England Expects As RvP Chills, Catalan Maths & Eduardo Out?

Club football in England has taken a back seat this morning as the nation gets set for BBQ’s and football, beers lined up in celebration or commiseration. Germany awaits in the tougher part of the World Cup draw; Robert Green’s error against the USA! USA! USA!, general ineptitude against Algeria and a failure to convert chances against Slovenia are all put into context.

Front pages use lions to ram home the message of expectation, even conniving a picture of three lions on a safari with a jeep full of German tourists. Not really that surprising that the newspapers were able to conjure up such an image for the lions probably recognised the hacks as more deadly predators than themselves.

On the pitch, England are expected to be unchanged from the team that beat Slovenia, buried under an avalanche of reminders of glory days past. The two teams are reasonably matched, the Germans more technically adept as always, the English overcoming their deficiencies with spirit. The winner will probably have the dubious pleasure of meeting Argentina in the quarter-finals with Spain in the last four. Tabloid military heaven.

Fabio Capello is wrestling with defensive choices but Matthew Upson is believed to be ahead of Ledley King and Jamie Carragher in the current pecking order. Experience would put the latter ahead of his two rivals but his slow turning speed and Upson’s aerial ability will probably see him preferred.

The match is much like that of Euro2000; neither side outstanding, neither fancied to win the tournament, the fuel is rivallry borne from 1966 onwards. It was one of the worst games in that competition but no Englishman cared when Alan Shearer buried the winning header.

This time, as then, evenly matched sides and Capello is taking no chances with the squad practising penalties. In recent tournaments, regular penalty takers have been the ones who have failed; hopefully Capello is not going to rely on John Terry if that situation arises.

In the first two Round of 16 games, Uruguay and Ghana both deservedly beat their opponents with Suarez scoring a cracking goal as defences went AWOL for three of the six goals scored. The USA! USA! USA! were exposed by frailties at the back which means we won’t have to listen to any more of Landon Donovan’s whining. Thank heaven for small mercies.

Congratulations to both winning sides and I suspect the Chilean support has just increased by about 30 million ahead of their clash with Brazil tomorrow.

Taking a more relaxed approach is Robin van Persie. The Dutch won their group with ease, perhaps more comfort than they expected, and have an emminently winnable match against Slovakia tomorrow. Of the European teams left in the competition, they are the ones who are in the best form. Their strengths are similar to that of the Spaniards but they appear to have more goalscorers in the side with the same defensive weaknesses. A tough encounter with Brazil awaits in the next round should both progress but if they get through that, it would be a major surprise if they did not reach the final.

This morning’s transfer gossip is incoming and outgoing in equal measure. Robert Green is apparently rivalling David James for a move to Fulham to replace Mark Schwarzer who is apparently ‘closing in’ on a move to Arsenal. The curse of Transfer Linked may yet see that prove to be a circle squared too far.

To be honest, I do not see that signing either Green or Schwarzer is going to improve the defence much over the current quartet of goalkeepers. Schwarzer fits into the theory of having a temporary custodian until Szczesny, or Fabianski, is ready. Should either join, there appears to be no place for Almunia as his retention would block the path for both of the Poles.

Eduardo is the one whom the press deem to be surplus to requirements at The Emirates. This morning it is believed – wiithout any substance to back up the report – that Wenger has told him that he will not be part of the first team this season. That is believed to mean he would prefer to move to a less physically arduous continental league.

Whilst he may not be part of the ‘starting XI’ if everyone is fit, Chamakh is probably ahead of him in the queue, recovery from the niggling injuries which have plagued him since his return from the broken leg, would see him in a position to challenge for a place when rotation is required.

More importantly, he would be in a position to recover his confidence in front of goal. At the club, he is possibly the most natural finisher but like all forwards, he thrives when playing in his preferred central position. With van Persie being the first choice, Eduardo’s chances of playing centrally are diminished but we have seen the horrific injury levels of recent seasons which would surely demand the Croat’s retention, in the short term at least.

Rumours of William Gallas pricing himself out of a move to Juventus are given some, ahem, credibility with the Catalan press reporting that the Old Lady is fluttering her eyelashes seductively at Marquez, the Mexican deemed surplus to requirements at Barcelona. In that city, the Catalan government is apparently launching a full-scale investigation into an apparent outbreak of sanity over the Cesc operation, as they like to call it.

With Toure and Ibrahimovic seemingly out of the club, it seems that €58m can be added to the €40m already bid, money left over to sign Van der Weil as back-up to Alves – I’m sure that the Dutchman will be thrilled to be thought of as a reserve player – and Mata to augment the forward line. Wenger has reportedly told confidantes that Arsenal will not sell, even at the right price.

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. clockendrider

    All looks like more bress BS to me. And anything regarding Arsenal which is printed in the Daily Mail is a) entirely anti-Arsenal and b) never backed up by by any fact or source. Ho hum…

  2. clockendrider

    press, not bress….

  3. Another nice piece Yogi. Hope the game lives up to the hype. Spirit versus technical ability? Interesting! The Duestch aren’t too far ahead of the Brits in that category though. I still remember Spain running round them in the last Euro final. But they have a history at being efficient at what they do, maybe like a Mercedes or BMW. Think it will also be a judgement on their respective leagues as they are both fielding home based players. Me thinks we’ll see some mad scenes of exctasy if England wins. Personally waiting for the day that Walcott, Wilshere, Gibbs, Lansbury and more of our youngguns make the England first eleven. Enjoy the match all.

