Capello Bites Back, World Cup Round-Up With Incomings

A day when the bitten bit back. John Terry was firmly put in his place yesterday by Fabio Capello and roundly humiliated when he turned out to be a false prophet of doom. Nobody publicly backed him in his revolt – or is it just revolting behaviour – and he found himself talking to the media contritely. He is, I think, fortunate that Ferdinand is not fit for a spell on the bench may have been his reward had another centre back been available for tomorrow’s match with Slovenia.

Elsewhere, it was a veritable goalfest yesterday. Well, for Portugal anyway. The seven goal margin of victory over North Korea may have been a harsh reflection of the match but it all but ensured that the Iberians and their former colony will qualify for the knockout phase. Ivory Coast has to match the Portuguese win and hope there is no connivance in the other match, from which Brazil would be expected to emerge victorious.

Despite proving the naysayers wrong off the pitch, the organisation being as good as any other tournament from a distance, it has been a miserable tournament for the African nations on the pitch. Beset be strife, Cameroon are already out, South Africa likely to become the first hosts to fail to progress beyond the group phase unless they hammer France and Uruguay or Mexico hand out a sound beating in the other game.

Algeria and Nigeria both could qualify if results go their way as well as winning their final group games. The latter will progress if that happens and Greece do not upset the applecart by defeating Argentina whilst Ghana are in the best position to get to the knockout phase but need to avoid losing to Germany and hope Serbia do not get a scoring draw or better against Australia. The organisers nightmare of no continental representation in the rest of competition is a realistic possibility.

Spain found their scoing boots and should have won by a greater margin than the two goals David Villa scored. Defeat Chile and they avoid Brazil in the next phase but Portugal will still provide tough opposition. Cesc emerged into the one-sided fray with twenty five minutes to go and almost scored, his shot cleared from almost on the line by the Hondurans. It was a gentle introduction to the competition and one he will have been reasonably pleased with, perhaps not enough to win a starting place in the final match against Chile though.

As we’re talking about Him, They are changing faces but the old ones are still repeating their mantra. Taking a break from packing his belongings into a black dustbin liner and giving the security guard the slip for a few minutes, Joan Laporta reckoned Arsenal will give in evenutally but is resigned to it not happening on his watch, a point confirmed by his mouthpiece in chief, Joan Oliver:

Arsenal have told us only that in principle they are not interested in the transfer…He’s a player under contract in force with another club, but has publicly expressed interest in leaving. The key is that Arsenal change its current stance that is not to sell the player.

I thought that the rejection of the offer was not so much ‘in principle’ but a pretty definite ‘bugger off‘. Must just be me reading too much into the situation. A clue to Barcelona’s curious definition of market value comes in the cost of Zlatan Ibrahimovic. The assumption has been that it was a straight swap for Samuel Eto’o; not so, insist El Mundo Deportivo. The true cost was €20m valuation of Eto’o and €48m in cash. Having been sold a pup by Internazionale, they are determined not to do that again with Cesc.

Other ‘news’, if you can call it that, was the admission by Christian Gorcuff that Laurent Koscielny is likely to join Arsenal next week whilst Joe Cole is going to join Manchester United. Or Arsenal. Or Tottenham. Or Manchester City. Whatever. Expect this little frenzy to pick up pace next Wednesday when his contract expires. Incoming is Rob Green once more and a new one is Ranet Yanabev who is replacing Gael Clichy when Barcelona finally get around to making an offer. As he can also play right back, maybe it’s a ruse and Barcelona are really after Bacary Sagna?

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. I must read the post, BB.

  2. third…*sob

  3. Bugger

  4. I have to say that while as more and more African players play big role in Europe such prominence has not transformed into success for their national team. Afican country have faired better at the world stage when their players were fringe players in Europe. When most ply the trades in Belgium and mid tier teams in France and Spain. Now what we have are big players who when fit to play for their country hardly have time to play together and form a rhythm. Club football has finally taking the toll on performance of African teams. Just IMHO

  5. @Geo. I’ve had a look and basically the two decisive games in each group are being played simultaneously, two groups being decided a day, for the next 4 days.

    Which is quite cool… final day of the prem style things happening, nipping from Cape Town to Royal Bafokeng to check on the scores and see who’s progressing and who’s crashing out. Not sure if that’s how it’s been done previously? Can’t remember.

    Down side is that we don’t appear able to choose to watch Mexico v Uruguay, or S Korea v Nigeria on terrestrial tv. And god knows what else we’ll be missing further into the week! Maybe this is a job for the red button… it damn well should be.

    I’m not all that bothered if I’m being honest. I will be in Glastonbury in a matter of hours where time stops and the World Cup ceases to matter anymore.

  6. BB

    Agree, its there for all to see, Drogba seems lost with his team mates, so does Eto’o somewhat, Alex Song, Eboue, Kalou all not being able to apply their A game on the International game. They lack the knowledge of their team mates games, and as a result there is no cohesion with many of the African teams. Its a shame because I thought Cameroon, Nigeria, and Ivory Coast were good enough to progress. Then theres South Africa who have a good team spirit, in the first game I thought they done really well to get the draw with the resources they have. I expected a bit better in the following game, and they will give it a good go against the French who nobody seems to be sure what is going with them!

  7. Kosceilny seems likely anybody seen him play much? And not just watched a few Youtube jobbies.

    By eck I bet capello wishes he didn’t take the spud crock King, and Chelski twat terry. He should have took campbell me thinks.

