New Defender Coming In As England Get World Cup Nerves

Arsene spoke yesterday in the usual vague terms about the transfer activity but held out the branch of hope to many with the promise of a defensive signing before the end of the World Cup. Thankfully, he is not basing his decision on performances thus far in South Africa because no-one who has been linked has passed their audition.

Some, such as Joe Cole, have yet to be given their starring role. Others, notably goalkeepers, have fluffed their lines, even with the help of an autocue. Wenger noted:

No, we are not close at the moment. We are quiet. But there will be something happening before the end of the World Cup – certainly on the defensive side.

I would be interested in his definition of the word ‘close’. To be that confident of confirming a new signing in the next fortnight would be pretty much as near to close as you can get, at least to this layman’s eyes. The suggestion is it will be a new player which unless it someone who is playing for a nation facing a first round exit, will be one who is not in South Africa.

Favourite would be Laurent Koscielny but this morning the suggestion is that Federico Marchetti, Calgiari’s goalkeeper, is a target for the Arsenal cheque book. The central defender spoke of his desire to join Arsenal earlier this week, his Mr20% ensuring that the details of a private telephone conversation were leaked to the press.

Other suggestions recently have been Vertonghen of Ajax, a Belgian international who was Vermaelen’s parter in the national team before moving into midfield although van Buyten of Bayern would a surprising, if welcome, signing. Gone are the days when someone comes from the ‘left field’ as a signing but perhaps Arsene is throwing us a morsel to prepare for exactly that.

Who knows, perhaps it is William Gallas or Sol Campbell, however unlikely they seem. Relief will be felt by the fact that if we don’t want to compete with Gallas’ wage demands, the £4m on offer in the Middle East ought to be enough to deter Arsene from re-signing Mikael Silvestre.

And so to the World Cup, a day when the ‘big’ nations were humbled. Germany fell to Serbia, missing a penalty and finding that the card happy referee liked red only marginally less than yellow. England meanwhile left the stadium to some well-deserved grief, a performance so mindnumbing that I find it hard to believe that any of those who played have ever won any honours. They must be carried by their clubmates a hell of a lot of the time.

This is not acceptable and thankfully no serious harm was done

No, not Capello on the England performance but an FA suit on an apparent breach of security which enabled an England supporter to get into the dressing room last night and attempt to remonstrate with the England squad who were left shaken apparently. That ought to be nothing compared to how they felt after Capello finished with them.

Resorting to type for both manager and players has failed. It is time to dispense with aimless, percentage passes and start to treat the ball as a friend rather than an enemy. Heskey has to go from the side, irrespective of how much L’il Wayne might like to play alongside him. England’s best chances have fallen to a player who cannot score internationally. For the next match, Crouch should be recalled simply because this is the sort of opposition against who he has previously thrived. Were Slovenia any better, I would play Defoe.

But midfield is crucial. Lennon has failed, Wright-Phillips no better. If Theo Walcott is genuinely poorer than those two, he has a lot of work to do. But he is not, Capello was seduced by the training ground rather than the competitive matches at this level. Frankly, he has no option but to bring in Cole on the left and switch  Gerrard to the right or rather better, have a holding midfielder and three more attacking ones, to support Rooney and Crouch.

To qualify for the next round, England must avoid defeat and score two more goals than USA! USA! USA! to force the drawing of lots.  That presumes that the USA! USA! USA! and Algeria draw. Realistically, England must win by two goals to top the group although Germany’s defeat against Serbia makes that a dubious reward.

The results have matched the initial group phase in 1990; the performances match those of 1986. If England are to match either of those squads in reaching the quarter-finals or beyond, those with the big reputations have got to step up and produce. I am unconvinced that they are able to do so.

’til Tomorrow

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  1. fyi tope is bigbrovar.. am logged in with my girlfriend’s account

  2. 9ja 3rd.

  3. So capello replaces like for like. bloody great tactical stuff. capello has cost us these games. i blame the fa. lets at least fail with an englishman in charge.

  4. Poor poor performance from England….
    For those who follow equally poor France and read some french this morning’s L’Equipe is absolutely unbelievable and worth a read !

  5. Duke, at the last Euro qualifiers we failed with an Englishman in charge. Mostly with the same crap players to.

  6. I can smell three draws for England this campaign.

  7. Tokala please translate… LOL

  8. Fundamental problem: English football is based on grit and “getting in amongst them” and “not letting them play”. You cannot win tournaments like that. You may beat Arsenal, and ridicule him, but he is England’s last hope so you’d better treasure him. He alone is teaching English youngsters to play football. In 4 years’ time, Gibbs, JET, Eastmond, Wilshire, Lansbury, Afobe, etc. will carry England, IF THEY ARE SELECTED instead of rrubbish like Crouch, Heskey, Lennon, Milner, Carragher, etc. Football is based on passing, control, dribbling, runs off the ball, etc. which English players seem to know nothing about.

