybe if we write it enough someone will hear?

  57. Hey, remember the win home shirt competition where you asked which manager playing world cup question? When will we know the winner?

  58. Doesn’t it make you even prouder to be an Arsenal fan and have a great man of principle at the helm in Wenger?

    We are lucky as fuck.

  59. we are classy as fuck

  60. deano and word

    yes and yes!

    That Reina looks to be the clown of Spain, no wonder they keep calling him up and never playing him. He is there for pure entertainment. A bit like Eboue, although Eboue holds more class these days!

    Reina has completely bolloxed his chances of coming Arsenal, if Wenger ever rated him.. he can rot at Pool down in mid table.

  61. Fuck barca. I thought catalunyans hated the spanish and vice versa. Why the hell are the barcacunts celebrating about? And arent the spanish ashamed of themselves to let a bunch of cunts win the world cup for them?

  62. I just don’t understand Barca. Aren’t they “more than a club”? Why do they have to behave like the lowest of the lowest, just cause we don’t want to give them back their toy?

  63. Barca thinks of us like a sort of grimsby town outfit to them. Those retardos. Fuck u barca and may u go down the drain like those sub prime retards in the US. Totally fucked.

  64. More than a club? More like more than shite! Worthless bunch of twunts. Camp gnu is not a world class stadium. Its a piece of 80’s fucking crap shit of a stadium. Gimme a break, son. If we had standing room at the emirates, i bet we could squeez 100,000 gunners in there. I’d like to ask this to all catalunyans…..Why the fuck are u cheering for the spanish and waving the spanish flag?????? What the fuck? What happened to ur “independence” u bunch of shameless pricks???

  65. Its like watching a bunch of scots win the world cup for england. How would that feel eh?

  66. CG Just printed your post out at 11:01 and read it in the park, very nice and hopefully truthful. Just don’t feel as though you have to make excuses for being to optimistic.

  67. Rinseout,

    I remember you posting a way of removing spyware from your computer for free, could you please remind me how its done, im not great with computers, your help would be much appreciated

  68. ChrisGoona @ 10.39 re: Shearer and Hansen and their effect on English football. At first I thought along the lines of “they are only the messangers. Don’t shoot them. But after much thought….(0.5 seconds) I realise you a completely right. What those two twats say has a disproportionate effect on how the game is stomached in this country. Hansen in particular is so sure of his place on the “team sheet” he has become smug, complacent and irrelevant. I would like to see him dropped, but failing that, I would like to see him actually trying to use his brain and show some intelligent, insightful thinking…..rather than just old-school, default-setting, established bollocks wallpaper drivel.

  69. It’s good that Cesc stays at Liverpool, shunning away money and the comforts of home for a club that he is passionately committed to.

    On another note, I was very disappointed at Argentina for not living up to the hype that they had pre World Cup. But the better team won and congratulations are in order for the final four teams that made it through and for Spain for winning it all.

  70. As I understand it, any action taken against another for club for tapping up a player punishes both the offending club and the player (probably because there’s the assumption that the tapped up player was complicit).

    If correct, then this rule needs a slight amendment, a type 1 and type2. Type 2 would remain as described above, but Type 1 should punish an offending club when there is any attempt to sweet-talk a player into breaking their contract with a club. This would offer Arsenal the opportunity to silence Barcelona once and for all, and prevent any other clubs from showing their phd’s in genetics and telepathy

  71. With all the anti-Barcelona sentiment around is it too much to maybe think, at some future date, with water under-de-bridge, that Cesc will come to represent a kind of friendship and link between the two clubs, Arsenal and Barcelona, both of which he clearly has positive feelings towards.

    I understand his quandary, although he and his ‘people’ (manager, spokespersons) might have managed it with more maturity and openess. Is it wrong that he should feel loyalty and sentimental ties to his home-town team because of sense of homegrown cultural identity?

    Cesc has said something very important, that he admires and respects Arsenal. About time too.

    There are many things wrong with Barcelona and its behaviour, but the cue for our response as fans is Wenger’s principled support for the player, and an understanding of the issues at stake.

    There are, and many will find this hard to embrace, similarities and synergies between Arsenal and Barcelona, because each in its own way has broken football conventions and local taboos in their style and approach to the game.

    And so tomorrow it will be Barcelona trailing in the wake of Arsenal’s dynamic football and success. Will we be a bunch of pricks, or simply say, as we should – good luck and well done to Barcelona for trying to play the beautiful game?

    I personally find both Spain and Barcelona a little predictable and boring; and I genuinely think Arsenal is aiming higher, and there are positives from the EPL influences that will make Arsenal a better team, more daring, more exciting, more direct as well as capable of retaining possession.

    But it is not sensible to think both Spain and Barcelona have not achieved something recently, and so its simple – well done to them, good luck and keep playing the right game, and Cesc welcome home lad, but before that captain’s armband is confirmed for this season let’s assure the fans and club of your loyalty to them.

    I suspect Arsenal-Barcelona will become one of the great football rivalries of the modern era, but for ALL the right reasons. They equally want to represent the best in how modern football is supposed to be played.

    That said, if Barcelona are arrogant, debt-ridden, mismanaged bastards that is their affair, not mine. I’m happy report that Arsenal seem to be well-managed, debt-free and quite humble; most of the time with well-behaved, decent players.

  72. And so to Jena, the SA world cup was not a failure, technically it was world class and well done; but my friend don’t under-estimate the strength of feeling among Africans about how the idea of the ‘first AFRICAN WORLD CUP’ was so easily binned, to become the ‘south african world cup’. And I’m not taking about the football.

  73. els

    As you know there is a section of Arsenal fans who have lost their optimisim. They normally don’t like such comments so I was just putting that part in before hand. I am not sorry for thinking Cesc will stay. I will be more sorry if he leaves though. He has a lot to achieve yet at Arsenal.


    We need some fresh faces in, Television has a big impact on peoples opinions, and it has a huge influence on children and their ways of thinking. We have these ex pros on it every week spreading their crap with no knowledge of what affect it could have. Now it is pretty evident that their views have quite possibly played a significant role in ruining the England team, but more importantly, the future of young English players.

    Clubs have been focusing on playing combat football, and finding any tactics necessary to win games. This must be stamped out of our game, and those who have influence in the game need to stress and promote football to be played the right way. Ability and technique is seriously lacking in English players, there is no comparison to that of other countries.

    What makes it harder to take as an Arsenal fan, is watching Arsenal being subjected to such criticism for trying to tackle these issues. How many times has Wenger been laughed at for stressing these types of views?

    The FA needs to review the pundits, and football in England from top to bottom to turn it around. Will they do that and sacrifice the riches and investment of the lucrative foreign talent? The ball is in their court but we are still yet to see any balls from the FA.

  74. I couldn’t agree more.
    But just for the sake of it, I am going to try and understand their position. Hansen and Shearer are afraid of sticking their heads above the parapet and appearing too progressive in front of the fans who go to the stadiums to watch their teams. Up ’til now, the fans at PL matches demand instant, intense and combative excitement, as opposed to patient, technical stuff….with the occasional moment of sporting beauty. (And up to a point, I am with them on that.) But the game needs to change and Hansen and Shearer are clearly not the ones to be our tour guides.

