Sunday Round-Up

A quick glance through the headlines shows the usual suspects and culprits as summer targets. Apparently Barcelona are going through one of their phases of wanting the entire Arsenal squad to join, Fàbregas it seems will be joined by Clichy and van Persie at the Camp Nou this summer.

Perhaps it is going to come true. For some years it has seemed that the Catalans have wanted the cream of the Arsenal crop and may be they have taken the hint and will make a bid this Summer for the whole of club. The purchaser of Lady Nina Bracewell-Smith’s shareholding is unknown and speculation is that it is an Eastern European could be no more than a smokescreen. Such is Laporta’s desire to have Fàbregas in a Barcelona shirt, the back door route seems the most likely to bring success.

Many claim that Arsène is not matching the ambitions of the supporters. Brede Hangeland is a player who seemingly falls into that camp, claiming that Fulham’s appearance in the Europa League Final justifies his decision to remain at Craven Cottage rather than move to The Emirates. Not a convincing argument to put forward, especially with no guarantee of a medal being won. At the moment, their chances of winning the competition are no better than Arsenal’s chances of winning the title five weeks ago.

Not that I begrudge Fulham their moment in the sun. They have put in some tremendous performances along the way and nobody will be able to claim that they do not deserve to be in the final. Roy Hodgson ought to be Manager of the Year – I thought he deserved it last season as well – but no doubt Ferguson or Ancelotti will be the winner, especially if Chelsea do the double, a thought almost as nauseating as Manchester United becoming the first team to win four titles in a row.

Despite this denial, Hangeland is still one of the centre backs whom I hope Arsène has on his shopping list. Meltzelder was another but he has agreed to move to Schalke this summer. No matter, Wenger has already identified his targets but as I mentioned yesterday, I still cannot see more than two new players joining this summer, with others being replacements for those who depart.

Meanwhile, Andrey Arshavin has apparently told Daily Star journalists that he can improve. Nobody would deny that but to a certain extent he is a victim of raised expectations, largely as a result of that night at Anfield. His season has been impacted by injuries not just to himself but to others also. It still seems ludicrous to think of him as a lone striker against neanderthal defenders but needs must when injuries strike.

Eduardo meanwhile seems eager to finish the season on a high with the past few years being ones to forget. He suffered as many Arsenal players seem to with new, niggling injuries once he had recovered from the major injury. Next season is crucial for him. He is one of the best finishers in the Premier League but needs to play to prove that. If he is not then serious consideration needs to be given as to whether or not he would be better served by a loan spell although the caveat of being able to recall him should exist. Unless we have special circumstances in the Premier League eyes…

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  1. first!

    good post Yogi 😉

  2. well, technically speaking, Fulham arguably did better in cup competitions than we did…

    I agree about Hodgson – he is probably the only British manager that I rate these days and I would not mind him taking over at Arsenal one day – I like him for his understated, no-nonsense style of management: quietly going about his business and producing results…

    yes, I think Fulham on this form are more than capable of beating Atletico!

  3. a fungus-coated right hand

    As a big club we had better start acting like it and splash the cash on enough established stars to make the neighbors, even Fulham, stand up and take notice.

  4. it’s not about splashing cash for the sake of it and as nothing more than statement of intent, but when I hear excuses for Fabianski and the like from Our Glorious Leader’s mouth, I am not holding my breath as far as bringing all the necessary reinforcements is concerned…

  5. Lets jst finish d season wit a flourish,lets enjoy d nxt 3 games. We av months to talk abt transfers and speculation 4 those who wnt b dizzy 4rm it

  6. I tink eduardo can get play time in d nxt games. Bt nxt season it depends on hw much we kill teams off early {B52,Persie,charmark,arshie} allowin eddy & theo in2 the latter stages of d game.

  7. We need to spend the cash for good players regardless of we need the player or not! That’s very important , to give messages to our supporter and our current star in the team, that we have ambition to win something!

  8. Why is it that the fools gather in the morning so consistently?

    Very boring.

  9. @consolsbob-makin time to logon,read,make ur comment makes u wht???

  10. Would like us to get the points – or point – at Rovers and then field our Carling cup side in the final game. I think they did well at Olympiacos. Wenger also made an interesting observation on Says our problem this season wasn’t the midfield!

  11. sil007 – “We need to spend the cash for good players regardless of we need the player or not!”

    Why don’t you fuck off and support ‘arry redface then you retard. He’s the specialist at making those kind of coups.

  12. sil007 – “We need to spend the cash for good players regardless of we need the player or not!”

    Why don’t you fuck off and support ‘arry redface then you idiot. He’s the specialist at making those kind of coups.

  13. moderation YW?

  14. Since Roy Hodgson is two years older than Wenger, it is unlikely he will ever be Arsenal manager. When Arsene retires, though, we should certainly consider appointing a younger barn owl, as they seem to provide an attractive mix of wisdom and integrity.

  15. I agree with PZ

  16. behind the 8 ball but not nasri

    Haven’t we had it up to here with wisdom and integrity? And where has it gotten us the last few years? I say bring on the Usmanov money, caviar and champagne, and see if Chelsea’s Russky can handle playing second fiddle.

  17. myself, I would go for a duo of a ‘barn owl’ and a Joe Pesci – Yin and Yang, Victory Through Harmony, anyone?


    ‘money, caviar and champagne’?


  18. I don’t know about a Hodgsonisque coach have always though that O’leary, Rice or Bold as most likely to succeed Wenger.

  19. Limestonegunner

    Eventually to be a successful big club you do have to win trophies to keep and attract players, new fans etc… At least it has to look likely that you’ll win, and despite injuries this year it looked possible. So, This year saw some improvement while some persistent flaws remain or worsened, notably our defending. If that can be addressed we will at least look likely to win. Perhaps we need to insure this by adding some experienced quality. If we have the money, that is the responsible and reasonable course, so I expect two new players and possibly three if Gallas or others depart. I’d prefer they were experienced quality additions rather than unproven talents.

    I don’t understand those who reject this course on some strange ideological grounds.

