Tempering Disappointment, Financial Dopes and Win A Stadium Tour

One thing I don’t think we have covered is the lack of depth at centre back….

Arsène canned his press conference, his voice worn down no doubt from telling the players where their mistakes have been made and how they have underperformed this past four weeks. Or perhaps it was from the constant questions posed by the media about his transfer plans.

One thing is for certain, the season’s end has left him visibly frustrated, often overlooked in the clamour to tell him how to do his job. Gesticulating wildly has been something which has become increasingly apparent over recent seasons, with touchline contretemps with opposing managers and fourth officials de rigeur for his matchday. Frustation borne, you sense, from his belief that the squad is the most talented under his reign yet has failed to realise its potential in terms of silverware.

That is no doubt emphasised by the battle for the title which goes down to the last game, a contest in which Arsenal should have been involved. Instead we find ourselves looking over our shoulders at the events that transpire not just at The Emirates but also at Turf Moor. Arsène congratulated Tottenham on their qualification for next season’s Champions League before adding the barb that  Arsenal do not celebrate such trivialities since it has been achieved for over a decade.

Tomorrow’s result might just lift some of the despondency surrounding the end of the season but only marginally. It will be a long summer unless he acts decisively and quickly in the transfer market. Chamakh has confirmed he will be joining Arsenal with the usual platitudes in a recent interview with Wenger stating that the deal will be officially announced once ‘all is clear‘, presumably meaning that both the French and English seasons have finished.

Until (an)other signing is made, he can expect to be abused, sorry constructively criticised for those who had out the abuse deny they are doing so, and told he does not know how to do his job.

Away from the pitch, the move towards an end of ‘financial doping‘ gather pace, supported by the news of stifling debt at Liverpool whilst the burden at Portsmouth is reacting like an appeal for Children in Need, increasing by the minute as the bonuses for the players who have reached the final of – not won – the FA Cup. Standing at £138m, it is a testament to the never-ending cycle of lunacy which afflicts club owners.

According to a report in this morning’s Guardian, the Premier League are so concerned about the state of affairs at Anfield that they have requested proof, not assurances, that next season’s fixtures can be fulfilled. Yet there is not a day goes by when impolite requests are made for Arsène to spend £35m on this forward or £25m on that midfielder. The lunacy it seems, is not the sole preserve of the boardroom.

Wenger wondered earlier in the week if the domestic market might deflate should Chelsea and Manchester Cuty look abroad. There is not much evidence of that happening. The assumption is that he is looking at English players which may be the case – Joe Cole is one mooted unconvincingly – but you have the impression that the paucity of technically gifted young natives will be the biggest stumbling blocks. Not a decisive factor but a critical one nonetheless.

Big lumps may do for some games on a cold Tuesday night in Bolton but there is more to it than that. Problematically for Wenger, Campbell’s form over the last month has emphasised the gap in mental attitude. He has handled the defeats which have ended the hunt for trophies rather more assertively than peers. They must recognise this and react positively. Starting tomorrow would be nice.

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’til Tomorrow.

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  1. Well look here

  2. I hope we get a good win tomorrow or it will be MML for me.

  3. I hope I have not upset Bigbrovar to much. 🙂

  4. @dupsffokcuf I hate u 😦

  5. Skywatchingmug

    The squad players have let him down. Maybe Arsène is showing the strain of defending good players that have failed to show there talents that he knows they have.
    Starting tomorrow they need to with the help of the fans show what they can do.
    Win, lose or draw they need to show some Arsenal spirit or it’s going to be a long hot summer for Arsène and Arsenal Football Club from some sections of the media and a minority fans.

  6. Perspective is what is needed here. Arsenal are CL regulars. Yids celebrated 4th like they’d won the treble. In the media’s eyes they have had a wonderful season, whereas we are a complete disaster! This only tells you the expectations of both clubs.

    On the matter of players, it will be a farcical merry-go-round before, during and after the World Cup. I feel that we need to wrap up as many of our signings before, otherwise the fees will hit Citeh proportions.

    I have a bit of sorrow for AW, but essentially he has made his bed…As I have said in past days, I think that we should move the Earth to bring back David Dein – a fanatical fan whose main concern is Arsenal and success, not pleasing the board.

  7. I only have one question guys.

    Has anyone on this website ever had the good fortune of being kissed by a rose?

  8. i agree is lunacy in this fonancial climate to spend that kind of money; morally corrupt. Some like the Russian spend their money to buy residency and some respect with their questionable wealth. Others like the Arabs are spending their despotic wealth. That ,oney actually belongs to the people.

