RvP, New Centre Back & Can Cesc Remain Captain Of Arsenal?

Good to see Robin van Persie make his international return last night. Actually, it was better to see him come through unscathed and scoring, two goals which emphasise how much we missed him whilst he was injured. Now for him just to come through the trials and tribulations of the World Cup and be ready for the coming season.

Elsewhere, transfer gossip abounds with Laurent Koscielny the latest centre back to be linked with a move to Arsenal, £8m the apparent price willing to be paid to Lorient. Given that the club has included him in the ludicrous section of ‘Transfer Linked‘, we can pretty much dismiss this as a Daily Mail journalist looking around Ligue 1 for a centre back who hasn’t been mentioned so far and could be signed for under £10m. Credit should be given for being original. Per Mertsacker meanwhile has been effusive in his praise of Arsenal in recent days without saying he definitely wants to come to The Emirates to ply his trade.

And so to the Cesc saga. The circus continued yesterday with the first public utterances from the player. His stance is clear: he wants to leave. Carefully though, he refused to say that he must leave, preferring to emphasise that the final decision is Arsenal’s. Whether he will be happy if negotiations breakdown is another matter although I suspect any dissatisfaction with that outcome will be uttered via his father, rather than damage his relationship with the club.

His words were not the direct appeal that Barcelona would have desired, certainly not enough to give them the moral high ground that they would like to hold; they remain in the immoral gutter, peeping through the storm drain. With a fee most likely to reach higher than they are publicly willing to pay, the long game will certainly ensue and quite possibly this could turn into a Vieira-esque summer with more to follow.

Should negotiations ever take place and then break down, the player will be expected to return to The Emirates and perform to the peak of his abilities. According to John Cross, this has already happened with the Catalans being told to do one. According to the report, Wenger and the Board are furious with the ‘tapping up’ albeit powerless to act as the player will be punished which is something the club will be keen to avoid lest is exacerbate his dissatisfaction. This serves to back up Robert Pires assertion earlier in the week that Arsenal will not sell Fabregas.

The question then becomes whether he should remain as Captain of Arsenal Football Club. Much will depend on the squad’s reaction to his return. Whilst they will no doubt welcome him, recognising his abilities as a player, would they react so generously to his captaincy. It would be easy for them to look at him and question his motivation. Only his actions would tell them if he is performing to 100%. If he is then there is no reason from their point of view, to doubt his commitment and therefore follow him.

From a supporters perspective, questions will always remain about his commitment to Arsenal. It is apparent he wants to leave and we have seen in recent times that this can diminish an individuals performance. That is no guarantee of this happening with Cesc and much depends on his personal and professional pride.

This assumes that being Captain of Arsenal means anything. Wenger has stated in the past that he wants eleven captains on the pitch yet there is a role for the Captain to fulfil, to galvanise through words or actions, to put right wrongs that are occuring. That individual needs to be seen to be totally committed to the cause, from the stands at least. That aspect sits uncomfortably with a player who openly wants away.

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. For the capitaincy like you said if he performs at 100% then leave it to him as he is a leader by example if he doesn’t seem bothered in his performance just take it away. It might not mean much for Wenger but the capaincy does for a lot of people (journalist, players, etc.)
    So eventhough internally it is not important for the image of the club we need to make sure the image given to the outside observers is a good one otherwise it is giving amunition to the Arsenal bashers like it happened with Gallas’s captaincy.
    I can’t wait for a good academy player to come out with good leadership skills so we can give him the armband and don’t have to bother about it for the next ten years.

  2. third

  3. Well put YW

    What is more damaging is the question for me..

    Cesc being removed as captain, or kept as captain?

    Cesc being removed will have an affect on the player for sure, Gallas used it to motivate him to prove people wrong.. but do we want the same situation where we all question him week in week out….

    then theres leaving him as captain and pretending all is rosy, as fans we won’t mind that much if hes playing his heart out for the club, he could be here for another few years – wo don’t know. That is the problem and will continue to be the problem though, us knowing that he wants out plays a factor in our attitude towards him and it will play a bigger factor to some of his team mates.

    Robin Van Persie for example – always commited, kills himself every game playing for Arsenal. He may not be English, and he may well have dreamt to play for another club when he was younger. What will he think of Cesc after this saga.

    I think Cesc has really put himself in a very tricky situation which he didn’t need to do.

  4. Yep. I’ve woken up feeling utterly betrayed.


  6. Bendtner’s biggest dream is to play for the two biggest teams in spain.


    Is this some kind of joke? I’m African, but I’m really happy our next generation of youngsters, Wilshere Lansbury, etc, are english and probably won’t be spouting this rubbish.

  7. We’ll be fine with or without Cesc.The club marches on regardless and I am confident that if Arsene decides he wants to sell he’ll get the right price for him, and if not he’ll get the right performance from him.
    As far as captaincy goes, just can’t get worked up.

  8. I not sure cesc really wants to go, he just would go if the conditions were right. We have known this for years already.

    Generally I agree with shotta. I support cesc but this is now all about next seasons performance… not from cesc himself (I have no doubt he will play his heart out as he always has – do not forget this!) but the rest of team plus new signings need to step up and make us the finished article. Too many teams now think they can beat us with the usual fat sam tactics. We need to make sure they remember to fear us absolutely.

    If we have a great year then cesc might pledge his future to us properly, thats fair enough in my eyes. By which point we should be near enough ready for life without him anyway. IMO ramsey is our future and he is more dynamic than cesc if not yet quite as accurate.

    Next season will be a stunner from us and it will be great to quiet the frustrations and general discontent from the fans and create a galvanised atmosphere round the club.

    I predict and look forward to the occasional mondays next year where not one arsenal blog has a critical word to say about our performance. We know we are in touching distance so lets make next year the big one.

  9. He should remain as captain when he stays as long as he keeps playing as well as he did last season, if he stays can we just forgive, forget and move on?

  10. Silver Gunner

    joe cole would be amazing undoubted quality. But i fear it is just a pipe dream.

  11. Cesc will do his talking on the pitch next year, he will lead the team out as captain and give his all like he has for the last 7 years. when he scores and kisses the badge am I going to boo him? no that would be exactly what barca would want. Imagine the smiles on the barca boards faces when they see the clips of cesc’s own fans booing him… Remember who has the real class here guys.

  12. Henristic

    Be wary of foreign translations via Google. A lot of nuance is lost and also it looks a bit headline grabbing to post an interview in almost bulletpoint fashion.


  13. Henristic, English version please, we can’t read dutch or whatever language that is.

  14. Firstlady

    We have no choice I’m afraid, If we don’t it harms our chances next season. Wenger has the ball in his court now, and must decide which way is best for our club. I am pretty confident he will manage and his managing the situation so that Arsenal gets the best outcome.

    I just fear having the same situation as Gallas did, where we had to chop and change captains suddenly. This would be a major distraction so its best to get things sorted from now.

  15. Henristic – Be careful! Suggesting that Arsenal build the team around a core of English/British players is sacrilige on this blog.
    However, looking at the recent success of Chelsea/Man utd who have a core of British players, perhaps this is not such a strange idea.
    Such optimism! If Cesc goes and the defence is not sorted out we will be nowhere near wining the title again.

  16. All we must remember is that Barcelona have turned this situation ugly, not Cesc. They cornered him and used his dreams to affect his relationship with his club. It is a low tactic, and is tapping up which probably won’t be punished.

