Any Chance Of Telling Us The Truth Arsenal?

WTF has gone on in the last twenty four hours? Presumptuous and speculative ramblings from a Catalan Ne’er Do Well have taken on the shadow of truth. A Spanish journalist, seeking readers and hits to quench the rampant monetary desires of his advertorial and footballing paymasters is treated as the font of all knowledge.

Dismissal of Ballague as a source though is as trite as total condemnation. Whilst I doubt that he or any other journalist has been able to persuade the Arsenal captain to bare his soul in their presence, may be approval – tacit or otherwise – has been given to someone close to speak authoratatively on his behalf.

Obituaries have been written for the end of a great Arsenal career, agendas hidden so that the prophecies become self-fulfilling. Journeys well planned in advance have been twisted into meanings unintended and as of yet unproven.

The Spanish Inquisition has been reborn, a tea party that even Bostonians would shy away from. The Great and The Good tell us that their “well-sourced” stories are true; we can do nothing but sit on the sidelines as lie becomes fact, fiction reality, watching this mass hysteria. Perhaps the ghost of Phineas T Barnum will join us, quoting himself to give us a reminder that, “I am a showman by profession…and all the gilding shall make nothing else of me

As the late, great Marvin Gaye crooned, What’s Going On?

Arsenal Football Club is not passing comment, or in the words of TV presenters, “refusing to comment“. By their inaction, they fuel the fire, not providing any knowledge, reassurance or words of action that make the whole thing more palatable. Possibly, they are not because a replacement in being lined up and they want that resolved before any announcement is made. Whichever way, it is another PR own goal by the club at a time when a grip seemed to have been taken over previous debacles.

Could Cesc be leaving? Perhaps. Could he be staying? Perhaps. Should we read anything into the resounding silence from Arsenal Football Club? Perhaps. Now substitute the word “Perhaps” for “No” or “Yes” and in any combination that you want to. They all fit. We know nothing and the reliance upon the words of those who have been trying to convince us that their unreliability is a virtue.

The presumption is that the lack of denials confirm he is leaving yet the logic is twisted. Until events occur which prove or disprove the notion of a transfer then inaction is not a signal of intent. No farewells yet either since he has not gone. Henry and Vieira have been in this position before, persuaded to stay by the manager. Perhaps the manager will or has succeeded once more.

But that is the key to this. The whole story is a big pile of ‘Perhaps’. Perhaps something will emerge to move this story off the back pages although I suspect as far as the English media is concerned, only the sale of Lampard, Gerrard, Rooney or Torres would be sufficiently high profile enough to warrant that happening. Perhaps negotiations are ongoing. Perhaps Arsenal will do something reactive in a pro-active sense and tell us what the true position is. I’m not holding my breath.

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. Perry

    Not you – looking into it now.


  2. Whoops that should have been on the last post!

  3. Time for Wenger and the board to tell us whats happening?

  4. YW you got 1st and 2nd comments, nice!

    Nice post too… PERHAPS has taken this story a bit too far for my liken. I am a firm believer that Cesc will stay, I am also a firm believer that he doesn’t want to play for Barca as much as everyone thinks he does. Cesc has been on a mission with Arsenal and Arsene for the last 7 years or so.. I don’t see him quitting just yet. He has got a good few years with our fine club, we are not going downhill like everyone seems to hope, and we will not publicly give any credit to these stories.

  5. Bradys right foot

    I am taking the summer off from all thing Arsenal and didn’t expect to post a comment on the blog until the emirates cup however with Fabregas apparently on his way I’m disappointed but I don’t think there is any need to panic.

    If he wants to leave I’ll drive him to the airport and if the ash clouds hovering about I’ll drive him to the gates of the camp nou gladly. If he doesn’t want to play for Arsenal I don’t want him playing for the club full stop and that has always been my attitude. As for Barca I admire their football and what they stand for but the personalities that run the club and their bleetings in the press show a remarkable lack of class and contempt for other clubs.

    As for the rumoured £30 million fee do me a favour, Fabregas can only be sold on our terms and if Barca want him they need to be offering somewhere in the £45 million mark and a sweetner like Toure. If we have to bench Fabregas next year and I’m serious about this no problem £30 million is derisory for one of the best midfielders in the world given that he is only 22 years of age.

    If he goes step forward Nasri and Ramsey. Nasri imo was bought as a potential replacement for Fabregas, a contingency that Wenger has been working on for the past three years. Ramsey you could argue is slighter ahead of Cesc when he was at the same age certainly in terms of being a threat to goal. The continuity of our passing game wont be affected however it remains to be seen will it be as incisive. Cesc leaving also provides more game time for Theo and possibly Merida.

    Despite his injuries imo there is only one player given our current squad that is irreplaceable and that is RVP, Fabregas for me ultimately will join a very small list of players who like Anelka will have left the club without ever fulfilling their potential for the gunners.

  6. Kanu is 100

    I think Wenger will only state the facts:

    * Cesc is under contract
    * Why would we sell our best player?
    * Why would we sell our captain?
    * Why should we strengthen Barca?

    I doubt Wenger will play or take part in these stories

  7. I agree with Brady right foot.

    …though I very much doubt that Cesc is on his way to Barcelona.

  8. PR means Per Rectum in medicine

  9. Cesc is a world class player.The best in his position.But like another Arsenal Legend Liam Brady he can see the club is going nowhere and he needs to move to the best club in the world to achieve success and medals.Any true Gooner will respect his decision

    When we sold PV TH and Pires they were on the downside of their careers unlike Cesc who is only 23 and has yet to reach his peak

    Their can be no bigger condemnation that Project Wenger has failed when our captain and best players wants to leave

  10. 1 loose cannon

    YW- Arsenal have not been silent they have confirmed they have not recieved any offers from any club for fabregas.

  11. BRF

    Don’t disagree with any of that except for benching the player. Why cut off your nose to spite your face? If you have the best midfielder in the country then play him.


  12. CG

    Henry was under contract
    Viera was under contract
    Petit was under contract
    Overmars was under contract
    Greedy was under contract
    Did they not leave or did i miss something?
    Contracts are not worth the paper they are written on

    Cesc will leave as wenger wont keep an unhappy player

  13. 1LC

    When? Can you give me a link because in the past 24 hours, I have not seen any comment like that.


  14. You don’t think much of cesc do you,kih? Nor AW, nor Arsenal, nor Kanu. So what are you doing here, you prick?

  15. Even if Cesc doesn’t leave Barca are still doing damage. Laying ground work, effecting his valuation. It is a given now that if he ever does leave it will be to go to Barca, so therefore the wont have to out bid anyone.

    People in cesc’s personal life back in barca will no doubt be asking questions.

    I feel like we are sitting here waiting for daylight robbery to be committed. HOW can all these events be legit in football.

    I am fucking sick of the whole thing. While I don’t see how Cesc and Arsenal should have to deny AGAIN this shit, they will have to do so, if it isn’t true.

    So fucking tedious!!!

  16. I agree with els.

  17. Limestonegunner

    I just don’t want to hear people saying that Cesc won’t go because he wouldn’t get into Barca’s first eleven side. Supporters really ought to be able to give better reasons for their best player and captain to stay at Arsenal than that. If Cesc goes it is a blow to the club morally speaking at the very least. It’s bad enough that it can be talked of and appear to have some, however tenuous, basis in believable reality. It’s made worse by the fact that are now trading in transfer rumours while silent about this. That’s really quite galling. Let’s hope the madness doesn’t spiral into further self-fulfilling insanity Let’s hope Cesc stays and is as committed as he has proven to be in the past on the pitch and leads the team to a PL victory next season. That’s the best way to keep top players.

  18. Who has said that, Limestonegunner?

  19. Perhaps perhaps perhaps. The whole thing has an air of a bunch of idiot hacks and pundits egging each other on to bigger and more audacious claims. Before they realise it they have gone way to far, but now is too late to back down.

    Only the lack of a denial on the official website lends any weight to these ‘stories’, and as Yogi says that could mean everything or nothing.

  20. I don’t think that an absence of a response by Arsenal to a spurious piece of tittle tattle gives creedence to the scurrilous rumours at all.

    Quite the reverse…a quick response just serves to give it all credibility.

  21. Limestonegunner

    I’ve read it on many sites by supporters before, but most appallingly the same sort of comment from our own chairman not that long ago. It really angered me and I hope Cesc didn’t take it seriously.

  22. Why do Arsenal fans whinge like bitches when players want to leave… it’s embarrassing!!!!

    Man Utd have sold Beckham, Ronaldo, Stam, Van Nistelrooy in recent years. We’ve sold Vieira, Henry, Adebayor too but every time an Arsenal player is sold you twats come out with the same rubbish.

    Foreigners don’t want to stay in england their entire careers… Never have never will. It’s got nothing to do with Wenger or trophies (explain to me why C Ronaldo wanted to leave Man Utd?? They’d won 3 titles in a row and 2 champs league finals in a row).

    This is the problem with not having enough brits in our squad… look at giggs, scholes, neville, John Terry, Lampard et al… all at their clubs for 10 + years…we need to get Wilshere, Lansbury, Aneke, Afobe, Ramsey, Gibbs…. into the team and let them stay there for 15 years. None of them will want to join Barca, Milan, Real Madrid…

  23. If there were direct quotes from Barcelona then Arsenal should respond. But that is the all emanates from Guillem Balague. Why would Arsenal respond to him.

  24. First I suspect its primarily Barca spreading rumours and the media being very willing to help. Cesc has always said he will return, but not when.

    Second if he does return, it will be primarily because he wants to play for Barca at some point. Not because he is fed up with Arsenal.

    To all the doomers (take a bow Smalmy Pyler and the Groves gruesome twosome) saying that it proves Wenger is wrong, answer this.

    What about Ronaldo – why did he leave ManU after 3 titles and a Champions League medal and another final?

    Similarly, whats to say Cesc would not leave if we had won some silverware?

  25. cesc needs better players around him if he is to stay,diaby,denilson,song do not exactly fit that bill.

  26. 1 loose cannon

    YW- Its has been reported on the radio in the last half hour, possibly still fresh news and maybe we will get some quotes online this afternoon. But that could also mean that Wenger have no time for the bastards at the moment as we have still not heard anything about Chamkh. If Wenger is busy he is not going to stop doing what he is doing and rush to sell Fabregas.

  27. Do bitches whinge? Seems to me that you are the only one whinging here, Daniel….even taken the trouble to go onto another clubs site to whinge. That makes you a particularly fucking incredible whinger, son.

  28. Arsenal did respond to the Barca rumours a couple of months back, and have done so again today in saying that no bid has been received, or is solicited. What more do you expect ? The club has always conducted transfers, in or out, confidentially. No doubt you would like loads of daily quotes and comments from Arsene Wenger to argue over. The club isn’t going to change over this policy – it precedes even Wenger. In the case of Cesc, Barca want Arsenal to name a price which immediately imply they are willing to sell. Often silence is the right option.

  29. Limestonegunner

    I think the worst thing I have heard is that a bunch of fools reacting to these rumours went of and abused Cesc on his younger sister’s Twitter account. If that is true that is truly low behavior and exactly the counterproductive response that would disillusion a player from a club and it’s fans. I wish that that hadn’t happened as it is really sad to think of Arsenal supporters behaving like that.

  30. Bradys right foot

    YW, I know benchings a bit strong, i’m an emotional guy and a little upset at the minute, you never know I might give him a run out in the Carling cup lol.

  31. So how did anyone know that, Limestonegunner?

  32. The story about Cesc’s sister is classic urban myth material. The fact that someone has cared to invent it just goes to demonstrate the lengths that someone will go to undermine Arsenal.

    All told though we must be a fantastically powerful club to generate this sort of approbrium. Barcelona are running scared.

  33. Frank

    you are wrong i think Cesc is the best player at the club since Henry left and one of the top 5 players in the world.But be honest what is he going to win at Arsenal? We dont even take the FA cup seriously.

    Wenger can even find us a quality keeper

  34. els – nice point as always

    I am very much sick of it also, believe me! Some Arsenal fans seem like they are about to commit suicide, and you know what, I don’t blame as there is so much filth on the Internet right now.

    We just have to try and ignore it, just as Wenger and Arsenal normally does.

  35. Limestonegunner

    I agree that Arsenal needn’t go out of their way desperately to deny rumours like this. For the same reason, I don’t think it ought to be reporting transfer rumours on it’s official website that’s the puzzling bit. I think it demeans the club.

  36. Yogi…

    Like you, I did wonder whether I missed the last 24 hours.

    I have actually spoken to my contact at Arsenal and off the record, I was given an indication of what Arsenal’s position is. My take, articulated in my article today, is that there’s no need to induce a heart attack.

    I have more reason to believe my trusted contact from within Arsenal because it’s their actual job to deal with stuff like this than to ffollow the madness fuelled by Marca, Daily Wail, Sky Sports News, Ballague and the lot.

  37. The best player amongst many excellent players at the club is RvP. Cesc is also excellent. Provided we have cover for the inevitable injuries we will challenge on all fronts next year. I do not covet the history or players of other clubs…and neither should you? Or rather neither should you if you were an Arsenal supporter which from your very name you are not.

  38. Limestonegunner

    Frank, I meant to say that I hope it isn’t true.

  39. Kanu is 100

    If you don’t believe in this team I seriously feel sorry for you.

  40. Oh dear

  41. Morning, YW (though, it’s past that now).

    Thanks for your sensible writing during such hectic times of nonesense and speculation.

  42. Arsenal don’t comment on transfer rumours. Why would they start now? Because you think this one is special?

    Was this translated with babelfish or something?

  43. Arsenal have come out and said they have had no contact from any club about Cesc. It is on Sly Sports as well now.

  44. Barcelona will not pay over 50m for Cesc Fabregas, so the likeliness of a deal ever happening is very slim. We are not a club who need to sell, or even want to sell.. Like Barcelona can price Messi at 150m we can do the same for Cesc.

    We need to be bolder on this front as a club, and as supporters. Wenger will soon come out and laugh off this latest speculation.

  45. Kanu is 100 is probably one of the idiots Tony was commenting about yesterday at Untold Arsenal.

  46. The latest rumour is Barca want Rooney for €80m, D.Villa and Cesc.

    You couldn’t make it up.

  47. Right good. Now that has been cleared up. Cesc is not going to Barcelona this summer.

    I wonder when Chamakh will sign? Looking forward to that this week or early next week.


    Cesc is not going, sorry DoooOOOmers

    yet again no quotes.. what pisses me off is that they are very quick to come out and report such trashy transfer speculation, then they have no shame in going back on their original stories? They win either way, true or false, they will print papers, and update the website to get as many people reading as possible.

  49. Well shit, Chris were faster than me, sorry.

  50. This is what I love CG, the “Sky Sports sources understand…” bit. Absolutely no quotes. Are they backpedaling because they realise they jumped the gun?!

  51. I know they are a great club in historical terms, as well as in the football they play, but seriously, they need to really take a look at themselves.

    All Cesc needs to do is speak with Hleb or Henry, which he probably has, to realise that going to Barca could actually destory his career. The guy is adored at Arsenal, has a bond with the fans, he is an icon that resembles our fine club, is regarded as the best CM in the world by many, and ris the engine, heartbeat, and soul that runs the show at one of the top sides in Europe.

    Anyway, moving on…. (everybody can stop crying – Cesc is staying unless we get a HUGE offer that Wenger or Arsenal cannot reject.. in the region of 2000m + Messi!!)

  52. ….Going by history this is only the opening round of the destabilization campaign.
    ….Look for new names and new identities to pop up on this blog, sounding sweet and reasonable, but with one consistent agenda, to give the lies credibility.
    ….YW – we will need your help to expose the liars and deceivers.

