Birmingham City (A) Preview – A Win Required

Whenever Brum is mentioned, the first thing that springs to mind is the TV programme, the adventures of a toy yellow vintage car. Sort of The Plank for kids without the humour. This afternoon will be anything but child’s play. Birmingham City has outperformed expectations this season, on course for a top ten finish, carried there by good home form. So far this season, they have taken points from all of the other top five teams who have visited St Andrews, all through draws. An indication that they will be obdurate opponents.

But Arsenal has to win, to keep the pressure on Chelsea and Manchester United, ready to capitalise on any slips which may arise, the prime motivation at this stage of the season. Arsène is acutely aware of this, focussing the team on the matter in hand rather than preparing for the Barcelona encounter by giving key players a rest.

Wenger has kept it simple: Barcelona does not matter until 5pm this evening. Winning at Birmingham is all that counts. Much of the media build-up is dominated by the corresponding fixture in 2008. I am not sure that it will play on the collective minds of the squad although Eduardo may well feel some trepidation. According to some headlines, Alex McLeish refused to be drawn on the matter which is a fine attitude for the squad to have but not so good if you are a cartoonist. 2008 is in the past and there it should remain; lessons have been learned, hurdles overcome since then.

Whilst the plight of Eduardo has been the focus of attention similarities abound with 2007/08. Then it was Robin van Persie and Matthieu Flamini whose contracts garnered column inches, Wenger ultimately putting those negotiations on hold until after the title race was won (or in that instance, lost). This time it is William Gallas although Mikael Silvestre and Sol Campbell are free to talk in similar circumstances. Gallas may have more monetarily advantageous offers on the table. If that is the case, he is being creditably discreet about his intentions. I hope he does remain at Arsenal, his form this season proving many of us wrong, recovering standing that was lost in the debacle at St Andrews and autobiography.

Eduardo is not the only one who has bad memories of that day in 2008. The last minute penalty conceded by Clichy was overshadowed by Gallas’ tantrum. The left back has put it behind him and is finding consistency in his performances. Well, he has had that for a while but now it is being acknowledged by some who were slating him on his return from injury.

A fixture at St Andrews may cause Arsène to cast a prayer to the Heavens as King Ungus did in the 8th Century. Central defence is his obvious concern with Thomas Vermaelen’s suspension coming a week too early for the recall of William Gallas. The Frenchman will return to training this weekend, presumably looking at a run-out against Wolves to gain fitness ahead of the Champions League second leg in the Camp Nou. Wenger has made it clear that Campbell will play today.

Who partners him should be simple; Alex Song. His form in central midfield has been outstanding, acknowledged recently by Wenger and Arshavin. To place Mikael Silvestre alongside Campbell is risky, the ageing duo would not be the quickest pairing in Premier League history. This would present Denilson with another opportunity to be battered with criticism, sorry, prove that he is a better player than he is given credit for, forming a midfield triumvirate with Diaby and Cesc.

Up front Nicklas Bendtner appears to have solved his fitness problems which leaves Wenger with options in attack; Rosicky, Eduardo or Arshavin on the left, Eboue with Nasri or Walcott on the right. Rosicky will probably get the nod ahead of the other two, both being on the bench. Theo is due a start, one which I suspect will happen this afternoon. He has the pace to worry the Birmingham defence as well as allowing Nasri a rest before the Champions League clash. Eboue, I think, will deputise for Sagna at right back, a rotation that Arsene seems to have been carrying out for a while now. I recall vaguely that Sagna was carrying a knock a few weeks back, the consistent resting indicates that he is being nursed through it rather than fully rested.

Those changes would mean a line-up of:

Almunia; Eboue, Campbell, Song, Clichy; Denilson, Fabregas, Diaby; Rosicky, Bendtner, Walcott

With a bench of:

Fabianski, Silvestre, Sagna, Nasri, Arshavin, Eduardo, Vela

Looking at United and Chelsea’s fixtures today, it is hard to see either dropping points. Bolton are frankly not good enough to take points off United, even if the defending Champions are not as strong as they have been in the past. Villa are inconsistent and whilst they won at Old Trafford, their recent form does not suggest that they will win at Stamford Bridge. Mind you, Chelsea are equally inconsistent so perhaps a draw there.

Arsenal has seven Cup Finals; seven must-win matches. Apply any cliché you so desire. No-one will care for it is better to be in a position to have to use those stale phrases than not. Enjoy the match wherever you are watching it.

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. A win demanded!!

  2. I’m really sick and tired of the Denilson haters. I read on le worst blog in the world that him and Bendtner should be sold in Summer. So happy supporters like that don’t have a real influence.

  3. Arsene knows…..

  4. The red faced cunt has dismissed Arsenal’s
    title challenge.I just hope he will fall flat and Chelsea/Arsenla win the title.Then for a more satisfying outcome BM knocked/hit
    his team out of the cl.
    I hope his condescending remarks will come back to haunt him.

  5. Hope fergie eats his words! Come on lads, another cup final! 3 points is all we need…..

  6. Mcleish wants a strong ref for the game.I couldn’t agrre more with him.For starters the Blues will go with sliding tackles and two footed lunges.
    Imo the ref shd give a red card to any player who goes in with two feet. The worse will be those with violent tackles catching the gunners on the shin. The perpertrator will insist he was going for the ball.
    I have my doubts. Most of these type if tackles are designed to intimidate and if this fails giave himserious injury.
    I don’t trust the thugs in the epl who profess to be going for the ball and have no intention of hurting the other guy.
    I have my doubts. So I hope the ref will dish out red cards if he comes across violent play.

  7. Check out the Nemesis’ Football Opera Fans’ Lineup for tomorrow’s game



    Hes such a despicable shit stirring cunt! ARGH

    So two faced too.

  9. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    What a despicable character Alex Ferguson is.

  10. Is it me but the old red nosed one is afraid of us.

  11. I’ve a feeling by 5pm we will be no.2 due to goal difference after b52 sneeks one in today and an eduardo winner

  12. Two footed sliding tackles are a `NO`, `NO`, I`m not interested in excuses, that kind of tackle is intended to disrupt play and to hell with the consequences. Referees should be held accountable and like players be suspended.

  13. Campbell at this age is faster and better than Senderos. I’ll take Campbell any day for games like these even ahead of Gallas. His aerial power and physicality makes him ahead of Gallas in such games in the North.

  14. I seriously hope Dudu starts tonight. I had a dream where he banged in two goals against the Blue boys last night.

    He was sporting a long mane thought. Yikes.

  15. Odiegooner, 9ja

    Anybody seeing a land slide victory like me? 7nil to d Arsenal. Its long overdue.

  16. Landslide is unlikely. No matter what was said publicly, Barcelona is on their minds.

  17. ArsenalPR, I think we need to stop calling Eduardo ‘Dudu’, we might as well be calling him ‘Child Poo’

  18. I listened to an interesting interview on BBC with Mr. Wenger just now. The gist was – we aim to win 7 in 7, a perfect record, that is the only guarantee, we must be careful now, it is not easy, it is very, very close; Chelsea now have the advantage because no CL committments; we do not care about other results, that is a distraction, we can only be responsible for our own results; the team is focused and quietly confident; everything depends on consistency, not ‘big’ results; we are happy to be where we are.

  19. ZimPaul, so whats your score prediction today?

  20. Paulie Walnuts

    Excellent preview Yogi,

    Selection wise I`d go with Sagna as I`ve got a feeling Eboue will start at home to Barca. If Walcott starts I hope our midfield play balls in behind Ridgewell rather than to his feet , back to goal for obvious reasons.

    There`s going to be some nastiness today, both on & off the pitch but we have enough to come through.

    Eduardo to score the winner – it is written

  21. Apologies FunGun. Sleepless, I got confused about the nuances of your chat with Ateeb and others, zero idea what it was all about, something about degrees of faith v mathematical probability. I thought I’d have my say anyway, typical really.

    I hope Theo plays today. I think he might.

    The news of Gallas sounds promising.

  22. Paulie Cashewnuts,

    Would you start Eduardo?

  23. I don’t like to predict James at this stage in the season. I’m hopelessly superstitious. I predict we win. I only hope its a ‘soft win’.

  24. Zimpaul, you mean a 2 or 3 nil, scoring early type win

  25. I hope Eduardo starts as it immediately puts pressure on the ref, and therefore the nastier side of Brum play. Interestingly Wenger seemed to be ‘talking up’ Eduardo, that – in training – he’s almost back to his best, not quite but close.

  26. Exactly James, an early goal, then a lucky one, then a long-ranger, and Brum energy drops.

  27. I think Brimingham like to play a bit nowadays, should be a good game

  28. A team with no pressure to get a result is a dangerous team. Yes, I heard they are trying to play football. That’s good.

  29. The Blues skipper said: “All of a sudden Arsenal have come from nowhere again! Ourselves and United have slipped up when we shouldn’t have done.

    “When we beat them in November we were 11 points clear and I wrote them off”.


  30. Paulie Walnuts

    James No Nuts – no I wouldn`t start Eduardo. Bendtner & Arshavin are pretty much certain starters & today I`d go for Walcott.

    As for Beer-mingham – it depends what you call playing `a bit`. There fans will want blood today so don`t expect a classic.

