Manchester City Preview: Time To Confound The Critics Once More

Manchester City arrive at The Emirates in a key fixture for both sides. city need the points in the race for fourth, Arsenal to ensure third place. More than that, Arsenal need to win following consecutive league defeats something that has always happened this season. Each time two Premier League defeats on the trot have happened, the next game – at home each time – has been won by Arsenal, with a clean sheet for good measure. More please, Sir.

All of the pre-match talk is coming from the visitors, bouyed by their derby…no, wait, they lost so presumably they think they are better than Arsenal, even if the Premier League table defies their logic. Having won the previous two encounters this season, scoring seven in the process, City’s attack will fancy their chances against a back four which has let in nine in the last three games, the makeshift nature emphasised by that statistic.

It is a return for five of the visitors’ squad, perhaps more emotional for Vieira, Toure and Him. Sorry, that was almost a Dom DeLuise moment there. The reception the three get will be marked in its difference; Vieira and Toure should be accorded the respect due for their endeavours in an Arsenal shirt, He is going to be jeered for the mark He made on Robin van Persie’s head and that goal celebration.

The lack of respect shown then will no doubt be reciprocated to Him, despite any requests to the contrary. I do not think it will motivate Him anymore than He will already be for the match. He feels there is a point to prove, so He will try to prove it. Definitely a Dom DeLuise blog this morning.

Arsenal welcome back Song and Eduardo to the squad for the match, the former likely to start, the latter a substitute. Robin van Persie should be part of an attacking trio alongside Bendtner and Walcott. Midfield requires some defensive nous to be applied, particularly on the right with Bellamy, Johnson and Tevez favouring that attacking channel. With Denilson absent, Emmanuel Eboue would be my choice, supporting Bacary Sagna at full back and Walcott in attack.

Defence though is Wenger’s problem. The back five collectively needs to put in a good performance following the debacle at Wigan. Manuel Almunia is missing once more which gives Fabianski another start, a point to prove to everyone and restore the good faith from the supporters, that the manager has given him. Wenger’s comments in the press conference yesterday though were backhanded. Fabianski is going to be a ‘great goalkeeper’ but his compatriot is a ‘future Arsenal No. 1’.

Lukasz Fabianski is apparently reading The Godfather to improve his English. I was not aware that Mario Puzo was a seer but no doubt he had the current Arsenal goalkeepers in mind with the children in the Corleone family. Fabianski is a ringer for Sonny, all headstrong and charging out of his area; Szczesny is Michael, Arsène‘s favoured goalkeeping son which just leaves Manuel to fill the role of Fredo. Manonne was a threat but he now sleeps with the fish.

Wenger also spoke of the summer months, Campbell will be spoken to – hopefully more about a coaching role than a permanent first team place – whilst talks are still ongoing with William Gallas. That a new deal has yet to be signed is not a particularly good sign, reminiscent of Flamini’s departure as is the absence through injury at the end of the season, but the centre back is entitled to take his time and compare the deal with other offers. That the door has not been entirely closed to staying is a positive also. Having lost control of the transfer speculation, Arsène sought to regain the higher ground by telling the assembled hacks that the Brothers Grimm were better storytellers and probably more accurate in their guesses about whom Arsenal will sign this summer.

Back to this afternoon. The starting line-up I would expect to see is:

Fabianski; Sagna, Campbell, Silvestre, Clichy; Eboue, Song, Nasri; Walcott, Bendtner, van Persie

That assumes all fitness tests are passed and no adverse reactions suffered to those conducted yesterday. It is a key fixture, one Arsenal need to win for confidence as much as the points. Enjoy the match wherever you are watching it.

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. This is one game I wish Arsenal wins.. for the fans. It would be a good consolation if we can do out bit to prevent them from going to the Champions league. Beside it should not be said that we were beaten home and away but Mancity

  2. I am still trying to get over the state of the ‘washroom’ used by Björk in that vid put up by Passenal. I hope the production team were in touch with the authorities about it. Disgraceful.

    I am for ignoring ‘him’ completely this afternoon.


  3. The gunners who have suffered back to back/consecutive defeats have always bounced back. I disagree. Do not be Arsenal lose a third tine on the trot.I based my observation on the personnel deployed.
    Of course I want the gunners to win and win convincingly. Otherwise there will great pressure to finish third.I hate to think the unthinkable were they to lose.
    Cl qualification will be at grave risk.

  4. The gunners who have suffered back to back/consecutive defeats have always bounced back. I disagree. Do not be staggered if Arsenal lose a third time on the trot.I base my observation on the personnel deployed.
    Of course I want the gunners to win and win convincingly. Otherwise there will great pressure to finish third.I hate to think the unthinkable were they to lose.
    Cl qualification will be at grave risk.

