Barcelona To Start At £40m With New Money In At Arsenal

Someone, somewhere has to have the story of ‘Arsenal in crisis‘. Not many though since Cesc is old news, the panic button is now being pressed at Anfield and Stamford Bridge with Ashley Cole, Didier Drogba, Fernando Torres and Steven Gerrard all apparently targets of new Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho. Wait, no, hold on, he has not been appointed yet so it’s just speculation.

George Graham has given an experienced manager’s view on whether to let Cesc go or not. Essentially, it is the former. No, actually it is, provided the fee is met:

If the boy definitely wants to go, then let him. Arsenal will still make a huge profit – just like they did with Nicolas ­Anelka.

Can’t argue with that and Graham went further:

It won’t be the end of ­Arsenal, not by any means. There is no one player who has ever run or will run ­Arsenal Football Club.

If Barcelona come up with the fee that ­Arsenal want, then there is no point keeping a player who doesn’t want to be there.

He then went onto argue that reserve football is not much of a threat because the owners want their £50k per week assets on the pitch producing the goods. It would not be much of a threat at Arsenal either since it is all hands to the pump with the injuries suffered in recent seasons.

In Spain, the mood of reporting has changed as Barcelona are to approach Arsenal this week, the initial offer improved from the public pronouncements of £30m to £40m with Barcelona hoping to include player(s) to reduce the cash outlay. Generously, the media report that it might even be a player they have out on loan. Ooooh, wonder who that could be?

Spanish journalists have even been reading the transfer gossip over here with Yoan Gorcuff identified as the ideal replacement. Signing him from Bordeaux should be a doddle, especially with the excellent relations between the clubs on the transfer front.

But a note of warning is issued. Barcelona will not mortgage their future for Cesc. And if Arsenal are not careful, they will pull out of any transfer negotiations just like they did with Bayern Munich over Franck Ribery last summer. So Mr Gazidis just take note of that because if you are not careful, we might end up like Bayern Munich, keeping our best player and in the Champions League final in 2011. And we wouldn’t want that, would we? Well, OK, we will forgo the bit about the brothel…

Lady Nina Bracewell-Smith has apparently fluttered her eyelashes towards Africa and up popped Mr Aliko Dangote who has apparently got £160m resting unused in carrier bags next to the washing machine and wants to use them to buy her shareholding. This is of course, the prelude to him buying the club. Or not as the price he is paying for the shares is considerably higher than that paid by the Grateful Dead and Stan Kroenke is recent times.

Which should be an interesting early test for any revamped Fit and Proper conditions that the Premier League lay down at their forthcoming AGM.

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. The British media is the propaganda arm of FC Barcelona

  2. thenorthbank

    Will be very interesting to see what kind of first offer Barcelona make for Cesc. If they think that they can pay under the market value for him just because he was there as a kid, they can go f*ck themselves.

    He is on a long-term contract that is still in its protected period. So, if they want him, they’ll have to pay up.

  3. by why listen to a discredited ex manager who took back handers for transfers

  4. Aaah but then why listen to ex-players who have no clue about what is going on at the club?

  5. I hate this whole thing, I wish I could just bury my head.

  6. Me wonders, if Murino takes over RM. With all the resources and his little “magic”touch. Even with the worlds best players, and our super cesc it will be very very hard for Barcelona to win anything in spain. Not because they are not good. Cos they are, they are very very good. But because Murino can make stars work together. Even though RM is full of assholes you cannot deny the club has enourmous potential if they get the right boss.
    I think going to Barca to win trophys if Murino takes over at RM will be hard.

    I also think we will get one next year.
    Oh the irony! going to Barca to win, just to be put on your place by RM, while your old team that is to “crap” to win anything will take alteat one trophy back home.

    I guess its the old argument about the grass and how green it is…

  7. @els oh and do not go and bury your head. I tried to bury my body in sand at the beach ones.. it felt very sticky and im conviced there was stuff living down there…

  8. Cesc still under contract…Barca need to meet the asking $ or leave him alone!!! By the way, if AW & Arsenal not interested to sell, WHY KEEP QUIET???!!! They don’t have the balls to reject Barca or RM???? Why we need to suffer every seasons when come to players transfer????

  9. ok golin that’s settled I will never even go near a beach now.

  10. Yep they can start at £40 million, I take it Messi comes the other way then!!!!

  11. have you heard about Alico Dangote? the richest Nigerian and African, he wants to buy shares in arsenal……..hmm makes me wonder as an arsenal fan but makes me proud as a Nigerian(Nigerians sure do love soccer a whole lot)

  12. So apparently the latest is, that cesc has said he’ll be happy to stay if barca don’t cough up serious cash for him? Is that about right? Supposedly obviously.

  13. David Dein would have stopped all this shit with Barcelona. BRING HIM BACK AND BLOODY QUICK BEFORE ALL ARSENAL PLAYERS ARE IN BARCELONA SHIRTS!!!

    See they are afetr Eboue as well now!!!

  14. ps. Dangote is no. 324 on forbes list last year, richer than the whole Glazer family put together…….lol

  15. Wasn’t David Dein at the club when we sold 3 players to Barcelona in one single season?

  16. I agree with JSP, our transfer policy has gone to shite since David Dean has left!!

    I say we sell Cesc so we dont have this saga every summer. Cash in now while his value is through the roof and then using the money from Ade and Cesc build a squad with some experience and age.

    Wenger needs to admit project youth has been a faliure only because it is impossible to keep a young team of superstars ego’s together. Admit the faliure, buy some grit and use the faithful members from project youth to win the league and FA cup next year!!

    Cesc will be enraged, especially with Mourinio dominating the spanish league for the next three years!!

  17. I believe so Ole.

    Whats this massive Dein cult. I liked the guy but at the end of the day he nearly fucked us up with ownership.

    IG is doing great things. And he will steer us in the right direction with the Fab thing.

  18. els,

    myths now dominate Arsenal talk.

    I love DD but the club is no less well run now than when he was around.

  19. I know dein was there when three went to Barca, but what happened to them? Petit and Overmars pretty much dissapeared. Even when Petit went to Chelsea he was a shadow of the player he was at Arsenal. I hope cesc has the maturity to look back at what Barcelona have done to big name players, I mean Thierry Henry ended up playing second fiddle to some 18 year old at times.
    Think before you rush off Cesc, it could and most probably be the worse decision of your life!!!

  20. Can someone give me a link to the quotes from Cesc saying he wants to leave. I’ve looked but just can’t find any.

  21. This is from Stone Cold Arsenal on 19th May:

    “We have spent time on the phone this morning with our inside source at Highbury House. And this is not some friend of an uncle’s neighbour’s former school mates half brother who works as a janitor at Arsenal. It is actually our contact’s job to know and deal with these things.

    Our contact has made us understand that Arsenal’s position is simple and clear.

    1. Arsenal does not indulge in media speculation and will not enter a slinging match between the Spanish and English media and tabloids. The club is too classy for that.
    2. Cesc Fabregas is on a long term contract and an employee of Arsenal FC and that’s not going to change because newspapers have columns to fill.
    3. Arsenal are not interested in selling their best and most influential player in his prime. Speaking of which,, a leading authority on player valuations places Cesc Fabregas as the 5th most valuable player in the world after Lionel Messi, Christiano Ronaldo, Xavi Hernandez and Andreas Iniesta.
    4. Barcelona will have to break the bank if ever there was a decision made to sell Cesc.”

    Which is cheering.

  22. For Brady see Cesc


    Henry won the one trophy he had never won the CL.A trophy he would not have won at Arsenal

  23. funny that aint it steww

  24. I also think Cesc would be stupid to go to Barcelona. He has every chance to win trophies at Arsenal. And the team is built around him, and makes him shine.

    I think he will get into the Barca side since he is a far more productive player than Xavi & Iniesta combined, and he passes every bit as well as they do.

    But he won’t have the freedom to interprete play he has at Arsenal.

  25. Flint McCullough

    Good stuff, YW.

    Assuming that the basis of what we have been told is true, I agree with GG- it should simply be a matter of Barca coughing up our valuation, in 1 lump sum.

    Forgive me but DD was involved in the sales of Anelka (the closest to the current situation), Overmaars & Petit & was unable to prevent the annual PV4 summer fiascos.

    Nothing against the man, other than his preposterous Wembley idea & wanting to sell us down the river. He was great for the club for a long time but in the end his own interests came 1st by a long way.

    1 player will never be more than the club but the Lady Nina share situation is more of a concern.

  26. So Cesc is off??

  27. Can anyone explain to me why Lady Nina appears to want over the going rate for her shares?
    And does she want to sell them in a block, rather than parcelling them up?
    Is it anything to do with voting rights?

  28. Fuck you Paul Merson, you’re not as good as Denilson.

  29. @ Maria

    Nobody knows. I swing wildly but I am coming to think that most of this is just sound and fury and Cesc will still be with us next season. And Barcelona will have made up some story to save face.

  30. Well, that’s it I’m off to Crete for a few weeks.

    I leave you all with the endless Cesc merry-go-round, the clamour for a ‘world class ‘keeper’, ‘Denilson ain’t good enough’ whines, the World Cup and the likes of SUGA3.


    One last thing, try and have all the transfer business finished by the time I get back in early July. That would be much appreciated. Thank you.

  31. I suspect Barca are laying the ground for a future actual bid, and they don’t intend or anticipate a deal this off-season. We call it “making noise”.

    He is, naturally, their long-term target.

  32. @JSP – u seem to forget that his son is the one dealing with the cesc thingy

    @ Jeff – Mr. Dangote is not the richest African. the richest african is South African followed by an Egyptian

    @ Golin – that is just about true – it would be fucking gr8 to see Maureen win a treble with Real Madrid and Barca suck it up!

    Cesc will wish he could melt! I havent been following the La liga very closely but i sure will once he takes over

  33. Dangote with a seat on the board would be brilliant in my view. Arsenal have huge African support, bigger than Manure or Liverpool. Financially a good move by Lady Nina she always said she wouldnt sell to FatboyFat but this could leave Arsenal in a very good position. No overall control (bit like the country lol) but it keeps Arsenal reasonably democratic and accountable, unlike the mess at Manure or the despotism at Chelski. Liking Dangote (for now)

  34. FunGunner swings wildly shocker.

  35. Thanks FG, I have that feeling too…much like the Henry and Veira segas of yester year.


    You really are turning into a grumpy so and so. Hope the holiday cheers you up…make sure you have your scouting hat at all times though..!!

  36. CBob have a nice one. Can I carry your cases?

  37. “@ Jeff – Mr. Dangote is not the richest African. the richest african is South African followed by an Egyptian.”

    I was wondering about that this morning more lazy journalism.