  31. Great post as usual Yogi. Sir Red nose is definitely worried and is doing his best in the psychological warfare stakes. Didnt Bendtner spend a loan period helping Brum to promotion a few seasons ago. I predict another Bendtner hatrick and one for Eduardo to bury the Brum 4 – 1. Arsenal…the worthiest champions. Chelsea and United to draw. Vodoo dolls out.

  32. Paulie Walnuts,

    ‘James no-nuts’ ha ha ha.

    Would you choose Walcott for his ability or because of Eduardo’s demons?

    Seems to me its all set up for Eduardo to score a hat-trick, thats how football works alot of the time doesn’t it?

  33. Come on Muamba!!!!!
    Come on Agbonlewho?!!!

    Come on ye gunners, for sooth, take ye sword and ye fair heart and go forth to the mists and tremble forests of the middle-north, a demon to slay, the double-footed dragon, the stunted-spotty scot, the ridgebacked one with steel toes.

    Shapespeare? Chaucer? … Wenger?

    er, …

  34. …..Bowyer?

    I cant stand Bowyer. He’s up ther with Bellamy and Barton in my book, proper wankers.

  35. Congratulations on the new baby Zimpaul. May he grow up to be just like his old man..a true GOONER & RASER!!!

    Today’s game should further underline our championship credentials. We win- we grow more confident. AW knows when he says its 7 for 7 or bust.

    Forget Old Red Nose, Terry, et al..we are in control of our destiny. This is as good as it gets for us in 2010.

    I have no squad list today. In Arsene I trust


  36. Bowyer, the punch-drunk tattooed thug who snarls a lot?
    Sir Snarl-a-lot?

  37. Thanks Aman.

  38. Zimpaul so the congratulations was about the battle of spreading your genes. Quite nice! But I’d that it was Comrade Bob who was dead – his long overdue!

  39. Anyway, should be a good game, but one where we cant get pushed around. We have to play like we did at Stoke, so i would start eboue bentdner and rosicky upfront, diaby cesc and denilson in the midfield, and song partnering campbell

    Sagna Campbell Song Cliche
    Denilson Fabregas Diaby
    Eboue Bentdner Rosicky

    Subs: Fabianski Traore Silvestre Eastmond Arshavin Walcott Eduardo

  40. James i would kill you on fifa10 and you know this

  41. Small Heath Alliance’s stadium was cursed by gypsies when it was built. The original terraces were made from the town’s rubbish, people came from miles around to dump it. During the second world war it was converted into a fire station and the fire brigade accidentally burned it down. Small Heath Alliance is the original name of Birmingham City….or Bromwicham as the city was originally known.

  42. Paulie Walnuts


    Good question – I`d prefer Walcott today as he scored twice there in `08 & can hurt what is a pedestrian defence. If Eduardo started I`m sure he`d be fine too – as would Nasri, Vela, Rosicky Eboue etc.

    Anyway, the only bloke who knows has had his croissants, coffee & early morning stroll somewhere in the glamourous west midlands & is currently reading the morning papers

  43. Frank, I once got hammered in Birmingham and tried to hi-jack a boat on the canal. I stood on the top of a barge and starting shouting ‘Captain Underpants’ and pointed in the direction I wanted the boat to go, then this hatch opened and this big dude started swearing at me so I abandoned ship and ran for my life…..and that was the end of my days at sea.

  44. James that was so funny, i didnt know such is the class of aclf that they even have comedians on here. wow, i was blown away by that James what an intelligent human you are, we should all aspire to your great knowledge and way of life.

  45. Zap, that was many moons ago, weve all done silly things at some point haven’t we Zap you donut?

  46. Is anybody else amused by the exchanges between Zap and James? Donut!

  47. Such poverty

  48. Poverty of language, Frank?

  49. …and ideas, s-g.

  50. I believe a club of our stature can rest-and-rotate players AND still beat Birmingham at this stage (and contest Barcelona in a few days). I would go a changed starting eleven. WITH a strong bench (the like of which Birmingham can only dream)!

    Sagna, Silvestre, Song, Clichy
    Denilson, Fabregas, Diaby
    Walcott, Eduardo, Rosicky

    Mannone, Bendtner, Nasri, Eboue, Arshavin, Campbell, Traore

  51. I cant wait for this.

    Kaman Arsenal!!!!

  52. I like ZimPaul’s idea of starting Eduardo to put the ref under pressure.

  53. Seems a lot quiet here today.

    oh wait, everyone is probably on the train heading to Birmingham 🙂


  55. We Are Tha Feckin ARSNALLLLL

  56. Bradys right foot

    It really does feel like crunch time today, I suppose thats how it is as the games run out. Another win today and six to go, its great to be a gooner.

  57. Wow… incredibly attacking bench. Where is Silvestre? If one of our centre-backs goes off injured we’re fucked.

  58. His day will come Kenyan Gunner, his day will come we know, and when it does I suggest a trip to Harare to attend the party of the century!

    In the meantime …

  59. For those who haven’t seen it:

    Almunia, Sagna, Campbell, Diaby, Clichy, Denilson, Song, Walcott, Fabregas, Rosicky, Bendtner.
    Subs: Fabianski, Nasri, Eduardo, Vela, Arshavin, Eboue, Traore.

  60. Almunia
    Sagna Campbell Song Cliche
    Denilson Fabregas Rosicky
    Walcott Bentdner Diaby


  61. Almunia

  62. Come On Arsenal!!!!

  63. Silvestre must be on the bench. Surely ?

    Looks like Traore will have to fit in as centre half if Campbell or Song get injured.

  64. Silvestre finally thrown his toys out of the pram, now he’s realised he’s fifth choice CB?

    Good to see Theo starting.

  65. No he isnt, muppet

  66. is diaby going to play centre bk?

  67. Wenger must have burned his boat with Silvestre then. He is probably the player rumoured to be leaving (announced on Talk Shite this morning by the gooner Andy Abraham).


  69. Looks like Silvestre must be leaving then.

    Parting of the waves.

    Must be the player rumoured to be leaving.

  70. i saw that aswell, chamakh. They made a mistake

  71. ..

  72. @ Muppet

    Could it not be his injured?

  73. ok its song then.come on arsenal

  74. *

    Manuel Almunia

    Bacary Sagna

    Sol Campbell

    Gael Clichy

    Tomas Rosicky

    Cesc Fabregas

    Theo Walcott

    Alex Song


    Abou Diaby

    Nicklas Bendtner


  76. Bench

    Lukasz Fabianski

    Emmanuel Eboue

    Armand Traore

    Andrey Arshavin

    Samir Nasri


    Carlos Vela

  77. James,

    Alright, no Dudu then.

    Stunned that Sylves didn’t at least make the bench, its embarassing for him, actually, if he isn’t injured.

  78. Come On Arsenal

  79. Come On You GUNNERS!

  80. COYG! Come Villa .Come on Bolton.


  82. Good start from arsenal..

  83. Any links mine is acting up all of a sudden.

  84. come on arsenal

  85. Away fans are well represented behind Almunia!

  86. Ridgewell is lucky Webb is the ref. That was a foul.

  87. And a pen.

  88. I Know I wear red tinge glasses but does that foul deserve a card?

  89. No it freaking didn’t. It;s very early for a first yellow.

  90. Just noticed no Arshavin….

  91. Lampard scores for Chavski…..

  92. Maria – The commentators on FSP did not even express doubts about the card. I was wondering if I was overly biased.

  93. There goes Mr Webb again. This is going to be a long game.

  94. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    That’s a dive on Bowyer surely.

  95. Howard Webb is either crooked or incompetent. The choice is yours.

  96. chelsea 1 Villans 1

  97. Only Webb is overly biased obviously

  98. Clichy and Song carded for two early nothings. Howard Webbs on a 1 man quest to give Man Utd the title. I have so little faith in his decisions its ridiculous.

  99. its barely been 30 mins and we have 2 yellows already…f#*k me…we’re thughs!

  100. is it still 0-0?

  101. yes goonadikt

  102. Denilson just had a pass intercepted 28th minute. Can’t remember the last time i saw that. Rosicky loves using the outisde of his foot, and I love him using it too.

    Birmingham are playing reasonably well but we’re growing in this game, as long as we don’t concede i’m confident

  103. ohhh…good save by almunia

  104. Clichy with the shot! A goal by him would be just as good as one from eduardo imo.

  105. Brums had a good spell last 5 mins

  106. Birmingham is confident because they are playing with 12 men.

  107. Mcfadden’s delivery have been way below par today


  109. Cesc is hurt.

  110. I hope Fab is ok…he looks uncomfortable…hes limping…

  111. rosicky to score with a

  112. guys…why are we looking so nervous today?

  113. fucking typical. WHY ARE WE SO SHIT WITH INJURIES

  114. wtf?? is he ok?

  115. I don’t know. Handbrake is well and truly on.

  116. oh, hes back on tha pitch.

  117. Fabregas can hardly walk

  118. i`m not watching,i`m listening to talkshit,collymore has just said that we are rattled.

  119. nervy times, dammit..

  120. r we missing something?

  121. I think we need Nasri on pretty soon…hes my match winner!!!

  122. fabregas is limping all over the place. its hurting me to watch him hurt.

