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Good Buy 1?

Transfer talk sparks this morning with West Ham effectively putting Robert Green up for sale. It gives he and Joe Cole something to talk about whilst they are away although David Sullivan proved that his footballing knowledge can be written on the back of a postage stamp and still leave enough room for the War and Peace to be written next to it by suggesting that Real Madrid might come calling to the East End. Does the name Iker Casillas mean anything, David?

Joe Cole meanwhile has been told that he can leave Chelsea, the Champions have decided that his wage demands are too much to bear considering Uefa’s new financial strictures preclude offering either he or Michael Ballack the contracts of which they desired. You can watch the scramble unfold as England head towards their inevitable Quarter Final exit…

Not such a good deal is the one being offered by the Spanish media on behalf of Barcelona. Apparently Cesc is worth €10m more than Yaya Toure, a move encouraged by the player’s Mr20% and the Spanish media. It all seems rather incredible and the suspicion is that the Mr20% is becoming increasingly desperate to pay for his children’s school fees next year by getting his Yaya’s out of Barcelona. But a few weeks ago, he said it would never be to Arsenal. A few days ago, he had a deal all lined up to be signed after the World Cup with an unnamed English club.

And now, he wants his client to come to The Emirates, forgetting conveniently that a few years ago, Arsene turned down the opportunity to sign the player and has done so consistently ever since. That is not to say it won’t happen, merely that it would be a more surprising signing than either Green or Cole.

Talking of Cesc, which I was vaguely doing, it would be remiss of me not to congratulate him on winning his 50th cap for his country and scoring to top the evening off. If he is distracted by the off-the-field shenanigans, he has done a good job of hiding it.

Goodbye 2…

Philippe Senderos, you live up to your nickname, Senderoff. And frankly, I don’t blame you. I thank you for your service to Arsenal Football Club and wish you all the best. Genuinely, I hope that your confidence is recovered and that you live up to your potential, the promise that was shown in the run to the 2006 Champions League Final.

To see a player lose their belief is a terrible thing, especially in one at the start of their career. To recover from that and to prosper in the future, that is a signal of character and intelligence. The latter we know you have, now prove to everyone you have the former. His effort could not be faulted, even if the application was found wanting at times, and that is much appreciated.

Senderos is not the only centre back who is departing although there is no guarantee that Sol Campbell and / or William Gallas will join him in the crush at the exit door. Gallas is apparently on his way to Panathinaikos although no-one knows for sure as he is not talking to the press. The presumption is that it is because of the snub over the World Cup captaincy of France which may well be the case, although I suspect that he has taken one look at the media coverage of the Cesc to Barcelona and thought, ‘Sod that for a game of soldiers, I’m keeping my head down‘.

You can read many things into one sentence. Well, not into that one but when Sol Campbell said he was waiting to see if Neil Lennon got the Celtic job, it was a fairly big hint that he fancied a couple of seasons in Glasgow. He may well get his wish as the former Northern Ireland international is to be appointed as The Bhoys new manager today. Perhaps either Gallas or Campbell could shove Silvestre into their suitcase, just to be sure he leaves…

Good Buy 3?

What now for Silent Stan. He is currently proposing to invest $750m into the St Louis Rams, buying the NFL club outright which, given the sums involve, suggest that the reported commitment to plurality of ownership of Arsenal has not diminished. With one substantial investment this summer, the debt involved in buying Arsenal as well would make several Chancellors of EU countries blanche.

Alisher Usmanov is buying up loose shares, edging closer to Kroenke’s holding which gives rise to two options. Firstly, is he seeking to buy the club outright or secondly, he is seeking to ensure that he and the American own substantially more than 50% of Arsenal between them – which they already did – to stop any potential buyer of NBS’ shares from believing that Kroenke is the main player in the shareholders. Given she is struggling to find a buyer, the latter ‘ploy’ has a protectionist aura which is more comforting to supporters than any potential takeover by the Uzbek. Or Kroenke for that matter.

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  1. Arse Baggins

    Where’s BB?

  2. Arse Baggins

    First and Second by accident.

  3. Arse Baggins

    Any chance we could Hangeland now that Senderos is at Fulham?

    I think Hangeland and Verm would make an excellent partnership.

  4. Actually Yogi—SS already owns about 40% of the Rams and using his option to buy more. So if he buys the other 60%, that is about 425M. Since the NFL has rules against owning other teams in different leagues within the US, the might have to hold the team in his wife’s name. Between the two, they are worth about $6B US, at least. She is also a member of the Walton family, so has access to at least another $100B from her first cousins/siblings, etc. (five of the walton kids are worth around $20B each). Money is not an issue for SS.

    He’s not quite in the Gates/Buffet range, but he is significently wealthier than Usmanov (if he is worth around $2B

  5. Late night Yogi?

  6. Sendersos was and is loyal, a decent – honourable player, trying…he desereved better and will probably be a standt out, solid infuence
    ‘Good luck lad show them what hard work and an honest approach can accomplish,

  7. Best of luck to Big Phil (when he’s not playing us, obviously ;-))

  8. I agree, Senderos was a loyal servant who lost his way/confidence and our best wishes should go with him. I’ve also come to terms with the possibility that Cesc will leave and would hope that, should he do so, a replacement is bought who can bring real pace to our central midfield.

    On the Russian and Stan, I hope it’s Stan if anyone. However, I think that the Panorama documentary on the Glazers and Mancs was eye opening: not least for those who have insisted that the rush for silverware should exceed Arsene’s financial caution. A sobering insight indeed.