  4. your so sad for saying 1st, great post

  5. your so sad for saying 1st, great post. I bet you didnt even read it, you just went to comment

  6. No YW, that’s not what the article you linked to says. Sport says, the TF1 Commentary team told the public that AW has said Cesc is not for sale at any price. Many Arsenal blogs reported this on Friday without attributing any sources but that’s where that snippet came from.

  7. OG

    That’ll teach me not to proof-read before hitting the publish button! Ta for the spot.


  8. Ole Gunner missed your dry wit

  9. well everyone is forgetting that if it does go to pens we have a much better chance then in the past due to the fact that half this german team aint even german.

  10. “and have an emminently winnable match against Slovenia tomorrow.” mean to say slovakia? Anyway personally i believe schwarzer could be big morale lift for the arsenal back 4 and the fans! Eduardo should’nt be sold or loaned, we are bound to have injuries to mostly all our strikers so the more we have surely…

  11. Bound to happen about Eduardo. Simply doesnt fit in a 4-3-3 formation and is more designed to 4-4-2.

    It is with great regret that Arsenal and Eduardo part ways, we feel it is in the best interests for the player and the club. We thank him for his years of service and wish him all the very best in the future.

  12. Fuck me, it was a bad ‘un this morning!

  13. Eduardo wont be leaving,press bullshit as always.

  14. Well that just about sums up today so far. No longer House MarioKart champion. Crown lost without so much of a whimper.

  15. Let it go graciously Yogi. Kids today have a sixth sense when it comes to computer games.

  16. so its gallas,senderos,silvestre,eduardo,merida,fabregas out the busy exit door so shall we expect a mini bus of new signings then??

  17. Duke

    Reckon AW may be down to the footballing equivalent of Waitrose this summer at this rate!


  18. Capello video just to get you in the mood

  19. england havn’t beaten a big team in the knockout stages of a world cup since 1966, now we need to do it 4 times in 2 weeks. pah. any england fan who thinks we will win this is as deluded as old mohammed saeed(irag war minister) himself.

  20. come on ze germans…..

  21. loved the way he just barged pearce into the dugout. bet he loved that.

  22. forza forza go stick a bratwurst in your mouth matey.

  23. Still want England to win – I can’t help it. I just hope they (we) turn it on at last.

  24. OneOfUs

    Thats exactly what I feel.

    Isn’t it strange how football can make you abandon rational thinking so easily?

    Come on England…

  25. It’s unfortunate to be an England player in any sport, to get hyped up to the eyeballs by a salivating jingoistic media, and pump that up a few notches because its Germany, and then to get rammed down the S-bend in the toilet when the going got tougher but the tough fell over.

    I’m really enjoying this new look england cricket team though, they’ve got guts and skill, and look the business in every department. Andrew Flower seems to be doing a fantastic job, and its just halleluhah time to see the Aussies out-toughed.

    We’ll see on the football field whether it’s the same, with the english media like that hail-fellow-well-met “best” friend you wish you had never met, ever! If Capello banned the media from even getting close to the team, insulted a couple of journos to send the message, england’s chances of winning something would by sky high.

    It’s a good team, made into gibbering idiots by the pre-match gloating, and then the quaint old english tradition of public tarring and feathering, and endless humiliations, after the loss.

  26. Yes, it is a bit odd, Deano. Staying clear of the tabloids and watching the match on mute should help maintain the goodwill I’m feeling at the moment!

    It’s embarrassing how crap we’ve been, but it’s reassuring to know that there’s no way we’ll be able to get past Germany without at least a few players raising their games.

  27. It’s funny how journalist when they try to stir shit up tend to forget that Eduardo signed a contract extension towards the end of the season and that Wenger said we will see a lot more from him next season.

    I believe he will be used on the left because as few people said he is more suited to a 442 as a second striker so to get the best of him we need to use him coming from deep and on the wing. When playing chamack centrally good crosses will be really important as Chamack is awesome at header.

    I like de idea of Skjaer coming in and with Kocsienly almost in the bag we would have our defensive line sorted but Ballotelli is a really good striker I’m not too sure that we need him as we have plenty of strikers now and he has a reputation of having behaviour problem.

    But if someone can change him it has to be Wenger as I remember RVP used to have a bad reputation and left Feneyoord because of a clash with his coach. Now RVP is the most unselfish striker and a true team leader.

    I really don’t like the idea of schwarzer but if Wenger thinks he is worth it, I’ll trust Wenger’s judgement.

  28. Part of me is still thinking that if by a miracle we do make it, how much more painful it will be for Theo.

  29. First international tournament where I’ve been unable to care about England. I’ve really tried to like and support them as I always have in the past. But someone please tell me how to hate Terry, Rooney, Cole, Defoe, Lampard and Gerrard all year round then magically want them to do well now?
    I can’t see it myself. They are the enemy. We are Arsenal.

  30. Schwarzer is a good keeper and a good age for an experienced stop gap.

    The key is not to have him as exposed as Almunia and Fabianski have been this season.

  31. ZP – quite aree
    The England cricket team is indeed a different prospect. A side you can admire and support.

  32. steww

    I totally see what your saying but….Thats during the season Rooney, Lampard and Defoe arn’t THAT bad realy outside of football tribalism. The rest are scumbags granted, but theres a magic about international football I just cant escape.

  33. Spanking on its way here.

  34. quite an achievement that the sum of englands parts are always so much less than their potential. I guess they are just too thick.

  35. Haha – revenge for 66!!!

  36. fuck me game on!

  37. Germany have been dominating the game. Some people really had England as favorites? The 2:1 was totally against the run of the play.

