Cesc Is Easy, Sol Is McCartney To Celtic’s Lennon And More

Now we know how Barcelona came up with £29m for their opening gambit – yes, it might have been higher but probably there or thereabouts. One of Sandro Rosell’s team let slip how that was worked out, along with a spurious allegation that Cesc might become the cause célèbre of Article 17: it is how much it would cost Cesc to buy out the remaining five years of his contract because according to Josep Bartomeu that is how the price for a deal is worked out.

And that is why Cesc cannot use Article 17, his renegotiation last year must have set the clock back to zero on his contract, the extension ought to be deemed to be the starting point by Fifa. Well, that and the fact that the European Club Association members have all agreed not to invoke the Article in any transfer. And if Cesc pays £29m to buy himself out, Barcelona have to reimburse it (plus the tax he pays on his signing on fee) which would cost them around £40m in total plus whatever costs are added for training, etc – (thanks to GoonerinLA for the link). Which is more than they hope to pay out in the first place.

As with their political masters, those seeking footballing office are adept at trying to make the current incumbent, or in this case their annointed heirs, inept. Bartomeu believes that the player’s history and desire to join Barcelona make this deal a piece of cake to seal because ‘the wind is blowing in our favour‘. No mention of Arsenal’s firm and laudable rejection of the Txiki offer submitted this week.

Cesc though is apparently going to talk to Arsene and get him to change the Board’s mind over a transfer. Which assumes he is prepared to let the player go in the first place. If he is then he will be joining Pep Guardiola in the Lunatic Asylum which is where the Catalan apparently should be according to Ibrahimovich’s agent.

But Fabregas is back on the football pitch, able to put his troubles in his old kitbag and smile, smile, smile. A grin that would not be as wide as Carlos Vela’s though. The Mexican scored last night as his country beat Italy 2 – 1, putting his Wembley misses behind him. I wonder if that result has sent the native press into a similar frenzy that would have followed an England win over the same opponents?

Football and music rarely make good bedfellows, footballers cannot sing and musicians are generally not particularly good footballers, despite what their rampaging egos may say. However, there is definitely a 60s thing going on around Arsenal at the moment. Otis Redding may have hollered “R-E-S-P-E-C-T” but nowhere near as loudly as Barcelona or now Sol Campbell are doing about the club.

Like William Gallas, Campbell has not put pen to paper on a new deal but is certainly thinking about it. He is also waiting for Lennon, Sol wanting to hold his hand because this isn’t about money which can’t buy him love. Still, it’s better than the calls Ivan Gazidis receives, Laporta now using a recording of Paul Evans’ “Hello, this is Joani“, believing that a woman’s voice might seduce the Arsenal board into selling Fabregas. It goes with the girly name.

Elsewhere, Ashley is not the only Chelsea Cole to be dumped. Joe has been told that the offer he was given by the club is withdrawn and he can do one after the World Cup. Apparently, the £75k per week wages were not the reason for stalling – good news for Arsenal as it fits in with their wage structure – but the fact that he was offered a rolling one year contract. At least we wait until a player is over 30 before putting that on the table…

Not joining Arsenal this week is Laurent Koscielny, his employers more sympathetic in their dealings with Arsenal but equally resolute in holding out for the price they want. It seems Wenger is going to go all out attack this coming season; sod the defence we need more attackers! Loic Remy is still on the media, sorry, Arsene’s radar but he faces competition from Rennes and Lyon are reportedly interested, wanting to partner him upfront with their new signing Jimmy ‘Chateau’ briand. A shame they aren’t going to sign Obefami Martins because it would mean that Lyon lined up with Remy Martins Chateaubriand next season.

Enough of this silliness. ’til Tomorrow.

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  1. Silver Gunner


  2. Silver Gunner

    wow that is my record!!

  3. Strange situation with Joe Cole, it will be interesting to see what happens, Chelsea must be pretty confident they can manage without him, but he didn’t have that many games last season and they still won the double. If he is available on a free transfer he would be a great signing for Arsenal.

  4. Fourth, BB= Yogi?!

  5. Leftpinky

    No, he isn’t me.


  6. If Wenger really wants Laurent he’ll get him, there are “reports” of Traore being used as a makeweight apparently. We’ll probably settle this before Wenger starts his work as an expert for French TV during the WC, one way or other. And yeah the new Barca president has just as many fools around him as Joanie. When Sol came back I thought “here comes the sun” but now it looks like its gonna be “a hard days night again”

  7. I’m sick of this cesc crap

  8. If Cesc goes further to ask for a tranfer, then he will have burnt all bridges with the Gooners

  9. Maybe there is a translation problems maybe the sentence fuck off we will not sale him has a different meaning in catalan like:
    Oh we are a bit shy but if you insist every day we might let you fuck us on this table.

    We should do the same with messi harrassing them to sell him to us so they can have a taste of their own medecine.

  10. Red with white sleeves

    Seriously, who gives a crap who’s first or second. grow the feck up and stop with this bllcks. I’m sick of seeing it everywhere I go. Do the author a favour by at least reading his post before you beliitle it with dumb comments.

    Anyway, great read. Getting really fed up with the Barca rubbish. If reports are to be believed that Cesc is looking at a ‘legal’ way out then it’s probably gone too far and is time to admit that he wants out – and let him go. But only for bag loads of money.

    Then again, it’s probably another piece of made up media rubbish. Hope so..

  11. Remy Martins… hahaha. That’s a classic!

  12. Red and white I think you’re spot on mate. The last thing we need is another sulking player. The little toad obviously wants to go home to his mummy. Its just so dpressing though isnt it, i mean are we ever going to have any legends ever again? All our ex-players seem to hate us and want us to fail, whats up with that? You dont get that anywhere else except at Arsenal and I dont understand why.

  13. just went to see e mundo deportivo and for them Cesc is already on his way to Barca it says:

    “En la remodelación del Barça 2010-2011 no todo acaba en David Villa y Cesc Fàbregas. Con el ariete asturiano ya fichado y el centrocampista del Arsenal en camino, en el club azulgrana, aparte de las estrellas consagradas, se trabaja el mercado de promesas.”

    Which tranlates by:

    “In the remodeling of the Barca 2010-2011 not everything ends with David Villa and Cesc Fabregas. With the Asturian player already signed up and the Arsenal Midfielder on his way, to the club azulgrana, apart from the acclaimed star, the club is working on the promised market.”

    I cannot believe this club is so arrogant, they don’t give a fuck about other club, they think they are gods who can just pick whatever they want!

  14. I know it is silly season, and purely a hypothetical question…

    But Joe Cole on a free, and Gourcuff for £20(ish)M to replace Cesc, sold for $40(ish)M, actually doesn’t sound totally unappealing….

    Don’t get me wrong, I think Fabregas is a great player, but everyone is replacable, and if he really wants to go…..

  15. Why are we not sitting down with Sol and talking about a one year deal.All the comments coming from Sol seem to suggest we dont want him.Why else would he be waiting for Lennon to take over at Celtic.A big mistake by Arsenal if we let him go

  16. Hark,
    Celtic are probably offering him 2 years, and the chance to play a lot more. At Arsenal he could be potentially 4th choice which might mean he’s bench warming – with Celtic he’d be playing.

    I agree with you Matt- the inevitability of Cesc going is beginning to get boring. Gourcuff and Cole would in their differing ways have something to prove and would certainly excite the faithful.

    But Arsene, new goalie , CB and DM as well please….

    Come on you Reds!

  17. No DM thank you very much.. pretty much packed in there. Song is brilliant too. We don’t need any more bench warmers.

    Joe Cole would be a nice addition, but who would leave?? If Eboue is kept on as backup RB and Mr versatility it leaves too much competition in midfield for the likes of Theo, Rosicky, Vela, Nasri, etc and any other wide players.

    Nasri can easily play centrally, so too Rosicky, I just suspect somebody will be moved on if Wenger buys another midfielder.

  18. Regarding Sol Campbell, we should have got him signed up straight away. How long does he need to contemplate an offer, from what I heard it was there pretty soon after the season ended.

    SIGN UP SOL!!!

