Arshavin Weirdness, Cesc & Incomings

There is something very psychedelic going on in the minds of Andrey Arshavin‘s interrogators on his website. This is a public service announcement (without guitars): Whatever zinja has been taking, we should be told. For no other reason than we should know what to avoid because it plays serious havoc with your head.

7. From zinja
As a future engineer, I’m interested in this question: if I stand with my feet on the rails, put pantyhose on my head and throw the ends on the wires, will I be able to go as a tram? 🙂
Arshavin: Look out, the tram can catch up with you and if it does, then you’ll go directly to the crazy house and get a quite different diploma 🙂

Even by the bizarre standards of the Arshavin website, that is a truly frightening question. If you ever, ever go to a railway station and see that the track or trains have been engineered by zinja, be afraid. Be very afraid. And Arshavin encourages them…Still it’s his birthday so we’ll let him crave his indulgence and he does pay his website more attention than Tomas Rosicky, Cesc Fabregas and William Gallas give their official sites.

To things Arsenal. Yes, it’s still rumbling on with the Spanish media reporting that Barcelona and Arsenal are only €10m apart in their valuation. Txiki Begiristain is apparently constantly emailing Arsenal with offers and what-have-you’s. So often that his emails now nestle alongside the offers of Viagra at a discount (why is it that these discounts decrease as the night goes on – surely they stay the same or increase at the very least to enhance the claims about the product?) in Ivan Gazidis’ inbox. Joan Laporta does not know about this – the Cesc emails, I know not his knowledge of Viagra – as he reckons that the Catalans will not pay over the top for Cesc. Oh yes, you will…

A vaguely pleasant change this morning with nobody else stating that they want to play for Barcelona but quite a few thinking that they may well be on their way to donning the new home kit when it gets released.

None are quite so cocksure as Hugo Rodellega, claiming not for the first time that Arsene has put in a formal bid for his services. You would have thought that Hugo would have learned from the past two transfer windows that we are running around shouting, “Liar, liar, pants on fire” or something equally mature.

You have to give the lad immense credit though; he does a better job of selling this story than his Mr20% whomever that may be. Perhaps he has not employed the services of an agent, figuring that he has a big enough ego to do his own leg work. Still, it would come as little surprise to see him sign a new contract at Wigan in the next week or so which is how a lot of these transfer rumours end up.

It is surprising that Arsene has found time to talk to Wigan about Rodellega. Ivan Gazidis noticed that the manager was a bit down in the dumps following his phone conversation with Cesc and decided to take them on a shopping trip to Harrods. Whilst his wife looked at the designer handbags, the pair nipped up to the Sports department and decided that they liked the look of the Schwarzer model goalkeeper. Arsene had reservations about the age of the product, concerned that it was showing signs of wear and tear.

On a whim they nipped down to Heathrow and found themselves in Castellon where Arsene took a shine to a Lopez, apparently deciding that yellow did not suit the lad and that an £8m fee was perfectly acceptable, wants him to take over from Manuel Almunia. Not too sure where £8m came from but if the media can make up a fee, so can I. Annie though was none too chuffed with his flitting abroad and hauled him back to Harrods, along with his credit card, and showed him the Hangeland she had been eyeing up.

Whilst he thought that a Hangeland showed good durability and looked sturdy, Arsene is nothing less than patriotic and was not wishing to be seen resting on his Lorient’s, whisked Gazidis away to look at a Laurent Koscielny, liking it so much that he immediately tried to buy. Ever the canny money man, Wenger is trying to haggle them down to a better price, the €8m asking fee deemed too high.

He is nothing less than consistent, the Koscielny and Hangeland are both 6′ 5″ stoppers (No, they aren’t. Apparently Koscielny is 6′ 1 which just goes to show how reliable the papers are), carrying the bulk and presence oft-demanded although as Thomas Vermaelen proved, height is not everything. Which should mean that Pape Diakhate is still on Arsene’s radar despite being a meagre 6′ 1″ tall.

There is a myth that never dies in football, namely that the only good central defenders in the air, are those who tower above their opponents. Despite the fact that all of us can name any number of tall players who are useless when it comes to winning headers, rather like the cravings for a certain brand of chocolate that Mrs YW had when pregnant with No.1 Son, this myth never fades.

