RvP, Arshavin & More Cesc Rumours

Andy Gray noted that Robin van Persie was the player that Arsene could least afford to lose. van Persie has the aspirations which match his abilities:

Arsene Wenger said at the end of this season, once I’d come back into the team, that ­people would have been talking about me like Lionel Messi if I had not been ­injured.  I can see what the ­manager meant when he said those things. But I still think I am not in the same class until I have gone a long period without an injury.

And I want to go through next season where I score 30 goals and have 20 assists. Only then I will turn around to the manager and say, ‘Yes boss, you are right’. But I admit that I have a massive desire to get to the level of Messi, Rooney and Ronaldo. And I’d rather do it today than tomorrow.

Last season, Arsenal played 55 competitive matches. van Persie was available for 20 of those, 10 goals and 8 assists were his ‘vital statistics’. The season before 20 and 13 respectively in 44 games. His target of 30 goals and 20 assists is more or less spot on, thought through rather than a ‘finger in the air’ estimate with no basis in realism.

Crucial to this though is fitness. The niggles which blighted his early years at the club are disappearing but the contact injury suffered against Italy is hard to avoid. As a ‘star’ player, he is targeted, the one to stop and as such is subjected to ‘robust’ challenges, frequently fouled. In those situations, he has to have the nous to avoid the tackle and the luck to avoid injury. The latter has certainly evaded him.

He has the desire to win:

I’m 26 and have won three trophies; the UEFA Cup, the FA Cup and the Charity Shield. Yes, I class that as a trophy too. It’s a one-off game with 80,000 people watching and a lot of pressure.

But it is not at any cost. He has principles and a style in which he wants to win:

I’ve always said that I want to win as many trophies as possible in my career, but not at any price. What I am trying to say is that I will work my socks off to get the maximum out of my career, but I won’t move to a club which does not play my style of football.

Of course I love silverware in my football career. But sometimes you can’t rush from A to Z.’’

Wise words. Too often, players move clubs to win trophies, only for it to backfire, the grass not always greener on the other side. One place van Persie will not be going is Real Madrid. He has tried hard to persuade Arsene to sign Rafael Van der Vaart. It would be a popular signing for Wenger to make but he has so far resisted the temptation:

Van der Vaart has said that, if Arsenal don’t sign him, I’ll have to join him in Madrid! But I don’t think that is for me. Real is a fantastic club but the speed of managers and players coming and going is frightening. It must give them neck ache, looking who is coming in and going out.  They have this philosophy: You did not win anything this year. There is the door and here is a couple of million to buy you off. Ready for the next purchase. I prefer the philosophy of Arsenal and Barcelona.

The last sentence will win van Persie few friends. They are a strictly no-go zone for any Arsenal player at the moment and no doubt those who criticise Arshavin and Bendtner will jump down the throat of the Dutchman for daring to allow the media the opportunity to portray him as an admirer of the Catalan club.

Arshavin is frequently chastised for his boyhood allegiance. However, people forget that this was Cruyff’s ‘Dream Team‘, the side everyone in Europe was talking of, managed by possibly the best player of his generation, playing the best football of their generation. They won the European Cup at Wembley and when Koeman scored, most of the crowd applauded and cheered. A lad in Russia would have been no different to those of us at the match.

Arshavin’s response to the question posed on his website was straightforward:

As a child I supported Barcelona, I do not deny that. Actually I continue to root for “Barca” in the Spanish Championship. As for the English Championship, I’ve always liked Arsenal, so when I had an opportunity to join this club, I happily agreed. So I’ve never seen myself as a player of any other English club. Again, I am a Gunner, and I am satisfied with everything.

I am not sure what more Arshavin could say. He has put to bed the recent stories of dissatisfaction, re-affirmed his loyalty once more to Arsenal. What more do people want?

Talking of Them, He is once more in the picture – roll on the World Cup when the football will actually knock this off the media radar. Apparently Arsenal will accept £60m despite not talking to anyone. Wait, no, it’s only £50m but They only want to pay £35m! Yesterday it was £42m. His price rises and crashes like a night on Viagra. Well, at least rising and falling like one anyway. Not that I’m any sort of expert, no.

Let’s go to our Spanish correspondent. What does he say? None of the above but They reckon that everything is Little Stevie Wondered and to be Signed, Sealed, Delivered in the next 48 hours so that Cesc can be presented as one of Their players before Spain depart for South Africa on June 10th.

