A Bit Of Cesc, A Lot Of RvP

The one thing that is apparent over the past forty eight hours is that nobody has a clue about what is going on at Arsenal and their stance over Cesc. Newspaper innuendos and Catalan cravings whacked the Hornet’s nest extremely hard and all that remains a reed breaking the surface as directors at Barcelona jumped into the pond to avoid the swarm venting their anger.

As the transfer fee rises more quickly than an apartment block on the Costa Blanca, the initial fee of £30m has long since been ridiculed by everyone. Similarly, the end of Wenger’s reign was foretold as fever broke in the media pack, the medication to calm their soaring temperature has now brought some realism to their fantasy, no managerial casualties and in fact, were the captain to leave the squad may just be stronger. Different but stronger.

Stronger is also a word that one hopes can be used with Robin van Persie. Fitter would be another, avoiding being crocked in meaningless international friendlies is a genuine target for the Dutchman next season. Participating in the World Cup will help him get match fitness which should not be dulled by a four week break post his countries elimination in the semi-finals.

van Persie took to the central strikers role like a duck to water, even if his first goal took a little longer coming last season than he would have hoped for. However, the impact he had is highlighted by his stats, which even in you do not like using them in arguments, were unarguably impressive. A goal every other game and eight assists means that he contributed virtually a goal a game in the twenty appearances he made for Arsenal. It was not fluke. He scored twenty and created thirteen in the previous campaign’s forty-four matches.

The Dutchman has a touch of the Pires Mentality about him. Pires claimed he drew as much as pleasure from creating as scoring, van Persie is not much different:

I love to be involved with the game. I don’t want to wait and sit and score a tap in. That is for me not good enough. Football is much more than that. In my opinion you help your team more with the way I like to play than when you are just sitting back.

In a way it is unselfish but you will get chances because everyone sees that you play for the team. It always comes back to you. When you respect the game, the game respects you and your team respects you too so you will get the ball back.

The days of the poacher – or goalhanger as they were known in the playground – are long gone. A striker who contributes nothing but goals is essentially doing his job but working hard for the team, creating the space for others to exploit was a key feature of the start to last season and why last October Arsenal were expected to score more than 100 goals over the remaining games. The absences of van Persie and others put paid to that.

It is his fitness that is the problem. In each of his season’s at Arsenal, he has missed at least a quarter of the thirty eight Premier League games. Some injuries were impact, others muscular. Certainly he has been unlucky, the misfortune costly to the side. The shame of this is that he has the potential to be a great central striker. Drogba uses his power to muscle to goal; van Persie is a more intelligent player, using his brain to outwit defences as well as his abundance of talent.

A lot of his finishes though are instinctive, crucial to a player who will no doubt be challenging for the Golden Boot if he can play more than thirty Premier League fixtures. Whilst Chamakh will no doubt be signed for cover and rotation as well as the hope of proving to be a regular player, you cannot help but wonder if Arsenal’s success is linked as closely with the abilities of Cesc as it is van Persie.

Over his Arsenal career, he averages a goal every 2.7 games, which is half-decent when you consider he played across the line throughout that time. That has lowered to a goal every other game in the past two seasons, the consistency in front of goal that is required to challenge for honours.

His overall contribution should not be understated. He is a better central striker than Adebayor, less prone to run offside and equally adept at providing an outlet when the team is under pressure. He is not noted as, nor is he, a target man who plays with his back to goal yet he has all of those attributes; good in the air, excellent control and physically strong in the challenge. He is as crucial to the coming campaign as his captain. I would argue he is equally as hard to replace. Hopefully next season we won’t have to.

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. Excellent, YW. Especially the imagery in the first paragraph.

    My favourite player….Mr Arsenal.

  2. Full agreement. I think last year when we missed Cesc we actually coped better than this year when we missed RVP(& Bendtner). I really hope he can stay fit next season and score many, many more great goals (as well as provide those great assists!)

  3. 1 loose cannon

    If ever Fabregas leaves , RVP is without a doubt the next captain.

  4. 1 loose cannon

    and I will be hoping Holland win the world cup. I can’t see England going past the semis with a squad that cannot retain possession or string 5 passes. I just hope Walcott does well.

  5. Furious Styles

    John Cross seems 100% percent sure that Cesc has told the gaffer that he wants to go. Funny thing is, 48hours ago he told everyone on twitter that “he’s going and it may get messy.” doesnt seem so sure anymore now. cunt.

  6. We missed RvP far more than Cesc. Don’t want to take anything away from cesc but RvP is crucial.

    Please let us have the vast majority of the season with our backbone of TV, Song, Cesc and RVP that alone will win us the league.

  7. I think a few ‘facts’ have emerged over Cesc:

    1. Barca want him
    2. He wants to go. If he didn’t, I’m veru sure that someone at Arsenal would have repeatedly stressed that he doesn’t want go.
    3. Barca want him more because of the Barca Youth Academy tag he carries around rather than the fact that he’s the best midfielder in the world. Hence their reluctance to spend more than 30m for him.
    4.Arsenal don’t want to sell him, especially not for 30m, which is a joke.

    I think we can be confident about keeping him, at least until next year.

    There’s a danger in keeping a player who wants to be somewhere else, but the primary reason Cesc wants to go back (I think) is that he wants trophies, not money. So he’ll try his hardest to win them here if he can’t go there.

    From a neutral perspective, I would want Holland to win the WC, but supposing SPain were to win it – and Cesc were to play a major (and recognizable) role in it, then he wouldn’t need to pursue trophies that much as well.

    Imo one of the major reasons why he wants trophies is that he wants recognition of his abilities. Had we won the league, then he would have surely been recognized as the best midfielder in the world by everyone. If he, say, scores the winning goal in the WC final, then there would be no ‘need’ to go after trophies for recognition. The WC is the biggest prize in football, if he plays a major role in winning it, he’ll be recognized for his abilities for the rest of his life 🙂

  8. This trophies business is a red herring. He is 23 for goodness sake. Not all great players win trophies.

  9. If Cesc leaves it would be a big loss. We will however cope. We are Arsenal.

  10. do you think cesc is being a glory hunter wanting to go back to barca to win trophy’s,after all wenger has done for him,what a fucking liberty cesc is.

  11. I am not sure we miss RVP more than Cesc. However, with RVP fit for a campaign we certainly have goals in the team.

    It’s a very tough summer for the Gooners yet again. I am confident this will stop, once we can afford to pay slightly higher wages, the couple of players everyone craves. And most importantly and the real reason behind the so called ‘youth project’, the emergence of real Gooners in the team.

    Should Jack, JET, Frimpong, Afenke, etc reach their potential can you see Barca or Milan taking them? No chance, they will be Gooners like you or I.

    It would take catastrophe to lose these players.

    Wherever, forever, Arsenal.

  12. please can we stop talking about cesc now?

    Rvp for the golden boot in the WC.

    Yogi – have you ever run a fantasy football thing for ACLF? care to do something on the metro website please??

  13. Well said Frank. Shearer was fantastic but won v little. All of the media ‘anti Arsenal’ shit does my head in. We’ll cope ‘cos we always do. Just want all the vultures to fuck off back under their rocks. Jealous wankers who wish that their teams played half as decent so that they could actually get excited about football. Think we should stand firm, not just on Cesc issue but next season. Get tough, be mean and kick a few of the thugs that target us. Use Ramsey, Wishere, Song and buy Parker. That way if Cesc does go you have got a midfield with arrogance and swagger, bollocks and experience.

  14. 1 loose cannon

    Bigbrovar- What is special about Kubuntu?

