Cole, Cesc, World Cup Glory Boys And Win A Home Shirt

The media snowball has grown into an avalanche over Joe Cole to Arsenal. Nothing confirmed but all of the press are convinced that he will sign for Arsenal in early July after England make their quarter-final exit in South Africa, a few days after his contract expires. The usual domestic suspects have been joined in the chase by Lazio and AC Milan whilst Real Madrid will no doubt be linked very soon.

Who knows, perhaps it will even be a rerun of Allen / Sansom with Barcelona getting Joe Cole and then passing him onto Arsenal with Yaya Toure for Cesc. Certainly Toure’s Mr20% believes that deal is not dead but he is probably the only one.

Wenger made it clear that he rates both Cole and Cesc. His contradicted the Spanish media belief that Cesc has been told by the manager that he can go:

What is important is that Cesc has a great World Cup and that he comes back to Arsenal with a great desire to do well for the club. We want to keep our best players – that’s my huge determination – I built this team for years from 16 and 17 years of age with most of the players.

We want to continue to work with them because we feel we are very close, and strengthen the team in a very strong way.

Hardly the ‘Wenger is going to help Cesc move to the DNA Sampling Centre‘ that we have been frequently told is going to happen. More a case of ‘He leaves over my dead body‘. And quite rightly so. As a supporter, you want players who are committed to the club but equally,  Cesc at 95% commitment is better than a lot of players who are 100% focussed.

The suggestion is that he will be here for one more year. Well, let’s get through this summer first. Of course, there is a way to go and with transfers out still to happen, FC Broke might be able to rustle up a few more euros for a proper bid which could change things.

Of Cole, Wenger said:

I like him (Joe Cole) as a player because when he played against us he always did a lot of damage. He can create impact through his creative play. He can dribble, he can pass, he can score goals.

The suggestion has been that Arsenal has too many similar players to Cole to warrant signing him. Firstly, a lot of those players have suffered injuries in the past whilst Cole, last season aside, has been relatively injury free. Quantity with their quality can never be detrimental to a squad unless dissatisfaction seeps in.

Elsewhere, Wenger is back in for Koscielny, £8.2m this time. If he and Cole are ‘Transfer Linked’, maybe a reverse hex works on mulitple inclusions and they then are freed into genuine targets? On the way out is apparently Eduardo who is considering his future.

World Cup Group A

The Greatest Show On Earth gets under way this afternoon with an immediate Arsenal interest in both of today’s fixtures. Carlos Vela gets the ball rolling in the opening game which sees Mexico take on hosts South Africa. Opening matches are typically uninspiring but have in recent tournaments provided surprising – and occasionally shock – results. This one might not live up to that expectation.

The group is a tricky one to decide who will qualify. France are undeserving favourites; their results have been indifferent at best, their only win in 2010 was against Costa Rica whilst they have failed to beat Tunisia and China. Yet they have the talent to make the last 16. The camp is apparently divided with some not wanting Henry there which just goes to show how ungrateful they are, for if he had not intervened, it might be Ireland we are talking of now. Likewise there is a clique who want Diaby to start ahead of Gorcuff but it would not be the World Cup without one of the ‘big’ footballing nations riven by strife.

Of the Arsenal quartet in their squad, only Sagna and Gallas are likely to be starters for France. Gael Clichy’s chances of usurping Evra were severely dented when the United player was made captain whilst Diaby’s supporters are probably going to find, for the first game at least, that he is on the bench.

Mexico, Uruguay and South Africa are all in reasonable form, winning where expected and losing just the same. The matches are key to progression: the winner of France v Uruguay will harbour realistic ambitions of topping the group so it will probably end in a draw. Mexico and South Africa will have identified this as a ‘must win‘ match, three points necessary and hope to pick up another two or three along the way.

Carlos Vela has a big opportunity to impress, to show a growing maturity in his play. If the ball is as true as its makers claim, forwards will have a field day and Frank Lampard probably score ten deflected goals. Vela ought to look to capitalise on that. He had enough opportunities against England to have forced a draw and his goal against Italy will boost his confidence, his first in nine appearances for his country. Before that barren run, he was averaging a goal every other game. A good World Cup for him personally would set him fair to challenge for a regular first team spot at Arsenal. I don’t think his country will do so well this time around with the Round of 16 being successful.


Arsenal Football Club has kindly donated a new home shirt (to be released on July 29th) to the winner of this question:

Which Arsenal managers have played in the World Cup Finals?

