Premier League Preview: And Out Come The Wolves

Domestic reality returns today with the visit of Wolverhampton Wanderers to The Emirates. A win is a pre-requisite, the importance of which will be underlined following the lunchtime meeting of Manchester United and Chelsea at Old Trafford. Three points could see the gap remain the same or be reduced, depending on the outcome of that encounter. I guess the ideal would be a draw as it means both teams drop points whilst the worst case scenario is a United win, games in which they are likely to drop points rapidly reducing.

The squad are well aware of the necessity to emerge victorious. Manuel Almunia re-iterated the point several times:

We have six games left now and we must record six victories. We’ll have to wait to see if Manchester United drop points as well but we still have a chance of winning it. We just have to win our six games and see what happens.

Having dropped points at St Andrews, it is vital Arsenal gets back on course immediately. With an inferior goal difference, Arsenal has to obtain a clear points advantage. Wolves need points as well but with West Ham in freefall, they can afford to drop several. Will Mick McCarthy do Arsene the same favour he did to Alex Ferguson and field a reserve side for this encounter? Highly unlikely.

The notion of fair competition went out of the window on that visit to Old Trafford, as well as being a baffling decision. United cruised to a victory that may not have necessarily been the case had Wolves been at full strength. The home side were not in the best of form at that time and a positive result for the strugglers would not have been out of the question. Yet McCarthy sacrificed the points, believing that his squad would be better served by resting ahead of a relegation encounter the following weekend.

McCarthy was within his rights to do so, the idea of the squad system is to obtain the maximum performance from the players over the course of the season. Yet it ill-served his purpose. It sent out the wrong message, irrespective of the Wolves manager’s intent. Undeniably defeatist and ultimately cynical, it surely went against the ethos of professional football, a self-fulfilling prophecy that no points would be gained. It cheated the Wolves fans who made the trip in the same way that Martin O’Neill did when he fielded a weakened side in last season’s UEFA Cup.

Complaining to the Premier League as West Ham are reported to have done over the side fielded by Fulham at Hull last week is futile. The EPL will not bow to such complaints for to do so would open virtually every game to question. Perhaps they should do so and require a medical certificate for those not in the matchday line-up although quite how a loss of form is judged is anyone’s guess.

Wolves though admitted their culpability, as did Fulham which muddies those waters further. Quite what punishment is offered is an altogether different matter. There are no points to deduct from those matches as the outcomes yielded none and had they done so, why punish someone for fielding a weakened side when the match has been won. As for finanicial penalties, well, football clubs waste so much money as it is, a couple of hundred thousand pounds trifles in comparison to the millions at stake by staying in the top flight. A price worth paying is likely to be the response.

Back to this afternoon. Wednesday night has taken its toll on the players. Fabregas and Gallas out for six weeks or so, effectively the remainder of the Premier League season. Arshavin is gone for three weeks. Minor knocks by comparison mean Clichy and Denilson are doubtful for tomorrow. It limits Arsene’s choices for rotation. Presumably Campbell and Traore will slot into the back four filling the gaps left by the two Frenchmen. Rosicky in to cover Nasri dropping into the centre to cover the captain whilst Walcott will no doubt drop in on the right.

Having performed admirably in his 30 minute runout against Barcelona, Walcott has had a media moment for Arsenal, repeating the adoration that followed his hat-trick in Croatia for England. Expectations are raised that his pace will offer Arsenal the greatest hope that the win which is going to be necessary on Tuesday can be delivered. A strong performance this afternoon will increase that pressure. It is up to Theo to deliver, something he is capable of doing. Like Samir Nasri, I am sure that all Walcott really wants to do is make that level of performance happen consistently.

Even with the injuries, it should not be considered a depleted side. A midfield of Song, Nasri and Diaby is not weak. Perhaps even Eboue in with Song dropping to the centre of defence if that is how Arsene wants to play in Barcelona, to allow Vermaelen and Song to develop an understanding ahead of the Champions League tie.

Up front, Vela and Eduardo are options as well, especially if Rosicky is protected ahead of Tuesday. Bendtner is in good form, working hard for the team and should have scored with his header with Barcelona only one goal ahead. Eduardo could come in to keep the Dane fresh – or as fresh as possible – but there is a danger in making too many changes, the team lacking the understanding that they have shown thus far.

At one point on Thursday, I half-expected Arsene to ask all males under the age of 25 who would be attending on Saturday to turn up with their boots at 1pm for a fitness test but it is not quite that bad yet.

Enjoy the match wherever you are watching it. ’til Tomorrow.

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  1. Let’s hope the real gunners turn up and we’ll be celebrating three points by today’s end. As for Man U and Chelski, all the worst!!!

  2. 1 loose cannon

    I think Vela and Eduardo will come in handy as our squad is getting thin.

  3. The more you look at it Chelsea and Man Utd just don’t look like dropping the points but if we don’t keep wining we can’t take advantage if they do.

    Doesn’t seem much point keeping players fresh this part of the season better to work on their playing together without Cesc and Arsharvin. They will have 8 days rest after the Barca game before facing Spurs who by then should be revelling in reaching a FA Cup final.

  4. I’m tired of all the bantering today (or yesterday) so I will just send a hope for an exiting and fair game and that the team that deserves it will win.

    And good luck in Barcelona!

  5. 8 of the Wolves team that played against Man U also played and beat West Ham!!

  6. Well am still amazed by the first leg V. Barca. Just amazing football. I watched it with a bunch of friends in NYC, and one Chelsea fan. WOW!! Barca were incredible in the opening 20 mins, but Big Al was just as incredible. After that however I think, although we had less posession, I was pretty happy with the performance. At 2-0 down the Chav was having a great time but I told him to wait and see, as Barca are not used to a team that can go for 90 mins at full-tilt. Have you met Theo? Anyways I cannot wait for the second leg. Take care of business at Wolves and then the return game at Camp Nou.

    Just a quick aside. I won $50 by betting on Clichy to keep Messi at bay. Apart from the first few minutes and one lame shot straight at Big Al in the second half he did nothing. Nothing like taking money off a Chav!! πŸ™‚ And yes I am well aware that Messi played most of the game out on the left but really Clichy was at his best. πŸ™‚

  7. On tomorrows game, it is obviously a must win but not getting any more injuries is also a priority. Like you said YW, domestic reality is back. I personally do not put more importance on either trophy but which do you guys see as the most important and why? CL or EPL? Both would be amazing and we are in with a shout in each, although ironically the Barca game and therefore the CL trophy is the only one of the two that solely rely on us and how we perform.

