Bendtner Sings The Song & Transfer Talk

Bit of a late start this Father’s Day as No2 Son has just done his blue belt grading at karate, in the local sports centre. For those of a certain age, it was like watching 200 Tiny Pops do a rework of Adam and the Ants  ‘Prince Charming’ video.

As the stakes became higher, the shackles were loosened and whilst the quality of defensive work – or lack of it – contributed, Cameroon and Denmark served up the match of the World Cup so far. The Africans will feel aggrieved on the basis of that performance that they are on the first flight out of South Africa following their clash with the Netherlands this week but that merely proves their ineptitude against Japan.

The two Arsenal players on show had good games. Bendtner showed little sign of his groin injury, leading the line well from the central position. Scoring a goal would have done his confidence wonders and the assist with the winner will not have harmed either. His movement across the pitch though was outstanding.

Song made a slip or two, one that should have been punished but I suspect that Alex’s heart returned to its normal position rather than being in his mouth, when he saw that Tomasson was the lucky recipient and the ball duly ended up in the crowd as Jorgensen wasted the opportunity from the rebound.

Bendtner is apparently a doubt for their final group game, a match that Simon Kjaer will miss as well. The centre back’s distribution, particularly for the first goal, was excellent and it is not hard to see why he is the subject of transfer speculation this window.

In the other game in that group, the Dutch made hard work of beating a well-organised Japan with another goalkeeper being crossed off the list following Wesley Snider’s effort finding the net via Kawashima’s hand. Benny Hill would have been proud of the comedy dive, arriving too early for the ball and palming it into his own net. Comic genius. Not that his coach would necessarily agree.

On the transfer front, Barcelona’s attempts to negotiate with Arsenal are crumbling around Rosell’s ears with Ibrahimovic telling the club he wants to go to AC Milan. Fed up with waiting for Arsenal to capitulate to their bullying over Cesc, the Catalans now want Gael Clichy but are not confident of getting him either. The Frenchman would do well to look at transfer doubles to Barcelona in the past before he gets too excited, Emmanuel Petit went as a junior partner in the Overmars deal and was treated as such during his time in Spain.

Last Chance To Win A Home Shirt

Arsenal Football Club has kindly donated a new home shirt (to be released on July 29th) to the winner of this question:

Which Arsenal managers have played in the World Cup Finals?

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Good Luck to all who enter.

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. First

  2. Leftpinky = Big brovar….I accidently signed in other one of my many aliases (howard, big brovar, etc) lmao! woop woop. jk

  3. B52 looked good yesterday. If he was british, he’d be starting alongside Boo-ney.

  4. 25-28M for Yaya….that’s a lot of barrels of oil….i wonder if they’d be willing to add that to the 37M they’ve already set aside for Cesc? heck, we should just sell him to city for 125M at this rate. jk! kinda…

  5. Wenger was a guest at one of the arabic channels, analysing the denmark – cameroon game and he talked about kjaer saying that he is a reliable centerback and he also gave hints that he could move for him after the world cup…

  6. Bigbrovar get a life. You’re one boring fellow.

  7. I’m not bigbrovar, that was a joke based on big brovar accidently posting on his “girlfriend’s” account to start the day. Im wondering how many accounts he has on here!

  8. Gooner–what hints did he give?

  9. A bad day for African football. Ghana couldn’t beat 10 man Australia. Quincy once more proving that he wasn’t good enough for Arsenal or Netherlands for that matter either. Cameroon again exhibited the problem with our game – interfering politicians. These idiots who can’t even run a state have the last say in football. Imagine Cameron picking the English coach and you’d understand what we are up against down south.

  10. Apologies leftpinky. The best treatment for bigbrovar is to ignore him.

  11. Ghana isn’t bad, but hard to play at the top level when you lose one of the best players in the world. Hopefully Ivory Coast make it through. Even though Drogba is of chelski, i still think he’s an amazing player, probably the best striker in the world. I’d love to see him knock out the Fake Ronnie.

  12. What do you guys make of Wesley Sneidjer? He’s obviously a top talent, but he’s really selfish on free kicks and anytime he has the ball within 30 yards of goal….he ALWAYS shoots. It was interesting, before his first free kick yesterday, RvP when and talked to him and I think told that there are 7 people in the box who are tired of you shooting the ball 10 yards over the goal.