For Arsenal, the key to the defence will be organisation which is the point Martin Keown was making on ATVO earlier this week; if someone grabs the back four by the scruff of the neck and organises them, the players themselves are good.

Presumably, some of these names will appear on the ‘Transfer Listed‘ section of the official site and that will mean crossing them off the potential signings list as to subsequently have them join Arsenal will mean a ‘tapping up’ charge is in the offing. Actually, a quick glance reveals that Schwarzer, Koscielny and Cahill (from yesterday’s post, come on, keep up) are all on there so they are non-starters. Blimey Arsene, you are running out of targets. Who are you going to spend all this money on.

Still if there is any looking like it will be left over, he could always give some to Rafa Benitez. It would stop him going to Lime Street station with a begging bowl as he seeks to increase his £5m transfer budget. If he needs to increase his budget, perhaps Arsene could nip in with a cheeky bid for Reina…

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. Where are you now Big Brovar? WHERE ARE YOU NOW?

  2. Indeed, Vince, indeed.

  3. Phew!! The world is back in its natural order: birds are in the trees, sun is in the sky, bigbrovar is in with an early comment…


  4. If you had ever seen Koscielny play you would know he isn’t 6’5”. He’s the same height as Diakhate, 6’1”.

  5. Queen of Suburbia

    Is Pepe Reina tall enough to be a top class keeper?

  6. Kos is indeed 6’1, not 6’5. A quick oogle search does verify that. So the spanish press reports that we wants 60M, but Barca are offering 50M? Is that euros or pounds, because I gotta say, 60M euros ain’t what it used to be. If we got 60M pounds for Cesc, that’d be good business, but would need to spalsh out around a third or half of that, at least for a quality, top notch replacement, especially if the market is inflated by ManC.

    Maybe Van der Waart?

  7. pepe reina …..:lol:

  8. Flint McCullough

    Well done, YW you are still brilliant at making something out of nothing.

    You could point out that Harrods is a kind of super class supermarket rather than Waitrose or Sainsburys, where a number of football follows think transfer business is done.

    Keep up the good work.

  9. we dont really get your messages,are you confusing us or yourself?.

  10. I think big brovar was taking a dump when YW posted 2day’s blog. you shouldn’t have washed your hands big brovar. I want to talk about cause & effect. I read somewhere that city plan to offer 60m for Toure & Ibra. Does anyone else think this will throw a ‘van Nistelrooy head’ sized wrench in our efforts to keep cesc? They obviously can afford to throw away money & barca don’t seem interested in keeping toure or ibra.

  11. Our diminutive Russian needs to spend less time playing hysterical Agony Aunt and get his fat Slavic Arse into shape.

    I, for one, really don’t fancy another season of watching a 40-a-day, gossipy, Barca-wannabe diva under-perform in Arsenal colours.

    ‘Give his all’ like he did this year and I’d be quite happy to see him off at the airport.

  12. actually arsenal did make a bid for pepe reina for 14m pounds but was rejected

    i also dont want diakhite or kolsc-sky to come becuz they dnt exactly radiate confidence through the camp

    a known defender is needed now, someone like squillaci, mertesacker, luisao etc.

  13. Pepe Reina…now that really is dreamy.. If we got someone of that ilk I’ll run around like a madman..but sadly I don’t think so..I’ve heard from journos around the club that fabianski will start next season as’s hoping for a gomez like transformation.

    Also I don’t know about you guys but i think our theo Is going to shut up a lot of his detractors this world cup..he seems to have the unwavering faith of don Fabio..& that’s certainly not to be sniffed at

  14. LOL YW. Personally I would love Rodallega at Arsenal. He has a durability, savvy & composure about him that would benefit us immensely.

    So if it happens..great!


  15. ”Our diminutive Russian needs to spend less time playing hysterical Agony Aunt and get his fat Slavic Arse into shape.

    I, for one, really don’t fancy another season of watching a 40-a-day, gossipy, Barca-wannabe diva under-perform in Arsenal colours.

    ‘Give his all’ like he did this year and I’d be quite happy to see him off at the airport.”

    You’re nice.

  16. how DOES bigbrovar get in so early?

  17. zap

    That is one of the great mysteries of our time? Especially when the timings of posts is so erratic!