  5. What a complete load of cock, Willie, you prick.

  6. By the time Pamela had finished clearing up the mess Darius had made on the bar, I suppose she didn’t have the energy to clean the washroom.

  7. …or the inclination.

  8. I see the exploitative hack dwarf is at it again. Leading the charge against AW and the squad. Not content with making money out of supporting AW the opportunity to make money by dising him has been too hard to resist. A shining example of the moral poverty of the press in England.

  9. Yw we cant lose today 3-0 win will do.on a different point wat do u think of these guys us our signins for next season.frey,cahill,chamark.catermole with eduardo,big all,fabianski,gallas,rosicky leaving and bartley,nordveit,wilshere,jet,barazite coming back

  10. Is The Massacre of Ashburton Grove taking place today?

  11. Sébastien Frey has just signed a contract extension with Fiorentina, hasn’t he? I think you will surporised at how good Lukasz Fabianski can be. He needs time to gradually build up his presence. At the moment he is getting to play under very difficult circmstances with a very unsettled defence in front of him. Besides I don’t see Almunia moving on for a while, nor do I want him to.


  12. Sorry, Battle.

    Don’t want to scare them off.

  13. Hope so, Pz, haven’t had any fun in a while.

  14. Have the peaky piddlers got their equipment ready?

  15. Don’t need it. Just use our gumption.

  16. Fabianksi is a poor keeper im afraid. Not only did he drop the cross for wigans second but he could of easily saved wigans first if he had better reactions

  17. However I have had some of those fancy blades they used to use on chariot wheels put onto the painted wagon. Tried them out yesterday. There is a street in North London with no lampposts down one side and all the cars on the other side are a bit one sided. When I finally managed to get Lady Neena to stop there was a bloody shopping bag attached to an arm wrapped around one wheel. I think I might take them off and attached them when we get there. Safer.

  18. Speaking of blood and guts. Ajax – Feyenoord this weekend. No love lost there.

  19. You need to take some precautions, Frank. You don’t want to send your men into battle half-cocked.

  20. I actually agree Fabianski could have saved the first Wigan goal…

  21. We’ve lost about ten goals to bad goalkeeping this season, we would of won the league

  22. Romni,

    How many have other teams lost?

  23. I hate to admit it but sczencny shuld be recaled for all the remainin games

  24. Ole Gunner, other tames mistakes dont matter only our own. Surely you can see a keeper and a centre back is all we need

  25. Sticking with the Godfather theme, Denilson is Connie, gets slapped around. Adebawhore is Scaracci the “Pimp”.

  26. Romni,

    I think it matters if you say without the mistakes we’d have won the league.

  27. you know, we may have a shot at 2nd if the sp*ds do us another favour. I mean, they’ve come so far, might as well claim manure’s head too while they’re at it.

  28. If we have a shot at 2nd, then we have a shot at 1st since 1 pt separates 1st & 2nd

  29. Right!
    Just about to leave for the game. Pick up my friend, 2/3 beers, sun on our backs, pass the ball all the way into the net. I don’t really care how we play or how we score; I just want our CL place secured as soon as possible.
    Then it will be time for more forward looking optimism.
    Come On!

  30. 1 loose cannon

    I’m blogging from the park . Glorious weather. We just need to win to complete a great day. Is it illegal to take a wet smelly fish to the game? I would like to smack Ade in the face with it. A trout would do nicely. Have a good day everyone

  31. Adebayor, Adddebayyorrrrr
    You suck Bellamy’s cock
    You bloody whore

  32. If we win we fuck over City, if we lose we fuck over the spuds. Either way I like those odds lol.

    As i’ve said all season, we need to play with some fucking heart!!! Sick and tired of us ending seasons with a pitiful whimper and apparent disinterest. The boys need to show us they are worthy to wear the Arsenal jersey!!

    Its been one rollercoaster of a season and I really hope the boys do us proud!!!

    COYMFG!!!! Lets dangle 3rd place infront of these Middleeastland cunts!!

  33. That must be the longest article ever written about a footballer, and perhaps the longest article ever to appear in an English newspaper.

    I’m beginning to undertand what happened that time Bendtner was carried out of a nightclub with his trousers round his ankles. He must have knocked his leg against one of the tables, then started to remove all his clothes so he could check himself over and see that nothing was damaged. After all, his body is his livelihood.

    He’s obviously a bit of a nutter. A lovable nutter, but a nutter nonetheless. A 6′ 4″, football-playing nutter – perhaps we could put him in goal.

