Azzurri Buried, van Persie Strikes & Gossip

When the ball hits the net
The World Cup’s over, you bet
For the Azzurri

– with apologies to Dean Martin

The twists and turns of this World Cup continued yesterday with the reigning champions joining France in the airport lounge. It might have been different with chances squandered but ultimately the fabled Italian method of playing poorly and then winning the tournament foundered, the basis of the exit a turgid performance against New Zealand.

Spain may yet join them although that would be the equivalent of giving this blogger a sugar overload. Their match against Chile is by no means certain to garner the necessary three points for qualifications although the feeling must be that they will probably sneak a win by the odd goal. That would leave Switzerland needing a two-goal victory to oust the South Americans from the Round of 16, not unlikely other than the fact that they have shown little attacking invention thus far.

Yesterday continued the good fortune for Arsene. This World Cup had been threatening to seriously disrupt his pre-season; now he should have all bar Fabregas and van Persie – possibly Joe Cole – in training by the end of July. Nicklas Bendtner joined Alex Song on the next flight home as Denmark capitulated to a spirited and well-drilled Japanese side whose mastery of the ball from set-pieces put supposedly more talented players to shame.

van Persie scored his first World Cup goal in 2010 with a well taken finish to break the deadlock in a dead rubber, rubbing salt somewhat in the Arsenal wounds. It was the sort of finish that might well have been key to improving on a third place finish last season.

Today should seed Emmanuel Eboue booking his ticket home as well. A nine goal swing in the two matches will probably prove too much for Ivory Coast as Brazil and Portugal will no doubt settle for the goalless draw that will see both qualify.

Onto the transfer gossip. A link sent to me the other day has actually been taken vaguely seriously by a notorious gossip site. It beggars belief that anyone would believe Arsene would sell Alex Song or if he did, accept €4.5m for the Cameroonian. Mind you, I didn’t think that I would see the day when Arsene would be strongly tipped to buy a 37 year old goalkeeper for £3.5m; it’s been a strange old summer so far.

William Gallas‘ options were strongly rumoured to have diminished yesterday with Juventus reportedly baulking at his wage demands. Not so according to his Mr20%; the deal is very much alive and Gallas is very interested in signing for them. Well, he would say that really, wouldn’t he? I would have no issue with Gallas remaining at the club and Koscienly coming in. Add into that Campbell to guide the younger players in the cup competitions. With Djourou fit and Vermaelen the mainstay, it is decent cover in the centre of defence.

Daily Mail hacks are trying to stir up more on Fabregas but not even the Spanish media are giving their claims that Fabregas has spoken with Arsene to tell him that he wants to leave any credibility. Not when there are millions of pounds in bonuses to forfeit if he ever says anything like that. And about £20m short in the supposed £35m bid that the Catalans are about to make.

Arsene is apparently interested in signing Pablo Sarabia from Real Madrid. Yep, he’s a youngster whose never appeared for the first XI; yep, he’s got a contract renewal coming up. Before my cyncism totally engulfs this part of the post, it should be noted that the hint of truth comes from the suppression of natural talent via the Galacticos policy of Perez’s reign. But it would be no surprise at all to find out that he signs a new deal with Madrid in the next few weeks.

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. surely CEsc should have been busy preparing for todays game not giving interviews to some third rate gossip magazines 9 or news paper as they call them selves)…very impressive Japan, passing, use of the ball and pace..I really hope this Spain team go out tonight and kick the dirty Barca boys on their face..I wanted to see them do well but realised the intention of most Spanish players going to SA was to tap cesc up not to win the WC so they can join the Italians and French

  2. Thanks YW.

    Good news is that arsenal pre season is probably about 3 weeks away.

    Cannot wait. My body clock is all over the place.

  3. It really does infuriate me that the British media, via the disreputable idiots at The Daily Mail and SkynotSportsNews, continue to perpetuate the Cesc to Barca non story.The Mighty Arsenal made their clear non transparent statement, Cesc is not for sale, No negotitation, The rubbish that has followed is mischievous nonsense.

