Arsenal Found Wanting In Wigan Defeat

Wigan Athletic 3 – 2 Arsenal

0 – 1 Walcott (41)
0 – 2 Silvestre
1 – 2 Watson (80)
2 – 2 Bramble (88)
3 – 2 N‘Zogbia (90)

Sometimes excuses can be made for poor performances. For the defeat yesterday, there can be none. Arsène clearly stated the frustration:

When you are 2-0 up and you play for Arsenal Football Club I believe you would not use the injuries as an excuse when you lose the game

He could have been more succinct and said that a two-goal lead held by Arsenal should never be dropped. Such is the nature of football that they sometimes are but rarely can I remember one being surrendered so cheaply. Three goals conceded in the final ten minutes is a clear signal that confidence is gone. That is Arsène’s biggest problem and one which is hardest to resolve.

Perhaps it is not that difficult to understand either this or the defeat at Tottenham. Barcelona had ended a trophy challenge. Perhaps it was the comprehensive nature of the defeat in the second leg which affected the display at White Hart Lane. It was evident in the aftermath of that game that belief in winning the title had ebbed away. Perhaps that had not seeped back in sufficient quantities following Chelsea’s defeat at the same stadium.

Arsenal knew that a win was required and for eighty minutes, it was being achieved. Not comfortably but being achieved. As full-time was signalled, the whistle was not the only thing blown; a lead and title aspirations, no matter how vague, went with it.

Arsène’s post-match comments echoed those uttered after the defeat at White Hart Lane on Wednesday. They were about maturity, cohesion and their absence from the Arsenal performance, something else he has to address before the season’s forward steps are lost in a run of mediocrity and engulfed in negativity as the final games unfold.

That almost an entire first choice XI was missing from the starting line-up indicates why the performance was not as cohesive as it could have been. Yet the idea of the squad system is that injuries can be coped with. They have been until now. It is a testament to the strength of the squad that a title which was long gone pre-Christmas last year was still achievable with five games to go.

Culpability for the defeat is shared equally by the players. Nobody tracked Watson’s run for the Wigan opener; Fabianski was at fault for Bramble’s equaliser; three defenders were between N’Zogbia and the goal when he shot – not just ahead of him but directly in line and not one of them got close enough to make a tackle.

Prior to that, possession was ceded too readily to a Wigan side chasing victory for their survival. Surely that desire cannot have been overwhelming the desire to win the title. Not every player lacked it; Eastmond and Campbell were the notable exceptions whilst at times, Bendtner was so isolated that he could have played chess with Bramble rather than chasing the ball such was the paucity of support.

Yet a two goal lead was fashioned either side of half-time. Warning signs of a goal at either end had been given. Wigan had several good opportunities in the opening quarter of the game, missed through tame efforts on goal or through the pace of the ball beating the outstretched legs of the intended target.

Meanwhile Campbell headed wide and Bendtner scuffed a shot as he lost balance to remind the hosts that their spell of pressure was coming to an end. Gradually, the midfield triumvirate of Eastmond, Nasri and Diaby imposed themselves albeit not as forcefully as they could have done, especially in the case of Diaby. It was an infuriatingly inconsistent performance, sublime and lackadaisical in equal measure. One where the immense talent he possesses was submerged beneath mediocrity.

The breakthrough when it came was reminder of what the squad is capable of, especially in the case of Theo Walcott. Running onto a perfectly weighted pass, he ran into the area, smuggled the ball through a couple of half-hearted challenges and when it seemed the chance was lost, threaded the ball under the armpit of the advancing Kirkland. It left you wanting more from the England international, more on a regular basis.

The lead was doubled shortly after half-time when Silvestre headed home, the Wigan defensive errors a blueprint for those which Arsenal followed. With a two-goal advantage at a team fighting for their Premier League lives, the shutters should have come down with Wigan picked off on the counter-attack.

It did not happen. Defending in the formation employed starts at the forward line and yesterday afternoon that simply did not happen. Time and again, the defence was exposed through lack of application in defensive duties, not by one individual but by a collection. For this formation to be more successful, the players need to fully comprehend what is required of them.

Goalkeeping though is a serious issue. Fabianski is not a bad goalkeeper, simply not ready to be Arsenal’s Number One at this moment in time. His age is on his side but Wenger needs to act quickly. Almunia is a reliable Number Two, able to slot in when required. Neither is consistent enough to be Number One. With the Pole, I suspect that will come with time but he needs to play more often to get that consistency in his judgement. He should have punched the corner which he palmed on Bramble’s head; youthful impetuosity or supreme confidence led him to incorrectly believe the ball could be caught.

It is a crushing defeat in the sense that it was to a large extent, unexpected through the fixture and the two-goal lead. Talk, however, of finishing outside of the top four is lunacy; to some extent not finishing in the top three is likewise. Points advantage plus remaining fixtures for all involved should be enough to see Arsenal through. It is however must crushing for me in the capitulation in the final ten minutes, the lack of mental strength to pull through to a win when one was required.

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‘til Tomorrow.

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  1. YW

    On friday you asked me why i would pick Manonne instead of Flapianski. I rest my case

    No team can win titles with TWO clowns in goal

    Almunia and Flappy better than Joe Hart!!!!!!!

  2. Usually after sleeping on it, it is usually pretty easy to overcome a defeat, and think about the next game.

    This morning, i feel every bit as disappointed as i did yesterday evening. (maybe not as disappointed as directly after the game though, as my comments from yesterday prove!).

    The utter lack of professionalism shown by our team yesterday was truly shocking.

    With the exception of Eastmond and Campbell, the players should be made to give their weeks salary to the travelling supporters to cover their costs.

    They should all feel ashamed of themselves, as they were an embaressment to the Arsenal shirt.

    I think you are being polite about our Goalkeeper’s Yogi.

    The fact is that neither are good enough for a championship challenging side.

    There is not another team in the division who would swap their keeper for either of ours – not one.

  3. It is not lunacy.

    We spoke of the title being mathematically possible over the last few games. We can also talk of fourth and fifth spots being a mathematical possibility. We have two get out of gaol cards. Man City are potentially six points behind if they win their game in hand.Tottenham are closest with a potential four points behind if they win their game in hand. At that stage there are only nine points on the table for all three teams. If those two teams positions were reversed I would be more concerned

    We win a game and we get third.

  4. looking at the votes cast already for the best blog it looks to me that only Arsenal fans have the three r’s.

    Good luck and thanks for a great blog

  5. Frank

    It is lunacy. Look at the remaining fixtures. Tottenham have to visit United and City. Man City play us, Tottenham and Aston Villa, their respite being West Ham away on the last day of the season.

    Of the 12 points remaining, both will consider a good return to be seven points, essentially 2 wins, a draw and a defeat.


  6. Thank you, YW.

    And sorry for Friday’s email – phishing scam.

  7. The prospect of us losing to Wigan after 80 minutes when 2-0 up was lunacy, YW.

  8. Whatever you do don’t look down, hey?

  9. I hear the sound of a penny dropping throughout the corridors of ACLF..!!

    Try to look on the bright side Frank – y’know if we win one of two of our remaining fixtures – we might come 3rd by a country mile…!!

  10. Still fuming after yesterday, I can’t understand how a team can let a 2 goal lead slip in the last 10 mins. We still had a chance to win the title for *@~# sake. It implies that certain players do not have the required mental strength to play at the top level, or the managment style allows them to think it is acceptable can anyone see Man Utd or Chelsea doing the same?

    Diaby demonstrates this clearly, he has a new contract, has demonstrated he has the skill but has singularly failed to step up when required going missing in the first leg against Barca and failing to track back Marsh for their first goal. Not good enough.

  11. You’ve been waiting patiently for your little moment haven’t you KT. Well done son.

    Cheers YW. A fair analysis of yesterday’s debacle. I’ve never been so bitterly disappointed with the manner of a defeat in a long time. Arsene looked utterly drained. Let’s hope some of those players can pull themselves together for the Man C game. I’m worried though. I don’t like saying it either.


  12. Some of our players would have to take a peep at History and will do well to learn a few lessons.
    Talent alone cannot carry you through a a successful footballing career, hardwork and self application will carry one through the difficult time.

    Some of them might do well to learn from what happened to The Rolnadinho’s, Andraino’s and co’s of this world who had all the talents any footballer should have but have today been nearly forgotten.

    If we praise this team during thier show of mental strength, then we should also be able to criticise them hen a lack of it is show. Some of these players have let us, the coach and themselves down. They have thrown the good work of Fabregas, Song and Vermealen out of the window.

    The Manager too has to take most of the responsibility for some of these failures, Planning a team with RVP as its major striker is a big ask, given his injury worries. A team that cannot motivate itself while having a sniff at the title is indeed worrisome.

  13. You self-righteous, pompous,utterly dislikable opportunistic, wrong-headed prick, Joe.

  14. Thanks for a well balanced review Yogi, seeing last night’s posts it felt like the world had come to an end.

    Yes it was a disastrous result but i had an inkling with the players out that we would struggle in matches but not perhaps in the way we did yesterday.

    The lack of mental strengh being the most worrying.

    However lets not get too down as Arsene said at the weekend the club has not been stronger. He knows we need players and has already signed a few if you read behind the lines.

    The one area we certainly need to sort out is the defence which is what i was asking for end of last season.
    The arrival of TV has improved it slightly but im sure Arsene could do worse in getting Tony Adams or Steve Bould involved as it cant get much worse.

    The goalkeeping situation i think he will address as both Almunia and Fabianski are not consistent enough at this level.

    I feel if he gets three or four players in (goalkeeper, centre half two if Gallas goes, defensive midfielder, striker which we have already got apparently) we will be very strong
    next season.

    Things are not that bad fellow Gooners, im off to work.


  15. I hold my hand up and admit that I was one who panicked after yesterday’s result.

    I’m not de-panicked yet. We need 3 points to be sure of 3rd place, and with the team seemingly having given up on 1st or 2nd, anything is now possible.

    I’ve always believed that the trick for finishing high on the table is to target top spot, and then if you finish 2nd or 3rd you accept that might be the level your performance merits.

    I think they have to keep believing……

    It must be damn hard to do, but that might be what they have to do.

    If you’re settling for 3rd, you’ll go into games accepting you might not win, or thinking a draw will be ok.

    We can’t afford that. 9 points out of 9 must be the aim.

    Chelsea and Man United will still drop points.

  16. Joe

    Presumably you’ve been down to the bookies to put your 50p on the manager being sacked and sorted your application letter out already.


  17. yesterday was a total disgrace.

    diaby was disgusting, lazy, sloppy and typically whingey!

    we’ve gone from league outsiders to battling for 3rd 4th now.

  18. The heart and brains of the team is out and what is left is lifeless limbs running around.

    The talent was there with everyone on the pitch, but the inability to play as a unit and close out the game is the same psyche that existed at the Spurs 4-4 last season.

    That same psyche manifests itself in a different manner going forward with what I call Hlebitis – pass and check back, rather than pass and shoot

    I have always felt that this squad should be supported and they will come good, but I have a feeling that they have gone one season too many without a proper challenge for a trophy and have been irreversibly scarred.

  19. I don’t blame the manager for anything. He single-handedly had the courage to develop an affordable approach to competing with Chelski, Mancs and the now doped Citeh. At the same time he created a brand of football which has never been seen consistently in England before.

    During that time he has rarely been supported fully by bloggers and supporters…and yes that includes you Joe you cunt.

    He has not been supported by the Board..

    He has not been supported by the press and media…

    He has not been supported by pundits even Arsenal ones…

    He has been deserted by the football establishment in this country who rub their hands with glee whenever one of his players transgress or break a leg..or his team gets beaten…

    He has not been supported by the Board who have remained quietly in the background playing cards with each other and scheming against each other…

    How dare any cunt come on here crying I told you so…you pieces of shit.

  20. 9 points out of 9? you kidding!? we’ll be lucky to get 5 at this rate!!

    man city at home… draw
    blackburn away… draw
    fulham at home … win

    anyone who disagrees please explain why!?

  21. We got what we deserved yesterday but in the grand scheme of things we were always outsiders for the title after losing to Sp*rs.

    It’s interesting how quickly things can change in football, this time last week i really thought we were could do it.

    Also, I love all the ‘I told you so’s’ coming out to massage their ego’s. Almost as if they are enjoying it…

  22. frank who do you blame for the lazy “we’ve already won attitude” shown yesterday?

  23. Frank you beat me two it, and said it with the words i couldn’t bring myself to type so early in the day.

    ‘How dare any cunt come on here crying I told you so…you pieces of shit’.

    I agree entirely.

  24. If you would read my posts you lazy good for nothing blogger, Tom. You would know. I blame miserable gits like you for not backing the team when required. Just added you to the list, arsehole.

  25. the fucking soft players, tom

    that is who to blame

    the manage can only do so much, they are the wankers that get on the pitch and do the rest.

  26. I agree with Frank.

  27. Frank at 10.33…………that was utterly brilliant. Thank you. That sums up how I often feel about Arsene’s predicament with more eloquence than I could ever hope to muster on a Monday morning.

  28. frank… name calling on the internet… very mature and very very intimidating mate!!

    i do back the team… constantly but why shouldn’t i question them? and why cant you just answer the question instead of behaving like a fucking bird and getting all cunty!?

    theres a difference between being a realist and being negative…how many points do you honestly think we’ll get from our next 3 games?

  29. tom, i f we cannot get up for the city game, with the crowd baying for badeys blood, then we got serious issues

    but, i doubt it, city won’t be us at home.

  30. You expect me to answer that, Tom? READ the posts and you get your answers. You can read I take it?

  31. stringfellow… the problem is they are his players, trained under his methods. a bit of ball breaking wouldnt go a miss with this team they shouldn’t e allowed to play like that… its not soley wengers fault but we should remember its he brought every player in this team

  32. 9 points out of 9 has to be the goal.

    If I were Arsene I’d be telling them this morning, in no uncertain terms that that’s the target, and any player who performance does not reflect a desire to achieve that target would jeopardise his future at the club.

  33. People like you, Tom and you Stringfellow make it very very difficult to be an Arsenal supporter. The only salvation is that other clubs have even more people like you.

  34. tom, some of those players let wenger down badly, he put so much faith in them, when all around were doubting them.

    what more can the man do?

  35. oi pipe down frank, and stop being such an arsehole

    you have not really got a clue, that is the problem here.

  36. frank,

    “You can read I take it?” why be such a dick?

    ive read your posts and still cant see where you’ve said how many point you’ll think we get? not how many we need or could get or should get but how many we actually will?

    thats all im asking… no need to get all pissy again… in fact just type the number nothing else

  37. No, Joe. Your ears are just ringing from listening too long to the powerful flatus of Himalayan yaks.

  38. Oh dear oh dear oh dear

  39. silvestre vs adebayor or tevez is gonna be a massacre, hopefully sol can play like he did against the yids and song will be back then we might be ok

  40. oh dear oh dear oh dear oh dear

  41. frank… just as i expected!

    please point me to where you answered my question… im obviously not as bright as you mate

  42. The two defeats against Spurs and Wigan showed how poor some of our squad players are and that is down to Wenger who has stubbornly refused to add experienced players to the team for the last 3/4 years – relying on players coming through the youth team. If we had had some of our injured players available for those 2 games – I am sure we would not have lost. Fabregas,Gallas, Vermaalen,Ramsay,Song,RVP ( who should have been brought on much earlier yesterday) and maybe Arshavin ( the player from last season not this season). The only players that could be excused from yesterday’s performance were Campbell and Bendtner. We all know that Almunia,Fabianski ( the worst GK I have ever seen at Arsenal) and Mannone are hopeless!! The only player coming through from the reserves that is top quality is Wiltshire and he is on loan at Bolton. Thigs will not change next season and will probaly get even worse unless a decent GK plus two centre halves,a defensive midfielder and another midfield player who can deputise for Fabregas are bought in. I assume hopefully that the French forward is already coming on a free. 60,000 turn up for every home match should expect some trophies and no more excuses!

  43. Sorry, CLF, but it was not lack of confidence; it was lack of heart and effort (how many times have Diaby, Denilson etc NOT to track back before they are sold to Birmingham City?). The best team in the world (Barc) and the most obnoxious (Sp*rs) both demonstrated that non-stop harrying and chasing CAN (and DOES) help a team win trophies. Come on, Arsene, get rid of the deadwood and bring in players that will fight and run and chase (and pass) to the last whistle.

