Time To Summon Some Spirit And Strength

When things go quiet in the club, you know that the PR people are actually doing their job properly. Of course that means that the media are starved of stories and therefore some daft tales take centre stage. It seems that Juventus are looking to do what Barcelona and Real Madrid have failed to in the past and take the club en masse to Turin with Robin van Persie and Bacary Sagna just the start of a trickle to the Europa League next season. Failing to win the title will apparently mean that Melo and Buffon will make their Arsenal debuts ten years after being first linked with a possible transfer to the club.

Of course, what could the players actually have said this week? What could they have offered following the consecutive Premier League defeats that would have made the situation any better? Frankly nothing. The squad has talked quite a lot in the past about focus and ability, the time to deliver, etc., but this past ten days such words would have meant little since the actions did not deliver.

Tomorrow’s match with Manchester City is key for both clubs. An Arsenal win combined with a Spurs defeat sees 3rd place confirmed and 2nd out of sight, a classic case of mixed emotions although for the first time since 2005-06 that would mean automatic qualification for the group stages of the Champions League next season. That combination would suit Manchester City in their attempt to qualify for Europe’s premier cup competition, not improving their situation whilst not making it any worse.

A City win tomorrow increases nervousness around Arsenal, with the gap between the two reduced to six points and a game in hand for the chasing pack. Failure to finish in the top three would class this season, overall, as no improvement on last in cold statistical terms. Fourth in the Premier League, fourth again. The players simply cannot let that happen for until the current spate of injuries, few could put forward any cogent arguments that this season had not been a step in the right direction compared to last. Not the finished article but a giant stride forward nonetheless. Third cements that argument.

Tomorrow is about showing the spirit which was evident earlier in the season, when the results went against the side in matches against the other top four sides, adversity brought out the best in terms of effort and application. Winning at this end of the season does not have to be pretty unless it is a meaningless match. Whilst key players are missing and with their physical absence, the mental strength is not there as well.

It is in these situations where Campbell and Silvestre should step up as senior pro’s. The former has shown the mental strength necessary as well as defying the years with his performances; the latter is well, the latter. They need to kick some strength into the rest. Little wonder that Arsène will be hoping Alex Song passes a fitness test. That and the appearance of Robin van Persie at kick-off would give the Arsenal team a more confident feel about it, from the stands anyway.

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. Tomorrow is a must win, Van persie to start.

    They must be thrashed at all costs.

  2. I agree with Frank

  3. Frank been writing in invisible ink?

  4. Niblet, your name reminds me of a finger food table buffet.

  5. 1 loose cannon

    We need Song back.
    Juventus wants to flog their flop Melo to us and that is why they are trying these tactics in the hope Wenger will exchange some players for him. RVP to Juventus? not in a million years.

  6. In the life of me, how could anybody be suggesting Silvestre to put on d red & white jersey ever again 4 d gunners? I believe d dude is in our squad 2 fraustrate our efforts & ambition. Sometimes I think Fergie planted him within us 2 truncate our ambitions! D dude could only remain a gunner if he’s there washing d kits!

  7. A little bit off topic, but did any one notice Athletico’s centre back last night?

    I forget his name but I was really impressed by him. I have no idea whether he is consistantly this good as well know one good performance does not make a player but a central defender like that would certainly improve us.

    I hope we can retain Campbell. I think he is truly an asset to our club. He might be a little bit slow but his performance against Spurs and in most games this season are a true mark of a professional and a leader.

  8. Morning YW. I seem to have commented under the wrong post.

  9. Arse Baggins, yes he’s a great player, but he’s also an ass hole, dont forget that dog.

    gbenda aka G-Money, Dats the truth partner

  10. @ William

    Your name reminds me of a syphilitic disco.

  11. Team v Citeh: Mannone

    Sagna Sol Song Clichy

    Eboue Nasri Eastmond Walcott

    RVP Bendtner

    Flappy and Diaby dropped after thier awful performances last week

    2-2 draw

  12. Niblet, I know its dope aint it.

  13. Like a barrel full of tits.

  14. 2-2?

    Forget that bullshit, a win is a must and thats the bottom line

  15. Niblet / William

    Behave or else.


  16. Whats happened to Darius?

    I hope he’s ok

  17. Sup YW?!.. Not many people around yet to chew the fat with about futbol issues. I really can’t be bothered to engage the intelligencia who think singling out particular players for contempt is anything but detrimental.
    Oh, and please do not mention me and William in the same sentence. He hacked my facebook and romanced my teenage concubine. Me and him are through ya’ll.

