The Sunday’s Give Their Take On Cesc

Well, what did you expect the Sunday’s to batter on about? Not Reading, Writing and Arithmetic? You might have hoped for Static and Silence but to be honest, you’d have to be Blind not to read about Cesc to Barcelona. Enough of the 1990s indie rock scene though.

If you were hoping for rather more than a rehash of the tales which have been haunting you this week, forget it. A wide range of views are expressed, most of them negative, king of which is the boorish oaf Piers Morgan who thinks Fabregas is leaving because Wenger has a lack of ambition and drive. Sorry, I’ve just re-read that sentence and realised that Piers Morgan’s name and ‘think’ should never be used together. Read his egotistical ramblings if need to laugh. Still, good to know that he bears David Dein no ill even though his son is Fabregas’ agent as well as being Henry’s. Wait, there’s a pattern emerging.

Someone genuinely needs to make sure that Paul Merson is alright. Of all of the despondency that has surfaced this week, his article is the most depressing, carrying enough warnings that his nearest and dearest should ensure he stays away from B&Q for a while or at the very least, away from the ropes. There is a pattern here (again). If your initials are ‘PM’, beware for this tension is proving too much for you to handle.

According to Merson, not only will Cesc leave this summer but that will mean that Robin van Persie will be gone as well before the new season starts on August 14th. Having beaten Wenger with the stick, “It seems to me that if a player tells Arsene Wenger he wants to go, he lets them go without putting up a fight“, Merson added the caveat that if Milner is worth £25m then Fabregas is twice as valuable. Please someone, stop these two before they end up gibbering wrecks. Well, even more than they already are.

Paul Wilson in his Observer column asks that Fabregas be allowed to depart without ‘rancour‘ as £30m offered for the player is good business for Arsenal given that he only cost a fraction of that. Sorry, Mr Wilson, it is not good business because as it seriously undervalues the player and as Merson observed, Barcelona could sell Fabregas in the future for at least that.

Wilson tells us that claims of financial rewards being a motivator for the move are wrong as his pretension goes into overdrive, gilding us with lilies about birthright and homesickness by any other name. Shame he failed to mention the £4.2m which is believed to be immediately payable.

So, it seems that ‘PM’ is not the key to lunacy, it is ‘P’ as an initial.

As if to prove the rule by being the exception, Patrick Barclay bemoans the transfer as it is another nail in the coffin of squad building, simply encouraging spending to provide the quick fix. That is the essence of the Premier League; spend money without bearing any semblance of sanity and the rewards will come despite the fact that Leeds United, Newcastle United and Portsmouth have all disproved the theory.

Belatedly, the Premier League are acting on the subject of owners and money. Well, they might. At their AGM in June, existing owners will seek to close their shop further, hiding behind ‘the good of the game‘ defence, and require potential buyers to prove they have the cash they state and also meet with officials to ensure that they are the ‘right sort’ to run a football club. A lot of good the latter will do; no doubt that even a despised potential owner with a dubious past will be nodded through because he went to the right school and is a ‘bloody good bloke‘ according to the Tim-Nice-But-Dim’s who occupy the seats of power in the Premier League offices.

Still if Arsene were seeking solace following the failure of his emotional phone call with his captain, he can take comfort from the fact that Sir Alex Ferguson reckons that Wenger and George Graham were his toughest opponents. Not much I know and yes, it unnerves me as much as you when Ferguson is nice. About anything.

At which point, I’m looking out the window and thinking it’s time to get the kids out of the house. So hopefully the bright weather will provide the perfect antidote that the Gloomy Sunday that the media is trying to turn your day into.

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. Seriously my take on this is that Fab4 should go, He wants to win something and for the last 7 years the only thing he has won with arsenal is an FACup. He has giving his best for this club and its time he goes somewhere where he can meet his ambition. I would always wish him the best in everything he does.



  3. Cesc shud go he is not a captain at all if you crack underpressure then you are not strong. Players like Villa did not want to go even though they are not winning anything he was only sold because of financial problems at his club. So Cesc should go to Barca and win on the bench because he cant take Xavi out of his position nor Iniesta or Messi. So Wenger should stop leaving at dream land and buy players who have value we dont want players like Slyvester and Diaby.

  4. I am noticing an increase in the number of people posting under other identities.

    As of now, if it happens and you are caught, you will be consigned to the spam bin.


  5. The one thing that I worse that depressing negativity is blindless optimism. Selling our best player does not instill optimism – how can it ? There is no ambition at Arsenal – the new stadium was meant to be the last piece of the puzzle to make us competitive yet we are anything but competitive. All we have heard is crap about having money to spend and ambition to things. Sorry but Merson and Morgan are both right and you – you are just full of shit like our manager himself – Wenger apologist !

  6. I’ve just watched Sky’s Sunday Supplement where they discussed the stories regarding Gerrard leaving Liverpool and Cesc leaving Arsenal. The difference in attitude were ridiculous. It’s terrible for Liverpool and the financial situation is a real shame for the fans etc where as Arsenal are buggered, we actually deserve it because of the way we poached Cesc etc. Now if Cesc does leave it will be a blow and a huge disappointment but Arsenal will survive. Liverpool on the other hand have serious problems and look as if they are being forced to sell top players to keep the banks at bay.

    Why are Arsenal fans perpetuating the lies in the media and giving them more credence? I seriously wonder who some of these so called fans actually support.

  7. Fuck ’em all.

  8. You are wrong mate. Everything Piers Morgan wrote is 100% spot on, no offense but you do not sound like a person who is a success in their life, winners don’t make excuses they just deliver results.

  9. Shaky Arsene

    Perhaps you could explain how you are a winner? I am genuinely intrigued.


  10. Proof positive that Piers Morgan appeals to the lowest common denominator.

  11. Passenal

    Let’s face it, anyone who thinks Morgan is sane proves that their brain is wasted on them.


  12. I think Cesc definitely wants to leave because of the spiteful nature of opposition players and the xenophobic attitude of British Media. All this nonsense about winning cups etc are just media perpetuated lies. I don’t think arsene will let him go on cheap. Hopefully we will get a suitable replacement or two. It’s disappointing but not the end of the world nor the end of arsenal football

  13. If Cesc is moving for trophies, now might not be a good time for him to move to Barca.

    With Mourinho heading to Real, it is a pretty good bet that Barca won’t be linning the Spanish league for a few years

  14. that should be ‘winning’, not ‘linning’

  15. Leon

    Depends on your viewpoint. I don’t know any blind optimists, point them out. But before you do, go back and read the posts since the blog started.

    Belief is one thing you will see. Support for the club whilst noting the faults. Nowt blind in that. And a damn sight better for your health than the rampant pessimism in your post.


  16. Has anybody tried asking Fabregas’s agent what is going on-and also what part he, Darren Dein has and is playing in this Cesc saga? Cesc is going-and what is already clear is that he is going because he wants to-and no other reason. It does not matter why. What is critical to Arsenals future is whether the Board face up to their responsibility to invest in the team when he goes. My take is that Arsene Wenger has been a victim of his own success-in that the Board will think he can maintain a competitive team without spending the money they get for Cesc. Is that why Arsenal are currently checking out whether Aaron Ramsey can play at the beginning of next season with a plate in his leg?

  17. How do you know that goonergerry? And if you have a natural replacement for a departing player who already knows the team and how we play, wouldn’t you want to check out how close he is to playing again before you decide what you should do in the transfer market? It’s not like can lose one cesc fabregas and go out and buy another one.

  18. Gerry

    I suspect that Fabregas’ agent is the architect of most of the informed (ahem) speculation in the media.


  19. All I can say to Yogi’s “full of shit” Warrior is keep up the good work.

  20. Passenal

    Spot on. No player is irreplacable, the team’s style is adjusted to get the best out of those at the club.

    Too many people are swallowing the line that we’re buggered if Fabregas goes. You want to see investment in that event but the club will continue.

    Which is just about the only half sensible thing Peter Whimsey has said in the last decade on Arsenal.


  21. “And if you have a natural replacement for a departing player who already knows the team and how we play, wouldn’t you want to check out how close he is to playing again before you decide what you should do in the transfer market? It’s not like can lose one cesc fabregas and go out and buy another one.”

    Cesc is not ‘departing’! Noone has proved he wants out and even if he did, Barca can’t afford him. Checking the efficacy of some medical kit on Ramsey has nowt to do with Cesc.

  22. Whilst it will be a shame if Cesc goes i think the media need perspective.No one player is bigger than the club and this year we missed RVP far more than Cesc last year.If the money is right,circa 40 million,then we can invest that.I have a close friend who is a Chavski fan (shame) who has always described Cesc as the poor mans Ramsey and given the choice of the two would take the latter.Equally,Nasri can and wants that role.Piers Morgan is just a comedy fan who wants attention.The press always say we will struggle for top four yet the last time we did and only qualified because Spuds choked our side had Henry,Bergkamp,Pires et all.Times and players change and we move on.

    Ps Gerrard to Arsenal? We can afford him if Cesc goes.

  23. Exactly Yogi, it will be disappointing but not devastating. He is an important player, but our disappointing end of season was not just down to his absence, it was the sheer number of key players missing that made it a step too far. Arsene adjusted our tactics last season, which actually benefitted him significantly. If necessary Arsene will no doubt adjust them again to suit the personnel we will have next season.

  24. three cheers to you YW,
    I am constantly amazed at what a lot of premature ejaculators you get on the comments page, it is almost as if the central theses of the article is completely by passed to get to the predictible gloom, i come here for balance, sanity and to get away from the, ahem, maddenning crowd and then this. i remember posting a pre- pre-suicide note here predicting the lull between seasons was going to be extremely trying and hoping we could somehow come up with ideas to float above the general sewage that was going to be written about the arsenal but i was wrong, most people seem to read their daily dose of shit somewhere esle and promptly regurgitate it everywhere. now i know this is probably not cool but feel free to moderate, a similar oasis of sanity on arsenal, fourth from bottom on your blogroll ran a story last week describing a similar problem i.e some pesky kids had gotten in to the habit of hijacking the comments page under different names to build threads of gloom and despair why? i suspect to back up some sick fantasy or just to turn the tide against the current board, there is a sleazy element behind all this rubbish and and i for one are getting almost paranoid. keep up the fight, we know that the cesc story is built on a response to a pointed question at a charity event and a press statement by a political opportunist the rest is just par for the course while there are still acres of rainforest to fell. p.s there should be a rule that restricts comments that just start with the stupidest suppositons i.e i know cesc etc… how do you know,pal? whatever comes after that just doesnt matter….. you are talking shit go back to your mothers tit……aaaaaaaaargh! ok ok ok i am alright.