    Oh and anybody fancy theo on the right? Yeah thought so. OOOps capello

  8. John Terry. What a twat! Wouldn’t it be f***ing great if Capello dropped him? At the very least, pair Upson with Dawson in training, if anything just to put that jumped-up, arrogant, self-opinionated, self-appointed and self-annointed leader of nobody, in his place.

  9. YW, what happened between West Germany v Austria in 1982? A who’s lederhosen are the shiniest dispute?

  10. Am happy Fabio didnt take Theo, he is rocking VEGAS!

  11. Looks like Gael Clichy is going to start for France today!

  12. @Bigbrover:

    African players in small clubs take world tourneys as opportunities to land tranfers to a better club side, hence they try harder. African players in better club sides are more interested in protecting themselves from injury during these tournament. Simple as.

  13. Sixtay—that’s not much difference than it is for England and many other euro countries. Look at Chelsea, five of their players decided to miss the cup because they didnt want to risk further injury.

  14. Thanks Limpar. That’s not too bad. I just hope the red button will give us all our footballing requirements…

    Els – i havent seen much either but am going to check footytube (cheers limpar!) for some more clips.

    Who else would start ahead of Terry though? As much as he is a complete c*nt, he is one of the world’s best centre backs… Upson’s not a world beater and neither’s Carragher. I would rather have Terry and Dawson (can’t believe i’m saying that). But it’s not a personality contest – as long as it’s not messing up morale on the pitch, they can be twats in my opinion.

  15. Cahill great season stay home,bent great season stay home,Zamora same,hart stay on the bench,england saviour theo stay home,Parker stay home

    So much he was taking player base on form rather than name.Carragher do not deserved to go on plane on any count as he is shit, done an average season and has not play a match in the qualification
    Capello is like a lot italian,they try to look strong but in fact are pussy prima donna

  16. lordgunner – I’m glad Theo’s not there. Next season he’s gonna be so determined to prove the world that he should have been there, that we might start to see what he’s really capable of. Looking forward to that…

  17. oh and Limpar – enjoy Glasto you bastard! 😉

  18. Have Spain found their scoring boots? Do they have any scoring boots? If I’d been allowed to put my go-faster stripes on my Zimmer frame, I reckon I could have scored two goals against Honduras single-handed. Their defence was non-existent, and their attack was…er…non-existent. Del Bosque is right to be disappointed with his team, but wrong to give any praise to Honduras.

  19. only saw the highlights Pz. Didn’t realise they were so poor. Villa looked good from what I’ve seen although i saw someone on here yesterday slating his performance…

  20. Having watched John Terry’s press-conference from the other day, I’m bemused by the fuss that has been made. He spent most of the time saying that he and everyone else was completely behind the manager.

  21. I thought Villa played well enough. He was against the worst right-back in he world, and he made the most of it.

  22. LA @10.49

    Algeria produced the shock of the ’82 World Cup and beat Germany 2 – 1 in a group game. At the same time, Austria beat Chile 1 – 0 and then Algeria 2 – 0 whilst Germany beat Chile 4 – 1. Going into the final group matches, Algeria played Chile winning 3 – 2. That was played the day before Germany met Austria which meant that the Germans knew they had to win to qualify with the Austrians on Goal Difference (it was 2pts for a win in those days). What followed was the most tepid 1 – 0 win ever seen at a World Cup. Germany scored after 10 minutes and there was not another shot on target for the rest of the game.

    Rumours of collusion have never been proven but are widely held to be true, never denied by those taking part either.

    Hence all final group games are now played simultaneously.


  23. Geo

    I personally think that walcot will never Improve.But Its really up to him to prove to everybody that he should had got picked by cappello.


    I think that spain are playing better than your own country.And I think that spain were terrific agains Honduras.But their is still room for Improvement for both teams.

  24. Am I just biased or would it be highly unlikeley that Gael Clichy, Diaby and Sagna were involved in the catastrophic french meltdown?

    I expect they will all play there hearts out tonight…and may go through. Stranger things have happened. To be honest Evra and Anelka were amongst the worst culprits for the french. Clichy deserves a start.

    LimparAssist! Enjoy glasto you lucky git. Stevie Wonder and the Pet Shop Boys over France- Bafana Bafana?

  25. Any good players for us out there? Oh I forgot … if they’re world class then they’re probably far too expesnive for Arsenal. We only shop in Aldi … don’t laugh its got some promising brands you know. FFS Wenger just buy us one world class footballer!

  26. Arsnik you tool you mean like Arshavin.

  27. Since Switzerland are almost certain to beat Honduras, don’t Spain need to beat Chile to have a chance of going through?

  28. Excellent explanation, YW. Never knew that. Disgraceful. Poor old Algeria… poor old Zap.

    Cheers, G! Cheers, deano! I think Stevie might be a lot of fun in a field… but I’m more interested in Orbital, maybe catch a bit of Fourtet. Pet Shop Boys don’t enter the running. Not because they’re rubbish, it’s just all about George Clinton, Parliament and Funkadelic that night… chased down with a bit of High Contrast. Can’t wait. Hence going down ridiculously early.

    England game being shown on the Pyramid stage – so I’ll be alright.

  29. Poliziano! Thats right!

    And Chile are a good side…if Spain draw they are out.