    I think someone like Samir Nasri actually has more on the ball skill than he does, but he’s really very strong and tough and a tireless worker. What he lacks in the cutting edge pass he makes up for in grit and toughness. Typical Mourinho player.

  13. No offense to supporters of the 4 teams in the first two games but I can hardly wait for Brazil vs Côte d’Ivoire.

    Côte d’Ivoire looked very organized against Portugal and I hope they keep their discipline against Brazil.

    I normally support Brazil but I’m not a Dunga fan and he left out Ronaldinho.

  14. @ Left Pinky

    Sneidjer has a better shot than Nasri and keeps the ball better.
    I think their passing is about the same but Nasri is willing to take on his man rather than pass…my 2 cents.

  15. Sneidjer isn’t really willing to take anyone on, you’re right…and his shot is very strong, but he tends to shoot too much. I noticed this at Euro 08 when the dutch were down a goal and he just kept shooting whenever he got the ball within sight of the goal. Before the WC, I was a big fan of both him and Van der waart, but it seems like neither one of those guys are better than anyone we currently have. Sneidjer would def. add a lot in terms of toughness, but he’s such a selfish player, it’s hard to see someone like that fitting in at Arsenal (not that Inter would sell or Arsene would buy him seeing as how he and RvP don’t talk).

  16. I am so surprised at the Americans and I think they are a good bet to make the next round. They are delightful to watch. Donovan’s value has not been hurt.

  17. Donovon is pretty good, isn’t he? He seems like the only player at the WC who can control the ball. His crosses are excellent and seldom overshoot the target.

    I wonder how much Jozy is going to grow over the coming years? He’s tailor made for the PL with his size and strength.

  18. two owls

    wait until they play algeria and we will see how good the yanks are.

  19. Leftpinky

    Not too sure that is right. Sneijder is different to the ‘dribbling’ style of midfielder we have. He closer to say David Platt in terms of play than to Rosicky / Arshavin / Nasri. Perhaps that is the difference Arsene would look for if he was to sign another midfielder


  20. He is different in many ways, much tougher and stronger than anyone we have, which is a great. He’s kinda like Cesc in that he tends to go back and get the ball from the back. Very good player indeed, but a bit selfish. I didn’t watch Platt, so can’t comment.

  21. For fuck sake. This stadium is more than half empty. Give the tickets away… throw in a vuvu FOC. Is that so hard? Building the fuckers is the hard part… now they can’t get people in to watch the games. Fuck up.

    Lovely goal from Paraguay. South America has really represented this World Cup. Europe has gone off like a damp squib, inhibited by trumped-up expectations. The Asian nations have shown great industry, applied themselves very well and deserve the good results they’ve got. I expected more from Africa who have been very disappointing overrall. The Ivory Coast, who I usually find as lazy and arrogant as England, played well last time out. Maybe they can give Brazil a game this evening. Hope so. North America – damp squib but without the expectation.

  22. We get to see Federico Marchetti in action later. Oh no wait… he’s in goal against New Zealand. Best try and catch him in the warm up then.

    Hope Claudio Marchisio plays. The De Rossi of Turin.

  23. There are three separate factions in the Cameroon camp at the moment: those who back Le Guen, those who back Eto’o and the old guard that believes former captain Rigobert Song should never have been stripped of the captaincy. Alex Song, Rigobert’s nephew, is alleged to have aligned himself so strongly with the last group that his omission is now being seen as a political rather than a sporting decision. Alex Song stayed behind in training with the first team on Wednesday night and is expected to start Cameroon’s must-win match against Denmark on Saturday.

    Read more:

  24. Steve Bruce is fast becoming the Manuel Pellegrini of Tyne and Wear. Da Silva, Barrios, Riveros… It’s like Little Paraguay up there.

  25. Oxo are introducing a new white oxo cube with a red cross on it in support of the england team…’s called the laughing stock!!!

  26. LA

    That is Fifa’s obsession with money – tickets are priced too expensively for the local populace. Selling tickets to the World beforehand is risky. They should not put them on sale until the draw is made and then people will buy for the groups they want rather than potluck and leaving stadia half-empty.

    Fifa will argue that they cannot give them away now as they have sold them. Typical pigs ear.


  27. Paraguay vs Slovakia was a big let down from the previous game.

  28. Maybe that would be an idea. To avoid empty stadiums: people either come to the matches on time or their seats are redistributed freely for that match to somebody else who might be waiting outside.

  29. GAME ON!!

  30. NZ 1 – 0 ITA

    If only this was the final score.