  44. i don’t think fabianski is a bad keeper at all, and i would not rule him out of making some game winning saves this coming saturday.

    but there is a clear problem with instilling the correct levels of confidence in our goalies, they all come out with the mindset of dropping clangers.

    never happened when bob was goalies coach.

  45. Just please beat Man City guys, I cant believe I’ll be properly cheering Arsenal, I might even wear red pants, like Bendtner does

  46. What a disaster the whole team lacked self belief.
    Winning is a state of mind as well as skill. Yesterday the team had neither. They let themselves down, the manager the club, and the fans. They must rectify this situation, soon as. I will be glad to see the end of this season for the sake of my sanity.

  47. lol frank… cat got your tongue mate!?

  48. Hello, Tom. No, my daughter needed me. Keep reading.

  49. What motivates a Sp*rs fan to frequent an Arsenal blog with such regularity?

  50. Matty Boy,

    Just tell him to fuck off or ignore him otherwise.

  51. I’d have thought that Joe would be more disposed than most to appreciate the mitigating factors for our recent slump, and to sympathize with our situation.

    He needs look no further than his Andrei Arshavin cuttings book – provided the pages still open – to remind himself that we’ve been missing our most important players at a crucial time.

  52. James, aka Arse21, is a gooner. But he enjoys being a troll as well.

  53. Matty Bwoy, Its a combination of boredom, curiosity & technology

  54. I’m glad someone has finally mentioned Denilson. Diaby, Rosicky, even Nasri have been criticised for their lack of application yesterday, but what about Denilson? I can’t remember a single contribution he made during the whole match. Where was he during the final 20 minutes against Tottenham when we so desperately needed goals? Come to think of it, where was he during the first half of the first leg against Barcelona? Barcelona enjoyed so much possession, yet I don’t recall Denilson once challenging for the ball. Well done, Sligunner, for not letting him get away with it.

  55. Alex Ice Cream

    Hi Frank,

    Its strange to see you slate the board so much and it echoes some of my posts from a couple of years ago when I tore into them for being out-of touch and not making enough funds available to the manager. I wanted them out long ago.

    I agree that AW has taken the can for them for far, far too long. We spent £130m on debt reduction last year which shows where the priority is at Arsenal and where it has been for some time.

    AW probably has a bit of change left over but chose not to spend it. Its probably not a huge amount and certainly not £130m.

    The board even though it was different back then has NEVER backed the manager enough in my lifetime whether it was GG or AW. We have always had small squads as a result.

    Where I do blame AW is not telling the board to f*** off and demand some cash and not buying a striker in the summer.

    I have other gripes such as rewarding new contracts to crocks and failures but this doesn’t change the lack of support at board level.

  56. The game changed when Victor Moses came on. Sagna couldn’t handle him. Wenger took off walcott for Eboue to close him down. It used to work against Christiano Ronaldo, this Sagna/Eboue combination. Moses is no Ronaldo but he still troubled them! It also came down to tactics. I expected RVP to come on at the 70th minute. He would have troubled Wigan’s defense. He came on too late. After the game I had the feeling that Wenger really didn’t want to chase Manure and Chelski. Maybe he also has the nerves. RVP was our trump-card and he was wasted on the bench. Fabianski’s performance was also unforgiveable. I’ve always rated him above Mannone. It’s hard accepting that I could be wrong!

  57. For gods sake another fucking self seeker turns up. I have never ever done anything other than slate the Board. Young Mr Grace has been a joke since I have known him. The day they sacked DD was they day they totally lost my faith. Don’t you read either?

  58. Flapianski cant start against Citeh.He is the worst keeper ever to play for us

    The lack of fight in the 2nd half yesterday was a disgrace.The likes of Diaby Nasri and Rosicky were not fit to wear the shirt.

  59. On more than one occasion, the ball came towards Diaby, who was nearer to the ball than a Wigan player. But quick as a flash, the Wigan player stole the ball off his feet as Diaby took his time to measure his options and to bring the ball under control. Really maddening. It happened to Nasri and Rosicky too. That’s how bad we were in those last 10 mins. No drive, no energy, no desire. Just complete disarray.

  60. Alex Ice Cream


    I haven’t been on here much this season and haven’t read your posts for a while.

    Its nice to see you cut and paste my posts from 2 years ago on the matter with imitation being the sincerest form of flattery.

  61. Alex Ice Cream

    This is a serious question:

    Does Diaby smoke a joint before playing?

    He certainly plays like he’s stoned.

    Huge talent but poor application.

  62. Frank…

    “For gods sake another fucking self seeker turns up. I have never ever done anything other than slate the Board. Young Mr Grace has been a joke since I have known him. The day they sacked DD was they day they totally lost my faith. Don’t you read either?”

    i couldnt agree more on that! DD was the one that made things happen and actually questioned and helped wenger. since he’s got the club seem to lack drive

  63. Frank, a win is needed on Saturday, & I’m seriously questioning some of the players commitment and the softly softly approach is not working. You know what i’m going to say next dont you?, I believe Its time to get the old whip out and give these boys some good old fashioned ‘Frank Lashings’, or ‘Frashings’, as I like to call them. What do you reckon? Do you think your arms got one good flogging left in it?

  64. alex… i genuinely think he just doesn’t care that much and unfortunately you cant teach players to care.

  65. I think you are all being a bit negative – Sylvestre scored yesterday can we not rejoice in that!?

  66. And here comes AIC, long time absentee from this blog.

    Did I miss something or is it just that we have lost the last two games quite badly?

    The ‘I told you so’s’ are the worst posters on here. Gleefully clutching their little comforters they appear and after a win or two, disappear.

    Cheshire cats and about as useful.

  67. BigM… being negative!? what do you expect? humiliated by barca, beaten by the yids, and bottled it against fucking wigan!?

    what do you expect? a love in?

  68. Alex Ice Cream


    I hope that’s not true and that he just has a dope problem.

    Diaby had had a good season until the Barca game and has great ability. He needs to improve his application, work rate and concentration – especially in defensive areas.

  69. Can someone tell me why AW who has consistently picked up brilliant players on the cheap can’t find decent goalkeepers? Is it a blind spot of his?
    It is really becoming an achilles heel to Arsenal

  70. Yogi,

    You would be very wrong in making that presumption. I take no pleasure in where we find ourselves – even if I have been one of the lone voices on this blog highlighting the obvious for such for such a long time.

    Maybe too you’ll be as quick to defend the myriad of commentators who’ve been routinely told to f-off for having a point of view that represented some modicum of reality?

  71. Diaby should of buried that chance I must say.

    Van Persie must start against City, with the Dickov playing off him

  72. aside from the match – YW, congrats on the nomination and I believe you’re leading the poll rather substantially right now.

  73. Alex Ice Cream


    I wanted to wait until the end of the season/title hopes before posting and so here we are. We have had many defeats this season and I have only posted after some of them. Anyway when I post is not as important as what is written.

    You are one of the worst supporters here as your lack of footballing knowledge and being completely oblivious to a number of long-standing problems merely helps to perpetuate them.

    Stick to chickens, if you were smarter then they would be about your intelligence level.

  74. Alex Ice Cream


    I am the same. I don’t take any pleasure in Arsenal struggling and people here use this as a stick to beat anyone who voices concerns that are later proven to be justified.

    I just want the situation to change. No more waiting for 5 years for a player to prove themselves to not be good enough. We need established quality right now.

  75. This is quite amusing…this ‘frank’ character keeps telling you guys to f*** off amongst other ‘compliments’ but yet you guys – you know yourselves – continue seeking his approval, wanting more…

    Anyway congrats on the nomination YW hope you win it

  76. Paul Merson summed up Flapianski “USELESS”

    We can all see it but Wenger and his coaching staff cant.Flappy reminds me of Richard Wright like a rabit caught in the headlights

    A World class keeper must be the number 1 priority this summer

  77. Mandanda, Some of us like it rough

  78. What a wit you are AIC.

    As you know I rarely argue football with you. What would be the point? You have all the answers. Me? I trust in Arsene to do the football.

    Don’t pretend that you haven’t called for his head on here a few times.

  79. When the keeprs nicknames are ‘Flappy-Hands-Ski’ and ‘Clown-Munia’, you know you’ve got problems.

    Its like the England team, we go to major tournaments with ‘Calamity James’ in goal, then think we have a chance of winning.

  80. AIC,

    Good to hear from you again.

    We havn’t even managed to push Chelsea despite all the chances we’ve been given on a plate. The situation is a complete joke and finally some of the regulars on here are beginning to see the light.

  81. Alex Ice Cream


    Its not just Lucasz’ fault. Its very difficult to come in from the cold constantly especially as a keeper where you need a run of games. This is especially true if you are inexperienced. Lucasz is not ready but is talented. He has been with us 3 years and is still not ready though. The manager brought him in but hasn’t groomed him properly. After 3 years he doesn’t look any more ready now than before I’m afraid.

    Fabianski has lost confidence in all probability due to the mistakes he has made. He has never had a run in the team yet is expected to be ready to play in goal for Arsenal. This is not realistic. Only the very best can keep goal for us and this exclude Almunia and al least for now Lucasz.

    We need a new keeper. Its obvious.

    We should have kept Mad Jens….

  82. Consolshimself, I never knew you kept chickens? I love chickens, Pigs are my favourite though, everything about them is comical.

  83. Our goalkeeping situation is a sad decline – I can remember the glory days of the mighty Pat Jennings, what a keeper and a lovely bloke.
    I think even Richard Wright was better than Fabianski and certainly didn’t get the same opportunties as Almunia did.
    We have been linked with Loris and he looks fantastic, let’s hope there is some truth to this rumour!

  84. To concede 3 goals in 10 minutes against a team that has 30 goals in 34 matches says it all. There is work to be done and hopefully we will come out stronger, but these players have to earn the right to play for The Arsenal like some of their predecessors did.

  85. Alex Ice Cream


    Its time for a change. I don’t go along with the AW out crowd – I think he needs to buy quality to supplement what we have and if necessary ship out those who are not good enough.

    What I hate more than anything is that the LEAGUE WAS THERE FOR THE TAKING THIS SEASON and we f***** it up! Like you say the others kept letting us back in it but we were too poor to cash in.

    Whether I am right or wrong is neither here nor there the league could have been won with better players which people have been crying out for since AW broke up the Invincibles.

  86. coolsteve, the second half Wigan were brilliant, they smelt the fear after the first goal

  87. Alex Ice Cream

    Big M,

    Jennings, Lehman and Seaman were true greats. Even Lukic and Rimmer were class as well and probably better now that what we have.

    I like the look of Lloris despite his young age. 3 problems: will he have the mentality to play in goal for us, will he leave Lyon, will we spend 15m+ to buy him?

  88. To be fair, the recipe for disaster, which is the partnership of make-shift central defenders in front of a stand-in goalkeeper, was forced upon us by the unfortunate injuries to Gallas and Vermaelen.

  89. Alex, the thing is, wenger has spent a bit of cash so the people who say he hasn’t bought are being a bit silly.

    Vermaelen, Sagna, Arshavin, Eduardo, Rocisky, Nasri, Gallas, Theo – They all cost money. If he buys any more he might as well buy big names because the youth project would hardly matter.

  90. Alex Ice Cream


    The last time we had a consistently decent defence was 2004 and even then we conceded some silly goals.

    At the end of 2005 when Big Phil and Kolo were rock solid was great as was the CL run in 2006. Other than that we have been suspect defensively for years. How many time has we conceded due to basic errors? I have lost count.

    AW admits ithat we have defensive problems every year but seems powerless to change it.

  91. I only have one wish this coming transfer season. A new goalkeeper.

    I’ve noticed we’re increasingly conceding long range goals, and on top of shot stopping and command of area, keepers should also be a deterrent.

    A top keeper should make opposing players think twice before they even shoot and sadly Almunia doesn’t do that and Fabianski is still a work in progress.

  92. Alex Ice Cream


    There was nothing unfortunate about Billy’s or TV’s injuries. TV got a calf strain which is a fatigue injury – he has played too many games.

    Billy was rushed back due to our paucity of options and has yet another recurrance of the same injury. 2 recurrances and yet the medical staff said he was fit and were monitoring him in training.

    Its not good enough.

  93. Stark, what long range goals?

  94. Alex Ice Cream


    Seeing Almunia in goal is enough to make even one of our players shoot.

  95. I am racking my brains to remember a more gutless defeat.With the exception of Sol how canthese players can look themselves in the mirror

    There are excuses for losing to Barcelona but this was Wigan FFS.

    The blame for the goalkeeping situation falls straight at the door of Wenger.Almunia was never good enough and only kept his place because his understudy Flappy is worst than him.How can a club with ambitions of winning things not have a decent keeper.Its a shocking situation in which Wenger cannot offfer any resonable excuse.

    I wouldnt put it past Wenger to ignore the critisism of his keepers and start Almunia in august.He really is that stubborn

  96. When the defenders dont trust the keeper it changes there natural choices as well, the keeper is arguably the most important player on the pitch

  97. Gooner Ted,

    Did you see Sol fail to make a challenge on N’Zogbia on the 3rd goal?

    He was the most senior, most experienced player on the pitch and he did not show leadership.

    How you could say he was an exception is beyond me.

    People talk of a lack of experience. What did our experienced players do to show leadership yesterday?

  98. I notice it is awards time again. Hope you do well, YW. You deserve it.

    Funny how the AIC/Joe twins always turn up around awards time. Bit of self-publicity I guess.

    Last time AIC was here regularly he was responding very positively to a randy old man’s invitation to converse ‘offline’.

    Oh I beg your pardon I remember now it was AICs conviction that AA was the best player in the world and would turn the team round single-handedly. Didn’t rate RvP either…..

    Funny how neither Joe nor AIC remember. Selective memory I guess. What are the chances of that? Conjoined selective memory.

  99. AIC, you been getting groomed on here by a dirty old man? You should of reported it to Yogi

  100. 1 loose cannon

    I’ve voted. ACLF leads the way. Brilliant
    Agree Yogi. The defeat was not down to quality at all. The confidence was gone after the Barcelona and the Spurs game. The hadrdest part of any sport is the mental side of it. Wenger has a big task to install that belief in the players again. They need to win the next few games, we simply can’t end the season on a low.

  101. our best 3 points all season i rekon

  102. I believe we’ll finish third this season. And I think that will be a good outcome, considering most pundits and many fans believed we’d be well out of the top four.

    It might seem like I’m easily pleased, but you have to look at the competition, as well as the Premier League landscape, and recognise how, even with simple and steady progress, we are in a stronger position than ever to achieve lasting success.

    Obviously third place will be an improvement on the year before, with a higher points tally to boot. And, reviewing the progress made by our younger players, things will be looking remarkably bright for the future.

    Song has established himself as the man for the anchor role; Diaby has had an excellent season, despite falling away a little; Bendtner has chalked up a lot of goals when called upon – What’s his record, 9 in 12?

    Denilson remains unheralded. But I defy anyone to watch tapes of his performances in the last couple of months – since he’s been clear of injury – and tell me that he doesn’t do an important job.

    Theo has had a mixed season, but scored yesterday, got an assist against the Spuds, and one away at Barcelona, and a goal at home against them as well.

    He’s learning to time his runs, and gaining some composure. If he can stay fit he’ll be a devastating weapon.

    I got my hopes up for the league, and believe we might have done it this season, but we suffered too many injuries at a crucial time. Take 6/7 vital players out of any top side and they will struggle against decent opposition. You could apply our current situation, in a hypothetical way, to any of history’s great teams and be left with an average side.

    I feel we should stay the course this summer. At least four of the young players currently out on loan will come back and strengthen our squad. Factor in yet more improvement, a minor cull, as well as a couple of precision tweaks, and we’ll be perfectly set up to go one or two better next season.

    This is the longest post I’ve ever written on here. If you’re reading this part then thanks for the patience!

