Anything Other Than A Victory Will Not Be Good Enough

Focus returns to the pitch. Manchester United’s draw at Ewood Park at the weekend presents Arsenal with the opportunity to leapfrog them into second place, with the crucial points difference to hand given their superior goal difference. Chelsea remain on top and anything less than a victory at White Hart Lane will make the task of overhauling them all but impossible.

It has been several seasons since ‘Lasagne-gate’ when both teams had something riding on the outcome of this fixture. Tottenham need the points if they are to realise their Champions League dreams. Both clubs go into the match on the back of defeats although for Tottenham the immediacy of their FA Cup exit presents the bigger problem. It followed a crushing defeat at Sunderland, one which could have been considerably worse than the 1-3 reverse they suffered.

In the interim, only the bluster of Harry Redknapp has bolstered them, how they will always overtake us next season because they have a better squad. You would think that they would have learned the lessons of the past twenty years to know that football is not played on paper. Tottenham have traded on the goodwill of the media for the last few seasons in this respect, playing football the ‘correct’ way was seen as their sole preserve. Now Arsenal has usurped that label from them and a squad written off at the start of the season is almost uncatchable by the local rivals. A win tonight sees the word ‘almost’ disappear from that sentence.

It is an irrelevant side issue though. All Arsenal is focussed on is winning. The return of Robin van Persie at a time when key players have been falling like flies is a boost to the squad’s morale, as Nicklas Bendtner recently observed. According to Wenger, the Dutchman is not ready to start but he is fit, requiring a game or two to get his match sharpness back. High praise has been coming van Persie’s way, his manager believing that the player was showing that he was one of the best in the world before injury curtailed his involvement.

No doubt there is truth in that, van Persie is still high in the top scoring lists for the Premier League despite missing half of the games, testament to his adaptation to the central striking role. With Cesc out, his return is timely. Nicklas Bendtner has performed well in recent matches, perhaps showing the best goal return, form-wise, of his career, confirming his potential for future seasons. He has to continue to deliver this evening. I am sure that Wenger would like to bring van Persie on with the three points already loaded onto the team bus, ready for the short trip home.

In midfield though, Alex Song will still be missing. His absence has underlined his importance to the side, emphasising his work in midfield, providing a barrier for the defence, more in terms of intercepting passes than the crunching tackles expected of a defensive midfielder. This is the ‘new face’ of the defensive work in the centre of the park. Arsene has moved on from clattering, preferring his midfielders to prompt with quick possession and short passes to the creative players. This is part of the reason that Denilson is underrated by some. He has work to do to improve his tracking back but positioning is equally as important in this side.

In the centre of defence, Sol Campbell returns to White Hart Lane and a torrent of abuse, no doubt, small minds, small words and weasel excuses from the Tottenham hierarchy for such behaviour. Given that it was nearly a decade ago that Campbell moved to win honours, you would have thought that they would have got over it by now, especially since none of his performances in derby matches or for Portsmouth has given any indication that he is affected by it, on the pitch at least.

Other than that, I doubt that there will be too many changes to the side which lost in Barcelona. The only other one that I can see Wenger making is Emmanuel Eboue in for Walcott, to add a bit of steel into the midfield. However, there is a loss of striking options if that change is made but caution will probably prevail.

The starting line-up I would expect to see is:

Almunia; Sagna, Campbell, Vermaelen, Clichy; Denilson, Nasri, Diaby; Rosicky, Bendtner, Eboue

If matters do not go immediately to plan, Wenger has options on the bench to correct this, certainly in the forward and midfield areas of the pitch. As much as anything, the squad has shown mental strength this season and they must tap that reservoir once more, overcoming injury and disappointment to keep the title challenge alive.

Arsene said yesterday:

To win the championship, anything other than a victory will not be good enough. So we go there with that intention: to win the game. We don’t go there to draw. A point is not good enough for us to reach our target.

Win it is then. Enjoy the match wherever you are watching it. ’til Tomorrow.

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  1. Chelsea is six points ahead of Arsenal and the gap will remain of three points if Arsenal manages to secure all three points from Spurs game. So now Liverpool vs Chelsea game will be the key to decide the league.

  2. Absolute. Must. Win.

  3. Furious Styles

    Been having a good feeling about this one.. which doesn’t bode well.

  4. Gunner From Nigeria

    A chance to go second, set a record of 21 EPL games unbeaten against spurs and lots more.
    Half a goal would do as the 3 points is vital.

  5. Bendtner has certainly proved himself especially after Burnley game. He has the potential, but there are things which can only come with time, experience and maturity. We have the live example of Rooney.

    Same can be expected from NB, but give him some time for that…..

  6. Gunner From Nigeria

    The team who copes better with its missing players would carry the day. That lies with us as we have had to cope without key players all season.
    I feel Eboue starting is vital to keep Bale quiet as he has moved from an object of ridicule to an key player of their squad.
    Their game is one way that is to hoof the ball to Crouch. So, we have to stop crosses from the wings.
    3 points.

  7. Arsenal are 6 points behind Chelsea.
    If Arsenal wins tonite , thy `ll be only 3 points..
    And Chelsea has a much better GD which Arsenal cant close in on.
    So we can only overtake them if Chelsea Loses one and atleast draw another!! Its a high claim cause thy `ve been grinding results lately. And with no CL matches to distract them.. thy could go all the way. Chelsea has two away games at Liverpool and at Totts.. and im hoping tat the favourable results come out on these matches.. So much of writing on Chelsea because its very simple from Arsenal…. WIN ALL REMAINING MATCHES and hope for the leaders drop points

  8. I don’t see any reason to suppose Bendtner will become a fat, bald arsehole.

  9. Furious Styles

    Have you decided whether you’re having good feelings or bad feelings? 🙂

    It’s the feast of St Totteringham today!

  10. Relatively neutral preview of Tottenham-Arsenal:

    Does anyone fear for Campbell against Defoe?

  11. poliziano,

    the added weight gives him momentum.

    we call it pace and power.

  12. I was feeling very confident about tonight’s match until I saw that Song is still not fit and that Denilson is in the side. If Wenger buys just one player in the summer then it must be a defensive midfield player as cover when Song is injured,banned,etc. Denilson will never be good enough to play for Arsenal – he brings nothing to the table except side-way passes which create no problems at all for the other side.

  13. gunner90
    That parroted bullshit was tedious when it first started appearing nearly two years ago. It is no less vacuous now. Go find a sport you understand.

  14. If i was Wenger i would make SOL captain not the bloody keeper.Nothing would get under the skin of the Spurs fans more than SOL leading out the Arsenal at the Lane and Almunia cannot influence the game.But we all know Wenger wont do that

  15. gunner90

    If you had watched Barcelona v Arsenal, you would have seen an exhibition of Denilson-styled sideway and backward passes to retain possession before a teammate releases a forward pass with telling effect. You seem to be unable or unwilling to appreciate these kind of passes when made by Denilson.

  16. Gooner Ted

    Let’s not put more pressure on the Sol man with the captain’s armband.

  17. It’s just Howard, the poor old fool. He can’t help it. He’s got asparagus syndrome or dyspepsia or something. Just flip him the bird and send him on his way.

  18. Luke

    The more the Spurs fans are booing Sol the less they are supporting there team.And this is their cup final.Sol can handle it(ooh er missus)

  19. Good to see RVP Back I wish our lads better hunting this time

  20. Why don’t the Spurs fans grow up? Campbell left them nearly a decade ago.

  21. i doubt we’ll forgive cashley cole when he turns 68 though. if he lives that long.

  22. In that case, I think there ought to be a merger between Arsenal and Tottenham. Let’s create a super-club of booing idiots.

  23. Poliziano

    Yeah and we will give Greedybayor a big cheer when he comes back.Not

  24. Do you think Ashley Cole suffers from being booed by Arsenal fans? Of course he doesn’t. He swells up with pride at this demonstration of his importance to Arsenal. It is more like a tribute than an insult.

  25. Yeh, booing Nani was a stupid thing to do, it only fired him up to score that first goal, he didnt dive anyway, stupid fans we have at home innit, its ridiculous when you think about it, because he seriously got fired up from being booed

  26. What’s with people and Denilson. Gunner can you please leave him out of your rants, the guy’s nothing but class.

  27. Gunner90, you are one baffled reindeer,, cant you see denilsons one of our most valuable players? Did you even watch the match vs Barcelona, you pidgeon?

  28. ZP’s worthless predictions: watch Sol have a monstrous game, and Almunia. See RvP strike fear (you can see the fear in the whites of their eyes if you look closely) in the 77th minute. Catch Bendtner on a roll. Witness a mesmerising display by Nasri (goal optional). And Eboue, words fail me. A fast furious match. Spurs raise their game, we raise ours higher. Crouch meets Vermaelen and gets to know him quite well.

  29. I had a dream we drew 5-5 and Bendtner scored a magnificient solo effort. My dreams are usually very wrong so chances are someone’s gonna win and Supa-Nik won’t score (well, a blinder anyway). I’ll be putting some black magik money on to jinx the spuds tonight at any rate.

  30. Coming after the Barca loss, one of the things I look forward to seeing in this game is our collective hunger and desire for the ball, to win possession when we lose it, and to retain it when we get it back. If we show a massive desire for the ball, despite the inevitable pressure by the Spuds to get us off our game, then we should win this one comfortably.