  53. I think the best thing we should all do is stop talking about it on all these blogs and just wait for an official comment(s) to be made via the Arsenal website. Not healthy for any of us, yes the club could have been faster in reacting to the news, however maybe the matter is not as pressing as the media is making out to be. Let’s just wait.

  54. Lets all draw a line… Barcelona do not deserve such publicity, never mind all the Barca bashing and wankfest we witnessed after they almost failed to beat our depleted side. I just wonder what they would have said if we beat them in the 1st game, we would have probably went on to hold out in the 2nd leg too!!! (don’t mind me I’m dreaming again!)

  55. Why comment? It is a none story.

  56. My source at the club also says Fabregas isn’t leaving.

  57. Mine too…

    You’ve just gotta love van Persie. He’s got such class about him. The ability to put the ball in the net from any position, but he revels in the team game and being unselfish. He mentions Walcott specifically, and I can’t help but remember when Walcott unselfishly set him up for a goal towards the end of the season and van Persie celebrated by pointing the crowd towards Walcott to show that he had done the work and deserved the applause. I like that the players have such respect for each other on the pitch.

  59. Fantstic comments from RvP.


    our current players who are ABLE to play in defence are:

    Campbell – 100% to re-sign
    Silvestre – 99.9999% on his way
    Gallas – 99% on his way



    We are very light in the centre is all I can say… we need to promote 1 and sign 1 to get the right balance

  61. When you read the comments on a few different blogs you soon see who the same ‘catastophists’ are.

  62. Those cunts at the Daily Wail reckon that the Cesc deal is off because YaYa Toure doesn’t want to come to Arsenal…..


  63. dupsffokcuf

    Point them out please so we can chuck stones at them!

  64. my bottle of sauce in the cupboard says he aint leaving.

    Cesc aint leaving FULL STOP.

    and Kanu is 100…….go away you blind bag of toss.

  65. Ha fucking HA!

    Frank Chamakh would for me be expected to do a few months of proving himself on the training pitch to take a place from NB or Arsh on either wide position. And surely RvP is retaining that central position.

    Still i’m very glad that we have him he looks to be handy and that depth at the end of the season when we have 30-40 injuries he would be invaluable.

  66. Frank

    Now that is funny… they all seem to be back peddling pretty fast. What mugs!

    Cesc and Wenger must have had a good giggle over this whole saga.

  67. CG. I don’t think I need to point them out their own posts do that.

    I had to laugh at that to Frank.

  68. 1 loose cannon

    YW- Sky have just reported what I mentioned earlier regarding Arsenal have not received any offers at all. Also there were report of some mixed messages from Lapuerto saying Fabregas will join Barcelona ONE DAY and he hopes its soon. how soon not very clear could be 1 year, 2 years or next month. I just feel Wenger has no option but to keep Fabregas at least until Ramsey has few games under his belt and slot in perfectly.

  69. Love RvP….now thats a player that loves Arsenal as much as we love him

  70. els

    Do you think with Chamakh in the squad, we have a bit TOO many attacking players? I know its never too many for Arsenal. BUT, we have Vela, Eduardo, Bendtner, Nasri, Arshavin, Van Persie, Rosicky, Walcott, and Chamakh all quality players who will want games and some might not get them. I just wonder if this signing will signal the end for somebodies Arsenal career… unless money is good and we can afford all their wages perhaps…

  71. It’s ridiculous. It seems that people don’t learn from the same stories that we’ve been exposed to the last few summers. Having Barcelona chasing Fab isn’t exactly news, is it? It’s no secret that Fab one day wants to play for Barca, and despite their despicable way of running the club, I can’t blame him. But for now, he’s stated that he’s an Arsenal player, he wants to play for Arsenal. Who are we to accept any other stories?! Have some respect for the man. He’s our player and captain.

  72. What a complete non story and waste of time this all is. We have heard these rumors for the last few years and it’s mainly the media and Barcelona who start it and then sit back and watch it snowball. The timing of it all could not have been better, what with season tickets up for renewal.

  73. On the subject of the Daily Wail, I would have to say that Gary Lineker went up in my estimation – not hard because he was down in the gutter – for realising that he could not write a column for the Sunday version and still be an ambassador for the 2018 World Cup bid.

    Nice to see that someone is actually placing football above the media shilling.


  74. I’m looking forward to seeing Chamakh pushing for a place at Arsenal. From what I’ve seen so far, he’s strong, a good finisher, versatile and wants to play for Arsenal. Hoping for somebody to bolster our defence too, but I’m sure it’s all being taken care of. It’s a good time to be a Gooner!

  75. I have just formed a theory about the Cesc rumours.

    I believe it was started by Arsenal to annoy the fans so much that when he decides to say it would be like a new signing.

    This would allow Arsene to not bring in any more new players as the fans would be happy with Cesc just staying.

    Easy to make up stories innit.

  76. You know what….If Cesc wants to leave it is realy upsetting.

    I hear alot of the “oh he’s been a fantastic servant to the club….he deseves a move blah blah blah”

    Oh? how selfless of him to alow us to pluck him from obscurity. Put faith in him at a young age when no-one else would. Give him chances to shine on the biggest stage, play with the likes of Henry, Bergkamp, Pires, Vieira.

    Make him the captain of our team. Where fans adore him, and make him our hightest earner. Allow him to be part of an exciting youth project in a transitional phase, but bearing more potent fruitful magic by the season. Where Winning things is an eventual inevitablility.

    He is not a player based on pace, he is not a player which his star attriblutes will drain massivley in his later years. He will arguably peak just before 30. There is plenty of time to play for his beloved wankers Barcellona.

    For him to want to leave would be the biggest spit in the face he could give Arsenal. We lose his endorsment for success. A public expression of his lack of belief we can win things, and he would be turning his back on the club and the man who made him what he is.

    I realy hope I’m jumping the gun…and I think in my heart I am. He always gives his all on the pitch and seems level headed and commited off it.

    I suppose weve been burned by the ungrateful in the past…but for Cesc to do it would be devastating. For morale and for what Arsenal FC represent and Wenger has worked so hard to achieve.

  77. Speculation, speculation, nothing but speculation! This talk of Fabregas leaving sells newspapers and gives certain blogs something to feed off and make needless negative comments about Wenger and Arsenal football club. The so called meeting was more likely Cesc giving Wenger an update on his fitness and rehab that he was having in Spain. Why should Cesc or AFC bother with denying or confirming speculation? At the end of the day he is contracted to AFC until 2014 0r 2015 so AFC hold all the cards. If and a big if, should we sell him it will be on our terms and at our price. However, I simply do not waste my time on speculation, negative press or anti Arsenal comments that cannot be backed up with actual facts.

  78. Missed a T. Should be. “decides to stay”

  79. i immediatley regret that post….I have no reason to question Fabregas’ loyalty.

  80. Dupsffokcuf

    You have a perfectly honed sense of cynicism. Here’s your diploma from the Arsenal School of Doom & Gloom!


  81. Panic over guys, I just spoke to my next door neighbor who is a loudmouth bigot and knows absolutely nothing about football, and he says that Cesc is going no-where. Please spread that around, I have phoned Sky Sports News already so it will be on there soon.

    I hope Arsenal fans really think about what they are doing when they renew their Sky memberships and speak about Barcelona as being the best club/team in the world.

  82. avaris 15 speaks perfect sense.
    Let’s talk about something else – this is so boring.

  83. 1 loose cannon

    YW- I think Lineker hasn’t been that bad. He wrote a great article about Arsenal few months ago. he wished Arsenal to win the title and said it would be a victory for football.
    Barcelona have paid 34 millions for Villa can they cough up another 40 millions?
    Graham Hunter is suggesting that Arsenal now have the upper hand as Barcelona do not have the funds.

  84. Is there a more dispicable organisation than Sky??

  85. Yeah deano. FC Barcelona

  86. deano@11.47

    yes Cesc does play his heart out for the club but for what reward.Perry Groves has won more titles than him FFS
    You say he is spitting Wenger in the face.Buts its a two way thing.Wenger hasnt strengthened the squad to may them title winners

  87. Cheers steww. It’s all very well acknowledging that there are rumours going around, but we’re only fueling it by commenting on it all the time. And it’s getting incredibly tiresome. Let them get on with it, and we can talk Arsenal matters, not Barcelona matters.

  88. My typical response is to ignore all rumours and discuss impact, possibilities etc only after the event has actually happened. There are simply too many things that may happen, be it remote or otherwise. About time we all learn to ignore all these stories which are generated to sell the papers and once we do it, the stories will go away.

  89. Kanu is 100

    No reward…?? He is adored by every Arsenal fan, admired all over the World, plays for the most attractive football club, plays in an amazing stadium, on an amazing playing surface and for our greatest manager who happens to be miles ahead of the footballing world.

    No reward… please take that back and save some pride (not that you have any with the kind of comments you have been throwing on here!)

  90. Vermaelen?



    The emergence of Gibbs? Ramsey? Eastmond?

    The fact that he’s in the market for three or players this season?

    Sod right off Kanu is 100, you bliiiiiiiiiind boy.

  91. yogi-11:57


  92. deano you missed a few out 🙂

    We have a quality team, a quality manager, and a great chance of winning the title and a great chance of being established as the greatest footballing side ever.. This I believe is the reasoning to why Barcelona feel they have to try derail us constantly. They may have found a great player in Messi, but they are yet to find any class what so ever… I am hoping they have a torrid season nest year

  93. Kanu is a Spud

    Where did u go?

  94. CG last season I thought the same we have attack minded players coming out of our ears, but from jan on this season we struggled to get a decent front line together. The addition will not only add a person to the mix but make others have to be more consistent.

    It’s a shame as everyone of our strikers at times in the season played really good stuff, but it seemed they didn’t click when we needed them too.

    Regarding your defensive post

    I think…

    We could count Gilbert and Eastmond i’d love them both to make the step up. Thats not inc Nordtveit and Bartley.

    For me it would be a crazy move not to do everything to keep Gallas when we are talking about improving our defensive record. Mind you I thought that not keeping Kolo was nut’s too, but I bow to the boss’s knowledge everytime. I just hope loosing Gallas is not just a small money quibble surely he’d be better than taking a risk over a signing.

    I’ve obviously got rose tinted glasses as I would also like Senderos to be given another chance, look at sendo on paper he is better than 90% of the speculated targets.

    Ideally I agree a signature would still be very nice, especially if you look at how TV turned out don’t you think.

    But who? The boss will know. I don’t know if this would make me popular or not but I would love a stab at either Richards or Kompany (who I always bang on about) both can play around any defensive position which would be invaluable for us.

  95. This is going to sound harsh, but I don’t care what Sol Campbell does. If he goes to another club this summer it would be true to form. He did a pretty good job for us, but he’s getting on and cant expect to play at the top level for more than another year.

    We need our defence to be a unit (cliche!), and that requires continuity. That’s why we have to start incorporating guys like Djourou, Nordtveit and Bartley. I accept that experience is also needed, but any defensive signings this summer are going to need at least 5 years ahead of them.

    It’s going to be interesting to see how AW puts it all together.

  96. chrisGoona

    Didnt want to overkill 😉

    And I totaly agree. The talent is there belief will come with just one trophy. One trophy will do something very special to this team I think. The catalyst for that, could be something like winning convincingly away at Chelsea or Man U early next season.

    Chamakh is a great signing for what Ive seen realy adds balance to our attack and could make all the difference. I think we will now have a great mix of ariel threat (Bendtner, Chamakh) Silky technique ( Van Persie, Nasri, Arshavin) and blistering pace ( walcott, Eboue) Eboue is a great crosser, Sagna and Clichy’s crossing looks to be improving.

    Midfield we dominate.

    Defence we will strengthen.

    But with a new contract for Big Bad Sol. A new central defender and a new goalie we will take some effin beating.

  97. els

    Have to agree, but from the sound of the Gallas situation he is asking for an unrealistic figure and demanding more years too. On top of that he is not a very popular boy in the dressing room still, after Nasri came out and said 4-5 others do not speak to him! Maybe every club has this situation, but Wenger may be looking for an alternative already.

    I believe Djourou will have a fine season, Wengers faith in him will pay off in the coming seasons. Senderos really I don’t know what to say, its wierd how hes still here even! Then theres Campbell who I really really hope stays.

  98. As for Senderos I still wonder what happened to him? Wasn’t he part of the defence that established a record for not conceding goals in so and so minutes in the CL? And he was almost a teenager back then.

  99. I think this could be RVP’s World Cup.

  100. A good option for a signing might come from Ajax or Belgium. We accept that Vermaelen’s an automatic starter at CB, so it would be good if we could partner him with someone he knows – if that person’s good enough of course.

    Jan Vertonghen’s a possibility – I’ve watched him a few times playing for my new international team – but he’s also left-sided, which doesn’t help us much.

  101. National team. LOL!

  102. deano

    I share your optimism, I don’t know what Wenger will do with the goalkeeping area yet. Maybe Fabianski needs to get loaned out for 6 months, give him some 1st team action, and bring somebody experienced in to hold the fort with Almunia

  103. Well, with gallas leaving that makes it 4 arsenal captains sold in 4 seasons, isnt it? Arsene wenger has some serious questions to answer.

    If cesc does leave what was the last 5 years for? nurturing him to be sold at profit to barca?

    And of course the world class trio of diaby, denilson and fabianski will still be there at arsenal, come the new season. there are no transfer speculation surrounding them, hmmm…. I wonder why…

  104. haha emotional deano?

    1LC I would love to read Linekers article have to admit I always liked him.

  105. I’d like to see us keep Senderos. He’s as good a CB as you will find at the moment I feel. He’s not prone to injuries, he’s got some more years under his belt, and despite a couple of edgy games, was a consistent performer for us (especially through that CL run!)

  106. naga… better late than never I suppose for you to come share your pessimism. Go have a look at ShiteSports, Cesc may well stay after all, so your doomers day out has come to an end

  107. Naga, there isn’t any transfer speculation about Vermaelen or van Persie either. Does that mean that they’re crap?

  108. David Villa a barca player subject to medical.

    40M euro fee agreed.

  109. That’s a good point, A15. Senderos is a genuine option. I’d be interested to know what his plans are.

  110. so where the f@ck are they going to get at least another 40M?

  111. avaris

    Naga seems to thrive on anything anti Arsenal

  112. Thanks OOU. It just seems a shame to let him go. We’re craving for an experienced international CB, and we’ve already got one on the payroll. Of course, I have no claim to any inside knowledge, and he may have no part of Wenger’s plans, but we have been told that he is a great influence in the dressing room, and has made many friends at Arsenal.

  113. fabianski is qualitly. But he lacks confidence.

    So I agree a loan spell would be good. I do think Wenger will bring in experience in that position. A marquee singning perhaps. Old enough for the young’uns to know their chance isnt too far away. I seriously don’t think Buffon is as far fetched as it first seems. Its sounds a bit of a bait dream team type of pick, but the noises coming out of Italy suggest he isnt happy. he could be a mentor to Don Vito aswell.

    Look at me buying in to the tabloid tosh.

  114. So what they going to do with Ibrahimovic

  115. Seeing as we’re going shopping, OOU, I like the look of Heiko Westermann. Right-sided centreback, has also been used in the Beckenbauer role this season. Captain of Schalke 04. Scores goals too – 12 in 3 seasons for his club. 2 in 17 for the German national side.

    And at 6ft 3in he somewhat off-sets the Oompa Loompa effect.

  116. well van persie was linked with juventus as recently as this month, wasnt it? not to mention the numerous times he was courted by barcelona just to name one in previous seasons.

    Verminator, it has been his first season. Cesc leaves, and the impressive campaign he has had will bring suitors soon enough. Just be patient and wait.

  117. I’ve formed an opinion that Kanu is 100 is too dumb even to tease, and has zero to offer any Arsenal debate; he only reinforces the Goebels principle “if you repeat a lie often enough, it will become the truth” or words to that effect.