Send your entries, along with your name and address, here or to aclfcomps[AT]btinternet[DOT]com, changing the bits in square brackets, with ‘New Home Shirt‘ in the subject line, to have a chance of winning. Closing date is midnight, Sunday 20th June 2010.

Good Luck to all who enter.

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. first!!

  2. I wasn’t convinced at first on the joe cole thing but the more I think of it he is right on what Arsene stated to be looking for this summer.
    That is tecnically gifted, experienced, won titles which could be a boost for the team spirit and finally free!

    As for cesc saga I cannot see him leaving this summer after both Arsenal official statement and those quotes from Wenger. The Emirates crowd will have to show him their love so that he finnally realise his home is in London and not with thos arrogant pricks!

    I can’t wait for the start of the world cup! I’m like a kid on christmas eve!

  3. Dik Aardvaark

    I’m looking forward to seeing the Dutch.

    P.S. Is Big Brovar in the house or in the big brother house?

  4. Dik Aardvaark

    In yer dreams Nero

  5. Like BB’s dominance, the talk by Xavi and Barca will come to an end, Cesc will stay!!

  6. Feeling rough as a badger.
    Nice one YW.

    Has anyone seen any of this Koscielny chappy we’re supposedly close to signing? It all sounds very Vermaelen-esque…

  7. Xavi needs to get shot, what a complete prick. Never witnessed so much disresepct to another player and club. He must be on commission from Barca, or maybe even been offered an bonus fee to convince Cesc.

    I wouldn’t put it past the Spanish wan*ers. I can’t see how Cesc could hold any respect for the Barca players or club after this summer. It’s a complete joke.

  8. Geo

    Ive only heard that he is a quality player with only 1 year in the French 1st division. So lacks the experience it may seem to be a starter from the off for the Arsenal.

    8.2m shows Wenger rates him… so he should be good. We have rarely spent over 10m for a defender.. if we have even!??

  9. Carlos Vela to bag a brace!!..

    I am missing the 1st half 😦

    Bloody gutted. Looking forward to seeing Henry and co later.. if Domenech manages to select a decent team! Such an awful manager!

  10. For me Xavi can talk all he wants Cesc is a gunner and will be next season! The main thing to do now as an Arsenal supporter is to show him our love wherever it is a home game, an away game, on the streets, on the web,….

    Let make him have a wow moment each time he wears an Arsenal shirt to show him where is his home and where his future as a legend lies.

  11. I hope Carlos will shine in the opening match, confidence is what he needs!

    I hope Domenech springs a surprise and put Henry up front or Gignac with Anelka taking the place of Govou who is useless on the right.

    Abou to have a great impact maybe a goal and assist!

  12. Hmm, nice one Chrisgoona. Sounds interesting…

    I would love to see little Cariltos get a couple of goals. I’m missing the first half too 😦

    Xavi is fast becoming my most hated player – and i have a lot of unjustified hate for certain players! Dont know why… But hopefully Cesc is getting more and more pissed off at how they are constantly disrespecting the club that has propelled his career and ability to what it is now for the last 8 years. They’re hampering their chances of bagging him with every comment, keep it up you fucking idiots.

    Speaking of idiots – I agree CG, Domenech is such a strange one. How he’s still managing France I don’t know. The squad he’s gone for is hardly world beating. Any manager who makes his decisions based on the stars has got a few screws loose imo…

  13. Sepp Blatter is on Twitter now.

  14. Geo, not only with Xavi’s comemnts to try and destabilise Cesc’s position at Arsenal, he is a complete diving cheating bas*ard on the field! I’ve always noticed him go down quite easily playing in Spain, I just thought people liked to kick him because he is a very talented player. After closely examining him when he played us I clearly saw a perfect example of a cheat. He won countless freekicks over the course of the 2 games by deceiving the referee. Xavi is a great representation of his awful club.

  15. Yeah i heard that Antony. He needs to be questioned about this Cesc saga. If it were any other club (other than Real or Manure) there would be serious ramifications for their actions… But hey, it’s Barcelona ‘we’re bigger than football’ FC so no worries. Cheers Sepp & Co.