  25. I used to enjoy your blog but these days I find it had to read it. Piers Morgan is right, what he is saying is closer to the truth than your own point of view. Although he is negative, I dont see how you can put a positive spin on Cesc Fabregas leaving the club.

  26. Henristic, it’s all ifs and buts. We don’t know for sure either way, which is why Arsenal never announce signings until they are definite because even at the last minute there could be a problem that prevents what appeared to be a definite deal going through.

  27. Cesc is not leaving this season .. Its quite simple they cant afford him. 50m£ at the very least .. WE DONT WANT TO SELL.

  28. cesc can go for the right fee. simple! £30m is not the going rate and dna or whatever delusions barca harbour will not change that fact.

    does anyone remember the liverpool dna that owen had and real forgot about when they offered him back to liverpool for twice what they paid for him a year earlier?

    anyway cesc is under contract is younger than kaka and alonso and is central to the way Arsenal play.

    pay up barca or shut up and wait for a year or two. ed..barca aren’t very good at shutting up.

  29. YW,
    Depends on what you mean by buggered. Of course the club will continue, even if we somehow lose all of our players. Teams have recovered from much, much worse set backs (e.g. busby babes tragedy). The point I think, is if he leaves, it would be a massive blow to this team’s growth in the short term (i.e. next few seasons), and to AW plans and policy for the club.

    I just don’t see how it makes any sense to let Cesc leave, even if he demands it (and no one has shown evidence that he has).

  30. I listened to Talk Sport (I know, I know) the other day and there seemed to be an endless throng of gooners phoning up to say that Arsene has taken the team as far as he can and should go.

    How pathetically short sighted, do they not realise what he has done, he has provided world class training facilities, a stunning stadium, a youth project that is the envy of the world and sublime flowing football, the list goes on.

    In short, now the debt has been paid off he has secured the future of club to dine at the top table of european football for the next 50 years.

    Forget the short term fallow years, the future of Arsenal has now arrived, within two years we will be champions again and long after.

    Cesc may leave, players will always leave and players will always join, but, the Club, the stadium, the training, the philosphy is ours to keep. And that is Wenger.

  31. Passenal, but there are no signs that negotiations have even started! There is no basis for speculation. How is this years transfer talk different from the other summers?

    Barca simply can’t afford Cesc. Arsenal can well afford to not sell. We’re not in a manu type of debt. why would we sell then?

  32. Henristic

    It’s funny how some assume that I am happy for him to leave. I’ve not said anything of the sort, quite the contrary.

    If he wants to go, instead of being praised for sorting it out now behind the scenes, the player should come out and state this.

    He won’t simply because he will lose all manner of bonuses in his contract. So those who claim there is no monetary aspect are wrong.

    However, until such times as the club or player state unequivocally that he is being sold / leaving, why are we treating this as a fact? Seems like there is a lot of self-fulfilling prophesising at the moment.


  33. Oh and surely whether or not it is a ‘massive blow’ depends on how the transfer fee is invested.

  34. What they’re saying Kingsalami is that Arsene who has been a genius for keeping us competitive while we had no money to spend, should step back now that we have some cash so that someone else can reap the benefit of all his hard work. That is churlish in the extreme. This man turned down Real Madrid to stay with this club out of loyalty. It’s a shame some players and fans don’t show the same loyalty towards him and the club considering how much he has given them.

  35. KingS, the key to AW’s plan for domination (to paraphrase his own words) is for us to keep all of our key players together. We know this team are talented and that what’s missing is consistency. How can this be achieved if the best players leave?

    Why is everyone seemingly resigned to Cesc leaving. Am I missing something?

  36. YW

    I guess “but the Club will continue” can mean a lot of things to different people. I would argue that if Cesc, RVP, Gallas, Clichy all go this summer the Club will continue as well, if that means AFC will be in the PL, play in the CL, not go bankrupt…
    I find it difficult to argue though that Cesc leaving would make Arsene’s plan to make the team more competitive next season (i am sure it is his objective) a lot more difficult, especially given the way he has nurtured this team. As you said you don’t find another Cesc on the market, and frankly despite all his talent Ramsey cannot be expected to fully take over that role (at a similar level) next season, even less so given this year’s injury…

  37. Henristic, it’s a myth that barcelona cannot afford cesc. Read the Swiss Ramble. He has researched it and if they want to, they can well afford him. They just believe that he is their player and as he has made it clear he will not go to another team, they expect to get him at a discount. By going on public TV and stating “if I leave Arsenal, I will only go to barcelona” cesc invited this furore whether he wants to go now or ‘some day’. But if barca want him, they have to pay the best price we could get if he were available on the open market or he stays at Arsenal. If he were available, Real Madrid or man c, would pay top dollar. Ultimately, Arsene will do what is best for the club as he always does, whether than means sticking or twisting.

  38. Even if we buy messi (which is of course impossible) with the transfer fee, does anyone know how well the player will settle in(or how long it will take)? If its a young player we buy, what’s to say he won’t also be allowed to leave when another club makes a big offer? An older player good enough to replace Cesc will cost record type transfer fees (tbh I can’t even think of anyone), which AFC simply doesn’t do.

  39. Passenal, spot on. I strongly believe we are heading for another great era in our history.

    Henristic, regarding Cesc unfortunately this time I believe there is no smoke without fire, I sincerley hope he stays, but what I am saying, we have previsouly lost key players prematurely and leaders before but have come back stronger.

  40. One thing I would say is that if Arsenal has decided to sell their player, they should hold off until after the World Cup and entirely uncoincidentally, the Barcelona Presidential Elections. Let’s see how keen they are on signing him once Laporta’s ego is taken out of the equation.

  41. I know what you’re saying Henristic. It could still all just be talk. In any case, Wenger was burned with the Hleb saga, but this time he is in control, and whatever Cesc feels, he will only be let go if/when it suits Wenger.
    There is another possibility, which is that Cesc has done/said what was reported, but Wenger is taking the view that it is just a temporary reaction to the way our season ended and being around his compatriots in the national side.

    People should take note that it is due to Arsene’s and the Board’s fiscal responsibility that we are in a position to turn down even a £60 million bid.

    @ Tokala
    Clichy going? RVP leaving? Get a grip.

  42. @ YW

    Agreed. Perhaps that, plus the unwillingness to pay market value for him, would open Cesc’s eyes as to what this is really about.

  43. I’m loving Chamakh’s full interview on ATVO.


    BENARD MARIGA on May 23, 2010
    at 10:01 am

    Can’t argue with that!

  45. Wow the gate of Hell has been left opened, where else could all these Anti-support comments have emanated from they seem to be at full trot today.

  46. “It’s a paradox, because I am not a defender, but I am the first defender on the pitch.”

    Yay! In general, he sounds very much like Robin – analytical, intelligent, but passionate about the passing game.

  47. FG, YW. Agree, surely Cesc must realise he is being played as a porn in the Barca election campaign.

  48. FG

    🙂 That was purely hypothetical. My point was that i believe the issue with Cesc potentially leaving is how would this impact AFC competitiveness not if the Club would still be there
    i doubt though the Club would turn down 60m£

  49. KS

    I understand the sentiment but its ‘pawn’. The spelling ‘porn’ brought a smile but some unsavoury connotations…



  50. A ‘pawn’, I think, Kingsalami. The Barca presidential elections are sordid… but not that sordid.

  51. Passenal, Cesc has always said he’d go back to Barca. Nothing new there.

  52. “I’m loving Chamakh’s full interview on ATVO.”

    I agree FG and I feel for the player. He has just joined the club of his dreams, but all the cesc talk is completely overshadowing it. It’s clear the press are only interested in speculation. He is here now, but there is not one article about his arrival and what he might bring to Arsenal on newsnow. No one seems to care about what might strengthen us, just what might weaken us.

  53. Great post Yogi, witty and on the mark.

    Perspective is something that is sorley lacking amonst too many.

    Piers Morgan is a wretched swine whose “appeal” is planted firmly in the revolting celebrity based culture we have smothered ourself with. He knows nothing about football, I’m not even sure if he knows anything about anything. Anyone who has ever had the misfortune of flicking over to ITV 1 when this moonfaced plastic toff is spewing his incoherent anti-journalism will know what an abortion of a man he is.

    Yet these sorts of people colour the minds of those who cant make up their own.


    It seems that Fabregas is attempting to engineer a move away and it is bitterly disapointing the manner in which he’s doing it.

    Even if he stays, unless this is all refuted he is going to have a tough time from the fans at the start of next season and not entirley without justification.

  54. Deano, don’t be fooled my the media talk. There no actual evidence that Cesc is engineering anything.

  55. Is it just me or does anyone else notice the resemblance Chamakh has to AW in the cover pic for Chamakh’s first interview on

  56. I hadn’t noticed the resemblance Henristic, I’ll have to have another look. Chamakh does unfortunately look a lot like the lesser Ronaldo though!

  57. na hes better looking than lesser ronaldo.

    Ronaldo is a chinless wonder.

  58. Shhh! Don’t say that, Passenal.

  59. Scruffy bugger though, isn’t he. Still, I won’t give a toss if he produces the best form of his career in an Arsenal shirt.

  60. LA, YW.


    Maybe I was right, we always seem to get rogered by Barca.

    I now have a nasty picture in my head, I think I need a shower.

