Not Joining Arsenal Today, Might Be Tomorrow And Win A Home Shirt

A bumper bundle of transfer gossip this morning with no mention of Him. Well, other than that mention, of course.

Joan Laporta said yesterday:

We certainly have made an inquiry for him and they are not prepared to sell him, so we have gone away.

Except you’re talking to the press about it, aren’t you Joan? So you haven’t gone away. Pardon? That wasn’t Laporta? It is was Whimsey. Are you sure? I mean, come on,  it’s the sort of thing that Laporta would say without the tiresome preamble about DNA or buying him for 50p or whatever.

I do apologise, sources have been checked, triple checked and randomly verfied by Simon Cowell and those words were uttered by Peter Whimsey about Mark Schwarzer, presumably PHW wanted to include him in the Senderos deal to Fulham…

Having been widely touted in the media, the news is hardly surprising but it suggests a few things. Firstly, there is a paucity of goalkeeping talent who would be available within Arsene’s budget, fees quite possibly being an issue as most of the ones quoted for Akinfeev and his ilk are north of £20m, a sum that could blow most of his funding out of the window.

Secondly, there is a genuine paucity of goalkeeping talent and lastly, Wenger has not lost faith in Fabianksi, Mannone or Szczesny coming good in a couple of seasons time, ready to step into the first team as custodian having developed away from the public eye. That is not too improbable a dream. The two Poles have represented their country and whilst that is no guarantee of quality – look at some of people capped by England over the years – to have done so at a young age is an indication of potential.

Fabianski though is in danger of becoming the goalkeeping Senderos, bags of potential but flawed mentally through errors committed in the first team. I think a season or two will see him lose the harsh tag of ‘Flapianski‘ but longer term, his younger compatriot appears to be the better bet. That is a big ‘if‘ as many players have seemed to be excellent in the early part of their careers but not developed for technical or egotistical reasons. The latter does not appear to be a problem but the former relies as much on confidence as ability.

Also not joining Arsenal despite the intense media speculation, is Joe Cole, of whom Whimsey said:

I had a long conversation with (chief executive) Ivan Gazidis, who had been with Arsene (Wenger) and his name never came up at all.

Well, that’s hardly surprising when the conversation was about Arsene’s new company car, is it? Still, it seems that Arsenal are as good as their word, never talking about the transfer speculation filling the gap between the end of the season and the World Cup. Both Schwarzer and Cole have been hit by the curse of Transfer Linked, a risible section of the official website that I am now wondering if its purpose is to kill the hopes of signing individuals rather than a general overview of the media or a cheap way to get hits.

Elsewhere that curse appears to have hit the chap from Lorient, yeah he’s in there too whilst current Papa Diakhate is in danger of becoming the new Yaya Toure such is the frequency of his name being mentioned in connection with a move to Arsenal. A new one this morning was Blackburn’s Phil Jones. All of which presumes William Gallas is leaving or that Sol Campbell feels John Lennon’s one year contract at Celtic is worth taking a punt on. Gallas – or World Cup Willie– has not formally rejected Arsenal’s offer but has apparently booted Panathinaikos into touch, preferring to wait and see if Serie A holds any temptation for him. Speculation is rife that Juve and Roma are sniffing around, proof perhaps that the Frenchman is not pasta his best.

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Good Luck to all who enter.

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. I coulda been a contender, BB.

  2. Good morning!

  3. Do I count as a BB?

  4. “Pasta his best” – love it, thanx a latte for the pun 🙂

  5. I’ll be back ™

  6. I think PHW doesn’t understand that neither Arsene or Ivan are going to tell him anything that’s relevant to what their actual transfer plans are.

  7. I so want the tranfers to be done and dusted!
    Especially with the WC and the 4 weeks of holiday wenger will give his player, the deals on the defenders need to be done quickly!

    At least Verma and Djourou will be ready on time but I hope we don’t make our signings on the transfer deadline date.

