Laporta Gets Desperate In Cesc Chase & More

As the clock ticks down on his reign at the Camp Nou, more can be expected to be heard from Joan Laporta. Never knowingly quiet, never knowingly understated, never deprived of his desires, the soon-to-be former President of  Barcelona is increasingly trying to ensure that he occupies a role similar to Johan Cruyff, a puppetmaster in the background.

The death throes are evident, the desperation in his words laid bare. In the latest attempt to influence the outcome of the upcoming Presidential elections, he beseeched Arsenal to release Cesc – preferrably for less than €35m – as the player is no longer committed to Arsenal, he wants to play for Barcelona. Laporta used words such as ‘privilege’ when describing the Arsenal captaincy, a false humility that does sit comfortably, barely disguising his contempt but recognising his defeat.

That Cesc may leave Arsenal this summer is not in doubt, that he may stay is not in doubt, this farrago of events leaves all outcomes open. That Laporta’s reign will be over when the soap opera resolves is also not in doubt, evidenced by his view that Cesc ought to be allowed to leave because he is no longer ‘committed’ to the Arsenal cause. He barely avoids coming across as a whining teenager who cannot get his own way.

Not that he is giving up. He is waiting for a ‘gesture’ from Arsenal. I am sure Peter Whimsey will oblige, Arsene is probably too much of a gentle man to do so. The window of opportunity for one last piece of glory beckons for Laporta and Catalan public opinion is not with him, the media calling the demands in their English counterparts yesterday as ‘crazy’. He remains in power until June 30th when he finally shuffles through the revolving door one more time, the World Cup his foe as much as time.

He refuses to accept that, any deal can be concluded with the player immediately in his opinion which suggests it is already in place. The Catalans guilty of tapping up, admitting it but nothing will be done by Arsenal unless Cesc leaves, the player will be punished by Fifa as well as Barcelona, a situation Wenger will want to avoid in case it inflames any lingering sense of injustice.

And so their attention turns to Gael Clichy, a position where Barcelona possibly needs more options is left back. Apparently. And Arsenal has options with Kieran Gibbs being touted by the press in Catalunya as being ready to take over so Arsenal will be more amenable to selling. We have been here before this summer. And in times gone by. A double-deal? Will they make an offer for Clichy and sneak in a clause about ‘Buy One Get One Free‘, hoping that Arsenal would not notice? Such an offer were it to materialise should be scrutinised very closely.

Elsewhere Lorient will apparently be welcoming Arsene’s offer of used €20s so long as it does total €8m and they plan on keeping the bag boy, Coquellin, for a season as well. They have been told that Thursday is the deadline, curiously enough in keeping with Arsene’s desire to have a couple of signings in place before the World Cup starts.

According to Wenger, the money will not dent his transfer budget:

Our financial situation has greatly improved. We are finally able to buy the players we think we need.

Enforced parsimony in previous summers has drawn out transfer activity until the last minute, this time around could be different. Criticism of the manager for not signing should be tempered by the knowledge that there is a more public desire to sign, the usual provisos missing this time around, value for money an objective but there is more flexibility with greater funds at his disposal. And that is the key. For the first time in many years, the sums bandied around for his transfer chest are believable rather than being entirely based on fag packet maths.

Ivan Gazidis backed up the quest for experience:

We have a team with an average age of 23 or 24. Does it need to be supplemented? Quite possibly

How old the quotes are would be interesting to know. Whatever the case, this summer has seen more activity already than those in recent memory with the promise of more to come.

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. Wow no takers. Okay then. Third.

  2. 4rth. Ha ha

  3. Whilst BB takin a dump i’ll keep 5th

  4. Can’t be arsed about Joanie. Looks like Koscielny is in the bag. Hope Clichy stays though.

  5. Good post YW, Barca are running out of ideas on how to get Cesc, i don’t think we are selling unless Cesc completely refuses to play for us which i doubt will happen

  6. how do u get twitter updates for this blog?

  7. Ya Ya and his agent are true clowns…

  8. er, what’s happened to Brovar?

  9. Brovar is continually refreshing this page and gloating in importance to this blog!

  10. I think BB is suffering from ‘writer’s block’ you don’t know how much it takes to write ‘First!’

  11. That Telegraph piece is a lot of ill thought out nonsense. Arsene has been spending throughout, but sensibly and balanced. The most basic analysis would show that. I don’t see him suddenly throwing out all the players he has been developing to splash millions on over rated ‘names’ despite what the media may desire in order to give them something to write about. Arsenal need players who are ready to hit their peak with us, not over the hill superstars looking for one last pay day.

  12. Whilst I am happy to trust Wenger’s judgment, Koscielny seems a curious signing given the emphasis being placed on buying experience. The lad has only played one season of first division football.

  13. The Mighty Arsenal have played this poker game over Cesc perfectly. Did Barca “more than a joke club” really think Arsenal would roll over and hand our Captain to them for next to nothing? Obviously they did. They thought a media led campaign, including disgustingly the British media, would pressurise The Mighty Arsenal into folding, Erm nope, didnt happen. So proud of this Mighty club. EIE

  14. Yaya is not coming. Arsene has had plenty of chances and passed each time. A couple of weeks ago the agent was saying he did not want to come as part of the Cesc deal. Last week he was claiming he had already signed with a PL club, now he’s claiming the swop is back on? What a lot of nonsense. We’ve seen this countless times. Agents link their players with Arsenal then they suddenly sign an improved contract with their current team, or one of those clubs that wait to see who Arsene is after before deciding who to buy, steps in and buys him. It’s a classic game.

