TV Appeals As RvP Heals

The news that Thomas Vermaelen‘s red card at the weekend is to be appealed is welcome. If the Football Association accept the decision was fundamentally incorrect, the Belgian will be available for the trip to St. Andrews this weekend. How Martin Atkinson decided that it was a clear, goalscoring opportunity from behind the incident is beyond reasoning; his Assistant gave the penalty and had a clear view that Franco did not have the ball under control. He should have advised the referee of that fact; perhaps he did and Atkinson chose to ignore it which compounds the original error.

The danger for Arsenal is that the appeal may be deemed ‘frivolous’ which would double the original suspension. It is a risk although given the appeal is heard today, that seems unlikely as it is generally an additional punishment reserved for those who follow this course of action to allow a player to play in a match in the meantime. If the suspension is upheld, Wenger has cover. A partnership of Silvestre and Campbell seems unlikely given the respective ages of those players and the fact that Alex Song is a more than capable deputy. Any claim that we need more cover at centre back is frivolous; three of the four ‘first choice’ centre backs are out with injury and as Wenger observed, you cannot have six exceptional players for two places in the side, discontent will surface before long.

It strikes me that there is a genuine grievance about the suspension. Arsenal rarely appeal bans, although they have been out of practice as I read over the weekend that Vermaelen was the first Arsenal player to be sent off in 68 games. Given that the number of red cards accumulated in the first decade of Wenger’s reign, that is an impressive turnaround. We still appear to pick up bookings quicker than other teams, less Arsenal fouls tolerated, than those received, per caution. How much truth there is in that I cannot say since my anorak isn’t that big but that is my perception. Perhaps officials perceive that Arsenal fouls are most likely to have an element of retribution in them hence the apparent swiftness to display a card in those instances.

It was a day of general good news. Sol Campbell might have been less than flattered when Tony Adams described as a ‘big unit‘ but Robin van Persie‘s nearness to a return is a cause for celebration. A month away he may be Arsene but less than a fortnight ago, you were still telling us that it might well be mid-May before the Dutchman was ready. van Persie himself has noted that he needs to build his physical strength over the coming weeks but a return by mid-April puts him back for the last four Premier League games  and potentially the Champions League semi-finals should Arsenal overcome Barcelona.

There is an added benefit for Arsenal. Knowing that van Persie is close to a return puts pressure on the forward players in the team now. It keeps them on their toes, hopefully ensuring that the good form that they have shown in his absence continues. It is also good for van Persie to know that he may not necessarily walk straight back into the starting XI – although you would expect him to do so once he is fit enough – and it indicates that the squad is in a lot better shape than the naysayers would have us believe.

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. First! Is that a good thing?

  2. You’re quite right. The referee was closer to the half way line than the penalty box. How on earth he could make a call on the decision with his view of the incident is beyond me.

    The linesman gave the penalty, only after the player appealed for it.

    To me, many of the decisions on Saturday that the referee and his assistants made where only made once a player made an appeal. Not just West Ham but Arsenal as well.

    He was a poor referee. I do hope the FA see sense and withdraw the one match ban. But personally I would have taken this one on the chin and not gone with an appeal.

    It just goes to show that Arsene doesn’t want to have to rely on Campbell, Song or Silvestre unless he really has to.

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  6. I think referees are more likely to caution us to defend themselves from charges of being swayed by what many people think is Arsene pressuring referees. A lot of people are convinced that Arsene doesn’t want anyone tackling Arsenal players.

    There’s a really twisted psychology at play sometimes.

    Re: Tony Adams….I saw him on Sky last week saying Arsenal won’t win the league, & I was scratching my head thinking; “what’s wrong with him”?!

    I think for someone seen as Mr. Arsenal it’s unacceptable to say that your team, with 8 games to go can’t win the title. Is that what he’d have said when he was Captain?

  7. Ole, it is odd, almost unthinkable – maybe he has been snubbed for a coaching job and is upset or something?
    He did an interview with ATVO and the interviewer asked him if he would take a job at the Arsenal, and he replied something like “AW’s got my number…”

  8. Arsenal don’t care if it gets extended for being frivolous.

    If they win, it’s a huge boost for the birmingham game. If they lose he misses the birmingham game anyway and he misses the wolves home game (silvestre should be able to handle wolves at home).

    It’s not really win-win but only losing him for the wolves home tie is hardly a massive lose as opposed to the possibility that the ref admits he fucked up and we have him for the tough trip to birmingham.

  9. Unfortunately for Admas he has not shown any inkling that he is suited to life in football after his playing days were over.

    He seems an odd bloke.

    Got to love him though.

  10. There is alot of messi hype right now and how he will tear us a new one.wasn’t 2007 WPY kaka supposed to do the same?weren’t the galacticos?i hope our boys play without fear!there is no way sagna and co would allow him to just stroll through the defence.i hope AW concentrates more on winning midfield battle than all this messi frenzy.i love it when we’re underdogs.i hope this will be the moment we command respect all over europe but first things first Birmingham…

  11. Ole maybe Adams is a bit worried he may jinx us, perhaps he has no Hijinx left.

  12. There are ghosts to exorcisted on saturday.Because make no mistake that was were the title was lost in 2008

    The Eduardo injury

    Greedybayor not passing to Bendtner to score

    Clichy switching off

    Gallas having a breakdown

  13. Rinseout,

    Same with Lee Dixon by the way. I don’t understand why our heroes act this way.

  14. Just when i was getting confident that we would demolish barca they go on and write this:

  15. I always loved big Tony as a player and wanted him to do well at management – but let’s face it, he’s shite.

    I dont understand why him and Ian Wright give such bitter analysis of the Arsenal. They always seem to be dooming and not once have i heard them say that we’ve got a chance of winning anything in the last few years.