    BTW: I taped the Chavs vs Bolton game and tried watching it last night (local time). Jeez the Chavs were mind numbing. The game put me to sleep by half-time. What would I do without the Gunners?

  31. This day is called the feast of Totteringham:
    He that outlives this day, and comes safe home,
    Will stand a tip-toe when the day is named,
    And rouse him at the name of Totteringham.
    He that shall live this day, and see old age,
    Will yearly on the vigil feast his neighbours,
    And say ‘To-morrow is Saint Totteringham’
    Then will he strip his sleeve and show his scars.
    And say ‘These wounds I had on Totteringham’s day.’
    Old men forget: yet all shall be forgot,
    But he’ll remember with advantages
    What feats he did that day: then shall our names.
    Familiar in his mouth as household words
    Harry the king-Blatherer, Bedford and Exeter,
    Warwick and Talbot, Salisbury and Gloucester,
    Be in their flowing cups freshly remember’d.
    This story shall the good man teach his son;
    And Totteringham Totteringham shall ne’er go by,
    From this day to the ending of the world,
    But we in it shall be remember’d;
    We few, we happy few, we band of brothers;
    For he to-day that sheds his blood with me
    Shall be my brother; be he ne’er so vile,
    This day shall gentle his condition:
    And gentlemen in England now a-bed
    Shall think themselves accursed they were not here,
    And hold their manhoods cheap whiles any speaks
    That fought with us upon Saint Totteringham’s day.

  32. Gadget 5-5 draw. Dont be suprised.We have had a 5-4 and a 4-4 in recent years.

  33. Zap

    If everyone was fit Denilson wouldnt start.Is that too hard for you to take in

    My fear tonight is not Sol but Average Al.

    My heart says 2-1 to us my head says 2-2 and its Chelski’s title

  34. Young Mr Grace is such an arsehole.

  35. gunner90

    Denilson has one of the best pass completion stats in the league, against West Ham it was 73 attempted, 73 completed. He has done a brilliant job for us this season, the lad can pass, tackle and shoot from distance, leading to several late goals recently. Im certainly happy to have him in our side, he may not kick players up in the air, but he has class and ability in spades.

  36. Nothing like a bit of Shakespeare to raise the goosebumps.

  37. Excellent, Muppet.

  38. What a star you are, Moopay.

  39. Muppet, you’re a fucking legend mate!

  40. Thank you kind sires.

    Now let’s f*cking stuff the sp*ds.

  41. I am very impressed with Bendtner’s mentality.

    In recent games, when he’s talked about late goals or our title charge his comments have always shown, understanding, determination, belief and intelligence. This comment impresses me a lot;

    “We have good players and we have good belief. We won’t get a better chance to do it than what we have now.”

  42. Brilliant, Muppet. Just brilliant……

  43. “So we can only overtake them if Chelsea Loses one and atleast draw another!!”

    Back to class for you, Homer. Away draws to Liverpool and Sp*rs are all we need from Chelsea. They don’t have to lose at all.

  44. Correct nolagunner,

    But I think we’ll need them to slip up against Stoke or Wigan which is not out of the bounds of possibility.

  45. It will be brilliant to win the title this season. With all the injuries to our player’s no one can really pin point one player as driving us forward towards the title on his own. It was a team effort, everyone chipped in and contributed when they had to. Niki B, has been instrumental in keeping the flame flickering in search for the title. We are closer than ever, since we won the title last time.

  46. Chelsea were less than convincing last night, for me they could drop points anywhere out of their remaining games. The title race is as wide open as a Sp*rs defence, with Cesc dancing merrily through the middle.

  47. Ateeb,

    There are few things (that I can count on the fingers of one hand) that I’ve ever wanted more than for us to win the league this season.

    If we drop points to the totts I’ll be ill.

  48. “I don’t see any reason to suppose Bendtner will become a fat, bald arsehole.”


  49. Muppet, first class honours mate.

  50. This is a game we must win.There is no going back if we dont.So why start Eboue in front of Walcott????? And remember Eboue lost the plot at the Lane last season

    If the score is level after an hour. i want Wenger to gamble and go all out attack.A draw tonight is a bad result

    Lets go for it all guns blazing

  51. Chill out everyone.If we lose the title this season there is always next season and we will still be supporting them.This is Sperz cup final we have 38 cup finals

    If Chelski win it they will deserve it if we win it we will deserve it.The league is won over 38 games not one or two


  52. After all, there is only one Arsenal.

    Thanks to Muppet. Good luck to the lads. Perhaps Mr. Wenger might say “play without fear”, and so they will and we will remain steadfast with them.

    One love!

    Show them how it’s done Denilson.

  53. limestonegunner

    Ole, at least as impressive in attitude is Bendtner’s support for RVP’s return to the squad.
    “When you play for a top club you want top competition and that is what we have here,” he said.

    Bendtner believes in himself and isn’t so insecure about his position in the team. He doesn’t seem to mind the challenge because he knows he will get his chances, whether in central role or on the right and he means to take them and prove his value to the team.

    Many think he is arrogant, and his comments about being better than Ibrahimovitch in a couple of years than Ibra was at the same age, are audacious. He doesn’t have to say this, but I’m glad he has confidence, works hard to improve, and isn’t bothered about competing for his place.

    He can certainly improve. But he is the sort of player you believe really will.

  54. Lets ave it !!

  55. Losing hurts but to Portsmouth and Barca, respectively, no, it is not comparable. One crushes your esteem, the other gives you the confidence to aspire much higher. But how do teams respond, psychologically? I have my theory, to be shared post-St. Totteringham’s Day.

    Aluta continua!!!


  56. Consolnob.

    No digging into pits, but the following did involve me delving into a dark smelly hole.
    Sometimes it is possible to get bogged down in the London clay, unfortunately we have no portland or granite up here.

    A story about The River Lea:

    One fun proposal looked at through work
    was for the Gladstone memorial statue in the grounds of Bow Church, near the River Lea. To move him a little to a more prominent location upon the ‘prow’ of the (traffic) island, so the great man’s infamous ‘stains’ could be seen by all:

    “Annie Besant reported the issue in her ground-breaking article White Slavery in London:

    A very bitter memory survives in the factory. [ a phosphorous ridden matches factory famous for inducing “phossy jaw” a disfiguring disease that led to early death for many of the young women workers, the historical site of the Match Girls’ Strike in 1888].

    Mr Theodore Bryant, to show his admiration of Mr Gladstone and the greatness of his own public spirit, bethought him to erect a statue to that eminent statesman. In order that his workgirls might have the privilege of contributing, he stopped 1s. each out of their wages, and further deprived them of half-a-day’s work by closing the factory, “giving them a holiday”. (“We don’t want no holidays”, said one of the girls pathetically, for – needless to say – the poorer employees of such a firm lose their wages when a holiday is “given”.) So furious were the girls at this cruel plundering, that many went to the unveiling of the statue with stones and bricks in their pockets, and I was conscious of a wish that some of those bricks had made an impression on Mr Bryant’s conscience. Later on they surrounded the statue – “we paid for it” they cried savagely – shouting and yelling, and a gruesome story is told that some cut their arms and let their blood trickle on the marble paid for, in very truth, by their blood.

    Gladstone now stands forlorn in the middle of the A11, guarding the approach to the Bow flyover, overseeing a pedestrian crossing and some disused public toilets [Not really a pit, but still very dark, and very smelly]
    The granite pedestal below the statue is still stained by red paint.”

    This is just across the river from the Olympic site (another tale), where the Wet Spammers hope to scam themselves a stadium, which the Sp*ds also once dreamed of.

    On reflection, I wonder if distraught stockholders (including all taxpayers) at RSB would cut themselves upon the steps of Liverpool FC, upon Bill Shankly’s bronze & granite statue?
    Or will they force poor old Shanks to drip blood upon the steps of The RBS HQ?

    Somebody melted down all the statues and shipped all the Tiny Totts’ family silver off to a tax haven a long, long time ago.

    All those digs up by the reservoir, & in the marshes have revealed nothing.
    It explains why the distraught Sp*ds are so grubby, and covered in mud & sewage.

    Lost, as they stagger down (into London) by the Lea and then back out along the Northern Outfall Sewer.

  57. Finsbury you should send that post out to all the Insomniacs in your address book.

    Guys I really think its too early for Van Persie, its just not worth the risk, he needs another week.

  58. Cheers J*mes.

    Most of it was just ripped off the British Library website.

    But, I guess you don’t like library’s.

    I did enjoy Cesc’s goal the last time you visited.

  59. limestonegunner

    Let RVP come off the bench. The risk is Holland’s not ours. We have to win this game.

    I am tipping Bendtner to score today, motivated by RVP and proving the value of competition for places among self-confident athletes.

  60. A good display from a player with the kind of talent to inject real creativity into the robotic architecture of the England team in the years to come, if he is allowed to mature slowly..

  61. Some deluded spud offers pre-match entertainment:

  62. You you calling consolsnob, Finsbury?

    By crickey, if I was a younger man…

  63. Never!

    Just remembered a famous part of the history of the River Lea that I learnt about through some work, seeng as Arsenal are headed that way later.

    Maybe I don’t write very well…or clearly!