  9. Didn’t expect England to do well in the world cup but I didn’t expect them to do this badly. I’d expected them to white wash Algeria, something like 4-0! I believe they can beat Slovenia – but I also believed they would beat the USA as well. They may still qualify for the second stage but the sad fact is that the team is rubbish. Must be down to the model of their youth football, not producing talented players. As for all those funny people who rated Rooney at Messi’s level – they’ve been exposed. Can’t expect Rooney to perform without the kind of players he has at manure. Would Theo have made a difference? Doubt it, and his lucky that he is absent from another disgraceful performance!


    Wonder if the BAD KARMA is gonna come back and bit England at the worst time!

  11. OMG why is Capello so afraid of deviating from 442?

    The majority of the payers would welcome a change to 433

  12. Apologies to all decent England fans, but the English media are getting what they deserve for their xenophobia and racist leanings, plus their jelous hatred of Arsenal.

    The problem is that the English media think that the England team are better than requiring Heskey.

    The problem is, they’re not.

  13. I think we need more English Grit and Passion as there are too many French Players in our national team who don’t like it up ’em.
    These Johnny Foreigners are ruining our National Team!!!
    We need more English Players in the English National Team

    We certainly expect it to be Arsenal and Arsene’s fault should the National team fail as expected.

    For the National team to succeed, there needs to be emphasis on Technics above brute force n physicality from an early age.

  14. “the £4m on offer in the Middle East ought to be enough to deter Arsene from re-signing Mikael Silvestre”.

    Have I understood this correctly, there is a 4mil offer for Silvestre?

  15. London

    That’s the salary he’s been offered in Abu Dhabi. He’s already out of contract.


  16. TeamSpirit :

    In short, l’Equipe gives some details about the great team spirit within the french team on the day of the 2-0 defeat against Mexico:
    1/ The (idiotic) coach Domenech asks Anelka to play more as a CF at half time; “Go f… yourself you son of a whore” is Nicolas’ cultured response. He is then substituted by Gignac. All players shocked in the dressing room…
    2/ After the game our own Willy Gallas gives a finger to the TF1 journalist asking for a reaction
    3/ Poor Gourcuff, being interviewed, looking scared as a rabbit when schoolyard bully Ribery & Anelka pass by (they allegedly got “his head” as he was taken off the team)….
    All nice stuff…

  17. It is very strange that the cries for Arsenal to sign more English players have disappeared. Maybe Wenger knows better than the fans and media after all!

  18. Robin Van Persie is about to make everything much, much better.

  19. Good point Marc. The solution lies in creating good english players – as LB noted – rather than buying what doesn’t exist. Like Ashley Cole who remains the top product from our academy. Pity we have a gap between him and the Kieran Gibbs generation!

  20. Pls all Arsenal fans shout out for Arsene wenger to buy Nigerian Goalkeeper vincent Enyeama and chile forward sanchez both are great

  21. Marchetti, Vertonghen, van Buyten, Juan Mata… maybe it’s all bullsh*t but at least it’s the right kind of bullsh*t. Bullsh*t I can get behind.

    Last summer’s weekly Lee Cattermole links really got me down.

  22. The Japanese are full of running and quick to close the ball down. Surely they can’t run all day. If the Dutch stay patient they can pass them into submission, stretch the play and tire them out. I think it could end 4-0. RVP to score first.

    …oh… he seems to have taken a chunk out of someone’s face.

  23. its funny that theres so much hype about the unused joe cole.. Yes he does have better technique than most English players but in reality alot of players have better technique than most English players..

    Arsenal have Arshavin Rosicky Nas and Dudu who are all better than him in his prospective position but patriotism does well to mask this..

  24. 0-0 written all over this bastard.

  25. Theo should be so glad he is not there. He would have been made scapegoat for bad preformance as usual. Now nobody is lable that and that has to be good for the team.

  26. “well-deserved grief”, YW?

    I’m with fat Wayne on this one. You don’t boo. We were fucking woeful, scared, no imagination, no guts, no hope, no nothing – not even the basics. But if an England fan doesn’t know that about these players already, was somehow surprised by that performance – then they’ve been fucking kidding themselves.

    We all know we’re shit. Now the rest of the world knows we’re shit. It’s embarrassing, but you don’t boo.