  61. Yes, deano – MC is definitely better looking. If we could just sort out his hair for him…

    Like you, I will be very disappointed in Cesc if it turns out that this has been orchestrated by him to engineer a move without losing out financially.

    @ Passenal
    They’ll have to notice him when he starts making and scoring goals for us in August, won’t they?

    Ha ha – it was still a good point, though!

  62. It’s probably just a passing resemblance! I’ll get over it as I get used to his face in an Arsenal shirt. He does seem like a very nice, intelligent young man as well.

  63. Have a little respect for the player you cherished,unless you are the few who just want to shoot ,vent your frustration at anything that moves to show your discontentment with life,he has not left yet,so fast with the RESENTMENT factor that smells of rotten fish. Should Cesc leave,there will be ripples and seeds of doubt creeping into the team,a longer negative factor that will surface if the team fails to get back on top soon enough. He was and is the captain,providing exquisite skills a lot of times to our pleasure,and he played through broken foot to show how much he would give to the club,have a little respect in life. And do not play the royalty card,he is not a paid slave,royalty relates to ideals and passion.

  64. I for once will side with pundits. As a fan, u always get to ignore the negatives. we have never been good enough to win for 5 years and we have not won. We have not been favourites, we have not been nearly complete. We take one step forward and two step back. Seriously, we are desperate for trophies and does anybody think with this complacent attitude towards winning we will win anything? I will be optimistic again until the team at the start of the season is complete and considered favourite because its the favourites who more than usually get to win. Sick of this pretty football and wonder win excuses. A title with young squad against all odds will not be more special than any other. Ask any player or fan if they would prefer champs league or pretty football which btw is missing too. Be a realist!

  65. royalty, luke? What are you on about?

  66. why is everyone suprised that Cesc is buggering off. every summer we lose a top player.

  67. Neil Ashton NOTW:
    “The Spanish midfielder simply wants to compete for trophies at the very highest level.”

    This is typical of the lies circulating. Lets look at the facts Fabregas in his 7 yrs (6 playing a key role) has contested 4 finals, winning 2 of them (FA cup (won), European Championship with Spain (won) Champ league (lost), and League cup (lost).
    He broke into the Spain team and played at the last WC as a 19 yr old, and as a 21 yr old played a key role in winning the Eur Champ with Spain. Neither of which would have been possible unless he was with Arsenal and AW, who gave him a chance to play.
    He has competed rigorously with Arsenal in nearly winning the EPL this year and in 07/08.
    And has competed in the latter stages of the Champs league every year.

    That is all that any player could ask for. The “no titles for 5 yrs” is a complete nonsense. Players want to be competitive at the highest level, Fabregas and Arsenal have been. There is no guarantees of titles, you have to be knocking on the door year by year and they are.

  68. @yogi

    we should bear a grudge against david dein because is son is fab’s agent? why should david dein be blamed if his son is the agent of our skipper? would someone at your workplace be justified to hate your father if you did a better job?

    we gooners hate david dein for various reasons but let this not be one of them!
    PS: in hindsight, he was spot on with his analysis that arsenal cannot compete in the transfer market

  69. zq, are you Veruca Salt from Charlie And The Chocolate Factory? You sound just like her.

    Do you remember what happened to Veruca Salt from Charlie And The Chocolate Factory, zq?

  70. What is it with some footballers and crazy hairstyles. why can’t they just be normal (whatever that is)/

  71. why do we gooners hate David Dein again? please remind me mob?

  72. Whats wrong with David Dein?

    I don’t know of anybody who has reason to hate him, he just had a different plan to the rest of the board.

  73. It won’t be a disaster of any sort if Cesc leaves, however it will surely put us in another year of experimentation and transition. I doubt we will be able to mount a serious title challenge next season if if he leaves in the summers. And we’ve had too much of these changes to our squad past few seasons. For once I would like everyone to just stay, even Sylvester. And we bring in a couple of players to compliment the squad. And we will be ready to put in a better challenge. Cesc is important if we want to win anything next season, however in the long run he isn’t irreplaceable.

  74. Augustus Glupp – Now there was a boy with issues.

  75. ha ha ..the boards evil plan(another one) of ruining David Deins reputation worked a fukin treat didnt it.

  76. The thing is, this whole period when you think about it probably isn’t a whole youth plan. Its just a way of sustaining our place in europe’s elite whilst coping with the cost of our stadium. Whatever happens in this time is a bonus. However when will this end? In my opinion 1 or 2 years. Maybe next season even.

  77. When you think about it, great managers of the past are recognised for long and historic spells. Mourinho will never fit into this bracket..

  78. Ateeb, agree with everything you say except for silvestre.

  79. “The thing is, this whole period when you think about it probably isn’t a whole youth plan. Its just a way of sustaining our place in europe’s elite whilst coping with the cost of our stadium.”

    Exactly, Zap. The cost of building a new stadium usually results in a club slipping down the table or down a division. We have not, largely thanks to Arsene.

    We can compete with anyone who pays their own way, but not with the oil or gas billions. We generate a lot more money than we did while at Highbury, so it was definitely worth making the move.

  80. I was double minded about Sylvestre too, when writing that. But what the heck, if he is our 5th or 6th choice CB, I don’t mind.

    As for Cesc fitting into the Barca team, it is worth a shot to entertain the claim if he is going to get enough first team matches. He plays in a similiar position to Xavi, both like to make the play. The only possible alternative is for him to play in a more attacking role, as he has for Spain. But unlike Spain, Barca have Messi playing in that role.

  81. Would rather not get into this debate again but 5th and 6th choice CB for arsenal is almost guaranteed a good number of game at the business end of the season, Ateeb.

  82. *games

  83. Paulie Walnuts

    Excellent post as usual YW.

    The two PMs just sound like the clowns they are but that`s what happens with initials like thatI`m afraid.

    Graham (silent C) Hunter reckons Arsene is in a filthy mood with Cesc & the asking price is £70M.

    Given that Barca targetted Villa as their `marquee` signing this summer it sounds like they haven`t got that sort of wonga so we can all look forward to at least a couple more years of this sort of close season drivel.

  84. Henristic,

    I agree, I wouldn’t mind seeing him leave, but he could be our last ditch defensive option when miraculously all other centre backs find themselves in the medical room. 7th choice? Come on, we can negotiate on this. 7th choice ain’t so bad.

    With all these injuries one thing we can be sure of. Any new additions to the squad won’t be an obstacle to the careers of the younger players such as Theo, Ramsey, Denilson, e.t.c. That theory in light of the last couple of season, can be buried. Since almost everyone is guranteed a good number of games at Arsenal.


    yeah i know thats so true bernard migra

  86. i cant imagine that many of you wouldnt have seen this but look, no mater what we,ve still got this chap next season!

  87. If Cesc is to leave, I reckon the best time to sell would be during the Guardiola’s era. We could sell Cesc, and bring in Messi while getting 30M cash as well. Bit like the Eto-Ibrahimovich switch. Worst piece of transfer business for quite a while.

  88. Cesc will know that victory with Arsenal will be sweeter and that he has a major role to play in helping the team get there. It’s his responsibility…he will give it a couple of years at least before thinking about moving on.

  89. Eto looked bored to death in Inter’s match yesterday.

  90. my god that goal against west brom was good.

    Thanks for reminding us

    Weve GOT RVP

    for how long next season though?

  91. Ok Ateeb, I’ll give you 7th choice, on a 1000pounds/week deal

  92. LimparAssist

    What’s all this then?

    Would seem like good news for all those looking for a continuation of our joint ownership model.

  93. Hi Guys, it’s my first time commenting on this forum but I’ve been reading for while. My view is simple if Barca want him, then they have to pay what we want, beacuse of the 5 years left on his contract, if they can’t afford him? well guess what niether can Accrington Stanley, so he won’t go to either of them regardless of where he got his DNA, blood or breastfeeding.

    Still I hope he does’nt leave, he is a wonderful assets to the team, but if he does leave it’s not the end of the world, one only has to look at Inter, and the rebuilding they did after Ibrahimovic was sold, they brought in 4 quality players none costing more then 20 million, today they are champions of Europe, it not about just spending but buying quality, and Arsene has proved to be a master at that.

  94. If our captain does leave then where do we go from there? I feel that NASRI will flourish in a playmaker role. I still believe the “new Zinadine Zidan” tag that he came with! His effectiveness has been patchy in the role recently (who hasn’t been patchy?) but it’s his for the taking. You either can or you can’t read the game and create at the very highest level. And Nasri can.

    If we do then need to address the head count in midfield then Le Boss should swallow his pride and get FLAMINI back. Finally, let’s not forget that RAMSEY was in fact starting to take some very bold steps in the direction of mercurial genius! My vision then is Nasri to become our best player, Flamini to return to the fold (fully formed) and Ramsey to truly realise his potential.

  95. Thanks for that link Limpar. I’m Nigerian so this news is of obvious interest to me. Didn’t know Dangote, the business man linked in the article, is an arsenal fan.

  96. 1 loose cannon

    Nasri is not Zidane, only compared to him because of his Algerian roots. He is very much a Robert Pires. If Fabregas leaves Nasri can do a job there but the long term replacement Is Ramsey and Wilshere and I favour Wilshere to be even better than Fabregas, I’ve seen enough of him with Bolton to suggest he is the real deal he made Bolton look good, he came on this season for Arsenal and tried hard to impress the boss and end up having a bad game but once he settles into the team and be himslef you will see. he is top quality.

  97. 1 loose cannon

    This is funny, its called the impossible game Bilbao’s 1st team against 100 kids. 4-4-2 agianst 20-60-17 formation. Watch the celebration when they scored.

  98. Just such a pleasure to return to the sanity of ACLF. It seems that Arsenal fans are split in two camps, those that a) understand that supporting a club actually means you have to provide support not ill-informed childish vitriol, b) realise that the media have nothing better to do than make things up in the absence of the truth, c) that Wenger is in the top 5 managers world-wide and those that think a) real life imitates FIFA 10, b) that money grows on trees and c) being a fan means moaning about your team every week no matter how well they play.