  15. ?
    Sagna ? Vermaelen Cliche
    Song Fabregas Nasri
    Chamakh RVP Arshavin

    And By the way, our new away kit is yellow….

  16. Watched Cameroon say that the British economy is in the doldrums. Also Deloitte says that only four epl clubs made a profit, which includes the debt ridden manure and liverpool. Expect big powershifts in the epl and european football in general. Lucky for us that we’ll be one of the few beneficiaries!

  17. earflow this article is so funny.

    Does Laporta really think we’ll take him seriously by offering 35M to Arsenal for cesc and then putting a price tag of 35M on yaya?

    Well Mr Laporta it will cost you at least two and half yaya to buy one cesc you fool!

  18. Anyway Yaya wants to move out f Barca because he is not first choice, he’ll go to a club where he will be first choice and I don’t see him overtake Song after Alex’s progression over the last two season.
    Arsene will never take him as he would want away at the first occasion.
    Signing commited players to the Arsenal cause is the key!

  19. Good piece YW.

    So it’s the end of June that Joan walks out of his wardrobe back into reality.

    As for the Yaya crap didn’t Wenger have him on trial once? If so I cannot see him buying now. Just agent shite.

  20. @jaygooner, “….The Mighty Arsenal have played this poker game over Cesc perfectly..”
    True, but it doesn’t take much thought to see that it has been a really easy poker hand to play.
    But they’ve played it with style so far…

    Mexico for an alternative second team to Holland?

  21. France and Nederlands in the work sweepstake! Couldn’t have gone any better.

    The self-importance of FC Barcelona is very well-known, is it not? The self-importance of the Spanish as a nation is pretty well known too… without generalising too much… they do have the lowest newspaper sales per head in Europe, and they are stuck down there, out on a limb, hanging off the arse end of France; all hot, arrid, dusty and isolated. It’s small wonder they could give a fuck about what anyone else is thinking.

  22. Mingus down here in Africa nobody likes Mexico or any other team in group A. We all love Bafana Bafana now!

  23. Limpar with such a low opinion of spaniards I wouldn’t want to know your opinion of those further south. Why not keep to football and leave the bigotry out!

  24. I honestly believe Cesc will go.If Barca raise their offer to £45-50m the Arsenal board will look on it as a victory having squeezed an extra £15-20m out of Laporta and co.This transfer is not about keeping Cesc but getting a realistic price for him

    And Joe Cole is a certainty to sign after the world cup

    I am worried that we dont seem to be after a keeper which is the position that urgently needs filling

  25. LA

    No Racism please.France wont get out of the group.

  26. @KEVIN. This transfer is about keeping cesc. We built the team almost around him. Having 15-20 extra bucks is not victory to arsenal but keeping players like him around. We dnt need the money

  27. Kevin seems like a regular poster but with another different ID.

  28. Bigotry, Kenyan gunner? No. I’m talking about the notion of a self-importance intrinsic in the national identity of a country isloated geographically on the outskirts of Europe. Some commentators have called it an inferiority complex. Picasso for example. I don’t think he was a bigot. In fact, I think you’ll find that he was of well below average height.

  29. Kenyan

    I’ve reread LA’s comments and your assumption that it is bigotry is entirely wrong and unwarranted.


    Which name are you posting under now? I can see half a dozen in the past…


  30. KEVIN (James perhaps?) what is your agenda…

  31. Spanish men certainly like to live close to their mummies. Cesc, Merida, Reyes are recent examples. Egyptian men do too but that is unavoidable. Bit soft the lot of em.

  32. Those that still believe Cesc is going are as stupid as the British press.

    This transfer window has been a complete joke once again, so glad the footy starts on friday!!!

  33. I suspect it is a Latin thing this ‘men and their mothers’ phenomenon. Though of course it was closely observed by Freud. I recommend some fucking Vikings in the transfer window. Their mothers can play for us too.

  34. Rooney told the ref to Fu** off in the last friendly, and was on the verge of being sent off… Why don’t he just grow up!!!

    Lets hope he keeps his cool

  35. Yogi & LA I wouldn’ t argue the point as this isn’t a political blog. Just note though that you have an international audience.

  36. KG – i’ve read many-a post by LA and from what i gather he’s in no way racist or biggotted. Text can easily be misinterpreted…

    Has anyone seen any of this CB that it seems we’ve nearly signed? Hopefully he’s another TV in disguise.

    Oh yeah, forgot to mention how much i hate barcelona. Cunts. Used to think so highly of them…

  37. Don’t be so fucking precious, Kenyan gunner.

  38. Kenyan, chill out.

  39. Frank my friend lost an eye in London for being black. Get off your high horse. And desist from using dirty language. You can insult me without being foul mouthed. And to think I used to like you!

  40. Thanks Chrisgooner it’s just that I’m a political sort. I wouldn’t post again today. But say hi to Zimpaul – I still like him.

  41. My Support In Descending Order

    Spain, the Dutch, Brazil, Argentina… based on Attacking Flair and ohmygoddidyouseewhathejustdid? momments

    the team I loath most is England. Its Full of Chelsea Man U & Spurs, gave Theo hope then crushed him. And their media think they are all conquering. Think US of A will give them a scare re: Spain in the confeds…

    IMO and am no Racist.

  42. Dearie me

  43. I am going to support England because some of you fellows from other countries can’t bring yourself to. Besides London is in England and London is the best city in the world.

  44. hehehhe.

    Frank touched a spot there??? hehehe that was intentional.

    Hehhhee. I would have supported Theo though.

    At the office everyone says that I must support the french because of Arsenal… for some reason I just don’t. I think they are a confused team. plus any team that looses to China is headed for trouble at the WC

  45. wishful thinking Frank

  46. @Frank.