    Yes you’ve paid your money to get to South Africa, but so has every other fucker. It’s just as counter-productive out there as it is at the Emirates.

    Booed by your own fans in the World Cup… humiliated in the papers with pre-prepared headlines… ready sharpened knives. We delight in publicly cutting the throats of our fatted calves. Is it any wonder they play like scared schoolboys when that’s exactly how we treat them? Leaning over them with a cane.

    The ball was being passed like a buck last night, possession like a weight around each player’s neck. Petrified by the fear of fucking up.

    We can’t let it happen to the next generation. Players need to be able to play with the freedom to express themselves.

  27. Limpar it’s like BL, remember the British carmaker? I remember the British being told to buy their national marque, Princess Diana even replaced her Renault 5 for BL’s Metro. But the product sucked. The fans did boo the team cause their english. It was the product they were boing. And I can sympathise with them. England has the potential to produce great football and the fans know that and that’s why they are frustrated. If they didn’t show their frustration the FA and the likes of Rooney would continue their lethargy.

  28. Oh well.

    In other news, the Guardian seem to think that Alex Song will start tonight.

  29. Another goalkeeper for Wenger not to sign

  30. Good old Jabulani.

  31. Jabulani and Owen Goal are the standout players of the tournament so far.

  32. Anyone know whether Rooney has a PR team. The fellow has an international following and then uses the F word on tv. He should have apologised to the fans for such a poor match and promised to deliver next time.

  33. RVP set up that Dutch goal but generally speaking he is getting no service.

  34. • Since 1966, only Jay-Jay Okocha (33) has had more shots without scoring than Frank Lampard (31) in the World Cup

  35. “Such was the lack of English threat on Algeria’s goal that a bird settled on the stanchion, admiring the view, even changing ends at the interval, hardly the greatest endorsements of England’s attack.”

  36. Non-vintage stuff, but I’m glad the Dutch won overall.

  37. Passenal – I hope the Dutch are playing within themselves because generally speaking they have been just good, certainly not great. I suspect without Robben they are missing a world class player who can stretch the play and open up spaces for RVP and their gifted midfielders. (Elia is not at that level, not yet anyway.) Robben is one of the few players in the world that demands double coverage and it makes a difference.

  38. Passenal – The Japanese played well and didn’t make it easy for the Netherlands. I am not a fan of Mourinho’s 2 banks of four (TBOF) but again the Japanese used it effectively to stifle the Dutch.

  39. Paulie Walnuts

    So, Wayne is knocking the England fans for being disloyal. This is Wayne ‘Loyal – once a blue always a blue’ Rooney. mmm. OK.

    If he’d forked out about a third of his annual salary in the expectation of a bit of value for money and not got I wonder if he’d feel peeved ?

    I wonder what a third of his salary is ? Over £3m I reckon. So, if he’d paid £1m for a holiday of a lifetime, the accomodation was fine, the food was fine, the company was fine but every main course in the restaurant was lukewarm, little effort had been made by the cooks, the wait staff didn’t have a clue what they were doing and he had to wait hours for all this dreadful fare only for the head waiter to then be rude to him, I wonder if he’d feel like complaining ?? Probably.

  40. That was just like watching one of Arsenal’s away games against weaker opposition.

    Van Persie tops the assists list with 2 so far.

  41. Excellent analysis PW.

  42. I think i’d rather have had Sol come in then either be up the creek with Dawson or be in the shit with upson. another selection mistake by copello. is he supposed to be an intelectual italian??

  43. Elia and Affelay may not be ‘fully matured’, but they do make for some exciting substitutions.

    If only England had a similar player, more direct, and with pace, who could come on & make a change, who was used to playing against TBOF (tm Shotta-Gunna), or worse.

    My nominations for the final are Holland and Brazil. Not sure if that will be possible, Brazil may have to beat Spain on the way.

  44. < Afellay

  45. That was never a handball, never.

  46. lol Aussies. Come on buddies.

  47. lol great save by kewel..

  48. Wenger:


    I was surprised the England fans booed, I thought they would all be asleep.

  49. Ghana make me think about what Arsenal would be like if the players listened to the crowd and took a shot every time they had the ball!

  50. Ghana, really missed a chance there. I can’t see them going far even if they qualify for the next round as they do not have enough quality up front to finish off their good build up play.

  51. The following exchange has taken place on Twitter.

    Original Tweet by Helen Chamberlain:

    Wayne Rooney “Nice to see your home fans boo you. That’s what royal support is” So Harry & Wills started it eh? Bastards.

    Two responses:

    1. UnitedLatest @HellsBellsy You idiot: he said “Nice to see your OWN fans booing you, that’s LOYAL support

    2. phelangyman @HellsBellsy he said loyal support! Get ur facts right dick head!!

