Cesc Talks World Cup While Others Talk His Future

Cesc has resisted the temptation to discuss his future preferring to hope that he is involved in tomorrow’s World Cup final. It must be incredibly frustrating for him to have witnessed possession football that yielded little result in the group phase, only to see his opportunity in the semi-final given to Pedro and the pace of the Spanish team go up a notch.

It seems that Cesc is unlikely to be more than a substitute unless injuries strike beforehand. Many have commented that this World Cup has given him a taste of what awaits if he joins Barcelona. The flip side of the coin is that he knows if he displaces Xavi or Iniesta at Barcelona, he does so in the national team as well.

He did mention Arsenal though in a positive light:

It is great for us and it is great for Arsenal to have two players at the World Cup final. It is a little strange too… Arsenal are back in training getting ready for the new season and we are out here still finishing the last season.

Barely stifling a laugh,he gently rubbed it in the noses of those whose World Cups never started or ended prematurely:

I know where I prefer to be and I’m sure that goes for Robin, too.

A world renowned expert in chatting sh1t, Xavi has begun to admit defeat ungraciously:

I am not sure if Cesc will move this summer although I know he wants to. Arsenal cannot keep hold of him for more than another 12 months. His heart and his head is in Barcelona and it would make sense for them to sell him now.

They could then use the money on a player, or players, who want to be at the club long term, rather than keep a player whose heart is somewhere else, no matter how good he is.

From a position of arrogance, Xavi has been reduced to a rather pitiful whine. Yet I should not mock for his expertise in medical science knows no boundaries. His previously displayed ambitions in the field of DNA have masked his abilites in psychology and cardiology. What a truly amazing guy.

There is an element of truth in his words about player retention and replacement. Commitment is an issue in modern football, or rather the complete lack of it.  To suggest that Cesc will be less committed to Arsenal next season does the player a gross disservice. Everything about the player tells you he is a proud man and a winner. To slacken off in terms of effort is inconsistent with those traits. Even though I still think he will leave, were he to stay I would not suggest he will give anything less than his best.

The problem for Cesc is that Rosell has backed himself into a corner, noting publicly and consistently that the price is too high. It will only go higher if a Premier League title is under his belt; stratospheric if the Champions League is there.

The transfer gossip this summer has been more selfish and brat-like. There’s a lot more of the “I want my own way on my own terms” from clubs and players alike. It’s always been the case but that was more of an unwritten assumption. Not any more.

Take Barcelona for example. And I for one would be happy to take them and dump them in the biggest pile of guano the world has ever seen. Still they order Arsenal around, telling them it is “now or never”, we want a definitive “yes or no” so that planning for their team can be completed before their pre-season tour starts on August 2nd. I am absolutely certain, that Arsenal gave them that answer on June 2nd. Indeed, they did so right here. Resolutely.

Now the patronising media-obsessed “leaders” of the club are telling the world that they are going to stalk Arsene and Ivan in South Africa, meet them and get the definitive answer to the €40m question. Here’s a clue: follow the link above.

But this is New Barcelona, that is the message they want to convey. The one that replaced the old, nasty Laporta era. “We want to be your friends” is said with the sincerity of an evil clown in a horror movie, just before he slashes the victim into millions of pieces.

And still the implied threats come from their media puppets. About how the chatter from players will not stop; the meetings behind Arsenal’s back will continue. Sadly, Barcelona officials have been too ‘cute’ to admit it but now the media has ‘confirmed’ that meetings are taking – or have taken – place, the initial detective work has been done for any complaint to Fifa.

However, once the World Cup is over, Cesc has no place to hide, no reason not to talk about his future and I doubt he will be allowed to rest until he states clearly his desire, no matter how unpalatable that may be for Arsenal supporters. The ‘get out clauses’ for him are already in place:

It is flattering that Barcelona want me but it is a matter for Arsenal to decide. I have never denied my desire to return home one day but until Arsenal decide to sell me, I remain committed to the club.

None of which contradicts his previous stances but nor will it staunch the flow of the media.

Felipe Melo‘s Mr15% telling the world that the player will sort out his future in15 days. Having told everyone that “no-one from Arsenal has picked up the phone“, he proceeded to infer that they had better get their cules (yes I know that it means cabbages but the urban nickname is so much more fitting) in gear and make an offer. Might be a long wait.

The world of football is rapidly becoming more protozean.

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. Is it weird that I am more excited about the game against Barnet next week than the final tomorrow?

  2. No, understandable because it means that the season is just around the corner!

  3. Arsenalkabisa

    I know, new season, new signings new hope, new dreams, new realities… Ah the season is trully upon us. Doesnt Wenger get a holiday, like Cesc and RVP? When will all three be back?

  4. YW morning.

    Could you kindly answer a couple of questions.

    Has Silvestre been released, out of contract or still in the squad.

    Do Barcelona still owe us money for either Hleb or Henry or both, as I seem to have figure of about 12/14 million in my head.

  5. Lovely post, really enjoyed it – Barca have got pride, but unknown to them is the popular adage “pride goes before a fall” the empire Laporta and his talkative mates built around loans is crumbling faster than a soaked cube of sugar.