  75. It’s obvious why Barcaloanshark want Cesc.

    With only one leg, against Xavi (or Barcaoverdrafty), Fabregas got a goal, With two working legs, Xavi only managed two assists. No contest!

    Spain had some chances against Holland with Xavi. When Cesc came on, they could have won the game twice! Ok, maybe just the once.

    Really nice posts from CG and Zimpaul above.
    I’d just like to add the thought, that Cesc is clearly a better player then he would’ve been if he’d stayed fighting for game time at that team in the city where people really support Espanyol.

    “influences that will make Arsenal a better team, more daring, more exciting, more direct as well as capable of retaining possession.”

    Cesc, interestingly, seems to embody those qualities with his own style of play.

    Unfortunately, I had to listen to some piss poor p(l)undits during the WC final. Some former Liverpool Clogger was shocked to see Fabregas running at pace towards the Dutch goal. As if, he had never seen Fabregas run from the kick off past an assembly of soggy sp*ds…

    It was always an opportunistic haggle, to get Cesc before he did something irreversible in the WC, like get a WC winning assist and send his value up even higher. Now all the, slightly disturbing DNA purists (have they never heard of a healthy gene pool?) can hope for is to make as much noise as possible in order to bring the price for next season down? We’ll find out
    over the coming weeks.

    Yup, the standard of our football p(l)undits, compared to the coverage of other sports, is so poor, and has been for so long, it’s no longer embarrassing, but amusing.

    I don’t think the FA have any balls left. There were some lying around, but they went missing from the office in Soho. Maybe all the FA’s ‘staff’ went to have kick-about in Soho Square, and just haven’t returned?
    I’m sure someone has a receipt, somewhere…

  76. Limestonegunner

    Chrisgoona @11:01 said it well. While I am disappointed that Cesc wasn’t more forthright early on and handled some aspects of this poorly, I feel it must have been a very difficult situation to deal with in the national team and with his Catalan friends and family who would all love him to come home sooner rather than later.

    But these Barca guys are disrespecting him and his value as well as Arsenal now. Let’s hope he is sage enough to see that he is better off returning to Barca as his own man, a winner of trophies with Arsenal, with an arms length of accomplishments. Otherwise, he’ll always be taken for granted by them as he was once. He should realize that he has unfinished business at Arsenal that is vital to his future career, even if that is at Barca at some point in the coming years.

    To that end, I really hope Arsenal can wipe this story away by making a couple really good signings as a statement of intent for next season. Cesc and RvP will be drained after the WC and we need to hit the ground running to make our mark on this season. After this terrible saga and all the disrespect of our club, the best answer is to win our league next season and go further than Barca in the CL.

  77. Limestonegunner

    Finsbury, and how about his blistering run for a goal after coming in off the bench recovering from injury in the Villa game!

  78. Another great post Yogi, Thanks.

    A few interesting thoughts from the world cup.

    1) The team that won conceded only 2 goals in 7 games. Fewest goals conceded by any team in the tournament despite playing the most games. (Shocker.)

    2) Spain defended superbly despite playing ball possession, quick passing, movement, high defensive line. (sounds like Wengerball). Wengerball and excellent defending are not mutually exclusive. Defending well does not necessarily mean playing “Mourinhoball”

    3) Spain was technically the best team. Yet scored 8 goals in 7 games. An organized, motivated and well coached opponent (Manc’s, Chav’s, Inter etc) is extremely difficult to score against even if your players are significantly technically better. Team defending has become much more sophisticated and much more effective in the last decade. Winning against a good team is very difficult if you do not keep a clean sheet.

    4) The Brazil teams of the 70s and the old Holland teams that were free spirited, free scoring and won trophies are probably a distant memory unless some the rules of the game are changed to favor attacking .

  79. @Xavbier who cares if cesc hates AW? He can hate the etire team for all i care. he can hate london he can hate the fans he can hate the world and olny love Barca for all i care. I dont care a flying fuck about his feelings. all i care about is that he gives us value for the money we paied him and brings us trophies.
    Be moody, be angry do what the heck you want cesc., aslong as you play your best for arsenal(We all know you are pro and that you will do that should you stay) you can hate us as much as you want.

  80. Limestonegunner:

    Oh yeah!

    I can understand people being upset Cesc’s ambivalence, and I wouldn’t disagree, but hopefully, we’ll see more of the same this season.

    If not, I’m sure the squad will cope. But Barca should be made to sweat and work very hard before they ever reap the benefit from Fabregas’ years in the PL.
    So far, they’re not doing too well.


  81. I have said before that AFC has handled the whole Cesc mess in an absolutely superb manner. We have been completely professional and have never wavered in our stance.

    Now its up to Cesc. Hopefully he will say “I still want to go to Barca someday but for now I am completely committed to Arsenal”. I suspect he will say: “I want to go to Barca someday but for now my future is in the hands of Arsenal.” I am becoming more confident that he will stay at least 1 more year. Unfortunately, I suspect we will have to deal with this until the transfer window closes.

  82. Regarding Barca’s incessant tricks…let’s just stop reacting. We know they’ll continue with their underhand tactics, but it doesn’t mean it’ll make a transfer happen. Reacting just increases the media attention and focus on Cesc, perhaps forcing him to make comments he doesn’t want to make. The more ‘normal’ things stay, the better in my opinion.

    Arsenal should be commended on how they have dealt with the whole situation. I think that it’s time for the media and blogs to follow suit.

  83. One other intesesting thought.

    Based on World Cup form my morning Starbucks coffee is worth more on the open market then Rooney, Ronaldo, Messi, Lampard, Torres etc etc. Great club players and great internationals are not necessarily related.

    Perhaps we should not be too critical of some of our potential transfer targers based on their form at the WC. Schwarzer, Melo etc etc.

  84. Perhaps.

    But Ozil was on our radar before the World Cup and then went and proved to everybody else why Wenger knows his stuff.

    I do know what you mean though, Bill.

    The World Cup is just a few games at the end of a very long season, with a lot of players playing in a role that is different from their club position. Not the easiest of situations.

    Arsenal should look to buy players who played well for their clubs over an extended period of time and then look to use them in the same role.

  85. the song is crap!!

  86. Another thought:

    True World class GK can certainly be a life saver. I agree that you do not overpay for a left winger but it is probably worth over paying for a true quality GK. I just do not know if there are any available.

  87. Any news on Gallas and Campbell yet? Any word on Eduardo? Latest on Ramsey rehab? Djourou physical fitness? Schwarzer rumours?

    Feed me!

  88. You have to laugh at the hypocrisy of the English Media, and so called ‘expert pundits’ in the shape of ex-players.

    Holland adopt a robust approach to the game on Sunday, and there is outrage, and indignation at the way the game has been brought into disrepute by their ‘in your face’ attitude.

    Yet, when a number of Premier League team’s adopt the same approach to stop Arsenal playing, they are applauded for ‘sticking it up Johnny Foreigner’.

    I even remember the one and only Alan Shearer suggesting that Ramsey’s leg break was partly his own fault for not being quick enough to get out of the way of Shawcross’ hard but fair challenge.

  89. Oh, and congrats to us for Cesc and RvP in the finals. I thought Cesc was amazing and changed the balance in favour of the Spaniards. I thought RvP played well throughout the tournament, about 60% of his touches and passes were superb (yep, I counted), and he probably played strictly to instruction, but sadly the Dutch team could not rise to his standards. Pity, they could have won it.