  123. Eboue to the rescue. I have no doubt.

  124. Clichy needs to be careful

  125. fabregas looks bettter thank god

  126. keep it 0-0 till half time

  127. arseman your avatar makes a perfect facial expression of ur comment at 3:41

  128. fucking penalty!

  129. how in the hell is that not a yellow for carr?

  130. @ goonadikt……hahaha…n the funny thing is…thats exactly the face i was making too…

  131. because that would mean a penalty, and you know how many penalties we get.

  132. hopefully my avatar will be how we all look like at the end

  133. Nasri on for Fab in the second half

  134. Pen for the Chavs……..?????

  135. who the fuck cares about chelsea

  136. We are missing Eboue’s directness and guile. We can’t save him for Wednesday.

  137. So, our last few away games we have gone into half time level, and won them. Lets do the same. Nasri for fabregas.


  138. yeah zap. maria’s avatar isnt bad either.

  139. Were missing eboues confidence around the box, shotta dont you agree. He has the confidence to just burst into the box, or win a free kick or penalty along the way

  140. My point exactly Zap.

  141. Nasri for Fab? I say Arshavin for Rocky on the left.

    I say swap Sagna out for Eboue too if the going continues to get tough.

  142. so eboue on theo? that would be harsh on theo

  143. we have to care about chelsea Zap…remember the whole destiny not being in our own hands thingamajig

  144. Fair credit to Birmingham so far. I can see why they are difficult to beat at home.

  145. so eboue on for theo? that would be harsh on theo

  146. were missing eboue but our main outlet so far has been theo, this shud b his game!

  147. Nasri coming on for Fab depends on how sore that right ankle of Fabs is…and whether wenger is willing to gamble on it…
    I say bring on Nasri…hes not that bad now is he boys and girls?

  148. Eeeemanuel Eboooooue!!!
    Eeeemanuel Eboooooue!!!

  149. Come on ARSENAL

  150. I think Wengers half time talk is really going to make a difference…

  151. Boys on ArsenalOnline call for Eboue ahead of Arshavin!!

  152. Arsenal, Arsenal, Arsenal…Arsenal, ArseNAL Arsenaaaa-aal Arsenal Arsenal< Arsenal, Arsenal………….ARSENAL

  153. Fabs still on

  154. Team remains unchanged..

  155. Come On Arsenal….

  156. cesc starting the 2nd half.el hamdoulilah

  157. Arsenal! Arsenal! Arsenal!

  158. Ohhhh RosickY!!!

  159. Howard Webb is a c*nt of the highest order…cant expect any favors from him

  160. that foul was beyond silly. how was that not a yellow when the others “were”

  161. Gunnah! Read my post above

  162. I wholeheartedly agree arseman. Howard Webb can be described as nothing else

  163. come on boys

  164. kamannnnn arsenal. we have to win

  165. has anyone got a feed or is Birmingham such an ugly place to go and see that cameras have been banned for our viewing pleasure?

  166. irishgray…espn/Star showing the match in asia:)

  167. Jesus Hull are beating Fulham 2-0!!! How come we can’t seem to score against Birmingham?

  168. Thanks Arseman!!! 🙂

  169. dudu and nasri warming up!!!

  170. Villa getting hammered

  171. oh my…that was close…ffs!!!! Cmon arsenal

  172. Nasir Jones-Nasri


  173. fuck me that was close wow i nearly cried

  174. Wow. That was close. We were lucky.

  175. Lady Luck is on our side boys….we got this

  176. Chelseas goal difference is really adding up now, were gonna have to win this thing on points. starting by winning today.

  177. Now song is hobbling…whats going on maaaan

  178. The tension is killing me.

  179. Villa are fucking shit.

    That was effing close from dann


    30 mins left/

  180. Am not watching the game, but it seems that Theo and Rosicky have been pretty quiet.

  181. song limping too. :S

  182. I can’t believe Brum is our bogey team. 20 minutes to go.

  183. We are lucky not to be 1-0 down

  184. chelsea 5 – Villa 1?

  185. get up mcfadden u whiny !%”£Y^£”

  186. 20? surely my stream isnt that slow, shotta? It says 64 mins

  187. wow. mix up between cesc nd clichy

  188. Let’s make some changes.

  189. Cmon wenger….unleash the Eboue!

  190. not gonna lie walcott has been poor today

  191. edu has to come on, surely?

  192. Nasri for Rosicky
    Arshavin for Walcott

  193. wow. someone just rugby tackled rosicky and didnt get a card.

  194. Theo and Rosicky off!!

    Arshavin and Nasri on!!

  195. whys rosicky going offfffff fhes been good!

  196. arsh on thomas off

  197. No Eboue though.

  198. Nasri and Arshavin on for Walcott and Rosicky.

  199. TR7 has been great. Off now, but Brum could only stop Mozart by hacking at him.

  200. How the hell did bendtner miss that!!!

    What a cross by Nasri

  201. Bennnnyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  202. in 2 minutes nasris fashioned more than walcott did the whole match, bendtner nearrrrly

  203. Now almunia is looking nervy…he really got away with that clearence

  204. Bendtner gives up on a cross which misses the defender. This is not our day.

  205. @ Gunnah!….I agree

  206. We’re getting closer…

  207. Is a draw a really bad result?

  208. Nasri and Arshavin looking up for it. ITs taken 72 minutes for one of them to get a yellow card, usually itd be purely up to refereeing stupidity but today Birmingham have been semi decent in their tackling (ofcourse there were refereeing mistakes too, but thats just taken for granted with webb)

  209. Yes Maria it is…we HAVE to win

  210. Should have been a GOAL!!

    Fuck Webb!!

  211. Diaby puts it in the back of the net!!! F@#king Howard Webb!!! He sees the ball going into the net then blows the whistle…What a load of bollocks!

  212. Howard Webb is just jokes.

  213. I’m not sure that was a foul by Diaby…

  214. Goal disallowed. Late whistle.
    Webb is a shit ref.

  215. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    How is that a foul by Fabregas? Webb is a c*nt.

  216. lol, watch the way the defender throws himself down.

  217. chucho benitez has troubled teams whenever ive seen him trickery and pace, we need to be even mroe careful now..

  218. we only got 1 song!!


  220. F**k chucho

  221. 10 mins left, theres time.

  222. Sky are saying he got that very wrong. He must be bad!

  223. Eduardo to come on!!!



  226. I never thought Nasri would miss. GOAL.

  227. COYG!


  229. sol is going to be our saviour

  230. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Samir Nasri!!!!

  231. NASRI!


  233. yessssssssssssssssssssssssss

  234. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Nasty Nas!!

  235. Nasri!!


  237. Ohhh my what a goal?? Amazing

  238. come on

  239. Eduardo coming on makes the difference.

  240. Why f*** Chucho??

  241. F#$K off Kevin Phillips

  242. we look like champions,football is coming home

  243. Come on arsenal, hold on now

  244. The camera was perfect in showing his approach, and you could see the precise intent by Nasri. He is a little genius. I am a believer.

  245. Eboue on?

  246. Sorry Maria…just getting a little over excited

  247. As am I, SG. I’m right there with you.


  249. no not yet…i dont think wenger is going to get eboue on

  250. @ Arseman

    No I meant what is he doing? To p*** people off…

  251. Almunia is looking reaaaalllly nervy yet again….cmon big al hold on for 5 mins!

  252. nothing in particular, i was just worried when he came on but someone said f*** him and Nasri showed why! haha

  253. Our away fans are LOUD!!

  254. The Marseille Menace?

    The Marseille Starter?

    He’s managed to get the Brum bench excited too!

  255. he isnt doing much and i really dont want him to…
    sorry maria…my earlier comment about chucho was just out of spite…

  256. I don’t think Arshavin was expecting Nick to pass, then.

  257. “sorry maria…my earlier comment about chucho was just out of spite…”

    Good on you then Arseman.

  258. City’s best keeper having another good day, but Samir is still better.

    Mancs start without Rooney and Ferdinand. Funny, just after Darth Fergie said he has no problems.

  259. Fabregas almost scores from a free kick!!!!…ohh….arshavin had an easy chance…miss cued his shot

  260. That darned leg!

    Should’ve gone for the return to NB52?

  261. Holy fuck, was that some pass by Cesc.

  262. 7-1 to the Chavs

  263. What a f***ing shot by Fabregas.

    Webb finally manages to book Gardner in the 83rd minute.

    Chavs 7-1


  265. nooooooooooo kevin phillips

  266. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    What a ball from Fab how did Nas not score.

  267. Oh no.

  268. 7-1? bloody hell

  269. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    OMG I can’t believe that

  270. Heartbreak again.

  271. almunia swats it into the goal…all he had to do is parry it over the goal

  272. kevin cunting philips omfg

  273. oh noooooo

  274. Off the line then they scoreat the other end………

    Oh my………..

  275. he did look nervous all game

  276. Bad luck – Big Al. You will be the scapegoat. That i am sure.

  277. ****!

    And I just saw the Chavs score. : (

    From one end to the other.

  278. Holy fuck. Those misses by Arshavin and Nasri, in the last few minutes. And what an error by Almunia. You really can’t justify that error, horrendous.



