Are Wigan-er Win The League Or Just Forget About It?

Arsène takes the team to the DW Stadium knowing that a win will keep a mathematical chance of winning the title alive. Tottenham winning over Chelsea has done that but for the dream to be realised, Arsenal need to win their matches with a positive goal difference over the results of the top two by fourteen goals or more, as things currently stand.

Matching the five without reply that United scored at Wigan earlier in the season would be a good start, sending a message to the top two that the fight is not over yet. A tall order for a patched up side.

Robin van Persie has been criticised in some quarters for being injury-prone, his manager defending him over the absence this season which was not his fault, acknowledging the Dutchman’s absence has been costly.

Too frequently, players are cast aside because of injury but most when they reach ‘footballing’ maturity find the non-contact injuries diminish in frequency, Steven Gerrard the most obvious example in the Premier League. His early career at Liverpool was marred by frequent absences but many of their recent seasons have been driven on primarily by him.

The papers this morning are full of transfer talk. Cesc is staying according to Alex Song; Hugo Rodallega thinks that Arsène has been stalking him but still wants to sign for Arsenal; Eduardo is off to Lyon in the summer for £7.5m – soon to be adjusted with the Croat a ‘makeweight’ in the ‘imminent’ signing of Lloris – as Arsène rates Carlos Vela more. All of which is to funded by a transfer budget of £35m – £60m depending on which media outlet you choose to believe.

The arrival of Chamakh was all but confirmed by the manager as something to be starting with. Leaving is Fran Merida, according to reports in Spain he has agreed to sign with Atletico de Madrid although the Spanish media is the least reliable of sources.

Much of the speculation has been caused by Peter Hill-Wood’s observations that there is a Co-op Bag for Life stuffed full of used twenties beneath Ivan Gazidis desk and a jar full of used coppers atop. Nobody knows how much Wenger really has to spend, save for a few at the club with the papers using a few loose words to boost their content.

Wenger railed against the wages paid by Chelsea, for once agreeing with aims of Uefa. Not that the introduction of so-called ‘financial doping’ controls will do much in this respect. Nearly forty years ago, Arsenal tried to sign Johan Cruyff and had a deal agreed with Pepsi or Coca-Cola (I cannot remember which) for them to cover off a portion of his wages themselves in return for ‘promotional activities’. This type of deal is simply going to be more prevalent for the exceptional players.

Back to this afternoon. Injuries have taken their toll and the defence is arguably Arsène’s biggest issue. Silvestre and Campbell is a less than ideal starting pair, age has diminished their pace and both have made mistakes which have cost goals. Campbell though has shown positional sense to compensate, something lacking in the Frenchman’s game centrally.

Whichever options Wenger has are flawed since it would involve moving a full back to the centre or playing an inexperienced defender. The former of those choices would seem to be the more preferable, with Sagna partnering Campbell and Eboue slotting in at right back.

There is not much scope for change further up the pitch. Having seen the impact of the attacking players on Wednesday, Wenger may decide to be adventurous. It would be a surprise if Robin van Persie did not start, forming an attacking trio with Walcott and Bendtner.

In midfield, Alex Song continues to be absent so the trio of Diaby, Nasri and Denilson would be favourites to start. If the latter does not recover in time, Craig Eastmond would probably start. Having performed reasonably well in his previous outings, there are calls from certain quarters for him to be pushed ahead of Denilson.

The Brazilian’s Arsenal career is definitely following the path trodden by Song, albeit from a higher starting point. No matter what he does, those who dislike him are always going to be complaining about his inclusion in the starting XI. How this attitude benefits the player(s) is beyond me, negativity towards one individual is picked up and in the same way as with the booing of Eboue, a little love is lost from the pitch to the stands.

The line-up I would like to see Wenger start with is:

Almunia; Eboue, Sagna, Campbell, Clichy; Denilson, Nasri, Diaby; Walcott, Bendtner, van Persie

The XI he will probably go for though is:

Almunia; Sagna, Campbell, Silvestre, Clichy; Denilson, Nasri, Diaby; Eboue, Bendtner, Rosicky

Attitude though is key this afternoon. The title is not entirely lost, winning made considerably harder by a lacklustre hour at White Hart Lane. This afternoon needs whichever of the likes of Diaby, Nasri, Denilson, Walcott and Rosicky who plays, to assert themselves individually and collectively, driving the ball forwards quickly. Wenger criticised the performance on Wednesday for moving the ball too slowly. That has to be rectified to see the effectiveness of the formation maximised.

For once, the pitch is reportedly in good shape. The campaign in 2007/08 buckled somewhat in a tepid goalless draw on a recently ploughed field, something which is unacceptable in the modern era of football. Wigan appears to have solved the problem and that can only be beneficial for Arsenal. It is up to the players to deliver, to show they desire the title and will capitalise on mistakes by those above them. Bringing the deficit down to three points puts pressure back on Chelsea and United.

Enjoy the match wherever you are watching it. ‘til Tomorrow.

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  1. Good post, although Stevie Me does seem to be perenially injured with small niggly pulls.. Lampard would have been a better example. I don’t think Wenger will start with Robin this afternoon, and although Sagna is a proven success at CB, he will probably play Silvestre as he is left footed and this creates ‘ze right balance’.
    I hope we show some mental toughness and stuff Wigan this afternoon, but I think it may be tight for 70 minutes.
    Enjoy the game gooners.

  2. A couple of players need to step forward if we are to make a fist of these last few games.

    Robin could be the difference if Rosicky can’t bring his creativity to the table.

    Fight the fight.

  3. Denilson is twice the player he was last season and people seem so quick to forget that he is only 22. He has stepped up on many occasions this season and will only be better next season.

    I’m a red member and so sit anywhere I can get a ticket at the stadium. Always appals me how quickly a minority of the crowd (and seemingly spread around, unless I get really unlucky) seem to turn on the players, how many times have we seen them work till the end this season? Denilson included.

    Can’t see the title though but there is no point conceding – chelsea implosion here we go.

  4. Dibble

    It is only in the last four years or so that Gerrard has been fit regularly. Before that, the press was full of stories of his growing pains.


  5. its back on isnt it?

    …..Im exhausted

  6. I think at the very least we will finish second this season.

    Man U should draw and lose one against sunderland away and when they host the unstoppable phenomenon that is totenham hotspur.

    Chelsea lose to liverpool and draw at home to stoke.


  7. There is still a chance!

  8. I’ve given up on giving up on the title now. I’m absolutely hanging. Did Sp*rs really beat the Chavs? I was underground all day and heard nothing. Makes it all the more galling that one of our chances didn’t go in on Wednesday.
    Never over until it’s over, but bloody hell what a season.

  9. What happens if a manager concedes the title and then finishes at the top of the league? Would the title be given to the highest placed team that had not conceded?

  10. steww they didnt just beat them.

    They absoloutley MULLERED them. Strange the gulf in class was cataclysmic.

  11. Frank Lampard’s obesity protects him from impact injuries. A think layer of fat also helps muscles to recover from exercise.

  12. maybe thats where were going wrong with our players poliziano.

    Guinness and scotch eggs should be pre-match meal.

  13. I can’t start hoping again, it just hurts too much. How many did Man City beat manure by?

  14. @YW.. yeah, I agree, but it doesnt change the fact that hes spent most of this season injured/moaning. When he’s been on the pitch he’s been unable to impact.

    @Poliziano .. Fat Franks outer muscle tissue is all Dominos stuffed crust. When you cut him, he bleeds Bacon and cheese. Hmmm, you’ve reminded me how much I hate that carnt.

  15. good morning YW

    i still think weve got too much to do..even if we beat wigan i dont think we have enough in the locker to beat citeh and win the rest of our games…dont forget out two best CB’s are out for the season and so is our captain…the backup players proved v spurs they dont have what it takes to step up…so its a big, big ask..nothings impossible..but like i tried to say yesterday it would be a fluke of the highest proportions…

    im still clutching at straws to why shotta and gainsbourgh decided to lay into me for my comments about the spurs game yest…

    heres what i said..

    ‘the game v spurs is the biggest game on our calender..whether we are 3rd or 13th the players need to know what this game means to the arsenal..on wednesday i witnessed a team barring sol,rvp and a handful of others pretty much not give a hoot and got out worked…this was totally looked like it worried wenger and it worried me..if certain players cant get gee’d up for this game then how do we expect them to keep motivated for the title charge all season..

    we just dont have enough winners, enough battlers..we have alot of players with talent and technical ability but not the right mentality..”

    i was shot down in flames…the goalposts were changed, and references to my mother and my intelligence were made..which i didnt appreciate…

    but just to clear this up, especially for shotta and gainsbourgh, heres what arsene wenger had to say about it..

    ‘We had a lot of possession that we couldn’t transform into any dangerous situations for, in my opinion, two reasons. One,Tottenham defended very well and two, we were not good enough with our final ball in the final third.

    “That is the story of the game today until Robin Van Persie came on. It transformed our game in the final third. Today we had a lot of possession but were relatively inefficient because our passing was not quick enough, not sharp enough. We had a lot of ineffective possession.

    “We knew it was important to start well in the second half and we gave a very cheap goal away and if became very difficult. Credit to Spurs, they defended very well, were always sharp on the counter-attack and won more 50-50s than us today. At the end of the day, that made the difference.”

    “I would not like to go into any individual criticism tonight. We lost a game we couldn’t afford to lose in the title race and that shows that we are not mature enough because if you want to win the League, this kind of game you cannot lose.”

    “There is too much to do, yes. It is very unlikely now to win the League. But we will continue to fight and you never know. But tonight even a point would not have been enough, we needed three points.”

    can i just ask?? are gainsbourgh and shotta now about to make references to wengers mother and his intelligence???

  16. consolbob

    your 9.40..never a truer word spoke..

    ive always liked your comments..and once again you hit the nail on the head..

  17. Nice post Yogi. Thanks

    P.S. I agree with everything you have to say JonJon. Our players regularly get outworked and that is unacceptable. Look at the hunger of the Barcelona players and the work they do off the ball. If our players did that, we would massacre EVERYONE.

  18. ok jon jon

    but you must concede that our absentee count is an absoloute joke. 8 players nearly all of a wealth of centrebacks, our top strikers, our holding midfielder and our captain and creative heartbeat.

    Spurs was a bad loss for us because we should have won it with the team we had out.

    Chelsea on the other hand, favorites to win the double lets not forget, could have lost 6-0 easily yesterday with largley their first choice team.

    I dont think its as simple as adding the fabled troll in midfield.

    We will strengthen in the summer but lets not forget that we are not far away at all now. In face were not mathematically out of it yet.

  19. deano ive said all year that we’d win the title this season

    all im saying is that when certain players are asked to step up in the big games they dont do it..

    injuries aside..defeats are expected…but defeats with no fight are unnacceptable…

    sol campbell is back up for the back up for the back up…hes 35 years old and i think we’d both agree he was our best player on that night…

    the answer is simple..he wanted it…

    if certain other players would only find that desire..

    sol deserves a new contract on the back of that performance alone…

    and i dont think its as simple as adding a midfielder either..i agree with you

    ..i think a new GK is more important than anything

  20. YW – you do write so very well.

    Chelsea were utterly outplayed from what I could see from MOTD. Terry showed what a liability he can be and a what timebomb he is for the WC.

    A few quick questions, which I am asking out of intrigue; don’t answer if you don’t want to.

    1. What does Yogi’s Warrior mean/refer to?
    2. Why “A cultured left foot?” Reference to Brady or someone else?

    Also Consolbob – same question, why the name? And is the (excellent) photo actually you?

  21. come on arsenal.

  22. Hi Yogi,

    Have you heard anything about the gooner news website that posts your blog.
    I had it on at work last week and it has completely fucked my PC with viruses (I think I have a bit of explaining to do there) and this morning I see it has restricted access warnings.

  23. Does anyone think stoke can get anything from chavs. They hav been unbelievably shaky in recent times, its not impossible.

  24. dw stadium is no easy place to go, yes they lost 5-0 to manu but wins v chelsea and liverpool have made it a pretty tricky place.

  25. dw stadium is no easy place to go, yes they lost 5-0 to manu but wins v chelsea and liverpool have made it a pretty tough place.

  26. I can’t help but say that after Yogi’s usually excellent pieces it is hard reading a lot of puffery aka the kind of stuff you write when you are covering your ass.

    Needless to say, it is a beautiful morning in the Caribbean. I refuse to have you-know-who spoil it.

    PS: Consols – If it has been a hard season for the fans can you imagine what it has been for the players? I am hoping that RVP can be spark for one more push. COYG!

  27. Flint McCullough

    Yellow card for insider trading, YW!!

    I didn’t see the Spurs game but Sylvestre has done reasonably well in most games he has played. Can’t see Sagna playing CB unless there are more injuries in that department. It is a pity our young CBs are not really close enough yet.

    Summer will certainly be interesting. More comings & goings than usual, I think. Some players have up to 4 games to prove their full worth.

    Jon Jon

    Cesc, Gallas, Arshavin, Song & RVP were not available to start at Barca or Tottenham. They are arguably our 5 most influential players & then to lose TV during the game brings it to our top 6. At least 2 injuries too far against very good teams & make no mistake Tottenham, on their day are as big a handful as anyone.

    Yep we expect the others to stand up & be counted. In general they have done but it is asking a lot.

    We have to ask it of them again today because any game is important to us, the supporters, & going into the last 4 games we still have a very outside chance of winning the league or losing 3rd place, something we don’t want to do because the CL qualifiers are something we can do without, certainly after a WC.

    Simply going into these last 4 games with still a mathematical chance after yet another challenging season, for all sorts of reasons, shows how lucky we are to have a truly remarkable manager.

  28. Does overwork cause injuries? Or is it the Injuries that cause overwork?

  29. Despite Pulis’ ghastly comments about Wenger, Ramsey & Shawcross this morning, I’ll forgive him if he shows similar aggression against Chelski next week

  30. Flint – I learnt my lesson from the transfer saga last summer. If you recall, apart from the uproar about Ade, almost all supporters were blind-sided by the sale of Kolo. It taught me that unless you are a mole in the Gazidis-Wenger inner circle, speculation about who is in or out is usually worthless.

    What I care about is the team realizing its potential. As far away as I am, it is very apparent the completion of Arsenal’s transition to being the dominant team in the EPL is not far away. The demise of Liverpool, Manchester and Chelsea is apparent and apart from Roman’s roubles, there are no gazillions of pounds available to bail the other two out. The challenge that faces Wenger is instilling the required belief and mental strength in his players as well as impatient supporters (not the doomers – they are incorrigible) to make the sustained effort to get to the winning post.

    4 games to go – we still have a chance, however slim. COYG!

  31. Almunia dropped, not even on the bench

    Fab in

    Sol captaino.

  32. If Sol can play two games in 1 week, he should have featured against Barcelona.

  33. in hindsight it appears so.

  34. Possibly Ole, but at the time Sol was also nursing a slight tight hamstring, so he would have been quite a liabilty.

    Oh and apparently Big Al has injured his wrist

  35. Jonjon. Where we part company on the point of stepping up is your comment “..the backup players proved v spurs they dont have what it takes to step up.”

    They didn’t against the spuds, true, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t. They must do it today and for the rest of the season. I know they’ve been through the wringer shotta, I just don’t care!

    I agree with Flint though, I can see a few more goings this summer than usual.

    As for my name Jonny, there is a geographical connotation together with shortening of my given name. You might have worked out the last bit.

    As for the picture, there are some on here who know the answer to your question but I prefer to remain a man of mystery. And wisdom. And knowledge. And good looks. I could go on but lunch is ready.