  18. It does not matter who is in the starting eleven, what’s important is that whoever plays gives 100%. We cannot have another Wigan performance. Our only goal now is to secure 3rd spot and guarantee a CL position. A win over city will put us in good standing as we go into our last couple of games.

  19. On to Citeh.

    I hope Kolo gets a warm reception and am sure that he will. Adebayor will get exactly what he deserves.

  20. Well said frogmouse

  21. We’ll have a strong enough team again tomorrow, though I am perhaps a bit optimistic as any team with Mikael Silvestre is not strong enough;

    As much as we complain of a decimated squad, the manager still faces a couple of tough calls;

    Do you start RVP and put Bendtner on the bench? Should Walcott start as his pace would cause Citeh problems or at least help contain their pacy wide men.
    Who do you play in central midfield; Rosicky or Nasri? Who will be the 3rd centre back on the bench?

    Do you start Fabianski?

    I’d go for the following team;

    Nasri RVP Bendtner

    Diaby Song Rosicky

    Clichy Silvestre Campbell Sagna


    Subs; Mannone, Eduardo, Theo, Eboue, Vela, Eastmond, Merida

  22. Frogmouse you’re right. 3rd = no qualification and another week or two of pre season prep. Come on boys, surely you can muster the guile to do merc city at ours. Robin to score a goal with buywhore’s head?

  23. Sorry I meant Frogman

  24. Kieran the Gibb.

    All that needs to be said.

  25. Ole

    I doubt Wenger will start with Manonne unless he has decided that Fabianski has not long-term future at the club.

    Fabianski cost a goal on Sunday but there were collective failures across the midfield and back four for the first – and key – goal.

    Wenger is likely to go with a pretty much unchanged side other than bringing back Song and van Persie.


  26. Ole, That is the correct team partner.

    Rinseout, you know dat, Van persie will tear them appart at the back they are weak.

    Frogmouse, Agree 100%

  27. A bit leftfield but, today is the 30th anniversary of arguably Arsenal’s greatest European victory, the 1 nil defeat of Juve.

    For those of us who are not of a certain age, Juve at the time were the Barca of the day, unbeaten at home in any European competition, following a 1-1 draw at Highbury, we had to go to Turin and win, something that had never been done.

    The goal, scored in the final minutes, was by a young kid called Paul Vaeseen, his story is tragic in the extreme and highlights the vast difference from the game then to today.

    Following an injury against Tottenham, Vaessen’s career was over and was promptly shown the door.

    With no focus, his life spiralled out of control, leading to crime, heroin addiction and eventually his untimely death.

    For those interested, I have included a link to site which tells the full and sorry tale.


  28. Yogi,

    Did you notice for Wigans first goal Fabianski didnt dive properly, he just fell on the floor half heartedly and the ball went under him, Manonne deserves his shot.

  29. William, since you asked, I’m doing OK thanks.

    YW kindly offered to cover for me today as I spent the night behind bars and only just made bail. Their internet connection was down last night.

  30. Darius, shit G, if i’d known I would of bust you out and you know this

  31. YW,

    I doubt it too…..

    Fabianski came to us very highly rated. The Arsenal coaches also rate him highly, on reflexes, and things like that.

    What do you reckon is the problem with him?

  32. Ole, He cant catch

  33. LOL William…humour me.

  34. Kingsalami – read about Paul Vaessen a few weeks ago – really sad story. Here’s to him!

  35. Ole

    I think it is confidence and lack of playing time. This is a sweeping generalisation but performances improving with matches rather than sitting on the bench.

    He’s a decent enough ‘keeper but doubts are there about him being ready at this moment in time.


  36. I’m just thinking that a keeper who’s in the national team at 21 (Poland have good keepers), by far the best in his home league, and then every game he’s played for Arsenal he’s made mistakes…..

    Surely he can’t be that bad?

  37. Ole.

    I think Fabianski’s problem is that he has always come into the team cold and without match sharpness. The pressure to perform on him is high and the more he tries the more his confidence gets battered when it doesn’t work out.

    If you look at his Carling cup runs, they’re generally good quality performances and I suspect that’s because he’s in from the start and has a run of games.

    It really is hard for reserve keepers to just flick the switch on and perform after warming the bench for the majority of the season.

    If I were Fabianski, I’d ask to play at every reserve game however insignificant just to keep the match fitness.