  20. David Rocastle would have been 43 today, I am priviledged to have been born on the same day, happy birthday Rocky – how we could use some of your drive in midfield in recent weeks.

  21. Wenger is the equilvalent of all those depotic leaders in fascists europe. Rather than relying on a mix of nationalities he is counting on true blue french blood and in the process cleansing the english blood from the national team.

    Only a man from a nation that allowed the germans to march in the shade on the tree lined Champs Elyesees would allow a totally french defence.

    We will never win the league with such come hither into my penalty area tactics.

  22. happy birthday Dave!

  23. Limestonegunner

    your comments, if they can be dignified with this word don’t make any sense on several levels. Here’s just one: what French blood? Gallas, Nasri, Diaby are French nationals but of non-French descent. They do speak French, is that what is objectionable? Arsenal is a mix of nationalities, with several Africans, a Brazilian, a new Belgian, and so on! Britain is also a multiracial and multi-ethnic society as well, though the row over Brown’s criticism of anti-immigrant bigotry suggests there are still a lot of people thinking in the same retrograde and fallacious terms you are.

  24. Limestonegunner,

    Sorry, but Wenger has a tendance to french and french speaking players. This is a prooven fact.

    He is anti anglo saxon. You name me the number of saxon players in our squad – none. That prooves that Wenger is a saxophobe.

  25. Dave 67 hats off to you Rocastle was a great man.

  26. Limestonegunner

    You must be right Spanner. Theo Walcott is not a Saxon, so Wenger must hate Saxons. Probably he is still carrying a grudge against Germanic peoples as an Alsatian for the Franco-Prussian War.

  27. Walcott is from Bermuda dude.

  28. Paulie Walnuts

    Happy birthday Dave & RIP Rocky

    I agree with Yogi re; Roy Hodgson. He`s manager of the year by a distance in my opinion regardless of winning the final.

    Spanner – you`re living up to your name there.

    I see James Milner is now a `target` for AW. He`s a player I like but at what cost – he`s certainly not in the 15M price range Villa would surely ask for.
    No thanks on Gary Cahill & Scott Parker & though Joe Hart would be a good signing I can`t see Cit-eh allowing him to join us.

  29. Wenger’s a saxophone?

    You need help, Howard.

  30. Arsenal does need more English players – though I wouldn’t go on the subject of race. It seems Wenger has decided to create his own English players rather than buy them. We already have Gibbs, Wilshere and Walcott in the first team and quite a number from the academy will make it. My estimate is that it will take about five years to make our squad as English as Barcelona is Spanish. So the likes of Spanner will have to remain patient for a while!

  31. It’s strange that a “saxophobe” would move to England.

  32. howard,

    nasri is from algeria.

  33. I agree With Consolsbob.

  34. It’ll be another terrible next season of ifs as usual. This is because the arrogant French coward won’t buy a keeper, won’t strengthen the middle, won’t clear out the bottlers and the average players in the team. Same old story plus winning nothing and giving huge contracts to French players who have won nothing.

  35. I seem to remember Walcott was born in Middlesex, England. Is that now in Bermuda?

  36. Same story different name.

  37. I don’t reckon the midfield needs bolstering. With Chamakh coming in and RVP fit several of the players who’ve been starting in the front 3 (Nasri, Rosicky) will be playing in the middle.

    I don’t think Arsene’s going to buy a back up DM to cover for Song based on Eastmond’s increased involvement in the past few weeks. He was really good in the Wigan game, didn’t give up on anything and really fought.

  38. Myles Palmer is the only blogger who makes sense. He’s been warning of this French destructive machine for years and nobody listened.

    He’ll keep his average foreign players and don’t care if his paymasters are English as far as it’ll improve France’s GDP.

  39. Barry is spot on.

    Wenger is a weakling and a coward.

    That’s why he mainly favours small players. He can tower over them in the dressing room and look big.

    What he needs is anglo saxon muscle.

  40. Myles Palmer is my hero.

  41. How long ’til YW drops by to let us know that Barry & Spanner are the same person?

  42. You have to ignore any twat who thinks Pyles is a good blogger.

  43. Wenger is lacking in anglo saxon understanding.

    He does not understand that we are a race of islanders, who do not stand any nonsense.

    Take the woman from Rochdale that sent Brown packing.

    Wenger will never understand this mentality.

    He only understands lazy french weaklings who have villas in the south of france.

    He is a frenchman.

  44. Fuck off Howard

  45. Has that K-razy Kraut Orson Wagner been the cause of a ruckus again?

    I thought, um, that, er, Saxony was somewhere near Dresden, or perhaps that Dresden was in Saxony…something like that.

    Wondering if Eastmond will play in either of the last two games.

    Still plenty to see before I have to be bored to death by those who can only talk about transfers when it comes to Football. As Alan Davies says, it’s boring.

    Much more fun when a transfer is actually made. I note, only on a few blogs did people actually have anything to write about TV5, who he was, & how he played when he arrived.

    It seemed like too many fans like to rely on ‘Appy ‘Arry’s charged up ‘scouts’, who whilst visiting Ajax, via The Dam, found themselves suffering from double vision and thought that TV5 was a LB.

  46. Message to self, DNFTT

  47. Sorry chaps.. Spanner is me, having a laugh.

    Barry is almost certainly Howard.

  48. Yogi,

    why do you allow someone calling AW a fascist to post on your blog?

  49. lol Muppet.

    Warm up for Blackburn:

  50. Be careful Muppet, you are getting to far into the doomer’s minds.

  51. Ok, Muppet. Didn’t get the satire first.

  52. Yes. If you read enough of it, you almost start to believe it.

    I read through the comments on Le Groan yesterday.

    If you remember, there were some noises made last week where Wenger said that he had the money to make new signings. Then, in his AVTO interview or press conference, he said that he would sign 2 or 3 maximum, depending on if Gallas renews.

    Cue pandemonium on Le Groan. An unbelievable bitchfest. The C word was in abundance.