    Is it because they realise we’ve got a better team now than we ever had? Are they bitter because they thought they were a part of Arsenal’s greatest ever team and it’s turned out not to be true?

    Either way, anyone who truly loved the club should be getting behind it at evey opportunity and bigging up this crop of super-talented beauties… Maybe i’m wrong.

  16. That is funny, “there is no way Sagna and co will allow Messi to stroll through”, what you mugs on? Messi and Sangna should not even be in the same sentence never mind on the same field.

  17. Is it correct, YW, that this appeal, win or fail, remains on one game ban because it is not under the violent conduct category? I think thats why The Arsenal have appealed. There will be nothing frivolous about it.

  18. I think that although we are regarded by the domestic ‘experts’ as being one of the least physical teams in the prem, I reckon we’ll be way more physical that anything the Barsehole-loners are used to facing in La Liga. I reckon Sol can keep Ibra in his pocket, Sagna Messi (most of the time) and so on.
    I’m not advocating the kick lumps out of em style, just saying we are gonna be way harder than what they’re used to…

  19. Ole

    one thing Adams never did was behave like Gallas did as an Arsenal captain at Brum 2 years ago

    TA was our greatest captain ever and is not called Mr Arsenal for nothing

  20. First red card for 68 games and a dodgy one at that:

    ‘Same old Arsenal, always cheating’

    What a shite chant

    I am glad for the appeal, but chances are it won’t be overturned, can’t see the FA admitting their referees are wrong, unless they really, really have to, but also can’t see them extending the ban.

    Will need TV back for the Wolves game, contary to belief Wolves arn’t a bad team and are a potential banana skin, look what they did to United and Doyle played a blinder last weekend.

  21. Notagoon ! you are obviously a bitter liverpool supporter,,, Go away you fool!

  22. Dupsffokcuf, Thanks for the tip

  23. Kingsalami
    Pathetic chant.
    I’d love it if we got the card rescinded. Vindication.
    our boys (with the exception of 1 or 2) don’t want to waste time slowing up our game with crunching tackles, they play it like 5-a-side and just want to move the ball on…

  24. YW you are absolutely right about having too many talented players at their peak and not getting enough playing time. There is bound to be discontent. But, and I am getting ahead of myself here, if we indeed sign Chamakh in the summer, isn’t that exactly what is going to happen with regards to the forward line?

  25. Dan ditto that. It’s about time Arsenal appealed some of these decisions. 80% of the time there are decisions going against us,fouls per cards being an indication of this, not to mention persistent fouling on our key players that goes on and on without being punished and one foul we get a card.As Frank keeps telling us, there is a refereeing crisis going on!!

  26. Red Barmy,

    Who cares if he’d have done what Gallas did? How’s that relevant to the current topic?

  27. 1 loose cannon

    Mick McCarthy complaining about Zola’s selection against us last week, this is the same guy who rested his entire first team against Manure. What a mug.
    the hacks have turned their attention to Rooney they normally do whatever is best for their beloved United but since its world cup year they’ve criticised united for not resting Rooney as he is playing with an injury for the last few weeks. It might play on Rooney’s mind and his scoring run will come to a halt. We deserve just a little bit of luck to go our way with injuries and decisions.

  28. It was a red card get over it. Now punish him with another game ban to brighten my day.

  29. Viraj,

    You are quite right, it looks an almost certainty that Chamakh will join in the summer.

    With Arsene tending to play a lone striker, how will he accomodate RVP, Bendtner, Chamakh, Eduardo and to a lesser extent Walcott and Vela on a regular basis.

    I have a feeling Eddy’s time may be running out.

  30. Kingsalami,


  31. The only thing I can say in TA’s defence is he did say ‘I really hope they prove me wrong’ .
    Like Wrighty you never forget what he did for us on the pitch but they all stand or fall by their words and actions once they retire.

  32. Ole, Are you disowning Tony Adams because he said it would be tough for Arsenal to win the league on television, is that what you are saying?

  33. KingSalmami
    I think Eddy will get one more season to prove himself. Walcot will be on the wing for at least another 2 seasons with the odd game up front. I really dont think Chamkh will join us. Our interest in him would have alerted other clubs and they will be watching him for the remainder of this season. I also really dont think we need him.

  34. Ole Gunner,

    I hope your right, just concerned that he never gets a start and if slips further down the pecking order..

  35. Does anyone what time the TV appeal will be heard today??

  36. Whats wrong Ole,, cant come up with anyhting better than that,, you rubbished king salami like you had Arsen’s personal mobile number and had just got conformation of his intentions for eddy,, I think you should fuck off,,,, Cunt

  37. Ole, was that aimed at me!!!

  38. TA is, and will remain a god in all true gooners eyes. What bullshit about standing or falling on the comments he has made since retiring from football. I couldnt give a monkeys what he says, he is Mr Arsenal and deserves a modicum of respect at the very least.
    After he stopped playing for us, a number of years passed before he returned to Highbury to watch a game (as a pundit I think).. He was asked in a subsequent interview how it could be, that someone who had played for the club his entire career could just cut himself off like that?..
    His reply.. ” Its like getting divorced. You love her so much. You want to see her again. But it just hurts too much. ”

    The best of his generation.

  39. Chamakh will be bought to cover Van Persie, Wenger knows RVP doesnt have the most reliable of bodys. You can find all this information in my new book ‘Class/Glass’, availible at Waterstones.

  40. Well said William, some sence from you at last, TA is a Arsenal great, to start slagging him for comments he has made is retarded.

  41. 1 loose cannon

    Thierry risked beeing dropped or even getting kicked out from Barca by saying he could not bear the thought of scoring against Arsenal. Barcelona fans might see it as disloyalty to their team but to us he is a true legend and a true gooner at heart.