  103. Though it was hard to take, the defeat to Spurs on Wednesday ended the title race for us. Yes Chelsea lost there to, but as United picked up 3 points it was still a very long shot. So yesterdays defeat for me was more ‘the rubbing of salt’ in the previous results wounds rather than the game that ended our season. And my god what a nasty way to rub salt – what a painful way to fade out of a season which though never had strong title hopes after initial defeats to Chelsea and United in 2009, still carried a dream of Champions league victory, and the potential of a super come back title race to pip the lead in the closing weeks. How quickly things can change – does each season seem to be the same story, pundits write us off at the start, we produce some great football at times with new found hope, we loose out in the domestic cups as Wenger priorities in bigger glory, we enter the last leg of the season, when injuries expose the lack of squad depth, and our hunger and experience to beat the very top teams….so all lights out as the seasons end without glory or success, while Wenger and co cling to the claim of youth and improvement for next season – surely this ongoing merry-go-round will loose its following one day, surely soon the fans will no longer except improvement, surely soon they will demand trophies and nothing less?

    Credit to Wenger’s policy and morals – however since his double winning teams, prior to the invinsibles, the standards have risen beyond what Wengers CURRENT plans can reach. Not only do teams spend £100m+ per season just to reach the top four, but also scouting across all the premier league has improved, so now its not just Wenger who knows the best talent to pick around the world, the likes of Chelsea, City, United, Spurs, have insight to what initially seemed to be a Wenger only little black book back in the 90’s.

    So what next? Certainly only a fool or narrow minded pundit or fan would look beyond Wenger for success at this time. What do these idiots think – if Wenger goes the next manager will buy Messi and Torres and we will win everything! Do they not see the likes of Benitez, Scolari, Ramous, and countless other managers who come with great respect and reputation fail to deliver…there is not a pot of top class managers waiting abroad who are automatically going to bring success. We should let Liverpool, Chelsea, City and Spurs play that game, and come to think about it Man United will soon have to when Fergie leaves. Instead lets back Wenger in his final years, which one would guess until maybe 2013 or 2014, and then seek someone who can continue his good work (but thats a discussion for another day).

    Football in this country, and in fact the rest of the world maybe first, will not always be able to support the millions it does now, like all rapid growth industires, economies, and products there will be a down turn, there will be dips and there may even be crashes!!! When this happens, and it is already showing strong signs of doing so now, we will be greatful of the aray of talent, youth, policies, and the stadium in place from the period of Wenger.

    So what do we do in the meantime – how do we take the team that stage further?

    This is the big question Wenger has had on his mind for sometime now. He could, and if luck would have shone a bite brighter our way at times, he would have been able to ignore such a question with a trophy of two. But it didn’t, and now Wenger must answer this question – he must take action, and if he can turn Arsenal back into a title winning team, which will be his 3rd team/era at Arsenal to have done so, then what a man, what a legend.

    We all know, debate, and see the issues at hand. Whether that be better players in the first xi, such as a keeper, a stronger squad, more experience and strength, better defending as a team, and greater fight and determination for 90mins week in week out.
    All of which CAN be improved with the right Manager and funds – both we have, so lets ensure they get it right for next season, otherwise for me Arsene though amazing he has been, will fade out of an era which will be graced with so much “what if’s” and “nearly’s” rather than successes.

  104. Our defence was very poor against Wigan. the two real underperformers were Gael Clichy and Bacary Sagna. Though Sol and Mikael Sylvestre were little better. Fabianski is having a crisis of confidence.

    Manuel Almunia is no better no worse than any other keeper in the EPL in terms of mistakes. They all blow hot and cold at the moment.

  105. yeah i voted ACLF too. Best place on the internet.

    Even better than that bigdongs site you sent me James.

  106. I agree with Big Al.

  107. I don’t think you can really blame Sol for the third goal. Clichy pointed to Silvestre to get tighter to N’Zogbia as Rodallega passed it but the old, experienced defender is a shrinking violet on the pitch these days.

    He retreats when he passes it, (remember that pass he gave away in the Spurs game) and backs off whenever someone runs at him.

  108. Ole

    Sol has been our best player for the last two games

    As for the 3rd goal.Lee Dixon put the blame for that fully on Tweety last night

  109. I agree with deano that needs a revamp

  110. Actually in most games over the last few seasons the goal caused by Fabianski dropping the ball would have been disallowed. The Wigan player would have been deemed to have barged the keeper. Edwin Van der Sar and Petr Cech in particular have been given the benefit of the doubt in those situations….and more recently David James.

  111. Lee Dixon knows fuck all about fuck all.

  112. The Brain,

    Oh, it was Silvestre who brought that blight on us, failing to close down Rodallega, after Clichy got tight, despite being on the wrong side of the player. A good defender would have nicked the ball off Rodallega at that point. And then he backed off for whatever reason.

    Sol’s challenge was ‘tired’ to put it mildly. By no means, should N’Zogbia have been allowed to shoot. Even a foul would have been acceptable

  113. Red Reg and others,

    Rosicky worked his socks off and did more tracking back, completed more passes and looked better than he has all season. Nasri also had great first half.

    I’m as sick as any Gooner and will feel this way until next weekend. However, perspective is needed (as is our ongoing support).

    Next season has already been earmarked for team changes by Arsene and I think this can only be a good thing. Yet I feel this because our misfortune with injuries can no longer be overlooked if we are to make further progress on that of this year.


  114. I TOTALY agree with every word of that OOU

    The Denilson part in particular. He had a couple of shockers after returning from injury but has realy showed his determination to improve since then.

    Most notably West Ham, and the two games against Barca, the first leg of which I realy felt he changed the game when he came on….and before the false yellow in the second leg was keeping everything coming his way under control.

    So easy to forget how young everyone still is. And its not a cop out, they are! Song, Diaby, Denilson, Cesc, Ramsey, Bendtner, Walcott, Nasri, Eastmond all 23 or younger…..that is staggering.

    And we nearly won it!

  115. Ole, are you lookin forward to seing Adebeyor on Saturday. Remember the restraining order he has against you……..just forget about him

  116. While maintaining my support for AW and most of the squad I have to totally disagree with the notion that all Fabianski needs is time to come good.

    I don’t care how much ‘talent’ he has, or how amazing he is in training. Talent is meaningless if you can’t reproduce it under pressure, when it matter most. And I believe there is sufficient evidence now (FA cup semi, Porto, wigan) that Fabianski lacks the mental wherewithal to deal with the pressure at crunch moments.

  117. Fuck off James

  118. Fabianski – Has talent but lacks mental strength.

    Almunia – Has mental strength but lacks talent.

    mmmm…….has anyone ever watched ‘The Fly’?

  119. Frank

    Lee Dixon knows about winning titles(4 in fact!!!!)for ARSENAL

  120. Ole, If adebeyor scoreas and starts running the full length of the pitch I want you to breath, count to ten, and remember that he is just celebrating a goal, he doesn’t want a cuddle, ok?

  121. Flint McCullough

    Good luck with the vote YW.

    It must be hard to motivate yourself to write after such a shoddy performance.

    No end of season fare from you, it is a pity that a lot of players, that a lot of us have spent a lot of time supporting, treated this game as such, even though we still had a slim but not totally unrealistic chance of winning the big prize.

    We stuttered into a lead then, not for the first time this season, lacked the professionalism & concentration to hold it. It is not about defensive coaching here but more simply not working hard enough, as a cohesive team, throughout the game.

    AW has to look at his squad, although most of them are young, they are generally experienced enough now to know who can move on to provide the consistency of performance & the heart to become real champion quality.

    Nothing radical needed but maybe a big enough shake up to make a few realise they cannot now live on just their skill & potential, which they have in abundance.

    No names today other than I thought Eastmond let nobody down. We would have won that game if some of the rest of them did their own jobs as well as him.

  122. The problem our keepers have is exactly the same. They’re poor on crosses.

    I have my theory and it goes thus;

    We don’t cross the ball well in general so they don’t get much practice. Also we don’t challenge opposition keepers as they try to claim high balls & crosses.

    I’m guessing that in training they don’t have to deal with claiming the ball under duress. That’s why they ALL three flap. Remember Mannone did the same.

    I’m not sure it’s because they’re bad.

    They’re not getting proper preparation, similar to Premier League match conditions.

    The main problem they have is crosses, all 3 of them.

  123. Any defeat is hard to take but having slept on it, i tend to agree with OneOfUs @12.15pm.

    I don’t buy into the reactionary rubbish that has been spouted from some quarters today and yesterday but complacency seems to be a problem with us, as does our lack of ability to keep clean sheets. I like to see players who take pride in not conceding goals and I am not just referring to defenders.

  124. the idea that none of the keepers practices crosses is laughable

  125. It’s settled, then. Vito Mannone will be our number one goalkeeper next season.

  126. How does the Porto game fit into that theory Ole?

    I argued for Fabianski to be our number 1, but his confidence is shot through. He is a basket case right now and should be loaned out next year.

    We should buy a new goalie, loan out mannone and fabianski. Almunia can fight for his place – heaven forbid he win it again – and schezny can be worked into the mix. Then send manuel packing the following summer – be interesting to see how many PL teams go in for him.

  127. Ole@12.49

    So who is that down to?Who runs the training?Wenger and his coaches of Course

    I once read Arsenal dont even practice corners!!!!

  128. What a moron you are RomfordPele.

    It’s amazing how many adults are unable to read and understand a simple block of text.

    Obviously, they practice crosses. The point is I’m questioning whether they are put under the same pressure in training as they face in the Premier League where they are challenged and quite often fouled as they try to claim the ball.

  129. arseneholis,

    Porto was also a cross, technically, even though you’re right, Fabianski’s error there wasn’t on a high ball.

    But do you agree there’s a valid pattern in the way they keep dropping crosses?

  130. Alex Ice Cream


    I did say last year that AA was a better player than RvP. I don’t deny this. RvP was amazing as a centre forward – far better that I thought that he would be. AA has been disappointing but playing CF on his own didn’t help. I didn’t say that I didn’t rate RvP simply that I thought that AA was a better player. I expressed concerns about RvP’s inability to stay fit though…

  131. Alex Ice Cream

    I am not convinced its just about crosses.

    Almunia does not have the talent or mentality to play as our No1. Fabianski does not have the mentality either but he may develop it.

    Seaman and Lehman were solid mentally and had the experience of winning titles to back them up. Jens was mad but you cannot question his winning mentality.

    Almunia has won nothing and will win nothing. Fab might but not now.

  132. lol, and that just about sums it up nicely

    a peasant on a blog, shooting his mouth off and questioning an arsenal legend like lee dixon’s knowledge of defending.

    pathetically laughable.

  133. suggesting there is any similarity between the performances of Almunia and Flapianski this season is a gross insult to the Spanish Waiter.

    He may not be the best in the world, but he has played many games this season in which he has not made costly errors, while I am struggling to think of occasions when flappy hasnt made game changing mistakes (Stoke, Porto, Wigan….)

  134. Alex Ice Cream


    Yes, Lee Dixon – 623 appearance as Arsenal’s right back, part of perhaps the best defence in English history and winner of 4 League Titles, 2 Doubles, a league cup and a CWC knows nothing about defending becuase Frank (cut and paste old AIC emails) says so.

    Look at Lee’s record compared to that of some of the lazy, complacent overpaid, over-protected babies we have in the squad now. He has won more than the squad combined.

  135. I agree with Flint

  136. Ole – it makes sense certainly, whether it is right or not though, who knows.

    Almunia makes errors on a regular basis, far more often than he has match winning displays. A game this year and last in the CL… then nothing. Mannone had one decent game in a month. That he is a captain is a joke for me. Basically, we plucked a guy from obscurity and tehn tried to make him brilliant. He isn’t, he is a good keeper, but he is not Arsenal good.

    Fabianski looks a lot like he needs time away to pull himself together. He maybe just doesn’t have the mental edge to be a top, top keeper. Loan him out.

    We need to pick a quality keeper and get him in. More than any other position do you get value, as they play so long. Do a deal get someone of real quality in. Schezny will come through oon to challenge.

    I think this is indicative of a more general problem, as fans we are always likely to see ours as the best, but some aren’t.

    Some people on here were defending the teams display after teh spud game – we were shit. We created no chances for 80 minutes, we couldn’t defend, we were stupid in our decision making.

    BUT we passed well in the middle third. Bollocks, that isn’t football. We had a midfield that wouldn’t shoot, tackle or pass into the box.

    The side we put out on Sunday had 10 internationals.

    These are all good players, but can they get done what we need?

    All season we have struggle dto defend at full-back, leaked goals, not offered enough protection in midfield to our defence, and generated little from our wingers.

    I think that is realistic. However, no one has played badly – apparently – and everyone is perfect. You get a lynch mob howling on here if you say we need better in the future.

    Personally,I would keep them all, then add more and let them fight for games.

    However, it has been quite some time since Almunia, Clichy, Rosicky, Eduardo, Sagna, Arshavin, have played like experienced world class players. Diaby, Bendtner, Walcott, Vela, Traore, all need to be made to fight harder to get a game in the Arsenal shirt.

  137. AIC,

    He has won more than the squad combined.

    Completely inaccurate

    it might shock you but many many players in the current squad have won a lot of trophies. Just not at the club.

    Denilson for example won the South American version of the Champions League & the World Club Cup plus age group trophies before he was 19.

    Even the likes of Nasri have won trophies.

    Not to talk of Silvestre, Gallas, Cesc, RVP….

  138. Lee Dixon is from another era. Time gone by. Irrelevant except for the jumpers for goal post brigade. Lee Dixon has made many of the gaffs exhibited by our defenders over the last few games. His interpretations and opinions on TV are weighted according to his need to generate income. I would say that his ability was a bit below where Bacary Sagna is now…and he was slower. He would not have survived in the modern game at the highest level.

  139. Arseneholis,

    You blame the full backs, but I don’t know how much they did wrong against Wigan.

  140. One of the downsides to being in the title race is I wind up watching football other than Arsenal.

    I hate to say it, but it makes us look terribly naive in our tactical set-up and is an indictment of our coaches motivating skills.

    When Manure want to, they can drop back and defend for periods without letting shots in, let alone goals. When they lose the ball, everyone tears back to help.

    Nani FFS can protect his full-back, tackle, work hard. This is just down to good management.

    We shouldn’t make a change, but Arsene should.

    We are close, but the last step is a tough one. Instilling a belligerent winners mentality has never been wengers strength and he seems to be finding it hard with a bunch of kids, as opposed to dixon, adams, bergkamp vieira etc.

  141. Before that flap, Fabianski handled everything that was thrown at him quite well. His handling and catching was quite sure.

    When not under pressure our keepers hardly drop the ball. Under pressure they flap.

  142. Alex Ice Cream


    Ok a bit exaggerated but I mean real trophies not some crap competition in S America with teachers and postman as the opposition.

    The concept of Denilson as a winner like Lee as he beat some roadsweepers in S America makes me laugh. Look at how he playes, he’s a decent player but not a winner like Lee. Maybe he will be someday but not now.

    What has Nasri won? Gallas has ok, RvP and Cesc FA Cup only in England and Euro champ for Cesc.

    Silvestre apart (!), I think that Lee’s haul in English football is greater than the squad’s certainly true if you exclude Sol!

  143. I expect the CB set up next season to be

    Tomas Vermaelen, William Gallas, Johann Djourou, Havard Nordveit, Kyle Bartley…AN Other.

    If WG goes…AN Other x 2

  144. you and your bunch of croonies are hypocrites.

    too many on this blog are shit scared of you for whatever reason, you contradict yourselves time and time again.

    you are a none entity.

  145. Ole – the full backs have not had good enough seasons. There is a long list of clichy getting done, teams get in down the right also. (Chavs at home stands out in my mind for that)

    Maybe that is due to protection ahead of them, then that needs to change, but something does, either tactics or players. I am not a manager, i dont know what, but we need to defend better anyone can see that.

  146. Alex Ice Cream


    Mentality, even Wright looked good for Ipswich.

    Its totally differenvt being a keeper at the highest level. Mental strength, winning mentality, ability to deal with pressure. Dave and Mad jens has these qualities, none of our current keepers do.

  147. You going to exclude William Gallas too, AIC. WC medals don’t count?

  148. Ole,

    Dont forget Denilson is also the 100m Sideways sprint world record holder

  149. arseneholis,

    We’re able to do same.

    Take the West Ham game as an example. We got back, formed 2 banks of 4 and squeezed West Ham out. Game won.