  18. Yeah, i was watching stephen hawking;s universe, and as complex as that is the understand fully, bigbrovar’s posts certainly are more mysterious and intruiging….

  19. Paulie Walnuts

    Excellent rounding up of the days usual piffle YW. You obviously know your rights.

    Koscielny sounds like a possible though , probably because he`s pretty much unknown which is how AW likes them.

  20. Bigbrovar sure does get emotional when he isnt first….!

  21. Great post fella – made me chuckle in me rice crispies this morning – keep it up 🙂

  22. The worst news I heard vis-a-vis Cescy was the possible shitty bid for Ya Ya-avich. The money is looking too round and plump, especially with the recent reports of the gap narrowing. It was only Barca’s exposed pit bottom that made the attempt previously so pathetic.

    Why would Wenger not solve the criticism about not spending for big names by spending a lot for a keeper? The cheapest of the big positions. He has spent big and keeper problem solved and he has not ‘wasted’ that much. Or am I naive?

  23. By the way, there have been some even weirder comments on arshavin’s website

  24. man city are really dipping their ball bags in our cuppa this morning. properly putting the market into a squew whiff. bunch of shitcunts

  25. I suppose its swings and round abouts after getting top dollar for 2 of our rejects…

  26. Another good (and amusing) read YW.

    If Citeh wish to spend big and win the league why do they not out bid Barca for Cesc.

    It would test Joan’s resolve if nothing else.

    By the way whatever happened to the guest posts from the doomers?

  27. Dups

    Nobody submitted any.


  28. Right I’m off to Wembley so play nicely and if you get caught in moderation, you’ll be released later.


  29. Just renewed my season ticket. I’ll probably have to live off Pot Noodles for the next month, but it’s all worth it (I hope).

  30. have we signed a fukin keeper yet??

  31. Just went through Myles Palmers latest piece. He is generally known to be a tool but he has exceeded himself this time.

    My deepest hope, at this moment, concerns Thierry Henry.

    I really hope that he says : I’m not going.

    There is still time. There is still time for him to drop out.

    Thierry Henry could call a press conference today and say, “I’ve decided to do the decent thing. I cheated the Republic of Ireland out of qualification. I handled the ball twice to get us a goal in Paris and I can’t live with myself. Every day I regret what I did in that play-off game. I can’t sleep at night and I will carry the guilt of that handball for the rest of my life. My hands will be with me till the day I die and my hands are the hands of a cheat.

    “I can’t change the result of that game, but I can say sorry. And this is my way of saying sorry. I swindled my friend Robbie Keane out of the World Cup, I did something despicable to Shay Given, Richard Dunn and all the Irish players and staff who had done so well, again, for a small country.

    “I hope that in time the Irish people, and football fans all over the world, will find it in their hearts to forgive me. I’m past it anyway, I can’t get a game for Barcelona, I’ve been a passenger at the Nou Camp in recent weeks. So I have decided to retire from international football. I don’t deserve to be there anyway. And I don’t want to be remembered as the Frenchman who cheated the Irish out of the World Cup.”

    I won’t be writing about any France game that Henry plays in. Even for five minutes.

    I wonder when he will stop writing about every game liverpool plays in because they have gerrard, every game barcelona plays in because they have busquets, every game real plays in because they have ronaldo, every game manu plays in because they have got rooney etc.

  32. again messed up the tags. 😦 last paragraph is mine and not Miles’.

  33. myles facepalm is a spud everyone knows it.

  34. Why do you read Pyles’s immature ramblings. Everyone can see he lost the plot some years ago.

  35. I don’t know, it is a pathetic addiction. I loathe almost every one of his posts, but still read them. 😦

  36. Good post yesterday, Muppet. Hilarious.

    Captain Santino is back!!! Long time. What new transfer wish list do you bring to us?

  37. Why thank you Ateeb.

    Glad you are still with us.

    Pakistan is a dangerous place.

  38. Keysersoze

    We can sympathise with your feeling that sharing with us might help to overcome your dependency, but have you thought about the danger of more widespread contamination?

    And what whirlwind has YW wrought upon us by teaching the art of changing the typeface?

  39. I like Manone

  40. 5′ 11′ is impressive.