    It’s been said before but Wenger will not respond at all, and neither should the club, except to say what they’ve said, no offer has been made. This is a very typical media-generated story based on nothing but spurious speculation, and desperate race to invent a scoop in the hope that it might be true and even if not it’s makes a good headline.

    It is a story of another sort only at Barcelona and for specific reasons inernal to their club.

    Why would we speculate on speculation? Why would Arsenal? Why would Cesc? Or Wenger?

    That said, the reality of such deals between major clubs is that they are carefully and silently crafted by business planners, accountants, negotiators and managers, and middlemen; verbally, then in documentation, but confidentially. In that sense any deal for any player is conjecture until the public is informed, usually by a planned leak.

    You can be certain that should Arsenal enter into such negotiations, Arsenal will ensure it is properly and well controlled and advantageous. We hardly if ever lose out on any player transfer; something the club is renowned for.

    Emotionally, it may be another matter because Cesc is our captain, but since there are no facts to the story, it is best ignored.

    At this moment in time, the truth and the fact is that Cesc is an Arsenal player, and his leaving at any future date, will be very carefully conducted.

  118. CG, I think. Your right about Gallas but it’s a crying shame. Also the players can’t be expected to all get along. Some players hate each other but can still form a partnership.

    Sendo is a strange one isn’t he. If Wenger doesn’t have the chops to get him out of his funk then nobody does. Again if he sees fit to release him then who are we to argue, he will know the situatuon.

    I was devestated when Djourou got injured, I had been banging on about him all summer, about how he was going to be the story of the season.

  119. LimparAssist, he sounds a good prospect. I have absolutely no knowledge of the bloke, but he sounds like the sort of Vermaelen-esque signing we’d make. Captain of a top European club, and a goal scorer.

  120. chrisGoona

    Anti-Arsenal? We are losing our best players every season, if this happens 4 captains no less. I happen to believe that is a problem, but that is a way for us to get stronger in your opinion I guess.


  121. Schalke had a great season as well, and a tight defence.

  122. avaris15, he’s likely to start alongside Mertesacker at the back for Germany this summer, so you could have a look at him then.

    I’m not basing that on anything real at all though you understand! (bit like Guillem Balague)

  123. Sol is a must. The man has heart and he loves this club.

    He’s been an inspiration and would be great value for 15- 20 games a season CC, FA CUP run etc..

    Djourou is a very exciting prospect and It would be great to keep Gallas but lets face it, he’s a bit of a wally.

    So new CB it is but who on earth?

  124. els, I think you can be saying your stuff about Djourou this summer though. I too hold high hopes for him this season! He’ll have the summer to prepare for the new season too (as the Swiss aren’t taking him to the WC)

  125. Deano,

    “fabianski is qualitly”.

    I agree that it is important to be positive and support players, but try to be a more objective in the process.

  126. LimparAssist,
    I understand that it’s pure speculation, but we understand that it’s nothing more than that. Thanks for the heads-up, will be keeping an eye on him, and any other potential suitors! Although I’m hoping that all our purchases will be made by the time the WC comes around!

  127. I’ve always disliked Gary Lineker. He’s such a wicked man. Do you remember that time when he…er…? And of course there was that time when he…you know. Then there was that other incident. It’s slipped my mind at the moment, but you know the one.

  128. Yes, and I can remember the instance when he… well… you know.

  129. naga gunner…..your 4 captains line scarcley tells the full story does it?

    There departures were executed at times that were good for Arsenal football club.

    We are not in a captain keeping contest, all of our big players have left on our terms at times it was good for the team.

    Perhaps if you focused your attentions on the smaller intricate happenings within the club and not the large xenophobic hopelesley symbolic media bias, you would see the astonishing amount of progress being made.

    Stop moaning and go to sleep.

  130. Going on almost every past season it is likely that the summer transfer malarkey is going to be quite, um, mundane in certain ways. Basically, no radical changes – as it should be – but interesting news, comings and goings, in time on defensive strenthening – plus Wenger’s usual ‘enzyme man’.

  131. naga gunner.

    you inescapable turd

  132. I still don’t understand how anyone would still insist that having 3 centre backs is being “very light”. Bollocks

  133. Come on Deano, thought we’d moved past all the Gallas is a whally biz. You not have to work with people you don’t like? Some people don’t get on. So Nasri’s comments should be taken as nothing other than 1 persons opinion. The fact remains he’s a great defender and is already here. Same for Senderos.

    Let’s retain what we have, maybe not Sly and then add one. Limpar’s suggetion Heiko Westermann sounds good.

  134. Deano,

    It says that we are having problems keeping our best players, its not a healthy trend. An article for you,

  135. I have now heard this transfer rumour from three different sources. It seems Arsenal are in for Sevilla’s Diego Capel. He is a traditional Pires-like left winger which Arsenal lack at the moment, quick and technically gifted. He has recently fallen out of grace for sevilla losing his place in their squad, and could be available for a reasonable amount of money.

  136. naga gunner

    Fabrega aint going though is he?

  137. Yup, van Persie was captain on last day of the season. It’s a bad omen for him – he must be off!!

  138. If Cesc goes, Arshavin to play in his best position
    Easy peasy

  139. Naga Gunner is hopelessly misinformed, or is that misformed. His mind is like the sticky glue we used at school way back when, I hated the stuff, it sticks so slowly and awkwardly to anything it happens to be in contact with. Mess everywhere.

  140. Arshavin can’t pass.

  141. ym

    Not another striker, for the love of christ.

  142. Why Ole?

    We had TV, Gallas, Sol, Sly this season and ended up with Song playing there.

    I would love a season of

    Gallas, TV, Djourou, Sol, Senderos then Bartley, Nodtveit and Eastmond promoted.

    But it’s a good bet that Gallas and Sendo will leave so…

    TV, Djourou, Sol and a good signing with the promotions may be an idea.

    Keepers in my eyes we are fine. Can’t wait until Almunia is keeping clean sheets and the team infront of him is working together for him. I will be looking in my little black book of anti-supporters for this particular subject 🙂

  143. Ole Gunner,

    The need for a towering centre back has always been there for the last 4 seasons, wengers choice to ignore it is one of the main reasons why we are have become an emirates cup team.

    The fact that a 35 year old centre back in his last legs IMPROVED our defence, should tell you all you need to know. We need a defender that is can do what sol does, and it certainly isnt djouru or gallas (33 years old next season).

    We need a counterfoil for vermaelen.

  144. Naga you are a right plum

    You seem to let all the negative get to your head, just ignore it and you may be a happier person and supporter. How do you enjoy running round at blogs screaming your head off at the possibility of a player leaving?

    There are far more positives to look at….

    Djourou.. next season he can make his mark and has been very impressive prior to his injury

    Ramsey.. coming of age and could be an Arsenal Legend

    Wilshire.. another Legend in the making

    Gibbs.. should be going to the World Cup if not for his injury, will prove tough competition for Clichy once again

    Chamakh.. An all round striker, strong and good in the air – will add another alternative attacking option

    Rosicky & Eduardo.. yet to return to form, next year they will be a huge plus for us

    + new CB most certainly.. our squad will be well prepared, and you can guarantee Arsenal will be up for a fight at the business end of the Premiership and challenging on all fronts.

    What is your problem?

  145. I like Diego Capel, but he’s kind of a head-down player; he’s very talented, but I don’t think he’s the smartest with the ball at his feet. And he’s Andalusian. Big generalisation, but Andalusians don’t travel well.

  146. barca are just testing the water again. unless mancity pay up 70m for ibra they cant do shit (gulp). I think it will happen in one or two years however so best to start planning now.

    I think we can safely change the subject until some real news surfaces then watch how quickly this will die down.


    Anyone interested in a ACLF fantasy world cup competition?

    metro are running a free one but the prices are very easy:

  147. deano,

    I would love to dismiss this as media rubbish, as so many have been. But I do think there is something in it this time. Cesc is under contract and all he has to say is, ” I am staying” as he has done so many times before (bless him) and all this is over. His silence is deafening.

  148. Looking at the the WC cup teams RVP is going to have a fucking blinder with the support he is going to get from holland.

    Villa is a contender but he could easily grab golden boot if they get through to the last rounds

    will be largely following holland over england this year. should be far less stressful

  149. Really hoping Rosicky stays and proves why he was bought in the first place before a rare injury robbed him of his playing career. He is such a good player when on form. His vision and passing ability, let alone his striking, rivals anybody’s. I know he’s getting on a bit, but he could play a big role in next season.

  150. avaris15

    Rosicky will be a lot better off next season with a pre-season under his belt. I can see him being very influencial next season, taking a lot of pressure off of Cesc and Arsh to provide the assists and extra goals from midfield.

  151. shotta-gunna

    Now that the latest round of “Cesc to Barca” lies are losing traction, based on our experience, the Barca agents will select one of the following menu of dirty tricks:
    * a team mate, preferably from Arsenal, but most likely from the Spanish team-mate confessing Cesc is pining for a move.
    * an interview with a media-naive parent, girlfriend, sibling confessing how home-sick Cesc is.
    * a weasely statement from Cesc’s agent who is now convinced that there is an easy 4million or 5 million (agents 10%) to be made on this once in a lifetime transfer.

    Barca and Madrid are either sides of the evil coin. That is why I am reading from the Ronaldo to Real playbook.

  152. 1 loose cannon

    These are comments made by The Barcelona Director this morning:
    “It’s great news that he wants to come here and I think that one day Cesc will have to come to Barca. But what matters is Arsenal and what their decision is.”

    He added: “They think he is a very important player for them.

    “We have to respect that.
    “At times the wishes of players do not come true because they are under contract.

    “That he says that he wants to come to Barca is a synonym that things are being done well here.

    Those quotes specially the “One day” tells me he is not leaving very soon. Possibly they will try to get him on the cheap but Wenger is no mug. It will be very hard for them to pull it off this year.

  153. LimparAssist

    My biggest hope for the summer is for Andrey Arshavin to lose that extra weight he’s been carrying around with him this season.

    His honeymoon period with the Michelin starred restaurants of North London must surely be coming to an end.

    Hopefully the frustration of not making it to the World Cup will mean that he can’t bring himself to stay in and watch it, and embarks on a long training montage instead. Like in Rambo, Rocky, and er… Taxi Driver.

  154. naga gunner,

    Who’s said we don’t need a ‘counterfoil’ for Vermaelen?

    I think it’s brain-dead to say we’re light in central defence when we hae 3 centre backs and 1 player who can play there. It shows unwillingness to engage with reality.

    That’s all.

  155. CG,
    Absolutely. Glad somebody agrees with me. Without football this summer, I am sure he will be keen to get fit and prove that he has his place in this Arsenal team. And as you say, it will be nice to feel comfortable knowing that he can provide the same service as Fab or Arsh if they are injured, or need a break. Seeing some of his stuff on YouTube again is making me salivate.

  156. LimparAssist

    Agree with avaris 15 and ChrisGoona on Rosicky. Big season coming up for Dom-uhz.

  157. Little Mozart has some skill in him, and some cracking finishes. More please Dom-uhz (thanks Limpar)

  158. Deano

    Fabianski is quality?

    When did you get back from Mars?

  159. Ole,

    I think we have to let some of them go then. yes we have 3 centre backs (all decent) but none of them can tackle our vulnerability to the aerial and route one football.

    Sol is the only one and we need a long term replacement for him. Sol and vermaelen is more effective than vermaelen and gallas especially against the smaller teams (the majority in the league).

    Aerial route one football is where we have been found wanting again and again and that is the reality we have to deal with.


  160. chrisGoona @1: 01 pm

    You are missing the point. Perhaps they will become what you say, but the way things are going for the last 5 years, they will leave for bigger clubs the moment they come good.

    If cesc leaves this summer, what were we nurturing him the last 7 years for?

    Can you please answer that question?

  161. Don’t we all expect or want a statement from the club or Cesc himself, whenever such a rumour erupts? And every time, we get Cesc saying the exact same thing, that he wants to stay and all. He’s a bit political about his comments, something you wouldn’t want from your captain, but probably he’s not very mature as a person. Such comments, I would not expect from someone like RVP. Anyways, he’s staying this summers again.

  162. ZimPaul

    Good luck with the glue. 🙂

  163. Naga,

    What the heck do you mean by nurturing him for last 7years for? We’ve been fighting for the titles for atleast 4 of the last 5 years. We’ve been using him to fight. That is what football is about.

    Why do you ALWAYS show up when you’ve got a good opportunity to spread the gloom.

  164. naga gunner,

    Again, my grouse is with the nonsense idea that having 3 centre backs and 1 who can play there in Song is being light.

    That’s nonsense.

  165. Ateeb,

    I thought the days after we lost to spuds and wigan and barca would have been a opportunity to spread the gloom. I guess I deliberately missed those opportunities.

    and sadly mate, all said, we dont have a trophy to show for it, and we will be starting all over again I guess.


  166. ole,

    you get me wrong again. I am just saying some one like ferdinand needs the vidic type to partner with. If rio was partnered with someone like carvalho, even though both are excellent defenders, it wont be as good as them respectively partnering with vidic and terry.

    Its not about the number of centre backs we have, its the TYPE of centre backs we have.


  167. Yeah lets all put our faith in an injury prone player(Rosicky) Get real

    We are going to miss Cesc big time.

  168. So at 6 ft 4 in Djourou is obviously on the short side. What do you propose Naga? We buy Crouch and make him a defender?

  169. Djourou and Vermaelen are most likely going to be our center defence partnership — and it’s exactly the kind of mix you are talking about, Naga. So where is your problem?

  170. LimparAssist

    “Aerial route one football is where we have been found wanting again and again and that is the reality we have to deal with.”

    What absolute rubbish, naga gunner.

    I can think of just 3 goals that Arsenal conceded this season that could be seen as resulting from ‘aerial route one football’.

    1 in each competition. N’Zonzi at home in the league, Alkmaar in the last minute away at Alkmaar, and that cheating f*cking twat Delap throwing it at Fuller’s head in the FA Cup whilst foul-throwing and time-wasting simultaneously.

    Vermaelen, Gallas, Campbell – all fantastic headers of the ball.

    What is your point?

    Do you just recycle tired old cliches because you have nothing original or of worth to offer anyone? Or is you motivation something more sinister than that… Tony Attwood’s article has got me thinking.

  171. LimparAssist

    Oh, and… Cheers.

  172. Silver Gunner

    Oh my silly season does bring out the worst in the arsenal supporter family.

  173. EvilFiek

    True, Height alone does not a defender make (It is EXTREMELY important mind). For me he is decent back up, but does not have what it takes to be a dominant first choice centre back for a championship chasing team in a top league.

    Infinitely better than the other 6′ 4 lame duck senderos though.


  174. LimparAssist

    Fair enough! you have silenced me on that for now, lets hope for the best this window for that position. 🙂

    Silver gunner!

    Been a long time, good to see you. A little bit of a blood feud in the family I guess. All in good taste! 🙂

    Cheers both!

  175. TH14 knew if he stayed at Arsenal he would never be a CL winner.Cesc is doing the same.Like Henry before him his talent deserves to be rewarded.He doesnt want to be finishing 3rd or 4th every other season
    Cesc has given us 6 years wonderful service.Always giving 100%.We should thank him and wish him every luck.He owes us nothing

  176. Silver Gunner

    cannavaro is not tall and for years was regarded as one of the best defenders in europe. Height is not essential.

    I feel a keeper that the defenders have faith in is more important although is gallas goes we will probably need another defender as silvestre just is not the pleyer he once was.

  177. fuck off james.

  178. naga gunner,

    I don’t know why you keep replying to me. All I want to take on is the nonsense idea that having 3 centre backs means we’re light.

    Light means short of numbers.

  179. Ole: “Again, my grouse is with the nonsense idea that having 3 centre backs and 1 who can play there in Song is being light.

    That’s nonsense.”