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. yeah u got me there.. nice post too 🙂

  2. was worried for you BB…

  3. Morning YW,

    Can’t see much wrong in supporting a team in another league/country – until they happen to meet, then it makes life hard (I suspect).

    I also suspect you were at the European Cup Final at Wembley (you referred to “us at the match”). That must be some memory for you – even though you were just watching, not supporting.

  4. Mongolian Gooner

    Robin van Persie is an Arsenal Legend in the making. Can’t wait him to take the World Cup stage by oranje storm.

  5. Finally we get the whole picture, like i said when the quote for AA was given, i want to hear the whole statement and question before ridiculing him. I’m glad someone did their job properly buy giveing us the whole story. as for RVP and his desire, we are all 100% behind you brother! the only Cesc news i will believe is from Arsenal.com as i feel all the rest is media properganda!

  6. GoonerAside

    Yep, that seems a lifetime ago. Great experience, crap stadium though…yet we moaned and still loved it. Can’t see the new one gaining the same affection.


  7. I’m ok if we lose Cesc but i will go nuts if we lose RVP arsene sign VDV to keep Robin happy

  8. Anything bought before the world cup is bloody expensive (even those silly little pendants). I don’t think Cesc will be included in any discounted after hype post tournament sale either.

    I still like Barca though, despite their dirty tricks and all, and you can’t blame ’em for trying. Fab is great, but if you are strapped, he is a bit pricey.

    Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!

  9. Van Persie is phenomenal, I expect him to shine at the World Cup… 😀

  10. Good post YW, i think the Barca thing is on everyones mind so one cant help but comment on them though for Gooners its a touchy subject

  11. I don’t buy this notion that RVP is the player we can’t afford to lose. Cesc has been a more central player to our game…..hell, he’s been fit more of the time. It’s not the goals, it’s not the assists, it’s not the captaincy…..it’s that he makes us play.

    Robin is an outrageous talent…..no doubt, but let’s get real.

  12. with/without cesc arsenal’ll be d same. Gooner 4lyf.

  13. I want to go through next season where i score 30 goals and have 20 assists>> we all want that Robin please stay fit 🙂

  14. From Namibia. i wanna c de uefa champion league cup at emirate stadium. Lol

  15. Ole

    I think we’ll leave it as they are both important and agree to disagree which is #1 & #2 in the list…although I think we missed van Persie more 😉


  16. how many new players did Wenger brought in now? Turtle

  17. Sorry Yogi, I just cannot face your doom and gloom blog ever again!

  18. Whenever I hear Gray talk or read a quote from him, I zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzsorry , what was that?

  19. Oh I forgot to insert a smiley winky type thing. I have said for a while now that should Robin stay fit for most of the season then we will be the team to beat in the race for honours.

    A truly fine footballer.

  20. YW;

    We missed RVP more because he was gone for 60% of the season.

    Then, there were the other 4 seasons when he was gone for most of the season as well.

    In that period, our most outstanding player has been Cesc Fabregas, except for that one season when Adebayor scored 30 goals.

  21. seriously RVP is awesome, but fab4 is the heartbeat, the whole team revolves around him..it would be a shame to loose him tho

  22. First

  23. First.

  24. Good Blog Yogi as usual! Are you having insomnia at the mo? You are posting earlier every day! Or Maybe it is a way to destibilise Big Brova who must be connect 24/7 on your Blog!

    I agree that Van der Vart would be a great signing especially if he is friend with RVP which will make his adaptation quicker! We should sign him even without selling cesc as we always have ten players out at the same time!
    Number AND quality is the solution as it will not only help coping when the players get injured but also prevent them from being injured by rotating a bit more! I’d rather RVDV than Joe Cole to be honest.

    I wish we’d know who will be TV partner before the WC starts at it is making me nervious that 90% of our CB are out of contract and nobody signed yet!

  25. There’s no doubt we’ll miss cesc, but trust in wenger to re-shuffle out creative play so that it will not be a huge loss. Obviously that’s IF he goes.

    RvP for the captaincy, regardless of cesc’s departure.

    I’d be up for vdv but where the hell could you fit him in.

  26. Jeff

    Too right.Cesc is the heartbeat of the team.The player who pulls the strings.