  4. YEEEESSSSS!!!!! I made it to 6th!!!!!!

    Whoop Whoop!!!!! I’m the sixth greatest!!!! Whoop!!

    Seriously guys, get a grip.

    Thanks YW. Song to go? They’re having a laugh! He wouldn’t want to go anyway. I’d love Gallas to stay, even though he’s a mentalist, Sol can stay and teach them a thing or two, and i’m getting more and more convinced that Cesc is staying. Bring in Pablo Sarabia and we’re sorted 😉

  5. Lovely finish from the Vamp. If we can get a full season out of him, we’re going to be unstoppable. I’m warming to the idea of Joe Cole now too. Would be an extra pair of creative legs when the inevitable injury crisis hits, and would be a mentor to Theo & Jack of course.

  6. Gallas is a disruptive influence and needs to go. I also hope Spain go out, teach those dirty catalan cnuts to spout off at every opportunity.

  7. I dont think Gallas has that much of an influence now. When he did the whole sit down thing (2 years ago now) i can see how it caused trouble. Now that Kolo’s gone, I dont remember hearing anything disruptive about king billy. He’s an awesome defender and would be a big loss of he were to leave.

  8. Not really football related but – a friend of mine (who’s a complete yogurt-weaving hippy) was doing some landscape gardening for Gallas, and he said he was the most welcoming person he’s ever worked for, making him cuppas, sandwiches etc. Then my mate pretended to Gallas that he’d put a huge scratch down the side of his Ferrari with his wheelbarrow! Apparently he took the joke well… His wife sounds really cool too.

    I should have told Domenech this, Gallas might have been made captain! 😉

  9. Song ain’t going nowhere.

    Can Persie will bag another 5 goals in the World Cup.

    Cesc is staying put, for the 500th time.

    Arsenal will win the league next season.

    Spain get dumped out by Chile later on!

  10. Gallas hasn’t said a word since he was removed as captain, hes pretty very well also.

    We will only know when he leaves what influence he had within the squad. Don’t jump to conclusions zievad

  11. Not so sure Joe Cole is coming to The Arsenal now. I was convinced when twitchy declared the spuds werent in for him and he had done a deal elsewhere pre-world cup, but now the dodgy dealer is suggesting he is in talks with Cole?? However, given that Coles family are ALL gooners, his dad would lamp him if he took the spuds shilling lol. Dont you just love transfer rumour and counter rumour.

  12. “We will only know when he leaves what influence he had within the squad.” I agree ChrisGoona.

    And I hope your predictions above hold true!

  13. They are not predictions Geo.. I have seen the future!!! haha not really.

    They are my beliefs, and wants. I really hope Spain get dumped out, and they are stupid enough to leave Cesc on the bench again. Cesc has got to be pretty gutted to only be handed a bit part role behind a Barca midfield he outscores single handedly!!! He is in the top 3 central midfielders in the world at a minimum – I am struggling now to think of 2 central midfielders who are better than him?

    Gerrard, Lampard.. haaaa, Diving Xavi? he wouldn’t do much in the Premiership!

    Cesc is the best for me, he has everything, how they can even think of leaving him out is beyond me, unless they are saving him for the later stages to lead them to glory!

    Its nice to know as an Arsenal fan we have Cesc (best central midfielder in the world) and Van Persie (best striker in the world) representing us at the World Cup. What other player would not want to join our team?

    Messi is not classed as a typical striker, hes an attacking player who is played out wide or behind the strikers. – that is how i formed my judgement and giving the accolade to Van Persie!

  14. Well done RVp

    Bendtner bloody awful for Denmark

  15. Would be a crying shame if he left, time will tell. Same for sol also.

    Anybody know anything about Koschielny (spelling) I haven’t seen him play.

    I’m so tired of the cesc saga, I will only take note when the season has started.

    I wouldn’t mind a cheeky look into a tenner on Japan to win the world cup.