  52. Apparently Rooney has apologised for the ‘things said in the heat of the moment’. Perhaps he could pay for the England fans trips to show how genuinely sorry he is.

  53. The words “thick, short, two and planks”, come to mind.

  54. Or sense of humour by-pass dupsffokcuf!

  55. Chris Waddle has a theory: “They’ve been out there too long. The English are different – we need to let our hair down, have a laugh. The players are bored. You’re out there for too long and you get bored, you get bored and you start picking at biscuits. Biscuits and boredom. That’s the only explanation I can think of…” (said with complete earnestness).

    He’s saying that the England players should be having a drink the night before each game. Again… stoney faced.

  56. The team selection is not balanced and some of the players are just not that good. People can start looking for all sort of excuses but its not like we see any glimpses of good football apart from the ONE goal. The team stinks!

    6 mil a year for a manager that selects players who can cross the best! shouldnt Beckham be on the team then?

    Seriously, I would prefer an older Beckham over most of these players. He is not afraid of the big stage or responsibilty. The guy is a quality player and leader.

  57. I was gutted for Theo not being selected but now I thank god he isn’t mixing with the shit out there. The media would without question have blamed him for all that has occurred or Crapello wouldn’t have played him. Either way it’s a lucky escape.
    Sad thing is the other results in the group suggest they will still qualify. I thought this tournament would take my mind off the close season but it is just as chance to look at the likes of Cole, terry, Rooney and Fat frank some more and that puts me off my tea.
    Heskey? Fuck me. He isn’t good enough to get into the Villa team and no one in the entire Villa team is good enough to get into our reserves so what the fuck is he doing there? Not his fault – he’s only as good as he is but the manager who selected him… Jesus.

  58. arsene should sign madjid bougherra,very good on the ball,tall,and can score goals.come on arsene we need few algerians in the team.well we already have samir nasri

  59. Passenal – On the ball again. I am rooting for Ghana because of ancestral reasons but my heart is in constant war with my brain. Ghana is very good when they have the ball but they are unconvincing in the two critical areas; at he back and upfront. If they don’t address both weaknesses then a loss to Germany could mean a very sad ride back to Accra.

  60. Capello has been exposed as a fraud, who is actually worse than Sven. You could se it in his face last night.

  61. I’m seriously hesitant to say it, but once Beckham was ruled out of the tournament perhaps Bentley should have been given more of a chance by Cappello? Granted he’s a giant cunt but he’s got a much better cross on him than Lennon or SWP. I stand by what I said yesterday, if that team had Campbell and Parker in it then England would be sitting on top of the group.

  62. Karim, I remember noticing him when we played Rangers at the Emirates cup and he would certainly be used to the British style game.

  63. LA, he also commented (straight faced) that the Swiss had turned up and played negatively to deny the wonderful Spain playing their brand of football.

    Umhh, this is the same bloke who constantly slates Arsenal for the way we play (the don’t like it up ’em group). He thinks the world cup is dull and has not come alive for him………

    Utter tw*t. If he wants to back good football better start doing it on a weekly basis and then maybe the England team might stand a chance.

  64. I believe Darren Bent should be in the team also. 3rd in goals in the PL is no fluke, he is a decent striker apart from when he played for the spurs.

  65. Grim, I thought Spains problem was them being distracted by their girlfriends? I heard the fans were very uspet about that.

  66. Penfold tells Le Fuck Off to fuck off.

  67. Paul N, Spain’s catalan players should perhaps focus on football rather than tapping up Cesc Fabregas for their barca paymasters.

  68. WE only got one song!
    Finally the cameroon coach gets it right…playing song and moving etoo to his much preferred central striker role..

    Dont know how fit Bendy really is…but i hope he has a good game!

  69. Song vs Bendtner

  70. @Paul N

    Bent was a good striker at Spurs as well.

    Song and Bendtner on the field

  71. I agree Passenal. they are so obsessed with Cesc, they dont even realize they are not focused.

    Earflow, Bent wasnt as good at spurs as he was with Charlton or Sunderland.

    I wonder why Anelka went off on the French manager?

    Cameroon looking dangerous!

  72. I hope Niklas is genuinely OK to play – hope he’s not injured.

  73. Allegedly because Domenech told him he was playing too deep and needed to play more as a centre forward

  74. Thanks Passenal, I guess it must have been how he said it and not what he said?

  75. Penfold told him he’s a liability who is only in the squad because all the good French strikers are too old. Something like that, anyway.