  41. I remember when it was first suggested that Cesc was leaving us people screamed never! Now the tone has changed to “How much?” And people claim that La Porta’s tactics aren’t working. At this rate it’s just a matter of time when a price is agreed. Funnily the fifth column in Arsenal is our own board!

  42. If WG….Sol….blah..blah, what do we think about Upson on a free? Would he fit with TV playing on the left?

  43. ….battling out with Johan D fo
    r that spot.

  44. Interesting point that I noted in the Arsenal magazine. Whilst he may not have been scoring much, Eduardo (10) was the second highest assister in the team after Cesc (15).

  45. I doubt Wenger would take Upson back. Once a player goes hes finished for Wenger… Only 1 player made it back, Sol being an exceptional player providing experience we lacked.

    I feel a signing coming early next week. Wenger will know the Gallas situation, and has been acting already to fill the void left. IF Gallas has still not signed.

  46. y0u and arsebl0g are excelent. i read y0ur bl0gs every day and read all the 0ther shite pe0ple p0st0n y0ur c0mments bit t00. never th0ught 0f pepe, be mystic megish 0f y0u if true

  47. great post YW, not sure how you manage to make a saturday morning post in late may interesting but ya did..

    Arshavin’s website really is an exploration into the bewilderingly confusing and borderline disturbing.. yet i always find myself laughing, especially at his witty responses to the crazies.

  48. chrisGoona, I can’t get all Bill-like over this issue. But on Upson, it was just a thought. Could do a lot worse! If we wanted to put all our transfer kitty into one huge player!

  49. ‘Brede’ is an old word for embroidery

  50. What sol? Wenger wasnt finished with him was he. Upson is shit but still a damn site better the Sylvestre who is an embarrasment

  51. LimparAssist

    Both Lennon and Theo announced in the England side to start against Japan.

    I hope this means we get to see a bit of ‘inverted Theo’, playing on the left. I guess Lennon might start there as he played leftwing for spuds a bit at the beginning of the season… but I hope they switch it about a bit. Theo cutting in from the left is great to watch. Quite rare at Arsenal so far, but exciting when it happens.

  52. And Webster wrote macabre tragedies. Little changes.

  53. *

  54. You know who we should sign? Scott Parker. He’s a good player who might actually give a shit. would love to him in the red and white next season

  55. Agree with Webster. Scott Parker is an ‘ard bastard – just what we lack when the going gets tough. There’s not much wrong with us when we are at full strength (watched opening game v Everton last week and we were awesome) but we need someone like Parker to stick it up wankers like Shawshank!

  56. Bloody amazing Pass…how many games did EDS play in comparison to Cesc??

  57. Forget Eduardo, he’s leaving without a doubt. Dont really rate him anyway to be fair. I know his injury was horrific but lets be honest he wasnt that special before anyway. Would love to see Huntelaar and RVP up front together

  58. Some bad news, van persie may have done something to his right ankle in training. He was withdrawn from training as a precautionary measure. the news is in ducth, but if you put it in google translator you get the drift.,1

  59. Arsenal never had any problems with teams who wanted to get rough, we beat all those teams for the most part. What we lacked was defensive discipline against the bigger sides, mostly.

  60. Why would Eduardo leave. He is one of the deadliest strikers in world football. He wad undone by the “dive” fiasco if you ask me.

  61. To true Paul.

    I think Webster must be related to J*mes.

  62. 35 starts 1 sub for Cesc and 17 starts and 15 sub for Eduardo Maria.

    Let’s hope it’s just a precaution Keysersoze. Is that the same ankle which was injured before?

  63. Passenal, was just wondering where you saw those Eduardo stats. I checked Soccernet but they only have 6 assists credited to him, and Fabregas has 16.

    Paul N, i agree with you about the dive fiasco ruining Eduardo but dont agree about him still being one of the deadliest strikers anymore. Before the injury, sure but not since it unfortunately.

  64. Yes it is the same one.

  65. Stu, it’s in the Arsenal official magazine, stats for all games last season. Correction, Cesc 19 in total, 15 was PL only. Eduardo is 8 PL and 10 in total.

  66. well since he was undone by the situation, you couldnt really know stu? people have forgotten how well he was playing at the beginning of the season.

    the guy is still deadly he just needs to get his confidence back.
    i dont doubt him at all.