  16. I sent a polite complaint to Blatter regarding Barca on twitter. … courtesy of Arseblog

  17. Sepp Blatter IS a Twitter!!

  18. CG – he was atrocious in those matches. I haven’t watched them much in recent times because they now make me sick, but when i have, he’s been at it the whole time. It must be a big part of their training as they are all well adept at rolling around on the floor at the slightest touch – Busquets is the only one who’s ‘better’ at it than Xavi.

    Nice one CG. Never used that Twitter thingy so might give it a go… you never know, they might have to take notice if a load of us jump on the bandwagon.


    Vain? Self-obsessed? Ego-centric? I don’t see that side of RvP. Humble, hugely talented, hugely self-confident, team-player.

    Go Robin. Carlos, Abou!!!

  20. Gunner From Nigeria


    You have consistently stated in numerous post that England would vacate the WC at the quarter final stages.

    You have consistently stated it as if its as sure as death and taxes.


  21. ALL ARSENAL FANS… lets put our complaints through to Mr Blatter!!

  22. I’ve never used twitter, do you need to have an account?

  23. Gunner From Nigeria

    The chances of an in form England team beating a Spain, Brazil, Argentina, or Holland are against them.. This is why most predict what usually happens – which is, we come up against strong opposition and have no answer.

  24. GFN

    QFs are France or Argentina if seedings are obeyed whilst failing to win the group will see them face Germany.

    QFs is realistic, SF outstanding, Final would probably mean accusations of doping their opponents.


  25. Nor had i gunnerluc – yes you have to set up an account, doesn’t take long. I’ve said my bit to Mr Blatter. The more the merrier! They can’t ignore us all…

  26. Heh, nice one YW

  27. Now that the WC has arrived lets hope all the gunners stay injury free. (Including Joe)

    I’m backing Holland.

  28. Mingus – he calls DB10 egocentric too!! DB10 was always pretty humble and modest I thought. I think he’s got something against the Dutch… My favourite footballer of all time – Dennis Bergkamp.

  29. Nice one Geo

  30. Snap.. Bergkamp was and will remain my favourite of all time. Great man, great player, and a great servant of our club.

  31. My favourite all time Arsenal goal in terms of quality.. is Bergkamp away to Newcastle. It’s the only goal that amazes me every time I watch it!

    I remember the debate about if he meant it… I had no doubt in my mind!

  32. CG –
    That goal is Bergkamp in a nutshell. Pure intelligence and technique, a bit of strength thrown in and that composure that any player would kill for. What a legend.

  33. +1 for the Bergkamp love in.

  34. Is it just more, or does anyone else think France will be the “dark horse” of the tournament, with everyone writing them off.

    I know they’ve had a poor run-up to the finals —Infact since the last WC finals they’ve been kak— but looking at the talent in the squad, they are much better than their results.

  35. Do I have the correct code for ACLF metro fantasy world cup league?

    ACLF (8003629)

  36. Barcelona!

  37. Nick seems out of the opener against Holland… any confirmation ?

  38. Wrong site Damien.

  39. Sorry, don’t know Tokala…

  40. Not many people about today…

  41. Yes, wengerball, that’s right.

    That Romario vid is incredible. He never looks as though he’ll miss. Not one moment of hesitancy. And there’s Laudrup again pulling the strings.

    Here’s some more Futebol magic – from the best team ever. The technique, the flair and the telepathic link-up play reminds me of a certain team we all know and love.

  42. As 2nd National Nigerian tommorow will be a proper footy day at 4pm Nigeria take on Argentina then England against USA what a feast of footy.

  43. Limpar, do you have a link to the Romario vid? Loved him when he was at Barca (didn’t see him much elsewhere), and they were far a less cunty club back then.

  44. It’s all kicking off SG, can’t wait!

  45. OOU posted it on yesterday’s comments, Geo. Not the World Cup one, the one from earlier. Around 9 o’clock.

  46. Thanks for the video Limpar.. some amazing goals there.

    The older football looks very heavy in the clip, some of the Brazil passes were often booted to get it to reach where they wanted it to go!

  47. Cool, cheers man. Will check it out.

  48. What I love most about the World Cups are the ‘new’ (I should say unheard-of) talent that gets unearthed… Also, some players who don’t necessarily perform at club level sometimes take to this stage emphatically, you never can tell. It’s all in the mind…

  49. sorry limparassist have to disagree with you on that one-greatest team ever has to be brazil 1970-withoubt a shadow of a doubt-pele,tostao,revelino,gerson,jairzinho etc-unbelievable!!!!