  9. Arse Baggins,

    I also share your view on Hangeland. His inclusion in our team would make us more complete and this might be even more important if Sol goes north. Given his obvious EPL experience, I also think that any concerns Arsene might have had last season about buying a central defender who lack European experience will have been answered by the commendable run that Hangeland had with Fulham this last season.

    Fingers crossed that he (or someone better) is part of the “necessary” spending that we make this summer.

    PS. The above noted Panorama documentary was on BBC last night (Tues 8th june 2010): for those of you with IPlayer access etc.

  10. I read a post yesterday that Al Maktouhm,(spelling), the horse racing magnet and owner of Emirates airlines was in negotiations for Lady Nina’s shares.

    I would welcome this, as it could provide the longterm stability required.

  11. Were’s BB these days?

  12. Paul, agree.

    Senderos has shown great decency in the way he conducted himself in what must have been a very trying couple of years.

    A lot of players would have come out, slagging the manager and team or posting crap on facebook and twitter.

    I wish him all the best and will give him a good reception when he returns with Fulham

  13. Good article YW.

    Shame to see Phil go but it was inevitable I suppose. I wonder if him being left on the bench in the 2006 CL final was the beginning of his loss of confidence.

    After the way the defence managed in the previous rounds it must have been a blow to him.

  14. Hangeland and Verm in defence equals no pace. Agbonlwhore, defoe, Bent, Rooney, Rodellaga, Tevez, Bellamy, Adebayor, Torres and co would have a field day with our defence and lack of pace with those two. Its one or the other and we have Verm, Wenger would require the second defender to be pacy.

  15. Gallas has not been talking to the press since November 2008…..and it’s not hard to see why.

    The made-up story about him protesting not getting the French captaincy just shows why he holds them in such contempt.

    They know he hasn’t been talking to the media, yet they want to pretend it’s because Evra got the captaincy….

    I really do wonder what they have against Billy Gallas…

  16. You’re right Ole. I don’t blame him for not talking to them. If I was in his position I wouldn’t do it either.

  17. Anyone hear last night Guillem ballbag’s ‘exclusive’ news on talkshite that fabregas might not be leaving after all. Investigative journalism at its best.

  18. This is England

    Armourist. Simpson,Mclintock,Adams,Keown were not quick it didnt do them any harm.

  19. not to mention yaya would like to stay at uni and not return to nursery

  20. Re Gallas, I really feel we should be doing more to keep him. Are his wage demands so unrealistic? Gallas is a key player for us and we should keep him imo. I understand his injury record is not great but how many of our first teamers have better? Besides he might be less prone to injury if we didn’t have to play him so often, hence why adding one or two quality backups makes even more sense.

  21. I guess its kind of hard to balance achieving consistency at the back by sticking to a particular CB partnership, and rotating to give backup players game time, in preparation for our inevitable injuries.

    AW certainly has his work cut out next season for sorting this out.

  22. All the best to Phil at Fulham. I liked him and i wish he’d been given a second chance especially last season when most of our centre backs were out injured. He is surely better than Silvestre.

    Armourist I thought Varmaelen had pace, if we were to get Hangeland he’d need to stay back more often as he doesnt have pace, probably what we need as Verma does go forward alot. I also hope we keep Gallas/Sol.

    Ole/Passenal the media would just about say anything to get hits!

  23. @ Rinseout

    ha ha


    @ Henristic

    I also would love Gallas to stay (and Campbell, too) but I think with Gallas the problem might be the length of the contract, rather than the money.

    What may be on the table is a two-year deal but with the second year on a much reduced salary, to be bumped up by appearances? But he may feel he’s worth two years’ at the same level. I haven’t given up hope, though. I feel that if he didn’t essentially want to stay, he’d be gone by now. Or at least we’d know where he was going.

  24. Finsbury, it was a great day out. They haven’t toured in so long, there was a lot of pent up ‘Rage’ in the air. No sooner had the opening drop to ‘Testify’ kicked in, circle pits were shooting up as far as the eye could see. Brilliant energy. I’m still battered and bruised.

    Rage gigs always went hand in hand with a bit of b&e. Their ‘f*ck the police’ attitude flicks a switch in teenage brains everywhere. The vibe in general was great though, older rage heads clattering around with newer ones, everybody looking out for one another.

    As well as the gig being free, Rage donated all the Christmas single money to Shelter.

    El Commandante was shut sadly, so I warmed up in the Twelve Pins. In fact, if anything I warmed up a little too much. Thanks for the tip though, will make it in there one day.

  25. Bit of topic i know, but i cant access the link for the new home shirt competition. Anyone know of a different link.


  26. Try emailing aclfcomps[AT]btinternet[DOT]com, changing the bits in square brackets.


  27. Gallas can go, Wenger has given him long enough to sign the contract. From what PHW said, his wage demands were too high. Someone at his age looking for more money is just being greedy. Also, he is probably on par with Cesc at the club in terms of wages. Nice having ya, but for me I think hes off. I’d be really surprised if we see him at the Emirates next season.

    With Sol, I hope he stays, I know he wants to play football so that is obviously playing a massive part in his decision. Wenger should offer him a guaranteed 20 games next season as a pulling point to signing. I know I would rather play 20 games for Arsenal than playing in the SPL. The bond he has with Arsenal and our supporters should be another factor that makes him stay.