  34. Bendtner….you get the feeling there’s something special about him…there has to be to get him so convinced there is

  35. Fabianski isn’t really, in my opinion, like Santino. He’s not got that animal violence ready to burst persona. Lehmann was definitely Santino, Almunia as Fredo really strikes a cord with me. It was always a surprise to me when I read the book, and to Don Corleone, that Fredo turned into a ladies man after moving to Vegas. Perhaps Almunia needs a transfer to the MLS. Woocash is also a good fit in the Michael role, as well. The serious understudy who everyone underestimates until he settles all the family debts at once. Of course Vermaelen or Sol are our Luca Brasi, Pat Rice is no Tom Hagen, however. SAF is, of course, Barzini (or Constanza because he’s a harpy biyatch) and Mancini is a natural Tattaglia (a pimp and a dandy). ‘Appy ‘Arry probably slots into the Seargent McClosky role or the Carlo Rizzi role. The other guy who manages chelski is a natural Jonny Fontane I think.

    As for today…all we need is someone to fill the Albert Neri and Rocco Lampone rolls and we will finish the mancs off. Of course you need to be careful of Carlos “The Turk Solozzo” Tevez. He’s got some flair for the dramatic and isn’t afraid to mix it up.

  36. Somehow struggling to imagine Manny Almunia “…banging cocktail waitresses two-at-a-time behind the casino bar”, as was Fredo’s penchant.

  37. I still yearn for a prequel (i’ll wash my mouth out in a second) in which we are privvy to the previous adventures of Luca Brasi. In fact, that’s what I’d call it, The Previous Adventures of Luca Brasi. I might take a crack at writing that screenplay one day…

  38. Can’t fault the rest of your casting there, Gris Gris. Carlos “The Turk Solozzo” Tevez is particularly apt I feel.

  39. Yeah Limpar but Fredo was always the soft one and Almunia has always seemed soft to me. Who knows, send him to the US and see what happens.

    The Luca Brasi Chronicles would be interesting, always wanted more background on him tossing his child with that irish hooker into the coal furnace. At least I think that was how it played out in the book. The back stories on Clemenza and Tessio would be interesting too.

  40. That is a much better name.

    “…that was the smart move. Tessio was always the smarter one…”

  41. The Spuds lose to MU. Now we stand to do them a favor. We can lose this game and still end up in third. What a dilemma.

  42. Fabianski, Sagna, Campbell, Silvestre, Clichy, Song, Rosicky, Nasri, Diaby, Walcott, Van Persie

  43. Come on Arsenal!

  44. Best article I have ever read re: B52, can’t believe he asked Edu for his number!! Would have loved to see Edu’s face when he did. Van Persie to score a hat-rick would be the perfect result today with HIM scoring 2, both of course being own-goals!!!

  45. What’s up with ACLF? Where was the pre-match hubris? Where’s all the self-congratulation?

  46. We are saving the self-congratulations til the end, as for the pre-match hubris we had that before the Wigan game and look what happened!!

  47. Have to say, I expected Man City to be a bit more positive.


  49. Well so far at least Lucas Flappy-handski has kept a clean sheet

  50. Just feels so good watching RVP play, he looks so dam sharp too!!!

  51. Getting foulded a lot.

    If he survives this one without mishap then Fabianski will improve with every game.

  52. True but you are supposed to improve with every game anyways, just that he needs to improve a lot

  53. Nasri close…

  54. How was that a card?

  55. How did Vieira get away with that?

    Jesus christ.

  56. i love Vieira but how was that not a card?

  57. I mean Silvester gets a yellow and then that….where is the consistency? Not to mention Rosicky should have had a free kick right before that

  58. Decent first half but we should be at least a goal up

  59. Where is Big Al btw?

  60. Song and Diaby are playing well today. I liked the ball Diaby played in for Van Persie early on in the second half. Song has been a wall thus far.

    Good game but it needs a goal to liven things up.

  61. What is is it ex Arsenal players who play for man C that decide that they should kick Robin?

    I won’t mention Viera on Song.

  62. At the risk of upsetting Ole, I think Silvestre has had a good game. Only obe error.

    Diaby and Rosicky still need to do more. No end product so far.

  63. First half : the gold plated bus is well and truly parked.Diaby has lost all his confidence, and without threatening us, City look comfortable in defence.Sorry , Rosicky is not the same player, and Theo I believe is trying his best but to no avail.

    Bedtner must come on now and RVP who looks sharp should play in the hole just behind him.

    Sol is again magnificant,but all in all a scrappy game so far.

    the one decent shot we had from Nasri, Given spilled but there wasn’t one solitary Arsenal player in the box.
    Hopedfully things can only get better.

