Barca: Skinflints Or Skint? Capello Misses The Point And More

You are reading the latest edition of Doom & Gloom Times. Thanks to John Murphy from yesterday’s comments for providing a laugh that has yet to fade…

Show me the money! Show me the money!

So where are we at with the Catalan posturing? Aaaah, yes. First of all, you have, with your constant and incessant, deflated the mood of a young man who is to represent Spain in South Africa. It isn’t Arsenal who have done this, it is you who seek to wreck your nations chances at the World Cup by distracting a player when he should be concentrating on matters between the painted lines.

You might recall Cesc Fabregas. You know the one who scored the winning penalty against Italy in the last European Championships? No? What of the penalty where he broke his leg and destroyed your two-goal lead at The Emirates? No? You know, the one who ‘did one’ when but a teenager because he knew that Arsenal would develop him in a way that you never could. Aaaah, yes, you remember. That one.

Not that the Spanish media would have you believe it was Barcelona’s fault that Cesc is downbeat. Oh, no, that’s the fault of Arsenal. That mean Mr Wenger, those horrible directors. They won’t let him leave for a rock bottom price, 25p and a bag of mouldy M&Ms. Oh no, they want those millions of Euros that you don’t have. At least that is what the leading candidate for Presidency, Sandro Rosell, told the world the other day.

His tune has changed slightly. The Pied Piper of Catalunya piped the rats onto the Highway To Hell when he noted that Barcelona – “More than a club” – were skint. He omitted to mention that it was not just financially but morally as well. Pursuing their quarry through the back pages rather than being up front. Talking of respect. Hand them a dictionary. Show them the meaning of the word. You want the truth? You can’t handle the truth! Arsenal do not want to sell.

And still you, Laporta, talk of €35m being a fair market value. This ain’t Primark. You are shopping in Harrods.

And still, Rosell, you talk of buying him ‘cheaper‘. Not wanting to pay €70m.

You tell us that Wenger is doing exactly what you would do; protecting his club’s interests.

Let the player know how much you love him. Let the player know how much you want him. Let him know that he is the object of your desire. Yet still criticising them for doing so, for refusing to cower before your mighty ego.

Or continue to talk down the price. A signal of your vanity-fuelled pursuit, dangling him on a lead, disrespecting him, his family and Arsenal Football Club. Let him know that he is merely an object of your ego, that you don’t care for him, simply that you don’t want anyone else to have him.

So, here’s a thought. Make Arsenal an offer they can’t refuse. Put your money where your mouth is or quite simply, do us all a favour and shut the f*ck up.

Yeah, Capello And Pearce, I’m Talking To You

So Theo Walcott was omitted from England’s World Cup squad because he is not the player he was before he was injured. No remorse for the selfish motivation that saw him play for the senior and junior international last summer and begin twelve months of injury-riven woe. Mr Capello, you are reaping the harvest of your previous efforts.

It is not all Capello’s fault; Walcott failed to produce consistently in the short time available before the World Cup was upon us. There was flashes of the ability but not frequently enough; that weight rests on Walcott’s shoulders. That it was a close run thing between inclusion and omission is suggested by the comments of Capello that Theo would be playing in the Euro 2012 qualifiers.

Here is a small suggestion for the England manager. Leave Walcott out of the squad to play Hungary in August. Let him play for his club and get form back. Let him build his confidence away from the England set-up. And then see the good that rest can do rather than flogging him to death, fit only for the glue factory through over-exertion.

And ban Stuart Pearce from ever calling him up for the junior team again.

Other Transfer Gossip

Jean-Louis Tiraud, Bordeaux’s President, is nothing if not practical. He may have been less than amused with the departure of Marouane Chamakh to Arsenal but that is not going to stop him dealing with Arsenal again, if the money is right.

Yoann Gorcuff is expected by the media to Fabregas’ replacement at The Emirates but rather than being outraged, Tiraud is putting this down purely to the media, refusing to participate in their games of speculation.

Should Arsene decide to come knocking, the price will be high, perhaps higher than he would like to pay but nonetheless talking will be done. Tiraud may have been annoyed beforehand but seems to have realised it was his own obstinacy that caused a lot of the discontent with Chamakh last summer and beyond. Arsenal were not blameless, no club ever is but water has washed under the bridge and money talks. Whether it is the right language is another matter.