    If Milner and Jack Rodwell are worth 25 millions, Then Arsenal should ask for 80 millions. What Barcelona think and what their relationship with Fabregas does not concern Arsenal. All we know is he is an Arsenal player with a 5 years contract. Barcelona are trying to get smart with us by trying to buy quickly, we all know after the world cup when the bidding war starts the average players will cost 30- 40 millions. If they think he is one of theirs and don’t want to pay the asking price they can have him for free , they just have to wait for 5 years. That’s the length of his contract.

  15. Injuries have wrecked the last couple of seasons for us…it’s sooooo unfair that we can never truly measure the the true ability of this team. Whenever we have won things recently or come close we had consistency in our team…you would always rely on the same first team players being fit….now even secong stringers like Johan and Gibbs cant stay fit!!

  16. dont stary talking like that
    we are not ready for cesc absence yet
    Wenger project is about to be completed, in the next 2 years with cesc, we would win everything…..its all about to click , cesc cant go ..no..he is the best midfilder in the world.
    if he goes, our project would have to start over

  17. Is the curtain raiser at Barnet again this year? Why don’t we have an ACLF meet at the match? We could all throw Howard over a cliff afterwards to celebrate the start of another season.

  18. cesc is a glory hunter,how dare he leave arsenal to win trophys with barca,how can he not see wenger has done wonders with this club,a 4th and 3rd place finish every year what an ungrateful bastard.

  19. Word

    If enough people are interested, I can do.


  20. Exactly Maria, our luck with injuries just boggles the mind. Lets hope this new GPS thingy they’ve got will make a difference at some point. Although, you have to wonder why we hadn’t implemented it earlier, seeing as we’ve got the most to gain from it as we cover more ground than any other team.

  21. this would be more painfull for us than henry even if it is for 50 milllion, what are we going to do with the money? buying many players would upset our balance, other players in the team like RVP and AA23 would think we have no ambition.
    Henry was just a striker about to go downhill on hes career , cesc is our heartbeat, the team revolves around him, he makes us tick……who can replace him?

    nasri…..not enough hunger
    arshavin……..could be lazy sometimes
    rambo………needs 2 or 3 years
    diaby………not consistent enough
    rosicky……not consistent n is gettin old

    there is no player that we would buy that we fit it……

  22. Why hasn’t arsenal denied this rubbish that Cesc told Wenger he’d like to leave. Everyone is taking it as truth now. I really can’t imagine Cesc doing that.

  23. Ok thanks yogi, I can only see that happening if you advertise on your main post though. I will try and use my vast powers of influence to drum up support but will probably end up being ignored and looking like spammer.

    ACLF WC fantasy league anybody ?????

  24. we cant force him to stay but we can make him see reason to stay…..i dont know how we would do that, but he has to…….
    if he goes we would however cope probably commin 3rd or so in the league…..
    i want it all, 1st in the league
    champs league
    FA cup
    no matter how much we get, the is no better player in th world that would fit that role for us

  25. No one is bigger than Arsenal FC
    so if cese wants to go
    Let him leave

  26. Injuries have wrecked the last couple of seasons for us…it’s sooooo unfair that we can never truly measure the the true ability of this team. Whenever we have won things recently or come close we had consistency in our team…you would always rely on the same first team players being fit….now even secong stringers like Johan and Gibbs cant even stay fit!!

  27. The Daily Wail, which has a lot invested in the Cesc to Barca campaign, is now emphasizing that Barcelona defender Gerard Pique is ‘convinced’ that Cesc Fabregas will join the Spanish giants this summer and says his arrival will make Pep Guardiola’s side ‘the envy of the world.’
    This is a typical tactic from the menu of dirty tricks from the destabilization play book.
    Soon we will have the beseeching family member who is convinced Cesc wants to return to Spain.
    If Barca is willing to spend foolish money, then Cesc’s agent will bite.
    We are still in the opening stages.

    In the mean time the catastrophists like Suga, Chippy, Adam and the faint hearted are falling for the game hook, line and sinker. In fact because of their deep underlying hatred for Wenger’s determination to not mortgage the future of the club to satisfy greedy players and their agents, they are the witting and unwitting agents of scum like Barca.

    Some have said Arsenal and Arsene should make a statement refuting Barca’s campaign and affirming Cesc’s loyalty. I would suggest that in the face of a corrupt media that is willing to aid and abet these destabilization tactics, that mere PR tactics is insufficient and ultimately futile. The best defense is what Wenger and the Board have slowly but surely achieved; build a huge financial moat around the club by making it the most profitable in England and Europe, using the income to pay some of the best salaries in the league and signing young players to long term contracts. In the final analysis Barca and other predators, who are generally up to their eyeballs in debt, will have to pay a very high price for their destabilization tactics.

    We can’t legislate greed and ambition in players , the envy of other clubs, the corruption and complicity of the media, and the ignorance/obsessive delusions of our fans, but we can make them pay. 40-50 million for Cesc anyone?

  28. I can set one up now if thats easier and give you the info


    ACLF (8003629)

  29. ive bin an arsenal fan since 1998, i have seen great players come and go ……but cesc is diffrent, the whole team looks up to him in time of trouble, when they get confused, they just give th ball to cesc and he would do sumtn…..he is cesc.

    dont be suprised if he does and otherb players like AA23, clichy, sagna, nasri or maybe even RVP decides that we have no ambition..

    last before RVP signed, he said it wasnt bout money, he wanted to see ambition……….

  30. you wanna know how good i think cesc is? i wouldnt trade him for messi(100m), thats how Good he is……….

  31. I’m up for it, Word.

  32. Haven’t posted for the last couple of days as I observed the “Lamentations!” For those not in the know “Lamentations” is a book in the Bible. And the Bible is a … The thing is that Cesc loves arsenal just as Thierry Henry did. And loving Arsenal is expensive. For Henry’s love we had to pay him 10,000,000 in his last year. Cost Dein his job. For Cesc’s love we had to pay him 3,000,000 last year. It’s a pity but a reality that professional football is also about money. I love you guys but “Show me the money!” And that’s where it gets complex. Most of us struggle when it comes to understanding international finance. I do anyhow! Take Bergkamp. He wasn’t the best paid player of his generation. But he was the second highest earner. Marketers loved him and paid to use his image such that in one year he was second only to Beckham. It didn’t make sense for him to leave arsenal for a fat pay cheque elsewhere. No one is talking of Cesc’s image rights in England. For him it’s a different ball game. Players like Cesc and Messi have only their football to sell. For them football sells their image. Do I make sense?
    Arsenal’s board runs a tight a tight financial ship. They know their books and luckily for them they have a manager in-sync with them. No Mourinho, Ferguson or Benitez here! Don’t expect Fabregas to go cheap. And if Barca is not ready to pay up they know how much “love” will cost them for another year.

  33. ********************************
    ACLF WC fantasy league anybody ?????

    @ Word – I think that’s a great idea.

  34. Cesc does not want to leave, how could he leave a club he loves without anything to show for it?

    Cesc will look at Henry, Vieira, Pires, Bergkamp and want to be regarded as a LEGEND at our club. He is not a Quitter, he is not a greedy person, and he has great respect for Wenger. He is the same as Van Persie, he loves our club, our fans.. Just because hes not ENGLISH like many racist people on here, doesn’t mean he will want to leave, this is a stupid point of view to take after some of our best and loyal players were foreign! I think us fans are the ones in question here, NOT CESC!

    Get your acts together, laugh off the speculation, because thats all it is. Cesc broke his leg to put one over on Barcelona and so he can run over to his fans and cheer with them.. this is a player on a mission, like Arsenal, like Wenger, he has unfinished business..

  35. S-G, I don’t agree that AFC refuting the story will be futile. Why would it be? It’s all news to the media, It worked in the past didn’t it?

  36. jeff..