    The problem for Arsenal is when the play is aimless. They’re not pushing up and pressing for goals, they’re not set up for possession, passing well and keeping the ball in safe zones, and they are not defending the lead. They’re simply doing nothing.

    That was the problem yesterday. Aimlessness.

  150. Frank often talks a lot of sense… Just not when he is on about supporters whilst slaughtering the team and renouncing his allegiance.

  151. AIC,

    In his first couple of seasons, Mad Jens dropped a lot of balls, and he was a very experienced and mature keeper.

    Remember how many times he’d go to war when he was challenged in the air as he tried to catch?

  152. ‘a peasant on a blog, shooting his mouth off’

    Stringvest hawke that was a funny quote

  153. arseneholis,

    Apart from 2 games after he came back from injury Clichy has been fantastic. In both games against Barcelona for example, he wassuperb.

    I don’t know what he did wrong on Sunday. I’d venture to say he did nothing wrong.

  154. Alex Ice Cream


    I agree that the fullbacks have not had their best seasons but Clichy has improved from a horrible decline but still makes mistakes, Sagna has been ok. Neither can cross for sh1t.

    I don’t think that the system helps them though. The widemen don’t track back enough and the midfielders don’t cover enough ground in front of the fullbacks. The widemen are often coverted strikers or no10s so defence is not their natural game. In midfield only Song/Denilson are defensive players. Cesc and Diaby are attackers. Cesc does his share but is not his natural game, Diaby can tackle but reading danger is not his strong point. Ben Watson playing his first Prem game lost Diaby easily and scored. Not good enough.

  155. AIC,

    Do your research before you mouth off. The Copa Liberatodores is not a Mickey mouse competition. The winners of it usually beat the winner of the European Cup.

    Fabianski, Eduardo, Rosicky, Nasri, RVP, Gallas, Campbell, Silvestre, RVP, Clichy, Denilson….

    I could go on. All players who’ve won trophies in their careers.

    I hate when people won’t give others their due. Don’t belittle the achievements of others because it suits you

  156. Very very rarely comment on here but ive got to ask is that Frank for real ?

    Lee Dixon knows fuck all about fuck all.

    Actually in most games over the last few seasons the goal caused by Fabianski dropping the ball would have been disallowed. The Wigan player would have been deemed to have barged the keeper.

    Really even tho he didnt touch him ??

    And how about the first one against porto let me guess the grass was cut the wrong way meaning the ball took an unusual deflection lol

    Now lets move on to Comical Ali the only keeper that punches a ball then fills the need to take a superman dive for the cameras,

    If you really think these 2 are Arsenal quality what hope have we got of ever improving,

  157. Ole, he was superb in both legs against Barca?

    Do you ever read your comments back before clicking on ‘Post’

  158. Alex Ice Cream


    Jens did drop a few (usually in Europe) but he didn’t drop that many. We went unbeaten for a season with him in goal. Jens improved a lot after being dropped at the end of 2004 though and went up a level in the Prem and especially in Europe. He should never have been offloaded.

    All keepers make mistakes but the best make fewer than the rest.

  159. Alex Ice Cream


    Copa Libertadores is Mickey Mouse. A local team from Cusco in Peru got to the final a few years ago. There may be the odd decent team there but on the whole its rubbish.

    What major Europen trophies have these players won? Very few…

  160. AIC,

    Diaby won the ‘Human what most resembles a Girrafe’ throphy, now you cant tell me thats a Mickey Mouse competition.

  161. Yesterday’s performance caused me to consider my allegiances with regard to Arsenal. In fact I found that they have changed only slightly.

    I have no allegiance to the Arsenal Board. Not one of them.

    I despise the shareholders

    I think that Young Mr Grace is a fool

    I think that the new Stadium is a Corporate playground

    I despise most Arsenal supporters (with notable exceptions) especially after their behaviour over the last two or three seasons.

    I support Arsene Wenger in terms of his football vision and in terms of his on and off the pitch footballing philosophy.

    I think that this is the best squad that I have ever seen at Arsenal. However other teams are much better than they were in the past and at least two of them have been finanically doped.

    I support most of the players in the squad but after yesterday I believe that several are guilty of throwing AWs loyalty back into his face. For that I expect largescale changes. Three or four players in our squad I would travel a long way to watch…whoever they played for. Two in particular.

    I value Arsenal’s playing style and potential more than I do trophies. I do not adhere to a trophies at any price philosophy.

    I do not subscribe to the Arsenal ‘legends’ drivel. There are a few Arsenal legends but only those who carry themselves well and are respectful of the current manager are worthy. Legend status is not necessarily permanent and can be removed at any time.

    I am not interested in Arsenal’s past. I was then but it is gone. I am only interested in the present and the future.

  162. AIC,

    What complete bollocks.

    Shows how little you know about football.

    It’s a weird blend of ignorance and arrogance thta’d made you dismiss one of the world’s elite competitions as mickey mouse.

  163. …and that is only the tip of the iceberg. The rest concerns football itself. But this is an Arsenal blog so not here.

  164. Alex Ice Cream


    I agree with some of what you say (!) This squad is not the best though. Maybe technically but thats it. It takes more than technique to winning titles.

    We don’t have the big game mentality and we don’t work hard enough. Attitude-wise this is a poor squad despite the obvious talent.

    If this squad was the best they would have won the Prem this year. It was there for the taking but we were not good enough to win.

  165. As to how many major European trophies won….Go and do your own bloody research and stop wallowing in ignorance.

  166. Alex Ice Cream

    I don’t need to do research as most of them have won f*** all.

  167. The full-back have found a hard transition to the 4-3-3. Arsenal have defended better as a team but not as good as they should however – the forwards could press more aggressively, and the others back up by getting tight. That’s been Song’s and RVP’s big plus as a defensive unit – similarly Eboue at RB.

  168. No. I said this is the best Arsenal squad. I believe that AW will win the EPL with the major part of this squad in tact. The ‘first’ team element of the squad is probably the best team in Europe.

  169. Alex Ice Cream


    This sqaud has won nothing so it cannot be the best.

    Too many players are injury-prone and usually unavailable. The first 11 is almost a myth because of this.

  170. where do i vote?

  171. Ole I’m afraid you are still the muppet.

    Your logic is that Arsenal play in a certain way so therefore they are incapable of practising defending against other styles of play. Horse manure my friend.

  172. No. I said this is the best Arsenal squad. I believe that AW will win the EPL with the major part of this squad in tact. The ‘first’ team element of the squad is probably the best team in Europe.

    Apart from
    Barca, Chelsea, United,Madrid,Bayern and maybe at a push Inter,

  173. I agree with Romford Pele.

    If professional keepers are not coached on how to deal with crosses………….well its just fucking stupid isn’t it.

  174. No I believe that the full first team is better than those teams.

  175. ‘Arsenal are the best Apart from –
    Barca, Chelsea, United,Madrid,Bayern and maybe at a push Inter,’

    Chippy I think there’s alot of clubs in europe who would say that

  176. I will judge the squad according to my own criteria. I am not really interested in trophies when judging the abilities of a group of footballers. Having said that I think that trophies will inevitably be won.

  177. Frank

    You are like a scratched record.Every year you say the same thing.

    We are the third best team(at the moment) for a reason.And that is we are not better than Man U and Chelsea.After 38 games the table doesnt lie,

    We will not win the title under Wenger as he thinks Almunia and Flappy are top class keepers

    We are no nearer winning the title than we were 2 years ago

  178. Two scratched records then.

  179. James didnt say there wasnt but then again i didnt say we were the best in Europe !!

    But Frank our first team got smashed By United and Chelsea ?? Barca played us of the park and any side that defend as badly as us will never when the league let alone a European Cup, And thats not a dig at the Individuals more an overall observation we do not work hard enough in defending from the front and the lack of organisation at the back is staggering ,

  180. Some of the best music I have ever heard was on a scratched record.

  181. My 14 year old son said it best when he looked at me after that game and said EPIC FAILURE.

    At least Spurs and Barca are good teams that are in form. Wigan is neither, they had scored 4 goals in the last 10 games and had not scored more then 1 goal in the last 15 games.

    Agree with Ole. We need to go out now and try to get the last 9 points. We may not succeed but we need to kill ourselves trying. We need to hold on to 3rd at all costs.

    Gunner Guru said it well at 12:15. I certainly have issues with Wenger and the coaching staff but only a fool would really believe we are better off without Wenger. However, anyone who does not believe he needs to make some changes is also a fool. The boss needs to figure out how to get this team to play as a team and somehow we have to avoid the mental meltdowns that we annually seem to suffer. I love beautiful football but somehow team defending has to be given higher priority. Our 07/08 team played beautiful offense and still only conceded 17 goals in the first 26 games before Clichy’s penalty and WG meltdown at Birminham. The last 12 games we conceded 14 goals and lost the title. Arsenal played great offense and defended well for 26 games. Somehow that spirit needs to be come back to our squad.

    No one with any sense would doubt that we need to strengthen our squad in the back. We need 2 new CB and a new GK. No team in the world can win with an unsettled GK and CB situation. We all believe this team has great individual talent, but somehow the boss needs to get them to play better team football and avoid the mental meltdowns that cause us to loose to Hull and Stoke last year, give up 2 in injury time and draw to Spurs last year 4 – 4. Get blown away in the CL semi’s by United. Get blown away by Chelsea and United in Jan this year and then yesterday etc. etc. etc. That is the biggest challenge we face as a team.

    Lets go out and get the last 9 points and then hopefully the boss will add a few players during the summer and somehow figure how to get the most out of the great players that we have.


  182. I agree with Frank.

    And James sureley Diaby was pipped to the ‘human most resembling a giraffe’ award by your own Peter Crouch.

  183. Yesterday’s game perfectly hightlighted our problems all season.

    We haven’t got a goalkeeper, who dominates his 6-yard area, or deals with crosses.

    Our midfield players are incapable of finishing off a move, with a shot on goal, they just want to pass to someone else (eg.. Diaby out to Walcott, when he had a better angle to shoot)

    We don’t have a true striker. Even RvP is a not a true finisher, though he is capable of scoring and making great goals.

    I think if we had, had a striker who was CONSISTENTLY converted our marvellous approach play into goals, we would have won the league easily.

    We have a defense that is incapable of keeping a clean sheet. The only way to get results is like ManU do, is to score more goals.

  184. Our first team did not get smashed. We have not really had a chance to put out our first team out this season.

  185. Anyone that suggests that RvP is not a true finisher is not worth reading

  186. I agree with Frank (other than on the Board)

  187. Well, it seems like we came down to our level. Things aren’t as bad as they seem today, but not as good as they seemed a few weeks ago. There was an lack of intensity, but really, at the end of the season, coasting a little with a two goal lead is what many a team does. Energy has to be managed.

    Goal 1: I’m sick of people calling Diaby lazy…what he is is mentally weak. He *did* track back on the first goal, he just lost track of his man and got caught ball watching. I like him as a player but not as an Arsenal player because he’s not a quick thinking passer, and every arsenal midfielder needs to be that.

    Goal 2: 100% Fabianski. I can’t believe anyone said he was doing well before that, as we almost went down in the first five mins when he let a corner go across the face of goal right in front of him.

    Goal 3: 60% Fabianski. It was about 20% Clichy, who totally should have won that ball or at least forced him outside. Abotu 20% central defenders wisely forced Nz sideways, and did not want to risk the free kick. There was no cut back option, he had to shoot around Campbell inside the left post, but Fabianski is almost in the center of his goal, and then DOES NOT MAKE A MOVE ON THE SHOT AT ALL! He thought it was wide. Horrible positioning AND he didn’t know where his posts were. Just hideous.

  188. Deano, Crouch was injured – Strained hoof

  189. @ Frank on April 19, 2010
    at 10:33 am

    Well said

  190. By “our level”, I mean the level one would expect given the players we’ve had to field with all the injuries.

  191. Ole – yep we did that against West Ham.

    At Home

    West Ham were in awful form

    Try finding some more times this year when we have been able to turn up, play within ourselves, stay solid and grind out a result.

    Of course we have been the opposite against quality sides, they have humped us royally. It is tough to say, but it is true.

    This all started when we had everyone fit and playing, against manure and shitty early in the year.

    We threw away a lead at OT through retarded goalkeeping and brainless play from Diaby.

    Then at middle-eastlands we had control of the game, got back to 1-1 and looked the only winner, before we imploded defensively. An own goal from the keeper, Song vanishing as he covered the left back, clichy trying and failing to foul SWP, and then a 73 on 1 on the break.

    These faults were always in the side, even with all teh big players and in a whole season Wenger could never get control of the situation.

  192. Im pretty sure United had more injuries than us on this day !!!!



    Sagna – Gallas – Vermaelen – Clichy
    Song – Denilson
    Nasri – Fabregas – Rosicky

    Manchester United

    Van Der Sar

    Rafael – Brown – Evans – Evra

    Nani – Fletcher- Scholes – Carrick – Park


    And when your playing 38 games a season your never going to be able to rely on your first 11 playing the majority of games its unrealistic,

  193. I can’t believe you even posted that, Chippy. The differences are glaringly obvious.

  194. I find it tough to pick someone out, but surely we cannot go into next season with the same 10 outfield players as first choice.

    Either players, system or coaching must change to get us defending better.

    I think we have been too rigid in playing 4-3-3, or really 4-5-1 a long way away when eboue and rosicky play wide, since teh injuries bit.

    Without RVP, Cesc, and Bendtner when he was out, we were forcing players to the system when we would have been better served focussing on results and who was fit.

  195. Big games this season

    Man Utd away Lost
    Man City away Lost
    Chelsea home Lost
    Chelsea away Lost
    Barcalona home Drew
    Barcelona away Lost

    6 pressure games just one draw.Where are so calles”Mental Strength” and “Great Spirit” which Wenger keeps talking about


    Yes RVP is class.When he plays his 15 games every season

  196. Thanks for that, Kenny. Very illuminating.

  197. We threw that game away against Utd – another where inability to defend crippled us. They didn’t have to play well and we just collapsed.

    Another own goal for Manuel, no tracking from midfield, then afterwards just suicide defending.

    It is stunning how often we have made the same mistakes – with amanager as genius as wenger, there must be a few players who are seriously thick and not just diaby.

    The third goal against utd was the same as the third at camp nou. Having fallen behind our response is to get gung-ho and turn a deficit into a rout, twice allowing a player to stroll through from half-way clear at the keeper.

    Arshavin, Diaby, Bendtner, Eduardo (where is he now?) all need to find a bit of bottle and fight.

    Christ, this year looks like last – Denilson a model of what we need from everyone.

  198. All I ask is that you guys please pull your fingers out and give city a good thumping on saturday, I beg thee

  199. Hello from D.C. fellow Cultured left Footers…

    Haven’t been able to get on line or watch games and very sorry things are not working for Arsenal.

    I hope Arsene will take this time to reflect because even though we have a great group of players, they have a problem that I can’t really understand.

    Anyways, all the best of luck to everyone.

  200. What us missing RVP and United missing there first choice centrebacks i wont post the other teams and bashings received as it will only make your point look even more silly,

    The difference is United + co know how to win Big Games and do not act like startled rabbits, where as we are the complete opposite as it stands at this present moment that side is not good enough to win major trophies and to think they are is burying your head in the sand.

  201. Frank @ 2:00PM

    I think most of us support Wenger and agree that he has done great work to keep us competitive through the financial burden that the stadium has brought.

    However, to absolve the boss from any blame is totally ridiculous. The boss is in total control of everything that is Arsenal. We all agree that we have great individual players but we are clearly not a great team. The only person who can fix that is the boss. I say again that only a fool would want to see him sacked. However, I want to see us win some trophies in my life time and he has to make some changes if that is ever going to happen.

  202. Arseneholis,

    You’re missing my point. What you’re referring to, that Man poo do is to protect a lead, get most men behind the ball. It’s a question of shape. We can do that, we just never do it.

    You might think that’s a problem in itself that we never do it. It doesn’t mean we can’t do it.

    The reason we don’t do it is because we often maintain our attacking shape even while ahead. And even your attacking shape can be enough to maintain your lead, 1. because the opposition have to defend, 2. because you maintain possession and they can’t hurt you if you have most of the ball.

    That’s why I still say the problem is when we’re aimless. We’re caught in a netherland where we’re neither solid nor incisive. That can be a problem.