    What you say might be true for a majority of clubs, but these past seasons have shown us that AFC does need more than 3 at arsenal in order to be sure that we don’t end up playing 4th and 5th choice in the crunch games when the injuries set in. Especially when the 4th choice, Song will be sorely missed in midfield.

  180. Silver Gunner

    ole gunner i agree we need 4 interchangable defenders. and playing song at center back is ok but we loose so much in midfield.

  181. ole,

    As I said, fair enough, I trust you. 🙂 (ooops! I’ve replied again)

    Cheers! 🙂

  182. Limestonegunner

    Senderos could have been used ahead of Silvestre this year but he was sent out on loan, so there has to be some problem with either Wenger’s confidence in him or his attitude. If the latter, perhaps sitting on the bench at Everton has made him more willing to be a backup at Arsenal. But i think we need someone to start and partner with Vermaelen as Djourou can’t be relied on as first choice yet. So it would be Sol or Senderos for 4th CB. Who would you rather have?

  183. Surely, there were two aspects two Barcelona’s tactics:

    1) Opportunism, & to drive the price down for next season or the season after.
    2) Diversionary tactics whilst they snaffle up the world’s best striker for €40M?

    AFC CB’s 09/10:

    Senderos (Exactly when he went on loan I can’t remember, but he did play for AFC pre-Xmas)
    Sol Campbell (Jan transfer window)

    For those who claim Sol is just a ‘Stopper’, I’d like to point out:
    His charge against Stoke.
    His pirouette against Blackburn.
    The entire game against the Sp*ds.

    And he’s on the reserve list for England’s squad. Not bad for a 35 year old.

  184. Henristic,

    So what’s the magic number? 10?

    And if we had 8 injured would you not nevertheless say we’re light because our 9th choice & 10th choice had to play during a key period in the season.

  185. Limestone the reason Sendo went out on loan was the fact that here he would struggle to get in the team but everton he had a lot more chance. As it was a worlld cup year he had to be playing in his mind. The fact that he wasn’t sold despite having only 1 year on his contract either means they don’t think they would get much for him anyway or that they are still infact considering him as an option. Now that he’s made the world cup he may be willing to hang around and fight for a place.

    Define light, how is three CB’s for a season not light? That is half a player as back up for 2 positions.

  186. els,

    Most clubs have 3 or 4. That’s why it’s not light to have even 3

    Man Utd have: Vidic, Ferdinand & Evans
    Chelsea have: Terry, Carvalho & Alex
    Liverpool have: Agger, Skrtel & Kgiriakos
    etc etc etc.

  187. Naga you shouldn’t let your views be completely manipulated by media crap which is fed to you. Get your own views, and get yourself together as a fan.. Its ok to bring constructive criticism forward about the team, but you seem to have such negative views that even that seems a bit hard for you.

  188. Limestonegunner

    Ole, Arshavin can’t pass? Is that tongue in cheek or just a bit of exaggeration?!

    He seemed to pass quite well at home against Porto, though we’d all grant that v. Fulham he should have passed to RVP instead of taking his goal.

  189. Limesone,

    No it’s not. His pass completion rate is not adequate to play in midfield.

  190. Great post Yogi

    all it would take for all the Cesc rumours to end would be at 4pm this afternoon Wenger gives a press conference and says “Cesc is going nowhere and if he does i shall resign” As long as Wenger and the board stay silent the rumours continue.And dont you think it is strange that foot in mouth Hill-Wood is very quiet

    As always happens to fans are the last to know

  191. Ole

    In our case it ain’t a bad idea to have a few reserve CB’s who we can call upon.

    Our Top 3 will be Djourou, Vermaelen, and maybe 1 signing.

    Then we could have Campbell, and another youth player perhaps who can be called upon if injuries hit like they always do.

    Anymore than 3 1st team demanding CB’s won’t work.

  192. Gerry

    How can we be the last to know, if there isn’t anything tell?

  193. Limestonegunner

    Els, the WC issue for Senderos makes sense as you explain it. But it does seem that Wenger also picked Silvestre ahead of Senderos and had little confidence in him. I’d be glad if he stuck around as our 4th CB, though I think Sol has added leadership beyond his play.

  194. Limestonegunner

    I see, you meant that he couldn’t pass well enough to play in central midfield. But he does have the skill to pass well, which is why he has a decent number of assists.

  195. CG

    2004 CB’s Toure,Campbell,Keown and Cygan.

    You need 4 CB’s at anytime.

  196. CG

    2002: Adams,Campbell,Keown,Upson

    1998: Adams,Bould,Keown,Grimandi

  197. Silver Gunner

    Ole Gunner most teams do have at least 4 good back up defenders sorry:-

    Manu – ferdinand, vidic, evans, brown, neville, oshea

    Chelsea – terry, alex, carvalho, ivanovic

    liverpoo – carrager, agger, skrtel & kgiriakos

  198. Silver Gunner

    even the fooking spuds have 4 😦

  199. Silver Gunner,

    Whoever was counting and saying we have 3 centre backs was not counting backups.

    If we were counting backups then even assuming Gallas, Senderos & Silvestre are gone, we still have 3 centre backs and 1 back up in Song. Same as the clubs you’ve listed.

    So again, by no means are we light at centre back.

  200. Fab wont go this time but I do believe this will be his last season with us though! At the end of the day if we get a lump sum of money for him, let him go. No one player is bigger than the club and

    I really dislike the captain of our football club flirting with other clubs. It should be such an honor to be captain of Arsenal that when questioned about Barcelona his response should be “They didn’t want me and didn’t see the potential in me, Arsenal did. I may have been born there but Arsenal and the fans of Arsenal have made me the player and the superstar that I am and I have the greatest honor captaining that side. I am going no where!!” All the time we have known we are going to loose him the question has been when, we dont deserve our captain to treat us fans like that.

    Having said that on the football pitch he would be a HUGE loss, but we know we will loose him sooner or later so it is Wengers job to get the best market price for him when that time comes.

  201. Ole, you’ve obviously decided on what you’d like to believe, all evidence to the contrary.
    Let me try to break this down one more time. Unfortunately for us, our injury record for the past few seasons show that we frequently need to call upon our 4th and 5th choice CBs towards the end of the season, when we can least afford it. For this reason, you cannot keep comparing us to other clubs that don’t have that same problem.

    You’ve spent much time on this blog talking about how much worse our injury situation is compared to other clubs. Now you expect us to have the same squad depth? How does that make sense?

    This does not mean we need 8 or 20 backups. It just means instead of a backup like Silvestre and Song (who we can’t afford to loose in midfield) we should have 1 or 2 players of a bit more quality, and perhaps rotate these players a bit more earlier in the season.


  202. chrisGoona

    My views are not manipulated by the media. Its dictated by reality. I like your optimism but perhaps you should take off your tinted glasses for once.

    It is alarming when our manager tries to support fabianski marking him out to be “great”.

    We should all be positive, but not to the extent that we everything is accepted without question.


  203. Ole all the clubs listed have more options in central defence than we do. Options that have neccessary experience that is. We have bags of quality youth.

    But the fact that as you state song who is a midfielder had to be used in defence proves we need more, regradless of other teams. I don’t care about them. Johan will be still in recovery, sol is 34. We could be described as light. I’m not 100% sure we need a signing though. I’d rather retain Gallas, Senderos and Campbell.

    Limestone he only kept Silvestre over Phil because ha would be more accepting of a but part role. It would be nice to see him back to his best His time in Italy was relatively successful.

  204. I’ve decided not too make too much of transfer stories this summer, until actual confirmation is made.

    Who knows whether Cesc will leave. I do agree with YW that the Arsenal PR machine could have handled this much better than they have.

  205. silvergunner calling evans, brown, neville, oshea, ivanovic CBs is misleading. could they play there, sure, but only in the most desperate of times and arguably not well

  206. NJ, Ole counted Song.

  207. els,

    Ole all the clubs listed have more options in central defence than we do. Options that have neccessary experience that is


    Gallas, Vermaelen, Campbell, Djourou, Silvestre & Song is more than ANY other club have. You could add Sagna to that list.


    I have asked you what is the magic number that we need that will cover our injury situation if we had 7 this season and that wasn’t enough in your opinion.

    What is the magic number where we’re suddenly no longer light?

  208. The reason why I’m always on this issue is to highlight the ridiculous and unrealistic standards by which our squad strength is often judged.

  209. > Repeat:

    > AFC CB’s 09/10:

    1) Gallas
    2) TV5
    3) Djourou
    4) Senderos (Exactly when he went on loan I can’t 5) remember, but he did play for AFC pre-Xmas)
    7) Sol Campbell (Jan transfer window)
    7 & a half) Song

    So, AFC ended the season with their 6th & 7th CB’s from the start of the season, not their 3rd/4th/5th selections that were available in September.
    I’m not including Sagna with Song, because there’s no need. AFC had 7 specialist CB’s this season.

    As in,


  210. Yikes,

    Went into moderation for counting Seven specialist CB’s at AFC this season.

    Not including Song and Bacs.


  211. Had a chat with Cesc. He’s not easy to get hold of. He reckons the tapas bars in London are ridiculously over-priced, under-whelming and basically wouldn’t survive in a small, poor, industrial Spanish town, let alone Barcelona.

    Wenger has the Board’s go-ahead to open a decent Spanish eatery, with real salted cod. Torres is being bought just to serve Cesc (Cesc insisted, even choosing the apron). Guardiola has nervously declined the all important chef position, so Cesc’s mom might stand in for now. Jamie Oliver was turned down for being ridiculous, and too Italian-influenced. Ballague has agreed to write up a foodie review.

    All is solved. Until next year!

  212. NJGooner,

    Whichever way it’s counted. Whether you count out-and-out centre backs alone or whether you add the players who can play in the position, Arsenal have more options than any other team in the Premier League.

    By any accounting.

    The point I am establishing here is that the norm is for teams to have between 3 & 4 centre backs, & 1 or 2 others that can provide cover in that position. And we have more than that.

  213. Ole to argue that point i’d have to know what your original statement was. As far as I know somebody said that having TV, Campbell and Djourou would be light for the season. Your off on a tangent me thinks.

    But your list above should not include Djourou (as he was injured) or Song (plays as a DM primarily). If you count players that CAN play in CD then rival clubs lists will grow longer and longer, and this only proves that we don’t have more or less capable players in this position. But obviously we have suffered historically because of injuries, I think that Wenger will want to rule out our insecurities here if possible, simply because he’s sick of it and he’s sick of fans using it against him.

    The fact remain that if we loose Gallas and Sendros we could very well be described as light in central defence.

  214. I would like to know where Barcelona are going to get the money for Cesc from…they have already bought Villa for 45m Pesos.

    They are hardly awash with Catalunya coin.

  215. els,

    Again, if all we had were Campbell, TV & Djourou, we wouldn’t be light because we would have exactly as many as Man United, Chelsea & Liverpool.

    If you decided to extend the count to players who can play in the centre back position, then we still wouldn’t be light as we’d have as many as them nonetheless.

    You say I shouldn’t include Djourou but it somehow seems to have escaped your attention that he is an Arsenal player injured or not.

    By that measure you wouldn’t count Vidic or Ferdinand as Man United centre backs.

    By the way, I think Gallas should be replaced if he left, and replaced with a player of similar or better quality.

    It’s however patently wrong to say we would be light except if you say all other teams would be light.

  216. Silver Gunner

    my point is that they have an abundance of players comfortable playing there we have been light at the back for a few seasons now just looka at when we had to play gilberto silva at center back.

    In my opinion silvestre’s best days are perhaps behind him and parhaps should be shipped on, one center back coming back or even phillip senderos coming back as cover could be better than silvestre.

    Villa has signed for 40m hope that means barca are broke now.

  217. Silver Gunner,

    Bloody hell. We’ve listed the names of players each club have who can play centre back, and we have as many numbers as anybody else.

    Yet you insist that means we’re light.

    You will not be swayed by fact or reason.

  218. LimparAssist

  219. Ole (by the way I’m enjoying this debate)

    Vidic and Ferdinand were injured for parts of the season not a whole season apart from the the last game) so regarding last season he should not be counted.

    But counting next season and if our 3 were: Sol, Johan and Tommy we would be light in cover for those positions as

    Sol is at 34 a risk to be counted for back to back games, although I do think he’s awesome when playing.
    Djourou having spent an entire season and not going to the World Cup will be no where near to full fitness.

    Leaving one fully fledged Central Defender for the Season. Now tally that against Man U, Chelsea…

    Including youth we could call on some potential stars, but we both know that that will not be an improvement on 41 goals conceded.

    I don’t want to come across as negative, as the team at the moment Is Gallas, TV, PS, JD, SC, MS which is really good if we could go into the season with all fit.

    I agree though that if Gallas was to leave then we should replace with somebody who has played well at his level frequently. If you agree then why the staunch debate?

  220. Fuck off James

  221. Ole:

    “By the way, I think Gallas should be replaced if he left, and replaced with a player of similar or better quality.”

    That is the bottom line. The whole argument about the term “light” is the ultimate philosophical debate. We need to add another CB if Gallas goes. I hope everyone agrees on that.

    That leaves JD and SC as back ups. We do not know how JD’s knee will hold up. We do not really have any idea how good he is. SC is 36 and can not play more then 1 game per week. Those 2 as cover is clearly a risk especially if we have money in the bank. I seriously doubt any of our title rivals would start a season with that type of cover at CB. However, I suspect that is how we will start the season. I hope AW is willing to buy in January if we have any injuries or if JD does not look ready or if Sol looks like he might be slowing down.

  222. I agree with ole.

    Those people saying we need 4 players are just jumping on a media bandwagon.

    That includes Dixon and Keown.

    Actually, I cannot believe Keown said such a thing. This squad is by far away stronger than any squad he played in. It’s just that the bar has been set higher by the financial doping of the chavs and mancs.

  223. I agre mainly with Bill, but can’t believe Sol is 36, were have I been? He is truly awesome for 36.

  224. Sol is 35. He is 36 in September.

  225. Yeovil Gooner

    Nice post YW and even nicer to see all the hacks media etc etc squerm at making such a mountian out of a none event, it would seem. Sick of telling my work colleagues today, who are trying to wind me up, ‘dont believe a word til its printed on’

    How about the posibility that Cesc is at the club having his broken leg assessed pre world cup or that he may be having some publicity shots done in the new 125 year anniversary home/away strips as it get released during the world cup?? After all he is our captain and they do like to show the lads modelling these things in the adverts eh??

  226. Muppet from Keown’s point of View I think he looks at Clichy, Sagna, Djourou, TV, Campbell. He knows they couldn’t touch Dixon, Winterburn, Adams and himself from a defensive point of view. Also don’t forget that the new tactic gives the back four LESS of an opportunity to defend. Whilst the tactic is still being established and has room for improvement from the team, it still needs to improve from last season, rather than loose Gallas.

    I’m sure that we’ll be fine going into the season, but we could be potentially a little lig…. never mind.

  227. Did he Els ? Well… It would be interesting to see what the defensive stats are when one compares the old back 4 in the GG era with Wenger’s. In my view we probably concede 10 more goals a season because Wenger’s philosophy is to attack. I don’t think it’s an automatic assumption that the GG defenders were better.

  228. els,

    The debate is the unrealistic standard.

    A lot of the negativity around Arsenal is often from unfair standards applied to judging the strengths of the club, or the manager’s policies.

    The standard for all clubs is to have 3 to 4 centre backs.

    And I want everyone to judge Arsenal’s strengths & Arsene’s squad building on those counts.


    About whether Sol could be counted on, that still won’t count as being light. Light relates to numbers, not to quality.

  229. Gerry @2.29pm

    I’d rather PHW kept his mouth shut full stop.