    I’ve been on holiday, but it seems to me that a wholesale clear out of players would be lunacy. I totally agree that 1 or 2 players would be needed. We will have a lot of players coming back from injury. Younger players coming through etc etc.

  53. I see what you did Muppet, to truly understand the doomer one must first become the doomer!

  54. I noted Zorro on Le Groan putting up a good defence.

    Well done Zorro.

  55. I should have realised the moment you posted this line, “Myles Palmer is my hero.”

  56. This is Zorro’s post on Le Groan:

    “t is just so depressing coming on here and reading the comments some days. Wenger has been called a cunt, a hypocrite, an oxygen thief and it seems that a majority of posters today want him gone.

    5 seasons with no trophies is very difficult to take, but we have no divine right to win trophies regularly. I do accept that from the invincibles we should have pushed on further, but the team needed regular development over the next few seasons given the ages of most of them and that came at a time when the money was always going to be tight.

    Wenger has made mistakes. He has trusted in youth which has not developed as he hoped/planned. He has not had lots of money, but he has had more than he has spent and he has probably been too stubborn to spend it.

    He has stuck by players who are ‘now’ obviously not good enough to play for what is projected to be one of the top 10 teams in Europe. He sticks by these players publicly and because we pore over every bit of AFC news we hear the same stuff so much that it has become boring, frustrating and downright annoying.

    Yet, we mostly admit that we are only 3 or 4 key signings away from being the team we should be. If we have a squad so full of shit like some here would have you believe, how do we manage to stay in the ECL every season, how have taken a league challenge to mid April, get to ECL QF? Yet some would say this is because of how poor manure and the chavs have been, rather than apportion any credit to AW and the players.

    I am as fed up as the rest of you with how it has gone over the last 5 years. I don’t enjoy spending so much time and money with so little return, but it is not like I can stop is it; Arsenal is my team, my addiction, the monkey on my back. Following them is not a question of choice! But I will refuse to call a manager who has done so much for this club the names that some of you do.

    Perhaps some of you are just more emotional and it is just your way of letting off steam rather than having a scrap at the match with the away fans. I am certainly not implying you don’t have the right to question him or his decisions, after all, more than any other manager then maybe fergie, he holds the power at the club so must carry any buck too.

    I hope, as I am sure everyone of you does, that the club will do what it has to do to improve the situation and get us back to winning silverware. But I certainly hope for one thing. That one day, all of us will look back on this period in the club’s history and see what they managed to achieve in terms of the transition from a team in a 38k stadium that saw qualifying for the UEFA cup as a good finish into what we could become in the next 5 seasons.

    I hope when we realise this, we will also see how much of this could only have been done with Wenger in charge, that maybe only he could have kept us there or thereabouts while the club changed its infrastructure so dramatically, at a time when other clubs just threw money at their problems and either fell by the wayside or sold their souls to the highest bidder.

    Then finally, I hope that some ‘fans’ will feel even the tiniest bit of shame when they remember they called him a senile, french, mug, cunt, wanker.”

  57. This is England

    One of them who calls himself Charliegeorge even called Wenger a cocksucker,nice when you hear opposition fans and there sick chants a so called Arsenal supporter coming out with that.

  58. Muppet – An interesting insight there, although i would rather not know what goes on at Legrove to be honest which is why I stopped wasting my time reading their shit ages ago. It makes me sad to know their are Gooners out there with so much disillusioned hate.

    If a Man or Woman, sitting at home, typing on a computer, calling our great Manager childish meaningless names makes them feel better, makes them feel like they are achieving something. Then good luck to those people. Isn’t that just what the fans of our rivals do anyway?

  59. This is England

    Kenyan sorry i dont want to see the kids against Fulham, i pay too much for my seat and want to see the best team.

  60. This is England/Matty Boy,

    I agree. Probably the less said the better.

  61. The mancs or the chavs to win the league ?

    What is the lesser of two evils ?

  62. This is England

    Muppet the problem is that there are some good guys over there and it just ends in a slanging match.

  63. It’s a tough call. Reluctant to side with either of them so i think i would rather see Chelsea lose it. Or not win it should i say.

  64. This is England

    It has to be the Mancs for me, i hate them both but live in area with more Chavs.

  65. Looking forward to a couple of fun games to round off a thoroughly exciting season.
    Right in the mix until the last couple of weeks and some good cup runs too. If this team can achieve as they did this season with an absolutely catastrophic and quite frankly unbelievable injury situation, then my mouth waters to think what they could manage should key players stay fit.

  66. Yes Steww it has been an exciting season, full of highs and lows and as you say the prospect of next season is already a mouth watering one. Rather than think of what could have been this season i would rather think of what might be next year.

  67. @This is England – yes. There are some reasonable people on there. But some very unreasonable as well.

    @Matty Boy – On balance, probably agree. If chavs haven’t won league for 4 years, that would represent a crisis.

    @steww – Agree. Fingers crossed for fewer injuries.

  68. Chavs are 1-0 up.

  69. So Gerrard is on the chavs payroll after all.

  70. FC Twente win the Dutch title if the scores stay the same. Half-time at the moment.

  71. I’d rather see the Mancs win it. They will obviously gloat forever because it’s their third or something in a row, but I just hate Chelsea that little bit more so that I don’t want them to lift any trophy…ever.

  72. btw. Gerrard’s pass for the 1:0 — brilliant. That was almost as good as Cesc with the precision and timing.

  73. lol EvilFiek

    OneOfUs – Penance for the wally with the brolly !

  74. This is England maybe u a right as I only watch them on tv but our Carling squad are not that bad and if our seniors had nothing to play for at least the juniors would feel that they have something to prove!

  75. OOU – it would be a great achievement for FC Twente, especially considering the dominance of Ajax and PSV in the dutch league. Well done to Shteeve Mclaren too.

  76. Yeah, we’ll see what happens here – Twente look nervous to me!

    You know, I didn’t care much for McClaren until things started to go wrong with England. I thought he handled all that hate with a lot of dignity.