  64. River Lee/Lea? That is a coincidence. My mate Tom mentioned the River Lea/Lee yesterday in connection with leptospirosis.

  65. No one can underestimate the importance of tonights game.Defeat or a draw hands the title to the Chavs and condems us to 6 years without winning the title and 5 years without a trophy

    This is like Anfield 89 nothing but a win will do

  66. Oops.

    That’d have been the typo.


    + the River Lee/Lea in the Lea Valley.


  67. Sylvestre should start

  68. Arsenal!!! come on you slags.lets be aving ya. all or bust tonight, someone’s season is about to end.

  69. sylvester needs putting down.

  70. Sylvestre and Eduardo must start

  71. That’s what Maria thinks about you Duke.

  72. I can never enjoy this game until is is done and dusted….

    Always an interesting experience to get in and out of the dump as well.

  73. Come on Matt, home is home at the end of the day, and its an up and coming area…..

  74. 4-1 to the arsenal

    Abou to open the scoring.

    Youe heared it here first.

  75. james you crack me up with that up and coming nonsense.

    The gaza strip is up and coming on that sentiment.

  76. Hmm… Haringay.

    Are you at the game tonight, Matt? If so, give ’em hell.

  77. deano, I have noted your previous score predictions with interest. They have rarely proved accurate – though they are never anything less than bold!

    4-1. Diaby first scorer. I like it. I can’t back it as my bookie isn’t listing 1-4 as an option, (the ridiculous cheek of it!) but I do like it.


  78. Im due a break Limpar!

    Student loans just in so Im gonna make it interesting.

    200/1 on skybet is that.

  79. Ok, its a hole, but its whoever lives theres hole and i’m sure there proud of it

  80. I like those odds. Good luck, sir. I’ve gone for 2-3 and 1-2 myself. Any win will do for me though! ARSENAL!

  81. …..but we do have to take into consideration the posibility of dropping points……and we all know that the only way that will happen….is if gary numan scores for spurs…in his car.

    Because if hes in that car he is the safest of all, and he can lock all his doors and we might not be able to get back into the game.

  82. Arsenal all the way 3-1 or and ambitious 5-1.COYG. Denilson to score a screamer again, Bendtner header and Nasri and Walcott to finish them off

  83. Hilarious – F365 mediawatch

    Where to start with ‘Arry Redknapp’s pre-derby press conference? Is it with the folly of saying you’re catching up with Arsenal just months about they’ve thwacked you 3-0? Is it with the folly of saying you’re making “massive strides” just days after losing to the worst team in the Premier League?

    Mediawatch could start in any of those places but will instead highlight the following (cor blimey) quotes:

    “We are much closer to Arsenal now and we’ll be closer next year.”

    Now ‘Arry’s right to say that Tottenham will end the season closer to Arsenal than last season. But that’s forgetting – and it’s not like ‘Arry to forget this – that Spurs had a horrendous start to last season that saw them garner just two points from eight games. It’s far more revealing to look at the statistics from when ‘Arry took over in October 2008. We won’t bore you with the numbers but, lo and behold, the gap is increasing. What ‘Arry’s apparently failed to spot is that Arsenal have taken “massive strides” too.

    “When everyone is fit we have a squad that can match Arsenal.”

    What about when everyone is fit for Arsenal, ‘Arry? When the Gunners aren’t missing Cesc Fabregas, Robin van Persie, William Gallas, Alex Song, Andrey Arshavin and Aaron Ramsey. You’ve picked the one team that will always, always have more injury problems than you.

    “At the start of the year, who would have seen us fourth, compared to the likes of Liverpool and Man City with their resources?

    You spent over £70m in two transfer windows, ‘Arry. Only Manchester City spent more in the whole of the Premier League.

    “We’ve improved, look at our players like Gareth Bale. Is there a better left back in the country?”

    An easy one, this. Yes – there’s Ashley Cole and Patrice Evra for a start. And Gael Clichy on his day.

    “We have had one defeat in 10 in the league.”

    This is just plain wrong, ‘Arry. Although you would clearly prefer to forget, you have lost to Wolves and Sunderland in the last ten Premier League games.

    Apart from all that, it was solid stuff.

  84. AND –

    Cocky Cockneys
    Watching this, Mediawatch cannot imagine where Spurs fans get their reputation for cocky over-confidence.

    Our favourite idiots are involved in these pre-Pompey exchanges…

    Interviewer: What’s the score gonna be?
    Impossibly round-faced man: 3-0.
    Interviewer: Who’s going to score?
    Impossibly round-faced man: Jermain Defoe.
    Interviewer: A hat-trick?
    Impossibly round-faced man: Probably.
    Interviewer: I’ll go and put a bet on now…
    Impossibly round-faced man: Put it on.

    Interviewer: How’d you think you’re going to do today?
    Baldy man: We’re gonna thrash ’em…5-0.
    Interviewer: Who’s gonna score the goals?
    Baldy man: All of them…they’re all gonna have one each.

    Other predictions include:

    “Tottenham are going to win…about 12-0.”
    “We’re definitely going to win by two or three goals.”
    “We’re gonna win 3-0.”
    “We’re gonna win quite easily, yeah.”
    “2-0, without a shadow of a doubt.”

    And, “If we can’t beat Portsmouth in the state they’re in, we’re in trouble.”






    OH ‘ARRY

    God bless him.

    50 minutes to go before its all tucked in bed till next season.

  87. I say, there is a touch of exuberance and excitement in the air.

    Steady on.

  88. Everyone really is confident today….

  89. Yeah I hope it dosent come across as smarmy.

    Its just that I went through the painfull process of watching totenham play for 120 minutes on sunday and it realy was a lacklustre sight.

    Especialy when vast amount of money spent is considered.

  90. Eboue in for Theo. Robin on the bench

  91. Merida on the bench again. What does that mean? Could he still be staying?

  92. Ha! I love you Cbob – you’re a soothing voice of reason.

    Steady on indeed!

    As if.


  93. Arsenal: Almunia, Sagna, Campbell, Vermaelen, Clichy, Eboue, Diaby, Denilson, Rosicky, Bendtner, Nasri.
    Subs: Fabianski, Eduardo, van Persie, Walcott, Silvestre, Merida, Eastmond.

  94. Emperor Gooner

    expected line-up…lets hope we WONT have to see RVP , for wenger will only use him if we’re down or are level…come on ya gunners!!!lets spank em spuds!!

  95. No Corluka. Rosicky, Clichy and Diaby to run riot down the left anyone?

  96. Good warface, Jonny.

  97. @ Emporer Gooner

    OR if were running away with it 😉

  98. Oh, that’s what it is.

    Jolly Good.

    Up the Gunners!

  99. Thanks Limpar. I am, as they say, rather up for this.

  100. ..

  101. New face G4E. New face G4E.

  102. Come on you gunners!

  103. Any links?

  104. Tony Gale the Spud for this game too? Their having a f*ucking laught arent they?

  105. It’s a contact sport s*it is starting already…

  106. Cahill scored for Everton. Do I need to add it was a header?

    Not looking good for Villa, but do I care?

  107. Oh fuck, what a lucky shot.

  108. Lucky shot?????

    WTF who the hell is this guy??

  109. Some youngster who has been on loan to Peterboro earlier.

  110. I think his originally bought from Leeds 2-3 years go with a million or so.

  111. This is not looking good.

  112. Arsenal are looking clearly the better side on pretty much everything, but they get a super-lucky once-in-a-lifetime goal.

  113. We need to give a quick reply.

  114. Why doe sit some nobody is willing to make any intelligent runs in the final third. Dawson nd King can be outwitted.

  115. And now Vermaelen is having trouble with his calf. It’s Silvestre then. This is such a disaster scenario.

  116. Thomas injured??

    OMG……will this never end

  117. Vermy out hmmm….

  118. Well, if I remember correctly, when Silvestre last played against Spurs, he scored and wasn’t all that bad otherwise. It was the 4-4 game.

  119. COYGS!!!!!!

  120. Vermalaen injured too. Our injuries this season are unbeleivable

  121. Has that Rose fella even touched the ball since the goal? OR did he before that?

  122. AND **** YOU INJURIES!!!!

  123. Not from why I have seen…….didn’t even know he was on the pitch….

  124. Thats been Rose’s one touch lol. its not even funny dont know why im laughing

  125. I think its cos otherwise I’d cry

  126. Not offside, shit lino

  127. Why does it feel so long since our last win?

    Adding to which we have lost players to stupid draws and defeats!!

  128. AKKKH bendtner nearly nearly

  129. I think there has been enough evidence this season to prove that there couldn’t surely be any God.

  130. I know Mariah! It’s cos Wolves has just been ignored inbetween the Barca games..

  131. Huddlestone taking on Clichy??

  132. Ofcause there is a god Ateeb!!!

    I see god is still a touchy subject….



  134. COME ON SAMIR….

  135. COME ON EBOUE……


  137. COME ON ROSICKY……..

  138. COME ON DIABY………



  141. COME ON SOL……..

  142. Tottenham have been so bad..

  143. COME ON MIKEAL……..


  145. COME ON SAGNA…….

  146. YIKES.. .NEARLY 2-0


  148. Lacking that little bit of quality…

  149. These Spuds are getting lucky here.

  150. Not least with the decisions.

  151. I think the refs been (on the whole) pretty good today.. touch wood

  152. Kaboul would be offf if he was any good…..

  153. What do you guys think. RVP for Eboue or Rosicky at the start of the 2nd half. TV’s injury cost us a sub. Bummer

  154. Have shown a good display so far to suggest, we’ll win this match.

  155. Maria, I thouhght it was the right decision, there was a covering defender. Besides, should we win, then ‘Arry and the spuds could say it was because of the ref.