  281. Fuck my life. Fuck my Fucking life.

  282. Shitshitshitshisthisthisthsthisthistshisshtishti

  283. still time

  284. I mean, from Nasri’s chance to their goal.

  285. silly goalkeeper shouldn’t he be winning points for us?

  286. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Should of been up 3 nil and were looking at a 1 1 draw. Sickening.

  287. We almost had them

  288. Brum – our bogey team.

  289. ****!

  290. Arrrrrrgh!

  291. man…and chelsea just scored 7

  292. Oh my fucking god we had it right there

    why Almunia why

    you were playing so well

  293. Fuck everything

  294. You said it shotta…they really are

  295. well today was a total disaster, I love Big Al but FFS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  296. sorry bout all this scapegoat business, but that really was almunias fault wasnt even a hard shot. im gutted. we had it.. we nearly had it

  297. We cannot afford to let it go down to Goal Difference

  298. Im fucking sick FUCK


  299. Fucking cant believe this shit

  300. And we expect to beat Barca? Not with that goalkeeping or that kind of finishing we won’t!! We should have put this to bed a long time ago.

  301. Nobody is going to make Big Al the scapegoat….but that was just a moment of madness…that miss cue by arshavin too

  302. One week the hero the next the villian.

    A week ireally s a long time in football.

    What a cock up at both ends.

  303. not shit its reallity, our goalkeeper is shit thats what you mean because we had that and someone messed it up………

  304. What a fuckin shit goal to lose points to…complete sloppy garbage…and Almunia, the hero from last week, has just undone any good will he has gained in his past few appearances with that sorry excuse for a parry over the bar

    Fuckin gutted…

  305. S-G it’s not scapegoating if it is actually your fault. You cannot win titles when your keeper lets in soft goals in injury time.

  306. deja vu,im gutted

  307. Its crunch time now…individual errors can cost us the title….we have to be more focussed…cmon now….

  308. Not about scapegoat, but that was the only decent save he could have made the whole game, and he screws it up. And it’s not the first time it has happened.

    Horrendous miss by Arsshavin earlier, not his first either. And Nasri could have put us 2-0 nil up. Oh well. Doesn’t matter, Chavs and Manc would drop two points each when they meet. We’ll be back in a week.

  309. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    What a cruel sport.

  310. What a fucking let down. Those chances from Arshavin and Nasri at the end should’ve clinched it for us. Almunia’s mistake could’ve not counted if we’d been 2-0 up.

  311. We cannot afford to brood over this, fuck it, what’s happened has happened.

    Chelski are only 3 pts ahead…


    chelski will drop points away to pool, utd and the spuds, fuck them.

    we are gutted today.. but still massively in this fight.

  312. Shotta, Almunia is not the scapegoat, he made the crucial mistake, even he will admit that. A goalie of his ability just shouldnt have made such a stupid error.

    It does seem as if we really were not mentally in the match though, until the end that is.


  313. arshavin is a complacent piece of shit. should have made it 2. he is taking the space of someone who is just as good but actually tries hard all the time. relying on that man is recipe for disaster. im sorry but it been the same all season, i dont care how good his ‘moments’ of magic are. plus hes too short. the cunt

  314. Were trying to FUCKING win the league, the premier fucking league and we have faultered from a fucking pointless series of events. Fuck,

  315. But really…how does Nasri score that amazing gol and then completely blow it with the easiest chance of the game?…we did not take our chance and it hurt us badly…

    We will see just how valuable those points are very soon.

  316. I have been defending Almunia for how many fucking years now and he goes and does that? Well, when we are sitting around watching the World Cup after another lost PL season, at least we will know exactly when and where and by whom it was lost!!!

    And I am not even a doomer!!! I am just pissed beyond belief thats all!!!

    Stupid Fucking Waiter!!!

  317. We have got to keep going, just 6 games left, there will be fucks ups for all 3 teams along the way

    Today was soooo unneccesary, but.. we are still in this.

    Come on bolton.

  318. cunts. fucking kevin phillips of all people as well. Fuck birmingham

  319. If we need a scapegoat, it should be Arshavin for missing from 5 yards out. Though I’m not big on berating Almunia, that really really should not have happened and we should’ve had the 3 points.

  320. Arshavin has been missing a lot of easy chances lately, whats up with that? But still that was an easy save for Almunia to make.

    very dissapointed by my faith is not shaken!!!

    Lets win the PL!!!

  321. Let’s still hope!!! The scape goat would be Al, but i’ll lay the blame on our attackers. They didn’t press hard enough or try to retain possession. Wat about the misses from Arsharvin, who has been guilty of those in a number of games and the one from Nasir??? We can only look forward and hope now, afterall we’ve been written off severally and still come back. The race is still on!!!

  322. those points were very fucking valuable. for what we’ve been through as fans, what the players have been through, this fucking happens.

    we have to beat wolves. Ive lost faith in bolton getting anything from man fuck

  323. “Horrendous miss by Arsshavin earlier, not his first either.”

    I know but while Arshavin can get away with that type of finishing on a regular bases without it being decisive, Al lost us the game by fluffing his lines, just once.

  324. Still a lot to play for, they will drop points. That I am sure of. But this was really stupid from Almunia, top keepers shouldn’t be making mistakes like that.

    Lehmann was dropped for good after similiar mistakes.

  325. 3 points behind chelsea, we will be 4 behind manu. We need those fuckers to draw next week.

  326. Shocking goalkeeping. That’s all I can say. Wenger said no margin for error and that is what he was talking about. Its going to be even harder now

  327. Im gutted….but we have to dust ourselves off and carry on playing the kind of football we do…we’re a different animal now…this defeat will only make us stronger…and as fans..we too have to put this behind us and back the team..cmon arsenal!

  328. Stop it with the Almunia bashing already. I wish you fuckers would get so emotional when he wins us a game. If it wasn’t for Almunia I doubt we would’ve won last week against West Ham. We dropped two points.

  329. well its not a defeat is it…it just feels like one

  330. This was a bullshit result.

  331. coolsteve, they are all too be blamed, even if we were up by 10 Almunia shouldve made that save. Its was comical at best, seriously.

    I stil believe but it is what it is!!!

    I think Barca was on the players minds.

  332. Why does this seem to happen to the Arsenal so often though…we have had so many moments in the last few years where we have just had completely crushing lapses…

    We get three points today and we were sitting pretty and we drop them with the second most shit goal conceeded(next to Diaby’s own goal) all season.

  333. NO ROONEY



  334. we REALLY need those fuckers to draw.

  335. thats almunia for you..

    i thought we could afford a draw in the run in such is the fixtures but it was important to keep momentum..

    we needed the others to drop points first really but chelsea have some difficult away games and the mancs have no rooney tonight..

    all is not lost but we really are up against it now

  336. almunia had a good game in the first half and made some neat saves. by no means is he the reason why we lost

  337. Gb69….u have to admit it was a bad mistake….but the sad thing is that goalkeepers have to pay for one mistake while strikers can get on with it after missing chance after chance

  338. Maria,

    I’m not a big fan of Arshavin. Never have been. I would rather have Eboue on the flanks than Arshavin. His inconsistency, is his major fault, as well as the number of times he loses possession. As for his shooting boots, it’s still a mystery how he can score 4 goals in a match with four chances, and then continue to miss simple chances on a regular bases.

  339. We need to fucking start Nasri FFFS

  340. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    I’m still trying to wrap my head around that, Viceologist. So frustrating.

  341. Zola will be sacked, surely. They lost 1-0 to stoke

  342. There is no pleasing some people. Nasri and Arshavin’s introduction changed the game. How is Arshavin being complacent. Suspect goal keeping definitely but the whole team is at fault for allowing Brum to launch that final ball into the box. Win as team lose as a team. Simplez.

    Agree with you Stringfellow Hawke. We are still definitely very much in it. As Arsene says it is not good for the heart. But now it is definitely out of our hands. 6 ‘easy’ games to go. COYG

  343. that is the life of a goalkeeper… no praise when doing well and all the hell when he makes mistakes.
    in all honesty…that was a horrible goalkeeping… I think he would also think so… he came off his line too far again…

  344. I agree PaulN.

  345. Arshavin’s problem is simply a lack of concentration…I think the fact that he knows he has great skills causes him to be a bit complacent on the easier chances.

  346. man of the match goes to diaby
    he is very very skilled and was awezome in the center… cesc was really off his game with injury

  347. we def missed song from midfield. diaby was not really match fit and we constanly left a huge song shaped gap in front of our back 4. song constantly pushing forward from CB in the last 20mins shows the kind of drive we need to beat teams like this down.

    bentner needs a decent finisher to help him out when hes holding up the ball well. arshavin is not a guy to be relied on.

  348. “Horrendous miss by Arshavin earlier, not his first either.”
    completely agree with you on Arsh.. He talks about experience and all, but he is found wanting when it really did matter. Kudos to the lads though. What’s it with the EPL refs and allowing of systematic fouling??

  349. Agreead G4L,

    It is just so very frustrating to see those two chances missed after the fact that we know we lost the points…had Almunia saved that shot we really wouold not care to much about those misses now would we.

  350. I agree with arvind. Diaby was massive today, one of his best performances, given that the rest of the team wasn’t pulling enough weight. He carried the team forward brilliantly, and was great in his defensive duties.