  36. “I learnt my lesson from the transfer saga last summer. If you recall, apart from the uproar about Ade, almost all supporters were blind-sided by the sale of Kolo. ”
    – Almunia not even on the bench. Wenger strikes again.

  37. Consolbob, man of mystery is your entitlement, regardless the picture is ace.

    Enjoy the game everyone – that is what we are here for after all.

  38. OFFICIAL LINE: Almunia out with a wrist injury.

  39. Wigan will take a tonking today, i am expecting and have duly backed, another Nikki B Hat-trick.

  40. Apparently Almunia has a wrist injury. I hope it is not a similar injury to Lehhman’s early in his ultimate year.

  41. @Yogi great 1st post!

    And btw. guys how awesome is it to see Sol as our captain? He will dominate Wigan today.

  42. The no penalty for Arsenal saga continues!

  43. Clichy has to be one of the best left backs. I would have him over Ashley Cole every day. His ability to incercept passes and immediately start a counter attack is almost uncanny.

  44. Anyone have a stream?

  45. Nothing on 2p2 @LA


  47. vince, fab should have come out and collected that ball.

    his natural instincts have been reined in since the fa cup semi last season.

    he was almost a sweeper back then, i liked that about him, he was the 5th defender.

    it seems he has been asked to stop that.

  48. Irrespective of whether Fab should have come for it (and i’m of the opinion Silv should’ve dealt with it before it got to that point) there’s absolutely nothing to be gained from berating our young second choice keeper who’s making a rare start.

  49. Mongolian Gooner

    Can someone put the line-ups. I am reading from my cell phone.

  50. Did you see that sprint by Big Sol? Almost Bolt-like.

  51. Shoot Theo! Not pass

  52. F*ck me, how fast is Sol Campbell???

  53. 21 Fabianski
    03 Sagna
    18 Silvestre
    22 Clichy
    31 Campbell
    37 Eastmond
    02 Diaby
    07 Rosicky
    08 Nasri
    14 Walcott
    52 Bendtner

  54. Substitutes
    24 Mannone, 27 Eboue, 30 Traore, 32 Merida, 43 Henderson, 11 Van Persie, 12 Vela

  55. Neither bookings really necessary

  56. Rosicky looking lively!

  57. Merida’s appearance on the bench makes me doubt the Atletico story’s true, Wenger’d have given someone else his place if he was as good as out the door.

  58. Missed opportunity by Walcott.

  59. Cracking goal


  61. Goaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal Theo

  62. Ljungberg-esque.

  63. Oh no it wasn’t!

  64. lovely!

  65. previously

  66. A Gooner for life

    Fantastic ball from Bendtner. Get in!

  67. He danced that into the net, that was brilliant.

  68. Ooh, so close for Theo’s second.

    Does Arsenal have as many English players in the starting lineup than United had yesterday? Well, the pundits wont notice, cause they’ll count Giggs, Evans etc when trying to find reasons for Arsenal-bashing.

  69. Theo has the bit between his teeth now

  70. Oh and yes, his goal was Ljungberg-esque indeed.

    Lovely pass from Bendtner. Bergkamp-esque if I may.

  71. Ridiculous booking for Nasri. Fletcher, Rooney, Terry can be seen to shout f*ck off and other nice things constantly and pretty much never get booked.

  72. Theo could’ve had a hattrick. I think he had a great half so far, giving the Wigan defence all kinds of trouble. Go, Theo! And COYG, time for a couple more goals!

  73. Played some good stuff towards the end there.

  74. I predict our best 45 minutes football for sometime in the second half.

  75. Fox Soccer Plus showed some small documentary on Thierry during the break…so great!

  76. If Theo can make similar split second decisions consistently, with his speed he will become almost Messi-like, i.e unstoppable. Lets hope.

  77. Paul Merson says Arsenal are not playing well.

  78. a fungus-coated right hand

    Halftime report: I saw Sol’s Bolt-like sprint and have to agree he seems to be gaining speed with his increased match fitness. Theo was immense and if he plays like this can be really big for us next season. Eastmond has done the business too. Now let’s keep going and not let in any bad goals. N’Zogbia has been Wigan’s biggest threat.

  79. ACLFers – It is almost unreal to think that we can still win this thing. Lets keep hope firmly tied down but apparently the fat woman still hasn’t cleared her throat. RVP to makes his appearance soon. COYG!

  80. This nonsense about the team not stepping up againt Spurs must stop. The Spuds caught us with a cracking goal and a sprung off side. Other than that we were on top of them throughout. Chelsea on the other hand got out played and were beaten resoundingly. Just look at our amount of chances compared to the Chavs if you want more proof.

    This game picked up exactly where we left off. We have a different look to us, since there’s no Cesc orchestrating play, but I wouldn’t say that we’d be doing any different with a full strength side. If we beat Wigan by more than two goals is there really any difference?

  81. Shotta, it is only a matter of time. He will never be Messi in terms of skill but I can see him being almost as difficult to stop once he completes his development.

    As cliche as it sounds, it has all the tools to be a wonderful player, he just needs a run of games in a good Arsenal team without injury.

    That chance that went just over could be something that happens regularly. Remember his chip last season in the CL against Villarreal, sheer brilliance. He is capable of anything.

    All those who have been slagging him off suggesting that he will never become good enough will all go very quiet and start the bullshit that they always knew he would make it but player y will never become good enough.

  82. Bloody eck, that looked a penalty on first glance

  83. Hmmm went down very easy.

    2-0! Silvestre. Wins a new contract 😀

  84. Get in. We have a new (anti) hero!!!

  85. Silvestreeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The much maligned Mikael Silvestre takes over for Vermaelen beautifully.

  86. silvestre……

  87. That one’s for the haters!

  88. Yeah, Mean Lean, went down soo easily. Hmmm, Silvestre scored last year on this same fixture as well?

  89. Back up striker perhaps?

  90. Shotta wrote yesterday – Lets support Sylvestre til the last dog is dead. Can I effen gloat?

  91. And that wasn’t a fucking penalty. The Wigan player should’ve been booked for simulation.

  92. End to end madness. Nzobia should have scored

  93. Great save by Fabianski!!

  94. OOeer. Unusual scorer

  95. I agree with OneOfUs

  96. Take that Suga and all the “secret” agents from doomer-central (I refuse to dignify them with a name).

  97. Been impressed by Eastmond. Bar a few mistakes early in the second half, he has been good today.

  98. G69 – Ben Watson should be booked for that Oscar-winning performance.

  99. gainsbourgh

    you obviously watched a different game to wenger and everybody else….

    until robin came on we had 70 percent posession and only one shot on goal and was 2-0 down…that isnt being all over anyone thats being comfortably contained..

    wenger even said himself we had lots of unnaffective possession, wasnt sharp, lost the 50-50’s, didnt have the right attitude and credit to spurs for playing well

    your wrong youve been proved wrong so shut up…just read wengers post match comments again if you want more proof..

  100. the way how that guy tried to win the penalty was pretty funny.

    delayed collapse!

  101. Oh shut it Jon-Jon. 70% possession is not being comfortably contained. It’s called parking the bus infront of goal. Which is exactly what they did at home no less.

  102. Ben Watson is Prince Harry in a not too convincing disguise. Just a Wigan shirt in fact.

  103. JJ we’re in the middle of a game you stupid troll, if you were a supporter you’d be watching it and not typing stupid mini essays about a match that was 4 days ago.

  104. Theo and Sylvestre must go!

  105. Spurs defended well he said, he also said the second goal was cheap. Its true RVP made a huge impact but Spurs didnt dominate us in the match but they did dominate chelsea.

  106. Come on Almunia-you should catch it, not punch.

  107. How was that not our free kick?

  108. Bendtner’s link up play has been absolutely delicious today.

  109. We have to resign Mr Campbell!

  110. Rosicky, can anyone is the Pl tackle like this guy?

  111. Diaby is my player but late season he is really been playing like a 22-23 year-old. He will be a monster but watching him grow can be frustrating. Come-on Abou!

  112. Travelling Gooners in fine fettle today. I wonder how many want Wenger out. I would guess, none.

    Fanatics. Supporters.

  113. Re-sign Campbell AND offer him a job as a coach after his career ends. He will make sure that every youth defender that comes through our academy will be in the right mindset!

  114. He isnt focused Shotta

  115. Diaby is just tired, remember he started pre-season a full month before all the others last summer.

    After a fully rested summer, no world cup for him, he will come back to be one of the dominant midfielders in european football next season.

  116. that’s right, paul n

    a little burn out, he has played about 40 games this season.

  117. Eastmond picked up a knock.

  118. D&G wants us to buy a new DM? F*ck off, we got Eastmond.

  119. Good to see Merida kitted up.

  120. No RVP according to Winterburn. He is too stiff after Wednesday.

  121. Tired? nah

  122. Game on!

  123. That was poor defending

  124. We might still have to bring RVP from the bench.

  125. Diaby only started looking tired then when we played Barca?

  126. For fuck’s sake boys.

  127. Another clean sheet goes begging. Have to blame Almunia i suppose…………for not being there 😉

  128. nah paul, i think he has been showing signs of burn out just before the barca games.

    the last outstanding 90 minute game from him was maybe the chelski game in early feb.

  129. come on Arsenal!!!

  130. i think his confidence took a shot actually

  131. fucking in bred norvern monkey fans

  132. Fabianski. Come on.

  133. Almunia dropped it.

  134. Strange, saw it coming since the first goal, panic stricken defense.

  135. Awful

  136. Oh, Wigan equalizer so close, but Nasri again saves from the line really well. Wigan are giving good pressure.

    And f*cking Bramble scored.

    I think Arsene waited too long to do the substitutions, we were giving up possession too quickly all the time trying to play fast counters.

    And now RVP on.

  137. oh shut the fuck up with all this bollocks about almunia you cock, shotta.

    give it a rest. you are fucking boring.

  138. what a shame!

  139. FFS. Anyone not see that coming?

  140. Bye-Bye league.

  141. Irony is beyond you.

  142. Oh what a goal by N’Zogbia. First win over Arsenal in the Premier league for Latics. And deserved win that is, I’m sorry to say.

  143. fuck off, its not irony, its fucking boring and grating.

  144. Oh dear, Oh dear, Oh dear…..I never saw THAT coming.

    3 defenders and they let him take the shot. Horrible.

  145. That’s about all I can take.

    AW’s going to tear them a new one.

  146. Bloody awful. Not again.

  147. Irony, irony, irony.

    Don’t burst a blood vessel Stringfellow.

  148. We got what we deserved. And so did Wigan.

  149. facetious prick.

    you dont support the club, you support bollocks.

    you are false.

  150. fighters?? battlers???


    lazy show ponys

  151. And Arsene really should tear them a new one. That was the worst lost all season.

  152. If I were an Arsenal player, I would be shit scared to go back into the dressing room. Arsene will be waiting…….

  153. Again, overconfidence in possession for Arsenal, every time hoofing and flicking and turning. Not enough possession. Fair play to Wigan, historic ang fantastic win for them. Abysmal defending and chaos in the defence and too many very tired players for Arsenal.

  154. Now we can all react and anybody that says any comment here is an over reaction is simply a fool. We have lost the title to A poor goal keeping situation and certain players cruising through games. Fucking Ell it keeps getting worse. These players need to be punished, perhaps Arsene has been to nice. this is simply unforgivable!!!!!!

  155. this is ridiculous! go up 2 and then think its in the bag.

    they should not get paid this week, not one player!!

  156. Arsene was upset because of the terrible call on the Sagna free-kick which lead to the Wigan corner. Still no excuse for Fabianski’s error, but that was the starting point of the goal.

  157. Yes bye bye league. Whatever happened at half time in the Wigan team talk beat us.

  158. Absolutely disgraceful performance, shameful.

    All 11 players, and the manager, should be ashamed to be representing Arsenal Football Club with that display today.

    Completely Pathetic.

  159. I ve been patient wit dis team nw they can go fuck themselves.

  160. When I said with 7 games to go that if we win them all then we will win the title, I expected us to do it.

    Actually, winning some of them might have done. Two dfeats and a draw out of three though. Not good enough. Really not good enough.

  161. You don’t win anything with a clown for a goalkeeper – we have 2.

  162. fuck…..fuck……..against spurs, i said the boys had lost confidence and charcter but today, fuck this was the biggest show of no character

  163. We bottled it. I will take my blows. No excuses.

    Let the finger pointing begin.

  164. I hope we see nothing but fringe/reserve players in the last three games, I think currently I’d trust Tom Cruise & co more than the players who were out there today. We stopped putting any pressure on the ball at 2-0 up, it was the most complacent i’ve ever seen us.

  165. That was a god-awful performance by us, we played as we didnt know about the signifiance of this game! Loved the desire of the Wigan players. They just fought for everything.

  166. CS, anything that is said will be deserved.

    Dont just blame the goalie though, the whole team took their foot of the gas and invited the pressure.

    Also no one closed out for the last, Silvest was just running along side him, TACKLE DAMN IT!!!

  167. You can forgive poor performances as long as the players act in a professional manner and at least fight for 90 mins.

    That was probably the worst performance i have seen from an Arsenal team in the whole time Arsene Wenger has been here.

    Truly not acceptable.

    The club should refund all the fans who went up there.

  168. Keep some perspective some of you. Very dissapointing, definitely not good enough but this is our team.

    Thick and thin.

  169. Have to give credit to Wigan for not giving up. It’s hard to take but they fought hard for it and taught us a lesson. AGAIN!

  170. Thats a good idea Vince – lets give 3rd away as well shall we?

  171. just like the spurs game that performance is unforgivable

    diaby useless…

    treats every game like training…

    the last two games should spell the end of certain players careers and in with some fresh faces who know how to win….

  172. Very poor showing!

  173. Anything said doesn’t mean i support my team any less Bob – that’s why we feel like shit when we have to endure performances like that.

    And don’t blame the goalkeeper(s)?!?!?!!

    How many fucking points have the idiots we have masquerading as goalkeepers cost us this season?

    Not good enough, not even close.

  174. why is it that whenever fabianskio is in post , he gets unlucky??

  175. Dont blame the manager either!! you dont have time outs in football. Its up to the players to get the blasted job done. At 2 up a team of the calibre of Arsenal MUST be able to close it out. What the hell can Wenger do about that?

  176. consolbob

    yes this is our team but its obvious to stevie wonder some of them dont give a shit..

    they dont deserve excuses they deserve a damn good rollocking

  177. Shocking performance. I think there are quite a few players on that pitch who shouldn’t be wearing the shirt or are not ready to wear the shirt.

    Season over.

  178. What a disgrace. Might seem a bit reactionary, but we really need a decent goalkeeper.

    I dont know how much money Wenger has to spend, but if he spends it all on a world class goalkeeper, then I will be satisfied.

  179. the team lost because they thought they had won.
    Diaby was crap but if the team kept focus it would be three points.

  180. 1 loose cannon

    2 nil up 10 minutes to go what could go wrong? That was a kick in the teeth of the worst kind? I don’t know if the players simply gave up on the title. Or they underestimated Wigan’s fighting spirit in the final stage. I really don’t know what has happen, I’m still in shock.

  181. At least it was Wigan. I like their manager and they play the game the right way.

    We crumbled pretty badly. If we were still in the fight then I would be much more annoyed.

    Ah well, we will be back much stronger next season.

  182. @ consolsbob, I know its always nice to keep a perspective, but how really can one keep that after a game like this?? Ok then what positives can we take from this game? Its not about being good, sometimes an extra application of one helps. The way some of these players cruise through games is ridiculous. Am sure Arsene too must have had it with some of our players. 2 goals up, some of these players don’t act like its a privilege to play for the Arsenal and should sweat blood if they have to. The spuds have played more games in recent time and check out their workrate and desire to win. Am so gutted!!!