    Spurs aren’t really good at all, more like Bolton, and surely a long ball style, much more so than Villa…

    A bit weird that the ref ended the half exactly at three mins overtime when the ball was at the box.

  156. “45 mins to save the season”

    Well said on ArsenalOnline.

    Quick question who is playing in the middle Nasri or Rosicky?

    Also the centre always looks empty for the Spuds, Cesc would be having a field day had he been playig tonight.

  157. “Besides, should we win, then ‘Arry and the spuds could say it was because of the ref. ”



  158. Spurs wont be able to defend all game. Its only a matter of time for the floodgates to open. 3-1 to the gooners. Arsenal doing a Barca on Spurs. 70 percent possession. COYG!

  159. Yep, it’s clear that they’re going to tire, but we need to get that goal soon. Get one and their heads will drop.

  160. Maria-they’re rotating a lot, but the key is Diaby. He needs to step it up as he’s been a step slow this first-half. If he plays at the higher level we know he’s capable of, we win.

  161. I know Maria, was being a bit cheeky. But there wasn’t a penalty in it, and often when teams go one man down and park the bus they are even more difficult to break down. And defending close to the box is only thing they’ve done quite well so far.

  162. It’s been the same for a few games now, a lack of cohesion in the final third. Loss of belief maybe. Nasri and Rosicky need to take more responsibility and Diaby be a bit more positive.

    Can’t fault the defence, Campbell’s been massive. Shame that Almunia intersperces excellence with dodgy decision making. Catch, not punch and fall over then a great save at feet.

    Cesc, Robin and Arsh anyone?

    Wouldn’t it be good to have had Eduardo in the box?

    Over to you Arsene. In You We Trust.

  163. Emperor Gooner

    i think we’re playing really well..this game reminded me of the 2nd half of the manu bayern game at old trafford….only difference is these bunch of utter cowards aren’t down to 10..what a disgrace!! i think we can still win this!!

  164. Nasri playing behind Bendy Maria.

  165. True…..Wolves proved it the other day….


    I feel something about Diaby isn’t quite right, it’s like his carrying a injury both Barca games he looked off and recent league game….any ideas why

  166. According to ESPN the only team to score more then 1 goal at White Hart Lane this year is the Manc’s. Spurs defending has been good this year.

    I wish I could be watching on TV I can not bear to watch the live comments from ATVO and ESPN.

    2 goals Gunners. PLEASE!!!

  167. There’s not much you can do about a strike like that, and the corner was whipped in mighty quick. Better to punch than try to catch and spill it.

  168. Bob,

    Cesc, RVP and Arshavin are three players that a a cut above anything the sp*ds have. The difference between the teams last game was Cesc and RVP, with Cesc injured lets just hope that RVP can come on and do the business.

  169. Me too Bill.

    Especially when you know that your behind the play.

  170. What a difference to the Barca games. The only thing missing is an attempt ON goal, not goalward. Clichy’s shot stands out. He beat his man, went to goal, and had a lash. That is all it takes. Make Gomez work, Spurs are going to pay for packing it in.


  171. I had the feeling that Almunia chose to punch at the last minute and then fell over to show how difficult the ball was to deal with. He then couldn’t get back into position quickly enough.

    No doubt that it was a great strike but a better decision would spare us all these endless replays of the ‘Wonder’ goal that Sky are ramming down our throats.

  172. I knew he’d take Rose off. no point leaving him on.. he’s had two touches and second half he wasn’t going to do much more.

  173. I can’t bear the possibilty of Bentley actually doing something good in this game

  174. WTF?Sky playing seals kissed by a Rose already. The tw@ts.Theyve no put on an even better knob called Bently. COYG!

  175. I cant fucking cunting bitching beleive it

  176. RVP warming up……

  177. hate to say it but I cant see us winning today I feel ill

  178. Not good.

  179. what is it with us and early second half GOALS CONCEDED

  180. talk about a gift. Come on you gunners lets put these spuds out there misery.

  181. Oh dear, Bac effed up the offside.

  182. I smell a DVD coming to a spud shop near you. Or the spuds have to upgrade for blu-ray?

  183. RvP on soon?

  184. 10 YEARS……

  185. Yeah, unless a miracle happens, I guess it had to end one day. Like all good things.

  186. Not over yet.

  187. Have not surrendered yet. Lots of tequilla on tap for tonight. A few shooters may be needed. No matter what it has been a great season. Lots to build on.

  188. Gah that was close.

  189. Lack of sharpness in the final third ??

  190. Nasri is so much better player than anyone else on the pitch now. But Diaby clearly is not in full fitness, nor is Rosicky. And without Cesc or RvP he can do anly so much.

    Ooh, good shot from Nick, but a bit wide.

  191. RvP’s coming on.

  192. Van Persies coming on… hate to break it to you guys but even if messi were to come back from 5 months of injury hes not gonna win this game


  193. Eboué has been a bit disappointing.

  194. Go Robin.

  195. Van Persies take was sublime there

  196. You can just see how much the injuries and all the changes forced by them damage our game. The fluent passing is not there, because the anticipation of runs is lacking.

  197. Yep, just a few too many big players missing.

  198. Yep, it’s a shocking injury list.

  199. Villa-Everton 2-2 at 92nd minute, Villa equalize with a Jagielka own goal.

  200. I’m going in to full media lockdown if we lose this one!

  201. what is it about Diaby that i dont know that makes him play all the time no matter how bad he is playing?

  202. Taking off Denilson did not seem the right choice. Now Nasri is too deep and we have troubles retaining and keeping possession. Maybe he should have taken Rosicky off?

  203. Clay, right now it is the utter lack of options.

  204. The boys have given their best this year!! lets still hope for a draw.

    Too many injuries and I am sure that the Barca defeat was a vey hard on to get over.

    We are proud of you boyz!!!

  205. See what we have been missing for over half the season.

    A healthy RVP is on par with the best in the world!!!

  206. van persie

  207. Fucking hell their keeper’s on fire.

    One of those nights.

  208. Yes. Some pride restored at least.

  209. About time!

  210. cmon arsenal play for pride

  211. A draw!!


  213. 1 loose cannon

    The come back is on. Come OOOOOOONNNNNN

  214. Play for the title!!

  215. And what a difference van Persie makes.

  216. Come on, FFS!!!!

  217. Keeper again…

  218. RVP is a f*cking brilliant player!

  219. Barca are lucky they didnt have to deal with that guy!! I have always thought he would be the best in the world if he could stay fit!

  220. Sol has been immense in this game!

    com on boys one last effort!

  221. Good move by ‘Arry to take Gudjonssen in, he is the only one of their players who doesn’t just hoof it and keeps possession.

  222. Think that may be our lot! 😦

  223. Oh damn!!

    Well done boyz, too little too late.

  224. seems someone did put down silvester

  225. Geez, imagine if RVP couldve started the whole 2nd. The guy is the truth.

  226. Their keeper made the difference tonight. Oh well. Massive effort considering the resources. And it’s great to have RvP back.

  227. 66% and 23 shots on goal, thats how it goes sometimes but we didnt really look threatening until RVP came on.

  228. Sh*t result. What was up with Silvestre tonight? He even managed to somehow misshit 5 yard passes…
    Sol however has been great.

    And despite losing the SPurs there is one big positive: RVP. Has he really been injured this long? Nothing of that was seen tonight. He had three brilliant chances, two of them struck so perfectly and accurately, they would’ve been sure goals if it wasn’t for Gomes having one hell of a night…

  229. Could’ve nicked it. Good to see van Persie back.

    I don’t think our players done too bad, honestly. We were on top of them the whole game and were it not for that absolute missile of a goal we would’ve gone into the second half nil-nil or one-nil to us.

    We’re still in it mathematically but I doubt Chelsea will drop six points from here on out. I wouldn’t mind it at all if we finished above the Mancs.

  230. 1 loose cannon

    I have to say we gifted them this win. The second goal was a gift and the season is over. RVP could’ve had a hat trick if it wasn’t for their keeper. I can’t beleive they have beaten us. It willl take time to sink in.

  231. We simply sold this game to them. The winning streak had to end some day, but to end on a day when we deserved to win is hard to take. Am not normally a critic of any of our players, but yet again some of them have performed below expectation and lets us down. The same players who were atrocious against Barca were the culprits yet again. Our defending is simply unforgivable. Its Obvious the difference a good keeper can make in a game; Gomes simply worn them this game. Big shout out to Sol, Rvp and Bendtner. It makes you wonder what might have been if RVP had been fit all season, excellent player he is.

  232. There. You see what we have been missing.

    That spark that only players like Robin and Cesc can be relied on to provide. Brilliant comeback.

    Ultimately, for all the injuries it has been the loss of that spark that has cost us. Plenty of very good players to fill gaps and win games most of the time and for a long time but when minds and bodies tire, then you need a special player.

    It’s been a long season. It could have been ours, it won’t be.