  6. i would love to know if barca owes us also. they have to take a loan to buy players,lol. arsenal may be the only club with megabucks in the future

  7. Kelsey

    As far as I know, Silvestre, Gallas and Campbell are out of contract. Certainly the former has been released whilst Campbell does not appear to have returned to the club which may be the case if he agrees a deal. Likewise Gallas who I suspect was given four weeks off with the World Cup. I cannot see Silvestre coming back under any circumstances whilst it wouldn’t surprise me if either of Gallas and Campbell returned.

    Money owed by Barcelona is debatable. Normally a deal would be funded throughout the course of a contract. We got circa €24m for him which on a 4 year deal to 2011 would mean that there should be €6m if the payments were evenly spread.

    For Hleb, it was a 4 year deal in 2008 which has 2 years left. It seems that the €15m increased with Barcelona winning the title in 2008-09 to €17m. If we assume that they paid for it evenly, that means a €3.75m downpayment. They then had to pay €4.4m in 2009 with the bonus.

    So assuming the payments fall due on anniversary dates of the transfer, they owe us €8.8m for Hleb plus potentially €6m for Henry.

    But as in anything football related, there is no guarantee that any logic applied!


  8. thundertinygooneri

    Very well written piece which encapsulates exactly where all the parties are.Fabregas went a little too public on his desire to leave talks with Wenger which may have been part of Barca’s leaking tactics.
    wenger is nothing if not a wily negotiator well used to taking Barca for a ride in the transfer market.We got top dollar for Overmars and Petit and retrospectively we can see we did for Henry too.But soon we will rival Barca financially-in fact you could argue we have outstripped them already and we should start acting like a big club rather than a Catalonian feeder club.Wenger’s comments a couple of seasons ago in France about our policy of selling at a profit needs to be reconsidered once player purchases can be funded quite comfortably from our annual revenue.The very big clubs know ultimately arsenal will sell their biggest players but so far we have only done it when they are on the decline unless like Anelka the fee is ridiculously inflated(and a better version-Henry was waiting in the wings).
    Arsenal will never win the champions League or reachh the very top level until there is a little less parochialism in the Boardroom and an ambition that matches the admission prices they ask for.This situation will be a good indication of Wenger’s own mindset because I am sure the Board will follow his advice on Fabregas.

  9. Thanks YW, so Barca are asset rich but with a poor cash flow as I see it.

    If we would come to an agreement with them over Cesc, and it’s a big if, surely it should be just one lump sum.

    I believe when Real Madrd bought Kaka and Ronaldo they payed the total amount in one go, even if the deals were funded by two banks.

  10. Rosell mentioned the other day that he saw the €40m deal being €20m plus €20m in bonuses.

    They are indeed cash poor at the moment but have their annual memberships coming in the next month or two plus a TV rights payment so will be cash rich again. Arsenal might ask for any deal to be heavily loaded initially just to allow them to fund purchases.

    Real Madrid appear to have more clout with banks than Barcelona even though they have won nothing since 2007-08. They are unique for Arsenal as looking back through the old Annual Reports, they were the only club I can see who have been named and shamed for not meeting a transfer payment schedule. They missed one payment for Anelka and it was mentioned as being defaulted.


  11. It will be interesting to watch the Cesc affair unravel……

    I almost feel like this Cesc business is as significant as the Bosman stuff.

    The bottom line is that Barcelona are attempting to deflate the market, since in Messi/Ronaldo terms, he is clearly a £50 million player.

    But Del Bosque has refused to play him, which is mind-boggling because he is with Xavi and Villa one of three absolutely stand-out players in the squad. Clearly Del Bosque is under Spanish/Barca FA instructions not to play him to keep his value down…. a good world Cup would send Cesc up to £70/80 Million.

    Even Villa went for a knock down £35mill….(again a £50/60 mill player by the Messi – Ronaldo – Ibrahmovich – Schevchenko standard)

    Maybe football’s fiscals are changing………

  12. One thing is clear though. They don’t want him to enforce a contractual split with Arsenal as it could well end up costing them more than Arsenal want. It also puts their own players at risk as well. There is a gentleman’s agreement (a misnomer if ever there was one when related to football) that the G14 clubs would not entice others away under those circumstances.

  13. Accepting anything less than an up front payment will be disastrous for Arsenal. We shouldnt be giving any club a line of credit, especially the fiscally irresponsible and unreliable Barcelona.

    They have no money and think they can negotiate from a position of strength is laughable.

    They are financially weak, cant pay their players, cant pay their debts. What a joke of a club.

    Cesc is going nowhere.

  14. Just checked and this isn’t the BNP website. Watch the language.

  15. Well then, I guess thats that.

  16. Presumably Rosell’s media-wrapped safari to chase Arsene in S Africa must be very helpful for Fabregas in his preparations for the WC Final. Not a distraction for his Barcelona team mates either, I’m sure.
    The arrogance and sense of entitlement is breath-taking. Everything comes a far distant second to the interests of glorious FCB.