    If England could do an *ohmygoddidyouseewhathejustdid* moment, I would be screaming loudest in support.

    Sadly Crouch’s robot dance doesn’t fit in that category..

  47. Arsenalkabisa

    I use to like and follow the French, how can you not with players like Zidane, Henry, Pires, Deschamps, Trezeguet, Djorkaeff, Petit, Vieira… you could only admire that team.

    I just find it painful to watch them under the current management. A bit like England.

  48. “Mexico for an alternative second team to Holland?”


    Our world beater CV11 will be there flying te flag for Arsenal.


    LA is one of my favourite guys in here, and as he stated his made a couple of generalisations about the Spainish big deal. Can I generalise that the Spainish team is full of cheating, racist narcissists bar… our own for now captain fantastic Cesc?

    Or is that a

  49. Wishful thinking about what, ChrisGoona?

  50. I still can’t believe Italy won the World Cup, I actually forgot they were so poor and had to check a few weeks ago!

    Its why I prefer the teams like Brazil or Spain or Holland to do well… football is meant to be about “playing football”.. I hope the best footballing team win.

  51. I don’t think the Frank at 12.08 is Frank. The avatar is different.

  52. china gunner PATO

    am always happy when i read arsenal news coz i find hard jokes amongst arsenal fans like between akenyan gunner and frank.anyway guys GUNNNERS 4 LIFE,we are strong

  53. I was wondering who the Irish will support if France and England reach the final.

  54. Heheh.

    @CG. Now that was a team. The Petit-Vieira goal is still one of my proudest Arsenal WC moments. Okay slightly behind Berrgkamp Argentina.

    What maddens me about the England team is their media. For some reason they have the notion that all they need to do is make an appearance. I hope the US of A gives them a shocker.

  55. do you we have a source for these wenger comments?

    quite curious I thought as they sound like a sigh of relief from a man who has insisted in the past we are covered in CB. media protection of players confidence with hidden frustration??

  56. My teams are Holland, Ghana, England. I sincerely hope that Spain do not get out of the group stages.

  57. china gunner PATO



  58. kenyan gunner…its xenophobia not bigotry, and as such is not treated with the same gravitas as its aimed towards people of another country which havent been downtrodden/illtreated by us in the past. commenting on cultural tendencies (whether incorrectly or not), such as americans being a lot more emotionally open/loud/not getting sarcasm, aussies apparently being crass/brash does not fall, in my opinion, in the same bracket as poking fun at or attacking someone because of race/creed/sexuality, or making derisory comments about someone from a culture which has been treated badly (ie former colonies predominantly populated by different ethnic groups that were badly treated). in fairness, the spanish/french/aussies/americans all have things to say about the brits, many of which are true (ie. binge-drinking, aggressive and tasteless louts with bad food). its all part of a general back and forth which in many cases, is done in good humour and received as such.

    i grew up in turkey, and i love turkish people. i’m half american and half english, but i can still quite confidently say that cheating (from anything from official papers to school exams) is prevalent, as is corruption and an overbearing bureaucracy, as well as quite nationalist tendencies. on the other hand turkish people on the whole are much nicer, friendly and hospitable than english people.

    anyway, enough on this subject, but i can understand why you may find the comments distasteful but i dont think that LA warrants being called a bigot or a rascist, he’s just perhaps slightly xenophobic, and i’m sure would take it in good humour if a spanish person expressed their idea of england

  59. Yep it is

  60. I think we should classify all this as *Nationalism* and not *Racism*.

    Though one being a lesser evil than the other, i dont know.

    @Maria >>>> the same can be said of The English team, but we would change all that with Foul mouthed, diving, sleeping-with-grandmothers-for-money…

    I am thinking of Going to the SA on the 22nd, you wanna come Maria? which city were you in when down South?

  61. and i’m finding it very hard to get excited about england. my patriotism has dwindled over recent years and i just cant bring myself to be excited about a group of players that i loathe so much. hopefully i’ll be bitten by the bug…alternatively it could be like last WC where was so sick of all the media-led flag-waving hyperbole that i secretly cheered when france came back and beat us.

    maybe things will change, or maybe i’ll just have to wait until wilshere JET & co are running things (and playing entertaining footy! why are england so dire to watch?)

  62. I saw some sort of ‘exclusive’ today which suggests that rossell has been working behind the scenes to secure a respectable deal for notsofab4 next year close to our valuation. bullshit or not the political landscape will change with the presidency and rossell would be wise to undermine the laporta style to keep us on side.

    Wenger must now surely be thinking of a future without cesc and ideally we would need someone this year for the handover…

    van der vart would be miles better than gourcuff and his age allows him to move on respectably in time for ramsey and others to take the helm as originally designed.

  63. ‘turkish people on the whole are much nicer, friendly and hospitable than english people’….if my experience is anything to go by you made that up, jabberwocky.

  64. Arsenalkabisa

    I was born and raised in London, so I will always be an England supporter.. I just find it hard to get motivated to support England anymore. Especially being a die hard Arsenal fan, watching Theo get dropped after being used like a bit*h… also having to listen to the very anti-Arsenal brigade week in week out after everything Arsenal and Wenger has brought to the Premiership.

    I won’t be at all dissapointed if we get embarassed, because it will be a representation on how rubbish the English players are right now technically. Capello realises this by dropping Theo and going ALL OUT for the crossing from wide into Crouch. Maybe he sees this as our only hope!

    Also I will laugh at the likes of Lampard and Gerrard who are put up on such high pedastals. Rooney and Terry who are just thugs, and the money hungry lot like Barry and Cole. I hold no respect for such a large proportion of the team, then you have the Spurs lot!! Just says it all really.. I hope we do well despite all this, and I will be watching every game hoping they can play half as good as Spain or Brazil… we can only hope

  65. ‘turkish people on the whole are much nicer, friendly and hospitable than english people’

    It’s all Greek to me.