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  32. And Nasri is younger and should improve a lot

  33. Sorry. That was for leftpinky’s comment from 1:10pm

  34. Bigbrovar my beef with you is you don’t talk football. Posting “first” then saying nothing, not even commenting on yogi’s article is annoying. Indeed I once recommended your expulsion if you didn’t change. Yogi clearly didn’t agree with me!

  35. Aint nothing wrong with posting first.

  36. KG

    There are bigger problems in life than worrying about who posts first. Let’s face it, if BB is happy – and he seems to be – what harm is he actually doing?


  37. Taking it all a bit too seriously KG!?

    I admit I find the urge to post ‘first’ on the comments a little bizarre and juvenile (no offence meant BB) but it really doesn’t bother me that other people do it for kicks.

    Go easy eh (if only for your own blood pressure).


  38. I wouldn’t argue with you Yogi since I love your blog and you clearly have a higher level of tolerance than I do. That’s probably you have a blog and I don’t. Just love the fellows who talk football – which you do.

  39. And by the way I have posted twice a couple of times. But its the football talk where I get my kicks!

  40. Amazing achievement by New Zealand! I only saw the second half, but there was some great defending without being overly negative. I’m sure most of those players will never play at that level again in their lives!

  41. Johnny funny you should mention but my family does have a history of high blood pressure!

  42. Pleased for New Zealand, that’ll be a boost for football over there.

  43. Good luck, Manu.

  44. Im smelling game of the World Cup tonight.

  45. *

  46. Think the Kiwis should the Oceania federation for the Asian one. Would be interesting to see their teams in the Asian champions league. Also think they are too big for Oceania now!

  47. Spare a thought for poor old Poliziano, he must be feeling as depressed as the England supporters were on Friday night!

  48. Passenal,

    Naaah, he’s used to it!


  49. Well, well the divisions in French society have arrived unceremoniously on the World Cup stage. The imposition of an unpopular Gallic coach, who would have long been sacked by any other big European team (check Italy, Netherlands and England after Euro 2010), on a team comprised of descendants of migrants from former French colonies and overseas Departments has inevitably led to conflicts and strifes now exploding in the stress of the biggest global sports event. Making Anelka the scapegoat for the failures of the French team by leaking of dressing room dirty linen to the media and his summary trial and conviction by the media must have been too much for a usually image-conscious, risk-averse group of high profile professional footballers to stomach.
    ….To paraphrase Malcolm X, the chickens have truly come home to roost.

  50. By the way, that New Zealand goalkeeper is very interesting. He showed nerves of steel. My Man of the Match.

  51. Nasri not going joining the French team is a BLESSING….believe me….
    Today row at training ground and the team refused to train.

  52. I dread their next game. It could be embarrassing especially as they have nothing other than pride to play for. Can they find the internal professional resources to do the job, or will they let themselves down totally? They need to forget about themselves and remember the people they are representing.

  53. Shotta the French problem looks more like the slump that comes after the demise of a legend. Like Brazil after Pele, Netherlands after Cruff, Argentina after Maradona and now France after Zidane. At club level its like us after Henry.

  54. shotta-gunna

    Interesting perspective, are you from France or any of it’s dependencies? The composition of the French National Football team has intrigued me. I saw Viera captioned on a world cup TV event as being from Senegal which I think is where he was born. Does he consider himself french?

    Have their ever been any incidents in France similar to Totti/Balotelli?

  55. I don’t think immigration is the problem. In fact it has been a boon for the French national team. Right from the “Italians” like Platini and Cantona just to name the most famous of the older generation.

  56. Nasri def. lucked out by not being called up. It sucks not going to a world cup, but by being left out, the new manager can leave his mark by playing him more.

    Viera does consider himself French. Drogba, actually, I’d imagine, if he woulda been better when he was a kid, and if he woulda been called up, probably would have played for the French team since he lived in France since he was 10 or so.

    Imagine that 2006 WC team with Drogba on it.

  57. Droba actually lived in France since he was five, except a shirt period when he went back to the IC

  58. vieira left senegal at the age of seven.france won the world cup and europeen championship thanks to an algerian,algerians are hated in france,so i`m glad to see the collapse of les bleus.come algeria.

  59. Well they should not have announced the succesor till after the WC…. u sure that is not affecting the coaches “performance” And I use the word loosely cos i have hardly seen anything t be impressed about in Domenech, but still, not too sure it was wise/

    And also Evra as Captain? Is he that in control of the team? I wonder

  60. i always did think that Platini and Flamini sounded more italian than french!