  50. Yeah, that’s definitely true, CG. Ball technology is a funny one. I think they probably had it right around the 90s and just keep fucking with it. I mean the skill required to place a football like Bergkamp in a postage stamp sized corner of the goal – seems a million miles away from C.ronaldo tumping the valve of a really light, bouncy ball and watching it swerve past a confused, rooted keeper in the middle of the goal. But, I guess player technique evolves with it, and the lighter balls certainly make for a quicker passing game – which is good for us.

    Will be interesting to watch the Jabulani in action. I’ve been playing with one for a few months and it definitely sort of shimmies in the air, even when hit straight and not that hard. I think we’ll see lots of misplaced and overhit passes this World Cup.

  51. I’ve been using one of those all summer too, i actually really like it particularly where first touch and little flicks are concerned. I think you’re spot on about the 90’s footballs though, much more predictable – in a good way.

  52. Yeah, it does respond nicely to a light touch, Geo, you’re right. The Arsenal boys should do just fine. Starting with Vela… COME ON!

    kg, and Carlos Alberto too. Plus they actually won the thing so you’re probably right.

    I think that’s why I like the ’82 side though. They deserve more recognition. Like Holland in ’74… or Arsenal over the last few seasons 😉

    Good grief… it’s R Kelly!

  53. If you’re still around Tokala, looks like NB52’s def out for the first match. Niggling groin problem apparently…

    Today is going really slowly. Hung over, at work, bored, waiting for the working day to end and the football to commence. Roll on 4.30pm.

    ‘I believe I can fly…’

  54. Limpar,

    I’d have to go for Brazil ’70, but wow, that game against Italy in ’82, must have been some game.
    I wonder if Dunga’s Cunning Plan is to try to copy the format/model used in ’94, his main problem being, that he doesn’t have a Romario?

    Re Rage: Sorry to be boring, but thanks for that comment on the gig. I’m no hypocrite! I just found/find it funny that people choose to mock riot at a free ‘thank you’ concert, as opposed to some other more obvious places.
    No different to AFC fans tipping over double decker buses on the Seven Sisters Road, after a title victory.
    Thank god for Mayor Boris. I do look forward to seeing one of his noveux routemasters trashed. Although, judging by the squeeks coming out of his office, they probably won’t be ready in time for AFC’s next title.

    Can’t wait for Vela to kick off the WC.

  55. DB10 was the greatest footballer of all time in my somewhat biased opinion.

    Apologies to all of you who support England.


    My prediction USA 2 England 1

    2 John Terry own goals against 1 Wayne Rooney goal will give USA the shock win.

  56. Brazil to lift the trophy at the end. Lucio, Maicon, Julio Cesar Gilberto along with Fabiano will dominate the tournament.

  57. Let the games of the 967th Olympiad begin!

  58. Silver Gunner

    Bill what have you been smoking?? 2-1 two Terry own goals!!!!

  59. Silver Gunner

    South Africa have not turned up.

  60. South Africa under a lot of pressure. The Mexicans are very nippy at the start.

  61. Seuth Efrica arent giving a good show

  62. Silver Gunner

    Only a matter of time till Mexico score

  63. South Africa getting a grip.

  64. Is Carlos playing?

  65. Carlos is playing and hell also score 5 goals this tournament. He is the miroslav Klose of Mexico.

  66. Don’t get me wrong, Finsbury. Breaking into a free gig is obviously pretty retarded. These were just kids testing their own mettle I think – not rioting with any sort of point to make.

    What a lovely open game to kick off the tournament. S.Africa are playing well.

    25/1 Abou Diaby gets MotM tonight. But it’s decided by Budweiser Man of the Match on Can I trust Budweiser to pick the right man? Not sure I can.

  67. Too much diving by the South Africans for my liking though!

  68. Silver Gunner

    SHOULD BE 1-0 great save….

  69. Nice ball by Vela, nearly a goal. Good save by the goalie.

  70. Brilliant pass from Vela. Perfectly weighted chip. Who knew he had that in his locker, eh? Andy Townsend didn’t.

  71. Silver Gunner

    If only Vela had had these chances….

  72. A dangerous cross by Vela with his weaker right foot.
    This new ball seems to fly in the air. Many over hit aerial passes.

  73. Silver gunner:

    May be 1 JT own goal and the other own goal by Cashley Cole.

