Arsene on Transfers, The Summer And Those Comments…

The significance of tomorrow’s match at Wigan will be determined by the results in two local derbies this afternoon; defeats suffered by either of the top two can breathe life into the squad, knowing that a win for Arsenal will either stop the title chase being totally extinguished or second place being within their own destiny.

According to the tenor of Arsène’s press conference yesterday, neither of those possibilities exists, the manager ridiculed in some quarters for refusing to give up the notion of winning a trophy. Quite what is expected of him is beyond comprehension. Of course he does not publicly give up when the mathematics still makes anything possible, even if he privately acknowledges the reality to be different.

That the majority of his observations, reported at least, focussed on the coming months is the best indicator of the mood. Several are clear indicators of how he is planning his activity. The additions to the forward line are already taken care of he noted earlier this week, Chamakh has presumably been signed and sealed in a contract. The rationale for not announcing the move is in part to protect the player from accusations of not trying hard enough whilst the French title is to be decided.

More tellingly were his observations surrounding the goalkeeping position. Almunia was noted as being a ‘great goalkeeper’ but not assured of being the first choice next season. It is not the ringing endorsement that the player would like yet it is not the open condemnation that many seek. He has been far better than some believe yet unconvincing and suffers from inconsistency. As the last line of defence, his mistakes are magnified; inevitably a high percentage will lead to a goal being conceded. Others are not punished so regularly. In Almunia’s case, a number of high profile misjudgements have occurred. He would however, be a solid second choice as he was for Lehmann.

Alongside a change in goal will be a new central defender. This is the key area for Wenger. Talks with William Gallas have apparently stalled and it is hard to find fault with the player for wanting a final lucrative contract as his career enters its final stretch. The first sighting of the Golden Bredeland occurred this week, a signal that the summer madness is about to begin.

For Arsenal, it is a difficult position. They have backed themselves into a corner on the issue of age, not wanting to commit to long-term deals with older players. The justification for the policy is those who have gone before. Arguably Wenger has only got it wrong once; Robert Pires. That suggests it is not wrong yet rather than being rigidly adhered to, such policies should be flexible enough to allow manoeuvre in special circumstances.

Gallas has a part to play in this as well, balancing realism with his ‘pension’ deal. However, Arsène could use his experience over the next few seasons to allow younger potential to be realised. This season has shown that having strength in depth is crucial. Were he to go into next season with Vermaelen, Gallas, and Djourou with Campbell to take on the Carling Cup and Alex Song in emergencies, more confidence might be felt than this term which sees Silvestre and Campbell in pole position for tomorrow.

Elsewhere, Barcelona shot Peter Hill-Wood’s reported comments down in flames. They read as somewhat bizarre on Thursday and it was hardly surprising that the Catalans were quick to rubbish them. Arsène sought to do so as well, questioning their validity and putting forward a more plausible explanation of the supposed private meeting which seems never to have taken place: the pre-match dinner ahead of the Champions League tie, suggesting that off-the-cuff comments were made rather than an assertion of policy.

What I find troubling about the denial is that Arsenal has not sought to clarify, condemn or disown the media outlet involved. Manchester United rule the Press by fear, banning journalists with regularity. Perhaps Arsenal should do the same, clamping down on the outright negativity which infest the back pages. Dignified silence may be in keeping with the Arsenal ethos of not responding to press manipulation but sometimes outright indignation is the best response, ensuring that a message about boundaries is understood by reporters.

Hill-Wood’s observation that Cesc might not get into their first team are not inaccurate. Xavi and Iniesta are ahead of him in the national team but formations can be changed to accommodate exceptional players. Mischievous misinterpretation is the manager’s slant rather than disrespect to Fabregàs’ ability.

Wenger questioned the media’s desire to see players leave the Premier League for Spain. It is not that they want the best to play elsewhere, simply that the past few transfer windows were so moribund for new signings coming in, global activity took over, especially with Spanish teams doing well in European competitions at all levels.

The criticisms of Spanish football by Wenger can equally be applied here. The lack of competition in Spain is a reflection of the dominance of the ‘Big Four’ for the last decade or more in the Premier League. English clubs regularly fail to pay wages on time and the financial crisis which engulfs English football is replicated abroad with Levante in a similar boat to Portsmouth not so long ago whilst Valencia and Liverpool are rather more than distant cousins in their financial problems.

Football is a cyclical business and where once the Italians dominated, the English followed, the Spaniards taking over. Of course, Wenger’s distaste is more deep-rooted. Real Madrid and Barcelona have habitually planted stories in the media in Spain, tapping up his best players, all of which has been reported with indecent glee in the English back pages.

It is very wearing for the manager to constantly have to issue rebuttals which seem as ineffective as the denials of wanting to leave issued by the players. In this instance, Fabregàs can say no more than that which he has done on numerous occasions. We, as supporters, need to show some belief even though a transfer away from the club is inevitable at some point in his career.

The subject of contracts loomed large throughout. Wenger re-iterated his belief in honouring them, whether they are for players or managers, which has a slightly hollow ring to it given his own self-confessed dalliance with Real Madrid last summer. Only he knows the real reasons for staying at Arsenal but it is not hard to imagine that Real were the right club with totally the wrong owner and philosophy as being crucial to that.

His future it seems is not as clear cut as the Board hope. Perhaps it is but my interpretation is that next season is crucial for him, not simply because it is the last of his contract. This term has seen the team move up a level from last but not to that which Wenger believed them capable of. Defeats hit him harder nowadays – or that is how it seems, perhaps he is just showing more emotion than previously – a sign that the disappointment runs deeper because he is acutely aware of the abilities of his players.

His assertion that the past counts for nothing when considering his future is entirely correct. He must believe in his players otherwise motivation becomes a difficult task. He must believe that he can take them onwards. No-one should be in any doubt though, if this team wins something, I suspect it will give him more pleasure than any trophy before.

‘til Tomorrow.

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  1. BB, do you sit at your keyboard all day waiting for a new post?

    “I suspect it will give him more pleasure than any trophy before.”

    I suspect you are correct YW.

  2. And he got it wrong with Gilberto, going to the WC first choice with Brazil.

    But not many he was wrong with, and he was spectacularly right with Freddie, Patrick etc etc.

  3. we fall for the ‘we’ll sign new players’ every season speach? why do you think they will arrive this time?

    Every season its the same. during July/August wenger will say:

    we are going to sign world class players
    we will sign players only if they are available
    our players coming back from injury will be like new signigns
    our priority is to keep this team together
    if we sign a player it will affect the growth of one of our youngsters
    i fully believe in this team and what they can do.

    come transfer window close he’ll:

    have let 3 players go and wont have replaced them
    wenger will put a half arse bid in for a player 20 minutes before the window closes
    the day after he’ll say we were very close to signing Kaka or some other superstar.

    same story every year, how do peple contine to trust wenger is beyond me

  4. As always Arsenal in crises stories are the medias full back position, this despite what is happening in the rest of the league. ManU are a 1 man team and it is questionable whether they have the money to correct this, Liverpool are looking to get rid of one bunch of rich owners for another, Chelsea are an ageing team and Abramovich has made nosies about the club becoming self financing, The Spud’s look like they are going to miss out of CL football again, ditto Villa. I could go on all day.

    Yogi might well have a point regarding the press and being more aggressive towards journalists who write incorrect, potentially damaging stories.

  5. Are you PSB in disguise?

  6. Taxi for wnger. Let’s be absolutely clear.

    You are an idiot. A fool.

  7. The Spurs game is an example of Arsenal’s possession.Arsenal passes and passes mostly short passes. In short it’s a
    rigid style of play and easy to counter. Spurs had two lines of defenders and yet the gunners still tried to thread their way thru. When the attack breaks down its cue for spurs and other teams especially MU and Chesea pt break and score.
    These teams dont waste time with the passing syndrome. The job is to score with minimum time and passes. So what if it’s ugly soccer.
    I’m afraid Arsenal’s passing style is giving teams time to regroup and that is why they lost at Spurs. In theory Arsenal could have won 3-2 . Gomes saved three certain goals.
    Btw it’s stupid/naive to make the revolve round one player. MU are suffering because they rely too much on the ugly bull dog. Similarly Arsenal will suffer if they can’t play without Feb. Football is a team game.

  8. I feel like there should some sort of siren which goes off in ACLF Towers, screeching “Numpty Alert! Numpty Alert!“. Alas there isn’t:


    How people like you forget to take your medication on a regular basis is beyond me.


  9. Would someone mind actually arguing against TFW claims rather than just calling him a numpty?

    It’s not 100% accurate but pretty close to the truth in my opinion.

  10. TaxiForWenger,

    so Vermaelen and Arshavin never happened? And obviously big money signings are the answer to everything. If we’d only spent millions, we’d be doing as well as… oooh, let’s say… Liverpool, Real Madrid, Manchester City or the Tots.

    Let’s hope that Wenger leaves soon so that we can revert to the wonderful glories of boring mid-table mediocrity. With the added spice of unsupportable debt.

  11. An astute observation consolsbob.

  12. Bob

    It is apparent by TFW’s observations and manner of delivery that he or she has no interest in debating, merely stating their case and running away, not before provoking a row.

    Their ilk are also the first to moan via email to myself that they have been told to Fuck Off. Yet they expect their trite bedroom mentality to be taken seriously.


  13. @consolsbob I am assuming that everyone who disagrees with you is an idiot as well since consolsbobs word is law.

    you are dulded to assume that wenger is going to rush out and buy players. he has been saying the same crap for the last 6 years.

  14. BigL

    Sssshhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I won’t tell everyone that you are the same troll as TFW if you don’t.



  15. I just thought it was a bit harsh to just completely disregard what he was saying. But if it’s as you say, then I have no objections.

  16. Bob

    Stage 1 has just manifested, posting under a different name quickly afterwards.


  17. You must be confusing him, Yogi. Revealing his identity every time. With his brain, I doubt he would understand that you’re the owner of this blog.

    It’s going to be one long summer.

  18. Dont worry people Muhammed Saeed Al Sahaf says we will still win the title.

  19. Same old tired , pathetic and frankly ignorant tactics employed by trolls universally. If only these people were able to put all that creative energy into independent thougth rather than copying what some agenda ridden hack or Sky idiot says…..

  20. It seems Chelsea is going to win the title again with Mourinhio’s help, again. Going out of the the CL was the best thing to happen to them all season. Arsenal and Manu, lost their important players in the champions league quarterfinals. While, the Chavs hit form at the right time.

  21. axiForWenger / BigL – I’m actually the same person just swapped laptops.


    Vermaelen & Arshavin, fantastic signings, I rate both players and think they have been excellent for us. It probably no accident that these new signings are best players.

    I never asked for big money signings. Wenger however sets expectations every year that he is in the market for a world class player then does very little to deliver. As soon as the transfer window closes he announces that we were close to signing some huge star, this year it was Villa.