  77. I agree OOU, the press went to town on Mclaren after tipping him as potential England Manager for a few years. He handled it admirably and came out making the mass media and FA look like the wallies in my opinion.

  78. You seen this Bryan Ruiz guy, MB? Not seen much Eredivisie, but he looks decent for Twente.

  79. That’s it – 2-0 now.

  80. I haven’t seen him to be honest but I was impressed by FC Twente when we played them a season ago. I have been watching Sheffield Wed Vs Crystal Palace, Wednesday have just been relegated. Pure drama.

  81. In light of his allegedly ‘new’ comments, does anyone think Arshavin will go to Barcelona? It’s strange how he seems to have so much to say, I wonder if there is somebody in the media who hates him enough to keep fabricating and re-hashing old quotes. I can’t help not really caring much if he does go as I think we have enough in that department to cope.

  82. Anyone think there’s a hint of conspiracy with gerrard’s pass. He was notably absent in the game. No passion from captain America and a Bergkamp like pass threaded to dogbreath.
    I don’t envy the pool fans – to want your team to lose to prevent your rivals from lifting the title. Pool is dead. Torres’s expression in the stands showed it all.
    We’ve got to be one of the favorites next year and if we fail with the final pieces of the puzzle being assembled I think we will end up like pool.
    We are sooooo close.

  83. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    We’re not going to end up like Poo. We’ve got Arsene Wenger. We’re set for years. Only a fool would compare us to Liverpoo.

  84. For fooks sake Nasir, don’t say things like that. I am very superstitious. God help us if we finished 6th and let’s hope it doesn’t happen.

  85. After my misgivings last week, I’m willing to give benefit of doubt now for next season.

    I’m sure the club will be relieved.

  86. No sane person could argue that or position is at all remotely akin to that of Liverpool.

    Even that prat Spanner could have seen that.

  87. Sorry – give Arsene one last chance.

    I have a lot of influence you know.

  88. Ahhh…. Consolbob.. you didn’t see my post at 12.59 ?

  89. Well, actually I did Muppet….

  90. To answer a couple of earlier questions:

    1. Barry is a twat.
    2. He got on here because I’ve been away this weekend, just got home and had left two posts scheduled but this is my first log in for a couple of days.
    3. Spanner was the best bit of satire I have ever seen on this blog. We know who you are, I doff my hat to you.


  91. Limestone Gunner:

    I agree with your sentiment. I do not understand why anyone would not want us to spend our money to improve the squad. No one wants us to spend ourselves into administration but why not spend the money that we have available? What are we saving it for? I have been saying that all year. I wonder if some of our fans do not want to give up the last best excuse we have for not winning. If we win without spending then the boss is that much more of a genius. If we actually spend money to improve our squad and still do not win we lose the moral high ground and we have no excuse left for not winning. I do not believe that for a second but sometimes it feels that way.

  92. or should we say ‘touchy’

    muppet is tittering on the brink on doomerdom here… the split personality does my suspicions no favours…

    get off the fence mate, obviously you have a sore arse.

  93. Fuck off James.

  94. Fuck off Howard.

  95. If the stories about Xavi’s injury are true Cesc might have a busy World Cup.

  96. Kitchen Sink

    Quality tactical display the team crumbled after his departure..

  97. Nice video KS. It just shows what we had been missing while he was out. His work rate gives Clichy much more cover.

  98. These were in the young guns blog today.

    Luke Ayling was again on the bench for Yeovil Town but game on in stoppage time, dropping into midfield. Town beat Oldham 3-0.

    Elsewhere…Håvard Nordtveit played the full 90 minutes at centre back for Nuremberg as they were beaten 4-0 by Hamburg. Nordtveit had the task of marking both Mladen Petric and then Ruud van Nistelrooy in a tricky fixture. Håvard struggled to impress.

  99. Kyle Bartley played at right back not CB for Sheffield United.

    I hope we are not really counting on these guys to stop the flow of goals conceded next year. All of our young defenders need some time to mature.

  100. Limestonegunner

    Bill, it does seem that some are wedded to an extreme commitment to one rather abstract vision of the club. Hopefully Arsene Wenger is not so ideological but pragmatic. I think he expected to see Fabregas lifting a major trophy by now and isn’t about to refuse any advantage the board offers him to see it happen next season. We still will have the moral high ground since we don’t finance our football through debt. We would be using our high turnover to field the best quality side we can through a powerful blend of developed talented youth and experienced, determined quality using the resources honestly gained through the sacrifice involved in building the stadium. Now is the time to capitalize on this sacrifice.

  101. ‘Speculate to accumulate’?

    somebody knows how much Wonga AFC actually have, and understands the intimacies of the relationship between the Board and the Staff?


    I await enlightenment.

    p.s. I wish the Blitzkrieg regarding former players not coaching back at the club would mention Steve Bould.

  102. Limestonegunner/Bill,

    I don’t think this a case of ideology at all. I think that we had a great chance of winning the premiership this season, and would have done so had we had VP fit, and not been decimated by injuries.

    People question the stance that the club has taken, but there are two strongly held views which are completely valid. Firstly, that expenditure by other clubs is largely unsustainable, and just because they are doing it, does not mean we follow. Portsmouth is the prime example of this, and as Wenger has said, other clubs are sailing close to the wind of financial trouble. How Spurs have a net spend of over £150 million on transfers defies belief. As they have only won the micky mouse cup in recent times.

    Secondly, strongly linked to the first point, is that the club wants to get rid of it’s debts as soon as possible. It is not possible to do this if we continue spending during the period that we are doing this. Yes, we may have had £40 million cash in the bank last year, but the club chooses to write off the debt instead. Why ? Because debt is expensive, and the aim is to have a debt free future where we can spend our income from match receipts, sponsorship and TV rights with impunity. The club have this vision, and they see this as a route to domination that will not be threatned by underperformance. Unlike, say, Liverpool, who are now totally in the mire, as they will have less money from not being in the champions league, and will not be able to attract top players as a result.

    Even Manchester United have a hiatus in their success. According to the anti-glazer lobby, money has been withheld from new transfers because of their massive debt servicing. This is not the road we want to go down.