  30. I can’t see any of our boys being deeply implicated in the French fiasco.

    I doubt Anelka will play for France again. He’s not really good enough for international level, and he’s been a trouble-maker everywhere he’s played. Caprice Evra would make another suitable sacrifice. Anyone who remembers the false accusations of racism he made against the Chelsea groundsmen(?) after the so-called Battle of the Bridge will know the kind of person he is. It’s anybody’s guess why he is selected ahead of Clichy. I suppose Domenech naively made Caprice captain to curry favour with the rogue elements in the squad, but it has backfired badly.

  31. Poliziano

    You need to go to school and learn a little abit of maths.But I Think that spain needs atleast a point to advance through the next round.

  32. I’m seeing Stevie at Hyde Park on Saturday, can’t wait!

    “Not because they’re rubbish, it’s just all about George Clinton, Parliament and Funkadelic that night… chased down with a bit of High Contrast”

    That’s mouthwatering stuff Limpar! Get close and watch them man, technical geniuses. I’m very jealous now.

  33. Man Shitte have apparently signed David Silva ahead of the chavs for 29 mill..

  34. Jeez, that lineup makes me feel out of touch. Scary that I know more of groups on Jazz World than the John Peel stage. I’d plonk myself there for the whole Saturday I think

  35. there are some fairly old school funk legends there OOU. If you’re into that kind of thing it’s the cream of the crop from the last 20 years basically…

  36. On what planet does Jack Johnson deserve to be further up the bill than Ray Davies? Not to mention effing Faithless.

  37. gooner2

    Poliziano’s maths are correct you tool.

    Switzerland if they beat honduras-6pts

    Chile if they draw with Spain-7pts

    Spain if they draw with Chile-4 pts


  38. sorry, 30+ years

  39. OneOfUs

    This is the world we live in….our species is failing.

  40. Polizano–

    henry and Gallas are heavily implicated in the scandal. Including Anelka, that’s three former Arsenal players who “ringleaders” in the scandal.

    All three left Arsenal on not so great terms, so I guess not totally surprising to see them in this situation, especially Gallas and Anelka, but Henry too. There was a reason Zidane thought Henry was selfish and didn’t like him.

  41. lol deano & oou!

  42. Els – you hanky and sorry but a wet one at that. Arshavin has lost interest as the season wore on … just as Cesc did (clichy too is making unsettled noises). Lets smell the coffee … Arsenal aren’t that great that it only needs one player to come in and we start winning all of a sudden.
    They’re all jumping ship now because when wenger had the chance the last 2 seasons to buy some world class footballers that could make a difference and show Arsenal have ambition … you guessed it he blew it and went to Aldi and Lidl instead. I have had enough! how patient must an arsenal fan be to see some silverware.

  43. Deano

    I was just testing poliziono’s mind.But I don’t think that I am tool.Cos I am a guy who speaks nothing but the truth.

  44. Clichy isn’t really making unsettled noises, but rather the press and Hleb! Remember his comments a few weeks back that he reccomended to Cesc and Gael to stay put

  45. pinky be honest now … would it really surprise you if our top players joined the spanish giants? the only thing stopping them is the contract they have with us and some! hope that arsenal will join the big boys soon. but these have been dashed by no change in wenger’s shopping habits season after season.

  46. I didn’t know anything about the Jerry Dammers group, Ks, but with a name like Spatial AKA Orchestra it seems obvious that they’d have something to do with Sun Ra. That sounds pretty good.

    And as the lineup suggests, KS, Ray’s going to take a Slash on his fellow Pyramid performers on Sunday – except Stevie Wonder – the crowd won’t care because they’ll be asleep.

  47. No doubt Arsnik, it wouldn’t surprise, but I kinda expected more from Gael. But I think with him, he, like everyone else, wants that big pay day and he is probably afraid that Gibbs might take over his spot eventually, so this is his last great chance.

  48. I didn’t realise Pilton Pop Festival still went on. Must remember not to drive Shepton way this weekend. Still good to know the counter culture is still thumbing it’s nose at the establishment. I bet the villagers of Pilton are up in arms.

  49. Arsnik exactly you fucking impatient child. Arshavin the world class signing as you say has lost interest, were as Clichy who we signed as a youngster who is now wanted by the biggest clubs in the world is content.

    So maybe that’s why wenger wont play Football manager. I’d rather have 4 clichy’s come in to strenghten the squad over 1 arshavin (who I believe still can do really good for the team but it will take wengers expert man management).

    Now fuck off back to doomville.

  50. els well said

    Arsnik you ain’t got a clue.. if anyone wants to jump ship then let them, they will just drown like the rest of them. How you can say over the last 2 years everyone wants to leave is just a comment coming from a dooom and gloom supporter.. If that is true why has Arshavin and Vermaelen moved to Arsenal? Go support Man City if you want instant success, you will have a shot at celebrating the UEFA cup next season.

    When success comes it will be great, Wenger has taken a young team through some very difficult seasons, now is when it all pays off.

    To all the doomers.. sit back and enjoy.

  51. els’a/chrisgone – do you share the same bib you pair of chumpsters. then again perhaps not since young chris’ter can spell a little better than you nursery els. the way someone writes and expresses themselves says alot about their intelligence. you just come across like some thug and a bully boy … nasty …

    arsenal’s bright star fades with every year we remain trophy-less and if we carry on like this then yes there will come a time when players will look past us and not join .. unless we change the wenger’s Aldi/ Lidl shopping sprees. Nothing wrong with those as long as he buys in world class experience too.

    go suck your dummies now boys .. it must be time for your nap : )

  52. Almost didn’t recognise you there CG.

    Something’s changed. Have you got a tan?