    We must remain calm, support our team and all players, and rise above all this media shite.

  17. The bigM, that’s hilarious, the clubs you mentioned success wasn’t built on the British players.

  18. the biggest fuck you we can give to barca is to applaud every touch cesc has next year and show the catalan cunts what real love and loyalty is.

  19. I’m not suggesting anything, BigM. Its the same Wenger that oversees the development of our young english talent.

    FirstLady, use a translator.

    YW, I don’t see how it could be mistranslated. Its not the first time Niklas has expressed his desire to play one day in Spain.

  20. Henristic

    Mistranslation is bloody easy – when I look at Spanish, I have to remember that they use their language differently to English hence mentioning nuances.


  21. Even if he stayd for this season, I think someone else should be made the captain. Captaincy is a big thing, although intangible. There is really no point having someone as captain who clearly wants other pastures, if not this season the next, or the one after. You would have to give someone else the captaincy when that happens, so might as well do it now. And if Cesc is to stay, we will see a rerun of this situation again in January, then again towards the close of the season. I think it is just too much of a risk to have him continue as the captain.

    Given all this, I think the best outcome would be if Barcelona cough up the asking amount and take him. We will then move back to playing 4-4-2 and get the best out of Eduardo.

  22. BigM

    No, wanting English players is not sacrilege on this blog. Wanting them simply because of their nationality is lunacy.

    All signings should be based on ability.


  23. “All we must remember is that Barcelona have turned this situation ugly, not Cesc.”

    The situation would not have turned ugly if Cesc had squashed those rumours at the bud by declaring that he is staying at Arsenal. But he did not do that. I agree that Barca are undignified, but lets not pretend that it is all their fault. After all, you can’t clap with one hand.

  24. I agree with word, that is the best we can do as fans. Lets not let Barca affect our support for our team, and lets not blame Cesc.

  25. You’re right about mistranslations in general YW, but in this specific case?

  26. Yogi, Bigbrovar should be banned from your sight. It’s silly for the fellow to be logging in first and saying nothing for the rest of the day. I wonder how many sights he visits in a day just to write “first!”

  27. I was translating page by page the spanish comments on one of their tabloids yesterday and it was very reassuring to see most spanish neutrals side with arsenals position. Most of them seemed to think barca had double standards and should pay up or shut up if they really want him.

    translating general spanish speech was very inaccurate using online translators. not to be trusted

  28. The amazing accuracy with which Bigbrovar does it, I am tempted to think that it is Yogi, although I am sure that is not true.

  29. if you take away his captaincy you are basically opening the door for him to leave. wenger will not do it.

  30. i think he already has one foot outside the door without wenger opening it. and i don’t think the captaincy of arsenal is that cheap a commodity that it should be peddled around to keep players from leaving.

  31. Keysersoze

    Cesc could have squashed the rumours i agree, but he has always been diplomatic with this situation as he always stated his desire to return.

    So you cannot turn on him for that reason, and buy into all of this. Cesc has shown his commitment by performances, that is what we shall continue to look at. If we took every interview, and every comment he made on Barcelona and his desire to return into consideration, why on earth are we cheering him in the first place. Saying that why did we bother cheer the likes of Henry, Pires, Vieira who have all been diplomatic in the face of speculation and always planned to leave…

    Nothing should change our support

  32. Keysersoze

    If you seriously think Wenger gives the captaincy to players to keep them happy you are deluded and obviously have something against the manager which plays a factor in your commenting.

  33. I will support Cesc if he remains an Arsenal player next season. But captaincy is a different matter. And while I support him as a player, I will not absolve him of blame in letting the sitaution reach the tipping point. These are unrelated.

  34. As for football I must admit I’m a proponent of more English players in the team. And yet one wonders if it’s really necessary in the modern world. Inter started their final match with four Argentinians and three Brazilians. The only Italian, Materazzi, came in after the 90th minute. Amused me to see Lippi claiming that the win would inspire Italy to win the world cup. I think it should inspire Argentina and Brazil more! And yet it’s not just in football that this is happening. A couple of years ago the team that won the NBA didn’t have a single American. Maybe the day will come when we’ll have a global super league!

  35. if i hard a say in arsenal i will allow cesc to go and use the money to buy more quality and experience players since one tree cant make a forest

  36. ChrisGoona, – I was responding to Word’s comment.

    “if you take away his captaincy you are basically opening the door for him to leave. wenger will not do it.”

    If you want my take on the matter you can look up my comment towards the end of yesterday’s post.

  37. Recent players who wanted to go were Henry and Greedy both were given new contracts but their form tailed off the following season and they left after that.Keeping a player who is not happy whose heart is not in the club doesnt work

    On the captaincy TV is the ideal candidate.But Wenger has strange ideas about captaincy,why make Average Al the vice captain?Leader??

  38. At the risk of losing some of my closest allies on this blog for being an “arbitrator”, in my opinion the battle for Cesc today, just as it was was for Vierra and Henry, is essentially a competition for talent. Clubs like Barcelona, with deeper pockets than most because of their favored tv deal as well as their arrogance and sense of entitlement will resort to every unseemly tactic to destabilize and unsettle in order to poach their targets. It now seems they were partially successful in targeting Cesc. Yes, it is especially disappointing since we invested most of our hopes for the club’s future on his young shoulders. But despite our feelings, we must be smart and not help them with their tactics by turning on Cesc and driving a wedge between him and the club. He has thrown his future in the hands of Wenger, taking the initiative away from the Barca scum. Their upcoming Presidential elections as well as the world cup is further complicating their plans. He is still our player. Let us use this to our advantage.

  39. Comment number 384 to be precise, ChrisGoona.

  40. I understand your point of view but you be peddling the captaincy around by taking it from him. consistancy and building our development up from where we left it are key to next years success.

    the original comments have been deconstructed in great detail and everyone has exagerated its meaning in strife to predict what he is thinking based on limited evidence. In the first few days 50% of people didn’t think the comments were a problem and the barca machine has turned us against him.

    His most profound statement has been that he puts his future in wengers hands. what more could an AKB want?

    as I said before I think cesc WOULD go if the conditions were right (and only to barca – his homeland – considered the best team…. blah blah) but I dont think he really WANTS to go.

  41. Word – I think we have the same view but we are working on different assumptions. You assume that Xesc does not want to leave as you have mentioned. I assume that Cesc wants to leave. based on my assumption, making Cesc the captain does not result in “consistancy and building our development up from where we left it as key to next years success”

  42. Henristic

    In this instance, the few words that there are and the manner in which they are reported, suggest that mistranslation is very much an issue.

    The style is sensationalist and that leads to suspicion on my part. If you want to believe it, fine but I doubt that it is as clear cut as they want you to believe.


  43. On an unrelated subject, I do like the name Laurent Koscielny.

  44. because of the simple fact that everytime I need post it I need to copy from somewhere/

  45. I think the assumption that Cesc wants to leave is not wrong. Otherwise he would have taken the opportunity yesterday to say he wanted to stay.

    However, and this is only based on the superficiality of his press conference, it struck me that his world would not implode if he had to stay.


  46. From a clubs perspective this is absolute disaster. However, if the record of wenger is anything to go by he will only sell when he wants to sell.