  103. Argument was that we will see barren title years ahead of us if our spine departs not that we will be in the financial predicament as the pool.
    That would be an insane thought.
    Clearly, AW and the board has prevented that from occuring.
    However, being the pragmatist, and seen 17 year barren spells, depite having great players in our squad, it is conceivable that the next generation can fall short.

  104. He only buys French or French speaking players, bring them to England and claim the team is an English team. They have no desire to work hard for the club, but the ethnocentric manager at par with Milosovic don’t care.

    As far as I see, he won’t not win the league again with this collection of French/French speaking players. No team in the EPL without English representation playing regularly can win the league.

    It won’t happen and this what the ethnocentric manager don’t understand.

  105. I think we have the same amount of English players now as we did in 2004. Not that it matters.

  106. Have you just learnt what ethnocentric means Howard because you have used it a lot lately.

    Considering your input to this blog one would assume that you are ethnocentric.

  107. FWIW (absolutely fudge all), we also have the same amount of francophones now as we did then.

  108. Howard? Ethnocentric?

    I won’t hear of it! You’ve gone too far this time, dups.

  109. Many apologies Big Al, I will think before I comment on Howard’s Ethnocentrism again. 🙂

  110. Actually, it’s a weird one, isn’t it? I mean, I’m no authority on written English, but Howard doesn’t exactly write like a native speaker…

  111. That is one thing that has confused me with some of his rantings. His content is always the same but his style does change a little (once he has taken his medication).

  112. I meant to post this article the other day:

    This bit is quite interesting:

    “When I arrived the first thing Rafa told me was that the biggest interest is to try to develop English players,” he said.

    “I agree – the best players to defend the Barca shirt are Catalan players, the best players to defend the Liverpool shirt are English players.

    “The rest of the players who are not English, they must be massive, massive quality.

    “We have to fight to make English players arrive. If in two or three years one of our players does make the first team, I think he will be English.”

  113. The word ‘craps’ is a fine example of his command of English.

  114. I read that Big Al. It was from the youth team coach (ex Barcelona man). Something about theor youth set-up being shite.

  115. I think he goes away and tries to find a new trump card, which he then pulls out every day for about a month.

    Come to think of it, he’s been on here for a couple of years now, hasn’t he? He has far more coherent back when I first started visiting.

  116. *their

  117. Yeah, we’re a London club, which makes all the difference. Having a couple of lifelong gooners in the side obviously helps, but a London team needs to be made up of players from different cultures and backgrounds.

  118. I wonder whatever happened to the blog he was going to start. His point of view over that time has not improved though.

    He vilified Almunia when he took Jens place only to recant a few weeks later. Now he is back to his old self.

  119. The trouble with being a London team is there are to many London teams. To find local players with the right ability is very hard when you consider the amount of London based clubs.

  120. . *-Respects Highbury @ 14.33

    ‘“I want to play for the top team and be trying to win every competition, I don’t think you can rate one better than the other, it is all about winning. I want to play for them and that is never going to change.

    “I know Gael Clichy would love to play out there as well, and he would work well in their team.

    “It would be tough trying to compete with Xavi and Iniesta but that is the competition I want, I don’t want to walk into a team.”

    Well said Arshavin.

    As I said. The best players want to improve themselves and want competition for their places.

    If you are a top player with belief in your abilities then the situation at Arsenal is not one you are going to enjoy.

    Arshavin wants competition for his place and wants to be surrounded by the very best players.

    The funniest part in all of this is that Arshavin’s quotes mention that Gael Clichy would also like to join him at Barcelona. Clichy is supposed to be one of the examples of Wenger’s fabled Youth policy.

    As is usual with Arsene Wenger’s disgraceful and shocking stewardship of Arsenal however, he chooses to develop young players (that he poaches from other clubs) because he feels they will have more of an affinity for the club.

    The problem is Wenger fails to realise that when these younger players begin to have belief in their abilities then they will want to test themselves at the highest level.

    Arshavin must look around him and shake his head in disgust. The situation at Arsenal is an absolute farce. Shocking diabolical players all around him and no competition for places, no chance of winning the Champions League and no chance of winning any great competition.

    The funniest thing in all of this however, is the fact that about an hour ago I made a statement along the lines of ‘Every summer Wenger comes out with ‘My objective is to keep the squad together’.

    And every time he opens his mouth to make such fantasy claims, a top player ends up getting fed up and leaving.

    I hope Arshavin leaves. Then the unambitious Arsenal imbeciles out there who have done nothing but single him out will get major comeuppance this coming season.

    I have heard som much bitching and whining about Arshavin when it is clear that the person who ought to clear off out of Arsenal is Arsene Wenger.

    The Arshavin situation is the ultimate proof if any further were needed, that Arsene Wenger is a small-time manager who cannot handle big egos. He cannot handle Arshavin.

    If Arshavin leaves (and he will now) then I dearly look forward to all the imbeciles who deride Arshavin’s lack of ‘loyalty’ – whilst keeping silent about the real cancers at Arsenal, namely Wenger, Diabolical, Denilson and Almunia etc…

    You will get what you wished for. This summer’s transfer window is going to be even worse than the previous. A squad that was already in desperate need of major reconstructive surgery is going to be gutted by the loss of one of its’ only two world-class players.

    That thrashing we took from Barcelona in the Champions League is one of the worst things that could have happened to Arsenal. Wenger never drilled his defence and went to the Camp Nou with Silvestre in defence.

    You get what you deserve.

    I wonder what Cesc Fabregas will do once he sees Arshavin and possibly Clichy depart. I reckon Fabregas will be so desperate to jump ship that he would even take the Real Madrid option.

    The situation at Arsenal I repeat is an absolute shambles. Wenger has become a reflection of the spineless ones in this team: Disgrace.

    He is the one who has led us to this point whereby there is no continuity. It is a revolving door policy at Arsenal – players come and the minute they are top-class then players go.