  16. You don’t think Bendtner done well Hark? You know he was nursing an injury for the whole tounament, and did you not see his fantastically fantastic shot hit the bar?! Would have been THE goal of the tournament

  17. Cesc is the best in the world. As far as assists and goals go, i dont think anyone did better (per game) than Cesc at the top level this year. Lampard scores for fun at Chelsea and a few assists but isn’t close overall.

    van Persie would definitely be lauded as one of the best in the world if we was injury-free for long enough. But no-one has seen how devastating he can be over a whole season yet… Again, his goal & assist ratio per game has to be up there with the best in the world.

    Els – I saw a couple of clips on footytube and he looks solid, good in the air and with the ball at his feet – a bit vermaelen-esque…

  18. really like the look of that Kjaer too…

  19. CG

    Last night Bendtner was poor.This was a big stage for him to prove he is the best striker in the world(sic)

  20. thanks Geo I’ll have to have a look. I would love it if somebody on here had actually seen a full game or knows his play.

  21. Kjaer looks good but I have been really impressed with Metersacker. Also I think it’s TANAKA for Japan who looks like a pretty solid player.

  22. No worries. I don’t follow the french league at all so haven’t seen much of him. The clips on footytube are sparce too… There are a few Lorient matches on there, not full games but you can see what he’s about…

  23. Hmmm, yeah Mertersacker has looked awesome too… i haven’t seen any Japan matches yet, just seem to keep missing them. A quality Japanese defender eh? Don’t know why but that suprises me!

  24. Hark

    He was far from poor, that is only your opinion fella. He has proved once again he is a good striker, despite being injured! I think you need to look back 6 months or so when he was scoring every game for your club. They guy has real talent, it is why hes at Arsenal. Don’t you think? (not to mention the leading striker for his country!)

    Overall Denmark were pretty dissapointing as a team in that last game, especially after playing so well in their 2nd game. I expected more, the European teams are seriously over rated or under performing this time round.

    Spain? may struggle to get through later
    Germany losing to Serbia

    Spain have a lot of talent, I just hate them so much right now, I want to see Xavi cry on the pitch as they go out !!

  25. els

    Expect a few Japanese players to make their way to the Premiership! Not only are they proving to be handy on the field. Off the field they are a gold mine!! Gazides needs to get Wenger to get the keys for that Honda.. vroooooooom

  26. Fully agree with that CG.

    And… “Spain have a lot of talent, I just hate them so much right now, I want to see Xavi cry on the pitch as they go out !!”

    Couldn’t agree more! In the words of Kevin Keegan ‘I would LOVE it…’

  27. Must Switzerland win to knock Spain out?

  28. @Geo

    I predict rain in Spain (figuratively speaking). Chile look too good for them to beat.

    I like Honda but I doubt Wenger will ever buy a Japanese player maybe he thinks they haven’t improved enough since 1996.

    I think Arsenal will do well invest in the Asian market though.

  29. If Chile win and Swiss draw with Honduras, Spain are out. If Swiss win and Spain draw with Chile, Spain are out. So anything other than a win for Spain, is very likely to see them out.

  30. Geo it is surprising but he looks as tough as old boots if he’s the one i’m thinking of he has a pony tail and a stylish gotique.

    Too right CG I remember when we had Inamoto they reckon he practically quadrupled his transfer fee value in shirt sales. I would love a Honda.

  31. earflow – yeah, Chile have looked good so far, and have a good attack to test the relatively-shaky spanish defence.

    I would much rather we went to Asia for that kind of investment than America for example…

  32. Nice, i’ve seen pics of him but no footage – it’s a very stylish beard indeed!

  33. Hark’s been trolling this site for months, under different identities of course. And “sic” isn’t meant to be used like that.

    Bendtner’s not been at his best, but he’s been playing with an injury the whole time. I thought he did pretty well in the first two games, but last night the whole Denmark team was kind of dysfunctional.

    I hope they’ve got other young creative players alongside Eriksen coming through to clear out the likes of Gronkjaer, Rommedahl and Tomasson or it could be a while before they qualify again.