  38. Only English bookmakers playing on the jingoism you get around here during tournaments I expect.

  39. A myopic mole could have seen that shot went over the line.

  40. Man that was a goal! Gotta feel sorry for England!

  41. Still, at least England fans will be able to say they would have won the World Cup if only that goal had been allowed.

  42. That’ll be enough for four more years of denial, I expect.

  43. could have been a classic at 2-2… the officials shoud be more wary of letting thousands of pissed off fans roam the streets drunk after poor decisions like that. what is all this fair play talk for? everyone would be content with the right decisions being made. goal line tech would take 4 seconds what the hell is the arguement against it?

  44. doesn’t acceptance come after denial? its gotta change at some point…

  45. at least we have an excuse now

  46. England’s defence needs to pull itself together. David James is the goalkeeper for Portsmouth, and even he’s never seen anything like it.

  47. Wow!!! The second half is going to be epic.

    I am truly a neutral for this match. May the best team win.

  48. rooney has shown a real lack of class. cant believe we only have heskey and crouch in reserve. not that fabio would dare take him off but he may be better on right wing at the moment but only once has he run forward with the ball so maybe not…

  49. Neuer has got safe hands, but his command of the box is not better than what we are already used to.

  50. 4:1. What a surprise. Germany beat favorites England!

  51. game set and match

  52. This should speed up the process.

  53. The massacre of Manguang/Bloemfontein

  54. difference between a talented team and an over hype one

  55. What is the difference between Germany and England? Youth! Germany lost their most experienced player in Ballack and are better than ever. England rely too much on their grads. They need fresh blood to be competitive again.

  56. Embarrassing display from England. Out passed. Spirit is no substitute for technique.

  57. I know there will be a lot of talk how England “got robbed” because of the goal that has not been given. And that might even be justified…but seriously. England has been outclassed everywhere on the pitch. Extra time or even a win for England would not have been just.

  58. what a pathetic performance from the plastic generation of english football.
    Take thid for deluded comment from BBC tesxt update:
    You know, man for man, no-one will never, ever convince me that this Germany team has this much more ability in it than the England one. But the likes of Wayne Rooney, Steven Gerrard and Gareth Barry just haven’t turned up. It’s hard to fathom why

  59. If Rooney takes his current form into next season ManU might struggle if their new Mexican striker can’t hit the ground running.

  60. was trying not to get too emotionaly invested in england this time but low and behold i’ve my fingers well and truely burnt again. never really enjoy watching them any way so i’ll just selectively forget this and get behind ghana instead.

  61. Is it me or do the Germans have far prettier girls in the crowd?

  62. anyone who s been in germany know they produce more beautiful girl than england and now we know better footballer too 😉

  63. lordgunner – I don’t think we needed today to know about the footballers!

  64. If only clubs like Chelsea, ManU or Liverpool would do their due to produce great youth players!

  65. Can I have the England Manager’s job next? The results will be the same but at least I will lower the expectations.

  66. according to the hack on tv and tabloid we do

  67. lordgunner – When Redknapp is making statements that you have to agree with you know somethings wrong.

  68. Good riddance of bad rubbish!

  69. if Argentina pass the mexican what a match to see .Argentina-Germany ….can’t wait!!! the world cup finally kick off

  70. That boy Ozil has got Arsenal DNA in him. Its like watching Fabregas with real pace and power.

  71. were shit

  72. Wonder why the barcacunts are not chasing after Ozil instead of Cesc? Is it because he’s a Turk?

  73. another deluded fan (on 606 forum)who was not watching the match i suppose

    If that goal had been given, we wouldn’t have had to send Terry and Johnson to all out attack and be caught on the counter for goals 3 and 4
    We’ve been fucking robbed

    always an excuse but the true england are terrible and few decent result have hide all the problem they ve got

  74. I would be much happier if arsenal signed ozil than england going through to be spanked by argentina. we lost this immediately after finishing second in group.

    you know england are bad when i would actually rather see dawson/carragher, bent/crouch and gary neville whilst rooney sits on the bench.

  75. DG, any team thats got a bunch of spuds, manure, chavs and scousers in it is bound to end up in the shit.

  76. Wow…England looked like a chicken in a den of foxes.

    Maybe the second goal would have changed the game, but I doubt it. They were outplayed of the park.

    Four more years for Arsenal “English” players to come along. Time for Gerrard, Lampard, Terry and all the hyped up crap to retire.

  77. never mind the three lions on england shirt what about 11 monkeys

  78. Terry was atrocious. He should be banned for 3 international matches.

  79. Imagine lads……… Ozil 10 in a gunners shirt…..

  80. Oh, and the stupid English media should get off Walcott’s back and all the young English players. Don’t fucking hype up Wilshere and the rest, they have done nothing yet.

  81. Walcott, Wilshere, Gibbs, Lansbury, et al – England’s future!

  82. It wont make any difference, rooney, barry, terry, johnson, hart will still be there in 4 years time. With pearce as manager. Hahahahahaha

  83. iF cecs leaving i expect nothing less than ozil to replace him.He s got only 1 years left so around 20 M will do

  84. domenech is free …anyone.i thought not 😀

  85. The English Media can go fuck themselves now. Bunch of anti arsenal tossers the lot of them. This england team was chosen by the Media. How else can swp and barry end up in there? Capello just hasnt got the balls to stand up to the hacks. Fuck you hacks… U get what u deserve.