  74. Vela to score at least 1 this game. Hope he has a great tournament.

  75. Awful refereeing. Goal by Vela disallowed. The hand of FIFA?

  76. Vela scores, but it’s chalked off for offside.

    Nevertheless an Arsenal man has the ball in the back of the net… the first in South Africa ’10.

    Arsenal 1 – 0 Rest of the World.

  77. Guardian minute by minute coverage says goal correctly disallowed. Don’t these guys have a monitor for replays.

  78. I think it was offside, wasn’t it, SG? The keeper charged out beyond Vela which made the man on the line the last defender.

  79. Wow, one of the fundamental rules of the game, ignored.

    This changes everything.

  80. Limpar – If that is the rule then it I withdraw my criticism. But I’ve seen them given.

  81. It was offside because the goal keeper was acting as the last defender.

    If Vela hadnt touched it and let it go in then maybe he wouldnt of been interfering, Vela messed up there big time

  82. Apparently its offside because the goalkeeper was in front of the Mexican player. Never in my life have I heard that ruling before.

  83. if the gk is in front of play, there has to be 2 defenders between the attacker and the goal for you to stay onside…

  84. Poor reffing if you’ve seen them given SG – definitely should have been disallowed.

  85. Carlos does look good. He is the fulcrum of the Mexican attack. I hope he is going to get a deserved goal in the second half. Go Vela!

  86. Vela putting on a show. I think Mexico will open the scoring early in the 2nd half, but SA will pull back late. So 1-1.

  87. So the player in goal didnt play Vela onside?

    Thats weird, the offside rule needs to be refined.

  88. the rule is simple:

    Two players needs to be between the player and the goal.

    Usually it is the goalkeeper and 1 defender but if the goalkeeper rushes out then 2 players are needed.

    otherwise the ball needs to be passed backwards.

  89. The commentary seem to be ignorant of that rule, they still claim it should be a goal.

    I think that rule is bogus however.

  90. Bafana Bafana!

  91. Damien

    No rule change – the man on the line was the last defender, Vela was the next most advanced player therefore he was offside.



  92. geez, I missed the goal!

  93. Wow. Chabalala? What a finish.

    Bulimia could do with a finisher like that. They can barely finish their own breakfast at the team hotel. Just can’t seem to put anything away.

  94. Paul N, wait for the replay. You’re gonna love it.

  95. Chabalala ding dong!

  96. Want Vela to score, though…

  97. Great to see that we’re all hard at work.

  98. Great goal bye South Africa!

  99. Want south africa to win but vela should score

  100. Silver Gunner

    mexico should have had hernadez on from the start….. they will rue that mistake

  101. Vela …..nooooooooooooooo

  102. Silver Gunner

    twats have taken vela off

  103. LA

    Apparently Bulimia are threatening to withdraw from the World Cup. They are worried about being as sick as parrot if they lose…


  104. Tshabalala guys 🙂

  105. Silver Gunner

    mexico coach doesn’t know what time of day it is…. shell shocked get hernandez on!!!

  106. Silver Gunner

    mexico coach = twat

  107. Understandable, YW. A defeat like that can really stick in the throat.

  108. “They are worried about being as sick as parrot if they lose…”

    YW, that joke has been done. You’ve brought it back up…

  109. The Bulimia squad all wear alice bands, even when they’re not playing… just in case.

  110. ooh, close!

  111. FG

    That’s a bit retch, you telling me off…


  112. that mexico keeper is really horrible, thank God we have almunia……

  113. Silver Gunner

    what about the audacity of the S African keeper!!

  114. Titi Henry could’ve played for Bulimia… eligible via a distant, rather gaunt looking auntie. It was decided by the Bulimic coach at the time though, that Titi was lacking in va va vom.

    …don’t worry, I’m leaving already.

  115. *

  116. Yogi’s Warrior on June 11, 2010
    at 4:18 pm

    Yes, Im finding this out now. haha

    For my whole life I have thought it was only one player that would place the attacking player onside. Not two.

    One of the fundamental rules of the game, unbeknownst to Damien.

    This changes everything.

  117. Silver Gunner @ 5:03

    If that came off it would have been a fitting comment on the Mexican keeper.

  118. Vela had a great game..

    Looking forward to tonights game, and ALL the games!

  119. Thanks all for clarifying the off-side rule with the goalie off the line. I must apologize to the Guardian too. Eating humble pie.

  120. Silver Gunner

    Looks lik Sol is off Being Qiuoted in the Scottish Sun as saying…..