  34. Geo

    Thanks for the rundown.

  35. Geo im imagining your Avatar with a nifty little goaty now. You’d look like the nuts mate. Haha

  36. hahahaha! yours could do with a buccaneer-style moustache/beard combo..!

  37. I think I need more than that even 🙂

  38. lol! Do you know how to change the avatar? although i’m quite attached to mine now…

  39. I know it wouldn’t feel right. Erm you need to go to some site or other and do some things with some stuff. It’s all very technical.

    I obviously don’t have a clue. CG will know.

  40. Busquets is the one I can’t stand. Well, Busquets and Mr DNA.

    It’s nasty to want to see players get injured, but I wouldn’t mind if Busquets suffered a mid-to-long-term injury for being such a deceitful twat. That’d learn him.

  41. heh cheers els, i’ll do that. Thanks for putting it in laymans terms! 😉

  42. Hi Geo, you need either to go to that Gravatar site and follow the instructions or get a WordPress account.

  43. OOU is he the shit who did the little peeka boo? I get the distinct impression he’s about to be found out as being the numpty in the team who is being carried. I haven’t seen a single decent thing from him.

  44. Haha, oh yes. What a tosser. I wasn’t even thinking about that one, just his constant rolling around against Arsenal. I really hope he gets ruined against Chile.

  45. aahhh I see… Cheers OOU. Don’t know if i will as i like my little unhappy purple chap, but now i know…

    Totally agree about that little Busquets dick. I wonder if Barca would have done so well if they weren’t influencing the refs’ decisions and constantly diving all season. No-one bats an eyelid though. When it’s humble little Eduardo, he’s witch-hunted and called a foreign, diving bastard. Makes me sick.

  46. You know, I think Antonio Valencia did something similar – he went down near the touchline in one of the games towards the end of the season, and while rolling around in agony managed to glance in the direction of the referee to see what action he’d take. It’s all been strangely forgotten for some reason.

    Wish I could find it – i’m starting to to wonder if my hatred for ManU is making me see things.

  47. If it goes to the wrong pic its actually #19

  48. heh! If that wasn’t some hate-induced hallucination, what a prick. Overrated too.

    There’s been so much of this throughout the World Cup, it’s getting embarrasing. Clutching faces, rolling around, does my head in. They’re meant to be setting an example and showing the youth of the world how the game should be played…

  49. OOU that’ll have been forgotten as he’s a manc had he been eddy then it would be EVERYWHERE.

    Nice pic earflow haha.

  50. There some Buscuits bashing going on here….and I’m feeling left out. The man is a prize tool.

    I hope he is directly responsible for a spain loss today.

    Arnet all of Barcelona’s players (bar Iniesta, so far) absoloute C*nts. I despise Chavy, Carles PooHole and that average little twat Pedro.

  51. thats some good catching up deano!

    I hope they all go for the same ball and knock each other out, the ball runs free pings off biscuits face and into his own net.

  52. els

    What a thought….I actualy “lol-ed”

  53. lol @ els & deano!

    You’re right deano – Iniesta’s the only one who hasn’t dropped hugely in my estimations over the last few years. He’s one of the only barca twats that hasn’t come out with the “cesc has barca…” crap – to my knowledge anyway…

  54. Probably feels threatened by the ARSENAL Captain’s supposed imminent arrival…

  55. Come on Spain

  56. Fuck Spain

  57. no zap no no nooooooo!!

  58. Is that you Zap?


    For those wanting to put up a fancy Avatar.. just register and upload your image

  60. cool, nice one CG.