    I am speculating. I don’t see the team train so I can’t say. 3 things are however incontrovertible; 1. we don’t cross well. 2. All our 3 keepers fumble crosses. On other things that goalkeepers do, they make very few errors. 3. Our attackers don’t challenge opposition keepers.

    It’s a pity that the topic is beyond you because after 2 tries you still are incapable of even understanding the point that was made.

  203. we may well do that James….

    But I’m afraid 4th will still be beyond you.

  204. Alex Ice Cream


    You are right. Call it what you will we simply don’t have the ability to win the really big games.

    We had players who could do this and AW got rid of them all.

  205. RvP played 44 games last season, Kenny.

    He’s had three freak injuries in the last three years, but he’s still a massive asset to the team.

    And for God’s sake stick to one username please.

  206. You think that it is OK to play against the Mancs without a centre-forward then, chippy?


    Schezny at it again.

    He should be given the last 3 for us.

    Baffles me how the best prospects get wrapped in wool and the rest are blooded in the first team and signings would kill them.

  208. How old are you, Bill? And are you fit and healthy?

  209. chippy,

    On Saturday, Man poo had just Vidic out injured from their best 15 players.

    Come back from cloud cuckoo

  210. Arseneholis @ 2:32

    Spot on.

  211. “We can do that, we just never do it.”

    If that is true then sack the manager or lobotomise the team. We can’t hold a lead, but not because we can’t, but because we don’t?

    Come on Ole, that is a joke, surely?

    If all season we could have stopped leaking goals, kept clean sheets, defended as a team and kept it solid in big games, especially when we had injuries, but chose not to then basically, by your measure, we were just too fuckin thick to win?

  212. Ole:
    “On other things that goalkeepers do, they make very few errors. ”
    Sorry mate, but it is bollocks.
    What about positioning, reading the game, not letting goals in on your near post more often than other GKs, handling, distribution etc etc?

  213. Shit i left out the Spuds away.One draw in 7 pressure games……it gets worse

  214. Arsene bashing again, AIC. How unlike you.

  215. No Frank, he’s terminaly Bill.

    And cant wait till this time next year.

  216. Ole – why did we lose away at utd this year?

  217. Frank whos fault was that ? Why sell a main forward for alot of money in the summer and then not replace him,

    And besides we got stuffed 1-3 in the champiuons league at home by the same team and if i remember rightly RVP was playing that night?

    Oh and that centreback pairing united put out against us also played against Fulham at craven cottage cannot remember Fulham finding it to diificult to break thro them,

  218. arseneholis,

    I knew you’d say this is a problem but it’s not.

    You don’t need to retreat and defend a lead when you go ahead.

    You can maintain your attacking shape and protect a lead as we’ve succeeded in doing much more of the time than otherwise.

  219. In any case Man United have lost more games than us this season. Fact.

  220. When the invincibles went a goal down, they defended better. They didn’t go goal crazy, but made sure they didn’t concede again, then could turn it around. We go behind and get worse at the back.

    I hate to think about it, but I can’t believe people are still saying that we can defend when needed.

    You could make a compilation of ugly, ugly goals to concede form us this year. Start with number 2 from Wednesday, within a minute of kick-off, a goal down, and then that. It is poor and it needs to change, something has to.

  221. Alex Ice Cream


    Not AW bashing. Just the truth, you know that thing that you have no concept of.

  222. Deano, I know mate, I just dont want it to go down to the last game of the season because you know we will come down with a vicious strain of genital herpes or something like that.

    Van Persie to start on Saturday

  223. chippy,

    On Saturday, Man poo had just Vidic out injured from their best 15 players.

    Come back from cloud cuckoo

    Whats that got to do with anything?

  224. arseneholis,

    We lost away at Man poo because we gave them an own goal, and Mike Dean gave them a bollocks penalty.

  225. Well it was stated many many months ago in the days when several members of this forum were regaling us with the wonders of the Hack Dwarf. Players like RvP defend from the front. They pin defenders and defensive midfield players back. Half of you were too busy rubbishing him at that time.

    Eduardo would have been such a boost to the side but the press and media Scottish arse cunt ‘diving’ fiasco was the last straw for his confidence. I have never known a witch-hunt like it. They were like rabid dogs out there. I think he will be replaced by a very very astute forward.

  226. I would be very surprised if RvP starts on Saturday. He is clearly not fit enough yet.

  227. chippy,

    You said that they had as many injuries as we do. Completely untrue.

    They have all their key players fit and they’re struggling in the main.

  228. Chippy why are you speaking to yourself? Have you gone insane? Get a hold of yourself man

  229. Frank, I dont give a castle maine xxxx, RVP must start on Saturday and worry about his broken nail another day, cappiche !!!

  230. Ole,
    Id suggest you check your facts Weve lost 8 theyve lost 7

    In any case Man United have lost more games than us this season. Fact.

  231. arseneholis,

    FFS! What’s the matter with you people today? You were talking about tactics. Tactics, i.e. team shape ì, hello!

    I don’t deny our defending has not been good enough. Go look at my comments from first day of the season, I’ve never said we defend well enough.

    However, having a defensive shape (which you were talki ng about) and defending well are two different things.

    Teams like Blackburn & Everton play with a defensive shape but still concede many goals.

  232. Frank:

    Perhaps the term “in my lifetime” is a bit overly dramatic. However, do you really disagree with my point. AW is a great manager but this team has not played up to its potential even considering the injuries and he has to take some of the blame.

  233. “You can maintain your attacking shape and protect a lead as we’ve succeeded in doing much more of the time than otherwise.”

    Are you serious Ole?

    In that case, tell me what was the problem in the 4 games against the chavs and mancs. We let in 11 goals, had the lead only once and promptly imploded on it.

    We lost leads at Burnley, West Ham, Birmingham – these are shit teams mind you – Barca and manure who aren’t, and conceded looking for winners against Stoke, Shitty, Sunderland, there are probably more.

    We haven’t defended well all year, either individaully, or as a team. The only time I have seen us look good – leaving out a crap west ham team at home who were more shite than we were good – was against Celtic. Howver, now that looks much more like they were rubbish. Still, at least we ran around then, pressed teh ball, and made tackles.

    We have lost almost as many as we have won away from home and concede 3 goals every 2 games on the raod. Reeks of poor defending, or choosing to concede.

    At home we go for a goal a game and we keep teh ball 60% of the time or more.

  234. Ole, have you ever been kissed by a rose?

  235. Ole:

    We have discussed this many times before. You do not have to play a defensive shape to defend well. I could and have regurgitated stats that seem to prove that. Look at how well we defended that first 26 games of the 07/08 season and still played great offense. No one wants us to play like Blackburn but you know as well as any of us that we need to defend better within our attacking system if we ever want to improve.

  236. The result of the late few days have been absolutely shoking particularly that of yesterday.This has hit me real hard

  237. No I don’t take your point, Bill. I don’t know why several players let him down yesterday. I suspect that some of them are about to leave the squad.

  238. You said that they had as many injuries as we do. Completely untrue.

    They have all their key players fit and they’re struggling in the main.

    No we were talking about our meetings against each other if you read it back,

  239. Okay Ole – where was the shape away at chelsea as clichy and vermaalen bumped into themselves running away from Drogba?

    Even when we do have shape, we dont get close to players, or tackle for the ball. we make average teams look great by token gesture pressing and no attempt to win the ball.

    Our tactics, shape, defending – whatever you choose to call it has not beengood enough. Especially in big games, but also generally.

    Something needs to change for next year.

    This is the third year in a row we have been saying the same thing.

    Who is responsible for fixing the mess? It has become a mess, sundy was a farce. we let in 3 games worth of goals for wigan in 10 minutes.

  240. We lost away at Man poo because we gave them an own goal, and Mike Dean gave them a bollocks penalty.

    No we lost a united because we didnt take our chances and then two individual errors cost us goals,

  241. Barca do both brilliantly.

    Good teams attack and defend well. It is fundamental.

    We do one well, although not for a few months. We need the other.

  242. There you have it then.

  243. Btw, Gary Lewin’s article on our record number of injuries (fact) spells out very clearly the problems that lots of injuries cause for non-injured players….and he doesn’t even touch on the massive disruption caused by key player after key player going down.

  244. Barca do not defend that well. Interesting to see what happens tomorrow.

  245. Ever heard this James?

  246. chippy,

    Man United losses;

    Community Shield: 1
    Carling Cup: 1
    FA Cup: 1
    CL: 3
    League: 7
    Total: 13

    Arsenal losses:

    Carling Cup: 1
    FA Cup:1
    CL: 2
    League: 8

    Total: 12


  247. That was funny, Chippy addressing himself. Kind of expect from people like him to talk to themselves. Enlightening. Do all doomers carry this disease?

  248. arseneholis,

    You’ve decided to play dumb today so I’m giving up.

    Maybe I’m just talking rubbish today.

    On the other hand, it’s clear you’re choosing to not understand what I’m saying.

    You started talking about tactics (shape), which is different from defending well (irrespective of shape).

    My point is that, even if we never adapt a defensive shape, that’s not the problem. The problem is not defending well. period.

  249. Bill,

    What are you talking about? FFS?

  250. Ole,
    Give me a break you muppet community shield lol
    Group games of champions league !

    League 7 Us 8 thats what counts now run away and try and find some more Facts that were wrong !

  251. Ole you’re including a loss in a competition with only two clubs involved?

    You’re losing it Ole. Anyone would think you’d been kissed by a rose or something.

  252. It’s a shame, that someone like Arsenehollis, with his intelligence and understanding of football, has to waste his time educating us fools.

  253. FFS arseneholis, Barcelona always vary from an attacking shape, and an attacking shape with emphasis on possession.

    You never see them sit back and protect a lead.

    Watch what Bayern Munich did in the 2 games against man Utd. They never sat back to protect their lead. In the 2nd leg, they had an attacking shape with emphasis on possession.

    You don’t have to sit back and protect a lead to not concede goals. You just have to keep possession well and defend well. FFS

  254. Seems to me that we have a fantastic system of attacking football. Take out the forwards resposnisble for attacking movement and the most potent midfield attacking foil and life gets tricky at the back.

    I wonder how good Barca are at defending without their best forwards?

  255. Frank @ 3:15:

    Replacing several underperforming squad members will not be easy. We no longer have the advantage of outclassing the rest Europe in scouting and infrastructure that we had when AW first started. Finding TH, PV, RP etc on the cheap will not happen. Waiting for our reserves to become difference makers will take several years, by which time the world class players that we have will probably start to move on.

    We clearly need to add a few new players but IMO we have enough quality on this squad to play at the top level. Getting rid of several players is not the answer. Keeping this squad together and adding a few critical pieces is where we need to go. United started their run of championships when they kept what they had and added Vidic and Van der Sar. We need to add a few critical pieces but most important the boss needs to figure out how to get the best out of the players we have.

  256. People like me Ateeb ? what you mean that dont agree with all your opinions ?

  257. Go fuck yourself James.

  258. I suspect he already has them in the bag, Bill. That was part of the reason for the performance yesterday. He has by far and away the best scouting network in Europe. Now he has some money.

  259. chippy,

    Don’t get angry. It’s not my fault you were wrong you mug. 13>12.

    They’ve lost more games than us this season. My point still stands.

    Everything you came to say on this board today was wrong.

  260. The worst thing about Arsenal losing?

    The obvious delight some Arsenal fans take in it.

  261. Community shield lol

    How old are you child ?

    Have i made you look a fool in front of your school friends

  262. I think you lost that one, chippy

  263. Queen of Sub, did you receive your special copy of my new book?

  264. Ole the Dickhead,
    I think you will find United won the Carling Cup 😉

  265. Is he talking to me or just a conversation between himself that he decided to post? He’s a little confusing bugger.


    You talking to me?

  266. Pass this on, James, it might help your family deal with you fiddling with yourself.

  267. Ateeb,

    Let’s play it Chippy’s way. Don’t let the bugger confuse you. Stay alert. He’s a clever one.

  268. chippy,

    It’s not my fault you’re wrong. Please don’t be angry with me.

  269. Ole @ 3:32:

    You know exactly what I am talking about. Our team in 07/08 played the best offense the league has seen yet in the first 26 games we conceded 17 goals. (0.65 goals/game) Perhaps it was the Flamini factor. Somehow that group played great offense and still had the necessary defensive nous and was the 2nd best defensive team in the league for 26 games. If I remember we top of the table by about 8 points.

    Starting with Birmingham and the Clichy penalty, WG meltdown we conceded 14 goals in the last 12 games. (1.2 goals/game).

    That team did not use a defensive formation and they did not sit back and protect a lead. yet they still defended very well as a team for 26 games. (perhaps the Flamini factor was more important then we think). Why can’t we do that again?

  270. Ateeb,
    i thought adding your name into my question to you may have give the game away but obviously not !

    It was quite a good debate i was having why are you all so defensive?

  271. Queen of Sub, is ‘Cosa’ spanish for ‘F**k off’?

    I’ll just assume it isn’t.

    I sent you a special copy of my new book entitiled ‘Class/Glass’, availible at waterstones.

    Its basically a study on post war footballers who’s careers have been blighted by injury

  272. I think a little light relief is needed today.

  273. Ole,
    It’s not my fault you’re wrong. Please don’t be angry with me.

    Priceless so United didnt win the carling cup then ?

    And the community shield counts even tho its a pre season friendly and only 2 sides enter

    Please stop digging

    Give up hes a simple soul, The words debate seem to be lost on some

  274. So, according to some slimy ‘experts’,

    ‘Diaby doesn’t care’

    Case in point. HT at the Nou Camp. Nearly two weeks ago.

    Messi has scored a hat-trick in 22 minutes, Diaby is coming off the pitch behind Messi.
    His expression is there for ALL to see, even bloggers who have an agenda.
    But they’ll ignore it, and still peddle their shite anyway.

    Is he “soft”?

    Will “punching him” work?
    Let me think:
    Ask Terry, or Sneijder.

    For Fuck’s sake.

    However poor the performance, some fans have disgusted me more.

  275. Don’t see anything wrong with Bill’s comments. Super Flamini, has been defending his place on the bench brilliantly since his move to A.C Milan. He’s not let a goal in, since he joined, very few mistakes from there on the bench. Averaging 3 games a season, he’s probably one of the best midfielders to have held the bench together.

  276. chippy,

    You utter fool. Was the Community Shield not a game played this season? Did Man poo not lose to Money City in the curling cup semi?

    Are you really that dense or you’re trying to make James look good (if you’re trying to make good in comparision to you, you wont succeed, he’s damned)?

  277. James, i think i burnt that book at church last week.

  278. Just need a goalkeeper.

    This team is fine as is.

  279. Ole, what are you trying to say, that you secretly love me?

  280. Bill,

    What’s that got to do with what arseneholis and I were talking about?

  281. No, James that you should go fuck yourself. Or otherwise generally fuck off.

  282. Queen of Sub, cool, as long as you didn’t read it, between me and you its complete nonsense.

  283. I disagree with a few on Diaby. I thought i might have calmed down by now, but I haven’t.

    I want him to leave. He’s symptomatic of a lazy arrogant attitude that i despise. He’s capable of being a magnificent player but when the chips are down, when we’ve needed him to drive the team on, he’s not delivered. Yesterday was the nail in the coffin for me.

  284. Snarky cheap bastards who only come out when it’s raining to heap derision and sit quietly and mope when we do well…

    What is so distateful about you lot is the fact that you all are never here when Arsenal is winning. Not one supportive word – just judgmental bullshit, and unrealistic criticism. Yes, you’re all absolutely correct – AW should be given trillions and we could play a mutated combo of Cesc, RvP, and superman at every position.

    The team lost focus and collapsed…we FUCKING KNOW THAT, you bunch of weak-hearted gits… “who me?…no, I’ve got no courage, no fresh encouragement, no faith, none of that…but I will be here to piss on the when they lose. Cheers!”

    The worst part is that I might actually listen to your points, but it’s just so galling to have you show up after the fact to spit at the team.

    You’re like the mouthy, cowardly one at the pub who hides at the back – waits til the fight is over – then starts dancing about talking a load.

  285. I truly give up !! So even tho Man United won the tie in your warped mind they lost ???? You should work for as head of communications And is Curling similar to football or Hurling?