  67. Is Fabianski really going to be No1 next season?
    I was secretly hoping we’d loan him to WBA/Blackpool to gain 1st team experience at someone elses expense. Ho hum.

  68. Eduardo deadly striker? The one-footed striker who can’t kick the ball into an empty net if the ball is on his right foot? How many EPL goals did he score before his injury? How many sitters did he threw away this season?

    He couldn’t even get into the team when fit and both RvP and Bendtner were injured. Another waste of money on a foreign player who can’t cut it here.

  69. I dont suppose you’ve got an online link for that Passenal, or is it just in the magazine?
    Are you counting Cesc’s assists for Spain in that 19?

    Dont mean to doubt you but i’d rather have the proof.

    I like Eduardo but he has seriously dropped his performances this season for whatever reason. With the arrival of Chamakh i dont think he will get as many games next season and wouldnt be suprised if he did leave for a new challenge.

  70. Adamson (Howard) if you did a little research you would find Eduardo scored 12 goals before his injury. Not that the truth would suit your BS comments though.

  71. Fuck off Adamson.

  72. And lets not forget he did dive.

    Personally i’ll be glad if he was replaced with quality, huntelaar would be great.

  73. check this out

  74. I wonder whether Eduardo is still happy playing in the premier league after watching Ramsey getting similar treatment to himself.

  75. Adamson, you’re a moron with a short memory. Possibly legally retarded.

  76. He might have gone down easily Webster but there was definately contact. Maybe not enough for the fall but definately contact.

    That ‘dive’ was no worse that the weekly dives by Gerrard, Rooney, Ashley Young etc. The media tore Eduardo apart because of those cunts Celtic and the pricks in the media has no shame in trying to ruin his reputation and career.

  77. Webster he did not dive. Why do you think UEFA removed the ban. It was because we produced evidence that it was not a dive.

  78. 1 loose cannon

    I’ve heard Beckham is helping Theo with his crossing but there is one man better qualified to help Theo ad that is Thierry. He is off to America to play saccerrr. Wenger should bring him in next season to help the young ones , and possibly to play a match or 2 if he wishes. Bringing Thierry as coach will attract lots of good players.

  79. Ashley Young dive twice (winning 2 pens) in one game a week or so later and very little was printed in the media about him.

  80. huntelaar? i thought he retired.

    the ruling was he didnt dive, no?

    he was touched by he keeper and if he did, so what, may i ask? does that mean he deserves what he got?

  81. Stu but if he cant handle the pressure then he’s useless to us anyway. either way I’m nit fussed if he leaves, we should be able to get 10 million for him off some mugs like Athletico Madrid or Manchester City

  82. 1lc, Henry is probably on a very large pay-day in the U.S. I’m afraid we could not match that.

  83. a confident healthy Eduardo is way better than most strkers in football. I believe he will come back and play great next season, he needed a break from the UK media!

  84. There is also an interesting feature in the official magazine on the history of the Arsenal captaincy. I thought this bit was interesting with reference to the current situation

    ‘… over the years, as well as being a huge honour to captain the Club, the pressure can be immense, especially during the Club’s fallow times. Terry Neill skippered Arsenal in the late ’60s, and spoke of “… the constant noise in the back of your head that if the team wasn’t winning, then you were failing in your job. It may be a team game, but as captain, there is that added pressure that if things go awry, then it is your fault.” Having won the World Cup, and been hugely successful at Everton, Alan Ball was captain as Arsenal laboured in the mid-1970s. He later described the Gunners’ gentle decline as “difficult to deal with. Although I now look back with immense pride on playing for Arsenal, at the time I saw the fact the Club underachieved and players weren’t getting on as my fault. It was almost a stain on my character.” No player personified the vagaries of the job more than Frank McLintock. Although he’d later win the ‘double’ with the Club in 1971, he firstly had to endure the agony of a double Wembley defeat in the League Cup against Leeds and Swindon. After the loss to the latter in 1969, McLintock ambled off the pitch, dazed and confused, and became tangled up with the marching band on the Wembley pitch. “It was the lowest moment of my football career,” he later recalled. “I know that many of the other lads were just as distraught as I was, but I felt like I was cursed never to win at Wembley. This was the fourth time there that I’d been captain and lost, it was awful.”