  61. I’m the mutherflippin rhymenocerous…
    I’m the mutherflippin hiphopapotamus…

    Bored. 4 hours of work left… staring out the window at beautiful blue sky, wishing I was out in it playing footie. Alas…

  62. 2 and a half hours left for me, consider yourself lucky you got a window next to you! 😦

  63. you can tell we’re fully committed to our jobs can’t you…? the ironic thing, is if i actually did some work, the next 4 hours will fly by…

  64. Two of Englands selected penalty takers if the game v Germany goes to spot kicks are Lumpard and Gerrard.Who both missed spots kicks in the shoot out in 2006.England never learn.Germany to win on………………….penalties

  65. Mine comes in waves, one day I will have a hundred things to do, the next just a few choirs. There is other things I can be working on, but I prefer to engage in a bit of footy talk on my favourite site!

    I do wish I had an non-computer job sometimes, prefferably playing for Arsenal 😀

  66. think i’m in the same boat as you fellahs. Quick put on 6music if your bored av a listen to phoenix.

  67. Flight of the Conchords there geo

  68. Lampard is a pretty decent penalty taker, more often than not sticking it away in the Premiership. Gerrard isn’t too bad, would like to see their all time penalty stats if anyone can find them?

  69. My workload’s similar CG… Today’s one of those days where there’s not much to do… other than talk footie of course.

    Dont have speakers unfortunately els… I’ve had Flight of the Conchords songs in my head all day! Love it.

  70. My farewell was shit. We must look ahead. Four years ago we were heroes. Today, we are bollocks. We are shamed. We failed. It is a debacle

    Gennaro Gattuso gets straight to the point over The Azzurri’s World Cup exit

  71. Werder Bremen have already rejected Arsenal’s approach for Per Shitbagger. As I’ve said before, the Bundesliga is on its way to becoming the best league in the world, and Germany is about the only economy in Europe that is still solvent. It’s going to be hard for any club to prize their players away.

  72. But the newspaper claims an official statistical survey of all the penalties taken by players of both sides for club and country showed England as having a higher scoring rate.

    (The Sun)

  73. YW are they actual quotes? That’s brilliant!! He speaks english so i assume (using the words bollocks etc) that this was an english interview?

  74. What I have seen of the world cup to this point indicates that England do not have a team that will do very much. In their last game they were the better of two sides that were not playing inspired football. I did not think that England were deserving to proress. Although my heart is with England, my good sense is located with Brazil, Argentina, Spain and Portugal.

  75. Yikes, the Americans are a fighting team that seems to care about playing and winning football matches. So many Europeans have moved to the US and they continue to carry their passion for the game. It will not be long before they begin to show this passion in their league football.

  76. The USA has a chance.. Ghana in the second round, then Uruguay in the quarters.. USA beat Spain in last years confederations cup semi final too.

    Maybe they don’t have enough to win it, but they could go further than us!!

  77. Come on Chile!

  78. Ivory Coast to win atleast 8-0 and Brazil to Portugal!

  79. to beat portugal

  80. Ronaldo leg break anyone?

  81. Lucio looks like the kind of guy to deliver…

  82. Quotes attributed to Italian minister about how “immigrants” have caused downfall of Italian football

    Sounds awfully similar to what appears in English rags whenever England fails to do well in a major comp. Blame the bloody foreigner. Wenger’s the culprit.

  83. North London'rrr

    so just been speculating on our first team for next season. I currently am hoping for something close to this


    I would be happy for Cole to also be signed to put pressure on Ozil and Arshavin. But i suspect that which ever attaching midfielder comes in will want to replace Cesc, not sit on the bench. And for the prices they’ll cost (cole 100K per week, Ozil 20m) too feckin right!

    Melo should be signed, he looks mustard. Flamini with brazilian flair. Koslinesky on the bench pushing for a start.

    What do people think?

  84. I think terrible to be honest mate!

    For a start I think anybody other than RvP front and centre is a big mistake… then there’s the fact your playing footy manager.

    Surely you’d want cesc in there???

  85. North London'rrr

    thanks for the feedback.
    But have you not heard Cesc is going to Barca?!

    As for the constructive footy manager comment (oooh) what else have we got?

    And its not as if i’ve stuck KAKA in there have i? All have been linked. All are somewhat realistic…

  86. where did you hear that Cesc is going to Barca?