  17. Damien

    Their weakness is temporary – financially they are not as week as some make out, particularly the football media. As for negotiations, your position of strength or weakness is decided by the stance the other party takes. At the moment, Barcelona are in a fundamentally weak position and know it, hence the bluster in the media.

    It would come as no surprise to see them claim to have spoken to Wenger and Gazidis in SA and claim to be on the verge of a deal by the end of the day.


  18. hmmm….didn’t realize that this was an anti-semitic blog…..will cease posting here

  19. im sooooo tired of the Cesc non stories now, and thats what they have been. As soon as the WC is over i hope its all put to bed right away.

    We are still on the hunt for a centrehalf right? Bolton want Jackie Boy on loan – would we be happy if he went on loan for the season along with say Bartley as a sweetner to get Cahill? Its a win win for us surely?

  20. So a new season draws nearer as the summer ‘break’ winds down. I hate to say this but for the first time that I can remember I am not excited by the prospect.

    The whole Cesc ferrago and the approach of the likes of Man. C. to team building has taken further the stripping our game of any honour, decency and endeavour leaving it’s greed and cynicism naked.

    It just leaves me feeling jaded and disgusted.

    What is the point of looking forward to seeing the fruits of several years work and anticipation come to fruition as football supporters have done since the days of the Corinthians when all that seems to matter is money and ‘success’. I have no idea what that word means in 2010.

    I don’t know what the coming season holds. Perhaps against all that the spoilt brats of the Premiership and their media lickspittles will throw at us, Arsene will lead the team to victory. I really hope so. The reality will be, I suspect, another period of rebuilding to be interrupted by further manifestations of the ‘ME ME ME!’ zeitgeist at the end of the season.

    It’s not just Cesc and Arsenal. Listen to the likes of Torres and Gerrard, even Cashley. My God you’d think he would have had enough wouldn’t you?

    Tavistock Town have a friendly against QPR soon. Think I’ll go and watch that. Maybe spend my season there.

  21. Can’t help feeling that the whole Cesc saga has mainly been a media inspired frenzy with innocent remarks blown out of proportion and taken out of context. No change there then. Sadly some arsenal ‘supporters’ like that nice chap above, Adam, have now taken against Cesc. Gullible, anyone?

  22. Adam – classic, you say Fabregas should go and we should replace him with Ozil, Cole, Gourcuff, Arda, Wilshere and Ramsey. Not sure how the wage bill would stack up, but we certainly wont and should not bring in 4 players to replace one man when we already have 2 that can.
    I understand everyones frustration that we do not spend money and that we keep letting our best players go. But the Arsenal and Wenger’s business model is to buy them young and/or develop them the Arsenal way. If they are foreign, then there will always be that draw to go home and play for one of the big guns, if they are as big or bigger. You only really get this with Spanish (Real Madrid/Barcelona) Italian (Inter, AC, Juventus?) and possibly German (Bayern Munich) I mean you hardly ever hear Belgian’s wanting to play for Anderlecht!! We (the fans) have to face facts that players are not fans of Arsenal they are employees, ask yourself how many Arsenal players would go to Blackburn away, if they had to buy their own ticket shell out for the train or the coach and occasionally have to sleep at a London station until the tubes start running again before getting to bed around 6? The days of O’Leary, Adams, Davis are long gone, even if Jack Wilshere comes good do not for one moment think he will not have his head turned by a £250k a week offer from Man City!
    Cesc will leave, lets get the best cash we can and move on he wont be the first player to do this and he certainly wont be the last! Yet the might Arsenal will survive every time!

  23. No, Marcus, neither did I until I read his post…he won’t be doing it again.

  24. For those looking for Adam’s comment, its been trashed.

  25. Consols

    I don’t think you are alone in feeling haded with the Premier League antics. But once the matches start, the hopes of a new campaign outweigh the misery.


  26. DeiseGooner – I doubt Bolton would see Bartley as a sweetner, after all he was once their kid and that would be a tad insulting. Nordveit, might be a better option or what about Vela? He would really excell playing alongside Kevin Davies with Wilshere teeing him up, sod it what about all 3, on loan till January? I would be so much happier to have Cahill/Vermaelen with Djourou/Koscielny as back up.

  27. I dont give a shit if cesc stays or goes, i dont get involved in our usual best player transfer saga’s anymore. cant be arsed.

  28. Thanks Yogi, unfortunately I had already read it. That is the reaction Barca were hoping for, turn the fans against the player and the club may feel forced to sell at a discount. The reality is that players are loyal as long as their needs are being met, whether financial or success-wise. If you are going to follow a top team, it’s a fact you just have to accept. The shine has certainly gone off this player for me, but if he stays and plays his best for AFC that is what really matters. After all, we had this time and again from PV4 and it didn’t stop him continuing to captain the team.

  29. You may be right Yogi.

    You are definitely right Passenal but for me it’s the game that the shine has gone off.