  19. @gunnerluc

    That’s nothing you should see yesterday’s sport. Which said something like…

    Arsenal rejected the £29m bid but it was expected, first move by Barca etc… but it went on to say that they won’t pay more than £35m for a player that morally belongs to Barca.

    adding that the fact that Barca has opened negotiations has worried Arsenal, and the Arsenal statement was just a bid to get Barca to raise their offer.

    But Barca is not worried, the next move is for Cesc to put pressure on Arsenal to facilitate his dream move

    Where do they get this rubbish?

  20. Bouldy's Friend

    If Cole come in then the casualty should be Rosicky. He’ll be 30 this year and as proven this season, time has already past him. He can’t play 4 games without injury and is currently not that great.

  21. Just seems no matter what we say or do, they will twist it in their favour to make it work for them.. feeding their club and the Spanish press with more fuel to keep this saga rolling.

    Arsenal couldn’t have made it more clearer for Barca to stay the fuc* away.. yet they still keep coming back. I ain’t surprised, and I didn’t expect them not to, they have no class and obviously only worry about satisfying their own interests. Hopefully one day their acts will come back to haunt them.

    In the meantime we will still stand firm, reject their approaches, and not get involved in pathetic attempts to unsettle our player or players.. seen as Clichy is now another target!!

  22. Bouldy’s Friend

    I do also have my doubts if he will be part of Wenger’s plans for next season.. we can’t write the guy off just yet though.

    Hes a quality player whos career was in the balance, same as Eduardo.. does Wenger give them both another chance ????

  23. why are we leeting Sol go, he was our best player in the seconmd half of theseason, we admitted we missed him, is AW stupid enough to let him slip through the net again , give the guy a 2 year deal and let him teach the youngsters if needs be.

    Cesc will stay one more year, sad but true.

    and great point, where are the arsenal legends coming from. all our rivals have them, Gerrard, Rooney, Lamps, Terry?? let’s hope TV stays and becomes the new Mr Arsenal

  24. We really must be a threat to Barca. What other reason is there that they keep taking away our best players?

    If you look over the years they have had, Van-Bronkhorst, Silvinho, Petit, Overmars, Henry, Hleb and now looking like Cesc too!

    And we still manage to compete at European level.

    I have read LeMoan this morning, why I dont know because the idiots that both write and read that blog think Arsene is play Football Manager!

  25. embryo


    Van Persie
    Vermaelen.. will be for sure

    Not won much yet, but they are CLASS.. do they have to win anything to be legends.. Take Alan Shearer for example. Will always be remembered as one

    then theres…
    and co…

    all soon to be legends

  26. Chris Goona,

    You say no to a DM. When Song is unavailable who plays that role instead -Denilson? Not only do we need a out and out DM to cover Song I would argue that for certain games we could do with two DMs starting to provide serious protection for the back four. I’m not saying I want to play like Mourinho but don’t you think that against our strongest competitors, in Europe and at home, there are times when being more defensive minded could prove advantageous?

    Chris Goona
    Who do you rate in our present squad who does the job well now, apart from Song- I can’t name them myself. (‘pretty much packed in there’)

    Come on you Reds!

  27. Chrisgoona

    I saw that thing on clichy was in the same article, they said they were in for clichy, bale or another one.

    I hope if they do contact him, that he will tell them loud and clear he doesn’t want to join their lousy, immoral club!

    I mean they say we aer mes que un club, that they are the emblem of the catalan nation!

    Well fuck that, if I were catalan I would be ashamed because they are showing that they are arrogant, cannot understand a simple sentence direspectful and just fucking arseholes.

    I start to agree with Matt, I really like cesc and wish he would stay but if he really want to join this bunch of morrons just sell this digreatful wanker and bring in someone who would be proud to play for us as RVP, Chamack, Clichy, Sagna, Song.

  28. Cesc has never said he is leaving anytime soon, but of course he will eventually. Barcacuntulunya first tried using the media, including the British media to create a belief Cesc wanted to go, then got all their Spanish players to trot out the Barca DNA blah blah blah, Cesc said he would leave it in Wengers hands, Barcacuntulunya made a laughable offer, Arsenal replied with the classiest way of saying fuck off I have ever seen, the media then started planting rubbish about Cesc invoking the webster ruling (complete tosh as Cesc signed a new contract in 2009) and so it goes on..Guessing next bit of crap will be that Cesc has put in a transfer request, but that will be bullshit as well. Don’t lose faith in the Mighty Arsenal, and please dont lose faith in Cesc. He has been at Arsenal long enough to know how to conduct himself the Arsenal way, with style. Cesc is staying, he will be at least 100% commiteed to the Mighty Arsenal while he plays for us. He is not a want away whinger

  29. Chrisgoona, you’re right to a degree, these guys are great players that will feature in the history of our glorious club, but apart from RVP they’re not legends, baring in mind both Clicky and Bac may well piss off soon if the reports are true. think of Edu and Remi Garde, brilliant players that will always remember but not legends like Adams Henry, Pires, Viera, Winterburn i could go on and on.

    as for the kids, Theo and Diaby no way, Rambo, Wilshere and Gibbo……….they could truly become legends. can’t wait.

  30. If these cesc happenings had occured 2 years ago would some be earmarking Arshavin as the ideal replacement? Turns out he may have mental issues and not be suited to that type of role. It turns out I actually do not like big name signings. I’d much rather buy a few more 16-20 year olds to mold. I would much rather let Nasri have the role over an unknown quantity.

  31. In a way i’m glad RVP’s fitness is abit suspect because noone will risk the £40 milliuon+ it would take to buy him off us.

    Does anyone know if Wiltshire is going back to Bolton? I hope he gets a run in the team this year and Theo gets a run up front because we all klnow he is not a winger. Lesser players then them have had a chance and I think they deserve there shot

  32. For Arsenal there is no question that Cesc desires his move to Barcelona now, probably under some now-or-never brinksmanship from Barca.

    For Barca, they justify this – with validity or not – as “he is our homeboy, he was always ours”.

    Once an opening bid has been received it is only the start of a long process, which may see Cesc in an Arsenal shirt for a while; all parties understanding that yes Cesc can go, essentially, when a bid reaches 40-45 million pounds plus sweeteners, then it is close to resolution, with Arsenal measuring his value closer to 60 million.

    Arsenal have always struck me as very canny negotiators, who seldom if ever get ‘done’, and more often do the doing. It is all advantage Arsenal, and nothing Barcelona can do about that except keep raising their stakes. Catalan emotion and Barca guile will not change the nature of hard business to be done. All Arsenal do now is smile sweetly with a “how much do you want him” look in their eyes.

    One door closes and another opens, that is life, and for Cesc and Arsenal it is no different. I expect nothing less than a more resolute Arsenal next year, and the irony is, it is the year the honours come home to Emirates and the 5-year gestation comes to fruition. We shall see how the story ends; wouldn’t it be perfect if Arsenal removed Barca from the CL next year and won it.

    I would feel very happy for Wenger. It is entirely plausible, footballistically as well as a damn good story, which is why I happen to like Arsenal.
    The story of football is littered with the ghosts of players who took the wrong turn at the ‘right’ time. I feel sorry for the lad in many ways.

    There is a case for Cesc having been a weakness not a strength, because of a tendancy to slow the momentum of the game, to control the game.

    Then again he might remain an Arsenal player.

    It’s just a game, isn’t it?

  33. Bob N7

    Players who can play there…

    Denilson – plenty of experience in that role, good backup for Song

    Diaby – pusing for a place for France

    Nasri – not his best position but hes good centrally and has occupied that role previously

    Rosicky – can play centrally

    Ramsey – you know of his talent

    Eastmond – too young, but when called upon done a job

    Lansbury – very promising player

    Coquelin – another one for the future

    Wenger has plenty to choose from, I’d rather he gives these guys a shot if Song is injured.

    I know we have played previously with 2 DM’s and Cesc just in front, but the guys he sticks in them 2 positions behind Cesc need to have attacking instincts. Diaby is a vital player for us who turns defence into attack quickly when on his game.