  64. Ne end product is right but we are playing well, Shiteh have not had a shot yet, not many teams can claim they kept them so quiet this season

  65. Song’s in trouble.

  66. I love it when Song charges forward with the ball he needs to do that more often

  67. Oh, maybe not.

  68. Just win the game you idiots, there so fucking shit at the moment

  69. You can’t expect us to be brimming with confidence, Kelsey.

    I think it was a solid start. Man City were crushingly unambitious.

  70. I like that “crushingly unambitious” 🙂

  71. That was a fair tackle.

  72. Great tackle by Diaby = yellow card lmfao!!

  73. adebey-cunt is coming on, fucking get these bastards and stop clowing around

  74. here comes the cocksucker!!

  75. Cue the hate!

  76. nice cheer for Vieaira

  77. He’s got rag-doll bunches. What’s that all about?

  78. cos he is a rag-doll

  79. thats a pathetic boo, whats wrong with our shit crowd they cant even boo properly

  80. maybe he’s a transvestite.

  81. Raggedy Ade.

    It’ll never catch on.

  82. Why are song and ade bum chums now? I thought they hated eachother

  83. facking bellamy…that little cock

  84. Bellamy wanted no part of Song, did he? I think its the lox!

  85. were playing like cocks

  86. Romni…patience my child

  87. bring on B52

  88. they should just censor adebywhores face

  89. Arseman my patience has run out this season you numpty. Were playing like fucking wankers

  90. I have a mop in my shed that look just like Adebore, its just as fucking useless too!!!

  91. Lost a little bit of momentum here.

  92. sylvetsre is so fucking shit how the hell is he playing for arsenal? its beyond a joke

  93. run walcot you little runt

  94. Good time for a change.

  95. He got the ball!!!

  96. We need some patience and not lose our heads defensively

  97. sagna got the fucking ball

  98. Romni…u sorry little shit…u make me laugh…

  99. Good claim by Fabianski.

  100. wahoo!!!!!! fabiaski caught the fucking ball !!!!!!!!

  101. ha ha…a ha ha


  103. Arseman I couldnt care less what i make you do you twat.

    Come on now Bendtner

  104. C’mon B52

  105. Close!

  106. Any chance VELA can come on????

  107. Romni….chill out maaaaan…no need to get ur knickers in a twist…good to see u encouraging our players for once

  108. Dislocated?!

  109. Diaby’s shot dislocated dudes shoulder!

  110. It looks like Man City found their reserve goalie in a glacier.

  111. Our second shot from outside the box this season, thats an improvement on last year.

    Please shoot against this neilson twat please, no more fucking pointless passes

  112. looks painful…

  113. I like Shay Given dam good player hate to see nice guys like him stretchered off

  114. Funny, I remember a few goals from distance this season.

  115. nice to see the fans applauding Shay 🙂

  116. even nicer hearing them boo HIM 🙂

  117. Shush Paul, you’ll spoil Romni’s hilarious joke.

  118. very classy from the Arsenal peops, applauding givens!

  119. well done sol, our only player who gives a fuck

  120. Bellamy is a scumbag

  121. Clichy has been great.

  122. by the way Romni Clichy is playing a blinder

  123. Bellamy’s a thug, and an ugly Welsh one at that

  124. by the way thats 3 catches for Flappy-hand-ski

  125. ade looks like something from aliens. I wish Ripley would show up and shoot that cunt

  126. nice one GOD

  127. Great play by Eboue.

  128. now com on rvp, put it in the top corner for fucks sake

  129. come on RVP

  130. that was closer than i thought

  131. RvP’s been working on that one! So close!

  132. were not even testing there twat of a goalie for fucks sake

  133. it took him 10 seconds to give that free

  134. world class save from Flappy 🙂

  135. Look, Romni, I know you want Arsenal to do your lot a favour, but you’re going to have to be patient.

  136. what a shit game

  137. shoot the fucking ball!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  138. shoot the fucking Romni!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  139. 8 minutes of added time!

  140. shoot for the irishgay

  141. lol 🙂

  142. stop passing for no fucking reason were not barcelona for fucks sake

  143. Are you saying that Barca pass for no fucking reason?

  144. have a shot for gods sake

  145. Man, even Burnley were more positive than that lot.

  146. what a bunch of twats

  147. SHIT sorry fell asleep!!! did I miss anything?

  148. Well we didn’t lose……that’s good right?

  149. no you didnt miss fuck all, what a pile of shit that was

  150. Not bad really, considering our confidence levels coming into the game.

    I expected Man City at least to have a go.

  151. have a great weekend guys, that game sucked all kinds of ass 🙂

  152. 11 behind the ball isnt easy to shoot against.

    The boyz played a decent game, too bad we couldnt convert but they kept trying and we defended quite well. Sivestre wasnt bad at all.