And Finally…

A couple of requests have been sent in. Firstly, and with many apologies for my slack-jawed deliquency in posting this yesterday, Elliott Quince is running a charity art exhibition based on football stickers / cards throughout the World Cup – see his site GotGotGotNeed for details. 1 player from each of the 32 competing nations is to be featured, Robin van Persie is the Dutch player. All proceeds go to the Luton and Dunstable Hospital Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, who cared for his daughter last year.

Secondly, Dr Jamie Clelland, Senior Lecturer in Sport and Exercise at Staffordshire University, is carrying out an anonymous survey on fans’ views towards gay football players. The address is and the site is being managed by Staffordshire University.

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. I’ve only just got in from a night out Yogi, this first feels too easy.

    I liked Tiraud’s response to the Gorcuff gossip, it would have been very easy for him to make a snide remark about us given his feelings on the Chamakh transfer but he chose not to.

    Well done on not spreading your usual doom & gloom tonight YW!

  2. Vince

    That you have your wits about you after a night out is very commendable.

    Straight in at Number One…


  3. Excellent post. Tiraud has shown a bit of class, ignoring the media speculation and giving due respect to Arsenal, who also have kept schtum about whether they are or not in discussion. Thats the way to conduct business. On the other hand!!!! How the hell are those Barca braggarts getting away with it?

  4. Well done Vince for beating BB to the punch and actually posting a proper ‘first’ post. YW is this strange posting time an attempt to undermine the concerted efforts of BB? I also think you have been stung by that D&G criticism, as I sense a change of policy and a definite light-hearted feel to today’s effort! You can no longer be accused of being another mouthpiece for Tapelona (copyright Goonerholic!)

  5. Passenal

    I’ve never been told I’m a D&G until yesterday. Quite made my day because if I am that, a hell of a lot of rope is being sold around the country…


  6. Oh, and as for the timing of the post, well it was a theory which was proven wrong!


  7. They’re getting away with because fifa seems to be allowing them to just like a person getting away with murder.

  8. “Oh, and as for the timing of the post, well it was a theory which was proven wrong!”

    What, have you been indulging in another sleight of hand YW?

  9. No chicanery this morning, just good old-fashioned bashing away at the keyboard. I had a notion as to how our friend got to be No. 1 every day but alas it was not proven this evening. But we’ll keep an eye on it.

    BTW what is it with being first on this interweb thingy. Is there some badge of honour that gets pinned to their anoraks?

  10. well said, they don’t really want or need fabrigas. it’s all about their ego. these mountain dwelling village people of cuntsalona cannot get the fact that we took their boy for nothing, out of their empty heads. we made them look like the fools they are and it is eating away at them. so much so that they must have him back to inflate their egos. every man in cuntsalona has a small penis and signing fabrigas is just like a fat bald man in his 40s buying a sports car. pathetic.

    80 million cuntsalona, pay up or go away and play with your small manhoods…

  11. What about what Cesc wants?? he clearly stated that he wants to leave and play for Barcelona, and still you want him to wear your shirt?? Even if under contract, its just not good for him or the team.

    I believe Barcelona should pay around 40/45 million for Cesc.

  12. YW, I think it’s only Arseblog where it has any meaning, otherwise it’s just a pointless annoyance! But, if it makes some people happy…, who am I to begrudge them?

  13. I’d like to point out that I attach no sense of achievement to the posting first thing, I just like it not being Big Brovar occasionally!

  14. chelsea fan, nothing is clear despite what the papers want us to believe. Cesc stated that he was leaving his future in the hands of AW. If AW has decided he is not ready to let him go, then that is the position. Unless Cesc is ready to burn all bridges and formally request a transfer, one could infer that he is happy to remain at Arsenal for a little while longer. Things will only become clear come September 1st.

  15. So the ranks of the Catalan scum has beeen broken Yogi’s Warrior!

    Now they’re openly trading words and accusations.

    I love it.

  16. Fuck off Chelsea Fan. Your captain was going to leave for Money City. Lampard wanted to go to Inter but kisses your badge. Drogba admitted he hated your colours and wanted to leave…..

    Fuck off chavscum

  17. Good post YW.

    Can someone explain to me why posters need more than one question (or exclamation) mark at the end of a sentence?

  18. Mongolian Gooner

    Why do people hate other team’s fans? Isn’t it nice to look at the things from different angle, so we can discuss it productively? I gotta admit, I learn many things I wouldn’t have any idea while reading these comments. Respect for old timers.