    Anyway, if we were to compare our season to those of MU, for them one week of Rooney-less and they lost both the Premiership and Champion’s League. How do we compare, if we were to loose Van Persie for just one week?

  9. I hear roses are very responsive to pruning.

  10. Paulie Walnuts

    I would like AW to can a few more press conferences & send Pat Rice or even Vic Akers out after matches. His words are almost always twisted negateively.

  11. dups, I think danny rose only kicked the ball once for us this season, anout time we had a bit of luck, and you know this

  12. Paulie walnuts, I always wandered, what is Pat Rice’s job at the Arsenal?

  13. AW should be sick more often , the press and many idiotic fans of ours should not even have the privilege of hearing the mans words.

  14. What is it with Spurs fans who love to have a wonder over to Arsenal blogs…?? Personally any fan that goes over to another site is a mug for me

  15. Skywatchingmug

    I wholeheartedly Agreee With Your Response.But The problem that is GoalKeeping.Cos I Personally Think That Fabianski And Almunia Should Be Offloaded.

  16. chrisgoona, have you ever been kissed by a rose?

  17. gooner2,

    Are you kidding me? Almunia and Fabiasnki must be kept at all cost and be the foundation of the Arsenal team for years to come, the team should be built around them.

  18. Queen of Suburbia

    I’m not sure it is lunacy to request a high quality signing in midfield or up front to cite your examples Yogi.

    Lunacy for Liverpool perhaps, but for Arsenal not. We can all see in the accounts that we have the money.

    Arsene has said he has money if he can identify a high quality signing, the board have said he has the money.

    Its not lunacy to invest heavily during times of relative prosperity. Investment is an important part of strategy.

  19. Miss Spelling alive and well in today’s comments.

  20. Reading the word ‘disappointment’ in the title made me think back over the season. Disappointed? On a few occasions yes. But those few occasions were entirely eclipsed by the good times, the nervous times and the exciting times. Perspective needed here I fancy.
    We have no right to a good performance never mind a trophy. We pay either through subscriptions to ATVO, Sky, official merchandise or at the turnstile and all we pay for is the team to go out and play matches from which we may or may not derive entertainment. I have been hugely entertained this season and frankly could puke over the mewling ingrates who feel they have a right to any more. You have no rights whatsoever. It equals your intelligence in terms of quota.
    How many teams in England? Is it over 90 still? And all but 2 would be delighted to trade places with us.
    Grow up you whining brats and think yourself lucky to be alive during these years of our clubs wonderful history.

  21. William

    The team will be Built Around with them or without Them.Cos Them Two Keeepers have Cost us Important matches.And I Think Its about time for both of them to get the Heck out My Team.Cos I think That we should buy that Lyon’s Number1

  22. I agree with Steww

  23. When I read Gooner2’s comments it always reminds me of this:

  24. gooner2. It isn’t your team. If you were a fan you would never under any circumstances ever publicly criticise any of our players. Go and read a ManU blog or a Sp*rs blog. It feels great when their fans slag off their own players and management. It really feels good. This is a public forum. Public – do you understand? You are publicly slagging a team you purport to support. The only people cheered and helped by this are opposition fans. The ones we hate.

  25. thank you dups. Looks like the asylum opened early today.

  26. Fuck off you cunt!

  27. Queen of Suburbia

    We are allowed to hope for those things though right Steww?

  28. That is 1st sentence you have typed quite well. Keep up the improvement.

  29. We are allowed to hope and believe anything we want QoS, of course, I only state my very humble opinion, others may and clearly do differ.
    I myself start every season in the full expectation of winning every trophy, unbeaten.
    I only do this because Arsene has proven that his teams can scale unbelievable heights.

  30. Paulie Walnuts

    Pat Rice is there to jolly the lads & put the bets on

  31. Skywatchingmug

    Why are you having a go at Pat Rice, ffs that’s not on.

  32. Steww well said.

    gooner2 is a lowlife punk, a COWARD who wouldn’t dare saying any of these comments in a room full of Arsenal fans. He would get kicked the shit out of, so my conclusion is hes a Spurs wankstain cun* or just a lowlife racist supporter who don’t like our French manager

  33. I think I will send YW an email about being told to ‘Fuck off’ by gooner2.

  34. That seems fair and reasonable to me Chris.

  35. clockendrider

    You can always tell when it’s Saturday because the blogs attract the pre-teens, care in the community types and general windowlickers.
    You know who you are……

  36. steww

    we have the ‘Arsene know bests’ on the left, we have the ‘Arsene’s lost it’ to the right and we have the ‘give him one more seasoners’ in the middle.And I Think I’m in the middle Like Malcolm.