  27. Just look at what happened after the 1st leg against Barca, between then and the end of the season we suffered. Without Cesc we had an awful time, granted we were without a lot of other vital players but we lacked the cutting edge he gives us.

    On a vaguely related note, did anyone watching Soccer Aid see the through ball Brian Lara played to slip in Larsson in the second half? Jamie Theakston saved with his legs but it was such a quality, perfectly-weighted, defence-splitting pass that in the (increasinly unlikely) event of Cesc leaving then maybe we should take a punt on the former cricketer!

    In conclusion: I wish everyone on our team had the same outlook as Robin, what a guy.

  28. i think the link up between both was aslo eriously missed, Cesc is heartbeat but i still think that RVP was more missed. he was on fire last season as never before.

    I expect him to be MVP/highest scorer or both at this world cup. he is getting to his peak.

    No more injuries please

    Also VDV handles the ball very well indeed and will be a great addition but price may be a factor.

    What is we do an Ibra Eto style thing i f he is on the last year of his contract. thats VDV plus 40M for Cesc to Madrid… that will show barca LOL

  29. Team spirit

    I dont give two hoots if he is the WC’s top scorer i want him to play more than 20 league games next season

  30. Personally I don’t think it’s possible to say who is more important or who we would miss more between Cesc and RVP. The fact is, they are two world class players who have different roles in the team and we need players like them at our club.

    They are both the sort of players you would pay money to watch regardless of who you support.

  31. Well said, Matty Boy. And Team Spirit, good point about the link-up play between them – boy, did we miss that!

    Nice blog YW – nothing like getting complete quotes in context, is there?

  32. Also, we had understudies for Cesc, but not for RvP.

  33. i think cesc is simply the backbone of the team,while van persie is an appendage.

  34. Mark the comment wasnt about how good he will be in the world cup necessarily but rather that it will be part of him coming to form and being set to carry same fire into the next season.


  35. I think RVP is way more than an appendage.

    Without RVP, or a similar player, Arsenal will not win an titles. I actually think many teams value him higher that CF.

    If arsenal can keep a large part of this current squad together titles will come.

    If the mental toughness was there 07/08 and 09/10 would have produced titles.

    That unfortunately is not for sale.

  36. * any titles

  37. Cesc is my best player in the world and the heart beat of the team, i have 4 replica arsenal jerseys of fabregas

    you people who think RVP is more important are just saying that because you have lost hope that fabregas would go and your trying to console yourselves. the fact remains that fabregas is our most important player and it would be a blow to looose him no matter the amount. however its not the end of the world as we have a class team
    RVP, Arshavin, nasri, diaby, rambo,song, verma, clichy, sagna, eboue, nick52, chamack and the list goes on, wenger would find a way to make a solution and we would fight for all trophies next season. Arsene knows

  38. I do love me some RVP……

  39. It’s not either or is it? A team with both in is a world class team. It’s like saying who is more loathsome Drogba or Terry? You can’t separate them.

  40. Morning folks.How is this Lorient CB we are linked with?Is he any good

  41. Apparently a case of the finest Cava is winging its way from Catalunya to Fleet Street, AS and El Mundo Deportivo hacks are both eternally grateful that their British equivalents have made up the day’s speculation for them…

  42. Posting here for the first time,I like this blog very much.

  43. I do love me some RVP……

    Don’t we all!

  44. Have we signed a keeper yet???

  45. RVP’s words on honouring your footballing principles are strongly reminiscent of Johann Cruyff… another Dutch enemy of falsehood, compromise, cowardice and shit football.

  46. Jeff at 12:02
    Brilliant links. How many more different ways does Wenger The Mighty Arsenal and LOYAL supporters have to repeat the message! Cesc is on a long term contract at Arsenal Football Club until 2015. Cesc is not for sale, there is no negotiable figure (some idiots are qouting Arsenal as willing to sell for 60 mill), there ius no transfer request, Cesc only said that IF he goes, no timeframe, it would only be to Barca. The mindless speculation and illegal tapping up by Barca will continue, but the fact remains. The Mighty Arsenal do NOT wish to sell Cesc Fabregas. Following the statement the Club made on their position, it would be suicide for them to change that position.

  47. From jeff’s link :

    “We have gone for a policy of development of the team over a longer period. We have stood up for these young players so it is down to them to pay us back, stay together and show that we can be successful together.”