  230. I doubt there’s a settled definition of the word light in relation to defenders in a football team.

  231. Good point Muppet.

    Number of goals conceded in GG era:

    Yr GC
    94: 28
    93: 38
    92: 46
    91: 19
    90: 38
    89: 36
    88: 39
    87: 35
    86: 47

  232. No it’s not an automatic, but those two lists the former is better. Wenger has had better defensive line-ups. Like for instance, Clichy, Sagna, TV, Gallas, with Sol and JD as buck-up I would defo prefer in the game today over, Dixon, Winterburn, Adams, Keown, Bould.

  233. Muppet:

    The critical point is that our current team defense has not performed well compared with our title rivals.

    Ole and I have had the argument about defense being “relative”. Defending is relative when compared with the other teams in your league. If we concede 100 goals our defense would still be excellent if everyone else in the league conceded 110 goals. The reason our team has not been adequate is because we concede 41 goals while the teams that win the titles concede a lot fewer goals. The defenders from Arsenal’s title winning teams have all been the best in their league or very close. The current version is not anywhere close to that good.

  234. Nah, Sagna, Gallas, Vermaelen, Clichy is the best defence in the league.

  235. Ole, I agree that people expect the stupid regarding Transfers, but that seemed the wrong point to prove it on. As counting all players as exactly the same does not work. And Number, Quality? is that not the same, I’m no longer getting this.

    Muppets point was completely irrelevant in this conversation. I think that we all realise that we need another man if Gallas leaves. I’d rather Djourou come back fine from injury and be as good as we all have seen glimpses of. But it may not be worth the risk. It’s Wengers decision and I will bow to his knowledge. If having SC, TV, JD, and 1 signing is excessive then fine but we both know it’s needed. So that in it’s self seems to argue that point.

    I’m done now I can’t see us agreeing, but could debate mate. Glad we could have it without any mud slinging like many a mug around here.

  236. Number of goals conceded in Wenger era:

    97: 32
    98: 33
    99: 17
    00: 43
    01: 38
    02: 36
    03: 42
    04: 26
    05: 36
    06: 31
    07: 35
    08: 31
    09: 37
    10: 41

  237. Thanks Ole.

    els – Yes, the current crop are much more mobile and technically proficient.

    Bill – Yes. The statistics do not lie. Our defence is 10 goals shy of favourable comparisons with Man U and Chelsea. I think though that it is too simple to load the blame simply on Almunia and the front 4. There are mitigating factors. One is our style. Two are the injuries. Three is our budget and resources.

  238. Poli are you the king of Sarcasm?

    Does that mean you think they are NOT the best in the league because they conceded 41 goals?

  239. Exactly Muppet

  240. Bill,

    It’s all very very relative. You say Barca are always ‘best defence’ in their league. In 09, they conceded more goals than we did. Yet you say we don’t defend well enough but they do.

    That should show that there isn’t a magic level of defending that would be considered adequate.


    For it to be true that we’re light in any position, we should have fewer options that our rivals. If we don’t have fewer options, it seems ridiculous to me to say we’re light, whichever way you choose to define light

  241. No sarcasm, els.

  242. So Ole if me you and bill signed for Arsenal tomorrow. Got rid of everyone else, would we compare with Chelsea, Manu…

    I’m not bad, got gimpy knee but do you see my point, maybe this is more about semantics.

    Light for me I guess is numbers and reliability wether injury, age, experience or talent. I guess you just regard it as numbers of bodies, but if that were the case you could play vela, walcott with Arshavin and Sunu as backup in defence so we would never be short.

  243. Silver Gunner

    sorry guys give me keown adams and co any day… Keown was deceptively fast and adams an uncanny reading of the game the only areas where i would leave things is at full back, dixon and winterbourne were probably a little better defensively but not as effective going foward.

    But i dont think its entirely fair to blame th back 4 for our defensive frailties, football is a team game and for some reason we are not good when we are without the ball,that word desire comes to mind do we want that ball bacl at all costs?

  244. The problem we had this season is that we were too light at the back.

  245. Average goals conceded per season in GG era: 36
    Average goals conceded in AW era: 34

    Average goals conceded by Arsenal teams Keown played in: 35

    Average goals conceded by AW teams Keown didnt play in: 35

  246. Ole:

    My concern has always been and still is how our defense compares to the teams we have to compete with to win the title. My main concern is not the total number of goals conceded but how it compares with our title rivals. That seems to be the constant factor over the last 10 years. Comparing the number of goals conceded between the EPL and La Liga and between different generations in English football is not really useful.

    Arsenal had the best defense in the league during the early Wenger years. Barca has had the best defense in La Liga for several years running and in the last 4 years the Manc’s have had the best defense in the EPL. Their trophy cases say more then I ever could.

  247. Great Poli. I do think individually those players are the best in the league. I was about to leap to there defence (no pun intended), but you saved my embarasment. Didn’t think that was your style. The negativity, not the Sarcasm I still get the feel that is your Forte 🙂

  248. It can be discussed until the cows come home, but the problem is that it’s not really quantifiable, and therefore very difficult to compare. There are so many variables to consider.

  249. els,

    But that’s another matter. If you think the players are not good enough, then that’s another matter.

    But even you can’t argue that Vermaelen, Campbell & Djourou are not good enough.

  250. I don’t think there is any problem with our first choice back four (except of course that one of them might be leaving). If we have problems, they are elsewhere.

  251. Caveat on the stats I pasted above: In some of the GG years, there were 22 teams in the top flight. So in terms of goals conceded per game he was probably better than AW.

  252. Correction to my 3:14 p.m. comment.

    I can’t count!

    Six (6) specialist CB’s, not including Song or Sagna…

  253. Don’t really want to get involved with another debate, but if you take that philosophy of comparing with rival’s you will never better them. Why set the bar so low for this potentially devastating team. If the invincibles bar was Man U and Chelsea well they would be contenders not the God damn Kings.

  254. On the other hand, it was the two worst teams that were dropped from the league, so they ought to have conceded less goals per game.

  255. I’ve read the above posts with interest but the bottom line is that this team isn’t good enough and will win nothing. Hopefully it won’t happen but if Cesc goes I can’t blame him.

  256. Sorry that last comment was for Bill

  257. I imagine the bottom line is all we’ll ever get fom you, GunFlash.

  258. Fuck off, gunflash

  259. Bill;

    If this was your point—> “how our defense compares to the teams we have to compete with to win the title”.

    Then you’ve scored an own goal from the half way line since you undermine your argument by looking at goals conceded.

    1. You only know how many goals you’ll eventually concede at the end of the season.

    2. Even then Man United conceded fewer goals than Chelsea this season, and they did not win the league. Again, this shows you (in this case Chelsea) can win the league by scoring more than anyone else. This has been shown not only this year but several years since 1886.

    Since you can win the league without having conceded the fewest goals, it’s not the great decider you try to portrait it as being.

  260. els,

    Name your standard then.

  261. Poliziano, Frank, nice responses. Franky boy keep taking the pills reality seems too much for you

  262. Ole I didn’t say or suggest that they were not goo enough. I said that they fell under Old, Experience or injury as well as talent. Djourou is coming back from injury and he doesn’t have vast experience for a first choice CB, Sol is old and may suffer playing many games TV is in his prime… There really isn’t a question on the players talents.

    What’s with even I couldn’t argue that… I defend this team constantly. Wenger has put together something very special, but if gallas leaves we are LIGHT.

  263. Standard to set for the team to achieve Ole?

  264. Gunflash,
    you suck wet farts from dead pigeons.

  265. If Gallas leaves, he’ll be replaced.
    Why wouldn’t he be?

    I’d expect the manager who went into this season with six (not seven!) specialist CB’s, would like to have as many CB’s available as possible in August.

    Has The Great CB Thread started up again now that Cescy buisness has been covered up?

  266. Lol FinnGun even if that were true it won’t make Cesc stay. Signing a higher standard of player might

  267. GunFla*h

    Is our self-exposing Sp*d friend.

    J*mes, how would you feel aout the Spammers getting the IOC’s Stadium out there amongst the Toxic Marshes & Reedbeds.

    There goes your one and only chance to move into London.

  268. Finsbury, take a long hard look at yourself before launching a neurotic witch hunt against anyone who dares to hold an opinion aposed to yours.

    Take a deep breath, relax, then post something sensible

  269. Ole:

    Lets not get into another debate. If you want to get in the last word after this then go ahead.

    In the last 10 years, the team that has the best defensive record in the EPL has won the title 70% of the time. The team with the 2nd best defensive record won 30% of the time. No team out of the top 2 has won.

    Very similar pattern holds for all the other major European leagues for the last 10 years.

    Can Arsenal beat this trend? I guess anything is possible. I would rather see us defend like the Arsenal teams in the first part of the AW era and take our chances that way.

  270. You have to laugh at Marcotti. Wondering if Fabregas will get into the Barca team.

    This guy is supposed to be a top pundit ?

    I thought he was. Now I’m having grave doubts.

  271. Marcotti also said last summer Arsenal would be the club to drop out of the four. Top pundit I say.

  272. Silver Gunner

    Muppet of course he could it would mean that pedro would spend more time on the bench and inesta move to one of the wings there is no way they would sign him for him to simply sit on the bench my god.

    But lets hope he comes to his senses and takes a good looka at all the ex arsenal players that thought the grass was greener and have all been left to rue those foolish ideals.

  273. LimparAssist

    Bill, do you have the stat for goals conceded per game with the first choice back five in place for, say… 70 mins? It’ll be a relatively small sample I would think, but interesting nonetheless.

    Is that easily done?

  274. four = top four.

  275. LimparAssist

    ‘Arsenal’s first choice back five’ I should say.

  276. Silver Gunner

    does anyone know whether Merida has signed a contract or is goint to Athletico?

  277. YW, I think Hill-Wood has already spoken.,19528,11827_6161919,00.html

  278. C’mon Ole, no one here is arguing from a ‘dooming’ POV. I am certainly not. All I’m saying is you shouldn’t compare us with other teams because our circumstances are different with respect to injuries!

    You said: “The reason why I’m always on this issue is to highlight the ridiculous and unrealistic standards by which our squad strength is often judged.”

    You are the one who is judging the depth by ridiculous (manu and chelsea) standards. I am ‘judging’ the team by its own standards, set in the last few seasons. By that standard, we need better quality backups than our rivals.

    In response to your 3.11 “What is the magic number where we’re suddenly no longer light?”

    I already answered this at 2.52 as follows:

    “This does not mean we need 8 or 20 backups. It just means instead of a backup like Silvestre and Song (who we can’t afford to loose in midfield) we should have 1 or 2 players of a bit more quality, and perhaps rotate these players a bit earlier in the season.”

  279. Paulie Walnuts

    Marcotti has a great face for radio.

    Cesc would run that Barca team

    Just as well he`s staying with us then

  280. *

  281. I would imagine Fran has already stashed himself into Cesc’s suitcase ready to be picked up at Barcelona Airport for a taxi to Madrid!

  282. LimparAssist

    NB. Way to get rid of Bill – throw him a slippery little statistical challenge.

  283. LimparAssist

    Only kidding, Bill. Love you really.

  284. Silver Gunner

    remi shame i had high hopes for that kid. I guess he just wants to play now which is fair enough

  285. Ole G, it does seem like you love to argue for no good reason. Surely you realize what Bill means is that teams that win league titles generally have the best (or close to the best defence).

    What is so wrong with that sentiment that you keep trying to shoot it down?

    Why are you trying to make it seem like nonsense when it clearly is not? Saying that manu came second while having the best defence doesn’t disprove his point.

    Everyone and his nephew knows we need to improve our defending to win the title (in addition to other things like keeping best players fit, scoring goals etc)

  286. Bill,

    Who cares if that’s the case or not? My points are nevertheless valid.

    1. During the season you were banging on about ‘defense’ not being good enough whereas we were getting enough points to win the title on projected points total. While 41 goals was too many goals to concede, it would not have been had we won the league. Again my point is that goals conceded lags defensive capability and is only a good measure of it at the end of the season. Even by your logic.

    2. The English top flight has existed for 130 years. To try to create a rule based on the last 10 years makes no sense.

    3. Ultimately, the greatest measure of a team’s strength is number of points they have at the end of the season. The best way to wrack up points is to win games. The only sure way to win games is to score goals as per the original design of the game.

  287. What happened to the Clichy to Barca story?

    Oh, that was used to fill the back pages last week. Still a few weeks to the WC.

    Ah, to be a bloodied hack.

  288. Hmmm….anybody got an idea how good the Netherlands defense is?

  289. Henristic,

    I think it’s ridiculous to demand us to have 8 CBs otherwise we’re light. Ridiculous on its own face.

    About goals conceded. I’ve explained it so many times. To win the league, you need to be outstanding in defence or attack or both.

    If a team is outstanding in attack, that is enough to be competitive.

    No more no less.

  290. LimparAssist

    Antony, the Dutch had the best defensive record of all World Cup qualifiers.

  291. Henristic;

    “I am ‘judging’ the team by its own standards, set in the last few seasons.”

    By that token, we need 15 more players, and a squad size of at least 40.

    The practical implications of your notions are ridiculous….i.e. to be ridiculed.

    If having 7 CBs is not enough, and we need more because we suffer a lot of injuries, then maybe we need 4 full backs more, 6 midfielders more and 5 more strikers. Maybe that’s the way to not suffer if we had 9 senior players out at a crucial period in the season.

  292. Excellent, I think I’ll root for the Netherlands this time. Usually I support Italy, but I don’t think they’ll get passt the round of 16 even this time! They are really weak in attack.

  293. Now its 7CBs and not 3? Where did I say we need 8 CBs?

  294. “By that token, we need 15 more players, and a squad size of at least 40.”

    Another straw man tactic. How did you come by that calculation?

    How does having better quality and available 4th and 5th choice defenders translate to 15 more players?

    Why do you go to such extremes to make an argument?

  295. Limpar:

    Thanks for keeping it light.

    I still think we should somehow set up a football match someday. I guess it would actually be Ole and Chrisgoona who would be sharpening their studs. My team of doomers can wear body armour and hope for the best.

  296. List of specialist CB’s at AFC, ’09/10:

    1) Gallas
    2) TV5
    3) Djourou (injured in Sept)
    4) Senderos (played before Xmas and loan)
    5) MS
    6) Sol (signed in January)
    7) Bacs and Song, I’ll give them a half each, but you don’t have to count them.

  297. AFC had six specialist CB’s this season.

    Seven including Song.

    Eight including Bacs, who’s played CB once for AFC I think.

    So, being generous, AFC had six players covering for two positions.

  298. “About goals conceded. I’ve explained it so many times. To win the league, you need to be outstanding in defence or attack or both.

    If a team is outstanding in attack, that is enough to be competitive.

    No more no less.”

    In an ideal world you would be right. but in the real world, you can’t always be oustanding in attack. strikers might have off days, there might be injuries etc. It would be daft realistically be satisfied with that philosophy. I imagine why thats why Bill has gone to such lengths to show you stats reflecting that most teams that win these days (not 30+ years ago) tend to do it with some kind of a balance of both. Some of those title winning teams may have an ethic biased towards defending (e.g Mourinho’s Chelsea) while other’s are biased towards attack (Ancelloti’s) chelsea. I, like many arsenal fans will of course prefer the latter style.

    It doesn’t mean mourinho’s teams were totally rubbish in attack nor does it mean Ancelotti’s were crap in defence, which unfortunately is what we’ve been these last few seasons as evidenced by our goals conceeded.

  299. Ole,

    41 goals conceded in 38 games is way too much if you think of winning anything – where did we lose the ability to win 1:0?

    we conceded against Brum in the last minute after we threw the FA Cup and that is where our season went down the shitter – 2008 deja fucking vu or what?

  300. LimparAssist

    Hmm, yes. No fantasista in the Italian squad. Unless you count Di Natale as a fantasista? Not really.

    A World Cup without Del Piero makes me a little bit sad.