  153. paul n that was dross

  154. All that money spent for them to sit back and play counter-attack.

    In fact, for all their billions, neither Chelsea nor Man City have done anything for the premier league “brand”. All they offer is efficient (not in today’s case), tactical football.

    It’s a damn shame.

  155. That RvP free-kick was so clever. Keepers just aren’t going to know what’s coming now.

  156. You can’t post and really follow a game at the same time. And nobody who understands anything about football would do so when their club is playing. Romni proves my point.

  157. finngun you twat

  158. MOTM to the home Fans, absolutely loved the Adewhore slaging off and boos.

  159. romni, you’re welcome.

    besides, twats are wonderful things. where would we be without them?

  160. Silvestre played well!

    Was it his manc loyalties he was being true?

  161. I disagree, Finngun. I usually only post during a break in play, and I never listen to commentary, so I don’t miss much there. I like discussing a game, and my spoken comments fall on deaf ears (GF and disinterested pets) at home.

    Of course, I’m not excusing Romni’s misguided views.

  162. @ole, haha. This was his one true derby, the match against the Spuds didn’t mean much to him.

  163. It’s a shame we couldn’t get a goal today for all our possession, but that clean sheet will be good for the players confidence. This game reminded me of last season when we tightened up defensively and went through a series of goal less draws. Hopefully, that won’t happen this time. RVP is overdue a goal direct from a free kick.

    Oh and fuck off Romni you moronic imbecile.

  164. He must have done Ole if you say so!

    He showed real heart and skill today.

  165. They probably fall on deaf ears here as well, LOL.

  166. It was nice to see Diaby push Vieira around a bit, especially in the 1st half.

  167. After the debacle against Wigan, the silence this week, I was hoping we would come out and show what we’re about.

    I was hoping the players would come out and show they want to play for Arsenal.

    Some drive, some detemination, some urgency.

    Apparently not.

  168. I think a few on here need to watch the game again before posting their drivel.

    VP & Song back from injury, a deflated squad from last weekend. All in all I thought we played ok against a team with no ambition at all.

  169. OOU,
    posting during the break is obviously different. Personally, I just find that there is so much to see, yell and think about that I couldn’t possibly post as well. Maybe I’m just slow that way. Sometimes I do take a peak at the statistics but that’s about all I can handle. After all, the Arsenal isn’t playing most of the time.

  170. We were the more positive team and at some point had 75% possession. Offcourse I wanted a win but the boys did try. We shouldve had eboue and bendy on from half time, Walcott was utterly useless.

  171. that was total dross this is a room full of morons

  172. Most boring Arsenal game i’ve seen all season.

  173. He played at Premier League standard for a change Consols. Very assured, and quite intelligently.

  174. Very proud of our team, you could see that losing wasnt an option. The claa is there we just need t get out cutting edge back.

    Have a blessed day all!

  175. Finngun you twat we all post and watch, you’ve mugged yourself off mate

    why dont we shoot more?

  176. Romni, you are a bit of a moaning old tart. You show no support at all for The Arsenal so I have come to the conclusion you must be a spud fan.

  177. R*mni & Michelle must surely be James showing his frustration. Standard spud high-hopes.

    I must say, I did enjoy Big Sol’s performance today. And Kolo played out of his skin for the first 20 minutes too. We worked very hard and were hard done by not to get a goal. Theo played well again, and I felt certain that had Dean allowed us to take that last freekick, RVP would have struck. His first one was so, so close!

    How different a prospect we are with Song and RVP playing. City were massively underwhelming. If we spent that much money and performed as negatively as that I’d feel pretty disappointed.

  178. The only reason we didn’t lose that game was that citeh were even less ambitious than we were.

    I don’t mind if we lose or draw, as long as the players give their all.

    If that was their all we’re in seriously deep sh!t.

    And by the way, I am of the AKB ilk, not the doomers.

  179. Fuck off, J**es.

  180. MikeSA, you have it all wrong!! The players are gutted that they let Wenger, the Supporters and themselves down.

    They are hurt, you can see it on their faces. Confidence is lacking a bit but they faught hard today. PLEASE GIVE THEM A BREAK!!!

  181. Ha, yeah, I suppose everybody has their own ritual, FG. I get quite nervous and find it helps to be occupied during a game- besides watching the match.

    Yes, he’s clearly a hacked-off spud, dups. Oh how I’d love Villa to nip in and steal that 4th spot.

    …mainly because they’d get demolished in the qualifying round.

  182. MikeSA,

    I’m sorry but I’m skeptical….you say the only reason we didn’t lose is because they showed no ambition. Thta sounds like prejudgement….doesnt seem like something this game proved

  183. I have to say I disagree, MikeSA. I thought we fought very hard all game and were unlucky not to get a breakthrough against a game-paralysingly negative side.