    Froms cesc’s perspective there are many things that are dominating his decision. Home. family. third, la liga, where wrong tackles that can ruin a players career hardly happen. Fourth, barcelona. The best team on the planet. they have the stars and they want him. Kind of hard to resist that. Fifth, the status at arsenal.

    I think cesc’s is done with the arsenal project. clearly, he is not fully behind it. what does it mean? it means that top players go to clubs where they can win trophies. since a players playing life is limited you kind of are slightly selfish. especially when your friends are winning everything.

    imagine him and pique meeting for a drink. pique has won 4 trophies in the last two years. before that he won a couple with man u. what does cesc have to say?

    will he say ohh…. look at the financial status of arsenal. man u and barca are bankrupt. sure it runs for a while. it gives some solace. but the fact is if barca and man u ever run into trouble there will be enough takers for them.

    a players motivation is to win trophies. how long can cesc cover for the screw up that is fabrianski. or the fact we do not have more world class players on the team. why do we do not finish the last mile?

    maybe it is cesc’s fault as well. he failed to lead at crucial intervals. or players did not stand up in his absence.

    whatever be the case, the fact that he is leaving is not only his own desire but its been compounded by the fact that arsenal now is reduced to a champions league club but not a club that wins anything of relevance.

    pity!! maybe i need to see the balance sheet and congratulate the owners. good job! it would bring some real joy.

  47. I really do want and expect him to stay, but at a price of say 80M, it will be quite good business and i firmly believe that tere are deputies that can take over his role.

    That does not in anyway suggest that he is not a great player for club and country but rather that life must go on which is usually the bottom line!

  48. He has had his head turned no doubt. He has spent a lot of time recently with spanish friends who rarely see him. We all know what kind of influence ‘friends’ can be when they have their own interests in mind. He will now spend all summer with barca players and so clearly we can see this will be the biggest test of his commitment in his life. I was worried last summer about what effect this WC may have on him…

    I’m just saying it is a very very hard decision for him to make and anybody would be tested in these conditions. However giving himself to arsene is giving himself to AFC’s best interests so imo that should be applauded.

    has nobody tried to read into cesc words here? I believe I have read zero comments about whilst people focus on the negitive…

    “It was probably the greatest conversation I have had with someone in my life.”

  49. Realist

    Your not very “real” forgetting to mention we could have taken 2 titles with this team that you don’t believe in. We had the players to win something this season, we had the injuries to cripple our chances too. We done well considering.

    Also, you say we are reduced to a champions league team.. if that is the case, what team were we before Wenger came. We have challenged consistenly for trophies ever since he arrived. Its time you actually became a “realist” and not used your pathetic name tag to go around expressing your displeasure. Learn how to support

  50. Cesc became the player he is today because of the project and hence should be one of the very last persons to turn his back on it!

    if Henry and co felt they were stars before they came to arsenal, Cesc was not by any stretch of the imagination! he was the MVP in the U17 world cup that Spain had just lost to brazil!

    He should also have to give others room to grow up too, not all can peak at 18 and he also has a lot to do before he can even claim to be at his peak. he owes Arsenal at least 2 more seasons by my reckoning, but if the price is right… who knows they can even give hleb back to us in part exchange…

  51. Team Spirit

    I believe he has a couple more seasons, a few trophies, and an end of season wave goodbye at the Emirates before we see the last of Cesc.

  52. thats what I’m saying YW. I think he would go if the conditions were favourable to arsenal. that is his priority.

    We have known he wants to play for barca one day since he joined, that is the risk we take of taking on young spanish and barca academy players. There are very few el spanishos who can cut it in england at that age, in fact there are little who can do it at any age.

    I’ve said before that this would only work if he gives us a years notice. how many other big name footballers would do this at the age of 23 with barca practically begging you join them?

  53. Kenyan G,

    The difference with Inter as with most Mourinho’s teams is that it’s a team generally made up of older professional players, or mercenaries. Their system is quite different from arsenal where there is more dependence on youth players, achieving consistency by playing together in a certain style. The problem with that is that non-British players will have a stronger tendency to leave for the traditional big clubs in spain/italy as soon as they have the chance, which makes it that much harder to keep the team playing together for long.

  54. Chris,
    Does it really matter what we could have? Middlesbrough could have put there in the record books if they have defeated arsenal at highbury on the day they were supposed to equal forest’s record.
    Everybody remembers the part they played in the exciting match but that is about it.

    nobody really remembers what you could have won. the point is there is no harm in saying that you know what we do not have the resources to win the league. so we can be like everton. setting the tone and expectations of club and players alike.

    but whats the board’s point of saying that we are a top club and we will challenge for trophies and eventually not giving the resources to the manager to buy anyone. finally the same excuse . injuries.

    also do u think when our time comes. when walcott will be messi, diaby will be viera and djorou will be tony and almunia will be seaman the others namely chelsea, man city and man u, sit and watch us win everything. if u think so then i credit with u more sense then u deserve.

  55. For your information.

    The story in the Norwegian newspaper is an interview with Bendtner.

    it is pretty clear. Bendtner says the dream one day is to play for Barcelona or Madrid. However first he has to be topscorer for Arsenal.

  56. word

    The media have turned the whole saga into a Cesc wants out scenario, when really its Barca tapping up Cesc. This is why most fans can only see the negative. The fact the we have not won anything plays a part too in leading everyone to believe Cesc went and confronted Wenger, told him enough is enough etc.. Anyone who imagines Cesc doing so needs to just take a step back, this guy wouldn’t walk away just like that. He realises what Arsenal has done for him, he realises that he won’t be remembered as a legend, but he has to play diplomatic so he doesn’t get brushed aside by the team he dreams to play for.

  57. Realist

    Those teams you mentioned, Chelsea are not a top team. They are a team with no history who suddenly got a massive cash injection. Arsenal have been next to Man Utd the most consisten team of the last 15 years. With the structure and foundations put in place you the “realist” should feel happy for the next 15 years we can compete against the likes of City, Chelsea and United.

    If WENGER and ARSENAL didn’t painfully sacrifice the transfer budget, build a state of the art training complex, move stadiums, and invest hugely in the future of our club. We wouldn’t be sitting pretty in 3rd place right now breathing down the necks of the top 2 who we could have easily displaced. FEEL PRIVILEGED and stop being a knob. That is all the time I have to waste on you

  58. Agreed CG. The line he is walking is so fine that it is impossible not to offend someone who has emotional investment in either club. The fact that his silence has offended so many arsenal fans goes to show how little options he has.

    He said he does not want to comment about his future to the press. He has said he is very happy at arsenal and does not care about the future apart from the WC. He has also said wenger is in charge of his destiny next year….

    And a year is a very long time in football. practically 47 cat years.

  59. Chris

    For a tapping up scenario to work, there has to be some response from the party being tapped up, encouragement that this strategy will work.

    Although there is a sound of retreating feet from Barcelona at the moment, a realisation that Joan Laporta and his crew are the problem with signing the player.


  60. I do understand on the other hand that his willingness to join barca is a dagger in the belief of arsene and his project… that is more a failing of arsenal than cesc’s near impeccable character.

    Unfortunately it is true that players want glory and trophies and dont really care about bank balances. There is naturally and understandably a more selfish outlook on the club differing from the perspective of the fans.

    next year is decisive.