    I think the issue with him is confidence. His howlers have been high profile.

  38. Ole, to back up your claim you can see the quality of Poland’s GK at around 1.20 on this video:

  39. Zp, good comments in the last post. Like you said, rare occassions. Remember the Chavez episode where a faction of the army stood up against the puppet regime that the CIA was trying to install in Venezuela. Took out the section of the army that was siding with the U.S to overthrow Chavez. A good documentary has been made on that incident.


    Your recent ordeal could be fruitful for the debate yesterday.

  40. Ole

    Name me a Polish keeper playing for a top European club?.

    We have to be ruthless when it comes to Almunia and Fabianski.

    We cannot go into next season with either one a number one next season

  41. Rinseout, he’s got some moves.

    What a dive from Eduardo though, he perfromed it to perfection you have to give him credit.

  42. It’s spastic twitching like that which gets you to the top, in Poland goalkeeping circles.

  43. PMSL limpar. NIce one!

  44. LMAO Limpar……but you did scare me for a second there…

  45. Alex Ice Cream


    I rate Fabianski, I just don’t think he is ready mentally to be our No1.

    There is a lot that you need psychologically be a keeper at a top club, concentration, rock-solid, unwavering belief, serene calmness and the ability to impose yourself on the oppostion and also on teamates but in a different reassuring commanding way.

    Woocash still has to develop some of these qualities in an environment where the pressure is far higher than he is used to.

    Look at Richard Wright, he looked like a world-beater until he came to Arsenal where the pressure told.

  46. Ateeb.

    It was a shame that the local constabulary don’t have the internet sorted out at their guest facility. I would have of course participated in yesterdays debate.

    I do love my politics, world affairs and the sub-plots that come with them. I also don’t believe that the Americans went to the moon.

  47. AIC, Who’s ‘Woocash’?

    He sounds like a badboy and you know this

  48. Alex Ice Cream


    I totally agree. Its very difficult to keep coming in from the (stone) cold especially as a young keeper. He needs a proper run in the team but we can’t afford this.

  49. ‘Its very difficult to keep coming in from the (stone) cold’

    Great play on words, you really drilled that point home dog

  50. great gooner,

    Kusczcak–Man yoo
    Dudek—–ex Liverpool now Real Madrid

    Not a bad generation.

  51. Will Van Persie definitely start?, thats all I care about

  52. Ole, seriously, pride of your argument aside, how many of them would you have as Arsenal’s number one?.

  53. Great Gooner

    I hear Brentford have a top Polish keeper going by the name of Wojciech Szczesny, or something like that.

    Do they count as a top European side?!?

  54. Every so often, the usually excellent debate on ACLF soars to the level of a true intellectual feast.

    Last night was one such occasion. I wonder whether policing has ever been analysed with such balance and penetration. Even where the analysis is critical, its essential justice is confirmed by the endorsement of the policeman himself. I can’t hope to add anything to the heart of the debate (such was its level), so I shall restrict myself to a couple of peripheral matters.

    First of all, I don’t believe the murder of Jean Charles de Menezes is representative of police behaviour as such. I don’t dispute for a moment that the majority of policemen choose their careers out of lust to oppress innocent people; but I think in this case (surprisingly, considering the usual astuteness of ACLF readers on this subject) the political dimension has been overlooked.

    Links between the de Menezes family and Communism are not merely incidental to this outrage. The truth is, Bush and his goons had become concerned that their increasingly blatant use of imperialist terror would increase the popularity of Communists and other political groups devoted to freedom, human rights, and social justice. Bush therefore ordered Blair to carry out a high profile execution as a kind of shot across the bow of these groups.

    Jean Charles de Menezes was selected precisely because his link to Communism was so tenuous. The idea was to show that no one is safe. The police, then, were indeed willing assassins, but were not acting on their own wishes. If this failure to investigate factors that might lessen the culpability of the police is taken as a sign of a minor prejudice, I suspect the cause is the absurd over-policing of football matches. When one visits the theatre, one does not find the aisles lined with policemen, truncheons at the ready. Why, then, is it thought necessary at a football match, as if football supporters are wild animals, unable to take responsibility for their own actions?

    A small police presence is of course necessary. In a crowd of tens of thousands of people, it is inevitable that one or two will wish to discuss the intellectual justification of the police; and officers should be made available to take part in that discussion. It is also inevitable, I am afraid, that during the excitement of a football match the occasional bad apple will make a hate-speech, and need to be arrested.

