Déjà vu? Arshavin, Cesc And Gallas

Sometimes, just sometimes, there is a translation which can be made that allows scope for abuse and never being shy of passing it up, here goes. Yes, it’s about Them. You know that lot who keep wittering on about Him. The ones who want Him on the cheap because the rampaging ego that presides over the club wants Him, always has done and always will.

Cheap shots are easy. So easy that it is worth thanking Imanol Guillén of El Mundo Deportivo writing,

cuando este verano deje Londres, solamente tomará un vuelo que le llevará directamente al Prat

Oh, you are way ahead of me already, aren’t you? “When you leave London this summer, only take a flight directly to the Prat.”

Could anyone come up with a more fitting epitaph of Joan Laporta’s Barcelona?

Anyway, they are preparing the ground for this summer to be one of failure. Various bigwigs are making conciliatory statements, by their standards at least, with an admission that Arsenal do not want to sell:

We are working on it. We will try to achieve his signature and if we don’t get there with time, at least we will have opened a path. The possibility is always there but Arsenal have to defend their interests and perhaps they have a different strategy.

It seems the message is getting through. As for opening a path, well someone could do that to my front door but it doesn’t mean I’m going to open it. Laporta stated that they “are trying to find a halfway point for both sides to agree“; my suspicion is that there is a lot further than halfway for them to travel to find something tempting for Arsenal to let Fabregas leave. Perhaps that something will be the £80m in used fivers, sitting below the Jamon Iberico in his utility room?

Moving on swiftly. William Gallas has missed a deadline imposed by Arsene over signing a new deal, Roma the latest to be linked with a strong desire for his services. Replacements for the Frenchman have been plentiful in the back pages. The link to Mertsacker has been severed with Werder Bremen stating that the player is not for sale. Hold on a minute. Since when have the media let that bother them? The one thing you have to say about the Spanish journalists is that they don’t let anything like that stop a good old-fashioned media rumble.

Since the German, we have been linked with domestic targets such as Cahill and Taylor, exotic talents such as Koscielny and Diakhate whilst Sol Campbell has been flirting with Celtic whilst he considers one more year at The Emirates. In other words, we are no further along than the end of the season. At least no-one has had the malevolence in their reporting to suggest that Arsene is going to renew Silvestre’s contract. Yet.

Finally, Andrey Arshavin has been translated again and double standards may apply here, I would like to see what was said originally before chastising anyone. At least I gave you the original Spanish version earlier so you could see how loose my translation was…

According to the Russian,

There was nothing special last season for me to think back about. The season was normal – even pitiful.

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  1. Second, woop woop !

  2. Great quote YW. Absolutely to the point.

  3. Third?

  4. @leftpinky Congrats 🙂

  5. re the Arshavin quote – i love the fact taht he’s saying that – it was a useless season, and as fans, im sure we all hope that the players dont see that we ‘suceeed’ as Arsene said towards the end.

    Last season was a total failure, all we did was do precisely what we’d expect as a minimum, and if anyone at the club is happy to settle for that then they should f-ck off.

  6. I would like the know the context of the Arsharvin quote, was he talking about the club’s season or his own? I know he said a little while ago that he had only had one good game this past season.

  7. I of course meant the RK quote not the AA.

  8. Furious Styles

    Fine by me if Arshavin actually said that. He might not always be as ‘discreet’ in his statements as one might wish for, but I can’t say I disagree with the flabby little man.

  9. Arshavin talks too much, he should shut up and concentrate on his foorbal. His season was ‘pitiful’, mainly beacause he was played out of position, he’ll hopefully have a stella season in the 10/11 season.

  10. Arshavin is a Guy who believes is Success, he is 2nd Top Goal scorer at the Club in his First full season, and Wenger played him out of Position to fil the void left by RVP, he made it clear that if we bot a Striker in Jan we cud av won the ‘up 4 grabs’ jst ended league, and i dont c why we shud b proud of being trophyless again, i hope History is not written by being Position 3, its about how many Trophy’s are on the Shelf.