    Very well put AW. That is the main reason why Cesc can’t leave

  48. JEFF,

    no am not resigned to losing him actually. Just that we always felt the way RVP started last season, he was sorely missed.

    cesc is more likely to stay than to go except he was lying and his future is not in arsenal’s hand

  49. Sion Mudjulu let me welcome you to aclf. But you need a blog name. Let me suggest “Namibgooner.” Or as Namibia has the most Penguins in the world “Penguin Gunner!”

  50. jaygooner

    Henry signed a 4 year contract in 2006.In 2007 he was gone.Contracts mean nothing

  51. RVP for captancy.Love you plenty

  52. “Don’t we all!”

    Oh we do FG, we do.

  53. Do the averages. Arsenal averaged more than a goal per game more with RvP in the lineup versus the games he was out. And if that isn’t hard enough evidence, just re-watch (if you can stomach it) how we played before and after RvP came on at White Hart Lane. RvP is the MVP.

  54. ArseChicago,

    It’s a very meaningful stat. But it was a stat with Cesc & RVP. Not Cesc alone, or RVP alone.

  55. RVP is awesome. A full season of him playing 30 league games and CL and FA cup would be great.

    Schwarzer’s name heating up again in the blogs and transfer rumours. Get him quick. His price will go up after he has a great WC. He carried an Aussie team with almost no real attacking threat to this point. Their best attacking player is Tim Cahill. A good player but not someone who would not be the top threat on a team with any real attacking talent. If the Socceroos get out of the group stages then Schwarzer’s price will go up. Go get him AW.

  56. Sorry double negative in the sentence about Cahill was a typo. My bad.

  57. One thing for sure is that RVP was killin it and the team was flying when he was in but there is no doubt that Cesc was amazing. The first spurs and Villa matches were something else. Cesc is a great player who needs to refocus.

  58. http://www.goal.com/en/news/11/transfer-zone/2010/06/07/1963125/arsenal-to-demand-72-million-for-cesc-fabregas-transfer-to

    Couldnt stop laughing….Arsenal nice one.

    Fab is staying for sure. welcome home captain

  59. Robben out! Huge blow. RVP might be the Golden Boot winner but can not see the the Dutch winning the WC without Robben.

    GO USA. (chuckle chuckle)

  60. RVP….Click Click Click.

  61. For all you know Robben might be back against the Danes.

  62. Traffic is really low on here. Not much to talk about eh? Can’t wait for next season. At least there’s the world cup to keep one entertained in the interim.

  63. I SAID: RVP….Click Click Click?

  64. Gainsbourg69

    If Cesc is sold I would not mind Van der Vaart at Arsenal one bit. Especially if he plays like he did at Hamburg. He is, in my opinion, one of the finest playmakers in the world.

  65. What’s his first name Gainsbourg69?

  66. if Cesc is as intelligent as we think he is then timing of the move seems strange and sparks of Laporta presidential election desperation . That Cesc will play for Barca at some point is inevitable and fans can never begrudge him that.He gives his all for Arsenal on the pitch the emotion and heartbreak plain for all to see. This season has been the most frustrating and Cesc has not hidden this.

    Barca is currently riding the crest of a wave of success at the moment. They are always going to be contenders but arent going to win everything forever especially since hate him or love him Mourinho turned up to spoil the party and wind Barca up every which way. There is a possibility of Barca being in the shadow of Madrid for the next 2/3 seasons. Xavi and iniesta are having the form of their life and are automatic starters for Barca and Spain. Cesc will not be able to walk into that team. The antics of Barca are deplorable however they may have a case for Arsene prising him from the Barca Academy. I hope Cesc sees sense and stays until the first of many titles is delivered to the Emirates. He has the opportunity to achieve even more greatness at Arsenal Ace player and el capitan. Will he get that at Barca? Ask Thierry.

    Holland can still win without Robben, they still have Huntelaar, Van DerVaart, Babel;RVp; Sneijder,Kuyt,

  67. “The antics of Barca are deplorable however they may have a case for Arsene prising him from the Barca Academy.”