    I have all fingers and toes crossed with Sol.. not with Gallas though.

  28. Djourou is going to be a revelation next season.. errmm once again!

    Alongside Vermaelen we could have a solid pairing. Maybe better than Gallas-Vermaelen.

    We still need a couple CB’s, and to get rid of Silvestre. He ain’t bad to have as 5th of 6th choice, he just doesn’t fill the stands with any confidence that we can keep a clean sheet! I’d rather we bring one of our talented youngsters into the frame rather than an over the hill player.

  29. Green could be a decent signing! I doubt Wenger rates him above 10m to be honest. Just wonder who else could be interested in the guy, we may have a chance as..

    City have a couple good keepers.
    Chelsea have Cech – could he go as backup?
    United seem to be looking for replacement for Van Der Sar…
    Liverpool have no money and Reina.

    Apart from United.. All down to if Wenger rates him, and if he accepts we need better comptetition between the sticks…

    Can’t remember if he spoke of Green previously

  30. On the gallas thing, I think he hopes the world cup will be a good showcase for him.

    At the moment PSG and the greek club showed their interest but I don’t think he would want to join any of them. PSG are skint and don’t do anything in the French league. The greeks would be a low for him because, no offence to the greek, the league is pretty bad and seeing the Greek economy could be a big gamble.

    I’ve read this morning that Juve are tracking him which might be his best chance although they are not what they used to be and if you go by Buffon’s comment who says he would be ready to leave if it helped the club financially, I have doubts about their financial situation.

    I wouldn’t mind him to stay but irrespective of his case I would still take a proven CB (Cahill, Squilaci or Hangeland) and a young CB (Sakho, or the guy from Lorient).

    This Sullivan seems pretty dumb, he has been thrashing the plyer and manager since he brought the team and said the whole team was up for sale bar Parker which makes PHW looks like a tremendous chairman!

  31. Looks like we will lose Gallas, Sly, Sol and obviously Phil.

    I’m a bit devestated that Phil didn’t get another chance. A real shame.

    Who said that Hangelaand and TV would equal no pace? TV is NOT slow.

    However I would prefer a defender with CL experience. Supposedly we have the cash so lets get the right defender in.

    Johan will be awesome and if all the rest do indeed tittle off I think a promotion for Nordtveit is well in order.


    Would that be enough experience and age to get us through a season??

  32. Gallas was our best defender last year. We shouldn’t let him go because he’s asking for 2 years. We stand to lose more from his absence than we would gain from the savings on wages. The question of principles shouldn’t arise because as YW has himself said, these issues should be dealt with on a case by case basis. Besides, he’s already one of our highest earners, I don’t see how giving him the pay rise will affect our wage structure or anything like that.

  33. A real pity to Big Phil go. However, maybe that opens the door for Hengeland and Schwarzer to move in the opposite direction. I can see those two dealing with FatSam tactics with no bother at all. Sad to say it but our defence last season looked shit scared most of the time, Vermaelen excepted.

  34. I’m getting a bit anxious about the defence. It’s sad to see big Phil leave, as i’ve always felt he had something to offer the team, but it’s also sad that big Sol and Gallas are more than likely to leave. I actually quite like king Billy and rate him very highly. He’ll be wasted in Greece. Sylvestre? pfff… See ya later.

    It’s been a long time since wenger bought more that 2-3 first teamers in a window, but i feel it needs to happen this time. Who? haven’t got a clue, but if the TV signing last year is anything to go by, hopefully this dude from Lorient will be of a similar ilk. But we will still need at least one more centre back imo.

    I just wish it was the end of the window now and all this bullshit and speculation was done with.

    But hey, there’s a World Cup to keep us distracted i suppose…

  35. I don’t consider Green better than Almunia. If we must change, then the change should be worth it, not just for the sake of having a new keeper

    Also am sad to see big Phil go, with his confidence restored he would have been great with TV5. Is TV5 that slow?

  36. jaygooner – i think you’re underrating Gallas’ contribution last year. TV was great and did a lot of the ‘spectacular’ defending (last ditch sliding tackles etc) but he was also at fault for many of our goals conceded with his rushes of blood and charges towards players when he could have kept his discipline. A bit harsh maybe on an excellent first season, but he can’t take all the credit. Gallas has been consistently solid since his arrival (bar a few mental blips)

  37. And Green is hardly the world beating GK we need is he? If we had him, schwarzer, hart etc playing week in-week out, we would see how error prone and inconsistent they are. Almunia’s another underrated player, but as Team Spirit says, if we’re going to buy a new goalie, they need to be top, top quality.

  38. Thanks for yesterday’s clarification Limestone Gunner. 800 years, yes. I’m interested in history and at the time of my ‘travels in spain’ read a lot about that period (… forgetting dates obviously) and the advancement of science, astronomy, philosophy, medicine, architecture and something else that went with all this; an ‘inclusive’ and somewhat moderate society, comparatively according to the standards of the time.

    Funny thing was I flew from Andulucia to Zanzibar on that trip and the parallels between the ‘old parts’ of towns are uncanny, the architecture and ‘feel’ irresistably familiar. No country is ‘one thing’ and Southerners in Spain indicated little empathy towards the richer parts of Spain; advising me to be cautious if I ventured there.

    Goodbye Phil. I liked you a lot and happy you are going to Fulham, not elsewhere. Good luck.

