Disbanding Reserving Gives Football Restructuring Opportunity & A Little Gossip

As the World Cup returns to match duty, Cesc Fabregas is reportedly ‘mosqueado‘ – quite literally p1ssed off about being on the bench for Spain thus far; AS has finally reported his comments about how he may not move, emphasising their belief that €20m is a fair price for Ozil instead. Tomas Rosicky meanwhile has stated that he is only focussed on Arsenal and not returning to the Bundesliga although according to a report in this morning’s Daily Mirror, Rosicky and Eduardo must leave The Emirates to fund Joe Cole’s wages and in no way should it be interpreted as an attempt to tie up all of the transfer loose ends at Arsenal.

Young Guns reports that Arsenal has joined several other Premier League clubs, including Tottenham, in abandoning the FA Premier Reserve League following reforms to that competition that do not go far enough. Moving to a group phased competition instead of a formal league was considered insufficient to warrant participation.

Some of the players will be promoted to meet new first team squad regulations whilst the Reserves will play a series of friendlies instead. For Arsenal, it is hard to see the benefits overall. The only real cost saving is staging the matches and travel. Whilst the players may be promoted to the first team squad, they are no more likely to gain a place in Premier or Champions League matches than they were before. Problems at this level present English football with a unique opportunity, a chance to restructure itself for the 21st Century and ensure the continued survival of the game.

Most clubs professionally lose money. It is not a fact with which the Premier or Football Leagues argue. Measures put in place on a European-wide scale only impact upon those who will participate in European competition. Domestic restrictions on wages has not solved the problems faced by the clubs, insolvency still a real threat for a large number.

The structure of the game needs to be overhauled. The way forward is to go back to the future. Regionalisation of League One and Two has to happen but on a wider scale than before. Instead of a straight North / South split which ended in 1958, the inclusion of a Midlands division presents the game with an opportunity to fast-track younger players into a situation whereby they will gain experience.

That objective is beneficial to all involved albeit never acknowledged. For England, it allows clubs to see how well the youngsters are developing, the better players will gain similar experience to going on loan but retain the training philosophy of their parent club. That may not always be better than lower league clubs – it depends on the manager – but in terms of technique, it requires the EPL clubs to focus rather than simply stockpiling youngsters.

There is also a benefit for the League clubs; risks in signing young players when they are released by the Premier League clubs are reduced, a season spent playing League One or Two means they can scout players before deciding to sign. Far from stopping the circulation of players, it is an asset.

For England, it means the Under-21 players come into the set-up on the back of testing themselves in the professional game not through a series of intermittent loan or substitute appearances. Surely this is a better grounding for international football than the current set-up?

For this to happen, a change in the attitude of owners is necessary. Resistance to such moves is to be expected although there is merit in them financially. We are long told that ‘derby’ matches are the lifeblood of football; a season of them ought to help. For the Conference, a two-up, two-down promotion to each of the division opens up more opportunities to play at the highest levels and a genuine enhancement to their competition. Regionalisation for the middle of the country is not rigid, there will be new ‘blood’ to ensure the number of teams remains static, some clubs could switch between the divisions almost seasonally. Financially, the need for overnight stays disappears as do long coach journeys, money saved.

Other European leagues have the reserves in the lower divisions to varying degrees. The Spaniards seem to welcome them, the Germans tolerate begrudginly. For English teams, it is an opportunity that should be seriously considered instead of whimsically dismissed. Nothing will happen though such is the insularity and protectionist agendas that have made English football flourish thus far.

’til Tomorrow.

For Arsenal, it is hard to see the benefits overall. The only real cost saving is staging the matches and travel. Whilst the players may be promoted to the first team squad, they are no more likely to gain a place in Premier or Champions League matches than they were before.

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  1. Furious Styles

    first non-bb

  2. Don’t think Cole is coming.

  3. I totally agree that the FA should allow the reserves to compete in lower leagues, it makes so much sense as it is competitive football for youngsters than can be the future stars and fringe players will be able to keep fit and show they are worth it.