  86. Now i know why arsene loves this ozil boy.

  87. 1 loose cannon

    (United, Liverpool,Chelsea, Spurs) 1- Germany 4

    Scrap the lot of them. Wilshere, Gibbs, Walcott are the future for England.

  88. Ozil is one of a kind lads. Pace, power, vision and skill. What a player. Ozil 10 please.

  89. Max, wait till tomorrow when some hacks headlines will be:

    “It’s Arsene & Arsenal’s fault for fielding 11 foreign players”

  90. wilshire is englands ozil already. I fear the pressure our media will put on him but he is a very stern character seemingly with only football on his mind (i hope bolton dont infect him with anything…) Spatial awareness is so important and these england players are terrible at finding space intuitively.

    wilshire and ozil together would be very exciting!

  91. Oh yeah, the hacks are soooooo in loooove with spurs why not get harry to manage england. HARRY FOR ENGLAND eh anybody? Hqhahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  92. I’d think we can’t afford Ozil now. His price must have gone through the roof. More likely to Madrid or Bayern now!


  94. I really like this German team. They have everything. A good defense, a well balanced midfield and they know how to put the ball in the net. Whomever they play next better be well organized or they’ll suffer a similar fate as England.

    I think England can be lumped in with France and Italy for the debacle that their world cup campaign ended up being. All three teams relied heavily on older, experienced players because of their chicken shit managers. They’re also similar in that they’ve called up the same generation of players for three tournaments. I would really like to see these three countries go back to the drawing board and start experimenting with young coaches and young players. Hopefully, in England’s case, they finally learn that paying a foreign manager tons of money for lackluster results is not necessary.

  95. Chill Max you Wenger. He doesn’t buy into hype. As cold as ice!

  96. So, Sepp Blatter and Fabio Capello have conspired to prevent yet another certain England World Cup victory.

  97. I really hope we don’t sign Joe Cole….He was atricious on that fourth goal….kinda like the goal we allowed against the Manure in the second goal…everyone was getting on Denislon for not tracking the incoming player, well, that’s exactly what Cole did there….

  98. Yep G4E,tomorrow main sport page will be “Wenger is to blame,kick him out of england”
    Actually something good would be to invade Brazil and argentina.And get them to play for ENGLAND.Problem solve

  99. Max I missed “know” but hope you get the drift.

  100. Ozil has only one years left so the price will not be so high

  101. I think England, France, and Italy are in a very similar situation. Their good players have grown too old, but there aren’t any young players to replace them.

  102. Would love Ozil at Arsenal but wouldn’t mind it at all if Bastian Schweinsteiger were wearing an Arsenal shirt next season if we let go of Cesc.

  103. KG , i thought arsene has been tracking ozil10 for a while? I may be wrong.

  104. Nice meeting you here Lordgunner. Respect your views on our youth blogs. Lansbury is my favourite reserve do you think he’ll go all the way, for club and country? I’m obviously biased in his favour!

  105. Its like watching Arsenal play just now. God i miss them gunners. Germany played the right way… The arsenal way

  106. Similar to our win at home against the spuds.

  107. I believe you are right Max. But Wenger himself admitted he wasn’t ready to fight a price war for Ronaldo and Rooney! Wenger is shrewd with his pennies.

  108. England = spurs liverpool chelsea man u = shit…… In fact , there u have it, the hack’s fucking big four in england.

  109. Upson should never of played. against slovenia we were poor at the back and a better team would have beaten us maybe 3-1, low and behold we play a better team and get beat4-1. copello now bugger orff and let us fail with an englishman in charge thank you.

  110. Stan Collymore is coming full circle….giving respect to Arsene Wenger.

    Finally it’s seems to have dawned on him that the likes of Stokes and Blackburns aren’t good for football but Arsenal are for the national team. Even withough any English players!!

  111. There is only 1 thing left to do. and thats get some foriegners in the england team l;ike the germans have a couple o poles a brazilian a ghanaian a turk and a tunisian. fukin el we are one of the most cosmoplitan nations you’d think it would be fukin easy for us.

  112. “Would love Ozil at Arsenal but wouldn’t mind it at all if Bastian Schweinsteiger were wearing an Arsenal shirt next season if we let go of Cesc.”

    With or without Cesc leaving for me. Those two were the two I picked out.

  113. I suppose there will be ramifications for the Premier League.

    Anybody expect to see rule changes on the number of English players in a Team?

  114. We already have the likes of Defoe, Ashley cole, Heskey, Johnson and SWP. The problem with the Englan national team is better than throwing in a couple of Brazilians in the side.

    What made me laugh is the way that the BBC trio didn’t even try and hide their displeasure. But just as I thought they were waking up they returned to type and were after Capello instead of Fat Lamps and Rooney.

    I mean they have been in more that three world cups and Euro championships, with different managers so they problem has to lay at their feet. Golden generation my a**

  115. More reason Arsene Wenger should help England develop its football. It’s called given back to the community.

    Instead of recruiting his countrymen, season after season and developing them for the benefit of Arsenal and the French national team, why can’t he buy English?

  116. Poliziano:

    “I think England, France, and Italy are in a very similar situation. Their good players have grown too old, but there aren’t any young players to replace them.”

    Italy and France have plenty of youth in waiting. The problem with Italy is the same thing that happens in England. The major clubs in Serie A and the premiership, with the exception of Arsenal, have an aversion to playing young players and promoting from within. Look at Inter, A.C. Milan and Roma in Italy and Manure, Liverpool and Chelsea in England. All of these teams rely on super expensive imports and older players. These clubs promote a culture where there’s no trust in youth.