    This team has plenty of ambition.. you dont have the players we have, playing the most attractive football around, winning in the last minute if they dont have ambition.

    Think before you speak

  37. Are Jeff and 007 the same? They are eerily similar in writing style and agenda. Writing from the same IP or mixing it up? The ring of catastrophists never give up do they?

  38. If he goes, he goes, what is most important is Arsene puts his player loyalty aside and hammers the last available euro out of Barca and their paymasters.

    For too many years now Barca, have cherry picked our finest players too cheaply, TH14 for £16m was an outrage, Hleb for £11m was ridiculas, they can’t be allowed to annually rip out the spine of our team.

    This could be a watershed moment, grow some balls and hit them hard now, Man U for all their failings stood their ground on Ronaldo and they managed to increase the price by an estimated £30m.

    Like the bully in the playground, the more you let them get away with it the more they will continue, time to stand up to them and kick the financial shit out them.

  39. I think cesc wil be the best midfilder in the netx two to three seasons if a he can be patiant enough and remain in Arsenal and play regularly instead of going to barca to sit on the beanch.

  40. *Just because hes not ENGLISH like many racist people on here think plays a part,*

  41. I agree-

    The best thing that could happen right now is an official statement from cesc that this is all rubbish and he wants to stay at Arsenal.

    So what if it gets repetative?

    Lets face it, this is as itense coverage as weve ever seen. It should be refuted officialy.

  42. 1 loose cannon

    Jeff- everyone seems to have forgotten Wilshere. This kid has something even better, aggression. He has been fantastic for Bolton playing alongside Davies and his like will make him a tougher character. In my opinion he can be the best ever english midfielder if he puts his minds to it. I do believe Wenger will bring him back this season since Ramsey will need a lot of time to fully recover, He might be the one.

  43. Arsene always gets a fair price for players.

    If Barca wants him and he wants to leave I suspect that in these crazy times nothing less that 45 mil will do….and if they want to want him next year he will be worth more.

    They cant have it both ways…the scummy classless bunch.

  44. Is the official fantasy football still there from last season? We had loads of people on that!

  45. Kingsalami the difference with Cesc as compared with Henry and Helb was their ages. Everybody understood that the last two were at the peak of their careers. Remember that when Barca won the champions league in 2006 – against us may I add – xavi was 26 and was on the bench. He had Deco, Guily and Ronaldinho to contend with. Cesc at 23 is yet to peak. Cesc at 24 will be phenomenal. Such players don’t go cheap!

  46. I’d be up for it word.

    Hear Hear CG!

  47. I’m up for that, word.

    Although aren’t there a few different games knocking about – metro, McDonald’s, Sky etc… haven’t had a chance to see which one’s best yet…

  48. “Get Milner”

    Yea and get into a bidding war for a player not worth 10 million.

    Stupid comment 007

  49. Here’s the Maccy Ds one…


  50. Took the Legends Tour last December right before the Hull home game. During the Q&A, Charlie George was asked who he thought is the best player he has seen in an Arsenal shirt – without hesitation he said Cesc Fabregas.

    Personally, I don’t think he’ll be leaving so soon. Not this summer anyway.

  51. if fabregas leaves, the only one who can replace him ability-wise would be kaka

    however the alternatives are that we can get a super winger like hazard to continuously whip crosses in and let chamakh score

    to be honest if fabregas leaves we actually have a lot more options, but whether it will be as good as when fabregas is here is doubtful

    if fabregas is leaving after all, anything less than 60m is an insult

    but whateva happens, up the arsenal gooners for life

  52. All this news about Cesc leaving is making me really sad.

    IF he wants to leave(key word being IF)we cant begrudge him that but I hope against all hope he stays.

    We love you Cesc, please please stay.

  53. Arsenal should go for a swap deal>fabregas<messi

  54. I have just seen that Howard Webb will Ref the Champions league final.

    What a joke, the guy is a disgrace to fair play.

    I wonder if its UEFA trying to get the viewing figures up in the lucrative British Isles.

    It can’t be his competence.

  55. We should go for Jonh Terry’s brother. A true English gentleman like the whole Terry family.


    and fuck off 007 James.

  56. Yogi

    This sunmmer Cesc,next summer it will be RVP if we continue to be TROPHYLESS.Great players want winners medals

  57. While I doubt we’ll sign a midfield player at all, a nippy winger with a great cross would be wonderful. I couldn’t believe that statistic about us being the worst crossers in the league! I think our greatest talent in that area(from the left at least) is Traore and his positional play isn’t good enough for him to get a good run in the team.

  58. dupsffokcuf am yet to accept that he beat Fabrigas to the Young player of the year award.

  59. I have joined word’s Metro Dream Team. For anyone else interested:


    ACLF (8003629)

  60. glad to hear support. well its official then we can start a league.

    Haven’t had time to check which is best yet as have only signed up for the metro one so far. Its quite easy to make a team but the scoring system is pretty complex and the gui looks slick even if a bit slow.

    maccy D’s was good last time if i remember correctly tho… will investigate further but for now I have set up a league on metro for all those interested.

    will be spamming this every now and then:

    ACLF (8003629)


  61. Spurs will have to wait for that stadium, as their plans have been rejected.


  62. LimparAssist

    Me neither, KL Gooner.

    What I want most though is for Cesc Fabregas to come out and really hammer his colours to the Arsenal mast. To say, yes my childhood club was Barcelona and yes I have an affinity with them which is obvious – but the real, true love of my adult life, aside from my girlfriend… is Arsenal Football Club, and is London. I am not about to down tools here at the club that I love, the club of which I am Captain, my club, and walk away from the manager who made me what I am today – with the job left only halfway done…

    If he doesn’t use this opportunity as a chance to make a resounding rallying cry for next season I feel it will be an opportunity lost. He could do a great deal of good in uniting the fans with a real statement of intent and belief about next season. Really stir us right up and have the World of Arsenal go into the big Kick Off on the back of a big run up.

    Cesc should ride up and down the frontline of the massed red & white ranks with his sword held aloft, clamouring and bellowing at us until we’re all beating our armoured chestplates and yelling at our rivals across the battlefields of Europe and beyond… We Are The Arsenal…

    I say this whole thing could be just what the Doctor ordered.

  63. Barça’s “stratospheric” debt may put to bed any notions of capturing Cesc.

    Presedential candidate Sandro Rosell has warned the club

    “We have a stratospheric level of debt. £420million over what needs to be paid for Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Dmytro Chygrynskiy.

    “We must improve the squad each year, but we must also make sure that we are managing the economic resources that the club needs to survive.”

    The Swedish striker, and defender Chygrynskiy cost Barca close to £70million last summer, and both have failed to make a sufficient impact at the Nou Camp, meaning that they could be shipped out for a as little as half of what the club paid for them.

    Rosell also went on to express his doubts over the £35million fee that the Spanish champions paid for David Villa.

    “From a sporting point of view it is a very good signing, but from an economic one we maybe needed a little more information.

    “Maybe there were other options available, for the cost and salary, so we lacked the right information to know whether the €50million price was a fair one.”

    Barca’s ‘stratospheric’ debt could wreck Fabregas deal

    Published 12:33 20/05/10 By EuroSpy

    Recommend (1)


    Barcelona’s ‘stratospheric’ debt could wreck their hopes of landing Cesc Fabregas this summer.

    Presidential candidate Sandro Rosell, has warned the Catalan club that they must balance the books if they want to continue their £40million pursuit of the Arsenal captain.

    “We must be careful, because from an economic standpoint we are not good,” said Rosell.

    “We have a stratospheric level of debt. £420million over what needs to be paid for Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Dmytro Chygrynskiy.

    “We must improve the squad each year, but we must also make sure that we are managing the economic resources that the club needs to survive.”