    YW, what are your thoughts on Rosicky playing at Barca? People say he is not as good defensively as some of our other players but having watched the first leg 3 times he seems to be exactly what we need. I agree he is not great defensively but that seems to be more of a problem in the EPL against the more direct attacking style of the English teams. Barca are a different breed entirely. 70% possession!! WTF? Half of that were passes directly in front of the Arsenal players, waiting for an opening(sound familiar?) and that is exactly were Rosicky comes into his own.He is our very own version of Carlos Tevez. And lets fae it, only for Big Al’s heroics in the first half this tie could be well and truly over. We need someone like TR7 to chase down every ball that he can and keep the pressure on Barca. And trust me it is, we were the underdogs and still are. But now we are underdogs who firmly believe that not only can we beat the mighty Barca, but we can do so in their own backyard. Pep himself said that they played their best ever football the other night, and they still didn’t win!! Roll over Wolves and then roll on Barca!! I can’t wait πŸ™‚

  8. Tonymo,

    you point is irrelevant some 3 months after that match.

    The fact is, McCarthy made 9 changes to the side which just beat Bolton and Tottenham away for that game against Man U

    McCarthy even said it was a weakened team.

    The fact that 3 months later some of those players actually came good is irrelevant

  9. if Sol starts tomorrow should we assume that Song will move back to CB for the match at Camp Nou?

    I would be surprised to see Rosicky start tomorrow. He needs to be fresh for Tuesday. What is Fran Merida’s status? Is he healthy? If so tomorrow might be an opportune time to insert him into the midfield.

  10. After the euphoria of the battle of the grove !00% commitment is required once again. Maybe a few players will be rotated. Eduardo, Vela, Traore, Silvestre, Campbell?I think that there are more twist and turns in this title race to come.

    Praying for a draw at OT . It is now out of our hands but fight to the end we will. Onwards and Upwards.

  11. Sorry if this seems like a little spamming, but there was a hideous email posted by Arsenalist, who is a god among men for posting goals and highlights, that I just had to respond to. He posted my email, and I consider it true to the ACLF style of discourse.

  12. nolagunner @ 4:27am

    Well said lad and well done!! Have been a long time fan of Arsenalist, and I thought it was very brave of him to post that e-mail but kudos to both him and you for your reply. I agree with everything you say and disagree with 99% of what he says. In fact the only part I agree with is the end part where he lists several of this seasons high-lights. What an ass!!! Does he really think he can celebrate the good whilst at the same time calling for the manager and several of the players heads for the bad? Your reply was spot on as I said and I hope it puts the issue to bed(we all know it wont!!!). COYG

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  14. How is the injury room looking?

  15. Crowded Maria. It’s gone to Standing room now

  16. We are decimated but we will fight until the bitter end!!!!

  17. TonyMo your hypocrisy is equalled only to that of your manager. The Arsenal team that played at Olympiakos in December had at least 7 non first teamers and could easily have cost Standard Liege a place in the latter stages of the champions league.

    McCarthy never never never said it was a weakened team, as the current first team proves. How many first team games have been accrued for Arsenal in the premiership since December by Gilbert, Bartley, Cruise, Merida Vela and Wilshere since?

    And the punishment for Arsenal was?

  18. Sonny Rollins (everything), and Dexter Gordon (the ballads, the unbelievable live unaccompanied recording of Body and Soul), in that order.

    Today is the ideal game for the fringe-ish first teamers. Wenger sounds very upbeat, very focused.

    arsenal !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (new found skill, typing one handed with baby on tummy)

  19. I expect our strongest starting line up, and hopefully, if we’re 3 up at HT, we will have the luxury to rest key players for next Tuesday. Let’s face it: we have a better chance in the premier league than in the Champions League. So let’s secure 3 points first before we think about next Tuesday.

    The worst outcome tonight would be if we field a weaker B team and then struggle throughout the match to grab 1 or 3 points. That would be immensely exhausting and terrible preparation for next Tuesday.

  20. On Rosicky for next Tuesday, I agree with

    By: irishgray on April 3, 2010
    at 3:26 am

    I remember watching one clip on Rosicky’s sliding tackles. That is exactly what we need in midfield against Barcelona. Someone to win, rob their midfield of possession by chasing and tackling.

  21. nolagunner

    I just posted in support at Arsenalist. What time zone is Arsenalist on anyway. 1:25 am?

    Luke Says:
    April 3rd, 2010 at 1:25 am

    Excellent post, nolagunner.

  22. “Gilbert, Bartley, Cruise, Merida Vela and Wilshere”
    Makes your mouth water doesn’t it? Imagine having these guys behind your reserves?! Other teams can only dream.

  23. Wolverhampton is named after Lady Wulfruna who was handed the land for dog-breeding way back in the nine hundreds. She was an ancestor of Cruella De Ville. Her sons were called Aelfred Rex and Wulfric Spot, so obsessed with dogs was she.

    The logo on the Wolverhampton Wanderers (previously known as Wolverhampton Strays) shirt is a mole wrench. This is a reference to a popular but extremely cruel sport practiced in the area for many centuries. To this day you will never find a mole in the Black Country.

    Today we need to scrape the dogshit off our shoes.


  24. Paulie Walnuts

    You have a point Jacko but two wrongs don`t make a right.

    Also the Arsenal performance in Greece was excellent in comparison to Wolves laying down at OT.

    There are two must haves today – three points & no injuries.

  25. Flint McCullough

    Sadly Jacko has us “banged to rights there”.

    The difference is we do it for positive reasons from a position of strength, giving squad players
    much needed playing time & experience, whilst Wolves did it from their own perceived weakness.

    With regard to the Olympiakos game the outcome was irrelevant to us & it is possible that a better result was obtained because there were so many lads trying (& largely succeeding) to make an impression.

    If you have a squad of players you are entitled to use them as you see fit. AW is the dbs, as far as I am concerned, but he was being hypocritical on that one.