    These extremists are indeed the shame of modern football, but their behaviour should not be used as an excuse to mistreat the majority of moderate football supporters.

  55. RE: The police aka the 5.0.

    To quote Sarah Connor –

    ‘In an Insane world, its the sanest choice’

    And you know this !!!!!

  56. Rinseout,

    None of them….but they’re all considered good goalkeepers, and Fabianski came to us recommended as best of the lot.

    There’s a long way from “not fantastic” to being crap.

    Making a mistake every game suggests he’s crap, and honestly I doubt he’s crap.

    My fear is that he’s probably too high in the pecking order, not really ready to be thrown in in a pinch.

  57. Ole, that’s true. Fab is not crap, he has some mental issues to work out, but not crap. It’s the same old adage, when goalies make a mistake it usually leads to a goal (and harsh criticism)…

  58. I think walcott and diaby should take a step back for the starting line up on this one. Gonna be a physical match so would like to see if bendtner can re-create his right wing magic from early season.

    Nasri high up with the dribble skillz and rosicky behind him pulling the strings…

    not sure if song should go CB if he is just back from injury… will probably be silvestre but would prefer sagna.

    Damn every combination looks so much better with RVP in there!


  59. Will Van Persie definitley start?

  60. PZ

    be careful what you say in public places… the html boarders have ears if you know what I mean…

    follow the white rabbit and beware the reptilians…

  61. Word…do folks still read that David Icke stuff about the illuminati?

    Maybe a trip down the white rabbit hole and a grilling of the reptilians will answer the question as to whether the Americans really went to the moon and if they did, why they haven’t been back for nearly 41 years.

  62. The thing that none of these conspiracy lads never say is what the illuminati or whatever get out of keeping us all enslaved. And they also never say how to get out of it.
    We can (and do) all moan about the way the world is, just some people really moan and get paid handsomely for it. Are they the ones promoting the conspiracy agenda?

  63. David Icke may have many faults but no one could say he isn’t consistant…

    I’m guessing the only reason he hasn’t been killed yet is because the prince reptilian wogan made him a laughing stock.

    A living martyr is a rare thing.

  64. Rinse out….

    If they’re clearly getting paid for promoting conspiracy theories then all power to them. Folks have to put food on the table and there’s no law against earning money by peddling bullshit.

    Speaking of twisted ways to earn good money, I once heard of a chap who attended church every Sunday without fail and prayed for God to bless his business and continue to bring the stream of customers that have kept his business prosperous…

    It would sound like a garden variety prayer you’ll find across the land, only that this chap was the most successful coffin maker in town.

  65. Rinseout, surely that dude would of been wiped out early doors for exposing the ‘New world order’.

    He’s making a fortune out of his bullshit and thats the truth baby

  66. I think fergie sits around that table and has lunch with the new world order

  67. DS – sounds like an apocryphal tale to me, rather than someone you actually heard of…
    However, if people choose to give them money, fair play and Icke is a pretty thorough researcher.
    Shame some of his theories are based on suppositions rather than evidence, but he has definitely dug up some pretty interesting alternative history.

  68. Been terribly busy the past two weeks so missed seeing the football live.
    I’ve just subjected myself to the pain of watching the spurs and wigan games. Good lord! We were awful

  69. But david icke sniff out a reptilian footballer?

    And does he want to play in goal for us??

  70. henristic – in this time clearly we have moved on to bigger things…

  71. When a nation looks to Terry Wogan for guidance, you know its got problems

  72. AW is right. Injuries not an excuse at all. The team we had out were good enough, except for silvestre of course, but still!

    Only Clichy played somewhere close to his potential. The rest of the players? Not good enough. Not nearly good enough.

    Wenger must be gutted. Rosicky, Diaby, Nasri, Bendnter, Theo and Sagna really need to examine themselves and their capacity to deliver at this level. There was no excuse for playing so poorly from such experienced and/or talented players

  73. I think that it is time for compromise. I know that the supporters’ relationship with the police on matchday is not going to improve until both sides are willing to give a little.

    I would suggest that supporters stop trying to engage the police in philosophical and political debate, and maybe even stop asking why their way out of the stadium has been barred.

    In the spirit of give and take I would hope that the police at least would consider; not pretending they are at Rorke’s Drift after matches, stop tucking their trousers into their boots, replace their usual panic-inducing sirens with ‘1-0 to the Arsenal’, and stop allowing their plod donkeys to shag our horses.