    The Swedish striker, and defender Chygrynskiy cost Barca close to £70million last summer, and both have failed to make a sufficient impact at the Nou Camp, meaning that they could be shipped out for a as little as half of what the club paid for them.

    Rosell also went on to express his doubts over the £35million fee that the Spanish champions paid for David Villa.

    “From a sporting point of view it is a very good signing, but from an economic one we maybe needed a little more information.

    “Maybe there were other options available, for the cost and salary, so we lacked the right information to know whether the €50million price was a fair one.

    “If we add Cesc as well for €50, that increases our debt by another €100million,” bemoaned Rosell.

  64. Sorry, meant to post a link …

  65. shotta dont disrespect me, im only saying that if we sell him, we would be going backwards in our development

  66. Good link, Dfunkydog.

  67. 007 – we all have our opinions, but referring to our board as “tight jews” is disgusting. you are disgusting, and not very bright either

  68. Fear not my small, mere beings, I shall do everything in my Kingly powers to see to it that Cesc, your Knight of Shining armor, remains in this shores for a long time to come; if not then i will still be on your side through out the rest of your miserable summer…

  69. Does anyone have any news about the Disabled Supporters Player of the Season competition?

  70. to continue Kenyan Gooner’s metaphor

    This is how it would feel if you logged into arsenalDOTcom and saw Cesc’ transfer to Barca confirmed

    “The roads to Zion mourn,
    for no one comes to her appointed feasts.
    All her gateways are desolate,
    her priests groan,
    her maidens grieve,
    and she is in bitter anguish.

    Her foes have become her masters;
    her enemies are at ease.
    The LORD has brought her grief
    because of her many sins.
    Her children have gone into exile,
    captive before the foe.

    All the splendor has departed
    from the Daughter of Zion.
    Her princes are like deer
    that find no pasture;
    in weakness they have fled
    before the pursuer.

    BTW I am not here to WUM and spread more grief…..i am gone now

  71. LimparAssist

    Pity about the stadium plans, J*mbo.

  72. looooooooooooooooool!

    Thanks for that dfunkydog/wengerball?

    For approximately the same amount it cost AFC to build a Stadium (and housing complexes) in the Heart of the City, the Spu*ds may have to spend an equivalent amount to build a smaller shopping complex/mall/stadium in a swamp!

    That’s not including bribes. (AFC’s bribe was in the form of a waste incenerator etc…great!)

    So, their only realistic hopes of a new stadium are gazumping the Spammers efforts, or is the Secret Account large enough to buy the Wembley Joke off the poor crumbling FA?
    (There are some queries about AFC’s hybrid ‘turf’, but that could easily be replaced.)



  73. Wengerball, what’s with the dfunkydog business?

    YW, dreamer! The Dutch are going to take the WC by storm!
    Cesc has already said, many times last season, that he is an Arsenal player. I don’t need to hear him say it again just because all this shite is in the press. Arsenal never comment on this bollocks, either. Why? You DO NOT negotiate with terrorists!

    Here’s another reason not to join La Liga:
    La Liga in debt to the tune of €3.53bn – report


    turns out that Madrid and Barca and relegated Numancia are the only teams that make money in the entire league. What did Wenger say about La Liga? Something along the lines of “why would you go there, it is only a two team league, there is no competition.”

  74. Everyone voted for there goal of the season?

    Nasri against porto for me, have you seen those feet. Ping Pong Bosh!

  75. Milner at best is like Rambo and Rambo is younger

  76. Cheers dfunkydog.

    What happened to the famous Barca academy ?

  77. @gris gris, I’m logged in another wordpress account at work.

  78. “Barcelona risk losing rising star Jonathan dos Santos as their failure to begin contract negotiations has left the door open to Manchester United, Arsenal and Chelsea, according to reports.

    Spanish newspaper Sport has reported the Mexico international’s current contract expires in June, and serious discussions about a new deal with the La Liga champions have yet to begin. Even though the winger has made just three appearances in the first team, he has been selected to play at the upcoming World Cup and is highly-rated.

    Jonathan is now represented by super-agent Pini Zahavi, who has close links with the Premier League trio. If he makes the switch to England, he will hope for a happier time than brother Giovanni — who has spent time on loan to Galatasaray and Ipswich Town since swapping the Nou Camp for Tottenham Hotspur.

    Become a fan of Goal.com UK’s Facebook fan page for all the latest news and insight into everything related to the beautiful game!”

    I don’t care if he’s a decent player or not we should sign him. Just to fuck them off.

  79. He looks like a 10 year old does Jonathan Dos Santos.

  80. Senna misses out on Spain squad

  81. Fuck me looked at watched goal of the season vid and got all excited about next season.

    Cesc or no Cesc (preferably Cesc) this team will dominate sooner rather than later.

    With no serious injurys sustained in the summer and a couple of new additions, I’m sure that will be next season.

    Players like Rosicky, Walcott, Nasri, Perhaps Eduardo will all be different players next season having been disrupted greatly by injury in recent times.

    Djourou, Vela and Gibbs will be pushing for places.

    Chamakh and Bendtner will be giving us ariel threat and more.

    If Van Persie continues the way he is going, and stays fit he’ll become a candidate for all time Arsenal starting XI.

    Alex Song a season and a world cup better anyone?

  82. deano

    Its very exciting, I expect Cesc and everyone else to want to be part of it.

    This team has been scrutinised by every tom dick n harry, its time we make them sit back and admire the greatness. Next season will be a remarkable one, it has been a long time coming. With all the players you mentioned making remarkable improvements, and the ones like Eduardo and Rosicky who have had to take a step back after injury… its time to take 2 steps forward.

    Not 3rd, not 2nd, we will finish 1st. Wenger has been drilling into their minds that 2nd is a failure, next year we will be even hungrier to put it right. Its our title to lose next season, with the players we have, and a couple extra, we will shock all that stand in our way.

  83. Ole that doesn’t matter we’ll have him then he can clean the toilets.

    Erm think I was a bit argumentative yesterday dorry fellah. I wouldn’t care I don’t care if were light or not. I just want the season to start and have a fit squad.

  84. Anyway I’m off, (hoping to see Cesc on the news later once again writing off the speculation as laughable – stating the usual Arsenal is my club, maybe one day I will go back… )

    Have a good one gooners

  85. Delia-----Block 112

    What happened to Chamakh’s reported visit to London for a medical? Did it get lost in the furore over Cesc or has there been a change of mind on his part?
    Sadly, I fear we have lost Cesc but I felt this way when Brady went to Italy and we recovered from that loss. Perhaps things are not all doom and gloom and who knows Bolton may have done us a huge favour in giving Jack Wiltshire PL game time, which can only be beneficial to Jack and the Club if we need to fill Cesc’s boots come August.

  86. Barcelona cant afford Fabregas. They charmed him and flirted with him, but didnt realise they had no money to actually pay for his transfer.


  87. Delia—-Block 112 I have a theory. The Cesc to Barca thing was all a ruse to get barcas attention, meanwhile Chamahk signed for Juve and we nicked in with a cheaky bid for Silva and pinched Biscuits or whatever the hell he’s called.

  88. What the f*ck would we want that cheating f*cker for, els?

  89. Furious Styles

    where can i find that video deano?

  90. No money honey.

    Or ninguna miel del pesos.

  91. erm don’t know poli. Think I was getting carried away, that’s a good point you made.

  92. Amongst other things, the Wenger philosophy around football will free the club of dependence on any player, purchase or deal. Whoever thinks Wenger is constructing the team ‘around Cesc’ is plain wrong. It’s not the way we are heading.

    One of the strengths and weaknesses of the Invincibles and one reason I believe Wenger abandoned this template was dependence on Henry’s extraordinary goalscoring; but long term it’s not sustainable. Only a team is sustainable.