    Everyone seems to have the perception that we need big strong warriors as a DM.. Flamini wasn’t exactly BIG to any extent

  34. els – I suppose it depends what our goals are for next season. Personally I believe Wiltshire has more potential then Nasri. Players like Cesc dont come around very often and he will be missed big time.

  35. chrisgoona, weve been talking about the future for five years and are losing our best players. What year will be the future? What year can we except results? The time should be now.

  36. CG

    Theo and Diaby Legends you really are off your trolley.Cesc is a Legend RVP maybe if he puts 4-5 full seasons together.Legend is am overused term.The likes of DB10,Henry and PV4 are TRUE legends

    Suprised you didnt say Almunia is a legend

  37. Pepe Reina doesn’t sound too gutted that Rafa’s leaving. I hope we make an offer for him

  38. Hark – thats really funny, maybe Senderos is also a legend ha ha ha

  39. I can’t remember which pundit it was, but they described Flamini in retrospect as “offering industry but little else”, which probably sold the guy a bit short but some revisionist fans do seem to have elevated him to hero status.

  40. Hark the Herald Angels Sing
    You are spouting bullshit.
    We know we at the end
    Shall victory inherit.
    Then fancies fly away,
    We fear not what men say.
    Diaby and Theo will be
    Our living legends.

    With apologoies to all the godly folk.

  41. Wilshire may need more time on loan, we need to start next season like a steam engine, and keep that momentum going as long as we can. That is how we almost won it 2 or is it 3 seasons ago with Hleb and Flamini.

    We need a constant midfield, Van Persie and Cesc fit and playing near their best. Then Arshavin, Theo, Bendtner, and Chamakh performing when need be, contributing to goal tally… Not to mention Vela, Ramsey, Diaby, Eduardo, and Rosicky getting in on the act.

    Most importantly our defence needs to be solid, Wenger needs to find a solution that will prevent so much of a headache for our goalkeepers. Sgana and Clichy could do with a few pointers from prevoius defensive experts and club “legend” as they have been caught out high up the pitch on various occasions this season.

    Fabianski, Almunia are not as bad as people make them out to be.. 1 more keeper would provide competition, and maybe more confidence into our backline. This could spell the end of Almunia, but its Wenger’s choice to make, his judgement is better than ours.

    I can’t wait for next season to start already.. more than the World Cup even!!

  42. Hark & Johnson

    Have a little faith, our lads have already challenged for a couple titles in their tender ages while every muppet wrote them off.

    As Arsenal supporters you should be able to get behind the team.. If you lack the motivation with such a fine crop of players, attacking options, skill, speed, and creativity, on top of that having a truly LEGEND manager in footballing history as well as our club.

    You are both in the wrong place I’m afraid.

  43. ChrisG,

    We depended on these players to step up last season too, remember? I guess they’d be older and wiser year by next season but still, I’d be more comfortable with more experienced, and dependable backup in that role. After a hopefully a long campaign for Cameroon in the world cup, I’d be surprised if we won’t have to call upon Song’s replacement more often than we’d like.

    Rosicky? I’m less confident he can recover his form for us after last season. I certainly won’t play him as DM.

    Diaby and Nasri are players I like, but they were disappointing last season during crunch games.

    Ramsey, Eastmond, Lansbury, etc are definitely too young and inexperienced to be depended on. Given our injury record, we’ll almost certainly have to play our backups in high pressure games some point and their inexperience is bound to hurt us. Its best to not put such pressure on these guys. They are definitely exciting prospects for the future, though

  44. **********************************
    ACLF (8003629)

    sorry but all I care to add to this debate is spam

  45. oh and well done goonerinLA

  46. CG

    Just being realistic.Both Diaby and Theo have been at the club 4 years and their progression has been at snails pace.Both had poor seasons last season

    To say they are possible legends is based on……???????

    As for Almunia and Fabianski not being that bad.Who hit you on the head CG

    Almunia v Man U home and Away,Man City Away ,Birmingham away

    Fabianski Porto away,Blackburn Wigan away

    All mistakes that lead to goals

  47. Hark, are you related to Joan of Harc

  48. Joe Cole is an interesting proposition. Jacques Aime, France’s world cup winning coach of 1998, had rated Cole as being potentially as good, if not better, than Zenedine Zidane. Like Walcott he didn’t live up to his promise. He had the misfortune of playing in a declining West ham – they got relegated while he was captain – and Chelsea under Mourinho played ugly football. A younger Joe Cole was a natural Arsenal fit. At 28 one wonders whether he can become something special. Pires joined at 26 and was beautiful. But a difference of two years is a lifetime in football. Also that a reputable coach like Ancelotti doesn’t want him is of some concern. Any chance of the Wenger magic rubbing off on a 28 year old?

  49. It is crazy the amount of emotional yo-yo-ing by contributors to this blog concerning Cesc’s future. Despite frequent protestations, our fans are just suckers for a transfer rumor. But I digress. The fact is despite the propaganda by the Barca-scum, Arsenal and AW have the upper hand and nothing has changed over the past three weeks. Barca want to destabilize Cesc so they can get him on the cheap; Wednesday’s statement by the club was a clear public response that Cesc is not for sale.
    As GoonerinLA explained, by locking Cesc into a lucrative contract until 2015 it is going to cost at least 40 million to do a buy-out PLUS costs. This club and AW in particular have a lot of experience with players being unsettled. That is why young promising players are locked into lucrative long-term contracts to protect the interests of the club. (BTW – the twats at le groan have proven repeatedly they have no concept of the current and future value of our squad when they complain about these contracts .) That is why I don’t give much worry to Cesc’s current or future state of mind. He is our player.

  50. Henristic – i’m done with Diaby im afraid, he really pissed me off with his attitude last season, the boy doesnt know how lucky he is. Cant barca take him off us instead?

  51. shottagunna – Personally i dont think its a good idead to have a player around the youngsters who wants to leave, it can only work against us. The little toad wants to go so lets just get the best price I say.

  52. “Any chance of the Wenger magic rubbing off on a 28 year old?”

    And to declare that a 21-year-old has failed to live up to his potential is a tad churlish. At that age most players are still thought of as prospects. Theo is a fine prospect, and, as AW said, the next couple of years should see him flourish.

  53. Oneofus, he would flourish as a striker because he is a striker. He will not flourish as a winger because he is not a winger. I know its hard for alot of people to believe but he is not Thiery Henry for gods sake, he is Theo Walcot. Its not easy to play on the wing, Henry was special so when he moved into the centre he flourished because of his great all round game. Theo is an out and out striker IMO.

  54. Most of the players AW has brought through have made a positional change at some point, Johnson. I’ve said it before, but I see Theo as a Ljungberg type – which isn’t really a traditional winger.

    And funnily enough, Freddie was derided for his lack of end product during his first few years at the club.

  55. Bark

    You are a bit of a numpty it seems

    You buy as much of the anti Arsenal media shit as Ian Wright does. You have no credibility mate, your comments are based on newspaper headlines and fictions made up by the press.

    You need to learn to think for yourself. I have nothing else to say to you, you are hopeless mate (or a yid).

  56. Theo is not a striker.

    He doesn’t have the all-round skills to play that position.

  57. OneOfUs

    Interesting comparison

    Difference is Ljungberg had players like Bergkamp and Pires picking him out, this is why he got so many goals. Its fair to say Theo has as much to his game as Freddie did.. I would even say Theo has more pace, better dribbling, and even technique. This will tell after a full season injury free.

    With a fit Cesc, Van Persie and Arsh in the team there is no limit to the goals Walcott can get in a full season. Start of last season Theo was devastating prior to a set back, he had a run of abouut 10 games that autumn where nobody could stop him. Where he scored his hatrick against Croatia, and netted a few in the Premiership, setting up so many opportunities. He just needs the right players around him to use his amazing pace.

    Why everyone is slating him I don’t know, these are the same people that are always on the edge of their seats when he gets the ball. Muppets

  58. ole gunner – So Michael owen was not a prolific striker before his injuries? What about Ian Wright? I could write a list as long as my arm of great strikers without much all round skills. Silly comment mate.


