Arsenal At The World Cup #3: Emmanuel Petit v Brazil 1998

France ’98. Michael Owen’s goal. David Beckham’s sending off. Sol Campbell’s wrongly ruled out goal. Glenn Hoddle’s stubborn and flawed management. English memories of the tournament are not fond.

For the hosts France, it was a different matter. Their squad contained Vieira and Petit, the centre of the Arsenal midfield as well as international colleagues Henry and Pires who would soon become team-mates at club level.

Petit played in a couple of the group matches but was not recalled to the starting line-up until the semi-final against Croatia. France emerged victorious despite falling a goal behind early in the second half. Petit’s performance was enough for him to be named in the starting line-up for the final.

1998 is remembered as much for the pre-Final medical ailment of Ronaldo as it is France deservedly winning the competition. Conspiracy theorists the world over will continue to speculate that foul play was afoot in the case of the Brazilian striker’s fit.

Zidane put the hosts in the driving seat with two first half goals but deep into injury time at the end of the match, Vieira who had come on as a second half substitute, swept the ball into the path of Petit, the net bulging as a French counter-attack received the reward it deserved. Scored in the Stade de France, made in Arsenal…

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  1. like honestly this time I was lucky.. like all previous times too 😛

  2. Best m0oment of france 98. Bergkamps goal v the Argies.

    “2nd best that Tosser Beckham getting sent off HA HA

  3. Arsenal turn down offer.Not turn down any offer.

    Cesc will go.J Cole in

  4. Hark..

    The good news is we are playing hard ball. If he leaves they need to really dig deep.

  5. As a club I believe that it is Arsenal Football Club’s solemn duty to unsettle the Spanish squad as much as possible over the coming weeks.

  6. Fuck Joe Cole

  7. with all due respect.

    Is this arse faxing going forward?

  8. What do you propose Frank

  9. We could start by buying a plane ticket. Breaking into the team hotel and as they sleep, shave of the eyebrows of every member of the squad that play for Barca’s eyebrows. And just Cescs beard so he knows to be careful. And Puyol’s fucking hair.


  10. We can start by putting in an official bid to the club of each first team member by fax and fed to the English and Spanish media.

  11. deano I’m drawing a line there, I’m easily led with the Arsefaxing, but Spaniard Sheraing I draw the line.

  12. Petit what a legend. What were the conspiracy theories about ronaldo?

  13. We can spread rumours about the wives, girlfriends and boyfriends of Spanish first team members having it off with the other first team members and their wives, girlfrends and boyfriends. Followed by equivalent rumours of first team squad members messing around with the wives, girlfriends and boyfriends of members of the Spanish press and media.

  14. I will start here…they are not rumours.

  15. I heard that too. Thing is John Terry has probably been there done that already, and his dads sold them all blow n all.

  16. haha els

    look at you all ‘igh an mighty. I garuntee you will change your stance when you see Xavi runningaround without his caterpillers looking in a permanant state of shock.

    The conspiricy was that Ronaldo had a fit and the whole team were awake until the early hours of the morning and didnt have enough kip to compete. hmmmmm.

    Frank did you hear that Xavi’s wife slept with Iniesta’s dad?

  17. BigBrovar I’m impressed, you have gone through tedious and now into “Phenonemenon” (spell that with your eyes closed).

  18. Yep and Puyol’s boyfriend (nothing wrong with that), has been seeing Pique. By the way I here that Pique is much better endowed than Puyol.

  19. deano that would be a great sight. Haha.

  20. Surely some of you guys who are on the r…working in Spain have contacts?

  21. I here???for fucks sake Frank!!

  22. Arsenalkabisa

    well in Arsenal. If they dont come with 120million take or leave it, we wount blink..

  23. Soon be time to go into a home I think

  24. LimparAssist

    I still don’t like how the beeb are reporting this. Surrounding our unequivocal ‘REJECTED’ statement with quotes about how various Barcelona stooges will stop at nothing to get him. Why can’t they back us up for once or just FUCK OFF.

  25. LimparAssist

    And where are some of these hacks getting 35 million Euros from? Is that just made up?

  26. This is the worst world cup beat down I remember.

    Brazil had no answer for the speed of the France Midfield.

  27. How much truth is in this Joe Cole jobbie?

    Surely it would be the end of eddy or TR. I’d rather take my chances with them. I don’t mind cole but he’s dirty and tainted.

  28. LimparAssist

    The Metro article is based on absolute fluff it seems to me. Almost all the football journalism I read leaves me feeling p*ssed off and having had my time wasted. I don’t know why I bother. I might have to read a decent football book over the summer, to cleanse my palette, reaffirm the faith…

    For what it’s worth I’d welcome the signing of Joe Cole. It shouldn’t spell the end of anyone. Look how the squad was used last season.