    Any player can become injured at any time for a season. Or fall under a bus, whatever. It does happen. You can’t plan a team around a player.

    Obviously we have our ‘critical’ players, and I count about 15 currently. Within that group are pivotal players, and that includes Cesc as captain, and playmaker. I count 6 ‘pivotal’ players.

    Cesc is going nowhere. But that’s not the real issue, is it? It’s the combination of pivotal players that will make or break this side, and around that, the critical players. Around that the fringe and emerging players. Who are the pivotal players? RvP, Cesc, Arshavin, Song, Vermaelen, Clichy. I believe Walcott will join this list. Then Ramsey. Later Wilshere. Somewhere in between Nasri. and Obviously Bendtner will force his way in. Diaby has potential to be the most pivotal of the lot.

    We have a lot of very, very good players. Some don’t quite see it, but they will. All in good time.

    FFS cheer up!

  93. *

  94. £420m debt! F*cking hell. They must be run by Greeks…or perhaps by Spaniards.

  95. Robin Van Persie…Click Click Click.

  96. Limestonegunner

    Thanks, YW for talking about these great quotes from RvP–the guy is pure class. These Dutch players have such excellent training informed by an elegant footballing approach.

    I will definitely be hoping Holland go far in WC and praying RvP stays uninjured. If so, he’ll be sharp and fit to pick up where he left off last fall. It is such a shame he has had so many injuries.

    I don’t know how useful or important it is to compare how we played without Cesc vs. without RvP. We play much better with both of them.

    But what is best about RvP, I think, is that bit of anger in his play, the extra drive and competitive fire. Sometimes when he was younger maybe it got him into a bit of trouble, but now that he is more mature it is splendid.

    I would prefer, though, someone like Vermaelen, a defender, as captain over a striker like RvP–let him focus on leading by example, and he is vocal enough to have a positive influence without the armband.

    We need more players like RvP. But that blend of physical talent, footballing skills, excellent training, and above all mentality is hard to come by and develop.

    The best, most intense celebrations are from Cesc and RvP. Hope to see many from both next year.

  97. LimparAssist

    The Daily Mail really are only capable of talking out of their arse aren’t they?

    I mean it’s one thing for Martin Samuel to stick his fat, stubby little oar in and go off on a complete flight of fancy – that’s fine, it’s an opinion piece not even pretending to be news, and readers can take it for exactly what it is i.e. a giant stack of shit from an giant obnoxious cunt with about as much relevance to the game of football as Jabba the Hutt. Fine.

    But the hourly bullsh*t coming in about the ‘talks’ and the figures are based on NOTHING, and are reported as news! Really… I mean, they are based on literally nothing at all. They’re just sat their picking their arses and dreaming it up.

    What a USELESS invention. A newspaper that makes it’s own news up.

    To be fair they do get it right some of the time. Precisely 18.84% of the time actually. Apparently that’s their transfer rumour accuracy rate.

    Truly fucking pathetic! Imagine the copies they’ve sold off the back of the other 80% of pure bollocks and waffle.

    I’m never going on that site again, and I’d suggest you do the same. Spread the world – other teams must get sick of it too.

    And, as Frank (may possibly have) inferred earlier… if you see Martin Samuel in the street… sit the fucker down!

    It’ll take a large gantry crane to get the cunt back up again.

  98. Luke Ayling has GONE!

  99. There used to be a Log-in link to WordPress on this screen…any one knows where it’s gone?

  100. I agree with LimparAssist

  101. Marcotti too. He walked across the road in front of me in Kensington last year. I should have run the fucker over.

  102. Lol Limpar. You shouldn’t be reading that rag in the first place

  103. G4E

    Click on Blog at WordPress.com below the comments.


  104. LimparAssist @4.40pm – nice one.

  105. Forget cesc – Your all going to die soon anyway

    “Every hour spent watching TV each day increases the risk of dying from heart disease by almost a fifth”

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-1242494/Risk-dying-heart-disease-rises-hour-watch-TV.html

    I wish the daily mail would take their own advise and realise the futility of their existance

    ACLF (8003629)

  106. I think I have forgotten what it feels like to enjoy a trophy that Arsenal has won. It seems so long ago. I envy the resources that Barca and Man Utd have.

    I have told myself, soon my friends will realize that their club is bankrupt. But even if it is somebody is always around to buy it. Especially if it is a pedigree club.

    sorry guys, i think dejection is kicking in now. With cesc gone, we will go for another round of rebuilding….and another set of squad rebuilding while focussing on CL place.

    Thats all we have been reduced too.

  107. Miserablewhiningwhingertalkingoutofitsarseist

  108. LimparAssist

    Top yourself, Realist.

  109. I agree with that whole word Frank.

  110. Borrowed money realist, borrowed also suggests that it is to be paid back.

  111. has everyone got their england flags on their cars yet!!

  112. Ayling’s the first of the double winners to leave, I think. It shows how high the standard is now.

    I do like him, but he didn’t make much progress last season. Not sure if that was down to injury, or if there was something else going on.

    I’ve been waiting to see what would happen to the players who are too old to play for the academy side, but nowhere near the first team.

  113. “I enjoy the resources the Barca & Man Utd have”

    That must be why Slur Fergie is acting like a ‘typical Glaswegian’, and buying F*ck All this Summer.

    (Unless that story is also a Baca-esque Cunning Plan).

  114. Thanks YW

  115. OOU, I guess we are going to be seeing more and more of that. Also given that defenders don’t mature until much later in their career so there could be a buy back or sell on clause in the contract that maintains our interest should the player reach a level that might make him eligible for AFC.

  116. LimparAssist

    Hm. Miquel rather usurped him in the pecking order at centreback, and Cruise at leftback, where he played occasionally. I’d guess that Martin Angha is closer to the front of Brady and Bouldie’s plans as well. I enjoyed his performance in the FA Youth Cup Final last year, very calm and tidy young player. Good luck, Luke.

    ‘Yeovil Gunner’ of course, will be absolutely beside himself.

  117. Has his contract expired, Passenal? I was wondering about a sell-on clause, but if he’s simply decided to leave because his contract’s up then I don’t think we get any say with clauses etc. I don’t know to be honest.

    Miquel’s taller and has better technique, which must count for something. I thought he was excellent against ManU, especially as that was meant to be their best crop since Scholes, Beckham and the rest.

  118. I’m not too sure OOU, I saw after I posted earlier that Young Guns is saying his contract expired. Miquel is quite a talent I think. He played for the reserves last season when he was only 16, which is quite amazing for a CB and he had only been with the club for a few months. He’s a former Barca boy, but they had already released him when we picked him up from UD Cornella. They better not come sniffing around in a few years. Although by then, we will be the club everyone wants to play for!

  119. I remember learning about the start of the popular press for O Level history. We were taught that the Daily Mail invented a story about the Chinese killing all Europeans in Peking during the Boxer Rebellion in about 1901. That style of journalism sold newspapers then and, presumably, sells newspapers today.

    It’s nice to know that the Daily Mail maintains tradition even if it’s the tradition of lying.

  120. I wonder how he feels about being released by Barcelona so young. I doubt he has the same loyalty to them as Cesc might, and no shirt signed by one of their greats either…

    They seem to be pretty dominant right now, but it’s not so long ago that they were in a real mess. I’d like to know how their massive debt will impact on the way the club’s run in the future. Rossell seemed concerned by it, but he could just be playing games with us. I don’t know how it works for them.

    Finsbury mentioned the old Scottish miserliness thing. Well the Catalans are known as Spain’s penny (or is that peseta?) pinchers, and I’m sure they’ll be mortified to have that figure hanging over them.