    In Spain and France there is no problem with it as they are rules that makes it impossible to the two teams from one club to be in the same league. In France for example there must be two division between the first team and the reserve. Most of Ligue 1 reserve team play in the league they call CFA1 or CFA2 which is the first division with professionnal players and is the equivalent of fourth or fifth division. The reserve team do not take part in the Coupe de France and the Coupe de la Ligue the equivalent of the FA and Carling Cup.

    The young player needs to have competitive football and it is the best way as the reserve league was not really competitive and going on loan is not the same as being in your parent club set-up because no offence to lower league clubs but the standard of training and the tactics are not the same as the parent club. We want our reserve players to play wengerball and not kick and rush football.

  4. i hope cole doesnt sign for us,,to injury prone and not good enough to be asking for 100k a week,who does he think he is?he aint all that,no rea pace,his goal record is terrible,just what would he offer arsenal really for 100k i think is a fuckin joke,he is crap!! cant get his game at chelsea so now he wants to be a gunner, aswell as earning more than our players who have been with us for a few years,,,pull the other 1 joe you are crap and nowhere near a 100k a week player,just another overpaid english joke.

  5. I was only yesterday having a conversation along these lines. What’s the use of an intermittent reserve league?

    A lot of players are stuck between being too good for reserves and not ready for 1st team. Sending them out on loan is a solution but I wonder If that would affect the way they were brought up to play by the Arsenal system.

    The best solution would be to play a B side in a lower league, but the other teams in those leagues would never go for that.

  6. 6th

  7. I think Eduardo will go, but not TR. We could afford Joe Cole’s wage as there in no transfer fee.
    What is it with this first stuff, are you two old enough to be looking on the internet?

  8. the fa will never allow junior teams to compete in the leagues…and they wonder why england sucks ass in international football.

  9. Joe Cole is a quality player who has only suffered with injury over the last year. It does not make him injury prone it was a serious injury that has kept him out not a series of injuries.

    I would welcome his signing although I am not sure I would swap TR for him.

    He is a tough proven winner who could spread that belief throughout the squad! I for one would welcome him wholeheartedly!

  10. Is Joe Cole better that Rosicky? I don’t think he is. They are very similar players, both very skilful, both able to play on either flank or in a central playmaker role, both are 5’10” and both somewhat injury prone. Cole is a year younger, but 28 or 29, really doesn’t make much difference; there experience levels and longevity are similar. Personally I’d rather keep TR; the change would be disruptive and not add quality.

    On Eduardo, I regret to say I think it might be time to move on. With the addition of Chamakh, I think that Wenger has shown that he is after a more physical presence at the front. RvP and Chamakh are both 6’2″, while NB is 6’4″. the other option he has is pace coming in from the wings, and I think both Walcott and Vela will get more opportunities to fill this role this year, albeit with AA being first choice. As it stands, I’m not sure Eduardo fits the preferred system of play.

    Finally on the reserves, it is just stupid that the top PL teams cannot have a team in the lower leagues. Personally I’d love my local team, Leyton Orient, to enter into an agreement with Arsenal and have maybe half a team of Arsenal youngsters.

  11. There is no question that the Reserve Team should be playing in a professional league. Individual players can be brought up to the First Team as is required. This method is standard in the National Hockey League.

  12. Two Owls

    I am not sure that this applies to the continental football leagues. I suspect that the squads are entirely separate and not interchangable which in some respects is how it should be and with the new squad rules in the Premier League, how it would have to be.


  13. Good post as usual. Funny to think that the spuds saw the uselessness of the reserve league before us. Wenger recommends a B team system as in Spain. Thanks for the information on the French system Gunnerluc. The Arsenal move to withdraw from the reserves will force the hand of the FA now. Hope Chelski and Manure follow suit. I like the idea of a regional leagues. always thought of a north south divide. The midlands concept was beyond me. probably have to be English to understand it.