  8. I see our players will need 4 weeks off, that should not trouble us too much. RVP & Fabregas aside it is hard to see that we will have any players still in the tournament for the 2nd round.

  9. I was half expecting Arsene to spring a couple of new signing on us today before it all kicks off tomorrow. I do wonder if he’s already got deals done and dusted and is just holding back on announcing them until after the tournament.

    Just saw him on SSN discussing Theo & Cesc amongst other things and i’m pleased to say he looks incredibly healthy. I was genuinely concerned by how out of sorts he looked while presenting Chamakh.

  10. True Vince
    He did not look healthy at Marouane’s presentation.
    Let’s hope the signings are in the pipe!

  11. bc

    I’m torn as I would like arsenal players to have a great WC but I would also like them to be nice and fresh when the new EPL season starts.

  12. You would think Arsene had had it with injury-prone players. Joe Cole is great, but I don’t see him lasting a season.

  13. 1 loose cannon

    Bigbrovar- You’ve been humiliated in the last few days. Everyone is beating LOL.

    Laporta has some intimidating advice for Arsenal. He said “I am totally sure that Barcelona can convince Arsenal that an unhappy footballer is never positive for a club” Thanks for the advice you idiot.
    Here we have a cowardly act by a man who could not deal with the situation instead he blames the whole thing on Fabregas. If Cesc has any sense he will see these people are not protecting him and his reputation they are making out that the player has hand in a transfer request but we all know he has never confirmed publicly that he will never play for Arsenal again. All he said that he had a great conversation with Wenger and left it in his hands. Laporta is a sleazy coward who is trying to get this deal on a cheap and he simply does not care about Fabregas’s reputation. He is a vicious desperate salesman dressed in a pinstripe suit that turn up at your door step while you are enjoying your dinner, he knows you’re in and he just does not leave your door until you come out and then tries to flog you a potato peeler for 5 quids then hands you his business card just in case you would like a tomato peeler in the future. Desperate.
    To make matters worse for Senor laporta, Arsenal are planning to put Fabregas on the front cover of their latest magazine.

    Arsenal have made contact with fulham about SChawrtzer. MR PheW confirmed it, apparently Fulham rejected a 3 million offer. If I was Fulham I’ll take the cash and leg it, 3 millions for a 37 year olds is a lot of money.

    The Cole thing is not going away at all. Some say it’s a done deal. We’ll wait and see.

  14. 1 loose cannon

    These are the first quotes from Wenger regarding Fabregas since the sorry saga started.

    “What is important is that Cesc has a great World Cup and what is also important is that he comes back to Arsenal and has a great desire to do well for the club,” he told Sky Sports News.

    “We want to keep our best players, that is my huge determination.

    “I have built this team for years, from 16-17 years of age with most of the players, and we want to continue to work with them because we feel they are very close and the team has many strengths in many ways.”

  15. How could we include Senderos in the deal? Was Yogi being factious?

  16. Great post…1 loose cannon.

  17. On my wish list for the WC is for the likes of Vela, Diaby, Song and Bendtner to take it by storm.

    For the likes of RVP, Clichy, Cesc and Song to remain injury free.

    And for us to have already signed up players that have sparkle at the WC….with Arsene unveiling them in due course.

    Oh and for everything to run smoothly ofcause, I know how much the people in SA want this WC to be a success!!

  18. For tomorrow …

  19. 1 loose cannon

    Maria- whats that idiot Domenech thinking by dropping Diaby and Henry? Diaby has been their best player in their warm ups so far.
    some more hints from Wenger regarding joe Cole. He refused to dismiss the rumour he simply said:
    “I like him (Joe Cole) as a player because when he played against us he always did a lot of damage.

    “He can create impact through his creative play. He can dribble, he can pass, he can score goals.”

  20. My money is on South Africa to at least sneak a draw. They are unbeaten in 12, whatever the quality of their opposition has been. Pity Vela though, having to go against 80,000 Vuvuzelas. *Sigh*

  21. Wenger has re-asserted control.

  22. My wish list 2-3 defenders (if we loose Sol & Gallas), a defensive mid and a keeper I know it is probably asking too much but that would make us much more capable of mounting a sustained challenge.