  29. The Metro is a right whinger of a rag, a glamourous sibling of The Daily Heil.

    There must be a reason why that newspaper is given away for free.

  30. Yikes! I can’t even spell glamorous without a typo…

  31. Limpar we can take out merida.
    But add Chamakha, Cole and 1 or 2 promotions. It would be a lot of players for 6 positions. I would love to see that all balanced, but it could mean anybody struggling to find form or a return from injury could be left thoroughly under-used.

    If wenger was to stick to his minimal signings policy I would rather he concentrated on defensive players. No doubt the Prof knows, but I can’t see Cole coming off.

  32. Brilliant Orange is well worth a read

  33. I always thought that Sol Campbell goal was good too until I saw it replayed last night and they pointed out Shearer deliberately elbowing the keeper in the head.

    It’s hard to imagine Cole in an Arsenal shirt. if he does come he better stop fucking diving all the time.

    Also if he IS in I’d strongly consider offloading one of our midfielders.

  34. @number 10 I actually ordered that book last night, together with Englischer Fussball

  35. Yup, the decision to elbow the keeper was quite mad by Shearer.

    If refs in the PL hadn’t indulged the occasional elbow of Shearer’s without any reprimand, maybe he’d have thought twice before attempting the same in the WC.

  36. 1 loose cannon

    Joe cole is a gooner now

  37. LimparAssist

    Yes, that looks very good. Cheers Number10. I’ve heard good things about ‘Inverting the Pyramid’ too, although that one sounds a little bit… anorak.

    Hi, Finsbury. Hope you’re well. I’ll be visiting a few of your locals on Sunday lunchtime, warming up for Rage Against The Machine in Finsbury Park. Hoping for some sunshine. Gonna look for the Che bar (?)

  38. LimparAssist

    Talk to me, 1lc…. give me numbers…

  39. Joe Cole could be a great addition. He was a real difference maker before his ACL injury there is no reason he can not return to near that form. I suspect he will go for the biggest payday and end up with the Mancs or with Citeh. He might come here if he really wants to stay in London.

    If AW is seriously considering this I wonder if he has any thoughts about shopping Arshavin. I still think AA has a lot to offer and hope he returns to form next year. Unfortunately, he certainly has made himself a pain in the butt this year.

  40. I feel really sorry for Theo now that everyone is putting the boot in

  41. Interesting to hear Redknapps comments about Cole yesterday. He was saying that he was pretty sure Cole had already agreed to sign for someone and that he was leaving Chelsea

  42. I remember that World Cup so well. I really felt sorry for Brazil as they and particularly Ronaldo had played so well coming into the final. It ended up being so one-sided as Ronaldo and the whole team were clearly under par. France may well have won anyway, but I would have liked to have seen a more even contest.

    Re Cesc, I am absolutely amazed, but pleased at the Arsenal response. I hope they stick to their guns and we can move on now to the players who will be joining, rather than speculation about who might be leaving.

  43. *

  44. I hope so Passenal, I also hope it’s not just a Temporary stance to appease the fans for awhile then still sell him.

    On the other hand, if he stays be very sure that this will happen all over again at the end of next season.

  45. Els @ 4:46PM:

    I thought the “minimal signings” was a way to help balance the books and bring down the clubs debt. Minimal signings were a necessary evil, not the ultimate objective of the club. I HOPE.

    Signings are good things. We signed Nasri, Rosicky, Vermaelen, Sagna, Arshavin, Gallas, Song, TW14, Diaby, We signed TH14, DB10, Bobby Pires, Freddie Lj, PV4, Sol Campbell, etc etc etc.

    Clearly we want to use our youth program to bring us a steady stream of new players so we do not have to resort to Galacticos. However, signing experienced players is not admitting that project youth was a mistake or killing “project youth”. On the contrary project youth supplemented by signing experienced players seems like the perfect method for building a long term dynasty.

    How anyone could think we have a better chance to win without adding new players is difficult to understand. You may not choose to believe it but I suspect at least some part of the reason that CF4 wants to leave now is that he is frustrated with minimal signings. Lets use our new financial muscle to give our players the best chance to raise those trophies rather then to fill PHW’s cookie jar.

  46. Bill I agree to an extent.

    But does Peter Hill Wood have a cookie jar?
    How did you learn of this?

    He strikes me as more of a buscuit tin sorta bloke, possibly orientated towards the custard cream or the garibaldi even.

  47. 1 loose cannon

    Limpar- I’ve heard it earlier today . He has been offered a 3 year deal. But as we know It has to be confirmed by Arsenal.

  48. Is this fo real?

    Are we realy going to sign Joseph Cole?