  11. YW

    good post. didnt know AW had imposed that restriction on him. so can we expect a signing this week?

    whose excited for the world cup?

  12. Arshavin is right, we all expected more from this team. The way we fell out of the title race was dissapointing, Arshavin could be referring to the way it turned out in the end as pityful after the encouragement and excitement we all had going into the final stretch. With all the injuries piling up, playing Barcelona with a depleted squad, conceding 3 goals in 10mins to crash out of the title race… you can say it was pityful.

    I expect all our players to be dissapointed, and to go out next season to put it right.

  13. I think Diaby will have a blinder at the World Cup… I have hope for Theo too, but in an England team which is still learning to pass it will be hard for them to get the best out of him. Hes got to do what he does best – run at people. He has it in him to score a few maradona type dribbles from the half way line! I think he will take his chance after watching on last time round.

  14. players to watch:

    Bendtner – lead striker for Denmark, and has a great record

    Vela – playing a vital role for a fairly talented Mexico team

    Van Persie – if he stays injury free throughout he will be a candidate for player of the tournament, and top scorer.

    Nasri – would have done wonders for France I feel!

    Song – Improving game by game all season long, will be vital for Cameroon, and I’m looking forward to watching Netherlands vs Cameroon.. Song vs Van Persie

    Theo & Diaby – mentioned in my last post, I think they could get a massive ego boost by having a good world cup. 2 players with massive amounts of talent, but both lacking consistency and confidence for us.

  15. Arshavin’s straight talk is boring. Straight action to match it is the minimum entry requirement.

    Now the Spanish press are making it easier for Arsenal by widely acknowledging that they’re being used by Ms Joan L.A. Porta to attempt to avoid paying Cesc’s market value.

    Cesc himself will be less and less illusioned by the Barca scum tactics.

  16. Superb post Yogi. We like the Spanish have the press we deserve.

  17. Ole

    Seems as if all their mouthing off to the press hasn’t really worked. They may have unsettled Cesc a little, but he will still return as our captain, and he will perform. It’s cruel in a way what they have done to him, we cannot determine how much of a role Cesc has had in this, as Barca have clearly used the media to do what they can to force a deal. Our fans won’t turn on Cesc, hes an amazing player, who shows the desire every game, he plays with his heart for us.

    ALSO, If they knew Cesc wanted out, it wouldn’t make sense to use the media, they would have approached Arsenal, and a deal would have been done if Arsenal agreed to let the player have what he wants. The fact is Cesc wont demand a transfer, and he wouldn’t have signed a long contract if he thought he would leave in 6months time.

    Barca have used dirty tactics, and they are using quotes, comments, players, presidents, radio, papers… etc to try and force a cheap deal and make it impossible for Arsenal and Cesc to keep to say no, while all our fans have had enough of it all. Wenger should come out end of the summer and state that Arsenal will from this point never do business with this organization. This is the only way to stop the tapping up.

  18. I agree ChrisGOONA.

    Fuck off L.A. Porter, fuck off Catalan scum

  19. seriously, i think xavi is gay and in love with cesc. he wants him close at all times.;-)

  20. I hope Wenger or Arsenal comes down hard on them. If it hurts our relations with them fuck it, we’ll just sale our over the hill players to Real or Man City in the future. I’d be pretty pleased for us to not do business with them ever again… even if it means losing out on another Cesc. I don’t think they could stop us poaching their want-away youth players anyway! haah

    Time to call it a day with these cun*s

  21. goonadikt

    Anyone who gels their hair prior to taking part in a game of football is a poof. Just look at Ronaldo. Xavi probably waxes his legs too.. selling off the excessive hair to Puyol, who glues it to his hidden bald scalp. I can’t find no other explanation for a human being to have so much hair!

  22. Well said ChrisGoona.

    Eventhough it is frustationg for us, I think Arsene and the club tactics in this affair is really wise.

    Why should they comment on futile rumours and dirty tactics, they have got nothing to say until those scums whos’s motto is ironically “mes que un club” actually show their interest in the legal way.