    Imagine spending all that money on players and you get them together and they play like Stoke.

    Kolo played out of his skin the first 20 minutes. Enjoyed his performance almost as much as Big Sol’s.

  184. I feel for the boys, I really do. Evry year we put in some great work early only to see injuries and all that cause our season end on a sour note.

    I am proud, very proud. This team always fights after setbacks and will soon be unstoppable.

    Hold your heads up lads, you have done us proud!!

  185. we were fucking crap. clueless, i thought rvp and song would make the difference but they didnt do fuck all. we nned arshavin back in the form he was, he’s our rooney. adebeycunt didnt get booed enough. Finngunn your a mug and you’vr mugged yourself off again you mug

  186. I’m with you, Paul N.

  187. Ole, you can be as sceptical as you like.

    I supported Songv when everyone was slagging him off, I was the one pointing out that he was the most creative player in the reserves and had te mot sists before he went on loan to Charlton.

    I was also (and still am) one of Denilson’s supporters.

    I also believe Silvestre is a lot etr than he is given credit for.

    If you don’t believe me, go and find my posts.

    I don’t advocate wholesale changes or silly purchases.

    I believe we have the bulk of what we need as far as players go.

    BUT, those players need a f$%^g huge kick up the arse.

  188. Happy to see that how well the defence held. Thought Clichy was very good. They got just one shot on goal and a couple off. That’s a lot of millions per shot.

    The team’s attitude and focus was better. All that was lacking was some creativity and confidence (probably a correlation, there).

  189. MikeSA, is very dissapointed. He is one of the positive ones but I fear that this little patch will push many positive people over to the dark side.

    Follow the light MikeSA!!

  190. With all the regular morons missing Romni is filling in.

  191. Sorry, my typing is poor at times.

    I’m sorry, I can’t pretend that was an acceptable performance.

  192. Romni, please!

  193. Hello, J**es! Hello little girlie!! How much you think Fergie will pay for Gareth Bale this summer?

    Maybe they’ll give you Mr Burns back in part-exchange. He really is pony nowadays isn’t he?

    Are you still paying Robbie Kunts wages or what?

    What a silly, silly little club.

  194. MikeSA,

    To me it seems only a win would have been acceptable to you. What was missing from the performance?

    It’s ok not to be satisfied with a draw at home to a mid-table side.

    I’m gutted we lost a chance to increase our points total.

  195. Despite all their pre-match talk, shitty were clearly worried about us, hence the small team game plan i.e. park the bus and constantly foul the most threatening player on the opposition team.

    Mike SA, I recognise your name and I recall that you are not usually a doomer, but I think you expected too much. As others have pointed out, we had some players out there whose confidence had taken a severe knock in recent games. It was safety first today. Even Mean Lean on Arsenal Vision, who is usually so optimistic was predicting a defeat for us today. You have to recognise sometimes when you are going through a bad patch that a draw and not conceding could be the first shoots of a revival.

  196. Too fucking right mikeSA, anyone who thinks thats acceptable needs there head examined, we didnt create one chance at home for gods sake

  197. Romni, I’ve known a lot of useful and good looking mugs. I bet you’re neither.

  198. Finngun you’ve mugged yourself again, you mug

  199. Is it J*ames, LA. I know his posts are just as ridiculous.

  200. rocisky was dreadfull again

  201. Ole, you miss me entirely.

    I would accept a loss and support the team to the hilt, as long as I see heart and drive out there.

    I’m sorry, I didn’t see it, and I’m not going to pretend that I did.

    I saw sloppy play, Gael in the 94th minute dithering over a throw in.

    No running off the ball to give the ball carrier options.

    I didn’t see anywhere near enough pressing play when the oppo had the ball.

    As I said, if they give their all and still lose, I’ll be behind them all the way.

    I’ll stop at this point, I don’t want to provide any more amunition to the doomers, but I am seriously disappointed with the team.

  202. MikeSA,

    I don’t know….i think the problem is that nobody has stepped up and taken on the mantle of Fabregas.

    I thought we won the ball back well enough. I do agree that the recent problem of players not offering themselves for the pass was to be seen. I thought there were a couple of potentially dangerous situations left uncreated because of a poor penultimate ball.

    It was a typical fin de saison game.

  203. The doomers should be happy now. Last I saw, they were seriously speculating about the possibility of our ending 5th… Must be really shitty being so negative all the time. Wonder what makes them that way? Sexual frustration probably explains a lot.

  204. Ole, that’s exactly the point.

    After Wigan (and sp#rs for that matter), the players are not entitled to have a “typical end of season” game.

  205. Ole 8:37,
    excellent nutshell analysis

  206. MikeSA,

    end of season performances occur because of mental & physical exhaustion. This game was a mirror of the game Citeh played against Man poo last week, except the lucky goal at the death of course.