    France’s problem was a stubborn coach. France is littered with young players and Domenech, to his credit, did play some of our youngsters. But his wasn’t a youth oriented team. It was all about seniority and the pull the veterans had in the squad. It’s like he brought the youngsters in for players who had gotten way too old. Diaby and Sagna for Vieira and Sagnol, for example. Unlike England, however, they have a generation waiting to take its shot and there isn’t a huge gap between this new generation and the last one.

    Italy is also another country that is chock full of young players that get overlooked at their clubs. Take someone like Giovinco, for example. The kid can play but he couldn’t get a game in a poor Juve team. Like him there are tons of youngsters in Italy. If they got a coach with some foresight and belief in youth, they wouldn’t suffer the generational gap that other teams will suffer.

    England is a mess. The only clubs really pushing any youth players are Arsenal and Everton. Unlike Italy, where the teams in the bottom half of the table have no choice but to play young Italians, the Blackburns, Fulhams and Sunderlands of England buy mediocre foreigners in favor of experimenting with youth. Because of this England will have, by far, the toughest time with their generational gap. Where teams like Germany and Holland began their rejuvenation in 06 and 08, England doesn’t even look like it’s interested in a youth policy. I don’t know if it is because they don’t want Arsene Wenger saying “I told you so” but they seem to resist any type of move in that direction.

  117. One would have thought that being a continental coach Capello would have known better. In our games against Barca it was a pleasure to note how their defence was in a panic whenever Theo got the ball. Capello threw away that option.

  118. Naah, I disagree with almost every word of that, Gainsbourg69.

  119. Another question for Capello,

    Since the only goal Germany conceded was a header from a cross, why substitute Defoe for Heskey, why not Crouch who’s much better in the air than Heskey?

  120. William:

    “More reason Arsene Wenger should help England develop its football. It’s called given back to the community.

    Instead of recruiting his countrymen, season after season and developing them for the benefit of Arsenal and the French national team, why can’t he buy English?”

    Can’t really recruit what isn’t there, William. England has had a poor youth set up for decades. It’s rather obtuse to blame Wenger for not buying English when his only responsibility is to Arsenal football club. I mean, if we are going to start blaming clubs for England’s downfall why not take a gander at the other big clubs in the league as well.

    When Chelsea went through their Russian revolution, some fine English players were purchased and their careers subsequently destroyed by Mourinho’s, and the parade of managers that followed him, insistence on throwing big money around and to hell with cultivating fine English players.

    Let’s look at Man U as well. What have they done since producing their golden generation in the 90’s? Thay have done f*ck all ever since. They’ve instead focused on throwing huge amounts of money on the likes of Berbatov, Hargreaves, Nani, Anderson and whatever mediocre player catches Ferguson’s fancy.

    How about Liverpool? Other than Gerrard, Maca, Fowler and Carragher I can’t think of one good English player they’ve produced or even sought in the last decade. Like Man U, Chelsea and now Man City they rather buy foreign players and stack their squad so deep with foreigners that they suffocate any type of youth development.

    If you want to blame Wenger for anything you should blame the poor state of English youth development instead. At least Wenger is developing a new generation of players for England which is more than one can say about his colleagues at the other big clubs.

  121. Also Capello was much more concerned about playing all of England’s “Media” stars rather than what might actually work….as a last ditch, I would’ve played Crouch with Defoe…at least they play & understand each other (even though they play for the scums).

  122. Did anyone else hear when Lawro claimed that Rooney should keep trying to get the German CB to foul him since he was on a yellow THEN ‘have a word in the refs ear’.

    Absolutely disgusting. That honest English spirit again on show.

  123. Maria:

    “With or without Cesc leaving for me. Those two were the two I picked out.”

    Good eye. I’ve been very impressed by Kevin Prince Boateng and Michael Bradley as well. This tournament has been a showcase for young, up and coming central midfielders.

  124. I too think Bradley is a good prospect.

  125. do we all agree Wenger should take over from Capello???

  126. Also they Ghanaian Aywe(not sure about that spelling) it’s a real shame his missing the next game. He was captain of the Ghanain under 20 winning team and I have been even more impressed with him after his step up to the senior team. Their right back who played ahead of Pantsil in the USA is also another little gem.

  127. Gainsbourg69

    I agree with you in some way but Arsene hasn’t done much.His penchant for looking abroad recruiting players like Denilsons and the Almunias (he was playing as a reserve GK in a second division team Celta Vigo).There are budding players in the Championship waiting for a great manager like AW to develop them but he always go abroad and buy the Traores and the Fabianskis and the Denilsons.

    A great manager but not prepared to lend support to the country that butters his bread.

  128. Samuel Inkoom is his name only 20 plays for Basel.

  129. Frank Lampard, John Terry, and Joe Cole all seem to have done well enough under Abramovich. players who are good enough have flourished at Chelsea. Some players, though, were not good enough, but were willing to sit on the bench counting their money. If their careers have been destroyed, they have only themselves to blame.