  23. Joe Cole a Gooner ???

  24. Maria

    On my wish list for the WC is for the likes of Vela, Diaby, Song and Bendtner to take it by storm.

    I can see these players having fantastic tournaments. Cameroon, France, Mexico, and Denmark are decent teams too. I think Nikki B will get a few goals and make a bit of a ‘bigger’ name for himself in the tournament.


    Must be something in it for Wenger to make these comments, would be funny if these comments were from a previous date! I wouldn’t put it past SkySports lately!

  26. 1 loose cannon

    Silver G- Wenger has confirmed he will beef up the defence so rest assured you will see a defender or 2 coming.

  27. “For tomorrow …
    COME ON VELA!!!”

    I second that my old friend!!

  28. 1 loose cannon

    chrisgoona- Its hard to tell I’m a bit confused with the Joe Cole thing. Its either a done deal or simply Wenger diverting attention from his real targets. From a business sense its a win win situation with Cole. its a free transfer if things don’t turn out well for him , we can flog him for few millions to City. if we don’t get him I won’t be very disappointed we have similar players like Arshavin, Nasri and Rosicky.

  29. 1 loose cannon

    Maria- Its Holland for me, all the way. The world will finally know what we have known about RVP for years. His time has come.

  30. All SA’s matches in their ‘unbeaten run’ have been against weak sides, club sides, or meaningless friendly friendlies, EXCEPT Denmark, a less-friendly friendly, whom they beat quite nicely 1-0. When it gets serious, we’ll see. They’ve improved greatly from the team that couldn’t reach the last 16 of African sides, but … With home advantage, maybe, we’ll see. They have a very good coach.

  31. How ya doin’ Maria?

  32. Leftpinky

    Yep. Although it wouldn’t surprise me if Whimsey did try and put that one in.


  33. Very well. I am saving up for another trip to Africa, it’s Gambia this time.

    I have recenty been looking back on old posts your guest appearance was off the zimmy…lol

  34. Too much talk on tranfers… my wish list is relatively simple

    2 Defenders (1 world class, the other just average)
    1 Defensive mid (Could even be same as Song)
    1 Goal keeper (Most better that what we have)

  35. There is no proof what so ever that Joe Cole signed for us before flying out to the world cup. It’s poor journalism, trying to get internet hits. Don’t humor them.

  36. Absolutely cannot wait for the World Cup to start now. I hope England have a good run. It lifts the spirits of everyone and brings people together, regardless of how contemptible most of our players are.

  37. ArseChicago

    I am not 100% convinved by that article.. I suppose it would make sense from Wenger’s point of view, watching him perform at the World Cup then analysing his fitness… Maybe the announcement was delayed to not put extra attention on the player at the World Cup..??

    It could be many things, I doubt we have a deal in place in all honesty… If we do, then it is a quality signing, and a quality English signing! I just can’t see us starting next season with Joe Cole without letting an attacking midfielder go. Looks to crowded to me. Also its an extra 80k a week going out, which we can afford with all the players who have ran down their contracts, but, that cash surely will be needed in defence.

  38. I agree with Chrisgoona. If we do get him, i wouldn’t be surprise if Rosicky heads off… He hasn’t fully recovered (ability wise) and i hate to say it but i doubt he will ever be playing at the standard he was a few years ago… Harsh maybe?

    Defence all the way i think. I hope Big Willy stays although very unlikely now.

  39. Silver Gunner

    I think its pretty safe to assume he is an arsenal player now. He probably wantst to stay in Londonn so its a choice between us and the Spuds and he would be out of his mind join them.

    I got Italy in my office sweepstake I am gutted…..

  40. I thought rosicky made big improvements towards the end of the season. He became more aggressive which is unnatural to him. He must have had quite a passive life with all the long term injuries.

    Eduardo on the other hand has not shown much change and it seems he wasn’t even making the bench when fit.

    tbh I would let arshavin go to make room for cole. grit is grit whether its english or not.