  14. YW, I think they are interchangeable in cup competitions. In Spain the reserve teams cannot enter the Kings cup.

  15. Silver Gunner

    I think the most important thing is to get our youngsters exposed to more competitive football more quickly, how ever this is done is a logistical problem that the guys at the fa have to solve.

    I think AW has seen this problem many years ago when he decided to use the carling cup as an opportunity to blood youngsters.

    On the subject of Joe Cole the shine of the potential signing has disappeared as far as i am concerned, in fact if AW wants to keep Wilshire here next season it would be to his detriment.

  16. KG

    Midlands refers to the middle swathe of England. Without thinking too hard there are about 10 clubs in Leagues 1 & 2 who would be suited to this regionalisation. The geography works but the will is not there in the clubs to make it happen.


  17. For those who do not know the geography of England well, these interactive maps will help:



  18. Now, I’m not in the habbit of banding around rumours and such….. But, and this is nothing that most people don’t already know, I’ve heard from a member of Joe Cole’s extended family (who is a rep for a company that my company deals with) that his decision will definitely be between us and the Spuds. He won’t be going anywhere other than London (as he’s “a Mummy’s Boy”) and his dad, who’s a Gooner, would much rather him come to us. As I said, it’s not something that hasn’t been reported in many of the crappy newspapers/ websites but hearing from the person I did adds weight to it!

  19. Allowing the reserve/2nd teams to play professionally could help improve football in England massively. It would have to be done properly so that the 2nd teams cannot jump up to the same division, like in leagues abroad. The talent that comes from the big teams will no doubt help improve the standard in lower leagues and most importantly help young english footballers and of all cultures even. It will give them the platform to improve and play professionally.

    Of course the existing teams in the lower leagues will disagree, but harder competition will improve the football leagues in England. 2nd teams can form a league initially (if their are many who wish to do so) and whoever qualifies joins the bottom English division each year. Its not like they will be all chucked in at one time, so it will be a good chance for young talent to get their shot.

    If the FA do not act now then they never will, this is my fear. Now is the time to make the necessary changes and help young talent come through. This is their chance to help young English players, and help the national team in affect.

  20. Arsenal reserves pulling out should be served as a warning to the FA.

    Can you imagine what will happen when Arsenal pulls out of the Premier League to join a European super league? The FA should do whatever we say or else!

  21. Very perceptive Chrisgoona. Wenger says he expects a super league within a decade or two!

  22. Maybe B teams should have an age limit as well. Maybe something like 21 or 23?

  23. kenyan

    An age limit can hurt the squad players over that age who need match practise. I don’t think it would achieve much, although maybe forcing 2nd teams to have a certain proportion of players under a certain age will at least force the use of youth in the reserve teams.

    I think the Super league is only a matter of time by the way. As much as I would miss the local rivalries between English teams, a Euroepan Super League is the future of football in Europe. The best teams competing week in week out from Europe is just too exciting a prospect to ignore. Its like Champions League every week for the whole season! How they will do it I don’t know, but be sure Arsenal will be one of the 1st teams down. Why should we remain in a league where we get no support from the referees, the FA, other managers, and our players are not treated equally…

  24. Whereas I agree that a second string in the lower leagues is a good idea I don’t ever see the FA doing it. Mainly due to the fact that unless you made the leagues larger, and therefore having more games a season, you would have to replace some of the local non-affiliated teams with larger team’s B squads and that just won’t happen.

  25. In one respect allowing reserves into the lower leagues would add some much needed glamour and interest. However the big teams along with Sky monopolise English football enough as it is. We need a solid regional reserve team league setup along with a sustained influx of money into grass roots football, coming from the very wealthy top. If the lower league teams became more competitive then the reserve leagues would be more worthwhile. Slightly off topic here but clubs in England are going to the wall and the Premier League do not seem to care as long as their global brand is making them money.