    Cast your mind back to when Henry wanted to leave, he left because we weren’t signing players and he didn’t want to wait. Now years later and we still only make token effort in teh transfer window. If wenger strengthened the team, and I mean brought a couple of players rather than keep the team at just below pair I have no doubt that we’d be the best team in the world.

    Instead we never replace the players that leave and we still have the same deficiencies we had 6 years ago. Do I trust Wenger to put it right? no I don’t, it seems he wants to prove you can win something with kids at all cost.

    Both Arsenal and United started a rebuild project at around the same time, while we are still building United have won the European cup and several league titles. Had we had made a few experienced signings we probably have a few trophies to show for it.

  22. Sol gets a new one year contract,
    Rosicky leaves
    Victor Moses in
    Gallas new 2 year deal
    young CB signed
    Eduardo sent out on loan (brazil/portugal)
    Big GK signed
    Wilshere great pre season
    Cesc gets cannon tattoo across heart

    Lets rock and roll.

  23. Great article and I would like to point out that for the past few years wenger had been running arsenal like a business. Now however he is approaching the end of his contract and his patience is running short. He is mad and desperate to win the league to prove that his team is good enough and his youth policy is good enough. This season I will expect him to spend and really spend without wasting any money but he will spend. He has to anyway cuz he doesn’t have enough centrebacks. This year it will be different and wenger will do almost anything to win or else he will stay for another year and try again to win. We should have won this year but RVP was injured along with too many others.

  24. Sigh. And there I was congratulating myself for being grownup and patient. All those wonderful insults deleted in vain. Treat me like a fool…

  25. Wenger has never been a manager who will sign a player for the sake of it. If he can’t get the quality of player he wants he’ll stick with what he has. A prime example is Chamakh, Wenger put in a bid, they refused wanting a ridiculous fee now it looks like we got him on a free. There are occasions when Wengers approach can be frustrating but compared to the alternative i.e. Benitez who is just as responsible for Liverpool’s financial plight as Tweedledum & Tweedledee, I’ll go with Wenger any day.

  26. Oh great. The people who we have been telling to fuck off have written emails in to YW to complain that they have been told to fuck off, when indeed he can see that they have been told to fuck off because he can read the fuck offs as well as they can. Seems to me that these creeps should just fuck off.

  27. Pearls before swine.

  28. Well said Frank!

  29. @Marc blowing money is not good. I dont want Arsenal to turn into a Man City where there they buy players and they are never heard from again.

    Today I saw that Mourinho is 6-1 to take over from Wenger. I hope not as he only knows how to spend money.

    We are 3 players short of being a winning team, but we have been 3 players short of being a winning team for years

  30. Frank – I’ve got no problem with people putting forward a different point of view or criticising Wenger as long as they have a coherent argument. The problem of course is putting forward a position that buy buy buy spend spend spend is the answer doesn’t add up. I would love someone to put forward something that makes me question my beliefs, just can’t see it happening though.

  31. YW – For the life of me I am confused by your statement that:
    “The subject of contracts loomed large throughout. Wenger re-iterated his belief in honouring them, whether they are for players or managers, which has a slightly hollow ring to it given his own self-confessed dalliance with Real Madrid last summer.”
    Dalliance? Like Adebayor’s Beyonce? Leaked stories in the media of dis-satisfaction? Agitation by Mr 10%?
    Wenger did not deny that that Madrid offered him the position but he at the end of the day he made a statement to the effect that he has always honoured his contracts. The proof is in the pudding.
    But maybe I missed something.

  32. I’m a bit worried to hear CBob has been “dulded”, by His Dullness, BigL. It’s no laughing matter. BigL, is it possible you are ‘Noddy’. How exciting. Where is Big Ears?

  33. Belief?

    Dare I hope that Chelsea will draw this weekend, lose to Liverpool and draw another?


    Dare I hope the Mancs will lose to Citeh and draw with the Spuds?


  34. BigL, I think the term is “a couple of sandwiches short of a picnic”. If I can’t make fun of you, I’m not playing.

  35. Shotta

    Wenger admitted that he met with Real last year but turned them down.

    This wasn’t a leaked story by an agent but a meeting confirmed by Wenger himself.

    I don’t blame him either. The grief he was given was irrational for the most part but even though he has honoured his contract, it is a bit rich to complain when players don’t honour theirs.


  36. I have a problem with people spewing bile. I liked CBob’s sentiment (yesterday?), “death to our enemies”, or some such thing. Of course we already know Frank has a useful sideline in swords, and other lethal instruments.

  37. I didn’t see Wenger confirming we’ve got our forwards covered for next season. Where was this quote?

    I do think Eduardo will come right, but we will have to find a position that just works for him, namely working small spaces inside the box, which is what I think he is ultimately good at.

  38. As it gets closer to the silly season, I am sharpening mine. I prefer the assegai, believing the panga is a weapon of cowards.

  39. Why is it that in the week before a game Arsenal are always said to be going to buy one or two of the opposition players?

  40. YW, re: Real Madrid, don’t you think it possible that Wenger was playing a ‘political’ game with his board, using Real? Might it still be, ie referring to said meeting more recently? It’s a way of saying “consider your options very carefully”

  41. Erichero – he definately made that statement about having all business for forwards done on ATVO last night..

    he does an official press conference for all the paps etc.. and then he does an exclusive one for ATVO, and it was in that interview he stated he was not looking at rodelligia as his business for strikers was done.

  42. The Big L(ie) – In England there are three clubs that every year can validly claim they are 2 or 3 players short of winning the title. The Big Lie which you and the media continue to spout is that big money, expensive signings is a sustainable solution.
    Go no further than the current financial disaster at Liverpool, Man Utd and Chelsea. (Liverpool haven’t won the League in 20 years despite the 2 or 3 big signings every year by Benitez during his tenure.)
    Apparently there are many who have been drinking the Kool-Ade being served up by most of our rulers on both sides of the Atlantic who are suggesting that the recession is behind us. The crooked Banksters may be flush with cash but the real economy is hurting. Football is not immune.

  43. Stringfellow – I’m getting an education here. How many other big revelations like that are coming through on ATVO that don’t make it to the mainstream?

  44. I don’t believe Wenger’s “dalliance” amounted to much. It is more or less irrelevant to the honouring of contracts. He did after all honour his contract. At the same time, nobody wants to be played for a fool. To wish to honour a contract is not the same as being willing to become a slave. Wenger undoubtedly wants his wishes for the club to be respected, and in pursuit of that wish it cannot hurt to show that he has other options available. We also know Wenger likes to receive the market rate for his services; and again, it cannot hurt to show that he has other options available.

  45. Dulded ZP?

    I missed that. I did have a headache earlier but I put it own to a cold.

    Now I know the truth I am worried. Is there a cure?

  46. “Wenger admitted that he met with Real last year but turned them down.” – YW
    Does that make it a dalliance?
    Then every successful professional who is approached by someone else about an “opportunity” is guilty of a dalliance. Cesc giving an interview with an avowedly Barca newspaper is a dalliance.
    Maybe Hleb having ice-cream with Milan big-wigs has moved from dalliance to romance.
    I maybe pedantic or its is my pro-Wenger bias but I still don’t get it.
    Let sleeping dogs lie.

  47. Let me get this straight: because Wenger honoured his contract, it would be “a bit rich” for him to criticise players who don’t honour their contracts? If Wenger had not honoured his contract, would it be a bit more or a bit less rich for him to criticise others for doing the same? Under what circumstances would it not be “a bit rich” for him to criticise the breaking of contracts? Or is criticising the breaking of contracts always “a bit rich”?

  48. @Zim Paul my friend.

    I would go for a panga for good measure. Minimizes the necessity to come back and complete a job.

    Knowing the stop and search madness by the Met Police, they probably have x-rays to pick out an assegai – but believe me, they’ll be baffled by a panga.

  49. AW has class.
    Did he not back his no.1 GK as long as possible before after the likely end of season say he’s not as good as we want?
    Did he not sign what others consider an over-the-hill defender (no, I don’t mean Syvestre) who has proved to be a blessing?
    Will he now play RvP and Nik together to lay long balls off to one another as a Plan B?
    Yes! Yes! and I hope so.

  50. In ancient times being dulded required exorcism by a druid priest, if you could find one, after the Romans decided to crush the resistance.

    In medieval times, you were simply tied to a tree with a sign, so people could say suitable prayers and other preventative measures.

    In modern times, getting dulded, especially by a practicing Dullist, is easily cured by what medical practitioners refer to as “taking the piss”. This has beneficial side-effects on your general well-being.

  51. It’s good to know that even in the midst of a recession there are plenty of people around who are a bit rich.

  52. At last this “dalliance” business is getting some traction. One of the criticisms of Wenger by his enemies is he is a hypocrite. I would hate for ACLF to give any credibility to those who are either threatened or patently jealous of Arsenal’s success during his tenure

  53. @shotta-gunna the argument always comes back to fans are demanding big signings. Let me be clear I am not demanding that Arsene goes out on a spending spree that would make Real Madrid blush. Every club should spend with in their means. There is a world of difference between spending on players to strengthen and spending on multi million pound superstars because they are superstars.

    As for the lie that we are a few players short, its not just fans saying that we need a few signings, David Dein, Cesc, Arshaivn, to name just a few have all come out publicly and made the claim.

  54. Ok Darius. I’ll pack the panga, quietly. Shhh … don’t tell.

  55. The exorcism by the druid priest would probably involve a couple of human sacrifices, and perhaps eating the bone marrow of the victims.

    Still, needs must.

  56. BigL, even Wenger thinks we need a few signings 😉

  57. @Ericheo indeed and that comes full circle. he says that every year before lauching in to his standard. we will sign players, the priority is to keep the team together, our players coming back from injury will be like new signings etc

  58. taxiforwenger has got our gaffer off pat. I am a Wenger fan, this year I have been waiting for the we will strengthen story. It has emerged like it always does. Inevistbly there will be one unknown coming in and three out!
    A goalkeeper and centre half are musts.

  59. Ah! Thank you ZP.

    BigL, You don’t actually understand what’s been posted, read more carefully.

    A couple of players short of a team, I think.

    I feel better already.

  60. After all that piss-taking for a mispelling, I was dulded into thinking there would be no more. I was inevistbly proved wrong.

  61. And of course it’s misspelling.

  62. Wenger has already clearly said we’re going to be strengthening our defence. He’s also given big clues as to a review of the keeper situation – I just wonder how long we’ll hold out before giving “Chesney” his big launch off. Imagine if he’d come in instead of Vito and secured the spot. But then again, this season has been full of what-ifs.