    But where would he play?

    Can he stay fit?

  49. LimparAssist

    Sorry to link to the waste of space that is twatter but… that hack character ‘john cross’ doesn’t seem to think it’s anywhere near a done deal.

    As others have said, we’ve got no need for an attacking midfield player right now… so I see United as a more likely destination… if he really has signed somewhere.

  50. LimparAssist

    Ah look…. I couldn’t actually bring myself to do it.
    Hgnnhhh…. *plop* …there you go.

  51. Limpar:

    I agree. I bet he ends up with ManU or may be even Citeh.

    He might turn out to be a great addition. That said, we do not need another attacking midfielder. Our budget is obviously somewhat limited and assuming CF4 is still a Gunner, attacking midfielder is probably our lowest priority.

  52. Posted this in the wrong comments

    Fantastic response from Arsenal.
    Barca, watch and learn. That is how a truly big club behaves.

    It’s not the end of the media speculation, as evidenced by the BBc’s reporting of Arsenal’s total blanking of Barcelona, but it’s the end of the line for Barca’s bid. There is no wiggle room in that statement.
    Also, I don’t think we will have an unsettled player next season. At some level, the derisory amount offered will have sent Cesc a message about how much each club values him. Furthermore, I don’t think he is unhappy at Arsenal – and why would he be, apart from not having won trophies? I am guessing that his satisfaction with his current situation was what was established in THAT conversation – and why he said he was leaving it up to Wenger. (It’s up to Arsene anyway, but don’t tell Cesc that!)

    If it’s true about Joe Cole, I will try to like him. I really, really will.

  53. All Joe Cole needs is a good douching and he’ll be ready for action.

  54. I’ve seen pics of Joe Cole’s WAG and she is quite a stunner. the metro article said she doesnt want to relocate, if anything, thats gotta be worth something. i know if i was joe cole, id tell my mr 20% (® YW) I’m not leaving london.

    I think if it is true, the one thing Joe Cole’s signing would mean would be another loan for wilshere. maybe just 6 months but i think he would asked to be loaned out if someone in his position came in

  55. “At some level, the derisory amount offered will have sent Cesc a message about how much each club values him.”

    Very good point FunGunner, if Barca really value him why don’t they get him at any price? When Real Madrid wanted Ronaldo they paid for him. We showed him that we value him more than Barca.

    I also think Cesc was pressured into talking to Wenger about leaving by his Spanish National team members and obviously because he wants to return to Barca one day he couldn’t say no. Do not underestimate the pressure on a 23 years old no matter how strong mentally he is, it is still hard.

  56. I still think Fabregas could and should have avoided all the disrespectful speculation, G4E. When the season starts, there will be no recriminations from me, no grudges held, but Cesc has behaved “in a manner unbecoming” as they say.

  57. G4E I think your definitely right about that one. I’m sure they, at the bare minimum, poke fun at him, especially bc he’s closest with the Barca players. at the worst, I could see it being confrontational and VERY awkward for our captain. that press conference that got all this shit started was for the spanish national team..

    I read on here someone wrote when this whole thing was reaching its climax that this was probably just cesc being diplomatic within the spain squad. not sure it totally boils down to that, but I wouldnt be surprised if those comments were designed to appease people within the national team. So he could kinda go back and say “look guys I tried, maybe in a couple of years, barca are going to have to pay for me!”

    in other news, god i love cesc fabregas

  58. Fungunner:

    “(It’s up to Arsene anyway, but don’t tell Cesc that!)”.

    Great point. That response from the club was perfect. Except for PHW’s foot in mouth syndrome, I think the club has handled this well. They responded with a short well written “F**k off and die”, when they got a real offer and did not play this out on the back pages of the tabloids.

  59. I bet they enjoyed composing that statement. I imagine the first draft was pretty much literally “Fuck off and die, you classless bunch of Barce-holes.”
    And then Gazidis goes, “OK, come on guys, we should pad it out a bit…”

  60. Limpar @ 5:06

    If you’re heading to the Che/The Lord Palmerston, it’s the other side of TNHOF.
    Which could provide an interesting way to arrive at a Rage gig, if you hop onto the nature trail at Gillespie Park (look out for the mini wind turbine!) and head on on down to the gig.

    I saw Rage play at a grotty Camden Underworld to a crowd of about twenty, a long time ago. Be nice to see them in the sunshine but am away.
    Have fun!

    I’m fed up with with Sp*ds in the press, with spuds sprouting all over Aunty Beeb.
    I found this Cassetteboy clip calming after having to listen to a man who couldn’t even put a football into an empty net attempt denigrate another player:

    Junoir Apprentice? I rest my case:
    (this clip might have linked by someone else the other week, but it is very funny)

  61. “If it’s true about Joe Cole, I will try to like him. I really, really will.”