  87. almunia ?
    sagna laurent tv clichy
    fab song the little dutch guy
    walcott rvp arshavin

  88. I cant think of the little dutch guy, someone help me out please

  89. snider,thats the one, sorry if the spellings wrong

  90. North London'rrr

    At Paul N

    Same place i heard Veiria/Henry/Overmars/Adebayor/Toure/Cole etc and co were leaving!

    But saying that, Cesc HAS come out and catagorically denied all the speculation and stated he will be at The Arsenal next season. Right?!

  91. North London'rrr


    Not sure Snidjer will be signging for us. Would love it if he did though.

    I could see Madrid bidding for him with Morhinio working well with him last season.

    Chamakh not making your first team then? But Walcott is???

  92. Boomer

    Walnutt starting in front of Chamakh.What are you on?

  93. NL’rrr,

    I thinks its better not to follow the speculation. If it happens the so be it. For now Cesc should be in the team.

  94. ……..and Almunia??????? you need help man

  95. yea im a fan of theo,rrr but im not averse to mixing it up, most of the sqad i think , especially acrooss the front can inter-change, im happy to see nasri there as well and if its true about old king cole, we have a lot of options dont you agree

  96. Hark, i dont know much about chamackh, ive seen him once or twice and i think he has a good touch and can finish, i might change me mind, watch this space

  97. North London'rrr

    Well Paul,

    two different approaches…I see where you’re coming from but i just EXPECT him to leave at some point. And he’s not exactly telling us he wants to stay.

    ANd if its a case of him staying because they cant agree a fee etc and so on, then we end up with a player who wishes he was elsewhere for the season, like others who i cant be bothered to list.

    I’d cut my losses personally. Onley to the tune of 40+million of course.

  98. Schwarzer or Hart or Akinfeev

    Sanga Laurent or Cahill TV Gibbs

    Cole Song ???? Arshavin

    RVP Chamakh

  99. I would like to see.


    Sagna New CB TV Clichy

    CF4, Song, Arshavin Cole, Chamakh, RVP Not sure what formation the boss will decide to use.

    Would love to see the awesome Diaby in the starting 11 but it will depend on which Diaby shows up next year.

    NB52, TW14, Nasri, Diaby and Denilson will all get chances between fixture congestion, injuries and rotation and the ones that take their chances and play well will get the most time. Hopefully TW14 can play well enough to earn a full time starting slot sooner rather then later but I suspect he starts the year as impact sub.

  100. NL

    in the end we cut our losses with Cashley.We got £5m + Gallas.And we know who got the better deal even though he is a c**t

  101. *

  102. I get you NL, I dont like how Cesc is dealing with this in the least but still we dont know how things will pan out.

    He may stay and be happy, who knows?

  103. i hate spain as much as i hate england.ARGENTINA

  104. It’s hard for us Africans to understand the xenophobia Europeans have for each other, even among those who supposedly share a union. Such vitiriol may explain why China may soon dominate the world. I hope Spain wins so that we may have an Iberian derby. Who knows it may have as much passion as we expect in the England vs Duestchland match!

  105. Silly Chile.

    They were on top. 2 silly gaffes and now the game is beyond them.

  106. So Spain play Brazil if they win?

  107. Blame it on the wicked white man, Kg. Never has an African said so much as a bad word to another man from the Continent of Love.

  108. we are the world

  109. I think Spain will play Portugal if they win their group, which is now looking very likely.

  110. Once again one of the major teams have shown that they are not above dishonesty and gamesmanship. Just seeing Torres rolling around after the lightest of touches is revolting. Success in getting a man sent off. Of course nobody is going to expose golden boy Torres. Effen cheat.

  111. If they come second, it will be brazil, correct?

  112. I think so, Paul N.

  113. Shotta, a lot of that crap is going around from the big teams. They have no shame!

  114. i dont fancy Brazils chances against Spain.

    Too much pace.

    Portugal might do ’em with their mourinho-esque tactics.

    Worked for Inter.