  38. Man, how I wish I was going to Crete.

    CBob, bring back a player, a one-off unknown great big Cretian, a really big one, with feet, and knees, and all the essential stuff.

    We’ll decide his position on your return. If all else fails, he can open the bowling for Zimbabwe.

  39. @ Marcus. The youth project has even started, mate. You want to kill it off before 8 years of hard work bubbles nicely to the surface next year, and the year after and the year after that, and the year after that, and the year after that………

    @ Marcus…. and in that crop there is some grit too!

  40. How did this Dangote chap make his money? Does anybody know….or care?

  41. None of us can legislate for the greed or ambition of a player or his agent. You can however make them or their suitors pay very heavily by locking that player in a very lucrative long-term contract with substantial penalties.
    Bring it on Barca. Bring it on!

  42. Goodbye and good luck Consols.
    Will miss your searing wit and wisdom.

  43. Who’s going to look after the hens, C’bob? I would offer, if I lived nearer.

  44. I thought our relations with Bordeux on the transfer front were poor as they were not happy with the way we went about signing Chamahk?

  45. @ Dan

    Triaud is complaining, but without reason. We went through the proper channels (ie not the newspapers), offered a fee for Marouane Chamakh and were turned down. Triaud’s valuation was unreasonable, so AW opted to wait until the player was out of contract and take the risk that Chamakh would extend his contract with Bordeaux or go to another club. In the event, Chamakh declined to extend his contract and chose Arsenal over a couple of other clubs.

  46. Dan I think YW was being flippent.

  47. Dangote is frm d Northern part of Nigeria,he has a company name after him they specialize in d production of rice,indomie,salt,sugar,spagetti,cement and a other things

  48. First I welcome Chamack to Arsenal,you are a great buy and I know you will do great things for us in the coming seasons.(few days too late as i wasn’t in the loop until this morning as i had given myself afew days break to get away from all this “Cesc to Barca” furore)

    FunG and Passenal i have also decided as of last week I wouldn’t be disappointed if Spain got spanked in the WC. I just can’t believe the sh!t barca and their players are spewing.

    Consol, can I come with you? I can do with abreak from all this transfer madness.

    Golin I also have a feeling that Fabrigas may leave and he wont be getting any trophies next season whereas we will get atleast one.

  49. Gunnergirl so he makes pot noodels?

  50. @ole

    Seems he grew his business from the ground up, but he is well connected politically. It’s a diverse business form Sugar to cement.

    Last year their was massive upheaval in the gruop with many of his top execs leaving amid claims of mismanagement and massive debt.

    here’s a link to his profile.

  51. Brian what does it matter that it’s Dein’s son???? Pointless agruement!!

    When dein was at Arsenal we were the strong buying club. Now we are just a glorified Daigo supply club. When DAVID Dein was at Arsenal he would never have allowed out most influencial players go so easliy. OK Overmars went but was there a reason for that, he soon dissappeared. Notice they never came in for the likes of Bergkamp or Henry in his prime, or Vieira in his prime, or Pires in his prime. They may have tried but were soon told to fuck off

  52. Sorry People. For the girls, consolslel is the jealous type- she would also agree with you about me, Maria! As for the boys, well, not needed on voyage covers it. I’ll see you there for a drink though if you fancy it.

    For any worried about the hens, we have a couple of Kiwis moving in for the duration. Excellent worker, your Kiwi, like an Aussie without the attitude.

  53. contraversial that bob.

  54. David Dein’s son is Cesc’s agent, Henry’s also. Dick lot of good that did us or appears it will do us. The Dein family as a whole are about money and not Arsenal, at least in terms of priorities.

    The key point is: Barcelona have not bid for our player.

    People say they will, but why the hold up then?

    Even if they do, we wont be selling at the price quoted.

    We should let this drag out, refuse to deal before the world cup. See if Cesc was serious about wanting his future sorted so it didn’t distract him. See how he fares with a couple of months listening to xavi and pique’s noxious cuntiness – I cant imagien any human could stand 3 days without never wantiong to hear it again.

  55. For Brady see Cesc


    How brought Arsene over from Japan?…………………………..a certain David Dein.Who still speaks regularly to Wenger

  56. JSP keeps asserting things that are not true.

    Under David Dein we sold 6 members of a double winning side. In one single season.

    Of course that paved the way for the invincibles squad to be assembled but that’s another matter altogether.

  57. Wondering whether the Cesc Arsenal/Barcelona business may be cultural. Maybe the Spanish and English do business differently such that one side may feel offended. Cultural shock or what?

  58. kenyan gunner that shouldn’t matter it should be the UEFA goverened way.

    Anybody got ang thought’s on defense for next season, or anything to just move past this tiresome cesc debacle.

  59. As for Dangote and his money we Kenyans consider Nigerians a corrupt lot, though we pace them quite hard in the corruption index. But on seeing the Duchess of York soliciting a bribe on international television makes one wonder about who should throw the first stone!


    He is the man. No matter who he brings, real madrid will become winners again next season if Jose goes there. We would do well to learn from what he has done.

    He is truly the special one, despite all the rivalry from the chelsea days, you gotta take you hat off to the guy. He is the greatest manager of this generation without doubt.

    That he is still in the early stages of his managerial career is scary. If he could become arsenal manager at some point in the future, it would be a priviledge.

    And all the people who accuse him of being arrogant? Well, the question is, so what? He is a winner, He has earned the right to be.

    And that his football is anti-football? who gave anyone the right to determine what is football and what is not. What jose does is football, whether anyone likes it or not. He has not broken any rules, remember?

    People need to leave these sour grapes attitude and give this man his dues whether anyone likes him or not. It takes special quality to achieve what he has and its not something that any manager can achieve.

    This is not a criticism of arsene wenger, but objectively speaking, Arsene needs to learn from him about the art of winning and not giving anything away. Coz the man epitomises all the qualities of winners that this arsenal team lacks.

    As martin tyler, put it so eloquently after the final.
    “He is the special one, and if he is to bow out of inter, what a way to bow out. He knows how to beat the best, even when his team are not the best, and that is a a special quality”

    What a man, what a fighter, what a champion!

    Bless him. 🙂

  61. Els in my marketing class we were told that one can’t rule out culture in business. Like in some cultures a man will buy you lunch even when he intends to rip you off. Mind you Uefa doesn’t sit pretty on their moral high horse!

  62. @ JSP

    Incoherent. What has DD bringing AW to Arsenal (for which we will be for ever grateful) got to do with DD letting players go?


    @ els
    So what are your thoughts on defence? I think we need personnel assuming Gallas leaves, but I think the main issue is to be solved by coaching. If you look back to the start of last season, they defended as a team really well until around the time RVP got injured.

  63. Aaaaargh…..I wish I could see this naga b**** in real life…..just 1 minute is all I ask…….

  64. @ Naga Gunner

    Jose ought to learn from Wenger that fans like to be entertained as well.

    Jose ought to grow some and take a risk now and again.

  65. @ Maria

    Can I watch that minute? ha ha ha

  66. @Fungunner

    What are your views on Martin Keown, coming back to coach the side defensively?

  67. naga gunner, Mourinho’s teams play ugly football. 30% possession is unbecoming of the champions of Europe. It’s such ugly football that forced Fifa to do away with the back pass. at this rate they should now do away with the headed back pass. Another ten years of Mourinho and they’ll have to do away with the off-side rule!

  68. Fungunner!

    Yes, they need to learn from each other. 🙂
    I am just saying people need to give jose his dues, its not easy to do what he has done. Its a very high standard he has set and we should aspire to reach those heights. good to hear from you again.


    I am afraid you will be too beautiful for me. 🙂


  69. I’m sure it could work, Maria, but I don’t have strong opinions about it.
    Anything that works is fine by me. What I meant in the earlier post was that they obviously CAN defend well, and it’s a puzzle why they stopped doing it.

  70. Mourinho hasn’t set any sort of standard, Naga Gunner. He has debased the beautiful game. He has taken hundreds of millions of pounds worth of talent, and produced “shit on a stick”.
    Sport can be inspiring and thrilling. It may not always work out that way, but to set out deliberately to make it workmanlike and dull is unforgiveable.

  71. Anyway, see you, guys.

  72. naga I would much rather be an arsenal supporter than an inter supporter.

    Come back to me when jose can get his teams to string ten passes together and win trophies.

    I would rather bide my time with this fantastic team that has so much potential. When it clicks this team will win everything and have 5-8 seasons ahead of them.

    The fact that a supposed arsenal supporter says that Jose is better than Wenger is for me a joke, completely ungrateful and obviously misinformed. The fact remains that Inter Chelsea … have thrown money at him (we don’t have that luxury) he then leaves a team with aging players that won’t stick around.

    His only great achievement was with porto, but I tell you now Wenger would piss that league,

  73. Naga, why wouldwe want to speak about Mourino here, after all we are not Inter or real’s fans .

  74. Naga The b****,

    That bore fest of a final is nothing to be congrulated…makes a mockery of football be described as entertainment…the only player that left the game with some dignity was on the losing side…Robben…


    I have no idea why the team stopped defending but I guess human nature can be blamed to some extent..I have the same problem with a teeth…only when I feel the pain do I remember to brush twice and floss…as soon as I dp and the pain numbs a little I am back to my old lazy ways…

  75. kenyan gunner!

    I respect your idealistic views about the game in general. But you should ask the question? Did Porto care? Did chelsea care? Did inter care?

    Whatever the world thought, those clubs loved him when he was there.

    Yes to entertain is important, but that should not be our first priority. Our first priority should be winning, If entertainment comes after that well and good.


  76. naga gunner, Winning at any cost? I assume you consider Tyson a greater boxer than Ali! There’s something about playing any sport with panache. Watching Arsenal is art. Watching any Mourinho side is just football!

  77. You have your priorities all mixed up and wrong Naga. Entertaining comes first , winning is just a bonus,atleast that what us Arsenal fans expect.

  78. Chelsea and Abramovich cared about entertainment; lack thereof was one of the reasons Mourinho got the boot.

    Real Madrid care, and that’s why Capello and del Bosque got the sack after successful tenures. Mourinho won’t last too long, even if he does win trophies and manages to restore hegemony for them.

  79. Strange days SkynotSportsnews drop their Cesc off to Barca story No mention whatsoever yet three days ago it was being reported as a done deal? The story has been blogged to death and it continues. Once again the facts are:
    1. Cesc is an Arsenal player on a long term contract
    2. No transfer request has been made and if it was it would have to be accepted.
    3.Barcelona themselves admit (amazingly) that they will not approach Arsenal they just let their press lackeys and mouthy players do it for them

    However the facts remain NO transfer request NO official approach NO story add to that the fact that those catalunyan cunts are skint ermm why the hell is it still a story? Cesc will go for sure but he wil do it in style The Arsenal Way

  80. I can’t wait to see the soap opera in Madrid, when Jose brings his anti-football over there shackling the likes of Kaka and Ronaldo…Ramos will probably have his knickers twist pretty soon…

  81. Firstlady

    Because, He is the champion of the trophy arsenal have never won, (and we are going to try and win it next season). He has raised the bar of success and we need to be attempting to get to that level.