  61. word – If we take into account he has had a broken leg, and has been working hard to get fit for the world cup and have a place in the team. The fact that he came out and told everyone he doesn’t want to discuss his future and is happy at Arsenal etc is all he can say really. Its not the answer we were hoping for which tells Barca to fu** off.. he just can’t do that and never will as much as we don’t like it.

    His future is in Arsenal’s hands… means speak to Arsene, I have a contract, leave me alone.

  62. “Sometimes not even in my house I feel more love than I [i]felt[/i] at Arsenal”

    I don’t know if this is an exact quote, and if it is, whether he really meant it.

  63. YW – With these tapping up rules then… if cesc stays next year can we complain about barca without having cesc and his agent punished for their involvement? Cant we prove they haven’t had much involvement?

    Is this really the only way it works, 3 out of the 4 involved parties must be punished for 1 party’s media spin?

  64. Stop talking bollocks, Realist.

    ‘Home’ – He’s not some homesick young pup. His home is London. He’s a young, European adult living in a global community.

    ‘family’ – have always been just a flight away and that’s the way he likes it. He’s on record saying how much he loves the independence of living away from his family.

    ‘La liga where wrong tackles that can ruin a players career hardly happen’ – What has ever given you the impression that Cesc is a pussy? He’s been a fighter in a hard-fought league for years and the relishes the aggression of this competition.

    For someone purporting to be a realist you don’t half chat a lot of shit.

    As for his friends… fuck knows.

  65. YW

    I don’t believe we will go down this road, but if we were we have a fairly clear case of tapping up. I just really hope that Arsenal did actually inform them not to communicate with us if they tried to ask about Cesc formerly, and that we will not enter any negotiations.

    That would have been a big slap in the face to them, and its nothing more than they deserve. Their plans to unsettle the play and force a deal has obviously hit a dead end.

  66. LimparAssist

    For someone purporting to be a realist you don’t half chat a lot of shit.

    🙂 Love it!

  67. word

    If we really wanted to report Barcelona, we would have enquired already after Henry or Hleb. If we didn’t do our research then, now we certainly have very valid grounds to take action. Why should our whole club have to deal with such negative PR year in year out in the light of another organisation trying to steal one of our assets.

    I know Cesc’s ambition is to play for Barca.. but, I don’t see how he can hold any respect for that club, never mind wanting to play for them after he has witnessed all this behaviour.

  68. keysersoze – now you are doubting the honesty of cesc comments even though they are clearly very candid. barca have beaten you. repent

    cesc has an impeccable character. when has he ever put a foot wrong?

  69. Its not just the hounding of Cesc, I can remember when Hleb got his head turned. Cesc was very dissapointed and implied in a few comments about how he wasn’t impressed with them using the media to unsettle our players.

    Its either Cesc has had his head turned here, or will release a statement after the World Cup to once again reveal his true commitment to us. I don’t feel he can speak freely while arround them cun*s.

  70. keysersoze

    You are blinded by Barca’s behaviour to turn on your own player. This is exactly what they wanted to do to us fans.

  71. Why do people keep mentioning Joe Cole? Massively overrated, inconsistent, huge ego, huge head & a destabilising influence in the dressing room; haven’t we got rid of enough players like that already?

  72. No I am not judging the honesty of Cesc’s comment. If I refer to the company I work for I hardly ever use the past tense. I will never say I felt happy with my work, I will always say I feel. It just does not comes naturally to me. But it seems Cesc used the past tense, which is a little wierd, provided of course the quote is correct.

  73. I’d rather have Wilshire get his chance than waste 100k a week on an overrated and constantly injured player.

  74. North London'rrr

    the reality of this situation is and must be that Cesc wants to play for Barcelona next season. But he has been talking about it for the pass few seasons.
    The boy’s head has turned, his friends are gone (flam/hleb etc) and he has just had his best season for Arsenal and again come away empty handed. HE WANTS OUT. You cannot keep an unhappy player, certainly not star player and especially if he is your captain!
    Arsenal will play hardball (if we have any balls) and get our 40m. Anything less than 36 and we’ve been robbed.

  75. Keysersoze

    If you have spoken to anyone from another country in your life, who has English for their second language. You will know it is very easy to mix up your words. The fact that your disecting his every word to swing it against him shows how your head has been turned, not Cesc’s.

  76. Word

    Tapping up means that negotiations with the Agent have taken place. There is no grey area hence they all get hit with a fine.


  77. I feared cesc’s involement with the spanish team this year but optimistically a have created today a different perspective:

    He is more english than spanish. He feels more at home here. (I believe there was some kind of comment about him feeling like an outsider in the spanish team but can’t find the link…). all this time with the vain and arrogant (im optimistic they are slightly cuntish) spanish players may actually give him a solid insight into what life would be like.

    Where he once thought the grass was greener maybe this time on the actual grass may make him realise that its not so bloody green at all!

    I will not cease from Mental Fight,
    Nor shall my Sword sleep in my hand:
    Till we have built Jerusalem,
    In Englands green & pleasant Land!

  78. English actually is my second language. 😀

  79. In that case definitely all this won’t amount to a tapping up by the books? Seems pretty unfair.

  80. I see what you are saying with the past tense but as said this could easily have been mixed up in multiple layers of translation.

    how do you do italics btw? obviously not quite like that!

  81. No obviously not. maybe ChrisGoona can help out, he used italics in one of his posts.

  82. its a real shame barca can get away with this shit every year. you would think the authorities would want to tighten this stuff up considering the market is spiraling at rates completely out of sync with inflation.

    anyway I was trying to stay out of all this fabregas gossip…

  83. On a different note it is good to see the Uefa have started up this financial fair play thing now. Its going to take 6 years (far too fucking long) to fully come into effect but it puts arsenal firmly in the driving seat.

    was hoping yogi was going to cover it at some point… hint hint


  84. where is van der vart going this summer.

    He’s ace aint he?

    But we’ve already got the best Dutch player in the world.

  85. In the premier league this ruling will not affect any of the current champions league incumbents, at least not in the short term. On another note, who is to stop Chelsea play a pre season friendly in Russia for a payment of 50M pounds?

  86. What I dont understand is why dont we just tell them we will only swap our best player for thier best player. Fab for Messi, take it or fuck off.

  87. LimparAssist

    There’ll Always Be A Holland…

  88. Bonnie Maina

    Worst case scenario, Cesc leaves, who becomes captain? v. Persie, Bendtner, Song, Almunia, aho now? I can’t see any.

  89. A question to oranje followers (seems there are a few here), is there a good oranje blog on the lines of ACLF where there is decent and informed discussion?

  90. van persie has to be the next arsenal captain.

  91. Italics are immediately before the comment to italicised and immediately afterwards.

    Bold is and whilst underline is and .

    If all your comments are appearing as capital letters, turn the CAPSLOCK key off…


  92. I think we should go with 11 captains, imagine how afraid the opposing captain would be as our 11 step up to shake his hand and call for the tossing of the coin, the game will already be won!!

  93. Yogi @ 1:39 must be one of the best examples of unintended humourous posts. 😀

  94. if he does stay he can’t be captain anymore give it to vpersie that’s if he stay at the club.

  95. Keysersoze on May 27, 2010
    at 11:31 am

    “you can’t clap with one hand.”

    Yes you can. Im doing it right now.

  96. u suck yogi !

  97. I cant seem to, unless slapping yourself on the forehead counts

  98. Word


    Tells you all you need to know about spicing up your comments and the way they read.