    Just stuck it on and my first thought is that Eduardo’s goal in the Emirates cup final was up there with any of his precise finishes pre-injury.

  60. Good stuff Mr Y.B.,
    Thanks for the info. I was wondering if Article 17 might have an influence on transfer dealings. Certainly makes you realise why Arsenal renegotiate contracts on a yearly basis and shows what a fantastic forward looking management team Arsenal have.
    So at the present moment Arsenal have the upper hand in any negotiation for any of our players not only because of up to date contracts but also because the club is in a strong financial position.
    I do think that if Joe Cole comes to the club it would be a goood thing and the french pole seems like an AW signing and also the media noises seem right (I feel it in my water)!!!
    all the best

  61. Premiership has changed, I don’t see many little striker doing the business. They all seem to be big, skillful, and good in the air.

    Van Persie

    There are a few exceptions, like Defoe, and Andy Johnson.. They only are effective next to somebody else. With Wenger not really fancying the 442 anymore, it leaves Theo, Eduardo and Vela very much having to do with playing out wide. Eduardo and Vela being 2 which havn’t seen much action at all.

  62. Chrisgoona, well then im afraid Theo is useless for us if thats the case, there’s plenty of better wingers then him around, he’s been woefull on the wing IMO.

  63. Johnson

    So you would rather take SWP I’d imagine 😉

    better yet Lennon?

  64. Stop bothering with Cesc news, its elections! only believe it when you see it.

    Henristic’s comment at 10:53 am is pure common sense! buy Reina! the club is broke and who really knows what is really going on in liverpool!

    Joe Cole should be accepted, we accepted flop Silvest, we can appreciate the talent of Cole who is FREE(sounds like Wenger)

    As far as Laurent Koscielny, i do believe Arsene will sign him, take a look @his stats


    overall hes good from the stats, i have never seen him play. can someone who has seen this guy tell me?

    BTW legends should be based on performance not expectations

  65. I do think if cesc goes i’ll have to take my posters down, but still he’s still ok by me.

    This is a career for him and his life. He’s served us well and single handedly won s points on many occasions. It is obvious that he has had pressure from every direction for a number of years, he is only now succumbing to it. Would he have to stay his entire career for us to regard him as loyal?

    We have Nasri who has the potential to do the role well (not as well), Wilshire but he is 3-4 years off doing it for a full season (anybody expecting him to be a major player soon is mistaken) and Ramsey who has it all and if had not been injured I think could have been a shock shoe in.

    Even if we don’t entirely fill the role the team can adapt in other ways having the ball forward come from other areas of the pitch, but with the 3 forwards being fed centrally I wonder if Wenger would have changed tactic had he thought cesc would leave???

  66. vela scored against italy for a win!

  67. Chrisgoona – I’d love to see SWP at arsenal, I think he’d be brilliant for us. Lennon is better on the wing but terribly injury prone and we have enough of them. The one i’d like to see most though is Joe Cole, people seem to forget he is right footed and can play anywhere in midfield.

    I think Theo up front front would flourish with are passing game putting him through on goal every then minutes. He’d probably get about ten tap-ins a season as well

  68. CG, please dont call them muppets. that is not fair on ou very own resident ACLF muppet… he has made that name sound nice so dont use it on these guys! LOL

  69. One of |Theos best qualities is his finishing, he’s a natural striker if ever I saw one.

  70. Its really is incredible that barca are acting like doing us a favour by offering the same money it would cost us to keep cesc till the end of the contract. Its simply just a cost price with no thought to added value of developing the talent, lost time invested and what he may offer us in these future years. The arrogance is just mindboggling.

  71. Sorry to bang on about it, CG, but he contributed to 5 of our 12 goals from the Barca home game to the end of the season. That was in a team without confidence and shorn of its best players.

    I think his goal in the Wigan game is a real glimpse of things to come. That’s something we’re going to see again and again over the next couple of years. He’s starting to learn when to make his move.

    Also, see the goal vs Villareal and the assist away at the Nou Camp. All pure Ljungberg.

    As you say, he’s got all of the basic attributes already, but his pace is what’s going to make him absolutely devastating. Once he’s playing with in-form players around him it’s going to get messy.

  72. Rio Ferdinand sent for scan after suffering knee injury at end of training. Maybe capello was right to pick 5 CBs.

    Vela was excellent yesterday, Mexico gave Italy a runaround. Alberto should have had a pen, and laid off a ball for Hernandez(manu) to tap in only for him to fluff the chance.

    2 losses out of 13 for 2010, Only the dutch have really outplayed them and that was just in the first half.

    I can see them winning their group, @4.00 not a bad punt.

  73. Theo is just a poor footballer, his pace on the wing suggests that he has something special, but his ball control and ability to take people on is average at best. basically Wenger was sold on his speed, he’s not going to mature into anything other than and average striker. he just doesn’t have what Torres, Rooney Drgbe et al have. IMO

  74. @leftpinky I can quite assure you that bigbrovar and YW are 2 different people http://is.gd/cCfrL

  75. Johnson

    I don’t know if your the only one, but obviously Capello’s thinking to drop Theo has affected the brains of many an Arsenal fan. I doubt many fans would be excited if SWP or Lennon arrived.. both quite average and can’t offer the spectacular performace that Theo can. This is why Theo is at Arsenal. He has had stages where he has been very good at RW.. next season he will be fresh and hungry to prove everyone wrong. I expect big things from him, and I cannot see him moving into a striker position until Wenger is satisfied.

  76. All i’m saying is give Theo a chance up front, its where he’s always wanted to play and where he himself wants to play. He could be devastating.

  77. Theo is not a striker. He can play there….and can finish. His finishing ability is much underrated, but 4-4-2, 4-2-3-1, 4-3-3 I dont see how Theo fits long term in a central striker role.

    Come to think of it neither do Wenger or Capello.

  78. OneOfUs

    Its only a matter of time for Theo. Hes shown patches of form, glimpses of brilliance… soon it will all come together. Same goes for Nasri, Diaby, Vela.. etc..

    The likes of Song, Cesc, Van Persie, Clichy, Bentnder have already convinced and changed the minds of many supporters. For the rest its this season coming. Those that don’t convince, we have another 5-10 talented youngsters to try out!!

  79. Isn’t 21 too young to write off a career. There are countless superstar players who was shit at 21

  80. ole gunner – if theo played up front for us then he’d of been considered up front for England. One thing for certain is that he is not a winger especially If the stories are true about about not being able to put 1 cross on crouch’s head in training, even I could do that.

  81. I think Theo offers something many players can’t. If he improves his ability to beat his man, with skill, and is more comfortable on the ball he really does offer so fucking much.

  82. I don’t know if Johnson, Wambuzi, Red and white sleeves, Hark and embryo aren’t all one and same twat…

  83. Johnson,

    That’s not necessarily true. Nothing stops Capello from using him as a striker the way Stuart Pearce did a few times with the U-21s.

  84. Agree with Ole, I would be very surprised to see him starting up front in any important matches next season. Wenger has explored the idea, and to be fair to Theo he hasn’t been bad when put there. Strikers these days just need to be the complete package.

  85. Limparassist – why are you calling me a twat?

  86. Johnson,

    Give Theo a chance upfront can be at the cost of results…..

    Maybe if we played 4-4-2, we could sometimes try him there. On the other hand, all the other players who play that 2nd striker role better than him will get their chance ahead of him.

    I don’t see what stops him from being effective on the right side of an attacing trident in a 4-3-3…..if he can’t shine in that role why would he in a more central 2nd striker role? I’m just asking to hear your thoughts

  87. James – does the fact that Peter Crouch has been made England’s number 9 for this World Cup leave you with a terrible sinking feeling inside?

  88. People take a weird stance when it comes to Theo’s pace. As if it’s not that special when compared to other attributes such as vision, good shooting skills, or passing. Pace means, not that he can just run fast, but run fast with the ball at his feet. Which is as important a skill as some other players vision. You don’t need the pace skill for a CM. But for a winger, that is the most important skill to have, along with crossing. Which frankly he is fine at and still improving.