  19. chelsea fan the only player on your team with brains is shipping out. We got Joe Cole We got Cole on a free on a free! Your club is going down the tubes fast chelseafan The Russian electrician has the mafia on his back asking what he done with the money,huge debts and no fan base blimey you are in deep trouble and ermmm The Mighty Arsenal? We got cash a workable business model a young and I stress young team looks like the the futures bright but hahaha chelski not at the falling down bridge Karma dont you love it

  20. Mongolian Gooner

    If we keep Fabregas this summer, his value would increase even higher. He is going to get better each year.
    Arshavin, Nasri, Rosicky are able to cover Fabregas’s position if necessary. And Arsene should bench Fabregas more, firstly to familiarize him with the sub’s bench, and secondly to get used to play without him.

  21. Chelsea fan the fact is, Cesc would only leave us for Barca, no one else. This prevents us from selling to the highest bidder, but doesn’t absolve Barca from at least attempting to offer market value, which currently they have not done (to put it mildly). This in turn presents him with a problem. There’s no animosity between him and us whatsoever and he has a hell of a long time left on his current contract, and I think his comment that he’s leaving his future in Wenger’s hands reflects this; I doubt he’d want to see us shortchanged on the fee (ego may also play a part in that). I’d be surprised if he left this year, I don’t expect his performances to dip due to his nature, and I hope to god he’s not labelled as a judas next year as, frankly, most of these discussions are nothing more than bored summer speculation, not fact.

  22. Chav scum,your “loyal” captain was only kept from Man Citys clutches because he got a massive pay rise so you worry about your own mercenaries.Cesc signed a 5 year deal a year ago and knew Barca wanted him then.They pay they money,he goes,they dont and he doesnt,end of.

  23. Nice post Yogi’s, especially the Capello crying wolf part. I hope Walcott will learn something from this experience. Only Arsene Wenger really cares about him and his development. The national team managers used him when he was fit and dumped him at the first chance…even though they took unfit players like Joe Cole, Ferdinand who’s already injured, King, and Barry.

    If England gets out of the group stages, they won’t last very long with half their squad handicapped. Maybe capello is setting himself up intentionally for a quick exit after the WC

  24. it`s jean louis triaud not tiraud.

  25. Great post YW.

    If our captain really wanted to go, he would come out and say it with no room for misinterpretation. He has said everything that can be said over the years about staying at Arsenal, but never once has he categorically said “I want to leave Arsenal for Barca this year”. They’re only digging themselves a deeper, more expensive hole.

  26. The best post written about the scum sucking pigs from Barca. How the fuck do they get away with it?

  27. @chelsea fan. It is not really about what cesc wants. If you sign a contract you are expected to stick with it. That goes for all contracts in life. It is just how it is. What would be the point of a contract if you did not expect to fulfill it in the first place. It is alot like if you join the army(in my country anyway) you get free education as a pilot and in return you have to preform 10 years duty for your country because pilot education is so expensive. If you sign up you are expected to stick with it as they give you something and you give someting in return.

    That said, i think Cesc knows this and i think he alos knows and understands that unless a fat offer is on the table then there will be no transfare.

    If i was him i would also be a bit worried if they did not want to pay ALOT for me. After all they stuck 40£ Ibra on the bench for much of last year. The price must be high to be guaranteed a important spot in that team…

  28. Just read this about Barca and their arrogance:

    Not normally a great site, but this is a good article

  29. thats a fuckin awesome article…… brute force in it looks like YW is in bullish mood!!

  30. Has anyone asked Barca why someone turned on the sprinklers after the Inter match while the Inter players and manager were still on the pitch?

    While having Moarino going completely over the top must have hard to take can you imagine Arsenal responding in such a manner? Can you imagine Barca’s response if the circumstances had been reversed?

    Barca’s attitude stinks of the hypocrisy in some area’s of organised religion. Telling everyone else how to live thier lives whilst doing the complete opposite.

  31. I don’t think the folk in Barcelona care much for their national team, unless you mean the team of the mighty nation of Catalonia. As I understand it, the Catalans resent being the vassals of Castille.