  30. The only thing that surprises me is that people were surprised by the whole Cesc saga. As Passenal says we’ve seen it before and it was utterly boring and predictable when it arrived.
    What is interesting is how much game time will the likes of watt, Eastmond, Gibbs and Li’l Jack accrue this season? How will Ramsay recover, will the real Eduardo reappear and push Nic and RVP. Will RVP last a whole season and if so how many points will we win the league by? How good will the JD TV central partnership be?
    These things are exciting not some made up media bullshit.

  31. They are interesting steww but you are wrong about it all being made up media bullshit. Barca are all too real as are Man c and all the other spolt brat clubs and individuals out there in lala land.

  32. YW,

    Love the views, emotions and expression. Good to feel part of a community of ‘reasonable’ opinion.

  33. bob – I feel your pain. I have a friend who ‘lost it’ with the Prem Bull Wagon a few years back, he now follows Trowbridge Town.
    The difficulty is that anyone with a heart and half a brain despises Murdoch and all aspects of his empire, hates the mercenary money go round that is modern football and loves the incredible heights to which the skill of the modern game has risen.
    Combine that with our Arsenal addiction and here we are supporting one of the very few sides at the absolute pinnacle of British football despite all our hatred for the nonsense which goes with it.
    I sense you are at a cross roads, I hope you find happiness whichever path you go down – but please post here and tell us about it whichever way you go.

  34. OK, it’s all rather simple, I am seeing it now.

    Cesc stays another season, on a gentleman’s agreement with Arsene that says ‘by next year’. Arsene smiles and says OK. His price goes through the roof as Arsenal take the EPL by storm and reach the finals of the CL, in some part because of Cesc’s performance on the pitch, and in most part from a renewed and extraordinary team spirit inspired under the captaincy of RvP.

    Barca and Cesc decide to delay matters just one more year. Wenger smiles and says “d’accord”.

    Barca’s record-breaking financial meltdown in the meantime is not solved, but is delayed, like the majority of ‘big time’ spenders and the grimace behind their smile is one of shame as they ponder how to meet their ongoing financial obligations.

    The prospect of borrowing, on certain terms that impinge on the question of ownership, from an oil sheik, muslim, or a cowboy, an american cowboy, are so profoundly disturbing to the Catalan psyche that a major regional political crisis arises.

    Not long after Pedro begins his Arsenal career.
    Wenger smiles and says “comme si, comme sa, c’est la vie mes amis”.

  35. Fantastically over priced Felipe Melo unwanted by Juventus and not welcome in Brazil. I still remember his dismissive comments when linked with Arsenal last season after team mate Gilberto Silva had recommended a move to England. Like an impending Car Crash why are we still linked with this ill disciplined and overrated oaf?

  36. I have been trying to give up football in general and following everything Arsenal in particular. But I find it very difficult. I think it’s this hypnotic, mesmerising, rhythmic forward momentum the club has, based on our young, up-and-coming players potentially making it, the evolution of the game that AW is constantly shaping….being a man ahead of his time, and the beacon of integrity in a shabby world, going shabbier by the season.
    I too, feel the same growing disenchantment Consolsbob. But for now, I’m still on board.

  37. I can understand your position Cbob, but like Steww, I hope you still pop in to say hi even if you decide to start following the Greens instead. I need to know how the chickens are doing!

  38. I have been trying to give up football in general and following everything Arsenal in particular. But I find it very difficult.
    I think it’s this hypnotic, forward momentum the club has, based on our young, up-and-coming players potentially making it, the evolution of the game that AW is constantly shaping…. (being a man ahead of his time), and the beacon of relative integrity in a shabby world, going shabbier by the season. I too, feel the same growing disenchantment Consolsbob. But for now, I’m still on board.

  39. Welcome back Consols. From the tone of your post you seem to have returned from exile jaded by the shenanigans in modern football and especially at Arsenal. There is no honor, no honesty, no integrity; all quaint old fashioned virtues it seems. But the truth is these evils have always existed, it is now more apparent because the stakes are so high and everything is now fought out on the public stage. TBH Cesc’s behavior is not that different from Henry and Viera. In their cases there might not have been an arrogant, wealthy, pretentious French club with a sense of entitlement (DNA) with whom they schemed but by same token they were both seduced over time and eventually left Arsenal. Despite such grubby behavior, inside and outside the club, the beauty of our football remains because of the leadership of Arsene. I look forward to the thrills and spills of a new season. A new flower unfolds while the old flower dies. I hope you remain at ACLF to support all that is good and give short shrift to the dolts and fools who come along to further despoil the club and football generally.

  40. Looks like Bolton are turning into the Barca of the PL with their ‘bring back Jack’ campaign!

  41. …although West Ham is in his DNA, of course. Passenal.

  42. Consols

    Looks as though half the team has gone to Plymouth Parkway. And how about Adam Carter going back to Torpoint? Must have been in his DNA.