  39. I agree too with Geo to an extent. We will be demoting Fabianski, practiaclly ending his hopes on 1st team football and any confidence left in the lad if Green comes in – despite all his negative publicity he is a top young keeper still.

    Wenger has to decide to either buy someone better than what we have got (if he finds that is) then decide who must go, or stick to what we have. I suspect if we find a TOP keeper that wenger can see as a must buy, Almunia will be sold. This seems to be a hard task, if there was somebody out there who could guarantee instant improvement and was available.. I suspect we would have made a move already. Truth is there ain’t that many amazing keepers out there. I just hope the defence gets sorted and he finds players of equal calibre to Vermaelen.

  40. I agree with that Chrisgoona. It’s a big gamble spending a lot of money on a GK, something AW has never done. But you’re right, there aren’t that many top quality GKs out there (that I know of!). I would love it if the Buffon rumours were true. Anyone of that calibre would signal our intent i think.

    But you never know, Wenger could find a TV/Sanga equivalent for between the sticks… I hate all this uncertainty!

  41. we let go off gallas, campbell, silvest and senderos. i don’t think that defence is sufficient els.

    Nordveit is well known in budesliga, hageland is slow and one footed, djouru is injury prone and yet to have that break out season and eastmond is behind djouru in development

    the laurent guy seems to be coming (i trust in wenger). i hope campbells contract is renewed and another defender is signed just for insurance.

    Tasci? just one other (i trust in wenger again)

    with respect to the keeper i believe Hart is the best choice

  42. I have to take my Phil Senderos sticker off my bass cab now then? Shame, he had a great frown.
    William Gallas is a superb defender, when he and the Verminator were together we looked so solid. He also proved his character after the way he got on with his job having lost the captaincy.
    The real shame last season was JD’s injury. When big Willy went out it could have proved to be his breakthrough season and him and TV would have made a CB pairing for many years to come.

  43. I just hope we keep one of either Billy or Sol for one more year. That’s all we need.

    Totally agree with TS about Green – no point buying anyone who isn’t better than what we have.

  44. Thanks Yogi.

    Chrisgoona’s right if we are to replace Almunia(a solid keeper), then it needs to be with someone more then good like schwarzer, green and to an extent hart. They need to be great.

    One question to anyone who watches Italian football regularly, how good is Buffon?

    I know a lot of people want him, but it seems like its based of his past glories, recently i’v heard he’s been having back problems, and a loss of form.

  45. I would rather sacrifice a goat to appese the mob than get in green to replace almunia and stand in the way of tech 9 and mannone.

    interesting that all the england players want james in goal because of his communication skills.

  46. Green to Arsenal. Very unlikely, and what for?
    Even Joe Cole, more likely, would be unusual if his demands are so high. I mean, he’s not going to walk into this Arsenal side without a fight; he’s OK, but not that good.

    I guess with zero evidence that, letting Senderos go, Arsenal is indicating that they have resolved defensive issues. Is it Hangeland? I disagree that his lack of pace is the main issue; most times unnecessary goals were scored against us from poor positioning and set pieces, in both respects Hangeland is good. I bet Gallas is staying, and Campbell would be a fool to leave. Ever-hopeful, that’s me. Perhaps everyone is still talking.

    I like the sound of
    (1st choice) Vermaelen, Gallas
    (2) Djourou, Hangeland
    (3) Back-up Campbell + Song if needed;
    (4) Nordveidt and is it Bartley (?) for lesser silverware and grooming.

  47. I think Almunia deserves one more chance.He will come good next year along with Diaby(who IMO will be the best player in the league next season) and Denilson.

  48. I think Sol is gone.So is Gallas.

    Silvestre doesnt deserve the flak.I wont be against him being offered another one year contract.He has performed well, whenever called upon.

  49. Big Phil had the best ‘look’ of any defender, brow furrowed impossibly in determination.

  50. Agree with DonTG.

  51. or in confusion Zimpaul! 😉

  52. Diakhate would be an awesome signing.He is a good tackler,not good enough for CSKA,but if Arsene sees something in him,he should be special,like Diaby.

  53. Donthegooner I agree with your 12:36 post, not so sure about the 12:37 one though.

  54. They say he speaks 5 languages, maybe he was thinking what to say in all five, all at the same time.

  55. Phil speaks 6 languages, English, French, Spanish, German, Italian and Portuguese

  56. My team for next season



    Song Diaby Denilson

    Van Persie Chamakh Bendtner

    Clichy is past it and if the right offer comes,we should flog him. Fabregas and Sagna are apparently off to Barca and Milan

    I think we will have a solid midfield (assuming Cesc is gone).Diaby can take up Cesc’s place.

    As such,we dont need any more signings.

  57. i reckon silvest deserves the captaincy if he stay

  58. spot on d.t.g

  59. Donthegooner
    You shouldn’t trust what a tabloid writer says as his research on his stories happens when he is daydreaming at his desk!
    Sagna and Clichy are not leaving!
    What happended to Arshavin in your team?

  60. Donthegooner

    I pity all the doomers Forza. They think that we have the right to win everything. They should understand that we were a small club,before Arsene took us over.Now we are the best club in England,where the likes of Messi wants to join.

    We have some exciting prospects in our team like Denilson(who is better than Gilberto in my opinion) and Abou Diaby,who will be better than Vieira.They are going to rule the English football for the next few seasons.

    Arsene Knows.