  32. Castile

  33. Great post, YW and great first comment, Vince.

    I must look up yesterday’s post to see how it came about that YW was labelled a D&G..There could be a whole TV series in it…

  34. Catalonia is to Spain what Wales is to England.

  35. Whilst I have no wish to defend Barca or Real’s methods, the reality is that if a player wants to go to another club, he will go. That’s why Arsenal’s open reply to Barca, for all the jubilation it has generated among Arsenal fans, is a paper tiger. Because all the indications are that Cesc wants to go (the reasons for this are another issue). If I understand it correctly, Cesc can buy out the remainder of his contract for around £27-30 million, which is around the price Barca have offered. So that is the market price, whatever ridiculous price Real may have paid for CR. Now I don’t think Cesc wants to take that route because he has a respectful relationship with AW and an affectionate relationship with the club and its fans. And Cesc has always behaved absolutely correctly and respectfully with regard to AFC. But if he wants to go, and buying out his contract is the only way, that’s the route he will take. The money is not a problem – there will be a queue to lend him the money as a temporary measure, knowing that Barca will refund it.
    The best we can hope for is that AW persuades him to give us another year in return for allowing him to leave amicably next summer, but I doubt that will happen.
    Just to close, IMO the whole transfer system is sick. Buying and selling human beings is called trafficking. Like everyone else in other jobs, players should be allowed free movement and all these millions swilling around in the cesspool of the transfer system, with bungs and commisions right left and centre will disappear. It’s a sick economy which is at breaking point anyway. Only the players’ so-called agents will miss it.

  36. Ok, I’ someone who’s actually lived in Barcelona so consider myself qualified to speak.
    ‘Skinflints or skint’? I’d suggest both. The Spanish economy has just been downgraded by another credit agency, several banks there are on the point of collaps and are having to be bailed out (sound familiar?). Barcelona are heavily in debt already so yes, I imagine they are skint.

    What you then have to take into account is that Catalans are notoriously tight with money. And you think Barcelona care about Spain in the World Cup? Ha, they don’t consider themselves Spanish, they think their nationality is Catalan. Deluded fools have been trying for years to have Catalunya recognised as an EU State! Not only do they not consider themselves to be Spanish, they consider themselves to be far superior. Obviously not all people as this generalising, but by and large they are an extremely arrogant people, looking down their noses at everyone else. Ask a non-Catalan Spaniard what they think of Catalans and you’ll get a very similar opinion most of the time.
    So, it’s not at all surprising that the club should act this way in their approach to the whole Fabregas saga.

  37. dkgooner:

    No, despite what you read and all the lazy journalists say he CAN’T buy out the rest of his contract. He only recently signed an extension. Under the regulations he is unable to buy out the remainder of his contract for another two seasons I believe.
    This is good otherwise would make a mockery of the whole thing as he could buy out his contract for 27million then Barcelona give him the money as a signing on fee.

  38. Not at all, dkgooner. Transfer fees exist because contracts exist, and contracts exist because they provide the security that is desired by clubs and players. The only people who are indifferent to transfer fees are the players’ agents. They don’t give a fig about the security of the players or the clubs. They are paid to extract the highest possible wages for their clients; and although wage-labour has been considered by some to be slavery, I don’t foresee it coming to an end any time soon.

  39. @dkgooner if we had some balls we would let him sit and brood on the bench for a year then sell him. Just to show the world and the mighty barca that nobody messes with Arsenal. And a player only LEAVES when WE want him to.

    Yes i agree workers should be allowed to move freely, however if you sing a contract with your employer for a certain amount of time. say they want you to work a project and ask you to sing a 3 year deal that is binding, well you better think carefully abut what you sign as it is a legally BINDING contract, or you will have to cover their fees if you quit.
    If you think people that willingly sign contracts earning 100k a week are like slaves you are a fool. it is an insult to mankind and the millions of real slaves that have died over the years to compare pampered selfish young millionaries to slaves. If it is so horrible to stay in a place and honor a contract you wilingly signed and getting payed 100k a week, then do not sign it! I would personally gladly sign a 8 year binding contract with my work if i got 10K a week! Id be filty rich then! The reason why footy players are forced to sign contracts its because football is different from other jobs. Even you can see that right? The clubs invest soo so so so much in them(salary etc) that not having a binding contract would make it impossible.