  37. Afternoon all. Steww’s got it right.

    Wenger has propelled us (as supporters as well as a club) into the upper tier season after season, on a relative pittance. We don’t really have any right to be where we are, but we know that we’re going to be improving for years to come. The same can’t be said for any of these financially fucked clubs. A lot of them are going to have to take a step backwards before they progress.

    We’ll be celebrating soon, it’s getting closer every year since the invincibles’ ages got the better of them.

    Let’s nail Fulham tomorrow. Arsenal!

  38. Never once said Arsene knows best. I find it a clumsy expression too easily misrepresented. However he certainly knows more than you will ever learn. Ingrate.

  39. Well said geo. Nice to meet a fellow supporter.

  40. Queen of Suburbia

    I appreciate that it is entirely your view but i’m not sure I describe the role of blogs in the way you do steww…

    I don’t see any harm in intelligent discussion about Arsenal, good and bad. It’s not like we’re perfect. I agree that there are many that are incapable of forming a coherent discourse but the alternative you propose seems to suggest some sort of propaganda role , i very much doubt that any blog is all that important.

  41. This has to be seen to be believed.


    How can any team compete with that number out injured.

  42. money talks, cash is king and all that! That is what PL is about. If you cannot pay to get the big boys you will not win. So yeh maybe Arsenal will not win. We need a sugar dady.

    You can be as frustrated as you like. At the end of the day 50M is a puny transfare budget and it has to last for atlest all next season and maybe into the one after. It would be ill adviced to use it all on two “star” players.

    But that is the conditions wich Arsenal has to live with. And it is a fact wheter unhappy arsenal fans like it or not.

    THERE IS NOT MONEY TO BUY 10 NEW STARS! oh and Lloris wont be 8M neither will Subotic be 10M. Who ever invented those ridiculosley low prices has spent to much time at Tk Maxx…..

  43. No not really, QoS. Lets email and chat about how much player x pissed us off this weekend, but when we make a public utterance on a blog it’s like standing on the table of the pub in an Arsenal shirt and yelling “Arsenal are shit” to a room full of other Arsenal fans and a smattering of Spuds, Chavs and Mancs.
    We are supporters, ergo we support. Discussions about who we should buy are utterly without merit and tedious. No one here decides our transfer policies so no one has anything of any worth to impart. Likewise which of our players will make it and which aren’t good enough. Boring. Here-say and gossip.
    I’d rather talk to people who like me love the club and want the best for it. I don’t care if Joe Bloggs thinks Arsene should play Walcott on the left. If Marc Overmars thinks it, I listen. If Joe Bloggs thinks we should buy Peter Crouch – I don’t give a stuff. If Arsene buys him; I support him.
    It’s partisan and illogical. It is supposed to be.

  44. Queen of Suburbia

    £50m budget would be more than adequate wung.

    We don’t need 8 new players. For a start there would not be room in the squad of 25.

    There is something to be said for signing star players as well, if nothing else we underperform in terms of retail sales.

  45. wung – now explain how all the teams who have outspent us all these years keep finishing below us. Go on explain. Let me strap myself into the chair first.

  46. Queen of Suburbia

    Why is it supposed to be illogical? I would say more that its meant to be emotional.

    I very much doubt that 99.9% of the supporters of other clubs give a flying feck what is said on an Arsenal blog. They are too busy talking sh*t about their own players!

  47. We probably can afford and NEED one ‘super, super player’, not so we can ‘catch up’ or ‘prove ambition’ or anything like that. Just to be a better team.

    I hope QoS will realise though, that football has gone very far away from the fundamentals.

    Even Alex Ferguson now recognises that reality, saying a top player would probably now cost at least £50M. For context, that’s half of Arsenal’s wage bill, or half of how much the Emirates brings into the club in a year.

    With what players are paid these days, even a player bought for £15M with the right quality will cost £20M in his first year.

    That might not seem a lot, but when the people who want us to ‘spend big, or else’ also declare we need 5 or 6 players……

    Let’s be realistic please.

  48. steww

    Don’t be an Asshole like the rest of them.Cos I Think I am a nice Individual.But Don’t Be an Asshole or a Snitch like Dupps.

  49. steww,

    “mewling ingrates”… so true!