  63. YW..

    I enjoy reading your posts on a dialy basis,but ive noticed a change in your typing..

    maybe im reading between the lines too much but theres an air of frustration about them recently..

    which is come so close again and fall at the final hurdle is truly gutting

    i said to my blog mates all season that we would win it this year but i believe certain players have let us down big time

    2nd in the league is still achievable and repectable..but after the lacklustre performances of some players in the north london derby im struggling to fathom why wenger has persisted with them for so long..and they need to be told they are not good enough…theyve been wrapped in cotton wool for too long…a manager who wants his team to win doesnt reward failure..which seems to be wengers achilles heel

    the game v spurs is the biggest game on our calender..whether we are 3rd or 13th the players need to know what this game means to the arsenal..on wednesday i witnessed a team barring sol,rvp and a handful of others pretty much not give a hoot and got out worked…this was totally looked like it worried wenger and it worried me..if certain players cant get gee’d up for this game then how do we expect them to keep motivated for the title charge all season..

    we just dont have enough winners, enough battlers..we have alot of players with talent and technical ability but not the right mentality..they are not good enough..

    its time to accept that we have too many passengers in this side that let the team down when called upon and if we really want to win something we need to make a few changes in the coming trnsfer window…

    me may still win the league by some miracle..but it will be a fluke of the highest proportions..and we’ll still need changes..

  64. Here’s a clue about the new Goal keepre if at all we will sign one.

    Hugo Lloris.

    If we’re to believe Wenger or read between the lines, the only reason we haven’t signed the 23 year old French stopper is because Lyon don’t need our money.

  65. And by the way, Given is having a shocker and is distributing the ball like a cheap Aldi value goal keeper.

  66. Come’on Vieira, do Arsenal a favour.

  67. Jonjon

    Don’t read between the lines here – there is only white space. What is written is all there is. Anything else is the interpretation that the individual chooses to put upon the words


  68. Who the hell is Miss Pelling?

  69. Hahaha, nice one Yogi.

    JonJOn BE GONE GONE!!!!!

  70. Anyone else watching the Manc derby?

    Just how many fouls and elbowings the United defenders can do before getting booked? It’s ridiculous.

  71. cheers YW..

  72. Pz

    The very nature of football is that contracts are broken otherwise no transfer would ever take place.

    Wenger had every right to talk to Madrid as a ‘successful professional’ although had he honoured the terms of his contract, he would not have done so.

    He chose to honour the length of his contract, a welcomed outcome.

    However, if he has the right to talk to other clubs then so do the players and subsequent complaints about this are devalued.


  73. Shotta

    He is not hypocritical nor did I call him that either. He is simply wanting to have his cake and eat it. Just like everyone else.


  74. Early days still, but I do hope Wenger signs another contract. I only starting supporting the club seriously in 2000, and I’ve loved every minute of it. The way the team plays, the principles of the club, the purist football and the transfer windows where we’re all waiting for Wenger to whip out another terrific signing from thin air. Another Vermaelen anyone?

  75. i agree with yw about the contracts..

    also..i think wengers comments to the press about cescs departure have an air of desperation about them…

    its just my opinion..but wenger sounds like a man whos scared he is on the verge of losing his best player to the best team in the world..

    and if cesc does leave..who would blame him..5 years without silverware..i wouldnt..

  76. That was one of the worst games I’ve ever seen.

  77. what happened, i nodded off.

  78. Jonjon

    Desperation?? Exasperation is probably a better word!


  79. yw your vocabulary is much broader than mine you win hands down.. lol

    but i think theres more to it than just media hounding..

    meetings with barca officials?? phw talking out of his bottom??? wenger resorting to saying how crap the LL is compared to PL although the PL has been a monopoly for years? until this season??

    theres too many pieces to the jigsaw than just media involvement..

    i hope he stays..but without those silver thingys its getting harder to see why he will..

  80. The forward line is sorted rvp,b52,chamark,vela and eduardo and w.silva comin in jan.ship out moanin lazy adearshavin

  81. I think I can help AW in his wonder about why the Press are always asking about Cesc leaving Arsenal. The story is fueled by Cesc himself! If you say publicly that you will return to your former club some day, then it is only natural that at the end of the season people will ask if the time has come. So, I will suggest that he should look closer home for answers.

  82. Biggy – Fuck off

  83. and take you’re tongue out of you’re cheek! 🙂

  84. Jon Jon, your complaints that we don’t have enough winners is ridiculous. Look at how MU struggle when Rooney isn’t on top form. The team they would field if they were without Rooney, Vidic, Ferdinand, Valencia and Evra is a shite team. Way more shite than our second string and you know it. The same thing for Chelsea. Who would they have left if Drogba, Terry, Carvalho, Lampard, Essien and Ballack were to go down at the same time? Against Spurs, our entire spine was out injured. And despite of that we were on top of them on their ground.

  85. Matty Boy: One sentence in two comments, this must be a first!

  86. @dupsffokcuf I work as a sysadmin and helpdesk support. plus also a computer geek and am always connected so yeah am paid to sit in front of the PC.. and when am not doing paid work.. i sit infront of it anyways.. I wish arsenal gets as much first positions as i have here 🙂

  87. im sorry gaisnsbourgh

    how many players do we have in our side that has won a medal??

    clichy cesc rvp sol??? thats all i can think of

    yet you look at the manutd side and the chelsea side and they have more medals than the cheif of the army…

    manutd played 8 weeks after xmas without any defenders and they relied on carrick and fletcher as CB’s…where are they in the league??? they managed cos they know what it takes to win…

    regarding the injuries we just dont have the mentality the other teams do when they hit us…sol is 35..back up for the back up and he was our best player the other night because he know what it takes to win

    spurs had half a squad too and played on the back on a two hour semi defeat and beat us on desire becuase they wanted a north london derby more…we lost cos other than sol and one or two others nobody gave a shit and you know it..

    we didnt out play them, they contained us comfortably and outbattled us in midifeld for the 50 50s and the space… until robin came on..but at that point the game was lost because weve got stevie wonder in goal…

    honsetly we need to stop making excuses..excuses are for losers and weve been doing it for the last 5 years, giving the same players chance after chance..if we want to win something we need to admit some players do not have what it takes and replace them..

    we need a fresh attitude..did anyone see sols interview the other week??? thats what it takes to be a winner…

  88. The return of Jon-Jon!
    Cue: Dramatic music from one of those 1970s spaghetti westerns.

    I am getting too old for the post season “experts.” That 2009 Ade tempest should have taught us that the club will the the decisions that are in its best interest.

  89. Correction: I am getting too old for the post season “experts.” That 2009 Ade tempest should have taught us that the club will make the decisions that are in its best interest.
    Keep moaning JON-JON.


    We can talk all about the changes that we want and so on during the window. Lets just roar the team on for the last few matches, coz there is nothing that can be done till the end of the season.

    I have been clutching at straws the entire season despite the evident deficiencies of our team, so I think I will keep that hope for one more night.

    So here it is…. If chelsea lose against the spuds…. WE WILL WIN THE LEAGUE!

    Boy, am I putting my neck on the line now. But it has been a topsy turvy season and against all sensible judgement I believe there is still ONE MORE TWIST left in the season but it has to come tonight. Lets hope its in our favour.

    (By the way is it doesnt happen I hope chelski crush the tots 7-0)

    Chin up, gooners…

    Cheers all! 🙂

  91. shotta,

    at the beginning of the season I was of the opinion that the title would be about us and Chavs with us coming second, just short of being champs due to Our Glorious Leader’s refusal to strengthen…

    it is frustrating that we did not add to the squad, not big names but a few decent players with heart, that’s it…

    £15-20M spent on one or two players would be recouped in shirt sales and merchandise with ‘2010 Champions’ on it, no?

  92. shotta i never came on here to cause trouble so dont assert i did..

    but certain comments need correcing…how anyone can say weve got a team full of winners when we havent won anything in 5 years and then say im being ridiculous is beyond belief..

    i never said i was an ‘expert’i said we’d win the league this season and i was wrong…but its not hard to see why is is..there are fundamental flaws in this team that need adressing and just papering over the cracks and making up excuses all the time doesnt change the situation does it shotta

  93. shotta

    i think the real moaner is you to be honest

    you never want to admit that certain players in the team have let us down…instead you focus on the actions of the media, the referees and the tooth fairy…

    looking to adress problems in house isnt moaning, its trying to find a solution to the probelm… read sols ‘look in the mirror’ interview..

    complaining about the media and blaming everyone else but ourselfs is moaning..its whinging at its very best…

  94. spot on JJ…

    if you are encountering the same problems each and every season, your job is to establish their root and address them, otherwise it is called negligence…

    signing Sol was a masterstroke, I have to give AW that, but we needed more to compete, simple as…

  95. Fr God’s sake Suga, lose the shades, you’re making dulded.

  96. That’s… um .. ‘For’

  97. and,

  98. ZP,

    but these are brilliant shades 😉

    jeez, I went some lengths to watch the game on Wednesday, apart from Sol (what a player) and RvP I was not too impressed, tbh…

    I have decided to buy the new home shirt, it will have ‘Campbell 31’ on it…

  99. now let’s see if Spuds will roll over to Chavs as expected…

  100. Miss Pelling puts herself about a bit doesn’t she?

  101. For me, Wenger’s comments regarding Fabregas’s future were no different from the comments he has made a dozen times before on the same subject. I don’t expect Fabregas to leave this summer, and I don’t really understand why his transfer away from Arsenal should be considered inevitable.

  102. shit, can’t they both lose or something?

  103. Wliiam Gallas and Mikael Sylvestre have won medals. Just saying…

  104. agree suga

    i dont necesarily think we need major surgery…i think even with all the injuries this year we would have still been in the race if we’d of had a better keeper…

    almunia has cost us about 6-9 points this season with individual errors…all keepers make mistakes but top keepers redeem themslves and gain you about 6 points a season over all..almunias in more deficit then liverpools bank account..and his form was exactly the same last year too…

    whatever happens in transfer window a new keeper is a priotity…

  105. not with us they havent frank

  106. jon-jon:

    “im sorry gaisnsbourgh

    how many players do we have in our side that has won a medal??

    clichy cesc rvp sol??? thats all i can think of

    yet you look at the manutd side and the chelsea side and they have more medals than the cheif of the army…”

    For a couple of teams full of medals to be a mere few points ahead of us is really telling, isn’t it? And Chelsea have won fuck all in how long again?

    “manutd played 8 weeks after xmas without any defenders and they relied on carrick and fletcher as CB’s…where are they in the league??? they managed cos they know what it takes to win…”

    They struggled during that period and were it not for Rooney bangging in goals they’d be worse off. Which proves my point. They were without their first team defense and look where they are now. If they had all of those injuries one on top of the other they would be out of it and would have been a long time ago.

    “regarding the injuries we just dont have the mentality the other teams do when they hit us…sol is 35..back up for the back up and he was our best player the other night because he know what it takes to win”

    We were on top of them. Had more possession and goal chances. On their ground no less. If that doesn’t speak for our mentality I don’t know what does. Don’t forget we lost by one goal and almost nicked the victory by a few inches here and there.