  183. I love how our fans take defeat with such dignity. Defeat is a part of football, if you want to enjoy the good times then you have to put up with the bad.

  184. I agree with Paul @ 3:30, i also dont think Arsene can be blamed for this….one or 2 of our players played like they are dead tired…especially Diaby…his form has suffered after the barcelona games…

  185. i feel like im gonna be sick

    this experience will only further galvanize us together, should we persevere, and will make the EPL win that much sweeter next year.

  186. Paul,

    Arsene put’s the team out, makes the substitutions, and it his job to motivate the team – he has to take some of the blame for that today.

    I’m sorry, i love the man, but that was shocking today- shocking.

    No other word for it.

  187. The worse thing is that eventhough the last fifteen minutes did us in, we were good for most of the game. Amid the shit storm that is surely to be unleashed by the doomers there were some notable performances in this game. I think that Bendtner, Rosicky and Eastmond were magnificent.

    Arsene should really look into signing N’zogbia. I’ve always liked that player and if we don’t snatch him up he’s sure to end up at another big team.

  188. JonJon, they do care but they got careless because they were up by 2. They need some licks but to say they dont care is not true to me.

  189. A deserved lost, I’m afraid.

    All I’m hoping for is a bounce back win at City next week. Spurs are slowly creeping up the table, and the worst thing I would ever want to happen is them poaching 3rd spot from us.

    Then I would really tear my hair out.

  190. This is England

    I feel sick.It was obvious that things needed freshening up,very poor from our manager.I feel very sorry for our supporters there.

  191. I really hope that Arsene buys some players this summer.

    We really need a consistant good goalkeeper. Fabianski and Almunia have never been good long term bets in my opinion because their decision making is flawed and they are prone to ample amounts of bad lack throughout a season.

    We also need to work on our work ethic. We started the season witha run of 10 games where our off ball work rate was excellent. We would close players down and would not give them a chance to play. Why did we stop?

    We have the potential of champions but we need to work on our game if we want to win. Barca taught us how to play football. It is about time we remembered the lessons.

  192. I hope that was Fabianski’s last game for us. He has been given chances this season and failed spectacularly. My heart goes out to Wenger who has put his career & reputation on the line for these players and some of them have taken it for granted and act as if they give a rat’s backside whether we win or lose. Really feel sad for the travelling gooners.

  193. “At least it was Wigan. I like their manager and they play the game the right way.”

    I feel the same way. Martinez deserves to stay in the PL. He doesn’t have a bad little team. With a few tweaks here and there they can be a solid mid table side.

  194. fucking bullshit

  195. fuking bullshit

  196. i thought AW shouldve made a substitution earlier. we were looking sloppy/flat whatever you want to call it for about 5-7 minutes before subs and then the goals

  197. Matt, he put a team out that was up 2 goals, no?
    Do you want him to come on the field and play? its up to the players to get the job done once the manager gives them the game plan.

    Fabianski was a joke but so was the whole team towards the end and his blunder was the rotten fruit of it all.

  198. The worst, worst, worst thing about that result is that it’s going to create an atmosphere of negativity around the team going into the summer.

    It’s absolutely vital that we make a fist of our last three games, but even that might not be enough.

    Can’t be arsed to read the moaners’ comments. Have a good week.

  199. im sorry but we need a new goalkeeper, what a fucking circus

  200. 1 loose cannon

    Despite my disappointment, I’m feeling sad for Fabianski, Its simple not going right for him. I hope he picks himself up for thr next game if Almunia still injured. It will be hard for him. I doubt the win would’ve made a diffrence in our chance winning the title. I think the manner of the defeat is heart breaking.

  201. Gainsbourg69,

    I agree with you about Eastmond -he was excellent.

    Bendtner -don’t think he had anything but a typical bendy performance. He works hard and his attitude is always good but his first touch is terrible and his mental alertness is slightly sluggish at times.

    Rossicky -performance was ok but nothing special.

  202. haha shotta im looking back at posts from earlier in the game.. in what way were you observing the game that you couldnt tell it was fabianski and not almunia? haha

  203. Tired, tired? OK I have never been a professional football player, so I don’t know what it is to play two games a week – probably takes a lot out of you.
    But what about people who work 60 hours a week in a manual job, like down a mine in sh*t awful conditions (that’s just one example, I accept that there are many more examples, and for a lot less money).
    But tired?

  204. Insomnia and Moses exposed our make shift defence. Fab was poor.

  205. I do think we need to splash some serious cash on a goalie though. Almunia has had his moments but i dont think he is consistent enough, Fabianski has been a bag of nerves whenever he plays

  206. This one is Arsene’s fault.

    We were 2 nil up. We could have won 6-0!

    We just flitted around aimlessly and Arsene couldn’t turn it around.

    We didn’t string together 3 passes today.

  207. 1 loose cannon,

    I feel for Fabianski too. Its not his fault that he is prone to so much bad luck. He did his best but I don’t think he is good enough at the moment. I would either drop him, loan him out or sell him so that he can improve his career.

  208. I feel bad for Fabianski but he’s made some howlers this season. I think it’s time to bring Szczesny through the ranks and give Fabianski an opportunity to seek employment elsewhere. Hopefully his carrer doesn’t fall apart as a result of being let go.

  209. It’s so easy to bury your head in the sand and complain about moaners, D&G’s or whatever you want to call them.

    If you are a true supporter and find that performance in any way good, or acceptable, then you need your head checking.

    Some people can’t see the wood from the tree’s.

  210. paul they only care when they are picking up there wages

    diabys a joke..every games a training session to that bloke its time he went..

  211. i agree MD, tired my foot!

  212. fabianski isnt unlucky

    you dont get constantly unlucky

    might as well just say it as it is and say hes just not that good

    and i agree with ole…which is rare

  213. Blame the keeper all you bloody want. We had no business conceding the first goal. No business whatsoever.

    We weren’t threatened. Then we just crumble.

    Completely unprofessional. Dock 1 month’s pay from everyone who played today.

  214. JJ, i dont agree, if that was the case we wouldnt be where we are in the league.

    I am very ashamed, dont get me wrong but we cannot start to make such claims. You also shouldve been making those claims all season.

  215. Arse bagins, I disagree. We fell apart after Rosicky came off the pitch. The man worked his socks off and was good offensively and defensively. he was everywhere down the left hand side today.

  216. The first goal we conceded lost us the game.

  217. we cannot defend for toffee is the bottom line to it all.

    we know how to attack as a team, but no matter what personnel are in the starting 11, we cannot defend as a team.

  218. I just hope the the Wenger apologists have now seen the same light that many others had seen a long time ago.

    There is something intrinsically rotten at the heart of this team.

    Wenger is not feared by his players.. At the end of the game, Diaby and Nasri were congratulating N’Zogbia. No remores, nothing ..

    We need a new manager and a new mentality.

    Our wages bill is +100MM quid.

    We deserve respect and commitment from the club, not a “I couldnt care less” attitude from our super stars.

    Its ok not to be good enough like Fabianski, Silvestre, etc.. but not to care and no tto bother is criminal.

    It appears that Wenger cannot instill any discipline or commitment into his team anymore.

    For me , the things are clear.

    He should do the decent thing and resign.

    Otherwise, his legacy will get shot to pieces by these tossers.

    Go now Wenger. Enough is enough.

    And no, you are NOT unique.

    And you have already been sacked once at Monaco.

    So go before it will happen again.

    I just hope that this blog will wake up and stop supporting blindly a project that a lot of people know has been dommed for a long time now.

    Wenger, please GO!!!!!!!!! And take your fake values with you.

  219. Soft-centred, dozy, dithering, naive, our team has lapped up the artistic guff that the manager has lathered them with, they believe they will see out a game simply by virtue of being Arsenal, and it results in this kind of collapse. Oh for a bit of George Graham to instill some tenacity and put the boot up some arses.

    Eastmond did well, Rosicky and Nasri dovetail nicely, Clichy was impressive, but the MOMENT that things turn sour we simply lose the plot. Where is the resolve? Yes Fabianski was a massive mistake and Wenger shot himself in the foot there, but for the team to switch off and let them in with a sniff with 10 minutes left… christ.

    I’m sure the tone will be one of looking forward to next season, focussing on the positive, and believing in our young players, yada yada. But unless we buy a bloody good keeper and one or two quality reinforcements at the back and in the middle, people with some nous and who can sense danger and react to it, then we can forget it. Same old same old, our season has again consisted of some brief moments of optimism shrouded in the oh-so-familiar cloak of disappointment. Knee jerk? I think not. Our backups are weak.

    The only saving grace for me today is to at least see that the majority of posters here post-match are as unhappy with that performance as I am.

  220. OG, how is it Arsenes fault if the players are not stringing togather passes?

    This is all about the blasted players on the field, KEEP IT TIGHT AND GET THE JOB DONE!!

  221. Fuck off BB

  222. I am disappointed like any one else and we should put it in perspective. Despite injury, you would expect that group of players to have performed at a higher level than they did.

    I now understand what Fergie meant when he said our squad was unbalanced last season. We need to spend the summer on (1) working on out off ball closing down and work ethic (2) we need to work on our defending and perhaps bring in a couple of defenders who can play like Sol or Verm (3) goalscorers -because Bendtner is going to need another 2-3 years before he becomes a real goalscoring threat.

    Not sure what is wrong with Sagna but he has had a pretty crap season.

  223. I am not sure what you were watching Gainsbourg, really?

    I can’t even begin to understand what is allowing you to think that Rosicky played well today?

    Just incredible.

  224. 1 loose cannon

    I can understand Wenger want to protect RVP but I was hoping to see him come on in the last 30 minutes just to give the players a shake up and a message that the job is far from done. It was too late to bring him on with 2 minutes to go. Things did not go to plan.
    Anyway no point beating ourselves about this loss, Lets hope it does not happen again. very rarely we lose in this manner.

  225. Had there been any mention of the Almunia wrist injury before today?

  226. Im still in shock.

    Pleased for Martinez.

    I just cant believe it.

    Feel so sorry for Wenger.

  227. Jon-Jon, you picking on Diaby? He has been shit for a few games, I won’t deny that, but to revert back to the “he ain’t fit to wear the Arsenal shirt” rubbish is completely off base. He’s been our most improved player of the season.

  228. I agree with Ole – Fuck Off BB.

  229. Paulie Walnuts

    We`re the only team in the EPL who could have grabbed defeat from the jaws of victory like that.

    Wigan had given up

    The harder Fabianski tries the worse he gets. If Arsene brings in a new keeper & Almunia decides to go he`ll need to buy another as Fab treats crosses like hand grenades.

  230. Rosicky was great today, he may be the only player who should get paid. A few others but overall, what a damn shame!

  231. Paul N,

    For me it’s Wenger’s fault. 70 mins in, I was tearing my hair out. There was an aimlessness to our play. We could close the goals difference down.

    And we just implode.

    The manager’s job is to set the bar for the players.

  232. It’s a stress injury caused by over flapping Vince.

  233. paul i like reading your comments but we need to stop sugar coating certain players

    if they were bothered we’d be higher…we are where we are becuase they dont know how to win…

    we have too many passengers that cant step

    too many show ponys who like to prat about and dont have the mentality to win

  234. honestly, i got to ask who teaches defence at the club?

    it aint the boss… is it pat rice?

  235. When did fabianski last have a clean sheet for us?

    He was awful today but he wasn’t the only culprit. The first goal was conceded because one of our two centerbacks tried to tackle rodallega at the top of the circle and missed him entirely. If he stayed back, the cross that led to the first goal could’ve been stopped.

    For the second goal, well fabianski could’ve stopped it but didnt.

    For the last goal, 3 defenders and not one touches him. That’s the stuff we expect from Messi and not from Insomnia.

    Full credit to Wigan, they deserved it.

    As for the team today, well, it was very disappointing. But this match isolated is not what lost us the league. What lost us the league was the loss to Spurs and the draw at Birmingham in addition to this match.

    And say what you want about injuries, but no team has had 7 starters out. We basically played with a reserve side out there. Still, we shoudn’t have lost and around the 65 minute mark, the midfield just disappeared.

  236. Matt you were not watching Rosicky properly. He played fantastic.

  237. Wasn’t my question Matt, cheers for the hilarious answer though.

  238. I am more disappointed with that result than losing to Spurs the other day.

    At least we tried the other day and showed some spirit.

    I just can’t believe the lack of professionalism today – staggering.

  239. Our best player was a 19-year-old kid, Eastmond, some of his blocks and interceptions were outstanding. Rosicky made 2 or 3 good tackles, contributed nothing else. Samir and Bendy were okay. The less said about others, the better.

  240. Matt, I don’t know what you do while watching games on tv but I tend to pay attention. Rosicky was our hardest working player and was the one who lifted the team. Most of his time was spent running up and down the left flank pestering Wigan.

  241. What was his contribution Paul?

  242. But Eastmond was great today, that was nice to see. Walcott was dangerous too but disappeared in the second half. Can’t blame him if he’s not even getting the ball though

  243. Oh and I don’t blame Arsene for all this. I think he has been badly let down by the squad of players at his disposal.

    I’d like to believe it will be alright but I really think Arsene knows what he needs to do and will do it. He is a patient man and prefers continuity and evolution rather than revolution. He will make changes but they will take time.

    I really hope that Merida is not leaving. He ought to be given more of a chance to play. Quality player.

  244. Fabianski needs to start over at another club. No one on the team will have confidence in him.

    Diaby played like he was on tranquilizers today. He wasn’t the only player who was off the pace, but he consistently gave away possession or held the ball too long.

    I thought Wenger should have put Robin on after the first goal when we were struggliing to retain possession. We needed to slow Wigan at that point. Putting him in at 2-3 was a joke.

  245. JJ, not true again. Only one team will win the PL regardless does that mean that all the other teams players dont care?

    The players care but this is a blunde due to overconfidence. We shouldve had them under the gun but we were content to fool around thinking 2 goals were enough, when they shouldve been.

    I dont buy for one sec that they dont care as they must have their pride, if not for the team for themselves.

  246. I was paying attention OK, and Rosicky contributed nothing today. Very poor.

    I’m not singling him out, as no other player was any better, maybe with the exception of young Eastmond and Sol.

  247. BB, name a replacement for Wenger. I’ll even give you the whole day to come up with one.

  248. Why is anyone blaming injuries. Wigan were poor defensively. We were 2 nil up. we should have won

  249. Matt, his link up play with Nasri on the left was brilliant. He broke up play with his wonderful slide tackles time and time again. He did not allow Wigan to flow.

    As the young folks say “you better recognize!”

  250. we need change
    wenger has put faith time and time again in some players and they messed hime up. some players should be finned after such perfomances….FUCK
    still cant beleive it

  251. i just cant believe this has happened.

    Its inexplicable. Why did we play like that?

  252. The players really didn’t believe that Chelsea or Manu would drop further points. I doubt if we were in a better position we would have played in this manner. Or atleast PLAYED the last 15 minutes.

    Fabiankski, hardly has had a good consistent run. In the European games in the last seasons, he’s pulled off some really decent games. You can’t fault him for the 1st and 3rd goal. Second, well, better to have punched him.

  253. This is England

    Why shouild we be trying to protect RVP?

  254. gainsbourgh

    diaby had 4 good games all season..all at the same time and everyone was nominating him for ballon dor

    i kept quiet cos i know hes shit and it was only a matter of time before it came to the end of the season and diaby would fall apart cos all he knows to do is to try dribble round everybody all day

    hes a liabililty..and has been from the start…4 good games in 5 years dont make him most improved player…

    nikkis been our most improved by a long shot

  255. 1 loose cannon

    its a sad ending to our season it was going so well up until the injuires doubled. But today’s loss was not down to quality the team was good enough to win today, Just lost focus in the last 15 minutes. No rest for Wenger assessing the whole situation will begin straight away I hope.