  301. Ole
    a little late in replying
    Cesc and Arshavin- Not a like for like replacement, but Arshavin plays in withdrawn role to become creative force rather than stuck out on wing where his qualitites aren’t used to the full and he doesn’t do the hard work , supporting the full back. Then we play with 2 central midfielders who provide more protection to the defence. Our defending isn’t the defence, it’s how poorly the whole team defend. Wenger tries to put too many creative players into the team and is unbalanced

  302. Henristic @ 5:59PM:

    I know you might not think this a complement coming from me but you are now my hero. Limpar move over.

  303. some on here say no player is bigger than the club – look what happened to Pool after Alonso left, he made their side tick…

    IF Cesc leaves, it will take this club backwards by some 3 years: Hleb, Flam, Cesc and TR7 formed an awesome midfield and not keeping these players for the sake of lousy few grand a week was a shit piece of management…

    no manager is bigger than Arsenal, period…

  304. fuck off troll.

  305. Hehe, I still remember the semifinals of WC 2006….damn that was a great match…Del Piero’s goal was a beauty!

  306. LimparAssist

    Of course no player is bigger than their club, least of all Xabi Alonso and Liverpool.

    (Caveat – Andy Reid is of course far bigger than Sunderland AFC, or any other club for that matter.)

  307. it’s not trolling dude – it’s called having an opinion….

    now tell me, who do you see in Cesc’s place when he leaves?

    it hurts like fuck if your beloved captain becomes disillusioned with the way this club is being run by a bunch of penny wise pound foolish men who don’t give a toss about football, just about money…

    and I have nothing but respect for Wenger, but for the sake of not ruining the image of the club, AW should make some serious signings as a statement of intent, otherwise I will not be looking forward to watching Denilson week in week out…

  308. Suga,

    Haven’t you read the news recently, Cesc is going no where. No need to get too excited

  309. LA,

    Alonso is a sublime player and made Gerrard look twice the player he really is – maybe not ‘bigger than the club’, but a massive loss nevertheless…

    once again: no manager is bigger than the club either – some of you seem to forget that there was Arsenal before AW and will be for long after he leaves…

    Wenger is a genius, but frankly, Arsenal made this superstar too…

  310. Henristic,


  311. Wenger is a genius, but frankly, Arsenal made this superstar too…

    So why should we let him go then? Since you’re so opposed to us loosing our superstars?

  312. Cheers Bill!

    But leave Limpar with in that position. Sounds like something he really enjoys ;P

  313. Henristic,

    I was not opposed to letting PV4 or TH14 go as both were a bit past it and it was about time for them to leave…

    Cesc’s head may already be somewhere else and if he wants to go, he should be allowed as it is demoralising to see someone whose heart is not in it, simple as…

  314. Not a single apology from any publication or blogsite about getting the Cesc speculation so wrong. So many people like SUGA3 looking like complete and utter cunts….and yet they don’t seem to care. My, my preople these days have no respect for themselves at all. Pimping themselves around the interwebthingy….dear oh dear oh dear.

  315. Er, it’s actually not that simple if Barcelona don’t want to buy, as seems to be the case.

    If they were really after Cesc they’d be pursuing him far more aggressively. Up to now we’ve had no bid, and only vague, ambiguous statements from the Barca side.

    Meanwhile they’ve made it very clear that they want to keep Ibrahimovic. This is important because it’s very likely that they can’t afford to splash out again without selling.

    Let’s speculate (because nobody abut Cesc and AW knows what he wants, and it’s going to take a lot more than a Balague to convince me that he wants to go), and just say that maybe Cesc does feel like going to Barcelona.

    Well, if Arsenal don’t want to sell, and Barcelona don’t want to buy then there’s zero hope of anything going through.

    In the meantime I’m sure he’d be persuaded to bide his time and wait until Barcelona actually need him.

    And that’s if he does want to leave…which I doubt!

  316. Happy Birthday Mister.

    Mrs YW

  317. Frank, once again, you make yourself look like a tool with stupid name calling, grow up mate – so, where did you see the big denial? nope.

    hmmm, how about BBC? nada.

    are you, by any chance, referring to what PHW said? the same chairman who said Cesc was not good enough for Barca?

  318. OOU,

    when injured after playing with a broken leg, Cesc could only watch as certain players with no passion, no balls or simply not good enough ruined what he worked so hard for…

    ‘Trophies. It’s all about trophies’

    I rest my case…

  319. No. I am referring to the complete and utter lack of information…and certainly nothing looking even remotely like a fact. My feelings about young Mr Grace are well known.

  320. You have made no case.

  321. Happy birthday, YW. Bit late in the day Mrs?

  322. So you’re using a Nike internet viral as definitive proof that Cesc wants to leave?!

    Happy Birthday, YW!!

  323. Frank,

    to be honest, the silence from the club, AW and the player, all of which were quick to deny such ‘rumours’ is a bit distressing, that’s all…

    we better hope AW is signing these players we need (because we do) as we speak 😉


  324. Seriously, what kind of case is that?!

  325. The silence from the club? What a tart!

  326. Frank,

    OK, let me put it this way, put yourself in Cesc’s shoes:

    – you just had a hell of a season, gave your all and ended up with squat due to incompetent ‘colleagues at work’
    – it is commonly known that such trend is likely to continue, unless we add to the squad
    – you have no real affiliation with the club you play for
    – manager refuses to add real quality for real wonga

  327. Just read an article about ManU selling Foster. In one of the comments a Manc fan was screaming about why doesn’t Fergie sell “Berbaflop”.

    Take heart. AFC is not the only team with vitriolic fans. The internet certainly brings them out.

  328. we have been spanked by every quality opposition we played against this season and conceded more goals than we conceded season before: improvement?

  329. Utter rubbish. You reckon that Cesc is the sort of player who would run back to his childhood mates and his mum because the going was getting tough? You don’t think much of him do you, SUGA3? You also don’t know much about the PR tactics of one of the most despicable clubs in modern football.

  330. Happy birthday YW!

  331. ‘We’?

  332. I love nonsense logic. When something is so utterly ridiculous that people don’t even question it.

    Anyways Happy Birthday YW, without your daily dose of ACLF I might actually get some work done!

  333. Happy Birthday Yogi’s Warrior. I wish you many many more happy birthdays

  334. Frank,

    don’t try to patronise me about ‘PR tactics’, I am a PR graduate and I can tell you that I would rather concentrate on what a wank amateurish PR team AFC employs…

    it’s not ‘going getting tough’, it’s lack of spirit amongst bloody passengers who I don’t even care to name…

    and yes, it’s ‘WE’…

  335. Happy Birthday, YW, for always providing a balanced and fair perspective on all things Arsenal.

  336. Happy B-day YW 😉

    happy blogging!

  337. Henristic,

    If you say that having 7 centre backs as we did this season is not enough and we need more, then why limit that logic to centre backs?

    Why not get extra extra cover in every position?

  338. SUGA3

    Oh, I think I know who you are talking about. Song, Denilson, Diaby, right? Seriously, is there a slow news day on Le Grove or why the h*ll are you even wasting your time here? Get back there, mate. Contrary to us, they might even give a rat’s arse ’bout your opinion.

  339. Frank

    That’s my warning to leave work!


  340. SUGA3

    “you have no real affiliation with the club you play for”

    seriously? you dont think he has an affiliation with a team that gave his chance to break through at 16? scored his first professional goal for at 16?

    Cesc said in interview, when discussing barca interestingly, that he the only people he owed anything to in this world were his parents….and you guessed it…. ARSENE WENGER

    stop proselytizing about fab leaving so it can fulfill your wishes to see AW change his policies

  341. EF,

    Song is quality and I happen to have rated him for long time…

    Diaby would thrive if he had a bully like character to discipline him, AW is way too soft to keep him straight IMO…

    Denilson is not good enough, period.

  342. Happy Birthday YW !

  343. NJG,

    but there is the need to change – back in the days, AW assembled a team of powerful players and reaped success…

    it begs the question: if it’s not broken, why try to fix it?

  344. Happy Birthday Yogi!

  345. Yogi’s Warrior

    based on what im seeing in the comments, it’s your birthday!

    Happy Birthday mate! Would not be able to survive these long summers without your musings.. they keep me sane at times.


  346. deano on May 19, 2010 at 11:47 am

    Post of the day.

    When people are clamouring for these 8 centre backs, perhaps they should remember we can only have a squad of 25 players registered to play in the PL next season.

  347. Suga3

    I agree about the PR department. However, in a rare defence of Peter Whimsey, I would add that the Telegraph reports his quote as being:

    “If you want my opinion, I’m not sure he would even get into the team”

    Not saying he wouldn’t, more an acknowledgement that in Xavi and Iniesta they possess 2 of Europe’s best passing midfielders.

    However, as I mentioned earlier I would rather that our indiscreet chairman kept his mouth shut on Arsenal and not talk to the media.


  348. Happy Birthday YW.

  349. You just make it all up as you go along, SUGA3. A troll on the wind up was my original assessment. But it turns out that you are a bit thick.

    If Cesc had gone to Barcelona there would be a far more logical link to the poor performances. But you haven’t spotted it have you?

  350. I think that Arsenal’s silence is exactly the right tactic at this stage.

  351. SUGA3

    your comment really didnt respond to what i said at all. you mean cesc feels a need to change? i dont know man, doesnt add up to me. If we had failed to make CL this year, yea definitely he’d probably move. Even if we never really challenged for the EPL ala 08/09 i could see him leaving. And maybe Cesc did get in AW’s ear and say, ok bro, make a few signings, we NEED to win it in 10/11.

    But thats the thing, he has to have felt and seen the improvement in the squad that I’ve seen in 09/10. If you wont acknowledge the improvement from 08/09 to 09/10 then I’ll have a hard time listening to your opinions, because it would be obvious that your ability to perceive whats happening on the pitch is so flawed that anything you might have to say regarding the club off the pitch is more or less useless

  352. Frank,

    once again, you’re resorting to namecalling – you must feel so tough, what a brute *faints* 😆

  353. Do You Know What You Would Get If You Only Saw What Fabregas ACTUALLY SAID HIMSELF?

    He says i want my future sorted out. Does that mean he wants to go to barcelona for definite? No! I wont believe a thing until i see it on, fuck the media, We Are Arsenal!!!!

    *cue releasing statement ‘fabregas leaves’* lol im kidding.

  354. SUGA i havent called you any names and would love a response

  355. Cesc has seen that Wenger is taking the club nowhere for the next five years with players like Almunia and Denilson on the payrol.

    The money realised from Cesc’s sale will only go to improve the wages of poor players like the sale of Toure and Adebayor did.

  356. Happy birthday Yogi. Why are you here and not out celebrating? I think Mrs YW was hinting earlier and you did not take the hint! You’ll only be crying later when that rolling pin hits you upside the head!

  357. NJG,

    Cesc can see that unless we add 5 players and get shot of dead weight, we will not win shit for the foreseeable future and mere balancing books for a bunch of diamond dealers is not something you want to do if you are one of the best footballers on the planet, yet nowhere near his prime…

    by the way, unless AW plays it right, we will lose Szczesny in the summer as well…

  358. Yes, because, for example, the sale of Toure didn’t play any part at all in getting Vermaelen. You are a genius, Adam. Why don’t you go and have a try @ managing Arsenal? Just pop in your Footie Manager disc, you know how easy it is 😉

  359. plus ZAP he “said” all that in Spanish, and we then had it translated. not facetiously at all, no no no, theres no way the papers would translate a statement to sensationalize it for their own headlines. that would be borderline libelous.

    i thought you all in the UK had some of the toughest slander/libel laws in the world?

  360. In the big games this season, certain players have fucked up, and their mistakes alone have cost us dear. Almunia in all of them, Cliche and Denilson in the chelsea and man u games. I think it just shows you how tough this league is. One player has one bad moment, it costs you a goal and the match. And a season’s worth of abuse from the arsenal ”fans” Yeah thats right im looking in the general direction of Siga3 and le grove(most of them)..

  361. I Just went out side the Armoury, And its so cold. Freeeezing.

  362. Zap,

    an organisation as big as Arsenal cannot live in a bubble but has to communicate, simple as…


    yes, we improved compared to 08/09, but we would be miles better if we kept Hleb and Flamini…

    so what I am supposed to be happy about, that Denilson was a bit better this season after AW made him a DM and he was pants in the last? come on…

  363. ohhhhhhh SUGA my bad i TOTALLY forgot that you and Cesc were best pals and that you guys had an indepth conversation on how he thinks we best need to improve the team. Thats probably where you got that diamond dealers line, that Cesc is so witty!! Even if you didnt talk to him, you obviously have plenty of insight on what the best football players in the world want!

  364. Why Does everyone presume doomers play football manager?

  365. The latest accounts of the Premier League’s clubs

    The healthy, the sick and the subsidised: how England’s top teams’ finances stack up.

    wage bill:
    Chelsea: 167 million (3% down from previous year)
    ManU: 123 million (1.7% up from previous year)
    Arsenal: 104 million (3% up from previous year)
    Liverpool: 103 million (14% up from previous year)

  366. Ole,

    You like going in circles don’t you. You started by saying 3 CBs was not too light. Now you’re saying they are 7.

    You really are something.

  367. I’m not usually interested in other clubs OOU, but that article you linked to was interesting. If AW was saying that the media would be jumping all over it. We’re supposed to ‘splash the cash’ so the papers have something to write about, but he’s allowed to get away with not spending his £80m windfall with nary a word said against him? But I suppose when you have the referees in your pocket, you don’t need to invest in the team.


    It’s difficult to see the trolls from the woods here.

    SUGA3 ? A troll ? Maybe

    Henristic… are you from Le Grove ?

    Adam –> James

  369. Happy Birthday YW!

    Bit confused about the date though, is your birthday on May 19th or 20th? Wondering if we share the same birthday. (mine is on the 20th and it’s already the 20th here in India)

  370. @Zap
    Because they somehow always seem to suggest that we buy players that are “good” on Footie Manager.

  371. So, we increased the contracts of 17 our players, gave them new long-term contracts…and all in all our wage bill has only risen by 3%??? What a feat!

  372. Hi, Passenal. There’s more here:

    Thing is, did you see Smalling at the Emirates? I know AW tried to sign him – at least I think he did – but that guy looks awful. He’s not premier league ready. Not buy a long shot, and ManU shelled out the same amount that we paid for Vermaelen.

  373. no Evil its not! we should be outraged AW didnt spend OUR money on new players. Preferably Carlton Cole, Scott PArker, and a CB with some true english grit! You talk about AW like he’s done a lot with a little, I think oyu need to take off your blinders and see what this awful Frog has done to Arsenal

  374. …by a long shot…!

  375. hopefully my last comment to SUGA has seen him off

  376. My advise to lovers of foreign players. They will come here, get better and run off all the way to the bank.

    We should be serious bringing through English players.

  377. Haha Muppet, very funny

  378. If any of these journalists were worthy of the name, you’d think they might do some investigating into the spuds finances. Their accounts are hidden in the Virgin Islands and I don’t think that can be right. How do we know they are not funded via money laundering? There’s got to be a story there somewhere?

  379. NJG,

    nope, I am still here – you will have to do a lot ‘wittier’ than that 😆

  380. Zap,

    fuck me, this is not a charity, they are highly paid professionals, some of them are just not good enough, however, it’s not their fault that they are asked to play above their limited ability…

  381. I think SUGA3, Henristic and Adam could be the same blogger.

  382. sooooo Suga youll acknowledge how belligerent it is to claim to know how Cesc thinks the team needs to be improved? and that you in fact have ZERO insight, just as much as i do, on what the best football players in the world want?

  383. NJ, please don’t feed the trolls.

  384. OK. Back now. What is ‘name-calling’, SUGA3?

  385. I agree with you re Smalling OOU – I also saw him play against WHU at Craven Cottage and he was just as bad against a poor team. I did wonder at the time if Arsene was just being mischievous?