  50. HAHAHA ^^

  51. I am obsessed with…….I mean I agree with the Queen of Sub.

    Stewww dont stewwww.

  52. gooner2.
    Last time I respond to you or even acknowledge you.
    Dups is an Arsenal fan. Big difference.
    Don’t know really why I think it’s supposed to be. Maybe I should have said it’s always seemed to me to be that way. I don’t apply the standards with which I follow Arsenal to other parts of my life. I’m much more conciliatory elsewhere, apart from politics of course. And Jeremy Clarkson. I really fucking hate him.

  53. Banters a main component in the fun of football isnt it? Like you said yourself Stewww, all teams slate there own teams constantly and sometimes even boo at the ground, we are all the same really.

  54. Anyone who hates Jeremy Clarkson is OK by me.

  55. @steww I dont have to, just look around. PL is sadly not about reality, its about dreaming and doing crazy things in the name of passion!

    If you buy, even if you loose after, atleast you show you are the MAN and you show you have passion.

    But as i stated before, and as society proves over and over again. It is not really about sanity or reality. It is about being visible! Atlest if we spent 50M other clubs and players would take Arsenal serious! Wenger is all to “smart” for PL. he is not a man of the people. He cares to much about finances and not enough about passion. He never does irrational things just to get us the trophy. noo he always has to be the smart guy.
    Has to do the sensible thing instead of the average fan that remortgaes his loan every year to get some more…

    How can you expect the average fan to understad Le Professor? How can you expect the average fan to understand the economic and financial aspects of running a club? All they want is trophies and proof that the owners are passionate!

    They love their team, and want passionate people to prove they care. And if you spend money you prove you care. If you do not and talk about finances you are on a “different planet” and they do not manage to follow your argument.

    Simple people wan simple solutions. Spend money. Cash is king. We want new players….

  56. Steww I dont think you understand what football is supposed to be about, your comments dont sound like you’re describing a sport.

  57. Thank you wung. I see where you’re coming from and I agree that simple people want simple solutions.
    But even the meanest of minds can read a league table and see how we finish ahead of many clubs who spend big.

  58. What utter bollox that is wung.

    If we spent £200 million in the next year and then went into administration how many of your sort of fan would be left.

  59. Nobody is stopping anyone from commenting, QoS. No-one is stopping people criticising the club…and no-one is stopping people criticising those who criticise the club. What is your problem?

  60. Anyway , nice talking to the fans among you. I’m off to look at the peregrines in Bath. dupsffokcuf, I would happily give you my last gypsy cream if ever you popped round for tea.

  61. If Wung was prime minister, we would have a Wung parliment

  62. It’s nice and sunny here so I’m off to the beer garden.

  63. Frank, you just made all that up

  64. Thanks Steww, am rather partial to a gypsy cream.

  65. Queen of Suburbia

    Frank, i found stewws comment at 12:17 to be an interesting perspective and wanted to explore it further.

    Why do you ask what my problem is?

  66. I am concerned for you

  67. Where are Finsbury and L.A when you need them? They are funny them two

  68. Queen of Suburbia

    Not that i’m advocating it for one second, but if we spent £200m next year, we probably would not go into administration.

  69. Queen of Suburbia

    Really Frank? Why?

  70. so what are you saying stew? u have no opinion and basically will support anything that wenger does? fair enough I guess but that sounds like a bit pretty dull existance to me.

    It seems QOS is being pretty reserved with his/her comments yet is still being attacked. Pretty typical of this site, you treat anyone who doesn’t worship wenger like some kind of fucking idiot. its not all black and white and not everyone who wants improvement is some 15yr old doomer who demands 8 new signings. Why exaggerate to make a point?

    you may not respect everyones opinion as much as wengers but to to discount all but his is certainly ‘lunacy’.

  71. That sort of bloke

  72. I think alot of gooners have lost site of the fact that football is actually only a game. You guys make out like its some kind of character flaw to disagree about a football match, and you know this

  73. Oh maybe not next season, but in the following 5 seasons most probably.

    Though to be fair to your POV, QoS, Arsenal can handle more debt. We’ll be kicked out of Europe, our revenue will drop but if Man Utd can handle £700M debt, maybe we can handle half of it.

    There’ll be consequences. Dire consequences, but at least we’d have bought a whole lot of players.

  74. Ole, you’re old favourite Adebeyor was rubbish the other day, did he used to be off-side all the time when he played for Arsenal?

  75. am i not allowed an opinion frank?