  256. If Spurs win there game in hand, they would only be 4 points behind us.

    How is that possible?

  257. Hang on there.

    I said that they are our Team through thick and thin. I did not say that this was a performance that was acceptable nor can I take any positives from it. The only positive required today was three points. Anything less than that was failure.

    That team failed today with a shoddy performance.

    But anyone who comes on here and slags off the club or wants Arsene sacked can just fuck right off.

  258. paul..

    yes only one team can be the winner but we never want to be that team…

    all we want to do is look pretty and show off our skills but when its time for a bit of bottle and mental endurance we fall to bits…

    thats why we are not 1st

    we have the doubt about it…they just dont have the mentality

    diaby is living proof…hes probably the most skillful player in the league…but he doesnt apply himself..hes not a winner..hes a showpony and hes not the only one…

    tine for some fresh faces…

  259. Walcott, Bendy, Nasri, Rosicky, Eastmond. Players who played well or better for their time on pitch.

    Walcott was very good today, he reminded me of Nasri at times. And Nasri is an absolute general.

    Bendy played well but seemed to be deprived of service.

    Silvestre, Campbell, Clichy. Players who were ok for most of the match.

    Sagna waivered between ok and poor. RB should be for Eboue, with Sagna on the bench.

    Fabianski was… I don’t know. Made a few decent stops but looked very horrid on the corners.

    Diaby, what has happened? He’s been our worst player ever since Barcelona at Emirates. I don’t understand, before then he was brilliant and now he’s played terribly.

    I really don’t know what to say. The team goes 2-0 up and then sits back, effectively seeming to foget how we play football. There was no possession play, we resorting to Bolton, and I don’t know why. Yeah, sure we’re missing so many of our first team players, but that was truely shocking.

    In fact, we were missing Denilson. All those fucks who were complaining about his sideways passing, well that passing would have won us the game.

    I am disgusted, but I don’t know with whom. The team threw it away, but that’s a little unfair given that some players played well. I don’t blame Wenger at all. I did think we could have done with RVP on at around 60 just to give him game time, but then 2-0 up why risk it?

    Given what the past two matches potentially meant, some of the players should take a good long look at themselves, because they have let their teamates (injured or otherwise), Wenger, and themselves down in a very very big way.

  260. arsene’s tie off in the sky interview 😆

    who has he stangled to death?

  261. is anyone else terrified by the prospect of man city next week?

  262. frankly, wenger has to get more strict. he tries to avoid killing a players confidence and over does it making him a little to soft…….i mean would this have happend to man u or chelsea??

  263. ok matt

  264. I am just winding myself up more thinking about it and reading about it on here.

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend all.

  265. What a bunch of pathetic whiners on this blog today. Live with it. We underperformed and we lost. Some players didn’t show up. But the future looks bright and we have at least a dozen players with huge fight and a true winner’s mentality in the squad (Sagna, Clichy, Campbell, Vermaelen, Fabregas, Song, Van Persie, Rosicky, Ramsey, Gibbs, Gallas, Wilshere, Eastmond etc) and how many were out today.

    Just go back and crawl under a rock, doomers…

  266. There is simply no tenable excuse for today’s loss. A lot of players have simply not earned their wages since the Barca game.

    One painful thing I have noticed about this team, is their inability to with stand pressure;hence we have lost most of our big high pressure games even when we’ve been the better side. A lot of lessons have equally been refused to be learn by some of the players, you just feel so frustrated when 1 or 2 players are working their socks off and the rest a coasting through games.

    Tiredness is no excuse as i think its more of a mental block. You always feel we will drop points when we are 2 goals up and concede a goal, as some players can’t just stand the pressure.

    Unlucky is when a mistake happens sparsely, but if it becomes a norm rather than an exception then one cannot be billed as being unlucky. Fabianski is a good goal keeper, but his nerves always let him down. I don’t think his unlucky, but i will say he is not ready yet for the big stage and pressure. Our first team and the position of the keeper is not for blooding the young. A loan and being away from the pressure of playing for Arsenal will do him a world of good.

    Glad we are not in the race for fourth place for a change as am sure will would have lost out.

    These kind of things will continue to happen until these players mature or we bring in ready made replacements. We have been patient thus far and its only fair to keep the faith. Supporting the Arsenal is not for the faint hearted.

    The Wenger out doomers can F*ck off!!!


  267. This is a first for me.

    Well said lagooner.

  268. I love reading this blog but today just have to contribute such is my frustration.At 2 up lets go and batter them 5 or 6,work on the gd and keep our fingers crossed other results go for us.I cannot recollect such a lack of desire in an Arsenal side.I have never seen the likes of Nasri,Diaby and Rosicky continually caught in possession.Big fan of Diaby but he was at his ambling worst today.Fabs been punching all day and tries to catch the one ball he shouldnt have.This is wigan for goodness sake! BB your a prat,go away! How can a team boasting Cesc,Van persie,arshavin,TV,Gallas,Song et al “be rotten to the core”?Most of monacos players where on other teams pay rolls thats why Arsene left.

  269. ” predict our best 45 minutes football for sometime in the second half.

    By: Mean Lean on April 18, 2010
    at 2:22 pm”

    I have made better predictions in my life!

  270. Lagooner,

    It is very arrogant of you to start from the position that because people are quite rightly disappointed that they should not be critical.

    They should be critical because there is a growing frustration that this SQUAD is not delivering the goods. We are all aware of the winning mentality of our players but this is a squad game.

    This does not make us doomers. It makes us fans. We are disappointed, frustrated and after 5 years of not winning anything; we are really disappointed and mostly because of the cheap way in which we have given away critical games in our season.

    Our squad have undoubted potential and in the first 10 games of the season we were unplayable at times because of our work ethic. Sadly, we have not been consistant. You could argue this is a byproduct of youth but you could also argue it is the flaw in Arsene’s strategy.

    It is so frustrating because REAL fans can see how close we are and how particular individuals let the entire squad down.

    It’s no use blaming us for being critical or upset. We have every right to express our opinion and feelings. If you do not like it, I suggest you disappear for a few days until things have calmed down.

  271. coolsteve

    ‘A lot of lessons have equally been refused to be learn by some of the players, you just feel so frustrated when 1 or 2 players are working their socks off and the rest a coasting through games.’

    i agree…

  272. JonJon, funny the usual scape goats did not play today.

    they messed up, now they are no good.


  273. 1 loose cannon

    lagooner the players did show up and played well and we should be worthy winner tthe en tire game I thought we were in control no problems at all and that is the reason the players switched off a bit. Mentally they thought the job was done. they’ll live and learn. Regardless who the opposition is you must stay focus till the wistle. Its a hard lesson to learn

  274. Nice one lagooner.

    Some folks really need to take a step back and take a few deep breaths before speaking their “minds”.

    The sun is shining…the beer garden beckons. I’m off for a much needed pint to cheer myself up. I can predict this blog won’t be a fun place to visit for this particular “Wenger apologist” (take a bow BB you numbnut) for at least a few days.

  275. Mean Lean,

    Is that not what you can expect?

    There’s a guy talking on ATVO who is stupid beyond words….

  276. I am also fed up of the constant denigration of fans who express disappointment, frustration and criticism of the Arsenal team. There are quite few people posting here who just tell every one to ‘fuck off’ when they do not like their views. We are all entitled to our view, our emotions and our words -this is a blog after all.

    We are Arsenal fans and we ought to be united in our support for the squad but let us not mindlessly put other people down just because it doesn’t fit without bottomless enthusiasm and patience.

    Some are more patient than others. Some are more critical than others. The lack of tolerance between fans is embaressing.

    I could undrstand the antagonism when we face trolls or spurs fans but fellow Arsenal fans?


    Some are more patient than others.

  277. Well Baggins.

    Lagooner didn’t call you a doomer did he?

    We are all upset and, I think, critical of today’s performance.

    However, baby and bathwater come to mind when addressing the contingent of ‘fans’ who see every defeat as a reason to call for the head of the best manager Arsenal have ever had in the modern era.

  278. Really poor from the lads. We were going to get probably hte easiest away victory of the season but lack of desire costed us dearly

  279. And yes on a positive note CBob – your recipe for pasties is magnificent – made two batches now and taste just like the real thing. Thank you so much.
    Can’t eat right now – would be risking indigestion.

  280. Wait for me Harry!

  281. Oh dear. Theres just no excuse for conceding those 2 late goals. Confidence shot to pieces after being in total control. What a sad end to what has otherwise been a fantastic season. The team let the away fans and Wenger down. We are definitely better than that.Off to the bunker till Saturday.The doomers and press are going to have a field day..

  282. really we need perspective, Chelsea the billionaire were total crap yesterday and they have more to play for being in front.

    We did play well at times today but shut down at the end, it hurts but our team is still brilliant.

    this loss will not overshadow all the fight they have put in all season. But we are humans, if its not good of late, lets get rid of if.


  283. Horrible result but like always some people blow things completely out of proportion. The zero-sum game mentality has got to go.

  284. I’m very pleased to hear that MD. Some good news today.

    I’d like to think of pasty wisdom spreading out from your corner of the States.

  285. Harry Flowers,

    Both the so called ‘doomers’ and self professed ‘arsene apologists’ are polarised opposites of a spectrum.

    They both think they are right without really entertaining alternative ideas.

    I really hate our fans. We deserve the team we have with our level of support.

  286. Well that was dissapointing. I really do not understand how they managed to slip up that bad in the last 10 mins! It was almost as they had given up. And who in their right mind givs up at 2-0? IS that not someting to fight to keep? If you are up 2-0 do you not wan to keep that lead?

    It did not seem like the arsenal players were interested today. They just looked tired and out of shape and not interested at all. WIgan was on every ball, where were we?

  287. Paul N spot on.

  288. consolsbob,

    I don’t mind if some fans are so frustrated that they think that Arsene should go.

    I disagree with them completely but they are entitled to their views. I prefer to just ignore them or give them reasons why they are misguided.

  289. We’re in a precarious situation right now.

    We’re potentially only 4 points ahead of 4th. A loss to Man City could condemn us even to 5th.

    We will finish with just a slightly higher points total than last season.

    However much you call for perspective, it won’t eclipse the perspective of how poor a result this was today.

    It was 3 points WE HAD TO TAKE today.

    We had no reason not to do it.

    We should be scandalised because it is outrageous.

  290. CBob at 4.24
    Yes I could go into business and take the country by storm. Become another Microsoft/Wal-Mart etc.
    Instead of which I am going to have a very, very late breakfast.

  291. G69, JonJon is out of proportion already so a loss like this and get rid of ALL the players!!!!

    How we were even challenging for honours who knows? it coulndt have been these players, could it?

    Oh and United were crap yesterday also though they won.

  292. Arse Baggins, I see very little Arsene worship on this site. The thing is that most of us are not reactionaries and can keep things in perspective. If you think that we’re less gutted than anyone else because of this loss, then it’s you who needs some perspective.

    This loss sucks, but it’s not something worth going on a tirade for. What does that accomplish, really? You get mad, you don’t enjoy your football as much and you end up becoming depressed. But if people want to overlook all the scintillating

  293. no paul

    your wrong

  294. 2Both the so called ‘doomers’ and self professed ‘arsene apologists’ are polarised opposites of a spectrum.

    They both think they are right without really entertaining alternative ideas.”

    I was being ironic. Yes, personally I believe Arsene is a bit of a genius and we are lucky to have him. I don’t ever feel the need to “apologise” for the respect I have for the man and what he’s trying to achieve. Yes I’m disappointed with the result. Bitterly disappointed. Now is not the time for name calling and looking for easy scapegoats though.

    There’s still time CB!

  295. G69, ihavent even reached the gutted state yet, its still surreal to me. I cannot believe it but i love my team none the less!

  296. I wouldn’t mind it if Chelsea won the league now.

  297. 8 million for Joe Hart, is going to be money well spent.,19528,11661_6100840,00.html

  298. I hope we just hold on to Third place because finishing below that will definitely create a negative atmosphere. No time for feeling sorry, we just need to concentrate on mancity and finishing the season strongly.

  299. Paulie Walnuts

    What hurts the most is that Chelsea`s defeat yesterday left us with just a glimmer of hope that a miracle may have been achieved.

    To have worked so hard against the odds all season & blow it in 10 minutes at Wigan hurts.

    I can`t imagine how AW feels but I`d encourage the knee jerkers to take a step back for a day or two & consider the previous 50 or so matches this season.

  300. ok, jonjon, we are both right in our own eyes and both wrong in eachothers.

    life my yute, lets agree to disagree.

    However, I will never join your boat of saying our players dont care, out or order, you are! ha ha.

    I love MY team, ARSENAL!!!!!

  301. That N’zogbia goal made me feel gutted instantaneously. Shhhh. When they scored their first goal and the team became uneasy I kind of knew we’d fall apart. Wigan took the reins and pinned us back. From then on I knew we’d drop points and our season was over.

  302. Get me one in Harry.

    Pint of Best.

  303. Wenger has already suggested he will be more active in the transfer market this summer than he has been in recent years, so there doesn’t seem to be much reason for screaming for new players.

  304. Oh, look who showed up. Where were you yesterday Mr. Dave?

  305. No caps today you c*nt?

  306. haha paul

    fair do’ have yours i’ll have mine no worries…your stance is admirable although i dont agree with it..

    nice one

  307. All the idiots who want Wenger gone please give us the opportunity to see who is on your short list of likely replacements.

  308. Anyway JJ, dont be mistaken this was an atrocious loss!

  309. gainbourgh

    i dont want him gone..but i dont care if he goes either..his contracts up next year anyway and i dont think he’ll renew it..time is no longer on his side,…hes laid the foundations..the academys in place…the moneys now available…the stadium is built and making money…hes done the work for us to be ok for the next 100 years…

    and just to answer your question…guardiola..

  310. It could get worse people, the team needs to focus. Has anyone given thought to the fact that the Spuds and Cithey can finish above us if we further implode?? Let’s see this one out and leave the post-mortem till after the 9th of may.


  311. i know paul..

    i think where we differ in opinion is that it didnt suprise me…

  312. cool steve..

    i know its not looking well…

    citeh will be favorites and will probably beat us…

    if i were wenger id rest robin for citeh and then use him last two games to ensure 6 points…

    wenger needs to tell these players they are allplaying for their futures…keep them on their toes

  313. Paulie Walnuts

    The Citeh game will have the Adebayor factor. It`s a match where our fans will be desperate for a win & the players will be well aware of that.

    It will be interesting to see how bad Almunia`s wrist injury actually is.

  314. What upsets me more is that these players go back to their luxury lives earning f*cking ridiculous money even for that circus display,, whilst us people get depressed and have to go back to work tomorrow with the pain of thinking about Arsenal,, I think i will switch myself off from everything and hope the players understand our pain and anger and smash citeh.

  315. Lagooner, Consol and Harry. Thanks.

    Having days like this is not new. Going 5 years without a trophy…not new. (Try counting championships between 1954 and 1988. 1 glorious 1971 and that’s it. A few pots as well, but otherwise, we were very grateful if we still had a league interest by Feb and a cup interest in March!)

    Yes today and come to that Wednesday were terrifyingly disappointing, (not new) but then take a step back and look how deep our squad really is…and where we are today…despite the players out of action. Well over 80 clubs would bite the hand that offered to swap Arsenal’s position for theirs.