    In what way would they have a case? Cesc says he was bored in the barca b-team as they were winning all their matches too easily. He was ready for more responsibility but barca thought he was too small and wanted him to stay another season in the b-team. Arsenal offered him what he was looking for at that time and he was not ‘kidnapped’, ‘snatched’ or any of the other emotive terms used to describe him signing for us. He discussed with his family and made a decision that suited his professional development. He has freely signed every contract Arsenal have offered him since then and has done rather well for himself as a result.

    Had barca really wanted him before Arsenal took the risk to play him in our first team, thus accelerating his development, they should have done more to keep him at 16. They are just understandably p*ssed off that he’s the one that got away, just as I’m sure we would be. But I would like to think that Arsenal would behave in a more mature manner.

  68. @ G4L,

    Barca “prised” Messi away from his club in Argentina when he was 13 and far less able to make such a big decision. And little Lionel was moving continents, not just clubs. The Catalans are NOT occupying the moral high ground here.

    Did you chuckle, as I did, to read that Joan Oliver denying the latest rumour about Arsenal doubling Cesc’s price? He says it is “illogical”, seeing as we have said Cesc is not for sale. What has it come to when a Cesc-to-Barca rumour is so outlandish even the C*ntalans have to rubbish it!

  69. fuck off all holland fans unless you’re dutch

    just proves my point with most on here, people are most concerned with our players or opposition players. history and the club matter more.

  70. Of course club matters more? Is that so unusual?

  71. Jjohn, what is that supposed to mean? Where do you draw the line? I am 1/4 dutch, in your bizarro world am I allowed to support the team?

    G4E … *!



    Also excellent points FG, our lady of fountain endless information on ACLF.

  73. Hey Gris Gris, long time no see man. I hope all is going well.

  74. So apparently most of us our supporting Holland. Interesting. Robben is a loss, but they have enough cover for the wings. They look good at attacking. How’s their defense?

  75. ‘kidnapped’ ‘snatched’ ‘Snared’ all words, good for selling some papers by agitating the reader’s sense of it being unfair or the sense of being the victims from Barca’s view.

    Where was El Senor Fabregas when his son was being Kidnapped, Snatched, or Snared? Why didn’t Barca call the police then? Seven years and poor Cesc is playing in the Premier League in poor conditions under the iron fist of Wenger the Great, locked in a dark dungeon cell in his Invincible Castle called The Emirates.

    Enough drama media hacks, what happened to honest & true reporting? What happened to “Fact” finding? Wasn’t the media created to inform the people not to mislead them?

  76. The media is a tool in the hands of the capitalists, G4E. I’ve been telling for a couple of years now on this site. Haven’t you picked up anything yet?

  77. Ateeb,

    Think Arsenal.

  78. Maria,

    As long as Sylvestre hasn’t changed his nationality to get into the dutch team, they’ll be fine.

  79. Jjohn seems a bit of a knob. I bet your brain hurt after that comment.

    Of course we support Arsenal players as well as the club. That does not stop anyone supporting a different nation’s side as a 2nd team in the WC.

  80. Well Giovanni van Bronckhorst is still alive and kicking and doing his best Mikeal impression Abby.

    The looks on the Dutch defenders faces when the opposition suddenly scores is all so familiar…lol..

    Also that balding guy is injured…

  81. Their defenders;

    2 DF Gregory van der Wiel February 3, 1988 (1988-02-03) (age 22) 10 0 Ajax

    3 DF John Heitinga November 15, 1983 (1983-11-15) (age 26) 54 6 Everton

    4 DF Joris Mathijsen April 5, 1980 (1980-04-05) (age 30) 56 3 Hamburg

    5 DF Giovanni van Bronckhorst February 5, 1975 (1975-02-05) (age 35) 99 5 Feyenoord

    12 DF Khalid Boulahrouz December 28, 1981 (1981-12-28) (age 28) 29 0 Stuttgart

    13 DF André Ooijer July 11, 1974 (1974-07-11) (age 35) 54 3 PSV

    15 DF Edson Braafheid April 8, 1983 (1983-04-08) (age 27) 6 0 Bayern Munich

  82. Talking about Dutch defenders we have to include their holding midfielders, van Bommel and de Jong. In their current formation they are an integral part of the overall defense.

  83. Jjohn

    My nation is not playing in the world cup. Am I still allowed to get behind the Ducth? Let me know, your opinion matters.

  84. keysersoze. I think that you might be arrested if you got behind the Ducth.

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