    Next year. This has been a great season.

    Oh and wasn’t Sol immense tonight.

  233. arsenal already lost the game which this is the game that we MUST win but today again is over….
    forget about our aim to win epl. arsenal should have won the game coz have 8 days off… i dun understand!!!!

  234. One of those nights indeed. Hail the King RVP. Not over till the fat lady sings but now looking highly unlikely and needing a miracle. Gutted to loose to that load of c@nts. If only for RVP. Absolute class.Off to the bunker and all yours doomers till Sunday. Well cant have spurs thinking that was the day They f@cked Arsenals title challenge can we. Well lets hope spurs cream both chelsea and Manure and get spanked by shiteh to take 5th. Justice!!!So close ……

  235. RvP’s return and the consolation somehow makes it palatable.

    Silvestre’s not great, but not bad for a 5th choice centre-back. It’s just a damn shame that we’ve had to use him at such a crucial time.

  236. Steve, who do you think did better, Almunia against Barca or Gomes against us tonight?

  237. Er, not sure that was the right word. Need a cup of tea.

  238. 1 loose cannon

    All I can say is the Spuds are really lucky to get away with this. They caught us on a night were our top players all out. But watching RVP ripped them to pieces was awesome its a shame we couldn’t get the result.
    The spuds were celebrating as if they won the league, it just proves they are a small club who have caused an upset by beating us. Thy are still not going to finish in the 4th place. Just watch them laying down for Chelsea. Same old Spuds.

  239. We will be back.!!

  240. Emperor Gooner

    we played really well..lucky lucky spuds!!! n whatever little time rvp got , he showed what we’ve missed for 5 bloody months!!

  241. How to we get all our players injured at a crucial time, its been happening for the last three season and its only fair to say we will not win anything if our top players can’t be fit. Its the Equivalent of Terry, Drogba, Malouda, Lampard and Essien and thier backups injured. We played with our Fifth Centre-back today. How can any team win with these calibre of players out; Song, RVP, Arshavin, Gallas, Vermaelen, Ramsey, Djouru, Ramsey, Gibbs. Sincerely something has got to give if we are to return to winning ways. It certainly can be due to bad luck that we getting these injuries over and over again!!!!

  242. Emperor Gooner

    campbell was IMMENSE..absolutely flawless!! the guy is a legend!! spurring on the team even when 2-0 down…hope he’s there for the next season too!!

  243. Makes me wonder what would have happened had Bolton been awarded the two penalties yesterday. What’s the fun of losing a title to dodgy decisions all season long?

    Anyways, a couple of tweaks here and there, and we will be good enough to win the next season. Arsene wasn’t far off when he complimented RVP, he’s at the peak of his career and it’s unfortunate that he has been spending it in the medical room. I doubt Cesc has yet reached the peak of his career, this season was certainly a step towards it, as he showed with his brilliant goal tally. I have no doubts that with better luck with injuries next season, we will win it by a country mile.

    RVP may be my favourite player, but I’d still be cautious to see RVP as our main striker for next season, given his history with injuries. And judging from Arsene’s comments when he got injured I suspect Arsene too will be very cautious about him. I hope Chamakh is being drafted in with the mind that he is good enough to lead the line from next season.

  244. Looking for positives here:

    Sol was immense-a true Arsenal legend. If every player on the field had his character, we would have won today.

    RVP showed us what could have been this season. Could have had a hat-trick in 15 minutes, and would have deserved it. I have never seen a player come back after that long a layoff. Remarkable performance.

    Clichy is looking consistently good, and was breaking up the Spurs attacks constantly.

    Bendtner worked hard with little support all day. Glad he scored at the end.

    Nasri, Rosicky, Denilson, Sagna, Silvestre and Almunia were average.

    Walcott, Diaby and Eboue were below their best and the latter two were sloppy on too many occasions.

    Fabregas, Arshavin, Gallas, Vermaelen, Song, Ramsey, Gibbs and Djourou would all have been selected for this game and a fully fit RVP would have started.

    Almunia (played)
    Sagna (played)
    Clichy (played)
    Vermaelen (20 mins only)
    Gallas (injured)
    Fabregas (injured)
    Song (injured)
    Arshavin (injured)
    Diaby (played)
    Van Persie (22 mins only)
    Nasri (played)

    Fabianski (unused sub)
    Djourou (injured)
    Gibbs (injured)
    Ramsey (injured)
    Bendtner (played)
    Eboue (played)
    Walcott (played 37 minutes)

    Rosicky, Denilson, Campbell would have struggled to make our subs bench with a fit squad, although Sol was our MoM.

    Eastmond, Merida and Silvestre wouldn’t have made the bench.

    This defeat will be remembered next season, not only for the loss but for the ‘Sot Down’ chants to Arsene and the savage abuse given to Sol, far worse than even dished out by us to Cashley.

  245. Hah, this from Eurosports Early Doors-blog.

    He may no longer be England captain, but it seems John Terry enjoys some form of diplomatic immunity.

    Three days ago he made a horrific tackle that could have ended James Milner’s career. The Villa man is lucky the Wembley turf is so hopeless, as his studs might have got stuck in a ‘better’ surface – bye-bye left leg.

    The country’s best referee, Howard Webb, imposed the maximum allowable sentence – a yellow card.

    Then against Bolton last night the Chelsea skipper was guilty of a handball that could hardly have been more obvious had it been accompanied by police sirens. Hit him on the chest, said the linesman. Course it did.

    Let’s hope this immunity from prosecution extends to the World Cup, where JT can trot about happily kicking lumps out of Landon Donovan, Robert Koren and… do Algeria have any decent players? England’s group really is easy, isn’t it? (That’s right, fate, you heard. Easy.)


  246. ‘sit down’ not ‘sot down’

  247. There’s a hierarchy in every squad; it’s the only way it can work. Players who are in form get regular football – and the ones who are still learning or are out of sorts sit out.

    When you have the upper echelons wiped out like we have, then it’s going to be difficult to produce great performances. So the spuds caught us at the perfect moment.

    We’ll improve the squad in the summer, but you can’t have 25 superstars – it has to be tiered, and you need a healthy amount of guys who are willing to wait for their opportunity. If a player with RvP or Cesc’s quality started the season from the bench, he’d surely be assessing his career.

    And I don’t want to jinx us, but I doubt the injury situation can ever be this bad again.

  248. The look on Wengers face said it all….

  249. Actually I am more frustrated to see RVP back, a bit irrational but the fact that he got himself injured over a useless fucking international friendly is inexcusable. No question over class, he’s better than Rooney, Torres and Drogba any fucking day. And he was showing that he’s ready to be the best striker in the EPL when he got himself injured. Idiot. Fuck this shit, after the world cup he should take an international retirement. The signs have been that he can’t manage a full season with a club, let alone with both club and country. I hope he’s wiser the next season.

  250. Sol needs to stay at this club for as long as he wants.

    If we had eleven men on the pitch with his heart, desire and commitment to the cause… we would be unstoppable.

    Better season than most believed we had in us, i’m sure wenger will be bolstering the squad with 2 or 3 additions in the summer.

    I would not put another invincible season beyond us.

    I fucking hate tottenham, bastards.

  251. I know it had to end eventually, but I’m still gutted. This is like winning the league for them but we’ll be back, so let them enjoy their moment in the sun.

    I didn’t see the game because I was out, but it’s great to hear that RVP came back so well. It’s been a great effort from the squad, but clearly a few injuries too far tonight. Players who are not in form cannot be dropped at the moment as we are down to the bare bones and we’re missing our match winners. It’s frustrating because we know we can do so much better when we have our best players out, but what can you do? That’s football and that’s life. You win some, you lose some.

  252. Walcot was fucking crap again, so so guuted. I wish i hadnt been saying all that shit before hand. They had clear chances to go three up but fucked it so we couldbe come back. They defended so well I hate King he’s such a wanker. What was Clichy doing for bales goal? anyone?

  253. Oh apart from the two handballs that the refs missed yesterday. We also had a case of Drogba being 4 feet offside against United……..

  254. That hurt.
    Plenty of positives…fantastic to have RVP back but watching him tonight reminds us all just what we’ve been missing. It’s such a damn shame. Sol was just incredible! the constant level of abuse he was getting from the pondlife was something else. What a horrible bunch of f***rs they are. Let them jump and down like they’ve actually won something….they’ll probably make a commemorative DVD. Pathetic.

    We would have won this league. Next season now… please god without the injuries.


  255. Ateeb but I thought the ref was good tonight, bendtners goal was off-side, he was definitely interfereing standing in the six yard box when the pass to walcot was played, and we could of come back then.

  256. 🙂

    Something to cheer you up.

  257. Ateeb, RVP wouldve been rivaling Messi for the best in the world. People may not think so but that guy has talent in abundance.

  258. Arsene looked so disappointed…we lacked a spark really

  259. Anaconda who cares about lego at a time like this you moron? you obviously dont care you fairweather idiot, go support barca

  260. Consols at 9.05pm. My first thought was the same as that – that Almunia fell over to show how difficult the ball was to deal with, looking at it again though he clearly slips. Whether he should’ve caught it or not I don’t know, but either way he did slip afterward, he didn’t just decide to go down for the cameras. And that volley, as good as it was, was a 1 in 50 connection. Can’t really do anything about that.