  130. DG…if you think Wenger is that stupid, then yes, he should take over the England job 🙂

  131. F*ck Off Howard…today is the perfect reason of why you should f*ck of for good

  132. Didn’t Wenger say that England should be managed by an English coach?

  133. Remember Mourinho screwed Scott Parker

  134. If ever the paucity of quality and inadequacies of England’s finest was exposed and laid bare it was today. “The best league in the world” the press are always telling us. Wayne Rooney? “World-class” they repeat. JT? “A man’s man and a born leader”. Ashley Cole? “The best left-back in world football”. And so it goes on. The illusion is contagious as I have heard this shite trawled out so many times now. The only thing that makes this PL worth watching is the quality of some of the foreign players. As Arsenal fans, we know this. Yet still the press and the pundits cannot wait to ship Fabregas out of the country. They are simply dying for him to return to Spain. Even the imbecile commentator on the TV described him as Cesc Fabregas….of Barcelona…. nearly. Disrespectful to Arsenal or what? I say get that scumbag Allardyce in to manage England and watch the blood flow over the never-ending stream of long balls and elbows to the head. It’s really what the FA deserve for their sheer ineptitude.

  135. Gainsborough69….that was a excellent piece on the lack of developing youth players in the English football establishment. I would also add Wenger’s view that the England Manager should be a home brew!!!!!!!

  136. well said G69 at 6:07 pm about the state of youth development of the three countries .. England are by far the worst off while Italian clubs are too timid about playing young stars in their club sides, France does have the best chance of bouncing back if the new coach makes use of the potential they have in their youths..

  137. G69 – The problem with English football is that they have been blinded by the success of the PL, and assumed that if the PL is successful so is English football. But with the exception of Arsenal, most PL clubs do not care about developing from within but in the interest of winning, will buy from without the players that will make them win. Almost every manager in the PL, supported by the plundits in the media, care only about their transfer budget and not the players coming from the academy. Evidently if you surround Rooney, Lampard and Gerrard with the best players in the world they will be successful. Surround them with the likes of Defoe, Milner and Upson you get ripped a new one as Germany just did.

    Fortunately for England, in the presence of Wenger at Arsenal, they have a major opportunity to rebuild on the foundation of players like Walcott, Wilshere, Gibbs and Lansbury. The quicker the FA grab this opportunity the better the chance of England in 2014.

  138. no confidence. None.At.All.

    Bright future though.

    Wilshere, Walcott, Gibbs, Milner, Rodwell, Lansbury and J.E.T to name but a few.

    I think the media destroys our chances as much as anything.

    The Germans played with a patient self belief. With talent and composure. We played as though it were all or nothing when it wasn’t. Rooney has been carrying an injury all tournament that is plain for all to see. He and Torres look to be suffering in similar fashion.

    Mentality is everything in football, its just a shame that the English mentality is not that of ‘grit’ but one of impending self defeat.

  139. well at least were not italy!!!

  140. For France you only have to look towards our very own, Diaby, Nasri, Clichy and Coqulein to know they are still producing quality youngsters.

    Add the likes of Gourcuff, Benzema and Ben Afra it’s clear all they need his correct management from both the French F.A and their coach and they will come good.

  141. something intriguing that Winterburn said contrary to common belief was that England have the most competative league but not the best league in the world, technically or otherwise..

  142. Vela doesn’t start.

  143. What a shambles, but no more than expected when you use players like Barry, Heskey, Upson etc.

    One good thing about England going out of the WC is that the press will have to abandon any stories about the Falklands War. Imagine the media BS we would suffer if England had to play Argentina.

  144. At least now, Technology will fervently come into the game. Its bad enough to see teams like Ireland suffer in the qualification rounds, but now that the national team have been dealt an injustice – FIFA will be forced to make the changes that platini wanted and that blatter refused to implement.

    The English national side don’t have technical players who can retain possession. While the knives and headlines come out for Capello, Fifa, the media pressure…….etc – the reality is that the culture of the game in the premiership is to hoof the ball up to the tall lad up front – or play it to the wingers so they can belt down the wings and make crosses.

    There is absolutely no retention of possession in the premiership. This is especially true of the midfield players. So for people to criticise Wenger for not developing English players is ridiculous. All that its proved is that Wenger has been right in his philosophy and application. We currently play the only possession game in England. Were just too injury prone and somewhat porous at the back. But all those things can be remedied. And in Ramsey and Wilshire – we have players of technical ability coming through for their Welsh and English sides in the future.

    Its no wonder England are found wanting when they reach this stage of the tournament and try to compete with players who can hold possession and knock the ball around like the Harlem globetrotters. It’s the quintessential – “3 lions – physical force” against technical efficiency.

    A brief word of congratulations to Germany. They’ve been a joy to watch throughout the tournament. And in Mesut Oezil, they have a player of serious class.

  145. Maria:

    “Also they Ghanaian Aywe(not sure about that spelling) it’s a real shame his missing the next game. He was captain of the Ghanain under 20 winning team and I have been even more impressed with him after his step up to the senior team. Their right back who played ahead of Pantsil in the USA is also another little gem.”

    They also have a defensive central midfielder called Anna or Annan, who is supposed to be the next Essien. And the little lefty who scored in extra time against the U.S. looks like an incredible striker.

  146. William:

    “I agree with you in some way but Arsene hasn’t done much.His penchant for looking abroad recruiting players like Denilsons and the Almunias (he was playing as a reserve GK in a second division team Celta Vigo).There are budding players in the Championship waiting for a great manager like AW to develop them but he always go abroad and buy the Traores and the Fabianskis and the Denilsons.

    A great manager but not prepared to lend support to the country that butters his bread.”

    Why does he look abroad William? It’s because there aren’t many players in England up to the standard of Arsenal. Saying that he overlooks the great English talents waiting to be developed by Wenger is ridiculous. If there’s one thing about Wenger that you can’t say is that he looks at nationality when assesing a player’s ability. Trust me, if there’s a player in the championship that is Arsenal worthy, you can trust Wenger to spot him and purchase him.