    “spurs had half a squad too and played on the back on a two hour semi defeat and beat us on desire becuase they wanted a north london derby more…we lost cos other than sol and one or two others nobody gave a shit and you know it..”

    They were missing Palacios and Corluka. Other than that they had their full strength defense and strikers.

    ‘we didnt out play them, they contained us comfortably and outbattled us in midifeld for the 50 50s and the space… until robin came on..but at that point the game was lost because weve got stevie wonder in goal…”

    We must have seen two different games. Other than Rose’s goal in the first half we looked the more likely to score. Nevermind the second half. After the Bale goal they were running after us desperately. When Robin came on it was just a boost. The players on the pitch had done the hard work already.

    “honsetly we need to stop making excuses..excuses are for losers and weve been doing it for the last 5 years, giving the same players chance after chance..if we want to win something we need to admit some players do not have what it takes and replace them..”

    I’m not making excuses. But when you call out our team’s mentality, when it’s obvious that they work hard and give their all on the pitch, it seems as if you’re implying things that just don’t make sense to people who see things objectively. I mean, saying something like we don’t have enough winners because these kids haven’t won any medals is ridiculous.

    My point is that if there were no winners on this team we wouldn’t be where we are. Especially with a squad that costs not even half of what MU and Chelsea cost.

  107. Penalty to Spurs converted. Game on Jon-Jon. It seems as if you may have to eat your words after all.

  108. pz

    id normally agree with that..

    but why is the club trying to justify why cesc shouldnt leave?? they are practically saying to barca please dont take him…when what they really should be saying is f@ck off…he under contract if u want him give us 100mil plus bojan and pedro and come back when youve got the money to put where your mouth is..until then shut it…

    and whats PHW trying to do by saying cesc isnt good enough for barca????

    we are so weak sometimes in these situations its unreal…

  109. Hey Suga, go eat a bag of poison penises. Our glorious leader commands it. Twat.

  110. G69,

    how rude…

    how about trying reasonable debate for a change?

  111. Terry’s cat has exhausted its nine lives.

  112. cuntish gamemanship from Terry trying to make it look like a header…

  113. G69

    Don’t bother.

    When attempting to talk football and not troll, which is never, NojNoj’s greatest pearl left hidden amongst the archives was his prediction for the
    Chav$ this season.

    Speaking of which. JT handballed it again!

    Captain, Leader, Legend.

  114. PHW should be banned from giving interviews IMO…

    there are numerous occasions when him talking out of his rectum brought embarrassment to this club…

  115. Have to agree we need a new keeper. That first against the spuds should never of gone in.

  116. Well…Almunia got beaten at the near post.

  117. Well, nor should the second. Do we need new full backs as well?

  118. …and Gomes makes a wonderful stop.

  119. Why did John Terry,
    Captain, Leader, Legend,
    think that he could get away with it?

    We know he’s stupid.
    e.g. whilst England Captain, he thought he wasn’t being followed or tracked by the bloodhacks.

    Holy crap.

    TW14’s understudy from Southampton really has prospered from a good ‘run of games’.

  120. Wake up Rip Van Winkle.

  121. Bob,

    no, but a CB better than Silvestre would do just fine…

  122. Well at least we won’t be seeing Dave for a while…

  123. Silvestre’s 5th choice as it stands – possibly 6th if you include Song ahead of him. He can be replaced by one of Bartley, Nordtveit or Ayling next season.

  124. fukin el if the chavs lose this and we win tomorw we are 3 points behind, imagine if Al never threw one in against brum.

  125. Suga, there’s no room for rational debate when you call Wenger the glorious leader, thus implying that those who support him are blind followers of the man and have no intelligence.

  126. Jon-Jon what was that about Chelsea and their chest full of medals again? According to the logic you apply to our players, Chelsea really have no winners on their side. A full strength side may I add.

  127. Song is not a CB, he is a first choice holding midfielder – taking his disciplinary record into the account he may have too many penalties in him in CB I’m afraid…

    I don’t think we will do OK without buying at least one (two if Billy leaves) CBs in the summer…

  128. Not with us? What a fucking stupid comment. Half the squad have only had a season with us. Medal winners are medal winners. Oh and btw Andrei Arshavin has won medals too.

    I am not going to say a word about who is going to win the EPL.

  129. jonjon is back. yawn.

  130. im sorry gainsbourgh/finsbury i cant bite to your mother always said to me never argue with an idiot, they’ll drag you down to their level and beat you with experience…

    you both look very experienced so i’ll concede defeat on this one..

  131. In case anyone was too confused by my 6:18 comment, I was just observing how young players blossom & improve with an injury free ‘run of games’.

    Obvious, I know.

    Not obvious, when I listen to some Arsenal fans.

  132. G69,

    all I am saying is that there are things that AW got wrong, simple as that…

    and I am prepared to discuss it in depth, but when I am told to eat a bag of poisonous penises, it’s just not what I call a debate…

  133. Suga, If you want to discuss things rationally and in depth I suggest you eliminate the vitriol. You get respect when you give respect.

  134. Chelsea has now leaked two goals. The battle with ManUtd is hanging in the balance and Chelsea is being outplayed.

    Lets turn to our late season pundit Jon-Jon:

    “honsetly we need to stop making excuses… excuses are for losers

    “…there are fundamental flaws in this team that need adressing and just papering over the cracks and making up excuses all the time doesnt change the situation”

    ” whatever happens in transfer window a new keeper is a prio(r)ity.”


  135. How far do you go to cover potential injuries?

    I keep hearing about cover for positions, I don’t see why it is so hard to understand that we simply can’t afford to pay superstars to be in the squad “just in case.”

  136. OK,

    should we have spent last summer/winter, yes or no?

    no vitriol there, just a question…

    and by the way – I am bitter because the league was there for the taking IMO…

  137. Jon-Jon, just conceded with his latest comment. Just admit that you are an idiot for suggesting what you did and move along. Don’t bother bringing your mother into the discussion either. I’m sure she’s a nice lady and wouldn’t want to be linked with your smarmy comments.

  138. OK. One more time.

    We lost to the spuds having run out of inspirational players and not being able to plug the gaps convincingly enough to win. Even so, we could have.

    Where would these other players that Wenger refused to buy have played?

    Where would they have played when we had Cesc, RVP, Gallas, Song and Arshavin fit?

    We ran out or players. We ran out of cover. How many players do you think should be in the first team squad? What about the ypoung players following on?

  139. we didn’t need ‘superstars’ just utility players to mount assault on more fronts just to keep them fresh…

  140. gainsbourgh you make amy innuendoes about my mother again and ill be glad for YW to exchange our emails and i’ll meet you for a drink at one of the games..

    footballs one thing but dont fucking go there fella…

  141. Bob,

    we ran out of players because the first XI got run into the ground, most of the injuries were caused by fatigue IMO…

  142. Don’t write us off just yet, Suga.

  143. shotta im sorry my vocabulary is not as great as yours much apologies

  144. wengerball,

    if you overplay a pro athlete, the injuries become less and less ‘potential’…

    I would recommend reading Ancelotti’s interview on how they managed to keep all these OAPs there fit – interesting bit about probability of sustaining an injury given the run of games and all that…

  145. Read my comments I’m actualluy defending her from your idiocy. And if I were in London I’d meet you anywhere you want.

  146. I’m willing to bet that Wenger didn’t think it prudent to buy another CB for what is essentially 1 season. So the decision may have been to do without the CB and use Song in emergency.

    He got away with it, until the injuries to Gallas and Vermaelen. Luckily we got Sol but the current injury to Song means we’re having to depend on Sol and Silvestre.

    It looks a bad decision now, but barring a fluke goal at Birmingham and WHL it would have been a genuis.

  147. Drogba barely dragging himself on the pitch after a muscular injury from no where.

    Seems Chelsea is running out of players “because the first XI got run into the ground.”

  148. Song’s a good CB, and I think that was where AW intended him to end up until he made the central midfield spot his own.

    No idea how AW will play the market this summer. But I can almost guarantee that fans who don’t understand Arsenal’s MO will end up disappointed.

    Centre-back position is especially hard to call, because there’s a lot of uncertainty about Sol, Gallas and even Djourou, who AW admits will need to be monitored. So it’s looking like we’ll bring at least one in, even if nobody leaves.

  149. G69,

    it’s not like I am writing us off, I am just being realistic – no way Chavs will draw/lose two more games, they may lose to Bindippers, but Wigan or Stoke?

    to be honest, I thought we would come close second with more players fit, so that would imply that we have overachieved in that sense (as long as we finish second, that is)…

  150. I’m sure Nasri, Fabregas, van Persie and Ramsey would beg to differ.

  151. Well it really is swings and roundabouts this season. Spurs are 2-0 up against Chelsea and Man United were second best to Man City despite a late, late winner from the gingerbread man

    Could the race for 4th be the deciding factor in who wins the premier league?

    Man United still have to play Spurs and on current form I wouldn’t bet against Spurs winning. Whilst Chelsea have got to meet Liverpool and we have to meet Manchester Arab Emirate.

    The return of Van Persie could mean goals.

    I am clutching at straws but I don’t believe in giving up.

    At the very least, they ought to get 2nd!


  152. OneOfUs,

    it’s the manager’s job to make it certain, instead of ending up with an egg on his face like it was with Flam – CB options should be sorted out before the season ends – Billy to get a 2 year deal, Sol a one year extension and another CB should be brought in…

    plus, a GK, a DM and a striker (Chamakh?) maybe one more (Remy?)

    I know it’s a lot to ask for, but we need to go for power to add to the flair…

  153. Arse Baggins – Football is a very funny game. The margins between the top three teams are very fine. A bad day at the office, a fluke goal, injuries and you drop points.
    But our visiting pathologists, JJ and Suga, have already decided that it is time for post-mortem, long before the season is over. In deciding the cause of death, their repetition of the usual cliches about the the Arsenal has already proven to be very superficial.

  154. When it comes to forwards our business is already done for the summer.

    Midfield doesn’t need addressing, provided nobody leaves.

    But, as with the CB spots, the goalkeeper position is hard to call. If Szczesny is indeed the real deal then there might be no need to spend money.

  155. Paulie Walnuts

    I`d like to see Craig Eastmond get a game tomorrow if Denilson doesn`t make it.

    Walcott in for Rosicky & Sagna alongside Sol rather than MS.

    A win & it`s game on

  156. Terry’s nine lives are gone. Red.

  157. Captain, Leader, Legend.

  158. Terry sent off at last.

  159. That means JT misses a match.

    Which is not good.

  160. one things remains constant.

    bentley is shite

  161. shotta, did it really happen or am I dreaming?