    “I’m getting married on July 17.

    “But Neil’s told me he’s quite flexible, that if I need 10 days-two weeks honeymoon then he’ll be fine with that.

    “That really makes me happy because if I’m not happy, and my family’s not happy, then you’re not going to play your best football are you?

    “If I were to sign for Celtic then I’m likely to miss the first leg of the European tie.

    “I don’t know who Celtic will get, but hopefully it would be someone that would give them a good chance of progressing.

    “It’s a difficult one, but I can’t move my wedding.

    “Football’s very important to me and I would give Celtic everything if I sign.”

    Writings on the wall…….

  121. Well, losing Sol will mean that we might need two new CBs instead of just one…

  122. Diaby in France starting 11 in place of Malouda!!

    SAGNA GALLAS Abidal Evra
    Gourcuff Toulalan DIABY
    Govou Anelka Ribery

  123. “Arsenal in shock link to Brazilian international”

    What’s the shock really? That we are linked with yet another player?

    The cliche is becoming over used to the point that “I’m shocked” some blogs & sites still use it.

  124. Diaby opened them up with creativity, released Ribery, good cross and Gouvou fluffed the chance.

  125. Govou hasn’t scored for France in a while. Not hard to see why missing a chance like that.

    Sagna made a good start.

  126. I see Uruguay are up to their usual tricks in the WC

  127. Forlan nearly made France pay for missing their one glaring France.

  128. Correction:
    “one glaring opportunity.”

  129. Diaby has been impressive. Outshining Gourcuff so far.

  130. Diaby is playing well

  131. Diaby has shown why AW keeps faith in him – if he can find the consistency for Arsenal next season, country mile, etc…

  132. Diaby has shown why his team mates want him to start. He has been (softly, softly) Viera-esque going forward.

  133. Suarez is channelling Adebayor tonight. He has spent more time off side than on!

  134. He was doing this for most of the season, right up to the Barcelona game, after which he didn’t really recover. Maybe the change of scene over the last few weeks has done him good.

    Great to see him get an opportunity.

  135. Passenal – give him the ball and he will score. He, He Heh!

  136. Diaby has definitely been the bright spot in that French team. Anelka is maybe trying too hard, I’m still waiting to see what the fuss is about Gourcoff, but I do like Ribery because of his directness and willingness to track back to support the defence.

  137. Jesus, a prize trio of pillocks on dear old Auntie. Shearer seems intelligent by comparison

  138. Does anyone know where Henry’s legs have gone then???

  139. Duke

    Saw them on their toes to the newsagents to check the stars in today’s papers…that’s the only reason Govou can be starting ahead of him.


  140. YW, I changed the channel during half-time, I can’t listen to those couch morons!

  141. Passenal,

    I genuinely couldn’t listen to Adebayor.


  142. Oh, won’t have to after today. Apparently he’s agreed a transfer to ITV. Not for the money of course.

  143. I see Abou has learned from the manure own goal!

  144. Yogi, his dream is probably to work for ESPN, it would be like a date with Beyonce!

  145. I can’t put my finger on what is wrong with the French. They have the quality but are just flat going forward. Oh, that’s what wrong with them!

  146. Passenal

    I think it is my dream that he goes to ESPN – I don’t subscribe to it!


  147. I have it because it comes with the package, but it is so terrible I never watch it!

    France lack that creativity in midfield, and upfront they are workhorses, no style or cutting edge. It’s hard to see where a goal is going to come from.

  148. Malouda’s added a bit of bite to the attack, Ribery anonymous apart from opening 15. No surprise that Malouda went mad when Govou was included.

  149. Red Card? Shoot the bugger for a tackle like that. Straight red rather than a second yellow.

  150. Surprise, surprise a player from Uruguay is the first to get a red card of the WC, just when I thought they might have turned over a new leaf! Thank goodness Sagna is okay.

  151. Reverted to type – stifled the game, odd counterattack, kick lumps out of anything that moves. 1986 all over again.

  152. Finally Govou is off, what a waste of a place!

  153. So, we’ve had almost all of the Arsenal French players on – is it wrong to hope Evra cops another yellow so Clichy gets a game or two?

    Gignac, Gorcuff, Lloris, Toulalan – should Arsene sign any of them based on tonight?