    And where the fuck do these people get the idea that he’s a striker? Are these people nuts? Isn’t Arsene the best judge of what position he is suited at most for now? Striker, not until proven. His pace is most useful on the wings than anywhere else.

  89. CG,
    He doesn’t have the strength, can’t hold the ball up and if his delivery is not good enough on the wing it’s not good enough in the 2nd striker role. And he doesn’t have the movement, nor the intricate play.

    His strength, what he brings to the table is his directness.

    The criticism he gets is that he has no influence on games unless he’s running behind the opposition. That’s where he has to become more comfortable on the ball.

  90. ole gunner – It is true that we dont really have a problem scoring goals, our problems lie in defence.

    Theo is ineffective on the wing 995 of the time because he only has one trick, speed, his final ball is poor and he rarely runs with his head up. Strikers are put through in goal and good strikers only need one touch, maybe two to put the ball in the back of the net. Be honest we’ve all marvelled at his finishing ability. With his speed, if he stared up front our oppenents would be shitting themselves

  91. Limpar Assist,

    I actually have faith in Crouchie, he has a knack of scoring important goals and always gives 110%. Would you like him if he wasnt a yid?

  92. Ole / Chrisgoona,

    Not that you care but I meant what I said about Theo, he’s being wasted with you guys, theres a great striker in there somewhere.

  93. Fuck off James

  94. Ole, I know you mean that in a fond way

  95. Regarding Koscielny, I think he could be a good buy but not to be TV’s partner. Last season was his first in the French first division which is why he is not a candidate for being a first team player but as a back up he could be good.

    Furthermore Lorient is a team that plays in the Arsenal with technical players playing free flowing football. Their coach is Christian Gourcuff, Yoann Gourcuff’s father who is a really good coach in France and that promote nice passing football.

    As for TV partner, I would go for Cahill or Squilacci.

  96. will everyone get off diaby’s back. he was amazing for the majority of the season…i remember him dominating villa in the game where super cesc came on and scored two…he was a colossus and then his form dipped, along with the whole team in the final few months of the season. i know that arsenal are blighted with exceptionally short sighted fans however surely you can all remember what happened before march??? and dont tell me that old trafford own goal…that was a mere blip in an otherwise excellent season leading up to march.

    i hate arsenal fans

  97. James

    Crouch is a decent player, will never be amazing, but will always notch up a few goals. At Arsenal we only strive to achieve excellence, not averageness.. this will show up in the World Cup where the Spurs players will face proper opposition.

    The likes of Diaby, Vela, Bendtner, Van Persie, Cesc will show how its done.

  98. thanks gunnerluc

  99. jabberwocky

    Diaby will take his game up another notch next year, people say hes been here 4 years and nothing. Truth is hes like a new signing with the amount of time hes been out injured. A lot of our younger players careers have been on a constant stop-start.. must be difficult coming back to playing in the top competitions of football after months with not playing.

    Look at Hargreaves for example.. taking him a lifetime. Same is it could probably take Eduardo! Hopefully Ramsey’s is a lot more quicker

  100. England are trying to win the World Cup with a spud core.

    Ha fucking ha ha

  101. Chris, agree about van persie and fabregas, they are a top, top class players, but unfortunately they are not english !!!

    What annoys me about England is that evryone has a go at the fringe players like Walcot, Crouch, Defoe and SWP, but the starting players like Gerrard and Lampard have done fuck all for years. Them boys need to get there act together or we’ll be laughed out of the tournament again.

  102. LimparAssist

    I don’t dislike Crouch, he seems like a nice lad – I’ve just always found him terribly unappealing as a footballer. If while appraising a striker’s ability you must qualify your judgement of his touch with the words ‘…for a big man’, it tells you something about how he’s going to get on at the top, top level.

    He’ll be very prolific at a Championship club, I think, when he eventually makes that move.

    …Completely ineffective on the wing.

  103. Ole Gunner, well when Arsenal are willing to invest in some decent players for the national team we’ll welcome them gladly, gods knows we need more true quality then we have.

    Personally I would of taken Walcot instead of Upson. I actually like Walcot, his faults are never through lack of trying or sulking and I respect that more then anything as a football fan.

  104. Ateeb,

    Theo’s crossing is not really good enough. Not that he needs that skill so much given the fact that its our full backs that do most of the crossing anyways.

    He not very good with running fast with the ball at his feet either. That is a very hard skill to master and only the best in the world have it.

    His best asset is his pace. Hopefully he can improve some of these other skills with time, but tbh, its a bit late to be doing this at 21.

  105. Johnson,

    Again it’s the same issue…..

    You’re criticising Theo for not being more involved in games.

    Everytime he plays he has 2 or 3 runs where he gets past his man and crosses or shoots and has an end product.

    That’s more useful to the team, because the likes of RVP, Eduardo, Vela, Arshavin, Fabregas, Nasri can all finish better than him.

    They can’t however do that thing that Theo can do.

    And it’s not like that thing Theo can do is useless. It’s very effective.

  106. Henristic,

    No, he’s quite fast at running with the ball at his feet. That’s probably what he’s best at.

  107. Henristic

    So it was too late for Henry at 24, 25..??

    You speak a load of crap mate tbh

  108. Limpar, you can’t be seriously attempting to use youtube to prove a players ability?

  109. You can’t win anything with spuds.

  110. Limpar, ok he’s not completey ineffective on the wing but you could do better. I wouldnt swap him for any of spurs’ wide men including Bentley so what does that tell you?

    I really think he could be like Michael Owen or Ian Wright in his hey day up front. definitely a 20 goal a season striker if playing for a good attacking side like yourselves.

    If somehow Crouch scores an inportant winner in the later stages I hope he does the robot. Just think everyone in england will be doing it at exactly the same time, it would be legendary, and ridiculously funny.

  111. Unfortunately I have to agree with earlier comments on Theo, He has not done a lot to impress me or give me the impression that there is a ledgend in the making. I agree he is young and will improve, but all you have to do is take a look at players like Rooney, Ramsey, Wilshire, ext to see that they are real talents. Young age allows more time for development true, but if you have class it is evident even early on.
    i like Theo and hope he proves me wrong.

  112. Ole,

    I disagree. He kicks the ball in front of him and chases it. quite different from running with the ball at your feet.

  113. What was hHnry learning at 24,25 CG?

  114. *Henry

  115. Henristic, he was learning the french translation of ‘Va Va Voom’

  116. I’m now halfway through the season review DVD and all I can say is it’s shocking how the form of the team vanished with the injury to Robin. I’m going to take a break from it and check out the new Refused reissue now before I watch the disappointing second half.

  117. Can’t see you put this on your site however for whats it’s worth ; Can you not understand Aresnal are not for sale ‘Cesc is not FOR SALE your doom & gloom articals are notting but innuendo .Why not call your web site we DOUBTING LEFT FOOT because there’s notting cultural on it thats for sure

  118. Henristic,

    I’ve seen him do it so many time, I wonder which games you watch.

    I don’t want to use the obvious examples like Anfield, Milan etc….

    Honestly sometimes, comments like these baffle me.

    Yes there are many many times when he knocks the ball into space and runs after it. But that shouldn’t make you forget the number of times he runs with the ball at his feet and executes it quite well.

  119. The way Wenger prefers his players to play is all about mobility and swapping roles continuously. Positions are important but only half the story.

    In this scenario Theo is ideal. He’s not exactly central striker material, but his instinct around the 20 yard area is excellent, his threat on the break is enough to soil defenders pants, he’s become more thoughtful about how he crosses the ball, and although he can’t dribble that well, he can beat players. At 21 he has incredible value.

    He’s also becoming a lot tougher mentally and physically, and defends quite well. At some point quite soon Theo will master the subtle arts of keeping the defender guessing about which side he intends to go, Arshavin’s game, and then he will become massive. I really like him.

  120. You know what i’ve got into lately is ‘Curb your Enthusiasm’ by Larry David, the man’s a comedy genuis, give it a try if you like satire

  121. Hneristic,

    Henry only came to arsenal at 22yrs or age. He improved over the course of his 1st couple seasons to become the great player he was.. I don’t know why an Arsenal fan would need to ask this, but I’d thought I’ll inform you of it anyway.