  42. who is using my name????
    james is that you?

  43. @ Yoda,

    Agreed. I know this is a sore point for some gooners but the same applies to Ian Wright. Nothing he could ever say on TV/Radio would spoil the endless amount of joy he brought me in the 90s. Another Arsenal legend. End of.

  44. I think it’s so sweet you all sitting there remebering your legends. But what will you be talking about in 5 years now that you dont have any? Fabregas will be an honoury Barca man by then….that don’t leave you with much.

    Maybe Theo will become a good player?

    Nahhhh, that won’t happen

  45. TA has not exactly covered himself in glory in his post arsenal career as a manager or pundit. I think his most startling recoil is how is now thinks Vermaelen is now player of the season despite having written him off from the start as being too small. That said, I do think TA has a point in being a little sceptical considering our defensive record to date, which has been poor. And its not just Adams as Winterburn, Dixon and Keown have all aired concerns over the defensive performance. They were all great defenders, so its not surprising they’ve been critical in this regard.

    I think if our defensive problems were sorted, we would have been out of sight by this stage.

  46. The way I see it, all we need to do to win against Barca would be to keep the ball as much as possible and that is our area of speciality. Keeping the ball means Messi will have less time on the ball and that way he can’t hurt us too much.

    I’m also against the ‘kick em up’ theory, he’ll be strolling past our defence if they lunge at him and are too aggressive (of course a little aggression is always needed)

    The Barca defence’s shit… So Walcott, off the bench, will key. I just hope the whole team, and AA23, CF4 in particular have their shooting boots on and are not ‘trigger shy’

    Gunners all the way!!!!

  47. DAVE, at least have the gumption to show yourself. You’re like Paris of Troy.

  48. Never said this before

    Fuck off Howard!!!
    sure feels nice

    Kingsalami i think Ole is talking to james/moda/
    howard or any other alias he uses.

  49. Although he’s been doing his fair share of trolling lately, I’m inclined to agree with Holllis on the ex-player thing now. These guys have got to make a living somehow – and I think we all agree that the punditry/media personality game is rotten. So why not take it all with a sense of humour and remember the good times?

    Ah, that header against Spurs in the semi final!

    I mean, I still don’t understand how anyone can listen to Talksport. Just how is it worth the aggravation?

    And perhaps it’s easier for Pires and Henry to stay loyal because they’ve had long, lucrative and uninterrupted careers. They’ll never have to worry about money again, and so don’t need to talk nonsense to appeal to (or rile) a certain audience.

    Guys like Wrighty and TA probably feel that they have to talk us down a little to maintain a veil of neutrality.

  50. Yeah, it’s blatantly Dave.

    I found a good summary about last week’s CL game:

  51. Ole @ 11:59

    Spot on.

    The boss will find a way to work in these strikers. RVP and NB and Chamakh could all play on the wing if needed. Since when have we ever had a year where we do not loose strikers to injury for a significant time period. Walcott and Vela will both be great some day but neither are ready to lead the line yet. Bringing in Chamakh on the free is a superb move. His ability to head the ball will be a great addition to the club.

  52. TV wasnt the last man… campbell was coming back.. and yes campbell made it.. even if the west ham player managed to get past TV, then campbell would be there, FOR SURE!!!!

  53. Scatter, if only it was that easy, this theory that Barca’s defence is shite, is unfortunately very wide of the mark, they are very similar and comparable to our own.

    Puyol, is getting on a bit and his turn of pace is questionable but like Campbell/Gallas has good defensive footballing brain.

    Pique, is rock solid very mobile and similar to TV.

    Dani Alves, arguably the best full back in the world and Abidal, world and european cup winner.

    All shored up by Yaya playing in the Song position

    Don’t beleive the hype, that defence is none to shabby, Arsenal will have to be at their very, very best to get through that lot.

  54. Not being a season ticket holder, I have to get my tickets through ‘my man’.

    Yesterday he quoted 400 quid for a barca ticket.

    How very, very depressing.

  55. RVP may prove very valuable much sooner than expected. No one in our squad can deliver a set-piece like he can and the boss may well start using him off the bench, if we find ourselves in a tight spot, or heading for penalties, before he is fully fit.

    With Song Denilson, Diaby and Cesc all playing to a standard that basically makes them undropable, it woudl make sense to switch Song to defence for the longer term, at least the rest of the season.

  56. Kingsalami,

    If you see or taken note of the Barca v Valencia match you would see my point…

    Valencia simply did not take their chances and that is all our front men have to do. All I’m saying is, Barca is ‘very beatable’. But what do I know? I might be wrong, so I guess we’ll just have to leave the Tactical approach AW. He knows best!

  57. Ouch kingsalami, that is a fair bit of wedge, but this may be a special night.

    I just pray we win the first leg, because that would be a week sheer ecstasy leading into the second one.

    This could be the best night at the Grove yet and by quite a long stretch.

    You have to beat the champions to be champions and this is our chance. Can’t wait.

  58. Tony Adams, Ian Wright and Lee Dixon are Arsenal legends.

    When it comes to their opinion on football or Arsenal they’re as relevant as Joe and William are for this blog.

  59. The most worrying thing about Barca, for me, is that they can quite clearly raise their game when they need to. Can we this time? I have complete faith that we can, this team improves by the day, but they have a year of success as proof and no need for faith. It will be very tight very the two games.

  60. A lot of the older Arsenal players didn’t make as much as current players did form the game.

    Adams gave an interview to ATV recently about standing up for Dixon, Winterburn etc to Wenger, saying they deserved a good pay day. They must have needed it. A lot of that squad probably pissed, snorted, and gambled what they got anyway, and that doesn’t even mention family or women.