  351. “How is Arshavin being complacent.”

    he is just about the laziest man in the premiership. I really cant think of anyone worse apart from maybe berbatov.

  352. Its nothing new Almunia wasn’t world class and he willl never be a mid-table goalkeeper he should’ve stayed in his place or go for the ball he was caught off his line panicking like a rabbit in the headlights. I do not understand why we dropped so deep in the last few minutes.

  353. Oh, c’mon don’t start the Arshavin bashing already. He’s been playing out of position but been holding it together upfront, the guy’s a genius and he came on as a late (ish) sub – the game should have been won before then, and would have been if not for disasterous Webb (what a joke he is).
    Were Villa shit today?

  354. It is too ealy in the morning here to drink away this loss…I have way too much time today to think about this result…lol

    Fuckin Fuck

  355. Walcot is fucking shite, how much longer can we put up with him?

  356. MD Gunner – Arshavin has not played out of position since January.

  357. *loss of points*

  358. Tough luck…Too bad…

    We were always bound for one of those crazy mistakes and especially this game was going to be hard for us. I honestly didn’t have a good feeling about this games weeks ago.

    I hope this mistake will be the last for this season, all games are tough and obviously no such thing as easy games, or easy run-in.

    I’m also more mad at the referee than anything else, he made the game 45 minutes for us and 90 minutes for B’ham by giving them all the decisions in the first half, plus booking our players for their first mistakes, Clichy’s booking was not even a foul. Then, he evened the game in the second half.

    I don’t think we should feel sorry for ourselves, just get up and get on, there is still a big chance and a big hope.

    F*ck all that….We’re going to win.

  359. Be easy with Big Al guys. World beater Julio Cesar has just done worse for Inter.

  360. is it just me who thinks that AA game is not so suited to the EPL?

  361. I still think we can win it…we just made it a much more difficult task…

    Gotta love little Samir the Marseille Menace though…I love it when he takes on the responsibility and has a go…

  362. A draw from St.Andrews is not a bad result, especially when you are not just playing against a good defensive side, but also against Howard “ManU” Webb, who never misses a chance to gift United a penalty. Fergie will surely send him another set of those nice ManU sheets to wank in.

  363. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Arshavin looked completely unaware of how good a chance he had. I don’t know if complacent is the right word, though. I’d probably go with ambivalent.

  364. also in they almost scored again before…the lucky push off the post and follow up shot that went over the bar…. we can say we had luck there but it ran out on us… bad goalkeeping by MA

  365. Some of those decisions from Webb did seem highly suspicious…I can’t help but think he has something against the Arsenal…he has really produced some shit decisions against us in the past.

  366. Let’s go for Barca with our A team. Not the first half team.

    Now we count the cost of the stupid referee giving Vermaelen the red card last week.

    Almunia won us the game last week. I would forgive him. As others have already mentioned, what about those misses by our forwards? They also contributed to today’s dropped points.

  367. webb will be exposed in years to come

    please, that fella is so paid off it’s untrue

    he is the most anti-arsenal ref i have ever seen

  368. look guys theres no point looking for players as scapegoats…

    the real excuse barca was on wengers mind..

    it was bad enough having two key players out with injury and suspension..

    but to leave two more on the bench was a big big risk..

    going into a game such as this away from home with 4 key players not in the starting lineup was a massive risk…its backfired..

    blame almunia arshavin denilson and the tooth fairy all you want but wenger picks the team and it didnt work.. he should have picked his best eleven…nows not the time to be resting players…

    one game at a time..wenger was thinking too far forward i think..

    its not over yet….we didnt lose weve had a fantastic season and it aint over by a long shot..titles are handed out in may not march

  369. Stringfellow – sorry you are right – I didn’t make that clear in my haste. But there is a lot of knee jerk reaction going on here and we need to get behind the team

  370. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Right when I saw that bald c*nt Webb, I knew we were in for an uphill battle.

  371. No Jon Jon, Arsene’s tactic were spot on today. Rosicky and Theo, are good enough to start. He brought in the substitutions at the right time and it worked. Had the EASY chances been converted or the EASY save made, we wouldn’t be having this debate. It’s stupid to fault Arsene, if the players don’t do their job properly, which they have all the skills to do so.

  372. Finsburyparker

    Both Nasri and AA are carrying ‘knocks’.

  373. how much longer on almunia contract??

  374. Ateeb,

    I don’t either. On Arshavin kinda reminds me of Kanu could score the amazing but not the more important routine chances, probably why he got shipped out eventually. Aslo remember an interview with him were he claimed that the reason for his late improvement he was orginally Hiddink told him a lazy player who didn’t believe he needed to put in the hard graft that his fellow players did but could rely soley on his superior talent. AA was willing to change however, and soon enough he started repping the rewards on the pitch. Sometimes I feel PR needs to give him a kick up the batty on occassion!!

    What gets me about today is that Alumnia didn’t need to be a world-class goodkeeper, all he needed to be was average yet, he couldn’t even manage that.

    Personally I think Alumnia is a very good goal keeper however he does have these nervy moments that at a high profile club like Arsenal will not go unnoticed.

  375. Fucking hell arshavin, talking about how we need more players, what the fuck were you doing missing that chance. Supposedly the experience in the team that puts his chances away in those situations, Im losing my patience with him now,.


  377. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Oh f*ck off Jon Jon. Here come all the revellers from you know where who only post after draws and losses. Catch you guys manana.

  378. I will be watching Arshavin closely on wednesday night

    I will be mighty pissed off if he suddenly plays like a superstar

    That would be an awful sign.

  379. Fucking bullshit

  380. come jacky boy

    he has the bit between his teeth 🙂

  381. Finsburyparker

    I’m off too.

    One thing I don’t understand is what happened with the foul where the Brum player fell on Denilson.

    What happened?
    Why was it a foul?

    I know Mr.Webb seems a little sticky fingered, but regardless, I was genuinly confused.

  382. He better play and score like a superstar SH, if we want to win the game especially since Cesc looks of the pace.

    Everytime Arshavin is on the ball I want to be like……oohhhh………wooooooooooooowww……howwwwwwww……….omg………get in the………goal……..what a beauty…….

    And all those other positive footballing cliches…….

  383. Am out to I need to blow off some steam!!

  384. root on the bolton guys and gals

    send the postive energy to them

    they can do us a HUGE favour within the next 2 hours

  385. “kick up the batty” is right Maria.

    As much as we need to make easy saves we must put away easy chances to score.

    I think Nasri was a little too unselfish, he shouldve gone for the goal instead of looking to pass.

    Zap, watch your blood pressure my friend.

  386. i thought wenger said the league was the priority this week?

  387. It’s nice to hear reasonable posts like yours JonJon but i’m suffering from an acute illness of FUCK THIS SHIT

  388. Man U drop points:

    Chelsea Draw
    Man City Draw
    Blackburn/Sunderland Draw

    Chelsea drop points

    Man U Draw
    Tottenham Lose
    Liverpool Draw

  389. We’re going abit Cuckoo aren’t we Zap?

  390. I agree with piresaholic.

    Im Fucking pissed off,

  391. anyway check out the sublime skills of jack wilshire for a pick-me-up. The boy is playing well and now takes all the set pieces for bolton with his tidy left toes! impressive impact for one so young

    rooney doesn’t even make the bench 🙂

  392. On a positive note, Diaby was a beast today.

  393. we will still get it done zap

  394. Diaby is a special talent!

  395. yeah he was…

    Im starting to calm down now.


    Ok im calmed down now.

    We can win the league still, dont forget scott dann’s cock up that could have meant we lost today.

  396. Emperor Gooner

    i can see united dropping points today..1st half almost up n not even one decent chance

    birmingham was always gonna be a tough doubt i’m gutted too but this is not the end of our title chances by any means

  397. Arshavin's Barber

    well im gutted and im going to express myself in the only way i know how….to slag off the team and wenger, oh but how it could have been so different had nasri scored but coz he didnt we are shit and if he did score we would have been the best.

  398. Emperor Gooner

    oh jesus soon as i finished typing that , an OG

  399. … hmmm… a forgettable Arsenal performance on the whole, nervous, rushed and lacking confidence especially the passing game … absolutely terrible refereeing in the first half I thought … Almunia did not have a good game today. He made a mistake.

    It happens. The team set such high expectations with the last 6 performances . Especially for an important match. But it happens. A draw is not in reality a terrible result, but it is a set-back.

    Move on to the next match. Pick yourselves up. Think where it went wrong, mentally, and put it right. The mental strength will see us through.
    Don’t fret my friends.

  400. own goal is uniteds second leading scorer i believe!

  401. Oh fucks sake how the fuck were we even expecting bloton to get anything from this match


  403. Today is, apparently, not our day.

  404. n Bolton was doing oh so well….can’t believe Elmander missed that beautiful set up from our boy Jacky. FUCK

  405. How many goals are going to be gifted to united this year. WTF?

  406. Fucking cunts at Bolton

  407. It just shoes you the depth of the Manure squad. Rooney is out and Mr. Own Goal steps up and scores again.

  408. we neeed the fuckers to draw next week

  409. I think losing the calmness of Song alongside Diaby in the midfield reflected on the game. Though Songs performance at Centre Back was again exemplary.