    So that gives Walcott a good 3-4 years before you can write him off.

    Take Milner for example, hes been around for YEARS! only now showing his true colours.

    Wake up, and stop licking the asses of the Arsenal bashers.

  122. Henristic
    Henry was setting the prem alight at 24,25 thats what he was doing..

  123. Henristic,

    What are you talking about? That’s really what he’s best at. Running with his feet on the ball. He’s actually improved on that front. He seems to have picked up how to get out of a tight situation in our half of the pitch, and make a run for it. Crossing he doesn’t do it enough, but that’s more because we don’t play that game. He’s got good off the ball movement. Just need to improve in the final third, and add variety to the way he attacks. The only fault I find in him is that he tends to get too predictable. The goal he scored when he cut inside from the wings and took his shot, was fabulous. However in the next few games, he kept trying that and got a bit predictable.

  124. ZimPaul

    Theo will be great, and England will all wonder why Capello left him at home when SWP and Lennon attempt to take their club form onto the International arena.

  125. Too many idiots today, who is the twat slating the blog! hahaha.. he needs to go over to Le Shite to see doom and gloom!!! lool

  126. I agree with you Zp. He could learn a lot from Arshavin on that piece of skill.

  127. I suppose you seen this in your christal ball chris Goona

  128. Lost in all the dooming of Theo this season is the fact that he actually made a big leap defensively.

    That used to be his main weakness for me and he’s fixed it.

  129. Thank God he spelled christal and not christian. Christian balls would be a strange thing to say.

  130. Ole I agree on Theo making a big leap defensively, he has improved alot in this area.
    And i do belive he will improve in other area too. Just taking his sweet time is all Im saying.
    I have no problem with people saying he may well turn out to be a fantastic player one day, and i hope he does, but when pricks get so up thier own arses and claim he IS going to be the fucking ducks nuts, well they look pretty stupid really.

  131. Ateeb, Ole,

    Theo is not very good at running with the ball at his feet. He has done it a few times, does not means he is good at it. Most times the ball gets tangled in his legs. What he does more regularly is kick the ball in space and chase.

    No point arguing any more about it though.

  132. Christal duck’s nuts?

  133. Theo is def not good at running with the ball at his feet. I cant see how this is even an argument.!

  134. Wait a minute Henristic. If he’s done it perfectly even a few times, I figure that means he’s good at doing it.

    It’s not the kind of thing you stumble on doing. If I tried 100,000 times I couldn’t execute that run against Liverpool at Anfield

  135. Chris G,
    When did I write off theo? I said his ball skills are poor and while its a little too late to be learning that, we can still hope he improves his game. What is your problem?

    Did anybody ever complain about Thierry’s technique?

    Ole said ” He doesn’t have the strength, can’t hold the ball up and if his delivery is not good enough on the wing it’s not good enough in the 2nd striker role. And he doesn’t have the movement, nor the intricate play.”

    And yet you accuse me of bashing theo?

  136. Ole Ive scored a few cracking headers in my time, Im not good at scoring with my head, but there have been a few.
    You do not have a argument with that last post of yours.
    I suck at poker,, have won a few quid on the odd ocasion..
    Like i say no argument here

  137. Henristic,

    We’re discussing a player’s attributes for various positions aren’t we?

    Everything I said about Theo I could have said about Clichy and it won’t be bashing Gael.

    It’s not bashing, it’s saying what part of the striker skillset are not part of his natural attributes.

  138. “He’s also becoming a lot tougher mentally and physically, and defends quite well. At some point quite soon Theo will master the subtle arts of keeping the defender guessing about which side he intends to go, Arshavin’s game, and then he will become massive. I really like him.”

    In the ’98 WC, a player similar in style for me to TW14 played for France as a squad player. Scored some crucial early goals and was then used as a sub, while a French Heskey trundled around to distract defenders from Zidane.

    So Henry started to play in a more ‘central’ position after his move from Juve, where he was benched and slated for being a poor whinger. When he was approx. 23/24.

    (Are we witnessing an footballing evolution, from the D**M role, now that Song cannot be slated, to the Right Whinger?)

    I had no intention of praising PHW the other day. Just find him less annoying then Alan Sugar, and other Honorific Sp*ds.
    A friend unfortunately found another one of our glorious Etonians, the Mayor of London attempting to talk to an audience of his peers about an exhibit he’d put together for the Museum of London.

    Imagine: a years work, a crowd of smiling faces, and then out rolls Boris…

  139. Sorry about the long post!

  140. LimparAssist

    God forbid we look at actual footage of the player in action, Henristic, in order to inform our opinion.

    Yes, James, that would be bloody brilliant. He seems like one of the good guys and I’ll be roboting like a good ‘un if it happens.

    Walcott certainly can’t swing them in the mixer like Bentley can for you lot, but what he brings to Arsenal as part of a fluid front line is very effective. ZimPaul knows. He’s more inside-right than winger, and as such he doesn’t fit Capello’s template.

    The last two are good examples of Walcott’s ability with the ball at his feet. Not ‘just kicking the ball in front of him and chasing it’.

  141. Henristic,

    To you Theo is a player whose just pacey, and apparently useless on the wings. He can’t run with the ball at his feet or deliver crosses. Hence, one would draw that according to you he should be running 100m in the Olympics rather than playing football.

  142. JO… it was something called a prediction, you know.. like the shit we here everyday in the paper about Cesc leaving, Arsenal falling into mid-table..

    Don’t worry England should get past the group stage, then we can parade the averageness of the Spurs players for their efforts!

  143. JO,

    You missed the point. You don’t stumble onto a run like the Anfield one which was an exmaple of very good running with the ball at his feet.

    You can’t counter that by naming something you can actually stumble upon. Like Poker or getting your head luckily on a cross.

    I’ll give you 100,103 tries and you can’t replicate that Theo run. Unless you’re a quite talented player hiding here amonsgt us mere mortals

  144. I didn’t say he’s done it perfectly a few times. But surely you’re not arguing that if someone pulled a bit of skill a few times, it means they are good? I score a few freekicks years ago, makes me good at freekicks right?

    The run at anfield was special, but i guarantee you many people will make that run if they try it even only a 1000 times. I’m pretty sure I can find you championship footballers who’ve made runs like that. You must think you’re shit at football though, if you think you couldn’t do that after a 100,000 tries. It’s nothing to beat yourself about though, I’m sure you’re good at other things.

  145. Henristic,

    There are 2 kinds of abilities. 1 is like typing. If you don’t have the ability you’ll never type accurately at 125 wpm.

    Another however is like shooting in basketball. If you tried to shoot from the half way line 1000 times you’ll eventually get it once.

    I think running well with the ball at your feet is like the first kind of skill.

  146. LimparAssist

    Thanks for the video, shame some fans forget how good he really is

  147. Henristic

    You are seriously full of shit.. Fuc* off. Trying to make excuses for Theos run through the whole Liverpool team.. are you even an Arsenal supporter.

  148. LimparAssist

    Finsbury, who’s the French Heskey, Guivarc’h?

    I agree. The parrallels between Thierry and Walcott are clear to see. Right down to Wenger using Titi on the wings at Monaco.

    When you look at Titi’s touch in his Monaco days, and in those France ’98 games too, it’s nowhere near as refined as it later became. There was more of a knock it and run quality to his dribbling.

    A young footballer’s touch improves with time- ’twas ever thus.

  149. The video seemed like it was on fast forward half the time!! When hes on form, Theo is unstoppable… Next season I’m very much looking forward to watching his blistering pace, and taking his game to a new level… added composure, and better end product. His improvement would have been evident already had he stayed away from injuries.

    Again thanks to Pearce and Capello doing their best their to use the lad effectively.

  150. Henristic,

    No championship player can run as fast as Theo did in that Anfield run. So there’ll be no way to test their superior ability to run that fast with ball to feet, and making some 9,10,11 touches including 4 or 5 dribbles.