    If they need a few quid and that is how they get it, fair play. If that is what they think okay to, but I doubt it. In the grand scheme of things, talking about football is probably one of the cleaner ways to sell your labour.

    They will always be legends for what they did, at least to those who saw it live and remember what it meant to them then.

  61. Since when was Denilson playing to a standard that makes him undropable?.. Besides. He’s only played 4 times in Europe this season. Against Barca Wenger will definitely go with a midfield of Eboue Nasri Song Fabregas and Arshavin, Bendtner up top

  62. Oh no notlager!.. Is my opinion on Arsenal not worth anything to you? Tell me all about it bro. Whats bothering you today?

  63. We all know Thierry is in pain. To hear him say it makes it much better. 🙂
    Love you Thierry!

  64. “Although he’s been doing his fair share of trolling lately, I’m inclined to agree with Holllis on the ex-player thing now. These guys have got to make a living somehow – and I think we all agree that the punditry/media personality game is rotten. So why not take it all with a sense of humour and remember the good times?”

    I think that’s spot on. Take it all with a pinch of salt. It’s all a media game mostly…and they have to play along to survive in that environment. I just wish some of them would take a leaf out of dear old Bob Wilson’s book…they’d probably get less work if they did though.

  65. arseneholis,

    We’re meeting Arsenal at a good time, and a bad time. Good time because all their players are off-form…bad time because Messi is in intergalactic form and he can win matches single-handedly.

  66. Ole…

    I think you meant ‘Barca’ innit?? 🙂

  67. Limestone Gunner

    Re: Adams et. al., our defense has been pretty porous at times this season; even when we win it does lower the goal difference which might make the difference this season.

    I am not sure why the post needs to suggest we have enough defensive cover and any reinforcement would have been a problem. Why bring up the past when we have now just to hope the ban on TV is reversed so that we don’t have Song and Silvestre playing at Birmingham (and possibly at Wolves if the ban is extended)? But, since this issue has been raised, obviously we are short staffed for quality CB’s if Sol cannot play twice a week, and if he wasn’t playing because Gallas and Vermaelen were healthy, he would be happy to get the odd game and wouldn’t be a trouble maker. Gallas always has an injury spell, each season he’s been with us, hasn’t he? If Silvestre is unhappy, so what–he is already unhappy to be behind Sol and he is a real worry when playing CB. Does that mean we shouldn’t have signed Sol, who is clearly better than him? Song is capable cover, but that means not playing him in midfield where he has proven so effective this season. So why can’t we admit that it would be prudent to have more defensive cover and hope that at least this summer Arsenal will sign one (or two, if Gallas goes) quality CB’s and keep Sol around?

    We seem to have less trouble accommodating higher numbers of attackers, but our defensive performance may be where we could make the most gains.

  68. I was at that Semi-Final, OOU. I was 8. My Dad took me. I have the strongest memory of that goal.

    Six years later I was at Wembley again, for the Play-off final between Watford and Bolton. (My friend’s Dad who used to take him to Vicarage Road every week had tip-toed off with the secretary – to Azerbaijan of all places! – so my friend started taking me along instead. By the time Watford got to the play-offs I was totally into it. Anyway, it was a joyous occasion, Roy of the Rovers stuff from Watford and Nicky Wright scored a 20yard bicycle kick to win it for The ‘Orns.

    The thing is, I have no recollection of this goal whatsoever. I was only reminded of it the other week. By all rights a back-post scramble by Adams, six years earlier in the timeline of my life, should not stand out in my mind over a a wonder goal like Nicky Wright’s. But somehow it does. I guess I’ve just always been a sucker for AFC, and that 1999 was just a filthy weekend away that my memory is trying to obscure.

    Here’s the goal I can’t remember – at 2.45 mins.

  69. I meant Barca, scatter. Good guess.

  70. Whoops. Didn’t mean to embed that, copied the wrong link. Sharing Watford videos on an Arsenal site, don’t know what I’m doing… sorry Yogi. Delete this irrelevance if you want.

  71. I agree with notlager……

    Ole, what makes you think Barca aren’t playing well? Is it based on one article you’ve read? Serious question

  72. was that 68 game sending off ago, the champions league final with lehmenn?

  73. stan, what?

  74. Sky reporting that Gallas could be back for Barca

  75. I take your point Ole, although some would say that there is never a good time to play this Barca side, others that any chance is a blessing.

    Barca have an extra level to their game that no-one else has come close to matching for 18 months. (The chavs kicking and maiming their way through to destroy two games of football doesn’t cut it for me, that side in general will not be remembered fondly – a spiteful bunch of low-lives bought together with stolen money)

    We can win though, definitely, but if we don’t play at our best it could also be an epic anti-climax.

    The tie is a beautiful thing, it is the only possible draw that was this compelling, by a huge stretch. I can’t wait for the game. I plan to be in the stadium at least an hour early, I hope others do the same.

  76. Kingsalami and Scatter:

    Whoever says Barca’s defemse os shite is delusional. Barcelona play excellent defense. They have conceded 18 goals in 27 games in La Liga this year. Last year they scored more then 100 goals yet still conceded the fewest goals in their league. They conceded 1 goal in 3 games vs. ManU and Chavs in last year CL semifinal and finals.

    I hope the team is more focused on the Birmingham game then we are. We have a great chance to win the league this yr and to look ahead to what is truly a “mouthwatering” game vs Barcelona is a huge mistake. I am as excited as anyone about the Barca tie but Birmingham have been very tough to break down at St Andrews. We are certainly better then they are but this is a huge trap game for us. We can not afford to drop any points. I hope the boss plays our best side. I suspect Sol could play Sat then Wed. If not he should play against Birmingham since TV will be available for Barca. We need at least one of those 2 on the pitch this Sat.