  43. Good to know there r gunners who are wiser than starting a hate campaign against a player who has given his all to this club, played with his heart on his sleeves till his last game. I do wish he loved us more than any other club and wish to play 4 no other but he has surely acted with utmost respect for our club admist the volcano of pressure on him to come back home from friends and families. Loyalty in this modern game is few and far between. The fans that demands it are most often no better than Cashley Cole. loyalty to a player is tied to how well he performs, a drop from that level and he is dispensable. The Eduardo case is one of such, that he got slashed in to two on a red and white shirt does not factor in when we all think he should be sold. Selling Clichy is no big deal now, a loyal player that gives all now his level has droped from d better than Cashley Cole one, and perhaps we ve Gibs. Ramsey will come back to heroic cheers which would soon turn into mute whispers of how wenger’s ‘project youth’ just hit a new low with few bad performance. Henry’s hand ball was enof for some arsenal fans to start calling him names that are better forgotten…. No one is bigger than the club but we kid ourselves if we think there is anyone for sell ‘now’ that wud replace cecs. We seem to forget we are talking about a player who had more goals and assists more than the entire midfielders that benches him in this W.cup. Ozil is not the player Cecs was at 19, least at 21. I ve watched him strugle to pick a team mate in crowded areas. We play teams that park the bus, we ain’t a team that play the germans swift counter attacking football. Unless Wenger’s touch turns midas for Ozil it wud be a step back. Wat more he prefers Man u/ chelsea. I hope he stays atleast till wilshere is ready. Big Clubs don’t bend to other clubs wishes or players feelings easily, take a look at Bayern and Ribery, and the Madrid- Robinho saga. If Cecs goes as far as handing in a transfer request ( I strongly doubt it), we sell to the highest bidders and I doubt it wud be Barca. A little luv may have been lost between me and Cecs but I still respect the man, I wud still cheer his name with the same passion… When the World cup ends, I wud hope for a speedy end to the saga. It was becoming irritating seeing Fabregas deny that he was going to Barca, and maintaining that his future is with us whenever the Barca elements starts such a campaign in time past, now I crave it more than any other thing. Good Y.W day from Naija. Nice post as usual.

  44. I agree with Emmagunner.

  45. Well done Yogi. It is refreshing to see an article that displays the FACTS rather than snide media speculation and appalling Barca “tap up” rubbish. Cesc aint going to Barca anytime soon. Rosell is “trying” to talk to Wenger and Gavidis in South Africa. I can imagine their reaction. “No sale, no negociation and can we have Messi in exchange for Almunia?” Rosells reply would be “you must be fooking joking” and Wenger would reply “exactement, now piss off”

  46. The problem with RVP or any other player captain for that matter is that it would be a statement to the world that we are ready to dance to the tunes originating from Barca. One the media would be glad to watch. It would do us no good off and on the pitch. Lets worry about the captaincy position when it is truely vacant.

  47. I propose Emmagunner to work alongside Ivan, AW and Pat Rice. (not that they need any more assistance but you surely know what I mean!)

  48. Emmagunner @ 12:46,

    That was amazing. I never once considered the hypocricy in the treatment of Cole compared to our current players before

  49. YW – I’m baffled.

    I can’t see one single cogent reason why we would let Cesc go this summer.

    We don’t need the money – and in any case he’ll be worth more as he gets older.

    Whether he wants to go or not, he’s said that he’ll accept AW’s decision.

    We’re on the brink of what could easily be an outstanding season.

    If he stays, we know he’ll commit himself heart and soul to Arsenal for the coming season.

    And we still need him for the imagination and invention he adds to the team.

    Maybe when Aaron is fully fit again and Jack is old enough to run a game, we might be in a position to think about releasing Cesc.

    But now?????

    Please tell me why we would even consider it.

  50. Am I the only one who thinks that Cesc might be happy to stay this summer?

    He is not going to dislodge Xavi or Iniesta from the Barca midfield at this moment in time and the argument that he will get enough games is made by people who do not understand his psychology. This is a guy who wants to play every minute of every match. Just look back at the Villa game that he completely change the balance of even though injured or the Barca game when he played on with a fractured bone in his leg.

    Cesc is not going to move to sit on the bench in the big games.

  51. All in good time, the great healer and ruler. Cesc is not going. Who said he was? He has flirted with a move to Barca that rules him unfit to captain, but going, no, not yet, not quite, not unless ….

  52. I guess it will all come down to how Cesc handles this. If as Yogi says Cesc indicates in no uncertain terms that he wants a transfer then we will sell him. If he does not do that then he will probably stay another year. It is clear that he would rather go to Barca but he also does not yet want to burn his bridges. Ultimately his goal to go to Barcelona so he and his agent and Barcelona will work towards that end. I suspect that his agent is in contact with the Rosell et al. and they are attempting to orchestrate the media campaign. My fear is that Barca are telling him that we want you now and there may not be money next year or you might have a significant long term injury or some other reason that they might not be able to get him next year.

    I wish Cesc had told Arsene 2 years ago that I will stay until a the end of last seaon but I would really like you to prepare yourself and the club for my leaving. That would have been the best thing for everyone.

    My hope is that he and Arsene come to an agreement and that he will stay one more year and play his heart out and then move on. However that would work against Barca because it would increase his value and I am sure the Barca contingent will advise against this.

    I wish this could be resolved quickly although I doubt it. If he does move on I hope there is some contingency plan with regard to bringing in new players to fill his role and to modify our tactics and formations since we have built our passing game around his talents. AFC will move on without Cesc but losing him would obviously be a huge blow to our title hopes and a blow to the players and fans.

