Arsenal At The World Cup #8: Overmars & Bergkamp v South Korea 1998

A routine group match for the Dutch in 1998, notable for being their only victory in the group phase and for the first time, two Arsenal players scored in the same match in a World Cup Finals.

The South Koreans stifled the Dutch attack  for half an hour, fair means or foul included, ably assisted by a referee who was not at the races. Or perhaps he was which would explain why he missed the fouls. Bergkamp was a bright spark throughout, causing problems for the Korean defence although both sides could quite easily have broken the deadlock before Cocu did so. Overmars cut inside and put the Netherlands ahead, a counter-attack from a Korean freekick, to double the lead.

Bergkamp made it three with less than twenty minutes remaining, a strike portraying the guile and power of his finishing whilst Overmars provided the cross for van Hooijdonk to add the fourth.

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  5. I think I could watch Dennis Bergkamp until the day I die and never tire of it. How I miss him. Wouldn’t it be a dream if one day (far off in the future) he became as good a manager as he was a footballer and came back to Arsenal?

  6. Seriously where is he?

    …bb6 though!

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