    Me too FG! I’m in danger of an Ole/Sylvestre situation on this one!

    LA, John Cross has lost all credibility with me since the Cesc saga began as he twittered that Cesc was gone and that it would get messy. He also printed that risible nonsense about Cesc wanting to leave because of injudicious comments by our favourite old duffer!

    Arsenal have never published such comments before, so I can only hope that they mean what they say. Whether it’s just for another season or longer, Cesc must have meant it when he said he was happy and not in a hurry to leave Arsenal. It must be hard for him as he does not want to completely alienate barca from making a bid in the future, but at the same time he has too much respect for AW to openly agitate for a move. By leaving it to Arsenal to firmly reject the offer he can say to his Spanish team mates that whilst he would like to join them in club football, if his current club does not want to sell him, then he has to honour his contract.

    I never let PV4’s summer flirtations affect my support for him, so as long as CF4 remains an Arsenal player, he will get my support also as will anyone else Arsene chooses to sign (she says through gritted teeth!)

  62. shotta-gunna

    The ball was in our court once Cesc blinked and put it in Arsene’s hands. Now the club has told the Barca scum to bloody f*ck off. Excellent news.

    Barca’s options are limited. They can’t run to their insolvent Spanish banks and get a huge credit line. No siree, not in this climate. Their best bet is to use c*nts like Xavi, Iniesta, Puyol, and Pique to unsettle Cesc. Those f*ckers should be concentrating on the world cup but we know they have a lot of time to mess with Cesc’s head.

    Frank is right – we should find a way to unsettle the bastards but I can’t think of anything effective.

  63. Ha ha FG @ 6.59 p.m! I think that one has been ready in draft for some time and they were just waiting to press print (after removing all the expletives!)

  64. We are very emotional about our club and nothing wrong with that, but we have to be considerate of what a player in this situation may go through….

    I didn’t expect for one second that Cesc will come out and say “F*ck of Barca” or “Arsenal is in my blood and I won’t join Barca ever”…Even TH14 joined Barca and Arsenal runs in his blood.

    You can’t break bridges between you and your boyhood club, it’s like breaking ties between you and your family. He has to think of the future near or far.

    The talk with Wenger, we don’t know what was the content or context of it. Maybe he wanted to know what Wenger’s future plans for the team?

    Yes, I would’ve liked Cesc to say I’m an Arsenal player and that’s that, but it’s not that easy. The shameful act was from Barca the club and the players putting pressure on him publicly and when they were put to the test, they offered 30 million for him. Now does he really think he’s worth as much as a Milner? I hope he thinks long and hard about that.

  65. I doubt Barcelona ever intended to buy him. They are like the seducer who tries to lure women to his bed with promises of marriage, but in the end is only prepared to pay for a night in a motel.

  66. shotta-gunna

    I find the criticism by our own fans of Peter Hill-Wood hypocritical and unseemly. I hold no brief for the man and I have no time for the upper crust of English society (Br colonial history is replete with the blood-sucking rule of these gentlemen) but politics aside, the man has a right to stand up for the club. There is enough bluster and weak-kneed support for the club on most blogs and in the press. PHW is a refreshing change.

  67. Barca the one-night standers

  68. @ Passenal
    Ha ha – let’s hope we’re not put to the test!

    @ G4E
    Cesc didn’t have to be rude or offensive to Barca, or even shut the door for the future. He could just have said, “I’m flattered by the interest, etc, but I am an Arsenal player and I need to concentrate on the World Cup.” He didn’t have to open up the speculation and implicitly condone all the deeply disrespectful remarks from Barca and their stooges. It was like he was trying to engineer a move without appearing to. Left a bad taste in the mouth.

    But like I said, I support the team – when players leave they barely exist for me (with the exception of the lovely TH14), but while they play for us I am 100% behind them.

    @ shotta-gunna
    Agree with your observations on PHW. Apparently, being old and bit posh are hanging offences these days.

  69. Very apt analogy PZ @ 7.19 p.m.

  70. I have a soft spot for PHW. He certainly has the best interests of Arsenal at heart, although it would be nice sometimes if he thinks first before engaging his mouth! He’s probably a P.R. person’s nightmare as he shoots from the lip rather than being political enough to only release carefully crafted public statements. He’s like an embarrassing grandpa, whose old school comments make you cringe, but you can’t help loving him all the same out of respect for his longevity.

  71. Thoughtful analysis guys. good reading.

    The more and more I think about this situation, the more I think it was Cesc doing exactly what some of you are describing. Making sure not to burn bridges and also not putting off his Spain (and eventual Barca) teammates for the World Cup and eventual return. I think its nice we havent heard anything out of Messi’s mouth. Leave Catalan business to Catalans I suppose.