    Hope the famous Wolverhampton Wanderers stay up but only after a tonking today.

  26. I’m not smart, but didn’t we earn the right to rest our first team vs Olympiakos by qualifying so early?

    Wolves against Manure was just cowardly. We’ve seen time and again how any team can beat any other this season. In fact, I think it was demonstrated against ManU a couple of weeks later.

  27. I reckon Chelsea are hot favourites in what is being dubbed the battle for second.

  28. I agree Poliziano, I think Chelsea will have to much firepower for United, they look very hungry. I’m just hoping United use there home advantage and grab a draw.

    INJURY SITUATION – I know we have lost 30 odd goals in Cesc and Arsh, but the players we have who are FRESH and reayd to come in, aren’t half bad. Eduardo, Theo, Rosicky, Vela… all not playing a lot of footy this season for various reasons.

    All we need is a couple players to step up, Nasri is looking exceptional lately, his close control and dribbling in recent games reminds me a bit of Messi, I would even go as far as saying he had a better game than Messi on Wednesday. Diaby didn’t play too bad and has been looking amazingly better game by game this season, when he turns away from players (several players) they can’t get near the guy, he was a bit sloppy on the ball versus Barca, I put that down to the high pressure Barca applied when not having the ball. Point is we have the players to come in, and they have the quality.

    Wolves won’t be easy, but If we get an early goal we can make it easy for oursleves, then look to resting a few players. Barca will be very confused this week since not being able to beat us, if not for Almunia we would be out of this tie, I can see us going there are scaring the life out of them. Wenger will tell our boys to attack at all times, we need goals, and we need to win. Plus their defence aint that good. Theo absolutely terrified them, and Nasri could of even got a couple goals. My heart thinks we can go through, but I know if we don’t take our chances, and give them as many chances as they had, we will get knocked out. It should be a fascinating game, and I cannot see Barca pulling off another 15min period like they did… if they do, they will need as many goals as they can get, before they get tired.

    3 points today please.. and Barca be prepared!!

  29. Resting players is completely different in a cup competition. Your tie does not affect other teams’ chances of winning it as directly.

  30. Barcelona will be worried, I promise you that. They gave their best ever performance, and came away with a measly two-all draw. They can’t even claim they didn’t get the goals they deserved. Perhaps they deserved a couple of goals for their play in the first half. Well, they got those goals in the second half when they didn’t deserve them. Over the course of the match, fortune treated them with exemplary justice.

  31. Watching Manu-Chavs game….feel strangely relaxed vs. watching recent Arsenal games. Just not sure if i should wish for Chavs to hold on to their lead or a draw.

  32. and Mike Dean having another blinder πŸ™‚

  33. At lease he’s consistently bad. It makes for a fair-ish match.

  34. least

  35. Silvestre and Campbell at centre back today. I suppose that means Song will play in defense against Barcelona.

  36. What is the score?

  37. 2/1 to chelsea,final score

  38. ..

  39. BBC showing Campbell playing as well as Sylvestre and Vermy??

  40. Is that good for us if the draw was not possible.

  41. It has the same on Is Silvestre playing at left back? Or is it just a mistake?

  42. sylvestre is starting,gael on bunch

  43. COYG!

  44. Well, Sagna and Eboue playing. Sagna on the right. You must be right pz.

  45. *

    Manuel Almunia

    Emmanuel Eboue

    Mikael Silvestre

    Thomas Vermaelen

    Sol Campbell

    Bacary Sagna

    Alex Song


    Theo Walcott

    Tomas Rosicky


  46. come on you gunners

  47. Wenger confirmed Mikeal is playing left back.


  49. I fukin hate buses..talking of buses that maxwell turns as quick as a one so theo can take him apart on tuesday.

  50. Unlcuky Theo…

  51. This goalkeeper seems to have brought his A game.

  52. With Silvestre playing at LB, what does that say about Traore? Is he injured? I can’t see anything on the AFC website?

  53. This is not really working….may need Diaby on second half…..

  54. Great build up from us this half. Just needs an end product.

  55. California Gooner

    Well this is interesting. It seems the team learned something from Barca and the pressing was excellent the first 25 minutes. But as always, when the first goal doesn’t come, it’s hard to keep that up. Theo looks amazing. Eduardo really, really needs to find his feet. Eboue looks a bit off as well — and unfortunately (me being his biggest fan) — he is such a confidence player that when things don’t come off for him he seems to kind of fall of part. It would have been nice to finish the game early and not tire ourselves out in front of Barca but it didn’t happen. It will be interesting to see the second half.

  56. Uhoh – Alex Song could be injured.

  57. Is Song injured as well?

  58. Am not sure Eboue on the Left works!! we might need to tweak it a bit as all our attacks are coming down the right and not enough bodies in the box to get on the end.


  59. Common arsenal

  60. Well he’s back out again.

  61. Come on Arsenal!

  62. Someone needs to get on the end of Theo’s crosses!

  63. Nasir Jones-Nasri


  64. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    The old Eduardo buries that.


  65. can anybody tell why traore does not a get a game he could play today and gael clichy he has still not got back to his best a rest before barsa

  66. How exciting is this? I am loving it.

  67. Exciting…….I feel sick and desperate!!

  68. Sunderland beating the Spuds 2-0 hahahahahahaha

  69. That’s caused by excitement Maria. It’s because we have so much to play for. Imagine being out of evertything like most other teams.

  70. You mean like Hull who are losing to Stoke 1-0? Heehee bye-bye Hull enjoy the Championship!! πŸ™‚

  71. If we do not win today that is it isn’t it?

    Come on Edu!!!

  72. I don’t ever give up hope. No point in living otherwise. I write us off only when the title is a mathmatecal impossibility and even then I love watching us play.

  73. Nick to get on the end of Theo’s work

  74. This Henry guy’s a knob.

  75. Red card. That was filth.

  76. Hope or not I agree I love watching them play, such a great team!!! But I too still have hope πŸ™‚

  77. He stamped on Theo earlier as well.

  78. Straight red – yes at last

  79. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Adios Henry. Ya c*nt.


  81. Look at the stud marks in Rosicky’s leg!

  82. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Warren Barton is a c*nt, too.