  61. And Djorkaeff is French Armenian. Valbuena is Franco Iberian. The French team is generally an exotic lot.

  62. Lets hope Brazil vs Côte d’Ivoire lives up to expectations.

  63. I agree TS – knowing he was going and who was replacing him may well have contributed to the lack of committment manifest on the pitch. Also Evra was a poor choice of captain as he is seems like a hot head who lacks the diplomacy skills needed in such a position. I could never see him uniting a divided dressing room, causing the divisions on the other hand …

  64. “Lets hope Brazil vs Côte d’Ivoire lives up to expectations.”

    As long as Eboue is playing, after all we’ve only come to see him!

  65. Nice freekick by Eboue! Didn’t knew he could do that.

  66. karim stop talking bollux thanks.First the world cup was not won because of zidane.france won the world cup because of the amazing back four (Lizarazu/Desaiily/Blanc/thuram help by deschamp/petit and in goal barthez)The defence won france the world cup with Thuram and Petit probably the best player.
    Zidane was amazing in euro 02 thats true thank to a more attacking france.
    As for the french hate the algerian,what about algerian hate the french too.The only divide in france is his people and the people in charge like in britain.Just make worst by the media

  67. You only have to give Brazil the slightest sight of goal and they are in! Lovely finish by Fabiano.

  68. Lordgunner I fully agree.

  69. Lordgunner not on zizou who was central to France’s wc win but on the people and the media.

  70. Our commentators keep claiming that the whole of Africa is behind the Cote D’Ivoire. That isn’t true as Brazil has a cult following down here. Indeed the majority are for CDI but Brazil has it’s supporters and the majority will be back tomorrow as no one seriously expects an African team to win the WC!

  71. Yes Passenal excellent goal.

  72. Eboue has been playing well. He’s not overawed by the Brazilians and he is willing to have a go.

  73. Fabiano – one goal per chance. Clinical.

  74. Great goal.

  75. Fabiano’s on a roll now!

  76. They’re like a cobra. They strike out of nowhere, swift and deadly.

  77. Rolling down his arm presumably!

  78. Come on, Eboue’s team.

  79. Somebody should tell Cote D’Ivoire that it’s not only Drogba who’s allowed in the box.

  80. Brilliant.

  81. This is getting embarassing.

  82. I feel for the Ivory Coast now, I hope they at least get a goal back.

  83. Come on Eboue. Hope that’s not a broken leg for Elano.

  84. Poor guy. You know, I was starting to wonder if it only happened to Arsenal players.

  85. How is that a bad tackle? Surely the Ivory Coast player was just going for the ball and Elano’s sliding tackle just put him in the wrong place at the wrong time?

  86. I can’t believe Sven replaced Eboue, he was the only IC player running at Brazil and trying to get behind their defenders.

  87. Now, that was a bad tackle!

  88. The first half was quite dull, but now…!

  89. Good on you, IC!

  90. I thought he was offside?

  91. Clearly not. Well done IC, shame it had to be Drogba scoring, but who else could score for them?

  92. Can’t bring myself to say Good on you, Drogba.

    Pearce and Lawrenson are barking mad. It was Elano tackling, not the other way around!

  93. Brazil are channelling Arsenal, crusing and then switch off to allow the opposition a consolation goal to give them hope with minutes to go. Let’s hope the don’t go for the full collapse!

  94. Great run by Gervinho leading to that goal.

  95. Well, he’s got a Brazilian nickname, so he had to show them what he’s got!

  96. Come on Fabiano, don’t let yourself down after your good play earlier.

  97. This is so unedifying.

  98. How stupid can you get? What was the point of that Kaka?

  99. Keita should be sent off as well

  100. It was ridiculous that Keita held his face, but Kaka definitely elbowed him deliberately, despite what the commentators are saying.

  101. Silly by Kaka and Brazil may play spain in the round of 16

  102. Seriously, FG? To me it looked like Kaka was protecting himself.

  103. I don’t know about elbowed, but he certainly blocked him deliberately. The dramatic fall and holding of the face was completely uneccessary as well.

  104. These are the times when I almost wish there were no replays – the nasty fouls, the diving, the face-holding and shirt-pulling are depressing to watch.