  115. well idon’t know why you guys are talking about gallas

    he’s gone, done, out of the club

    he’s a quality player, but we can surely find someone else of his quality without the ego

  116. It would be a strange way for the tournament to turn out, with Spain playing Brazil and England playing Germany before we even get to the quarter-finals.

  117. KG – To quote Frank “Stop being so precious.” Xenophobia is the exclusive province of Europeans?
    What complete and utter tripe.

  118. Thanks PZ. Its getting very interesting.

    The strange thing for me is how much I am looking forward to the US/Ghana match.

  119. Paul N – I saw it from the Brazil vs Ivory Coast game in particular. Lucio rolling around after the lightest of touches and Dunga goading him on was a disgrace. This does not excuse Keita in his play acting job but Kaka had it coming to him because they played with such poor sportsmanship.

  120. Was the Chile sending off a follow up to the (clever)kick in Torres knee at the sideline earlier?

  121. I second that Shotta-gunna.

    My Ghanaian mate cant stand Nigerians.

    USA arnet particularly fond of Mexico

    And as for the Chinese and Japanese….have you ever seen Fist of fury?

  122. In fairness to Lucio, he’s always been a cheat.

  123. Yeh Shotta, Brazil had nothing to complain about regarding the Kaka sending off. If breeze blew too hard, they fell as if they had been shot.

    What bothers me is that when football is discussed in the US, this is something that you hear constantly, the damn diving!

    Its a real black eye to the beautiful game!

  124. The ref’s a disgrace. He should never stand in an international match again But the way FIFA runs things, he’ll probly officiate in the final.

  125. LUCIO!

    He’ll fool you with his strength, his skill and girth.

    Beware of,


    His twisted twin obsessions are his plot to win the game and sticking his nose in turf.

  126. The crips dont like the bloods either

  127. Zama – Regrettably you are right.

    I really hate it when countries like Brazil and now Spain have to resort to cheating. You are technically superior. Go and play football for heavens sake.

  128. I cannot believe that fab cannot get a game!

    If he barely get a game in the group stage will he get play at all in the knock out stage unless someone gets injured?

  129. Poliziana why do assume I’m black. Heskey’s black but he is European. I’d like you to know that non negroid kenya’s have been here for two thousand years. Of Chinese extraction since Admiral Zhang Li more than 500 years ago. Kenya is majority negroid – like 99% – but we have a long history!

  130. deano, dont give up on Chile just yet!

  131. Brilliant deflection!

  132. He must have taken deflection lessons from Lampard

  133. Cesc for Torres, the cheat.

  134. is Torres Injured?

  135. Am I loving Sanchez!!

  136. It is going to be tough for Chile. Spain has a bunch of technical players on the field who can retain the ball.

  137. the refs are messing up the wc though. Who knows how things wouldve played if not for these red cards!

  138. I really hope Chile draw and go through.

  139. Too much possession for Spain.

  140. Even with Cesc on the pitch I can’t bring myself to support Barca and friends.

  141. Maria I hope Chile lose but still go through!

  142. Paul N – Do you hear Martin Tyler and the other guy, Efran Something, on ESPN chirping that Cesc is off to Barca? These guys are something else. Did they read the club’s statement?

  143. Kenyan gunner, why do you assume that I assumed you’re black? There have been people in Europe who have not made assumptions about the skin-colour of strangers for thousands of years.

  144. Shotta, I had to leave for a minute. Even in the U.S we gotta put up with disrespect!

  145. Okay Poliziano then don’t blame the white man I’ve nothing against anybody but I believe we’ve both made our point!

  146. Chile playinf admirable with 10

  147. Lol…portugal V spain won’t be a bad game.

  148. Spain is struggling. Strange!

  149. All south american teams except Chile have topped their groups maybe that’s why they are playing so hard.

  150. what is this, passing practice?

  151. Pretty tame in the end. 2-1 Spain.

  152. The World Cup gets down to business 2morrow.

  153. Maria I’ve had my way. Too bad for Ivory Coast though.

  154. Last…….

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