  151. Just read that Drogba is out of the world cup with a suspected broken arm after a shock with a CB from Jampan.

    That’s a shame for Ivory Coast! After Essien ruled out, I can only see Cameroun able to go aong way in this WC.

  152. John Murphy @ 1.27pm

    Fuck me, that’s the first time I’ve ever been called a Doom and Gloom merchant.

    Once I’d worked out what you were trying to say through all the typos, I laughed like a drain. Thank you for brightening my day.


  153. Ateeb,

    Arsenal don’t really have wingers. We tend more towards forwards who can play wide particularly this season with the 4-3-3 formation. I’m sure you know this.

    So in your opinion, if a forward isn’t the best at crossing and running with ball at feet, then he should be in athletics right?

    Other qualities like finishing, movement, directness, don’t matter right?

  154. YW.. it took me a while to understand it too, should have informed him to stop browsing the Internet, his health could be at risk!

  155. ChrisG, you obviously have issues and need counseling. Do that and come back when you can actually have a meaningful discussion

  156. David James is also a doubt now

  157. Limpar,

    French Heskey = Guivarc’h

    Not in their style, but in terms of their end product, and general role in the team.

  158. Henristic, read your comments…

    i guarantee you many people will make that run if they try it even only a 1000 times. I’m pretty sure I can find you championship footballers who’ve made runs like that.

    Then try justify any of the crap that you have polluting this commenting section with. Theo has shown up in BIG BIG games.. AC Milan, Barcelona, Liverpool in the Champions League at the death.. the kid is not just about potential anymore. Now is the time where he will seriously kick on and prove he can do it consistently.

    Please try to get involved in a discussion, criticism is ok, but plain stupidy isn’t mate

  159. i guarantee you many people will make that run if they try it even only a 1000 times. I’m pretty sure I can find you championship footballers who’ve made runs like that.


    reading that comment again has got me laughing

  160. Make that run against the local neighborhood boys, sure. Not a professional team. Twat.

  161. Ole,
    Probably best for me not to continue this argument. I don’t want to be seen as badmouthing theo and really wonder why people are taking issue so much with my statement about his ball skills. I’ve just expressed an opinion on a quality i don’t think is his strength, like many of the rest of you have.
    For instance you say he doesn’t have good movement. I happen to think you’re wrong. movement, and anticipation are actually one of his best qualities.

  162. Ole @ 12:07:

    “Theo is not a striker.”

    Spot on. I have no idea where people get the idea that Theo should be a striker. I have never seen him head a ball. I really believe he will be an excellent player in a wide attacking role as he matures but not a striker. His natural place is on the right wing. He can use his finishing skills from that spot just as well as from central position. Bobby P. certainly did.

    Johnson @ 12:20:

    “Chrisgoona, well then im afraid Theo is useless for us if thats the case, there’s plenty of better wingers then him around, he’s been woefull on the wing IMO.”

    He is only 21 years old and has shown plenty of promise although certainly inconsistantly. How many players really make a mark at this age. Even the great C. Ronaldo was not a regular 1st team player at this age.

    Wengerball @ 12:43

    “Isn’t 21 too young to write off a career. There are countless superstar players who was shit at 21”

    Exactly. No one could have said it better.

  163. Henristic,

    I think you painted with too broad a brush. Nobody here thinks Theo is Messi, or has the dribbling skills of Mcmanaman or Pierre Littbarski.

    I think what you’re saying is that he isn’t good on the ball, doesn’t have many skills, and maybe isn’t comfortable in possessio while running.

    However I just think people are surprised because you negated one of Theo’s actual strengths which is running with the ball at his feet, something he’s above average at doing.

  164. Ateeb,

    I’ll bell my left testicle that Aaron lennon couldn’t make that run. SWP could, but maybe only just.

  165. “Spot on. I have no idea where people get the idea that Theo should be a striker.”

    I can count the number of headers that TH14 scored in his career on one hand. Well, this season early on he scored a couple I think, so maybe not!

    There are different ways of being a striker/forward, as, er Henry proved. It’s not a template or mould that you have to squeeze your body into.
    That Bloodied Hacks wrote in ’04 that we won the league without a CF, A CB pairing, an orthodoz whinger. Would you agree?

  166. < orthodox

  167. What made Theo’s run even more special was the fact it was probably the VITAL moment of our season, well champions league campaign. We were crashing out, and he had the balls to take the ball from his own half, speed through 5 or 6 players all trying to hack him down, stay on his feet, and have the composure to set up a goal.

    TRUE TRUE CLASS… if it isn’t, I don’t know what is. Even though we went out to a further 2 late goals!! I will always remember that run. Henry would have claimed that goal as his best if he done it. I’m sure he would even admit to it being up there with all his greatest goals!

  168. + Without a RB. (How could I forget!).

    Lauren was obviously a midfielder, and could not be considered a defender, even though he’d just played a whole season for a team that had gone unbeaten.

  169. What happened to Lauren.. went to Portsmouth and never heard of him again!!

    There is a serious curse on ex-Arsenal players 🙂

  170. Henristic,
    what a completet knob, you haven’t gat a clue what you’re on about. Theo is very good with running with the ball at his feet, that’s about all he can do well. what he needs to learn is how to do the next thing, take on a player and create something instead of running down a blind alley

  171. Fair enough Ole.

    They way it was considered in those days when I played football, running with the ball is more like what messi, ronaldinho, hleb, henry, and to some extent, nasri does. The ball is close to feet and the runner is able to escape markers even in tight spaces. Like i said before its a very difficult skill and only the most skillful players are good at it (i.e can do it consistently). Not even C.Ronaldo does it that well.

    Theo showed some flashes of that ability in the anfield run, but imo, that is no evidence that he is ‘good’ at it.

  172. Thanks LA.

    If AW’s reign has taught us one thing it’s that on-field positions blur easily and are not bound by any kind of template.

    I’ve never in my life heard that a top striker has to be a great header of the ball. In fact we could spend the rest of the day coming up with great strikers who only scored a handful of headers.

  173. Finsbury that was.

  174. Terrible ‘ball control’:

    17 years old.
    Diaby with the assist.

  175. What ‘position’ did TW14 play in that CC Final?

    CF? I can’t remember.

  176. Correction to my 3:01.

    TW14 performs as the ‘playmaker’ there, running back, ‘reclaiming possesion’, making the pass to Diaby, tand hen ‘makes the run’ with more then a touch to control the return from Diaby. And as for the finish?
    Well, if he can scuff a goal against BarceloNO (Unlike, say, Drogba), then he should be able to curl the football into corner of the net past Czech, no problem.

  177. < Then he 'makes the run'.

  178. Finsbury:

    I am not slagging Theo I think he will be an excellent player for us at some point. I agree with Ole, his natural position should be as an attacking wide player.

    He can use all the skills he has at that position and be extremely effective. He can make central runs behind the defense from a wide attacking position. Perhaps even more effectively since the opposition CB will be occupied with our central attacking players and the other teams full backs do not want to leave all that space on the wing. All the assists in the video were done from a wing position. Ronaldo scored bags of goals from a wide position, so can Theo. Theo will always lack some of the skills that a different center forward can bring that give a team variety. How easy was it for the chavs and mancs to defend against us in January when we had absolutely no aerial threat.

  179. hahaha


    I gotta run, take it easy fellas, have a good weekend!

  180. Bill.

    NB52 & Theo seem to developing a nice partnership as our ‘reserve’ forwards/squad players.
    Quite a lot of goals and assists between them towards the end of the season. Exciting stuff.

    I wonder how Bendy will fare at the WC?
    Should be interesting.

    Me too: Have a good weekend!

  181. Finsbury,

    I have a feeling he’ll have a good World Cup, if Denmark do well.

  182. Theo could certainly be very effective as a 2nd striker or in the hole behind another striker if we play with that type of formation. I still think he can do nearly the exact same things from a wide attacking position and allow us to add more variety in the center of the pitch.

    Have a great weekend yourself. I am starting to get a little more excited about the WC.

  183. Bill,

    I completely agree. I think the key word remains ‘can’.

    The developing he needs to play on the wing is same he needs to play as 2nd striker.