    On a more positive note, having watched the RVP highlight reel and noted how many of the goals came from him cutting in from the left what do people think about RVP on the left, Chamakh in the centre and Arshavin / Nicklas / Theo on the right in a 4-3-3?

  99. YW,

    I know Morgan’s piece is not a pretty read, but come on, he is spot on…

  100. Thing is cesc wont actually get into the barca first team, of course he would however in 2 or 3 years when xavi retires, so why the hell should he move there? I think he knows this, hes not an idiot like hleb and flamini, so i dont think he’ll leave.

    Plus, even if he does, we’ll get a pretty large sum so we can buy class players..So watever happens its all good, lets stop worrying i saym and look forward to next season. Thats beyond the horizon though, because we’ve got a world cup to enjoy full of gunners in various teams.

    Looking forward to it.

    Then the customary thrashings of unheard of austrian sides, then the emirates cup with the c*nts celtic and ac milan. So, at least we wont be bored.

  101. Zap,

    deficiencies of the squad were obvious for everyone to see, we had the money, yet we sat on it…

    what makes you think that things will be any different now?

  102. Cesc Fabregas.

  103. ”we had the money”

    Oh of course, because you have so much inside knowledge of arsenal that you know everything. You’ve even had a long chat with your best mate Cesc Fabregas about his future and you know everything don’t you. You dont know everything. On the contrary, you know nothing, you little dog. Fuck Off

  104. Suga, what kind of deficiences did we have at the beginning of last season? We had enough backup for all positions (at least 4 CB’s, plus players that can play there), missing players have been replaced adequately (Vermaelen for Toure, Bendtner obviously becoming as good as Adebayor). Deficiences only started to show when we lost players due to injury, something nobody can prepare for.

  105. Zap,

    we have just reduced our debt by over £100M, do you think we would ‘do a Leeds’ if we spent, say, £30M out of it?

    it’s all in the accounts for everyone to see…

  106. I saw a very interesting comment from a spurs fan the other day, in response to a berating from arsenal fans. He said if the roles were reversed, and Tottenham were the superior club with a great manager at the helm and country internationals in each position, who would you support

    I think you can tell who would be supporting tottenham. People like suga3 doesnt understand how lucky he is to support arsenal. What if you were from Grimsby, eh? You dont see their fucking fans complaining do you and theyre not even in the football league any more are they.

    F*ck you suga 3, i hope you have understood this your limited brainspan may have deprived you of understanding my point.

  107. EF,


    – shit GKs, (the lot of them, bar Szczesny)
    – not enough cover in the CB position (Djourou was known to be out for a season before last summer TW ended), which resulted in running Billy into the ground (again)
    – one DM (Denilson is not one)


    – all that, plus playing without a single properly fit CF

  108. Zap,

    get off your fucking high horse, what makes you think you are better than me?

    the difference between us is that YOUR limited brain capacity prevents you from seeing that no manager is bigger than the club – you have no problem with letting the heart of the team go, I have no problem with replacing the manager, how’s that?

    and typically, you have to resort to insults, as your point does not hold water – I am supporting the team, that is why I want it to be the best, I just don’t support the way the club is being managed and how it is being spun in front of your eyes…

    now answer me: will there be Arsenal after AW leaves?

  109. I am not holding my breath for the answer to either of my questions though…

  110. “Djourou known to be out injured?”

    Is that really the truth?

    Johan Djourou in the above link:

    ” It wasn’t something that happened with the Swiss team as has been mentioned – I’d had it for a while. I had been playing with it since the end of the season before so sometimes I had my knee being swollen up after games but it wasn’t that painful.

    “At the time I wasn’t [aware how serious it was] because I thought I had swelling for no reason because I had no pain. I was wondering why so we had to do scans and things like that.

    “Then, when I heard [the extent of the injury], it was a bit of a shock for me because it was something quite big and you never know what can happen with injuries like this with the knee. It is always difficult to take.”


    “Then, when I heard the extent of the injury, it was a bit of a shock”

    I don’t have the date, but I’ve been told this op happened after the Transfer Window closed.

  111. ‘A week before the start of the new term he was forced to have an operation on a swollen knee.’

    2009/10 Fixtures:

    Summer transfer window:

    Last day of season – 31 August

    I rest my case…

  112. LimparAssist

    I wish you would rest your case, you prat.

  113. SUGA3 answer my fucking question then you prick.

    Who would you support if the roles were reversed and tottenham were superior? Would it be arsenal?

  114. LA,

    well, Yogi does not seem to mind me being here, so I don’t give a fuck about what you wish…

    as someone once said: ‘

    if the facts don’t suit my point of view, then it’s just tough for the facts’

  115. You could actually say arsene wenger is bigger than the team. Without him we would still be at highbury, with a minor status and most probably no henry, pires, viera, i could go on.

    Not only are you as thick as shit, you know next to nothing about our history.

  116. I meant we never would have had henry, pires, viera…

  117. lets give the Poison chalice that is the captaincy to Silvestre, hopefully then he can f*ck off aswell.

  118. Zap,

    again, you’re just being childish, my answer is, yes, it will be Arsenal…

    now tell me: will you support Arsenal when AW leaves? this is more or less the same kind of question…

    and I am still waiting for answers to my previous ones – it’s rude to reply with another question, no?

  119. LimparAssist

    I’m just saying… you’re a Piers Morgan fancying prat.

  120. LimparAssist

    In fact… are you Piers Morgan?

  121. Hmm Suga 3 i doubt that very much since you have very little support even now we are a hige club with a magnificent stadium, that you can only admire down in your little cove in the street.

    Of course i will support arsenal when wenger leaves, that is a ridiculous question that makes no sense, because i dont support them for the manager, i support the team, just like you dont and never will.

    What makes me sick is when we do win something its c*nts like you who will be pratting around praising the team and celebrating

  122. Zap,

    you are having a fucking laugh – funny how you accuse me of not knowing our history, as we were a successful team before AW came and were able to attract players like Bergkamp, who was Rioch’s signing…

    unless you were too young to read on your own 14 years ago, you may remember the ‘Arsene who?’ headlines – we made him, not the other way around, it’s that simple…

  123. ….as well as all of the other fans

    And yes i’m implying you;re a fake fan

    Skip home mate

  124. We made him? Oh riiiiight to ur saying thierry henry, a failing prospect for juventus would have come any way?

    Think again you moron

  125. ”In fact… are you Piers Morgan?”

    I dont even think morgan him self would stoop this low.

    SUGA3 you’re just trying to ruin everyone’s sunday, just because you’re miserable doesnt mean everyone else shouls be.

  126. LA,

    I wonder what makes you think that there are just one or two people that are not happy with the way things are at Arsenal…


    get into your thick skull that I will be supporting Arsenal through thick and thin, however, I reserve the right to criticise the way my money is being spent: credit and criticism where it’s due, simple as…

  127. actually upon second thought, when saying ”trying to ruin everyone’s sunday” there is a great likeness.

    You know what they say, ‘limited minds think alike’

  128. SUGA3 ive never, ever, ever seen you say anything at all positive about Arsenal.

  129. Zap,

    why is it ruining your Sunday? just because it’s true? if I there was not an ounce of sense in what I post, you’d just laugh it off, no?

    Thierry was not the only classy footballer on the planet at that moment and if not him, someone else would come…

    again, all you do is insult someone who happens to have an opinion that is different from yours, that is very mature…

  130. This is a silly argument guys. Zap, no serious arsenal fan will say the manager is bigger than the team. Get a grip, and don’t let suga taunt you into talking bollocks.

    Suga, I have no doubt Wenger would have gone on to be great manager eventually, but thank goodness he chose to do it at arsenal.

    Can we get back to slagging off Piers Morgan?

  131. Zap,

    well, it’s not looking rosy, so why would I be deluding myself? I prefer to be realistic, and I am yet to be proven wrong…

  132. yes but you should at least appreciate wat we have mate

    henristic scrape mate who was talkin to you??

  133. Henristic,

    Wenger was a revolutionary back in 1996, but the football moved on since then – this GPS thingy we are about to introduce is used by Chavs for some two seasons…

    players are unhappy with quite a few things (like quality of medical team) and they are openly saying it, so why ignore that?

    teams around us are strengthening and it will be harder and harder to stay at the top…

  134. “‘A week before the start of the new term he was forced to have an operation on a swollen knee.’

    I rest my case”

    What case?

    That the club that made the two best CB signings in the league this season, failed to find a replacement for JD within the last week of the transfer window?

  135. YW

    I’ve read PM and Merson’s pieces too and their points are very valid. Your blog is the only one that can’t see the downward drift of the club. Arsenal is currently confronted with a lot of problems including:

    1. Poor quality players who don’t deserve the shirt
    2. Players without commitment and lack of ambition
    3. Manager’s trust in poor quality players
    4. Managers reluctance to buy better players

    PM’s view that Fab4 is leaving because he’s seen that the current team and manager has no ambition to win anything is the truth. You can spin it anyhow but the truth is, the boy is surrounded by poor quality players who have no winning mentality.

  136. i wasnt talking about my sunday any way..

    So a very interesting group in the world cup, with niklas bentdner, rvp and song all in the same group

    Its a tough call between cameroon and denmark, i would prefer cameroon because i think its song’s time to introduce himself as a world class DM

    Shame arshavin’s not gonna be involved, it was guttin for him getting knocked out and the main reason he’s had a fairly poor season, bar one or two brilliant matches (liverpool and porto)

  137. we finished 3 points higher than last season, which was supposed to be a disgrace..its a funny game..

  138. Zap,

    now don’t get me wrong: I am of opinion that Wenger is a genius and his floor is my ceiling (well, for now anyway ;)) and the fact that he kept us competitive for all these years spending zilch is nothing short of a miracle, which deserves a bronze statue outside the stadium, OK?

    however, persisting with some players proved to be a mistake and better replacements were available – problem is that we have quite a number of substandard players no one wants, let alone on the wages they are on at Arse! why is no one tapping up Denilson or Almunia?