  121. Also, how will it affect them in terms of UEFA’s financial fair play rules in the future? Laporta may not get re-elected so he doesn’t really care about overspending, it won’t be his problem, he is just focussing on getting the ‘names’ in order to give him the best chance of retaining his position. Rossell might be trying to win the votes of those concerned about the bottom line and the longer term well being of the club. The risk for players going there now is if the financial sh*t hits the fan, they might not get paid or could be put up in a fire sale to the highest bidder in order to balance the books. Personally I’d rather be with one of the few clubs that do not have unsustainable debt. There’s got to be more security there.

  122. Perhaps we should kidnap Cesc for his own good.

  123. No, I say shoot the ‘journos’ and bomb Barcelona then we might be safe!

  124. …good idea

  125. Barcelona are looking a little bit ridiculous at the moment, are they not? We should call them Barcelona Rovers or Barcelona Wanderers. May be Barcelona Hotspur. Absolute arseholes.

  126. The other side of Passenal that we don’t see that much 🙂

  127. or Phart-alone-a

  128. I know. We should send them to Coventry…literally. And send Coventry to Barcelona. That will teach the fuckers. Everyone in Barcelona will have to watch Coventry at the weekends.

  129. Scum like Barca just bring out my evil twin G4E!

  130. Holland and Spain for finals.

    Holland to win it.

    RVP – highest goal scorer… most valuable player.

  131. I don’t blame you Passenal. It seems Barca are always and only interested in our players over the years.

  132. Bradys right foot

    Now that Guillem Ballbag has stopped to take a breath and the media frenzy has moved on to Milner, it strikes me that Arsenal are in an incredibly strong position regarding Cesc.

    With four years on his deal and not in need of the cash, Barca will have to pay a huge sum of yo yos to get their man. 30 mill only gets you a Milner apparently, well Arsenal should be holding out for at least double that.

    I actually think its more likely hell go next year but if he doesn’t want to be here, I’m not comfortable with him being here next season, for two reasons firstly I’ve always been of the opinion that it’s an honour to play for the Gunners, a priveledge and if you want to play somewhere else just fuck right off.

    Secondly Fabregas has been such a great player for us, if he has an indifferent season and stays he’ll be castigated by a section of our fans. Every misplaced pass and tackle will be questioned and if he has a poor season his life with the gunners will end miserably for all concerned.

    Chamakhs send off from the Bordeaux fans was special and does give you an example of a player on his way out but with an outstanding attitude that kept the fans onside in his final year. I would expect the same from Fabregas if he stays next year i can’t say the same from some of our fans.

  133. Do you lot think he actualy wants to leave?

  134. LimparAssist

    BRF, Fabregas is not the lesser Ronaldo. He will never play with less than 100% for Arsenal. He’s much too proud for all that silly sulky bollocks.

  135. LimparAssist

    Team Spirit, I agree. Holland winners + RVP Golden Boot. Far too long at 100/1.

    And if we’re shooting hacks… Shotgun Martin Samuels!

  136. I don’t mind that they covet our players G4E, it’s a compliment to their quality, but it is the way they go about it, pretending they are so respectful meanwhile using their friendly hacks to stir up sh*t in order to drive a wedge between the player and fans while seducing him with ridiculous promises or emotional blackmail. If they had any decency they would approach the club, get permission and then approach the player. Instead they lay the groundwork for years with their underhand tactics, which everyone but UEFA can see is tapping up by any other name so that the player’s head is so turned the selling club has no choice but to move them on.

    It’s their sense of entitlement that pisses me off so much. So what Cesc started at Barca. He was in a team that were winning their games 10 nil every week and he was bored. Barca thought he was too small and wanted him to spend another season in their ‘B’ team. Arsenal came along and offered him first team opportunities. He wasn’t too small for the PL, which is a lot more physically demanding and competitive. He has flourished under Wenger and they just cannot get over it, so now they expect us to just hand him over at a bargain price because of his ‘Barcelona DNA’. Well they can f*ck right off and take their sense of entitlement with them.

  137. Passenal

    You’d probably do them a favour by bombing the Camp Nou – they might be able to afford a roof for the whole of their stadium then.

    Mind you, that’s a hell of an insurance claim. Can you imagine the Loss Adjusters report?

    Is the claimant of honest character?
    You’re shitting me…


  138. Bradys right foot

    Limpars love that line the lesser Ronaldo – As for the shotgun for Martin Samuels good call but given his size a wail harpoon might just bring him down.

  139. haha fart-a-lona-ina-dark-rooma.

    the imagery is strong.

  140. “Secondly Fabregas has been such a great player for us, if he has an indifferent season and stays he’ll be castigated by a section of our fans. Every misplaced pass and tackle will be questioned and if he has a poor season his life with the gunners will end miserably for all concerned.”

    That’s exactly what the media wants by starting this whole thing….get the Arsenal fans on Fabregas back like they did with Adebayor….And unfortunately some of our fans give them the chance to succeed.

    I know Adebayor was a different case, but the media managed to direct a portion of Arsenal fans towards making it happen.

  141. LimparAssist

    I can’t take credit for ‘the lesser Ronaldo’, BRF. I think I heard it here… in fact, come to think of it, it might be a Pzism.

  142. I think you’re right LA, it was PZ who coined that one!

  143. It’s funny how everyone has chosen to focus on the ‘if I leave Arsenal, I will go to Barcelona’ portion of his comments, but no mention of ‘but, I’m very happy and Arsenal and in no hurry to leave’ portion.

  144. at not and!

  145. great post YW……..looking forward to next season already!

  146. “I’m very happy and Arsenal and in no hurry to leave’ portion.”

    That doesn’t generate too much controversy Passenal

  147. Good evening delusional AKB people.

  148. That’s alright Muppet, I’m happy in my delusional AKB world, that way I only need to be unhappy when I have to be not in anticipation!

  149. Good Evening Muppet, you must have been busy all morning with the DM index on high and all?

  150. shotta-gunna

    It is good that more and more supporters now realize that objectively AW and the Board have moved the club in a stronger position financially to fight off scumbags like Barcelona. Project Youth is not tactical, it is long-term and gives the club a strategic advantage in developing players for the 1st team at lower upfront cost while tying them to long-term contracts that is an obstacle to those who think they can simply pick-off our best players by offering them silly money. It is good to see the Barca scum are flirting with bankruptcy by pursuing there buy-at-any price tactics.
    Regardless of the mindless media and the treacherous tarts at L.G. and elsewhere, unlike ManU and Ronaldo, the price for Cesc is high and we are not hurting for cash.
    Yes, it really is good to be a gooner.

  151. G4E, Passenal,

    lol !

    No, I’ve had important things to do. Like pretending to be working, and clicking the F5 key on newsnow.

    DM Index is like the pollen count at the moment.


  152. shott-gunna,

    Absolutely right. Here we were, or at least, here I was, believing that Barcelona was an entirely solvent enterprise, underpinned and nourished by their youth academy, a model of sustainable success. Then you hear that nothing could be further from the truth. They are €400 million in hock, will stop an nothing to do Real Madrid I suspect, especially now the “special one” is likely to gatecrash the party. As if we had enough to contend with, what with the mancs and the chavs; we face the prospect of Barca establishing themselves as our de facto feeder club. I wish they go bust and fuck off.

  153. Sorry..that should be outdo Real Madrid.

  154. The Catalan pikeys are poorly run financially. Who would have guessed it? But, I hear Graham Hunter and buck-toothed, blowfish-headed Balague tell us that they are the best team in the world. I’m not surprised, considering the debt they’re in. They’ve been buying trophies for years and it’s catching up with them. To value Cesc at less than £60 million is dumb. But that groaning sound you can hear is a mutual masturbation session with Hunter and Balague, those 2 giants of sports journalism. They both like us to believe that they have the ear of the world’s top players but actually their thumbs are stuck very firmly up each others arse.