  53. calm down girlies. els u may not agree with what people like arsnik say but we are 1 family and should not bully eachother either … real arsenal fans have more class than thuggish behaviour like that.

  54. I’d rather have piss poor spelling than poor support. Still I always find when you resort to that type of argument your cluthching at straws. Never mind though eh. What kind of response did you expect to receive after a comment like that on an Arsenal blog???

    This els’a, Chris’ter thing you have going has really cut me. You do have razor sharp wit don’t you. It certainly backs up your point about me being a thug and you being the intelligent victim with an argument. Sniff sniff so sad for you.

    You’re a strange one. You don’t even seem to be making a point with your argument, I think your just out for an argument.

  55. mingus? what how am I bullying. Don’t give me that if somebody comes on here a stupid comment about Wenger letting the team down then they should be told. I hardly bullied him. What did he expect!!!

    Anyway he said I cant spell so i’m feeling bullied too, so you tell him as well.

  56. els – hahah I wish, I need a holiday!

    Arsnik, so you claim to be intelligent by referring to Arsene Wengers very shrewd transfers as wenger’s Aldi/ Lidl shopping sprees!!

    You do realise you look like a right plum, or maybe not? I thought you liked Wenger plucking out great players like Pires, Ljungberg, Henry, and Viera… not to mention in our team now.. Cesc, Clichy, Sagna, Vermaelen, Song etc etc etc

    Stop whining you little woman. You should be proud to support such a fine club, they ain’t mugging you, you are watching a great team evolve, now is the time for them deliver. Don’t run off to suport Man City just yet!

  57. good to see that you’ve calmed down els … one point about your last post. i did make a point but you get so mad at any pointb that does not follow yours that you probably mist over:-

    you said – If that is true why has Arshavin and Vermaelen moved to Arsenal?

    i said – arsenal’s bright star fades with every year we remain trophy-less and if we carry on like this then yes there will come a time when players will look past us and not join .. unless we change the wenger’s Aldi/ Lidl shopping sprees. Nothing wrong with those as long as he buys in world class experience too.

    so to summarise we need to keeping winning a trophy every few years (6 years and counting at the minute) if we are going to retain our best players and attract the best talent to join us. and i’m still as much an arsenal supporter as you for saying it … an perhaps more of a passionate fan for sticking my neck out like that.

  58. If no African team made the last 16, although Ghana really should, it would resonate quite nicely with the absence of many African fans (just 40,000 tickets were sold throughout Africa, pop. 1 billion, and then visa restrictions placed so no more could come anyway) or much of any other type of African presence at this world cup; more specifically musical, cultural and ambience-ical.

    But SA must beat France for self-respect sake.
    Amandla!!!! Kawethu!
    Mayibuye!! iAfrica!!!

  59. same goes for you chris and no i’m not about to switch just because i’m saying a few home truths.

  60. Terry is right, he just has no friends…

  61. Barndoor Bendtner

    Ive just seena posting on a Barca site that says they have actually been reported for tapping up and are facing a transfer embargo at a hearing next week.
    Bloody good news if true n’est pas ?

  62. Arsnik

    Yes it is true we havn’t won anything for 6 years, and yes I am as frustrated as you are.

    To criticise our manager who has consistently plucked out excellent signings, and has brought through many fine youngsters is just crazy. This is why we cannot understand where you are going with this argument. You are an Arsenal supporter so you must realise that we have had financial constraints? you realise that the likes of Real, Barca, Chelsea, and City have completely ruined the transfer market, many Premiership clubs are run by foreign billionaires, many of those are in debt, and even European clubs in Spain and Italy are stuggling financially.

    You must realise Arsenal FC, the club you support has done things in a very classy fashion, we have challenged for honours still, (being very unlucky not to win anything in the last 5 years due to a number of reasons). and we are the only club making a profit.

    Plus we play great football, have great players, and have a great manager. When this next trophy comes it will be amazing.. just like in 1998 when we won our first league title since 1991. Many a young player grows up dreaming of coming to Arsenal, we have the style, we have the goals and we have the class which lasts a lot longer than a billionaire looking for instant success.

    Doomers need to stop stressing, don’t they sell Arsenal feel good pills at the club shop!??

  63. chris … you’re faith is really admirable and don’t go getting mad again … but your last post sounds like what a spudster would say about their club. i’m hiding my head in shame … how did we the Great arsenal get here …

  64. Arsnik / Mingus.

    Post under one name or go to the spam bin.


  65. @els. It wasn’t me, mate!

  66. Arsnik / Mingus

    Ouuuucchhhhh – trying to be a smart ass ehh!


  67. Barndoor Bendtner

    send us a link!

  68. Zim I can’t believe those figures. So it’s based in Africa but the fans can’t come.

    Arsnik I can’t be bothered to comment anymore, it was CG who rightly sad that not me. Also perhaps if you didn’t construct your posts to immediately shock “FFS Wenger just buy us one world class footballer!” then you wouldn’t have provoked such a reaction. A reaction that you should have expected.

    Apology if you felt bullied but when you make negative, incorrect poor statements then you should expect a backlash.