    I’m so glad Robben didn’t ever excite Arsene, he left me cold, and Schneider is a distinctly odd fellow. De Jong was a disgrace with that chesty tackle, and van Bommel is what he is, one tough nut, but not dirty. I liked van Bronkhurst, underrated I think, he’s effective at what he does.

    And well done to Iniesta, he deserved that goal.

  90. Unfortunately Cesc has tasted a winners medal and his desire for more will have ony increased. His reasons for leaving – lack of trophies/ medals + disillusionment with wenger’s stubborness to only shop either in Lidl or Aldi or the bins of other clubs for frees. God how we the great club Arsenal deserve so much better than this.

    Last year we were told there was £30 million to spend. £11 million was spent on Vermaelen whilst the sales of Toure and Adebayor raised approximately £37 million but yet the most Wenger has to spend on players for this season is £30 million- how the hell does this work?

    In all likelihood Arsenal’s experience will see them qualify for the Champions League yet again but unless Wenger splashes some cash on experienced class then hurts to say this but further disappointment awaits.

  91. I think we should sack Wenger and get Gunster in as Manager – he clearly knows better.

  92. Sarcastic comment from lil Matt’ster there. truth hurts as they say and too many fans follwo the herd like lemmings. wenger has been living off past glories for the last 6 years of trophy famine. guess you would have loved it if I had said wenger can do wrong right matt – ha.

  93. minor point. but just wondered if anyone still goes to spain for hols.

  94. Surely there will be another defensive signing unless Galls is staying, which seems pretty unlikely to be honest?

  95. I think we should just line up and slap some sense into Gunster but I doubt we’d have the time to spend.

  96. Any point you tried to make in your comment Gunster were not thought out.

    You claim to know Cesc’s reasons as to why he would leave – do you know him then, did he tell you?

    You claim to know how much money Arsenal had to spend in the previous transfer window – do you work at the club and someone told you?

    You claim that further disappointment waits for us unless we spend – can you see in to the future?

    Boring un-thought out comments from yet another impatient, so called supporter.

    Grow some balls and support your team.

  97. Complete and utter idiotic nonsense Gunster. Do your homework before you embarrass yourself.

  98. Well said Matt and ZP.

  99. els my lil matey … the only thing you’d be able to slap are my knee caps … and yes you’ll have time I guess when the tissues run out you w*nker.

    Fan does not mean someone who follows the club blindly … like it or not wenger has fallen off his pedstal of late and i’m not saying he can’t get back on it … but first he must recognise that his tactics of old are not winning trophies anymore and he need’s change things a bit and it makes me no less a FAN for saying that.

  100. Yeah well done Matt and ZP, but dups, I thought my response was more intellectual. 🙂

  101. It does make you much less of a fan.

    Also Yawn!!!!

  102. trouble we you lot is that you have lowered your standards and are happy to settle for Champions League Football. This is no time to be timid with yur head in the sand … smell the coffee and lets be having it! its time for fighting talk you lemons.

  103. Gunster:

    I do not think it is fair to judge Wenger’s transfer dealing too harshly based on the last few years. Clearly the financial climate in the world and in football dictated prudence. We built the stadium with the intent of making us financially sound so we could compete in the transfer markets. Unfortunately neither Wenger/AFC board could have seen the financial crisis that hit. Keeping this team in the CL and building our youth academy within our reasonable budget was an amazing job.

    I hope and suspect that now the boss will loosen the purse strings since he and the board have indicated our improved financial status. I certainly understand impatience over the last 6 years but I really believe we will start to refill our trophy case now that Wenger has the freedom to sign a few more players. If the club and Wenger maintain overly conservative fiscal policies and our trophy case stays empty despite improved club finances then you have a logical reason to complain.

  104. A little heated debate. Love it.

    But have to sway towards Matt on this one.

    I can’t ever condone any cries for Wenger to go. Not yet anyway. He has been building a side for a long time now. Perhaps at times he has been stubborn, but he is close now.

    I think if it wasn’t for some terrible luck and a couple of bad performances, we could well have won the league last year. I believe we are only a a two or three shrewd signings away from winning the league this year.

    Maybe if we don’t win the league, it might be time to reevaluate my stance but. for now, I think everybody should keep the faith in Wenger.

    I mentioned that we are only two or three signings away, so it’s clear we need to spend. But that doesn’t mean we need to spend big. Vermaelen only cost £11m. I think we can get good value for money and add to the strength we already have.

    Often big players demand big prices because they have peaked and we have seen their best. It’s not often an Arsenal player has been sold for megabucks and then produced better elsewhere.

    Wenger is a master of turning players into stars.

    Anyway, some food for thought there…

  105. …was really hoping that things might have changed on here…really loved the posting section.

    Thanks for the post YW…hey everyone.

  106. Gunster it has nothing to do with standards. I would be an Arsenal supporter even if we were relegated. Seems you would not be though.

  107. What is the definition of fan then?

    True supporters recognise the bigger picture, and can appreciate they way the club is being run for the future.

    One of the big questions that has been raised about the English game off the back of the world cup is the lack of investment in youth and bringing players through.

    Barcelona are the shining example of that – Louis Van gaal put their current youth set up in place over 10 years ago, and you can see the benefits now, but it is clear that it takes years for a good set up to bear fruit.

    By the way – Barca spend $16M a season on their youth set up, compared to the average of approx. £3M in the UK.

    It is clear that in line with UEFA and FIFA movement going forward, that developing talent from within will become increasingly more important.

    AW installed arguably the best youth set up in the country at our club at the turn of the century, and in turn we are now seeing a crop of young talent come through, to enable us to challenge at the top of European football long term, whilst securing the financial future of the club.

    In doing so – we have consistently challenged towards the top end of the league in the process, and will continue to do so.

    If a true supporter of Arsenal cannot see all of that as a positive, then I would suggest you are either not much of a supporter at all, or intellectually challenged to the point that you cannot see how lucky we all are to have such a birght future for AFC right in front of our own eyes.

  108. As annoying as it is to read about how barca are behaving like a bunch of louts, it is equally annoying to read crap being spouted about this world cup, especially from media based in England.

    I have no idea where this claim comes from about empty seats.

    At every world cup there have been empty seats at less popular games, but to read twats like the idiot on le grove claiming there were empty seats at the final is truly annoying.

    Personally, I and a number of my mates tried extremely hard to get tickets to the final, and while one or two came up on the fifa website a day or two before the game, I was unable to reserve any tickets in any of the categories, they went too quickly, it was simply sold out.

    I watched the game on tv, and I really wonder what game anyone was watching if they claim there were empty seats around the stadium, I certainly didn’t see any.

    What’s more, the attendance was the 3rd highest in history, behind only USA and Germany, so all the others, including Italy, France, England etc had less.

    So much for that cvntflap on legrove claiming that the world cup should be for “football loving countries”, I’ll bet that retarded bnp piece of shit has never set foot in this country, this country is footballing crazy.

    And for further information, the stadiums will not be white elephants, we have other sports who can also benefit, for example rugby.

    In fact, the only stadium I might be concerned about is Polokwane, but with some creative thinking, we can make use of that as well.

    In terms of this being an African world cup, I was proud of the support Ghana got.