  66. I sincerely hope that Spain do not get out of the group stages.

    Have to say I would absolutely LOOOVVEE IT.. (in the style of Keegan of course!)


  68. I don’t mean to have a go at people who have the dutch as their second team or if you’re 1/4 dutch,
    I think people should support their home nation.

  69. In Copenhagen the railways stations, metro, buses…newspapers, magazines, shop,bars, cars, hotels, boats, farm animals etc etc all proclaim the WC and the hope that Denmark will do well. I am sure that it is the same in the other countries competing in this years tournament. Only the English get put down for supporting their team.

  70. frank…i lived in istanbul for 18 years, trust me they are much friendlier and genuinly nice. piss them off however and you’re in trouble, but be nice to them and they are so much more open and generous. you’d never be able to just walk up to a stranger in england and get chatting without being looked at as a weird person.

    dont get me wrong, i love living in england and i love the twisted, sarcastic and repressed psyche and generally identify with it, but its not hard to see that those who aren’t english get pretty short shrift, its the latent empire mentality which means we think we are superior to everyone else, but due to cultural inhibitions are not generally open about this fact and as such all that we show is withering/patronising distain. you dont get any of that in turkey

  71. Oh fuck off, jabberwocky, that is just a pile of fucking garbage.

  72. Surely you must feel some compassion for us poor English folk. I am English and an England fan, believe me I have tried my very hardest not to be but, unfortunately like cigarettes and potatoes, they just seem to keep coming back.

    I finally realised there was no hope for me whilst during the qualifiers, I found myself screaming encouragement at Ashley Cole and leaping round the room with Tottenham’s strike force.

    Our wonderful media will have you believe from one week to the next we could either trounce Brazil or alternatively struggle against Bakino Faso’s ladies.

    It is a terrible cross to bear, perhaps we could start up a charity fund for us unfortunate people, anyone know Bob Geldof’s telephone number?

  73. no its the truth 🙂

    as i’ve said, i prefer living in england and i love the culture here, but doesnt mean i cant see its flaws even if they are inherent in myself.

  74. The characteristics you describe old chap might just as well be attributed to Northern European culture as any misguided attempt to invoke some sort of ‘colonial’ characteristic.

  75. good review of the cesc thing, its a dead story now as far as im concirned. I was more than a little worried but as soon as i read the statement, which says all you need to hear my thoughts are now on who we will bring in. Didnt think i would get excited about the world cup but i am. Cant wait, Being English i obviously will support my team but am looking forward to watching teams with an Arsenal factor, quite a lot of them so to narrow it down my top tip, Holland

  76. i dont think its necessarily colonial at the denegration of others but more a quiet confidence that we’re better than everyone else, if you catch my drift. i dont think its intentionally negative to others, but is a hangup from being the most powerful nation in the world for so long. fact is we are no longer the most powerful nation in the world, however the view we hold of ourselves seems to consider that we are. a bit like the americans are now except more reserved and less brash.

    and i say all this as an english person not as someone outside looking in. the reserved arrogance is one of the reasons that most english forms of expression (ie music, comedy, drama etc) are so great and i wouldnt ever want it to change. doesnt mean that is not there

  77. I will be cheering on England immensely and making no excuses for it. I wil also be loving the world cup. And why not?

    I’m english and will cheer them on against other countries as if people didn’t do that what would be the fucking point????

    Let’s not too crazy on all this pc shite. I’m in no way racist and find it one of the most disgusting traits we have. But to shout somebody out for expressing a bit of Nationalism (maybe that’s just a handle with a bad PR).

    Limpars original comment was all so tongue in cheek i suggest. He’s seems like a stand up guy and I seriously doubt he would detest somebody because of a section of soil they were born on.

    Lets all chill out, and get ready to enjoy the world cup. How can you not enjoy it.

    Got to say I love watching Ivory coast.

  78. @Frank

    Notice we dont Fault you for Supporting England.

    All am saying is that having no allegiance to England, i find the team to be crap.

    Am Kenyan. Kenya plays worse football than England. We loose to Tanzania for heavens sake. Kenya plays relay crap football.

    But come football day. I will done my national colors, paint my face, and arrive at the stadium three hours before the match. I will go home with no voice, and a sad heart. But come next match. I will do the same..

  79. els i agree…apart from cheering england on wildly. i’ll be supporting them but compared with the passion i hold for arsenal it just doesnt seem real. saying that i really hope we win the world cup.

    you should never have to excuse supporting your country and i dont understand why anyone would? the camaraderie that comes from national sporting success looks amazing on tv (ie france 98, or italian tourists in trafalgar square last wc), hopefully can join in sometime soon!

  80. The flaws in England are pretty evident for all to see, but that is the same as in any other country. England and USA get a lot more publicised for their actions, this creates that greater sense of patriotism. This is a good and bad thing as we have seen at Arsenal, we get a lot of publicity and we are very proud of our club. As quickly as people may love us, there are a whole load of people ready to have their say when things don’t go so well.

    I can call myself British, but I can’t call myself English… so I can see it from both sides, and from an outsiders point of view I can see where the English get a bad name from. Take a look at the results on the Eurovision for a completely off topic example!!!… we are always last!!

  81. off season piffle…and storms in tea cups. The world cup is about unifying the world under one banner of football regardless of race, creed, political affiliation…though I am not naive enough to fail to see how football or sport in general can be manipulated for political’and personal ends.