  316. Emperor Gooner

    zap , i couldn’t have put it better myself mate..EXACTLY my thought……but anyway i love you arsenal , i do!!! lets finish 2nd !!

  317. JJ, it shouldve surprised you because we have been clawing back all season when most said we were out of it.

    Its not good to sit around waiting fot the team to implode and they havent anyway they were just silly today.

    What I might say is when the crap started to hit the fan, I dont remember any of the players spurring the team on.

    The players must dig deep and beat city!

  318. I’ve gone from undying hope this afternoon to despair. If we can’t put Wigan away, put 3 points on board when we’re 2-0 up, I’m worried about getting 3 points from our last game to secure 3rd place.

    And I’m not a doomer. I see blue skies for this team in the grand scheme of things.

    But what the fuck is going on, right now?

  319. Indeed not Gf.

    There are lean times and there are lean times with no hope. The 80’s were awful as were the ’70’s after a bright start.

    Now? We are on the verge of great things. Everything is in place. A bit of fine tuning is all that is required.

  320. ‘It`s a match where our fans will be desperate for a win & the players will be well aware of that.’

    sounds abit like the spurs game…

    dont hold your breath…

  321. Guardiola Jon-Jon? Pep fucking Guardiola? Can you be a bit more unrealistic than that?

  322. If I recall, we beat this Wigan team with a weaker team in the Carling cup last season. Which bring me to my question; What is really wrong??

  323. tell me why gainsbourgh..

  324. This season came down to us dropping points at inopportune moments. The two points dropped at United, points dropped at West Ham, Burnsley etc., etc. If we can shore these up next season the PL is ours for the taking.

  325. Because Pep Guardiola is on the verge of repeating La liga and the Champions league that’s why. Now, the catalans are erratic, but to suggest that they’d sack Guardiola is an exercise in nuttery of the highest order.

    So now that Guardiola is out of the question, care to share who you’d bring in to replace Wenger?

  326. Gains – I think United and Chelsea could also point out 2 or 3 games that cost them points at inopportune moments. Overall we should accept the league table, it reflects that with our long injury list we were left in a position to compete excellently, but came up a little short.

    Today’s result…well it has not yet sunk in properly.

  327. On a lighter note:

    I’ve remembered.

    There is a classical English football term. Well actually it isn’t, but I think it was used back in the days of the Heavy Balls (I don’t ask), and used to describe what I was attempting to say about John Terry.

    He’s Punch Drunk:

    Not concussed, although he does look a little dazed these days
    An assessment of some football fans, not all of them Gunners.

    Although, don’t expect the p(l)undits to talk about such things. You know, the obvious things. Shearer was being diplomatic on MOTD.

  328. I agree Keyserzose. My point is that had we not lost those points we’d be clear of United and Chelsea by a double digit margin. That we were ravaged by injuries and took it to the league all the way up to the last four games is the reason why I think the doomers are out of their mind for moaning about our players and asking Arsene to resign.

    Ibelieve that our youngsters will come into next season with a hunger the likes of which we haven’t yet see from this squad. And once they win their first trophy I think the footballing world will be rocked by this group of youngsters.

  329. duppsffockcuf

    I must have been sniffing sp*ds when I wrote parrallex, which was an error.

    I meant to write of just normal tricks of perspective from a POV when watching live games.

    Which I think is exaggerated under lights, at night, when you have a big green patch reflecting back in front of you & acting like a blue/green-screen backdrop. (Obviously that’s from an upper tier perspective, lower tiers have other advantages and disadvantages).

  330. who said anything about guardiola getting sacked??

    he could clear up with barca next few years and when wenger goes 2011 he might fancy his chances in the PL and win the lot with two separate clubs and be the best manager the world has seen..

    its called ambition, alot of managers have it…

    dont be so short sighted to rule it out..

  331. On 70 mins against sp*rs I texted my mate to say there were players on the pitch in red shirts who didn’t want to be there.

    Today we saw another abysmal display towards the end.

    We have players and strength in depth that on paper are more than adequate.

    However, there is something missing, and I don’t personally know what it is.

    To say that the players will learn from this is to ignore that this team have a history of doing exactly this, so this particular lesson just isn’t coming through for whatever reason.

    Maybe not quite as blatant as this particular effort, but they’ve done it way too often for this to just be bad luck.

    You can predict an opposition goal coming for around 5 minutes before it happens.

    The team starts getting sloppy, giving the ball away cheaply, not closing down, jogging back, etc etc., it’s like someone lights up a great big bloody billboard announcing an oppo goal coming in.

    If I can see it coming, why the hell can’t the team or coaching staff see it coming? It’s not as if it’s a bolt out the blue, it’s obvious. Or maybe they can see it coming and don’t know what to do to prevent it?

    Either way it’s just totally unnacceptable.

    I don’t want Wenger to go, and I would have to think long and hard about which players should stay and which should go, apart from Sol, who imo has earned another season if he wants it.

    All I can say is that it is very fortunate that I am not in Wenger’s shoes.

    If I was him I would make the entire squad run until they puke tomorrow. Then make them run some more until they’ve puked everything they have and more.

    Luckily I am not the manager.

  332. I do believe these youngsters need to win something, even a carling cup would do. Then we will go on a potential role. This team has everything but the killer instinct that sets winners apart. That is why we see us losing and drawing games from winning positions like today. And you only develop that killer instinct by winning.

  333. Overall, I don’t believe that we have really improved much as a team since last season. I think the evidence suggests that Man United and Chelsea have got weaker since last term and the chasing pack have improved quite a bit.

    I do think we will see some changes this summer. I sense from Wenger that he is growing frustrated with the performance of some of his players and I think it will be a busy summer for Arsenal.

    I just hope we can retain our core players. There is always a sense that the longer we do not win trophies -the more likely that key players will start to look elsewhere for them. Thierry Henry made this career decision.

    I can take some positives from this season. The development of Alex Song, Aaron Ramsey, Denilson and the arrival of Verm has been heartwarming. The return of Sol has been wonderful.

    I am still not overly impressed with Bendtner. I do admire his qualities but I just think he is not a goalscorer.

    I hope that Merida is given more of a chance next season and I hope that Vela and Eduardo can raise their game considerably.

  334. Arsebaggins

    I was referring to the ‘fans’ who show up only when we have a disappointing result and call for Arsene’s head.

    To base opinions on one game when we’ve had some tremendous performances is what bothers me. We’re not as consistently good as our 6-1 win over Everton suggested, but nor are we as poor as today’s result suggested.

    Looking back with a cooler head at the end of this season will hopefully give some people a little more perspective, and realize there has been much more good than bad (with the exception of luck)

  335. Today’s result was the first poor result of the season for me.

    Realistically AFC had to score many goals against Fulham and Wigan, with an injured squad. A big ask.

    The league was not lost today.

    As the wise and funny Goonerholic so brilliantly said.
    The great ship Arsenal was hit by a torpedo below the water line at Brum.

    I’ve made my feelings clear about that, and won’t bore everyone else to death, like some others I can think of.

  336. But I don’t recommend sniffing sp*ds.

  337. DNFTT!

  338. Its always easy to say with hindsight what mistakes Wenger made but I would argue that we should have made more effort to retain our older players so that our younger ones could have positive role models.

    The loss of Gilberto was avoidable. He was a natural leader of our team and Arsene gave it to Gallas. We should have kept Pires for a few more years.

    I guess it would have been nice for Pires, Gilberto and Thierry to have passed the baton on so that our youngsters could learn.

  339. I don’t think what happened today is a mystery. We had Campbell and Silvestre in defence, and we didn’t have any of our first choice midfielders available.

    Wenger isn’t going anywhere. Some players will inevitably leave. There are always a couple of departures; and if there are more signings than normal this summer, there might be more departures than normal as well. We are fairly sure that Chamakh is arriving, and Wenger has said he will be the only new striker. I think a new centre back will be brought in, regardless of what happens to Gallas. On top of them, I predict there will one other signing, or perhaps two. An attacking midfielder seems a possibility to me.

  340. lagooner,

    If we could meet the standards of the first 10 games throughout the season then, I believe, that we would have walked the league this season given that both Chelsea and Man United have been pretty mediocre by their standards. Age is catching up with both of those teams.

    But no, we didn’t sustain those levels of comittment or hard work when we did not have the ball.

    We can take many positives from this season but ultimately it is frustrating to see what we can do but find that we are not doing it consistantly.

  341. guardiola, the best manager the world has ever seen? he walks into a gold mine and now he is on par with the greatest?

    damn we can go overboard.

    What about Wenger who made Arsenal what it is today?

  342. I dont care if dont sign anybody other than a decent keeper next year. Almunia and fab can fuck themselves.

  343. Guardiola is a man who CAN organise a piss up in a brewery. That’s no mean feat these days, but hardly a claim to greatness.

  344. Some of the players just dont know what it MEANS to play for arsenla. The only players who did out there were campbell, rvp(WHY THE FUCK DID HE COME ON IN THE 90TH MINUTE, FFS), nasri, walcott. How can i tell? Coz they are the only ones who really give a shit

  345. Guardiola is a good manager, but when youve got their players even fucking tony mowbray would steer them to more success

  346. paul read it properly..

    if he comes to arsenal and clears up like he has at barca then yes he will be..

    as for walking into

    we werent exactley relegation fodder in 1996..

    we had an awesome team..just needed a fresh approach…

  347. guardiola knows how to win..

    he installs discipline and work rate into his team making them practically unplayable

    for all the years experience wenger has..guardiola schooled him in the CL…

  348. you f*cking baffled reindeer, jonjon,, of course we got schooled, because we had half a team out there and our average age was a LOT younger.

    Nothing to do with the managers you large pidgeon

  349. JonJon,

    Wenger won’t go in 2011.

    Don’t cry.

    Also, you’ll never have the 80s back. It’s gone, you know?

  350. exaclty zap…

    ‘Guardiola is a good manager, but when youve got their players even fucking tony mowbray would steer them to more success…’

    in 1996 a reletively unknown manager took over a team of players including seaman adams keown winterburn dixon parlour bergkamp wright merson and won the double….

    lets get some perspective and not be so short sighted..


    dont dismiss guardiola…wenger had it just as easy…

  351. what a load of bull about schooled!

  352. zap is it the school holidays??

    ole what are you on about..

    ive already said i dont want him to go but if he does so what???

    dont jump in half way through a conversation with out knowing the facts you do it alot and you look foolish

  353. Wenger had it just as easy?

    what had Arsenal won recently?

  354. JonJon i’d like to see guardiola take charge of this team and manage a top 4 place on a consistent basis you donut.

  355. That was a patched up side out there but we were still in with a shout of the title. Man Utd and Chelsea are poorer this season. The Spuds Villa and Man City have improved Everton have struggled with injuries.

    I’m fuming and I didn’t spend the day travelling up and back to sit in a stand watching it.

    But this side got into a winning position and then through it away which they did at West Ham. This is Wengers team, the club have awarded most of these players new contracts this season when patently a number do not have the mental strength to make it in the Premier League. The buck lies with Wenger.

    Diaby and Nasri are good examples of the inconsistancy that means this side without a major shake up will never win anything. We lost all but one games against the top 6 in the league, threw the FA and Carling Cups and had the weakest selection of sides ever in the CL until we met Barcelona.

    We could quite easily go the same way as Liverpool in the PL next season. Either way with the league more competitive AW has to reconsider the mental strength and hunger of his prodigies. I hope use the coach journey back from Wigan to spell out the home truths.

    And I hope the club scrap the embarrasing lap of honour after the final game

  356. JonJon you’re just making yourself look stupid now, why dont you do yourself a huge favour and piss off

  357. JonJon,

    I was only comforting you.

  358. Can someone explain what the fuck happened today?

    Fucking embarrasment, totally fucking shit bottling little wankers. The docked pay is a very good idea

  359. I feel more sorry for the few thousand who went all the way to wigan only to see that dross, were they at a football match or a circus? It certainly seems the latter

  360. Fhazzok im as pissed off as you are mate, or as anyone for that matter but calling them wankers is going a bit too far

  361. I havent been able to read the papers for three days an now its another week for fucks sake. No excuses for this shit we got steam rolled at the end by wigan who deserved it. Why caqnt these kids learn to play with heart? Is it a generation thing? They need a kick up the arse not an arm round there shoulders

  362. paul we last won a trophy in 94

    wenger took over in 96..we went two years

    im only saying dont be so short sighted to dismiss any other manager..wenger will not be here forever…

    my personal choice is guardiola to take over when he steps down…thats all

  363. Yeah thanks emperor gooner,, i just hope theyre in their multimillion pound homes thinking about the pain theyve caused so many fans worldwide. Fuck me im depressed, why do we do it eh?

  364. What have Sol and Craig Eastmond got in common?

    They are both Arsenal players.

    The rest seem to be just players (except for Cesc and maybe a few more, I hope).

    Please sign a few TAs, TinTins, Romford Peles, Paul Mersons, any who love the cluc at least half as much as I do.

  365. @ jonjon

    fuck gaurdiola the premiership would chew him up and shit him out, we need Mourihno or hiddink to gaurentee success.

  366. -cluc+club

  367. ahhhh fuck off jonjon we dont need this bullshit ive seen enough shit on my screen today now i dont need youre useless comments you giraffe

  368. I never understood why someone having his own blog to carry out his drivel, would want to spend his whole day moaning on a non-moaning blog. Is he trying to convince us of something? Has he been successful, so far? Can anyone of his converts to anti-Arseneism, please raise their hands? What is the purpose of him moaning all day long?

    I don’t fucking go to LG, because I’m least bothered with those retards, and I’d rather have good time talking to people with a similiar frame of mind, rather than having to debate with short sighted pri**s. I expect most rational people to do the same.

    Jon Jon be Gone Gone!!

  369. (Miss Pelling strikes again)

  370. mourinho???

    you muppet…

  371. I am devastated to see our season end like this, but I’m not going to lay into the players who tried their best but have clearly run out of steam. The Barcelona CL quarter-final has been the unfortunate watershed of our season. Not only did it rob us of some of our best players, it also seems to have sapped our confidence. The players must be so disappointed, I can only feel for them. I know they will get slaughtered by the usual suspects, but as a fellow human being my heart goes out to them.

    It has been a hard season, but they need to rouse themselves for the next 3 games, then we can put this season behind us and start again next season, one year older and wiser.

  372. Getting back to your old self I see Ateeb, my brother.

  373. @ jonjom

    theres only two muppets and thats are fucking goal keepers

  374. @ Passenaal

    Yeah dont lay into our players they done really really well im proud of them they showed so much fight, class and heart. I think maybe a new car each

  375. Just warming up Bob. Didn’t feel the need to tackle these retards, until the recent unfortunate turn of events. But it’s no fun having to exorcise someone’s demons, which we have already done a few times. You know what I’m talking about, driving out the prick from this blog a while back. It took patience and effort, but people these days lack self respect.

  376. Maybe a new contract for djourou for playing so many fucking games for us. we have to sort some of these pretenders out

  377. JonJon and Fhazzok can have the same conversation on LG, or JOnJOn’s own blog. I don’t recall JonJon ever making Bob, Passenal, Zp, Pz, or anyone else go ape shit, and asking for Arsene’s head. Ain’t gonna happen, so f*** off you prick. Over the season, we’ve actually had far more better arsenal supporters join our ranks, I don’t recall an addition to either Howard or the likes of JonJOn. Simple dynamics of this blog.

  378. “Once more into the breech dear friends, once more…”


    Much better luck with injuries.

    More desire from certain players.

    Keep our key players.

    For all irrational reactionary doomers to start supporting Chelsea.