    As for the content, well, we’ll leave it to you…


  99. Bold Test

  100. hahaa… like the tips YW

  101. It works!

  102. check 1check 2testing

  103. messed mine up 😦

  104. Find out how to create bold, italics, and other fancy stuff stuff here.

  105. need to find some html tutorials me thinks!

  106. Combination

  107. A new game: Transfer Window Bingo.

    Now that the self-proclaimed Special One is in charge at the Bernabeu, the following are reported to be for sale:

    Karim Benzema
    Fernando Gago
    Lassana Diarra
    Rafael Van de Vaart
    Gonzalo Higuain
    Jerzy Dudek
    Royston Drenthe
    Ezequiel Garay
    Esteban Granero
    Mahamadou Diarra

    Every time you tick one off as being linked to Arsenal by a newspaper / news source (not blog or fansite), post the link.

    Everyone who posts a link (for the first time) in the comments here will be entered into a draw. If we get the full set, the lucky winner will get an as of yet undecided prize.


  108. Retrospective links don’t count. That was posted a week ago, before Mourinho started.

  109. You in the WI, word?

  110. thanks Frank

  111. Looks like Abou played well against Costa Rica. He always links up well with RvP snd now he is creating great goals for France. Next season could be great for him.



  113. The bingo game is a little harder than it seems.

  114. well arsene did joke about watching what players real offload this year…

    van de vart was quoted as saying he weighed up a january offer from arsenal…

    whats WI frank?

  115. Women’s Institute, word

  116. Blake’s poem, or at least the hymn based on Blake’s poem, is their anthem.

  117. bingo?

    “The high profile stars who are interesting… Arsenal, include Karim Benzema, Fernando Gago, Lassana Diarra, Rafael Van de Vaart and in-form Argentinean striker Gonzalo Higuain.”


  118. aren’t you stretching a bit far for the negitivity there?

    I’m sure lots of english societies regard it as an anthem.

  119. LimparAssist

    Nothing negative about the WI. My Granny was in the WI. Amazing woman.

  120. No. I think you are being paranoid. The Women’s Institute made the hymn famous. Very few English intstitutions have anthems. The WI link with ‘Jersualem’ is well known. Very much a part of English culture.

  121. ***********************************
    ACLF (8003629)

  122. You not seen Calendar Girls, word?

  123. Word

    Try reading the article. Arsenal are linked with two.

    Bingo – the object is to match all items on the card and then claim your win.


  124. apart from im not a woman.

    not that I wouldn’t be proud of being a woman… its just not on my agenda right now.

  125. I did not know that you are not a woman, word. This is a mixed site.

  126. YW – you said anyone who posted a link would be entered into a draw so thats good enough for me.

    Do you mean I have to link the whole bunch to get a prize or is being in the draw the best I can hope for?

    I misread that paragraph but at least I got 2 in 1 !

  127. this is a mixed site? i say, very modern.

    I watched an amateur performance of calender girls on DVD because by mates mum was in it. I just skipped forward to the interesting part but turns out it wasn’t really that interesting.

  128. Silver Gunner

    Its time for AW to come out and say that Cesc will remain an arsenal player as he is under contract.

    It will end all this speculation as the ball is in AW’s court.

  129. Shotta, dont know If I was on of the allies you were refering to but that will never change over this Cesc situation. We simply see it differently, no harm in that for me atleast.

    Cesc seeing the Ade situation last season, has played his cards right. If I leave it in Arsene’s hands and I am sold, I can then say that Arsene sold me, not that I really wanted to leave. However its easy to see what he prefers and thats what we should focus on. Its neither here or there for me whether he stays or goes at this point (maybe that will change), I am just dissapointed.

  130. Silver Gunner

    Fookinghell Ramsey is still more than a season away from a return 😦

  131. As for the tapping up matter, I remember Arsene saying even though tapping up is a serious matter it’s not worth complaining as it takes time and it is often irrelevent by the time it is put in action.

    I saw Diaby’s contribution and it was really good, real arsenal stuff. He picked up the ball turn away from his marker and skimmed through 3 defender before giving the assist.

    Does anyone has a link for RVP’s goals?

  132. gunnerluc, there was link towards the end of yesterdays post. it should be easy to find.

  133. Silver Gunner

    Well, when your leg is left attached to the rest of you by skin and some tendons, it tends to take a while to recover and heal.

    Ask Diaby.

    It’s one reason why Fabregas won’t be let go.
    It’s one reason he wants to go. IMO.

  134. thanks paul!

  135. Silver Gunner

    finsbury i understand i was just shocked to hear that’s all I mean it will take as long as it takes.

    I just hope he comes back strong….

    I pray that we have the bottle to keep cesc and if he does stay that us as arsenal supporters continue to support him as an arsenal player, because for me the only current arsenal player capable of replacing him is ramsey and not denilson as some would think and ramsey is over a season away from a return to fitness.

    You never know if we get another 2-3 already quality players Cesc may think ok now we have a sqaud strong enough to mount a sustained title challenge.

  136. ramsey is key for the fabregas handover and yes who wouldn’t be worried about having your career ruined by some english skinhead wanker… it probably is a factor in cesc’s decision.

    The ‘cesc thing’ really highlights the significance of the loss of ramseys development. Just as he was coming into form…. what a shame.

  137. Silver Gunner

    Where did you get the information that he is going to miss the whole of next season and some of the one after?


  138. cecs is a important polayer bcoz the players around him are shit get quality players u will see arsenal will win all the trophies i really mean it even if be buy gago, diarra, keep cecs buy that german cb and taylor we will have a very good squad the best thing is we can keep rotating the squad which will result in lesser injuries and fatigue all players will be fresh for all games and we will have all the teams rawwwwwwwww…..

  139. Silver Gunner

    Hopefully it won’t take so long, but this season will surely be just about recovery for AR?

    I should correct my above comment: I don’t know what’s going to happen in the future, but the club have been quite ‘hard’ in recent negotiations with other clubs. We’ll see.

    Sorry to have almost trolled the board with my concern about broken legs, but with Diaby, Eduardo, Ramsey all suffering from impact injuries, how can morale not have been affected?
    Mine has been!

  140. @Silver Gunner.

    Both those articles come from an interview with Arsenal TV. I’d suggest going to the source and take your slant from there.

  141. I just read that we want Mexes from Roma but they want Eboue, Sagna and Gallas in return…

  142. Exactly, Wengerball.

    And Colin Lewin spoke about an early autumn return.

  143. … if you’re going to make up transfer rumours, at least make it slightly plausible.

  144. Aaron Ramsey should be back to full fitness by Sept – Oct 2010. Maybe sooner.

  145. I’d heard about an early Autumn return too, as a result of the techniques being used (no casts) to help his recovery.

    To see AR play again (even it’s just to help ease him back in) before Xmas would be very impressive, and welcome!

  146. LimparAssist

    Mexes is as much a Romanista as Totti and De Rossi. He’s said many times that he’d love to end his career there and that leaving would be ‘treachery’. He came to Rome from Auxerre, having joined Auxerre from Toulouse at 16 yrs old.

    O for Cesc’s boyhood club to have been Toulouse.

  147. SO true about Ramsey being able to do a half decent job in Cesc’s absence if he had been allowed to continue his development, only now he has to contemplate on his career after that tackle assault. Also it means we don’t have someone willing to catch hold of the game by the balls and drag it in our favour. Diaby & Nasri have done it far too inconsistently. So we wait on Arsene.