    Meanwhile we have the idiotic Wenger enthusing about the qualities of Diabolical and Denilson for next season. Talking about how quality our midfield is.

    The only people who believe a single word Wenger says are:

    1. The blind.
    2. The mentally deficient
    3. The Apologists
    4. Spineless players (Nasri, Diabolical, Denilson etc.)

    If you are a top player at Arsenal and you see the situation then you will want to leave. The regime is all wrong. The manner in which Wenger is running and managing this club is shocking.

    What more is it going to take for people to wake up and realise?

    Think about this:


    And now Arshavin.

    Possibly Clichy.

    All the top players keep departing and one common denominator is at the helm: Wenger.

    You should have all woken up when Henry, Vieira and Overmars all made the same comment: ‘There is a lack of ambition and a lack of competition.’

    Arsenal need to be a big club again. This cannot go on. You can only keep losing top players for so long, without replacing them – whilst the one main person responsible remains in his £5 million a year job devoid of any pressure.

    This has sealed it for me.

    I don’t even want Wenger to see out the final year of his contract.

    Please remember that if Citeh get fourth this summer then they are certainties for the top 4 next season.


    Of course as usual there will be those complacent enough to believe this won’t affect Arsenal.

    We got lucky in 2006 but our luck is going to run out.

    If Liverpool get the investment from the Kuwaiti backer then they will invest heavily in their squad.

    Arsenal are in serious danger unless something is done. Wenger has to be packed off asap.

    A top manager needs to be brought in like a Hiddink or a Lippi after the World Cup or preferably Capello.

    I am sick and tired of losing top players whilst the biggest Liability; Wenger, remains in the job.

  121. Oh dear, oh dear

  122. Limestone:

    I hope you are correct.


    We do not want to finance with debt. We will clearly not go down the road of Portsmouth. We should invest in a reasonable manner. I think the boss and everyone else realizes that we need to win sooner rather then later and reasonable investment in our club is the fastest time proven way to do that. We did not have the resources to invest in the past. Now Arsene and the board says we do. ITS TIME.

  123. Oh dear oh dear oh dear

  124. Howard, Arshavin’s REAL words not newspaper tosh.

    <i<"I respect the club and I am happy that I am a part of it," he said. " I am very grateful to the Arsenal fans, who love me.

    "I am often translated wrongly. If I talk to the English press, there is no problem but when I say something in Russia, some special news agency takes it, translates it and sells these quotes.

    "During the process of interpretation they translate my words as they see fit. I find this unpleasant because people might think I said something that, in fact, I never said."

  125. Howard do not post that shite link here. Pyles is a rank cfc fan not an Arsenal fan

  126. Who’s “Respects Highbury”?

  127. Bill,

    There has been reasonable investment. The stadium cost was £390 million, of which £260 million was borrowed. That’s without the costs of the redevelopment of Highbury into Highbury square.

    As you know also, our wage bill stands at £100 million per year. A significant amount of that is to young players, which also represents investment.

    Finally, let’s address the balance here, there have been signings. Reading the doomer columns, one would think that we hadn’t signed anybody in 5 years. Yeah – it’s not like the £200 million expenditure of Citeh and the Mancs, but I do recall the likes of Eduardo, Rosicky, Sagna, Arshavin, Adebayor and Nasri joining our ranks. The thing we have not done is provide cover of international calibre in every position.

  128. *-Respects Highbury @ 18.55

    From the last blog.

    The Emperor has spoken. So far he has made three retarded statements in the space of three days now Wenger.

    Here is another:

    ‘”I believe the midfield was not a problem this year because we created so many chances from midfield and we dominated nearly all the games in midfield. I don’t think we had a big problem in there. I believe we had a problem of efficiency defensively.”

    Jesus Christ.

    Where to begin?

    Wenger thinks our midfield has been dominant in nearly most games. This for me is a further sign of Wenger’s tactical deficiency and cluelessness as a manager.

    He seems to think that maintaining the majority of possession stats means that this equates to midfield superiority.

    He is clueless.

    Here’s an example: when Arsenal played Chelski at the Emirates, Arsenal had over 60% possession. Arsenal had the ball most of the time but Ancelotti’s tactical plan was to allow us to have the ball.

    The reason Ancelotti did this is because he was aware Arsenal are inefficient in possession if you snuff Fabregas out. No one else in that team is going to do anything.

    Result? 0-3 home thrashing.

    Exhibit 2: Arsenal at the Fridge. Arsenal again dominated possession but were beaten inside the opening 20 minutes of the match. It’s called a tactical counter-attacking strategy.

    Arsenal’s midfield has actually been along with goalkeeping, the biggest deficiency and shortcoming in the squad this season.

    The minute the ball is lost in attack, the Arsenal midfield is completely out of shape. I can still remember Frank Lampard strolling through a massive gap as he played Didier in for the 2-0.

    Arsenals’ midfield in this hilarious and idiotic 4-3-3 formation (that we don’t have the personnel to play) is indisciplined.

    The minute Arsenal lose the ball in midfield there are too many lazy and work-shy idiots refusing to drop back. Spot the number of times this season Diabolical has literally been left wanting as his man sprints beyond him and he just lets him go.

    Exhibit C: Barcelona in both legs.

    That is the benchmark and the Arsenal midfield looked like school-children trying to get a ball off a team of grown rugby players. It was embarrassing. One would have thought that after such a schooling in the art of retaining possession, Wenger would seek to improve. But oh no…

    Exhibit D: Man United at home.

    Again Arsenal did all the huffing and puffing. But like Ancelotti, Ferguson had a plan. This consisted in exposing Arsenal’s defensive left flank (Clichy in particular) and using Wayne Rooney on the counter-attack to expose the enormous holes in Arsenal’s midfield once they flooded forward.

    This resulted in the comical scenario of Rooney sprinting through the Arsenal midfield as Denilson literally let him go. Watched him sprint past. This also resulted in the third goal, with Park strolling through with the ball for over 30 yards without a single challenge coming in.