    Agree with all saying Sol MotM. He was absolutely outstanding tonight. Surrounded by c*nts he stood up and bossed them all. Tottenham were shit, overrall. We weren’t switched on for 2nd.

    The really painful thing about tonight is the ‘what if we’d had Van Persie for the last 5 months’. Like Sol, he was absolutely flawless.

    20 League games unbeaten against the y*ds, 11 years. It had to end some time. Let them have their shit smelling street party in Haringay. Agg. score for the season is 4-2, we’re 10 pts ahead of them, completely out played them tonight, and more importantly we are not out the title race. Imagine if Sp*rs beat Chelski and Mancs to pave our way to the Championship! Would be pretty special. We’re still in it.


  261. Gomes !! he’s such a clown what the fuck was he on today? I hate him so much he’s fucked our season the peanut headed idiot !! what are going to do now? Gomes you prick !!!

  262. Still 4 games to go, the Chavs could lose to both the Spuds and Pool, and Stoke won’t roll over for them. The same goes for Manu, with City and the spuds to play. And it’s interesting because the next three teams below us, have everything to play for, including Pool, who could be eyeing the tough fixtures that both City and the Spuds have to play.
    We need a fucking miracle~~!!!

  263. Yes, lets keep hope alive!

  264. Couldn’t you get a ticket, James? You could at least go down the high street and join in the celebrations – or don’t you leave the house? Come on, this is your moment. Don’t spend it on an Arsenal blog. Go and live a little…

  265. Skywatchingmug

    We got done by the better team.

  266. Take a bow LimparAssist……you shame me with the your positivity! Sometimes it’s hard to think straight after a defeat. This one is even worse for obvious reasons.
    We are still in it (technically)…so who knows. Gotta keep believing until it’s impossible.


  267. Better team? dont be such a fool we were all over them, if it wasnt for that clown gomes !!! He done us in the ass!!!!

  268. Skywatchingmug

    crunch time and we had jack shite.

  269. Romny, who took the jell-o out of your donut?

    Or should I say fuck off Howard?

    I’m sad Arsenal lost, and I am lost in contemplation of what could have been without so many awful injuries.

    Yet, I don’t feel the need to scream abuse and throw my toys out of my pram. I’m proud of the way the team has fought through all the difficulties and adversities.

    Maybe spuds can nick the fourth place before Man Arab. Then we can laugh when they flunk out in the UCL qualifiers. Or in the group stage, because ‘Arry’s “lets lose out early” policy in UEFA Cup means their coefficient is bad, and they’ll be in the third or fourth pot, thus ending up in a seriously difficult group.

    What the f*ck does “fairweather idiot” mean anyway?

    Is fair not some oldie word for beauty, some sort of ethereal attractiveness, like the elves of Lord of the Rings? Or is it just something about fairies? Or just nice weather, like a spring weather? Sounds like an oxymoron to me, but then again, it’s not my first language anyway.

  270. Shut up anaconda go and play with your lego and then go and support barca you mong !!! this is an arsenal blog !!! I hate dawson !!!!

  271. Le Moan is at its original best tonight. All these fake supporting of Arsene and the players all ripped apart last few weeks, and now they are showing their true cu**ish colours. P**cks!!

    The Barca games really did us in, took out Gallas, Arshavin and Cesc. We could have had a really good last run in the EPL, had those not got injured at that time.

  272. I don’t have legos anymore, gave them to my niece a few years back. He is four now and is capable of forming complete sentences, unlike you.

    Why should I hate Dawson, he means nothing to me. I generally don’t hate players, except the obvious ones, like Drogba and Terry and Cashley.

  273. ateeb, I agree about the Barca game, a big loss was suffered on that tie.

    What I fail to grasp however, is that why should a sane and nice person like you read that mindless drivel?

  274. Skywatchingmug

    This was on the cards!

  275. That van persie showing was haunting.

    His first touch is unbelievable.

    The free kick perfect.~~

    Oh how we may of won the title already by now.

    Let the tots enjoy it. They sat and defended well….but the fact that their goal keeper was awarded motm says it all.

  276. anaconda because he’s interested in arsenal on not fucking lego like you, you fairweather idiot !!! I’m so angry i have to take it out on you !!!!

  277. Skywatchingmug

    Fair play to the scum.

  278. shut up sky you idiot !!! Le grove are calling almunia – Clownmunia, i hate them so much, as much as rose !! can someone please tell me who the fuck is Justin Rose !!! where the fuck did he come from !!!! I hate him !!!!

  279. romny this is fun. I read many Arsenal blogs, and sometimes comment here, in the Untold and in a forum in my language. Fortunately there are lots of good Arsenal blogs out there, so I don’t have to read the worst of them.

  280. Skywatchingmug

    Piss poor Arsenal showing.

    The only people I feel sorry for are The Aresenal away supporters.

  281. Anaconda,

    Just having a peek at what awaits us this summers, from the blog sphere. Nothing new though, Arsene needs to go and we all need to start practicing championship manager.

    Honestly, the only player I fear the worst for is Almunia, as far as the transfer market is concerned.

  282. Finally we agree, romny, what a lucky f*cking shot, and he was nowhere in sight before or after. Totally anonymous.

    If you look my earlier posts, I told where he came from.

  283. we will keep hold of almunia because no prick will buy him !!!! except maybe city for thirty million !!! Fabiasnki is a far better keeper !!!!!

  284. anaconda, where? Legoland?

  285. The dirty scum were singing that repulsive song and the commentator’s comment was,

    “what a great atmosphere at white hart lane tonight”.

  286. Fair play to the scums? Sitting back for 90 minutes isn’t much of a showing. We played well enough to have won the game, their keeper proved to be the only difference.

  287. when they called our support shit i felt fucking sick !!!! I hate them so much !!! justin fucking rose ?????????????????????????

  288. Its such a wierd feeling having been beaten by totenham.

    Im on only 21 so it was half my life ago last time it happened.

    Strange. Surreal.

  289. Sol Campbell…

    Reading back all the comments above since the game began, ‘top punditry’, heh.

    I can hear sp*ds in the streets.
    It’s not a pretty sound.

    Ah well, I agree with Bill 100%,

    It’s been a great season, still a few games left.

  290. Despite the loss i was warm inside watching those 15 mins of RVP. That boy is magic. All he needs is a full season 1 simple measly small season. Campbell was immense what a stone-cold warrior! Ahh fuckit it’s only a game anyway!

  291. Skywatchingmug

    Ateeb ?

  292. Delia-----Block112

    We played some lovely approach play, gave away a pathetic second goal and were thwarted by Gomes in the final 15 minutes.
    The return of RVP was heart warming and just reminded us, if we needed reminding , what a great striker he is and what our season might have been had he been available.
    There is every reason to be optimistic as I see it.
    My only concern is AW, who looks as though he could do with a long holiday!

  293. Bradys right foot

    For some reason i’m not hurtingas much as i was an hour ago. Usually defeats take me a day or two to get over.

    I think the reason is simply because Spurs are mugs.I mean the way they celebrated just proved that, I didn’t see the European cup or Premeir league crown fall from the sky, I thought they were about to break into the hockey cockey at one stage.They beat us with a wonder goal and ten men behind the ball, fair play they caught us sleeping after the break but their not in our league even without five nailed on starters. I’ve no real complaints about the result we lacked a little spark and Gomes made two outstranding saves. Let them have their victory and well bury them next year because were better than them by a considerable margin this blip doesn’t change that.

    What can i say abvout RVP just seeing this guy back in the shirt was unbelieveable technically i’d go as far as to say he’s the best forward in the world. His running chest and volley done in the space of 1 square yard just made me laugh. I’ve no doubt if he had stayed fit the league would be over. Anyway the seasons finished and the doomers can celebrate. Chamakh as well as a centre half and a goal keeper will be added in the summer I think. I just hope we go through a season with the average amount of injuries not the plague that has dogged us in recent years because well be champions. Don’t let anyone kid you injuries have fucked us over this season and its a sign of the strenghth of this squad not
    a weakness that well finish second. I wish the new season was just starting because well win it next year. Just put a few quid on Arsenal for the 2010/11 season at 11/2, my advice get on and get on early.

  294. Romny, sadly I’ve never been to Legoland, I hear it is quite nice. If you were asking about my comment on Rose, I meant earlier in this blog.

  295. when the fuck did tottenham learn how to defend ?????????????

  296. Very good question, one that the wisest of men will find hard to find answers for.

  297. Sounded like we outsang Sp*ds for long periods. All Shite Hart offered was abuse to their old boy. Not a very highminded lot the sp*ds.

    And their team play f*cking shit football. Very lucky to face us at half power tonight.

    A cannon will always, always be cooler than a chicken. Of that there is no doubt.


  298. Well said, LA.

  299. Skywatchingmug

    Because the away support are diamonds.

    Romny you ain’t helping, so do one.

  300. Absolutely, BRF.

    That volley was different gravy. Truly special player. Good point about the odds too.

  301. Romny, it’s been fun chatting, but I can feed trolls for only so long. I’ll finish my beer, have a smoke and go to sleep. Good night to all fellow ACLF:ers. May your dreams be happier than our result tonight.