  83. Every game we have to take one like that. Sending off too good for the fucking animals.

  84. And Warren Barton is a c**t on FSC says its not a red, no way. Tw*t

  85. It’s coming…

  86. 2-1….the robot scores….

    Nasri on for Song.

  87. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Super Samir Nasri on for Song.

  88. Bent missed two penalties.

    Come on!

  89. Where is everyone today…….I guess many expected a routine win against Wolves….

  90. Wolves have been playing very well lately. We really need to beat them!!

  91. Dam that should have been better!!! but nice try!

  92. Nothing is routine these days. God this is getting tense.

  93. Vela on for Edu!! Come on Carlos!!

  94. VELA ON!!!


  95. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Come on

  96. Hope he plays on the left wing!!

  97. Please don’t be one of those days. Come on Arsenal!

  98. Makes me sick whenever I think of Cesc sitting behind the bench.

  99. Jesus!! Sagna just cannot cross the ball!!!

  100. I second that OneofUs.

  101. is it meant to be.

  102. Nasir Jones-Nasri


  103. this sucks all kinds of ass!!

  104. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    It’s looking like one of those days

  105. COME ON!!!! FFS!!!!

  106. great week for the chavs. no doubt dave will be on here soon.

  107. fucking THEO!!!!!!!!!!!!

  108. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    My goodness

  109. This is another bullshit result, which I blame on injuries RVP,Cesc and Arshavin were ripping teams like this early on in the season!!

  110. Jesus even Sunderland can score a fucking goal!! 3-1 over the Spuds!! What the hell is wrong with us that we cant?

  111. YESSS!!

  112. FUCCKK YEEESSS!!!!!!!

  113. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    F*ck off ref

  114. OMG!!!!!

  115. Fucjing yes yes yes yes yes yes yes





  116. Nasir Jones-Nasri


  117. yesssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!

  118. Bendtner…………..



  120. Our saviour

  121. WHAT?

    I can’t watch or listen anymore?


    Oh my fucking GOD!!

  123. Nickyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  124. How many mins to go?

  125. it is meant to be

  126. I need to go have a lie-down now…

  127. And I take it back it was a ball in from Sagna!!!!!

  128. What the hell is going on????????/

  129. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Whew. That was f*cking close.

  130. full time?

  131. F*cking hell

  132. WE won 1-0. Niki B!!!!

  133. He scored with barely 2 minutes left……My bloody heart….

  134. fuck me,i feel exhausted

  135. Game over 3 points in the bag..JUST ABOUT

  136. Two minutes left? More like minus two minutes left.

  137. thank you God


    WE ARE STILL IN THIS S***!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  139. Bradys right foot

    I’m getting to old for this shit lol, go on Nicki B.

  140. He scored on pretty much the absolute last play of the game. The time after was added for the goal celebration probably.

  141. Grat resolve shown once again

    Never give up.

  142. Now just pray the Chavs lose a game

  143. b52 bomb

  144. And not to nitpick, but we really should’ve scored from the 4 on 1 counterattack afterwards

  145. St Totteringham’s Day if we beat the spuds?

  146. Chavs will lose to liverpool

  147. Fair play to the lads yet again we win, should be excited but am not. The level of profligacy is annoying and totally ridiculous, exactly why we drew at Brimingham. The last chance we missed should have been put away because Wolves hit us on a break afterwards and had they been a better team, it would have been different.


  148. What an atrocious piece of commentary on tv – that the Karl Henry’s foul on Rosicky was “no way a red card!”

    I was as agitated as Wenger on the touchline.

  149. How did he score?

  150. Gunner From Nigeria

    I am sweating seriously. Just want to say Thank You Jesus.

  151. Those who left early, thanks for taking the bad mojo with you.

  152. He’s wonderful isn’t he.

    Did he really need the full half hour?

    Why not keep him on the bench till full-time? Then bring him on for injury time? That way there’s less risk he get’s injured.

  153. Luke, that commentator was a total idiot. Probably on him see this as not a “red card”

  154. I’ve said it before – this team has balls. Huge big solid balls. What an incredible effort. As Cesc said no one wants it more.

  155. “Those who left early, thanks for taking the bad mojo with you.”

    I stopped watching and lsitening, waiting for updates here.

    Maybe it was my bad mojo!!

  156. Luke, it was a harsh red card, perhaps. Not because the tackle didn’t deserve it, but because reds are rarely given for tackles like that against us. It’s harsh when contrasted with what George Boateng had liberty to do before getting sent off.

  157. There is no point in listening to the commentry these days, totally useless.

  158. Was absolutely disgusted with the commentators on ESPN, they kept going on about Teo and slagging him off when in truth he had an outstanding game. He really played well. Hope we don’t see Eboue on the left again, we know how good and effective he is down the right. Eboue!!!!!!!!!!

  159. A) Why would anyone moan after that performance?
    B) Don’t thank fucking Jesus; thank Arsene and his players – they did all the work.
    That’s all.

  160. Almost had a heartattack!
    Well done guys, really proud of you!
    Hope Rosicky is fine to play on Tuesday.
    He definitely had a couple of knocks.

  161. Aww don’t be harsh on urself Maria.

  162. Theo had a great game, our entire offense was channeling through him. Pacy forward + attacking rightback + slow defending fullback = one huge glaring weakness. Wolves knew it and set off to do their best against it , Arsenal knew it and went gung-ho on the right. However, if Nasri or Fabregas or Arshavin are on the other side, Theo would’ve been slightly more penetrative than he was. Still had a good game though. Here’s hoping he burns Barcelona for a blistering counterattack goal on Tuesday.

  163. GET IN THERE NICKY B! I love you.

    I just made me son cry who was cuddling me whilst watching the game, he burst into tears when I roared YEEEESSSS!!

  164. OMG the tension. Bendtner is a legend!!!still in it to the end. This team will never surrender. Now for Barca.

  165. “out come the wolves” Reference to Rancid Yogi?
    I felt like that whole album on Wednesday night….
    Well done Bendy

  166. Shit!! No way Arsene’s gonna start TR7 at Nou Camp after 90 mins and all those kicks, damn! we’ll need all hands on deck for that one. Still this aint no time to think about them Catalans. Its the time to sing Supa Supa Neeeck

  167. Looks like Edu is finished. Its so sad to see him play like this after his injury. A new CF and RVP will bring him down in the pecking order.