    You really need to concentrate on what wenger is doing and don’t be misled by papers, pundits other fans. If you are a good supporter you can see that we have the best young talent. Players from all over the world want to play here, they also tend not to be merceneraies but the type of footballer that has a taste for attacking flair. Whilst footballs finances tighten our purse string loosen by the sales at highbury, we can afford more and more. But our money wont be thrown at Villa’s, Ibrahimovich’s … it will be used to keep playrs in contract and to make sure that wengerball has a future. Also the fact that wenger will make 2 or 3 signings this window is testament to his desire for trophies. If you keep the faith Arsnik when all this clicks and with a team including Song, Clichy, Diaby, Deni, Cesc, NB52, Theo, Rocky, Johan, RvP all players who have served there time here, it will be the most beautiful day EVER for a true arsenal fan.

  69. it was a valid point … on bullying. anyway it got els to calm down and have a sensible conversation for once : )

  70. Arsnik how many of my posts have you read??

    I doubt many, as I’m not one to rant anyway.

    I’m not even mentioning your alter ego. Snigger snigger

  71. els

    A day worth waiting for!! who won the Premiership last season? YAAWNNNN

    Nobody cares, and nobody seems to give a shit! When Arsenal win it, you feel the buzz throughout the whole country, and in other countries. It will be a victory for football, and a victory for all the Arsenal supporters that had to endure the utter shit from some of our own fans, shit from the media who treat us worse than a foreign club even though we seem to bring through more English talent than Simon Cowell.. and the shit that the Northern pundits and ex players like to dump on us.

    When we win it, (next season please) it will be Arsene’s greatest achievement. Greater than the invincible season, greater than the double winning seasons.. because this has been a long process which started from a season or 2 before Henry left, Wenger has transformed our club, and made us one of the attractive footballing clubs in world football. This is why Barcelona are threatened by us, and this is why they keep trying to buy our players.

    Arsenal for life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  72. Arsnik / mingus / spud

    just give up

  73. CG did you write that to rousing music.

    God damn that was like Winston Churchill, Malcolm X.

    Come on. I can’t wait for next season fella.

  74. you boys don’t believe those arsenal financial accounts do you? i’m an accountant (boy that was difficult to admit) and i know how easy it is to cook the books. for example dividends to the board can be disguised as consultancy fees etc. i’m sorry – but with the gates, TV sponsorhip, shirt/ground sponsors, the ground was paid for by debentures on the seats for the next 20 years etc – are you telling me we’ve got to be careful? careful of what we’ve never spent big and most of our players don’t earn big bucks? so why is there nothing in the kitty?

    as long as we follow like blind sheep, they the board can carry on like this making monkeys out of us. we unlike other clubs can afford a few experienced world class players. their shirt sales alone will pay for them. where’s our ambition gone?

  75. hahaha.. nope I’m just sitting at work!

    I can’t wait either, I can’t wait for Cesc to turn up at the Emirates, speak about how he ignored the lot of them, pull on the Arsenal shirt, and slap on the Captains armband!!!

    Have that you Barcca cun*s!

    Was imagining last night while watching Spai, Cesc scoring a couple goals, pulling his shirt over his head displaying a t-shirt underneath with “Arsenal 4 life” on it while sliding over to the Spanish crowd!!! They would have probably killed him come to think of it, but was a nice thought at the time.

  76. Arsehole.. sorry I mean Arsnik

    Give up, don’t make me say it again you spud.

    Your stinking this blog out

  77. p.s. no disrespect chris but you do sound like a spud making excuses for their club and we are far better than that. we were winners once but it seems that’s a distant memory now at ‘ground hog’ ‘here we go again’ arsenal these days.

  78. Fuck off Arsnik, you spud.
    Stop thieving my identity!
    The real mingus can be easily identified as being non-sensationalist, calm, rational, non-accusatory, here for the long-term journey (as opposed to instant-gratification), not in any way a spud, and never one to act like an irritant to get a reaction. (My post this morning about that twat John Terry was probably as negatively vitriolic as I get.) On the other hand, I am a big fan of Nacer Barazite and hope he takes his chance this pre-season.

  79. (unlike you) no disrespect again chris but i’m used to spudsters calling me Arsehole. if anyone’s turning into a spudster its you twat …

  80. OK now im getting confused with the good Mingus and the bad mingus.

    But this one ^^^^ sounds good. 🙂

  81. was actually surprised to see Mingus being listed with the F word!

    Not to surprised to read of a likely id theft for the dooming comminity

  82. Nacer would be a great addition to the first team. I would love him sol and Koscielny (spelling) all to be in the squad with Johan and TV.

  83. Hang on I’m on about Nordviet aren’t I. Aren’t I?

  84. How the hell did Arsenal come to play the most attractive football in England, admired and emulated throughout Europe and much of the rest of the world. We must hang our heads in shame!

  85. Arsnik

    Would you class Man City as winners by spending 2billion on players then winning the title? I class that as cheating, and in the new FA rules, it ain’t accepted. This is why everyone hates the chavs and hates Citeh. So what or who do you expect Arsene to go out and buy to be a so called winner is beyond many Arsenal fans.

    I am very happy with the Henry’s, Vermaelen’s, Cesc’s, Wilshires, Ramsey’s… we are doing very very well.

    You may be jealous of Chelsea’s title, but they are rather pathetic, putting the club in debt to get themselves into this position, where, they have over aged, and over paid big egos all looking for another fat contract extension.

    Football has turned ugly while Arsenal is keeping the sport alive. Its a shame many supporters like yourself have stooped just as low

  86. Arsnik

    Well you look pretty out of sorts on an Arsenal blog matey… maybe you should go speak with your spudster pals.