  302. Couldn’t do anything about the injuries but no escaping that until VP came on we created nothing. And we’ve lost every big game so far this season (apart from Spurs home). A competant goalkeeper would be useful and it’d be nice if some of the other players showed the same desire to win as Sol. Unfortunately he’s the only actual winner in the team. Ho, hum. Always next time.

  303. Ahhh…No Pz to cheer us up………Should sleep…..

  304. Have the spuds released the game on DVD yet? The proceeds can go to ‘Arry’s tax fund.

  305. I was so happy to see Robin back tonight but at the same time I feel sad to see him.

    Sad because it is so clear how good he is and how much we have missed that extra bit of quality in the final third.

    How many points would he have gained on his own?

    Out of Drogba, Rooney and Torres, it happens to be our best striker that has been out since November. A crying shame but at some point this injury nonsense will have to sort itself out.


  306. Skywatchingmug


  307. That goal was nothing short of a fluke, the type you see once in 10 years. Expect them to beat us again in 2020. Wenger was terribly disappointed and he was short of saying the title race is over. I hope our key players can remain fit in the future.

  308. I sat and watched this game in a bar full of Spuds. Sat in the dark in a corner and watched the game and listened to them. I felt quite sorry for them.

    Once you get over the initial annoyance at losing to the Scum the result tonight is not that difficult to take.

    For most of the game there was only one team in it. Takes a special something to park eleven men in front of goal at home…and that was their best shot.

    Now they have to suffer another season of Harry Rednapp.

    This game like the season is really a story of injuries. You don’t take six top class players out of any team without it having a massive impact in terms of creativity. You don’t take Robin Van Persie (who in my book is a better football player than Lionel Messi) out for 5 months without it having a massive impact full-stop.

    I am looking forward to the next four games, WC2010 ( I hope RvP wins player of the tournament) and of course next season. I hope our supporters have grown up a little. I think they might have.

    In the meantime we have to keep going and get the best out of this season…and you never know.


  309. Skywatchingmug

    Ratarse you summed it up.

  310. Excellent post, Limpar.

    The truth is that Tottenham were not good tonight. There was a wonder goal and we fell asleep at the beginning of the 2nd half for goal #2.

    Who were Tottenham missing? Corluka, Palacios, Lennon, Jenas? (and the permanently crocked Woodgate and they knew what they were getting). Not exactly comparable with Vermaelen, Fabregas, Arshavin, Song and Gallas.

    All this nonsense about them recovering so well from the loss to Pompey. They’ve not had exactly a taxing season, and if they couldn’t get motivated for Arsenal, then well…

    Unfortunately, they’ll get crushed by Chelsea because that’s Spurs. And aren’t we lucky that Bentley’s no longer with us?

  311. Skywatchingmug

    Oh my fucking god lagooner!

    no he didnt. not by a long way.

    We won at anfield this season….on one of the rare occasions that liverpool had all their top players fit.

    Had just lost Van Persie at the home defeat to Chelsea. Had no recognised strikers for the other two games against Chelsea and Man U.

    Flukey own goal and a dive won it for united at OT.

    Went out to a superb Barcelona side in the champions league with 5 CERTAIN starters out including our captain and one of our best players.

    Lost tonight by a wonderstrike, a great goalkeeping display, 8 firstteamers out and the home side parking everything behind the ball.

    We have been desparatley unlucky this season yet we are still not mathematicaly out of the race even at this late stage.

    Still they moan.

  313. You have a god, Skywatchingcunt?

  314. 1 loose cannon

    Wenger will certainly not be happy with that result. People keep saying it was bound to happen at some point, well not against the Spuds its not supposed to happen, Im really frustrated. I feel like they mugged us in this game, one goal by a rookie player who may never play for them again, he really hit that ball and hoped for the best and Then you get Harry saying he knew about it all along, that is utter bollocks why was he substituted if he is so good. RVP could’ve had a hat trick and Sol hit the cross bar. So close.
    Anyway time to move on and leave the Spuds in their shit hole as usual, Eurovision cup every year, nothing new. Next season we will be fitter and stronger while half the Chavs squad will retire, This might be their last hurrah. we looked better every year and next year I’m certain the players will be even better with plenty of experince.

  315. Skywatchingmug

    When are we going to learn?

  316. Now who would ‘we’ be Skywatchingcunt?

  317. Skywatchingmug

    Here we go Frank?

  318. christ almighty.

    This team needs a break.

    I dont think we will lose anybody in the summer.

    Just sylvestre who now has a chance to get his PL winners medal with Vermaelen out for the rest of the season.


  319. Skywatchingmug

    Deano, Frank needs a break.

  320. Skywatchingmug

    I’m not familiar with you, unless you’ve been posting under a different name. Do you only come out to play when Arsenal lose?

  321. The chickens have finally come home to roost. Too many average foreigners have denied the Arsenal the soul to win things.

    Almunia-the worst GK ever to be an Arsenal No.1

    Denilson-the worst Brazilian ever to wear the jersey. Certainly should not be brought down here as if there no players of his type here.

    Diaby-after six years here still poor but with four years contract safely under his ampit

    Sylvestre-Would he be here if English?

    Rosicky-has forgotten how to play football and yet with extended contract to boot.

    Walcott-Will he ever be good?

    This team will never win anything. They are found wanting in any big game.

    You can’t succeed with a foreign team playing in England.

  322. With Almunia still as number one and the likes of Denilson, Almunia, Diaby, Rosicky and Eduardo still in the team, another 5 years of nothing awaits.

  323. moda-

    fuck off

  324. fuck off howard.

  325. Another promises in the summer and fuck all with his average foreign players.

    Keeping these players will be a waste. Almunia and his likes won’t win anything. It will be another 7 years of emptiness.

    Jens warned Arsene about the mediocrity of ‘Clownmunia’ but he persisted with him.

    Clownmunia lost us the title at Birmingham when the trophy passed through his useless hands.

  326. on your own on your own on your own

  327. RVP was just brilliant! Can’t believe he did so well considering that he has been out for a long time. His layoff was probably a blessing in disguise….the other players managed to get in some experience. We should do better with first touches. Injuries are a part of the game. It is up to the players to keep trying. I thought we let our shoulders drop a bit in the second half. I think we can still aim for a 2nd place.

  328. Moda there certainly is a need for more English players in the team. I’ve always supported the need for an English backbone. All great teams have strong local players. But we shouldn’t recruit any English player least the team returns to the ugly game that makes us foreigners – at least we east Africans -dislike most English teams. What I’d recommend was to speed up the development of the English players in our academy. Being too cautious is always bad. Danny Rose’s goal against us reminds me of Rooney breaking our unbeaten run while at Everton. In both cases Moyes and Redknapp have taken risks using young players against Arsenal – and won. Aren’t we supposed to be the academy of football? It’s time the likes of Wilshere, Lansbury, Emmanuel-Thomas, Bartley, etc were thrown into the deep end. I’d also recommend buying a couple of seasoned players. Carlton Cole and somebody else?

  329. The league looks like a long shot for us now. Yet his Spurs and mancity can do the business against Chelsea and manutd on saturday we’d be back in it. Sad that our destiny is no longer in our hands though.
    And with Vermaelen out for three weeks our back line is exposed. Song is also out. When is Djourou coming back? Unlike RVP he may not have the option of starting off the bench. Doubt that Sol and Silvestre can take the strain with their old legs! Our most deserving reserves are out on loan – Bartley, Nordtveit, Ayling and Hoyte. A makeshift central defence will be required if our two old men tire. Some tough days ahead!

  330. But all said and done I’m depressed!

  331. I agreewith Frank, and the majority of ACLFers too. Can we hold our heads up with pride? Yes, that’s the only thing that counts, really.
    RvP, mostly
    Vermaelen, what a blow
    Our six best out, and still we dominated.

    Ramsey, Bendtner, Clichy, Nasri, Walcott, Vela, Djourou, Gibbs.
    All out in the critical periods, or for long periods.

    There’s really not much anyone can do about a fluke strike, and 2 fluke stops. Is there?

    There’s a lot to dislike about Spurs, but their fans really are a very odd group of people.

    It’s been said, but that 15 minute master class from RvP. Wow!

    I love this team.

  332. Non, je ne regret rien
    I am not depessed.
    Life is life.
    We are Arsenal and we are privileged to be part of this team.

  333. a definite blow to us, but i’m still proud of the boys.

    I did up a match report and some thoughts on my site so feel free to read and comment. (YW, no issues plugging here I hope).

    Come on you gooners.

  334. I am not one of those who thinks we needed to win a trophy to cross a mental threshold of self-belief. I firmly believe we crossed that in the first Barca tie, and as a more general process this season. I think This team Knows how good it is. I think Wenger has laid the basis of the most thrilling and superb Arsenal and English side in decades, or ever. I think anti-Arsenal pundits are beginning to feel this through clouds of ignorance.

    Wenger is an incredibly brave fellow. He’s puts many of us to shame. He puts out a virtually second string side and still believes we can win anything. The players can see this. That’s what I’m talking about. The mental threshold.

    We have come of age. It’s just not in the way we expected.



    Anyone who really thinks we don’t have the team, the manager, the club, to dominate is quite simply mad. I haven’t even mentioned Vela, Chamakh?, Traore, JET, Eastmond, Bartley, Nortveid, Barazite, Merida, Chezni, Landsbury, and many other fringe or potential players.