  26. Top tier teams shouldn’t be allowed to make a B team, as this is unfair to the lower lads. However, they should be able to more freely and openly link-up with nearby clubs lower down the leagues with a less rigid loan system in place. So for us, Watford could for example ask for 5 of our reserves on loan for the season and we do so. They save pay on wages and get 5 decent young lads. We get our lads gaining experience at a proper level.

  27. The question that should be asked is not if Joe Cole is better than Rosicky,i believe he is, but is Wilshire better than Rosicky.This season has got to be the season when we see Jack given a chance not sitting on the bench for the first few games then play a couple of CC games then disappear and then loaned out again in january

  28. Silver Gunner

    yaya signs for city the brothers unite well its a shame it didn’t happen at arsenal.

  29. The problem is, when a player, say Aaron Ramsey returns from injury, where does he play to gain the necessary match fitness?

  30. How many Central Midfielders do City have now, they seem to be collecting them a bit like we did a few seasons back. It’s Stephen Ireland I feel sorry for. No I don’t, I take that back.

  31. Silver Gunner

    hark i think TR and EDS will leave this summer this will give Wilshire and Vela an opportunity to establish themselve in the team, that is if we dont sign Cole, if we do then i forsee a season on loan again.

  32. Silver Gunner

    They have let go of martin petrov and i cant see PV4 getting much playing time next year but that still leaves an obsene number of players that wont get a kick at city and whats worse is that they are not even in the champions league yet, they are a bunch of idiots who dont know what they are doing.

  33. It’s a huge shame that he didn’t sign for us.but I think that we should had sign him a long time go.but wenger was too damn stubborn to make that move.And now we really are desperate to hold on cesc fabrecas.And we still need to find his replacement.

  34. Scooch

    Expanding the league is how it would work. Instead of two divisions of 24 teams as is now League 1 & 2, there would be be three but ideally four of similar size. The number of games does not lessen so revenues remain untouched.

    I am unconvinced that a European League is less than a decade away. For it to go ahead, Uefa and the national associations will need to come on board, the clubs have shown no willingness to break away from them in the past and now that the G14 no longer exists formally, bartering and in-fighting has to be overcome. The competition would die a death after 5 or 6 years unless there is relegation and promotion so that has to be worked out. There are a large number of issues to be worked out but prinicipally I would suggest that a European League will only work as a replacement for the Champions League in some form.


  35. Am I still on moderation?

  36. Joe

    Loan clubs pay all or a significant amount of wages. If Watford take 5 of our players, effectively they are becoming Arsenal ‘B’.


  37. Silver Gunner

    Wenger had ample opportunity to sign Yaya over the years and did not want to do so. When Kolo left, the chances of Yaya joining diminished even further.


  38. Hey CG didn’t we forsee this Honda is a genius business?

  39. Silver Gunner

    YW agreed about the toure bros just will feel weird seeing them both playing for city.

    They have ammased a real madrid like squad lets hope they are as hopeless as real madrid at gelling together.

  40. Silver Gunner


    Got to love Ghana I sincerely hope they win.

  41. I wonder what Arsene is up to with this reserve team thingy? Other teams like Stoke and the Tiny’s did it last year. And because of our relatively unique (youth development) angle on things, this move looks either a retro-something or something else entirely. Arsene being Wenger, I bet he is up to something entirely out of left-field . And we clearly don’t know all the details just yet. But it is a space I’ll definitely be watching!

  42. Brazil and Netherlands supporters its time to fasten your belts and hold on tight the talking is over.

  43. Brilliant. A tattle site speculates that RvP is on Bourinho’s hitlist, Marca pick up on it with one sentence and it returns here on another website with Marca getting the blame!

  44. Geez, that was way too easy. Why are they playing such a high line?

  45. Hold up now KenGun! dont get happy just yet. lol!

  46. Gilberto what a legend

  47. Yes, its hard to watch Gilberto knowing he could be at Arsenal.

  48. Seems Arjen Robben is Brazil’s main fear.

  49. Robben shoudlve tried to pass that.

    Looks like there could be quite a few goals.