  72. Bit of a subject change but is anyone intending to buy our season review dvd this year? I think it might make for some painful viewing towards the end but I couldn’t help but pre order it…

  73. also, I really enjoyed that video. I have no idea who that guy is but found it hilarious. Had a really thorough laugh at the cock and bollocks segment

  74. “He certainly has the best interests of Arsenal at heart, although it would be nice sometimes if he thinks first before engaging his mouth!”

    Pretty much sums PHW up!

    On another note, and sorry if everyone has already discussed this, but Young Guns mentions in passing that we are making an offer for 25-yr-old Laurent Koscielny, Polish/French CB. The YG blog is often reliable about that sort of thing.

  75. NJ Gooner, Messi has commented, but not as frequently as Xavi. I think Iniesta is the only one I recall not to have said anything re Cesc. Maybe he sees him as more direct competition for his spot in the midfield?

  76. FG, that is another rumour that might have legs. I think Djourou will be first choice alongside Vermaelen if Gallas leaves, so we need a player who will not necessarily expect to walk into the team as first choice. Koscielny might be that player. It is rare for a player in such a key position to establish himself in a new league that quickly. Vermaelen was a one off in that respect, so a player like Kosceilny would have time to adjust to the speed and physicality of the PL by playing in some cup competitions alongside a veteran like Sol or an up and comer like Nordveit. I think Bartley will go on loan again next season, if not for the whole season at least half a season after the Carling Cup.

  77. FG @ 6:59:


    A virtual standing ovation for the person who wrote the press release.

  78. NJ

    It’s Alan Sugar,

    Former Chairman/owner of the Sp*ds.

    He fought with that pukka geezer Robert Maxwell to gain control of the club, and my highlight of his time was the sacking of El Tel Venables on the eve of an FA Cup final.

    According to the infallible Wiki, he described Tottenham Hotspur FC as

    “A waste of my life”.

    And people think PHW is bad!

  79. FG, there is a rumour that Coquelin was going on loan to FC Lorient as part of the deal.

    Not sure how true it is though.

  80. Should have added that the information came from that reliable source, the Daily Heil.

  81. According to YG, Coquelin is almost certainly going, but the two deals are not contingent upon one another.

  82. Anybody hear Adrian Durham on Talk Shite earlier ?

    First of all arsenal were condemned for not already signing some of the “quality” england players going to the world cup. The assertion being that if we had signed them, say, 2 or 3 years ago, they would have improved us, as they are much better than some of the young players we have got now.

    Secondly arsenal were condemned for their current stance on Cesc Fabregas. The moral and righteous thing to do would be to let him go to Barcelona quietly, and for a much reduced fee, as he was plucked from their academy.


    Benitez being offered a 3m severance package.

    Adios amigo.

  83. Maybe he’s off to Inter Muppet? Or is that Cappello’s job after Engerland crash and burn in the WC?

    Arsenal cannot win with these meedja clowns Muppet. If we negotiated with c*ntalona, we would be seen as weak and unambitious! There is no evidence that Cesc is desperate to leave, yes he would go if Arsenal were prepared to sell, but since they are not, he’s happy enough to stay. That is clearly part of the content of his heart to heart with Arsene. It’s probably easier for him for Arsenal to say he’s not for sale than for him to keep rebuffing the scum and risk closing all future opportunities when all parties are ready for the move.

  84. He could be off to Inter, but I think he’s being given the heave ho by the Liverpool board, which is quite an irony, given that most Liverpool fans probably want to give the board the heave ho.

    The Talk Sport Shite was just the usual shite provocative bad cop, good cop routine.

    With respect to the announcement today, it’s just part of a long game. I think it’s a good riposte by arsenal. A sweet fuck off delivered by an iron fist in a velvet glove. The best outcome would be the retention of Cesc, with his motivation intact. Failing that, a huge fee and a player coming this way.

  85. Interesting comments from the original CLF about FAI and FIFA. I don’t think he is just whining about the TH hand ball; I think he is firmly in the Roy Keane camp when it comes to football politics

    “I have a feeling, over the course of my career, politics probably conspired against me as a player and as assistant manager of the Irish team,” claimed Brady.

    “I have no doubt that FIFA wanted France to go to that World Cup, no doubt whatsoever. It’s down to financial interests. I can’t say if the referee did it deliberately or the linesman did it deliberately but I can say, most definitely, FIFA wanted France in the World Cup rather than us.”