  105. Even “blocked” is too much. That was never even a foul.

  106. Such a shame for the game to end that way. Kaka had better ask Jesus for forgiveness, because the master would not approve of that kind of behaviour.

  107. OOU – yeah, definitely. Absolutely no excuse for Keita to collapse like that, though. Very cynical from both players.

  108. Definitely an elbow, I meant, OOU.

  109. Seriously? Come on now…it’s just instinct to lift your arm if someone’s about to run into you at full speed.

  110. So are we going to witness the lynching of Fabiano for the handball? No?

  111. Didn’t look like that to me. It was just in keeping with the niggly, ill-tempered tone that the game had taken.

  112. And it was all in the corner of Kaka’s eye as well.

    I mean. Kaka got sent off for that, and Tiote stayed on the pitch for a studs up, over the ball tackle.

  113. ^That was to you OOU.

  114. Anyway, Brazil looked fantastic when they started playing.

  115. OK. I now agree with you, OOU.

  116. No, I thought I was losing it for in a minute! Two of the people with whom I was watching the match said it should have been red, so I wanted to make sure I was going nuts.

    Obviously, I don’t trust Mark Lawrenson’s take.

  117. wasn’t going nuts…

    Damn you blood, why won’t you wash off?!

  118. Brazil was the better team but do they need to resort to gamesmanship? They were rolling around from the beginning looking for yellow cards. Dunga’s antics every time one of his players was tackled didn’t help matters. In the 2nd half Sven must have told his players to be more aggressive and it I must say there were some bad tackles by IC. But what do the Brazillians expect? For the IC to just roll over and have their belly’s tickled?

    Again I say Brazil was the superior team. But it is tough when they get all the breaks. For heavens sake Luis Fabiano handled the ball twice in the second goal.

  119. @ OOU

    “…don’t trust Mark Lawrenson’s take”

    A good maxim to live by.

  120. What a disgrace.

  121. I think the referee over reacted because of the reaction of the IC players. It was stupid by Kaka, but compared to some tackles, which have gone unpunished, it was a stupid reason to get sent off. I don’t think it was overly violent and knowing that FIFA want the best players on the pitch, I’m sure he’ll only miss one match. Surely Brazil can manage without him for one match given their resources?

  122. Shotta

    It is rebarbative to watch, but sadly nearly all the teams do it.

  123. Keita should be banned for that.

  124. Elano in particular got a big break.

  125. Passenal – Brazil is already through to the 2nd round. They are superior team to all but 2or 3 at this world cup. They need no extra help from FIFA or the refs. How come the ref was asking Luis Fabiano if he handled or chested the ball for the 2nd goal after he had already pointed to the center circle?

  126. How did he handle the ball? His hand was not involved at all. Is controlling the ball with your shoulder handball? If so, Carlos Vela handled the ball when he controlled Gibbs’ pass for the chipped goal against Sheffield Utd in the CC game a couple of seasons ago. Hand ball is clearly a misnomer and should be called arm ball if it also includes the upper as well as the lower arm. After all, in the heat of the moment, where does the shoulder end and the upper arm begin?

  127. I’m no anatomist, but I’ve never thought that the forearm is part of the shoulder.

  128. Passenal – Go see the replays. He handled the ball, not one but twice before shooting.

  129. When did the ref ask Fabiano if he handled the ball? I saw it on TV but I have no time line.

  130. shotta-gunna, I’m not suggesting that Brazil should be given extra assistance, as they should be and probably are good enough to do what they need to do on their own. But we all know FIFA have their favourites and will do what they can to help them out. If the referee was really asking Fabiano that question, what was the point? He’s hardly going to say ‘fair cop ref, I handled the ball, please cancel the goal’. Maybe the referee wasn’t 100% certain, but he gave the benefit of the doubt to the attacking team. He has to go with his decision once it is made. Maybe it affected his decisions later in the match, who knows? But ultimately, I’m sure Brazil would have won the game regardless. It’s just a shame to see it marred by such unseemly behaviour from both sides at the end.

  131. shotta-gunna

    I also saw the replays 1st on the lower arm and then a 2nd time deliberately to control it.

  132. PZ, we all know that, but during the course of the game without the benefit of slow-motion replay, how is the referee supposed to see the difference? is the point I’m making.

  133. I’m obviously not keeping my footballing hatreds up to date.

  134. What was the point of the shoulder comment, then?

  135. The point is that the referee does not have time to analyse the difference between the shoulder and the upper arm during the course of play. He makes a decision and the replays show whether he was right or wrong. Anyway, this is a pointless conversation because at the end of the day, our opinions are meaningless. The game is over and the result stands.