    I love your use of words to Man Poo and Money City i bet you call Chelsea Chavski dont you how funny

  286. Out:Diaby,Shitvestre,Clownmoonia,and Denilshite.
    Showing that Wenger’s project youth hasnt worked.

    But he wont push them out,as he vainly tries to prove that we can win something with his useless love children.

  287. Ateeb:

    The “Flamini factor” was not meant to be taken seriously. My fault on that one. Can you really argue with the point that a football team can defend well without “playing defensively”?

  288. I agree with Axis.

  289. Just need a goalkeeper.

    This team is fine as is.

    By: Damien on April 19, 2010
    at 4:01 pm

    We are gonna win fuckall with Denilshite,Diabolical and Shitvestre.Sack them lot and bring in a new manager,who would go for true quality than Francophonic toddlers.

  290. I think Diaby has been one of our best player’s this season.

    It’s funny how we all see things differently.

  291. What a twerp. What mancunian hole were you dragged out off, and how many 100 years have you been in a coma in it?

    Man City 2 – 1 Man Utd

    Is that game Man poo lost or not?

  292. I think that Abou is one of those players who needs quick thinking and strong-willed players around him. He tends to perform well when Cesc and/or RvP are playing. He is never great when he is asked to defend as well as attack. Massively talented and brave too but often he looks lost.

  293. Axis,

    Have you noticed how Ole only ever comes out when its raining men?

  294. I think Diaby has had an pretty good season as well.

    I do agree he’s one of those who’ve not stood up to be counted in recent games.

    Even then, he played very well in the 2nd half against the tinies, and was instrumental in creating our goal.

    It appears he’s not a leader, he seems to need the team playing quite well to play well himself.

  295. Really Matt? My issue is that he’s superb when surrounded by first choice talent, I agree he’s looked great then.

    But as a gifted attacking midfielder that i expect to step up in Cesc abscence, i think the performance gap between he and Cesc is too great.

  296. Ole, Who went on to the final ?? So who Won the Tie, ??

    Do you want to delve into the reserve leagues as well as the ladies just to see if you can finally make your point valid,

    Oh i see im from Manchester now and a Twerp,

    How Fucking childish are you when you hit puberty come back and have a grown up discussion,

  297. And I blame him unfairly for the Barcelona loss. The pass to Theo was on. A simple ball and we’re two up and playing Inter Milan tomorrow.

  298. Sorry James…thanks for the joke but I’m finding hard to smile just now.

  299. QoS,

    But Diaby is not the same kind of player as Cesc….I don’t think it’s fair to expect him to cover Cesc.

    Muppet and I chatted about this on twitter. For some reason, it seems that people don’t give Diaby credit for his contribution compared to someone like Nasri. He’s had a much bigger contribution on our results in attack and defence than someone like Nasri.

  300. Yes QOS,

    My point was, it seems like he’s been blaming himself too. I think the fact that he is a FOOTballer who had his LEG broken is a factor.

    Anyway the follow up comments on Diaby considered the above, & were great. Thanks all.

  301. chippy,

    My last try & then we’ll have to send you to special needs class.

    My original statement was; We have won more GAMES (not ties) than Man poo this season.

    They lost the GAME against Money City. So it counts as one of the games they’ve lost.


    Or do we need to have someone explain it to you in baby language?

  302. My original claim, sorry, was that Man poo have lost more games than we have.

  303. Agree with Ole @ 4:16.

    We have several players who are at the age in their careers when they need to step up and play consistantly well for us to win. Nasri, Diaby, Song, Denilson, Walcott to name a few. All of them have been inconsistant which is partly related to age. Diaby has shown signs of real quality this year and he can be great. Not time to give up yet. We do not have anyone ready to replace him. It will be difficult to buy someone better to replace him with our budget and our needs at CB and GK.

    Queen of Suburbia:

    Even if Diaby had made that pass Theo might have miscontrolled it or Valdes may have made a great save. Even if we had scored I suspect Barca would have come back. To say we would be playing Inter now is quite a stretch. They were clearly the better team.

  304. I think Ole and Chippy should get naked and get theres orry asses into the mud pitt

  305. I admit that his performancesover the last few games haven’t been great, but if you look back over the season i think he has been one of our better performers.

    And to be honest, any player is going to look better with the best possible players around him, so of course he looks better with Cesc next to him.

  306. James

    Shut the fuck up.


  307. James,
    I reckon your a sick fantasist,

    And Ole your just a complete Twat,

    That is all

  308. On reflection I cannot see Abou leaving in the near future. AW obviously sees him as an important player. He has produced much better performances this year but seems to have lost himself over the last few games. Never ever saw him as a stand-in for Cesc though. I think that Aaron was that player…and there lies the rub. In Aaron’s absence Samir has stepped into the middle. I am not sure that that suits Abou.

    I do think that there is unrest in the dressing-room and I also think that, unusually, big changes are in the pipline.

  309. I think that we will see a very different set up at the back next season. Possibly in nearly all positions.

  310. I don’t really know why i feel this about him, i do think he is talented, I do feel sorry for him considering the broken leg, but when he’s on the pitch, he seems to be the epicentre of the frustrating casual arrogance that we saw yesterday.

    I agree its probably unfair, its just that i don’t see him as a winner, i think.

  311. Why I am being moderated,YW?

  312. Because something is setting it off!

    Dunno is the short answer. Will look into it.


  313. Whats going on Jaguar we can’t see your comments?….. Oh

  314. Frank @ 3:41.

    I missed that comment until now.

    Damn I hope you are right!!

  315. There is definitely a gruffnut in the works. I am being moderated too.

  316. Whats going on

  317. Who is a Winner? All of the time?

    Alf Ramsey. He was a Winner, once. Got treated like shit though, didn’t he.

    I mean, wtf is a Winner?

    A cliche from American Football films?

    (Help me out here J*mes, but no Tom Cruise quotes please, Cuba Gooding is OK, but Tom Cruise, that’s a no-no!)


  319. I give in

  320. Frank @ 4:42

    Damn I hope you are right!! The boss has been resistant to changes in the past. Maybe things will change this time.

  321. Michael is a Winner in films

  322. Well you know my thoughts on Denilson QoS so looks like we don’t agree on many players!

  323. Taking into account our injured players coming back, personally i would like to see a GK as number 1 priority in the summer, with a Centre Half and Defensively minded Central Midfielder next.

    Assuming Chamakh is already in of course.

  324. A new goal keeper seems a 100per cent certainty.
    As does Chamakh.

    I believe we will keep Gallas and Djourou will be fit for next season along with Gibbs. Sol could sign a player/coach role similar to Solskear in his final years at Utd.

    The whole ‘no plan B’ hasnt realy washed with me until this season… where i think we need to fundamentaly adapt in the big games ( although in all but the Barca and Man U at home games it realy could have gone either way).

    Who are the likeley players we could sign? Some say a new DM but i feel that Eastmond and Denilson provide more than adequete cove if Song is unable to play.r

    Centre back prospects?


  325. You are arguing semantics Finsbury. I think you know what i mean by “winner” you’re are just being obtuse.

    Agree, disagree with me all you like but i really can’t be bothered getting into a debate as to what i mean by winner.

    I’ve not been impressed by Diaby’s contribution recently, i haven’t enjoyed his performances and i don’t think he has put in sufficient effort. As such if he left i would not care one iota.

  326. Diabys quality.

  327. Well Arsene definately has a better view on players than i do, thats for sure!

    Eastmond is too young and in-expirienced, we need player’s for now – mid-20’s.

    GK wise – Loris has been very impressive in the Champ’s league this season, and Akinfeev is always spoken about highly.

    Midfield? If i could choose, it would be DeRossi, but i don’t see him ever leaving Roma, and even if he did, i don’t think he would be affordable both in fee or wages.

  328. It’s good to see we’re getting back to good natured denigration of all our players.

  329. BTW Frank I do not really believe for a second what your saying will actually happen but I do hope you are right. No way to prove it but I suspect the rest of the world has caught up with us with regards to our scouting etc. The boss has never been against buying great players at the right price. If those type of players were really out there he would have brought them here in the last few years.

    I doubt there are any real difference making players on the cheap that the rest of Europe does not know about. However, I hope I am wrong and maybe the boss can find 3 or 4.

  330. It’s not semantics to say that selling Diaby now would be a stupid waste.

    Do we not need a big squad at AFC?

  331. Everyone and their pet hamster is going to be after Lloris…but he would be a great signing….marquee even.

  332. One might argue that the performance yesterday by some of those players denigrated our manager and our clubs fans PZ…

  333. By the way folks……what the FUCK has happened to Eduardo?!?!

  334. Bill,

    What at all suggests that “the rest of the world has caught up with us with regards to our scouting etc”.

  335. My Pre-season wish would be, assuming Chamakh signs and another mobile defender comes in, is for Arsenal to perfect their defensive game – that means getting their distances right and backing up the pressing.

    That is assuming also we don’t go back to a 4-4-2 which from a defensive standpoint is more orthodox to perform.

  336. I can agree with that Finsbury. We do need a big squad.

    My point is that I really wouldn’t shed any tears if Diaby wasn’t part of it.

    If he is then great, competition is healthy, my concerns about him are not related to his talent, but rather his application of it. A player fighting for his place in the side is more effective than one that doesn’t have to.

  337. Bill @ 4:50 pm

    I wouldn’t normally relate such lame gossip, but Bill, but I thought this would entertain you:

    I bumped into a ‘source’ from deep within Highbury Square out running in Highbury Fields.

    “Defenders’ have already been looked at. Apparently. The one I was told of would be quite a pleasant arrival IMO. Dependant upon outside events. I also really hope Gallas stays. I feel that he’s played like he wants to stay.


    AW is ruthless:Ade headbutted NB52 in a N.London derby, and was Out. He just doesn’t throw boots around the changing room.
    I don’t think it’s accurate to say the boss has been resistant to change, relative to signing players. No offence, maybe you meant something else.

    In the same way I don’t think that some other comments about GS or Pires being ‘let go’ are accurate. They aren’t.

  338. Whether you’re right or wrong about Diaby, QoS, at least you are criticising one of the players partly responsible for yesterday’s capitulation. I can see, however, that many were not bothered by the performance yesterday. Instead, they are using a show of anger as a cover for the same old rubbish.

  339. QOS:

    Are you as angry about the fact that Aaron Ramsey couldn’t play in these end of season games?

    I wasn’t by the AR hype. I hadn’t really watched him properly till the Stoke game, Real Social Dad’s enthusiasm had rubbed off.

    He was having a good game.

  340. > I wasn’t following the AR hype.

  341. What’s with people getting on Diaby’s back again? Just remember the development of Alex Song. I think Diaby will become a top player, he may look like he is lazy but i really don’t think that is the case, he has a languid style similar to that of Song which doesn’t do him any favours. Hopefully someone can point me in the direction of ‘distance covered’ stats.

  342. I bumped into my source in the Highbury Barn and he told me that your source, Finsbury, isn’t really a source and he is always running around Highbury Fields bumping into people and telling them that he is a source.

  343. Finsbury, i was furious about the Shawcross tackle if thats what you were asking.

    I still think he should have received a ten game ban. Also Pulis’s comments on Goals on Sunday yesterday actually made me shout at my TV.

  344. Some people who live on Highbury Fields have taken to wearing padding and a crash helmet because your source who isn’t really a source is becoming a real menace.

  345. What did that characterless little creep Pulis say?

  346. QOS,

    Sorry, that last post IS obtuse.

    I think you’ll understand what I meant. I’m angry about other things, but we have to accept where the club is. Diaby is a good player.
    He won’t be a ‘leader’ till his later years in the game.
    Look how the former ‘Leader, Captain & Legend’, Terry has fallen. I think Diaby will have a longer and better career than JT. He won’t miss any penalties in a CL final I hope.

    Now THAT is weak.
    Falling on your ass whilst taking a penalty.
    In a final.

    When Diaby does that, then I’ll get mad with him.

  347. I’m on his case Matty Boy because I thought he was attrocious yesterday. Failed to track Watson for the first goal, languid i have no problem with players move in different ways but shunning basic defensive responsibility is a different kettle of fish!

    I’ve seen Diaby when he’s trying hard and he’s not languid then, he’s a machine thats impossible to knock off the ball. I can tell the difference, honestly couldn’t you?

  348. Frank at 5:19

    Sorry, I’ll have to bottle that source up.

  349. The entire team was languid or whateverelse. Personally the only 2 players I’d give credit from yesterday are Theo & RVP.

  350. I’m paraphrasing slightly Frank but basically Pulis said:

    “I’m a clueless prick who deserves some kind of medieval torture”

    The usual crap about how Shawcross was the real victim of mean old Wenger, it was a 50/50 that Shawcross the good old honest pro that he is was entitled to go for…wouldn’t hurt a fly etc etc. Wenger would have us ban tackles completely.

  351. Finsbury:

    I hope you are right about defenders being looked at. I have never been a Gallas/TV partnership fan so I hope there is someone new next year. I suspect WG will take a longer contract and a big final payday.

    You know from all that I have said on this blog that I think we do need to make some changes in personnel and in the way we organize at the back. Again, I hope you are right. We will see what happens this summer.

    Until next summer I agree with what Ole said earlier today. We need to go after these last 9 points. City is going to be tough, they have a lot to play for. I hope we can find the mental strength to beat them. Much as I hate Spuds I would rather see them finish 4th. No team with that much oil money and Ade deserves to win anything.

  352. QoS – I agree Diaby did not play particularly well yesterday but I don’t think it is down to him not trying although not tracking runners is an elementary mistake. I think it was more to do with the team being of the mindset that the game had been won which i must admit I did too until Nasri cleared off the line and we looked all at sea.

    As you state when Diaby is on his game he is a machine, almost unplayable at times. I for one would be gutted if he wasn’t with us next season.

  353. ole

    what about eastmond and big bad sol?

  354. I can’t be bothered to leap to the defense of the players from yesterday. Some of them deserve a bollocking, and they are probably going to get one. Still, I think the criticism of the team is going much too far. I don’t foresee a great turnover of players in the summer. I think 3 or 4 will come in, and about the same number will go out. I suspect most if not all of the transfers have already been decided. No transfers will be made on the basis of one game.

  355. Bendtner was okay yesterday too i thought. In fact we win as a team and lose likewise, i sincerely hope none of them are proud of yesterday’s performance.

  356. Jaguar on April 19, 2010
    at 4:12 pm

    If van Persie didnt break his leg we probably would have won the Championship. We were averaging 3.5 goals a game when he played. Obviously he wouldnt of played the entire season, but if he had been injured for only half the time he was out, we would surely of won it.

    Denilson is only 22. Diaby is inconsistent, but he is quality. Consistency will come with age. Silvestre will leave soon as he is getting old. But honestly do you think that Silvestre, our 6th choice defender should be world class? His role, unfortunately was used more than expected.

    Ultimately the goalkeepers have been poor this season. Fabianski cost us this game. He also cost us another game, I cant remember which one. But there have been blunders that if not made we would be square with Chelsea now. If not above.

    This team is fine.

  357. I think it’s a safe bet that our players are not proud of what happened yesterday. Any professional football team in England would be ashamed of having a 2-0 lead overthrown in 10 minutes by any other team. For the best team in the country to suffer that indignity at the hands of one of the worst teams in their division is utterly shameful.

  358. well the experts have always said you cant win the title without a great keeper and i never really believed it…….untill now. any news on wether flappers has been shot yet???

  359. Now this is going over the top. Can you believe a demonstration is being planned on the 23rd of April outside the Stadium against the Management and Transfer policy. This is plainly ridiculous!!!

  360. Bill @5:34.

    It’s just gossip. Just having some fun.

    I do disagree with you on TV5/Gallas.
    That’s cool, but does not matter at this moment.

    Regardless, I hope Gallas is around next season.

    Agree with you on the Tiny Totts.
    If City finish 5th, it means they can’t buy as many players and skewer the ‘market’ even more then they and others already have.

  361. Coolsteve:

    That march was planned long ago. But those bitter deluded Arseholes have had to postpone it.

    Since February, or before.

  362. coolsteve

    Please tell me your joking.

    Where did you hear this?