    Arshavin is a worldclass no doubt. Remember Hleb. It took a long time for the guy to get going. 3 seasons I think. Arshavin has set himself very high standards. And he has been less consistent this season due to niggly injuries. If the Arshavin that blew away everyone at Euro 2008 turns up soon then we will be laughing all the way to the title. But one player does not a team make.

  410. Paulie Walnuts

    Didn`t see the game today so I`m not qualified to slaughter individuals.

    These things can happen late on in tight games. Today it went against us but we`re going to get some good fortune soon one way or other so hang in there.

  411. As far as Arshavin we are talking about tap ins really, he doesnt have to be at top form for those. He may need to be more composed or a little more serious when these chances come his way. I dont know what it is but its the 3rd or 4th match in a row where he has missed a sitter. unnaceptable.

  412. FUCK

  413. Real Madrid Identify Manchester United Star Own Goal As Prime Summer Target – Report
    By Paul Madden
    Mar 13, 2010 6:17:00 AM

    Real Madrid have identified Manchester United revelation Own Goal as their top transfer target for the forthcoming summer transfer window, according to Spanish publication AS.

    Following the failed attempt to regain the UEFA Champions League with the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, Kaka, Karim Benzema and Xabi Alonso it is reported that Merengues president Florentino Perez has turned his focus to the United hit-man in a renewed effort to recapture European football’s top prize.

    “The O.G.”, as he is affectionately known to his teammates, has been in great form this season, finding the net 9 times in 37 appearances for the Red Devils with an incredible 7 goals coming from defenders with absolutely no United player near them at all, and is considered a serious contender to claim the PFA Young Player of the Year Award.

    It is suggested that there has already been informal contacts between the two clubs with a figure of at least €25 million required to tempt United to part with Goal.

    His current deal at Old Trafford expires in 2012 but reports in the English press suggest talks on a five year extension are already underway.

    Goal has already won everything the English game has to offer, with the exception of the FA Cup, but as yet it is not known whether the 19-year-old would be tempted to follow in the footsteps of David Beckham, Steve McManaman and Michael Owen by making a switch to Spain.


    has o/g scored again?

  415. No fucking country mile then. I think too many people got ahea of theirselves, no game in the EPL is easy.

  416. 2-0 to man ure

  417. ffs….@#$@$#$@#@#


  419. What a horrible day.

  420. wow…did anyone see vidic just ploughing Klasnic to the ground with that stray elbow

  421. well thats the 3 points sorted then guess ill switch to the barca game now to cheer myself up……. oh wait

  422. What a fucking shit day.

  423. 4-0 now. We cant win on goal difference now, no way.

  424. Very nice when you have clubs like Aston Villa and Bolton who can open their legs this wide for you.

    Would like to hear the “bitch” (that’s M. O’kneel) talking about taking 7 up his diarrhea shoot-hole.

  425. How much longer can we carry Walcott and Almunia? If AA or Nasri had started instead of Theo we would of won that game, deny it if you wish but it is true. The boy is poor and getting worse, so fucked off

  426. I honestly think we lost the title in this game. To recap now we need Liverpool to beat Chelsea and then Chelsea to beat Utd coupled with a draw for each of them, to have a chance. Quite an intricate sequence of results.

  427. Don’t get down on the team. They played as well as could be expected today. The FA handicapping system took the 2 points today.
    Lousy pitch – ball bobbling everywhere (you can’t call yourself the best league in the world when you allow teams to “prepare” such pitches)
    Webb giving yellow cards for 1st fouls by Song and Clichy (and Clichy’s wasn’t even a foul)
    No protection to the skillful players
    Ridiculous non foul decisions given to Birm
    Ridiculous strategic fouls given against Arsenal (thankfully Birm were poor at their crosses)
    Stone wall penalty when Walcott pulled over in the first half
    Stunning goal by Abou Diaby ruled out after the event (no whistle until after it was scored) giving a foul against Fabregas (when Fabregas was fouled)
    And then to cap it all off 2 Birmingham players standing offside by a yard for their goal.

    2 points stolen by dodgy decisions against West Ham at Upton Park. 2 points stolen against MU at Old Trafford with non Arshavin penalty and Rooney penalty. 2 points stolen today. But I’m not bitter. Well done the players and Wenger.
    Roll on with the CL.

  428. Piresaholic, and we have to win all our games, not likely with such a shite keeper letting a great team down constantly, its so frustrating

  429. There’s one thing i’ve realized supporting this great team, there truly is no justice in football, none whatsofuckingever.

  430. jbh, spare me the fucking blaming everyone else rubbish you idiot, we lost becuase we didnt kill the game and our keeper is average. You sound like a moronic spoilt child

  431. Id Fabregas injured for the Barca game?????

  432. Man I can’t believe it was Sagna clearance that ricochet off that Brum players face to loop over Almunia. What fucking luck.

  433. Theres truth is what jbh is saying but at the end of the day we had our chances and didn’t take them and we only have ourselves to blame. Back to square one people.

  434. Almunia is incapable of winning anything for us. He has no experience. He’s never been number 1 anywhere else. The last team he played before Arsenal was Celta Vigo, a second division club and even that he wasn’t number 1.

    Cheap things are eventually expensive. The last number 1 GK made two mistakes at the beginning of the 06/07 season and we never lost the games but yet was packed off. Almunia has made mistakes upon mistakes and he’s still here. He’s an average Gk not fit to compare with Seaman and Jens but he’s still number 1.

    I believe if we come short this season, it’ll be his last here.

  435. 1 loose cannon

    When Almunia parried the ball into the net I was so despearte I thought he parried it over the cross bar even though I can see the ball went in. it took few second for me to sink it in and I had that sickening feeling. I just couldn’t beleive it. What’s done is done no, we can hope but we have to be realisitic that it is going to be really difficult to win it now. Lets hope Manure and chavs drop points but I can’t see Manure dropping more than 4 points. they can lose against Man city and draw we the Chavs anything else will be unxepected. we can still do it if we win all remaining games but as we saw today there are no easy games at all.

    This ref just doesn’t like us at all. What was wrong with Diaby’s goal? it wasn’t a foul. it took him ages to make his mind up he blew the wistle when Diaby was just about to shoot and that can only mean he just knew he was going to score.

  436. That was really shit by Manuel, fucking shocking.

    Anyone who says we don’t need Fabianski, schezny, or a new signing next season is a cunt. That is the poorest season from a goalie on my lifetime, worse than Seaman 02/03.

  437. I see the moaners are crawling out from under the rocks they have been under while we were winning. Stop fucking moaning and support your team.

    The goal was not Alminias’ fault, as the ball was being cleared by Sagna it hit that turd Phillips in the face. Manuel had little chance to save it.

  438. Man that was a killer. The Brum goal was sickening after a much improved second half performance.

    Ordinarily a draw would be a positive result at St Andrews, but we really had them on the rack in the last ten minutes and deserved more from this one.

    Still, it’s not over – not by a long shot. Provided we win next weekend we’ll be sitting in a relatively strong position.

    And there’s no point in rounding on Almunia – not while we’re in with a shout in two competitions.

  439. Paulie Walnuts

    Couldn`t agree more One Of Us

    There`s plenty more twists to come – Chelsea were imploding just 6 days ago

    Today`s point may yet win it for us.

  440. Wow! the boss was in a bad mood today after the game. After such a poor performance by Howard Webb and our inability to hold onto to our lead, I dare anyone to come near him. Excerpts:

    Wenger said: “How is Fabregas? I don’t know. We will have to assess him tomorrow. But it was a bad tackle, one more.

    “He got tackled at the knee, kicked just under the knee. We tried to take him off but he said he was all right.

    “Am I suggesting there were a lot of bad tackles? Leave me alone with that, for f***’s sake.

    “You are always looking for controversy, you do not need me to tell you what happened on the pitch. I can give you my opinion about our game but you always create this controversy.”

  441. Man what a disheartening result before the Barca game, if we can keep a clean sheet at home then the sky is the limit. Stating it is one thing but executing it is a whole other proposition. Still pround of our boys regardless of what happens this season, what I fear more than anything though is that lingering feeling that they might let themselves down in the end.

  442. I just saw that AW lost it a little at the press conference. He deserves a lot of respect for facing the scribblers after a result like that, but I doubt they’ll bear that in mind in the write-ups tomorrow.

  443. Bradys right foot

    Gutted, we conceded a freak goal, Sagnas hook meeting Philips chest and catching out Almunia. As sickening as that was we should have been home and hosed, we missed some very clear chances.

    Arshavins miss was probably the worst and Ihope our little Russian looks at his own game first before giving anymore interviews.

    Were outsiders for it now and need Chelsea and Utd to draw next week all we can do know is keep them honest to the end of the season. Can’t wait for Wednesday.

  444. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    I love how people come on to slag Almunia, but make no mention of The Savior’s extremely poor form. The guy has missed some absolute sitters recently. If you’re going to critique, at least be fair.

  445. 1 loose cannon

    I think the manner in which we dropped points that upset Wenger. To concede at the final minute is heart breaking for anyone. Its hasn’t been good for us today. but we will have a better day I’m sure. its not over yet. We need the mancs and the Chavs to draw anyone of them winning won’t be good for us but if that happens we will be 2 points off united and that is not bad at all with 5 games to go. But we have to win every single game.