  380. i like that wishlist deano mate

  381. Hiddink is a mercenary and Mourinho is a chequebook manager whose football is a disgrace. Either of them would do our current direction (best academy in England, keeping costs low by promoting from within) any justice. Besides, Mourinho and Hiddink are easy. Why not come up with some names other than the same Chelsea rejects?

    How about Laurent Blanc or Roberto Martinez? David Moyes? These are managers who like the passing game and have proven that they can manage without the cheque book as a crutch. I’d rather have a manager like that than the Hiddink type mercenary or the gawdy Mourinho types. Personally, I think Mourinho is Phil Brown. The difference is that Mourinho manages better players.

  382. And a keeper who isnt shit

  383. JonJon are you saying that Arsene took over when Arsenal were on top like Barca?

    dont be ridiculous!

  384. First and formost, no manager in the top of their League has had to deal with injuries like Arsene has. Lets have Messi go down and see how great of a manager he is. Dont talk blasted nonsense Jon Jon, yu ah get mi vex now to backside.

    With a damn truck load of injuries and Arsene has us at the blinkin to still!

    You better show some respect for Arsene!!

  385. Paul N,

    JonJon’s M.O is ridiculous…he’s convinced we were a mighty team in the 80s. We always think the days of our youth were the greatest ever.

  386. Well said Ateeb. ACLF should suplant the cursive heading with the words “A Blog for the non-moaning Arsenal supporter.”

  387. the thing that gets me is we presumably all spend much more time than we probably should on here for 1 reason- we all love Arsenal Football Club.

    Now, I literaly felt like I was going to cry when that third goal went in today. And Im still depressed now. But Im depressed because I know that this team is capable of so much more than what was delivered today.

    The fact that other fans would so savagley tear into everything about this club makes you question if you would even enjoy sharing the clubs impending success with them.

  388. I think your analysis is wrong Gainsbourg.

    The main difference betwen Mourinho and Brown is that, er, Brown is more ornage.

  389. Ha! Ha! Ha! Ole, maybe that’s why Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher are held in such high estem by conservatives.

  390. deano:

    “The fact that other fans would so savagley tear into everything about this club makes you question if you would even enjoy sharing the clubs impending success with them.”

    That’s not even in the picture for me. I view the people who take every opportunity to savage our club as rivals. To me, they’re no better than the Chelsea and Man U supporters that take a dig at us whenever they have the chance. That’s why I want Wenger to win with these kids so badly. I want Wenger to leave this club having won his way because I feel the culture of this club should never fall into the custody of some greedy bastard.

  391. a convincing win against city will make me slightly less depressed, i hope the same drivel wont be what we all see against citeh, blackburn and fulham. Lets make a strong end to the season..

  392. Even the fucking carling cup would do, why the fuck cant wenger play strong teams so we can win it, he better this season, and i have a strong feeling he will because desperation has started to creep in now..Plus with new additions and players fit, provided not many players leave our 2nd team will be extremely stong and will need games, e’g. Denilson, Eboue, Eduardo, Eastmond, Merida, you know,, players that wont make the team probided we have general luck with injuries

  393. If we won the Carling Cup & finished 3rd, I’d still be very disappointed. Only league, FA Cup or CL will do for me.

    The curling cup is a Mickey Mouse cup. some pre-season tournaments have more footballing value.

  394. Zap, look at our injuries and read what Lewin said regarding over use injuries. And the carling Cup will satiate your desire for trophies? Really?

  395. Cant wait for MOTD tonight, fucking brilliant team, best squad ever……

  396. The Carling Cup should be abolished. I see no point in there being a league cup when the Premeir league itself provides competition amongst the top flight teams. It’s a redundant tournament which is a pain in the ass for all involved.

  397. My wishes for next season:

    Szczesny in the first squad.

    Fran Merida signing a long term contract.

    Eastmond or any of the other reserve DMs becoming worthy replacements for Song.

    Eduardo getting his confidence back.

    The injury witch to stay away as much as possible.

  398. no paul…

    im saying we werent a shit team wen arsene took over as some of you whove only supported arsenal for the last few years think…we had the best back 5 in the league and the best strikeforce…

    we had an awesome of the best in the league..we’d won 6 trophies in the 8 years before wenger took over…we’d just gone a tad flat and needed a fresh approach

    abit like a situatin we find ourselves in now..whether it be players or manager i dont care..

    but somethings got to give cos arsenal are more important than any one man or player…

    weve now gone 5 years without silverware of anykind…our longest run in 20 years…something has to give

    especially when we give no importance whatsoever about 2 of the cups…

    but if your happy with that then that shows the ambition you have for this club..

  399. Most talented squad ever…. best arsenal squad……loaded with potential……one more year together……..when we get this player back…….

    what fucking bullshit

  400. All of our defeats in the league this season have come in pairs.

    Man U then Man C
    Sunderland then Chelsea
    Man U then Chelsea
    Totts then Wigan

    The 1st three pairs were followed by a win, let’s hope that trend continues for our next game.

  401. how do you give up 3 goals in 10 minutes to a team that had scored 30 in their first 34 games? Before Watson’s goal there wasn’t one person in that stadium that thought Wigan would win the match, except maybe Wenger.

  402. When Arsenal came to Arsenal we weren’t even Top 20 in Europe.

    Teams like Juventus, Inter, Atletico, Bayern Munich, Anderlecht, Ajax, PSV, Liverpool that we look down on now were miles ahead of us, talkless of the likes of AC Milan or Real Madrid.

    It takes serious ignorance not to realise it.

    We had 1/3 of a good team talk less of a good squad.

  403. Fhazzok I think that we should get mourinho in and buy messi and Rooney and casillas and Ashley Cole and Ronaldo and kaka and then we should sell loads of peoples and then we will win yeah? What you fink my mate?

  404. ole..


    we were a mighty team in the 90’s post wenger and pre wenger…

    all im saying is if wenger can walk into a good squad and win something..then why is it so hard for some of you to imagine another manager like guradiola walking into this squad (cos it isnt shit is it) and win something…

    why cant we succeed without wenger??? wats so hard to imagine about it??

    he wont be here forever, hes not immortal..

  405. You’re a dreamer, JonJon.

    Remind what team beat us in the Cup Winner’s Cup final?

  406. Jon jon he Is imortal

  407. ole..

    wat are you talking about now???

    who said anything about europe..

    and the last trophy we won before wenger was a european trophy so…..

  408. JonJon,

    Europe shows you where you stand. In 1996, Man Utd ruled the roost. English teams were very poor. We were just less poor than most, but even then we were average at best but capable of putting cup runs together.

    Players like Merson who you mention were not good enough. The back 4 and Seaman was just about what you could keep in that team.

    Wake up to reality.

    We were a very distinctly average team in the 90s.

  409. JonJon,

    Remind me our league position in 93, 93, 94 & 95?

  410. I agree with Ole Gunner.

    When we did venture into the European Cup, we would then go out with a whimper.

    Outclassed by the likes of Benfica.

    This current team would have outclassed any GG side, let alone the invincibles or team of 2 years ago.

    GG – you are living in a dreamland mate. Go and watch your GG video and watch the passing and movement. They wouldn’t have had a prayer against any top 4 side in the premiership today.

  411. Jon Jon Jon jonjon Jon if that is your real name, Wenger still has much to do, a blind man could see that. He has worked miracles and will continue to do so. And when he leaves it will be because he can do no more.

  412. ole

    trophies show you where you stand..

    remind me where we finished in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009,2010

  413. Best squad ever…….better then the invincibles…….

  414. The back 4 and Seaman. What about Dennis ? He was fairly good wasn’t he ?

  415. ole im not comparing the two eras your trying to drag the conversation off topic

    i said id like to have guardiola in charge next and was told he walked into a good side

    well so did wenger…so….

  416. JonJon,

    We got to the final of the Champions league in 2006 !!

    We nearly won it in 2008. Was absolutely decimated by injuries.

    You are talking where the sun doesn’t shine mate. You are living in the past.

  417. Ian Wright, didn’t he score a few goals ?

  418. muppet

    isnt 2006 the past???

    and im talking about who will take over after call that the future…

    dont any of you read??

  419. ok ok realisticly, with a new keeper, our key players PLAYING and a little more belief and fight this team will go the distance.

    I think united will be stronger next season chelsea will probably suffer a similar dip in form to that of Milan after winning the champions league.

    Christ help us if Mourinho wins the CL this season because he will be of to Citeh like a shot if he does. To bore us all to death with his expensive anti-football.

  420. jonjon can you please answer my question- why do you bother coming on this blog. You make yourself look like a prick, plus nobody cares about what dross you come up with

  421. In fact we improved in about every aspect, compared to last year, and people still cry murder. This is beyond me.

  422. You want to talk about Guardiola. The problem is some of you have no basis in reality.

    Yes, Guardiola can’t wait to come to Arsenal and compete with a net spend of £10M a year.

    I believe you.

    Wake up and smell the coffee. It’s almost bed time, it’s about time.

  423. All signs indicate a rocket has been put up everyones arse before the Citeh game.

  424. haha jonathon jon jonn jonny jon jonathon ross,

    Guardiola Inherited the most established youth academy in the world, the best player in the world, xavi and iniesta …..and the ability to spend 62 million on one player who dosent always start…… and a partridge in a bastard pear tree.

  425. Guardiola is not a better manager than Wenger JonJon. Don’t make me laugh.

    Managing Barcelona with the fruit of new players emerging from a world renowned academy plus a £60 million pound a year transfer budget, plus being able to afford the world’s top players, is a totally different kettle of fish to our predicament.

  426. deano,

    He’s going to come here. he can’t wait to compete with a net spend of £10M….he’ll love it.

    JonJon is even less clever than Myles Palmer.

  427. lets give evryone new contracts with bonuses for being so good at getting injured and never playing. they deserve it because they have potential and are better then the invincibles. they only need one more year together in the treatment room….

  428. Fhazzok you’re so funny!! Your clever use of sarcasm is just so clever..


  429. Hahahaha ole

    Its strange how some people measure success isnt it?

    In black and white Mourinhos a genius Guardiolas a genius…and too a point they deserve credit.

    But what Wenger has achieved is truly consistantly brilliant. While Ibrahimovic and Berbatov sit on the bench with there inflated price tags, we sit comfortably in 3rd place in the premier league, our club record signing dwarfed by half the amount it cost to by the either.

    We still compete, we are financialy stable. Have absoloute gems coming through the academy, Gibbs, Eastmond and Wilshere to name the obvious.

    We have a great footballing philsophy that acknowledges that people watch football to be entertained. Not to observe 38 succesful heartless buisness transactions.

    The team did not play well today, god knows why that is. But we all know that this blip will not last. We know our next win is close. We know this because of the level of quality we are used to getting from Wenger and our squad is consistent.

    Gutting loss today, Bright future ahead with our manager at the helm.

    If only the fast food merchants fuck off.

  430. I really don’t understand some of the OTT reactions, yes it’s disappointing and they messed up after being 2 goals up, but laying into all and sundry will not change anything. The manager has to get them performing again because he cannot change anything before the transfer window opens. A look at our bench today will tell you how much we have run out of options. Had we lost to Wigan with our best XI that would be a different story.

  431. I agree with Passenal. Laying into the team now achieves absolutely nothing. But something needs fixing. Yes we had a 2nd team out, but we were 2-0 up and didn’t put up much of a fight. Whenever we substitute our most threatening player with players to see the game out it never seems to work out.

  432. Guardiola is a success. Guardiola is a great manager. We don’t know how good or great he is. It’s just his 2nd season, and he’s started from a very strong position.

    He did very well to reinvigorate that Barca side which was already very good.

    That he can replace Wenger, I’m not sure.

    I think we’ll need 2 or 3 people to replace Arsene

  433. Also

    Fair play to Wigan and to Martinez…..I was watching him there on the touchline when he was 2-0 down to one of the top sides in Europe, crowd silent….he never stopped trying to spur them on watching everything intently. He never gave up and they realy did deserve it in the end.

  434. were over-reacting…..this teams better then the invincibles… wengers booked them all in for heart transplants

  435. Now Wenger’s done all the work, I dare say Guardiola could be successful at Arsenal. The question is, why should we settle for second best?

  436. “And I’m not a doomer. I see blue skies for this team in the grand scheme of things.

    But what the fuck is going on, right now?”

    I agree.

    We played two games in the thick of a title race, one away at the lane for god’s sake, and didn’t really look like we gave a toss for either. The players should be ashamed, it was disgraceful this last week.

    Wenger as the manager must shoulder blame also. You shouldn’t need to motivate players for games like that, but he did need to and he couldn’t do it.

    A lot of players looked way to comfortable with losing, strolling about having been told for years that they are good enough without having proved it. Things need shaking up, we must get fresh players in and make the current squad fight for places.

    We have a lot of players who are superb and will do great things for us, but right now we are screaming out for additions to make it all come together.

    A goalie is an obvious must, 2 defenders, a midfielder, a winger and a striker.

    Let’s send the kids out on loan for a while. Vela, Merida, Barazite, Eastmond all should have gone this year. Fabianski should get a year away to find his confidence.

    We are so poor without the ball that we make very average sides look like Madrid of the 50’s – the coaching staff have done an abysmal job in that regard this year.

    Whilst injuries have hurt us big time, we have been consistently undone by some of the most ugly, mindless defending imaginable. This started way back at Old Trafford, then at shitty.

    We lost both games, have continued to bleed goals all season especially against anyone half decent. However, the point is, it was happening when everyone was fit.

    Until we can learn to defend as a team, pressure as a group and actually put a few tackles in, we will be boned and continue getting humped by quality sides. Either our players can’t do it, or the staff can’t coach it, but something really needs changing for next season.

    What a sad, demoralising end to a season that promised so much but in hindsight was doomed all along. Without Cesc we have no inspriation when things are going wrong and without a solid defense we need too much from our forwards.

    Here’s to next year. It is only a small step to champions, Wenger is the man to make it happen… It would be nice though to get a couple of players signed early, the spirits could do with a lift right now.

  437. 1 loose cannon

    Passenal- This loss was not down to quality, we played well until we switched off thinking the job was done. Despite having Sol and Sylvestre who seen it and done it all I put this loss down to inexperience and naivety, and not quality. Fabrianski is not a bad keeper at all but he seems to get nervous when the pressure is on. I remember Lehman used to give a rollocking to his team mates as well as harassing the opposition to put them of their game, I can’t blame Fabianski he just doesnt have the experience to steady his nervous and be more aggressive in his box it comes with age and confidence.

    Lehman can also multitask. Cheer up everyone 🙂

  438. On an optimistic note, it’s quite possible that the headline of the day could be a career-ending injury for Rosicky courtesy of Watson’s insane challenge. We’re only talking a fraction of a second and great side vision from TR from what could have been another horrendous act of violence.

    Compared with that, I’ll happily take a 3-2 defeat.

  439. Fuck the optimism, that was a stinging loss made all the more painful by our complete ineptitude and stupidity. It is a wonder a team can be so good and then so bad.

    As it played out, the talking heads and paper people were right all along. That stings to.

    We are too naive. Some of our players look like dilettantes when things are going against them, not a fight between half a dozen of them.

    We do need fresh faces and more than a few. I couldn’t care less if Wenger finds them in Tibet for 10 pence a player, just so long as we get them in.

    Next season can’t come soon enough.

  440. i hate to say it but i agree with arsenehollis

  441. lets hope that circus doesnt appear next week against citeh

  442. Arsenehollis

    Who are the players who disappeared?

    The back four all fought hard. Rosicky and Nasri worked hard, but were ineffective. Eastmond was disciplined. Diaby was disappointing again, but I put that down more to confidence. Walcott looked dangerous but didn’t get great service and Bendtner looked up for the game.