    Buying himself out of a contract would be profesional sucicide though…

  40. Good article……..

    Time for Barca to shit or get off the pot. Arsenal have called your bluff so you can stick your £30 million offer up your arse. The prices of the worlds best players became inflated LAST year because of the actions of three teams….. Real, Man Citeh and….. yes, BARCA!!!!
    Don’t moan how unfair life is when you caused this situation.
    If they really want to test Arsenal’s resolve, they need to put £60 million plus on the table.
    Until then, kindly fuck off!!!!

  41. dkgooner – Excuse me but Cesc signed a new and very lucrative contract one year ago that ends in 2015. Unlike feudalism, slavery and other forms of bonded labour, the evidence is he signed this contract freely and without reservation with his lawyers and his agents going over every word. Contracts are used by all civilized people in this world to protect their interests. In the case of Arsenal FC, they decided to protect their investment in Cesc Fabregas with a long-term contract while rewarding him handsomely; if I recall he received a nice signing on fee as well.
    Should the club leave themselves open to vultures and predators like the Barca scum to hover up Cesc cheaply because we failed to recognize his value contractually, you and many others would have been the 1st to turn on AW in particular for being a skin flint. Just take a read of those stupid fools at le groan who make the accusation daily.

    What if Cesc decides to buy out his contract under the FIFA’s famous Article 17. As GoonerinLA has shared with us the Webster ruling’s interpretation Article 17 does not really substantially enhance a player’s ability to unilaterally terminate a contract without cause. If he persists, as YW explained yesterday, he not only pays the club£29m to buy himself out, which Barcelona then reimburses (plus the tax he pays on his signing on fee) which would cost them around £40m in total plus whatever costs are added for training, etc. That is only for starters. The club would be in its right to sue the Barca-scum for inducing a breach of contract and thus liable to pay Arsenal full market value for the player. GoonerinLA shared the case of Shakhtar Donetsk vs Real Zaragoza to explain the potential exposure to both Barca and Cesc for terminating Cesc’s contract could well equal his actual market value, which easily exceeds £50m.

    Sorry for being so long but so much b.s. is being written by the press and the bloggers I feel this needs proper airing.

  42. Will arsenal be putting anyone up for sale? It is normal for AW to balance the books.

  43. YW As always your article is spot on! Players need to understand their agent, their national team coach, their father in cesc’s case don’t care about him they just want to suck out everything they can for them.

    The agent surely would prefer his player to move every year as they are paid a percentage of the fee so Cesc agent of course wants him to make the only move he will make in his life as he need to pay his house morggage.

    Cesc father for me is a coward, he perfers that his son moves to Barca to fullfill his own dream to see his name on a barca shirt without thinking of what is best for his son as going to barca is, I believe not the right move in his carrer. Why can’t Fabregas Snr go to a nike store and buy a barca shirt and flogg it with the Fabregas name and leave us the fuck alone.

    Barca like you said , just want him out of selfishness, like a little kid that throw a toy out of his pram because he doesn’t care about it as he has a little argentinian toy he likes more but then he sees another kid who loves the toy who took it to be his n°1 toy so we screams and hit the ground until his mummy steals it from the hands of the happy kid.

    Arsene is a different from most people, of course he wants what is best for his life’s project but he also someone that truely cares about the players he has under his guidence as the fact that most of his players says he is a father figure and that he guides them through the difficulties of adulthood and the life of a professional sportsman.
    I do hope Fabregas and all the others players realises that!

    Finally, I think Barca will get away with their bullish attitudes until Fabregas states his true sentiment on the whole affairs because otherwise Arsenal will always be pictured as the bad guys who doesn’t want to let a young man fullfill his dream. But if Fabregas says that they approached him illegally but he let the matter into Arsene’s hand because he doesn’t mind staying at a club that gave him everything, the reality behind Barca’s tactics will be uncovered and they will stop to be the club that gives money to charity!
    Because of course they are the only one. their shirt is te proof! lol Like arsenal is not supporting a charity giving it money every year but not advertising it on the front of their shirt.

  44. Bit off topic, but after watching this video I couldn’t help but think that we would struggle with all three of our keepers in goal at the same time.

  45. do you not think it’s best for him for cesc to leave now after all of this.b.s,certainly if he happens to stay the captaincy will be withdrawn and it will be even more of a blow that he did not get his move plus the armband has been taken away.

  46. “…it is you who seek to wreck your nations chances at the World Cup by distracting a player when he should be concentrating on matters between the painted lines.”