    “Mockery of football?” What you should say is, the mockery of FOOTBALL THAT YOU LIKE. Jose likes a different kind of football and he is entitled to that.


    I am talking about the winning mentality. I am not condemning wenger, but just saying that we can learn from his extra ordinary achievements and the way he has done it is to be admired.

    By the way inter are an average team. It is mourinho who has turned them into winners, he hasnt spent too much on the squad.

    I dont have a problem with biding time on our team but at the rate of our last 5 years, our best players will leave to play their best years with other clubs. Lets hope for the best.


  82. I’ve been trying to detect a pattern in the Fabregas story. I think I’ve got it now.

    Sun 16th May – Fabregas: no news
    Mon 17th May – Still no Fabregas news
    Tue 18th May – Fabregas fails to say he wants to leave Arsenal
    Wed 19th May – Barcelona fail to bid for Fabregas
    Thur 20th May – Arsenal refuse to comment on Barcelona’s non-bid for Fabregas
    Fri 21st May – No developments on Fabregas as Chamakh joins Arsenal
    Sat 22nd May – Fabregas news vacuum continues
    Sun 23rd May – Fabregas: no news
    Mon 24th May – Still no Fabregas news

  83. Im definately all for Keown coaching. He has the intensity that’s sometimes missing. But it’s not just a CD problem the whole team need to put tackles in or track players. Our main weakness was down the flanks as GC and BS are left wide open and have a lot to do, this will be ironed out i’m sure if it. Regarding personnel if billy goes our main priority is to retain sol AND Senderos, (watch him this world cup) and to get someone else in, I say splash out on Mertesacker or someone with similar experience. I’d say no to Sahko or other young defenders as we have Djourou, Nordtveit…

  84. KG has it exactly right. If defensive football makes a comeback then the authorities will do all they can to make it harder for the likes of Mourinho to succeed. If this World Cup bombs, as I think it might, we’ll probably see a raft of rule changes in favour of attacking football coming into effect in the next couple of years.

  85. Firstlady!

    I guess we have been brought up differently. For me, winning is the most important thing, everything else comes after that, sport is a competition. Dont want our team to become the footballing version of the Harlem globetrotters.

    Anyway to each their own.


  86. naga gunner Inter an average team before Mourinho. They were champions three seasons in a row before Mourinho. Secondly Moratti has spent loads of Euros on creating that team. Mourinho is a winner, that I wouldn’t deny, but he wins ugly.

  87. I expect our team to become the footballing equivalent of the best Brazil and Holland sides. Winning ugly is a throwback. Football of the future is about entertainment.

  88. Three cheers for Frank, hip hip, hooray, hip hip, hooray, hip hip hooray.

  89. Maureen is just a lucky Sam Allardyce the teams he manage play exactly the same way two banks of four and hoping for a lucky break jeeeeze he got lucky at porto with a talented team he inherited He got lucky at chelski with a rich sugar daddy and lucky at inter He is a one trick pony He couldnt build a team from scratch thats why he fucks off after a year or two Also lets be contreversial doesnt he approve of the possibly illegal use of blood spinning techniques? just a thought

  90. Frank!

    I am thrilled, where the hell have you been? my man! I feel weak without you defending me. 🙂

    Kenyan gunner,

    We play enough entertaining football, but dont win enough, perhaps we do need to turn a bit ugly. Anyhow, fair enough, to each their own.

  91. I’d be dissapointed if frank defends you on this naga

  92. Bigbrovar just noticed that you haven’t made a post since you wrote “first.”

  93. els

    Frank will answer you on this one. 🙂

  94. we shall see…

  95. I went to the barbershop on Friday and had my haircut by an Arsenal fan who used to cut my hair when I was a young boy. In the years between my Dad taking me to watch the Arsenal and me being old enough to take myself I would rely on this barber to recount to me the previous few Saturday afternoon’s Highbury action. He was greatly entertaining and I valued match reports and his opinions on Arsenal above all others.

    So I spoke to him about Arsenal on Friday for the first time in many years and to my absolute horror and deep dismay… he was a bloody Jose Mourinho fan! He spoke of how he’d love to have him in charge at Arsenal – though he accepted this would never happen due to our stingy board… how we need to splash the cash on £20 million proven winners but Wenger is too stubborn to do it and has lost his ambition etc etc, farcical Sun newspaper cliche after farcical Sun newspaper cliche.

    You know how they tell you the day you find out you are physically stronger than your father is a day of great emotional significance..? Well I can tell you the same holds true with barbers, and their diminishing knowledge of Arsenal Football Club. I was crestfallen.

    He stopped talking about our lack of ‘silverware’ for a moment to hold his mirror up to the back of my head and show me his handiwork. I wasn’t quite finished. “A little more off the top” I said.

    By the time I was dusting myself down and stepping out into the sunshine he had completely reversed his position on Wenger, and was pleased to be reminded of how strong a position Arsenal are in. He was in a far cheerier mood. The fug of doom had lifted and he was buoyed with hope for next season, and not a little pride for the way we’ve played and conducted ourselves through the last one.

    And I had a far shorter haircut than I had bargained for. But it was worth it… or I’m worth it, as they say in the adverts.

  96. good work limpar, barbers are the first place to hit back against the doomers, i’ll work on cabbies, then they can spread the message. A city wide PA system.

    Spread the word 10/11 the double is ON!

  97. FUCK THE CATALANS!! Good to see Gourcudf linked, I think he’d be a great fit if Cesc leaves.

  98. Nice story Limpar-a! I’m feeling it….

  99. Touché. Lovely story.

  100. Not only can I not defend you on the ‘win at all costs’ proposition, I think that Josie Maureen is a disloyal opportunist who has never ‘built’ a squad in his life. He carries his ego around with him like a sack of quivering pus and I don’t want him anywhere near our club when it bursts….and burst it will. Mark my words.

  101. nice work LA

    barca dont really need cesc so I’m optimistically hoping that jose will force barca to improve their squad in other areas rather than central midfield.

    real and barca can go ahead and run each others resources down for the next 2 years and by which point cesc would have won something with us and be happy whilst still being far out of barcas financial reach.

    I imagine by this point jose would have left the mountain of debt behind him once again and buggered off to some other country to secure further selfish accolades.

  102. As expected frank, nice words.

    There you go Naga. You owe me a tenner.

  103. It’s a sad club that employ someone like Mourhinho just for a quick fix. Said teams are really the ones insulting their fans. If Mourhinho replaced Arsene I would walk around with an umbrella.

  104. i think that it is only in being an arsenal fan, and a die hard at that, that you get to experience this bitter – sweet feelings.
    sweet because we live within our means and we are in a good financial position and we play some of the most dazzling football there is
    bitter because we see some obvious places that need reinforcements but our manager doesnt. we are not asking to buy Messi or Ribery or anything like that. but the thing that makes me feel like breaking to pieces is seeing players not playing with the passion that wearing an arsenal jersey ought to bring. some fans can die for the team and i believe that though they have less of the talent some players have, they can adequately compensate that with the passion love and work rate for the club

  105. Frank!

    Thank you for defending me again. I see a bit of smoke rising from your ears today, you seem to be losing your temper, what happened? thats not typical of you. 🙂

    About Jose though, whatever he is, 13 trophies in 6 years EXCLUDING the domestic titles in portugal. That should tell you everything you need to know.We all want arsenal to win but Lets not be sore losers shall we?

    He is the special one.

    Cheers! 🙂

  106. els,

    Frank is pulling your leg. 🙂

  107. I agree with els ….oh dear oh dear oh dear

  108. While I agree that Mourinho hasn’t ever built a squad in the way a Wenger or Ferguson has (multiple times each) I think he has other qualities that make him a great manager in a different way. He can identify his teams weakness and address it accordingly by way of transfers as seen with both Chelsea and Inter this year. He did wonderfully in bringing in Sneijder, Motta and Milito as well as that big Eto’o deal of course which, in hindsight, can be considered a great move for Inter. Also, he is a great man manager and can always get the best out of players. Is John Terry really the same player as he was under Mourinho? He’s a shadow. And who else can get a stubborn character like Eto’o to put in a shift like he has done this season, playing so defensively for the team? The last thing is that Mourinho is a fantastic tactitian (something maybe Wenger isn’t, perhaps his only major flaw in my opinion). He sets up his teams to win, even if it’s not pretty. He obviously has a defense first approach, but if you look at Inters scoring record this year it really was quite good. Mourinho may not be my favourite guy but he is really a good manager, I think that’s fair to say. That’s just my peraonal opinion on the matter anywa.

  109. Dimce, what official approach?

  110. I read somewhere that at Villa’s unveiling last week Barca said they sent a fax to Arsenal asking if we would like to enter into negotiations, but at the time hadn’t heard back yet. I think that may be the contact they speak of?

  111. Dear me.:)


    Very well said.

  112. nice guys come last

  113. Who the fuck gives a shit about Maureen Yo. Since when did he become Arsenal manger. I don’t care about him or Fergie or any of the others for that matter.

    They are not important to the team I support.

  114. F**k Barca and their ‘official 40 mil’ bit. F**k Barcas board for the continual tapping up of our players in the media where its seen as fair game. F**k Barcas current players for continually bangin on about ‘Cescs Barca DNA’. F**k Barca by thinking that DNA counts as basis for a discount when evaluating a players market price. Basically F**K Barca

  115. bossman I get the feeling that fax is where it belongs….in the bin. £30 million having a laugh double it and in Messi then its time to talk

  116. @ dupsffokcuf

    Agreed, neither Fergie nor Mourinho have anything to do with Arsenal. But in the same breath they have to do with football as a whole, of which Arsenal is only a small part. Without everyone else who would we play??

  117. FlipFlop I like your style pisses me off that Arsenal must have lawyers that can deal with this but havent? Where is UEFA or FIFA when they are needed….yep filling their pockets with the filthy lucre to keep schtum and allow it. Bottom line it is illegal Cesc is a player on a long term contract at Arsenal. ANY approach or “tap-up” is illegal. Am I wrong on this?

  118. dupsffokcuf!

    And by the way those two have won the champions league twice each. And if we want to win the trophy we have to start matching the winning standards of those two and we will most probably have to get past atleast one of them if we are to win it in the future. So they will have a say on arsenals destiny as they have so many times before.