  207. I also thought the officiating was dreadful again today. Very poor from Mike Dean.

  208. FinnGunn, I fear for their physical and mental health! Life has it’s ups and downs and the healthy thing to do is to accept things you cannot control and just move on. I desperately want this team to win something as I really believe in them. They are not going to do it this season, so it’s up to me to manage that disappointment with maturity. I have two choices, continue to support the team or not. All I can do now is hope for the best next season. That’s what supporting a football team is all about. If you want guarantees, you are not going to get them in the real world.

  209. Maybe they reduced the noise from the crowd for television. The shout when Greedybayor got near the ball was “wanker, wanker” that drowned out any booing.

    Man Shitteh came for the draw. Their first shot in the game was a weak effort from Gareth Barry in the 87th minute. In fact, after the Spuds’ result earlier in the day, the only team to benefit from a draw was the Arsenal. We have secured third place.

    I thought that there were a lot of positives even though the game was pretty boring. Fabianski effectively controlled his area on the rare occasions that Man Shitteh came into our half. RVP looked good and got his revenge on Greedybayor at the expense only of a yellow card. Gael Clichy was superb again.

    I think that we will win the league next season unless we have a repeat of the injuries to key players.

  210. im fucking scared for the future, we are going backwards. its lucky liverpool are so fucking shit now

  211. Dups, look ^ It must be.

  212. That’s true J*mes is going backwards LA.

  213. Oh yeah, and Nasri was ONSIDE. Bastards.

  214. 1 loose cannon

    Draw or win today would not have made a difference, 3rd place is sealed. I thought Wenger has his tactics right we did not commit all players forward as on a number of occasions Bellamy and Tevez tried to break away but we had players back to deal with it unlike last time we played them. But also City were playing for a draw and that made the game dull. Despite the disappointment of another season without a trophy I think there were more positives to take from this season. Wenger will add to the squad I’m sure but the priority must be keeping all key players.

    RVP tried to do Adebayor, came close to crippling him but he got out of the way quickly he knew what was coming, I think RVP would’ve been happy to take a red card and send Adebayor on a stretcher

  215. Can someone help mke sense out of the heading of this article?

    Do Arsenal actually need to join the big spenders, based on today’s evidence? I dare to say man City is a typical big spender and so are spurs for that matter!

  216. Anything by Piers Morgan should be treated as crap.

  217. spending may be just because a few defenders may go else i dont see the point for it!

    Likely JET and Nacer are moving into the first team, JW will also be back from loan and even Nodvert and Bartley, Aykling and Miguel are likely to fill out the defensive slots… Djourou is coming back from injury and i really wish sendy had stayed back…

    If all the other injured players come iin, what else do we need… apart from maybe Messi?

  218. Team Spirit: This table by Real Social Dad might help

  219. City fan here – I come in peace… Most boring match of the season… gained respect for RvP going after Ade… Nasri onside… felt dirty smiling when Nani chipped Gomez this morning…

  220. Blue Moon, your team showed little faith to be a top team today.

  221. Well we were shit we definitely lack inventiveness upfront

  222. How can you lack inventiveness upfront when you have RVP (possibly the most inventive forward) in your team?

  223. Team Spirit…It’s Pier Moron in the Fascist Snail. Best for your sanity if you avoid his “articles” altogether.

    We were not “shit” today. It was a slightly tired end of the season performance. After the last two games a clean sheet was a positive. Man C came got what they came for: a draw.

  224. Well at least Hull Shitty got relegated back to where they belong, all in all not too bad a day really 🙂

  225. Just got back early from the game. No demonstrators. Thought not. Cowardly tarts.

    Really enjoyed the game. Citeh were terrified and rightly so.

    What a difference captain RvP and Alex Song make. More secure defensively from front to back. More dangerous up front. RvP creates spaces on the pitch, stretches the game. A pleasure to watch.

    Lukasz Fabianski, nice solid performance. Something to build on. He will be a fantastic keeper for us.

    The Adebayor stuff was about right. Just a joke. He took it more seriously than the fans, who have moved on. He hasn’t though.

  226. From a Doncaster fan: “While there’s no denying his talent and he’s good on the ball, Emmanuel-Thomas is lazy as fuck when he’s not on the ball. Half of the Donny fans want him back next season where as the other half want someone else who will put in maximum effort rather than just contributing the odd good goal.”

  227. Frank. I thought the ‘Adebayor stuff’ upset our teams rhythm for a short while. We seemed to lose a bit of concentration for about 10 minutes.

  228. 235th!!!

  229. I was pleased to see that Diaby has clearly decided to get stuck in a little more (incredibly for a central midfielder that was only his 2nd booking of the season), and that Van Persie has clearly used the break to work on his free kicks.