    Sorry to bully and put you down, but you are just sad, you don’t have anything to back up your arguments, and you love to spread the doom without any perspective. Sort yourself out, before going round claiming to be an Arsenal fan.

  87. that’s right mingus join the bully brigade … at least chris is trying to make his point.

    p.s. well done for calling terry at twat … but what took you so long?

  88. CG, common sense isnt common.

    How can someone not see the obvious as far as Arsenal?

    Wheh your support is based on winning trophies and not based on the love of the team you are no supporter at all, really.

    Janet Jackon sang “what have you dont for me lately”, this is the cry of many ungrateful Arsenal “supporters”.


    Be Blessed!!!

  89. My point Arsnik, is I took exception to you stealing my identity, you twat.

  90. mexico and France to win and go through

    Argentina and Nigeria to win and go through

    France vs Argentina in the next round is not bad at all!

  91. ok mingus, twat was uncalled for but that was cheeky … i apologise.

    you should have seen els face though … never seen him so quiet after that move. guess he really respects you.

    anyway i have a day job too. my point is that i don’t question your support for arsenal but don’t be blind to it. the money men who control our club may not always do things in the clubs footballing interest and we don’t know what contraints they put on wenger. but if its wenger who always wants to always go and shop in Aldi or Lidl then he needs a slap t remind him he’s at arsenal not watford.

  92. Come on France.

    They have the opportunity (and the talent) to set this competition alight over the next 90 minutes.

  93. France will come out flying..

    Clichy, Diaby, Sagna, and Gallas all starting

  94. ok mingus, whilst your use of twat was uncalled for, i apolgise for using your id. however the message about bullying was a good one and it had the desired affect on els. he’s been a good boy since.

    anyway i’ve got a day job to be getting on with so you’ll be pleased to hear this is my last word for today. Not for a moment do i doubt your support for arsenal but i question its blind nature. is it possible that the money men at arsenal think of themselves and don’t do the footballing side justice? who knows what constraints they put on wenger but if there are none, then wenger needs to reflect on why its taking 6+ years to build a balanced side of youth and experience to carry on that winning habit … especially if Cesc gives up on him becasue that will set us back at least another 3 years. and 3 cheers for the england boys on wednesday btw.

  95. CG that does sound frenchie for Arsenal eh? LOL

    Can see some doomers fainting! Nice for them to win though even if the other 2 teams play out a bore draw to both qualify… Hope mexico fancy their chances versus argentina

    Diaby for the Winner!

  96. South Africa scores!!!!

  97. espn3 is brilliant, watching both matches!


  98. Ah hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!

  99. Goal keeper was a joke on that!

  100. RED CARD!!!!!

  101. my word….. this is unbelievable

  102. You gotta LOVE this world cup!

  103. This world cup is a joke. The refs are way too ready to flash cards.

  104. France in Sh!t. one goal down and cisse sent off..

  105. GOURCUFF..oops!

  106. bloody hell that was not a red by any stretch.

    The only upside is that French football is now guarunteed a massive shake up.

    There havee been so many bad decisions this World Cup.

    Cahill, Klose, Kewell, Gourcuff definatley…Behrami was debatable but I stiill don’t think it was a red.

  107. If there were as many reds in domestic leagues as in the WC football would be more cultured and Ramsey would still be fit!

  108. Is Lloris fluffing his audition lines then?

    Its good that the world cup has set an audition for all our proposed keepers!

    none has fared well so far.

  109. Kenyan Gunner, there is a fine line between achieving and adequete level of protection for players and ruining the game.

  110. so if mexico win is that enough for SA to qualify?

  111. Back to arsenal…

    What gives with the media constantly making news of our recent financial security?

    Are they really praising the way we do business or are they just setting up shop to plonk wenger when he doesn’t spend as much as their $60m budget claim?

    I know it’s a breath of fresh air to not be down in the dumps like other EPL teams…but doesn’t all this talk of financial bouyancy on our part set us up to be taken to the cleaner’s by any proposed seller? just my opinion!

  112. Another one by south Africa..atleast they will go out in style. i feel bad for our Arsenal Trio.

  113. BArneyStinson


  114. KenGun, the Ramsey situation is on a whole different level. Whats happening in the WC is bull crap! who wants to watch matches were people are routinely sent off for simple fouls.

  115. Deano yes a fine line indeed. I haven’t forgotten how we suffer from rough play. How often have we complained about the treatment our players receive every season?

  116. Mexico down one

  117. This isnt the PL though, its the WC. Two different competitions and the rough play is not allowed as it is in the WC.

    The refs are ruining the WC.

  118. Paul N I’m looking forward to the day when players avoid making simple fouls!

  119. Danish Gooner

    What complete rabble no wonder we are so poor have you all watched the latest 36 minutes of the worst ever French player,yes that is Diaby what a plank and he is supoosed to be the new Paddy,WHEN will Wenger wake up and smell the coffee,tis guy is straight for the scrap heap it is truly embarrssing.

  120. Danish Gooner

    Deary me no wonder we conceed by the bucket loads,even the likeable Clichy is embarrissing himself.

  121. South Africa may still be in it. Mexico is a goal down and if S.A manage to score one more they could go through, i think.

  122. KenGun, come on now, this is football. There is no way that people will not get fouled but the refs are being silly and flashing cards for things that just happen in the run of the game. The Klose sending off what so stupid and likewise the one in this match.
    When you jump your elbow usually sticks out, give the guy a warning and let the ball continue to roll.