  119. I still don’t give a fuck about any of them. I support only Arsenal.

  120. Arsene Wenger is our manager and I am not interested in changing that in the near future.

  121. I believe it is Jay, but only of the club actually talk to the player – but as Barca have been doing for years they use their mouthpieces in the media to do it for them – ‘a non direct tapping up’ so to speak, the sneaky fucks – but it is what it is. And you know the worst thing about it? The English media actually help them – where is the defend the British clubs mentality there? no where! they tow the line with the Spanish media and actually fuel these bullshit ‘stories’ – and quite a lot of fans buy it!!

  122. dupsffokcuf

    As you should do. Great to see your enthusiasm. carry on, No problem! We should all be proud to be gooners! 🙂

  123. Do us all favour and stop putting those fucking childish smiley things on your post. It really is passé….

  124. “In Arsene we rust.” T- shirts available in the foyer.

  125. Frank, I agree 100% mate!!

    Here’s a question though; what do you think it will take for a statue of Arsene to be erected outside the Emirates? In memory, if you will (after he leaves of course). I just think he’s done so much for this club since he’s been here, so much so that I don’t believe it is yet fully appreciated.

  126. Temper, frank, temper..

    I expect better from you. You can carry on without reading my post. Just keep supporting our great club. I like your enthusiasm too 🙂

    (oops that smiley again) 🙂

    P.S. Arsene wenger is our manager, and I am not interested in changing that either.

    Cheers! 🙂

  127. arsenehollis

    That Inter side signed Lucio last summer for very little, we could have done with him.

    They signed Millito, a 28 year old from a small club of undistinguished credentials. He won that game with 2 top, top quality pieces of play. We could have doen with that.

    They signed Sneijder last summer, 25, real quality available for a bargain price in the Madrid madness.

    They picked up Maicon from France, that is our patch, for not a huge amount.

    Whatever else you think of his style, Mourinho teams do what they do superbly. The simple fact is that no fan of his clubs care when tehy win the trophies – did we when we beat a far more expansive Parma side?

    It has shown that there is room for smart signings of real but not excessive money and that there are ALWAYS players fo quality out there if you can find them. (Julio Cesar?)

  128. If they bought Zlatan for at 60M, we definitely deserve atleast 70m for Cesc.

  129. arsenehollis! @ 2:12 pm

    Very well said indeed. I agree completely.

  130. arsenehollis

    Mourinho played with 3 strikers on Saturday, plus Sneijder just behind.

    Yet his team defended perectly, front to back.

    Etto, a moody player who has played striker his whole career was playing out wide and working super hard winning tackles at right back.

    If Wenger can get our team doing that we can be champions, until then it will be difficult. (Diaby, Bendtner, Clichy, Arshavin, Walcott to name a few, lack that sort of work-rate or tactical, team ethic. It is all in the attitude though.)

  131. arsenehollis

    To be honest Naga I find that shit you spouted above a bit sickening, Mourinho is an utter chav cunt.

    Still, his team gave a lesson in what it is that we have been lacking this year and they won and that deserves recognition, grudgingly.

    When we defend well, with everybody in the team driven not to concede, we will be champions.

    That is purely a mental change, but it is difficult for managers to institute. That, to me, looks liek Wenger’s big challenge with this group.

  132. Lucio is one of my favourite defenders!! A real tough brute he is, and I love when he goes on those mazy runs up the pitch. The man even takes awesome free-kicks, albeit very infrequently. His passion is something else too. We could have really used a guy like that…I have a crush on him.

  133. sorry my bad, i hadnt checked the forbes list in a while, he was the richest African last year

    ….as a nigerian, i know how he made his money, he is a private business man, he manufactures alot of things, …….he makes drinks, rice, salt and other food stuffs, a well respected man in Nigeria

  134. arseneholis,

    Diaby, Bendtner & Clichy have phenomenal work rate. Please don’t smear them like that.

  135. What good is it playing 3 strikers if only one of them is allowed to cross his own halfway line?

  136. FunGunner @ 11:59

    “So what are your thoughts on defence? I think we need personnel assuming Gallas leaves, but I think the main issue is to be solved by coaching. ”

    I could not agree with you more. As you pointed out in another comment. With the players we have there is no good reason why we can’t defend adequately. We do need personnel but our team culture needs to change with regard to defending.

    Maria @ 12:01

    “What are your views on Martin Keown, coming back to coach the side defensively?”

    Seems like it would be worth a try. Some different ideas regarding the way we defend and some new emphasis and a change in our defensive team culture might put us over the top.

  137. Ole gunner…lol,
    eto and pandev were practically midfielders, only milito wazs striking

  138. arsenehollis

    Ole – they don’t play well with their positioning defensively. I said “tactical team ethic” and it does apply to those players.

    There is no point trying to discuss it if you are going to blindly demand that there is no defensive problem whatsoever. Arsene Wenger has said that we conceded too many goals.

    Wenger said it, he knows dude.

  139. Cappello was sacked after winning the league ugly, i wonder if they would do thesame if mourinho won the league ugly??

  140. Mourinho is a clever manager, especially good in defensive qualities but he is a very poor advert or representative for football and its best qualities. His opportunism is boundless, and brazen; he is taking football backwards. He has no loyalty and no heart except for himself. He will die like that and be remembered like that. If people support him, then follow him to Madrid. It is about as far removed from Arsenal principles as you can get.

    Wenger will be remembered not only with love and friendship, but as the visionary who reminded us why football is played, for whom and how.

  141. arsenehollis

    Inter could have scored more goals on the break, they should have really.

    What is remarkable, is that they can play with 3 strikers and a playmaker and still defend flawlessly.

    They can only let 1 player over the half way line, but they score 2 goals.

    That is balance both in terms of style of play and team selection.

  142. I don’t know what a tactical team ethic is…

    What I can say is that they all put in an amazing work rate and are very much team players.

    Denilson is a very tactically clever player.

  143. A few weeks ago was there not a report that the club had improved Cesc’s contract, paying him 3 million in backdated wages as well? Can someone confirm this?

  144. arsenehollis

    Ole – agreed on Denilson, although that wasn’t one of the players mentioned, but it is certainly true.

    So Ole, where does our problems with goals conceded come from mate?

    Having watched Inter it did give some food for thought.

    If our players all have amazing work rate, are team players, and tactically clever, why aren’t we defending they like they did?

  145. I would welcome Dangote as a shareholder, if it can be shown corruption is not his game. Most African business leaders are not corrupt as it happens, and certainly no less corrupt than their counterparts elsewhere. It is a fallacy that “Africa is corrupt”. Mostly, people get ahead through competence, hard work, and some risk.

    On the other hand, most foreign multinational corporations invested in Africa are very corrupt, they openly bribe politicians and governments and have done so since the colonial era. This is a historical fact, with numerous references. Just check how King Leopold made his money in Congo, it’s a story worth re-reading closely.

  146. ZimP@2.38
    Tell them man,tell them!

  147. arsenehollis

    Of course that is true Zimpaul, but how can the British ignore the ugly, ugly history of their empire without blaming all the failures, violence, and lingering abuse and inequality on the victims themselves?

    The myth is easier to deal with. If you take a minute and think of the Daily Mail readers out there, for example, surely you can see it is just for the best?

  148. We need to spend some moneyz

  149. Zimpaul, jose mourinho is the special one and you should show the man some respect for his achivements, yes he does spend moneyz but thats what its there for

  150. arseneholis,

    Should we do an analysis of the goals conceded last season? Let’s see how many you can hang on the afforementioned players.

  151. arsenehollis: I was surprised that not many teams played three forwards who would only engage in tracking back if required – their first purpose is to stop the full back getting forward confidently and counter – and play deep and compact.

    But I have no real liking to their style. I like their concentration and discipline – but it is far easier to defend deep (no offsides in the game as Inter were on their own box for the whole game) and play to “number 6’s” in front.

    In fact if more teams did it, and with the players Inter have it is much easier (Sniejder is just fantastic to watch), then they will too have good success. I suppose three natural forwards – as opposed to wingers – and Sniejder roaming is just perfect.

  152. What “achievements”? For trophies you win recognition, which he has. Fine and good. Achievements are a lot harder. Mourinho deserves no respect. He has achieved very little.

  153. LimparAssist

    When’s the 4th place open top bus parade, J*mes?

  154. Stop Press: I am faxing a photocopy of my arse to Barcelona today

  155. arsenehollis

    Ole – feel free, I would be very interested to see what that shows. Although you would need to outline how we would analyse the goals for it to be worthwhile in terms of the team. Just looking for individual errors is insufficient.

    It is unlikely to show much wrong with Bendtner or Walcott, the latter barely played of course, but should do so more next year. As both these players are strikers they wont be directly involved normally.

    I also think that there is more to our problem than pointing fingers at individual errors. I think that this is a team issue, we do not defend well as a whole. Our movement without the ball leaves much to be desired with and there is far, far too often no pressure on the player in posession or to little coordination between our players with their positioning.

    If you can propose a method for looking into this, preferably with stats, then I am keen to proceed.

    The question of why we did concede all these goals, as you deny any individuals are less than perfect in their attitude and application to defending, would still also be welcome.

  156. I do not like Mourinho’s tactics any more then the rest of us. What is amazing is that he has gotten several older players who have made millions and millions and many who have very little to prove, yet they defend like they are 20 years old trying to impress the boss to get their first contract. Even when you “park the bus” you still have to stay organized and put in the energy and concentrate to defend as well as they do. We need to marry some of that defensive mentallity with our attacking ethic. The 2 are not mutually exclusive.

  157. arsenehollis

    Brain – I dont think that it is a seasy as just setting up a team tactically to go out and play like Inter did. It requires special coaching and very good players.

    I grew up watching our great back 5 and still retain a great amount of respect for that style of play. I dont want the nil-nils back and much prefer what we get to watch now, but it is silly to be snobbish about what worked for us before and what is clearly an effective way of playing if you can get it right.

    It is easier to defend than to attack well, but it is still a true skill at that level.

  158. arsenehollis

    It baffles me that some people still cant help themselves but insist and insists reflexively that there is nothing we need to improve on or see any comment on a players strengths or weakness as a treachery. Get over it.

    Having watched the games with Wigan, the scum, and the matches with the mancs and chavs twice, spanning the whole season nearly it is clear that we need to adapt our style to be more solid. The organisational weakness of our defensive play is a team problem and one that gets worse as the squad players come in, which is to be expected.

  159. arsenehollis

    I agree Bill

  160. 1 loose cannon

    Limpart- 4th place parade, do they normally hold a big shiny cardboard cut-out of number 4 that Harry ‘s wife made at home? I can imagine the small spuds following the bus and trying to touch the number 4 and possibly get a snap shot next to it LOL.

    Wenger does not buy 11 defenders that’s Mourinho’s style. Wenger has admitted we cannot win anything if we leak the same amount of goals next season so he will try and rectify that problem, the injuries did not help at all. Once we get our defence sorted then there is no stopping us.