  85. 10m? No chance. We didnt even pay that much for him and his performances over the last season wouldnt warrent such a high price.

    It would probably be best for him if he moved on to a differen league, fresh start and all that but if he stayed i wouldnt mind because he can still offer something…provided he gets back to form. Pre season might sort him out, if he is still here.

  86. dupp, Paul N –

    I think you#ll find it was the scottish that made such a big eal out of eduardos dive, they felt cheated and complained to uefa. It was a very high profile dive I suppose a bit like henrys handball. I’m just glad he did it cos everyone else does and we won the match

  87. handle the pressure, ha ha!

    easy to sit on your backside talking crap about pressure.

    the guy gets his leg broken and somehow Taylor is the victim according to the UK media. The he is demonized by said media for the “dive” when it has never happened to another player though there are dives in every match. Rooney dived against Arsenal in the first match and it was smart football?

    get real!

  88. I think hes asked to leave which is why he wasnt even in the squad at the end of the season, we all know wenger hates people asking to leave.

  89. Stu, it’s in the magazine, which is not available online. But I’m sure if you check or one of the many online stat sites, you will find that I’m not lying.

  90. 1 loose cannon

    Dups- true, He will play one season and get really bored with crap football. he might see himself as a manager one. to work with Wenger will be a great oppurtonity. I think if wenger want to bring him I’m sure one phone call will be enough.

  91. Webster you sound like J*mes to me so I will ignore all your future comments.

    You last sentence is ridiculous.

  92. no, not the scottish media, the UK media. get it right web.


  93. Paul N, you dont know anything about me so how would you know that? We can all make stuff up like you just did, but some of us dont say childish insults to strangers for no reason. You are too defensive Paul N, you sound weak.

  94. Interesting time to publish a history like that, Passenal.

  95. Dups who the fuck is James? Trust me he’s leaving, i’ll accept your apology when it happens.

    I dont know why this conversation has become nasty, I was only talking about a football player I dont rate. It is only my opinion and doesnt mean anything onm the big scale of things.

  96. When Eduardo first returned he came back with a bang, like the Eduardo of old. It was the celtic incident that seemed to sap his confidence. However, his assists show that he still made an important contribution to the team. I will not be upset if Arsene decides to keep him and give him another chance. With a full pre-season behind him, he may still have plenty to offer the team in the right formation and particularly in the CL.

  97. i agree web.

  98. In my honest opinion Webster should fuck off.

  99. I insulted you? my bad. Dont be so sensitive.

    ok, i dont agree with anything you have said and it is biased.

    I have made up nothing, Eduardo was playing well until the “dive”. You as an Arsenal supporter would rather through him under the bus than defend him according to all of your negative comments.

    thats not kool!

  100. 1 loose cannon

    DUPS-a loan deal could bring Henry to Arsenal during the winter help out a bit and go back to MLS like Beckham did with Milan. That would be perfect for everyone. I would hate it to see him playing for City or West ham. He will bring in some valuable experience with him.

  101. throw him actually!

  102. shotta-gunna

    Are Adamson and Websters out on a weekend pass from one of those treatment centers? Looneys.

  103. 1lc, that is a good idea. I would love to see Theo working with Henry and improving his runs.

    Shotta, Adamson is that bad they will not let him back in.

  104. Thanks Pass for the info.

  105. I agree Passenal, bloody medja, my favourite EDS goal came after his injury. I think it was the F.A either Burnley or Wigan not sure, but he scored with the outside of his left foot. It was a thing of absolute beauty!!

  106. It was Burnley Maria. I also had the good fortune to be at Emirates when he returned with 2 goals against Cardiff also in the FAC. He got a really good reception from the supporters that night. It was really emotional.

  107. that was a great goal. hard to find a better finish than that.

  108. LimparAssist

    Eduardo made one of my favourite goals of the season with his amazing 20 yard back heel against Alkmaar at home. One of the most breathtaking breakaway goals in recent…

    …good lord… the Spanish Eurovision Song Contest entry is absolutely terrifying… look away now kids.

  109. LimparAssist

    His assist for Fabregas away at Bolton was rather exquisite too actually. Delicate little cushion touch with the outside of the foot. The perfect one-two.