  41. Geo

    It is harsh after seeing so much talent in drips and drops from Tomas.. I still hope that he stays, we will have to wait n see. There are a number of people who could leave, not just Rosicky.

    Eboue – could he have played his way for a transfer, seeking a solid 1st team spot elsewhere.

    Vela – has Wenger lost his patience?

    Eduardo – can he get back to his old seld?

    Them 3 and Rosicky are the ones who seem to be in question if 1 comes in. Not forgetting we have already added Chamakh to the attack. Its an interesting summer. Not just for our defence, but to see if anyone gets shifted out from our attacking players..

  42. “Vela – has Wenger lost his patience?”

    Your kidding right??

  43. if vela goes it will be a personality thing not a football thing. I’m sure he will have a great WC and some people will be saying ‘why doesn’t he play like that for arsenal?’ probably becasue he never played much. another reason to let arshavin go and free up the left slot to others. much to prove still of course

  44. Joe Cole would add quality, technique, depth and experience. I agree that we should not damage our team salary structure for him. I think having him gives the likes of Theo and Nasri more time to develop without all the pressure. Between injuries, rotation, fixture congestion they will both get plenty of games and hopefully it won’t be too long before mature and develop more consistancy and become our first choice players on the wing. However, I think we have a better chance to win the tough games we struggled with the last couple of years with Cole and Arshavin. Hopefully we can get Cole at a reasonable price.

    I have been campaigning for Schwarzer. Duppfsokuf (?sp) pointed out last night that FFC conceded 46 goals last year. That is concerning. They conceded alot of goals at the end of the year when their league position was settled and they were playing 2nd choice players in league games to stay rested for their cup run. I know that is a rationalization and I must admit I am a little less enthusiastic now. I still think he is a quality GK and I would be happy if he came. I agree completely with YW regarding Fabianski and Sczczesny. Schwarzer would be inexpensive and he would allow the year or two that both need.

  45. I wonder what arshavins wages are and how that would compare to coles demands?

  46. word

    You are out of your mind, Arshavin is an exceptional player, one all teams fear when playing us. When he dribbles at an opponent you cannot help but laugh because you know hes going to embarass the guy! The guy rises to the occasion in the big games, and next season he will be a much improved player.. (after second season syndrome)

  47. schwarzer is growing on me but some people are saying that rob green would be a step up from almunia. mugs

  48. Word:

    Arshavin has bags of talent. He was not great last year, but we can not let someone like him who has the ability to change a game all by himself.

    I realize his mental state is a bit of a risk but probably a risk worth taking. I hope he is 1 of the starting 11 but he is on a relatively short leash and if he does not perform then we look to someone else. He is another reason Joe Cole would be a good signing.

  49. Silver Gunner

    I think it could be Rosicky to go I am not sure he has what it takes anymore??

    Lets hope the likes of Vela and Wilshire are given more than a few cameo roles next season.

  50. he has had 18 months here now CG I think like wenger you over mark on technique and are over looking mentallity. cole is nearly as good at creative play and dribbling but would work about 3 times harder. there is little chance we wont see AA’s laziness raise its frequent head over the course of the season. I really like him as a player and a human being but he is too old to be reinventing his natural style.

    He is good in big games, its all the others that matter more. (plus we actually lost a lot of the big games this year)

    anyway im not saying it has to happen I just wouldn’t mind if it did, plus we can make a nice profit on him before he hits the 30 mark.

  51. I don’t understand how people don’t rate arshavin anymore. He is still an exceptionnal player but of course he can’t come up with four goals every game.

    In my opinion we don’t need to sell some players even if we bring in Cole. We need a bigger squad than previous years as our injury record has proven that we always end short of players.

    If we can afford it, I don’t see any reason not to bring in Cole and keep Rociscky, Dudu and Vela.

  52. AA is very direct and always looks for goal. joe cole brings similar qualities but is less selfish and imo would inspire the team spirt in a more complete and agressive way.