  123. France are just a joke team.Pathetic.No pride in their country.They should be pelted with tomatoes when they fly back to Paris tomorrow.The same as England on Thursday.Two worse teams in this world cup France and England on talent available

  124. Danish Gooner

    For fucks sake Wenger give us some new players witrh abilty if Cesc leaves our midfield is ready for the scrap heap.

  125. The whole team is in disarray and you pick on one player.

    Please stop with the nonsense

  126. danish gooner.

    Diaby is France’s best player. You seem to have trouble watching football.

    Clichy hasn’t put a foot wrong.

  127. Danish Gooner

    How about 2-0

  128. Its like some Arsenal “supporters” take delight in being negative about Arsenal players. I dont get it.

  129. Sagna Clichy Diaby plus two ex players Gallas and Diarra.Playing for France.Not a good show for our club

  130. Diabolical performance by France; the first was another howler by a much touted ‘keeper. As for the second, well that was just made in Arsenal. Sagna was caught in two minds, Diaby made a hash of the clearance and Clichy was doing a can-can with the ball.


  131. France are a shambles but as an honest African I don’t believe that South Africa is adding any value to the tournament either!

  132. Danish Gooner

    i take no delight in criticising but it annoys me that these players Diaby and Clichy make so many fundamental mistakes and Domenech and Wenger keep praising them,they are at very best average players, on his day Clichy is very good but those days are far between.

  133. Danish Gooner

    i praised van persie ,i praised Bendy they played well but Diaby and Clichy frustrates me.

  134. SomeRandomGunner

    Mexico has to loose one goal and south africa has to score one more for SA to go through. I prefer Mexico they play better football.

  135. Danish Gooner

    Than you very much Yogis Warrior i am not completely delusional.

  136. Maybe they more about football than you. Ever thought about that. Have a think about that for a few minutes.

  137. I dont know why people take “delight” in slagging their own players.

    The whole French team is in a terrible state, they are not mentally prepared to play but we expect them to be great.

    Diaby, Clichy – wonderful players!

  138. SomeRandomGunner

    Mexico must have been scared to death of France………….

  139. I’m surprised the referee didn’t send off one of the RSA subs for the elbow on a colleague whilst warming up. Very dangerous play…

  140. “you all watched the latest 36 minutes of the worst ever French player,yes that is Diaby”

    Yogi, do you agree with that?

  141. Diaby’s is a strange case. He was outstanding against Uruguay but slumped since.

  142. Don’t disagree with that Paul N: they are just having a ‘mare today.

  143. What could Clichy have done on the goal realy?

    I have seen it enough times and I’m not convinced he could have done anything.

    Diaby and Sagna made a cock up each but they shouldnt have posed much threat. Diaby has been one of few livley and dangerous looking players for France but now they look bereft of confidence and ideas.

    Its a sad sight considering the talent on show.

    There is an upside. The inevitable shake up and the fact that the quality players in the French side are young enough to reap the benefits come euro 2012.

  144. Wrong Diarra, Hark.

  145. It’s pretty impossible to look like a good player whilst playing in this French team. With a joke of a Manager, down to ten men, playing a buoyant RSA who are in front of their home crowd.

  146. No surprise they are playing like crap.

    One thing I must admit is that regardless of what they think of the manager they shouldve done their part. They will have to deal with this shame and disgrace for a long time.

    Quite silly, what they did.

  147. I watched China beat France. I think that should have been a warning.

  148. Its going to be hard for our players to enjoy football come the new season.

    What kind of damage will it do to players like Sagna,Clichy,Diaby?

  149. Nasri and Benzema mush feel well shot of this mess.

  150. The second goal conceded by the French typifies the goals we conceded last season; error by Sagna, Diaby n Clichy. Oh France, how have the mighty fallen!!

  151. I don’t think it will do too much damage deano, rather it will be relief to come back to Arsenal and away from the revolution that is the French national team. Back to playing proper football under a proper Manager. I expect Samir Nasri is sporting a rather large wry smile.

  152. Would Sam Nasri have made a difference, heck would he even have started if he was in the squad. With a looney in charge I doubt it. The great cleanup must start now for Le Blanc. Off to the guillotine Evra, Gallas, Ribery, Anelka, et al. Just send our boys back in one piece.

  153. na coolsteve. Sne if you will.

    The majority of the goals we conceded were break-away due to an all or nothing attacking mentality.

    i dont think your very cool coolsteve.

  154. well what was the point of stripping Henry off his armband again? And putting Evra no less as captain

    its no wonder they score their first goal with henry on and Evra not in the team!

  155. france’s biggest ever world cup loss was 17-1 to Denmark in 1908.

    See things arnet as bad as they could be.

  156. You guys a watching a piece of history – the first to fail to qualify for the second. And it happened right here in Africa. Disgusting!

  157. Deano, I suspect that was the Olympics. The first World Cup was held in 1930.

  158. like other country before,france suffer of too much success in the last 10-15 years in all level and the french federation have seat in their backside cashing on the national team.And when they will wake up they will see a lot of country have caught up and the famous clairefontaine academy is not enough anymore

  159. Hello OOU, Ray Davies has been scheduled at that time so he, and the rest of us watching and singing along, will be bathed in glorious late afternoon sunshine (at least that’s how I’m looking at it!). It’s probably the set I’m most looking forward to.