  110. Awww come on Limpar – when was the last stage invasion at a Eurovision. Even the bloke singing managed a grin at it.


  111. LimparAssist

    A rictus grin I fear. That was like Cirque De Undead!

    A popular strategy seems to be; slightly camp looking singer-songwriter getting ‘motional with a guitar… and another is the futuristic asylum escapee look – as demonstrated just now by Serbia. Both have there merits. Well… I say merits.

    Hard luck with the Swindon result earlier, YW. At least you can blame the pitch.

  112. Naaah YW Senior and I both agreed that aside from the first 10 minutes and a 20 minute spell (5 mins before half time, 15 after it), Millwall were the better side, more threatening in attack.

    Still their supporters remain as charmless as ever, calling children c*nts and gobbing at women. May a plague of relegations fall upon their houses.


  113. The GB entry is shocking, who voted for this song!

  114. LimparAssist

    Yeah, I heard that they deserved it. Rod Little and Danny Baker are both Millwall fans – they’re also both arrogant wankers and I imagine they’re probably two of the less objectionable Millwall fans in the world. Galatasary shirt at Leeds? Good one, dickhead. Football fans make me angry.

    …Speaking of Gala, this is more like it from Turkey.

  115. Iceland’s entry looks like a volcano.

  116. What a fucking shame, the Spanish Eurovision entry was completely ruined by an Arsenal fan with ‘fuck off Barcelona’ on his bobble hat.

  117. Their football team only managed to scrape past Saudi Arabia, conceding two goals in the process. Too many barce-holes in the team.

  118. 1 loose cannon

    Are you serious Frank?

  119. Anyone concerned about reports of RvP being injured, he, Babel and Robben were taken out of training as a precaution…they all miss tomorrow’s training session. Van Marwijk is insisting on RvP having his ankle in ice after every session to make sure he is tip-top for SA. No doubt some hack or other will seize the opportunity to spread crap around.

  120. Yes a bloke in a red bobble hat stormed the stage and joined in the dancing.

  121. 1 loose cannon

    🙂 Brilliant I need to see this clip. I’m sure it will be up on youtube soon.

  122. Good PZ, that will teach them to tap up other teams players. I hope it backfires on them.

  123. Stage invasion without the song

  124. Wow… just when I thought we were unfortunate to have suffered it twice on tv… YW posts us a third.

  125. Montage of living room Eurovision parties from around Europe… cuts to London… front and centre of the shot? Kid in a Barcelona shirt.

    Awful parenting.

  126. Bill’s beloved ‘Vidic type defenders’ were powerless to deny the rip-roaring ‘All Whites’ of New Zealand a famous 1-0 victory earlier today. After all, you don’t get much more ‘Vidic type’ than an entire backline of Serbian defenders… one of whom was actually Vidic.

  127. I am beginning to worry about some of you here. Watching the Euro-vision song contest? Oh dear.

  128. What Bill does not understand is that Vidic is not a great defender. If his shirt pulling and fouling are avoided by the attacker (offender?? for Bill) he has little ability to recover..

  129. Thank you Frank for the info on RVP. Having read an earlier comment I was a bit worried for him.

  130. Chocolate leg?

  131. Girlfriend out the country + too much to drink last night… that’s my excuse anyway. But you’re absolutely right, dups… it is worrying.

    Btw, was that Gloria into the Doors video of a band you know, dups? Looked like a good night.

  132. LA it was Van Morrison and Jim Morrison

  133. ^a cover of

  134. 1 loose cannon

    Dups- Eurovision is like a Panto no one takes it seriously apart from Moldova, Latvia, Slovenia countries that you don’t normally hear about. You watch it to laugh at it. Its brutally kitsch.

  135. 1 loose cannon

    frank-Thanks for the clip. it made me laugh

  136. Yeah, I thought you might have been in the band or something!

    Love that goal vs. Inter. Similar piece of skill here at about 2.55.

    One of my favourite performances of the season I think. We were devastating at this point.

    Great little chip into the box at 4.46 as well.

  137. And another Dudu assist… for the doubters.

  138. dupsffokcuf – you should have been worried about us long before we admitted to watching Euro-vision.