  76. Well done Niklas!

  77. And Bendy scores, yay!

  78. haha__ apparently Anelka told domenech “go screw yourself, dirty son of a whore”

    Song looking dreamboat finally..

  79. Well played Bendtner

  80. Cameroon and Denmark look evenly matched.

    This game is easy on the eye too.

  81. NB with a brilliant goal!

  82. Cameroon have played some good stuff in this first half earflow and the Danes are not just sitting back either.

  83. Alexi Lalas took a dig at NB prior to the game and look at what the young man produces. The clown wasnt even aware that NB always scores for his national side.

  84. We have a game here!!

  85. WOW, what a match!

  86. Best so far earflow

  87. End to end stuff, there should have been goals at both ends!

  88. Song is doing well, Bendtner is doing well and the match is great to look at, too!

  89. Dunga and Mourinho must be cringing.

  90. That flew past!

  91. Yes it is Paul N

    I hope the second half is just as good.

  92. This Jabulani ball seems to be making the players forget which side they’re on.

  93. Excellent entertainment at last.

  94. I know earflow! There have been errors, but at least both teams are going for it and there has been some lovely passing and entertaining football, which is what you want to see.

  95. I absolutely loathe Alexi Lalas. He tries to speak about the game like he is so damn composed and intelligent but is always completely full of shit.

  96. In a word, he’s American.

  97. Yeah, I am American too, but somehow I think I manage to avoid being such a pretentious prick…

  98. When I said good what I really meant was entertaining.

    Is there any marking going on?

  99. Yay, Bendtner stayed on!

  100. Here we go again.

    These two teams seem to be able to control the ball better.

  101. Song is immense! Can’t wait to see him dominate midfield for us again starting August.

  102. As long as they are not taking uneccessary risks with his fitness, which we will pay for next season Evil Fiek.

  103. And Bendtner is such a great player, I just can’t understand why some of our fans loathe him so much. It is incredible how, despite being a CF, he can pop up on either flank and do some damage! Much better than some one-dimensional fluke of Crouch’s calibre.

  104. Great strke by Rommedahl.

  105. Den 2 – 1 Cam

    and I think more to come.

  106. Bendtner assist!

  107. ‘a little hint of danish dynamite’ – I presume the main course comes in august. itv FTW

  108. Le Guen must be on a trampoline.

  109. Samuel Eto’o has been playing well today. It’s a shame for Cameroon that they have not been able to make more of their good possission. I think they deserve a second goal too.

  110. Come on Cameroon! So close! Don’t like Song’s new hair. Prefer the Sideshow Bob look.

  111. did frank make it through silly season ok in the end or has he disappeared completely?

  112. How many has Idrissou missed?

  113. Bendtner helping out defensively as well

  114. Great game. Poor Song – Cameroon definitely deserved a draw. Well done Denmark.

  115. Sorry for Cameroon but more please.

  116. Sorry for Song, Le Guen or Le Gone should only blame himself for not playing this team in the first game which was winnable.

  117. I really feel for Cameroon. They played so well tonight, just missed that second goal. But well played Denmark, they took their chances when they got them.

    Le Guen’s arrogance with his team selection in the first match was their undoing. It left them too much to do in this game. Had tonight’s team played against Japan, I’m sure they would have done better.

    Still, it was good to see both our boys play well for their countries. Now Alex gets a rest and time to recover from the disappointment of going out of the world cup.

  118. wew its so glad…!!!!!!!!!!!!

  119. Once I work out who “wew its” is and what he/she/it is glad about maybe I can join in.

  120. Thank god TBOF went on vacation for Cameroon vs Denmark. What an exciting game!

  121. Vela is supposed to be out for ten days and will miss Mexico’s game against Urugay. I feel bad for him. He played well against France.

    It has been a disaster for him this year. His injuries have made him miss too much football. Hopefully he doesn’t come back crocked as I really feel he’s growing into his own.

  122. That is bad news Gainsbourg69. I was hoping a good WC for him would get the doubters back supporting him. (Not that I give a fuck about them)

  123. Actually, I was very proud of Wayne suggesting that England could demolish Algeria staffed with only half a team or such like. Following yesterdays game, I immediately contacted British Petroleum currently heading up a mess in the Gulf of Mexico. I suggested using Rooney for fodder to stuff the pipe oozing oil in the Gulf. They could also use Cameron and his cute sidekick from the Liberal Democrats for additional stuffing.

  124. Cambells pissed at not making the World Cup squad. lol

  125. Stunning game last night, best of the tournament and Super Nic was everywhere, playing with a smile, skill and composure. I just pray his injury isn’t going to haunt him come September.

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