  161. makes me laugh when prats and other blogs go on about project youth failing..To a certain extent this was forced on AW cause we haven’t had the money over the last few years…

  162. arsenehollis: Sure, but I don’t mean for my theories to be taken at the furthest literal value. Just like all theories (take for example economic), they try to provide a general framework.

    But yes, it is easier to play like Inter did, the hardest part will be trying to drill the forwards to track defend. They defended very deep and denied space – and that’s very much due to, despite Mourinho’s mind – to the players’ discipline and concentration.

    Tell me what’s easier, defending on the edge of your box with two holders or pushing up, even by 10-20 metres? Chivu was getting skinned every time but little space was there to exploit.

    If Arsenal did a couple of bureaucratic, defeensive drills like that, playing Song and Denilson in front, I am sure it would be much easier.

  163. LimparAssist

    ‘Hollis and Bill and Maureen
    One fat, one short, one lean
    These horrible crooks
    So different in looks
    Were nonetheless equally mean.

  164. Chivu did seem very happy,
    for a footballer being subbed off in CL final.

  165. Is it acutally ignorance or purely revisionism that makes people trot out the “we weren’t a selling club” line every summer?

    Do people acutally no remember the yearly transfer sagas of Vieira and Henry? I can’t actually believe someone came to an Arsenal blog and said that no one came for Vieira in his prime.

    If you think the Fabregas to Barca shit it bad, believe me the Paddy to Real Madrid shit was worse! And its funny, back then people said Paddy had to leave because he’d won everything in England but he’d never win the CL with Arsenal.

  166. david deins son is cesc agent so he has helped our players leave,so having dein back would get us what?

  167. Brain @ 3:16:

    “If Arsenal did a couple of bureaucratic, defeensive drills like that, playing Song and Denilson in front, I am sure it would be much easier.”

    I am not sure I understand what you are saying. Why can’t Arsenal do these bureaucratic defensive drills? That seems like it should be easy to do.

    “They defended very deep and denied space – and that’s very much due to, despite Mourinho’s mind – to the players’ discipline and concentration.”

    I agree completely. I am completely mystified why Mourinho can get this out of his players but AW can not get it from ours. What is your theory?

  168. There is no doubt that Jose is the Special One. Anyone who cannot see the specialness in this man is absolutely blind and without any creative judgement. Jose is nearly on the same plane as the Prophets themselves. The only problem that I have when I see Jose is I begin to gag.

    How can he be the chosen one I ask myself. He is too perfect a man to be a mere football manager. He can flick his scarf at the fans and walk about unshaven all he wants but he is not fooling me.

  169. leeroysgooners

    im sorry but i have to comment on this:
    Spanish journalists have even been reading the transfer gossip over here with Yoan Gorcuff identified as the ideal replacement. Signing him from Bordeaux should be a doddle, especially with the excellent relations between the clubs on the transfer front.

    have you not read the comments from the president at bordeaux recently??? these are the comments not word for word. i have had 2 bad transfer experiances and both involve arsenal. chamakh and wiltord…. still think we have excellent relations???? if we want Yoan Gorcuff they are gonna play hard ball and why the hell not we should with cesc!!!!

  170. “I am a longstanding supporter of Arsenal Football Club and have been involved in conversations around investment in the past,” Dangote said in a statement.

    “However, I can say categorically at this time that I have no intention of investing in the club and will not be acquiring a stake. I wish Arsenal Football Club the best for the future and will continue to follow the team as a fan.”

    —Aliko Dangote via Rueters

  171. Jose is very good at matching a player with a position. He sees the qualities in a player and knows exactly what role they will fulfill for the team. wenger however plays many of our players slightly out of position and tends to buy players who can play in more than one role with the theory that we are more dynamic, adaptable and flexible as a unit. Sometimes it feels a bit more like jack of all trades masters of none.

    walcott prefers the middle, improving on right however slowly
    eduardo also prefers the middle, not great on left wing
    RVP struggled with the central 433 role, probably suited to 442
    bendtner is not natural out wide, will struggle to start with chamakh in
    nasri could not (yet) adapt convincingly to central role, suits forward wing but pushed back by 433 and above players. moved around a lot. now massively out of form and tired
    Rosicky should be in a creative central role permanently, doesnt have legs/attitude for aggressive wing play. moved around a fair bit
    our own fans dont know if denilson is DM or not
    NO body even knows where diaby should play

    song was adapted from CB. brilliantly. not moved around. success
    eboue is a great example of what a utility player should be

  172. all this talk off Jose doesn’t change the fact that he’s a egotistical, calculated c**t. There’s not a chance he would have took on what Wenger has dealt with expertly in the last 5 years. He’s just picks his battles that he can fight, Wenger adapted to budget and forsaw troubles and is quietly but confidently navigating us through a shit storm. And that’s despite what so many so called fans think.

  173. The Bleedin’ Hacks have been running stories about ‘Lady Nina’s Portfolio’ as if it’s some kind of exclusive, ever since the Cesc sroty broke. Ignnoring the fact that she hired a prominent, famous bank to hawk her wares to anyone with surplus $, anywhere on the planet, ages ago. Interstingly, ‘The Guardian’ really D**med on about Lady Nina selling her shares, more AFC in crisis guff.

    “LAdy Nina is selling”

    A real exclusive story, that one.

  174. leeroysgooner

    Do you not understand flippancy?


  175. miss spellings galore.

    Honor Blackman in the lead role?

  176. Arsenhollis:

    “It is easier to defend than to attack well, but it is still a true skill at that level.”

    Maybe the most critical point. A very good defense will almost usually hold down even the best attack. Chelsea v. Barca CL, Inter v. Barca. Manc’s/Chavs v Arsenal.

    The attacking teams that can defend well still win games that their attack is off form, even if it is 1 -0. The Mancs were a great attacking team with Rooney and Ronaldo, but they were also the masters of the 1 -0 win. Over the course of 38 games even the best attack will have 10 – 12 down games a year. (Injuries, off form, CL game in midweek, opponent defends well etc. etc.) If you defend well you still get 3 points from these games. That is why the top 1 – 2 defensive teams in the league almost always win the title. If you do not defend well you will draw or loose games that your attack is not working at top form.

  177. Such fucking poverty

  178. Barcelona need a lot more pachocha than 40P

  179. Mourinho is a coaching genius.He gets players to run through brick walls just look at Etto one of the worlds top strikers but his just his job out wide.I heard a commentator say that was his 17th trophy won as a manager and he is only 47.
    Wenger is too one dimensional.Look how Mourinho stopped Messi in the two games in the semi final and she what Wenger did.What the hell were our tactics in the Nou Camp?
    Mourinho builds his teams on a good keeper and a solid back four.He did that at Porto and Chelsea.Wenger is not bothered about a soild back four and dont even start about the keepers we have.
    Wengers project shows no sign of bringing us any type of trophy in the foreseeable future unless he changes the way we play.But he wont

  180. that’s it I can’t take this shit.

  181. Raymond are you PSB in disguise?

  182. LimparAssist

    Bill, to highlight where I disagree with you on Inter Milan tactics being adopted at Arsenal… a statement from the Brain which you agreed with…

    “They defended very deep and denied space – and that’s very much due to, despite Mourinho’s mind – to the players’ discipline and concentration.”

    Can our players defend with more discipline and more concentration – yes.

    Should we set them up to defend very deep, deny space and play like Inter Milan under Jose Mourinho – no fucking way.

    These are two very different things.

    And a statement of yours…

    “We need to marry some of that defensive mentallity with our attacking ethic. The 2 are not mutually exclusive.”

    If you consider a defensive mentality to involve better positional discipline and concentration – then yes, there is no reason why this should be mutually exclusive with our tactics of attack.

    However, if you take defensive mentality to mean Mourinho’s Catenaccio renaissance, bolt the door and fuck off entertaining anyone – then no, that can never ‘marry’ into a team managed by Arsene Wenger. Not going to happen.

    We will undoubtedly improve defensively next season; starting with Vermaelen fully up to speed will help, having Gael Clichy fit and in form from the start will help too. Having Sagna with his head back in the game after what’s been a long period of mourning over the tragic loss of his brother is another positive. Not having an out of form keeper, and then an injured keepr, and then another injured keeper will bolster the defence too – whichever way that gets sorted out.

    Defending from the front is something we have demonstrated very well, but not consistently enough this season. Perhaps the best exponent of it was RVP, and his example was sadly missing for most of the season. Bendtner another one who could not pitch in as often as we would have liked.

    More than all of this though – we will get better in attack, we will keep possession even better. With Arshavin with it all to prove, with RVP, with Bendtner, Chamakh… our attack is going to get better – and that’s what’s going to win us things, that’s what’s going to be remembered in the history books.

    I agree with Frank when he says, “I expect our team to become the footballing equivalent of the best Brazil and Holland sides. Winning ugly is a throwback. Football of the future is about entertainment.”

    Sorry for this long post.

  183. Does the 2nd paragraph on this page relate to Venables new song.

  184. bossman on May 24, 2010
    at 1:47 pm

    You make a very interesting point…

  185. Whilst I have no love for maureen (from all the press reaction, you’d think is was him and not milito who scored the two goals against bayern), I don’t understand why anyone will say he’s taking football backwards. Backwards to where?
    Attacking and defending football have been played for ages.

  186. Sorry, the Jose Mourinho love-fest betrays a pathetic appreciation of both football and Arsenal. In a word it’s juvenile.

    When Mourinho achieves anything lasting I’ll say hooray, until then he’s just another opportunist playing the system. There are so many.

  187. Enjoying the discussions so far. Ole, looking forward to your analysis of goals conceded (if you’re still interested in doing it)

  188. Please state what Mourinho has achieved that you consider will last. His legacy to the game. His substantive contribution to the game.

    Even Ferguson could answer that quite nicely. Mourinho – he’s a joke.

  189. Fuck you raymond, you depressing son of a bitch. f off

  190. Thankyou zimpaul thats what i said yesterday. Great managers of the past are remembered for being legends of a club, staying their for a long perios of time. It doesnt matter what you win. Luiz filipe scolari won the world cup. Does that make him the best and will he be remembered for ever? no. Neither will mourinho and why? because of his ego. if he wanted to he could become a legend but he simply wont unless you’re from milan or support chalesea

  191. arsenehollis

    This sanctimony from Arsenal fans about defensive styles seems pretty fucking rich frankly.

    George Graham.

    A great manager, won trophies, adored by the fans.

    The cup runs in europe under him were brilliant and we often beat supposedly ‘better’ teams who attacked more.

    Wenger’s first double: the back 5 with Vieira, Petit and parlour protecting it. This team had Bergkamp at its best, but it won the league on quality defensive work just a much.