    The stadium was a close sellout 84 017 (obviously a few didn’t make it, but the stadium capacity is not the full 90 000 because of the huge segment taken over by the press boxes), the capacity during the wc was about 84 500.

    I was there, and the support in that stadium was 95% behind Ghana, and the majority of those were South Africans.

    The support was deafening, and while watching it on TV afterwards, what didn’t come through on tv was that the shouting drowned out even the vuvuzelas during much of the game.

    As for this wc being “boring”, I attribute that sentiment in the english media to the sour grapes of their team being shown to be nowhere near the hype.

    This cup was memorable for many things:

    1.Africa was shown to be more than capable of hosting a world class event – something (along with the hosting of the IPL which england thought they were a “safe pair of hands” for) which I think the english media resent hugely, especially considering how hard (a bit like barca desperation), they tried to trash it before it even started and kept trying to destabalise it and claim it should be given to england instead because it was going to be such a disaster in Africa.

    2.There were plenty of exciting games and good goals (All the Germany games, the Argentina games, most of the Brazilian games, Ghana, USA, New Zealand, Chile were huge fun etc etc).

    3.The implosions of france and england provided talking points and humour.

    4.The excitement of the South American teams who failed over the final hurdles provided thought and perspective.

    5.We witnessed the rise of an exciting and promising German side.

    6. We saw controversy generating u-turns on technology.

    7. We witnessed the importance of the team as opposed to the “star” culture the world has been conditioned to accept through a banal and unimaginative media.

    There is so much to take from this world cup.

    As a nation, we South Africans realise we can achieve things if we have set goals and put our minds to it.

    Honestly, I’ve read so many positive things, seen so many positive interviews from people all over the world, including English fans who actually came here.

    All the fucking rubbish I’ve seen, moaning about vuvzelas, moaning about boring games, moaning about stadiums, money better spent, etc etc, has come 98% from media and people in england who didn’t set foot here, and quite frankly, like barca, they can all go and fuck themselves.

  109. Again, well said Matt.

    The trophy cabinet may have remained empty for a few seasons now, but at least we have a youth system in place which should see us challenging towards the top of the league for years, if not decades, to come.

    I worry about the health of Man Utd and Chelsea, who have struggled to bring through quality youngsters recently. They have big debts too, and in current financial times, I don’t know how they will be able to continually spend big to replace their aging squad members.

  110. At last some decent conversation – thanks Bill and Nikolarse. All I would say to you is that often in life timing is everything and a couple of modest transfers could have tipped the balance our way and seen us win the elusive EPL again last year. But true to form Wenger backed out of the transfer for Newcastle’s Shay Given and refused to purchase Chamkah a year earlier for £2M because he had already tapped up the player (pot calling kettle black comes to mind given Cesc at the mo) because he wanted to get Chamkah for free this year. Lets face it Wenger called it wrong and he could have set us back atleast a couple of years if the dillusioned Cesc ends up leaving us.

  111. gunster/james/whatever…you just lifted that from the appalling article on 101 Great Goals.

    oh the shame, cant even construct your own wind ups, have to pinch them from elsewhere

  112. I don’t think signings will be as important to a club in 5 or 6 years time. I think more emphasis will be on development in this country now that the national team has finally been found out. So Wenger if you ask me needs only to stick to his guns (pun intended). Any question over recent signings are crazy. And Chamackh and Koscielny if they are anything like our previous signings will tie this club over until our puppy farm comes of age. OK maybe one more defender would be nice.

    There is so much to be said for keeping faith with players and keeping a team playing together for as long as possible.

    Most of the best partnerships in football are forged with time and not cash.

    We have been unlucky not to win the prem 3 times now, Wenger needs to work on those “freak” injuries and occurrances and not the transfer market in my mind.

    I feel like I will be laughed at for this but why would we need to make any signings of players over 18 years? We have been shoring the team up for a while with established players and all the while signing teenagers to mould into what we like and making fantastic players. Now these players are coming through thick and fast. So surely it’s more interesting to see Aneke, Bartley, Nordviet, Randall, Lansbury, Afobe, Silva come through the ranks than it is to see arrivals such as Melo, Bolletti etc etc…

    Or is it just me?

  113. I’m not sure Cesc leaving would be as terminal as some people think it might be, assuming some of our other players can find a little more consistency…but that is maybe a debate for another day.

    I do agree that maybe a little bit of courage in the transfer market last year could have brought us success a little sooner, but we also had a lot of bad luck with injuries. I think if our squad could have stayed fit, particularly RvP, I think we could be sitting here talking about how we are going to improve and defend our title.

    Obviously things didn’t quite work that way, but I think we should be patient and see what happens in the next month. Then make some predictions, but refrain from making judgements until May. Where we are in May is what really matters.

  114. Gunster, you are completely wrong about Chamakh’s transfer last season. We offered 7m for a player with a years contract left whereas his club wanted around 20m. That is 13m in diff and not the 2m you are talking about. Get your facts right..

    Also, your so-called Great keeper ‘Given’ couldnt help $iteh reach 4th place..

    If there is anyone “dillusioned” about Arsenal, sadly its you.

  115. AFC would not be in a position to out-haggle Barcabunglebid without a hard nosed track record with other clubs. AFC paid the going rate for a young player with a contract. Barcabrokethebank will have to, too, if they want a transfer.. And AFC did not pay much, for a player who had no contract. It’s not hard to figure this stuff out.

    Unless you are blinded by your prejudice against the manager.

  116. Gunster:

    I agree with some of your sentiment. Trouble is that it is very difficult to get it perfect. Clearly keeping the club financially stable and in the CL had to be priority #1. I am not the kind who feel that Wenger is always right. However, you have to accept that getting it exactly right is impossible and I think some errors were made on the side of overly fiscal conservatism. Retrospectively claiming that we knew better then Wenger is unrealistic and not fair to him.

    I think that last 5 years have proven that you can not win trophies without investing in players. Hopefully now that we have money those lessons will have been learned and our policy with regards to player acquisition will change. Purchasing good players and shoring up our defending could mean a long run of trophy filled seasons. I HOPE.

  117. els…

    I like your thinking. I think another experienced head in defence would be beneficial. Defending is an art, and it’s often one perfected over time. I wouldn’t want to put too much pressure on young defenders too soon. I think that might be part of the reason Senderos has disappeared.

    In positions further forward though, maybe you have a point.

  118. Excellent post MikeSA…there has certainly been a bit of sour grapes about the coverage of SA’s cup. I think many expected a lot of problems. Then again, this is similar to a lot of the talk before and after Seoul. (They even made complaints, although of a different bent, when it was in the USA.) I went to high school in Swaziland, and spent a great deal of time in SA. My brother was at the cup, as well and he said it was glorious. He was on the phone crying saying that SA had done Africa proud, and that fans from every corner of the globe were blown away by warmth and joy they found at every game.

    Don’t let the cynics put you off.

  119. Get your FACTS right … yes Chamkah’s club tried to play double bluff but they came back at the 11th hour willing to do a deal for £2M knowing they were about to lose him for free, which was not as widely reported as the window ahd shut.

    Opta index proves Given is a good keeper (even if his defence had a few ups and downs and did not help his cause) and lets face it much better than our 2 lemons from last year … could ahve been the difference between third and first. even if you don’t want these two then a suitable replacement was needed. sorry to say it but wenger blew it.

    p.s Cesc has spoken of Arsenal in the past tense. Thanks genious wenger your captain is chucking in the towel on you.