    I think Barcelona are harming themselves and they are too stupid and arrogant to realise it!

    In his only public comment, Cesc said he felt so much love at Arsenal and Barcelona are trying to lure him by disrespecting the club he just stated his love! In my opinion, the more they will disrespect Arsenal by trying to push us to accept an unreasonable offer, the less cesc would want to go there!

  23. gunnerluc

    I agree, Cesc will only further realise what type of people he will be playing for. The club has a fine culture and history, but they will have damaged their name with this affair. For such a fine footballing institution to stoop so low is funny really. They are a joke. Problem is nobody will really call them up on this unless we complain. I think we really should publicly state how displeased we are.. and state how we will not negotiate with clubs who try to unsettle our player. They deserve any foul comments we chuck back at them. The best thing for me would be Cesc coming out and stating how awful they have been! I’ll hold my breathe on that for now though!

  24. We should not do business with them and it wouldn’t matter anyway.
    Who have we bought from them? Cesc and Merida.

    Who have they bought from us? von Bonkrost, Sylvino, petit, hleb, henry and they want so much more!!

    As for their youth player we probably won’t need to lure any of them as we now have one of the best youth programme in the world! The player will come from our own ranks!

  25. Arshavin is correct

    Pitiful against the big sides just one win against the teams who finish in the top 5.

  26. we need to get onto the barca and spanish blogs to send our greetings for their underhanded approach (ie tapping up in technical term) for cesc… mouthing off here on uk blogs does not serve the purpose unfortunately

    anyone knew which blogs matter?

  27. Laporetta also said that its great that Fabregas publicly stated his desire to move to Barcelona.

    Hes such full of mierda. Fabregas technically didnt say that.

  28. Technically

  29. the lesson for today is:

    actions speak louder than words

  30. shedzy on June 1, 2010
    at 8:37 am

    Our priority is to make Champions League.

    In light of the 100s of millions that Chelsea, Man Utd, Man City, Tottenham and Liverpool have spent to make it, Id say it was a successful season.

    Winning something would be even more successful.

    I completely agree with you.

  31. Gooner Al,

    True: and yet we still finished third (I might add) with a very depleted side!!!

    Also, we’re all aware of the Manc’s losing to the big teams and yet winning the EPL in former seasons.

    Maybe grounds for some positivity!?

  32. Wherever there is sh*t, you are sure to see a swarm of flies. That aptly describes the media attempts to spin Arshavin’s comments, no matter the translation, into something profound. Inevitably a rush of fans, most of them sounding like semi-literates, jump on board like a swarm of flies.
    The imminent demise of another venerable London club, Crystal Palace, has taught them nothing.


  34. I think it’s pretty funny that with all the top players out there, in all the leagues in all the countries of the world… all the Arsenal blogs (or all the ones with a predilection for this sort of thing) have managed to compile identical ‘shopping lists’ for Arsene Wenger.

    How badly stunted an imagination do you need to do that? And everyone’s list is made up of the same dreamt up ‘targets’ from The Daily Heil (nice one, YW).

    I do like the ones that include – right in between Gary Cahill and Eden Hazard – something like “Unknown gem picked up on the cheap by Wnger”…at least goobers like that are at least admitting to knowing f*ck all about f*ck all.

  35. Why are you shouting King Gooner?

    And why do you have such an angry look on your face?

  36. I found a Russian version of the Arshavin quote here: http://football.kulichki.net/rusnews/news.htm?94920.

    Of course, I have no idea whether he was speaking in Russian or in English. Anyway, knowing a little Russian, I would translate the Russian text this way: “When I think about it, there was nothing memorable for me in the past season. It was a normal season, even a little bit sad.”

  37. I hate the word “gem”.

  38. All unknown gems can f*ck off.

  39. Xavi’s at it again the pompous little twat.

    Is it not better to be dissapointed by 3rd and the quarter finals of the champions league than, say, releasing a dvd celebrating 4th spot?

    Progress has been made. All eyes on the pitch for a massive season next, Arshavin.