    John Terry lost it, again. What a bad challenge, you could see it was coming before he went for it…

  162. It’s enitirely possible for us to rack up a huge score against Wigan and Fulham

  163. Terry is showing he is already over the hill, I am afraid. He was like an ageing boxer trying to cover ground, but lacking speed. Hence he decided to take out his opponent for the upteenth time this season.

  164. What is the score?

  165. With Terry sent off, the other Chelsea players are finding it hard to concentrate on the match. They’re all wondering whose wife he’s gone to f***.

  166. skywatchingmug

    Wake me from this shit dream.

  167. 2-0 to the Spuds. Maybe they will make another DVD after this.

  168. shotta for once in your life take your head out of your backside

    read my 2.01

    ‘me may still win the league by some miracle..but it will be a fluke of the highest proportions..and we’ll still need changes..’

    then have the good grace to read my 5.42

    ‘dont necesarily think we need major surgery…i think even with all the injuries this year we would have still been in the race if we’d of had a better keeper…’

    stop making yourself look a fool by trying to make other ppl look like a fool, becuase your derogitory tone and very apparent not so hidden agenda towards those trying to put forawrd a reasonsble comment has just been proven to be very superficial…

  169. Spurs are a good shout for 4th place now, especially if we beat city! Now who would have thunk that, we waiting for spurs to get us results, and spurs egging us on.

  170. I would actually rather Suprs take 4th place. Can you imagine the pulling power of City with all their cash plus the attraction of Champions league football.

  171. Now for Liverpool and Stoke to hold Chelsea and Spurs to get a point against the Mancs. Of course we need to win the rest. It is still very much possible.

  172. JJ – Take some of your own advice. Yawn!

  173. skywatchingmug

    Wengerball wash your mouth out.

    Man city well spend anyway.

  174. Shotta-gunna,

    I am not entirely sure how any one can perform an autopsy whilst the Doctor’s are still unsure if the patient is dead.

    It’s a bit like giving up on a really, really good movie 10 minutes before the end because you think you know what will happen. They may well be right, but it does spoil the joy of watching the movie.

    Let us watch until the end of the movie and then review it once the credits start rolling.

    Is that ok with every one?

    Let’s support the team. COYG!!!

  175. I think it will be good to have Spurs take the 4th place, but for an entirely different reason. It will be priceless seeing them not make the group stages and still having to play the Europa League, like what happened to Everton.

  176. I wonder if Liverpool will be up for the Chel$ki game as it could mean Man U winning a record 19th title beating Liverpool’s and United’s 18 titles.

  177. Keysersoze,

    Spurs could very well be helping us whilst if we beat the Manchester Arab Emirate -we may well be returning the favour.

    Perhaps a joint DVD release celebrating this fact?

  178. dups

    I think pool will be up for it, they have an europa league place to play for with everton breathing down their neck, if i am not mistaken

  179. dupsffokcu,

    On current form, I can’t see Man United recovering ground. They were second best at Eastlands and were it not for that late, late ginger bread man -there would still be 3 points between the two teams. They have been very poor since the Bayern game.

    I can’t see Man United beating Spurs unless they don’t bother turning up.

    If we can beat Wigan convincingly, I think there is everything to play for still.

  180. Lol…they probably would has it been 10 loooooong years!!

  181. 2-1. Just as the know-it-all commentators were uttering their conviction that the Chavs will never score.
    Lesson #1: Never listen to the pundits.
    Lesson #2: Believe in your own ability, your own quality, your own capacity.

  182. COYFG!!!

  183. Well, whatever happens -its been one of the most exciting PL campaigns in a very, very long time. I really hope that we can reassert our CL dominance next season (and I mean all the English teams)

  184. OMG Spurs just played us back into the title race. And everything we knew about Chelsea is exposed ….they are all puff and smoke . Ye of little faith. How stupid do you all look now with your doom mongering…you know who you are. Now to our game in hand and a 7 -1 victory at Wigan. Then its 3 point game. And to the ACLF faithfull keep your heads up.COYG!

  185. Arse Baggins – We are still within a shot. Very remote, but still not mathematically impossible. The Chavs just look very old today and could drop some more points But Man City did us no favors. There is still something too fight for. Once again the pundits who treated AW as a blathering fool, last Wednesday, when he said we still stood a chance have once again be shown as the fools they truly are.
    But something tells me the Spuds will implode and grad defeat out of the jaws of victory. I just hope I am wrong.

  186. Too right Arse Baggins when was the last time Arsenal and spurs could do each other a favour. Forget about a DVD Arrys getting an MBE. COYG!

  187. Correction: “grab defeat out of the jaws of victory.”

    I am sure ACLFers know what I meant, especially when it comes to the Spuds.


  188. Are Barcelona running out of steam?

  189. I’d like to dedicate this Chelsea loss to DAVE and Jon-Jon. Dave for obvious reasons will not be showing his face around here today so Jon-Jon it’s you who has to bear the brunt of this humiliating defeat because of your stupid assumption that Chelsea’s medals make them winners.

  190. By the way, Palacios will be eligible to play against Budweiser United and Chelsea will be missing Terry and Alex against Stoke. If we win tommorow we have it all to play for in the three games we’ve got left. Suga, Jon-Jon and the others who are speculating about transfers and the mettle of our players may just have to eat their words come May 9th.

  191. When the fuck did spuds learn how to defend?

  192. Shotta @7:05,

    Too much booze, hic.
    Too many cortisone injections.

    I guess Terry could be described as a Real Self-Abusing Lad.

    Captain, Leader, Legend.

    Terry must now have the constitution of an older gent, and the turning radius of a combine harvester.
    He’s been scavenging off the generosity shown by the referees for a while now. IMO.

    Out of genuine curiosity, I wonder for how much longer Capello will/can continue to pick him?

  193. Gainsbourgh69 – I learnt a long time ago that the longer Jon-Jon rambles, the more he makes a fool of himself. His sidekick SUGA3, may have been less airy, but no less foolish. They didn’t fail to disappoint as their gold-standard, the Chavs, bit the dust.

  194. Not a word from me. Not one. Not until….nope.

  195. btw there’s nothing wrong with having the constitution of an older gent!

  196. I have to correct myself in my above 7:53 post.

    I don’t really know what I’m talking about there.

    Sol Campbell at 35 looked pretty nippy the other day.

    I guess the ‘mind is mightier..’

  197. Not that I’m too bothered now, but they really look lethargic today, and haven’t created a chance yet. Perhaps the gap between them and us isn’t as wide as it appeared. Maybe we just caught them during a hot streak.

    looking at this game, I wonder if they’ll have enough against Inter Milan – it’s possible that they’ve peaked too early.

  198. Chelsea were woefull, spuds pissed on them, even before the sending off

  199. the strange thing is….we cant win the league…..without the spuds finishing 4th.

    if chelsea and utd draw 2 more games each and we win all our remaining games…..we win the league.

  200. OOU – What happened to Barca?

  201. Did you hear that fucking ESPN commentator twat ? He said something like the chavs will have far more up front than arsenal did. What total bollocks.

  202. Frank – Lets keep hope battened down in our breasts. There is too much to hope for…especially the Spuds sustaining their current form.

  203. I know Shotta. Now if the Mancs go down to Spurs and we draw level with them, their whole world view will come crashing down. It gets tiresome having to drag these morons to the middle, though. For them it’s always thunderstorms and gray skies. They don’t see that despite our injuries we’re still in it because this team has drive and passion. If you point this out to them, however, you’re labelled a blind follower of Wenger who only makes excuses for the team.

  204. 0-0 in the second half vs Espanyol. Still a while left, but they’ve created jack. And they aren’t pressing the ball at all.

  205. Chelsea and Man Utd were woeful today.

    Both teams keep throwing at away to be honest. If we can win our remaining games convincingly then we are in with a shout of the league.

    We haven’t looked sharp in front of goal for a while and hopefully Van Persie will give us some bite.

    Van Persie =Legend.

  206. It’s just like watching us against the spuds in the week. They’re dominating possession, but can’t get through – and look vulnerable on the break.

    What we could have done with this kind of space against them!

    The reason I brought this up is because many people have the impression that there are lightyears between us and them; however, it’s very possible that we caught them when they were on fire – and at a time when we were flagging a little.

    Thinking back to when we were caning teams back in October…. if that side came up against this Barcelona team we’d give them one hell of a game.

    Woops, Alves sent off.

  207. gainbourgh

    like i said before your an experienced idiot…read what you are saying man…

    you say your not from london?? are you even from england?? if so it would explain the stupidity in your comments by brushing under the carpet a defeat in the manner of that at the hands of the’d never understand what that defeat meant would you??

    stop changing the goalposts will you..i said we had not enough was you who brought up chelsea and manutd you mug

    we dont have enough players with the winning mentality and the proof is in the pudding..we have no trophies in 5 years and have we beaten chelsea or manutd ourselevs this season…?? nope

  208. That was barely coherent!

  209. shotta i sometimes struggle to understand what your on about its like you have converstaions with ppl in your head and then write down what you heard..

    if your going to critisise at least explain why..instead of that stupid pompus attitude you seem to have…

  210. What a serendipitous time to be self-deprecating.

  211. On the back of his cameo the other night I reckon RVP will mean we win these last few games. Still can’t believe Gomez picked that last 15 minutes to produce the best form i’ve ever seen him in. People have been saying Chelsea look sluggish, Barca are looking very weary tonight.

  212. i give up..

    whatever you win…night

  213. Discussions like this aren’t about “winning” JJ. People just can’t get past the stupidity of having an end of season analysis before it’s even over.

  214. Errm…didn’t the following just apply to Chelsea or were they just another meaningless bunch of cliches that cannot stand the light of day:

    “….(w)e may still win the league by some miracle..but it will be a fluke of the highest proportions…”

    “regarding the injuries we just dont have the (m)entality the other teams do when they hit us”

    “we didnt out play them, they contained us comfortably and outbattled us in midifeld for the 50 50s and the space…”

    “we need a fresh attitude…”

    Now we know who the f*ck needs a fresh attitude.


  215. Silence is golden…its better to make utterances when you have something worth saying otherwise you look the fool. That ones for free.

  216. ‘People just can’t get past the stupidity of having an end of season analysis before it’s even over’

    OK, say we win the league, will that mean that we did everything right? of course not, there are problems that need addressing and it is highly unlikely that they will magically disappear on the basis of denial alone, no?

  217. Of course it wouldn’t. The Summer’s coming and so is the inevitable transfer guff that’ll accompany it. I’d much rather put that nonsense off until there’s nothing going on on the pitch. Funny how the doom mob don’t appear until a defeat isn’t it?

  218. “Mash it up you Sp*ds!”

    I almost want to say ‘well done’ to the little tykes.

    I think this was posted recently, but it is very good. I’m sure the Leyton Buzzards must be Orient fans. The original team from NE London.