    Go Gunners.

  77. Ole, was just reading a bit of your blog. A very interesting read.

  78. I think Gallas is essential away, but we can live without him at home.

    It will be interesting to see how wenger lines up away.

    If we take a lead over there, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Diaby and Eboue on the wings and Denilson and Song sitting really deep.

  79. Where is the Queen of Sub? I must speak with her, its terribly important.

  80. Bill – Pique was the best defender in the world last season, certainly the best I saw.

    I still think that if you can get quality possession, most teams can’t build attacks against them as the barely have the ball, and get at their full-backs they can be exposed.

    The Barca defense rarely has to fall-back and defend deep, they press high and the back-line play in space against opponents. If we push them back and can play amongst them we can do some damage.

    Walcott should play against Brum. His pace is a massive weapon and we need to get him some time and sharpness so that we can use him if we need. If we exploited his speed more on the break, especially late in games, he could be a huge asset over the two-legs.

  81. Limestone Gunner

    Barca has had some stumbles this year and aren’t as dominating perhaps as last year. They looked a bit fallible in the group stages–shocker against Rubin Kazan, and had dropped some points in the league the last few weeks, letting Real go top of the table. And Ibrahimovitch has been ineffective since the fall.

    Still, their form has improved the last two league games and their home pounding of Stuttgart. They are a terrific team.

    I hope we play our best and make the tie something memorable; I’ll be happy if we do that even if we lose, though it would be fantastic to win. I’d give us a real decent chance of taking the championship if we go through.

  82. Lime Stone Gunner At 1:50PM

    You are absolutely correct. I hope we do bring in 2 new CB next summer for all the reasons you mentioned. Having only Silvestre as cover during the 1st half of the year was a huge risk that we did not need to take. Next year we will probably have to start all over with a new CB pairing. If we had added another player this year he and TV could hit the ground running next year rather then having to start from scratch forming a new partnership.

  83. Barca have an issue up front. The catalan media are running features asking fans if they should flog Ibra in the summer, apart form the lack of goals, they seem to think he is a complete cock and bad for morale.

    Henry is playing well, I wonder though if they will drop him at our place?

    Otherwise they have Bojan or Pedrito. Personally I think Ibra will play and that this will suit us.

    Sagna against Iniesta and Clichy/Messi will be crucial. They are difficult to defend against when the cut inside, so the two centre mids for us, Denilson and Diaby or Song, will need to be excellent.

    I think the game will swing on whose wingers do the most damage. I also think nasri will get dropped for Eboue.

  84. Limestone Gunner

    Agree Barca’s defense is still very good, even if they do let in the occasional goal while pounding people (two let in to Zaragoza during Messi hat trick).

    Also agree that hopefully the team is paying more attendtion to Birmingham than this exciting CL tie coming up. That’s why I was very heartened to read Cesc’s comments that championship teams pay attention to winning their next game.

  85. arsenehollis, Dont talk to me about Walcott dude, I’m not happy with him at the moment. You see, i’m having some work done to my house (a little extension at the back), the bricky had just finished the cavity walls when Walcott showed up, in full Arsenal kit, and ran head first through both skins, knocking himself out in the process. I was sitting in my bedroom which overlooks the garden reading ‘The Alchemist’, and couldn’t believe what had just happened. It was messed up.

  86. I take your point Ole, although some would say that there is never a good time to play this Barca side, others that any chance is a blessing.

    Barca have an extra level to their game that no-one else has come close to matching for 18 months. (The chavs kicking and maiming their way through to destroy two games of football doesn’t cut it for me, that side in general will not be remembered fondly – a spiteful bunch of low-lives bought together with stolen money)

    We can win though, definitely, but if we don’t play at our best it could also be an epic anti-climax.

    The tie is a beautiful thing, it is the only possible draw that was this compelling, by a huge stretch. I can’t wait for the game. I plan to be in the stadium at least an hour early, I hope others do the same.


    They’re a fantastic side, but there are encouraging signs for us;
    Ibrahimovic is currently channeling his inner Zamora.
    Henry is not in top form. Iniesta has been a bit off-form recently. Pique is currently injured as are Xavi and Abidal. They’ve been playing a winger as left back. Milito’s form is not too good, and Puyol can’t stay in the side.

    They’re not breaking teams down right now, it’s Messi winning games on his own…and even then apart from the Stuttgart game, they haven’t played well for a couple of months.

    The other encouraging thing for us is that their actual away form in the Champions League has been poor, and they haven’t been so good in the competition this season.

  87. Bill,

    We had 5 centre halves and 1 midfielder who could play there. It’s inaccurate to say Silvestre was the only backup

  88. And you hate Inaccuracies dont you Ole

  89. Another tiny factor in our favour is that they play on Sunday night before the return leg which is on Tuesday. Same is true for the first leg. So we’ll have more time to recover for the matches.

  90. I enjoyed reading that Ole, cheers dude.

    I hope you are right.

    There are certainly areas to exploit, as I said, both full-backs seem the place to start. If Arshavin can get at Alves he is not an amazing defender. That said, AA will need to help out at the back a bit, you can’t leave Messi and Alves running free at Clichy.

    Ibra looks like a lunatic right now.

    It will be close. All I really hope for is that we win the first leg, after that, if the boys do us as proud as they did last time the sides met I will have no complaint and think that would see us through anyway. So long as we can spend another week with this level of excitement, even more so after beating them, I will be very happy.

    Christ, after the second leg, we could be into the semi final and top of the league as the other two play each other in between. Just imagine that.