  168. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    F*ck off Moda you mongoloid.

  169. G4E

    Could that idiot commentator be Tony Gale again?

    If that tackle is not a red card, it would be a licence and an open invitation to all premier league clubs to break more of our legs.

    On Walcott, and to some extent Eduardo, I hope both will repay the huge faith that Wenger is showing in them.

  170. YESSSSSSSSSS BENDYYYYYYY….I have to admit I had the same feeling that I had towards the end of the Hull game, the feeling of hopelessness and trying to reason with myself on how we would make up a 5 point gap. Last season we wouldn’t have the spirit to fight on but this season is one to savour no matter how it ends up. I love this team but they really have to stop giving me a bloody heart attack. Btw I dunno about you but no one but Bendtner could have scored that header, the kid might not be world class but god did he come in and do a job after his injury. MORE OF THAT NICK!!!

  171. Eduardo’s season never really started, he needs the break and the pre-season to get back to his best.

    Diaby took a couple of years to get back to where he’s now after his injury and the set-backs that follows such injuries.

    This is why Wenger feels we’re targeted because every horrible injury like Diaby’s, Eduardo’s, Ramsey’s set them back a couple of years in their career or development.

  172. Steww surely someone can say thank you Jesus if they feel like? take it easy.

  173. Must also thank the ref Mariner for the 5 mins of added time.

    Credit also to our boys for not punting long balls (that would be un-Arsenal!) upfield even in the dying minutes of this game.

  174. Luke, I don’t know who this commentator is and honestly don’t care to know any of them…they’re all idiots, especially when the tackle is on Arsenal.

    Plus, wasn’t that same player the one who trod on Walcott’s ankle in the first half after hacking him from behind and the referee didn’t even give a foul?

  175. Paul N,

    It seems a touchy subject on this site.

    But I was praying for that goal during the whole final half!!

  176. We are destined to do the double this season, how else can you explain the fact that when all say we are done we keep coming back?


  177. Man shitty are winning the spuds have lost, should put pressure on them to preform well against both the Chavski and the Mancs!!

  178. It’s OK if someone believes Jesus gave us the goal, I think Steww wanted to give the credit to the team.

  179. Burnley going down it seems…..

  180. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    I caught a stream from the new Fox Soccer Plus, and that orange prick Warren Barton was having a right whinge at the ref for sending off Henry.

  181. PaulN – surely I can point out that it is nonsense to thank an imaginary figure for someone else’s actual hard work? You chill out.

  182. Maria, its touchy if someone makes the statement “thank you Jesus” and nothing more?seriously.

  183. …..and against us Maria.

  184. That’s the same stream I was watching NJN. I didn’t know that was Pharton though

  185. Steww, whether you believe or not is irrelevant. i will not go into it anymore than that but thats disrespectful, what you said.

    What unites us is our love for Arsenal and if someone celebrates our success differently to you, then so be it, it takes nothing away from you.

  186. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    I didn’t know he commentated, G4E. I thought he just sat behind that desk talking bollocks pre and post game.

  187. luke,

    it was tony gale commentating for footballfirst,another arsenal hater.

  188. Well, I think he should just go f*ck off. He’s an idiot like the rest of them.

  189. Why are all these English guys getting on Theo’s back??

  190. Tony Gale is a spud nothing more nothing less.

  191. Benny looking good on t.v!!!

  192. Thanks G4E!!

    That other fat easter egg on BBC claims the red card turned the game!!

  193. I think Walcott had a very good and active game, yes some of his final touches were not the best but he kept running and trying…He should get credit for not giving up.

    It’s hard though when people expect nothing less than perfect!

  194. What a celebration at the Emirates….especially Sol!!

  195. Vieria plays and scores!!

  196. City 4 goals in 20 minutes, geez!

  197. After the tension of wednesday and now today I’m not sure I’m going to make it to the end of the season!

    Good to see Fergie Time being played at the Emirates, after years of time-wasting by visiting teams.

    The force might just be with us…….anyone for 3-3 on tuesday

  198. 3-3

    Anything that sees us though, I am in for off!!

  199. Maria….Why are all these English guys getting on Arsenal’s back?

  200. @ 2 Owls

    What is that?^^^^

  201. How many guys has Benny scored now?

  202. Gunner From Nigeria


    With due respect, You don’t have the right to question why thanks should go to Jesus for a particular achievement. Do keep your opinion to yourself as the thanks did not affect you in anyway.

  203. Told you guys Sagna’s crossing has improved this year!!

    That was a wonderful cross from him….

  204. The commentator was Tony Gale. The idiot kept on pushing the notion of an unfair red card even when the camera was showing that Henry put divots on Rosicky’s leg.

  205. I agree with Steww. Jesus had nothing to do with our victory. He was busy at Sunderland this afternoon.

  206. Gunner From Naija, Jesus has played no role whatsoever in Bendy’s achievement in scoring that goal. It was the team’s collective effort that come to fruitation. No need to thank some invicible deity.

  207. Come on guys. Jesus is still dead so he couldn’t do anything. Now if this match was tomorrow..

    And Tony Gale is an idiot. Everytime the ball came to Theo he would say, “Hot” or “Cold”. Fucking idiot. It’s not fucking Pele out there. The one bad touch he took all match and Tony Gale says “see, he’s just not consistent”. If Theo beat two men he would comment on it. Apparently it was actually Theo Walcott vs Wolves today.

  208. God help us…..

    Arsenal have just won a match in the dieing minutes….let’s talk about that people!!



    BEST ATTACK……………….84 GOALS









  210. Emperor Gooner

    we really deserve to win the title…the spirit and the testicular fortitude shown by the lads is just out of this world….never say die!! we love ya bendy!!!!

  211. Nik’s goal looked similar to his goal against Stoke City, I mean the first goal. Well taken and so important.

  212. “testicular fortitude”


    This is getting silly now.

  213. That was a cracking goal.

    Proper Arsenal. Real class, never say die.

  214. Money Shiteh are 6-0 up on Burnley…when did we stop being so ruthless in front of goal? I mean we ripped Everton apart at the start of the season but now we can barely eke out a win at Wolves!!!

  215. Hmmmmmm……just as I type that would you believe that Burnley go and score!!! 6-1!!

    Comeback anybody?