  86. Muppet, I think they really mean it, otherwise why post that statement? They have boxed themselves in a corner, because if they sell after that, they will lose a lot of credibility with the fans. It is unprecedented for Arsenal to do such a thing, so they must be confident that Cesc is happy to go along with that stance and the scum are not willing to offer an eye-watering sum of money to test their resolve. Cesc will be an Arsenal player for the 10/11 season at least.

  87. I am pessimistic Passenal. Not negative. I don’t believe he will stay. There is little point in keeping an unhappy player. Barcelona know this and will believe the statement today is just a negotiation ploy.

    If you are right, then it would contradict the conversation Cesc had with Lord Wenger, where the lord said “Leave everything to me”.

    I would be happy if you were right, but I can’t see it happening unless Cesc is persuaded by other events, such as more signings, or to just respect his contract until Arsenal deem it to be the right time for him to go.

  88. The point is, Muppet, I don’t think Cesc IS unhappy. He loves Barca best, but he does love Arsenal and London as well.

  89. Well FG, he can be happy and still be determined to leave. The two things are not mutually exclusive.

  90. Hey everybody,

    Was just doing some research, and I found out that we have only 8 players (including Campbell) over the age of 21 who have spent at least 3 years from the age of 16 to 21 in an English or Welsh youth set-up. According to the new rules, we need 8, so we’re at the tipping point. If Campbell really is leaving (or Arsene is just being cautious), Joe Cole would be a useful addition as he helps complete that quota.

    Oh, and although I don’t expect Cesc to leave, he too is a “home-grown” so this buy, if true, is good sense.

  91. I don’t think that Cesc will stay either.

    I also think that young Mr Grace is a pointless throw-back at best. A buffoon. At worst a complete anachronism who is doing increasing harm to the club.

  92. Muppet is fighting the loss of some DM stocks in the market today?

    Admit it Muppet, the Bulls took over from the Bears today.

  93. @ Muppet

    But why would he be determined to leave if he was happy? I don’t just mean happy in the sense of enjoying life, I mean happy as in satisfied with his situation, imbued with the team’s ethos etc.
    I also think it would be crazy and counterproductive for Arsenal to issue that statement if Cesc was not on board with the decision. The wording doesn’t even contemplate accepting a higher offer. If he was dead set on Barca THIS summer, that would really get his back up, wouldn’t it?

  94. You just hate PHW, Frank, and that is that.

  95. I totally understand your pessimism Muppet, so I guess we’ll see who is right come Sept 1st! But to me the statement on carries sufficient weight to give me hope. If Arsenal were prepared to do business at the right price, or feel that Cesc is that unhappy, I can’t see them putting themselves in such an untenable position. They are too smart to make such an elementary mistake.

  96. I don’t understand how people can understand why a player who is paid several million pounds per year to help a club to be successful…in other words put some work in, might want to hop over the fence to another club because they appear to be about to win a trophy, when in fact they probably will not if he stays.

  97. Home Growns:

    Cesc Fabregas
    Gael Clichy
    Alexandre Song
    Niklas Bendtner
    Sol Campbell
    Theo Walcott
    Vito Mannone
    Johann Djourou

    Denilson is off by a couple of months.

  98. I think we should just take it as it is. For now, Arsenal told Barca to F*ck Off and where to put their 30 million offer.

    As for Cesc leaving or not, I will know by September 1st.

    As long as there is huge sums of money on the table, there will always be deceit, secrecy, empty comments and fake emotions from all parties involved.

  99. You just like PHW, FG, and that is that!

  100. FG,

    Well. I just don’t know… the statement was pretty unequivocal wasn’t it ? It’s hard to know where the truth lies.

    With respect to Cesc being determined to go, I can believe it for a couple of reasons. It’s not just that he is spanish, ultimately he is from Barcelona itself, and the lure of playing for them must be hard to resist. The other reason is that it is his homeland. Would you want to spend 7 years somewhere else, and never return home ? I know a lot on this blog come from different countries and have also settled in different places, but to ask a 16 year old to go elsewhere and stay there is a big ask.

  101. There are 8 on your list Aaditya, plus Denilson makes 9. Ramsey, Wilshire, JET, Lansbury, Simpson, Barazite, Eastmond also qualify as home grown or under the ‘under 21 rule’.

  102. Passenal,

    Yes. It will be interesting to see what happens. I hope it is resolved before September 1st. My F5 key is taking a bashing


    DM Stocks ?

  103. To unsettle Barca, someone should pick up on a “half Kaka” theme. Kaka, coming off a 17 goal/10 assist season, and at the time 5 yrs older than Cesc is now and with the same amount of time left on his AC Milan contract, was bought by Real for 70 million Euros last season. Yet Barca have the audacity to suggest that Cesc, currently at 23 goals and 19 assists and counting for the 2009/10 campaign (far greater contributions than Kaka has ever made, while playing the same position), and who is still only 23, should be sold for half of what Real Madrid paid for Kaka. It’s a complete lack of respect for both the player and for Arsenal, and is just crazy. Until Barca bid at least Kaka money, the answer from Arsenal better remain (as it gladly was today), “no, really, f-off.”