    If any fan is honest, they never have and never will turn around after a league or european cup trophy presentation and say, “I wish we had pushed up our defensive line 10 or 20 meters.”

    Bollocks to that.

    After 3 years of close but not quite good enough, it is time to realise that we need to do things a little differently to be Brazil or Holland at their best. (Holland of course never won the world cup and people often say that the Brazil team in 82 was their best, but they didnt win it either.)

    Until points are awarded for artistic merit, we need to concede less goals if we are to become the best.

  192. arsenehollis

    “We will undoubtedly improve defensively next season”

    3 years running we have said that.

  193. Limpar:

    “Should we set them up to defend very deep, deny space and play like Inter Milan under Jose Mourinho – no fucking way.”

    Absolutely correct. Arsenal will never play with those tactics. No one in their right mind would want that. My point as you know is that great teams can have attacking ethic and still play great defense. Fergies ManU, Ancelloti’s Chelsea, Barca, the invincibles etc etc etc etc etc etc etc.

    I just can not understand what causes us to concede so many goals. What are doing differently then those great teams? I have my theories but the truth is that none of us save for may be Arsene Wenger really knows what the problem is. I doubt he really has a handle on the problem or he would have fixed it this year.

    I truly hope you are right about the best Brazil and Holland sides. That would be incredible. I would love to see football go back to being about attack and entertainment. I would love to see the goal enlarged and the rules about tackling altered to favor attack. However, I think you and I both know that will probably not happen soon. It is always easier to defend. Without some radical rule alterations that will not change. I would prefer for AFC to acknowledge this and make whatever changes in tactics and team culture needed to maintain our attacking ethic but significantly improve our defending. It can be done. Many other teams who are not coached by the special one have proven it is possible. AFC have proven it in the recent past. I know that I have been redundant and boring all season but it just is so frustrating to watch this talented team shoot itself in the foot.

  194. I really enjoyed the 20+unbeaten run last season, when both FB’s were told to drop anchor at the halfway line, and RVP decided to score all the goals and get most of the assists. A lot of draws I remember. A fantastic recovery after a poor start to the season.

    But I guess I must have been hallucinating, because, apparently, the players in this current squad can’t defend?

    Maybe that run was all thanks to Almunia?

    I can understand a suggestion that there can always be changes or improvements. just baffled by the assertion, that some players can’t ‘Defend’, when they have proven, that they can.

  195. Bill,

    Go spend some time following Stoke City.

    You will find that they routinely employ Moaninho’s magic tactics.

  196. Still many people insisting RVP struggles in a central role. Do some people watch football or just repeat some nonsense they heard somewhere?

  197. I agree with Finsbury and Zap

    Great work

  198. People seem to forget that when Mourinho left Chelsea, he failed to win the league the year before and his side had dropped 12 points in the first 6 games.

    If Arsene left after his first three years his trophy haul would look pretty great.

    Mourinho then joined the only big club in one of the least competitive leagues in Europe. The Serie A after the bribery scandal was a complete joke. He was crap in Europe before this season, despite having a huge, expensive squad that was fresh because the league was such a stroll.

    He’s good, but not as good as people make out.

  199. Jose is the special one, we need the special one, and we needs to spend more moneyz

  200. arsenehollis

    Finsbury – that was an excellent run a much needed at the time, but we strugled to score then. That was why we drew so many.

    The whole point is that we need to defend better whilst maintaining or attacking quality

  201. AndyE, how many champions leagues has Arsene won? The answer is none. Arsene is a great manager when he signs good players but when he plays with kids he is not special anymore. Jose is the special one with two champions league and he is so young, he really is the special one and we need him. We needs to spend moneyz

  202. LimparAssist

    Bill, Fergie’s Utd only lost 2 less games than us this season, and Ancelotti’s Chelsea 3 less… so all I’m saying is that while we are conceding too many goals – it’s not quite as bad as some make out.

    We suffered some big defeats to those two teams, as well unfortunately as to City away. But you’d do better to analyse those particular goals, rather than bunch them in with goals we concede to Everton, Pompey and Blackburn in games that we went on to score 6, 4 and 6 in.

    Hollis, I don’t mean to be sanctimonious but I do enjoy having a manager who aspires to achieve success with great football.

  203. arsenehollis

    mourinho is a cunt.

    He only goes to clubs where he will have massive money to invest also.

    That doesn’t change the fact that his sides defend very well and there is something to admire in that. In years gone by we would not have had to look over and learn from that, but now maybe we should.

  204. Jesus fucking christ

  205. arsenehollis

    I love that to Limpar, it is the ideal to win in a way that elevates football to art.

    At the moment though we need to concern ourselves with the winning part first and that would appear to demand a bit of pragmatism.

    I remember very fondly the great days under Graham and Wenger. In truth, there are things about both that I will be telling my kids and grandchildren about.

    The back 5 and smudger smith 1-0 in bendtners hometown was great. Very different to Bergkamp in the 9/98 season, but it was also splendid in its way.

    You can love the current team, the idea that wenger is defending, I do, but also say that to make this thing work it needs something adding at the moment.

    Sometimes people who blog a lot and take it seriously, I dont really, get so wound up fighting against morons that they wind up finding something to attack even when it isnt there really.

    We will score goals next season, we always do under wenger and that is his genius. If we let in a few less then we will be champions again. Nothing wrong in wanting that.

  206. arsenehollis

    Frank – i have never seen him, I had a friend who took a ton of acid then went off into a field to top himself with sleeping pills. He woke and saw jesus, true story.

    How did he appear to you?

  207. Finsbury, sure they can defend, but did they do that well enough this last season?

  208. The quality of most of the comments on here today has been abysmal.

  209. arsenehollis

    Is that the voice of god passing comment Frank, or just you?

  210. hollis – unfortunately any kind of criticism of arsenal (constructive or otherwise) goes down a dead baby on ACLF. Would be nice to find a blog that was in between the black and white extremes that get repeated again and again. We have many positives but some of the negatives need to be ironed out – it seems that kind of statement offends both sides so you cant win.

  211. What has your god got to do with it?

  212. You can criticise Arsenal all you like….just expect to be criticised for it. What’s your problem?

  213. ACLF is sunk to a new low; worse than doomers. I cannot believe this Mourinho crapelectomy. You guys need surgery.

  214. Mind-numbing

  215. *

  216. LimparAssist

    No, nothing wrong with wanting to be Champions again, ‘hollis. Nothing wrong at all. And nothing wrong with wanting to let in fewer goals – of course not.

    I guess we happen to disagree about how far away from doing that we are. I don’t think we have to sacrifice anything going forward to be tighter at the back. I don’t think we have to look across at Inter Milan and follow anything like their blueprint of defensive football, nor do I think we have to look to George Graham for tactical help either. I believe we are close to perfecting something very special and there’s no need to change tack now.

    Someone said that adopting defensive tactics now would not be a step backwards – but for this Arsenal side that’s exactly what it would be. If an Arsenal fan can’t see that then Arsene Wenger is wasted on them.

  217. Its called pragmatism Zim, you can hate a guys guts, but still admire some of his attributes, especially those which we’re seriously lacking in at the moment.

  218. Hollis,

    Im not so sure I agree with you when you say Mourinho only goes to teams with lots of money. What he achieved at inter was outstanding. He pulled off the transfer of the year when he sold ibra for eto + 30m. He then bought very smartly players like Lucio, sneijder and Milito as you pointed out. I remember seeing them being spanked last year by Manu 5-1 and thinking what a shambles italian football was. This year – they won the CL., the Italian league and cup..!! It really was an outstanding achievement.

    His real talent is being able to motivate the team to play to their strengths and have self belief. This year Inter beat Chelsea, Bayern and Barca.

    If you look at our defense since 2006 – Jens, Sagna, Vermaelen represent past changes made. This year we’ll most likely loose Gallas and Almunia. And even with such a high element of change – youd be hard pressed to find a better back four on paper than Gallas, TV, Sagna and Gael.

    For me its a coaching and attitude issue. And it has been for some time now.

  219. “Someone said that adopting defensive tactics now would not be a step backwards – but for this Arsenal side that’s exactly what it would be. If an Arsenal fan can’t see that then Arsene Wenger is wasted on them.”


    Is that in reference to my statement about defensive tactics not taking football backwards as it has always existed?

    How can that be construed to mean I want arsenal to adopt mourihno type defensive tactics?

    For the avoidance of doubt, what I want is for us to improve our defending, without sacrificing our attack. We didn’t concede 38 goals this season because our attack was so awesome.

  220. Limpar:

    We are close. We have said that all season. We just need to figure out what causes us to concede so many goals and fix it and we will quickly make up that gap between us and Manc/Chavs.

    We all love our beautiful artistic football but realistically it has not outscored the Mancs and Chavs. Chavs scored the most goals in the last 48 years and had the second highest goal differential in a major European league in the last 10 years. Even if we have a great offensive year next year we are very unlikely to outscore them to the point that we can overcome defensive liabilities. We are not going to suddenly become like those Brazilian teams that could outscore their opponents to the point where defending really did not matter. Our opponents are too good on both sides of the pitch.

  221. Bill @ 3:02

    I agree, sounds like the arsenal of 6 yrs ago.

  222. arsenehollis

    I agree Limpar, I never intended to suggest that we need to adopt defensive strategies like milan, that would be a leap backwards. If we could just take a bit of that and add it to our current side it would be ideal.

    The invincibles attacked from all positions, but when we lost the ball they had a shape that they fell back into. Often it meant Gilberto and ljungberg in defence, henry even, until they regrouped, but they always had that intelligence to cover each other when needed.

    We can do that again.

    We are certainly not far off. If we had had more luck with injuries, perhaps shown a bit more fight in a few key games, we would have been there. That can all be reformed internally, I hope.

    All teams canimprove though, even champions, and any smart coackh is always trying to. So should we, despite Frank’s bullish call for hanging anyone who voices an opinion in that direction.

  223. “There’s plenty of exits for everyone”

  224. arsenehollis

    Joe – Porto, Chavs, and Inter have, or had at the time, the most money of any side in the league they played in when Mourinho was coach. He has said before that he wouldn’t consider Liverpool without money to sort out the mess, even though he would love to reform that club.

    Mourinho has a sense of history enough to see that by going to teams that haven’t won in a long time, the chavs and inter, he will make massive history. Madrid would be good for him personally, but he wont be remembered as a great for winning there, not by the fans, as it is expected.

    He doesn’t have enough grasp of it though to realise that whilst he will cite all his trophies, history will recall that he was a true cunt and his style will forever be held against him in people’s memory – except at his old clubs.

    Mourinho isnt the point anyway, it is that we need to defend better, otherwise teams who play like Inter, ‘park the bus’ and hit us on the break will have another season capitalising on our errors.