    Brazil are really good defensively.

  50. Looks like M. Bastos may have to be substituted he can’t handle Robben and may get sent off.

  51. Silver Gunner

    cant get my stream to worl 😦 stupid connection

  52. Silver Gunner this is working great for me.


  53. RVP hasnt been as great as we expected. I think he has put way too much pressure on himself.

  54. What the heck is going on with Robben dancing with the ball?

  55. Silver Gunner

    thanks paul n i think my works isp have done something funny

  56. Silver Gunner

    van der veil = twat

  57. Melo knows how to score the important goals! 1:1

  58. Silver Gunner


  59. The game just started!!

  60. Oh no. Get up again, VP!

  61. Silver Gunner

    RVP injured? I hope not

  62. Come on RVP!!!

  63. oh fuck that scared me

  64. Great ball in though wasnt it?

  65. come on holland

  66. @Silver Gunner
    I agree. Don’t want to see him play for us. His positioning can be awful (the goal was his fault, after all) and he likes to take a dive..

  67. hurray hurray, the dutch are back in it. van P to score the winner!

  68. a tale of two halfs

  69. RVP looking lively!

  70. No surprise there though.


  71. OH YEH!!!

  72. A lot of time left in this one though

  73. Its funny how a team can be so great defending open play and have such a hard time with set pieces.

  74. Felipe Melo! That’s the kind of player some want, huh?

  75. What an idiot! he shouldve gotten 3 red cards for that.

  76. No KenGun, it will be hard but its surely not over. If we see another Holland goal I would then concede to that thought.

  77. Ref, you are supposed to keep your red card in the back pocket!

  78. SomeRandomGunner

    RVP wasting free kick

  79. Is it me of has Holalnd defended quite well? that was looked upon as their glaring weakness.

  80. Holland

  81. HOLLAND!!

  82. Walcott is a liverpool fan, can Arsenal trade him for Kuyt?

  83. Silver Gunner

    wow fair play holland

  84. Paul

    Aside from Robinho’s goal, that is.


  85. Done deal. I am not surprised in the least though, for me its no upset. certain teams are built up too much but the glory days are done.

    Great win!!!

  86. True Yogi

  87. I’m very happy for the Dutch.

  88. earflow, shut up. Holland, wooooo!!!!

  89. Silver Gunner

    dunga will get destroyed when they fly back to brasil

  90. Silver Gunner

    you think capello had it bad omg

  91. Too true Silver Gunner!

    Between Arsenal Past (Gilberto),

    Arsenal Present (RVP),

    & some fans’ nomination for Arsenal Future (Melo),

    I’m very happy with Arsenal Present.

    No goals today, no matter.
    (In google after typing in Huntelaar, Huntelaar Arsenal is the second search result…but I’d stick with RVP!).

  92. Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

    my dutch germany final is on track.

    although i wont mind Ghana been in there… Ghana for 3rd place for sure!

  93. great great win

  94. Yeaaahhhh!!!

  95. so thats melo failing his audition then… scoring own goal plus the red card! LOL

  96. Silver Gunner

    Ghana all the way to win the while shabang wouldn’t that be great!!!!

  97. Wenger is a very good judge of a player character, I don’t think Melo has a strong character…Watch Melo loosing his position to Denilson in the very near future.

  98. Melo and Dunga are gonna get it!

  99. Well, well, well. The worst player in Serie A works his magic for Brazil. That’ll teach Dunga to leave his best player behind.