    This notion that we have a bunch of dilettantes simply goes against the facts. I think we have some players that have hit a low ebb in confidence, partly because they have been involved in some crushing recent defeats.

    The outrage is just misplaced. Diappointment I can understand, but not the lynch-mob mentality. We needed 3 or 4 new players before this game and that hasn’t changed with this result.

    It’s possible that Silvestre, Gallas and Merida at least will be leaving. It’s looking like 3-4 high-quality players will be coming in and a couple of players will rise from the reserves.

  443. please stay merida

  444. next year we will win the league this team is better then the imvincibles…..

  445. Delia-----Block112

    We are all disappointed, hurt and embarrassed by the collapse in the last 10mins . I find the clamour
    to get rid of AW disrespectful in the extreme. I agree that a number of players need to look at themselves and should consider whether they have what it takes in the PL.
    A world class keeper signing this Summer is a must, together with CB and DMF reinforcements.
    We do need to pull ourselves together and win our 3 final games otherwise our season will end in real failure but for God’s sake fellow Gooners keep the faith.

  446. Arsene said on that the ‘deals’ (plural) will be announced when the season is over. That should satisfy that the ‘buy now’ crowd. In the meantime, we are where we are and we have the players we have (left!) Until the season is over, they need our support if they are to lift their heads and get through the last few games. The title may be beyond them now, but they still have second place to play for and they need our backing. When the whistle blows at the end of the season, that is the time for the ‘I told you so’ crowd. Although personally, considering that according to the great and the good we were supposed to finish way outside the top 4, I still think we have done well considering the obstacles we have faced.

  447. Watching the game, wigan absolutely battered us they totally dominated the second half and deserved the victory

  448. Arsene Wenger after the match:

    On Arsenal’s injury problems this season…
    “I do not want to use the injuries as an excuse. When you are 2-0 up and you play for Arsenal Football Club I believe you would not use the injuries as an excuse when you lose the game.”

    Translated: Some of these players today might have proven they are not fit to wear the shirt. Arsene deserves some blame today, just as he deserves praise when things go right. But fact is, he was let down by some players he has put his faith in, hopefully for the last time. There are too many other youngsters in the system to give the likes of Diaby and Fabianski 6 seasons to gain “maturity” and “confidence” and “experience”.

  449. oh dear oh fukin dear. Flappers should never wear an arsenal shirt again. has to be the shittest keeper we have ever had. what the fuck happened today. our teams are just losing their fukin bottle, whimpering away, i fukin hate spring coz every year at this time we get fukin sprung.

  450. city are gunner tear this team a new arse, cant fukin wait.

  451. Pep Guardiola is not the force behind Barcelona. Johann Cruyff is. In fact Guardiola is the current front man.

    Arsene Wenger is having to do this on his own. Today he was let down very, very badly by players who have the ability and ought to know better.

    Personally, I have never ever been as embarassed as I was in the last ten minutes, by an Arsenal performance. I won’t go into detail. There is a chance now that we may only get fifth place.

    I think that Arsene just got the attention of the Arsenal Board…who are cunts to a man, since there are no longer any women.

    I think that AW will give this one more season. If the Board do not support him all the way…and I doubt they have even attempted to do that for the last three years. Then I think he will go.

    PHW at minimum should fall on his sword this summer, he has presided over a fiasco which started with the ousting of David Dein.

  452. There is no doubt that AW will buy and sell in the summer and may have already started the process. I think that several players have taken advantage of the manager over the last 12 months. The acid test was the last four games. Several failed.

  453. Nothing less than 9 points from the last three games will secure us…..third. Anything less could see us fourth or fifth.

  454. lol bit harsh there Frank..

  455. Do the m..sums, Kitchen Sink.

  456. negativity is bad for morale Frank..

    I liked you better with country mile..

  457. According to some experts above apparently no one can get into the safe at AFC without getting the keys off AW.

    That must be why Lady Nina is screaming from the rooftops:

    ‘Sell, Sell, Sell!”

  458. As it happens I have thought for a very long time that the Board are a massive negative and unaccountable force in our club. Don’t give me all that crap about having skin in the game, these arseholes feathered their own nests or had someone else feather them for them, long, long ago.

    From a footballing perspective only one of the fat cats had a real clue and the other cuckoos fucked him up the arse and threw him out of the nest.

    To carry the fowl, in any sense of the word, analogy, the chickens have come home to roost.

  459. I could give a fuck what you like or dislike, Kitchen Sink.

  460. Its okay Frank the team will get back I believe it and behind your hard internet blog exterior so do you..

    and you’ll enjoy doing your trench thing in times to come..


  461. One summer and one season is perhaps all the time we have. But to be a very successful club the Board has to drastically change. Usmanov, Kroenke, Fiszman and first of all Hill-Wood need to go. I don’t know how…but none of them are football people so they have to go.

  462. I do not think that the team will get back, Kitchen Sink. Not without real changes. Over the last three weeks I think that several have already mentally jumped ship.

  463. It is pretty obvious that several players already know that they are leaving. It is also abundantly clear that their colleagues know too.

  464. forgive me for not having it in me to wallow with you..

    we all get over things in our own time..

    they will be changes be made but this team has all the qualities required mental or other wise..

    they’ll lick their wounds and be back stronger still..

  465. fukin ell things must be bad if frank is having a pop. but we do have some players who are playing like cun*s, flapianski needs shooting. he will never be even slightly good. it is tough being the arsenal keeper. and even al isnt good enough for the position although he is good he isnt good enough. like a few of the players it has turned out. what a fukin depressing fukin result.

  466. Why should I forgive you, Kitchen Sink?

    I will support the manager and squad to the end of the Earth provided I feel that they support me as a supporter. This week I saw that I could still trust the manager and I can still trust SOME of the players, but not all.

    I have never trusted one member of the Board since DD left.

  467. I’m not sure players need to go as such but for sure some new ones need to come in.

    Several out there today played like they knew they had no competition for a starting berth.

    I’m not as mature as Frank, so i’ll name names. Rosicky seemed allergic to the ball as he gave it away constantly, Diaby is the laziest most arrogant footballer i have ever seen, so much talent so little effort. Nasri? On the evidence of his Cesc understudy audition, he’s behind Ramsey.

  468. lol just a phrase..

  469. I think that there will be a number of players in the squad after tonight who will put their hands up and say I just don’t have that special belief….unless one or two of the true believers are on the pitch beside me. In other words they are able to produce AWs required magic if the magic ones are on the pitch…but if not then they are like Cinderella after midnight.

  470. And what players would that be frank? What do you mean by trust? Are they not good enough or did they deliberately switch off?

  471. what are you on about sink., nagativity is bad for who’s morale??? the team?? their morale is shot to fukin pieces now anyway, they dont need a few bloggers to help in that department. and we aint gunner help them by writing nice things about them either.

  472. Frank just reminded me of something that occurred to me earlier.

    Many are calling for Wengers head but they haven’t thought it through. Who in their right mind would trust this board to find an appropriate replacement for Arsene?

  473. frank..

    i know you dont like me..but i always enjoy reading your comments…even if i dont agree with them..

    in this case..i do..

    cant argue with a word youve said

    i wont argue with you on was only my opinion and it was just a suggestion but the rest of what youve said is pretty much spot on..

    although i sit on the fence with DD..

  474. Qos,

    Diaby is ranked as 35th player in the castrol index rating, just a spot behind Cesc. If you take his performances the whole season he did quite well, he just hit a bad form since we met Barcelona. Although sure, I would agree he didn’t perform that would justify his place in the starting X1 today.

    Rosicky is a class player, and you can see he puts in a lot of effort, he hasnt been the same player since he returned from injury. Does he need more time or has lost it? We can’t judge much, but since he’s been awarded a contract it would suggest Arsene sees something in training that merits another chance for him.

  475. Duke,

    You’ve always had the moaning germs in you, always waiting to take a pop at the team. Or perhaps, you’re too aggressive and can’t handle a fucking loss. Sure it was embarassing, probably the worst defeat for a while. Who do you want to put the blame onto? Fabianski just made one mistake for the second goal. The whole team was culprit for the first and third. Not to forget the savior Sol, who was quite the culprit for the third.

  476. Ateeb, then the Castrol Index is a joke. To suggest that Diaby is anything like as important as Cesc or has been even close to the player Cesc has been this season is an insult to our Spanish Magician.

  477. duke you never cease lol misery does love your company..

  478. I am really surprised at some of what I’m reading tonight. Sometimes it’s better to sleep on it and react when emotions are not so raw. None of us know what is going on with the squad and yet we’re quick to make assumptions about things which are beyond our comprehension. It’s a sad, sad day and I’m shocked at the level of venom and lashing out in anger. Maybe it’s time for a break.

  479. Who on this Board appear at away games? Who on this Board appear in the players changing room every game? Who on this Board are even on speaking terms with the players?

    Robin Van Persie and Cesc Fabregas supported by their unsleeping manager have more passion between them than any of the so-called owners and administrators. I know everyone would like Ivan to be the exception but he has the look and feel of a management consultant with a law and accounting degree…I know many such people and I would not trust the fuckers to train my dog.

    This Board have changed this club into a fucking Corporation. You only have to look around their fucking ‘temple’ to realise that. I find that very hard to swallow or follow.

  480. ateeb the castrol index is a load of dribble..

    sami hypia is rated 2nd best defender in the world.or he was when i last checked….

    they had liam lawrence or watever hes called in the top 20 midfeilders in the PL along with dempsey… cesc wasnt even in the top 5 and song wasnt there at all..

    its rubbish..

  481. Well the tag line queenie, is that the castrol index isn’t about opinion but facts. But what do I know, the list though does have players you’d expect to be in the positions that they are.

    He’s a magician for sure, but every position is important, just because Diaby doesn’t have as much assists or goals, doesnt make him a shit player.

  482. frank i agree the baord are shifty and have been for years

    players like cesc and rvp are a credit to the badge theyve pretty much carried us for the last few years…theyve been a beacon of arsenal energy but i fear we could lose them if we dont pick up a trophy or 2..

    we need to build a team worthy to play with those two and not a bunch of half arsed show ponys who cant play with the pride the club or cesc or robin deserve…

  483. JonJOn,

    I’d rather take a computer simulations word for what it makes of a player, than yours any fucking day. Thats how highly I regard your opinion.

    The list has Messi, Ronaldo, Higuain, Rooney on top…..I didn’t find it surprising….

  484. Its the manner of the defeat Passenal. We’ve all seen us lose before but to play with such an arrogant contempt for our opponents, for our supporters, for our Manager, that is a rare thing.

    Its a rare thing knowing that the players out there deserved to lose and deserved to be shown up.

  485. hes not a shit player ateeb

    hes probably the most skillfull in the league..but he never applies himself..he never puts any effort in…he treats every game like a training session and hes been the same pretty much since he joined us..wenger cant knock it out of him and its come to the point hes just a luxury player who turns up when he wants, goes on a few mazy runs and thinks thats all there is too it…

    if he would sort his attitude out he’d be a colossus in the middle of the park..he has all the technical and pysical attributes to be one of the best players in the world but he doesnt have the mental attribute and it makes him nothning more than an average player…

  486. Diaby has gone through a bad spell of late. He was our best player at Birmingham and has been fantastic and consistent both offensively and defensively before that game.

    Clearly he has suffered a lack of form or confidence (perhaps both) but we cannot overlook his huge leap this season.

  487. ateeb we have the best striker the best midfielder the best defender and two of the best full backs in the PL

    the rest of the squad are just passengers and it doesnt take a computer to work that out..

  488. My issue with Diaby is nothing to do with assists or goals Ateeb. Its not about talent, i agree he’s talented. The issue is attitude and effort.

    Watch the first five minutes of the 2nd half again. I could have punched him for his lazy arrogant backheel. A lesser talent would have scored then.

    In my opinion, he only sings when he’s winning, when he’s got Cesc etc around him, he’s great. When we need him to step up, to be the one stirring the team a role that behoves his talent, he lets us down time and time again.

    He’s a choker. Thats how strongly i feel about him.

  489. My disappointment in some players moreorless parallels AWs…though miles behind because I probably give more latitude than him. Todays defensive performance in the last fifteen minutes was probably the worst in the EPL this season by any team. Prior to that we should have been 5 or 6 nil up.

    I am leaving my special attention for the supporters especially the online ones, who are probably the worst in th EPL. But for that I will wait until the end of the season. Though I might just not fucking bother. Why should I?

  490. who’s moaning.. im stating that old flappers needs shooting and some players are playing like c*nts. whats wrong with that.

  491. Most of the players are quite talented, the things they lack perhaps is belief. One could concur that we came back from slipping twice because we weren’t under any pressure, since the gap was too wide. And they performed brilliantly without pressure and got right back in.

    Same goes for winning games against the big three, last season, we beat chelsea and manU, perhaps because we were out of the title race pretty early on, and didn’t have much pressure. The team buckles under pressure situations I guess, and having leaders like Cesc, RVP, Gallas, out through injuries doesn’t help either.

  492. ateeb, 1 mistake today and 1 0r 2 in every game he will play in or has played in, the guy is a dud. why argue the point.

  493. Perhaps Arshavin’s comments for signing more player’s reflects a lack of belief overall in the squad. He might consider himself safe from a retaliation by anyone, made those comments. The other players who aren’t in his position, might think the same things.

  494. Diaby’s certainly not been good all year. His first third was rubbish, his middle third was much much improved, and this last bit of the season is all I need to see. Again, give me a less gifted player/athlete who is out there spilling his guts. Has anyone ever watched Diaby out there and said, “man, that guy gave it 100% today”? I don’t mean to single out Diaby; frankly, several on our side had an awful second half. But I think by now it’s become apparent to at least me that some of the players out on the pitch have mistaken Wenger’s faith in them as unconditional love and coddling. Putting the supporters who pay top price to go to the Emirates and to away matches aside, it’s simply not fair to the likes of Fabregas, RvP, Vermaelen, Song, and Clichy to continue putting out anyone on the pitch that isn’t ready to go to war and spill blood and guts. I still support Arsene and what he’s doing, but it’s time certain players, if they’re in fact talented enough, to start doing the same. The time for coddling with this batch is over.

  495. there are some soft c*nts around.

  496. I think that Abou has problems. I don’t know how to sort them out or even to analyse them.

    However, wWe need an entire back five to be fucntioning properly and when the chips are down over the last three games none of them have come up to scratch. Why when we are 2-0 up is Sol gallloping up to the front. Isn’t conservation everything at his age? Why does an experienced defender like MS suddenly dart out to a position he cannot possibly maintain securely when surrounded by oppositon forwards. Why does Gael Clichy so frequently just fall asleep? Why does Bacary Sagna become so disoriented? Why does a top level keeper, whose main attribute must always be outrageous confidence in his own ability otherwise why is he an EPL keeper, have a nervous breakdown every time the ball comes into his box?

  497. Lbags,

    That is some very well articulated bullshit. A week back we found ourselves in a position to go level with points with chelsea on the top, by beating the Spuds. We lost. But to get to that position, it was a team effort, BLOOD and GUTS were spilled the whole season, the injuries are evidence of that. Some went as far as to lose a leg. No, don’t buy that they don’t give 100%. The players, played well against spurs, lacking the discipline to find the goal, that’s all.

    You’re directing your anger for losing the title, on just one performance of today’s.

  498. franks cracked. well done mate.

  499. Lacking the discipline to defend the goal is more to the point, Ateeb.

  500. Trust JonJon, he’d never allow facts to modulate his own misguidedness.

    If the facts don’t confirm what he started out thinking. They must be wrong.

  501. I’d caution everyone against agreeing with JonJon. There lies error.

    I don’t believe this Arsenal team has collapsed just yet. We should have a few players back soon, and that will make a big difference to us.