  139. When you Troll through a storm
    Hold your head up high
    And don’t be afraid of the dark

    At the end of the storm
    Is a golden sky
    And the sweet silver song of the lark

    Troll on through the wind
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    Though your dreams be tossed and blown

    Troll on Troll on with hope in your heart
    And you’ll never Troll alone
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    When you Troll through a storm
    Hold your head up high
    And don’t be afraid of the dark

    At the end of the storm
    Is a golden sky
    And the sweet silver song of the lark

    Troll on through the wind
    Troll on through the rain
    Though your dreams be tossed and blown

    Troll on Troll on with hope in your heart
    And you’ll never Troll alone
    You’ll never Troll

    You’ll never Troll
    You’ll never Troll alone

    A popular Football Dirge

  140. Bergkamp’s stock had fallen so low when we got him. He was totally ridiculed in Italy.

    An equivalent signing today would be someone like Adriano or Saviola – someone who appears to have fallen away.

    And, it has to be said, there was a massive difference between Bergkamp before and after AW arrived – both in his role and style.

    Same goes for a lot of our players actually. I remember wondering if our full-backs were impostors or something. Everyone just looked a bit more classy after AW arrived.

  141. Finsbury,

    I have posted three pieces of evidence showing that you’re talking bollocks – read again: operation was done a week before the start of the season, which was 15 August (that makes the op date 08/08 or thereabouts) – this translates into THREE weeks to find a replacement, given that th transfer window shuts on 31/08

  142. wow its like 30 degrees outside its boiling!

  143. Finsbury,

    very classy – did you come with all that by yourself or did nurse help you?

  144. Did you know that the champions league final is gonna be held at wembley next season?

  145. Finsbury,
    I understand where you’re coming from, but you have to wonder what differences the CB signings made to our defending this season. Is Vermalean all that he’s hyped to be? Going by goals conceded (even before our first choice pair was injured), we seemed to have fared worse. Whats your take on the situation?

  146. Date of op SUGA3?

  147. i.e. the injury as, clearly explained in the above link, was not properly diagnosed at the time of the Valencia fixture.

    Troll on.

  148. Henristic,

    look no further than goalie – piss poor shots on target to goals conceded ratio and generally making the back four nervous…

    a good GK wins you things – VdS, Cech and Reina are all internationals, Almunia was not even considered good enough for Celta fucking Vigo…

    Fabianski is nowhere near the top four quality either – I used to watch him play for Legia Warsaw and he just continues making the same basic errors, even Polish national coach seems to prefer Szczesny ahead of him…

  149. ‘A week before the start of the new term he was forced to have an operation on a swollen knee.’

    there you go, copy and paste job from the article – do I need to spell it for you?

  150. I agree with Suga3, our keepers f8cked us. when are we getting a new one in??? i never want to see flappers in goal again for us.

  151. So.

    That leaves one week to make a new signing.

    Glad we got there in the end Suga3.

    Well done.

  152. Enjot the rest of the wknd Gunners.

  153. kl finsbury

  154. A week before the start of the new term is a week before 15/08 when we played Fulham – Djou suffered an injury when we played Valencia and had the op shortly afterwards, they sure as hell did not wait for two weeks…

  155. and the transfer window continues into the new season, ending on 31/08, which makes it three weeks…

  156. LimparAssist

    Djourou’s knee operation took place on Friday 4th September 2009.

  157. Continuity’s important for a defence – you have to build familiarity between the players. Almunia was good in 07/08, and was decent in 08/09 as well, so he wasn’t a cause for concern coming into the season. I agree that he didn’t have the best time of it in the end, and we’ll see how AW resolves the situation.

    Goalkeeper is not a position you want to tinker with in mid-season transfer window though.

  158. Suga3,

    You’re implying that Djourou was diagnosed with a career threatening injury, yet for some inexplicable reason the club chose to wait two weeks before trying to save his career.

    That makes complete sense. I’d better get my coat, and head off to the park to play some footy.

  159. Almunia was amazing in 08/09

  160. Fisbury in this weather mate yu better just relax with ice cream, i just played football for a minute and i’m sweating all over….

  161. At the back we had TV, WG, PS, MS, with Djourou counted on at first, and then expected to recover by March once he got injured. Song can also do a job at the back. Back then, that looked like a decent set of players.

    There are a few reasons why things didn’t work out. But once again, I believe there was a lot of sense – at the time – in sticking with the guys we had.

  162. Finsbury,

    no, I am implying that AW took a gamble on Billy and TV staying fit throughout the season…


    if Almunia’s so good, why is he out of contract?

    Fabianski was to take over from the next season, but he is so shit, it’s unbelievable – whoever recommended him, I want the fucker’s job…

  163. OOU,

    putting Song in defence is a gamble, as he has a good few penalties in him playing there (just like JD), and it leaves the back four exposed by playing Denilson in DM…

  164. Zap

    Is it not the same Almunia who let in cheap goals when we played Spurs in 4:4 draw at the Emirates in 2008/9 season? beaten cheaply by Bentley? Then near post Ronaldo’s 41 yards free kick? and of course many others I can recount here all in 2008/9 season.

    Look, the chap was not even a regular for Celta Vigo. Almunia’s presence here is a disgrace to the club. He’s no where near the Jennings, Seamans and Jens that we had. AW has let his ambition drop.

  165. I think you misread, Suga3. I said, coming into this season, Almunia was the right guy for the job and was in goal on merit.

    I’m not saying he’s as highly rated now. His season was pretty wretched in the end…and that’s down to a load of different reasons. Personal life being one.

    Here’s an article about Fabianski:

    A lot of people rate him. I think he’s good enough on a technical level. What he lacks is the intangible stuff: a bit of presence and personality maybe. Is till have high hopes for him, and definitely don’t blame him for what happened at Blackburn.

  166. “No, I am implying that AW took a gamble on Billy and TV staying fit throughout the season…”

    Actually Suga3 you have spent a lot of time insisting that AW knew well in advance that Djourou wouldn’t be available. Have the grace to admit it when you have got your facts wrong.
    And even if it had been three weeks, that still isn’t very much time to make an unexpected signing. Sticking with PS was a sensible and reasonable choice.

  167. This is where we differ once again, Suga. I happen to rate Denilson.

  168. SUGA,

    I don’t think our keeprs were mainly at fault for our goals conceded. They didn’t help, but they were not the main culprits imo.

    re Djourou: I’m not sure sure its reasonable to expect the club to have signed a replacement when his surgury actually took place after the window closed (

  169. LA,

    anything to back up the 04/09 operation date? I remember going into the first game with JD out injured ‘for a few months’ – one way or the other, someone is not doing his job, and it’s either AW or the medical team who have a ‘proud’ record of lapses and mis-diagnosing players’ injuries…

    why do we even tolerate that? it’s not like we can’t afford the best specialists, is it? how many players were out for longer than they should this season? or the one before?

  170. Almunia’s out of contract? Wasn’t he given an extension?

  171. OOU,

    Fabianski does not have cojones to play at this level and his technique leaves a lot to be desired – compare how quick Szczesny is to go down to keep out a low shot, he’s on another planet and should be given a go if we don’t buy anyone…

    and where do I start with Denilson? I think being overtaken by Rooney and then by the ref should do for starters…

  172. Denilson’s season was disrupted by injury and his form dipped when he was dealing with all the niggles after coming back from his back problem. He was great at the start, and very good towards the end though.

  173. FunGunner,

    I will not admit that I am wrong, because I am not, simple as – it’s there, black on white on the club’s website: operation was done a week before the season started…

    and I reckon it was a good idea to stick with PS, but why play Silvestre, who is not even a nominal CB ahead of him?

    while I’m at it: why call Vela the new Fowler and Ade’s replacement and not give him any playing time?

  174. Don”t forget (M)yles (P)almer

    I think it’s the combination of P & M

  175. OOU,

    Denilson is OK if he is not asked to defend too much – it really beats me how could AW think he would make a good DM?

    I guess he is OK in more advanced role, but Lord have mercy, are we really condemned to see the midfield of Song, Diaby and Denilson next season?

    God. Help. Us. All.

  176. You could be on to something there G4E!

  177. He’s a talented all-round midfielder, but defending’s what he does best. You can find some video evidence on his later performances if you care for it here:

  178. OOU,

    YT clip will not show you how he got brushed aside countless of times ending up on his arse, will it?

    good footballer he may be, but he is not Arsenal first team material – too small, too weak and too slow – there is not a lot of room for improvement in these areas, is there? you will argue that he is a squad player, 40+ starts in the 08/09 season suggests otherwise…

    he is better suited for La Liga or Serie A IMO…

  179. *countless times

  180. my point is that some players we currently have are substandard and overpaid and having too much at too young age did not exactly do their attitude any favours either…

    Denilson, Diaby, Almunia, Fabianski are the main culprits for me, they are not fit to clean the Invincibles’ boots, period…

  181. Denilson is the most unbrazilian Brazilian ever to wear the Arsenal shirt. There are better players coming up though so I don’t expect him to nail down a regular position in a years time. Lansbury, JET, Eastmond, Jack are all better players than the Brazilian and they are pushing up fast for his role.

  182. Suga3
    Looks like the majority of us here rate Denilson….don’t waste your time. I think the blog you’re looking for and you would thrive there is called: Le Groan?

  183. They’re match highlights, not compilations, Suga3.

    I definitely didn’t see him get brushed off the ball too often last season. He wins a lot of fouls, but doesn’t surrender possession easily.

    And if you’re worried about his physique, then that is something that will continue to improve for the next few years.

  184. F*ck off Howard. Go join your BNP mates over at Young Guns.

  185. LimparAssist

    Ah, cheers, OOU. Just watched Denilson vs Wolves. He was fantastic that day. And what a day it was too! The Emirates was as alive as I’ve seen it when Bendtner clinched the points in injury time. Strangers embracing… dancing in the gangways. It reminds me what a wonderful, entertaining, fun and exciting time I’ve had following Arsenal this season. So many times this group of players battled through for us and won the points to keep us in the running for the league title, right through to mid April. In the face of a vast and cruel plague of injuries they defied the odds and I love em for it.