    As for Villa, despite Frank’s season long campaign, I never saw him as the type to leave the comforts of home. Valencia have needed the money for a while yet they never cashed in when the PL big boys were splashing the cash.

    I will also be most interested to see what chelski will do. They are being linked with Aguero and other big names, but unless Abramovich coughs up, surely they have to sell to buy and I really don’t see many of their players attracting big money despite their recent trophies.

  386. NJG,

    it is clear for everyone to see where this team needs improvement:

    – our GKs are beyond joke
    – we need to buy 2 big & ugly CBs, provided that WG and MS both leave
    – we need a big & ugly DM
    – a winger


    so far, you have contributed fuck all to the discussion, apart from calling me troll twice – go fuck yourself…

  387. OK I admit failure on the Villa front….I am a novice at this buying players lark. Villa was my first attempt. Completely fucking useless. Probably becuase I don’t play these Player Handjob games.

  388. Frank,

    here is an example:

    ‘Frank you are a bit thick’

  389. Oh I see…I am not allowed to call you names, SUGA3. But you are allowed to call others names. AND you are allowed to malign the players too. So really this is a one way thing is it?

  390. I quite possibly am a bit thick, SUGA3. But there is still a piece of logic in your version of the Cesc saga which you have singularly failed to see.

  391. *examples do not necessarily represent the views held bu SUGA3

    oh please mate, you called me a cunt and thick, so I gave you an example, ffs…

  392. I am not your mate

  393. and thank fuck for that…

  394. If he was going to leave Spain, I think Arsenal is the sort of team he would come to, especially given the chance to link up with Cesc. But when he was of an age to be a good long term investment, we did not have the money to spend. Now that he is 28 and probably a settled family man, he might feel the disruption is not worth it since he has a chance to play for one of the top two in Spain.

    P.S. don’t give up on the player campaign trail Frank, you might strike gold with the next one, after all that is how the media do it. Throw enough names around a bit like a monkey with a typewriter!

  395. We just need to buy one CB, and one CB will be bought. (if Gallas leaves. If he stays, 0 will be bought and 0 will be needed.)

  396. Passenal,
    Tottenham are backed by joe lewis who is a very rich man in his own right so they are up to nowt dodgy unfortunatley 🙂 Give Harry 3 years tho and he will waste his billions he will next be seen selling the big issue !

    Yogi, Happy bday and I see your coming round to my way of thinking regarding the PR and Board members 😉

    Frank, Now didn’t we have a little chat last night about you calling people names its not big or clever and makes you out to be a complete oddball I’ll tell you for the last time people don’t think your a big hard man by you abusing peoples opinions in fact they probably think your a sad little boy being all brave behind a keyboard and computer screen,

  397. Sorry, SUGA3, it was intended to be entirely derogatory. But I do also think that you are a bit thick and have a tendency to behave like a cunt.

  398. Funny how the doomers are only too ready to throw abusive names around, but the minute they get called out they run crying to their mates. The other thing I’ve noticed is how they always post in packs. Next time AIC appears, take note of who also posts right around the same time and then crawls back under their stones again. It’s quite enlightening once you see the pattern.

  399. …thanks for telling me what other people think, Chippy. What do you think I am? Oh sorry that was the last time so I guess you cannot answer.

  400. Since you know so much about him Chippy, how did he make his money?

  401. SUGA,

    so you really do think that you know how Cesc thinks the team needs to be improved. That is fascinating. How much time do you spend watching the team training or hang out in the dressing room? I know it sounds like im being sarcastic, but I really am curious how you could actually think that you know what Cesc and presumably other players want to have happen in the offseason.

    To some it might seem stupid to pursue this line of logic, but I’m trying to point out to you Suga, using some Socratic dialogue, that supporters, or in your case fans, often think they know exactly what is right for the team, wrong for the team, what the players want, etc. I’VE GOT NEWS YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT CESC OR ANYONE ELSE IS THINKING.

  402. Frank,

    one tends to call people names using features of own personality one hates and tries to hide – ergo, you are a thick cunt 😉

  403. There you go again, SUGA3. You just made that up…or did they teach you that on the GCSE PR course?

  404. Cesc openly said in the winter that squad needed additions, yet AW did nothing…

    Cesc said that his future will be decided before WC, AW said he will sign players before WC – coincidence?

  405. SUGA would love for you to provide a link with that quote

  406. Frank,

    now I also know that you are uneducated 😉

  407. When I was a young lad I encountered two louts, a little older than me. They were picking on a lad who had lost his leg in a car accident. Called him ‘peg leg’, ‘pogo-stick’ that sort of thing. Of course I smacked them both quite hard and off they ran.

    I feel a bit guilty now though. Had I realised that deep down inside they were secretly hating the one-legged version of themselves I might have gone easier on them.

  408. The off season is so much fun.

  409. On a slightly different note but one which simply underlines the fact that you are a thick cunt, SUGA3, the Barcelona blog sites are really embarassed by this episode.

  410. It dissapoints me to see that some Arsenal fans turn their back´s on players that have even put THIS CLUB before COUNTRY.. Thats exactly what Cesc did when he nailed that penalty against Barca, pain didnt matter, injury did not matter, all that mattered to him was to ensure that it would go in..

    We have had the privilege of having Cesc for 5 years, our team has given him everything and i feel that he has been reciprocal in every possible aspect.

    As much as i hate to see him go, i feel that it would be selfish (of us/Arsenal) to hold him back or worse, stab him in the back.

    Remember Arsenals policy on transfer rumours and other news?? Its only official if its mentioned at the clubs website right?, well Barcelona does it very much the same way and they do mention negotiations for Cesc.. They also hint Titi´s exit from the club by saying that he has much acceptance in the MLS of the U.S..

  411. Utter rubbish

  412. Earth is flat…


    I’m off, Happy Birthday again, YW!

  413. Chippy..Carpenter? Fast food outlet person? Perky person? Naaah not perky. That would be Chipper. So Carpenter or Fast food outlet? Not sure. Need more evidence.

  414. “Cesc openly said in the winter that squad needed additions, yet AW did nothing…”

    You want Wenger to be led by a 22 year old demands?

    Wenger is leading a club with over 100 years of history, he was never led by the greats like Adams, TH14, Bergkamp, or PV4…he certainly won’t be lead by a 22 year old that he made a star.

    These kind on comments show that whoever says it has no personality or even a little mind.

  415. Passenal,
    I’m not really sure I think banking had alot to do with his fortune, I remember Reading an article in the times saying he lost a couple of billion when the markets crashed but that still left him plenty and like most money men they soon made the losses back, I was the same could never work out how they spent money like they did but that’s one of the main reasons and beleive it or not they are not badly run but as I say old Twitchy will soon put a stop to that 🙂

  416. Exactly G4E.

    Thank god for this blog.

    A shelter from dommeradom.

  417. And yes, Happy Birthday Yogi’s Warrior….and many many happy returns.

  418. G4E,

    well, fuck me, you cannot expect a player of this quality and with massive heart play surrounded by substandard players and risk having his legs broken for nothing…

    AW’s plan does not work, does it? he could do well to listen to some good advice…

  419. Ah you can’t resist can you, SUGA3? One last swipe at AW.

  420. Frank,

    I have nothing but respect for the big man, seriously, but he is not beyond criticism…

    I don’t want him to go, I want him to adjust, that’s all…

  421. Never mind, your mate Chippy will carry the candle for you whilst you get some well-earned rest. Night night, cunt.

  422. It’s all gone very quiet on the transfer front.

  423. From who? You?

    You ignore the fact that Wenger had no money and even if he had 30 million, that’s the price of one Superstar and not the many you want to surround Fabregas with.

    This is not Wenger’s fault, and if it was not for Wenger’s name…Fabregas would’ve never came to Arsenal in the first place with all due respect to Arsenal.

  424. fuck you sideways too Frank – nite…

  425. ahhh SUGA so no link eh?? what a surprise

  426. G4E,

    keeping Hleb and Flam would not cost too much and we’d be better off by a mile, simples…

    Senderos is another victim of shit man management and favouritism – perfectly good CB, monster of a player for Switzerland, part of watertight CL 2006 back four…

    so he got shat on by Torres and Drogba – name me these who didn’t…


  427. NJG,

    I can’t be arsed to look for a fucking link with quotes from Dec/Jan, sorry…

  428. Too busy jerking off SUGA3 ?

  429. yes Muppet, on your mum’s tits…


  430. Wasn’t Hleb the one who went on an Ice Cream ride with a barca agent or something like that?

    Why would Wenger care to keep a player who whored himself out to Barca and then cried later when they flicked him off?

  431. SUGA3, you are such a fucking arsehole it is beyond belief. Toodle off back to Le Grove.

  432. Did Senderos not ask to leave the club?

    Shall we send an emissary to Troll HQ so they send us trolls that at least have any kind of command of the facts?

  433. The attack on Wenger by Le Groan dwellers is identical to that of a Spuds fan.

  434. It’s hysterical and incoherent garble G4E.

    Oh and many of them are worse than spuds.

  435. Do you happen to know whether those are ‘loans’ or ‘gifts’ chippy? The point is that Joe Lewis can hide his money where he likes, but with the UEFA fair play rules surely a football club cannot hide it’s finances in a tax haven or they have an unfair advantage over other clubs who have to openly publish their accounts. If the spuds are allowed to do it, why aren’t chelski and manure hiding their debt in offshore accounts?

  436. G4E,
    Think it was Inter he meet the day before we played AC Milan in the champs league, classy that and I agree wouldn’t want him getting anywhere near an Arsenal shirt again disrespectful arsehole,

    Frank, Carry his candle ?not at all I’m sure he can speak for himself, I just find it quite sad but funny at the same time how you call people cunts from behind a computer.

  437. I guess we just have to keep calling them on it Ole G. and let every one know that they don’t represent any of Arsenal fans.

    That’s the downside of the internet, people can hide their real identity behind fake IDs and protected by privacy laws.

    I bet that Geoff also runs a real Spud blog somewhere.

  438. Sid Lowe’s on the case now. A lot of high profile journalists are staking their reps on this one.

  439. Thanks Chippy, I remember now it was Inter.

  440. I call people cunts when I am not on a computer too, Chippy. You may have noticed that this particular medium is…a computing one. It is the medium we find ourselves in at this present moment.

  441. Exactly G4E. If you read Tony Attwoods column he mentions that there were about 50 negative posts all stemming from about 3 IP addresses.

  442. damn shit is getting agressive on here today

  443. Passenal,
    Over my head I’m afraid I wouldn’t have a scooby on things like that all I know he’s the money man at the club, As I say tho by all accounts they are pretty well run, Will be funny tho if this new ground of theirs starts to become a reality they will more likely do a Southampton or Coventry rather than an us!

  444. i have to admit, I am flustered for the first time about Cesc and these barca rumours

    ive never once given any real validity to them, but the papers are taking this further than they ever have before.

    any chance we will see an arsenal lawsuit out of this? if i was wenger or cesc, id want to teach the fucking papers a lesson. they have to deal with so much shit. ridiculous

    im off to look up the specifics of uefas tapping up rules

  445. The Gruaniad is a rag these days. Especially the sports section. They are now quoting the Daily Wail..who ran an almost word for word story but that the deal had stalled becuase Yaya Toure did not want to come to Arsenal. No mention of course that AW would rather stick pins in his eyes than have Yafuckingya Toure at the club.

    You couldn’t make it up…well actually they did but…well

  446. Passenal,

    Tottenham are funded by Joe Lewis:

    What this bit leaves out (or it may be in there, I can’t be arsed to read it properly) is that he fell foul of Uefa rules over owning more than one club at a time which meant some years ago, two Greek / Czech (I think) clubs were dumped from their portfolio as they were in the Uefa Cup in the same season.

    IIRC, he also at some point via ENIC, had his fingers in the Rangers pie.


  447. OneofUs – what’s with the scary photo ? Looks like something out of a Le Carré book

  448. G4E @ 8.34pm

    The quote is the line being peddled by Graham Hunter. He is the only one I have seen lay claim to that conversation. According to Hunter, it took place immediately after the Fulham game.

    Whether it did or not, we will probably never know.


  449. Passenal @7.37pm

    Nah, Mrs YW doesn’t need a rolling pin to scare the living bejesus out of people. Very quick right hook, I will say…


  450. Passenal,

    Like a lot of Americans, the Glazers have their companies incorporated in Delaware. The financial reporting regulations there make offshore havens look like open books.


  451. But how come they’re all so convinced? What do they know?

    I don’t get it. It’s like the hacks are trying to bring some mystique back to their work in this era of press release churning. They’re using sources dammit, it’s not right!

    The pic is Ed Wood, Muppet. The king of crap films!

  452. Ahh…. thanks OneOfUs.

  453. I’m sure you do Frank, See my problem with that is that it’s always the mouthy abusive ones that are in fact the cowards if I’m wrong I apologise but I very much doubt I am,

    Anyway till tomorrow, Oh and unless you were being ironic if you have no idea of why I’d go by the name chippy you really ain’t clued up on Arsenal are you !

  454. I think it all hinges on what Balague actually said. He said that he had spoken to Fabregas personally who told him of his intention to meet with Wenger and request the transfer to Barcelona.

    Now, in all seriousness, one cannot imagine Balague saying that unless it was true. As his professional reputation and credibility would be in question.

  455. Muppet

    If he had spoken to Fabregas, there is a sensationalist slant being put on it, words may be twisted, intonations forgotten when posting his piece.

    Ballague has his agenda to attract attention and there are numerous ‘get-outs’ in his piece, such as the price not being agreed, whereby he can ‘protect’ his professional reputation.


  456. I was leaning towards that interpretation YW, but then the risk was that Cesc could very plainly say he had not spoken to Balague.

    That would have been a heavy blow to his credibility. I magine of Cesc had gone on ATVO yesterday and said, I never spoke with Balague?

  457. YW,

    But it wasn’t just a piece he wrote, he appeared on Talk Shite at 4pm yesterday, which I had the misfortune to listen to. Then he was in the Sky studio at 6. At 4pm he said that he had spoken to Cesc who had informed him of his intentions. But, again, we don’t know anything about the meeting that took place. Balague claims that Fabregas flew back to Barca after the meeting, but a lot of people were saying that Wenger wasn’t even in the country.

    But I agree with you absolutely. These are not hard facts. He could have gone to Wenger and said I want to leave, and Wenger could have just turned around and said “No. Not yet son. You are under contract.”. Balague would not know anything about that conversation.

    And I think what Graham Hunter is saying is pure speculative bollocks.

  458. Ole

    Football is a game of Machivellian machinations. I doubt any player would target one journalist unless there was a personal grudge. Don’t forget that the players and their agents use the media as much as the clubs do – a useful avenue for keeping doors open for the future, etc.

    I’m not saying that this has happened in this instance but it goes on.


  459. Transition has to end
    Wenger has to spend
    If he doesn’t we are potless

  460. Why do people keep calling me a coward, and running off?

  461. YW,

    Well, no doubt, credibility is not an indispensable trait for football hackery.

    Most of them are right wankers…really slimy types.

    Still, it would be a big big claim to invent a phone call.

    On the other hand, the phone call could have happened but not have been about Arsenal at all.

    What I have no doubt of whatsoever is that Balague is working directly for Barcelona in this issue.

    Last week he said the Cesc deal had been done. Now he acknowledges Barca haven’t even turned in a bid, and the deal might not happen due to a substantial difference in the valuation of the player.