    That has to be the best line to date to sum it all up in the whole Cesc saga YW. That is pure genius!!

  47. Does anyone else think that Rio got bad karma from Theo’s snub?

  48. dkgooner’s anti-Arsenal instincts have led him astray on this issue. You want Cesc gone, but you fundamentally misread the issue…….

    Cesc might stay or go. But Arsenal have a very strong hand.

  49. YW

    great post, i could feel the vitriol we all have in such abundance for barca bubbling over. awesome.

    oh and this little gem

    ” Arsenal were not blameless, no club ever is but water has washed under the bridge and money talks. Whether it is the right language is another matter.”

    that last bit is some profound shit. now you lot over in the UK might have tons of guys hanging around who say shit like this, but over in the US, not that many people are that delicate or prose-like with their words. way to tap the muse YW

  50. LimparAssist

    RVP up to his old tricks again.

    The Oranje ran riot and beat a talented Hungary side 6-1. It’s RVP’s World Cup I tells ya.

  51. LimparAssist

    RVP up to his old tricks again…

    The Oranje ran riot to beat a talented Hungary side 6-1. It’s RVP’s World Cup I tells ya…

  52. Why do they [Barca] have to be either skint or skinflints? How about Skintflint? They have done this merry dance with us for a long time and it is good to know that there is tipping point.

  53. LimparAssist

    Arsenal have fought off the interest of Chelsea to land Dutch under-17 international midfielder Kyle Ebecilio from Feyenoord.

  54. LimparAssist
  55. For those who don’t follow the French team’s (dire ) preparation our own Abou Diaby has had three pretty good sub appearances and most commentators/hacks are considering him the bright spot in an otherwise deeply disappointing team… nice for a change 🙂

  56. A goal and contribution for 2 other goals, for RVP. Holland looks really good. The only concern now is Robben’s injury. He might miss the WC.

  57. I cannot believe some people actually think that Cesc buying out his contract under Article 17 is even a possibility. As pointed out by others, the actual cost of an Article 17 buyout would be closer to GBP 40-45million, and that is before Arsenal sued Barca for illegally tapping-up a player. Given that Laporta and other Barca officials have carried out so much of this saga in the public sphere, a guilty verdict for tapping-up would be a given. And considering Cesc would hate to go down in history as the first man to invoke Article 17, Barca would have to pay him a kings ransom in wages to do so, and that would lead to massive wage inflation at Barca, something that they just cannot afford right now.

    Also, what must Cesc think of Laporta saying “30-35million is a fair market price for a player like Cesc”? What does he mean by a “player like Cesc”? Considering he just paid 34million for a 28 year old striker from a bankrupt club desperate for any cash whatsoever, that shows what Barca think of Cesc.

    What are the odds that eventually Barca do or say something that finally makes Cesc stand up and say “that’s enough, you arrogant f**ks, I am staying at Arsenal”?

  58. Serk Da Turk

    I’ve read some brilliant stories on this blog over the years. Some of the ACLFers have some very moving and memorable stories tell. Some of the stories of Gooners outside of England have been incredibly poignant. I think that this is a great opportunity to share those stories with the rest of the Arsenal community.

    Yogi, maybe you could champion the cause and mention it at the end of your articles for a while. It would be the best way of making the most number of ACLFers aware of the scheme. I think it would definitely be worth it. But I leave it at your discretion.

  59. Paul C

    Excellent !

  60. yea Paul C. spot on

    hearing a comment like that from Cesc would probably bring sweet tears of joy to my eyes

    the problem with a tapping up case against barca, at this point, is that both player and team are implicated , and punished, in tapping up cases. so unless cesc leaves, there wont be a case because as I understand it, Arsenal need to submit the complaint. All of this knowledge comes from an explanation I received from YW when asking similar questions to yours so yea man.

  61. contracts aint worth the paper they are typed on. see ya cesc. lets move on again. it’s obvious cesc will throw his toys out untill he gets his move.

  62. also, if someone could explain what a skinflint and a skint is that would be great

  63. Wenger has a year left of his contract Barca will want Cesc even more next year when Xavi is 31 I can see Wenger getting another season out of him. This summer’s transfer saga is Laporta wanting to complete his legacy and the fact they are bricking themselves at the arrival of Mourinho at Real Madrid.