  148. I know someone who broke his back in a crash.
    Pins and clamps were used not casts, like with AR’s leg, and he was back playing and coaching (kids) football within a year.
    Took a while to rebuild strength after that, but then, it was a much more serious injury.

  149. BillikenGooner

    Van der Vaart, Higuain, and probably Gago will be part of bidding wars that Wenger would never get in, or more to the point… win.

    Garay could be salvaged, I think and we could probably get him for a decent price.

  150. Wright labels Arsenal board “a bunch of mugs” Sport.co.uk 16:02

    When was the last time you heard this guy say anything positive about arsenal?


    in my eyes he lost that “legend” status a long time a go.

    ian twat, twat, twat , twat

  151. The leading candidate for the Arsenal captaincy is Aaron Ramsey. We’ve already heard how he will seamlessly slot into Fabregas’s position, and for me he is just as well qualified to slot into his role as captain. The second favourite is a toss up between Campbell and Silvestre. They have similar footballing ability, and both have all the experience one could desire. As the most intelligent player at the club, Silvestre might just edge it.

  152. geeGunner

    What Dead-Wood and co are not mugs?

    Fans like you think Denilson is a legend

    Wrighty 2nd highest goalscorer in our history means he is a legend

  153. It’s always sad to see one of our former players turn against our club, but well, not everybody can respect the Arsenal as much as, say, Henry.

    Btw. does it only seem to me like that or are our foreign players that became legends like Henry, Pires etc. much more respectful towards our club?

  154. Gooner Al

    Ian Wright the player deserves every ounce of respect anyone can muster.

    Ian Wright the pundit seeks a lot of publicity and rarely presents a coherent argument to support his views. Ex players such as Alan Smith, Martin Keown, Lee Dixon, Nigel Winterburn, Ray Parlour, Frank McLintock are equally critical but do so in a measured way.

    Oh, and BTW, Denilson is a good player. The stats prove it…


  155. Ramsey will be captain one day

    Silvestre on the other hand…

    I think denilson could be in the mix in a few years also but RVP is the main man after cesc

  156. wrighty would claim he feels that way because he is passionate about the club

    no excuse for being misinformed and ignorant though

  157. Ian Wright learned his punditry on TalkShite.

  158. Not at all, word. We’re all misinformed and ignorant to some extent. That is forgivable. What can’t be forgiven is being an arsehole.

  159. *

  160. lol talking of arseholes I was just thinking how G4E’s * looks a bit like a chocolate starfish.

    night night all

  161. Silver Gunner

    Guys point taken about goint to the source….

    Autumn 2010 would be great.

  162. Silver Gunner


    are you having a laugh about Silvestre captain?!!!

    I am not sure whether to laugh or cry……

    YW denilson is a good player he is just not the playmaker cesc is or ramsey will become.

    Come AW come out and tell us what you intend on doing with Cesc………….

    The wait is unbearable….

  163. Gooner al. Twats like u read da sun!

  164. Gunner4Ever,
    is that a little arsehole?

  165. “And so to the Cesc saga. The circus continued yesterday with the first public utterances from the player. His stance is clear: he wants to leave. Carefully though, he refused to say that he must leave, preferring to emphasise that the final decision is Arsenal’s.”

    After Hillwood comments, I think both player & club washed their hands and put the whole thing on Wenger’s shoulders.

  166. Yep all down to poor Arsene…again. Cheers Cesc, cheers Peter. But still all the little pricks will come on here baying for his blood.

  167. feeling hopeless

  168. That is true Frank.

  169. Aaron Ramsey is going to be a fantastic player. I really believe he will be true world class in a few years. However, to ask a 19 year old player to fill that type of a spot on a title contending team is asking more then any 19 year old player should deal with. He will not come back to full strength and speed next year. Even without the injury he needs time to develop. We all want to look for anything positive in the Cesc situation. Throwing AR into a position where he could have to be one of the more influential players in the league in the CF4 mode is probably not wise at this stage in his or anyones career.

  170. What a load of bollocks, Arsene has made his own bed and now he must lay in it. Thats the truth

  171. That is the point, he hasn’t made his bed. Everyone else is making it and expecting him to lie in it.

  172. @ 3:25, I was attempting to ask if others thought there had been an effect upon morale after such consecutive impact injuries, not upon anyones’ position or role in the squad. I wasn’t following Ramsey that closely this season, waiting to see how he progressed with the staff at AFC.

    In the end, such thoughts are purely speculative, and probably not worthwhile.

  173. Wenger has made his bed?

    One thing I know is that this man does not deserve the pressure he is under. I can imagine his thoughts before seasons end was to find the corrects additions to push us to the top and now all this bull crap.

    No wonder the guy looked so haggard in the pictures with Chamakh!


  175. You are a star, Paul N

  176. Paul N, oh grow up will you, he’s one the highest paid managers in the world and he’s had plenty of chances to bring in players without breaking the bank. You talk about him like he’s been treated unfairly yet he would of been sacked years ago at any other top club. Dont get me wrong he is a genius but he’s lost the plot a little bit now and I think he may retire.

  177. Ok, Webster.

    Ungratefulness and shortsightedness really gets to me!

    Likewise Frank!

  178. He would have been sacked years ago? what an absolutely ridiculous thing to say. How can you sack a person when they are the major reason why the team is where it is?

    Damn blasted foolishness, we havent won “lately” but we have surely been within a shout inspite of not having the resources and having major injuries.

    Arsene has tried to buy players and it didnt work out. Would you have him hold the players and teams at gunpoint until they sell the player to us?

    How do you know how much money he has to spend?

    The last line about him being a genius is weak!

  179. Arsene Wenger is the true hero of this team. If Fabregas wants to go, he can get out right now.

  180. Ya Webster, don’t get you wrong.

    You said it Frank

  181. I now hope fabregas goes and allows Arsenal Football Club to get on with its business.

  182. Any way, are you saying that Arsene deserves what he is going through because he didnt do what you thought was right?

  183. YW

    ‘The question then becomes whether he should remain as Captain of Arsenal Football Club. Much will depend on the squad’s reaction to his return. Whilst they will no doubt welcome him, recognising his abilities as a player, would they react so generously to his captaincy. It would be easy for them to look at him and question his motivation’.

    Oh really? Question Cesc’s motivation? A bunch of players who are bottlers and probably the main reason he’s leaving?

  184. Gainsbourg69

    If Cesc left I would not mind Van der Vaart or Schweinsteiger taking over his position.

  185. Paul N, Your arguments are stupid nad you’re ignoring the reality for the sake of it. I dont know you at all but I’d bet a million pounds you’ve never been to Highbury or the emirates.

    How many more of our ex-stars have to voice there concerns? People forget that people like McLintock, merson and Wright love Arsenal more then almost any fans, you cant ignore what they say. How many more players have to leave?

    Did you hear what Yaya Toure said when asked about joining us? He said ‘Why would i want to go back to school when i’m already at university?’

    That’s from a player who isnt even that great talking about us like were a small time piece of shit club, its fucking bullshit and fucks me off.

  186. I don’tknow where you guys get the energy from for all these battles you have based on nothing other than rumour but keep it up!