    One or two players have not given everything when we needed everything. That is bitterly disappointing, and of course makes us angry. Nevertheless, the most cynical interpretations are not necessarily the right ones.

  502. The last three results have been down to very, very poor defending.

  503. Agree with everything you’ve just said Frank except the Sol comment. I think he was trying to inject some life into the side, to shake them out of their listless slumber.

    It was said a couple of weeks ago that this team has become adrenaline junkies that they need a shock before they start to perform. Perhaps that is right, we are never more vunerable than when its easy.

  504. The team on the pitch today kicked me in the teeth.

  505. Frank,

    I’d agree with you on the defense. It has gone absolutely mental. I dislike how Arsene uses Gallas for the past 2 seasons, he’s put in every fucking game time feb-march, and then he goes out injured. That is Arsene’s fault, he really doesn’t trust his backups enough to give Gallas a break every now and then. And he uses Cesc the same way, and perhaps Arshavin too. That needs to be addressed, if you don’t consider your backups good enough to deputize even if the prefered players are fit, that also shows there is a lack of competition, for those positions.

  506. stop moaning about the defence ateeb.

  507. I do think the injury situation has impeded us dramatically, not just the sheer numbers but also to whom the injuries have occurred and all at the same time too.

    But how many times does it have to happen to us for us to draw the conclusion that we are underprepared for the last 10 games of a given season?

  508. I’m not moaning duke, just saying they’re underperformed the last couple of games. Not asking for them to be let go, or asking for Arsene’s head.

  509. Ateeb, I agree I’m probably picking the wrong time to vent; most of us aren’t clearheaded at this time. But what’s the point of coming here other than for therapeutic reasons? Some come on here to chant their mantra of positivity over and over. Some come on here to spew their visceral feelings of extreme negativity after a match like today’s. I guess my point is that I’ve had doubts about certain players and I’ve asked the question in the past, when is the right time to cut your losses. After today, I’m ready to put my full support behind Arsene sending a handful of folks away this season given a lack of talent, lack of desire, or lack of maturity or confidence that we (or I) frankly just can’t wait to arrive.

  510. Anybody calling for Wengers head is an idiot and would be better served finding another sport to follow.

  511. Frank,

    You can blame both defense and attack. Just scoring 1 goal, having 70% possession is also a lack of discipline and creativity in front goal.

  512. ole

    comeon mate give me a break..why are you always on my nuts you were one of the worst posters earlier…remember these

    Completely unprofessional. Dock 1 month’s pay from everyone who played today.

    We just flitted around aimlessly and Arsene couldn’t turn it around.

    Why is anyone blaming injuries. Wigan were poor defensively. We were 2 nil up. we should have won

    However much you call for perspective, it won’t eclipse the perspective of how poor a result this was today.

    It was 3 points WE HAD TO TAKE today.

    We had no reason not to do it.

    We should be scandalised because it is outrageous.

    at least im consistent in my views…your up and down more than a hookers knickers…

    make your mind up were good enough or we aint..

  513. We all know what we saw from certain players in the 2nd half. AW saw it too….has no doubt known it for a while.
    What happens in the summer and from then on….

    I’m with Passenal at 11.24. Then again maybe I’m just one of those “soft c*nts” that DukeGoonem alludes to.

  514. I agree with you JonJon, you’re a consistent prick, and really excel at it.

  515. Perhaps the problem is that Sol and Sylvestre, weren’t there last season when we were learning from our mistakes by throwing away leads and certain wins.

  516. Maybe Arsene, too, should’ve forgone talking with the players after the match and just slept on it for a night or two first before laying into them.

  517. atteb

    less of the insults..there really is no need

    you slit your wrists too after a youve no room to talk

    bottom line is ive stood up for this team all season saying they’ll do it this year…

    but they’ve let me down..theyve let us all down…

    but no matter how hard we try brush it under the carpet there are certain players who havent been good enough for years and its those players we expected to step up this year and they havent done it…

    in some cases they havent even tried…we cant defend them anymore they need a kick up the arse and told they are not good enough..

  518. Magical post, JonJon. I am starting to believe in what you claim. I feel anger growing inside of me, and I feel really pathetic right now. Drowning in misery, even my body is starting to ache. I want to break and smash things, and lash out at anyone near me. I want to tear my hair and heart our, I want to shoot some Arsenal players, and beat the heck out of Arsene.

    Thank you JonJon, you’ve finally broke through my Arsene supporting crust. Now it sucks to be just like you.

  519. Fantastic attempt at wit LBags. Don’t give up the day job cleaning toilets just yet will you though.

    Don’t bother thinking of a reply sweetheart….I’m off to sleep.

  520. ateeb

    its not anger..its disspointment..if the players dont want to play for 90minutes then they dont deserve any praise at all do they..supportings one thing…but wrapping in cotton wool and pretending everythings ok is anyother…they dont deserve to play for us if they dont know what it means to play for us..

    theres a difference…

    im not actually one of the fans that wants to shoot every body..but i do want them replacing..preferably with someone who gives a shit and will play until the final whistle

  521. The toilets need cleaning after today. Lot of vomiting induced earlier. Sorry you had to get the last word in and run off.

  522. arsene has been clueless since david dein went.

  523. Frank-in the span of three or four games you’ve gone from saying we have the greatest squad in our history to have your comments be interchangeable with JonJons after this one single game.


  524. Frank’s an all or nothing kind of man.
    the team gave us nothing so they get nothing back in return.

    We’ll need all the support we can get to beat Carlos Tevez and David Bellamy next week.

    Cmon you miserable, complacent, pathetic, rip-roaring Gunners.

  525. Poorest performance of the season. Fabianski was a disaster from the first cross – which he comprehensively missed – to the extraordinary second goal, dropping the ball perfectly onto Bramble’s head. His finest moment was not being responsible for the third goal!

    Next time people want to criticise Almunia, just remember what poor goalkeeping really looks like…..

    Diaby and Nasri have both moved up a gear in the second half of the season – but chose yesterday to revert to their most ineffectual, leaving Eastmond looking like the most experienced member of midfield!

    Theo was infuriating but is looking increasingly threatening – and a great finish for the goal.

    van P should have been on from 60 mins, if only to improve our goal difference – with Bendtner also at his clumsiest.

    Hard to find many positives, but let’s win the last three – which will require a big step up from yesterday – and take it from there.

  526. Based on Frank’s comments (is somebody impersonating you ? never read you so negative….) I am so glad i decided to go hiking in the mountains rather than watch the game…might have broken my tv set…

  527. All those people crying about Wenger sending RVP on too late, what was he supposed to do?

    We were 2-0 up, the team on the pitch should’ve been able to kill the game off. Why take a chance and send a half fit RVP on?

    No one, definitely not Wenger, expected such a capitulation.

  528. …..because a half fit RVP is still our best available player – and 3-0, 4-0, 5-0 is even easier to hold than 2-0.

  529. I am not being negative, tokala. Over the 94 minutes Wigan looked in the end the better team yesterday. We have real problems with injuries to key players…and our real problem is that without those key players we allowed a side fighting relegation to outperform us.

    I don’t care about Arsenal supporters I think given the paucity of support many get what they deserve with honourable exceptions. However I do think that the players on the pitch yesterday had the quality to do better for their manager who has remained loyal to them through thick and thin.

    The conclusion that I am left with is that a team full of our key players RvP, Cesc, TV, Alex Song, Eboue, Kieran Gibbs, Aaron Ramsey, Theo (on his day), AA, WG, Samir and one or two others, is capable of being the best in the world. Start to take a few of those out, RvP and Cesc in particular, and it is a different story.

    The problem I have with yesterday is that that game was almost handed to us on a plate, but no-one on the pitch until RvP came on had the ability to organise, push, cajole, THINK. Given the performances I have seen from may I can’t imagine why they allowed themselves to collapse in such a dramatic fashion.

    It was a performance which was deeply disrespectful of the manager.

  530. I agree with sigh on RvP.

    AW said he was struggling after the Spuds game. I’d say he was probably never going to be risked unless there was an obvious emergency: Say, if we’d been behind or drawing for most of the match and needed something special in the last 20 minutes.

    In that scenario he could have been properly prepared, with a decent warm up, which would have given him a decent chance of getting through the few minutes on the pitch.

    As it turned out, it never looked like he’d be needed until it was too late. And even when the tide started to turn it still wasn’t worth risking him cold.

    In the end he was thrown on out of sheer desperation.

  531. may=many

  532. Yes, OG. RvP was obviously an emergency measure and very risky to him. He was not really required but the team perfromance level dropped drastically. So we have disrespect for the manager and disrespect to our best player.

    Appalling behaviour, especially from some of the older members of the squad i.e. the defence.

    I feel sorry for Fabianski. One of the first attributes on the profile of a great keeper is confidence. Pig-headed, obstinate, cocky self-belief. Fab is a really nice chap and will make someone a great husband one day. Might even stay at home and look after the kids.

    Abou Diaby…is a child in a mans body. Talented beyond belief but nothing going on between the ears.

  533. Frank,
    I have been following Arsene for a long time (long before Arsenal) being from the same region.
    He has an “old school” ethics i am afraid a majority of (young) players lack today and i really feel for him. Indeed he looked very disappointed (by the players i assume)…

  534. Bacary Sagna and Gael Clichy on their day can be great. But they are both day dreamers and when they dream players get behind them. Watch the second half again if you don’t believe me. Sol and Mikale Sylvestre are just old men and should not really have to play at this level. They tire towards the end of games.

  535. 1 loose cannon

    The away fans were singing RVP’s name around the 60th minutes they thought he was come in on, he is such a joy to watch.The fact that RVP did not come on thats in itself sent a message to players “The JOB IS DONE” and rightly so we were crusing with 2 nil up its just unfortunate the turn around happened very late. Wenger reacted by bringing on RVP on with 3 minutes to go but it was too late. Wenger had RVP in in mind only if thinks are not going well. Anyway its one of those games you just have to forget and move on.I’ve decided this is it for me for the season I’m watching the final arsenal games and thats it, anything else I would not give a shit.I will be cheering on Pompey in FA cup final if I do watch it.

  536. Once the dust has settled on this season we may come to realise that this team is not as good as we hoped but not as bad as we feel it is this morning.

    We may also have to swallow some unpalatable truths. It would seem that we do lack leaders or at least strong characters capable of organising a team to deliver a result in the required circumstance of a match. We know who can do this, we also now know who can’t.

    There does seem to be an issue with defending and for that we must look at the coaching staff.

    It sticks in my craw to acknowledge that some of the pundits did actually get some of their views on our team partially correct. I hate that.

    However, if we step back a little further then this has still been a good season. Some great, truly great performances and some wonderful football.

    I do believe that there will be more ins and outs this close season than normal. I do believe that Arsene will sort it out. He has looked an unhappy man for a few weeks now. The sort of man who has been forced to play out a hand from which all the aces have been used.

    Fine tuning. A liitle building and a bit of hatchet work and the garden will be better next year.

    What would any of you swap being an Arsenal fan for? It’s a long steep road.

  537. Wigan’s momentum – and our tiredness, and lack of confidence – counts for a lot, Frank. At 2-0 down Wigan, fighting against relegation, had nothing to lose and they poured forward.

    We should gave made them pay with that Diaby chance in the second half.

    But after that Wigan’s tails were really up, and once the first goal was scored it was always going to be difficult to keep them out of the game.

    At the very least we needed some help from the ref. The free-kick given against Sagna before the second goal was ridiculous, and piled the pressure on us further.

    As for Diaby, I believe the first half at home against Barcelona has put the brakes on his season. Before that game he was flying, and really playing to his strengths: Dribbling, 1-2s around the box and power.

    Since then he hasn’t really backed himself in games, plays on his heels and always seems to be looking for player with difficult passes.

    Vision was never his strong point.

    It’s just a shame that we haven’t been able to rest him to let him get his head together. Especially because this has been his best season for Arsenal by far.

  538. Well, tokala, I come at this from a different direction. I was an old-fashioned Arsenal supporter but I am now an Arsene Wenger convert. I agree totally with his philosophy and his approach. I think that our best players do too.

    If AW has a fault it is to take on responsibility himself when others do not pull their weight. This season I have had my eyes open. Some of our players hide under his wing, importantly the Board have behaved abominably. Happy to let him carry the can whilst they busily play fucking poker with their stakes. Cunts to a man.

    And many of our ex-players. You can see the fault lines…TH and DB10 on one side, probably PV and MK too. Many of the others are on the other side. We can divide them into AW supporters and Arsenal supporters, the latter tend to make money out of it. I know which ones I prefer.

    Supporters?…I have said enough about supporters on this blog. Arsenal supporters really do not pull their weight. Especially online ones. The rest of us have to drag the fuckers around like so much dead weight.

    My allegiance has well and truly transferred from Arsenal to AW. It would be nice if the two were the same thing. But I don’t think they are.

  539. The irony of all this is that only one man will ultimately take responsibility for yesterdays performance. Only one man has that sort of bottle….and he is the one who will get all the stick from press and media, pundits, other managers, other players, the English football establishment. The latter make me laugh…that referee yesterday was an amateur.

    Oh and lets hand to the supporters who grizzle more than any other supporters in the world. Utter arseholes.

    But the Board, where are they? What exactly do they do?

  540. We will be very lucky to retain third place this season and fifth is a distinct possibility. Look at the fixtures…and look at the players.

  541. Seeing JonJon take advantage of people’s anger to lure them towards his own rotten opinions was f*cking creepy.

  542. If AW is still with us next season is going to be very interesting. I think he will be because he is a stayer and has loyalty to his players….and the Board are selfish cowards. Their investments will suffer if they get rid of this man. The close season is going to be very interesting indeed. But next season will be very telling. I will review my own position during next season.

  543. ***Walks in whistling idly to himself, newspaper tucked under his arm***

    Only joking, not going to rub it in too bad. God knows I know how painfull a pathetic performance (or decade) is.

    The one thing I dont understand is why Van Persie didnt play, you all wanted him back so badly and when he is, he doesnt even play. What game was Wenger saving him for?

  544. JonJon is an opportunist and is an Arsenal supporter. I have changed, I am a football supporter first and an Arsenal supporter second. I will follow Arsenal if certain conditions are fulfilled, but I will not follow the club blindly. It does not mean that the team have to win at all costs…there is a balance to be struck between quality of football and winning. Ideally they come together occasionally, but not always….

  545. “We will be very lucky to retain third place this season and fifth is a distinct possibility. Look at the fixtures…and look at the players.”

    I disagree with that, Frank. Here’s why:

    We’ll have Song and RvP in the starting lineup vs Man City, and we’ll probably see AA back against Blackburn.

    Sol and Mikael will get 7 days rest every week until the end of the season.

    The manager and players will respond; they’ve demonstrated a winning mentality countless times this season – coming back against Barca after the battering, winning untold games at the death and beating Stoke after what happened to Aaron.

    With our cushion of points, and the fixtures that the Spuds and City are facing, it would take a pretty strange sequence of results to push us down to fifth, even if we lose all our remaining games.

  546. Seems to me that you just agreed with it, JonJon. For me it depeds which players actually turn up. Will RvP start against Citeh?

  547. Anyway – new post.

  548. We’ll finished third with points to spare.

    And Oi, I’m not Jon Jon or OG!

  549. I think we have a very small number of players who are no longer interested in playing for Arsenal. If that is right, Arsene will know what to do with them. The majority of our players are dedicated to helping Arsenal succeed. We have seen them struggling through injury to help us get results. Yesterday’s fiasco does not mean the team is finished for the season.

  550. Not sure which slight is worse!

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