    As for football LaLiga has become a sunny version of the Scottish Premier League look at the points difference from 2nd to 3rd place. They’ve just lost their tax break for footballers and most clubs are in financial difficulty. They might as well condense the league into to el gigantico games plus champions league football. The refs are bent and all the other teams financially hamstrung

    Having said that I think the club will sell once they have lined up replacements if not they would have protested to UEFA for the fragrant tapping up (although it’s doubtful UEFA who love the “Big” football clubs). As for funds Barca will raise a big slug from selling Toure to Man City, in whose interest it is to weaken Arsenal.

  64. senderos hasnt looked half bad against italy

  65. Senderos is a good cb, but not suited for the arsenal way of the game.
    look After Cygan left for Villarreal,he got Villarreal player of the year in his first season (they finish in the top fourth) and before coming to us he was in the ligue 1 team of the year.That why i fed up with all this idiot who say this player is crap,rubbish without thinking about the whole side of the game

  66. Danish Gooner

    Listen guys,Barcacunts are about to off load Yaya to Manc City for a vast sum of money they will undoubtedly use that to buy Cesc for the right price dont lose sleep over this it will happen.

  67. Anyone who pays a vast sum of money for Yaya Toure is a complete idiot.


    What a preformance from Holland remembered more much off our Arsenal.

    Also love the way the camera was following RVP around.

  69. Anyone seen that daft advert for Ladbrookes with Ian (the gob) Wright saying England have the best striker in the world?

    You’ve just gotta laff.

  70. Was a great result Maria, but it seems Robben might miss the WC with hamstring injury.

  71. You’ll need this guy if you want to watch England in the WC.

  72. Robben out of the world cup is indeed a huge loss, but Holland played better with Kuyt on the right in the Euros anyway. They lose some mobility without him, that’s for sure, but Kuyt provides cover for his fullback. It’s a give and take. Afellay, Babel and Elia can provide pace and trickery on either wing in Robben’s absence. What’s the most worrying is how horrible Gio is playing.

  73. They lose a lot of goals without Robben. Babel & Kuyt do not score enough.

  74. As for Afellay, looks like this WC could make his name.

  75. Question about Van brockhurst defending he has seemed to be caught out quite often.

    I must say on the subject on Yohann, he just may challenge my Vela if he was to come to AFC. Very cute indeed.

  76. Who is the other guy dup, that scored the solo wonder goal? He is more than welcome to come to the Emirates too.

  77. Diaby came on in the second half in a not-so-friendly against China, with China 1-0 up from the weirdest free-kick I ever saw, pure juju – the ball seemed to swerve in the opposite direction it should have; and bossed the show. It was Diaby versus eleven resolute Chinese behind the ball for 30 minutes. It reached the point where every French player just passed to Diaby, who roamed across the midfield, Vieira-like and dare I say it, not unlike Cesc himself; and in those 30 minutes almost scored, almost got Henry in twice, and provided another three assists for near goals. It was the only glimmer in a diabolical French display of ineptitude, which included the fancied Gourceff making no noticeable impact on the game whatsoever, neither postive or negative.

    Finally, I see Diaby’s future role. He is going to be one of the best ever. A midfield titan. In fact, Arsenal should buy this player immediately.

  78. Welcome to the party.

    I think we’re all aware of Diaby’s quality. He probably doesn’t quite have Cesc’s vision (who does?), but he can make up for that with his strength and skill on the ball.

    I have no idea what happened to him at the end of the season though. He lost all his dynamism. It’s possible that he was playing with an injury, but it’s maybe too much of a coincidence that he disappeared right after that first leg against Barcelona, when our midfield was completely swamped for 45 minutes.

    It makes me wonder if confidence is his biggest problem. Still, he’s done enough in his warm-up appearances to get some game time over the next few weeks, and there can’t be a bigger boost than a successful World Cup run.

  79. This is a really good blog. By fair means or foul(probably both) it does seem that Cesc wants to go to Barcelona. Only the most self deluded think this is all a figment of the Spanish media’s imagination. Whether he stays or goes depends on two things- how much he wants to go- and the price. He wouldn’t be the first top player to have to stay put because the numbers don’t add up.
    Youve summed up the Walcott situation really well. Capello has made a blunder by not including an impact player like Walcott. Ant Wright -Phillips is not in the same class as a fired up Theo. Agree with Zim Pauls comments about Diaby too.

  80. Abou Diaby is a star and yesterday is my birthday

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