  53. Is Cesc not playing because:

    He is not as good as Xavi?
    He is not as good as Iniesta?
    Iniesta and Xavi have an understanding?
    His style places pressure on the defence?
    He has become too English in his play?
    He has not yet fully recovered?
    He now speaks with an English accent?

    Will whatever the reason he can’t get into the Spanish 1st eleven be the reason he warms the Barca bench?

  54. Merlot, you know an awful lot about Argyle, too much perhaps….

  55. Does it benefit Arsenal and its young players when they spend more than 1 season on loan?

    I think spending too much time away from home means that you forget your home culture especially at an impressionable age.

    Maybe Arsenal should allow young players more opportunities in the games.

  56. perhaps Cesc.doesn’t play because the Spanish National team manager is as good as the English

  57. Know nothing about Argyle, Consols, but am preparing a mastermind specialism on Tavistock AFC.
    I will be relying on your information.

  58. http://www.elmundodeportivo.es/gen/20100710/53961056033/noticia/cita-con-wenger-por-fabregas.html

    Apparently a meeting has been arranged between Arsenal & Barcelona in South Africa. The Barcelona camp are not telling anyone where it is to maintain privacy(!) which loosely translates as Arsene telling them that “we’ll meet for a beer, I’ll call you“.

  59. Know nothing about Argyle, Consols, but will be depending on your information to support my Mastermind specialism on Tavistock AFC.

  60. I think Cesc is better than Xavi, just not as experienced!

  61. Yogi, if thats the case, i’d expect a ”not for sale” stance by arsene. Will anyone settle for 30 mil quid plus pedro?

  62. MG

    Nope, straight cash, no player exchange.


  63. We never really replaced DB10. Arsene seems to think that cesc might be the one but to no avail. Cesc i think is just a floating AMC……much like a maradona. Barca would play him as a deep lying striker behind villa….. I reckon they’d switch back to a 4411 with a midfield 4 of xavi, biscuits, iniesta and messi. Bunch of cunts.

  64. I wonder what happens if Villa does not perform to expectations @ Barca. Will the buy a new striker next summer? Seems like that’s what they like to do. One year Eto’o is their main man, then suddenly it’s Imbrahimovic, now Villa. Who will it be next year? Oh the fun and speculations!

  65. Yogi, i think this is whats going to happen (what those barca twats love to happen)—–>>

    1) cesc comes back and demand a transfer
    2) by doing that he loses his bonus etc etc (can’t be more that say 10mil?)
    3) thereby forcing arsenal to sell him close to what barca wants
    4) cesc moves to barca ( and his bff xavi)
    5) barca quietly pays him back his “lost” bonuses…. Under counter of course.

    By doing this, cesc will not lose his bonus etc and barca gets him for under 40 mil quid.

    Is this possible yogi?

  66. MG

    Not likely at all. Whilst there is logic, I don’t think he wants to burn his bridges.


  67. EF

    What people who complain about Barcelona’s antics and there transfer philosophy is that this is exactly how Arsenal would end up if they indulged in the rapid turnover of players frequently demanded. When you spend big, you have to produce instantly. If you don’t, out of the door. It is why so many big signings fail – they can have all the talent but if you can’t handle the pressure. Hleb is a prime example of that.


  68. Xavi sounds like he is soooooo inlove with cesc. If i was cecs, i’d watch my arse in the showers at the noucamp

  69. Ah well. Bob nearly turned the conversation somewhere interesting. If we really must talk about other clubs on an Arsenal blog I vote Plymouth and Tavistock over Barcelona any day of the week.

  70. Lets all hope that this is the beginning of the end for Barcelona.

    Nice football though.

  71. Boring, boring Barca!

  72. Cb

    Amen to that brother.


  73. YW:

    Your thoughts about Cesc may well be correct. Cesc is under a lot of pressure to make the transfer happen.

    His best friends at Barca are all telling him everyday to be strong and its time for Cesc to decide on his own future. Arsenal owes him for all his hard work. etc etc etc

    Cesc’s parents, family and friends want him back.

    His agent wants a big payday and wants to make a deal happen.

    Barca are probably telling him this is the best time to move and waiting is taking a big risk.

    If he pushes for a move we will probably have to work out a deal with Barca. Lets hope he has enough respect for Wenger and his teammates to give us 1 more year.

  74. Bill – I’m with bob – Barca = Boring

  75. Steww:

    I sure we all wish all of the stuff about
    Cesc and Barca would disappear and they could just play football. Unfortunately that aint goona happen and all of us who are addicted to blogging and Arsenal are in for a long rest of the summer.

    The bright side is YW gets a lot of hits in the off season and we get to fuel our obscession.

  76. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    I’m with steww and everyone else who can’t be asked to speculate on this Cesc/Barca garbage. Arsenal will still be Arsenal and we will still be challenging for everything under the sun. Que sera, sera.