  40. Bill, my “sleeper” pick for the World Cup is Chile. Not to win it, but perhaps to be shock Quarter Finalists. They are a determinedly attacking side and great fun to watch. With midfield playmaker Matias Fernandez of Villareal, Real Zaragoza striker and topscorer in qualifiers Humberto Suazo, and the rather brilliant Udinese winger Alexis Sanchez – they’re sure to put on a show. The climate might suit them too… but I’m guessing on that one. What’s the weather like in Cape Town this time of year?

    I also see Serbia, Denmark and maybe South Africa as the host nation doing well. I think Argentina will probably exceed expectations.

    I think Brazil will win it, but I’ll be supporting Holland… just as soon as England go out in a spectacular flurry of red cards and rubbish football.

    Btw, sincerely hope you were joking about ‘making the goals bigger’.

  41. AA or his translator has been very clever here. Anyone who misinterpretes his statement to mean ‘pitiful’ rather than ‘full of sadness’ or ‘it is a pity’…is a cunt. Caught red-handed. So now we know who they are.

  42. pitiful is probably more accurate description unfortunately.

    either way he needs to show it on the pitch not spouting shit to the papers and his web-site every week.

  43. I’m going to make a list.

  44. The same goes for rough diamonds.

  45. What motivates the miserable cretins, who claim to be supporters, who use every opportunity, patently set up by the media (Exhibit A: The Daily Mail) to alienate the best players from the club?
    You know who you are?

  46. I’m going to make a second list. 🙂

  47. Some reasonably neutral news on skysports about Arsenal..!!.. remarkable

    Chamakh saying hes not the finished product, and is ready to improve under Wenger. This guys attitude seems spot on, even though its a bit soon to tell. I think he can be the missing piece for Wenger. We know Van Persie will get injured, or Theo, or Bendtner, or Arshavin.. we have now a backup or potential starter who will challenge for a 1st team spot and provide more depth in attack.

    I’d imagine him featuring more in the centre.. but you never know with Wenger.

    Eduardo, Rosicky, Nasri, Vela, Theo etc.. these players need to be on their toes and take their chances or they could be warming the bench for in place of Chamamamakh.

  48. Prodigies are no different.

  49. To your point, YW, very close in meaning to ‘pitiful’ is the word ‘pitiable’, but there is a big difference in connotation.

    ‘Pitiable’ would be a good description for a situation where endless injuries sapped the life from an otherwise promising season.

  50. Reading some of the earlier comments that were wondering whether Cesc might get rather p!$$ed off at the manner in which barca and their cohorts have gone about this, I seem to recall Cesc being quoted some time during this last season on this very topic.

    I seem to recall a fairly pointed comment about potential suitors needing to respect Arsenal in how they go about enquiring as to his availability?

    Can anyone else recall the quote?

  51. MikeSA

    Yes, I remember that, he has also referred directly about the transfer of Hleb, and how Hleb’s head got turned. So Cesc is very aware of the consequences in going to Barca and being a puppet in their ego parade for a prize transfer.

  52. One assumes that if Barca have been willing and able to massage the media, they are equally able to manipulate Cesc via friends, family, peers as well as via national team mates, and privately made some sentimental gestures towards him.

    The clue to everything is the question to the answer “just concentrate on your football and let me look after the rest of it (I have your interests at heart)”, that Wenger seems to have replied.

    Arshavin is just “Mr. Mood”, so very Russian, take no notice at all.

  53. SA Gooner Mark

    I’m from South Africa, and if ur wondering about the weather down here – it gets really cold in winter, around 10 degrees celcius!!

  54. Walcott seems to be out of the squad. England’s loss I suppose.

  55. Theo OUT of the world cup squad.Maybe now he will knuckle down and consentrate on his Arsenal career.He has done nothing this season to be called up

  56. ZimPaul

    Nice comment, from my experience with Russian people who I have worked with and met out socially, its very easy to take things the wrong way. Same goes with anybody from another culture. They can come across rather cold at times, Arshavin is a perfect example of that mis-understanding.