    This last part overhere is pretty rich. Why should Arsenal be made responsible for developing English talent when the English treat him with such contempt? Why do Mourinho, Ferguson, Benitez, Fat Sam, Sparky and all the rest get a pass?

  147. Something Ronaldinho-isque about Dos Santos and Harry Redknapp has no idea how to utilise him.

  148. I agree Annan looked impressive…gyan however doesn’t score enough for me liking. When he does they are however usually something special.

  149. i don’t want Wenger as Manager of england but head of developement of the english game.Like this he would impose the rule how to develop young player and not this as-been in charge of the english game.

    He would quick the dinosaur in charge of england youth set-up.But all this when he is ready to leave Arsenal

  150. Tevez miles offside.

  151. Mexico being cheated!! Its disgusting.

  152. School mistake for that second goal.

  153. Salcido’s distance shooting is mighty dangerous.

  154. 2-0.should be a long game for mexico.they gone be trash like england earlier

  155. 1 loose cannon

    it looks like that offside goal has badly effected the mexicans they have competely lost concentration. this world cup is turning into a farce with some terrible decisions. |Why have replays on a huge screen when you are not going to consider using technology

  156. Poliziano:

    “Frank Lampard, John Terry, and Joe Cole all seem to have done well enough under Abramovich. players who are good enough have flourished at Chelsea. Some players, though, were not good enough, but were willing to sit on the bench counting their money. If their careers have been destroyed, they have only themselves to blame.”

    I’m not arguing that. I’m saying that Chelsea do nothing to develop players. Their spending policy makes it hard for players like Parker and Sidwell to establish themselves in the team before they’re off buying Essien and Ballack. How much do you want to bet that Sturridge gets no more games at Chelsea if they can find a more expensive alternative? Meanwhile Theo, Jack Wilshere, Gibbs and other English youngsters who are good enough to get into Arsenal’s first team don’t have to deal with that.

  157. that’s the problem 1LC of mexican football team .Everyone know they are talented but they never set their mind to win , one bad stuff happen and everything fall appart.The USA are the best team in Concacaf not because they are better but because of the American winning mentality.ANyway how the hell the mexican to win this one without a decent finisher.

  158. Mexico is another team that seems to be building off of their U-17 victory and is head and shoulders infront of England as far as player development. I think England has to admit they’re shit in order to take unproven players to the WC.

  159. alan the freaking idiot Hansen:”Before today I was not an advocate of technology in football, but now I am a convert.”
    Yes of course but why today…ho wait its a against England.Hopefully video will be use against his beloved cheating Gerrard every time he dive to win free kick.

  160. But he is right so.why the ref cannot use video like when watch the video of the headbutting materrazi by Zidane.everyone know none of the referre saw it and only the fourth ref watch on the video replay

  161. That Tevez goal is class.

  162. Alan Hanson is Scottish not English.


  163. he is maybe Scottish but i never see one who support more england and the english game .Everyone in Scotland will celebrate.Mel Gibson is more Scottish than him

  164. I think this Argentina side will get mauled by Germany if they play Heinze and DiMaria on the left. Aguero and Rodriguez seem the better choice to keep the team in balance.

  165. Classy goal from the mexicans.

  166. The German full-backs don’t look to clever either.

  167. Lam and Boateng look way better than Heinze and Ottamendi. Plus the German midfielders come back and defend. Argentina looks good going forward but something’s missing for them in the middle.

  168. something missing yes you are right Gainsbourg69.

    his name is Cambiasso.

  169. right, on to wimbledon now then.

  170. i cambiasso with the footy now.

  171. I think this Argentina team will benefit from playing Banega instead of Maxi, Cambiasso on the bench perhaps…

  172. I am the only one that doesn’t believe Terry is above messing on purpose, as revenge for Capello striping him of the Captaincy?

    He was all over the place today, purposely methinks, everyone knows positioning is all he has going for him and that is all mental.

  173. mandanda,cambiasso would be nice but he is at home watching football on the tv

  174. if only we had campbell, or theo…

  175. You could be true Maria. Terry was awful. For Germany’s fourth, he in the wrong penalty area. Feel sorry for James. Looks like he was the only one trying out there.

  176. @William
    Wasn’t Ramsey playing in the championship before Wenger picked him up? Wenger is going to get the most talented players — regardless of nationality. Besides, why should he buy from the Championship (unless a player is a 110% worth it, like Ramsey) when he has got his own crop of English players coming through? In this case pointing the finger at Wenger is simply just wrong.

  177. Arsenalkabisa

    Campbell would have definatley been more solid. I actually didn’t think we were that bad in attack, defensivley a joke though.

    Can’t believe the goal was disallowed.

    Aside from that, Manchester United have bagged themselves a quality player in Hernandez. He looks like he’ll be terrifying a few defences come the new season.

  178. England’s problem has been the same for my entire lifetime.

    The game left us behind a long time ago. Football is primarily about technique technique technique. Not about grit, overphysicality and all that crap you hear from Alan Green, Andy gray, Alan Hansen and the other morons.

    The fact that everyone says Arsenal play the best football but doesn’t win shows there’s a serious structural problem with English football.

    England can win the World Cup in 2026. It’ll take a new generation of footballers who’ve been imbued with technique, the right mentality (don’t break players’ tibia and fibula), and haven’t been overhyped.

    The reality is that England is just about the 8th best National team in the World. That’s why we usually crash out in the quarter finals.

    If Holland or Spain won the World Cup, they’d automatically have much much more pedigree than we have.