  363. @Deano, Was going through an article on Alex Song on Arsenal_mania and stumbled upon it in the comments section. I sure hope its a joke but crap like this usually gathers momentum. Here’s hoping we have more sane supporters than mental ones.

  364. The game yesterday is being over analyzed, this match had nothing at all to do with talent and only one player didnt try much or at all, Diaby.

    Say what you want but the team was up by 2 and I was not complaining at that point (apart from Diaby) but upon scoring the second goal we eased up. It was not about if the players are good enough.

    Its as simple as Wenger stated, a game is 90 minutes long and you must keep focus.

  365. YW

    congratulations..much deserved fella..
    i agree that CL status is secured..although we must stay focused and cement 3rd finish 4th would be soul destroying after the season weve had…


    i was interested to read your comments about you being an arsene converter…
    i would say im more of a realist than an opptomist..

    but yes im an an arsenal supporter first and foremost..i love football because i love arsenal..and i love AW because i love arsenal…not the other way round…

    i too have conditions to my support..if the players show the same passion as the fans then they deserve all the support they lose or draw..but if certain players dont pull their weight and they do it time and time again then they deserve the critisism they get…

    to me theres a big diference in supporting and defending the indefendable…

  366. JJ, whats happening?

  367. hey paul..still abit sore after yesterdays defeat but i think its more of a combination of the defeat at spurs and the final nail in our pl challenge..

  368. Alzation: You say that the team has gone to long without challenging for a trophy? Is this not what they did this year? Challenge for the biggest trophy of them all? Two bad matches is potentially all that divides us from a trophy! Unfortunatley we had our cb pair out, we are as helpless without gallas and verm as united is without rio and Vidic. We really are. without stability in the back we just tend to fall when it matters. with three of our strongest defensive players out and most of the players that can “turn a match singelhandedly” either injured or on the bench, this is what happends.

    But compared to last year we have challenged, and if Ramsey had not broken his foot and was in the middle today with nasri on wing instead of rosicky we would have won im sure.

    We had 50/50 possesion with Wigan. US! that is mad! Even denilson was missed as even though people moan alot about him he would have been a great contributer in keeping us in posession, making us play our game. The midfield did not work at all yesterday.

    However, compared to last year we have done huge leap forward if we win two more matches then we have done really well this year.
    LIke it or not, we have improved massivley.

  369. wigan gone….man city next

    Will Song and Arshavin be fit?

  370. likewise JJ, lets hope to get the result over the weekend.

    I still cant believe it really!


  371. coolsteve: A demonstration? Against what?
    As far as i remember most Arsenal fans hate Chelsea and City and the other “big spending” teams because they buy their way to success. Mercenaries they call them. Cashley cole they call players that are to greedy.

    Yet they want to demonstrate becuse we do not have it like that in our club? How can you hate Chelsea and City for using hundreds of hundreds of millions of pounds every year, yet go in a demonstration for us to do the same?

    People demonstrating cos we do not have a sugardaddy, yet despite the teams that got that, they laugh at united and liverpool cos they are in debt yet they demostrate against sensible economics and want us to take up loans to win pl??


  372. limestonegunner

    I think changes are in the works. Arsene recognizes this season hasn’t shown the improvement and effort he expected from some players. It was an experiment brought about by necessity. This summer will prove how wedded he is to it.
    The close season will be more interesting than last.

  373. spook..

    we didnt lose the league on the last two matches though..

    weve made silly mistakes and dropped silly points all season…

    its just the last two matches are magnified more now because realisation of the league being gone has kicked in

    but if you look back through the season the same players who didnt step up now didnt step up earlier in the season either…

    almunia for example has made costly errors since the season started and fabianski has failed every audition hes had…

    the GK position has been a problem all season and its come back to bite us on the behind…

    not only the gk..but im just using that as an example

  374. paul i think man citeh may have too much for us..even though we are at home things are not well..

    but i would accept a battling performance and a draw and then take the momentum into the last two games and take 6 points….

    we have to stay focused though and regain composure because we are in danger of losing our last 3 games…we have to show we are not in free fall

  375. JonJon dont be so pessimistic.

    Man City will be entering the pit of a very talented wounded animal.

    Plus Van Persie may be ready to start AND Song and Arshavin look to be back.

  376. limestonegunner

    If supporters use a demonstration to call for adding experienced quality to the first team in a couple or three key positions and for more attention to defensive preparation, that wouldn’t be hypocritical or schizophrenic. That would be a sensible adjustment to the policy of youth development since it has had some positive results but not what even Wenger probably expected in terms of performance.

    No one should be calling for Arsene to go. I think it is more a matter of the board putting more of the club profits toward the team’s needs rather than prioritizing paying the debt down so quickly. We don’t need a sugar daddy, we just need to be a bit more ambitious for a club of our resources and add some proven quality instead of relying as heavily on the talent of young players whose performance has been too uneven.

  377. deano im not being pessimistic

    there has been nothing in the last two matches to say that we will beat citeh…

    citeh have the one thing we dont have in abundance..and thats pace and workrate…bellend-amy and tevez will reak havoc…

    we have to really put in a shift if we want to beat them and we cant even put 90minutes in against spurs and wigan..

    a win would be nice but its looking highly unlikely…

  378. finsbury:

    I know your having fun but I still wish you were right.

    I can not stand any team that destroys the transfer market like Citeh and Chelsea have. Spurs are also guilty but I see them as less of a long term threat. Here in the US I root for the Texas Rangers baseball team and we have to deal with the New York Yankees. It sucks.

  379. JJ, we can win the game if the players stay focused!

    United wer crap and beat them.

  380. It is clear that several points needs to be addressed at the club during the summer. If one could bare with me and let me explain. The problem comes from a lack of investment combined with poor tactics, poor management and inexistant coaching. If we had at least one of those in place then we would be doing much better. The goalkeeper position is a concern. It concerns me. Why the goalkeepers are not practising crosses, like others do at other clubs, is of a big concern. We need Bob Wilson to come back as goalkeeper coach, and to bring in a new goalkeeper imo. Somebody tall would be good. Valued in the region of 10 to 15 million. The next step in the rebuilding process would be a centre back. Like the goalkeeper, somebody tall, commanding and preferably again, in the region of 10 to 15 million. Actually, maybe 2 centre backs. An experience midfielder. Somebody who can put the foot in, with international experience. And a striker. A renouned 25 goal a season man. With pedegree. The club simply needs to invest. Maybe issue a bond like Manchester United. If we do this then we will win the premier league, the league of champions. Everything. And it wouldn’t actually have cost that much. We can balance it with outgoing players. Silvestre, Denilson, Rosicky, Eduardo, Almunia. These players are not arsenal quality any more and the manager needs to bring in quality players as mentioned earlier.

  381. Muppet,

    Who’s the silly fellow who thinks our goalkeepers dont practice crosses?

  382. I think that we will beat Citeh. If the players remain focused, and they will, I am sure our passing game will break them. When we played them at Eastlands the score flattered them. I think we have pace in abundance. The defence will have to be very well coordinated. But expect a demonstration of superb football next weekend from Arsenal.

    I would like to state here and now that any demonstrations against Arsene Wenger next weekend will face some very nasty opposition…..and that is not a blog threat.

  383. muppet theres nothing wrong with the tactics or the coaching..

    its the players who arent good enough to carry out the tactics so yes it down to a lack of investment…

    pay peanuts and you get monkeys..

  384. Whoops – was that you Ole ?

  385. frank

    do you think we have workrate in abundance though??

    because if we give tevez and bellamy the room to play the scoreline will not flatter them…

  386. That is patent rubbish, JonJon. Players pulling their weight is one thing. Players not being capable is another. These players are all capable I just question whether some of them are willing. Something changed over the last week or two and I think I know what it is.

  387. Spot on as ever Muppet. You should give credit to others’ ideas though.

    Like AIC, Joe and, er, Ole.

  388. Muppet,

    Couldn’t have been. I’m pretty sure my own point was that when they practice crosses they might not be put under pressure the way they are in Premier League games. The idea being that our forwards hardly ever challenge opposition keepers, which makes me wonder whether they do that to our own keepers in training

  389. Ah!

  390. If anyone fancies a change of subject the reserves are 1 – 0 up against Portsmouth – Aneke scored.

  391. Silvestre quotes –

    “We knew that three points was the only result to get back into the [title] race, and 20 minutes from the end, we thought we were going to get that result,” Silvestre told Arsenal TV Online.

    “Even with the players we were missing, we had enough quality and experience to get the three points.

    “We will analyse what happened, but energy-wise we can give a lot more in the last 20 minutes. Instead of a response, we just let them do it.

    “I do not understand why we did not control the game in a better way. Normally we can play our football and develop attacks, but after we went 2-0 up, we stopped playing and working hard.

    “You cannot rest on what you have been doing in the past – every time you have to prove yourself and that you are the best team.”

    I think he will find the answer to his question 4 in paragraph 1 of his quotation.

    “20 minutes from the end, we thought we were going to get that result,”

  392. Well workrate is not an attribute of the squad, it is an attribute of the players in a particular game. If you look at the work rate of our players in games throughout the season it is higher than for other teams. I expect that to be demonstrated next weekend. Two games of shoddy behaviour…then back to normal.

  393. frank

    you think certain players know they are off??

  394. I think as an experienced professional footballer he should be ashamed to admit in his club’s online channel that with 20 minutes left in the match he thought that the game was in the bag.

  395. OneOfUs on April 19, 2010
    at 12:15 pm

    Post of the day, and I read it all!

  396. What did it say, Passenal?

    Jus’ kiddin’.

  397. There’s no need to be so modest, Big Al. Modesty went out of fashion long ago. What’s the point of being hip with the latest groovy music if you’re going to persist in outmoded character traits?

  398. Paulie Walnuts

    Passenal – totally agree on the OOU post. Exceptional

    Looking back on yesterday it was pretty obvious some minds were elsewhere. Pastures new / The World Cup / The Nou Camp ? Who knows – but there appeared to be a general air of lacklustre.

    Diaby performances seem to correlate directly with the team as a whole. When we`re cr&p , he`s cr&p & when we`re brilliant so is he, so he`s an easy target when we lose. At present he doesn`t appear to have the personality to change the tide when things are difficult.

  399. Barca 1st leg ~ we lost Cesc, something died, TV and Billy G out..Al reverted.. and alot more, it now appears. It’s a bastard end of a generally great season.
    Roll on the rollercoaster-ride that is the Arsenal!

  400. Ole,

    Ha ha. I did catch the general drift of your exchange, yes.

  401. Ponyboy? PONYBOY! Is it really you? God how I’ve missed you!

  402. Polizi – oh! The love…

  403. Poliziano, Barazite has scored again for the reserves.

    Welcome back Ponyboy, I’ve missed you too and I agree the season has had some great moments, it would be a shame to see all that forgotten because of a couple of poor games.

  404. Two long range goals as well 25 and 35 yards out respectively!

  405. Don’t bother Passeanl. He’s got Ponyboy back now.

  406. I agree OOU’s comment was great and Passenal I commend you for reading all the comments. Even AIC’s?

  407. From ATVO:
    “WOW! I said Aneke’s was good. This was better. I reckon NACER BARAZITE was 35 yards out when he struck that. Again, the keeper had no chance. Just brilliant.”

  408. Passenal ~ thank you… been in Spain and pretending to care about the GF’s kids’ Madrid issues; not so different; overpaid, undersexed and over there – ~(?~)

  409. No way Paul N, I meant I read all of OOU’s comment! Life is too short to waste my time reading most of the crap posted on here for the last couple of days. I read judiciously at the best of times and when I see the usual names I don’t need to read because they always say the same things over and over again and offer no new insights whatsoever. It’s the manager’s job to manage and I’ll leave him to get on with it without the benefit of my armchair wisdom.

    As someone who manages people for a living, I feel for him and I also remember before I started managing, how easy I thought it was. A good manager makes it look easy, but it is not. It’s much easier to sit on the sidelines and criticise with the benefit of hindsight and without being in full possession of all the facts.

  410. Well, JonJon, I can think of at least three that do and two of them were playing on Sunday.

  411. I thought you’d be thrilled Poliziano – your boy might just be playing himself into a chance of first team football!

    What do you think of his new short hair cut?

  412. Where are you seeing this Passenal. I’ve got AVTO up and I can’t see the game ?

  413. Arsene Wenger is a manager supreme. Not only a person manager but a man with a vision and a philosophy. A creative workaholic with social skills to match. If there is a demonstration against him next weekend there will be bloodshed.

  414. You had your hair cut, Passenal? Is it red?

  415. Oh sorry, Nacer’s had his haircut.

  416. Have you seen the film V for Vendetta, Passenal? Natalie Portman has her head shaved, but she still looks beautiful…

  417. Hope so Frank ~
    The people who think that some players are crap because AW isn’t red-nosed, angry and an arsehole..
    However, xenophobia alert – the only players who weren’t a disgrace at wigan were Eastmond, Theo and Sol….

  418. I’m not seeing it now Muppet, but I’ve seen a picture of Nacer with his new short hair cut and wondered if that affected his attractiveness negatively in the eyes of an aficionado like Poliziano.

  419. 2-0 up, and less than 20 minutes left to play. It looks like our reserves have this one in the bag.

  420. Surely it’s not perverse to look at someone’s face.

  421. A lot of substitutions though, which can disrupt the flow sometimes.

  422. Is the ponytail important Passenal ?

  423. To some people, the long hair is part of the attraction. Makes no odds to me and there is a certain age at which it becomes a bit naff, particularly when the hair on top of the head is starting to get a bit thin and they end up looking like an old hippy!

  424. The magic third goal after the magic 80th minute. That is how it should be done.

  425. Right I am off to the barber’s in the morning.

  426. A third goal has been scored for Arsenal according to the text commentary, but for Portsmouth according to the scoreline!

  427. You might run into ponyboy, Frank.

  428. I was a bit worried after I hit the submit button that the ‘old hippy’ jibe might be a bit close to the bone for some!

  429. Jernade scored it.

  430. Keeping my headband and droopy moustache though.

  431. I was wondering Passenal.

    I hear you though, one must feel for Wenger. I admire him, his sticks to his beliefs therefore he sticks by his players. Its honourable that a man in this microwave society would sticks to his guns inspite of being ridiculed by many and knowing he will be blasted if Silver Ware is not accomplished.

    The team will step it up, I think the last result will be like a fire under their tales for next season.

    This team can and will win in abundance!!

  432. Maybe my comment will flush out all the old hippies on the board!

    It’s supposedly another quality finish according to the text commentary.

  433. I suspect we won’t be seeing Consolsbob for a while.

  434. There’s nothing quite like a large gold medallion nestling in a thick crop of chest hair.

  435. The closest to an old hippy on the board wears a toupe. But he still has a droopy moustache. I fucking hate moustaches. You have to imagine the accent becuase I can’t be arsed to sort out the font or special characters.

  436. They’ve corrected it now and the scoreline is showing a third Arsenal goal and 4 minutes of injury time.

  437. Mines a quif anyway. Clickclickclick

  438. It’s worrying that the folk at ATVO can’t tell the difference between Bennett scoring for Portsmouth and Meade scoring for Arsenal.

  439. Those chickens.. time to listen to “The Third Ear” – oh shit, the plumbing!!

  440. Clickclickclick – and there goes the ponytail.

  441. Seventeen of us will be turning up in formation in our drainpipes, winkle pickers, quifs, leather jackets at the weekend. Any demonstrating puffs will be…well just watch. Clickclickclick

  442. Final Score 3 nil to The Arsenal (reserves)!

  443. How do you know Yogi’s Warrior has a droopy moustache, anyway?

  444. We will be playing the first track on the Lion King where they sing …

    ‘Aaaarsene Wengeeeeerr’..accompanied by evocative drums.

    Spine chilling.

  445. Several train driver mates of mine will toot their horns, stop their trains and walk across the tracks to join the fray.

  446. There will be much arse whistling as each blow to the midrif causes an outflow of wind

  447. You will know us. We will the ones with Muppet on the back of our jackets.

  448. Lady Neena and Peter will form the cavalry and will outflank the demonstrators…cutting down the stragglers as they run for cover I should think.

  449. A platoon of peaky slashers will mop up. It will be carnage.

  450. Any survivors will be hung from Cox Cables. Fucking crows can peck out their eyes.

  451. Just after Elvis stops singing there will be silence in the stadium as Gunnersaurus walks up to the two captains and the officals and hands over the head of the leader.