    England being the multi-cultural nation that we are, its a bit dissapointing that many people seem to be oblivious to these factors.

  57. Where did you guys see the final cut?

  58. Just a rumour going round, which is why I said “seems”.

  59. Official now.

  60. Apparently rumours of Theo Walcott exclusion has been confirmed by —Matt Law of the Daily Express.

    Capello will opt for SWP instead.

    Let’s wait for the announcement to see… rumours or good journalism.

  61. send a link

  62. wengerball

    There is such an anti-Theo brigade out there I will wait for it to be confirmed. Would be a massive dissapointment for the lad if its true.

  63. Have to say I’m quite dissapointed, especially after Joe Cole hasn’t really played, and Capello has used Theo quite a lot in the games prior. Bit of a slap in the face if you ask me. Maybe now he will realise where his priorities lie.

  64. Still all nothing confirmed by the FA or Capello just “sources”

  65. Informed sources round up so far. Baines, Bent, A. Johnson, Walcott out. Joe Cole, SWP, Carrick & Warnock (presumably)

  66. Interesting as Fabio must have really wanted him to go with all the play time he was giving him. SWP hasn’t played that much recently and is equally prone to running into traffic… maybe this comes down to dynamics in the team as cappello did say that would be a massive factor. Rooney didn’t seem convinced the other day…

    At least the consolation is that walcott is not a massive cunt like the rest of them and will be fresh for us next year.

  67. To my knowledge there has still not been an official announcement of the 23 man squad

  68. @DFG that’s true, reports are from “sources”, agents, family etc nothing official.

  69. Latest rumour King out Dawson in.

  70. One Arsenal player in the squad……………………..Joe Cole

  71. When I saw the BBC’s, “we can confirm” thing I assumed there had been some kind of announcement. Clearly not. Family’s more likely now I suppose.

    The FA doesn’t seem to have handled this very well.

  72. your a sad little man gooner al

  73. I probably should not say this but I just took a look at the axis of evil site, leGrove and I cannot believe the negative comments that are aimed at Theo Wallcot. Surely the people that run that site cannot be real Arsenal fans.

  74. Not been a good year for Arsenal in the media.. now we don’t have a single representative in the England squad we will have a fair few more people on our backs!

  75. I guess they underestimated that twitter thing.

    It’s not just for narcissists.

  76. From OliverKayTimes on Twitter: “Now there’s a rumour (UNCONFIRMED for now) of Ledley King OUT and Michael Dawson IN.”

    1334: Massive news on the way…

  77. I heard a source say that Theo is on the plain.

  78. plane

  79. I still think those reports are wrong, Walcott’s exclusion can be traced to one source, Matt Law. The FA website is inaccessible, all news based on rumours flying around on twitter.

    Let’s see how long before reports of KING’S exclusion.

    These include words like “apparently”, “sources say”, “people close to” etc.

  80. Does anyone know if there is an official press conference scheduled and if so when?

  81. They are saying on 5 live that Theo is not going.

  82. LimparAssist

    Maybe that’s the problem. Theo’s jumped the gun and he’s already out there on the plains… rifle stock resting on his hip, khaki safari shorts pulled up high… chewing on a blade of Giant Spear grass, eyes lit up like tigers by the setting sun…

  83. Announcement to be made a 3pm. This is poor form, they should get the 30 in, Inform the players of the squad and immediately make an announcement to the press.

  84. This from The FA.com twitter,

    “Plenty of speculation about #EnglandSquad, but rest assured this and TheFA.com will be the first place you hear confirmation of final 23.”

  85. hahahaha… TheFA… what a joke.

    More like the… The FuckAll.. who know about Fuck ALL!

  86. Typical FA farce.

  87. nice,.. Captain Rambo!

  88. Absolutely brilliant news OOU. It’s great to see commitment from both sides at a very difficult but important time in his career.