  61. Stepanovs The God

    Dtg – I think that line up si great but as you say Silvestre is good enough to take up that CB role next to Vermaelen! 😉

  62. where the likes of Messi wants to join.have you got a link to that??/

  63. Donthegooner

    Gunnerluc,I think we should sell Arshavin,if the right offer comes.He has been questioning our leader for quite a long time.I dont want to keep any player,who doesnt want to be a part of our great leaders vision.

    Clichy has been on the decline for quite a long time,and cant cross. Eboue has performed better than Sagna whenever he has played as a RB.

    Our options in the LB
    Traore,Gibbs,Vermaelen,Silvestre(hopefully,he is offered a new one year contract),Tom Cruise.

    We have enough depth in the LB.

  64. you reckon messi will he be part of the cesc deal???/

  65. I think you may be right about needing 2 defensive signings if we lose Gallas, Sol and Sly as well as Sendo.

    For the record I think we already have the best shot stopper in the league between our sticks!!!!!

  66. Donthegooner

    No Stepanovs.Silvestre is quite unreliable as a first choice LCB,but he is an excellent back up.Which other club in the country has an experienced proven winner like Silvestre as their fourth choice.

  67. els do you think almunia should be given another chance,i reckon he was harshly criticized by the ungrateful cunts

  68. Donthegooner

    Forza Forza,I have read somewhere that Messi’s second favourite club is Arsenal.Wenger is his favourite manager.After our narrow defeat against Barca,he had commented how much he appreciates Wengers style of football.

    Fabregas will not go anywhere this season. Fab is quite convinced with Wenger’s dream project,and he is a fool,if he leaves us to join a team,who is not going to win anything in the future.Messi will stay with Barca for two more years,and will join us.

  69. wow i never knew that about messi,yeah i think you maybe right about the cesc thing d.t.g,as long as we can keep this team together and they stay fit i think we will clean up,then all them doomers can go fuck themselves.

  70. I think a lot of the quotes of Arshavin in the media has been mistranslated. He did not have a great season but he did not play much in his best position.

    As for Clichy and Sagna the 4-3-3 formation makes them much more vulnerable than the 442 that’s why they might not have looked as assured.
    Sagna might not be as good as Eboue when attacking but I think he is slightly better defensively but I do like a lot Eboue.

    I said that I think they are not leaving as there are a lot of changes going on in defence at the moment and although change is definitvely needed, too much change is not good so I can’t see Arsene flogging out another 2 defender in a season where already most of our CB are going to be changed.

  71. Donthegooner

    Forza Forza,I think so mate.Every keeper makes mistakes.It was Almunia who kept us in the CL match against Barca. Even the best GK in the country Cech made a lot of bloopers.

    Next season is the season,where Almunia comes of age.

    Remember,how we all were criticising Arsene while Diaby was having a bad run.

  72. Donthegooner

    The question is whether some club would come calling for Diaby if he has a good WC.I hope Arsene doesnt sell him,as he is more important to us than Fab or RVP.Diaby is younger and has been the main reason why we stayed in the title race for a long time.

  73. d.t.g.don’t forget about o.t either,he was immense in that game to keep us in the tie.

  74. Donthegooner

    Forza,I think Diaby was unfortunate to concede that goal.Even Ferge was in awe of his performance.Diaby has been treated unfairly by some doomers.For me,he has been the player of the season.If he hadnt missed a few matches,we would have won the double.

  75. i just think diaby is misunderstood by alot of the know it all’s,im sure he will have a stormer of a world cup and kick on next season,fingers crossed.

  76. Stepanovs The God

    Dtg – If Diaby could just stay fit he would eclipse the Vieira days within a season! The man has so much more to his game than Vieira did!!

  77. Forza Forza I agree with that. He had a lot to deal with. As did Clichy and Sagna, it’s no coincidence if your fullbacks have a difficult time then your keeper has to put up with plenty of shitty balls in. And this is all because of the new tactic that doesn’t have width in the centre of the pitch. I’m not saying I don’t like the tactic, attacking wise it’s awesome. It will also improve with time, as Sagna and Clichy adapt to playing on a leash.

  78. Donthegooner

    Exactly mate.Cant understand why the doomers are after his head and some of them unfairly call our great leader names for giving him chances.

    Moroever,having a spine of players who speak the same language would add to the defensive side of the game.

    For example I would rather have a side of Eboue—Sagna–Silvestre–Clichy,as they all speak the same language,which is essential in the defensive solidity.

  79. Stepanovs The God

    Dtg – Good shout. See its things like that which your average football fan can’t seem to appreciate and that’s the real reason we see Wenger as a genius when others are pulling their hair out and asking for him to be hung, drawn and quatered!!

  80. Fuck off Don the gunner

  81. Donthegooner

    Whats up Ole mate?

  82. Having fun, donthegooner?

  83. Donthegooner

    This site is the best site on the web. It is ridiculous to see members of some other sites having a go at our great leader and visionary.

    We dont have any rights to win anything.We have gone through 20 trophyless years before.So its only six now.I dont mind us being trophyless for next ten more years,as long as our club is managed by Wenger.

    Arsene knows.

  84. Donthegooner

    Why are you guys up in arms against me?I went to another site,and praised Wenger, and was slagged off.Now you guys do the same.

    Is it a big offence to praise Wenger in an Arsenal forum?

