REVIEW: Fast Forward: An Indie Music Companion To South Africa 2010

Fast Forward: An Indie Music Companion To South Africa 2010
Indiecator Records

Let’s be honest, the World Cup isn’t the World Cup without musical involvement. Capello may have dumped the official song but don’t let that stop us. Dublin’s Indiecator Records have pulled together an album of songs from their favourite artists.

In other words, it’s pretty good. The tracks range from African-influenced Mod Revival to pure indie, the sort of stuff that John Peel, God Rest His Soul, would quite happily have spun on his show and all ports in-between. They range from the very good to the very bizarre, none of them is bog standard.

Split into segments that replicate the Group phase, the album kicks off with Cop On The Edge exhorting ‘Bafana Bafana‘ to ‘win the cup for Charlize Theron‘. And to be honest, there has to be no better motivation for any competing nation. The Very Most’s brand of indie pop – early REM robs The Men They Couldn’t Hang songbook – displays a wonderful sense of humour about the French in ‘Irlande‘.

The Germans may not to be too chuffed with Betty and the Cavalero’s desire to ‘Meet at the Red Light.. district after midnight‘…Escape Act’s ‘Slovakia‘ captures the national spirit, ‘We won it in’76’ whilst Le Man Avec Les Lunettes warn the Italians, ‘Don’t Get Fooled By The Players’ Summery Outfit‘.

From the footballing perspective, there are some gems which absolutely reflect the teams. Best example is Detox Cute’s St George’s Day, rousing words that promise much but don’t deliver when it matters. Echo Orbiter Game Without A Name gets some transatlantic attitudes spot on.

32 groups, 32 songs contained in the only musical accompaniment you’ll need this summer and is a damn sight better than anything which will be officially released. You can download here for €5 or have it sent on a memory stick for €10.

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  1. @ YW so beside England (and Nigeria :p), which team would u be rooting for in South Africa

  2. Seems a good time to ask YW, what are your albums of the year so far? We’re halfway through now!

  3. Arsenalkabisa

    Nasri has just said he would love Messi at the Arsenal. Seems we are catching up pretty fast..

  4. Vince

    So far this year (and there is a cheat on a couple which were replacing worn out vinyl!):

    Paul Weller – Wake Up The Nation
    Eli ‘Paperboy’ Reed – Come And Get It
    Ted Leo & The Pharmacists – The Brutalist Bricks
    Cream – Disraeli Gears
    Fun Lovin’ Criminals – Classic Fantastic
    The Hot Rats – Turn On
    Alexz Johnson – Voodoo
    Bob Dylan – Blood On The Tracks
    Dee Walker – Jump Back
    Kraftwerk – Autobahn
    Various Artists – Mod Mania


  5. BB

    I like to keep the peace at home so Spain but really, if it isn’t going to be England then the Dutch would be next best.


  6. Loads of bands have let me down this year, notably LCD Soundsystem, Eels and The Hold Steady. My picks so far in no order would be:

    Los Campesinos! – Romance is Boring
    Spoon – Transference
    Frightened Rabbit – Winter of Mixed Drinks
    Crime In Stereo – I Was Trying to Describe You to Someone
    These New Puritans – Hidden
    Far – At Night We Live
    So So Modern – Crude Futures
    The Swellers – Ups & Downsizing

    That Spoon album in particular i’d recommend to any ACLF readers.

    On a heavier note, Deftones, Dillinger Escape Plan and The Bled have all put out career-best records.

    Do we know what the team listen to? Whenever I see footballers interviewed their most recent purchase always seems to be some commercial R&B compilation. Guess not everyone can be as cool as Slaven Bilic.

  7. Vince

    Dilinger Escape Plan was far too dense for my liking.


  8. YW, what relationship is there, if any, between ACLF here and a book of the same title?

  9. YW my favourite Dillinger moments are when I can’t tell whether the time signature’s absurdly complex or if the CD’s skipping!

  10. ZP

    Absolutely none. ACLF was around before the book and remains so, despite some cheeky scamp telling me that I should change the name of the blog some time after the book came out.

    Apparently it confused the young thing that a website had the same name, was about football but was unconnected.

    I did suggest that the entire book run be pulped and then renamed to avoid confusion but to no avail.

    I suspect the flea may still be in that scamps ear…


  11. Vince

    Mine are when the CD player is off…


  12. Yogi – I was all ready to support Spain (Nice climate, Gazpacho, Tapas etc) and then I drew Brazil in the sweep state at work. Now I’m torn between football and a £100.

  13. Marc

    I drew Spain and Paraguay. Don’t rate the 2nd much but the first, well let’s put it this way, I wasn’t upset and neither was Señora YW.

    Mind you, it got a bit freaky when Algeria were drawn by a French guy of Algerian extract.


  14. I like Shakira´s waka waka song 🙂

  15. YW

    Kraftwerk – Autobahn

    Out of interest why that one ?

  16. Kelsey

    Sorry been watching 24.

    Autobahn – vinyl worn out! First bought it when I was but a lad and still like it now.


  17. Kraftwerk – Autobahn: fahren fahren auf die Autobahn…

    Mein Gott, das war ne zeit. 😉

    That’s sure a golden oldie I must say. This makes me feel old on a monday morning.

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