  120. Poor old J*mes (“your Captain”?) may be back to trolling as he recovers from the Sp*d induced debacle at the WC.

    Well, unfortunately for all fungal sp*ds everywhere, the Gruniad, the paper that led the Cesc ‘story’ with Sid “Hi, I’m in Spain” Lowe, and G.’Barca’ Blagger decided to publish the following immediately after Cesc is shown in a Barca top. Funny, but here it is:

    “That transfer now appears increasingly unlikely to come to fruition ahead of the new domestic campaign, with the Spanish champions struggling to raise the fee to match Arsenal’s valuation and Wenger, in particular, reluctant”

  121. Don’t be too hard on Gunster. It’s obviously a parody. “Smell the coffee” was the give-away. Credit where it’s due . . . .

  122. I smell sp*d sh*t.

  123. Els:

    No team in history has won just with its youth academy. We will need to supplement our own players with experienced signings going forward. As we have seen keeping a team together is very difficult unless you are not trophies or paying unrealistic wages. We can not continue to wait forever since by the time Afobe, Bartley, Nortviet come up and reach an age where they are truly consistantly good players (age 23, 24, 25) Cesc and RVP will have moved on. You have to build for tommorrow but at some point you have to start winning today and that will not happen for several years with our youth academy. Without adding experienced players the system will go round and round without really producing the great teams we hope for.

    Besides we built this stadium for the express purpose of using the revenue to strengthen the club. What in the world do you want to do with all that money if we do not spend it on players.

  124. Sorry: The word not was supposed to be removed from the 5th line. It should say unless you are winning trophies or paying unrealistic wages. My bad

  125. I guess Bill is another Club insider.

  126. And let’s face it Spud-idiocy is a decease with no cure.

  127. Ok, that was suppose to be a disease

  128. “Spud-idiocy” is when a team pays it’s rival millions of pounds for a useless turd called Bentley.

  129. Bill and we have subsidised the squad with players in that age group. Don’t forget RvP, Song, Cesc, Diaby, Deni are current home grown players and between the list of players you listed we have the likes of NB, Walcott, Ramsey, JW (who seems advanced for his age). These players can and will win trophies. You are correct about how difficult it is to keep a team together but we are doing a great job. Only strange tapping up reasons can be used to steal away our close knit youth now, and luckily looking through the ranks we don’t have to many with catalan dna.

    Bill any surplus cash can be used to train, add coaches and better the youth system further. Look at the amount of staff the world cup winning spain squad had compared to rivals.

    Ajax of the past and the current Barca squad are testament to keeping squads together and look at some italian partnerships for further proof.

  130. notlager – more like AIC with a new name. Best ignored. At least raving lunatics like gunster are quite clear and brazen in their idiocy. That one hides behind a mask of calm reasoned conversation, but notice always praise for other teams always criticism of Arsenal.
    5th column springs to mind.

  131. Els:

    Barca spends lots and lots of money every year on new players. Its just not realistic to expect to win without investing in experienced players.

    Although I do not know this for sure I suspect surplus cash will end up in Peter Hill Woods bank account. I would much rather it be used to strenghthen the team.

    Every team has areas that need to be strenghthened. Right now we clearly need another CB and GK. Past experience has shown that you never really know how good youth will be and no matter how great they look in the reserves a relatively small number actually become true difference making players. You will always have to be able to supplement your youth players with some experienced players. IMO that is quite clear from history.

  132. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Bawhahahahah fucking Bill acting like he knows where our money goes. Hilarious stuff.

  133. Exactly dupsffokcuf

  134. Bill

    “You will always have to be able to supplement your youth players with some experienced players. IMO that is quite clear from history.”

    Which means, there is no need really for youth players or academy?

  135. Bill, as Frank would say, “you’re just making it up”.

  136. This isn’t intended as an insult, Bill, but you write like you haven’t been following Arsenal for very long.

    I won’t even begin to call myself an expert on our club’s history, but I’m wondering if there are things that most people on here presuppose in their arguments (to my mind), that you haven’t really been acquainted with yet.

    Comments like this are a bit of a give away, and won’t go down very well with people who know and love this club:

    “Although I do not know this for sure I suspect surplus cash will end up in Peter Hill Woods bank account. I would much rather it be used to strenghthen the team.”

  137. WTF is Bill on about again.

  138. @Gunster, i lolled at all your comments. really i did. rofl even….but hey each to their own……
    I dont think ive read something quite as riduculous since last time i red the sun and that is 3 years ago!(Sorry am jut to sophisticated to read that rag)

  139. As you say Bill Barca spend a fortune on youth we do also not as much but for an English club I imagine a lot more than most if not all. Wenger has more skill in the development and cherry picking of youth but less money. For one he signed Fab from under there noses, as they didn’t know what they had. Now keep our youth set up going but add in the extra cash that MAY be becoming available and within another 5 or 6 years time when our current youth players come through they will be pissing on Xavi, Messi and Ineista. Well maybe i’m too optimistic there (i don’t think there as good as everyone is banging on about) but we will be still title contenders.

    Once again Bill I do like having a debate with you. You do make a good point. Even if I don’t always see eye to eye with it.

    Cheers Bill 🙂 i’m off now.

  140. OOOOoo let’s hope it’s true Passenal.

  141. I had no doubt Eduardo is staying, he would benefit immensely from playing around someone like Chamakh.

  142. I can’t think why that Eduardo story should not be true. It’s not exactly a ratings winner,(for it to be made up)- just a quietly fantastic piece of news.

  143. Limestonegunner

    I like Eduardo alot. He is a classy player and had a deadly finishing touch before the injury and on occasion in flashes since.

    I hope he can perform consistently at that level again, though I think first team appearances may be difficult to come by with the addition of Chamakh and in our current formation, which didn’t seem to suit him. I agree though that playing with Chamakh would be very good for him, especially in 4-4-2. Does Eduardo want to stay if he will be behind Chamakh, Bendtner and RvP?

    Though it it is harder to judge how well he would work in the 4-3-3 since his season was ruined by the media frenzy after his CL penalty. I know that the teams are invited a long while in advance, but it really is amazing that Celtic are playing in the Emirates cup. I’m going to that game and I hope Eduardo starts and gets a hat trick.

  144. One of Us:

    I will take back that comment about Peter Hill Wood. Rash statement that only takes away from the point of the debate. I do not pretend to know where the clubs money goes. I certainly did not mean to offend. I do not believe for a second that there is a conspiracy in the club to steal money or that something underhanded is going on.

    The point I was trying to make is that the fans were told the reason for the new stadium was to generate revenue that the club needed so it could compete with the other big clubs in Europe in the transfer market. Myself and I suspect most fans would like to see the excess money we generate used for players salaries and transfers.

  145. Passenal:

    Eduardo might get more chances then we think if the NB52 groin injury is worse then we think. Hopefully it is not a long term problem. If NB52 is healthy where and when do think Eduardo will play?

  146. Post of the day, Nikolarse at 2:58pm! Let’s stop taking the Barca bait.

    Joint award of post of the day goes to…MikeSA at 4:43pm.