    Turning the page, I met a few very nice Stuttgart supporters visiting LA at the Ariel Pink show last night. A fairly deep Mad Jens conversation cures all ills. Germans love themselves some Mad Jens. Then again, who doesn’t?

  77. Mad Jens was a lot of fun and a great GK for us. Its interesting that you often don’t know what you have got until its gone.

  78. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    What an ambivalent statement. You come across as being very hard to please, Bill. You’d do well to start appreciating what you’ve got in front of you when it comes to Arsenal. It really is a great club.

  79. Consolsbob at 10:03 am

    I understand your feelings of frustration and despair at the state of football in this day and age. But isn’t that even more reason for people of integrity and honour to stand up and make themselves heard; make their presence felt.

    Evil triumphs, when good men choose to do nothing. It’s just my humble opinion but I believe all your reasons for turning your back on the beautiful game are in actuality the very reasons for people like yourself to be ever more present. We all of us in some small or large part have a role to play.

  80. It seems to me, that in general, most footballers are laughing at us as fans with our unwavering loyalty, spending our time and money making millionaires out of them. It’s easy to become dissillusioned as a result.

    There are however, exceptions and thankfully for us Arsen and Arsenal seem to be able to get rid of the bad ‘uns and keep the good. For one more season at least.

  81. Favourite quote from Roselli in that Bloomberg article:

    Publicity about the possible deal was “the worst thing that could have happened,” he said.

    The mind boggles at the audacity of that statement.

  82. I would take Cecs over Xavi and Iniesta any day of the week. Only last season did Xavi had more assists than Fab and even then he had just 2 more and played atleast 12 more games. This season Iniesta had just 3 assist out 33 games and Xavi out of their first 36 games had less than five. Stats may not always tell you everything about a player but it shows how effective they are. They are great players but not so effective. They play a lot of possesion footbal but little penetration in a league that is less physical than the premier league and where teams are hardly negative. Save Messi they too not effective. Messi scored around 40goals this season and all they won was the league on the last day. The spanish team has won most of their world cup game by a lone goal mostly on Villa’s Brilliance, and not like they miss a lot of goals. When Switzerland packed the bus they could not just break through thats where Cecs specialty lies. No need mentioning goals, they are no match for Cecs in that department atleast for the past 3 seasons. If V.P was fit enough, to give us 20+ goals, half of what Messi produced, the league would no doubt have been ours. Save Messi barca is no better than us…. Cecs did pick up d ball from d midfield and deeper against Spurs and Everton and walked it into d net, none of them can…. Benching Cecs just doesn’t make sense.

  83. According to a TF1 journo on Twitter, there is a meeting tomorrow between Rosell and Wenger with Le Boss going to make it clear that Cesc is not for sale. Which pretty much makes it a short meeting:

    SR: How much for Cesc?
    AW: He’s not for sale.
    SR (adopts Mrs Doyle mode) Awwwww, gwon, gwon, gwon, gwon.
    AW: No.
    SR: Er, so that’s progress, we’ll speak when you get back to London.

  84. Does anyone know what ‘energy goes where thought goes’ mean?

    Random, I know. 😀

  85. Mean Lean

    It means one of two things:

    1. Positive thought makes for positive actions and results, and,
    2. Someone’s bought themselves a ‘self-help’ book and swallowed it hook, line and sinker.



  86. I’ll keep fighting Evil(fiek) and we will win battles but the war is lost. the pass was sold long ago.

  87. Fifa should Uefa’s lead and do away with third place playoffs at the world cup. These games are quite meaningless!

  88. I disagree KG, as that is probably one of the few games when the handbrake comes off and you actually have teams just going for it. It looks like I missed just such a game as I just came in to see the replay of the winning German goal.

  89. you did Pass definately the most open game of the cup some great passing and movement and one of the goals of the tournament to boot..

  90. hahaha, ”edgar davids has played for some of the best teams in the world, and tottenham”

  91. watch ITV, james cordens world cup live, andrei is a gues there

  92. I’m going to have to look for some highlights KS. I won’t be able to watch the final tomorrow, but I expect it to be a tight and tense affair. The Netherlands need to score first, if Barcelona get the first goal they’ll never see the ball again and just get frustrated.

  93. dont be silly, barca are not boring, theyre good, their style almost replicate’s arsenal’s. They do a good job at attempting the quick paced style of total football WE created in 2004

  94. Agree with Passenal. It was a great game to watch. Typically its one of the best games of the tournament.

  95. Cant wait for holland v barca tomorow, but like evilfiek, the barnet game is way more appealing

  96. The idea of turning your back on arsenal because barca are trying to twist cesc and wengers arms through coordinated stool dropping in the media begs belief. You get a handfull of these kind of stories every year, its not that different this time it just involves our own club. Unfortunately there is a perfect storm for our little ‘saga’ yet these tripe schoolyard politics are prevalent in all walks of life from watercooler gossip to family weddings. Its just human nature on a grand scale.

    Of course the added presence of man city is a real twist of the knife. A disgusting example of governing bodies terrible ability to regulate the game fairly and progessively for future sustainablity. In fact a lot of the blame for these ugly faces of modern football arguably stem from a lack of intelligent governing of domestic and european systems.

    btw arshavin is on tv with james corden tonight, if he as open as he is on his own website then there should be some curious moments…

  97. edgar davids is going to kill his agent after this.