  53. btw the way i was moaning about AA last september. his flaws are inherent in his nature.

  54. Silver

    I am looking forward to seeing quite a few cameos next season…

    -Chamakh – most likely more than just a few cameos!
    -Ramsey – if he gets back to his form he showed last term he will be also more than just a cameo
    -Eduardo – being supplied by slick on the floor throug balls from Cesc, RvP, Arsh, and the improving Nasri can definately rediscover his form.. starting with a few cameo hatrick displays!

  55. Silver Gunner

    AA is defo selfish cant remember which game where Walcott bust a gut to get along side him in a counter attack and he simply ignored him and tried to score himself I know the best players have a selfish streak but that has to be tempered for the benefit of the team.

    Still the little Russian is a wizard that can unlock the best defenses.

  56. I think Vela would do best to go on loan for a year. He clearly has loads of talent and we should not give up on him. However he has the same inconsistancy problems that any 20 year old would have and I can not see him getting many games next year. Perhaps we could loan him to Fulham as part of deal for Schwarzer.

  57. I have my reservations about where Wenger will use Vela.. he has great dribbling and finishing ability, I think hes a good crosser too from what I have seen so far. Maybe now with Chamakh and Bentdner to aim at, we will have that plan B with being able to use Vela down the left??

    It doesn’t seem that Vela or Eduardo will get many minutes up front next season unless we deploy a 4-4-2. He had the whole of last season to put them there when Arshavin was forced to play there.. so I’m just a bit lost on what Wenger’s plans are to accomodate them.. He always comes up with something so it will be interesting..

  58. That wouldn’t be a bad idea Bill. Just as long as the team we send him to plays him as a striker, I think CV will flourish. Also Fulham are under Hodgson are not likely to be involved in a relagation battle.

  59. For the vast amount of last season Vela was either injured, just coming back from injury or away with Mexico. Arsene didn’t have confidence in him due to this and decided an in-form Arshavin would work better.

    However in Vela and EDS, we have two of the best finisher is the EPL.

  60. @ Maria:

    Agree. He has way to much talent to give up on. The kid is only 20. Hopefully he will get stronger both mentally and physically with a little time.

  61. Ok, maybe i was a bit harsh about Tomas, but did anyone see what he was like for Dortmund? He was awesome creatively and technically, as well as being very aggressive in the tackle. He is versatile though so maybe it would more likely be Edu that leaves. He doesn’t look good out on the wing and i can’t see him pushing Chamakh or Robin out of the central position (unless his killer goalscoring composure returns). I love both of them, but both have been severely hampered by their injuries.

    In an ideal world, we would keep all of them and also add to the squad – given our constant injury woes… But who would want to sit on the bench every match? Not many people of their quality that’s for sure.

  62. Vela and Senderos at Fulham… hmmmm.. I know we are Arsenal, but that would seriously stengthen Fulham. They already have a pretty handy team, I’d rather send him to a lower team, better yet, I would rather we kept him as a sub and let him graft to break into the team.

    Hes a quality player, maybe after watching him play for Mexico at the World Cup Wenger and us will have a few ideas on how to use him…

    I personally think he should be backup to Arshavin down the left. Rosicky can be used as Cesc’s replacement through the middle. Nasri can be used on the right, left, or even through the middle too. If Joe Cole comes competition will be fierce to say the very least, our players will be pruposefully breaking each others legs in training to get in the team… Like Diaby versus Nasri last season!!

  63. Silver Gunner

    Vela on loan again absolutely not been there got the t-shirt he would say and quite right too he just needs some game time.

    I do feel that it may be end of the road for Rosicky with Vela being the beneficiary.

  64. Geo

    It will be sad to see either go, and watching them bang goals in for another team!!!

  65. @Silver

    An enforced loan spell in a struggling La Liga side and one with FFC is something completey different.

  66. Silver Gunner

    Agreed maria nevertheless he has done his loan time and needs time in the arsenal team or he will go the way of Merida.