    I watched RvP score two great goals last night. I’m not Dutch but I was out of my seat, clenching my fist shouting “fuckin’ come on”

    Now I’m off to Ladbrokes on-line to see what odds I can get for him to be top scorer at the WC

  187. You are a star, Number10

  188. hahaha….the never been to Highbury Myth. I guess one must be born under the clock end at Highbury to really become an Arsenal fan.

  189. He’s one of the highest paid managers….but don’t get me wrong, he’s a genius…maybe that’s why he is a high paid manager, genius?

  190. If all signings should be based on ability then why do we have the Almunia’s, Fabianki’s and Denilson’s wearing the famous red and white?

  191. The movement for the first goal …and no-one mentions the fact that the second goal was a volley…class

  192. Gunner4ever, no not at all, but you can tell that some people havent felt the same pain as others have these last few years

  193. Top Goalscorer is 16-1

    GET ON NOW!!!!!

  194. Adamson, exactly. The only people who have let Arsenel down are his own players that he’s had faith in. The same players who didn’t show any fight for him the last month of the season. Like I said earlier he has made his own bed

  195. Ok Webster.

    I will support and defend Arsene because he has taken the club far and we will get even better.

    I repeat, maybe you didnt read it, Arsene said that he tried to add but it didnt work out. What should he have done?

    I dont care about what others are saying. I care about what I believe will be a great team in the near future, with or without Cesc.


  196. “merson and Wright love Arsenal more then almost any fans, you cant ignore what they say. How many more players have to leave?”

    Not really, they love the “Quid” and say whatever to get it. If Wright loved Arsenal, he would have made sure for his son to play for Arsenal not the highest bidder who treated him like sh*t and they still do “Chelski and even the Oilers”

  197. Fucking hell…16-1? Fantastic odds.

  198. ,,

  199. F*ck Off Howard-son

  200. …and Howardster

  201. w*n*er to be sacke

  202. Gunner4ever, what rubbish. If we really wanted SWP then we should of matched chelsea’s offer. You make it sound like were Bolton

  203. People who think Arsene Wenger is to blame for Cesc leaving must be out of their minds. This is all to do with the weakness of Cesc and nothing else. If he had to leave why did he commit to a lucrative long term contract? If he has to leave why hasn’t he put in a transfer request? No, he wants to be the good boy and let his manager clear up the mess he has created.

    And for your information, Cristiano Ronaldo, who played for what is probably your picture of a model club, winning things and signing players for 30 Million, also wanted to leave.

  204. I think Arsenal were never interested in SWP.

  205. kersersoze. Fabregas leaving is just the final nail in the coffin for the ‘youth project’

  206. What you call the youth project is actually the sustainable model for running a football club. It is something that is much beyond the influence of a player moving to another club.

  207. Webster,

    So you think I should slate and doubt the manager and half the squad to show how painful it’s was for me not winning trophies?

    The real Arsenal fan Webster should weigh up all the good and the bad in the last 5 years, be reasonable in their expectations, and try not to – as much as possible – slate his own manager and players.

    It hasn’t been happy days, but believe me it could have been so much worse if not for the man you’re not happy with now. Any other manager would have left along time ago for no funds. Moouninho or Sir a$$ Ferguson would not survive 10 minutes on Arsenal’s budget.

    I think some of us lost the plot, not Wenger.

  208. SWP allegedly cost the Chav$ £25M in ’05.

    AA cost AFC £10M+ in ’09.

  209. I don’t blame Cesc. Tolerance has its limit. Playing with poor players like Denilson, Diaby in midfield? Can’t see what Arsene saw in Denilson to bring him from far away Brazil when they are better young players in England and even Europe.

  210. SWP could have played for Arsenal if his price was reasonable.
    playing for Arsenal is an honor for any player right? Especially if their dad “loves” Arsenal so much and was a player there too?

    Money talks for some people Webster, he went where the money is.

  211. Webster @7.17pm

    Yaya and Kolo Toure – are they by any chance related?

    Many years ago there was a Yaya Toure on trial at Arsenal but Wenger rejected him. Are they related?

    You take the word of a man with an obvious axe to grind.

    Back to the classroom for you, my boy.


  212. Adamson, Cescs decision was made after the Barca games, he was just downright embarrased

  213. YW, that doesnt change the fact that what he said was true though does it? He could of said that about Barca could he?

  214. The note below is something I posted toay on ANR as a comment. I thought I’d share it with you all.

    “It should be like swallowing glass for you now to be recognising what RvP can do after years of writing him off? Is it? No?

    I also notice you have stopped refering to yourself as an old hippie and now you are a beatnick! Really? Tell your readers why you think you are in that category please?

    You know it really is a sign of self obsession when you can’t admit outright that you have changed your mind about a player. Instead you still try to cover it up by referring to Robin”Bang”Persie. OK,beatnick; but thats what good strikers can do. If you were a real student of the game you would see the positions he takes up looking for some kind of edge. I remember Harry Redknapp talking about DB10 saying something like “he took up so many different positions at a corner that he was impossible to mark. World class”
    I watch RvP now and he is doing the same kind of things! Own up and give him credit; and while you are it grab a bit of the 16’s on offer for WC top goalscorer”

  215. Delia-----Block 112

    AW seems to have taken the pressure off Cesc and on to his own shoulders.He looks a man under stress.
    It would not surprise me if Cesc leaves in next January’s window allowing Ramsey time to recover and slot into his spot. It is quite possible that AW and Cesc came to some mutual understanding last week in the hope that the furore would cease. Once the WC kicks off the media’s attention will be diverted elsewhere.

  216. shotta-gunna

    Paul N – You are always my ally and brother.

    BTW – Hell a yard my yute. What a shame?

  217. I Know I have been following it on the web. Tears, Tears…

    The politicians created a monster, that they lost control of and now to eradicate it, many people have to suffer!

    Wat ah ting, eeeh?

  218. Sorry Shotta, no doubt about the first part of your comment!

  219. Webster @7.49pm

    Past your bedtime isn’t it sunshine? Is that the most coherent argument you can come up with?


  220. @ webster

    well he is very unlikly to want to sh*t in his own garden is he?

  221. Fuck off James.

  222. The hack dwarf getting his comeuppance. Excellent. Parasitic fucking toad.

  223. You are a star, shotta-gunna

  224. I saw 20-1 somewhere btw. Hold up a sec…

  225. Not keen on linking to bookmakers, but here’s an excerpt from the article I read earlier:

    “Van Persie’s been cut across the board, and is now a best of 20/1 at Coral.

    Spain striker David Villa remains the favourite at a general 9/1 ahead of Argentina’s Lionel Messi and England’s star man Wayne Rooney.”

  226. I watched the Chamakh intro video again, Arsene looks absolutely shattered. He doesn’t even look like he’s shaken whatever illness he had over the last few games of the season. People have been talking about how much Cesc’s put into this club over the last seven years, they should be looking at the fact that Arsene’s put a thousand times more in every day for the last 14. What an utter fucking legend that man is.

  227. I thought Messi was out of the WC?

  228. Totally agree Vince. Arsene is taken for granted by some people, when he is practically killing himself for this club. If he was a glory seeker like some, he would have f*cked off to RM years ago, where he could have played fantasy football with an unlimited budget.

  229. Queen of Suburbia

    Essien is out Passenal but i’ve not heard anything about Messi?

  230. There is a rumour going around on Twitter amongst arsenal fans that Joe Cole may be coming to us.

    Just a rumour.