  155. the barca love in within fifa etc would probaly result in immediate bail out upon bankrupty using european funds. Do you really think blatter would let his flagship club die out like that?

    By the way I am surprised about some of these bomb threat going barcas way… considering they have terrorist issues and even on le grove ‘hoping someone get cancer etc’ gives even the ignorant shit stains up turned noses. shame on you.

    Not that I give a fuck of course, I think a short spell in prison would do frank wonders 😉 There was however a recent incident which is not at all dissimilar…


    is that holland+RVP=win 100-1 figure correct?

  156. It appears that any club who wants to win a title or be successful must be in the negative by 100s of millions.

    I thought the whole idea of finance is to keep balanced at all times while trying to make profit? I guess I need to take my commerce degree all over again.

  157. With respect to Balague and Hunter you have to consider that their main job is to perform fellatio. Every week. I understand Hunter defines his existence as somebody who is “close to” Barcelona. This means a lot of fellatio. I saw Revisita De La Liga, and their were four of the cocksuckers sitting in a dimly lit bar, as per the course, performing fellatio on the Barcelona players as they reviewed the season. Hunter then came out with the supposed revelations that Cesc told Wenger he wanted to leave after the Fulham game, which is quiet amazing when you think about it, as Hunter would have been busy fellating in Barcelona.

  158. Apologies – spelling – there were four, and quite amazing.

  159. What a day!

    All morning strimming followed by an afternoon planting out the brassicas and sweetcorn. A couple of hours tying in the tomatoes in the greenhouse and a quick slug run after getting the pasties in the oven.

    Log on to ACLF expecting to see all Arsene’s transfer business completed and Cesc a Barca player and what? Nothing. Nada.

    While I was most fruitfully engaged all day, what were they doing at Arsenal and Barca? We don’t know, but it wont give them caulifowers in September I know that.

    As for the Press, noses to the ground to bring us all the latest news ‘as it happens’, even less. Fuck all.

    Idle bastards.

  160. mouriniho could be an interesting element to this story actually. If real can hold a decent challenge in the league or barca have a slight blip he is going to wind up those arrogant fucks like you have never seen. Their whole charde after inter won was childish, jose will play to those weaknesses to full effect hopefully resulting in kneejerk window buys and reducing the funds for a cesc transfer…

    IF he goes and discounting CL – jose just became arsenals new best friend.

  161. Consolsbob,

    We were all waiting for some earth shattering news. But all we got was a load of bullshit from Martin Samuel and a load of guff about Milner on Talk Shite.

  162. Word,

    The problem is that Barca will now double the efforts to strengthen. They know that Mourinho is on his way, so unfortunately for us they will probably be even more determined to get Cesc.

  163. yeah that was the second part of my comment which I deleted!

    really depends in which area of pitch they fail in and im not sure if that going to be in central mid. to be fair it would be a luxury for them to have cesc at the moment and they are still waiting on who comes good out of the academy.

    touch wood etc – heres hoping villa has an injury ridden year and they are forced to break the bank and go for torres before cesc. I would imagine torres is higher on their list than cesc anyway

  164. Milner?

    The bloke who runs around a lot and then crosses into the stand on t’other side?

    That the one?

  165. shotta-gunna

    Good evening Muppet from another bright-eyed AKB. Interesting how the catastrophists are quiet now it is clear Wenger has slowly but surely steered us into the drivers seat.

  166. Yep. According to Darren Gough, the renowned er.. talk shite co-host of Adrian Duddam:

    “Arsenal should buy Milner. If arsenal bought Milner they would be a serious proposition in the premiership.”

  167. Good evening shotta. I did address a post to you @ 8.23 re: Barcelona.

  168. Limestonegunner

    Frank, 7amkickoff is a pretty interesting site and the author usually a happy Arsenal optimist. You might like it.

    I think if Fabregas stays next year he will play with his usual passion and determination. He’s quality and seems to have seriousness and professionalism. I don’t think many supporters will be upset with him; everyone has known he might one day want to return home and he hasn’t conducted himself like Adebayor and will have a fabulous season next year, in all likelihood.

    We are in a financially strong position to resist thanks to Wenger and the club’s leaders. But, The strongest situation would be ensuring players are confident that next year we will be an even stronger team

  169. I see yet another so called Arsenal ‘legend’ jumping on the bandwagon are they really that desparate to get their names in the papers? Try showing a bit of loyalty to the club for a change.

  170. Word,

    I think they will try to strengthen everywhere. They cannot afford to stand still. They didn’t win the CL, so that probably rankles.

  171. Which ‘legend’ was that Passenal ? They’ve all been in the papers.

  172. Arsene Wenger is such a strategist. He has been telling everyone for months and months and months that the priority is to sign up certain players to long term contracts. Maybe with one or two people the penny might have dropped. Arsenal are completely in control of the Barcelona Rovers situation because of that strategy. Will he get credit…of course not. Does he give a fuck…of course not. Is he a genius…of course.

  173. Groves is at it now, hot on the heels of Merson drug fuelled assertion that Gerrard could somehow replace Cesc! Ha, and indeed ha!

  174. shotta-gunna

    That Wenger is a sly one innit?
    I haven’t forgotten how he raped Man City for over 30 million big ones by selling them the two bad-ggs at the club in one silly summer.
    They ended up fighting for fifth place and now bidding 25 million for Milner. No wonder Cesc is worth at least 50 million being twice the player. Thanks for setting the bar Man City!

  175. I should add a few tee hees and guffaws as well

  176. Cesc is free to go to Barcelona Wanderers, run back to his old primary school mates. But if he does he forfeits everything. The disrespect that Barcelona Wednesday are showing him is outrageous.

    As it happens I think Cesc is bigger than that. He stays…AW, Arsenal…us…we win.

    Arsenal, Arsenal, Arsenal….Arsenal, Arsenal, Arsenaaaalll….Arsenal, Arsenal, Arsenal…Arsenal, ARSENAL

  177. shotta-gunna

    Thanks Muppet @ 9:12 pm. That was comforting.
    As you can see I am as happy as a bug in a rug.
    Waiting to see Barca’s next move. Dirty scum.

  178. I bet Passenal is talking about Paul fucking Merson.

  179. and you can add Wright to the list Muppet

  180. Merson, Groves and Wright Ole. They have all sullied their legendary status with their barely disguised desire to see Cesc leave.

  181. It’s hard to criticise Merson and Wright. They did so much for arsenal. But I do wish they would shut the fuck up.

  182. They’re skating on thin ice for me Muppet.

  183. Yeah. The more pernicious comments are coming from Wright. He is rubbishing arsenal by saying that who could blame cesc for wanting to move on. Merson is merely committing heresy by advocating that Gerrard arrives in his place, and it would be better if he moved on.

    Both are frankly as deluded as some of the doomer clan who believe that we should have 22 world class players and sweep the board in trophies. Like we did when they played for us of course.

  184. I’m going to criticise all three. They’ve skated on thin ice and fallen below the surface.

    Ian Wright was one of my favourite Arsenal players ever. A real hero for me.

    But his hostility towards the club these days isn’t heartening at all. He’s a legend no more for me.

  185. They are looking at the world in sepia tones Muppet. Football has moved on and the bar has been raised so high, it’s much tougher to win without risking bankruptcy. They really should recognise the achievements of the club based on the current context. But I guess they are just proving what we all know that the average footballer or ex-footballer is not the sharpest tool in the tool box, hence why they can only talk in cliches.