  216. I hope this same man city side to turn up against man u and spank them in the same fashion.

  217. I find it amusing to read the comments during the game and to see how folks you thought were reasonable lose the plot.

    The eulogy for the season was already being written up in here and yet again, the Arsenal refused to die.

    I love this team even though first thing Tuesday, I’m seeing my lawyer to consider if there’s any scope to sue Arsenal FC for their disregard for their supporters’ well-being.

    I am too young to die from a heart attack and this team is making it a habit to test whether my heart will give way.

    I’ve also totally lost all respect for McCarthy for applauding the violence from his captain.

    I think it should be made compulsory for managers, players, pundits and journalists to actually swear an oath to declare their understanding of the rules of the game regarding dangerous play.

    It doesn’t matter if you get the ball (which Henry didn’t anyway) – a dangerous tackle is a dangerous tackle.

    It’s like saying it’s OK to rape someone because you were careful enough to use a condom.

    If this sort of violence is what English football has to offer in the name of commitment, grit and steel – fuck it!

  218. …….Arsenal……. …….Arsenal……… …….Arsenal…Say that name till North London comes alive because north londons become…..the most beautiful thing av seen.

  219. McCarthy is wanker full stop.

    Watch his shell shocked face when he shakes Wenger’s hand at the end.. he was counting the point


  220. OMG

    Messi just missed a sitter from 2 yards

  221. Paulie Walnuts

    I`ve not seen the challenge which led to the red card but in a way I hope it WAS harsh. If that`s the case it may make teams think twice.


    English football has Arsenal Football Club to offer in the name of commitment, grit & steel – far more than anyone else I`d say.

  222. Pandemonium in the stands! I kissed a perfect stranger on the top of the head and we all danced as one. A moment of football euphoria. Well done Super Nik. That’ll teach the miserable old toads around me that left early. Good riddance – wouldn’t have wanted to hug them anyway.

    Denilson MotM – again. Eboue and Theo are a joyful partnership to watch live. Samir Nasri added the urgency that made for the killer pressure at the end, looked as hungry for victory as I’ve ever seen. Vermaelen is another one – such heart, he was playing as a forward for the last fifteen minutes. The one pity is that Eduardo wasn’t used quite as much as the positions he was taking up warranted. And Rosicky continues to make a mockery of those calling for him to be on a Pay as you Go simcard – disrespectful, ungrateful, know-nothings.

    And Utd lost.
    And Hull lost.
    And the comedy Sp*ds Champs League delusions spluttered and died – again.

    So a good day, I feel.

  223. Well said Darius, but honestly man I almost did have a heart attack!!

    NB52-when the pressure is on he performs, big game player, nuff said

    So when is St. Totterhingham’s Day Darius?

  224. Just watching Steve Bruce give an interview where he says:”We in the North East want to see our sides commitment, we want to see our players get stuck in, pound of flesh sort of thing, we don’t have the flair players so we got to get stuck in”

    That is all well and good Mr. Bruce but only if:

    A) you accept there is a possibility of serious injury to opposition players with that kind of thinking

    B) you also accept you will always be a midtable( at best) team

    C) you should be made accept that teams that simply wish to play the “English” game should never be allowed to play in European competition.

    D) you accept you are shite and are only worth watching when you are playing the likes of Arsenal

  225. Just watched the replay of Henry tackling Rosicky. Mick McCarthy is correct, he never meant to break Rosicky’s leg and in fact he didn’t, therefore it is not a red card. In point of fact it is not even a free kick, if anything it should be a yellow for diving!!

  226. Paulie Walnuts


    I`m glad Aaron has been honest with his comments about the assault (can`t call it a tackle) & laid the blame squarely with Shawcross , though no doubt he`ll still have his defenders wouldn`t hurt a fly & loves his mum.

    Irish G,
    We at Arsenal used to love the `English` game you refer to when we had the likes of Adams, Bould, Keown etc & many , many more before them.

    The difference is that since AW arrived we`ve seen a monumental change in attitude both on & off the pitch. Now, as we know our very own English players are brought up to play the game in the beautiful way.

    You never know, one day missionaries may make it to the north east & give them a manager who would actually ask the team to play football properly. Don`t hold your breath though.

  227. We Can Win Tha League.

    In the main eventevent of the time..Londons become….tha most beautiful thing av seen.

  228. Well, well, well..tired of waking up in ditches covered in frost and snow I decided to come straight home after this game. What a game.

    Very tough to play after Wednesday’s game and before Tuesdays game but amazingly all the participants from Wednesday looked as fit as fiddles. We totally dominated with some great football….where have we heard that before….but the 94th minute goal was beautiful. This side reallly do like to battle until the very last breath.

    I love the way Emanuel Eboue and Gael Clichy ran on to the pitch at the end. Fantastic team spirit.

    Frankly tonight I could not give a fuck what anyone else thinks of this squad. I know that it is the best Asenal squad I have ever seen. Bar none.

    By the way the comments above during the game was the best commentary of a game of football I have ever experienced. Hilarious. Well done you people…and you know who you are…you are all stars.


  229. Darius,

    Football is a emotional game. Sometimes people say what they don’t mean or say things they really hoped wasn’t the case e.t.c so I wouldn’t be so harsh in my judgement….it’s always allot easier to be rational AFTER the game.

  230. Vela played really well when he came on. He should defo start in the next game on the left wing now that AA is out.

  231. Don’t apologise, Maria. You were great.

    Mikael Sylvestre was excellent today at left back. I bet he is a great influence in the dressing room.


  232. Oh Maria.

    I totally understand. That’s why I come straight to the comments that start at the beginning of the game. It’s more for amusement on my part really to see how folks lose the plot…LOL!

    I think we all go through crazy emotions during the game, especially tight games like today’s.

    For the last 8 minutes of the game I was performing my own rituals….believe me. You don’t want to know what I did when the goal went in. But my heart still hasn’t stopped pounding.

  233. Silvestre seriously looked amazing!! Did anyone see that bit of skill? WOW!

  234. Yeah well,, I think Barcelona is the last time i’ll comment during a match..

  235. I would cut Mick McCarthy a lot of slack. He was playing for laughs with the fans booing him at the end. He has a sense of humour. But then anyone with an ear instead of a nose is almost bound to.