    @ Nikolarse
    “I’m not sure Cesc leaving would be as terminal as some people think it might be”

    It definitely wouldn’t be terminal – we would adapt, but it would involve a half-step back and perhaps some rebuilding. Bottom line is, it doesn’t suit Arsene to sell him now, so we won’t.

    @ Bill

    “Myself and I suspect most fans would like to see the excess money we generate used for players salaries and transfers.”

    So in other words, you’re still claiming that the directors cream off the profits? What on earth else do you think “excess money” is used for? And give us some proof please of where this excess money is going, since you seem to know for a fact it is NOT going into players’ salaries and transfers.

  147. 17 players got new contracts last season. If the ‘excess’ money did not pay for that, I’d like to know what did.

  148. Has Bill been talking this much tosh all Summer?

  149. Only four days to Barnet… Hold hands, people. Stay strong, we can make it through till then. And in the meantime, some lovely pics of training.

  150. Ole – think AIC …

  151. I agree FG, it’s so great to see the players starting to get back into training. I can’t wait to see them playing again and forget about all the BS of the silly season.

  152. fuck off iniesta

  153. These new kits look the business, i relly can see uus doing somethin big in them

  154. Ole:

    No I have not been taking tosh all summer but I deserve it this time.

    FG and Passenal:

    I do not think anything bad is going on at the club. I do not think the directors are doing anything illegal or immoral. I made a dumb statement about PHW without thinking through what the real implication of the statement and how everyone else might interpret what I wrote. Making snide comments like that just ruins debate about football topics and I should know better. Then I get in more trouble trying to clean up after myself. I obviously have no idea how the clubs finances work and I should never have implied otherwise. So please accept my apology. I have learned my lesson.

  155. Eduardo can play when Chamakh gets injured!!

  156. Thanks for the link about Eduardo Passenal. I am hoping so much that he shuts up some Arsenal supporters.

  157. Eduardo can play brilliantly!

  158. Actually I believe Clarence Seedorf was the best football pundit. He put his English peers to shame.

  159. I agree with Passenal @ 6.48pm. The other times too but particularly @6.48pm. Most especially then..I mean I agree with her now about what she said then, although I agreed with her then too.

  160. Hey Frank, welcome back. I hope you enjoyed your summer break. It was a wise move to make in hindsight!

  161. Bendtner will be leaving before next season…apparantly he is going to become a house husband after the birth of his kid coz his misses is the main bread winner!!!

  162. Sadly I must hitch up the wagon and head back to the Balkans for a while, Passenal. The World Cup has been a bit of a distraction and I am deeply saddened by the news that Spain have won the fucking thing. These things are sent to try us….

  163. 1 loose cannon

    its was a fancy dress party, Cesc was going to dress as a tomatoe but they forced him to wear something worst.

  164. The Cesc shirt incident is forgivable imo, let Spain celebrate their World Cup success, all fun and games…albeit reckless and disrespectful to Arsenal.

    Fabregas has come out and charmed the Arsenal faithful with dedicating the World Cup to Arsenal. So, forgivable this time.

    Its clear now that hes staying at Arsenal, so let the Catalunya C*nts dream a bit.

  165. The Cesc Saga will go down in history as an embarrassing failure by Barcelona, and a really promising message of ambition from Arsenal.

  166. Good post MikeSA, well argued although a little defensive, and in general I must agree with say 90%. The exception is that SA did abandon the idea of an ‘AFRICAN WORLD CUP’, and this argument is between Africa and South Africa. There are many ways it did this, some perhaps unavoidable, but Africans were literally excluded.

    40,000 tickets sold on the whole continent! It’s a shame. SA isolates itself within the continent and this was the chance to reverse all that. I suspect you know these issues are real and are there.

    That said I stand shoulder to shoulder with you on the various criticisms from outside Africa, but there have also been many praises, so no need at all to be defensive. As world cups go, fantastic, one of the best. As an “African continent” extravaganza, for many it was not even close.

    The thing is, I am talking about football per se.

  167. Barcelona are a shit team, i hate Barca, fuck Spain, F.U.C.K B.A.R.C.A. F.U.C.K. B.A.R.C.A, B.A.R.C.A A.R.E S.H.I.T…. Etcetera, etcetera…

    And you boys talk about how “disrespectful” Barca is!!??.. That we should be ashamed for wanting to buy a player that youre obsessed with?? Well, weve got new for you boys, he will come this summer!!

    Theres no shame in “taking” this wonderful player away from uneducated, selfabsorbed, blind idiots like yourselves.. Please all of you, grow a pair of balls, cause you look like vaginas to the rest of the world with this attitude.

  168. “I think now the less said about the subject the better, because these things are worse for everyone when they come to light and attract more talk. Right now we have to be very quiet and whatever happens happens,” Fabregas noted.

    He is a gentle soul, and does not want to hurt anyone, but you know what this means.

  169. Well argued, Cuervo.

  170. at 6:54 am

  171. I think now, the less said about you, the better, Cuervo.

  172. Cuervo, we are not being disrespectful we are just saying the truth dear. There is a difference.

    By the way, you should be more worried about your own team now that maureen has taken over at Real. By god, this is the second time in my life when I will get behind Maureen and his team (the fisrt time being the Champions League Semi Final). A reflection on how bad Barca are, really.

  173. Cuervo @ 6.54pm

    “Please all of you, grow a pair of balls, cause you look like vaginas to the rest of the world with this attitude”.

    Is that a good or a bad thing?

  174. Cuervo, the only vaginas our your players bitching to the world for Cesc to come to Braca for peanuts.

    Your club is a disgrace, and your players are whining vaginas. How do you like that?

  175. Lagooner on July 14, 2010
    at 8:20 am

    Thats just Cuervo’s sexist assumption that only men watch football.

    As a supporter of Arsenal and a male, I do take offence…I would prefer to have a pair of testicles instead of being a vagina. No offence to women or vaginas.

    I take offence because, whilst the novelty of having a vagina would be enjoyable for a short period of time, it simply wouldnt be economical.

    Having said that, Cuervo said that we were ACTUALLY vaginas. As though vaginas are this disgusting thing that nobody wants.

    I think I can speak for every male on this board when I say: that is absolutely not true.

    Im also slightly concerned for Cuervo’s love for more testicles and less vaginas.

  176. Cesc is a good player who signed a contract last year to remain at Arsenal for 5 years, but he is not Arsenal. Barcelona is a good team that has been shameful in its pursuit of Cesc by means other than negotiation. Cuervo should understand that Arsenal made Cesc, not the other way round. And Cesc to his credit has acknowledged this.

    Cuervo’s reference to male and female private parts says everything one needs to know about arrogance. The story will unfold accordingly. I am certain Cesc would feel shame to be associated with people like Cuervo.

  177. Haha Damien well said, hear hear.

  178. Amazing that no one has injured anyone else in training yet. Fingers crossed. Ouch, that hurt!

  179. Zim I think it helps that Big Phil Isn’t there and I’m sure Diaby is on one of those Hanibal Lecter Pallette Carriers.

  180. Im also slightly concerned for Cuervo’s love for more testicles and less vaginas.

    HAHAHAHHA. I can die in peace now. ahh classic.