    From the way he talked on talkspite, he was clearly chilling for Barca

  462. Poor Liam

  463. I wonder how many of the Barca players wanted out in their dry years. I seems illogical that after putting in years of effort and seeing the silver lining just around the horizon one would just walk away.
    Cesc is not an automatic choice in that midfield and he knows this.
    With us he knows our closest rivals are fading and we have great chance in the coming years.
    On a side note, eight years back a young FL (24)and JT (22) could not keep up with Wiltord, Parlour, Vieria, Freddie in the cup final.Today in their prime they are breaking records. Did they also want out? Not surprisingly, the chavs have not finished below 6th in over a decade but no lower than 3rd in the past 6. Cesc knows we have not reached our peak.
    When he does leave in 4 years he will approach his peak years.

  464. I think you will drive yourself insane trying to unravel the various communications and non-communications, OG.

    There is simply no real information available.

    As far as AFC are concerned Cesc is contracted until 2015…others can speculate as they wish but that is a cold fact. If they have received no communication from Barcelona then why would they comment? Except to say just that.

    The apparent meetings between Cesc and AW about Cesc’s intentions are hearsay.

    Several hacks have fulfilled their quota of column inches with very little effort. Barcelona have succeeded in destabilising Arsenal fans or at least some of them…if not the club. Arsenal have heard nothing that interests them. Cesc is either comfortable with his future at Arsenal in which case no need to comment…or he wants to leave but is finding it difficult in which case he deserves to be hung drawn and quartered by Arsenal…I doubt the latter case.

  465. Queen of Suburbia

    Are we still playing AKB’s vs Doomers?

  466. Presumably you mean you are neither, QoS?

  467. Queen of Suburbia

    Is it just me, but if you were an average spanish football journalist, might it be a good idea to move to another country and pass yourself off as the man in the know about Spanish football matters?

  468. This is a whole lot of bull regarding Cesc. I dont blame Arsenal for not saying anything, what the hell for especially if Cesc is staying. If he goes Arsenal should put a price tag on him that is huge and not be willing to negotiate unless Barca offer more money. If Ronaldo is worth 100mil, Cesc is atleast 60-70mil.

  469. Queen of Suburbia

    I try not to define myself by my feelings about Arsenal Frank.

  470. With or without Cesc Arsenal will go onto to be great for years to come.

    Yu betta know!

  471. Oh I see. Sorry, QoS.

  472. Queen of Suburbia

    Don’t be sorry, you know I forgive you most things Frank.

  473. Well thank you, QoS

  474. QofS: I’ve really tried to resist but I may have just joined the doomer side. Sid Lowe has weighed in and risked his reputation by providing timelines for the CF4’s transfer.

  475. It took you over 20 minutes to come back with the correct answer have fun researching did we 🙂

    Right I’m defo of this time have fun calling me names Frank show everyone how big and clever you are nighty night,

    They should make it an Olympic sport in the Red corner fighting out of ACLF we have AKBs in the White corner fighting straight ot of LG we have the doomers lol

  476. Trouble is Sid Lowe, who is a no hope chancer, copied it from the Daily Wail…where it was published this morning with the Yafuckingya Toure barrier.

  477. You just can’t keep up can you, Chippy?

  478. In Olympic boxing the corners are red or blue. I learned that when I first started boxing about a hundred years ago. Keep up, son.

  479. The spiteful, self obsessed club, Barcelona, are so jealous of Inter Milan after their semi-final defeat that they are trying to deflect attention from the Eurothingy Final by spreading scurrilous rumours about their intended acquisition of other teams players.

    They simply cannot bear the fact that they are at best the third team in Europe and maybe the fourth. They are trying to mollify their fans by demonstrating that they are the biggest cocks in town with their ability to fuck any other club senseless.

    Trouble is we don’t believe it, Barcelona. You have lost your sparkle.

  480. These hacks have no ‘reputations’ to stake. They get you coming and going, by posting both possibilities and if they turn out to be wrong, they never admit it. There are no actual quotes and a lot of ‘understoods’, and ‘led to believes’, which provide a convenient ‘get out of jail free’ card whatever the outcome.

  481. You dancing, Passenal?

  482. You asking Frank?

  483. I’m asking, Passenal

  484. Then I’m dancing Frank!

  485. You are a star, Passenal

  486. Who plays in Red and White Frank ? keep up old bean !! Oh so now your an ex boxer that’s over a hundred years old,computers hey you can be anyone and anything lol, toddle pip

  487. Chippy, you keep saying you’re going and then you keep coming back again. I think you can’t keep away from Frank!

  488. What are the colours of the corners in Olympic Boxing, Chippy? You ruined your metaphor by using ‘Olymoic’ boxing. Boxing would have done fine then you could use Red and White corners. Except of course that most doomers are not Arsenal fans…

    Yes boxing at school and just after and no I am not a hundred years old, it is an English turn of phrase…

    Now excuse me I am dancing with a lady.

  489. Queen of Suburbia

    If Barca have agreed terms and wages with Cesc’s representatves would that not constitute clear tapping up in breach of UEFA regulations?

    Furthermore would it not also put Cesc in breach of his contract and UEFA regulations?

    Perhaps UEFA should be asked in investigate this allegation made in a respected National newspaper?

  490. UEFA and Barcelona are joined at the hip are they not, QoS?

  491. Queen of Suburbia

    I think they have a responsibility to enforce their own laws Frank.

    These are very serious allegations being made by Mr Lowe don’t you think?

  492. I have never forgotten the final in Paris a couple of years or so ago. When we arrived it was almost as though there was only one team playing.The colours, the music, the announcements..French and Spanish. All Barcelona. We so nearly gave the bastards what they deserved that day. Barcelona over the last decade or so are a very ugly caricature of the original club.

  493. Sorry out of sync. Yes I agree and as a Real Madrid man he probably has a vested interest in exposing Barcelona. Real Madrid are as bad of course. Though at least they make no bones about their Fascist origins….no excuse of course.

  494. QoS, it really depends if Arsenal already agreed or not.

  495. Queen of Suburbia

    I have no particular axe to grind with Barca. I dislike them no more or no less than any other team that isn’t Arsenal.

    I’m just concerned that Mr Lowe appears to have evidence of wrongdoing enough that he’s gone into print with it.

    At the very least somebody should make FC Barcelona aware that they are being libeled?

    Is it libel or slander, i can never remember which?

  496. The point is that UEFA and FIA are so palpably biased and so obviously political…and the English FA is so incompetent. But not one of the hacks here or in Spain sees this as a story. Instead they just indulge in lazy, sluggish bating of clubs like Arsenal. Collaboration is the word for this stuff…an ugly word, and an ugly practice.

  497. Queen of Suburbia

    G4E the article seems to indicate that Arsenal have not agreed a fee for their contracted player!

  498. Libel print, slander oral

  499. If they had we would be in a different place, QoS.

  500. Queen of Suburbia

    I wonder if FC Barcelona would be interested in pursuing a claim for libel?

  501. Then they should be punished, but we all know it won’t happen.

    Although, we have to consider that we will kick Barca in the teeth twice. We got Cesc for nothing from under their noses, then we will sell him back to them for a good fee.

    We are still winning…Some people say Wenger is God, I say he’s the Devil 🙂

  502. Where has my dance partner gone? I go off to get the drinks and she has gone. Granted I spill a lot because I have one leg shorter than the other…and it can be embarassing. This keeps happening to me. Must try harder.

  503. Queen of Suburbia

    It just seems to me that somebody is in the wrong here?

    Either the story is correct and Cesc and Barca have infringed the rules and should be punished


    Mr Lowe is guilty of libel and should be punished.

  504. To what end?

  505. Queen of Suburbia

    The the truth will out Frank.

    Whoever has broken the rules here should be accountable.

  506. Queen of Suburbia

    But mostly to stop some idiotic hack, making up any old bollocks and passing it off as fact in a daily newspaper.

  507. Even if libel is proven and I doubt whether the laws of libel are strong in Spain, then the usual outcome is that the plaintiff is awarded costs roughly equating to the damages caused. So how do you assess the damages? Also I think that libel only works against the person…not an institution. Presumably there is a lawyer or two on here from time to time?

  508. G4E

    Not according to the Daily Wail. Apparently, the transfer fee is £80m. Well, it would be if there were a transfer ongoing.


    Barcelona talking to Cesc’s agent is apparently not tapping up unless he is present at those discussions. Which is why Chelsea were caught out over Cole.


  509. Queen of Suburbia

    I imagine that Barca would be happy with a retraction Frank.

  510. Seems to me that the people who have been wronged are Arsenal fans….and there lies the rub. Arseholes like Sid Lowe know this. His audience is all of footballdom excluding Arsenal fans on this one. Probably a billion or more people to target for hits.

  511. Passenal had it right. The hacks just produce anything that will be read..truth, fact, quality, exposure, risk…naaah. Very, very poor stuff and getting worse by the day.

  512. Hey 80 million would be great YW 🙂

    (As you said if there was a transfer ongoing)

    That’s like %23 of the Emirates price tag.

    It would be even nicer if Real Madrid starts a bidding war with Barca even though Cesc would not join them.

  513. Well YWmas is almost over. Happy Birthday again, YW.

  514. Boxing day tomorrow. I hope!

  515. You know what, Barca. Fine, if Cesc wants to go, have him. But we’ll have Iniesta and Pique in exchange. Deal?

    What do you mean, no? Oh. Alright then, cash up front. Let’s say £60m.

    What do you mean you can’t afford him?

    I look forward to a press conference in which Arsene says “Yes, Barcelona contacted us about Fabregas, but they could not afford him. It is very sad for them.”

  516. Well here we are at this YWmas time …Boxing Day. Minutes old and Martin Samuels has proved himself a cunt already witha piece so full of holes it could have been shot by one of David Cameron’s mates.

  517. What is really difficult to bear is the pure hatred that virtually every hack has for Arsenal and particularly Arsene Wenger. Where the fuck do these people come from?

  518. You might expect the English media to rail against the Spanish meida on this issue. But no. The common enemey of Spanish AND English hacks is Arsenal in this story.


    If you see an English football journalist…

  519. It would be even Nacer if Real Madrid starts a bidding war with Barca……
    Good night.

  520. From an Arsenal fan to a Spuds fan:

    “Totnumfan, must be nice living safe in the knowledge that you’ll never have to wake up to anyone of Europes elite sniffing round any of your players!
    0 0 10:47PM, May 19, 2010Boylovesarsenal”

    I like it 🙂

  521. Just read the totally re-hashed shitty non-article by Sid Lowe and also noticed that all the Journos are leaping head first into the murky waters of the Fabregas transfer-to-be. They all have inside information it seems. That moron Graham Hunter with designer-bearded weirdo Ballague alongside seem to be claiming that Cesc has been in touch and told them intimate details of his “emotional meeting” with Wenger. Even the once balanced Martin Samuel has come over all literary with his assessment which basically says that without Fabregas there is no Wenger and without Wenger there is no Arsenal. I say that Gazidis should hold out for at least £60 million from those Catalunyan pikeys who paid nearly that for big-mouth wally Ibrahimovich (what a success he’s been) and that they should remember the value that they got from Overmars, Petit, Henry and Hleb. Let them send some greasy shiny-suited arse licker over to do the deal because if Cesc wants to go then he must be sold. In fact let them bid against Man City who will probably pay £25 million for Milner making Cesc worth about £100 million to them.

  522. Good one Adam.

  523. 1 loose cannon

    I do not give a shit how Barcelona play their football they have no class or decency the way they behaved over fabregas, They disrespected this great club of ours many times in the past and they are still doing so. How do we deal with these scum bags? Its very clear to me now what has happened while Fabregas was in Spain, I have no doubt they have made contact with him which is illegal unfortunately we can’t provide evidence to sue their ass. Wenger must be absolutely livid at what is happening to his player at the hands of these suckers from Barcelona, They pushed him to go public and the whole Adventura interview was a set up in the hope Arsenal would give in to their pursuit of fabregas. I really had enough of the 2 Spanish clubs and their arrogant behaviour.

  524. Barcelona are a nasty pile of shite. Not worth looking at.

  525. Agreed. Fuck Barcelona.

  526. Fuck off Martin Samuel.

  527. Cesc had better go to Barcelona this summer otherwise the reputations of a number of hacks including John Cross, Sid Lowe, Martin Samuel, Guillem Balague, are in the balance.

  528. Its a shame that Sunday Supplement isn’t a phone-in show.

    I’d like to ask them how they plan on earning a living with no credibility?

  529. Does AW have any public appearances coming up? Castrol or something?

    The hacks in question are all on twitter and having a great time doing annoying finger-to-nose-tappy stuff whenever anyone asks them for substance. It’s like a protest against years of stereotyping and abuse.

  530. I really want to fast forward to August and just have a sneaky look at our team sheet for the first game of the season.

  531. I am a big arsenal fan and believe wenger will come up with the goods eventually and when we do finally win something we will be unstopable, but for those of you who are saying you would happily let cesc go based on him saying he would love to play for barca 1 day is disrespectful towards cesc an what he has done for the club in the last few years, how would you feel if you were cesc and you were hearing all these comment from arsenal fans about how they would happily let him go, especially if he knows his heart is set on playing for arsenal for the next 2 or 3 years, it just shows how much loyalty some arsenal fans have got towards there players and it makes me sick, i dont believe he is going anywhere this season, maybe next season or the season after that, but i believe cesc will give wenger the chance to buy in some new players for this coming season and for him to really give cesc a chance at premier league glory befor he parts with us.

  532. Following on from OOU’s question regarding any Arsene public appearances, is he going to be a world cup pundit for French TV again this year?

  533. Seems Barcelona are baulking at paying £50m+ for Cesc but their mum’s have given them enough pocket money to pay £70m for Fernando Torres.

    Yea Gods, the media must really be bored.

    New Post Up.


  534. What have we here?
    A statement from Barcelona that says Cesc wants to go to Barca at some unspecified date (Cesc has never hidden this, while stating he is a committed Arsenal player), a claim by a football writer that he spoke to Cesc who indicated essentially the same thing but with new dates, and a statement from Arsenal that no offer has been solicited or received for the player.

    Here’s my interpretation: Barcelona have motivated both the journalists claim (very carefully crafted for immediate retreat and denial) and simulataneously issued a cleverly worded statement that could mean anything, but is essentially designed with enough meat on the bone to bait the press to fuel the speculation.

    Here’s why: Barcelona really do want Cesc, and realise the young man is under both peer and local fan pressure towards a Barca move. The only way to achieve their goal, given the Arsenal contract and transfer rules, is generally and secretly to reinforce the pressure, and the use of the media in this way is their primary strategy.

    It is a long term strategy they expect to come to fruition within 2 or 3 seasons. But if it happens now, fine, except they simply don’t have the money. It is not unlike scouting for a player over a number of years, but by dubious means.

    Realising the game, the last thing Arsenal will do is play it by issuing statements of denial. I would guess Cesc has been requested to do the same, so that what is left is the thin air of speculation.

    Or I could be wrong. My strong feeling is that Cesc does not want or intend to leave Arsenal without attainment of silverware, and is the first to realise that moving now would damage his career. The clue is his stable history.

  535. ZimPaul

    So Cesc will still be playing for us in 2020 then!!!!!!!

  536. Team for the 1st game of next season


    Sagna TV Sol Clichy

    Rosicky Nasri Song Diaby

    Bendtner Chamakh

    No Cesc gone to Barca,No RVP injuered at the world cup back in february

  537. “This is the problem with not having enough brits in our squad… look at giggs, scholes, neville, John Terry, Lampard et al… all at their clubs for 10 + years…we need to get Wilshere, Lansbury, Aneke, Afobe, Ramsey, Gibbs…. into the team and let them stay there for 15 years. None of them will want to join Barca, Milan, Real Madrid…”

    Unless they are good enough. That having been said how very right you are. Foreign players are mercenaries bought in. If they are on long contracts so much the better! They can be sold for more.

    Perhaps we should have a Brit for manager next time around – Arsene doesn’t seem to favour home grown talent unless it is in the very very long run.

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