    Some of the worst midfield defending I have ever seen. And the much-vaunted Alex Song played in that match so he is as much part of the problem due to his indiscipline when he ventures upfield.

    One would have thought that after such shocking performances that things would finally change.

    I said in a post the other day that one of the biggest problems at this club is the lack of discipline.

    I will repeat this: Abou Diabolical is a Disgrace. His rancid performances are now the norm. Both he and Denilson have been unacceptable this season and a Ferguson or Mourinho would have packed their bags already.

    But this comes back to the shocking culture of complacency we have under this finished manager. Instead of reading the riot act what do we hear?

    ‘Diaby and Denilson have improved a lot this season.’

    Jesus Christ. That Wigan match should have been the end of Diabolical’s Arsenal career. Losing the ball in midfield, not bothering to make a tactical foul back and then letting his man ghost in. As he did with Messi. Christ.

    Denilson at home to Man United. So abysmal he was bollocked by his own fans. The fans are having now to do the job of letting players know that their performances are unacceptable because the manager is too spineless to do so.

    After the Disgrace that was Wigan I would expect these players to be running scared of further inept performances.

    But rest assured.

    Arsene Wenger has endorsed these performances by sending them off on a well-deserved holiday, safe in the knowledge that their are no consequences for their stale and abhorrent lack of discipline and effort this season.

    Fabianski’s shocking disgrace against Porto followed up by his antics against Wigan.

    And what do we hear in conclusion?

    ‘Fabianski is a sensitive boy’
    ‘Diaby has grown this season’
    ‘Denilson has proved he has what it takes’.

    It is just unbelievable. Mystery777 made a great point: next season, when you see Denilson and Diabolical fail to track back yet again, when you see Diabolical holding on to the ball too long and trying to beat four men before elosing possession; and when you see Fabianski perform like an absolute spastic…

    Do not be angry at the players please.

    The blame all lies with Wenger.

    This summer should be about major changes. This season has been unacceptable. Keown said the other day that many of these players should be fighting for their Arsenal careers now.

    The thing is it only works like that at big clubs. In this pampered putrid environment Wenger has overseen; Denilson and Diabolical’s disgusting performances (which culminate in the lack of pride shown in a North London derby) mean that the manager will come out and let them know that their places in the team are effectively safe for next season.

    Where is the desire to improve and work harder for Diabolical and Denilson. For me, if you ‘perform’ as Diabolical did in a North London derby with a title at stake, you never ever play for this club again. Especially when you preceded that by two of the most abhorrent performances against the best football side in the world.

    Ditto Denilson.

    Instead the very first thing the manager has done now at the start of the summer, is to inform us that Diabolical and Denilson are guaranteed starters for next season.

    Way to go and motivate and encourage improvements. As I have said. If you gave Mourinho Diabolical I can guarantee you he would become a much hard-working and superior player within about six months.

    Diabolical will perform exactly the same again next seaosn because Wenger endorses it. Fabianski will continue to perform like a bastard because Wenger has defended his shocking performances. Denilson will refuse to track back again next season because Wenger claims he is much improved.

    This is the sad situation we are in now with Wenger.

    I see Mourinho bollocking a talent like Ballotelli in public and even letting Sneijder know when his performances are not up to the expected standard. And here are two massive talents.

    Over at Arsenal though, it’s business as usual. No incentives to improve.

    And yet people want to get on Arshavin’s case.

    It’s coming to something when I am getting more respect for Rafa Benitez because Rafa has at least enough spine to confess that this season has been a disaster for Liverfool. He has even openly stated that Liverpool are in need of better players, and of serious investment in order to compete.

    Yet on the opposite hand you have a manager who has actually gone longer without success than Benitez, talking about how his team needs no major changes.

    To hear Wenger still using the ‘They are young’ line is frankly a big farce.

    Of course it’s easy to use that as an excuse for failure every season he’s been claiming that since 2005. ‘Lack of maturity’ – whose fault is that then?

    When we win with these young players, I never hear Wenger open his trap claiming that the youth impedes them. His ‘young’ team were old enough to take a 2-0 lead at Wigan with 10 minutes to go.

    However as I keep repeating: Messi scored 4 goals against us and Barca took us apart. However if Wigan could take Arsenal apart inside the space of ten minutes and beat them, why is it that Wenger is claiming that Barca ‘peaked’ when they battered us?

    Barca simply did what Wigan, Man United, Chelski and every other competent team – including effing Stoke – have done to Arsenal this season. i.e. expose the tactical disarray and lack of efficiency.

    The other problem with our midfield is that when you look at the Chelski midfield, they have runners coming from deep to score goals. Lampard springs to mind.

    Man United have someone like Scholes who times late runs into the box and pulls opposition defenders away and creates space for attackers. He often opos up with crucial goals too e.g. his injury time winner in the Manchester derby a few weeks back.

    Fabregas is the only player in the Arsenal midfield capable of making these late timed runs. Only problem is, when making these runs he would require someone to make an accurate pass to him that would split an opposition defence. And who can do this? Rosicky? Don’t make me laugh.

    Nasri? Diabolical? He cannot even pass a GCSE let alone a football. Denilson? Since when do traffic cones make passes then?

    We can’t go on like this. Something needs to be done about Wenger.

  129. Barry – fuck off you tosser.

  130. It’s like a ruptured sewage pipe!

  131. Barry (Howard) obviously has no intelligence at all. He reads other doomers rubbish and just regurgitates it here.

  132. Actually, I think Borrell might be full of shit. Or at least only looking at youth development from the Barcelona perspective (it’s pretty nationalistic, and they can cherry pick talent from across the whole of Catalonia).

  133. It’s interesting how mixed up Barry and others are. Arshavin is a talented boy, but he hasn’t been one of our best 20 players this season. Unless his form improves, he will rely on injuries to win him a place in the team. On the other hand, Wenger is right to point out that Fabregas, Denilson, Song, and Diaby have made our midfield the best part of our team. The defense has made errors, the attack has sometimes slumbered, but the midfield has stood firm.