  82. Utter rubbish…how do you explain the same behaviour in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Poland, Germany, Russia, France, Scotland, Wales etc etc….there are cultural mores which have grown over millenia not a period of decades or at most a century or so. It is rooted in family, interfamily, tribal and intertribal custom.

  83. Have to say the idea of being lumped into the same bag as the Scots, Welsh and Irish is deeply unpleasant. Nope. I am English.

  84. Arsenalkabisa

    I support the team and also find them crap…but always want them to win.

    I just hate international friendlies for the simple fact that at least one Arsenal player gets a serious knack each season whilst away.


  85. Can’t remember for sure but didn’t one of the British Census forms have no selection for English as a nationality. Might have dreamt that though.

  86. Football is strange. Guess we can put our allegiance as plainly black or white. Nationalism plays a part. Club loyalty plays a part too. Guess and our knack for entertainment and Total football.

    Ahhhhh, just Wednesday and Thursday… Bliss

  87. Is anyone here headed down to SA?

  88. frank…absolutely, however i cant comment on other cultures that havent been exposed to. it certainly isnt unique. i also really enjoy it.

    anyway not meant as a dig, merely an observation. and for the record i thought LA’s comment was funny enough to show it to the portuguese guy who sits next to me who found it highly amusing

  89. Senderos having fulham talks alegedly.

    I wonder if it’s elaborated into a hangeland swap deal. Watch this space…

  90. Let’s stop with all this nationalist/Racist comments this is a football blog.

    My only hope for the World Cup is that the team that plays the best football wins the world cup

    On cesc subject, probably the only sensible piece of news since announcement.

    Joan Oliver, the Commercial director of Barca, said that Arsenal has not put a price on Cesc unlike british or spanish media have been saying as the ONLY response they have received is that he is not for sale!
    He added that they are ready to make a deal today but they can’t do it alone and as they are no negociation going on and that nothing has happened.

    Take this in your face Laporta! It seems that some people are still sensible in this arrogant club or maybe he’s burning bridges with Laporta to keep his job under Rosell.

  91. Paulie Walnuts

    Els @ 1.30

    Or Schwarzer

  92. @ YW

    “He is waiting for a ‘gesture’ from Arsenal.”

    Laporta has had a gesture – a great big two-fingered one.

    @ jabberwocky
    Some good points there.

    @ Frank
    Good on anyone for supporting their country’s football team. But you can’t cry racism (as you have in the past) when people make negative generalisations about England, and then dismiss as precious nonsense a complaint from someone else about negative generalisations made about another country. It’s either racism in both cases or in neither. I don’t think it’s racism anyway – first of all the English or Spanish are not a “race” in this context. Secondly, generalisations like that are examples of abuse/criticism which might be justified or unjustified, informed or ignorant – but they are not racism. People bandy that word about far too readily.

    I am sure the England team will be getting support from all over the world for all sorts of reasons. I will not be supporting England at the World Cup because I don’t like their style of play and no Arsenal players are in the squad. I can’t flip from despising Rooney, Gerrard and John Cad of the Year Terry to rooting from them for this tournament. Plus the jingoistic English commentators get on my tits. (These are the same people who crucified Eduardo, are they not?)

    England is a country, not a football team. I will support whichever team I like at the WC. Probably Holland. Spain/Barca can f*ck off and die for obvious reasons.

    @ LimparAssist
    You are a funny, intelligent bloke and I do not see how anyone could possibly call you a racist.

  93. I can claim what I fucking well please, Fungunner.

  94. …and I can cry what I fucking well please, too.

  95. @ Passenal

    That Telegraph article is irritating – even though it’s broadly positive, for a pleasant change, it’s studded with misconceptions and inaccuracies.

  96. You have an uncanny knack of not quite getting the point but ploughing on anyway, my dear.

  97. Here we go…another well-thought through but not quite well enough thought-through reponse after a slightly too long deliberation

  98. Frank stop swearing its getting boring now.. are you always pissed off?

  99. 6 fuckings, and 2 fucks on the commenting section so far today… tut tut

  100. @ Frank

    Far from missing the point, we both know I have hit the nail on the head, hence your fury. You have a habit of resorting to abuse when you have no credible response, petal.

  101. What sort of fucking person counts the amount of fuckings written in the comments section of a fucking blog for fucks sake.

  102. Excellent. True to form. I think you will find that my ‘fury’ started well before you started blogging today, FG.

  103. So far at least three people on here have claimed to be the source of my ire. If indeed I are. Any more?

  104. Frank you have some serious anger issues! Thats all I can say..

    ..also if you hold CTRL + F you can search for any word on the page.. its fantastic!!

  105. This is on the official site, does that cancel the likely deals then? LOL

    Transfer Linked: Joe Cole, Laurent Koscielny

  106. That’s certainly the theory, TS!

    I hope it doesn’t hold true about Kol…whatsisname. He sounds like an Arsene signing.


    Who is the greater twat? Rooney for abusing an ameteur referee in a friendly match against a club side, or Ferdinand for defending him saying that the referee over reacted and rooney would have greater control in a competitive match?

  108. hope not cos i was kind of almost seeing them as our players already

    and then if i get my wish that affects the use the transfers linked feature was being out to… that anyone there is more or less guaranteed as not being a target.

  109. FG LOL

    my sentiments exactly

  110. New World Cup review >>>>>>>>>>>>

  111. Rio

    “I’m sure he’s said a lot worse to other referees in Premier League games. Being here is magnifying things before the World Cup,” Ferdinand said.

    “People have to realise it was a practice match, it wasn’t an official match. I don’t see Wazza [Rooney] having a problem disciplinary-wise at the World Cup at all.”