  184. Finsbury

    I think Bendtner will do well personally but I am not sure they will getting out of their group.

    I have not seen much of the Danish qualifiers, mainly highlights, but they seemed to lack a little bit of quality to go far.


  185. Thanks YW & Ole.

    Slight tangent,
    here is Carlos ‘Chippy’ Vela’s goal against Italy.
    Interesting celebration:


  186. Actually you could see alot of improvement from Walcott when he came back at the beginning of the season. It was obvious that he matured. He was much more composed and physical in his game. Its simple, constant injuries hampered him and that is being used as a stick to beat him with.

    You cannot think that Usain bolt would just run as fast as he could if he kept suffering sprained ankles, it will take time.

    Arsenal fans need to look at the season as a whole, with all things considered (not the just the end of the season) and then you can assess players properly.

    For me Capello has made a grave mistake in not selecting Theo reason being is that Theo can change a game in the blink of an eye and he is proven at the international level and in big games. That cannot be taken away from him at all.

    We will see what Lennon and SWP can do, but I doubt they will get it done

  187. silver gunner

    as long as Theo does not let his head drop he will be fine and WILL end up a 20 goal a season striker/support striker.

    All the raw ingredients are there with his movement and pace, sometimes I get the impression that other arsenal team mates don’t have the confidence because I can count at least 6-7 times last season when he was either in a goalscoring opportunity or easy assist territory and either Cesc or Arshavin have ignored the obvious pass.

    But Wenger should persevere with him because I totally believe you don’t become a bad player overnight but even the best players poor on confidence low ordinary.

    I feel that if he starts well I mean really well then he will cement a place a in the starting 11.

    I hope Wilshire has a strong pre season, as he did last season, and if he does unlike last season wenger plays him early on.

    Because i fear that Rosicky’s best days are behind him and with the loss of merida he is our next obvious choice.

  188. Ole:

    Agree. I think he will be one of the stars of WC 2014. I think he will mature and become more consistant and effective over the next 2 – 3 years. He has shown how effective he can be on the wing in the impact sub role. Obviously there is talent there. Eventually he will learn to bring that same efficiency as a starter.

    It completely unreasonable for people to write him off at age 21. I do not know how good he will turn out to be but he deserves some time and some slack.

  189. Finsbury:

    I think Vela can also be a star in the EPL. I think he could also be a great attacking wing player or a “2nd striker”. He has more technical ability at this point then Theo.

    He may have some maturity issues that delay his progress. He also needs time. I hope he goes on loan for a year. Perhaps we could send him to Fulham for a year and get a better price for Schwarzer.

  190. I guess other people must have this exact email:

    website to me

    Thank you for your email and your opinions on the new Transfer Linked section of Arsenal.com. We value all feedback from our site visitors.

    We saw this new feature simply as a service to Arsenal fans. It is just a way of rounding up those players linked with the club via credible news sources.

    We are merely reflecting stories that are ‘out there’ without giving them any legitimacy. Certainly it is something new for Arsenal.com but we credit our readers with the ability to discern between actual news and speculation.

    That said, of course we are taking your comments seriously and we are aware that Transfer Linked has been debated on the fans’ sites and their messageboards.

    But at the same time, it is extremely popular content and received a positive response via comments on the major Arsenal Facebook group.

    Everyone at Arsenal.com is acutely aware of the values and traditions of Arsenal Football Club. It steers everything we do. But that does not mean we should stand still.

    As with every new feature, we intend to monitor the popularity and reaction of Transfer Linked in the coming weeks. That will determine whether it stays a regular part of the site. I hope that answers your query.

    Thanks once again for your interest in Arsenal.com.”

  191. LimparAssist

    So you told them it was a pile of steaming w*nk then, OOU… good for you.

    Stand still? I’d rather they stood still than jump up and down waving their arms about like pillocks.

  192. *

  193. Silver Gunner, Arshavin ignores quite a few obvious passes.

  194. The whole thing’s so unnecessary, LA. Arsenal fans don’t need a round up transfer rumours; you can’t open a paper or even browse the BBC site without getting bombarded by them.

    As for not wanting to “stand still” – they’ve just looked at the other big clubs’ sites and pinched their crappy ideas. There must be other ways of being all “web 2” and “target audience oriented” without perverting the club. I wonder what other great ideas they’ve got lined up.

  195. dumb-ass-nech….what a joke?

  196. France losing to China 1-0. Now that is a surprise, how friendly the match might be.

  197. And Tulio has again scored an own gola against Ivory Coast.

  198. Bouldy's Friend

    You should concern yourself with England team not France. Frenchie players are now hopeless lot as proved by their performances here.

    They cheated to get to the WC and its only fair that they get eliminated at the group stage.

  199. So I can expect a copy of that letter too OOU as I was also sufficiently disgusted to complain. It is a degrading feature unbecoming of a great club like Arsenal.

  200. dumb-ass-nech….what a joke??

  201. I think Domenech should be punished by making him share a small hotel room (one bed) with Howard during the world cup.

  202. It is not often that one comes across someone who is actually more stupid than his avatar, so Bouldy’s Friend is one of a kind.

  203. gunner4Ever – I don’t really think it would be a punishment. They will find that their mental levels match, and have a whale of a time.

  204. hmmmm…..what do you suggest then keysersoze?

  205. He should be made to race over 100 metres with Bolt till he wins.

  206. I see…cardiac arrest it is then 🙂

  207. Then that is a little cruel. May be he should be forced to keep for Faroe Island in the 2008 Euro Qualifiers.

  208. 2012

  209. I think he should just F*ck Off with Domenech hand in hand.

  210. Here’s another good article on how the Webster ruling’s interpretation FIFA Art. 17 does not really substantially enhance a player’s ability to unilaterally terminate a contract without cause, http://www.theoffside.com/world-football/the-matuzalem-ruling-or-why-webster-is-not-the-new-bosman.html. Real Zaragoza ultimately had to pay Shakhtar Donetsk about 4x the two years of remaining salary on the da Silva (er, I guess, Matuzalem, and he has a tatoo on his neck to prove it) contract. The potential exposure to both Barca and Cesc for terminating Cesc’s contract could well equal his actual market value, which easily exceeds 50 mm (based on, among other things, the Kaka fee). Yet, in stories like this latest one from AFP persist, http://www.google.com/hostednews/afp/article/ALeqM5jzn0scPS3Qlwk9PTvq0nmP47Wfvg, where we hear that it is out of their “respect” for Arsenal that Barca isn’t going the Article 17 route, and where Laporta can assert the ridiculous claim that his 35 mm euro bid reflected “market value” from a team that last year paid 50 mm and Eto’o for Ibrahimavic (a player who is, to any objective observer, worth far less than Cesc) and just paid 40 mm euros for David Silva (who is obviously worth far less than Cesc). Is there anyone out there covering football in England who actually thinks through these things before publishing their articles? The journalistic standards over there are remarkably poor, not that they are any great shakes here either, mind.

  211. How can people say Cesc is an arsenal legend? What has he led the team to ? Have we ever won under the captaincy of Cesc? Has he ever taken the team to new hights? WIll he do this in the future if he stays? Deffinently. But he is nowhere near any of our true legends as it is to day. He is as much a legend as Flamini. And Flamini was a very good player for us, yet he is never a legend.

    IMO you cannot be a legend unless your win something for your club. Cesc has not won anyting yet and has only been a key player for 2 years. Noway he was a key player for 7 ! the boy was NOT a key player aged 18 not aged19 not aged 17 and not aged16.

  212. Triaud may be even more outspoken than our own PHW, but I did like these comment from him in relation to the Gourcoff speculation

    “I’m not going to comment on anything from the English newspapers.

    “Today, I have received no offer for Gourcuff or anybody else for that matter. We know what the English tabloids are like…

    “Fabregas was going to Barcelona, everything was done, and I just saw [Arsenal boss Arsene] Wenger say that Fabregas will stay in London. I will not be drawn into this game.”

    He’s smarter than many Arsenal supporters!

  213. “He’s smarter than many Arsenal supporters!”

    Not very difficult to be smarter than some.

  214. ..

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