  219. Vince,

    why would we wait? some players could do with a bit of negative motivation (i.e. play out of your skin or fuck off in the summer)…

    I was disgusted with our performance in the first 30 minutes of second half against Spuds, only introduction of RvP woke them up – he is Mr Arsenal and should be made captain IMO 😉

  220. Nobody’s in denial SUGA3.

    It’s not about denial. It’s a about prats that come on to the site with a view of pilloring whoever is current scapegoat de jour, believing that they are coming up with something original.

    Everybody is aware that there are player’s who underperform sometimes. And guess what, it’s the f*cking manager who will look at the situation at the end of the season and decide what to do about it. Not some jerk off who has just received 50 texts from his dubious spuds mates and wants to take it out on his fellow arsenal bloggers.

    Tell me a club in the country that doesn’t get to transfer window in the summer, and say, we don’t need any players – cos we’re perfect. The only squad in the country that gets anywhere near a zero turnover of players is us. We shipped two players last season and brought in just one.

    If you want to listen to jerk offs coming on to the site, then that’s your bag. I expect Wenger will make some judicial changes in the summer, and I’m not going to lose any sleep over it.

  221. I used to go to LO games I remember one against Millwall – good atmosphere that was…

  222. Muppet,

    Silvestre is not ‘underperforming’, because he is simply shite – allowing Bale to walk in there was criminal, simple as…

    and he was brough in as a Manure reject on a two year deal, something that was not given to a true legend like Bobby P – today one of Manure legends popped in an all important goal, I reckon Pires could still contribute here…

  223. and he was as shite last season – was it addressed? was it fuck…

    now we are down to bare bones and have to play Sly whereas Senderos who is twice the player is at Everton getting splinters…

  224. look at Billy’s stats: 36 games played this season, would play 40+ if it was not for his injury – does anyone on here seriously think it is a manageable workload for a 32 year old?

  225. SUGA3,

    Two points. Silvestre is probably the 6th choice centre back. We have Gallas, Vermaelen, Campbell, Song and Djourou in front of him.

    And guess what ? Gallas, Vermaelen, Song and Djourou were injured. So Silvestre had to play.

    Second point, he was not wholly responsible for the Spurs defeat. I don’t agree that he let Bale in. The whole defence was responsible. Somebody should have prevented the pass to Bale in the first place.

    Pires is 36. keep it real.

  226. Leyton Orient are famous for the style of their football. I don’t know how they’re doing at the moment. I also don’t know if they’ve ever won anything.

    Helped out very briefly one weekend with a youth project there recently which gave a little insight into some of things they do there on a very small scale. Top marks to the Orient from me.

  227. once again: Song is a first choice DM and looks a bit lost in CB, but that is my opinion…

    Djourou got injured before the end of summer transfer window, so we are still left with one CB pairing and Silvestre, right?

    as far as second goal is concerned he looked guilty as a sin to me 😉

    Sol is 35 and was easily the best player on the pitch on Wednesday…

  228. The O’s were half decent in the late 70’s under Jimmy Bloomfield.

    They had John Chedozie playing for them who was a good player.

    We played them in the 1978 FA Cup smi final at Stamford Bridge and beat them 3-0 if i recall!

  229. ACLFers – You know what is even more profound, if it wasn’t so funny, is while pathologists like j-j and SUGA3 are performing their premature post-mortem, the Spuds will soon be attacking us for lack of heart. They will never say so openly, but they will now be saying the Gunners have the talent but do they have the belief to beat Man City despite the injuries.

    I haven’t read their blogs since our defeat, but some of them, while deluded about their own team, know a thing or two about football. They, more than anybody else, know we are very capable and are desperate for us to defeat City. Soon they will be here taunting us at ACLF for lack of heart. Thanks to the doomers they will have grounds for concern.

  230. All this talk of ‘winning’ has sent my cogs a turning.

    If I remember correctly, the last time the Sp*ds ‘won’ anything, the game of Football hadn’t yet turned professional.

    My friend’s dad was still playing for them, [Hails, he’s much nicer then J*mes, can’t remember which year, 5?]. I know they won something in the beginning of the sixties. But as far as I’m concerned, it was so close to the amateur days, that, well, they must have all been amateurs.

  231. I agree shotta-gunna.

    It’s all a bit ludicrous.

    Judging from the Chelsea defeat we should conclude:

    – Chelsea don’t have any heart

    – Several chelsea players need to go, including Ballack, Mikel, Kalou, Cole etc etc

    – The chelsea manager doesn’t have a clue.

    – The chelsea squad lacks depth.

  232. It was so long ago that the Spuds won anything, getting an away point against The Royal Engineers was considered a good result!!!

  233. shotta,

    fuck me, if you had a business relying heavily on a car/van and it was showing signs of wear and was not reliable enough, would you wait to plan getting a new one when it would finally grind to a halt in the middle of the road or would you start shopping around earlier?

    and that is about as much as I have to say about my ‘post-mortem’ being ‘premature’ – no it’s not, one has to anticipate to be successful, simple as…

    and belief has nothing to do with it – Ade and Tevez must be salivating at the prospect of running rings around Manure double agent…

  234. SUGA3,

    You have a seriously low IQ.

  235. I just read SUGA3 latest crap analysis about the Bale goal on Wednesday. It is this patently lying, misleading, deceitful analysis that leads to the doomers writing us off before the season is over. No, Sylvestre didn’t play Bale on-side, you liar. If anything it was a collective failure of our defense.
    (Note I didn’t even name the culprit.)

    He is our 6th choice defender for fucks-sake and we should support him til the last dog is dead, you twat. How else can we show the mental strength necessary to win the title?

  236. Muppet,

    why is that so? please enlighten me – once again, all I am asking for is rationale behind your ‘theory’…

  237. shotta-gunna,

    SUGA3 is aka James, Howard, William, Arse21 etc etc etc.

    Ignore him.

  238. shotta,

    yes, Sagna played him onside, when did I say he didn’t? however, it was Silvestre who was closest to Bale and should have made his life difficult once he was on, yet he just stood there…

    how is that a lie?

    and oh, I support anyone who enters the pitch in Arsenal jersey, like Almunia in CL final in 2006 (come on Almunia, you can do it, you’re the shit) – shall I go on?

    this is not a fucking charity…

  239. Muppet,

    no dude, I don’t use any of these stupid aliases…

    ignore me? oh, that’s mature…

  240. It was Sagna who was at fault for Bale’s goal. He played the Spud onside. Codface moved forward with Sol and Clichy which he was supposed to do and Sagna was 2 yards behind.

  241. yes, but he was too far off Bale, you don’t need a few yards to do a good offside trap, no?

  242. Tony Adams always stepped up from the same position. The difference was his defenders all stepped up together.

    You cannot blame Codface for doing the correct thing just because he is an ex Manc.

  243. I am under the impression you know very little about the art of defence with your comment at 9.44pm.

  244. it’s not because he is an ex Manc – offside trap is just one of the ways of dealing with opposition’s left back who somehow found himself right in front of the goal…

    and Silvestre did cost us enough during his time here, so this one is a freebie…

  245. please elaborate? I used to play football as a defender, that should be interesting 😉

  246. He was their left midfilder not their left back

  247. You obviously were not very good then.

  248. whatever…

    he should never have got there in the first place, no?

    how often do you see our left midfielder in that position against anyone?

  249. Absolute pandemonium in the Bordeaux – Lyon game. It’s all-in street-fighting!

  250. again, please elaborate?

    making general statements is piss easy…

  251. What happened Big Al?

  252. players or supporters?

  253. Three red cards!

  254. Suga, if you were a defender surely you would be able to tell a left back from a left midfielder. If not you must have been a bad defender.

  255. Is Chamakh involved?

  256. sorry mate, I must not be up to date with ‘Arry’s squad preferences – still, he should not have been allowed to be where he was…

    and I was quite a decent defender (CB), as I was able to stop them from coming through 😉

  257. I was more pissed off with the fact that he was completely unaware of him…

  258. I hope you never used your hands. Unlike the Chelsea, Captain, Leader, Legend.

  259. No, Chamakh stayed out of it. He scored another header tonight, btw.

    There was a bad tackle on a Bordeaux player, which was a red, and the guy who was fouled also got sent off for retaliating. Then another Bordeaux player jumped in on one of the Lyon players – Pjanic went down I think – and was sent off as well. He took ages to get off the pitch, and after a minute or so one of his teammates said something to him and he went ballistic. Brawl ensued, but it seemed to calm down pretty quicly.

  260. I think you may also have been more pissed off due to it being the Spuds.

  261. ‘your mom is stealing, your dad is dealing’


  262. OK, I just saw the league table. That result pretty much ends both their seasons.

  263. and that I had to go some lengths to watch the game as well!

  264. Speaking of going down (ooh er) Big Al, did you see Rooney today.

    At one point he looked half crippled when he was (supposedly) fouled only to get up and sprint away when he had got the free kick.

  265. Muppet – My response is really not directed at the troll himself. It is aimed at the thousands of fans who come to ACLF to read a different perspective from the thousands of sensationalist so-called Arsenal-bloggers who allow let such b-s go unchallenged.

    Sylvestre is doing a job as our 6th ranking defender. Get behind him for crying out loud. We still stand a chance of winning the title, as slim as it stands.

  266. Yeah, it’s probably something he picked up from the typical Germans.

    You know, I completely zoned out during that game. Time seemed to slow down. It was also one of those matches that makes you wonder what you’re doing spending a sunny Saturday afternoon watching football.

  267. I know what you mean.

    I only listened to the 1st half in the car and the commentator was saying Rooney kicked out at a player.

    When I got home (by half time) no mention from the sky twats about it.

  268. Oh man, that was right in front of the ref. The way he did it it was like he knew he was daring Atkinson to punish him. Kind of like a toddler testing his boundaries!

    Just thinking, the spuds have really stumbled upon success this season. Guys like Bale, Bentley and Pavlyuchenko have been so badly mismanaged by Redknapp that it’s a mystery they have any confidence left. It’s like they’ve come good despite his expertise.

  269. shotta,

    sure, anyone who does not agree with your point of view must be a troll – yawn…

    different perspective? it’s called denial – did we improve defensively compared to last season?

    we have conceded 37 goals throughout the last season, this season it’s 36 and counting with 4 games to go – how is that an improvement?

  270. Portsmouth also came good for a season or two under ‘ol arry’.

  271. and again, I am behind our players, it’s just frustrating if they play like they can’t be bothered – I saw no passion against Spuds, do they even know how much it means to us fans? do they fuck…

  272. Suga, you also have to give credit to other teams for improving. The league this season proves that by the losses the top teams all have suffered.