  181. A* Damien, would lol again.

  182. I’ve studied humour and I claim to know everything about it. I’ve studied everything from bad puns to post post-modern irony and I specialised in spotting and analysing subtexts. Having displayed these qualifications I draw your attention to the hilarious “Great Barcelona shirt-stunt”. My initial response was to take offence.(Displaying the fact that those who understand humour don’t always HAVE a sense of humour.) My second response, on being informed by other experts that it was meant as a joke, was to laugh. My final reaction to poor Cesc’s public humiliation, public undressing even, was to realize that it was a resigned and desparate gesture dressed up as humour.the subtext being that the Barca culprits have accepted the futility in the quest, and the public realisation that their paymasters had lost the battle and that Cesc’s club had played the “negotiations” the better.

  183. where is YW today?!!!

  184. Moving home isn’t he CG? Unless his talk yesterday of skipping a day to pack the house up was the beginnings of some feng shui thing and he’s just moving it all around.

  185. …if you wanna liven things up we could have a round of “were we light on central defenders last year”? Or we could have a long discussion on whether Koscielny’s tall enough/experienced enough/’ard looking enough.

  186. When is FIFA going to tighten up the tapping up rules to stop clubs trying to tap up players via the back door? The President of Barcelona openly declares to the press that he wants to bring Fabregas to Barca this summer, whilst a whole raft of Barca players have gone to the newspapers to make known their desire to see Fabregas at Barcelona. Now players are even approaching others directly. Drogba has apparently called Romelu Lukaku of Anderlecht to advise him to join Chelsea. “Yes, I called him,” Drogba told Voetbal Magazine. “I received his phone number from Vincent Kompany. ‘You should sign for Chelsea,’ I told him.” So in whose rule book is that not tapping up? It may make great news to have endless stories about who might be going where with comment from every player willing to spill the beans, but the approach should surely be more respectful to the clubs who own the contracts of the players in question? Unless FIFA starts to clamp down on these shoddy practices we will soon see managers of opposing teams getting out their cheque books to offer players a deal as they leave the pitch at half time during Champions League clashes.

  187. YW is out there having fun while we work and keep the fires burning. And you know how much fun moving furniture can be, with kids, fantastico! Unpacking boxes! The best is moving double beds, although great big shaggy carpets, up stairs, is even more of the good life. Is this a sign of things to come YW, will things fall apart?

    There is a rumour, unbelievable I know, and mark my words this comes through impeckable sources, right at the top, in fact overlooking the top, that Cesc will be at Arsenal or Barcelona next season, while YW amuses himself.

    Yours in distress

  188. Wavey – I’d go further. I’d make it illegal to discuss any transfer dealings whether actual, potential or imaginary during the close season. I would have all journalists and bloggers who indulge in this tedious speculation arrested and incarcerated.
    And I’d say to myself, what a wonderful world.

  189. Cuervo,

    Fuck you. U piece of sombrero shit. Fuck u and ur god damn catalonia shit. Fuck ur barca, u cunt. Cuervo, barca is guano to us, comprende amigo? Guano as in shit, u fat fuck cuervo.

    I’m beginning to hate that shit barca more than the spuds…..shit fuck

  190. Talking of which surely this is defence enough, rotating kind of

    TV and Kos (30+ matches)
    Djourou and Campbell (12+ matches)
    Nordveidt and Song (in case) – 5 matches
    Me and my cricket bat – secret weapon
    Schwarzer and his wheel-chair
    Almunia and his real hair

    Coz, I think that’s what we gonna get.

  191. Max Gunner, beautiful use of idiomatic Spanish, some nice proverbs too, lovely fast-flowing use of the spanish language. 9/10.

  192. Barcelona fc is a classless club. Only suitable for pariahs and boars. Boars the kind that obelix likes for dinner. Barca fc…….ur a club that has the class of a pig in heat. Fucking fat pigs in heat. Fuck u barca. Fuck u and ur catalan mothers to hell!!!!!!!!!

  193. Sorry zp mate. Just cant help meself.

  194. I agree Wavey firstly it should be clearly defined what tapping up is. And then altered to include any representative of a club.

    I’m up for that old debate Vince.

  195. OK, I know, I’ll be YW and you guys and gals be bloggers.

    Thanks, enjoying my move, Mrs. YW sends greetings (“No, don’t put that there, that one goes in the attic. Yes, I mean now”) but not as much as I enjoyed being away from your bad jokes.


  196. Cesc aint going anywhere. At least he hasnt said that barca is equivalent to a certain beyonce knowles.

  197. Ah, MaxG, I see you’ve equally mastered the various regional dialects and the orthography in the Catalunya region. I don my sombrero.

  198. Zp,

    Is zimbabwe a nice place to visit? Anywhere cool in zimbabwe u can recommend? Is it safe etc?

  199. Wouldn’t it be funny if Kos injured Vermaelen as his entre to first team life, as he tries to out defend the defender and impress Pat Rice!

    You are sick my friend. Seek help.

  200. Max Gunner, could you try to be a little less polite in your comments about THAT club.

  201. Never been to africa. Would love to experience it. Some say egypt is the business and others SA. I like the look of morrocco as well. Whats the best month to visit zimbabwe?

  202. Max G,
    Zimbabwe is Africa’s best kept secret. Don’t tell a soul. It’s people are friendly beyond belief, crime is extremely low, and you just take your pick from the Eastern Highlands (where I grew up trout fishing and rain forests), Vic Falls (also called Mosi-oa-Tunya) the largest Falls I would think in the world, Great Zimbabwe (a 700 year old stone city, the largest ancient city in Africa), Matobo (spirits, stones), Mana Pools (the most beautiful place in the world, primaevel, and more animals than you’ll ever see anywhere), or Book Cafe where I hang out (music, people, and fun).

    We make laid back people seem like they have attention deficit disorder and permanent adrenalin rush.

  203. Dups,

    That Cuervo comment did pull a trigger in me. The cunt. Fancy having a go at us on our blog. I would never go to a barca blog in the fist place. Feeling dirty and shitty already. I need to puke.

    Ps: top nickname dups if u read it backwards. Top lad.

  204. I highly recommend SA if you like shopping malls. (Sorry MikeSA). SA is amazing too, but hectic, but the Drakensburg mountains are glorious.

    The best time to visit Zimbabwe is September or April, we also have the best weather in the world, so any time outside winter (June/July, I’m freezing it’s 20 degrees here) is fine, fine.

  205. ZP
    Please tone down your Zimbabwe promotion campaign, I think we get the gist. Thanks!

  206. I keep hoping Cesc with declare that he is an Arsenal player and after the WC celebration he will be back in training with us for the next season. Unfortunately more silence for now.

    My optimistic take on this is that he realizes that he will be an Arsenal player next season but he does not want to offend the Spanish press or his Barca friends during their celebration. I hope that after all the WC euphoria dies down and after he comes back to London that he will say something like.

    “I still would like to move back to Barcelona someday but for now I am an Arsenal player and I am completely committed to fight with my teammates for trophies next season.”

    I do not think we will get any definitive statements from him until he comes back from Spain.

  207. Cheers zp. Have to give zimbabwe a try then.

  208. Who is the #49 in the training picture (8)?

  209. Boy am I happy to see Eduardo in da mix.

    OK, I’m off to see my little one who has a smile from here to Jamaica (and back), um, YW over to you then. Just make short, sharp comments like I did and you’ll be fine. No, don’t mention it, it’s a pleasure … really. Anytime you need a helping hand you know, while you’re out having fun.