  186. Merson was a great Arsenal player but he is as thick as shit when it comes to management.

  187. Well Done BigBrovar you are first again. what an achievement!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!

  188. Ole/Passenal,

    Yes. I agree.

    Funnily enough I think Stewart Robson sounds a lot more of what I would expect. Both as a pundit and ex player. Rational, knowledgeable and talks about the technical side of the game. I know some don’t agree. But still, what do we get – a bunch of gobshite shockjocks designed to sell newspapers and attract mouseclicks.

  189. The only ones I have time for are Bob Wilson and Charlie Nick. Oh, and Terry Neill. Oh, and DB10.

  190. Excellent

  191. Arsene Wenger is a very bright…he saw this crap coming a long time ago. Not one hack or pundit has figured it out.

  192. Maybe someone can clear this up for me. This whole Cesc to Barca business is built on the assertion that Cesc WANTS to leave. So where exactly is the quote stating so? Why isn’t there a single quote from Cesc that’s even close to being along those lines?

    I’ve had two phone calls from a gooner friend over the past two days trying to calm him down about the whole situation. Without the quote from Cesc the whole thing becomes an absolute joke. Why would Cesc leave? Why now? It just doesn’t make any sense. Just look at the facts:

    -Cesc is 23. He still has all the time in the world to do what he wants with his career. There is absolutely no rush for him to make any drastic decisions. If he wants to go to Barca someday he can go in 5 years time and STILL offer them a good 6 years of top level football (a midfield player of his quality could easily go till 34/35).

    -Right now he is settled and happy as the captain and talisman of a young and emerging force in world football. Why would he move somewhere else that he might not be able to command the same conditions and status at, when he’s only just started to enjoy the benefits of it, here at Arsenal?

    -Why would he leave when he hasn’t won anything in the premier league yet? When you’ve still got so much football left in you why would you leave before you’ve had a chance to leave an impression on this league? Isn’t that what players want; to achieve things in different leagues? It’s not like he’s at the end of his career. Why?!

    -Why leave a more competitive league to join a less competitive one? One that’s in the middle of a financial crisis? One that can’t be entirely sure what kind of a future awaits it?

    -Considering how level headed he is, and how loyal he is to Wenger and the club; why would he leave Arsenal when his departure would do the most possible damage? This is the club and manager that gave him his chance at 16, developed him into one of the best in the world, and sang his name out at the top of their voices while doing so. Why would he do that to Arsenal; to Wenger; to the fans? All he would have to do is wait two years and Arsenal will be in a better position to cope. What legitimate reason is there to hurt the club when it’s so easy not to?

    And that’s all before you get into the specifics of whether Arsenal would sell, how much they would demand, whether Barca would be willing to pay that much, where they would get the money from?

    I wasn’t worried yesterday and I’m not worried today. It’s just doesn’t make any sense. But having said all that I accept the fact that I know fuck all about what may or may not happen (I thought Henry wouldn’t leave either before he broke my heart). But at least I can argue the logic of my statements; which is a great deal more than can be said about the hacks that have driven my friend to near insanity over the past two days.

  193. Sooorrry!!!!! I didn’t realiase it was that long!! :/

  194. 1 loose cannon

    Graham Hunter spends most of his time crawling the internet for info then sells to Talkshite as insider information, what a clown. Anybody can come up with tosh and sell it, just because he spend most of his time watching a dreadful league that has 2 selfish arrogant teams who refuse to share the TV revenue in a just manner with other teams does not make him an expert. its all hot air from the dusty street of Catalunya. Then you have Ballguae (I’m not bothered to spell his name correctly because I do not care) he thinks the world revolves around his stupid little website .
    Today The English media wanted to big up one of their boys and picked Milner as the new Maradona and all talks shows were dedicated to him. I even heard someone saying If Man city want Milner they should give Villa Steven Ireland +Adebayor+ cash, I was shocked for a minute. James Milner yes James Milner is the new Zidane. How did that happen? I have no idea. Anyway its not his fault that all of a sudden the media turned him into something he is not.

    Yaya Toure’s agent claimed his player is not going to Arsenal as there are bigger clubs interested in him. Yeah, like Man city and Chelsea LOL. Maybe he means bigger salary package.

    Arsenal 3rd most Valuable team in the world behind United and Madrid not even Barcelona come close but we getting idiots disrespecting us left right and centre. Even the Spuds think they are big now, what a laugh. I can’t wait when the stadium is fully paid. Wenger will get his back on these suckers one by one. We’ll have the last laugh in the end when they are drowning in debts .
    Rant over. I feel better now.

  195. Queen of Suburbia

    I’m still confused by this Cesc story…

    There seems to be a general consensus that Cesc has informed Arsene that he wants to leave.

    Arsene is on holiday at the moment according to several newspapers, so are we to believe that Cesc phoned Arsene on holiday to tell him he was leaving?

    It seems unlikely that such a nice boy would be so rude to his mentor doesn’t it?

  196. Serk – Even if Cesc has had a moment of weaknesses and wishes to satisfy his long lust (most men know what this means) to go back to Barca, he is hancuffed by a long lucrative contract (something like being married to a beautiful, rich wife). The cards are simply stacked in Arsenal’s favour no matter how Barca and the whoring English press try to twist this (e.g. the the Guardian’s latest piece that is Cesc must make a statement of his desire to go to Barca.)

    Wenger made a statement during the last season about not ever knowing how a player is motivated in reference to bribes taken by members of his Marseille squad. No wonder his emphasis on contracts that not only reward the player but protects the club interests. Golden handcuffs Cesc, golden handcuffs.

  197. So where Mr. %10 in all this? I wonder why is he so quiet?

  198. Shotta I’m couldn’t agree more that we’re in a great position if it was to play out that way. Wenger as always proves his class and genius long before anyone else has realised what the details of the situation is.

    But for me it doesn’t even make it to that stage! It’s not even an issue. I can not think of a SINGLE, LOGICAL reason for Cesc to want, to leave THIS summer. Not one.

    There will come a day when he will leave, but we knew that from before. And when he does we’ll all wish him well in his new life. But it won’t be this summer. Or the one after that. In a way I’m kind of expecting Cesc and Wenger to come back and announce that Cesc has signed an extension to his contract. Just to give him some peace of mind from Barca’s incessant bullshit.

    Like I said; I know Fuck all. Maybe I’m even a little bit deluded. But I’m not expecting anything to come from this. Just don’t see it happening.

  199. 1 loose cannon

    Shotta- I honestly believe Barcelona have made contact directly with Fabregas which is illegal while he was in spain and pushed him to do the interview publicly and state he would like to leave Arsenal but Fabregas did not give them the quotes they wanted he said he if he ever leaves Arsenal he would go to Barcelona then at the end he said he is 23 and in no rush to leave Arsenal you can imagine at that moment Senior Lapuerta kicked the table in anger shouting “he blew it” It was all set up by them in the hope for a quick transfer and reports now suggest They want Fabregas to say it loud and clear that he wants to leave Arsenal. In all honesty I’m not angry with Fabregas if anything I do feel sorry for him to be dragged into disrescpecting Wenger and the club, I doubt he will ever do that. If he comes out publicly then no Arsenal fan will ever forgive him. He must be feeling stressed. Its a bit like a child who has to choose between his mum and dad. They are cowards, I hope Fabregas can see what they are doing to him.

  200. It is clear that Fab has a crush on Barca.
    It is clear Barca thinks he is nice but no Xavi.

    I think that Barca prob have another player coming thru who they think will be ready when Xavi is really ready to leave otherwise this would have been over quickly.

    RVP may need to bulk up. He may not want to but he should watch film of Henry bumping off Ronaldo when Arsenal beat Real Madrid. Strength is what makes the difference with Rooney, Drogba and even Torres.

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