  273. and it’s not bullshit dude, these are the facts: I bleed red and white and it pains me to say that we are not good enough to put up a fight to teams we are supposed to be competing against – Our Glorious Leader sets his sights on the Prem and CL every year and every year it goes tits up due to OGL making the same mistakes and expecting different results…

  274. yes, they have improved, but shouldn’t we?

    risky tactic, that…

  275. Suga, I do not think any player considers bragging rights during a game.

  276. well, maybe they should?

    Henry would come off the bench half fit not to allow these inbreds to get away with 3 points, remember?

    if we have a squad full of mercenaries, we may as well reach out for some good ones…

  277. So coming 3rd and not 4th in not improvement?

  278. I agree about players needing (The Arsenal) drilled into them.

    With some of the shit thrown at them from their own fans in the last few seasons do they even know who the enemy is?

  279. well, at least they have a fighting chance of earning own fans’ respect, no?

    normally fans want to love you in the first place, getting them to boo you off the pitch takes some beating IMO…

    what was really saddening is that our players don’t have any fight in them – Diaby, Denilson and the like are just a bunch of primadonnas who had too much too early and don’t know what it is like to work hard, unlike some players that used to grace AFC…

    say what you want, it’s my opinion – I love players who I could go to war with, ones with grit and good workrate/ethic…

  280. Been watching Villarreal v A.Madrid. Pires is still fucking class. Even got involved in a bit of a tiff, lol.

  281. Suga, your 3rd paragraph is pure media shite.

  282. no mate, it’s not media shite, it’s what I see – Diaby has got shedloads of talent, just seems like he can’t be asked sometimes and that is where he is completely ineffective…

    is Denilson jogging back and getting overtaken by a bloody ref tabloid drivel too?

    and yes, Pires is class…

  283. my god spurs BATTERED chelsea didnt they?

  284. Have you even thought that Diaby & Denilson may be playing with an injury?

    We might be so short that we need to utilise players who may be less injured than those with broken bones.

  285. It’s not that Spuds have improved Deano it is that we are no good. 🙂

  286. maybe it’s because we tend to run them into the ground?

    and why not play the likes of Vela? injuries? he is off to play for Mexico regularly and excels there…

  287. Ol Harry can instil confidence in a team for a season or two but it never lasts. Look at all the teams he has managed in the past.

    Bournemouth, Wet Spam, Portsmouth. They all punched above their weight for a while.

  288. I think you will find Wenger is not to impressed with Vela after he lost his passport.

  289. haha dupsffokcuf *taps nose*

    I get ya. Were terrible. Not a hope.

  290. Spuds have as much money as all these combined and more – when ‘Arry himself said it was a ‘big club’ opportunity for him, he obviously meant money, as they are not big in any other way…

  291. yes, but what about earlier in the season?

    outrageous talent sitting on the bench and getting chubbier and chubbier?

  292. haha poor vela.

    I lost my pasport recently.

    Just thought id share that.

  293. Jon-Jon:

    “you say your not from london?? are you even from england?? if so it would explain the stupidity in your comments by brushing under the carpet a defeat in the manner of that at the hands of the’d never understand what that defeat meant would you??”

    Stop being a drama queen please. Of course I know that defeat at Spurs is important. But our season didn’t end on Saturday.

    And if your Spud mates tease you, tell them that it was the first victory over us in a decade. And if they tease you further tell them to take a look at the table.

  294. Suga, run who into the ground? Our 2nd choice midfield because our 1st is injured?

    You do contradict yourself. One minute they are no good the next we run them into the ground.

    If they were no good we would not tire them out would we.

  295. dupsffokcuf.

    You can win….just accept that we should get rid of wenger and appoint SUGA3 as manager imminently.

    Its the only way.

  296. Despite the massive expenditures between the top three clubs, you would expect the chavs and the MAnc to be leading by atleast 10-15 points. But they’re not, they’re just a few points ahead. That is enough evidence of how well Arsene’s project is working. Better luck on injuries and we could have had more points. In all honesty, when you think about a team that has the potential to dominate the EPL in the longer run, only Arsenal comes to mind, given the age of the squad and the depth, as well as the youth system evolving in the background. In 5 years, you won’t even have 3/4th of the chelsea players that play their trade right now in the team. The Manc team is already phasing out with Giggs, Scholes, and Van der Sar. Rooney has really carried them this season, Ferdinand isn’t the same he used to be.

    The real issue is that despite what happens this season, it seems that we’re not far off from dominating the EPL for a much longer time period that one can comprehend. Screw the no trophies for 6 years, Arsene has been working for a much longer and brighter legacy, than a couple of trophies here and there. Wouldn’t matter sh** in the longer run.

  297. er,

    it’s not a contradiction – they can be both no good and getting run into the ground due to manager persisting with them for some strange reason…

    Denilson was gutter shite last season, yet he played about 50 games and it resulted in back injury that kept him out of action for a good while, no?

    stubborn persistence with 4-3-3 without havoing personnel to play it was not the best idea either…

    Vela works well with Eduardo, yet they were hardly played together – why is that?

  298. Suga:

    “Silvestre is not ‘underperforming’, because he is simply shite – allowing Bale to walk in there was criminal, simple as…”

    For fuck’s sake. If you’re going to moan, moan about things that are concrete. The only reason why Bale walked in from the left is because Sagna played him on side. Silvestre had nothing at all to do with that goal. He was doing his job which was to push up. Jack ass.

  299. we would win the league if we had a goalkeeper worth mentioning, not some 2nd Spanish league import…

    good GK is worth 10 points per season easily…

  300. Suga:

    “he should never have got there in the first place, no?”

    It’s not Rugby you imbecile. He can’t tackle him and keep him pinned to the ground. That’s why there’s an offside rule in football.

  301. G69,

    watch it again, he was in position to close him down rather than try vatching him offside…

  302. ‘imbecile’?

    typical – what the fuck is wrong with you?

  303. Suga, you are now posting a load of bollox. I think your cola has been spiked.

  304. Ian, Merida seems to be another Bentley.

    Thinks he is so good he should not wait his turn in the side.

  305. Again, you simple minded imbecile, Silvestre can’t physically stop him from wandering about the pitch. He pushed up and that’s why he was able to walk in on goal. Off-side traps have the tendency to get sprung. When that happens, a goal like Bles is usually the result. Unless of course harry Potter plays football. When Harry Potter plays football he can wave his wand and stop the player from moving.

  306. Bale’s

  307. You would think a so called defender would know about stepping up and closing down wouldn’t you.

    Were you watching at the Lane or on TV (with it’s dodgy foreshortening effect) Suga?

  308. Denilson was in the team when Cesc went down inured and thanks to him playing so well we were able to leap frog over Villa.

    Suga, why don’t you just stop typing shit and go on somewhere else where someone may agree with you?

  309. The two best goalkeepers in the league are at Chelsea and MU yet their teams are three and two points above us respectively.

  310. I was watching it on TV and a few replays later…


    as much as I had a nice discussion on here, you just had to come here and spoil it with your mindless insults…

    like I said before, there is more to defending than just an offside trap, simple as…

    I don’t think I should lower myself to your level, but what the hell: fuck you too!

  311. Suga:


    typical – what the fuck is wrong with you?”

    Nothing wrong with me at all. What the fuck is wrong with you wearing those 80’s ray-bans? You look like a right arsehole.

  312. and these three points will be telling, taking goal difference into the account…

  313. G69 your comment about (simple minded imbecile) is incorrect.

    An imbecile is a person of simple mind.

    For Suga to be a simple minded imbecile he would need to be a person whose mental acumen is well below par (squared).

    Wait……, perhaps you are correct.

  314. yes mate, there is something wrong with you – can’t cut it in the debate, so you must resort yourself to insulting people from the safety and comfort of your room…

    YW is a decent writer, shame about the likes of you…

  315. Suga, did you not say you were upset (to paraphrase) “due to the problems you had to undergo to watch the game”?

  316. Ok, maybe I should explain myself a bit better. When you push up, with the hope that everyone on your line does also, you are basically letting the player run past you. When your off side trap gets compromised there’s absolutely nothing you can do. You can track back as fast as possible but by that time the player is three or four meters away from you. That’s why the offside trap is considered a gamble. The gamble didn’t pay off in this instance and the goal came about as a result. That you’re still trying as hard as ou can to pin the blame on Silvestre clearly shows that you played defense with a pub team where the strikers were slow as all fuck. The margin of error in the proffesional game is light years more narrow than the type of football you play. Now go and fuck off for the sake of your pride.

  317. “and that I had to go some lengths to watch the game as well!”

    Your comment.

  318. dupsffokcuf,

    so, you have a mate now? nice, I will leave you fudgepackers to ‘do your thing’

    think you’re so witty? think again – or maybe not, it is really fitting for you to blow smoke up your arses…

    bored already…

  319. I don’t care what you think of me Suga. You’re a cliche doom and gloom merchant. Your arguments are unoriginal and lack inspiration. Unfortunately for you, since we hear the same arguments week-in and week out, we have practice battering these ridiculous comments and you are outmatched. Now run along and go talk to someone who may be enlightened by your stupidity. Because right now all you’re doing is getting clobbered eventhough you think your sheding light on our deficiencies.

  320. look mate, Bale is not even a striker, he is technically a left back turned left midfielder, ‘Arry tried that with Traore at Pompey and it worked OK, remember?

    again, offside trap is just one of the ways of stopping the opposition’s attack…

  321. G69,

    well, maybe it’s time to realise that you may not be right?

    and no, you’re not ‘clobbering’ or ‘battering’ anybody, you just hound out anyone who tries to discuss without toeing the party line…

  322. We’re not blowing smoke up our arses Suga. If you feel inclined to read the archives you’ll see that most of us here have been able to predict the course of this season and the development of our players because we have the ability to lookat things from an objective point of view. So when you see Denilson, Diaby and Song become incredible players, instead of that sneaking up on you, go look at what we’ve been saying here.

  323. No Suga, a simple question.

    You said “and that I had to go some lengths to watch the game as well!”

    But you watched it on TV. So what lengths did you have to go to so you could resort to the shite you posted?

    I already said about TV and it’s problems with foreshortening the image from our POV.

  324. Well you’re toeing the doomer line and that’s what most of us have a problem with. When you start an argument by bashing Denilson for being shit or Diaby for looking lazy, you are dismissed because we know where you’re coming from. If you were to have legitimate grievances with the team you should at least be better informed and objective before typing the tripe you put out.

  325. Suga, you may see this as a form of abuse, but we ar trying to open your mind to other reasons for the 2nd goal.

  326. 1 loose cannon

    It was a glorious day the weather was awsome I hope you guys made the most of it. Its a shame about the United result. the Spuds have their tails up it might just suit us. I doubt they will pull another one at Old Trash. We can still hope.

  327. You only need to look at Spuds for an example.

    At the moment they are full of belief and they are winning games. That will not last as their squad is inferior to the top squads in the prem.

    Belief works for the fans as well. Our squad is far superior to the Spud squad. All the squad need now is belief.