  67. I agree with Silver,

    Vela must stay, how can he play in the National team and not be given the chance to prove his worth??

    Dont make sense

  68. I agree with ChrisGoona
    I hope to see CV as a back up for Arshavin. He is fast, technical and has a wonderful left foot. As a central striker I think he might struggle with some tough opposition as he might not be strong enough but I am sure on the left of our 3 man attack he can be devastating.

    Let’s hope Mexico have less fixture to play next season as they had a busy schedule this season. Abit like Merida who has spend more time with the spanish youth squad than with Arsenal.

  69. I don’t think so SG, while Merida was a good CM he didn’t possess something that the squad lacks, as we sure in the last season a quality No.9 is that final piece in the jigsaw for me. Had CV or EDS both capable scored 20 odd goals we would be champions with or without RVP playing.

  70. I am not sure how but I would love to see us keep Vela. The last 5 years have proven to us how difficult it is for players of his age to be consistant especially in the heat of tough EPL title race. It is real conundrum. How do you balance the desire to give players like him time on the pitch vs. the need to have experienced players who can win the tough games we need to maintain a title challenge.

    I just do not see CV getting much time on the pitch ahead of the other quality players we have. I think a loan spell with an EPL team might be the perfect solution for CV and Fabianski and is perfect for the likes of J. Wilshere, JET etc. I feel bad but I do not have much hope for Jay Simpson, Sanchez Watt, Gilles Sunu and many of that generation. Hopefully I am wrong. I think J. Wilshere, JET, CV and hopefully Szczesny will become first team regulars. Hopefully they will have to patience to realize they will get their chances as they mature.

  71. Silver Gunner

    Maria I am just saying that if CV is not given playing time in the Arsenal team he will end up leaving just like Merida did.

    And a loan move somewhere else will be counterproductive.

    I was always a huge fan of Merida and for his sake I hope he can have the excellent career that his youth performances promised.


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  73. Fuck off Robbie Savage?

  74. Fuck off Ryan Shawcross?

  75. Silver Gunner

    ROFL Muppet

  76. Reports circulate that Arsenal scouts spent some time this autumn taking a look at Ján Mucha, the Slovakian goalkeeper who has just signed for Everton.

    In the 2005–06 season he was second-choice goalkeeper at Legia Warszawa, behind a certain Łukasz Fabiański.

    That would’ve been priceless…

    DimGooner1: “Oooh our lord and fackin savior finally pulled his finger out and bought a fackin keeper! Can’t wait to see him on youtube”

    Goober89: “I’m watching it now mate. He’s quality. He’s gonna take Kevin Davies’ head off… hold up, isn’t this… the Polish first division.?? It is… this is the bloody Ekstraklasa and that’s the bloody Legia Warsaw home kit! We’ve been done!”

    DimGooner1: “Le boss has done us over again! He’s bought another fackin flap-handed lily-livered slack-jawed Pole!”

    Goober89: “That sneaky sabotaging French #!&*£$$??! Cunt!”

  77. Silver Gunner:

    The boss has never let anyone get away who turned out to be really good. We have had a lot of players like Merida who looked really good in the reserves Bentley, Aliadiadare, Lupoli etc etc and many have had nice careers but none has become a world class player that would have helped a team with our ambitions. I hope Merida does well but if he was really that good I suspect the boss would have made sure he stayed.

  78. Limpar – legend 🙂 love it

  79. Limpar and Muppet:

    LOL. Good stuff.

  80. Can you put that rant to music, Muppet? It reads like the lyrics to a classic anthem.

  81. Silver Gunner

    Bill you are most likely right as all the players you quoted have flattered to live to their hype away from Arsenal with the exception of Andy Cole but I think he was before Wengers time.

    Oh well here is hoping the likes of CV, Wilshire etc. get some quality game time next year.

  82. FG,

    Wish I was that creative. Pink Floyd ?