  225. arsenehollis: To answer your question about why Wenger hasn’t drilled the same discipline as Inter or George Graham – it probably goes back to the way they train. Wenger is more organic, focusing on natural development; the others bureaucratic i.e. repetitive drills.

    Boro Primorac is the second eyes of Wenger and he has a lot to say on the matter of defending.

    But generally, I will say it’s more difficult to have a rigid defensive game if the attacking game is so expansive. Arsenal can be more compact – they’ve shown that in the past with the 4-4-2, and in the Champions League Final run, played so very compact by moving together – a bit like Milan under Sacchi.

    The 4-3-3 now is more difficult as play is stretch etc. marking, especially zonal can be quite confusing. I’ve detailed quite a few of the points on my blog – just read the first three or so articles to get a breakdown and the tags on the side may direct you to more.

  226. Round and round and round you go. Over and over and over again.

  227. Frank on May 24, 2010 at 1:08 pm

    Post of the day.

  228. LimparAssist

    Joe’s got it in one. It’s the attitude. Poor mental attitude. No will to win. Lazy, french, slack-jawed faggots.

    Henristic, sorry, I misunderstood you there.

    Hollis’, that’s fair enough.

  229. Holllis,

    I’ve no issue with this thread, but it is boring after a while.

    Here’s an open post dedicated to the subject, hope YW dosen’t mind:

  230. Finsbury on May 24, 2010 at 5:40 pm


    Brain, the 4-3-3 is new for the team, so they are still working the bugs out. I’ve got a feeling we might mix up tactics a bit more as we have players for whom the 4-3-3 brings out their best qualities, whilst others might excel more in a 4-4-2 or even 4-5-1. I think we have more options now.

  231. I agree with Passenal @ 5:51

  232. arsenehollis

    Cheers for that Finsbury, I will give it a look over.

    Although, do you not think that if you find this thread boring you might have found somewhere else for yourself, rather than more of the same?


    Excellent bit of balance against the maureen-yo love fest going on in the comments!

  234. ‘Hollis,

    I just skimmed that post, It seems to cover similar threads to those that have been held on here.

    There were aslo some posts on the Brains site looking at what he calls ‘transitons’ (Footyspeak? Paolo Sousa used the term too.), kinks and teething trouble with the new formation etc. over the course of the season.

  235. The player that I hate but I’d like to have is Van Bommel

  236. I hope Gallas does’nt buggy off. sorry bugger off.

  237. Anyone remeber the ’05 FA cup final?

    I guess, the entire coaching team must have been changed since then?

    That penalty shoot out was exciting.

  238. Brilliant, Passenal. That link was a tonic..

  239. Brain @ 5:50PM

    What you describe is exactly what Lee Dixon said. The boss never really told the defenders how to defend he just let them “have at it”. That worked great with Tony Adams and Co. and the next group with Campbell, Cole Lehmann maintained that “nous” and did not really need help.

    If the same thing is not working as well now for whatever reason, doesn’t it make sense for our coaching staff to be more hands on at this point? Now it would seem even more important to be much more bureaucratic and repetitive if we plan to continue with a system that makes defending difficult.

  240. Oh for fucks sake. Shut up, Bill.

  241. Even Josie Maureen with his Specially Inflated Ego doesn’t talk as much about football tactics as some of our “know it all” “I can coach from my Couch” fans.

  242. I’m going to indulge in some transfer rumour-mongering.

    Rumour on twitter is that Hangeland is at London Colney having a medical….


    In more reality-bound news, Carlos Vela won’t feature from the start against England. But Walcott is in the England starting lineup.

    Hopefully he dilutes the overall level of cunt in the England team.

  243. Looks like we may have hit the eye of the storm as the cesc stories are drying up on newsnow. They’ve moved on to Eboue. Why don’t they just make a bid for the whole club while they’re at it and just disband their academy?

  244. Yawn, come on tell me you love the way Stoke City play.

  245. Last comment addressed to Bill

  246. Ole, you might as well talk to a brick wall or a stuck record

  247. ‘Mr Aliko Dangote who has apparently got £160m resting unused in carrier bags next to the washing machine and wants to use them to buy her shareholding.’

    Which should be an interesting early test for any revamped Fit and Proper conditions that the Premier League lay down at their forthcoming AGM

    I have been an avid reader of not just the articles on the blogs but also of the comments. I only state this to indicate I dindt just stumble on here.

    I will like state my distaste at the the implication of the pun which you have tried to pull there YW.

    I think it is quite disrespectful to a nation and to an hardworking and humble man (believe me I know this to be very true of him) to insinuate shady dealings almost everytime matters of finance crop up.

    Judging by what I have been reading for so long on this blog, I expect you will not be too proud to offer an apology.


  248. I reckon the way to go is to use 4-2-1-2-1

    New Keeper
    Sagna New Centrehalf Vermaelen Clichy
    Song New DM
    Cesc (if still here)
    VanP AA23

    If we have done away with 4-4-2 and therefore winger propecting tjhe fullbacks then we need 2 DMs to cover across the backline and guard against counter attacks

    My choices

    Sagna Cahill Vermaelen Clichy
    Song Toulalan
    VanP AA23

    Without Cesc

    Sagna Cahill Vermaelen Clichy
    Song Toulalan
    VanP Nasri

  249. When we sell fabregas, edin hazard and a great central defender can be afforded from the money we get. So all we would need is a goal keeper.

    Btw, check out arsenal action’s podcasts, their effen hilaru=ious the guys such a prick and he’s so depressed, wat a prize c*nt..!!!!!!!

    Niklas Bentdner is out for the world cup apparently as well. whihc is a great shame..

  250. Passenal,

    Bill’s very convinced ‘defense’ is superior to ‘offense’…..but that’s not been true since the 1st world war…and we didnt need those trenches anymore

  251. Walcott starts for England, thus immensely diluting the level of c*nt of the England team.

    By the way Bill, do you think our 2 ‘offenders’ (or is it offfenser you’d say) will shine tonight?

    Walcott v Vela. Vela is not in the starting lineup

  252. There’s a guy on twitter who’s been tweeting all day that Arsenal are signing hangeland, & that he’s in London Colney right now having a medical.

  253. The only change our team needs is that we get back the defensive mentality we had @ the beginning of last season. We don’t need a new strategy, a new formation or the magical “new DM”. We just need our team to do something, that they have already proven to be capable of doing.

  254. I gave the wrong info….Carlos Vela starts for Mexico

  255. Do you give any credence to that rumour Ole? I’m not sure about it myself.

    That would be a shame for Bendtner if he misses the world cup as he was a big part of why Denmark qualified in the first place.

    I’m only interested in how Theo and Carlos play, I have no interest in the rest of them.

  256. Consistency is what we need EvilFiek and that comes from being able to play our best team for more than 2 games in a row so they develop some rhythm

  257. Vela is playing

  258. Passenal,

    Rumours like those are generally pointless. We’ll know soon enough, right?

  259. Noo, I really hope Bendtner does not miss the World Cup 😦 I really wanted to see him score some goals against high class opposition so once and for all people calling for somebody to replace him are shut up.

  260. Slimshay

    Your interpretation of the ‘pun’ is your own so do not push yours as being (a) correct or (b) intended. It is your interpretation and yours alone.

    No apology is therefore necessary and none is offered.


  261. A new term I came across on the blogsphere. Most people here on ACLF, could be called Wengerite.

  262. hear that tool andy townsend?

    He just wont lay off walcott. Apparantley its his fault Rooney was offside.

  263. England being outclassed.

  264. vela’s looking tasty.

    Just needs a bit more composure in front of goal.

    He’ll definatley score though i rekon.

  265. You mean England is being lucky?

  266. wow an offside handball goal by england.

  267. Not impressed by England but Mexico are no great shakes without the ball. Vela should have scored and with the space he is being given, probably will later on.

  268. This is not England’s first team though, we can give them that.

  269. How could Drury be bemused about the referee giving the Mexican goal? Green was almost touching the back of the net when he grabbed it.

    No less than Mexico deserved.

  270. Emperor Gooner

    goodness me , first team or not , its almost like they’ve never played football beofre…look at the mexicans , so slick and quick with the ball..they are exuding pure confidence…the score should read 3-1 in mexicos favour

  271. G4E

    Does anyone know what the first team is? Not too sure Capello knows who his No. 1 is although James would probably get the nod. Only other ones missing as far as I can see are Terry, Lampard and possibly Barry. Not the exact first XI but pretty damned closed.


  272. I sympathise with slimshay personally.

    And just just the other day yogi endorsed a bombing of barca FC… tut tut

  273. walcott is looking like a poor mans lennon

  274. We know how to use Walcott’s pace at Arsenal. We work the space for him and anticipate his movement.

    With England they sort of him him the ball and run towards the box hoping he’ll beat three men and deliver a perfect cross. Not sure he’s that kind of player.

  275. Word

    I didn’t endorse it, merely pointed out that Barca might be able to put a roof over the whole of the stadium in the event of making an insurance claim…


  276. Word

    Are you morphing into poor man’s James?


  277. What poor defending on the post for Mexico’s goal.

  278. He’s better as a Ljungberg type. He got a bunch of assists and goals at the end of the season playing that way; he’s timing his bursts better than ever and his delivery has improved a load.

    A lot of hostile comments towards YW recently! Or were you moderating them all before?

  279. I am feeling disenchanted with the general aura of your blog I am afraid to say…

    still lots of respect but now more questions

  280. we should play walcott at right back so he looks as good as johnson. he was a striker once you know

  281. OOU

    Nope, no moderation unless you fall foul of the other traps.




  282. I was just trying to find an excuse YW 🙂

  283. Cracking goal by Johnson aided by pisspoor defending.

  284. I hope Slimshay is not to shay to apologize for asking for an apology for something he misinterpreted?

  285. If people do not like YW’s blog why bother reading it and then complaining. Just don’t read it.

  286. wiki:

    an aura is a field of subtle, luminous radiation supposedly surrounding a person or object (like the halo or aureola of religious art) that some people are claimed to be capable of observing by means of their third eye

  287. there is none like yogi’s blog but I find the comments very defensive and hyper sensitive

  288. Rooney is practicing his dive for the coming penalty

  289. Tom Hundredstone has come on to roll the turf flatter.

  290. I find it strange that people would be timid of posting their anonymous thoughts on a blog but anyone that is so inhibited to be shy of doing so imo should be given more rope in case they be once burnt twice shy.