  100. I am still in shock that Ronaldhino was not in the team. He sure is in the Nike commercials though.

  101. First to Paul N. You win! Congratulations are in order.
    Now to Lamentations. Dunga is a Bloody Donkey. We’ll always ask why he left out Ronaldinho. Sure Ronaldinho isn’t the man he was four years ago. But Dunga took a gamble and the gamble flopped. He has to pay for that. For him Kaka was the man. Despite the fact that Ronaldinho had a better year at Milan than Kaka did at Madrid. But Dunga doesn’t like flair. A Ronalldinho in place of an ijnured Elano makes sense. Dani Alves tried his best in midfield but that isn’t his position.
    As for strikers Brazil was just done in by circumstances. In ’94, ’98 and ’02 they had Romario then Ronaldo at the peak of their careers. Fabiano isn’t a striker of that quality. The player who should have been carrying the burden this time round, Adriano, is a drunkard who destroyed a potentially great career. It back to Brazil of ’82. When the bumbling Serginho was the best they could produce.
    And to Felipe Melo. I have supported the idea of his joining Arsenal wholeheartedly. But the fellow must have a lose bolt in his head.
    So I conclude by saying that Dunga must go. They probably will reappoint Scolari. They can’t afford to lose at home. The Maracana should not be a place where people commit suicide!

  102. at least we are free from him! If there is anything good about this world cup at all, it is dislodging many arsenal fans from the football manager cmfort zone of wanting x y or z player as replacement of what we already have!

    hope all fans are back down to earth and ready to back AW and the boys all the way through this trophy-full season about to unfold

  103. him = melo.

    cmfort = comfort

  104. If only brazil had Denilson.

  105. Denilson for London 2012 and Brazil 2014! But my world cup’s over. All the team I have a passion for are gone.

  106. Wesley sneidjer is some player when he is not shooting from forty yards! Arsenal coould use that type pf toughness

  107. Gainsbourg69

    I thought Ooijer should’ve started for Holland from the beginning. Having watched the Dutch before the world cup and in the group stage, I thought the defense was pretty shaky because of Mathijsen.

    Felipe melo is going to have nightmares about a certain Wesley Sneijder. He layed a massive egg today.

    The pitch was a disgrace. Holland on a proper pitch and the confidence of having beaten Brazil will be a sight to behold.

  108. What about Ghana kg???

  109. @KG,

    How did u not have one of Germany, Netherlands in the list of teams you fancy?

    grudgingly even Spain… i fancied them till they started troubling CESC so i promptly replaced them with Germany which is all well and good for me so far!

    Nigeria i have had to replace with Ghana which is not so much of a hardship, the Ghanaian team having actually played and conducted the,selves better than the Nigerians!

  110. Excellent result. Melo pfft, dirty scumbag.

    I see the new kit is going well.


  111. Cheers KenGun

    No disrespect to Brazil but I wasnt overly impressed apart from the Chile match. Than Hand Ball’s goal to me was the biggest reason they beat Ivory Coast along with Drogba just coming back from injury.

    Yes, they are good but not great.

    I expect the same thing to happen to Argentina. Its one thing to do all the pretty stuff against a lower level team but when you come up against as much class as you have its a different story.

    Oh Ghana!

  112. Gainsbourg69

    Dunga’s career is virtually over. After this debacle he’ll be lucky to coach a division three side in Brazil.

    Looks like the Europeans are marking their trritory in SA 2010.

  113. shotta-gunna

    Hopefully that is the last we will hear of Felipe Melo by the catastrophists.
    To paraphrase Arsene, every championship manger-type thinks his defensive midfielder is prettier than Denilson.

  114. Hey Finsbury….very nice @ 5:59

  115. This was a chune i loved in my dancehall days. Not as old as that chune though Finsbury.

    Dedicated to Ghana

  116. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    I’d love to go see what the Felipe Melo Fan Club aka Le Moan have got to say about his game. He supplied one decent ball for the Robinho goal, which ought to marked down as awful defending anyways, and then had an absolute mare.

    You gotta love the Brazilians getting mad at Robben for giving them a taste of their own medicine. Only Robinho and Dani Alves are allowed to con the refs. Get with the program Netherlands. Thank goodness Brazil is gone. Good riddance.