    I’ve been watching Barcelona they laboured hard in the game to win. From what i have seen we can do them no doubt.

  446. Yeah, I watched it as well. Mallorca had a load of chances. Barcelona just aren’t used to teams playing at a high tempo against them.

    Maybe it’s me, but Puyol’s looking a bit slow suddenly.

    And didn’t Iniesta limp off?

  447. NJN, I am with you, why the likes of Denilson and Almunia get slated even when its undue and Arshavin misses sitter after sitter and many dont say a word.

    People are even blaming Wengers team!!!! how ridiculous. The team on the field was full of class, surely enough to beat most teams in world football.

  448. How can you seriously compare Almunia to Arshavin, have you gone insane? Arshavin is about three classes above him. Almunia is a joke and today was the punchline

  449. Romni, what are you talking about.

    Arshavin shouldve won us the game and he has been found wanting in the last few matches. I dont care how much class he has, he needs to put easy chances in the back of the net.

  450. Well, what should we say? We had chances galore, just didn’t use them. I guess the most agonizing thing was that Nasri almost made it two and a minute later or so we concede the 1:1 :(.

    And can people please get off Almunia’s back? He has been consistent and solid the last couple of games, now he has made ONE mistake and suddenly everybody starts calling for replacement again. FFS Cech has made worse mistakes this season and he is “world class”. And, to be honest, that goal was freaky and really unlucky. It’s not Almunia’s fault, it’s our fault for not getting a second one.

    And Arshavhin..well…he just can’t score the easy goals, can he? Force him to dribble past 5 players and give him an impossible angle and he has got a great chance of scoring but if he is right in front of the keeper and just has to get a decent shot in he is going to fail. Wenger should force Arshavin to train those simple shots. Just put him in front of the keeper, let somebody pass a really simple ball to him and Arshavin just has to shoot until he hits 99 out of 100.

  451. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    The gulf in class certainly hasn’t been apparent these last couple of games, Romni. Almunia won us the game last week. Say what you wish, but Arshavin’s form has been poor.

  452. The world is going to be all doom and gloom until the Barca game..

  453. pressures off again!

    Hope fabregas is ok.

    We can still win the league…..even by a point.

    I believe.

  454. funny how the papers are making it seem as if Arsene is angry over the tackle on Cesc. He is angry at how the media spin what he says and looka here, they dont dissapoint in twisting what he said.

  455. i wasn’t expecting anything extraordinary from the referee but unusual yellow cards as usual to weaken the team, and they didn’t help themselves either by shooting themselves in the foot…………………arshavin’s goal misses, someone i believe should concentrate on his game than talking about bringing more players except his talking about replacement for himself……………….almunia howler….. even lehmann was consistent in his best years and even bragged on being the best goalkeeper in the british isle during the unbeaten season, keepers singlehandedly win games for their team even when they are not as attack minded as arsenal
    if they continue with missed chances, goalkeeping errors i don’t see arsenal beating barca, if the team fails on wednesday, psychologically i don’t see them recovering and that marks the end of the season, this is already a big enough blow to their title aspirations

  456. If we are going to criticize, then it has to be measured and fair. On the Strength of performances in the last couple of games;Almunia has been very good to say the least. If we are going to criticize him on with respect to today’s game, then its only fair Arshavin get an equal measure. I hope we can just let this go, get excited about beating Barca and definitely get behind the team!!

  457. I’ve looked at the replay, and I just can’t get around how it is the Benitez was not ruled as part of the play. Look at the photo from this article:

    How is that not called offside? I despair of ever understanding how offside is called in the FA. It just seems so random.

  458. And I really slated Almunia earlier, but that was just really crazy. He knew Benitez was offside, and it came off Phillips face. It’s actually a harder save than I originally thought because you see your defender get his foot on the ball and suddenly it’s coming straight at you.

  459. @nolagunner
    We just can’t rely on refs… I am afraid if there was a statistic it would prove that way more decisions go against instead of for us..

  460. don’t expect favors from the referees, it seems they are on the same page with the media, the team needs to play as if they don’t expect calls to go their way even when it does, the referees have a bias for man utd and chelsea

  461. Coolsteve, what a silly comment, what are you talking about? Almunias school boy error cost us dearly. Anyone whos ever played football knows how hard finishing is, even the ones that look easy, Almunias mistake was just fucking shit

  462. I have no doubt this team will bounce back from today’ setback. Don’t get me wrong, today was a bad blow but not fatal. But this group of players have proven to be very resilient; I don’t think they will disappoint us on Wednesday.
    As for the majority of fans; we will soon find out how deep is their support. Already the usual scapegoaters are back on their favorite hobby horse. A leopard never changes its spot.

  463. unbelievable

    what nonesense

    the same ppl who brand certain ppl doomers for critisisng players and not being behind the team are now slagging the players themselves

    what hypocrites..

    arshavin maybe having a bad patch but youve defended certain players whove never even had a good patch..

    lay off..

    players like AA RVP and cesc have carried the likes of theo denilson and diaby for ages..

    practice what you preach…

  464. Are you serious?

  465. Arsene had every right to be pissed off. Rotational fouling by the brums, was at it’s best today. Howard c**t web, should’ve booked a couple of their player’s early on, so that they would play fairly. But instead he booked our player’s. Ridiculous. I cant even count the number of times Gardner shouldv’e been booked. He was continously tugging Rosicky to the ground, and stopping the flow of the game. Are Yellow cards reserved only for bad tackles? How about persistent fouling just to keep the game stagnant. Howard webb can go fuck himself, he’s the worst referee, when it comes to Arsenal. It wasn’t brum that I was worried about today, when I saw the lineup, but the f***** Webb. That guy is a disgrace to the football federation.

  466. JonJon, when a player doesnt play well there is no fault in saying that. The fact is people say that Denilson is a this and that, it used to be Eboue, Song and Diaby are not good enough for Arsenal.

    The point is, dont jump on certain players and when your favorite is culpable you dont say nothing.

    No one is saying that Arshavin is not talented we are saying he is letting us down right now.

    Also Arshavin has not carried this team, I dont know where you get that from.

  467. Ateeb, when I saw that ball head i was said oh oh, to myself. He is an Arsenal hater.

    Our team will not get any help from the refs or the FA so we have to kill teams off and leave no blinkin doubt.

    We have learnt from our mistakes and I have no doubt that this is just a stepping stone to the PL and CL titles!!

  468. Paul N, he gets it from AA’s 4 goals at Anfiled last season. People forget that Almunia kept us in the CL at old trafford last season.

    The fact is we have to support ALL our players not just some peoples favourites.

  469. @dupsffokcuf
    That’s so true. You can criticise if a player makes a mistake or two…but you don’t jump on his back and stay there all the time, even if he improves. We are supporters, so we have to support — even Silvestre ffs. Every player that carries the red and white shirt is worth 100% of our support. ANd when they have a bad game nad have their heads hanging it is OUR purpose to make sure they get it up again.

  470. The refs are just doing the FA’s bidding by keeping manure & chel$ki in with a chance of the title to boost the english players confidence for the WC. It would look bad for England if a team of foreigners won the league in a WC year.

    Or maybe I am just being paranoid, or am I.

  471. exactly dups!!

  472. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    He’s a professional, Romni. That bs doesn’t hold up. We’re talking about The Savior here. We paid millions for his quality, and frankly, he hasn’t been earning his paycheck this season. I’d also like to welcome you to the blog, as this is the first time I’ve seen you post here. Are you new to the game of football as well?

  473. NJN, Romni is probably just a different ID for a regular poster. Maybe a Howard or even Mr. P.S. Budgie. I am sure Big Al will know.

  474. I hope Almunia pulls out a similiar performance like in the CL against ManU last year out of his hat this Wednesday. Want to see the doomer’s faces then..

  475. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    I know what his deal is, d. I’m just having a bit of fun with the doomers.

  476. What sucks worse is that in the 21st century we still have to witness such sort of refreeing. I am sure there could be certain technologies, or mechanisms that could be applied to make the game free of error. Does it take a fucking genius to figure out how video technology can help with the offside decisions e.t.c. Ridiculous in my opinion, the football on the pitch is evolving, or atleast changing in other cases, it is only fair that the authorities keep at pace with it. I doubt anyone at FIFA can answer the question, that how will it not help the decision making process?

  477. Ateeb, if they used video technology it would make it to hard for them to fix games. I think everybody knows how crooked fifa, uefa and the fa are.

  478. Ateeb, even a chip in the ball would be enough to help with offsides…

  479. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    I agree with EvilFiek at 10 47, too.

    Isn’t it hilarious how guys like Jon Jon can slag player after player til their face turns blue, but when their favorite hits a shitty patch and someone points it out they’re up in arms. Now that’s a hypocrite. I don’t have any problem with Arshavin. I think he’s quality. I have a problem with Almunia getting all the criticism a week after he won us 3 points. It’s f*cking bullshit.

  480. Call me paranoid but What a capitulation by Villa. How do they produce the performance of their lives against us and Man U and watch Chelsea score 7 goals past them. Why do teams just roll the carpet out for Chelsea and Utd.