  186. Diaby had a blinding season. He lost confidence quite drastically after the home tie against Barca though.

    But what better opportunity to get back on track than at the World Cup?

  187. OOU,

    this is where we differ: you think that first team at one of the biggest (well, richest anyway) clubs in the world is a place to develop players like Denilson, I think there is a place for that called The Reserves League…

    I mean, come on, he allegedly said that he will not play in the ressies as he is the first team player now – well, fuck me, if I was in AW’s place, I’d dump the fucker there for a couple of months to have a rethink…

  188. Adamson, only one of the players you mentioned can be compared to Denilson positionally and that’s Eastmond.

    Denilson is not even a defensive midfielder, he’s more of an anchor between defense and midfield attack, that’s why Song plays next to him as the DM. Denilson is also an outlet when Fabregas is playing high up the field.

  189. LA,

    given all the injuries we had, we have done very well and I will be the first to admit this…

    however, why all the injuries? impact related ones aside, there seems to be an awful lot of fatigue related ones – seriously, if the fitness and/or medical team is not good enough, then no one is irreplacable, no?

  190. LimparAssist

    The volante is a subtle art, and not one for the uninitiated.

    Cesc, Denilson, Song – that is indisputably our first choice midfield. And a brilliant one it is at that. The tragedy of it is that we could not field it in what turned out to be our two decisive games of the season.

  191. LA,

    give me Cesc, Song and Diaby (well, after a motivational session with a Foreign Legion drill sergeant, if you get my drift) any day – Denilson is too similar to Cesc and I reckon it leaves us a bit unbalanced…

  192. For whoever posted the you tube link, i just went into what i call a youtube tailspin where i just watch all the links on the side, like i often do on wikipedia, when you just click on each link to see what what means and so on..i eneded up watching cliche vs barcelona, and what an incredible performance that was. He truly deserves the shirt, and he will go on and become exceptional for us, and france who by the way are shit and even shitter they didnt take diaby and nasri. evras 29 and he’s 24 so cliche should be taking the reigns at left back quite soon. what a player. He had a few poor performnaces ahgaonst manu and chelsea but he was just bnack from an ainjury so,..,

  193. “I mean, come on, he allegedly said that he will not play in the ressies as he is the first team player now – well, fuck me, if I was in AW’s place, I’d dump the fucker there for a couple of months to have a rethink”

    Sounds like sewing circle stuff to me!

    I think you can win with young players. The right mix has to be there though. You do need experience and a core of guys who can command respect and trust in the dressing room, but that doesn’t mean a side can’t be dominated with young players.

    I say, if a player has the talent then he deserves games.

    OK, we might have developed a few the hard way over the past four years, but I believe that we have enough characters in the squad to stand as an example for any youngsters that come though. I’m talking about guys like Clichy, Sagna, RvP, Song, Eboue – even Chamakh now – who all have loads of experience and can show what it means to play for the club.

  194. …dominated by…

  195. In my opinion

    Song Fabregas Nasri

    is our best midfield


    RVP Chamakh Arshavin


    but for places like birmingham, blackburn, stoke


    Song Fabregas Diaby/Denilson
    RVP Chamakh Bentdner

    I tell you what having chamakh, bentdner and rvp up there, i think theres gonna be more headed goals. Sagna and cliche better start practising their crossing. I think sagna’s is awful at times, whilst cliche can do a perfect delivery.

  196. Or at least a very very imposing front line, they wont be gettin pushed around by any defense.

  197. Add Cesc and Sol as well – if they stay.

  198. It’s interesting that Almunia is ranked higher on the Castrol Index than Given. That is based on facts not feelings.

  199. OOU,

    what we are missing is a few born and bred club legends to stay at the club until the testimonial…

    I mean, look at Giggs, Scholes and that despicable cunt Neville – they show youngsters what it means to be loyal to the club and that it pays to do so…

    now, do we have any such characters amongst the players? do we fuck…

  200. Zap

    I thought that Diaby was in the france squad?

    And I totaly agree…..Clichy got badly injured and came back to the toughest possible run of games this season.

    Back to his best next season….along with Sagna.

    Eboue looked different gravy in a lot of games this season. Theo, Gibbs, Rosicky, Diaby and the much maligned (totaly unjustifiably) Denilson will all be wiser and fitter.

    And what can be said about the attack that hasn’t already?

    Luck with injures….a goalie and a centre half is all we need.

  201. Passenal,

    is it the same bullshit stats that prove that Denilson is the best DM in the league?

    Lies -> Damn lies -> Statistics

  202. Suga3

    The players you want in terms of legends don’t exist any more. Few players stay at clubs long enough to get a testimonial, irrespective of their nationality.


  203. Godwin’s Law states:

    “As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches 1”

    For Arsenal fans, substitute ‘Nazis or Hitler’ with Denilson.


  204. Suga 3, I had enjoyed the reading posts of intelligent supporters about the views regarding this article – even Adamson gets a pass even though I don’t agree with him on any points.

    But Suga 3 you should really move on – you obviously have gotten bored with arguing with your shadow.

    Find a new hobby – you are really silly and your defense of your arguments are full of holes.

    Oneofus – I totally agree with your Denilson point. Song was lambasted by the media/commentators/dodgy fans in the same way a few years ago. I reckon he will come good – he is definately improving.

  205. YW,

    yes, but look at Bobby7 – still sheer class, would it hurt to keep him here?

    and while I agree that ‘very few’ players do actually stay at the club for the legth of their careers, we have no such player, and our rivals can boast three of those…

    the effect on ‘staff’ aside, it also generates additional income by improving the image status of the club…

  206. Which is why I don’t bother to engage in the endless discussion about him. As long as Arsene picks him, I will support him. He’s a much better judge of a player than any of these championship managers on here.

  207. I believe Denilson will become our Marcos Senna.

  208. gooner gal,

    I am not going to react to your provocative comment – now tell me, where do I come short as far as backing up my views is concerned?

    can’t wait…

  209. Passenal,

    how is fielding a player that gets overtaken by the bloody ref during the counter where he is supposed to play DM a good decision?

  210. Suga3

    Pires was injured for a considerable amount of his early career with Villarreal.

    As for testimonials, most of them will be eligible in a few years…


  211. and oh, gooner gal, I have always rated Song even when some were slagging him off…

  212. YW,

    I remember that – but I really can’t get over the fact that he was not offered a 2 year contract, unlike useless Silvestre…

  213. SUGA3

    He was injured in August, but had the diagnosis and the operation after that, that meant he would not be available for the season. Djourou himself didn’t know he needed an operation until his knee was checked after the injury.
    And as I said before, even three weeks/one week – it is NOT a lot of time to sign a player when you were not expecting to have to do so – which is what you were claiming.
    I don’t know why I’m bothering. gooner gal got it in one.

  214. You see SUGA 3 the reason why many people disregard your arguments is the fact that you dis- acknowledge anything these players do that is good.

    Everyone on here was disapointed by the lack of effort shown by denilson to track back against Man U. But you know what? He also had some magnificent games last season, he scored several very important goals all from outside the penalty box. He had a pop against Hull in the dying seconds which directly resulted in Bendtner scoring…keeping our title hopes alive. He was a great player for us in both legs against barca….the 1st leg of which he changed the game when he came on. He has drasticaly improved as the season progressed and his dip in form in the first place was due to a back injury.

    Your persistence in pointing out one mistake….repeatedly…. exposes you as a reactionary fool just searching for someone to blame.

    Did the Man U faithful turn on Evra for that costly lapse of concentration against Bayern that may well have cost them the Champions League?

    Of course they didnt.

    Cant you be more like them SUGA 3?

  215. You are a bore Suga3.

    Completely clueless.

  216. Suga3

    On that one, I cannot particularly argue except that Pires was used less frequently than Giggs has been in recent seasons.

    The flipside of the coin is that Bergkamp signed rolling one year contracts so why not RP?


  217. I really don’t enjoy this kind of discussion – and I didn’t even realise it had come back to Denilson again.

    Hi LA. I was watching at home and listening to that one on ATVO – apparently the press box completely erupted when Bendtner scored. At the time we had a lot of neutrals right behind us.

    I keep thinking, if only RvP hadn’t messed around with the horse placenta quack and had started conventional treatment straight away; He’d have been back before the Barcelona games.

  218. Muppet,

    my regards to your mum…


  219. shotta-gunna

    Once I saw the return of SUGA3, I just pressed the page down button. The guy is a total embarrassment to this blog. If I wanted to read the diatribe of a dyed-in-the-wool doomer then I would spend time trolling L.G.
    Thanks to whomever posted the link to Swiss Ramble. Now we have a better idea of the cards Barca are playing with. Obviously they have the means to destabilize Cesc and the Arsenal, especially if Cesc and/or his agent gave them the green light. Thanks to AW and the Board we have the means to resist. Nothing less than a 50 million pound offer should get us talking. If we go by the lesser Ronaldo saga of last year, the next move publicly has to come from either Cesc od his agent. Until then it is sheer speculation.
    No wonder AW looks a bit haggard; summer is supposed to be his down time.

  220. @ OOU

    If only the Dutch FA doctors had diagnosed his injury correctly, surely. The RvP and Placenta Woman are not to blame. They were entitled to rely on the supposedly qualified Dutch medical team’s diagnosis.

  221. I agree with Muppet @ 5:57

  222. YW,

    point taken, but still, I think it was worthit 😉


    the ref situation is just an example – overall, I reckon he does not contribute enough to even out the cockups…

    statistics will show you interceptions (just an example), but will not tell you that he was on his arse a second later, no?

  223. Just read the article.

    Did Xavi realy say that?

    What a swine.

  224. Hey, you’re quite right, FG. I just went back and read a couple of articles. Did we get compensation in the end?

  225. At this moment, I hope Spain’s WC campaign goes down the WC. And likewise Barcelona’s season next year.

  226. No idea about the compensation, OOU.

  227. So SUGA 3 your saying that every time he intercepts the ball thats the end of it yeah?

    Do me a favour.