  91. Limestone Gunner

    Barca are class–top several sides in Europe, of course. We are not there yet but it is a cup tie.
    We have a decent chance if we play well and they aren’t invincible, in fact not as strong as last year. In fact, I think Arsenal are one of the few sides who have actually improved since last year, and the only semi-finalist from last year.

    Real looked perhaps to be one, they’ve crashed out under their insane galactical ambitions. Lyon and Bordeaux are two others. Inter is the other.

  92. Ole,
    “The form book goes out the window” for these massive ties though, surely?

  93. arsenehollis

    Quite agree, strangely Barca’s defence and midfield are their strongest attributes, whilst they are a bit light up front; Ibrahimovic I have never really rated, Thierry is nowhere near the player he was for us and Bojan is still too young for a game like this and very hit or miss.

    If we can somehow shackle Messi and I agree, Eboue for Nasri and we should be in with a good shout.

    400 quid for a ticket, its probably cheaper to go to Barca

  94. ‘In fact, I think Arsenal are one of the few sides who have actually improved since last year, and the only semi-finalist from last year.’

    I think Barca and Man U were Semi-finalists last year, which is why they contested the final.

  95. Personally I can’t wait. I’m having trouble getting a ticket for the Nou Camp game so if anyone has a couple spare….

  96. Ole, I have a couple, I will give them to you for nothing if you write –

    ‘I fancy James’

    as your next post.

  97. Here you go…

  98. Limestone Gunner

    James, I mean Arsenal are the only semi-finalist who have improved since last year–that should be clear from the context of my remark.

    Arsene clearly did not want to play Senderos and sent him away, Djorou out practically for this season (haven’t heard anything about him coming back this season, unlike RVP news), I count: TV, Gallas, Sol, Silvestre. sol can only play once a week and that has to be a known factor worth consideration if Arsenal plan to go deep in CL, which we did last year. Song can play there but doing so weakens the midfield.

    Silvestre is really not the backup you want to have. Sol should be in that position.

  99. Rinseout,

    Arsene always says it depends on the form of the day. Form can change of course.

  100. Limestone, My mistake, apologies.

  101. Limestone Gunner,

    If you have players out injured they’re still your player and there’s no player supermarket where you go pull one when needed.

    Senderos was here first half of the season wasn’t he? Wenger didn’t want to break up Vermaelen-Gallas.

    Point is, you can’s say we’re light when we have 5 centre backs. Most teams have 4.

  102. Oh dear, poor William unable to understand simple English.

  103. Heres a breakdown of the five centre backs –

    TV – Good
    Gallas- Good
    Sol – Grey
    Song – Below Average centre back
    Sylvestre – Shite

    I agree with Limestone……

  104. Ole,

    “Arsene always says it depends on the form of the day”

    No doubt – I was attempting dry humour with my previous comment. I know impersonations are pretty difficult in the medium of text, but I was trying to impersonate a commentator.

  105. Steww dont steww

  106. Man United have Ferdinand, Vidic & Evans plus Brown and O’Shea who can play there. Yet, in a couple of games they had to play Evra as centre back.

  107. Evra’s a world class defender though Ole

  108. Limestone Gunner

    But we really have 4 plus a midfielder. Who currently is our 5th? Note also that Campbell only plays once a week, so of our 4 we can’t expect one to play all games in the week during CL and cup competitions (what if we had gone further than Stoke in FA?). One of the 4, Silvestre has been a risky choice since last year.

    You are adding up bodies but not analyzing the actual circumstances we are operating under in your response.

  109. Ole @ 2:31PM.

    The team sheet may say we had 5 CB but that is not realistic. I doubt either of us want to debate this now since it has been debated endlessly in the past and there are certainly better things to talk about. Looking forward to more debate later and during the transfer season.

    I hope you are right about Barca’s potential weaknesses. I think we can win the tie but we need to play very well. Barca have shown they can really elevate their game when needed especially on the defensive side of the pitch.

    I also agree totally with the point you made yesterday about winning the league. I am very excited about the Barca tie but I think winning the league would mean more then anything to this team. After being written off by myself and most of the known world (excluding you and most of the ACLF regulars) winning the league would be absolutely huge for this team. It could provide the confidence boost that could start of run of many more major trophies. I really hope they don’t look ahead of the game Sat. The next couple months could be fun.

  110. Vermaelen will serve out his suspension, the FA have decided. Coonts.

  111. Limestone Gunner

    the main issue is whether the club will prepare for next year. Rather than doing the minimum needed to squeeze through with defensive cover, a Silvestre or Senderos whom Wenger doesn’t have too much confidence in and who hasn’t been very reliable, why not have the mild problem of juggling a few good players in the position? We seem to do it for attackers. Sol would be happy just being in the squad, you know.

  112. 12.45 is a retarded time for the mancs vs chavs game.

    Either the stadium will fill up right at the last minute, or we are left drinking that watery piss they flog at the ground.

    Looks like another day loaded with hip-flasks.

  113. Don’t worry about the defenders boys. It’s gonna be a tough game and whoever plays at the back might get turned inside out in by one opponent or another. We can’t do anything about it now apart from possibly recalling someone like Bartley from loan…?

  114. Limestone Gunner

    It’s moot at this point–I was responding to the post. Our energies are better directed to upcoming ties. Despite my comments yesterday in favor of CL over PL generally, this season we seem to have a better chance at the league. Doing well in our tie against Barca is important for our confidence in the league. We need to play well and not be blown out like last year in semis. We don’t hae to defeat Barca, but I do think it is important that we hold our own in our tilt to the league title.

  115. The whole defence will have to put in two stellar performances, thats a fact. There can be no slips from clichy.

    Sylvestre, Song and maybe even Sol (unless he’s sitting very deep), would get torn a new asshole by Messi and his homeboys.