    And they say Arsenal fans wear their rose tinted glasses!!

  112. The “transfer linked” people have expressly denied having any inside knowledge. I’m really not sure what the point of the feature is. Getting hits? Seems a bit infra dig for Arsenal.

  113. That last comment was to TS.

  114. True, you can defend someone abusing in a competitive match because he could not control his passion/frustration or whatever. But swearing at an ameteur referee in a freindly match against a club side (who knows if they are even professional) shows that there is some problem with you.

  115. and to top it all, rio managed to blame the poor ref for overreacting because dear old roo can shell out even more abuse.

  116. I don’t think the web guy who is in charge of updating the Arsenal FC website would have any knowledge what so ever of who Arsene intends to buy. I don’t agree with the theory and never have to be honest.. I don’t kid myself to believing that any players mentioned on their or online in general will come anyway.

    99% of the players that are spoken about online or in the papers never come to Arsenal. In Joe Cole’s case you cannot rule it out, its one I would think Wenger could go for. But AGAIN, you never know!! Wenger tends to ALWAYS surprise us with transfers.

  117. You lot are beginning to come across like the very blogsite that most of you have been having a go at for the last four seasons. Just swap Arsenal and England.

  118. FunGunner

    I think they tried to implement some Arsenal related transfer news to give us another reason to visit the site… I don’t think they need to go down that route though as we all regularly check for REAL NEWS. We all know as Arsenal supporters that the Arsenal website is the only site we trust and can believe.

    Maybe they should rename that section to …


  119. Lol @ frank 2.45pm!!

    Golly gosh, I must refrain from frequenting this vile blog if all I am subjected to is foul and vulgar language. For flip’s sake Frank. I’m bitterly disappointed with you, you cheeky scamp. I ought to wash your mouth out with soap and water.

  120. moderation? I haven’t added to the ‘fuck’ count!!

  121. That would certainly be more accurate, ChrisGoona!

  122. Frank.. like in London, many Arsenal fans are not all English. I don’t fully understand what has annoyed you today, and why you are having a dig at everyone, but if you have looked around North London you will see a range of people from all sorts of nationalities.

    Just swap Arsenal and England. what does that mean…

    anyway gotta run, have a good day gooners

  123. fuck count!.. like it

  124. and added to it!

  125. YW – any idea why my post is in moderation? It wasn’t controversial – i didn’t think so anyway!


  126. YW:

    Another great post. If you are not a journalist or a writer you should be. You somehow manage to keep it fresh and interesting. Thanks.

    Nice to see different rhetoric coming from the club regarding our financial situation. I really hope it translates into some key additions to the squad. We need a wholesale rebuilding in the back. We all want to see our own players such as Djourou and Fabianski succeed but to count on them as first choice is playing Russian Roulette. It was a financial necessity in the past but no longer.

    Even the most optimistic fan would have to agree that the last 5 years have been tough on the organization, the fans and the players. Asking a group of under 21 year old players to compete on level ground with Ronaldo, Rooney and Europes best defense or against Drogba, Lampard, Terry etc is not realistic. The club promised that the stadium and the frugality we have shown in the last 5 years would give us the financial muscle to compete with the best in Europe. Its time for them to keep their promise and bring in the players we need to help this club get over the top.

  127. lol, did you see what i did there 😉

  128. You can be a right miserable old git at times Frank.

  129. I drove around Andalucia for 2 weeks and I really liked the food, and well, the music. Somehow football never came into it. I was interested in the extraordinary 400 year period of Islamic history.

    My teams are Holland, Ghana and (gosh!) USA (in homage to my wife’s origins). But, you know, I don’t care very much. England? Nope, not really.

    BUT … Go Zimbabwe for the tri-nations final tomorrow! Yep, we’ve beaten India, twice, never mind their second team, I saw myself they have India clearly written on the back of their shirts and now Sri Lanka. Three wins is three wins.

  130. I only have one team with football – Arsenal. All the rest, including national teams are just … the rest. I don’t like or hate them. I just don’t care.

  131. “Cesc ought to be allowed to leave because he is no longer ‘committed’ to the Arsenal cause. He barely avoids coming across as a whining teenager who cannot get his own way.”

    Sorry, but to me were starting to sound just like Laporta.. We are being a little ungrateful to a man who broke his leg to win a match for us. We should sell him at a fair price of course, but in the end, he must be sold. I dont want him at Emirates if he is no longer committed to Arsenal, it just wont be the same.

    And i honestly dont blame the guy for wanting to play for his home team.

  132. Keysersoze, abusing someone should never be defended, whether a competitive match or not. I am confused as to why players dont get yellow carded for abusing the refs in the PL.

    In this regard I give the leagues in the US a lot of credit, act a fool if you want but know you will be ejected and possibly suspended and fined.

    Who needs to watch a game and have rooney cussing all the damn time?

  133. Analista

    Try reading the whole of a sentence to make sense of it. The bit you’ve quoted refers to Laporta not Cesc.

    The actual text from the post is:

    That Laporta’s reign will be over when the soap opera resolves is also not in doubt, evidenced by his view that Cesc ought to be allowed to leave because he is no longer ‘committed’ to the Arsenal cause. He barely avoids coming across as a whining teenager who cannot get his own way.



  134. Arsenalista, how can Cesc not be committed? I thought thats what a contract was all about. What comes into question is his integrity if he is no longer committed.

    Home team my foot!

  135. Being committed under contract is one thing, being committed by heart is another. As much as i hate saying this, he must leave or it will hurt the locker.

    Even if we keep him, would anyone here still want Cesc to remain captain?? Even after saying he wants to go?? i sure as hell dont.