    I shant be reading your posts anymore.

    Good day.

  228. Delia-----Block 112

    I suggest we all take a few deep breaths and pull ourselves together, otherwise we will all finish up nervous wrecks; just take a look at AW.
    Over the last 50+ years I have seen them all come and go , Stapleton to Man U and Brady to Italy come to mind. I love Cesc and the way we play the “beautiful game” and as long as AW stays we will always play the attacking football that provides us with unrivalled entertainment.
    What hurts me is the underhand way this Cesc saga came to light, I expected more from someone I love and admire. However, no one is irreplaceable and we have two British youngsters
    who will light up our Arsenal lives for years to come , Wilshere and Ramsey.
    Cheer up you Gooners!
    Come on you Reds !

  229. Fun Gunner, would be great if they didn’t get out of the group stags wouldn’t it?

    My dream is for them to be dumped out by an Arsenal players hat-trick….

  230. shotta,

    I really feel for AW (just natural humane compassion reserved for someone who does not look too healthy), however he did this to himself by not keeping classy players happy for the sake of ‘development’ of some other players…

    I mean, what would you do in Cesc’s place? he was not born here, not raised in North London, gave his all just to see it come down crashing because of less competent or not hungry enough players he is expected to play with – besides, every game you risk getting hacked down by some ‘gritty’ shitkicker with zero protection from the ref…

    on the other hand, you have Barca – do I need to go on?

  231. No is the answer. Apparently football clubs sign a contract “promising not to sue national organisations”.

  232. deano,

    do me a favour and learn to comprehend…

  233. LimparAssist

    Don’t do that to yourself, OOU. Fortunately RVP won’t meet that carthorse Chiellini this summer, unless they both get to the final.

    If a player wins and retains as much possession as Denilson does, I care little of how much time he spends on his arse in order to do so.

    Petit and Viera spent a lot of time on their respective arses too as it happens; working, scrapping, winning the ball. All defensive midfielders do, it’s an occupational necessity.

  234. LA,

    sorry dude, but to even compare Paddy to Denilson is nothing short of blasphemy…

    Vieira is a born winner, and while at Arsenal he was able to bully the fuck out of virtually anyone – it was all down to power and natural fight…

    our disciplinary record was dismal those days, but now we are topping the fair play table and win fuck all – coincidence?

  235. SUGA 3 is there ANYTHING, ANYTHING you like about this club. At all?

  236. Suga3

    Coughs. Shifts position to get comfortable. Makes sure anorak is fitting correctly.

    Yes, we finished top but United and Chelsea average 0.2 cards per game more than us. Therefore the argument that we were more successful when our discipline was poor due to that reason is utter tosh.

    Indeed, the season’s most successful sides occupied the top five positions in that table further undermines your argument.

    Coughs. Slouches. Removes anorak.


  237. Zap,

    sure I do:

    – RvP
    – Cesc
    – AA23
    – Clichy
    – Gibbs
    – Song
    – TV5
    – Eboue
    – Bac
    – Szczesny
    – new stadium

    and I could go on – but there are a few areas where we are seriously shooting ourselves in the foot, both sports wise and commercially wise and all I would want is for some people to see that we CAN do better than that without breaking sweat…

  238. Random thought – I’m sure a lot of fans would be apoplectic if we signed an unknown, inexperienced 20-year-old French midfielder this summer.

    For some it would be the final straw.

  239. OOU

    Yep – to see some reactions would be worth it. Where’s Arsene’s phone number gone…


  240. Why do you even bother to answer Suga3? Just ignore him and he might go away. Either that or sack AW and put suga3 in charge.

  241. YW,

    what I am referring to, is that we are bullied and hassled off the park all too easily – it’s about time we struck back, that’s all…

    and oh, where did I mention Chelsea? I only referred to us losing the aggressive edge, besides, we all know that refs allow Chavs and ManYoo to get away with bloody murder…

  242. dups,

    how about making a contribution to the dispute?

  243. It’s not a dispute SUGA3.

    You are talking shite. And nobody is in agreement.

  244. Suga3

    You said:

    our disciplinary record was dismal those days, but now we are topping the fair play table and win fuck all – coincidence?

    So I observed that the argument was tosh and provided the proof that it was with the link and the observation that United and Chelsea – the two clubs who have been winning trophies – were not poorly disciplined and therefore, this proves that the argument is tosh.

    I only referred to us losing the aggressive edge, besides, we all know that refs allow Chavs and ManYoo to get away with bloody murder…

    No, you observed that comparing Denilson and Vieira was incorrect with albeit different words.



  245. Muppet,

    well, sometimes people just disagree – it’s natural and does not make the other person’s opinion any lesser…

    go ask your mum, she will tell you…

  246. YW,

    sorry mate, but it is true – refs are much more lenient towards Chavs or MU so they can get away with more than we do, hence their marginal difference in bookings per game, etc.

    the reference to our disciplinary record was a digression, perhaps I did not make it clear enough – with the referees allowing our players less fouls before booking them, we have to pussyfoot around and let Fat Sam’s teams kick the crap out of us – rotational fouling and all that, yet Song’s first foul is a yellow…

  247. It was a digression now was it SUGA3. So your point has been demolished, you now try and say it is a different point ?

  248. You are beginning to provide entertainment SUGA3. We’ve not had that since the likes of JonJon came onto the blog.

  249. Thanks for that post, delia – I needed that!

    @ YW
    About WG’s buggy crash – as if there weren’t enough opportunities for players to get injured as it is! What’s wrong with bonding over a glass of wine and a game of boules?

  250. Do we know yet if WG is staying? Are we still negotiating, or is the final deal on the table?

  251. Muppet,

    how was my point ‘demolished’?

    so, can you tell me that you do not agree that we get the shit kicked out of us with cunts like Webb just waving our players away and can you tell me that the refs are just equally card happy towards other teams like they are against us?

    I mean, come on, we don’t have any mean edge to our play, it’s a little miracle we are getting any bookings, given that some of them just get brushed off the ball by anyone with pubic hair, ffs…

    and no, I am not trying to twist what I have said and as you can see, I can provide logical backing for it…

    bored now…

  252. As for our players being a bit more aggressive! I still fondly remember when Nasri lightly stepped on the heel of some opposition player, just for that player to go down like hw was shot and almost win an Oscar. Which game was it, again?

  253. EF,

    Hull City…

    and to be honest, it was petty and stupid – Nasri was lucky that cunt Bennett (?) didn’t see that…

  254. RvP should seriously think about international retirement, maybe not after this wc, or even euro 2012 but after that, because another fucking pointless injury ruined our season and CANNOT happen again. I wonder wehter thats at the back of his mind. I have a strong feelinf rvp will cement himself, as if he already hasnt, as one of the world’s best..

  255. EF, I remember Nasri doing that to Joey Barton a while ago. Had me in stitches.

  256. But isn’t that what you are asking for, Suga? One of our players standing up and not letting the opposition kick us around?

  257. Suga3, why are you insulting someone’s mum? You’ve already made yourself pretty unpopular and look like a fool, u dont need to exxagerate. We get it you’re a dickhead, you dont need to stoop that low.

  258. I remember Cesc roughing up Repka after his ‘we will get into their faces’ comments, this is no longer happening…

  259. oh wait i get it, you’re implying muppet is a kid. Thats pretty childish any way

  260. Zap,

    how did I insult someone’s mum? I just told my mate Muppet to send his mum my regards and to ask her a question about important things in life 😆

  261. and it was not me who started the insults, was it?

    all you do on here is blow the smoke up Arsene’s bum and slag off anyone who does not toe the party line – no player or manager is bigger than Arsenal FC…

    Victoria Concordia Crescit was removed from our crest and there was not a lot of neither victory nor harmony since…

  262. EF,

    Nasri should not allow him an opportunity to go down like a sack of spuds with play stopped, as it is a straight red – I don’t mind roughing them cunts up, but one has to do it wisely…

  263. FunGunner

    Sod the boules, just go for the wine!


  264. Its official….fran merida to atletico

  265. I really wish he would’ve been a little more patient and fought for his place in the team….oh well…farewell fran

  266. I can’t believe this isn’t even as interesting as the 3 day ‘Were we light on CBs’ debate.

  267. Vince…i wouldn’t count on an interesting debate, seeing who has been posting on here today…

  268. shotta-gunna

    Has SUGA3 buggered off to his natural environment?

  269. 1 loose cannon

    I needed a quick fix for some Arsenal cravings so I found this game and I thoroughly enjoyed it. 2 nil down. Down to 10 men in a rainy day at Bolton. Fabulous stuff.

  270. no dude, still here, crawl back under your rock…

  271. Why does everyone claim Cesc has played a key roll to our team for 6 years? Was he a crucial part of the team at aged17? Was he the best player on the pitch at age 18? Tell me?

  272. golin…fabregas made 40 odd appearances for us in 04-05 and 05-06….even though he may not have been the best player on the pitch…he was cementing his place in the team as we braced for paddy to leave

  273. Was the red card for Diaby in that video of the game against Bolton our last dismissal up until Verma against West Ham this year?

  274. cesc has gone look at the advert for red member on his not in the pic anymore ?

  275. I’ve just seen a video of Chamakh posted on Goonertalk:

    Jesus, do you see how good this guy is in the air ?

  276. Fuck Barca. If Cesc were to leave, I hope he joins the fucking Galacticos and fucks barca up for 5 consecutive years in the league. And lolz, Xavi’s comments are ridiculous. Last year they shouldn’t have made it to the final, because Chelsea were far better than them. If not for the referee Barca wouldn’t have won the CL. And this year they are gloating about a league title, that involves just one other team in the competition. How EXCITING must it be for Xavi. Fucking asshole, hate that prick now.

  277. Here is a source that confirms the date of Johan Djourou’s operation,

    AFTER the closing of the Summer Transfer Window:

    Any Troll that moans about CB’s being injured and not replaced, is simply, trolling around, or lying with an agenda.