  231. By the way, obviously Moaniho’s tactics in management are not sustainable, therefore he spends 3 years more or less at the same club.

    Use all the available resources, play defensive crap, win a couple of titles, move on to the next. Glory, Glory, Hallelujah.

  232. His nickname should be: The Special Mercenary One

  233. I hope it’s not true – I still remember him saying he would not want to play for Arsenal, so he can find somewhere else for his rehabilitation. Isn’t he leaving chelski because they won’t pay him exhorbitant sums of money? I would be seriously underwhelmed with that signing.

  234. 1 loose cannon

    Barca is a one man team and we are not. we proved it without RVP and Fabregas. 2nd leg in C.l Messi saved their skin we took the lead and if they did not have messi we would’ve won the tie. I did not see any of the barca players scoring that night. A combination of Messi and a weakened difference due to injury that led to the defeat. Inter proved they are a one man team they took Messi out of the game and they could not score for 90 minutes. Anyone who is not proud to play for Arsenal can bugger off and any fan who is an Arsenal fan when we’re winning can bugger off too.I’m talking to you Webster.

  235. I agree with Passenal @10:34, unless we are adding him for English “Grit” reasons and he will just warm the bench. Highly unlikely

  236. Someone told me that a couple of days ago QoS, but if no one else has heard it, it can’t be true.

  237. 1 loose cannon

    Muppet-Joe cole is 28-29 I think. Wenger will not give him a 4 year deal. I can’t see it. we have Nasri and rosicky who are better than him in my opinion. The only tempting part is that he will be on a free transfer.

  238. Don’t shoot the messenger ! LOL

    Well..yes.. only tempting part is the free transfer.

    Story is not corroborated by anything on newsnow, so I’m sceptical as well.

  239. BANG! BANG!

  240. Boom! Boom!


  242. He’d have to spend time with an orthopaedic specialist to stop him from sticking his arse out.

  243. He is not what we need TS. We have plenty of quality going forward, it’s defensive reinforcements that we need and he’s certainly no cesc replacement!

  244. 1 loose cannon

    Joe Cole in today’s inflated market is worth 20+ I guess. Ballack and Deco are leaving I’ve also heard on the radio toady Lampard and Cashley going to Madrid. Regardless of what happens with fabregas I do feel we will be strong next season even without adding any player. But I do think Wenger will get at least 2 players in to beef up the defence and midfield.

  245. We could use him as a defender Passenal.

    Just parking his fat arse in front of the goal should do the trick. If we could get Lumpalard as well we could park both their arses in front of the goal and never concede again.

  246. 1 loose cannon

    Very latest from the Catalan sleaze masters.
    Barcelona presidential candidate Marc Ingla insists Cesc Fabregas will move to the Nou Camp this summer.

    Ingla said: “Cesc will be a Barcelona player, yes, yes. The money is not as important as his dream because he wants to return to Barcelona and it’s a dream for our fans.

    “Arsenal are a model club and to maintain good relations we will try to agree a good price. Of course Barcelona wants to complete a quick deal.

    “I believe that Cesc’s time at Arsenal has finished, they have benefited from him and now we hope to reach agreement.”
    There you have it arrognace and stupidity beyond belief
    Honestley I cannot remeber a club so disrespectful and arrogant as these lot. They’ve surpassed R.Madrid in this one.

  247. “Arsenal are a model club and to maintain good relations we will try to agree a good price. Of course Barcelona wants to complete a quick deal.

    So what is taking then so long? Just pay the required amount and the deal is done. If not shut the fuck up.

  248. Good luck to the England U17s in the final on Sunday.

  249. At least Real Madrid cough up good money for the players they want.

    I would say sell him to Real Madrid to piss off Barca. in that case I would take 30 million for him.

  250. I fully agree Passenal, but as a free transfer, it wont be a bad deal at all… me thinks… of vourse wage demands will be at the heart of any such decision being made

  251. Oh and slap a clause there that we get another 30 if RM sold him to Barca.

  252. Barcelona really are an absolute fucking embarassment to professional football. An utter disgrace.

  253. Joe Cole pulls his shorts so far up they have to make arm holes in them. I can’t watch a man like that every week.

  254. 1 loose cannon

    Dups- They ahevn’t made a bid yet beacause they are still counting the pennies they have left. They are 400 millions in debts I also heard they still owe us money from the sale of Hleb and Henry. all the sleazy stuff through the media is to drive the price down. It seems to me they are looking for more loans from banks and checking if they have any dead wood left in their squad to throw into the deal.

  255. We can all huff and puff about how utterly disgracefull barca are, but end of the day we are going to loose another player to them. And it wont be the last. Untill the prem leauge changes its neaderthal mentallity the top player will allways rather play in spain or italy. Less chance of a career ending injury. Sure ces could go to Barca in a few years after he has won a few trophys with us. But what if a mug like shawcross end his career prematurley. he has now seen 3 such tackles in his time at Arsenal, Id also want to go play some where that I will get a little more protection. and the fact that it is his club, in his home country. I really cant blame the boy.
    We will survive,, we are the Arsenal.

  256. 1 loose cannon

    Frank- that is a strange one. Why does his pull his shorts up like that?


  258. I ALSO AGREE THAT THESE INJURIES is one major reason why lots of players would rather go to spain

  259. zulu, protection or the lack there of has nothing to do with Cesc leaving or wanting to. I dont buy that for a second.

    he simply wants to go to Barca to win.

    70 mil atleast!

  260. Frank

    That obervation is eerily accurate.

    The also has a large head and tiny body and is charateristicly thick as pig shit.

    Not Arsenal material for me.

    Plus I remember the comments he made about the club before the van persie demolishing at the bridge in 08.

  261. Does anyone believe the latest reports that Arsenal have said he’s not for sale?

  262. Cesc that is.

  263. What a sigh of relief! it seems everyone has come to their senses regarding CF4.HE IS NOT GOING ANYWHERE & HAS NOT ASKED TO LEAVE LIKE THE GREEDY ONE. I was begining to think that we had some anti arsenal elements masquerading as fans on aclf (am talking about you kersesoze). please lets get this clear: cesc would love to play for barca BUT he wants to play for the gunners.

  264. The cesc to barca is old news(if it ever was new) in my arrogant opinion. moving on to other issues arsenal,does any one honestly believe that Rosicky was a better player than what we’ve seen this season(ie:his contribution against wolves,stoke)? Dont get me wrong,i think he is a very good footballer but makin him out to be world class is a bit off the mark,me thinks.

  265. Cesc hasn’t shown he’s a bad captain. In fact he has shown that he is a pure professional and can lead by example.

    We have kept Henry and Vieira as captains even after they wanted to move away. With Vieira it was 3 years of the BS and he was still captain.

    I think it’s naieve to believe that the players will act negatively because he wanted to move away. All players would understand his position, because ultimately all players will at some stage think about moving on as well.

    Sure, he hasn’t come out and said definitely that he wants to stay, but he also hasn’t come out at said he doesn’t want to play here any more.

  266. Oh my god! What have I done to offend you, dear Trugunn?

  267. please lets get this clear: cesc would love to play for barca BUT he wants to play for the gunners

    Sorry trugunn, this statement is not clear to me on various levels. It throws up some interesting insights though, into the working of a man’s mind which were hitherto unknown to me. Care to explain to a mere mortal?

  268. Morning all.

    New Post Up


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