  154. And fall over whenever you are touched, don’t forget that one Yogi!

  155. Great run and cross by Sagna – would expect Henry to do better.

  156. Yogi @ 9.13 pm, nope is my answer. Such a waste of talent. Good players, but the manager’s tactics do not get the best out of them.

  157. Passenal @ 9.14

    Don’t forget that the clutching of the head even when the tackle is on the leg…

  158. I think we can be proud of the Arsenal contingent. Diaby and Sagna have not let themselves down.

  159. Diaby was probably the Man of the Match.

    Sagna defensively solid and looked useful when going forward. Not much different to our expectation of him.

    Not a good game overall.

  160. I have to agree with Lawrenson, the referee was very good. Why can’t we see that standard on a regular basis in the PL?

  161. I agree Yogi, not a great game, but our boys done good!

  162. The BBC have forgotten to include subtitles for their pundits.

  163. The TV companies must be going nuts – officials doing a good job, no controvesy. They’ll be suicidal if it goes on like this – how will they get ratings by relying on football?

  164. Pundits. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA.

  165. So how the hell did Nasir not even make the provisional squad??!!!! Domenech is a joke.

    Diaby easily MOM. Good on you Abou.

  166. I think Arsene should sign the French no.19 he was MoTM.

  167. No creativity in the middle and Dummy-nech didn’t take Nasri?

    How this man still manages one of the big nations in football is beyond anything that’s logical.

  168. What are you guys dreaming or something? Diaby was the reason France didn’t win today.

  169. And Denilson too

  170. I wouldn’t hold my breath dupsffokcuf. Arsene’s just too stubborn. He never listens to us fans. We need someone like that in our defence. We’re just too light weight in there. Everybody can see except Arsene. He manages to see something else.

  171. Sorry that should read midfield. I got my parodies mixed up!

  172. That French #19? Not a big enough name for Arsenal. Just another marmite. Sign him and I will never renew my season ticket.

  173. diaby was not MOM , i give it to Toulanlan who is a monster of a player.

  174. Aboooooooooooooou


    I agree with whoever said the ref was very good and we should have this kind of standard in the EPL. We really should. And you cant say it was an easy game to ref, because there were so many incidents and its the world cup for gods sake. THe pl really should have more of this kind of ref.

  175. You give it to Toulalan? Wtf? Oh you’re joking.

    Because if you arnt, thats plain stupid, diaby was bloody immense, he has to continue starting or itll be hopeless for france.

    And Sami Nasri is WAY BETTER than than shit guy govou ffs

  176. i don’t say diaby was shit,him and toulanlan were brilliant as a partnership.Just i give it to toulanlan because he stop Uruguay playing their game and let diaby doing his stuff.He was everywhere.
    As for Gouvou,well Ribery and Gourcuff were not much better.WTF Malouda was on the bench.

  177. Malouda & Henry on the bench and Nasri sitting in some fancy french cafe drinking a bottle of wine.!! ha ha. This french manager hasn’t a fukin clue, how the fu*k did he get to a final.

  178. Delia-----Block 112

    Think what Nasri could have given the French along side Diaby tonight. I can’t see them making much progress with their current formation. All very colourful and exciting but oh those horns! I trust no WC travelling Gooners will be bringing them to the Emirates come August.
    Looking forward to seeing RVP’s eleven who may well make the final against Spain, ( on my wall chart if nowhere else )!

  179. I stopped noticing the horns after a while and I have to say it’s better than silence or boos and abuse of certain players, which I’ve often heard at the Emirates!

  180. I thought Toulalan and Diaby were the best French players by far. At one point I said to my dad that the rest of the French players should just bugger off the field and let those two play. Ribery was terrible; was his pass success rate any higher than 10%? I doubt it.

  181. Ribery started well but faded badly

  182. Ribery thought he could dribble like Diaby but was wrong. Toulalan would be a good addition to the Arsenal squad. He works hard for the team.

  183. Diaby was awesome. If Anelka hadn’t intervened in an offside position, that pass Diaby played for Gouvou would’ve ended in a goal. He also made a couple of his signature runs down the middle taking on the Uruguay midfield and beating them all.

    Gourcuff seems like a good player for Bordeaux but he’s behind Nasri and Diaby, IMHO. He was uninspiring. If I was Samir I’d be really upset at seeing Gorcouff on the team infront of me.

    Gouvou was nightmarish. I hope Domenech starts with Anelka and Titi up front for the next game. Gorcouff should not play infront of Malouda.

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