    You were right.
    Too hot for footy.

  278. Finsbury,

    the surgery was ‘announced’ on that day, which does not mean it was carried out the day before, does it?

    besides, it must have been known a bit in advance, you wouldn’t imagine that they just decided on the day ‘well, fuck this, let’s operate your knee, eh Johan?’ – surely, you’re not that naive…

  279. on top of that, someone pointed out that we still had Senderos (whom I rate), yet Silvestre was played ahead of him, even though he is not a nominal CB!

    why would I lie? if the truth happens to be ‘interesting’ enough, why bother?

    trolling around? sometimes people have different opinions and to tell him to fuck off is narrow minded and, quite frankly, retarded…

  280. Don’t you get it SUGA3 ? People are telling you to fuck off for a reason.

    Have a think about it.

  281. here is the original news article on Swiss FA website:

    it says that JD left Swiss national team camp on 11/08 after his knee, which he complained about for over a year finally gave in…

    as far as I am concerned, it’s a poor show from their medical team as well as ours…

  282. oh, now I know, they tell someone who has different opinion to fuck off, because they are narrow minded and retarded?

    is that the reason Muppet? go ask your mum if you don’t know…

  283. 1 loose cannon

    Fifa should listen to someone who talks sense

    Muppet, to be precise Wenger has been tracking Chamakh for about 3 years maybe more.The first person to confirmn it then was Philip Auclair. So Wenger knows what he is getting. this guy will give you 100% everytime, people are critical of his goal ratio but he gives you more than that he is a team player Wenger never like a fox in the box type players. In the air he is a monster, and I believe Wenger will make him even better.

  284. Absolutely 1 loose cannon.

    A good acquisition.

  285. I think we should be talking more about Chamakh! the guy is class, he was a handfull in the CL for all he played against and scored 5 in 9.

    I am tired of the Cesc thing, lets just get some good money if he wants to leave, 60 mil and up.

    Sad about Merida but he didnt play much.

  286. “At this moment, I hope Spain’s WC campaign goes down the WC. And likewise Barcelona’s season next year.”

    Me too FG!

  287. Barca has no class at all, do they?

  288. @ Muppet

    I’ve just watched the Chamakh video. He is made for the PL and made for Arsenal.

  289. How’s your blog going suga?
    No-one reading it?
    I wonder why.

  290. FG,

    Absolutely. A very good acquisition.

    Hopefully one or two more players to come. It will be an interesting week.

  291. It’s not fixed YW.

  292. @ Muppet and Paul N

    From the Telegraph article:
    “Barcelona officials are expected to try and make contact their Arsenal counterparts again today and may even go as far as lodging an opening gambit bid in the region of £30million.”

    So they haven’t even contacted the club yet? They (and Cesc?) are just trying to create a sense of inevitability about this. So far, all we have is hot air. But if it comes to a bid being lodged, I think/hope AW will just say no.

  293. Sorry, Daily Mail article.

  294. Muppet

    Entirely up to the national teams what access they allow the players to their agents, etc. Pure speculation though in the article. Like I said earlier, Arsenal need to drag this one out if they decide to negotiate…


  295. ha ha , fab is joining barca but Jose is going to obviously win the league with real.

  296. Barca and the Spanish press are talking too much. If they really want Cesc, then they should just bid 80 million and take him away. Period. They are becoming too loud.

  297. 1 loose cannon

    Muppet-Spanish FA does not have a say in the Barca and Madrid’s affairs they run the show in Spain they even get their fixtures moved to give them a breather ahead of a C.league game while in England you stand no chance. Their arrogance in Spain is carried with them everywhere they go in Europe and the way they treat others clubs is despicable. Fifa know about their behaviour they just don’t have the guts to tell them anything. When we were dominating in the last 5 years in C.L Platini was threatening the Premiership with all kind of new rules, since we haven’t done so well in C.L this season he’s gone all quite.

  298. SUGA3.

    “as far as I am concerned, it’s a poor show from their medical team as well as ours…”

    Yes, but that doesn’t change the fact that his op was very close to or after the Window closed.

    Which is where you began your thread.
    Not discussing the medical team.

    The following is interesting, from a popular blog with some here, a read a great post there last week:

    A funny comment on the post:
    THIS WAS A FREAK SEASON> IT WILL NOT HAPPEN AGAIN. The medical staff should be congratulated for not killing themselves after what they have seen this year……..

  299. Which is where you began your thread.
    Not discussing the medical team.

    Complaining about transfers, not injuries.
    Injuries have been discussed to ‘Death’ here.

    The archives are accessible.

  300. Fabregas, Fabregas….why kiss the badge?

    He has the power to end all this now if its not true.

  301. Guys if he goes….how much better is he than Adebayor or Cole?

  302. It’s easy to be right on hindsight. What is tragic is to be wrong even with the benefit of hindsight.

    That’s this idiot SUGA3.

    The transfer market is NOT a supermarket. How daft do you have to be not to get that?

    Even 4 months notice does not guarantee you can adequately replace an injured centre half. Especially if you have 5 others.

    1. You might not find a suitable player.
    2. You also have to think long term. If your injured centre back comes back what do you do with the 8th centre back you’ve acquired.

    On 2nd thoughts…..why do I bother. If you cared about reality it’d be obvious to you.

  303. Cashley went because we wouldn’t give him galactico pay. How on earth does that compare with Cesc?

  304. YW, loose cannon,

    Yes. Has to be speculation.

    Just read another annoying article on the timesonline claiming once again that Fabregas departure will be due to unhappiness with inexperienced players.

    The level of speculation is totally annoying. I think the press are deciding what the players are thinking.

  305. Ok Ole maybe Cole is a bit of an unfair comparison.

    But you’d have to agree that there would be a simularity in lack of respect. Dis-apreciation to the fans and general undermining of this football club.

    What is going on is underhanded to the extreme….and Cesc is playing his part. Theres little to no doubt about that now. It’s been 4 days since this shit began.

  306. Only 4 days deano? It feels longer. It reminds me very much of the Ade saga from 2 summers ago.

  307. passenal

    Yeah it does. And its heartbreaking.

    In my idealistic world I like to believe that Arsenal has players a cut above the merceneries out there. I like to think that playing for Arsenal with all its vision and principle would deliver satisfaction to any player.

    Its even sadder then, that this has overshadowed the signing of a player that seems to acknowledge all of those things without question. A player we should all be very excited about.

    Fabregas is that little bit more than a world class player. He is a symbol of what this club his about. He’s a living testament to Wengers vision and faith in youth. He gave Fabregas a chance when Barcelona wouldn’t, and now this?

    Thats life, thats football, and i suppose I should toughen up. But after Cole after Flamini, Hleb, Adebayor. This is by far the most depressing.

    It seems he wants to move. I just hope now Wenger milks them dry or they fuck right off. Either way beautiful Barcelona will relinquish their title to the irristable force of boredom that is Jose Mourinho.

    And you know that football isn’t what it should be when that will give you pleasure.

  308. Nah i think RM will winn it all next year. And Cesc will sign for a great team that will not be able to beat RM. He will once again end up trophyless(if he moves) and we will get our trophy next year…

  309. Bentley,

    fuck off you spudcunt…


    4 months is not enough? hahahahahaha – in the Wenger’s world, maybe, I never said transfer market was a supermanrket, but three weeks is more than enough to find a CB who will not be a first choice, but will be better than Silvestre, otherwise, something is wrong – according to you we are a big club, with great stadium and manager, who can ask for more? if all of the above are not the magnet for players, then I don’t know what is…

    oh wait, I know, it’s the trophies…

  310. *is not the magnet

  311. Cesc’s transfer (if they go ahead with it) will be sorted out in less than three weeks, mark my words…

  312. Your logic is flawed.
    If great players only signed for teams with trophies, then only 5 teams in Europe would be buying players each year.

  313. Three weeks might be enough to find a player on the Playstation, but not in real life.

  314. Gawd still Cescing and now it’s News of the World, that fount of authoritative reporting, and experts at making up stories while protecting themselves from lawsuits winding things up. You can imagine the brief from the sports editor “find me anything on Fabregas to Barca, anything at all, talk to his girlfriend, to his Mom, to his cat, to his childhood friend”.

    And still, with probably a hundred journalists in every garbage media looking for anything, there is nothing concrete at all, not even anecdotal.

    So once again, why speculate on speculation?

    I guess if they come to agreement it will be in the range of 45m pounds plus-plus (the usual sweeteners). The only thing to do for Arsenal is to understand, truly, Cesc is not Arsenal.

    On the other hand it is still unlikely that Cesc will go anywhere this season, and if he does, Arsenal will ensure its to the advantage of the club.

  315. What’s that shit about JD? Has his knee gone?

  316. AS is reporting that Cesc has refused to put any more pressure on Arsenal to let him go this summer and that a fee, if agreed, will be between 60 and 80 “Kilos”. Kilos of what I don’t know!

  317. Not that it’s important – just letting you know before the Daily Heil claims it as an exclusive or something!

  318. Well done, AW, for having the foresight to sign up key players to long term contracts. Cesc will be playing for us for some time into the future. Looking forward to watching him in South Africa..if he is fit enough.

    More importantly I am looking forward to watching him in Arsenal’s midfield next season. Going to be a great season.

  319. You have no basis in reality SUGA3.

    You literally have no fucking clue. Amazing how sure you are though of your nonsense.

  320. well, good for you that you are soooo ‘clued’…

    or are you just AW apologist?

  321. Suga 3 – do you sit in front of your computer smoking crack?

    I read through the answers to your mindless anti-arsenal comments and realised that rather than admit you were wrong you just started another un-factual rant. What’s wrong with you man?

    Can you name 10 things you like about Arsenal? If not I think you should seriously think about changing the team you support.

    I refuse to try and reason with you because others failed efforts show that its not worth it.

    You are a complete wind up merchant and probably real life billy-no-mates.

    On a positive note I really enjoyed watching the clips that were posted.

    In Arsene we trust!

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