  452. …the escorts ( some very nice ladies I have known for a while now), will turn and salute Arsene Wenger.

  453. It will be known for centuries as the Battle of Ashburton Grove.

  454. It’s the peaky slashers that I find most intriguing.

  455. They are not cystitis sufferers, PZ.

  456. It is in fact a company of old dustmen wearing cor blimey trousers, collarless shirts, belts and braces (suspenders for you Americans and you know what we English think of you when you say that) and peaked caps with razor blades sown into the peaks. One slash…and wel….l the victiim is left with an artificial grin.

  457. Wouldn’t it be better to call them slashy peakers?

  458. No-one has ever dared to have that sort of conversation with them, PZ.

  459. I suppose someone might think they were murderous voyeurs.

  460. I made the suspenders joke to one of them once and found myself up to my neck in refuse in the Dump at Hackney. Three days before they let me out. The rats were terrible, nibbling at the end of my nose and ear lobes. I will never forget it. Principally because someone had thrown away the remains of kippers. There I was stinking of kippers and surrounded by rats and seagulls. It was blessed relief when some cats arrived, attracted by the smell of kippers.

  461. Delia-----Block112

    If our French “stars” think they are on the way to the WC , I suggest they think again and make other plans for their Summer break.
    Sunday once again showed the lack of leadership in the side, without Cesc, TV and RVP driving us on, Sol was a lone voice.
    I fear for the rest of the campaign as injuries may curtail Arsene strengthening the squad in the remaining fixtures.
    However, I am fully confident that a number of reinforcements will arrive on the scene in the transfer window. Arsene is as hurt as the rest of us at the teams latest humiliations and will spend our precious funds effectively this time round.
    Please, please sign us a World Class Keeper!

  462. I guess we could write a rather charming children’s story about the origins of the world’s great rivers.

    ‘Where does the Thames come from Mummy?’
    ‘Well, good question, loveybunny’
    ‘George, you never guess what loveybunny just asked….where does the Thames come from? Isn’t that a clever question. I reckon she is university material’
    ‘Where DOES the Thames come from George?’
    ‘Well, Mandy, it comes from the mountains in the centre of England. There are these blokes whose job it is to…well start the process rolling…they drink lots of beer and then well you know…can’t for the life of me remember what they are called now’

  463. Passenal and PZ:

    It seems like Barazite does score in almost every reserve game he plays in. I do not watch reserve games. Why isn’t he is anyones plans for the 1st team? Seems like he should be.

  464. He was on loan at Derby Bill, and then when he came back, I think it was after Xmas, he was injured for 2 to 3 months. I don’t know if he was considered ready for a squad place after Derby, but the decision must have been made to put him in the reserves following his injury.

  465. 1 loose cannon

    Everyone has been urging Wenger to buy a new keeper maybe we already have one. Chesney at Brentford has been a revelation for them I know its a different level but still he has some fantastic reflexes and very agressive in the box. Can he be the answer? possibly too young.

  466. I think Hart from Man.City would be a good buy.

    He’s on loan at Birmingham. Despite Mancini saying he wants him back at City, I don’t think he’ll get the no1 spot there.

    He might be interested in a permanent no.1 spot at Arsenal.

    Don’t know why we didn’t get him, when Toure and Adebayor went to City.

    Yes.. it would be good to see Barazite play again at Arsenal. He didn’t appear to get many games at Derby.

  467. Szczesny may be the answer but probably to young for now.

    Ole made fun of me last week but I think we should buy Mark Schwartzer from Fulham. He has been superb in goal for 2 years. No EPL break in period like Gomes had at spurs or Gordon had at Sunderland. He is also old enough that he will probably be ready to move out of the way when szczesny is ready to take over. Hangeland and Schwarter for 15 – 18 million sounds great. The Mancs got Van der Sar for 2 million from Fulham a few years ago. Three titles later he is still strong.

  468. if only Schwarzer was available…

    Hodgson may be a Gooner (allegedly) but is not stupid…

  469. Nacer played 30 times for Derby.

  470. Fulham was stupid enough to sell Van Der Sar. Maybe we can tempt them. Seems like the perfect solution to me. The boss was aggresive enough to take Sol from the Spurs. In the end you are probably right but it is nice to dream.

  471. It would be interesting to see a video of the goals Szczesny has conceded.

  472. PZ:

    How did he do at Derby? It seems like he is scoring at will for our reserves. Maybe be a good squad player next year and hopefully have some good performances and move up the pecking order. Where would he play on the first team?

  473. PZ @ 10:39.

    Great idea. Wonder if such a video exists.


    last game against Bristol – glued to the spot once, but otherwise two impossible saves…

    UK viewers only, apologies 😉

  475. I see now why Szczesny is so good. He can create a force field that repels the ball even when it has been smashed past him at point blank range. That’s a useful ability, but is it allowed in the Premier League?

  476. It’s worth watching that clip posted by Suggs. I just don’t know how Szczesny keeps the ball out.

  477. he is simply a born and bred GK – son of a former Polish international (Maciej), must have trained with him since he could, no?

    a bit bonkers like his old man too – a good goalie has to have a bit of that!

  478. Bill:

    “Replacing several underperforming squad members will not be easy. We no longer have the advantage of outclassing the rest Europe in scouting and infrastructure that we had when AW first started. Finding TH, PV, RP etc on the cheap will not happen. Waiting for our reserves to become difference makers will take several years, by which time the world class players that we have will probably start to move on.”

    Bill, now you’re surely taking the piss. You can fault Wenger for whatever you want but doubting his expertise at getting quality players on the cheap is ridiculous. Here’s my advice to you. Stay tuned and watch as Wenger slam dunks the transfer market once again this summer.

  479. Schwartzer is no Van der Sar….not nearly. And Hangeland is Senderos with less pace.

  480. chesneys a future number 1..same amount of talent as fabianski and the don but is years ahead with mental application..he commands his box better..and hes only a baby…

    what we really need is a top keeper in place for next 5 years while chesney gets the rest of his game together…not only will a top keeper help him develop quicker but it will also set the standard of what he has to reach,,before we know it we will have two top class keepers fighting for no 1..

    lets face it..none of them are going to learn anything from manny and hes not exactly a keeper you look upto..they just look on and think how the hell he gets another game never mind the armband while im sat in the reserves is a joke..

    we need a keeper who the youngsters watch and learn from and think wow i want to be just like him..

  481. wenger doesnt need to trawl the earth for cheap signings anymore gainsbourgh..

    the baord and manager have said the financial restraints have been lifted and we have more money to spend now more than ever..

    we dont need to buy anymore kids or unknowns…we can go for the real deal..

    wenger said himself he can compete with chelsea for transfers he just cant compete with wages because we self sustain,…but chelsea cant go out and buy everyone can they

    and if the baord want us to believe they have the money and its not just being said so ppl renew there season tickets then i expct them to spend it..

  482. We can compete against Chelsea but I really doubt that Wenger will change his modus operandi just because he has a bit of change in his pocket. I expect us to keep snatching up the Vermaelens and Nasris of this world. Don’t expect us to become Chelsea or Man City just yet.

  483. we wont become chelsea or manciteh gainsbourgh

    the simple reason being its our own money generated by our own hands that will be signing the players with..

    thats why we moved to the emirates in the first place..

    we didnt move to make aload of cash in the long term but persist with bargain basement buys and kids…

    the time will come we start to spend big and i hope its this summer…the team needs it so lets do it..

  484. If some people give up their season tickets it will be along time before they can get them again. Still over 40,000 waiting ffs.

  485. finsbury is just as twisted as any tabloid newpaper…just the other extreme..

    its a propagander machine..thats all..i only read it for the wenger interviews but the rest i ignore becuase i have my oen opinion gained from my own experiences…

    its like when i pick up the sun newspaper i go straight to page three and the rest i ignore…

  486. yeah that may be the case dufs

    but how do we know that the 40 000 on the waiting list wont fuck off 15 mins from the end of the game like the 40000 tossers we got already in the stadium????

  487. 40000 too harsh

    it more like 20..

    but my point still stands..

  488. Bradys right foot

    Only just come around from the Wigan result, i’m a pretty sore looser but we got what we deserved, we were awful with and without the ball for the entire second half and Fabianski well the young keeper is putting his career at Arsenal at stake with his errors.

    Worst performance imo of the season but weve got City and Adebayor to look forward to and we need to cement this last automatic place for the champions league. I’m still very hopeful for the future and think Chamakh will be a great buy, we need two centre halfs, a keeper and world domination is ours. For the Spuds, enjoy it while it lasts.

  489. jon-jon:

    “we didnt move to make aload of cash in the long term but persist with bargain basement buys and kids…”

    So we’ll start throwing away money because we can? I highly doubt that. I don’t see Wenger spending 40 million on a player when he hates bloated transfer fees. The academy will still churn out players and we’ll persist with them as long as they’re quality. So pretty much nothing will change except for buying a good player here and there for more than just 15 million.

  490. who said anything about spending 40mil on one player…

    if you cast your mind back to when we were at highbury wenger spent over 30 mil in one go ( which was alot of money back then) on players like pires and edu and we won the league that season…

    the academy will always produce players now so we have no reason to buy anymore kids..

    theres nothing stopping wenger from going out and bringing in 3 or 4 top class players with experience with the kitty he now has…

    unless its just to sell season tickets and its a load of propagander..

    anyway real madrid spent 90 mil on ronaldo which was seen as ridiculous but theyve made that money back in shirt sales and got one of the best players in the process…

    its not exactly throwing money away…dont forget world class players practically pay for themselves with the money they generate commercially..

  491. and if liverpool announce they are in the shit and torres is available for 40mil would u like wenger not to bid for him becuase spending that money would be throwing it away???

    not saying that will happen its just hypothetical…

    you cant say spending massive amounts on one player is throwing money away

    its no more throwing money away then say paying someone like theo 50-60k a week for pretty much doing naff all..or paying someone like diaby 40k a week to be spineless..or paying manny 40 k a week to be shit…

    its swings and roundabouts…

    speculate to accumulate…

  492. Yogi – went to vote for ACLF and found that the Mancs only come out at night, their blog had over 50% of the vote.
    Don’t know if a win for the blog wuold just attract more like DAVE/ A real English ****.
    Better you remain a best kept secret?

  493. Go and vote, people. Arseblog in second place, ACLF third. No need to register 🙂

  494. Read yesterdays posts… I think there is something about being able to post anonymously that brings out the worst in people. The differences in opinion aren’t big enough to explain the vitriol. It’s sort of like road rage. Blog rage?

  495. Did anyone see Campbell aganist Stoke. Did anyone see him at wigan? the guy is being softened by the prancing sissess of diaby and co. No heart

  496. Sol Campbell has done very well as a stand-in in adversity. Most Arsenal and AW supporters will thank him for that.

  497. The shock has faded…..

    It could be worse. We could be like the mancs and let a 3-nil lead slip in the quarter finals of the European Cup.

  498. Ever cared to look at the positives this season? Having a fit Diaby for so long is great in itself.However it’s his first time to finish a season and he looks tired which is excusable.Watch this space next season provided he stays fit.For fabianski he is a better keeper than almunia but is clearly trying too hard to impress and ends up making errors.Look at how he anticipated a cutback before the gaffe (top class in my opinion) during the wigan game.My humble opinion is to let fab have a run in the team and i bet you will be singing praises of him come the end of next season.What we clearly need over chamakh is a CB and i believe wenger has that sorted already.

  499. There are several good therapists on the site, OG. Unmoving Arsenal supporters and they have provided a rock for the rest of us.

  500. …and for me AW is the ultimate therapist

  501. I’ve been therapised Frank……

    Which of the Arsenal players will be designated to kick Adebaywhore in the bollocks on Saturday?

  502. Ole Gunner – I hope none. We should concentrate on the important matter of winning the game rather than battling with Adebayor. He has moved on and should not matter to us any more than Tevez or Barry.

  503. Well all of them I think. But they will have special instructions to make sure that he is still on his feet until Robin comes on 30 minutes from the end.

  504. Yep,Tevez and Barry too

  505. Perhaps Ade will not play as he is still in a fragile state following the attempt to shoot him. Which is understandable.

  506. Keysersoze,

    There are some things more important than winning. 1 of them is kicking Adebayor in the nuts.


    I vote for Gunnersaurus to sit on his head in the warm-up, accidentally sending him into a coma.

    RVP hat trick?

  507. Just having a read of some of the fallout. Thanks to Consols, OOfus, Passenal and others for the perspective, and to Ole, Frank, finsbury and many more for fighting the good fight.

    I’ve not yet brought myself to watch the game. I listened on the radio and suffered Robbie ‘fucktart’ Savage as he leapt out of his seat and screamed ‘GoWAn WIGAN!’ right down my tranny… I mean, my Dabby. I’ve been in somewhat of a foxhole ever since, licking my wounds like an old alley cat.

    I’m simply chockful of perspective today though, so anyone that calls for Wenger’s head – is gonna get it right in the chops.

  508. On the road and caught 5 mins of Arsenal 2-nil up with 25 minutes to go. Ouch!!

    As ever, viva Arsenal and let the sewer rats and other vermin go hang (haven’t even read the posts, just assuming they are out in force).

    Not a good end to the season is it, but we shall overcome. Let’s show our full support.

  509. Frank, top ambiguity value in your 9.44am.

  510. Oh yes, RvP hattrick, OG

  511. Couldn’t possibly comment, LimparAssist

  512. Ole/Frank

    Is that the same Adebayor whose arse you were kissing last season when most Gooners were glad to see him go?.

    The Arsenal player who breaks his greedy legs on saturday should get a £100k bounus

  513. Yes it is true that my reaction to Arsenal players is different to non-Arsenal players. Was that not obvious, Kenny?

  514. The country mile seems to be on us frank.

    But there are some success stories this year. Song got his country mile.

    Cesc wont go to Barcelona – he never was going anyway.

    If we can get the togetherness & Solidarity that we had at the beggining of the season…

    It took Xavi and Iniesta to be 25 before they could realy play… Why should it take this batch a shorter time?

    Though it took messi some few years to realy be good…

    Dennilson will not be going to the world cup. nor will Diaby…

  515. Kenny,

    It’s the same one. Now we just want him kicked in the nuts.

  516. 1 loose cannon

    I want Arsenal to win agaisnt Man city no doubt about that. I think there are some who are hoping we lose so the Tiny Tots don’t get the C.League spot. Then if we lose we could see Adebayor in C.league, which is not a very nice thing. Lets hope we rip the Mancs. I do not care what happens to the Spuds , they normally shoot themselves in the foot anyway.

    Thanks for the link SUGA3 I was looking for a recent clip of Cheszney could not find it. He has a very bright future that kid. Its a shame it is too early for him to come into the first team but Brentford fans have been raving about him since he joined them, he made a huge difference to their results.

  517. Wonder if we should revert to the traditional 4 4 2 next season?

  518. @1LC

    nothing better than the spuds qualifying then getting ripped 4-0 by FC Rankashapzadra and not even making the group stages… Bliss.

  519. In terms of quality of football as a spectacle. We won by a country mile.

    In terms of the courage to stick to a footballing principle. We won by a country mile.

    In terms of leading the way into a self-sustaining future. We won by a country mile.

    In terms of success in the face of extreme adversity. We won by a country mile.

  520. YW why are you blocking my other e-mail?? Anyway, guys just think about losing to citeh and adebayor running around the pitch celebrating,, running in joy at our failure and city’s success…well, that hasnt happened yet has it? Come on arsenal, some players will have to play for their futures and foremost the fan’s RESPECT.

  521. YW why is my email being moderated?

  522. heheheh look at my avatar

  523. It looks like arseblog has won it, still at least its an arsenal blog, albeit an annoying irish one

  524. 1. Cesc making it 2-0 against spurs
    2. Fabregas equalising vs Barca
    3. Bentdner opening scoring vs Barca
    4. 2 goals in injury time vs Stoke
    5. 6-1 aganst everton

    There have been some quality moments being a gooner, it will always stay that way, what fun it is to be a arsenal fan, trophies will come, this is just the process in its teenage steps, watever happens now is a bonus.

    We love you arsenal

    Even though you depress us at (a lot of) times

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