  85. Donthegooner..forza forza.. and Stepanovs The God is having a conversation with himself. Dull.

  86. Donthegooner

    Please tell me guys,isnt Wenger the one who symbolises Arsenal?

  87. Stepanovs The God

    mingus – huh?

  88. Donthegooner = J@mes

  89. Donthegooner

    Who is James mate?My name is Donald.

  90. If DTG, FF and STG come from where I suspect, they are making a lot more sense with this apparent gibberish than what they do normally.

  91. Donthegooner

    Keysersoze,what are you talking about mate?

  92. Donthegooner

    Proper knob head aren’t you.. can imagine you sitting there planning this little scheme.. you are a fine example of how the internet has got abused to spread shit in recent years. Good on ya, you must be so proud of yourself for being a typical loser!

  93. The Don.. what a mug. How pathetic must you be to log in as different people on a blog to try prove a point?… You are absolutely hilarious mate, fucking spurs cu*t

  94. Donthegooner

    ChrisGoona,why you abusing me mate?I love Wenger more than Arsenal.Is that a fault?

  95. Don are you now showing your true feelings and all the stuff you post on LG is a windup?

  96. Donthegooner.. go back to le Shite where you belong with the rest of the scum

  97. Donthegooner, its funny how YW allows idiots like you to post on here – giving everybody a freedom of speech, yet on your most favourite amazing site Le Shite.. they seem to moderate every single response they dont agree with.. run along little lamb

  98. Donthegooner

    Which is that site CG?I love this site.

  99. If AW symbolises AFC, what symbolises the Sp*ds?

    An open bank vault in the Bahamas?

  100. Donthegooner

    Please dont abuse me.I never knew that praising Wenger is a big crime in an Arsenal forum.

  101. mug

  102. Finsbury

    If AW symbolises AFC, what symbolises the Sp*ds?

    An open bank vault in the Bahamas?

    More like a diseased rat that won’t go away

  103. What a tool I am!

  104. “We’ve STILL got Cesc Fabregas!!!”

    new chant to greet our captain come august 😉

  105. Donthegooner

    Who is that spuds supporter?

  106. Donthegooner

    Who is Jaguar?

  107. Donthegooner

    We’ve got Silvestre

    We’ve got Diaby

  108. poor little man, you must have serious issues

  109. els…

    I find it quite funny actually, Diaby will be playing for France in the World Cup while Donthemug will only look on and admire until the guy returns to Arsenal where he will be slated by the trailor trash mob.

    Some supporters haven’t got a clue. He must have got chucked out of school at a young age the poor lad.

  110. Donthegooner

    I’m leaving.My advice to you guys,is you should never underestimate our great leader Arsene Wenger.He is our best thing.

    Arsene is great.I would support that man,even if he gets us relegated.If he quits us,I will start supporting Spuds or Chelsea.

  111. Better yet, go support them now. They are more on your level. TWAT

  112. Arsene is not going to start next season with Almunia in goal. His mystery chest infection early and the mystery wrist injury late demonstrated his lack of confidence in Almunia. We can not start another season with that much inconsistancy in goal. If a fan as loyal as YW and the boss himself do not have confidence in him why should we?

    Fabianski may be a solid keeper someday however every team will be doing exactly what Fat Sam did. Firing ball after ball in on goal. The whole world including our players and the referees will be waiting for him to start making mistakes. No matter how good he might be, if the whole world including the referees are waiting for you to make mistakes it becomes a self fullfilling prophecy.

    If the boss is not willing to make a real “statement of intent” such as Buffon or Reina then Schwarzer is the answer. He has been superb for 2 years for Fulham. He helped carry an Aussie team with almost no attacking threat to the WC. He was great for a mediocre Fulham team in their shock European cup run. He has proven himself for 2 years in the EPL, the WC qualifiers and a high pressure final runs in the European cup. He has certainly been better Green. Hart is also a good choice but I doubt Citeh will sell him to us.

  113. Donthegooner

    Why are you guys calling an Arsene fan a twat?

  114. Lets hope he finds someone, I am not entirely convinced that Schwarzer is the answer.

  115. Donthegooner

    Almunia is the answer.I trust him to do the job.

  116. 30m plus Alumia bid for Cassilas will show intent though 🙂

  117. Don, your mum does the job.. really well I must add. Tell her thanks!

  118. anyway I’m off.. Don’t like speaking to doomer fans with an IQ of 2 !!

    Laters people

  119. Donthegooner

    CG,before you fuck off to lick Arsene’s balls,let me tell you that,your mom does the job even better.

  120. Don, I was only kidding matey – touched a nerve ehh.

    Your mum can only dream I would bend her fat ass over.

  121. Chris:

    Almunia and Fabianski are not the answer for next year. I hope Almunia does well, I know he had off the field issues but he is too inconsistant. Fabianski needs to go on loan and regain his and rest of the worlds confidence in him before we could afford to have him in goal for us

  122. laters loser

  123. Stepanovs The God

    ha ha, class…..telling someone that they have an IQ of 2 after pulling out a ‘mum’ joke…….you couldn’t make it up!!

  124. Agree with YW about Big Phil. I would love to see him re-establish himself with Fulham. Great team guy. Good luck to him.

  125. laters CG.

  126. Jaguar is a child

    forza, don, stephanovs and els are all here on a piss take from le grove… quiet day at the loony bin.

  127. Stepanovs The God

    I’d imagine big Phil will find a kind of reinvention with a new start at FFC and more importantly under Big Roy!!