  116. Limestone Gooner,

    Big Sol

    plus Song who can cover.

  117. Song is a below average CB?

    I have never been put off by all the Yaya-ing. I like the younger Toure. But the only way anyone could imagine he’s better at CB then Alexander,
    is because,
    Drogba must have been imitating Roxanne in last seasons’ CL.

  118. Barcelona haven’t played a side as good as us since last years European cup final. Madrid is the closest, and they had plenty of chances to score before Barca scored late on.

    My team for Birmingham would be:

    Eboue, Song, Campbel, Clichy
    Diaby, Denilson
    Walcott, Cesc, Eduardo/Nasri

  119. Song has been brilliant at centre-back whenever he has played there.

  120. Exactly.

  121. Ole – Barca’s game has been pulled forward to Saturday, I think. However, they do have a game this midweek, they had one last also – the small things can make a difference at this level.

  122. That’s how I recall it too Finsbury & arseneholis. Song has always been convincing at centre back. But look who says he hasn’t and then you see it’s just more trolling.

  123. If Gallas isn’t back, we should play Song CB at Barca.

    Campbell would be better suited to the prem games, if he has to pick and choose, plus Song has more pace and can turn better.

  124. Limestone Gunner

    Ole, but as I mentioned in my original comment, Djorou has been out way before January and was expected not to return for action this season. I don’t see how you can count him in the squad, when there is no realistic expectation he can play!

    It’s rehashing–main point is preparing for next season. Defense needs improvement and can be improved–that’s what we have learned from this season.

  125. In a game where possession will be so precious, Song also gives us more ability on the ball from the back.

    if the whole total football idea, where we play with youth, and dazzle the world with skill and verve is ever to materialise, having Song and Vermaalen in defence would look like a good platform.

    Anyone remember in the Carling cup a few years ago. Song takes the ball, turns a man, maybe two, then releases Eduardo for the third goal in extra time, whilst we had 10 men?

  126. English is my third language Stewie. If I have misinterpreted something that has been written please point this out to me and I will look at it again. This way I can learn. Thanks mate.

  127. Limestone Gunner

    That’s an interesting suggestion arsenehollis, to play Song rather than Sol in CB v. Europe. If so, then Sol could play this weekend v. Birmingham. Who would you pair him with? Song again because of suspencsion or Silvestre? I don’t think Silvestre and Sol would be a good idea. Didn’t we see that once before, can’t remember which game but it didn’t look good.

  128. I think Barca fans are probably more scared of Eboue than we are of Messi.

  129. To start next season, we will have:

    Djourou, Vermaalen.

    Maybe Campbell, Gallas.

    (I cant see Silvestre gets games ahead of Bartley after this year, so he will go I think.)

    Bartley is coming through, but with Campbell and Gallas both old-ish and Djourou just back, there should be room for another defender.

    Depends upon Song though. Wenger has always said he would be a defender.

    If Ramsey hadn’t been snapped in two, we would have had him, Denilson, Cesc, Diaby – all of whom have had stunning seasons, bar the Brazilain, but he is showing just how good he is now after his first rest in 18 months. Maybe it makes sense to use Song as defensive back-up also, or shift him full-time?

    We will have to buy a defender though, or promote one from within.

  130. Song makes the midfield solid, you want to waste him at centre back? The team will end up being pinned back examining there new assholes

  131. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    What I don’t understand is why the ex Arsenal pundits are seemingly the only ones maintaining a veil of neutrality, OOU. It’s sad seeing all these heroic Arsenal legends play the puppet. You know something is wrong when you’ve got guys like Collymore throwing praise our way, while Mr. Arsenal and Ian Wright Wright Wright dis us every chance they get.

  132. I can’t think abut Barca till after Birmingham.

    The symbolism, the timing, it’s all a bit intense.

    McLeish will have been told to ‘Let rip’ his Dogs.

    Silvio might not be able to put in a meat & potatoes challenge to intimidate cowardly ankle tapping opponents quite like Sol, but I remember he showed great leadership looking after the ‘kids’ when required earlier in the season.

  133. Yep limestone, I would play Song this weekend in defence with Campbell.

    With a week of rest leading into it, I think Campbell should be able to play this weekend and on Wednesday.

  134. 1 loose cannon

    LimparAssist- good you spotted Dave he’s gone back in his hole.

  135. They get paid to cause controversy, increases readership/viewership

    Soul, Devil, Sold


  136. Sagna at centreback is also an option I’m sure Wenger will have considered. He’s very strong in the air and has great pace too. He was moved to centreback a couple of times last season during games.

  137. Limestone Gunner

    I am not sure Sol can play on Wednesday if on Saturday. You were suggesting Song instead of him and TV would be back.

  138. @ stringhawke . .. Poor bastards never really made enough money. Seeing players in the reserves earn the fortunes they do nowadays is bound to cause a bit of bitterness. Wrighty in person always bigs up Arsenal and the away support always give him a warm reception. Adams is undoubtedly a strange fish, but has done a lot of work for charity and has overcome addictions which weaker men would have succumbed to. I have a lot of respect for both of them.

  139. It makes better copy if an ex-Arsenal player speaks about the club. Also, they get asked more often for comment.

    Lots of media people are full of praise for us when we do well, some people here ignore that.

    Also, it is the media’s job to report news, not predict the future. They naturally fall back on recent history when looking forward, sadly that would suggest we won’t win it.

    Lastly, we all watch every Arsenal game and pore over the little details. These hacks don’t dedicate themselves to a specific club like we do, most anyway, so they have less to go on, they can’t see the trends developing and players improving. They will judge it on the big-games, or the stories – it isn’t big news when we beat a team ‘we should’, but it is if we don’t, so this colours perception.