  104. P.S. you and I both forgot Gibbs and Traore who qualify as home grown and under 21

  105. Sorry, D&G stocks Muppet 🙂

  106. Agree with Passenal. The statement AFC made contains absolutely no ambiguity and leaves no wiggle room. The only out they have is if Cesc demands to go or Barca make an offer too good to refuse. I doubt either of those will happen.

    No one will ever really know but I suspect AW told Cesc that he is not ready to lose him yet and to be a little more patient and AFC will do what you want in due time. Play hard for us now and give us time to do what we need to have the squad ready for you to move on. If I had to guess I would bet he leaves next summer.

    Cesc would probably rather go if all else was equal, but its not. I expect he will be here next year and play as hard as ever for us. Chamakh is a great role model in that regard. I will scream just as loud when Cesc scores his first goal for us next year.

  107. allo whats all this then.. Joe Cole to Arsenal!! well that would be a coup, he is a fukin classy player and would fit right in.

  108. Not Home Grown

    Van Persie

    That still leaves us space for 4 or 5 non home grown players as we are restricted to 17 in that category.

  109. It is pleasing to see Arsenal really in command of this situation. It would appear that the current administration have learned from previous experiences with PV and TH. Good. Let Barcelona fucking sweat. I can also see why they tend not to keep young Mr Grace completely on the inside track.

  110. G4E,

    Nah.. I’m not about to subscribe to the D&G clan. You have to be realistic in these situations. I would be delighted if FG and Passenal are right.

    My worry is that Cesc’s desire is only going to be exacerbated by his current sojourn with the spanish squad. I think we have to brace ourselves and look to the future if it does happen.

  111. Frank,

    Who is Mr Grace ? (I’m not with this).

  112. Oh..ha ha.. Frank.. you mean PHW.

  113. @ Frank

    I do have a soft spot for him, because I feel sure he loves Arsenal and will always put the club’s interests first. That doesn’t mean I like everything he does or says. Whereas you put a bad spin on everything he does, you give him no credit for his love of the club and the good things he has done and mock him continually.

    @ Muppet
    I think we can agree Cesc is going to Barca sometime in the not-too-distant future, but I no longer think it will be this summer.

    “Young Mr Grace” is the name of character in Are You Being Served – a 70s sitcom. He was an ancient, doddery fool who hardly knew what day it was. The “young” bit referred to the fact that he was the son of the fictional owner, “old” Mr Grace.

  114. How far do you think Barcelona is from London, Moopay? One to two hours by air? First class. How far away and for how long would you stay away from your ‘homeland’, for 3-4 million per year? It is a no fucking brainer isn’t it? Fucking hell he will be home with mummy sucking on her tit by the time he is 26 anyway if he is so inclined. Arsenal captain? Don’t think so. Not at the moment.

  115. Owner of the department store Grace Bros in which the show was set, I mean. Talk about missing out crucial bits of information!

  116. @ Muppet

    Scratch that about Young Mr Grace – I assumed you were too young to remember the sitcom, and you were just asking who Frank was referring to. Sorry!

  117. So how many faxes have been sent to Barcelona?

  118. Young Mr Grace famously considered Arsenal to be worth nothing, FG. More importantly, when Henry Norris was hounded out of football by the ancestors of the cunts currently in charge of the FA, he handed the club over to Hill-Wood’s mill-owning forefathers to be held in trust for the supporters. The Hill-Wood side of the family of course flogged all their shares. Thankfully the little toad called Peter was stupid enough to sell his shares to one David Dein otherwise we would be languishing in the Championship by now.

  119. If you mean arse-faxes, not nearly enough, EvilFiek.

  120. Ahhh… thanks for the compliment FG (too young), I’m going to hit the town at the weekend.

    Frank – I agree with your overall sentiment. It’s disappointing stuff from Cesc.

  121. FG:

    I agree he will be here next year. I am sure he will play just as hard as ever.

    I hope you did not send an arse-fax. They might actually enjoy yours. Hopefully they gots lots of big hairy ones instead.

  122. @ Muppet
    I’m disappointed in Cesc, too – see my earlier posts. I just think he is staying for another season at least, now.

    @ Frank
    “Young Mr Grace famously considered Arsenal to be worth nothing, FG.”
    Not so, Frank. He famously considered the SHARES to be “dead money”. DD bought PHW’s shares because he had more of an eye for a profit, presumably. Which he realised in full when he sold his entire shareholding to that stalwart Arsenal supporter Usmanov.