    There’s some rubbish headliners, but in amongst 1,500 other acts. There’s plenty of quality to be found. Jazz World has lots to offer… Bonobo, Dr John, Toots and the Maytals. Then there’s The National, The Orb, Cymbals Eat Guitars, The Stranglers, Mos Def, Joy Orbison, Untold, Laura Marling, Candi Staton, Orbital, Groove Armada, Fanfarlo… and more dance music going on throughout the nights than you can shake a large dancey stick at. Look out for me if you catch any on tv! I’m planning to wear my 1960s Oranje shirt for pretty much the duration.

    The Jerry Dammers group is very much a ‘poor man’s Sun Ra’ – so should be quite good!

  160. yogi

    Ah. That would make sense.

    I’m a bit embarassed.

  161. How some of you make a direct link between a disjointed, rudderless French side on the back end of a major fiasco, and 3 of its Arsenal players in a club side with 25 different players, ethos, schedule and virtually everything else, save the football is also round, is beyond me. Credulity has been stretched into warp drive.

  162. ZimPaul

    I agree…. I’m just worried about a confidence knock on effect.

  163. I suspect Caprice Evra has played his last game for France. I’m glad none of our players behaved so badly that they had to be left out of the team. It’s a shame that Anelka, Evra, and others had to spoil the competition for those who wanted to play.

  164. *

  165. Haha Deano, was simply trying to Highlight what I thought was poor defending. Btw I’ve got no problem with the boys, just though they could and should have done better on that goal.

  166. Zimpaul:

    “How some of you make a direct link between a disjointed, rudderless French side on the back end of a major fiasco, and 3 of its Arsenal players in a club side with 25 different players, ethos, schedule and virtually everything else, save the football is also round, is beyond me. Credulity has been stretched into warp drive.”

    Well said. It’s not like France went into this game with any will to play in the second round. Half the squad was already back home when the leaders of the team decided to throw their toys out of the pram. To single out Clichy, Diaby and Sagna is just mean spirited. Diaby was France’s player of the match against Uruguay. Sagna has had a good WC thus far and Clichy hasn’t been as poor as Evra. But, hey, since their ours, let’s lay into them because they can do with some negative re-enforcement. Just ask Eboue how well that went for him. Pieces of shit.

  167. How long before Maturks (Howard) comes on saying, “cheating Frenchie’s are out”.

  168. And how fast do we tell him to “F*ck Off”?

  169. Quite possibly quicker than I get to spam him…

  170. Great team-work YW 🙂 we got him covered.

    I feel bad for Diaby & Clichy since this was their first real experience with the World Cup and all this happens. I hope they will have a much better experience next time.

  171. Shit show by France. Totally outrageous. Lets see how long this whole fiasco takes to heal.

    Im guessing a new manager and about a generation of players.

  172. Come on Nigeria, damn it! and Greece.

  173. I’m surprised to see David Villa playing for Greece tonight.

  174. Possible World Cup headline courtesy of Phill Jupitus on Twitter

    In light of Greek’s restrictive style of play: “BEWARE OF GREEKS – BORING GITS”

  175. “ZimPaul on June 22, 2010 at 5:06 pm”

    Because it is a knee-jerk reaction of the doomers. Somehow everything is the fault of Arsenal and Arsene Wenger?

    Good one YW @ 7.47 pm – thanks for sharing.

  176. David Villa isn’t playing so well tonight, but Ali G is doing okay in midfield for Argentina.

  177. Bloke walks into a brothel and says….”i’m a bit kinky, how much for total humiliation?”

    The madam replies £37.50.

    He replies..”WOW” what do i get for that?”

    She says ” a fukin england top!!”.

  178. I wonder what the equivalent in a French brothel?

  179. Five euros will get you a France shirt with Anelka written across the back. If you can’t afford that, go for the signed version at only 2 euros.

  180. I liked Maradona’s reaction to Palermo’s goal.

  181. Any truth in the rumours Fabregas has signed a deal to take over from flamini as the face of clothing giant Bench.

  182. I too have renewed my season ticket BUT it’s clear to everyone that we will not be able to fill the expensive seats season in or out without trophies. Our best player is leaving because of our failure and other players – Clichy and Arshavin for example – are likely to follow. To els and CG and mingus … I’d say that this can’t lead to a settled team because we’ll always be replacing key players who want to go elsewhere to win things. Money in the bank doesn’t attract players – TROPHIES do.
    F.F.S. wenger, get your act together.

  183. cheating frenchies are out! now arsenal’s turn to flunk it : )

  184. How man chances did Nigeria want to get to win the match. Furtermore why didnt they play the way they did in the second half at the beginning of the Tournament?

    Teams have been their worst enemies by being way too cautious.

    Hope Ghana can get it done, it would terrible if not one African nation went through to the next round.

  185. Oh look a new ID but the same shit.

  186. many that is

  187. I don’t think this is Howard, but to be safe…

    F*ck Off Howard.

  188. I am impressed, Arsnik. Didn’t know you had the second sight! Now, you say Arshavin, Clichy and “our best player” are leaving? Now the first two are clear no’s, but if you think that Silvestre is our best player, you might actually have one right out of three. Most impressive!

  189. Domonech is a joker, he wouldnt even shake hands with South Africa’s manager! was he at fault for the French situation also?

  190. Today was a victory for positive attacking football and a miserable loss for Mourinho’s TBOF.
    Long may it continue!

  191. Palermo scoring is another masterstroke by Maradona.

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