  236. Fully agree with regards to Silvestre, he was like a man on a mission!! And what a mission!!

    Paulie Walnuts @ 7:58pm – I agree and I was at a lot of those matches with Adams & Co and got truly sick and tired of the “boring, boring Arsenal” chants, that is why I think Wenger is the greatest manager we have ever had!! My point is, just like you pointed out, that the game has evolved over the last 10-15 years but there are a lot of teams still playing like it was 1985 or thereabouts. And if they want to start playing like the elite teams in Europe then they have to start off on the training ground. I.E. when you tackle you tackle the ball not the man. If you can not do that then fuck off back to the lower leagues. I do not blame Ryan Shawcross as he has been told non-stop to play the game the way he plays it, but for God’s sake look at the result!! That’s the only point I am trying to make, well that and we should not be giving the likes of Bruce, Philipe L’Orange, Allardyce and Tony Pulis a microphone. Unless it is to announce their retirements!!

  237. Zlatan Ibrahimovic has been injured, and will probably miss the 2nd leg.

  238. when is bolton playing? i want to see wilshere

  239. McCarthy is a great chap. He certainly managed to get up Roy Keane’s nose.

  240. Good to see were on the same page Darius…..

  241. During his time as a player, his hirsute suavity caused him to be known in the dressing room as James Bond:

  242. Five minutes was a surprise…but I suppose it might have been expected, as Wolves wasted so much time.

    At one point their ‘keeper watched the ball trickle slowly down the gentle bank behind the goal before idly kicking it back up and watching it roll down again. It was excruciating to watch.

    Still, it appears that the ref was counting every second.

  243. You were very lucky to get three points today, despite ypur managers error in not putting out the best team to play against us.

    That could have resulted in a draw and you being out of the race for the Premier League Champions.

    But I’m sure you will not see it that way. Of course your manager did the right thing as you did win?! In the 95th minute.

    Your terrible, TERRIBLE lack of efficiancy in front of goal is though a thing that you either could laugh about or adress and talk about.

    As I have proofed by stats on my blog you are far from the best at getting the ball in when you have your chances. You have a lot of them – I admit – but your players do not have the skills, the brains or the coolness to take the advantage of them.

    Perhaps now you will realise this?! Nah! I’m only kidding. You want. You probably prefer to think that you are the best team in the world at everything. Haha. πŸ˜†

    But remember. We were one minute from giving you a sleepless night, And next season we will be better. Will you?

  244. Time wasting was at a new level today.

    Spot on One of Us

    What about when with about three / four minutes to go, the ball went out near McCarthy, a ball boy threw it back at the Wolves player who didn’t catch it, let the ball hit his chest and roll back to the ball boy.

    Then the whole process was repeated before he finally caught it at the third attempt.

    Oh and when we scored a rather atractive girl who i was sitting next to gave me a cuddle……..which was nice!

  245. Paddy,

    You defended well I will give you that but we were hardly at full throttle……

    However today we played with a makeshift defence, patched up midfield and without our first choice centre forward – I can safely say we will certainly be better against you next season!

    In fact don’t concern ureself with us, you should be more worried about your boys and who will score if Doyle gets crocked!

  246. Flint McCullough


    I like our new tactic of painting stud marks & gashes on our players’ legs & ankles just to get the dear sweet boys from Hull & Wolves etc get sent off.

    The trompe l’oeil for Aaron’s broken leg was a masterpiece.

  247. Flint McCullough

    That was me Remi & I didn’t appreciate the slobbery kiss.

    You should drink less!!

  248. πŸ˜‰

  249. To be fair you did use your tongue a little to liberally for my liking!

    And we had only just met……..

  250. Sorry – I’ve been busy missed the comment. Gunner From Nigeria, not ignoring you at all, I hope you get some help for your sad superstitious delusions. Anyone who takes credit away from the squad like you did affects me so I feel quite justified in my comments.
    Grow up.

  251. πŸ˜† a fucking wolves fan comes on giving it they will be better next season…

    and wants to ask us if Arsenal will?

    get back in that cage you dipstick.

  252. Flint McCullough

    Not at my age Remi, it must have been someone else.

    Good job for you we are so profligate, Paddy, we only scored the 5 against your lot this season.

    I hope you will be better next season but we are only just beginning. An average squad age of 22/23, 3 or 4 years from peaking so we may have to wait that long for world domination.

    Good luck to you not a bad performance today, we will meet next season.

  253. Flint McCullough

    No need for rudeness SH. We are better than that!

    Is Blood & Guts (Casualty) finished yet I need to be annoyed by MOTD.

  254. Rudeness is coming on a gooner blog and telling us Wolves will be better next season, but questioning if Arsenal will be…

    pathetic, and totally uncalled for… hence my strongly worded retort.


  255. ACLFers… I am Baacck! Was travelling up to Friday but I read almost all your posts. Watched most of today’s game up to the 80th minute but family commitments denied me the agony and ecstasy of the last 15 minutes. I am totally in agreement with LA @ 7:32pm:

    “And Rosicky continues to make a mockery of those calling for him to be on a Pay as you Go simcard – disrespectful, ungrateful, know-nothings (MOSTLY AT LE GROAN).

    “And Utd lost.
    And Hull lost.
    And the comedy Sp*ds Champs League delusions spluttered and died – again.”

    Full agreement with everyone who noted that Tony Gale, who was the comments man on Fox Soccer Plus, is a total knob who lives deep in the football middle ages, a time when a premeditated 2-footed lunge into the the back of an opposing player (Rosicky) was never considered a foul. Thanks Tony for your candid commentary.

    So a good day, I feel.

  256. Just back from the game – these boys are trying to kill me! The relief when that goal went in was unbelievable. I was just resigning myself to the end of our title hopes when that happened and I cannot tell you how good it felt to celebrate at the end.

    The game on Wednesday obviously took a lot out of our players physically and mentally, because Wolves were rubbish and there for the taking. But their goalie seemed to be ‘Johnny on the spot’ every time we had a chance and I feared it was going to be one of those days. The red card was obvious to me in the ground, it was an absolutely dreadful challenge and just fortunate that it did not result in more serious injury.