  83. Silver Gunner

    Fooking Xavi shut your fooking mouth

  84. Silver gunner:

    As time goes on and we get more and more top quality players coming out of our academy we will probably miss and occasional gem. I am sure Fergie wishes he could have a do over on Pique. When you have enough real quality players coming through the ranks there will never be room for all of them. Its a good thing to have tough decisions like that.

  85. *

  86. Silver Gunner

    Bill you are right……

  87. Muppets Roll Call works to Serious Drinking’s Countdown To Bilko. I’ll try and dig it out when I get in tonight.


  88. The Cole rumour is getting more and more widespread. The same thing happened with Arshavin, Sagna and Vermalaen if I am not wrong. Wouldn’t be surprised now if this turns out to be true.


    I know I shouldn’t give them the clicks, but this has become SOOO funny now. It’s like they’ve drawn up a rota for saying that Cesc is on his way. Or more like a penalty takers list – they’ve gone through all the people we’ve heard of, and soon we’ll be on the kit man, then it’ll be the bus driver…

    @ Muppet
    ha – good choice – it does have a “Brick In The Wall” feel to it.

    @ Bill

    I agree, too. (Don’t fall over in shock.) And I think Chesney is a dead cert for a first team place, as far as such things can be predicted.

  90. Fun Gunner:

    You and Maria actually agreeing with me about something on the same day. Wow. Strange sensation. I am not sure if we should be happy or feel creepy.

  91. This has probably already done the rounds, but it made me laugh…

  92. I think Bulimia are in with a chance – nobody’s going to keep them down.

  93. If Bulimia don’t get through the group stages, I’ll be sick as a parrot.

  94. Sorry. I’ll get my coat.

  95. Sorry OOU but Bulimia is so bad a team that all they will care about is keeping the score down, if nothing else…

  96. A truly wretched team.

    Ah dear… these puns, it’s like some sort of gag reflex.

  97. Skinny odds on them getting the old heave-ho early on then?

  98. gag reflex FTW!

  99. 1994 was the WC I can remember following properly. Although I do recall the Coca-cola mini footballs from 1990. We had it in out back garden for years after.

    Anyway, Romario was brutal around that time.

  100. oou possibly the coolest finisher ever..

  101. Got to be one of them, KS!

    Youtube’s not great for showcasing today’s players, but I love being able to see older players in action. I’d seen some of his international goals, but all the domestic stuff is new to me.

  102. Fuck me OOU – he didn’t just beat you he destroyed you. What a great collection of goals.

  103. Some amazing stuff Big Al. When shorts were shorts, eh.

  104. Romario, the player I fantasise Carlos Vela will become. Don’t laugh, he has the potential. The boy has to be less happy-go-lucky…miss, shrug, smile, got play video games.

    For the online idiots who’ll come around and say “ha hahaha you’re a moron…comparing Vela to Romario etc”….sod off.

    Vela is a long way away from being Romario. He’s a long way away from being the same goal machine……but if he applies himself, he has the talent to be World Class. The comparison is style…who he reminds me off, and who I’d like him to model himself on.

    Not that what I’d like counts for anything.

  105. He’s a great model for CV – but the nonchalant displays of skill and those near-post finishes make me think of Eduardo.

    Great music on that clip, btw.

  106. Brilliant player, the goals @ 4:50 is something else!

  107. I lost track: can anybody please tell me which players we are all not going to sign? There seem to be thousands of them!

  108. Evil Fiek, I’ve given up! I’ll just wait and see who is wearing an Arsenal shirt come 1st Sept.

  109. Exactly Passenal. Following who is leaving and who is and isnt coming will drive you mad if you follow it up.

    I have no doubt that our team next year will be ready for all challengers.

  110. What difference does it make? I’ll still support Arsenal regardless. What I’m anxious about is when the new season will start?

  111. Well, pre season starts in mid July! We are playing SC Neusiedl 1919 on July 27th. Now who is NOT excited for that match up? Personally, I can’t wait! We will win that one for sure!

  112. Who watched the kick off show it was awesome.

  113. A chance for Carlos Vela to shine tomorrow….

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