    Anyone else noticed the irritating amount of goals against arsenal clips used to advertise tv packages recently?

  98. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Fuckin hell, Bob. Us youngsters need the gurus of ACLF to stay strong. You guys are going soft on us. First Frank, now consolsbob. Get it together! Thank goodness we still have ZimPaul and shotta fighting the good fight.

  99. I did notice the bias Deano.

  100. “Anyone else noticed the irritating amount of goals against arsenal clips used to advertise tv packages recently?”

    I noticed it too and it’s not even subtle. Last season it was the CL semi final against manure this season it’s the messi show. They will continue to not see a penny of my money for subscriptions. It’s also why 5 of our 7 games they are televising are away from home as they are so desperately hoping for an upset.

  101. They have done the same thing for a while now. Showing our away games ‘up norf’ hoping we lose.

  102. Fuck Sky and their cod piece analysts.

  103. With broadband getting faster many streams are watch-able now. I do hope ATVO start showing the reserve games again.

  104. I was watching the RTE (Ireland) coverage of the 3rd-4th place game. During half time they had 3 impressionists in the studio instead of the normal p(l)undits. It was much better (as well as funny).

  105. i have sky :/

  106. i just wished atvo stremaed live pl games….

  107. yes, sky seem to love ejaculating over the sight of barcelona and chelsea

  108. I was on holiday in Marocco last week and watched the french coverage of Holland v Uruguay and they are spoiled having Arsene as an analyst. Naturaly I didnt understand a word of it apart from this bit where Van Persie threaded a beautifull pass in the box and Arsene said ” pass de magnifique” which I think meant he liked it. I liked it aswell.

    The End.

  109. Provided I get my information through the right channels, my interest in Arsenal hasn’t waned at all.

    But I have given up caring what other fans think, especially ones on the internet; the value of winning a few hundred people over on the internet is negligible. Has anyone tried explaining online factions to an outsider? You quickly realise how pointless it all is.

    Anyway, from what I’ve seen, this Cesc thing has brought the fans closer together – you know, uniting against a common enemy and stuff. And while the player has lost some lustre during this saga, it’s nothing that a couple of decent performances and the right choice of words in interviews won’t fix.

    And if he leaves then, *cherching*; we enter the market or spend money elsewhere and blood Ramsey and Jack in that central role. Either way, it’s all good.

    I have noticed that Sky ad, by the way.

  110. 1 loose cannon

    deano- to advertise the Champions league they should have shown that fantastic goal by Milito in the final and for Premiership it should’ve been that flick by Joe cole that beat the Mancs for to the title instead they pick Arsenal as the dart board. Bastards.

  111. Big All,

    I will support Cesc 100% when (not if) he runs out at Anfield in our 1st game of the season. I don’t give a f*ck about any media crap.

  112. 1lc

    Had to laugh when the commentator said:

    “Milito & Tevez would be a prospect in the summer”

  113. Holland stand an excellent chance of winning tomorow. They seem to have been completley written off as rank outsiders.

    Bollocks to that frigging Octopus.

    Come on Holland!

  114. For sure, dups. It’s a tricky situation, but once Barcelona are told to go away again, Cesc will face up to reality and we can all move on.

    Diego Milito’s an odd one. What’s in his arsenal? He’s not all that quick – he doesn’t look too strong, agile or tricky. But he scores so many goals.

  115. It’s an ACLF sleepover!

  116. Big Al, I would not mind a Diego Milito plying his trade at TNHoF

  117. I’ll be interested how Howard Webb refs the final today. Will he be PL-style “Anglo-Saxon” laissez (un)faire. Or will he be coming down hard on the Van Bommell’s of this world, with his reckless and badly-timed assaults? The reason for the interest is obvious. Will it set a benchmark, an indicator no less, of how the Premiership is going to be ref’ed? What will the tone be, this coming season? Will it make a funk-load of difference!!!?

  118. TalkShite just boasted: where else would you want to go for your final-needs? May I suggest an undertaker?

  119. Why are we and the club talking about the Cesc transfer? We have been told by Wenger and the board that they do not wish to, and WILL NOT sell him.Cesc has five more years left on his contract.If he WANTS to go, that should be too bad.Wenger must make that clear to him. So that should be the end of the saga.
    The fact that it is STILL being discussed, shows that the manager and club are considering going back on their word. I reckon we WILL end up selling him, (and for 40 million or less). Let’s see if Wenger has the balls to stand up for his view that Cesc is going nowhere.I’m betting he won’t.

    “In Arsene we rust”.

  120. All you Arsenal boys should be ashamed of yourselves.. It is ridiculous to see the DESPERATION in your words. All of you claiming to believe something YOU ALL KNOW is not true.. You know where he wants to be!!
    Whine all you want, it is inevitable… If you do happen to keep him, it will be a joke to see him wearing the captains arm band..

    All of you, GROW A PAIR! Seriously!!!


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