    I dont actually think we need any new signing in midfield or attack yet I’m still classed in the same bracket as le grove types?

  76. You are, word.

  77. Word, word.

  78. Queen of Suburbia

    I think you may have misunderstood my point of view Ole. Because the one you’ve just presented bears no relation to my point of view.

    I don’t advocate going into (more) debt to purchase players, i advocate using profits which we do currently generate and have banked (from what i can see in the accounts) to within reason, invest in kickstarting an underperforming revenue arm of Arsenal.

    I was merely citing that i thought the contention that were we to spend £200m we’d go into administration was incorrect.

  79. Go fuck yourself William, you scum.

  80. Queen of Suburbia

    What specifically is causing your concern for me Frank?

  81. You are worried about pro-Arsenal propaganda

  82. Jesus christ, ‘pro-arsenal propoganda’.

    Talking about football this way is an insult to issues that actually matter in the world.

  83. goonermichael

    We’ll never win anything with our rubbish goalkeepers. If Wenger can’t see that then we’ll never win anything again without a new manager

  84. Eduardo would not have had his leg broken in a front on ‘challenge’ the like of which I have yet to see repeated in a game, (it might have been) in ’07/08 if Edwin Van der Sar had been GK for AFC.

    It’s so obvious!

    steww @12.51 pm:

    “Thank g*d I’m strapped in here!”

  85. Queen of Suburbia

    Not in itself frank.

    Just the notion that the only purpose of a blog about Arsenal should be to spread Arsenal propaganda. It seems for want of a better word, extreme.

    In targeting terms, if somebody is wishing to spread Arsenal propaganda then i would think their time would be better spent on non-Arsenal forums.

  86. Queen of Suburbia

    Fish where the fish are, as it were.

  87. Queen of Sub,

    ‘In targeting terms, if somebody is wishing to spread Arsenal propaganda then i would think their time would be better spent on non-Arsenal forums.’

    I can vouch for that. I have converted many fans over to the Lillywhites on my travels. My latest one being your very own Zap. He is with me now. He is still a donut.

  88. Finsbury, we done well the other night didnt we?

    You thought we’d crack didn’t you?…….So did I.

  89. Queen of Suburbia

    Rather than strategic insight, it is quite clear William that your own behaviour is born of self-loathing.

  90. william,

    lay off zap or else

  91. Queen of Sub, would that be so wrong? I’m still a human being with feelings you know.

    Chamakh, sorry I was just making a cup of tea, what were you bavelling about?

  92. Queen of Suburbia

    We all have our issues William, I just grateful that you afforded me the opportunity to point out some of yours.

  93. QoS

    There is difference between profit and money available to spend on players. The Asset (Player) purchase is a Balance Sheet item not an Expense. His salary costs and the amortisation of the purchase (i.e. his transfer cost) is written off over the course of his contract.

    Arsenal could spend £200m in one close season but would have to borrow the physical cash to finance it which is where administration comes into play.

    Assuming the players are on 5 year deals, that means £40m of the purchase of the player hits the P&L every year before wages and interest. Pretty soon the profits are losses and more detrimentally, the cashflow is negative which is where administration becomes a real issue.

    In Arsenal’s case, a summer splurge would be a one-off and require a lot of players to be sold to ‘balance the books’ in following seasons so the short term gain is lost in the longer term.


  94. Queen of Sub, the pleasure was all mine, feel free to abuse me any time you like. I have only ever seen you be polite, funny, and well mannered.

    Dont worry about Frank, he’s just a big meanie.

  95. Personally I Thing Arsenal Cud Be Champions Next Year if We Keep The Squad Together.But Well Only Win It If We Get Rid Of Somebody Aswell.Othrwise We’ll Struggle.But I Want To Keep Gallas Cos He Luks Like Santa Claus.But Only When He Plays Well For Us.If he Leaves Ill Call Him Satan Claus.LOL!But Anyway I think Arsenal Is the Best Team When All Is Said And Done.Accept Some Of Ours Players Shud be In League One.They Shud Heck it Out of My Team.

  96. Queen of Suburbia

    Yogi, I agree the issue we would face would be one of liquidity.

    My point was that it would be possible to spend £200m without the need for administration.

    Your hypothesis assumes an exhaustion of credit and that signing say C.Ronaldo would not significantly lift retail and possibly commercial revenue streams.

    Not that i consider such extreme investment actions sensible or prudent just theoretically possible!