  74. RO.

    Supposition as the basis of circumstancial evidence have sent many a criminal to the gallows.

    I actually think some of the things that Icke says makes sense, but there’s also a lot he says that allows too much room for misguided speculation.

    I wouldn’t be surprised at the thought that Ferguson is a regular diner at the Illuminati table…LOL!

  75. Henristic, do you mind? You’re like the ghost of fixtures past.

  76. I rather enjoyed the Illuminatus Trilogy.

  77. Frank, what are your views on Davd Icke?

    Messiah or Mentalist?

  78. Enron asked WHY frank and look what happened to them!

    And if you have seen the Enron theatre production (which I highly recommend) then you will know that reptiles were involved!

    Its all starting to make sense now…

  79. As I already said, Fabianski is no #2 keeper. He is young and he wants the #1 spot — so whenever he gets his chance, he tries to give 110% — which in turn leads to much anxiousness on his part and unfortunately this in turn leads to bad decision making at times. I believe with a run of games Fabianski could really shine for us..

    I don’t really believe that somebody who usurped Artur Boruc can be that bad a keeper.

  80. I always thought David Icke simply had a more than averagely complex approach to getting into women’s knickers. Most male invented religions have that at their heart. Seemed to work well for him but all a bit time consuming. Had I introduced him to Veronique in Pigalle he would probably have graduated from Sports presenting to standing outside Parliament expounding the virtues of some characterless bimbo who wants to be Prime Minister of the UK…or England and any bits that want to join in.

  81. Frank…if Icke’s shenanigans are a strategy to get laid, then time consuming is an understatement.

    There’s a reason why panty removers like alcopops were flooded into the market. Many girls have unwillingly lost their modesty after a few Bacardi breezers or black ices.

  82. A young slapper losing just ‘modesty’ is an understatement.

  83. Poliziano; Although the topic was not football, you make a good point about the ACLF posters. Although several different opinions were presented there was no abuse or name calling of the fellow posters, intelligence at its best. On another certain blog this would never be possible.

  84. Is Eduardo fit?

  85. lol Limpar. Fair enough

    Hope the boys make it up to us, AW, and themselves with a winning display against the blue mancs!

  86. bit old now and rather off topic but at least derogatory to man yoo and very funny:

  87. Ah cassetteboy.

    A true legend.

    Once saw him perform a concert with a theremin, a coke can, and a Burger King take out at the Royal Festival Hall.

    Not quite Ravi Shanker, but still pretty impressive.

  88. I saw him and DJ Rubbish at a festival a few years ago, unfortunately the sound let them down badly and they really were rubbish! Great on record though.

  89. And if your wife asks any awkward questions, Darius, you can just say, “If I really had sex with Candy on Saturday night, why have I not been back since?”

  90. That sounds excellent by the way, Finsbury.

  91. There are moments when ACLF and its characters become one good reason, among many, to support Arsenal. The level of wit, humour, the breadth of engagement is pretty damn fine.

    Darius, if the americans did not go to the moon, did the moon (or moonies?) go to America? Pz, that post was fantastic, fascinating. True or not, the fact is that such decisions are taking place. Anyone recall the 70s film “A Very British Coup”?Three-parts-fiction, one-part-fact. Ateeb, history can only be partially understood until “operation files” become available in year 2199, shredded of course. Frank, you have a way with words I envy.

    OK, football then. Song is back. No fear! I agree with everyone, I would – in a weird way – offer up as a sacrifice those embarrassing defeats if we smash Man City and smish them and mash them ..

    Later folks! I have a Senegalese band – XALAM – to attend to. Living legends, they performed the 25th anniversary of Woodstock to 500,000.

  92. Poliziano….

    Haven’t been back to that seedy bar or back home since Saturday?

  93. Back to Candy, I meant.

    I hope your seed has been cleaned off the bar since Saturday.

  94. Zim Paul…just out of curiosity, how do you fit 500,000 folks into a concert venue?

    As for the ‘we went to the moon’ con, my take is that the moon landings were filmed in a Hollywood studio.

    The Americans were pissed off that the Russians had beaten them into space and had to do one better than Yuri Gagarin.

    Two questions have always nagged me – firstly, who was it filming the landing of the Apollo thingybob and how the hell did they get to the moon with their camera equipment before Neil Armstrong and his team? Secondly, if it was so successful, how come no one has tried to go back in 41 years?

  95. Poliziano, I’m reliably told that Pamela, the young lass responsible for cleaning the bar area every morning does a thorough job considering health and safety folks can get a bit anal.