    Yogi, i know it was Laporta that said it.. What i meant was that were starting to sound just as desperate to keep him as Laporta is to sign him.

    Sell him for $40 + Toure. Imagine Toure along with Song would absolutely control the midfield.

  136. I dont know what to think anymore.. I wish i knew what goes around Wengers gray matter!!

  137. Why would it hurt the locker room? he is to behave like a professional regardless.

    I dont wany him to be captian though.

  138. Comon Paul, this is not a desk job.. He may be professional but hes human and all the team are his friends and know for a fact that he does not want to be there.. That lack of natural leadership he used to exude will be gone. And “that” will hurt the locker.

  139. He signed a contract and must act responsible if he stays and I atleast believe he will do that.

  140. *

  141. G4E, my friend! how is the heat treating in your parts?

  142. Hi Paul, it’s getting really hot. It was 42C yesterday and the day before…I’m getting tired of this heat.

    I might be moving from Arizona soon though, after 14 years 😦

  143. I know I was watching the forcast and was shocked when they said like 110 over there, geez!!!

    Why is it that you might be moving, if I am not being too nosey?

  144. yes, sometime it goes up to 116 but here we say after 110 it doesn’t really matter any more.

    I just want something new, I may be moving to N. Va in the DC metro area. My best friends are there plus I will be closer to family too.

    Also relatively closer to London 🙂 so I don’t have to wake @ 5:00 am to watch Arsenal games.

  145. Ok, I hear you. Thats kool that you will be closer to your family and friends. I am looking to go back to Miami in a years time for the same reason.

    Yes, 7:00am instead huh? not too bad. Will you be waking up to watch the world cup also?

  146. No, I will DVR the world cup…I would only wake up this early on a weekend for Arsenal…nothing else 🙂

  147. report that Senderos has gone to Fulham. Well done, Philippe. Good luck.

  148. Soooooooo, who is going to watch the Spain V Poland game tonight..?? loooool

  149. Yep, Sendy to Fulham.

  150. ha ha ha! that would be no joke getting up that early!!

  151. Yep, especially in the winter nights 🙂

  152. Frank, i think you are sometimes a bit of a bully, i mean someone can’t say something even half decent before you replying that they should fuck off becuase its f*cking rubbish.

  153. Maria, i will

  154. frank, i think you should understand, that whilst you have been on the blog for more time than anyone else, you do not run the blog therefore people, i believe, are within their rights to contradict your views,

  155. Seriously! I dont even like to think about the cold!

    Its not too bad for me though. hopefully I can pull up espn3 at work and atleast listen while I work and sneak a peak here and there.

    I realize the situation got heated earlier but I quote Rodney King “Cant we all just get along?”

  156. Good luck to Senderos, if not for Drogba and that CL match against Liverpool I believe he wouldve been very good at Arsenal.

    When confident he is quality.

  157. Maria, ill probably watch it because of cesc.

    By the way, if you want to, watch this game, because im sure you will notice that every time spain complete a swift and pretty passing move, xavi and pique go up to cesc and whisper

    ”buy ayou couda be lika thees every week at bartha”

  158. To think it started over whether Turkish people are more polite than English people! LOL!!seriously though???!!!

    Thats funny!

  159. Somethings not right, bog brovar wasngt first, second third or even fourth!!!!


  160. i mean big brovar

  161. haha yeah it is quite funny tbh

  162. Things will never be the same again for BB after what Vince did.

    Specially that YW is taunting him almost everyday now 🙂

  163. I wonder if we’ll ever find out what led Wenger to truly lose faith in Sendy, there’s definitely something we don’t know about there. I’d love to have seen a confident Big Phil partnering Tommy V, staying back with a cool head and allowing the Belgian to chip in further down the pitch. Guess it wasn’t to be.

  164. What am I doing in moderation?! Has BB taken out some kind of comment restraining order against me ‘cos I broke his chain of firsties?

  165. This is a quote from Laporta – what an absolute cunt.

    “If one of my players who had done everything for the side, who was the team captain, told the club that his time had come to an end, I would immediately open the doors for him while defending the interests of the club.”

    I’m sure you would Joanne, I’m sure you would. Heres the article if you want to read more of his shite:


  167. Bankruptelona

  168. shotta-gunna

    Guys – Just leave it to FG and Frank to slug it out. They have a way of getting to the truth.
    Sometimes we need to bare our differences, get it out on the table and resolve them.

  169. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Limpar Assist a bigot. YW a doomer. I’ve heard it all now.

  170. shotta-gunna

    BarceLoaner! Dead beats.

  171. I am still not sure why the boss did not give Senderos a chance to move in front of Silverstre in the pecking order. Oh Well, I like Fulham and I hope he does really well for them. (except when they play us)

  172. LimparAssist

    Oh dear. It seems an ill-conceived, tongue-in-cheek comment I made about the self-importance of the Spanish triggered a little thread about racism.

    Apologies to everyone for that tedium, and thanks to all who bore witness to my less than villainous character!

    Sorry if my comment offended you, Kenyan Gunner.

    I would suggest though that while I was in no way trying to be political myself, trying to seperate politics and football, perhaps in Spain more than most countries, is impossible – and in a way dumbs the whole thing down. You don’t consider a painting, or a piece of music without taking into account it’s political context do you? Well you can… but it won’t get you very far.

    Anyway, what I called self-importance earlier can just as easily – and a good deal more favourably – be classified alongside confidence, or pride, as it can be alongside arrogance – and it’s an inescapably massive part of Spanish culture. Take the corrida – to stick with clunky stereotypes.

    Just what do you think this public pursuit of Cesc Fabregas is if not a bold display of confidence, and of Barca/Catalan nationalism?