  328. I’d like to add that moaning about Denilson and Diaby without care or concern for form or niggling injuries makes you look like nothing more than a results oriented, plastic fan who says he bleeds red and white but has no fucking idea or cares about what goes on behind the scenes. You want your results now and nothing else will pacify you. Then you moan at Wenger for not splashing the cash. You’re a typical uninformed fan who uses cliche as his weapon to fight the despair he feels when his mates say that Arsenal are shit.

  329. I am still wondering why some people bash Denilson. He has had a bad run of games at the turn of the year (mostly related to his back injury) but since a couple of months — when he played, he performed! Can’t understand why people still see him as surplus and want him sold to buy..well…I don’t even know who they want to bring on who could do a better job?

  330. Diaby has had a bad run of games recently, too. But do two or three bad games make us forget his performance all season long? Scoring vital goals, walking through two or more defenders like a knife through butter? Scoring important goals? Providing needed physicality in midfield? etc.

  331. Wow, mentioned Diaby scoring important/vital goals twice…but it simply is true. He has made the difference for us more than once..

  332. well, it was not easy finding a sports bar being abroad and for the first time in the city, plus, I had to wriggle myself out of another arrangement to watch it – trust me, it was not easy…

    yes, I am not denying that Sagna should have followed, but Bale just went and stood there, we were still not switched on in my book 😉

    and no, it’s not D&G, it’s all going according to plan in my book, really…

    like I said earlier, if we finish second we will hit my target and we will be overachieving, all things considered – it is painful for me to know that we could and should have added to the squad…

  333. Dups:

    Palacios will be back to shore up the midfield, putting the lumbering Huddersfield on the bench, and Bale is playing out of his skin right now. Modric and Pavlyuchenko are also bang on form. This and the fact that their defense is playing well, I just can’t see the Mancs overcoming them. If anything I feel that the 2-1’s they’ve been having lately will not be the case at MU. I think they’ll win by even more. I will not be surprised if the Mancs get trounced at home to be honest.

  334. What is it with MLS.

    San Jose Earthquakes v New England Revolution.

    What sort of names are these for football teams FFS.

  335. It seems some people post on here simply to massage their own ego’s, so they can say ‘I told you so’ or the old favourite ‘I knew it all along, i could see it last season too’

    It makes for a very boring read and generally their arguments to back up these statements are shallow.

    I would recommend these people spend less time on their computers and apply to become football Managers of their local club, get their coaching badges and work their way to the top. Then I can say: ‘well done you were right, I knew it all along’.

  336. G69,

    well, I am expecting a win in every game we play, nothing wrong with that, is there?

    I am not a ‘plastic’ fan, I just want my team to be on par with the best, which we were not this season, were we?

  337. Suga, as “you know” that we should have added to the squad. Who should we have added? D&G’s always “know” that we should (and could) have added…but come up with some names, please. Which players you think we should have added that would’ve boosted our team?
    Just imagining that we might’ve bought Melo, that fluke, in the summer sends shivers, obviously the bad kind, down my spine..

  338. “yes, I am not denying that Sagna should have followed, but Bale just went and stood there, we were still not switched on in my book ;)”

    No he did not. He ran through with pace.

    Sylvestre was moving up with the rest of the defence apart from 1.

  339. Suga, we are on par with the best ffs. We are 3rd after not spending the millions the others do.

  340. Suga, we did add to the squad. But you can’t plan a season knowing that injuries were going to ravage this squad the way it did.

    Next season Djourou, Vermaelen and, maybe, Gallas will all be back. With Sol as a fourth choice CB we will be more than covered. If anything we should buy a CB just in case Gallas leaves. I would not mind it at all if we could find a partner for Verma who plays at the same level and costs about the same. This being said I still wouldn’t get rid of a player who can still do the job behind Clichy and Gibbs like Silvestre can. It’s stupid to let a player go and give up so much cover.

    A DM to stand in for Song is an absolute must. We can either promote from within, in the form of Easton, or get an older player that can still do the job. That’s really about it. Wilshere will be coming back to us and we have a line of players up top that will have improved. Therefore all we need is one or two players tops.

  341. EvilFiek, we could have got Lorik Cana. What a boost that would be (or would it).

  342. EF,

    we all knew deficiencies of this squad for years – if you don’t then you must be blind as a bat…

    names? sure:

    GK – Neuer, Lloris (and I don’t buy into that ‘they don’t need money’ bollocks), perhaps someone older for Szczesny to step up in 2 years time

    CB – Cetin, Juhasz, Hangeland

    DM – not too sure…

    CF – Chamakh, Remy

    Out: Silvestre, Eduardo

  343. It seems some people post on here simply to massage their own ego’s, so they can say ‘I told you so’ or the old favourite ‘I knew it all along, i could see it last season too’

    It makes for a very boring read and generally their arguments to back up these statements are shallow.

    I would recommend these people spend less time on their computers and apply to become football Managers of their local club, get their coaching badges and work their way to the top. Then I can say: ‘well done you were right, I knew it all along’.

  344. Of course, Neuer. Neuer has grown up with Schalke and repedetly said in interviews, that he is comitted to the club a hundred percent, despite several tries by Bayern Munich to tap him up. So why should he go to Arsenal? Besides, he has made some crucial errors this season. He can look good at times, but for example recently Schalke lost 2:4 — and Neuer was at fault for at least two of those goals.

  345. *repeatedly

  346. Suga,

    I want a win every time we play too but if it doesn’t happen I’m not going to throw my toys out of the pram. One thing is to watch stupid management a la Liverpool and quite another is to watch a manager like Wenger improve the squad and keep the books in order. If you ask me, Wenger is the best manager in the league as it stands right now. If every manager were under the same constraints as Wenger I guarantee you that we’d win the league every year. It’s a trade off. Chelsea is under constant threat that Abrahamovich will get tired of his toy and leave with his money. MU supporters wear green and yellow scarves to their ground because despite winnig they don’t like where their club is going. It’s a cyclical thing, Suga, and plastic fans don’t have the patience to let the other shoe drop. All they do is moan and even offer negative re-enforcement to our players like you did today. If you can’t see what’s going on with the club then I suggest you keep quiet. Those of us who can see where Wenger is taking us are not toeing a line. We are seeing that a great squad is being assembled in order to dominate football for at least a good decade.

  347. I want to see JET and Little Jack Willy fighting for a place (and to be future captain) next season.

    Those guys are seriously good for their age.

    Cesc was a special player at a young age and many of our fans think all young players should be as good at that age.

    It does not work like that though. Cesc was fortunate to be in the same team as a certain DB10 who he must have learnt from. These young players are not that fortunate.

  348. Matty Boy,

    posting the same thing twice makes it even more of a boring read 😆


    what footballers say in the interviews doesn’t mean shit…

  349. Eduardo out?!?!


  350. Hangeland. Would he be any more mobile than Senderos?

    With our style of play I cannot see it. As a backup (like codface) maybe.

  351. I’m with Paul N on the Eduardo out nonsense.

  352. well, I know it sounds harsh, but he has lost all his pace and clearly has some mental problem – real shame, as I like him a lot, very clever player, but no longer cut for the Prem…

  353. Taxi for Suga3!!! Lets get rid of him!!

  354. well, I know it sounds harsh but he has lost all his senses and clearly has some mental problem-real shame, as I don’t like him a lot, very clever blogger, but no longer cut out for an Arsenal supporter.

  355. Ateeb,

    OK, let’s say we will add Chamakh and no one else, keeping what we have?

    would you say AW is reasonable or mad?

  356. Ateeb,

    wrong: not cut out for unconditional ARSENE supporter, there is a difference…

  357. Brave?

    Like Eduardo who’s come back to play in a league where he was ‘targeted’?

    Like Diaby who’s come back to play in a league where he was ‘targeted’?

    Like Ramsey who will come back to play in a league where he was ‘targeted’?

    I actually don’t care if AFC sign anyone, or not.

    Like Manuel, ” I know nothing.”


    I find parallax is also an issue when watching games live.
    It means sometimes I haven’t got a clue what’s going on out there. A bit like watching, ahem, cricket.

    I enjoy it.

  358. @ Remi:

    Thank’s for the story of the semi-final.

  359. “Chase those crazy baldhead out of town”

  360. I bet the same people who think Eduardo should pack his bags are the same morons who slated Song a couple of years back, Eboue last season and currently don’t understand Denilson’s role in the team. Has Eddy even been back for as long as he was out yet? Same with Rosicky, he’s getting best to his best and pretty soon he’ll be there. I swear we have the most fickle fans of any team in the EPL, it’s an utter joke sometimes.

  361. no, not brave – repeating the same mistakes and expecting different results is the very definition of insanity…

    we cannot carry passengers, it is too costly – yes, we have nursed him and paid him for a year, but now he is about as consistent as British summer and we needed him at the Lane, no?

    sorry fellas, we need someone reliable when called upon…

  362. Rosicky will not be getting any better, he is 29, ffs – he will be a squad player next season, mark my words…

  363. He’s still recovering his form after suffering a ridiculously long term injury you fucking tool, it’s nothing to do with his age. ALL our players are ‘squad’ players, our starting line up and tactics vary wildly depending on the opposition.

  364. Vince,

    ‘ALL our players are ’squad’ players, our starting line up and tactics vary wildly depending on the opposition’

    you’re having a fucking laugh – tactics never vary and lineups are usually forced by injuries – AW would play the same XI every three days if it was possible ffs…

    who’s the tool now?

  365. Definitely still you. You and John Terry.

  366. bored now, I’m offski…

  367. John Terry fucked your missus…


  368. Is Suga a baldhead?

  369. Suga you have no belief. Part of being a supporter (not a fan) is belief.

    Get some grit and believe.

    It was a lot worse in the past believe me.

  370. Suga is a baldhead jackass whom we should ignore. Soon he will go back to Command Center to regale them with stories of his penetration of ACLF. We have blown his cover and he is pretty useless to the doomers.

    Plus we have a date with Wigan tomorrow and we need to our team to restore belief in itself in spite of our injury woes.

    F*ck Suga – he is irrelevant.

  371. shotta,

    time to get your head out of your arse and stop speaking like you were running a military operation – what are you, six?

    and what makes you think that I wanted to ‘penetrate’ your environment? you and your mates are penetrating each other enough as it is…

    do your thang, do your thang, big girl…

  372. dupsffokcuf,

    my belief is within reason, and yes, I support my team!

    fuck me, what is so hard to understand, we are this close to competing like we should…

  373. Suga, who is it that is putting us in a position to challenge?

    It is not you or any deluded fool who plays CM it is Wenger.

  374. I’m off to bed. Early KO

  375. yes, but he wants to do it his way and his way only and this is what has been his undoing this season (earlier he could not spend)…

    it will be interesting to see what he’ll do in the summer now that he has money…

  376. nite!

    I m off too 😉

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