  335. AFC medical team still claims we do not suffer more injuries than other top teams, i still have a hard time believing that…

  336. In Africa he’ll be called a tribalistic person because he’s all for his tribe. He’s turned Arsenal into a French club. One can imagine what language is spoken in the dressing room and the insecurity felt by the young English lads; hearing the sounds of strange language and finding it difficult to communicate.

    He’s interested in buying only French because he’s French.

    He’s not developed any English player bar Ashley Cole.

    He’s developed tons of French players and gives them so many chances to improve.

    He sells English players quickly and don’t have patience to wait for them.

    Born in Yugoslavia, he would’ve been a brutal Serb leader and killed thousands of Croatians because they don’t belong to his ethnic group.

    Arsene Wenger is so ethnocentric and thinks everything French/foreign is the best for the Arsenal.

    The Board should get rid of him and bring back the Arsenal with Steve Bould in charge.

  337. ‘Born in Yugoslavia, he would’ve been a brutal Serb leader and killed thousands of Croatians because they don’t belong to his ethnic group.’

    Moda, Do you think this is one of the reasons why Modric, Krancjar and Corluka joined Tottenham Hotspurs?

  338. Moda

    Look at the Arsenal site.

    French players are 7 out of 30. If Gallas and Silvestre leave, we’ll be down to 5, of which one is a fringe player (Traore) and the other 4 (Sagna, Clichy, Diaby and Nasri) have all contributed well this season.

    You could argue that we’ve done less well since the overall quality of French players has gone down and Arsene can’t benefit from his contacts now that the French team is not what it was. But then that’s why Arsene relies on a multinational squad rather than building it around French stars.

    You don’t mention which English players would strengthen our squad and that wouldn’t be horribly overpriced. Of the top English players out there, here’s how they would do:

    RB: Glen Johnson 18 million?!!!
    LB: Only Ashley Cole, and we know that history
    CB: Ferdinand (too much) Terry (too much even Man City couldn’t get him) Carragher (too slow now) Upson (looks shaky and overpriced)
    DM: Barry (overpriced) Hargreaves (over-injured)
    CM: Gerrard (too much) Lampard (too much)
    RW: Lennon (injury prone and unreliable form)
    CF: Rooney (too much)

    The only English players you could see working for Arsenal would be Ashley Young and James Milner. Still, both would come at a heavy price and wouldn’t guarantee a massive improvement to our team.

  339. well said Zim Paul

  340. 12 hrs later and I am still as gutted as during the game.

    Van persie, you were a star last night, If only Gomez wasnt in the form of his life!! Ooh Sol, you were our man of the match. Didnt do one thing wrong, you really are a legend!!

    Silvestre, I hope you leave in the summer, you just gave Ole one more reason to hate you.

    Diaby Diaby, Since the first Barca game you have been a tad slower, many a time i wished you’d just pass the f ucking ball or even shoot. I wondered why Denilson had to be subbed while you stayed.

    Bentdner,Nasri, Clichy, you worked so hard, It’s a pity we didnt win this game.

    Eboue your constant falling over is starting to annoy me, and i blame you for the second goal as you put Bale onside.Almunia sometimes you make things seem so difficult.

    After saying all that I still feel as gutted as i was last night. Lets enjoy the next four games and hope for the best. Next season awaits us.

  341. Moda/Howard racist bastard crap. Don’t you even talk about Africa or The Balkans you piece of shit.

    This is how others see you – go to the toilet, do your business, stand up, turn round, stick your head as far down the bowl as possible, and breath in. Now hold your breath. The effect is same as the effect you have on others. This is honest. How does it make you feel? Good? Bad? Or just dirty? You are a dirty person.

  342. He’s sick, ZP – forget about him.

    I’ve been thinking; last night’s team was probably more depleted than the won that lost at SHL in the Carling Cup a couple of years ago.

    And an added annoyance is that the Spuds are going to have nothing left when they play Chelsea this weekend.

  343. Ah ZimPaul. Radio 4s ‘In Our Time’ this morning has a discussion about the history of the Zulu Empire. Catch it at 9.00am London time or on BBC iPlayer at any time.

    Take your mind off the result and get you going for the assult on Wigan.


  344. Thee is no blame FirstLady. The boys played bravely against the odds. There is telling for the luck of the draw. We dominated. Quite how we didn’t win 3-1 is another story for another day.

    The only thing is to congratulate the team and Wenger. His spirit is something else. We can say this or that, but how to account for Vermaelen, at the worst possible moment getting injured? Is he prone to injury? No. How to account for those saves – I mean it’s not exactly skill, those either go in or somehow they hit the keeper, the bar.

    There is absolutely no reason on this earth to be gutted or feel bad. Or even disappointed.

    What goes around comes around.

  345. If Arsene Wenger had been born in the Balkans he would have been more like Tito and unified warring states to create the most open and the wealthy confederation in the then Eastern Bloc.

    I doubt if you have a shred of knowledge about European history, Moda. I doubt if you are English either. Something about your sentence construction.

    So what is your game, son?

  346. I agree with ZimPaul.

    Firstlady, wasn’t it Bacary Sagna who played the Spud on for the second goal?…and I think that Gael was ball watching.

  347. For me I hope that this Arsenal Spud thing goes away. Maybe this result will have the effect of reducing the effects of it. Every season we have these miserable fuckers either coming to us or ‘entertaining ‘ us. Every year for them it is a cup tie. It just plays into the hands of Chelski and the Mancs. The Spuds will get stuffed by Chelski because they can only get up for matches against us….

  348. Thanks Frank. My grandfather’s father had written a little-known eyewitness recollection, transcribed and published, of THE battle between the Zulu and British army, Islandwana, it makes your hair stand up on end, in pity and sympathy for every soldier on that battlefield, British and Zulu. It’s great shame however that Lord Chelmesford who committed his army to death, and callously provoked the battle to destroy the Zulu, didn’t die himself from a Zulu spear.

    I am Zimbabwean, from a smaller off-shoot of the Zulu people (there are many such groups scattered over Africa) but we are not tribalists, at least not in my family.

  349. Zimpaul “There is absolutely no reason on this earth to be gutted or feel bad. Or even disappointed. ”

    Give me 24hrs, I am sure by then I’ll be over the loss.

    The boys did well, despite losing i am proud of them but there were afew of them who could have done much better.Not blaming them, just pointing it out.

  350. I think Howard’s lost it this time.

    Time to go Howard. You are a disgrace.

  351. Very rarely do I disagree with ConsolsBob but to my mind Howard never had it to lose in the first place.

  352. The worse thing about losing the Derby is the next day, the papers, sky sports news, the radio, its horrible isnt it.

  353. Don’t read them then….and frankly they are no worse than any other match we lose.

  354. Well I agree dups but this time there was froth coming out of my computer and everything.

  355. The texts, the emails, the phone calls which you dont want to answer, showing up at work to smug faces, its an absolute horror of a day for a Londoner

  356. Not really James. You just laugh at the folly of it all. Truth is something far removed from sky sports news. Different universe.

  357. No, today is THE say to proudly wear the Arsenal shirt, answer every call, make witty remarks, feel good, confident and cool. Let them figure it out.

  358. Sagna was the player who played Bale onside, not Eboue. (Agree with Frank and ZP on this. The commentator was mistaken.)

    If you have to evaluate this team, consider the whole season, and not just the disappointment of 1 game. I’m sure we have more reasons to praise them than to criticise them.

    How we have missed RvP this season. In the 25 mins that he was on the pitch, he had more shots on target than the team had in the entire first 65 mins

  359. Zimpaul, exactly, the only way out is to take defeat like a man, not make any excuses, and enjoy the large slice of humble pie that every football fan who loves there club must do.

  360. Luke, I think you’ll see clichy left him standing there on his own for about ten seconds, he was properly caught knapping, you could see little z’s coming out of his mouth

  361. I will listen later with interest, ZimPaul. The programme is very specifically about the Zulu Empire rather than looking at it through the eyes of the British aristocracy. Pricks to a man I might say…the Brit knobs I mean.

  362. I always assumed you were a Spud, James. Presumably it is you making the calls, sending the texts etc.

  363. James

    I believe you’re right about Clichy’s role in the Spuds 2nd goal. I have no disagreement about that. Thought the mistaken identity on the player playing Gale onside should be cleared up so as not to attribute blame wrongly.

  364. Luke/Frank noted..Sagna not Ebuoe.


    Great comments from a great man.

    ZimPaul, I’m glad I never read Moda’s tripe if it’s that bad that it gets you cursing!

    On the other hand, I’m with you in regards to my reaction to this defeat. It’s disappointing because of it’s potential to de-rail our title charge, but I’m not distraught. I’m proud of the effort in adversity, and confident that the players are learning and improving every game. I’m also thrilled RVP is back.

  366. The boys at Le Grove aren’t happy with Wenger are they, they actually hate his guts

  367. Looks as though the posters on Le Grove will be commiting mass sucide today. The comments over there are beyond stupid.
    As much I hate to say it Spurs were the better team last night but with that said I think our boys did the best they could. Sol was magnificent and RVP showed the class that we have missed for 5 months. Arsenal will bounce back that is for sure. Man United can’t cope when one player (Rooney) is out yet we have coped with up to 6 of our starting players missing at any given time. Arsenal forever.

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