  89. Wengerball

    Get real.In this multi-media age you will never keep things quiet.Its the players who leak the stories to the press

  90. Can you imagine if the speculation on Theo is wrong! haaha.. wishful thinking I know, but they do get a lot wrong

  91. 1 loose cannon

    If its true Walcott has been dropped by Capello.it will be a Huge disappointment for the lad. I thought he deserves at least a place on the bench and come on to change the game. He is a fantastic impact player. He will have to pick himself up and do his best for Arsenal.
    Come on holland.

  92. So is this still speculation about Walcott or is it confirmed? Have seen that King was in and then out and then in again, out once more. He must have made a right old song and dance about it.


  93. Given up YW… just going to have to wait and see some video evidence before being 100% sure.

  94. Limpar @ 11:20.

    I was joking about that, but I would like to see the game somehow give attacking teams more of an advantage. I am a late comer to the game compared to you so I did not see those incredible Brazil and Holland teams of the past you talk about. I know I obsess about our defending but like everyone else I would love to see the rest of the world have to play football with us and not “park the bus”. My all time favorite league game was the 5 – 4 win vs spuds in 04 – 05 season.

    All the major sports here is the USA went through a period where team defense became so good it was difficult to score. In USA baseball, football, basketball and hockey there were rules changes made that opened the game up and increased the offense. The traditionalists would scoff at that idea but eventually they accept the changes and the fans as a whole love to see more scoring. I would like to see some rules changes that made it less desirable to “park the bus” in front of goal.

  95. Silver Gunner

    talk sport are spouting the same thing lookslike he is out :<

  96. I hope the USA and England both make it out of our group. I do not hold much hope for the USA after the 4 – 2 game they lost recently but hope does spring eternal. England should easily make it through the group and the USA will probably just make it. Both will probably crash out early in the next phase.

  97. Bill

    When a nation has to hope when playing against Alegria and Slovenia… thats when you know you are crap. Going out would be embarassing to say at the least.

    Now England are dropping Theo.. a guy who has played his part in the qualifiers, I couldn’t care less. After all I will supporting a bunch of cheating, diving, overpaid, over-valued bunch of players. I need to say no more than.. Terry, Cole, Rooney, Gerrard, Lampard….

  98. Algeria* not Alegria!

  99. Bill,

    That age of parking the bus is gone. Now virtually all sensible people in the game realise that positivity is what people want to see in the game.

    It continues to be true that the great and successful teams in football play attacking football.

  100. Ole…

    So what does that make Chelsea?

    They scored their fair share of goals this season, but I cannot say I enjoy watching them play. They had a nice little flourish of goals end of the season, but their general game play is not near the creativity and fluency of an Arsenal or Barcelona. Then theres Inter Milan.. playing defensively, on the counter, winning a treble.

    Seems to me there are a fair few teams still around. Even amoingst the big teams, tactics are often depolyed to stop the opposition rather than apply their own attacking game.

  101. what are you holding on for chrisgoona you either support england or you don’t regardless of theo being omitted for poor display’s


  102. It is still not official the official squad will be anounce at 4pm on the fa website.

  103. Ole:

    Attacking football and scoring is what people want to see but with the recent success of Inter in the CL would argue against what you are saying. I suspect that the WC will be dominated by defending and there will be a lot of low scoring games. I hope I am wrong.

    I think the number of goals scored in the league this year increased. Chelsea had the highest number of goals in the league in 48 years. That is encouraging, but we still have Sam Allardyce and Stoke etc etc. I doubt any rule changes will happen so I hope that you are right.

  104. Buyern Vs Inter was a true reflection of negative tactics killing football.

    Mourinho is an expert of this. Kills the game, destroys the spectacle to get his hands on a trophy. Fair play to him, hes a very successful coach, personal glory is a must for him.

    I wont have any fond memories of watching any of Mourinho’s teams… nor will millions of others.

  105. john

    Right back at ya matey…

    We play like shit, no left mid, our players our terrible role models, and our only Arsenal player gets dropped (if its true)…

    I hope we do well, but can’t see it happening..