  139. “Playing with Pride and Glory”
    All 32 bus phrases for World Cup on


  140. F*ck me. Dennis Hopper’s died.

  141. Matty, I was not to worried (me being equally as daft) but the Euro-vision thingy really has me worried after seeing the sort of music people on here like.

  142. Cancer LA.

  143. If this fella keeps practising he should be able to play soon.

  144. RVP need to practice here:

  145. Robin looked all concentration

  146. Regardless of statistics, his brutal injury and any diving witch-hunt, Eduardo is class.

    Excellent attitude, great touch, eye for goal and the ability to produce moments of magic. Form is temporary, class is permanent.

    In a way i’m glad he won’t be at the World Cup, and hoping he gets a good summers rest and has a solid pre-season.

    Right, i’m off to download Germany’s winning Euro-vision song and play it on repeat for a few hours.

  147. I have some rope here Matty. It may be the easier way out.

  148. Shit is he:

  149. That is what that cunt Taylor has robbed us of.

    As an Arsenal fan you should support him and hope he gets back to that form.

  150. If you can stomach it:

  151. dupsffokcuf – haha, i like to do things the hard way. Just like The Arsenal. Bit like this in fact:

  152. Is Taylor even still alive?

  153. I wonder if tossers like Webster and Adamson would even have the fight to get back to ‘walking’ never mind playing from that sort of injury.

  154. I am getting annoyed after watching that video.

    So I will watch this:

  155. RVP, click, click, click.

    Is he the best player in the world? Of course he is.
    Messi is good but not an all round player like RVP. Never seen Messi defend.

  156. Talking to myself now while YW and the rest watch repeats of the Euro-vision.

  157. 1 loose cannon

    The dutch master simply the best. The only real star left in the premiership.

    Watch Afobe this evening in the England u17 final. He is a goal machine.

  158. 1 loose cannon

    The best young striker in England

  159. 1lc, Afobe is a good young striker, but England like a big lump like Connor Wickham up front for some reason.

  160. Serk Da Turk

    Webster on May 29, 2010
    at 7:12 pm

    “I think you#ll find it was the scottish that made such a big eal out of eduardos dive, they felt cheated and complained to uefa. It was a very high profile dive I suppose a bit like henrys handball. I’m just glad he did it cos everyone else does and we won the match”

    Actually I think you’ll find that it was the British media that made a great big deal about it. You see the Eduardo incident happened on the Wednesday. On the day before, on Tuesday West Ham had played Millwall in a cup game. There had been a pitch invasion, a hundred man brawl outside, and three people had been stabbed.

    Of course once the Eduardo incident had occurred nothing more was said about the Hammers, Millwall game; not until the inquiry results came in a couple of months later. And why would they? I mean the two incidents cannot even be compared in regards of severity, importance, and the weight of the situations; can they?

    The Wednesday morning papers did the job that was required of them and reported the Derby incidents with the disdain that they deserved. However I think that by the afternoon all the newspapers were either told or realised out their own volition that any further negative reports on the brawl and stabbings wouldn’t just damage West Ham and Millwall, but also the Premier League. And far, FAR more importantly than that it would also have an adverse affect on England’s’ 2018 bid.

    Many people forget, but this country is still very much synonymous with football hooliganism. No matter how much you might have cleaned up your act, certain reputations will always haunt you. There was even a couple of reporters in the morning papers who asked whether England had really made any progress since the bad old days of the firms.

    That being the case and the potential stakes being so high, the media needed an appropriate patsy to turn their attentions to. Something that they could create an almighty fuss about. Something that they could focus the public’s righteous and moral indignation over. And lo and behold an incident presented itself that very evening. The rest, as they say is history.

    And just so we’re clear, there was contact and as such it wasn’t a dive. I understand, appreciate and even support your belligerent attitude to the world outside of Arsenal, but in this case it isn’t necessary. In fact a little righteous indignation of our own might be more apt.

  161. great

  162. So I see that Maureen is putting the cat amongst Barca’s scum pigeons by showing interest in signing Cesc!

  163. RVP is injured.

  164. If Fabregas insists on leaving, it would be hilarious to sell him to Real Madrid.

    I wonder how Mourinho and El Chipolata, the second and third biggest egos in the world, will get on together.

  165. I would laugh.

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