  134. The only players that can fight for Arsenal are English not French.

  135. I think Barry’s avatar is really a self portrait.

  136. ‘Our midfield is best part of our team’, really? Denilson and Diaby are not fit to wear the jersey by their performances.

    The worst midfield in the club’s history. He keeps on defending useless foreign players until he stubbornly become convinced that they are not good. Senderos; by then a lot of money has been wasted on average players wages.

  137. I think I’m going to sleep on this one.

  138. . *-Respects Highbury @ 19.03

    Jack the ripper.

    I was expecting the usual Wengerite ‘these quotes are invented’.

    Do you have proof they are fabricated then mate? Thought not.

    It’s funny because this must be about the fifteenth occasion since he has been at Arsenal that Arshavin has been ‘misquoted’. Curious.

    He made comments about Barca on six separate occasions. All misquotes. He has made stinging comments about the Arsenal medical department. Also a misquote. He has made comments about the shocking and unambitious transfer policy at Arsenal. Misquotes too.

    Wow poor Arshavin must be The most misquoted player in the history of football! He isn’t the only foreign footballer with a poor command of English in the Premier League. Yet he seems to be the chosen and most misquoted by the papers!

    Let me guess. It’s all a media conspiracy to derail Arsenal and unsettle us. Because our amazing free-flowing team is threatening to break Man United’s supremacy. Right?

    Arshavin would never realistically want to go to Barca. Why would he? He’s done ‘nothing in England’. Really? Tell me then what Diabolical has done? How about Denilson? Nasri?

    Ok then.

    I think the most instructive quote there was the one about winning. A big club does not throw competitions and pick and choose which cups it turns up for. That is shocking from Wenger.

    I also agree with Kem that Sagna has been badly let down by Wenger. I think that if you put Sagna in Man United or Chelski, he would return to being an excellent defender able to cross the ball.

    I used to watch him play for Auxerre and he was solid, sturdy, disciplined and energetic.

    I have watched him deteriorate at an alarming rate after a full first season. He is clearly not being coached and not playing in a defensive unit and Wenger is ruining his confidence. I also blame Wenger for Walcott’s poor form – he is not being played as a forward, not being taught how to cross and Arsenal’s style of football is not making use of his pace – by playing balls into space for him to run into.

    But hey. Keep the faith.

    More of the same to follow next season.

  139. Barry why do you even come on to this site when we could not give a fuck what you think. Are you not allowed to post anywhere else?

  140. hOWARD/BARRY – What total and utter shite!!! Please do all Arsenal fans, indeed all of humanity, a huge favor and jump off a tall building! Failing that, which I think you will as you strike me as someone who fails at everything, just go away.

    Muppet – ANNIMAAAAAAL RULES!!!!!!!! 🙂

  141. Just have to point something out. Howard/Barry or whoever is bitching that there is no competition for places at Arsenal and therefore players do not feel the need to push themselves. Hmmmm….he then says that he agrees with Kem when he claims that Sagna is not being treated right because he keeps getting replaced by Eboue on a regular basis.

    That, you stupid stupid moron, is the very definition of competition!!! If he does not want to be taken off he has to raise his game!!! You must be a Spud as only one of them can be this stupid.

  142. Irishgray,

    Barry only reads the parts of the comments that he can understand.

    Most of the people he believes in are useless armchair managers. If they were as good at the shit they spout they would get out and manage a team somewhere.

    His link to Pyles says it all for me. Anyone who reads Pyles and believs it is an idiot 1st class.

  143. Myles Palmer is more than a soothsayer on Arsenal. All his predictions about Arsene Wenger and his French mafia have all come true.

    He plays all French players in all big games if fit but typical French, they capitulate.

  144. Barry, Myles is a Chelsea fan FFS.

    If you want to be involved with a Chelsea fan that is your prerogative but most Arsenal fans know Myles is a nasty piece of shite that lost his access to Wenger and has spouted a load of bile since.

    Now Fuck Off.

  145. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Barry, I think you’re in need of a picnic or something along those lines. Get out of the house for a little bit, mate. It’s going to be ok. Some things we just can’t control. The sooner you wrap your head around that the better.

  146. dupsffokcof – I hear ya man but every now and then I just have to reply to these idiots. I know I should not but they just piss me off no end. Fully agree about Myles, what a tosser!!

    Love the video of Rosicky, can’t wait for him to regain his form for good, we only had flashes of it this year.

    As for the dive by Morten Gamst Pederson…what can I say…Edu was reviled by the media but this guy just gets a laugh and a nod and thats it. Talk about double standards!!!

  147. I just think Barry needs to improve his reading material. Harry Potter is more his Forté . At least J.K.Rowling’s books are presented as fiction unlike Pyles.

  148. Last!!

  149. a fungus-coated right hand

    How do you know you are last, pray tell?

  150. He only said last, not that he would last the distance.

  151. ‘king Hell – is Barry bored on this holiday weekend?
    Nice to be in the UK for a couple of days, no Gunners at home though, damn.

  152. I propose Barry generate an Arsenal petition to rid the club of Wenger, using the arguments as quoted in ACLF.

    Then he will discover how far on lunatic fringe he really is. Actually they discovered a wayward body of mass the other side of Pluto in our solar system, and now it is unclear whether Pluto is indeed a planet or a rock. Much like Barry in fact.

  153. arsenehollis

    That Barry guy is an idiot.

    “Disgraceful and shocking stewardship”?????

    He won the league his first season, then did it twice more. We played a string of FA cup finals, made a euro final, and the second division of europe final.

    All told Wenger is the clubs most succesful manager ever, so the quote above is tantamount to saying that the history of the club is one long disgrace.

    “5 years, whah, whah!” That is the normal refrain, but we moved into new stadium and had to work on a very tight budget. It took a genius to keep us challenging. 2 of the last 3 years we have got into spring in the thick of the title chase. We have made the last 8 in Europe, or better, each of the last 3.

    Wenger is a genius.

    He has acknowledged that we were not good enough defensively. He will fix it this time. We will sweep all before us for a decade.

  154. Yogi has a new post.

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