  128. What a life you boys must lead.

  129. Regarding football:
    And the tens of thousands of extra coaches they seem to have for kids over in Holland (people who prefer to coach and don’t troll in their spare time, maybe because they know what they are ‘talking about’ when it comes to football?):

    In honour of Overmars and Bergkamp.
    And RVP!

    dutch panna

  130. I hope that link to a demonstration of kids football within the UK isn’t seen as anti-english.

    AFC and the Tiny Totts are linked to the above site/scheme!

  131. lol finsbury & OOU!

    I can just imagine what type of people they are, saying the same annoying shit just to get a reaction, wherever possible.

    I hope Frank hasn’t left for pastures new after yesterday’s craziness… I enjoy his posts even though others might not.

    Cheers for the link Finsbury – dont you wish we had a similar set up here?

  132. Stepanovs The God

    Sometimes you gotta stoop that low down to their level to put a point across. Sorry about that but it had to be done. Can’t take them supporters.

    Seen as you were backing the guy earlier, and convicted to actually being him under your very unusually suspect name.. I wouldn’t put it past you to be a another doomer cun* supporter like him. Just my opinion, don’t get too offended!

  133. heh. like it chris!

  134. anyway I’m really off till tomorrow! See ya els

  135. Stepanovs The God

    Fair enough. Just here to post a few comments. I doubt many ‘doomers’ would suggest big Phil will do well at his next club……..

  136. So who were those fans that used to abuse PS’s every second touch?

    Sp*ds in disguise?

  137. Geo,

    I think AFC and the Tinies are inolved with panna.
    Been nice to have seen the dutch urban soccer school thing take off in a city the size of London sooner, but at least at AFC, we know we’re ahead of the curve.

  138. Finsbury –
    As per usual eh? That’s what i love about being an Arsenal supporter. Always doing things in the right way, always looking to the future and looking to develop. Love it.

    I actually thought Senderos was going to stay this year, and start getting back into the team. Alas.

  139. Guys dont worry abt the planks that were here earlier. Don is Jaguar from Le-Grove. He really surprised me because i didnt think his vocabulary had more words than retard and senile. Stepanov is the old english twat TAIG. Forza is the skinny Irish plank Stu

  140. Re: Cole’s wages. Is it not possible to give him a huge signing bonus instead.

    Over 3 years 76k/wk plus £6m signing bonus is £17m, which is about £110k/wk without bonus.

  141. Wasn’t he demanding £150k from the Chavs? Outrageous! I dont think Wenger would even think about paying a newcomer that much (unless they were better than RvP etc – which he isn’t).

  142. I would rather he spent the money on defenders and if he was going to go for someone attacking, they need to be an improvement on what we’ve got. I’d rather see Wilshere get his chance than another injury prone (naturally central) wide midfielder – especially if they’re going to be pissing off the lesser paid players.

  143. I think I’ve read 100K/week instead of the 80K/week he was paid before. I wonder if he asked that because most are paid at least this at chelsea so did not want to be the less payed player.

    Well according to what has been said he should get paid between 60k and 80k at arsenal.
    I wouldn’t give him 100k, as only henry and cesc got that kind of money and there is no way he is paid as much as them!

  144. I expect Spurs to offer him loads of money as they hardly even read their bank statements, let alone worry about wage structures. It would be nice to have him in the squad, but we’ve got players in his positions who, imo, need as much first team action as possible this year.

  145. Is JC really what we need right now? I think we have players of better, and similar ability already in that position.

  146. Word Matty Boy. A bit of back up never hurts but i doubt he would want to be that man…

  147. Clichy is not past it, thats for sure. Great player!

  148. The irony is when little boy Don tries to make fools of us by talking up Diaby, he is very likely to be right. Watching Diaby perform for France the other night was a revelation for me. He came on as a floating midfielder, and within 10 mins had established himself as the midfield pivot; got the only shot on goal, provided the only assists, the main attacking momentum, was a defensive workhorse, and in a word ran the entire show.

    Diaby IS going to take the EPL by storm. He’s ours.

  149. I’m happy to hear positive news on this site about the financial realities of a Cesc transfer, the contract, the issues. So, it’s back to ‘unlikely’.

    We are in a strong position.

  150. Diaby is no joke! wonderful young player that I think can be better than PV in the long run. He is both strong and extremely skillfull.

  151. Diaby has all the tools to be one of the best midfielders in the EPL. His combination of technique and physique is rare. His injury record and all of the muscle pulls etc are a real worry and unfortunately I do not think we can count on him playing more then 20 games.

    His development is classic for a young player. Alternating between excellent and invisible. If he could stay healthy and play consistantly at his real potential we could have one of the top midfielders in the league and maybe the world.

  152. His injury woes began with an horrific challenge. At a vital stage in his development. Give him time he’s getting stronger and stronger. Sadly Ramsay faces the same uphill struggle.

  153. We don’t need Cole, if he wasn’t English would you rate him above Nasri e.g. ?

    He is overrated. And we have other areas of the pitch which needs further inspection. The defence is an urgency as players like Silvestre, Gallas and Sol look to leave the club. Senderos already gone. I’m happy YAYA is not coming to us because we already have Song. Song is on a par with Yaya if not better. What we probably need is a class GK and 2 CB if those abovementioned players leave..

    where is the strory with guillem balaque that fab might not leave after all???