  97. Ronaldos probably paid back half his fee already, he’s the new Beckham isn’t he.

  98. Will, have you ever been kissed by lasagne?

  99. Zap, you know I have. Do you have any idea what that was like to live through?

    One of these days we will meet on fifa10 Zap, i have a special celebration just for you

  100. Hi Gooner2, Like Yourself I Find Using Capitals At The Beginning Of Every Word Very Interesting Aswell,

  101. Thats Bullshit!

  102. No Seriously I Have Even Been Examining Capitals As An Art Form They Intruige Me

  103. Zap

    How Interesting do you find them?

    And Who the fuck copied my name?

  104. gooner2, Frank copied your name dude, he’s started dressing like you as well.

  105. Zap

    I think you are the coolest dude out of them all.But that’s how life works.cos some people can be good and bad.And I am a mixture of being good and Bad.

  106. QoS

    Theoretically it is possible but as you say, impractical.

    Mind you, anything is theoretically possible including a day of rational debate…


  107. G2

    And in posting, your name is unique as well. No-one here would want to ‘fess up to copying it…


  108. LimparAssist

    YW, I thought you were at the New Den today?

  109. Sadly work precluded that happening LA.

  110. LimparAssist

    Well it’s 1-1 at the moment. Charlton are winning, but Leeds are being held by Bristol and have just gone down to 10 men.

  111. Sorry, QoS, been away for a while.

    I don’t go to other Arsenal ‘forums’. Only this one and one a created as a scratchpad.

    I am not really interested in ‘debate’.

  112. LimparAssist

    1-0 Rovers! Yesss! Have summa that Leeds!

  113. Come on Charlton!

  114. Man, this is poised.

  115. LimparAssist

    Millwall! From nowhere!

    Plenty of time for Leeds though. They need a winner.

  116. LimparAssist

    And there it is. Bollocks.

  117. @William
    Are you talking about the robot?

  118. LimparAssist

    Consolsbob, If you’re out there – Exeter have just gone 2-0 up to put themselves in touching distance of staying up. Come on you Grecians!

  119. Propaganda is a bit like terrorism Good or bad? Depends which side you are on. There is certainly a lot of anti-Arsenal propaganda out there even more anti-AW propaganda out there. ‘Raiding’ other blogsites though seems like a thankless task….and do you really want to hand your email and IP address over to these people?

  120. Bollocks to the Grecians, La.

    I grew up watching Argyle before my father started taking me to The Arsenal.

    They are still my nearest team, we Devon boys never fall far from the tree. When I see live footy these days it’s Argyle.

    On that subject, that is also the reason why I want Leeds out of the 1st because that is where Argyle will be playing next year. It’s tough enough getting promotion without a team that continues to spend beyong their means, despite ‘bankruptcy’, being a rival.

    Still, I despise Leeds. Goes back to the 70’s and our first Double which was also my first regular season at Highbury. I also remember playing in games near Home Park in the late 60’s and watching all these skinheads being marched past by the police on their way to the ground. I’d never seen anything like it. Scum then, scum now. Peter Ridsdale started ‘doping’ didn’t he?

    ‘Sniffer’ Clarke, there was a player you could hate.

  121. Billy Bremner was the little bastard that I hated.

  122. Frank

    It’s hard to argue with that one although Giles was the sneaky little sod who hid behind a modicum of talent to be a nasty little bugger.


  123. Frank

    >do you really want to hand your email and IP address over to these people

    It’s very handy to be able to put people in the spam folder permanently as a few have found out today.


  124. Wel, thank you for that Yogi.

    Sniffer though, surely a nasty little bastard?

    Trotting away with his little stick arm raised in the air..

    Mind you. I always used ‘The Alan Clarke Way of Taking Penalties’ when i was playing. Can’t remember what publication showed you how.

  125. Yep Giles too. Don Revie of course was the biggest toad of all.

    I wonder what the modern football fan would make of Gary Sprake?

  126. LeGrove actually published the email address of a blogger they did not like….

  127. Of course you can always create another email address but IP address is a different kettle of fish.

  128. Speaking of fish that reminds me of QoS.

  129. She was quite earnest today

  130. Cant wait for the game. Barnet stay up aswell which is great,

  131. Yes I am pl;eased that Barnet are still in there, too.

  132. I remember when Colchester beat Leeds in the Cup and Alan Crawford scored the winner. I think he had one England appearence and got a nasty comment from Giles in relation to the difference in their total of caps.

    Crawford said something like ‘I don’t play for a country that gives them away in cornflake packets’.

    Of course, it was different in the 70’s. Now? Well, how many caps does Heskey have?