  136. There could be a grey area between shoulder and upper arm. Even if Fabiano’s second handball fell into that category, his first, which was with the forearm, certainly didn’t.

  137. sad to see kaka get sent off for standing his ground and some hideous play acting from Keita, Keita may have made it more difficult for the IC to qualify as it should allow portugal to have a greater chance now to get a result against brazil..

  138. Handball includes the arm. It was not his shoulder. However the Aussie player who got the red card…..

  139. 1 loose cannon

    The ref gave the goal then went to Fabiano and asked him if it was shoulder or chest, fabiano pointed to his chest the ref did not buy it he just smiled. So the ref must have seen one of the hand balls, why did he give it? Regardless of the score line Brazil have lots of weaknesses at the back, Mr Hansen said Brazil were struggling in the last 15 because they were bored. What a stupid comment. I’m no expert but I saw from both games they played, they conceded late. They seem to drop off physically a bit a the end, the introduction of Girvinho’s pace caused them all sort of problems. The other thing that disappointed me about the Brazilians is their antics rolling on the floor Fabiano was pathetic, The Ivorians decided to give them a taste of their own medicine and Keita made sure Kaka got sent off, It was harsh sending of but they asked for it.

  140. That’s a very improbable interpretation, 1 loose cannon. Isn’t it more likely that the referee was explaining that he couldn’t tell which part of the body Fabiano used to control the ball?

  141. 1 loose cannon

    Poli,Ok lets say the ref wasn’t sure, in that case why give it then ask afterwards, he should’ve at least ask his assistant then make the decision. Also he did not see the Kaka incident he just decide to give him a yellow card because of the fans and ivorian players reaction. I thought the ref was poor.

  142. I think he got both those decisions wrong; but I don’t think he is corrupt.

  143. 1 loose cannon

    Apparently Blackburn is after Gilberto, I would not mind having him back as a cover, he looks like he can still hack it.

  144. This new air of honesty between the ref and players is delightfully refreshing. We really should do away with these elaborate plans for replays and extra officials when all we need do is ask the player himself. This ref may be unpopular now but in 20 years time he will be remembered as a revolutionary. haters gonna hate

  145. It was heartfelt to watch Eboue, Kolo and Gilberto shaking hands with eachother.

    That second goal killed Cote d’Ivoire. Thta was a cynical hand ball. That killed the game. The Brazilians resorted to dirty play. I’m glad Kaka was sent off.

    Eboue was magnificent. Best player on the pitch in the first 45. Too bad they have a fucking Swedish coach.

    No nation will ever win with a foreign coach.

  146. What a Night Friday was!!!!

    123 viva l’algerie 4 EVER

  147. Passenal doesn’t believe in fair play.

  148. No matter what dirty tactics some Brazil players may have used Gilberto was still a class act.

  149. I had to leave after my last post but I agree with Passenal that none of our wailing and lamentation will change the results. The history books will say Brazil 3 – DIC 1. But for the good of the game and this world cup, from Dunga down to the players, stop the gamesmanship and playacting. See where it got Kaka and he was my Man of the Match.

  150. The diference between Ghana, Algeria, SA and Cote D’Ivoire, Cameroon, Nigeria is striking; the latter can play superb football, have supreme players but little team ethic, and literally crumble at the first sign of adversity; the former have few if any big stars, but a real sense of excitement and history in performing for their country, and so have a ‘nothing to lose’ attitude.

    Africa has generally not over-fulfilled, but nor has it taken a backward step. The problem as always is that their players play abroad, not in Africa, and money talks. Ghana still looks the business, but credit to Australia who are almost likeable for their guts and glory approach when they are not arrogant bastard world-beaters (as in cricket).

    The most underrated side at the WC is USA. The French make me laugh. The English make me laugh even harder. I’ve decided I like Paraguay, and so add them to my pot of teams, who have performed quite well – Ghana, USA, Holland.

    I love that Kiwi keeper, and hell it even rolls of the tongue – kiwi keeper, kiwi keeper.

    Germany and Italy are godamn boring, and I can’t shake the idea that the haircuts of the Italian players and the steely look in their eye makes them all look like Mussolini posters.

    The WC itself is big ‘time to go to bed’ yawn. Next time they should hold it in Africa.

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