    Its very easy to see where slimshay is coming from… not that I consider yogi much of an english yob

    props blud

  291. Ah close…

  292. What’s Wiki’s definition of the “word” : Boresome?

  293. which journalist recently touted gerard for arsenal? what a load of shit that was. great player obviously but he would never move to a rival team especially based in london

  294. Can’t watch the game Ole. Thanks for asking. I think Vela will be a star in a few years. Would love to see him spend a year on loan. Perhaps we can let him play for Fulham on loan if they let us sign Hangeland. While they are at it we could get Schwarzer and send Fabianski or Mannone on loan. Schwarzer would be inexpensive and would probably be a great caretaker until Tech 9 is ready. I doubt the rumours. Nice to dream.

  295. Word

    A backhanded compliment if ever there was one…


  296. gunner4ever – aren’t you the most minimal poster on here? I love the way you have taken that expression to heart. you know the one that goes ‘better that people think you are a fool than open your mouth and remove all doubt’

    if i am the one looking the fool at least I wasn’t fearful of speaking my mind

    you are the guy that also announces his presence with a little single * post right???

    my how my loins quiver in anticipation…. you really are too exiciting for my little brain to process

  297. That’s all my interest in the game gone now.

  298. You’re right, I contribute here more than your little brain will ever comprehend.

    Obviously just my little * is giving you a headache. how much more can I simplify for little brains?

  299. yogi you do extremily well to give what is largely a fresh perspective almost every day. I have plenty of respect for you but my natural form is to play devils advocate and I really haven’t been true to myself recently. I tried to be concerting but it truly is like shooting with my left foot.

  300. lol please explain why you do the * thing?

    i’d be most amused

  301. The seat of the soul

  302. Your little brain may explode all over the washing machine by Aliko Dangote’s money.

  303. nice link play.

    oh wait no, it was shit unimaginitive link play.

    remember what i said about the opening of mouths..

  304. We are in a time of deep change. We will move through this change more easily if we are able to see the road upon which we are traveling, our destination, and what it is that is in motion. I offer what is in this book as a window through which I have come to see life. I offer this window to you, but I do not say that it is necessary that you accept it. There are so many ways to wisdom and to the heart. This is our greatest richness, and the one that gives me the most joy.

    We have much to do together.

    Let us do it in wisdom and love and joy.

    Let us make this the human experience.

    thank you frank

  305. So how did Theo and Carlos play?

  306. I was referring to Descartes

  307. why dont barca just give us 35 million and iniesta and we’ll call it quits?

  308. Better than you opening your third eye I guess?

  309. I was reading about the old Arsenal – Racing Paris connection, and stumbled on the text from that Norris ad again. It’s overused but sort of apt today.

    “Arsenal Football Club is open to receive applications for the position of TEAM MANAGER. He must be experienced and possess the highest qualifications for the post, both as to ability and personal character. Gentlemen whose sole ability to build up a good side depends on the payment of heavy and exhorbitant [sic] transfer fees need not apply.”

  310. I thought both Theo and Carlos looked great. I think that Andy Townsend has a bit of a problem… stuck in a bit of a groove.

    Capello obviously wanted to see how Theo coped with his defensive responsibilities and he tracked the Mexican left back very weell in the second half.left back.

    Carlos Vela was playing with more confidence than he does for Arsenal. They give him a freer role.

  311. for walcott its as above, poor mans lennon…

    dont care about englands chances much but if i had to choose between lennon and walcott, it is lennon all the way. no shame in admiting that as he is years behind him in terms of experience. experience counts a hell of lot for internationals.

  312. Theo all the way for me…

  313. was a vague one. i searched the phrase and found a book by Gary Zukav. seemed apt none the less…

    what was your meaning frank?

  314. Word….lennon came on when everyone was fucked.

    And he made one good run.

    Walcott defended well all game made some great runs and passes.
    Bugger off.

  315. Theo will do something unusual in a game. Lennon produces the same old same old every game. Theo is happy dropping back, swapping sides and even playing down the middle. That gives Capello a couple more shakes of the dice if Theo is in the squad.

  316. Theo struggles atime, but he’s always comofrtably a better player than Aaron Lennon

  317. for england theo has some unexplainable magic but I would rather see lennon do what he does he is better at beating his man one on one and puts in better crosses. Lennons development this year has been what we have been searching for with walcott for some while now. no great disrespect to theo but lennon is by far the wiser decision… u defensive cunt.

  318. yeah but look at valencia for man u, he does the same shit everytime – beats his man and puts in a wicked cross…. theo is simply not on the level of consistancy worthy of an international place in a very competitive area.

    he is still a work in progress you must admit…

  319. its a distraction that theo can play down the middle because with 4 strikers I doubt we would ever be in need of that

  320. Descartes thought that the Pineal Gland was the ‘seat of the soul’. The Pineal Gland is often referred to as the ‘third eye’….for physiological reasons. In reptiles the Pineal Gland is highly developed and protudes from the brain through the skull. It is very sensitive to light and controls their sleep, hibernation, stagnation etc cycles…it is connected to the reptilean Pituitary Gland which controls their metabolic rate. Importantly metabolic rate is contolled by light conditions in cold blooded creatures.

    In humans the Pineal Gland is involved in the production of Serotonin and Melotonin and so retains some function in regulating consciousness and particularly sleep patterns.

    Not exactly a real eye but an ‘eye’ nevertheless in as much as it contains neural tissue which reacts to light.

    That is what I meant, word

  321. Thanks Frank. I couldn’t be bothered to watch it, so I appreciate the review.

  322. I am aware of the pineal gland but did not know its importance with reptiles… interesting.

    at least we linked the third eye point somewhat

    still not sure how you intended to fit that stuff into the ongoing though..?

  323. you talking biology or philosopy??

  324. *spelling

  325. It was an interesting game, Passenal.

    Mexico..away from home…were very open and were technically much better than England. Attacking at every opportunity. England were dull in the extreme, playing two banks of four in a very defensive manner.

    Very disappointing given that Mexico have no defensive ability at all.

    We were treated to some of Steven Gerrard’s best diving manouevre’s on a couple of occasions.

  326. You mentioned third eye, word, at 9.18pm. I simply mentioned that it was considered to be the ‘seat of the soul’ by Descartes…I am not a philosopher and Descartes was wrong.

  327. England won the game, Theo played well, that’s the main thing. Looking forward to seeing Theo in his first proper World Cup now.

  328. Frank, you’re giving him too much credit. I think the third eye he meant is in the seat of his behind.

  329. watching england is like bleeding slowly to death through the ear

  330. I hope he goes too, Matty Boy. I can see him scoring a couple of very important goals. I think he will go…

  331. congrats G4E, you made a more than adequate funny

  332. fprget the arsenal spin. I am honestly not sure that theo is the fairest choice over lennon – were it to be a one on one.

    looking at the last 18 months surely the consistancy and experience comes on top?

  333. I’m glad you got it.

  334. It is real shame that the Wembley pitch does not match the stadium. The latter looked magificent tonight. I am always impressed when I see it silhouetted against the North West London skyline. But the pitch…what the hell have they done? How could they fuck up the pitch so badly?

  335. But I am sure that Theo is the right choice.

  336. im just glad you weren’t afraid to try agian G4E

  337. why do you do the * thing again?

  338. We played Racing Club de Paris every November until the early 60s to raise money for 1st World War veterans. Arsenal and Racing were Europe’s two top teams in the 30s and the match was big news in the pre-war years.

    Obviously there was a hiatus for a while, but they picked the fixture up again in ’46. Racing went bankrupt in ’62 though and disappeared, which is why the tradition ended.

    In the late 80s they made a comeback and, funded by an arms magnate, tried to build a superteam; they went out and bought Enzo Francescoli (Zidane’s fave player as a teenager), Luis Fernandez, Littbarski – then later Silooy (won the CL with Ajax) and David Ginola.

    They couldn’t draw the crowds, went bankrupt again and are now an amateur side playing in front of a couple of hundred people each week.

    I suppose they were a bit before their time.

    Sorry to bore people, but I didn’t know any of this. We should play them in the pre-season again. It would be a great gesture.

  339. How many goals has lemmon got for england word? Cappello likes Theo. he Knows a class player when he see’s one.

  340. look i would rather see theo obviously but lennon plays the wide role better imo. yes theo is better in front of goal but that is not where he plays and as I said before its a disraction to think to think you are getting two positions out of him because I doubt cappelo will ever play theo up front in the WC.

    maybe he know better, and maybe thats where the decision lies…

    theo is struggling with his decision making and crossing. lennon has been very good all year now. what more proof do you need? clearly y’all are rose tinted

  341. i like your sentiment OOU

  342. according to l Equipe ,Sebastien frey have said he could leave fiorentina this year for a more ambitious club…..a perfect signing,bag of experience and a top GK

  343. “maybe he know better, and maybe thats where the decision lies…”

    It is a pity some of our fans don’t think the same way about Wenger.

  344. Just goes to show how ‘clued up’ and accurate the media are dupsffokcuf!

  345. Capello must be rose tinted aswell then coz he clearly prefers Theo to that one trick pony runs like a fukin duck lennon. its like talking to a spud.

  346. It’s not a surprise OOU,everything about football in paris is money.All thids club are created by company not fan.

  347. No room in your little brain to explain. Hey, that rhymes!

    Just keep talking about Lennon without drooling.

  348. I’ve just heard that Arantxa Sanchez Vicario has been voted Catalonia’s most beautiful woman yet again.

  349. yes and its like talking to an arsenal fan, im just trying to be pragmatic for england. theo is a risk

  350. Last time I checked this blog was called A Cultured Left Foot…Not “England Diving School of Grit”? Or Sh*t..your choice.

  351. ole started it….

  352. a fungus-coated right hand

    Yogi, that is a piece of excellent journalism and I congratulate you for getting your agents into the African’s laundry room to verify the bags of cash.

  353. Arsenehollis

    I actually can understand some of your points. But you are presenting a false choice. I think most of us would prefer to win trophies galore and do it a little less beautifully than perhaps Arsene is shooting for.

    However, I like many others think that winning while playing beautifully has been achieved before by Arsene and he’ll be able to do it again.

    Don’t give in just yet. We are two good signings away from achieving the ideal goal, and we already have 9 core players able to achieve these goals (Sagna, Clichy, Vermaelen, Song, Fabregas, Arshavin, Van Persie, Chamakh, Nasri) supported by a larger group of highly talented internationals (Diaby, Walcott, Bendtner, Eboue, Rosicky, Ramsey etc).

    Keep the faith!

  354. so the question is do you support Cesc or Arsenal?

    Nuff said!!!


  355. The 32 buses for National teams in South Africa with original inscriptions:

  356. YW,

    Yesterday was my first post on this blog. If I intend to keep posting (which in all honesty Id rather not like I have been doing). I will not like to drag this out.

    You have said your piece. Its alright with me. Money, washing machines, fit and proper persons.

    Suffice it to say though, with your reply I have lost a huge bit of respect for you. It shouldnt really matter to you though. After all you dont really know me ‘from adam’


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