  133. Where Have You Dissapeared Gooner2, I Actually Think Its Pretty Fly Using Capitals All The Time. I Find Them Very, Very Interesting To Answer your Question, Just Like You Do Mate.

  134. Just went to the armoury and bloody hell, its freezing! Is it really May?

  135. The temperature is well below the seasonal norm

  136. Most talented? Don’t think so. Unless he gets rid of Almunia, Fabianski, Denilson, Eduardo, Sylvestre, Traore, Rosicky, Diaby and all those misfits or consign them to the bench there is no way we can win the league again.

  137. …and that is a fact is it, Adam?

  138. lol bigbrovar only comes on this blog to be first, then dissapears into his i.t world. If you click on his link, you can see his rather boring website, dont tell him i said this, but you wont have to because you wont catch him waking up at 6.00am

  139. Bloody England Cricket. Too many ‘bits and pieces’ players while proper batsmen and bowlers sit in the pavilion.

    We will never win a tournament like that. Innate cautiousness. God help us if we stop getting SA players who are England ‘qualified’.

  140. Queen of Suburbia

    The point I was making earlier Frank was that I don’t share Stewws view that a blog is here to serve as a source of propaganda.

    For me, a blog is a place to chat about Arsenal, sometimes with people I agree with, sometimes with people that I don’t. Nothing more, nothing less.

    It seems to me that sort of thinking respect of opinions amongst Arsenal fans is attaching a level of importance to blogging that i don’t think it deserves.

    The notion that nobody should utter a word of disquiet or concern about Arsenal on an Arsenal blog because “they” are listening seems to be well, slightly paranoid and more than a little bit daft.

  141. ‘Propaganda ……defined as a systematic form of purposeful persuasion that attempts to influence the emotions, attitudes, opinions, and actions of specified target audiences for ideological, political or commercial purposes through the controlled transmission of one-sided messages (which may or may not be factual) via mass and direct media channels’.

    Seems to me that this fits the anti-support behaviour very well.

    Many on here are tired of that sort of behaviour.

    But again…no-one is stopping anyone from writing anything are they?

  142. People come on here and post all sorts of anti-Wenger, anti-the players, anti-the club bilge, but when they are robustly challenged by Arsenal suppporters, some how there are accusations of people not being allowed to exercise their democratic right to criticise the club? If you are going to attack what some of us hold dear, don’t be surprised if you get attacked right back. If you can dish out the abuse, you should be able to take it.

  143. Queen of Suburbia

    woah waoh easy there. Who is saying that anybody is stopping anyone from writing anything? Or of democratic rights are being restricted?

    I was just making the point that I don’t imagine the average Chelsea fan is in the slightest bit interested in what Arsenal fans discuss amongst themselves in response to Stewws view at 12:17!!

  144. Arsenal have a significantly higher proportion of blogs than any other team, of course fans of other teams would look in from time to time, some of them even post here pretending to be ‘tru gunners’ etc especially around important games. It’s not that much of a stretch to imagine a bored fan of a rival team having some fun, reading or posting sh*t on the blog. I think it’s naive to believe that fans of other teams never visit Arsenal blogs out of curiousity or for the purpose of making mischief.

  145. DAVE the chelsea fan (and our own little willy) often post on here. They both post shit but they still post.

  146. Wow frank ! Picking on girls now are we? I remember guys like you from my school years. Most of them eventually came out the closet. Passenal I have never gone onto another teams blog, ever, don’t see the point. Why would other fans come to a arsenal blog, unless thier name is William of course.

  147. Guillem Balague speaking on Sky Sports sounded certain that Cesc would be joining Barca in the next few weeks. Didn’t like hearing that.

    Hopefully it is the usual crap.

  148. Gunnerjones, we have had quite a few on here.

    Ruislip Tiger was an Hull City Fan. We had some other Man Citeh fan plus the usual idiots in Dave, James (William).

  149. Guillem Balague is just a mouthpiece for Barca anyway. Never seen anything he said come true yet.

  150. Gunnerjones, we have had quite a few on here.

    Ruislip Tiger was an Hull City Fan. We had some other Man Citeh fan plus the usual idiots in Dave, J*mes (William).

    This will be posted twice because I mentioned J@mes

  151. ML, I’ll believe it when I see it.

  152. Gunnerjones, I know of Arsenal fans who have done it on spurs blogs, so why wouldn’t it happen?

  153. Cesc has said that he is staying plenty of times. We just have to trust him.

  154. Limestonegunner

    Fine blogging QOS and reasonable points. If we want Arsenal propoganda, the best site is arsenal.com, which as arsenal supporters we all probably visit a great deal to hear good things about our club and players.