  179. Wenger is the problem with English football. He and all those foreigners who dive and spit and ruin our game.

    Wenger was the reason England did badly at the World Cup in 70, 74, 78, 82, 86, 90, 94, 98, 02, 06 and 10.

    He’s the reason England failed at the Euros in 60, 64, 68, 72, 76, 80, 84, 88, 92, 96, 00, 04, and 08.

    If only he’d just buy some English kids from the championship who’d get drunk nights before games, abuse refs, leave to rivals when they offer more money……….

    Wenger will never win anything without an English spine.

  180. Even fucking Czechoslovakia have won the fucking Euros.

    But England….we’re crap, but we’ll scrap.

    Unlike all those tippy-tappy, lightweight, fancy foreign countries who win nothing.

    Brazil are so frustrating…..passing passing no end product.

  181. I don’t know why I’m even bothered by England’s failings. At least I still have Arsenal.

  182. looooooooooool@ OG

  183. I have only one question for the Englanders. Where precisely were the Dam Busters? I saw no Spitfires only German machines tuned to precision by German Engineers. Today, there was a purity of action with technical know how and the feeling of Blitz. The German organization was sublime with the energy of youth and outward bound. Never was I in doubt about the Fatherland to conquer and persist with such a degree of superior strategy! And No that was not a goal!!!!

  184. What was laid bare yesterday was not so much the paucity of an english team, since we know the current team is not as terrible as what we saw on display, but the paucity of the english game.

    The contrast with germany could not have been more striking. Germany spends significant sums on the its national youth academy, strategically; the best of their new generation was on show yesterday (and incidentally this german team, in contrast to the english, had been written off by their own media, in their case for being too young, too tactically shallow). England didn’t even have the guts to take Walcott, let alone a swathe of young talent slightly older than Theo.

    Germany invest significant time and effort in their brains-trust; playing to a strategy that both suits them and the modern game. They have options, they can play wide, and they play through the centre, they can soak up pressure and they can counter-attack. Yesterday, they played through the centre understanding the weakness of the english CBs, and they played on the counter understanding that england had a cumbersome midfield set-up.

    It is almost unbelievable that Capello should have chosen a midfield with no pace and technical skill in terms of wide play, since the english are very good at headed goals, and also at corners and set-pieces (that are produced by wingers). No Walcott, Lennon, Wright-Philips and no fast strikers like Agbonlahor, even as alternates!

    The english are very good at shots outside the 20-yard area, and yet the position of the players is not set up like that, except Lampard. How many times Gerrard has won a match with a 25-yard strike and he plays on the left midfield and so easy to contain. Extraordinary.

    Perhaps Capello could have played Agbonlahor and Rooney as an attacking midfielder, Lampard, Walcott (R) and Wright Philips (L) in midfield, and Gerrard in the holding, distributing role and to lope forward and test the keeper. Or Rooney on the left (like Arshavin), with Agbonlahor and Walcott to produce a 4-5-1, with Lampard and Barry in the middle and Gerrard holding.

    Capello’s immense lack of imagination is the most memorable thing about his sad, brief affair with the english media. Well, that and his glasses.

    I wonder of they’ll go for the slow roast or the quick breakfast fry-up? I think the latter.

  185. Buy Portugal’s GK Eduardo.. He’s been really impressive thus far in the WC. Apparently he had an impeccable career too.

  186. Arsenalkabisa

    Capello’s fault was that he let the media choose his team for him. too bad he wasn’t brave enough to go with a team that could win.

    I blame the British media. And santa.

  187. Arsenalkabisa

    and what do you really expect from a bunch of players who sleep with other player’s wives?

  188. 1 loose cannon

    if anything now they will realise what Wenger has been saying for so long about the English players. many years ago he said Arsenal will have good techical english players but we have to wait. its a long process they have to be coached from very young age the right way. Wilshere is an example of Wenger’s vision

  189. The trouble is, 1 loose cannon , I think it needs an even deeper shift. While we have apologists for the likes of Ryan Shawcross and the demonisation of the one manager trying to drag the English game in a different direction, nothing will change.
    I was happy to support Germany yesterday because it was like watching Arsenal against Blackburn and I would always support the team trying to play football.

  190. Arsenalkabisa

    from BBC. Laughed till i cried…

    # 44. At 7:10pm on 25 Jun 2010, Avi wrote:

    Well, I think that England will convincingly win the match 3-1 or may be 4-1. But it´s just a game and not war.

    Complain about this comment

  191. The reasons for England’s unexpected exit from the World Cup are three: Sepp Blatter’s refusal to allow “technology” to be used in football; Fabio Capello’s omission of Theo Walcott and Sol Campbell from the England squad; and Jose Mourinho’s destruction of the careers of Scott Parker and Steve Sidwell. The first of these reasons hardly needs explanation. If the ball only goes two or three feet across the goal-line, the naked eye evidently cannot tell whether a goal has been scored or not. “Technology” is clearly needed. For the second reason, just imagine Theo being brought on against a German defence already run ragged by Rooney, Gerrard, and co. Imagine him leaving his full-back for dead and putting crosses into the box for the mighty Emile to slot home. That three goal deficit suddenly doesn’t seem so big, does it? Then there’s big Sol. You can’t imagine a defence that includes HIM conceding four goals, or letting the opposition score twice in four minutes. What is more, attempting to score goals on the break is a non-starter when the pacy Campbell is on the pitch. To understand the final reason, you only have to imagine how different England would have looked yesterday if they had been able to call on Scott Parker as he was when he played for Charlton, or Steve Sidwell as he was when he played for Reading.

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