  154. Donthegooner’s stunt was quite funny. Kinda like what muppet does a lot.
    He had me for a moment too, probably because I can’t remember anyone satiring ‘akbs’

  155. *

  156. Problem is Henristic that poster does nothing but try to be funny whatever name he posts under. And someone trying so hard to be funny just looks and sounds desperate to me after a while.

  157. Joe Cole would be a great addition. Theo is our long term future on the wing but at age 21 you never know what you will get from him. His best position at the moment is still impact sub. I think that will change in the next couple years.

    A team with Joe Cole on the wing probably has a better chance to beat the Mancs or Chavs or a tough CL opponent compared with any player on our squad at this moment. If we can get him at a reasonable price and he does not cause us problems with the new wage/turnover rule then it would be foolish not to get him if we could.

    Theo is still very young player and between rotation/injuries/FA cup/CL etc etc he will still get plenty of games. He already has enough pressure without being expected to play consistantly well every week on a team fighting for an EPL title.

  158. Bill…i have to disagree with that.
    Theo isn’t our long term future…he is our present. He has been unfortunate with injuries but once he gets a long run of games…he can give joe cole a run for his money…the only reason we’ve seen glimpses of his talent is because of his injuries…not because he is inconsistent in his game play. He is going to be a key player for us next season. Keep an eye out for him!

  159. My gosh, what has been going on this site today, everything is out of kilter, firstly has bigbrova gone on holiday?

    Secondly is YW having sleeping trouble?

    Thirdly forget %$£@!Frank is Kenyangunner coming back?

    and fourthly who are those odd balls posting here today? I have only been on Legrove twice, I couldn’t stomach it as felt like I was wading through the brown stuff and alot of comments seemed like they were from sick, depraved and rabid minds.


  160. Arseman I hope you are right. I doubt we will get Joe Cole and we certainly have more pressing needs. If we could get him I think he would be a great addition if he comes at an acceptable price. Joe Cole would add quality depth and experience to our squad especially in the games such as Manc’s or Chav’s where we were clearly missing that experience that last 2 years.

    Joe Cole would not kill Theo any more then TH14 killed Pedro at Barca or Adebeyor killed RVP. Theo will get his chances even with Joe Cole. When have we not had injuries or a remarkably crowded fixture list. When Theo is really ready for that next step he will take those chances and prove he better then any of our other options and then he will become 1st choice. Pedro and RVP did the same thing. IMO that is the time proven best way to develop young talent both for the player and the team.

  161. Arseman: My comment went into moderation so I copied and pasted.

    Arseman I hope you are right. I doubt we will get Joe Cole and we certainly have more pressing needs. If we could get him I think he would be a great addition if he comes at an acceptable price. Joe Cole would add quality depth and experience to our squad especially in the games such as Manc’s or Chav’s where we were clearly missing that experience that last 2 years.

    Joe Cole would not kill Theo any more then TH14 killed Pedro at Barca or Adebeyor killed RVP. Theo will get his chances even with Joe Cole. When have we not had injuries or a remarkably crowded fixture list. When Theo is really ready for that next step he will take those chances and prove he better then any of our other options and then he will become 1st choice. Pedro and RVP did the same thing. IMO that is the time proven best way to develop young talent both for the player and the team.

  162. @Bill,

    Fulham conceded 46 goals last season with Schwarzer in goal. When you consider that Fulham had that other wanted player Brede Hangeland in the defence how would Schwarzer Make any improvement to us.

  163. Dupsffokcuf:

    Good point. I had not even looked at that. Obviously concerning. He was excellent last year and in the WC and European Cup to get Fulham and Australia as far as they have gone. I know a lot of the goals FFC conceded were late in the season after their league place had been settled and they were playing 2nd choice players in a lot of positions in their league games such as the 4 -0 loss to us.

    Nonetheless, I may have to tone down my Schwarzer crusade. We still need another GK.

  164. My comment went into moderation so I copied and pasted.

    I hope you comment at 6:30 is correct regarding Theo. I doubt we will get Joe Cole and we certainly have more pressing needs in the back. If we could get him I think he would be a great addition if he comes at an acceptable price. Joe Cole would add quality, depth and experience to our squad especially in the games such as Manc’s or Chav’s where we were clearly missing that experience that last 2 years.

    Joe Cole would not kill Theo any more then TH14 killed Pedro at Barca or Adebeyor killed RVP. Theo will get his chances even with Joe Cole. When have we not had injuries or a remarkably crowded fixture list. When Theo is ready for that next step he will take those chances and prove he better then any of our other options and then he will become 1st choice. Pedro and RVP did the same thing. IMO that is the time proven best way to develop young talent both for the player and the team.

  165. Duppsffokcuf:

    I will do a little better job of researching this and get back to you when I have a chance. Thanks.

  166. 1,000,447,79th

  167. Jeez Bill – Don’t you think you have undermined your credibility by promoting Schwarzer in one breadth and in the next, having to backup and admit you need to a better job of researching when challenged by hard data?

  168. Talk about a shitty way to build up our way boys in the world cup.

  169. An interesting fact, In North Korea, their people think they have won the world cup! The government told them they did and even created a mock celebration with the team…what a hostile country, i cant wait to see what happens if(when) they get spanked by brazil and portuhgal. Will the players be sent to a gulag or something????

  170. I have always admired Joe Cole. The problem, however, is that like so many Arsenal players he spends a lot of time on the injury table.

  171. And counting money…

  172. ….and Jack is our Joe.

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