    Theo had a good game, Denilson was solid in midfield. Sol managed to have a nice rest as there was not much defending to do today – Wolves were absolutely no threat going forward. All in all, a good result, but please boys stop with this last minute thing, it’s not good for the old ticker!

    Any news on Song, as I noticed him go straight down the tunned after he was substituted?

  257. Daily Mail is reporting at 10:03 pm, their time, that Chamakh has signed a four year for Β£12 million. Sounds like utter shit as Chamakh is out of contract at end of season and if signed, comes on a free. Arsenal never discloses players contractual salaries. More shit stirring when they use the report to speculate on a Β£45 million of reserves.

  258. Flint McCullough @ 9:49pm – lol mate!! Am watching the FSC replay of the Stoke V Hull “game”. Whenever Hull tackle Stoke Pulis goes livid, I mean foaming at the mouth stuff!!! Its rediculous!!

    Not to mention the fact that the only person on the pitch who is making decent runs off the ball is the fucking Ref!!

    Just goes to show how bad a manager Philipe L’Orange was when his replacement is Dowie!!!! :):):):) AAAAAhahahahaha!!

    Shotta-gunna – I would not be surprised if Arsene made sure of his signature so soon, I think we will all agree that he is a bargain at that price. I mean 17 million for Lescott….

  259. I imagine Song was just annoyed at being substituted.

  260. Shotta-gunna – I fully agree about Rosicky. I think he is great. In fact I have already made the point that he is exactly what we need against Barca on Tuesday as he will chase every player who tries to hold onto the ball and Christ do Barca like to do that!! We stood back from them way too much in the first leg, Rosicky simply cannot do that as it is not in his nature. I compared him to Carlos Tevez at Shiteh, except I think he has a better brain on him. Although I must admit that Tevez is much more lethal in goal scoring opps.

  261. After reading paddythefleas’ comment about his team being better next season I must agree that they will be. They were awful at old trafford this season (with an excuse) and not much better today (without one). What was it 1 attempt on goal in 95 minutes?

  262. I agree that we were not much of a threat going forward, but my point was that you guys are not at all clinical when you get your chances.

    If you want t measure up to the likes of Barcelona you have to be better than that. And to the arrogant Strinfellow I want to say a lot but I’ll just contain myself and say that we have a yong team as well and we will sign a lot of players on in summer – having a good economy in the club – apart from most clubs.

    And finally. From my side of the stands it was a yellow card on Henry – not a read. But you lot don’t like skin-touch at all so I understand your point. πŸ˜†

  263. “But remember. We were one minute from giving you a sleepless night, And next season we will be better. Will you?”

    Yes. However you’ll probably be in a relegation fight (again) next season. Enjoy. If “enjoy” is the right word watching wolves.

  264. Paddy, after the amount of broken bones our team has suffered in the last few years what do you expect.

    As for not being clinical in front of goal you need to look at the players we had out and that the players up front have not played many games. Eduardo has hardly played since that friendly chap Taylor almost crippled him

  265. paddytheflea – it was a straight red as he came through the back of Rosicky and if you watch it in slow motion you see that it is Rosicky’s foot that knocks the ball away, not Henry’s foot. because he never made contact with the ball it was a red.

  266. Haye won

  267. So I take it that Wed. 14th will be St. Totteringham’s Day then?

  268. When we beat Barca, sorry but can’t help but feel confident, what are the odds of having a certain Dutch striker ready to play in the semi-finals?

  269. St. Totteringham’s Day seems very late this season. That good ole friendly geezer ‘harry the twitch’ has worked his magic again just like at Portsmouth.

    We all know what is happening to them, don’t we.

  270. And a certain Spanish midfielder fit for the final.

  271. 12M in WAGES over 4 years.. not transfer fee πŸ˜‰

  272. paddytheflea, your a flea


  273. A red card should not just be issued for the effect e.g. broken leg, but also the intent of a tackle. It was a dangerous, reckless and illegal challenge end of story. Therefore a straight red card. the fact that other weak referees generally allow dangerous and illegal tackles to go unpunished does not change that fact. Warriner is a completely crap referee, but for a change he got one decision right.

  274. Hawke, that would seem on par with our wage structure. How much truth is in it who knows.

  275. passenal @ 11:56pm – well said!! fully agree, red cards after the players leg is broken is not the point, a red is supposed to also be used as a deterrent.

    dupsffokcuf @ 11:52pm – Screw Harry and the Spuds!! Most years St. Tot’s Day comes way too early. At least this year it will come at a more appropriate time, I mean when we beat them on the 14th, it won’t just be St. Tot’s. It will also be the end of their silly CL ambitions( I MEAN REALLY) whilst we shall be preparing for a semi-final game in said CL!!And it shall also be 3 more points towards an EPL title!! :):) COYG!!!!!!!

  276. “Screw Harry and the Spuds!! ”

    I think is should read:

    Harry screws the spuds (just like he did Portsmouth, Wet Spam and Bournemouth)

  277. Why, oh why, does Chamakh have to look so much like the lesser Ronaldo?

  278. LOL dupsffokcuf πŸ™‚

    Poliziano – he looks similar because he is a clone. Thats why he is so much cheaper!!! But do not worry as they were able to remove the petulant gene during the cloning process which in fact makes him the better player!!!

  279. Saw 2nd-half of Bolton vs Villa and I must say our Jack is becoming quite a feisty fellow. Was involved in a scrap at the end with some Villans after Downing spitefully tripped Weiss, another loanee (remember him – he scored against us for Man City last year). Beyond that he was quite a threat on the left. Speed, trickery and good passing range. Pity he didn’t have some more decent footballers around him.
    If they were better quality, Bolton could have again shown up long-ball O’Neil. IMO, he is simply another pretender who yearns to get the gold plated seat at Old Trafford when ole Red Nose calls it a day.

  280. Like Shotta I had to miss the end of the game because of Easter arrangements but it was certainly a cliffhanger. It seems blindingly obvious to me, and someone will I daresay tell me otherwise, but if we want to have the option of using crosses (as opposed to the skillful play) we certainly have it when Theo plays like today (what a young star). But then we need people in the box to get hold of them when Theo gets behind the opposing defence. If B52 had been on the pitch longer I think we would have had at least three goals.
    Looking forward to Barca.

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