    The club are also relentless when it comes to the cleaning regime for the dancing pole across the club floor on the other side of the room. The girls insist on it.

  96. DS – Sorry for late reply – 5-a-side-
    Don’t misunderstand me: I am open minded, and I find Credo Mutwa’s video very interesting as a 1st hand account of dodgy goings on. He does mention red faced monsters with horns – maybe he does mean Funguson 😛

  97. The moon hasn’t risen yet in these parts.
    It’s nice and sunny, no lycanthropes around here.

    Bill seemed to find an article on the loss of Gallas, Song and TV5, that focused upon the impact this had on the teams cohesion condescending towards Sol Campbell’s passing ability, which it wasn’t.

    Song’s back, so that’s very good news.
    Even if, like RVP, he might not be quite ready.

    I have no idea how the makeshift ‘defence’ will perform, because, it’s…makeshift.

    But I’d recommend looking at the odds for a fourth or fifth assist from NB52 towards TW14 before the end of the season.

    Not sure what the odds on Sol getting an assist for a clip over Lescott’s head would be.

  98. I have to admit you got a point Darius, the 500,000 I mean. I don’t know. So to re-phrase, XALAM, the only African band (I suspect) to headline at Woodstock, specifcally its 25th edition, at which 500,000 people attended (over 3 days I guess). The legends of 80s African funk. They also recorded with the Stones, jammed with Dexter Gordon, were visited by Dizzy Gillespie, had Sonny Rollins over for a spell, opened for Robert Plant (solo debut in Paris), toured with Crosby, Still and Nash, and some still say their Montreux Jazz live recording is still the finest all-time classic of Afro-mbalax-jazz-funk ever.

    Sorry it’s my obsession.

    The moon stuff is interesting. I’ve heard it before and never gave it much credence.


  99. Well if they played with Dexter Gordon, Sonny Rollins and Dizzy, count me in.

  100. Finsbury:

    Your right I completely missed the point when read it after I thought about it I got busy and never got back on. The loss of TV, WG and AS probably has changed the flow of the ball from the back. Never thought about that before. I blamed our loss of cohesion on our injury list up front and never thought about the loss of service from the back. I am sure that also contributes.

    Nice to forget about the last 1 1/2 weeks and think about a big game vs. Citeh. Lots of time to worry about what went wrong this summer. Now we need to hold on to 3rd.

    Agree with Ole’s line up @ 10:17. Want to see Bendtner and RVP on the pitch at the same time again. Agree with Ole’s comment from a couple of days ago. Long term hope we get away from the 433 and move more towards 442.

    I know we do not want to go all “defensive” against anyone, but our makeshift back line and GK are going to need all the help they can get against Citeh. May be time to get pragmatic and not idealistic about our approach to this game. Citeh can score very quickly and very often. Holding a high defensive line has made us look rather feeble defending counter attacks. We need to “buck up” and beat them.

    Hate to ever support the Manc’s but I hope they beat Spurs. Hate to say this also but hope the Spurs take 4th and Citeh goes into a dive and ends up 6th.

  101. By the way, NJN, if you’re out there. Cannot believe Guru died. RIP Guru. And seeing as people are feeling jazzy…

  102. Hardly any talk of Steve Gerrard’s imminent tabloid / gossip saga / hell… will he end up in the clink & miss the world cup / won’t he etc… if rumours are true it’s no wonder he’s being playing so badly this season!

    i think there’s no substitute for experience when it comes to goal keeping, Fabianski will be great in 3 or 4 years time, but for now we need a seasoned professional as the base of our spine.

  103. Just put a smile on our faces, arsenal

  104. Zap you donut arsenal best be winning tomorrow

  105. id batter you on mw2

  106. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    I’ve been checking in when possible, LA. I can’t believe he’s gone. I remember buying Moment of Truth the day it came out. That album changed my life.

  107. Bill @ 2:40 pm

    No worries.


  108. so we all want city to win then to stop the spuds getting 4th??

  109. Finsbury:

    That one probably is headed for the brain cramp hall of fame.

    I predict happier times next week in goonerville. I hope RVP has sharpened his studs for Ade.


  110. What is this Gerrard rumour currently doing the rounds? There was something on twitter about a pregnant 16 year old but no info.

  111. Is this the eye of the storm?

  112. Rings my bell!

  113. I agree with the person who wrote this:


    As good as it may seem to boo Adebayor.

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