  106. ChrisGoona:

    It is always easier to prevent a goal then it is to score and no one can blame Mourinho or any manager or team for doing what gives them the best chance to win. That is their mandate.

    Defending became more and more sophisticated in all major sports here in the USA especially basketball. They all made subtle but significant rules changes to favor the attacking side and it really has helped. Traditionalists really screamed and some still do but in general the fans love it.

  107. Bill

    The great attacking teams are the ones that are remembered… many Arsenal fans fall asleep if you mention the “one nil to the Arsenal George Graham days!”

    Sport is a spectacle, it is as much about winning as performing. The Performing seems to be sacrificed still by many teams.

  108. Bill,

    Oh really, 1 example proves your point?

  109. Silver Gunner


    i agree with you on this one no left midfielder really pisses me off as gerrard has no impact from the left side and will always naturally drift in field levaing us exposed for the counter attack on that side also there is too much of an onose for cashley to provide that width.

    Barry should not go gerrard and lampard should play CM and a proper winger should be on the left like the young mancity winger.

    Just my opinion which is based on favouring balance.

  110. I’m sure that the fans of the teams that JM has managed will have many great memories of the trophies they’ve won

  111. Bill,

    Football is set up so that to win you have to score. A win gets you 3 points, and a draw 1. That’s what changed the game decisively in favour of attacking football.

    I don’t know whether it’s harder to score or not to concede. Irrelevant, I declare it.

    To win you have to score and while some teams and managers succeed by trying to win all games 1-0, it’s tenability as a winning strategy is supoorted by very little fact in the modern game.

    Sure, when a draw was 1 pt and a in 2 points, you could aim to simply not concede as that was exactly the same as trying to score. Now, scoring is without disguise the full objective of the game.

  112. LimparAssist

    There’s a new post up

  113. Ole:

    No your right. 1 example does not prove a point.

    I hope the increase in goals scored this year in the league will signal a positive trend. Believe me I hope your thoughts are correct.

  114. For the player it is obviously disappointing but not entirely surprising either.

    He has not been consistent this season, primarily due to injury, and Lennon has better statistics than Walcott, ie more assists.

    I think it is indicative that Heskey or Crouch is going to start every game and Capello needs someone who can cross consistently.

    Walcott does not play in a team that uses that plays this way every week so in that respect, his exclusion makes sense.


  115. allez algerie

  116. come on algeria

  117. come on arsenal

  118. come on england

  119. YW @ 4.43 pm, your reasoning makes sense, but with the level of expectation and criticism Theo has been facing lately, that is not how most people will see it. Let’s hope he takes the positives from this experience and channels his frustration by playing his best for Arsenal next season. A summer’s rest and a fresh start next season will probably do him some good.

  120. Feel sorry for Theo, but its going to be some kind of lesson for Him. He should have had a good rest and pre season last season, but he went off for both the under-21 and senior Teams. Those events played a huge role in his injuries. At least now he would recognise where his priorities lie. He has just been used and dumped, not as if he deserves going with his form this season, same goes for SWP.

    Hope we benefit next season from his exclusion n he shows they were wrong not to have picked him.

  121. The only good thing about this whole shitty Cesc saga is watching the misery of all the anti-Wenger Doctors of Doom as the financial realities solidify over the layer of shite they have deposited.

    The press seem wowed by bankruptcy levels of spending and must be just good old fashioned jealous of the stadium and facilities in the capital. All of their Tottenhamesque criticism: (only a selling club, all big players that want to achieve must go, no ambition, no silverware etc) shoves us in the direction of nasty fat billionaires and bonkers bankers. They have only contempt for value and sound management, which until Mr Redknapp came along was one thing you could praise Tottenham for. – A trip down with Pompey will do them a world of good.

    If challenging for the title and Euro qualification is a pitiful season then finishing below is a triumph for Tottenham, which sums it all up for me. We have the resources to hold on to our players and strengthen the squad and seriously improve as more of the team gets past their 21st birthdays.

    All that is left for the press is to blame Wenger for not selling Cesc while we had the chance

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