    I think it all goes back to the Armada personally but I can’t be sure and I’m probably being racist. Best shut up now.

  173. This little guy is so cool

  174. BarneyStinson

    Philippe Senderos joins Fulham FC

  175. It’s a shame Phil never made it here. He clearly does not have the mental strength for the big teams. His own father outed him after that CL game against Liverpool by telling the media about his breakdown. However, he should do well in a defensive minded team like Fulham and I hope he can regain some confidence there.

  176. Hey Jabber – go and read Watching The English. Kate Fox I think.

    You are nearly right about what makes the English behave the way they do.

    But there are so many more reasons for our unique character.

    I think that you will enjoy the book. And there is a bit about football in there too


  177. LimparAssist – you are clearly popular and well thought of on this blog, unlike a certain %*”!Frank bloke.

    I got what you meant, the history of Catalaya and Spain nationalism is a definately a part of Cesc-gate.

    Hopefully Kenyangunner will be back tomorrow when wound has healed.

  178. Limpar,

    I forgot it was the ‘Thank You’ gig by RATM…must have been a great crowd.

    Nice looking set, with the, spanish-esque ( urm, hispanic?) Zack de la Rocha centre stage:

  179. Limestonegunner

    Zimpaul, interesting travels. Muslim experience and history in southern Spain extended far beyond 400 years, rather from 711-1492, so more like 8 centuries at the minimum. The multi-faith culture fostered in Iberia was influential not only in local food and popular folkloric culture but also in the learned culture of medieval Europe more broadly in math, astronomy, medicine, philosophy, literature, and theology.

  180. If Fat Sam and all the players you dislike most would replace the present lot at Arsenal, and they would proceed to play real ugly football, should one still continue to support them? Could one stop?

  181. Cesc on the bench….a taste of what the future holds at Barca?

  182. holy crap spain look good. not many national sides recently can claim to be better than top club sides but they are so fluid, quick and accurate. villa looks like a weak link and hes one the best in the world. they leave themselves open at the back but who cares. how could you not aspire to play with these guys.

  183. Passenal @ 8:51PM

    Big Phil seemed like a really good team guy. Always gave 110% and never complained. He was always really good in the air. He was great in the 06 CL run.

    Hope he gets to be first choice CB and does well for Fulham. He and Hangeland would be challenged for pace but I still think they could do well.

  184. Finsbury re:RATM, looks like the crowd who had tickets were a good bunch but the less said about these fools the better:

  185. Still on the bench?

  186. OK now he’s on

  187. Who’s in goal for Poland?

  188. Kocinic or that Manure guy

  189. Fabregas scored too, I missed it.

  190. G4E

    He’d only been on for two minutes, as well!

  191. Ya FunGunner it sounds like it was a good goal too.

  192. Sorry Passenal it should read: Kuszczak

  193. Thanks G4E. Poland does seem to produce a lot of goal keepers!

  194. Vince,

    Hadn’t seen the footage, the less said about those fools, the better.

    Fabregas sets up Pedro for an assist to Torres for the fifth.

  195. I’m glad he’s taking the onslaught and not Fabianski

  196. WOW 6-0!

  197. Have they peaked too soon though? Can they keep it going when it really matters? Only time will tell.

  198. Poland were not very good though were they.

  199. Spain will go into the competiton full of confidence and other countries will fear them a bit, they are definately the favorites to win the tournament.

  200. The second goal was crazy!

    Poland dont look good at all but the movement and passing from spain was some of the best I have seen from an national side, recently.


    The assist was from Xabi Alonso, Real Madrid! Glad it wasn’t from a barca player who would say it’s the Barca DNA thing that makes us connect so well, eh

  202. On my dodgy stream Xavi did not look to pleased when he was replaced by Fabregas.

  203. I can’t understand why Xavi is leading the ‘barca DNA’ chorus. Who’s place does he think he’d be taking?

  204. Sorry, – who’s + whose!

  205. Iniesta’s place! 😛

  206. That’s why you never hear Iniesta say anything about Cesc….

  207. Iniesta may not look it, but is younger than Xavi therefore is much less likely to be the one replaced.

  208. I think Fabregas would be a direct replacement for Xavi.

  209. Pedro came on for Iniesta.

  210. Splitters

  211. Not exactly prepared to die for your art, Limparassist. I hope you and your advocate friend, Fungunner, are very happy together.

    What complete arseholes people really are.

  212. I know Iniesta is younger, but Xavi is better. He’s got probably 3 years left at the top. Fabregas would more easily take his place in the short term. I doubt Xavi is worried about Cesc taking his place in the next two or three years. In reality, due to politics, etc…Cesc wouldn’t take Iniesta’s place, because you’d need him in a couple years and so wouldn’t put him on the bench.

    I think it was mentioned Ineista would be moved up and Cesc and Xavi would be in the middle, kinda like how Spain played Iniesta today with Xavi and Xabi in the middle.

  213. In this year of WC2010, South Africa……I really would appreciate less mention of the cunts called ‘Spain’ ever again. I really do hope they crash and burn…

    I mean that in the most racist way possible.

  214. Those of you who claim to manage people,do you really claim to be able to do that? If so fucking good luck to you.

    Not sure I believe you though!

  215. Those of you who practice the law. Fuck you more than anyone should have a right to be fucked, in a very bad way indeed.

  216. Chill Dude!

    New Post Up

  217. An irrational end is hard to achieve. Start with the wrong post.

  218. Walk back randomly

  219. Still there perhaps never seen

  220. When the comments stop you can’t get out.

  221. …and you forget

  222. looks like silly season has taken its toll already!

  223. 6th June 2010

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