    “More importantly, when Henry Norris was hounded out of football by the ancestors of the cunts currently in charge of the FA, he handed the club over to Hill-Wood’s mill-owning forefathers to be held in trust for the supporters. The Hill-Wood side of the family of course flogged all their shares. Thankfully the little toad called Peter was stupid enough to sell his shares to one David Dein otherwise we would be languishing in the Championship by now.”

    Just as well PHW did sell him his shares, then, isn’t it?
    All that vitriol, and that is all you are accusing him or his ancestors of?

  123. You don’t need to act like the counsel for the prosecution, FG. I have confessed. I think the man is a prize toad. It would seem that you rather like him. That of course is your prerogative. My intention is not at all to disabuse of your admiration for him. Just emphasising that I think that he is a prick.

  124. You must forgive my prejudices, FG. The playing fields of Eton gave rise to terrible bloodshed from before Waterloo to the present, occasionally with Eton schoolboys leading both sides. People like young Mr Grace have crippled this country for too long. The term ‘suffrage’ was invented to fight what that bastard stands for.

  125. It’s kind of sad how every no mark with an opinion is lining up to stick the boot in to poor Theo. I really hope he makes note of this and uses it as motivation to focus on delivering for the people who pay his wages. Arsene is a wise man and he always looks out for the best interest of his players as well as the club. Maybe Theo will pay more attention to his advice in future.

  126. I agree with Passenal

  127. 1 loose cannon

    Barcelona vice president said “We will not go in a hurry but we will not pause either. Now the ball is in Arsenal’s court.”

    What ball? which part does he not understand? Arsenal made it clear they are not selling so the the ball is not in our court at all. If they don’t come back with another offer that might change the club’s stance then its over.

    Theo has revealed some things about the control freak Capello. It seems Capello dropped Walcott for personal reasons as well. after missing a team meeting because of a “misunderstanding.” Walcott said: “I went to apologise but he just shrugged his shoulders and closed the door on me” that reaction sounds like a teenage sister who got the hump over something silly.
    I can’t imagine Wenger doing something like that to a young man who might need some good advice.

  128. shotta-gunna

    Muppet’s, Frank, F/G, Passenal et al – It is long past your bedtime but I just want to add to my two cents to your earlier analysis of Arsenal’s statement. I have no doubt that Cesc wobbled in his commitment to the club. But once he threw his future into the arms of Arsene Wenger it was a major victory for the club. It took all the leverage away from Barca. They have no money themselves and their banks are closer to insolvency with the growing crisis in Euro-land. They can only return to their old tricks; destabilizing Cesc via their puppets in the Spanish media as well as the Catalonian mob in the Spanish world cup squad. Arsenal on the other hand is on better financial trajectory than Barca and can resist their flaunting of a “measly” 30 million in the club’s face. This saga is far from complete but IMO we are playing with a stronger hand than the scum.

  129. @ Passenal

    If they are under 21, they don’t qualify for the home-grown rule yet. This rules out Gibbs, Traore, Ramsey, Wilshere, Lansbury, Eastmond, Emmanuel-Thomas, Aneke, and anyone else who may play this season from the youth.

    Denilson joined after he turned 18, the rule specifies 36 months.

    Basically, they don’t want teams to suddenly claim all their youth players as a part of their first team as home-grown and not play them.

    If we lose any of the 8 we currently have (Campbell most likely, Fabregas on an off-chance), we’ll need to sign another home-grown. That’s why Joe Cole seems like a sensible idea, although it’ll be light years before the hacks pick up on this fact.

  130. Arse Baggins


    You might think PHW is a pr*ck but at least he is Arsenal through and through. You are entitled to think he is a pr*ck but your explanation for your loathing of the man is just BS assertions, stereotypes and quite ignorant. Come to think of it, I think you are a pr*ck too because you always talk BS. 🙂

  131. Just checked, yeah we aren’t losing Fabregas

  132. Aaditya, I think you are wrong about the rule. It’s no more than 25 players over 25 years old 8 of whom have to be home grown, plus unlimited under 21 year olds. I do not believe that the first group of 25 players have to all be over 21. Any team that registered lots of young players in the first group who they have no intention of playing would only be potentially penalising themselves in the event of injuries.

    1lc I think the barca VP has to say that to save face in front of their fans. In fact Arsenal have returned their ball and said we’re not interested in playing your game.

  133. Maria, I was reading the comments on the link you posted and this one I failed to understand.

    As long as he can play in goal, he wont sign

    From our old friend, gooner2.

    Can anyone give me an idea what that means?

  134. One thing about a possible signing of J.Cole could be Theo moving more to a strikers role from next season.

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