    I think those of us who thought we could waltz it at Birmingham greatly underestimated their impressive home record. It puts it into perspective when you realise that Chelsea and Man U all drew here. One of Chelsea and Utd will drop points by Saturday lunch time.Its not over yet by a long shot

  481. Its not over, hope is not lost!!!!

    I just did a premier league predictor and we will win!!!!!!


  482. We all know from the Eduardo ‘dive’ how they even tried changing their rules to aid the crooks in uefa, unfortunately (for them) we beat cetlic anyway.

  483. Arshavin couldn’t score so Almunia was not at fault? If you try to make a second division reserve GK a number 1 GK for a top European team that’s what happens. He’s never played in a La Liga, Serie A nor Ligue 1 before playing here. It means he has a lot of weaknesses.

    Jens was hunted down for making two mistakes that at the beginning of 06/07. This Spanish waiter has made cheap mistakes since 06/07 season and yet he still maintains his number 1 status.

    The title has already gone through Almunia’s hands.

  484. @Barbados
    Get a grip, please. Almunia has won us more points than he has cost us.

  485. Barbados is Howard

  486. People like Howard always need a scapegoat. They just do not seem to understand it is a team game and you all win or all lose or all draw together.

  487. Im not sure about this but are these referees being rated by an independant body? An organization that doesn’t fall under the tentacles of FIfa or the FA? If not, then why the fuck not? If yes, then how the fuck is Webb still alowed on a football pitch?

  488. They seem to forget the save Alminia made earlier in the game. It must difficult for a keeper to have to play behind different defences (no Gallas or TV so Sol & Song at CB) each week.

  489. Ateeb, the FA pay their wages.

  490. Yes, it would be great if there was some independence with the refs. We got 1 soft penalty compared to 15 stone wall pens we didn’t get…and it keeps getting worse.

  491. A wise man/woman said the following:
    “We are supporters, so we have to support — even Silvestre ffs. Every player that carries the red and white shirt is worth 100% of our support. ANd when they have a bad game nad have their heads hanging it is OUR purpose to make sure they get it up again
    – By Evil Fiek @ 10: 47pm











  493. njn
    stop it with the dribble already..
    i dont slag anyone…if a player is poor i’ll say it..if a player is good i’ll praise him

    the problem is ppl like you brand ppl like me and then end up slagging the players yourself talk about pot kettle and balck

    it doesnt matter who the player the end of the day dont jump on the ‘bandwagon’ to impress all your mates and ‘fit in’ and then go behind all your principles and slag a player off yourself

    AA has been poor by his own standards but listening to you is hysterical…

    F”ck off this F off that ‘dont slag a player who wears the shirt’…then u do the same yourself..grow some balls your so fake its unreal..

  494. Is that Dave in disguise?

  495. thats dave!

  496. @JJ
    Well…has anybody here said “Arshavin is shit”, “Arshain is not worthy to wear the shirt”, “Arshavin should be sold”, “Arshavin is second rate”, etc.? I think you will find that those words haven’t been spoken in these comments.
    On the other hand exchange Arshavin for Denilson or Almunia and you will have read those sentences thousands of times. See the difference?
    We are pointing out that Arshavin has had a bad form, but we don’t call for him to be sold, or calling him names, etc. Why? Because we still support him. we are supporters. So, JJ, please get off your high horse. we all have read your posts, so we know who you are and the way you talk about some of our players. Please, spill your drivel over on le grove, plenty of people will agree with you.

  497. Bradys right foot

    Their is still room to be realistically optimistic, Utd have tricky games coming up Chelsea, Man City and Spurs wont be easy and they could drop points. Chelsea crucially play away to Utd Spurs and Liverpool, we simply have to beat Wolves, Spurs, Man City, Blackburn and Fulham. Their is zero room for error and hopefully other results are kind to us. I think our position gives us a certain freedom and we should adopt an all out attack approach in these fixtures as we have simply nothing to loose as the worst well do is finish third. A draw for Chelsea and Utd providing we win next week would put us two points behind utd.

    Crucially 4 of the next 5 teams are footballing sides and those matches will be considerably diffrent affairs to the one today and be more suited to us and Blackburn well beat.

  498. niceley but Bradys right,

    This isnt over.

    Pressures off for us now. And when that happens were deadly.

    Utd were lucky against bolton. Chelsea were good today but can it last? they havent been good away from home.

  499. its Dave, dammit where the fuck have you been, under the shadows?

    I predict 1-1 (for next week)

  500. As usual there is a hysterical over-reaction to Almunia’s role in the Brum goal. It is as if we are conditioned to think Almunia is mistake prone. For heavens sake he kept us in the game for 90 minutes and was beaten by a fluke, offside goal. Let us rehash the events leading to the goal:

    Ball is coming from keeper’s right into the danger area contact being made by a series of players either in defence or attack. Almunia comes off his line to cut the angle should the ball fall to a Brum player to his left but Benitez is in his field of sight leaving him in two minds. Nonetheless he advances in the direction of the ball. He sees Sagna advance to hook the ball out of danger. But it clangs into Phillips and flies in his direction. No time for a catch, Almunia reacts by attempting to parry the ball over the bar but only succeeds in pushing into the back of his own net.

    Supporter A(A very small minority): Damn it…bad luck Big Al. You kept us in the game for 90 minutes. That wasn’t entirely your fault.

    Supporter B (A large majority): Damn it…I don’t give a f*ck the sequence of events. Almunia had all the time in the world to either catch or parry this ball from the danger area. He can’t make the big saves to make us win the title. Schoolboy error. Ad nauseam.

    Support or anti-Support. The choice is ours.

  501. Chelsea:

    ManU D
    Tottenham D
    Liverpool D/L

    Chelski D
    Man City L
    Tottenham/Sunderland D

  502. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    You’re extremely thick, Jon Jon. Thanks for sorting that out, EvilFiek. They don’t like it when you use their blogging tactics, do they? F*cking hell, Arshavin’s new nickname should be Eliot Ness. The man is untouchable. If merely mentioning his name and the words poor form in the same sentence is seriously enough to anger you lot, than you need to look into some new hobbies.

  503. What ever happens by may and where we finish in the league will still be vastly higher than alot of our ‘so called’ supporters gave us any hope of in august 2009.

    Written off by the media, p(l)undits and many of our own it will be the season from which this squad launches it’s bid for it’s place in history.

    You either go along for the exciting ride or whine and moan at any mishaps along the way. I know which camp I will be in.


  504. 1 loose cannon

    Dave sound like a changed man, He finally learned to be humble.

    On a brighter note Wilshere was excellent. Coyle was really impressed with him, He will come straight into the first team next season like a new signing.
    OK guys lets stay positive I feel better now but I think I will have a nightmare about that equaliser and possibly wake up in a bad mood then come Thursday morning I will be happy again. I hope so anyway.

  505. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    I’m throwing on the shoegaze mix and cracking a beer. It’s five o clock somewhere. Catch you guys manana.

  506. Take care, NJN!

  507. Nasir Jones-Nasri

  508. Maximum respect NJN!

    – The battle continues.

  509. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    You too, EF.

    Right back at you, sg.

    I’ll catch you cats in a bit.

  510. “AA has been poor by his own standards?”

    Not putting the ball in the back of the net when you have an open goal, continually is poor period and thats by anyones standard.

    There in lies the problem JonJon, that is the most biased and hypocritical statement I have read thus far.

    AA’s finishing has been downright poor, plain and simple.

    We love him no less though as we love Almunia no less.

  511. Shotta


    We nah ease up pon di bwoy dem!!!

    yu earrr dat!!!

  512. 1 loose cannon

    11 own goals went in for united how is that possible? we got 1 I think. in the luck department it get better for them Robben the best Bayern player got injured so he will not play. We could do with just al ittle bit of luck they are getting.

  513. Back in the time when we won little but the music was good.

  514. Just 1 more

  515. Thanks for the music Dups. Nice. Just watched the movie Pirate Radio, took away the doomers nicely.


  516. Well at least we only have the easy games to play now that tough away game at St Andrews is over and done with.

    We have to support our team and every one involved. There will be plenty of time to perform an autopsy, public castration and firing squad in the summer so let us, as fans, concentrate on supporting our team.

    Let us forget the other teams and focus upon giving our support to the team -one game at a time -and if you go to the games then give an extra cheer of support to Almunia to let him know that you are behind him (so to speak). He needs encouragement at this stage of the season so that he has the confidence to see the remaining games through.

    We should be cheering more loudly now that there has been a setback.


    We are the Arsenal.

  517. We wasted 2 or 3 good chances to go 2 up before they put away their half chance. Nasri somehow miss qued, Arshavin had another of his annoyingly complacent moments & Bendtner was Bendtner.

    Should we have played keep ball, should our defence done better & is Almunia an average goalie that has cost us at least 9 points this season? Yes to all 3 I’m afraid.

    We are a club that spends peanuts so to be where we are is some achievment. Besides, they’ve already pretty much secured 3rd place as well as surpassing the Chavs in Europe, anything else now would be a bonus.

    That’s not to say that I’m not frustrated and annoyed when we blow it as yesterday but realistically what can we do at this stage? We didn’t strengthen when we should’ve, he never bloody well does, so who’s fault is that?

    Still, wouldn’t put it passed us surprising Barcelona and going through over 2 legs though, however unlikely it seems this morning.

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