  210. Cheers Max.

  211. This is a recording of Uncle Bob “liven things up” at the old Rainbow, in Finsbury Park, almost directly opposite TNHOF and AFC.

    FC Unicefsponseredshirtmadebychild labourersdunkedoverCesc’shead?

    They have an isolated stadium, far from the cooler parts of town (Barcelona is very small compared to London!), plonked into the middle of some roundabout.

  212. Aaaah, the old Astoria.

  213. How can a Barca fan complain about disrespect?

    I know a man who used to cheat on his wife and then tell her how he is tired of the direspect if she did anything he didnt like. She would answer, “tell me what it means”.

  214. Agree ZP, Eduardo is class!

  215. Just a question for every 1, what do u think about having vuvuzelas in the EPL next season? Do you think it will make atmospheres better or be rubish?

  216. …and he would say ‘why do you always say that’…and she would say ‘Say what?’…and he would say ‘tell me what it means’…and she would say ‘What what means?’…and he would say ‘tell me what it means’…and she would say ‘what what means?’…and he would say ‘oh for fucks sake, what does what does it mean mean’…and she would say ‘respect’…but he did not hear her answer because he had gone again.

  217. Does any one know who’s that big African player in the training pictures with Arsene on the club’s website?

  218. Was it the Astoria before it was the Rainbow, Frank? When 0i was really young, I had some extra classic nights at the Rainbow.

  219. love the new home kit, im definitly gettin it this weeked before barnet…aaah arsenal in a stadium once again…

  220. I wrote some complete rubbish on here, around midday today, YW. Thank you for keeping it off the page. (If indeed that is what happened)

  221. Somebody must have put something in my tea.

  222. Gunner4ever, I think its Frimpong. If I am right then he has really matured in the past couple of years.

  223. Anyway. Yes it was, Mingus. Cinema then music. I remember jazz in the place at one time. But my dad used to go the flicks there.

    Definitely feeling a bit odd.

  224. Thanks GoonerFan…You bet, he’s is huge 🙂

  225. I (not Oi) of course! I thought that needed clearing up for obvious reasons!!

  226. why was my writing in italics?

  227. and evryones???? i feel dizzy….

  228. What happened to the blog? All our postings are in Italics?

  229. Mingus has struck again.

  230. G4E whoever he was he wae wearing #49

  231. Arsenalkabisa

    some one call Yogi ASAP. the blog is being shut down

  232. Arsenalkabisa

    will italics be Italicized?

  233. I see trees of green…

  234. really hahaha

  235. red roses too I see em bloom

  236. If I got my thrills from annoying the sh*t out of blogs, I would be silently pleased with these stealth italic-attacks, but that’s just not me, I guess. So I ban myself.

  237. for me and you
    And I think to myself,

  238. what a wonderful world

  239. Excellent YW impression ZimPaul. I also see Mingus the merciless has struck again!

  240. why what happened? what r u on about, about mingus??? someoine tell me please….

  241. to be honest, the italics ar allright.. hhh

  242. fuck you mingus, if u started it, its a bit sad, because its not that annoying, but just a bit worrying that this is what u do in your spare time! F*cking pussy!

  243. I’m off to infect a Barca blog!

  244. and actually bentdner could play instead of chamakh…..

  245. What are people’s thoughts on Sagna? I mean he works hard and rarely makes mistakes, but going forward he offers next to nothing, his crossing is shameful and he cant shoot, in fact he has only scored one goal in his career for us, and it was a 2004, we had lauren, who was a threat, barcalona have dani alvez, spainalona have ramos…all the teams that play like us have a marauding full back..and cliche cannot shoot on target to save his life either unfortunately….

  246. I see skies of blue and clouds of white

  247. i mean it was a header in 2008, the next sentence started with ”in 2004” i am aware lauren was with us in that glorious year..

  248. steww, what is up with these comments??

  249. Steww is happy Zap…that’s all

  250. dunno Zap. I just started singing. It’s like being on a ship hurtling out of control with no one steering through the black infinity of space. In those circumstances I suspect I would sit in the corner and sing to myself.

  251. or maybe g4e is right, delirium has set in…

  252. “what a wonderful world”

    Doesn’t reconcile well with:

    “It’s like being on a ship hurtling out of control with no one steering through the black infinity of space.”

    Make up your mind Steww 🙂

  253. watching premier league years from 95, its sp bloody boring

  254. Calm down Zap, I don’t think he did it on purpose, but Mingus accidently did this once before, unfortunately Yogi is not around to fix it, so we just have to put up with italics for a while.

  255. Sorry G4E – the two aren’t mutually exclusive. Think Marvin saying zootle wurdle to himself.

  256. That’s OK Steww…I’d like to believe you’re happy, or at least hope you are 🙂

  257. I’m suffering Arsenal withdrawal. Unlike some, talking about other teams, other teams’ players or discussing lazy made up transfer talk is no substitute. It’s like saying, sorry no coffee for a month but here – drink this liquid shit instead. It doesn’t compare.

  258. I think #49 is Frimpong.

  259. Not long to go now steww, you’ve made it this far, you can last a few more days.

  260. Damn, I ran out of Italics-related puns last time!

    Frimpong looked good in the semi against ManU. When he’s on form he just runs the midfield.

  261. Yes Steww, hang in there buddy….Pre-Season starts over the weekend. I feel for you though, it’s the Arsenalitis season.

    What happened to Stone Cold by the way?

  262. Nice! I can watch Henry play twice a year! I’ve already seen Freddie play once, hope more decent players come to the MLS!

  263. Here is vid of the classy catalans – Pique spitting on a guy. Disgusting!

  264. I am going to have to see when the Red Bulls will be playing the Houston Dynamo so I can see Henry.

  265. They are also playing tottenham!!!!

  266. The spurs are going to be in the US?

  267. 1 loose cannon

    PaulN- That was disgusting, those Catalans simply have no class at all, it looks like Fabregas was enjoying that shit aswell, If he is not careful they are going to turn him into a shit head like them. He needs to come back soon and be a better human than those at Barcelona. I honestley think they are a very bad influence on him and he is accepting their pranks and their shit. He has gone down in my estimation since he has been around these people for few months now. Somehow they think they are untouchable and just treat people with total disrespect. What did that guy do to deserve that Flying phlem on his head? Abosolute disgrace.

  268. Should Iniesta be added to the c*nt list?

    …but at least he isn’t talking about how Cesc “feels” or explaining his DNA to us or something.

  269. My answer to Barca.

    (Not for the faint hearted – you’ve been warned)

  270. Zap, imposing the italics on everything was definitely a mistake. Sorry!
    As for Iniesta, stating Cesc’s obvious quality by describing him as a huge talent, one that would improve Barca still further……..obviously raises his transfer fee even further. just the sort of tapping up Rossell would be looking for! (Not that he’s for sale, of course)

  271. dups – that took me back! Can’t believe how fresh the League still sound.

  272. Sagna is a solid and very clever player, he isn’t bad going forward I don’t think. His crossing can do with some working on, but you can say that to any of our wide players!!

    Well done mingus for screwing up the site once again!

  273. Anyone going to Barnet?

  274. I have a rare talent I never knew I had. Can anyone give Yogi a bell?

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