    I come here to read other views about the team from fellow supporters and gain some fresh insights. If perchance on occasion I think I have one, I consider sharing it and participate in a discussion or even debate. Sometimes these are even more interesting, but too often there is simply abuse, dismissal or defensiveness. More commenters like QOS are welcome and make for a more interesting site. Some just like to hear their views confirmed. That makes for boring reading or predictable propoganda. To each his/her own, I suppose.

  155. “Cesc has said that he is staying plenty of times. We just have to trust him.”


  156. limestone gunner that is a very cynical attitude to suggest the official site is just about pedalling ‘propaganda’. Are you suggesting the various media outlets don’t have their own agendas to push? I really don’t understand this BS about ‘debate’, you have no power or influence, what you post on here is just pissing in the wind. Calling it ‘debate’ does not give it any more weight than a conversation in the pub.

  157. Queen of Suburbia

    I think this conversation has been twisted out of context and well away from the point I was making.

    I have not said that it is impossible that a non-arsenal fan could post on an arsenal blog.

    I just have no intention of moderating my opinions based on some notion that other teams might read that i think something about an Arsenal player and that this somehow will buoy their team to the point of invincibility.

    If the entire Stretford end is reading this right now. Hello, i think your team is wank.

    And with that i’m off to bed.

  158. Queen of Suburbia

    I agree with Passenal’s point that what is posted here or on any blog is “just pissing in the wind”

    Its what i’ve been saying all along. Thankyou for putting it so succinctly.

  159. I agree Passenal. When he talks about ‘fresh insights’ it is just another persons opinion.

    Nobody has any REAL information it is all just guess work.

  160. Mind you I am sure the original term was ‘spitting into the wind’ 🙂

  161. It could also be, ‘like a fart in a thunderstorm’.

  162. Bobby Pires is available on a free this Summer. I bet he could teach Nasri & Walcott some moves.

  163. Limestonegunner

    You folk are truly amazing, capable of misinterpreting anything or finding something to be disagreeable about. It really only exposes your own limited understanding and combatativeness, though.

    Dups, insight is not the same as new information or news- it is an analysis or interpretation of simple information. To that extent, insight is opinion or mere opinion, as you might put it. Some opinion is, however, clearly more insightful and thus, to me at least, more interesting. That’s what I come here for. Ole gunner, for example, brings real insight to his postings. I enjoy reading his comments even if his approach is sometimes different than mine. On occasion I am persuaded to change my opinion because of a new insight. I would never have said it or I have any real power or influence. I think that is steww’s argument and, I, like QOS, disagree with him.

    As far as propoganda and arsenal.com, you make the mistake of thinking this was a criticism, when I am agreeing with Frank that it has it’s place for us fans. What I disagree with him about is whether supporter blogs need to be entirely uncritical. These are not official club sites but gathering places for discussion. I would expect something different from them than from arsenal.com, which I also visit for different reasons and purposes.

    I think these are pretty obvious and straightforward points that would be evident to anyone reading my original comments if they were approaching them with a modicum of good faith and average intelligence or care.

    Passenal, debate just means reasoned expression of different views in dialogue. It isn’t

  164. Limestonegunner

    Lost part of the post above on my iPhone: but it was to passenal, explaining that debate just means an exchange of different views, so I am not sure what you are on about, as I would never claim that debates in blog comments are influential or have important power of the kind you were accusing me of meaning, for some reason. I agree with QOS and her original point that it isn’t so important that we need to restrict our opinions as steww was saying.

  165. lol. Basically some of you are old farts who sometimes kill the banter with your pro arsenal monotone. However I must contratulate you on managing to whittle down the arsenal blogosphere to the ten people who believe that we are a perfectly managed club. Very persistant!


  166. Benny Devito

    you’re flogging a dead horse with Frank. Just like Geoff on le grove he’s a self obsessed opinionated twat who will resort to slagging you off until you give up. I’m getting sick of most of these blogs now – right, left or in the middle you always get someone who just resorts to neanderthal abuse.

  167. Has Yogi done something to this blog? I can never access the daily items in a straightforward process?

  168. MD

    No changes made – what’s the problem?


  169. I think he might mean that the ‘Recent Posts’ column has gone missing. You can only access the previous days’ posting by finding it at the foot of the current one.

  170. Goodness me

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