  117. Nasir Jones-Nasri

  118. re Melo – I was thinking the same as you guys – all those who clamoured for him and the calm people pointed out that he was a nasty fouling idiot who would do nothing for us except to increase our red card count. We had an excellent cameo to illustrate that today.
    I am so glad Holland won.

  119. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    You’re a legend, Yogi’s Warrior.

  120. Oh dear YW. That was a great tune Finsbury @5.59.

  121. That was close

  122. Oh dear God

  123. Ghana are fast arent they.

    This team can win the WC if they can stay disciplined.

    Wow, the poor guy was out cold, hope he is ok.

    Was there any intent?

  124. I love this team!


  126. At the game.support for Ghana is huge. Of 90 000 I estimate 88 000 are supporting Ghana. Crowd goes absolutely magoo everytime Ghana attack

  127. Wicked goal!

  128. Why did the goalie move?

  129. I think it has been a poor game so far. To many mistakes and fouls for it to flow.

  130. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Yikes. Poor Gyan.

  131. Oh damn! relax dude!

  132. NJN, that looked well rushed.

  133. He was too pumped.


  134. seriously Mensa?

  135. Some of the worst penalties you will ever see.

  136. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    You gotta feel for Ghana. That’s too bad.

  137. Ghana had the opportunity and didnt take it.

    Such is life!

  138. Yeh NJN, they played with such a great spirit. They looked like they would win it.

    The way how Uraguay are going, they may win this thing.

    The Ghana players are balling.

  139. 1 loose cannon

    Very sad for Ghana I thought they deserve to go through. Never mind The dutch will nock those cheats. It should be a new rule you handle a ball on the line its a goal. You could see Suarez was celebrating after Gyan missed it was a calculated hand ball.

  140. Gutted for Ghana and especially Gyan. That poor guy must be in hell at this moment.

  141. really feel sad for Africa esp gyan

    Easier to support the dutch now as i was torn between the them and Ghana earlier.

    now its all the way for my dutch versus Germany support with the dutch to win it!

  142. silver gunner

    ghana robbed……….

  143. How were they robbed? If Gyan had scored that last minute penalty they would have won.

  144. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Gyan did blow it to be fair, d. He’s going to be kicking himself for the rest of his life. But that was pretty cynical from Suarez, as well. Gyan should have buried it though.

  145. 1 loose cannon

    They should change the rule any player handles the ball between the sticks should be an automatic goal and a red card. It will stop the cheats. If Suarez does not handle the ball, its would have been a goal so they ghana were cheated. Its no different than Maradonna scoring with his hand a cheat is a cheat it doen’t matter how you do it.

  146. 1lc, I agree that cheating is cheating but in this case it was punished by a red card and a penalty.

    Unlike the Fabiano double hand ball against Ivory Coast (or the Maradonna handball) which went unpunished.

  147. Ghana were robbed because the ball was going in, its not as if it was a goal scoring chance it was bound to be a goal.

    I agree, the rule needs to be that if someone hands the ball to stop a goal like that, its a goal.

    There is no way, those crooks should be going through and actually the guy who handled the ball is a blasted hero!


  148. Gainsbourg69

    I would not like to see such a law implemented. Think of all the bad calls that our one eyed referees would make as a result of such a law. Do you want a player who legally stops the ball with his chest to get penalized with a red card and a goal against his team because a ref thought he stopped the ball with his hand? I don’t think so.

  149. http://arshavin.eu/en/page.php?id=19

    Arshavin seriously needs to hit the gym. I am scared we have our own fat frank situation arising!!

  150. “Ghana were robbed because the ball was going in, its not as if it was a goal scoring chance it was bound to be a goal.

    I agree, the rule needs to be that if someone hands the ball to stop a goal like that, its a goal.

    There is no way, those crooks should be going through and actually the guy who handled the ball is a blasted hero!


    I completely agree.

  151. And he needs to lose the ‘tache.

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