    I don’t understand why everyone is slating Rosicky, I love seeing his floppy hair dancing around as he runs manically everywhere. He may not be as incisive as Cesc but he tries hard and he’s one of the few who aren’t scared to shoot.

    I was extremely frustrated to see Diaby, early on, and later Eboue pass up great openings to have a shot at goal. For whatever reason, our players seem afraid to take on the responsibility of shooting at goal.

  230. You seem to have lost Irishgray if you came in 235th.

  231. hey its not just about coming first and winning. it is about how much passion you bring to the eh…game and how enjoyable it is to watch and how much enjoyment you get out of it and……yeah I lost…sniff sniff…..can we just for fuck sake win 1 trophy next year!!!! PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE!!!!

    eh, not to get too greedy but just don’t let it be the Carling Cup

  232. Oh and Crafty Bison well said I agree with all that you say, but would go even further and make the point that when we get possession on the edge of the box we really have no idea what to do. We do not shoot and we do not make any decent runs off the ball. Our players are lined up and available for the pass but there is something missing, some killer instinct. Yes I believe that RVP has that instinct but it does not seem to spread through the team. Pity that.

  233. You need to look at who we had missing in the game also when it comes to creating goals.

    As for the Carling Cup I would be happy to win it ONLY if out young players won it.

  234. That’s something I don’t quite get – If a manager is unhappy with a player’s work rate then surely he’d haul him off in a game or deny him game time in the future.

    As much as I enjoy pressing, I also recognise that the most creative players need to conserve their energy. JET’s contribution on the ball (his record speaks for itself) is always going to be far more important to Doncaster that what he does when the other side has possession.

    Besides, JET be back at Arsenal next season whether Doncaster want him or not.

    Maybe fans want all their forwards to be like Rooney or Tevez. That would be depressing.

  235. Frank @12.38

    Just got back early from the game. No demonstrators. Thought not. Cowardly tarts.

    Really enjoyed the game. Citeh were terrified and rightly so.

    What a difference captain RvP and Alex Song make. More secure defensively from front to back. More dangerous up front. RvP creates spaces on the pitch, stretches the game. A pleasure to watch.

    Lukasz Fabianski, nice solid performance. Something to build on. He will be a fantastic keeper for us.

    The Adebayor stuff was about right. Just a joke. He took it more seriously than the fans, who have moved on. He hasn’t though.


    What game were you watching ?. City came for a draw, typical Italian boring defensive attitude.this was a massive game for both sides,yet it felt like a mid table encounter with nothing at stake.How many more chances does one give Walcott. Fabianski had a good game, christ he only had one save to make.City were terrified were they ? they parked two buses not one and were only interested in stifling our game.Why was Nic omitted from the start.? 99% of comments i have read said for a game with so much at stake, it was a complete bore,to which i agree yet you really enjoyed the game.let’s get one thing clear,i support the team as much as the next man, but where was the motivation by the players for us to win today..Is shooting not allowed anymore ? come on Frank, you can do better than that,sir.Blind obsession for the team when there are frailties is not a reasoned argument today.

  236. There is something in what you say Kelsey but perhaps you have been led to expect too much.

    City are a dangerous side with, I think the fewest defeats in the League. They have some very capable players to which you can add in the Adebayor factor. How many Arsenal supporters dreaded him scoring yesterday?

    Therefore, Arsenal were cautious. To be beaten really risked the season sliding into recrimination and despondency. So, we did attack and we did dominate without really looking like carrying all before us. Nasri might have had better service from the linesman in the first half when clear on goal after RVP’s pass but I expect nothing of linesmen these days.

    Where you have a point is that there was something missing from our display. A cutting edge? The lack of a killer touch around the box? A lack of decisiveness perhaps sums it up for me. That lack of spark and nous that often distinguishes a great side from a good one.

    Why? Well we are still lacking too many players who might have made a difference. Most sides struggle to score when they lose 1 or 2 key players. RVP is clearly not fully fit. One or two, Nasri comes to mind, have had a long season and looked a little dull. Rosicky is not back to himself.

    So, all in all, I suspect that we wanted to avoid defeat first. A point was really enough for our purposes. a win might have come but it didn’t. We certainly never looked like losing.

    At this stage of the season I can live with that.

  237. Hear, hear consolsbob. That is exactly how I see it too. That was a game dominated by fear of losing. Arsenal have actually scored the most goals from outside the box so it’s not that we don’t shoot, but yesterday they were probably ultra cautious. If you shoot blindly, you risk returning the ball to the opposition and therefore the quick counter-attack. man c have the players to profit from that as we know to our cost from the game at their place.

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