    Of course, it is obvious that there is an anti-Arsenal bias in the media, I think because we have so many foreign players and the old pro’s and establishment boys all want to suck-off the wankers who play for the national team. Still, there is also a lot of sense and often admiration for us in the papers, you just have to sift through the shit without becoming hysterical or consumed in conspiracy theories.

  140. Stringvest Hawke, put a sock in it.

  141. Sounds good limestone.

    I think that Song’s mobility, his speed on the turn, and his ball playing would be a valuable addition over Campbell. Him and TV would be pretty tough together, it is just a matter of whether they can gel instantly.

    Campbell had a few problems with Porto and they aint no Barca, so it is worth considering alternatives.

  142. Being paid for talking about football, whatever you say and whichever team, looks like bloody easy money and probably good wedge also. Frankly I can’t see how it comes anywhere near selling your soul.

  143. Maybe they actually believe what they are saying, its usually what everyone knows anyway

  144. Limestone Gunner

    TV punditry is mostly about deploying cliches and groupthink in convincing or sincere sounding ways.

  145. I would prefer to see Song playing at DM against Barca. That is where he has played (very well) for the whole season. Now is not the time to be chopping and changing.

    Sol will be fine.

  146. The only decent pundits seem to be Strachan and Souness.

  147. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    You’re third paragraph is a load of bollocks and makes absolutely no sense, arsenehollis.

    If it’s the media’s job to report, not predict the future, why do pundits make predictions then? Remember all those pundits saying we wouldn’t finish in the top four? And falling back on recent history while ignoring our ongoing title challenge and current success would be considered lazy hackery by anyone with a functioning brain, right?

  148. Souness!

  149. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Your not you’re.

  150. I suppose the fashion magazine guy with whom Souness is often paired does make him seem reasonable

  151. I don’t mind him. He does not really spout the normal script fed guff they all seem to come with. He also seems quite fond of the Arsenal.

  152. Yeah, compared with that holiday advertiser, he does seem to have a mind of his own.

  153. Do we have some pundit tarts in today? What the fuck are you going on about pundits for?

  154. Arsenehollis at 3:34

    Very well said.

    Like you I do not really understand all the concern about negative pundits. Who cares what they think. They do what they are paid to do just like most would. We were not that good last year and based on our recent history predicting United and/or Chelsea to win certainly seems like a safer choice especially to someone who does not follow our club closely. All the negative stuff will stop as soon as we start winning again.

  155. Frank, its Rinseouts fault.

  156. Souness has said some very complimentary things about this year when doing the Euro cup on Sky.

    Nasir – try and make some sense mate, that is junk even with a sympathetic read.

    As best I can work it out, you have picked one piece from the whole, ignored the bit that made sense it seems you say, then twisted it around to ask an unconnected question.

    Why not try and deal with the bits that do make sense, this was one of my points, rather than acting like a freak about those things that don’t.

    A great many Arsenal fans, like myself, predicted and felt very strongly that last year would be ours to win the title. (Did you Nasir?) These things are not very scientific, so maybe we can let go some of what the press said 8 months ago?

  157. Morning Frank. You hung-over or just grumpy?

  158. An audience with Ray Parlour. He always says good stuff about the team. Smashing.

  159. Its our job to mercilessly abuse the media at every turn.

    Its for their own good, its how they improve.

  160. Curlers in, headscarf on, wraparound smock with deep pockets for pegs, stockings rolled down, zip up felt boots, fag in the corner of the mouth…pundit, pundit, pundit…yadder, yadder, yadder. Some of you people could get on job with the fucking FA.

  161. Hung-over then?

  162. Suburban – mercilessly abusing people because you think they need, want, or deserve it so that they can “improve” to your judgement doesn’t seem like a very reasonable route to go down, even if it is Suburban values.

    Anyway, I thought writing a decent letter to the editor was traditional – they would know what you think that way, instead of telling other people who probably aren’t in the media under a psuedonym. If that were my job, I would quit.

  163. Actually I am quite surprised that TV got away with the one match ban. One of the adjudication panel suggested extending the ban to 37 games.

    There is’nt one of those FA chairps that I would not stick a couple of ferrets down the trousers of.

  164. …and as far as Ian Givemeitall is concerned it is off with the goolies I am afraid.

  165. Limestone Gunner

    Actually, Ole started this pundit thing with his comment on Tony Adams on Sky saying Arsenal wouldn’t win the league, at 11:17 above.

    Much unproductive blogging later and here we are!

  166. Yes…..Yes…….It was Ole……

  167. …Frank….Frank…..Put the whip down Frank, Ole’s sorry.

    Tell him your sorry Ole

  168. arsenhollis -what on earth are you talking about? If what were your job?

  169. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Haha. No what was junk was your third paragraph, arsenehollis. It was a bunch of fluffy bollocks that didn’t amount to f*ck all. The media don’t predict the future? Puhlease mate.

  170. Watch Ray Parlour reminisce is absolutely brilliant.

    Despite all the goals, my favourite Parlour memory is sitting in row 1 and him miscontroling a throw-in from Dixon straight back into touch, then shouting at Dixon, who turned around and absoutely ripped him. Very exciting for a young boy.

  171. Frank “Do we have some pundit tarts in today? What the fuck are you going on about pundits for?”

    Jesus, calm down mate. You wouldn’t be saying that if YW or DS had written an article about pundits.

    Some people on here have pretty big chips on their shoulders dont they?

  172. Queen of Sub, I honestly haven’t the foggiest idea what he’s talking about either. The poor lads lost the plot.

  173. Limestone Gunner

    Arse Shavin,
    Too true; but until the last few comments the tone has been pretty civil and discussion flowing.

  174. Who the fuck is DS?

  175. “Its our job to mercilessly abuse the media at every turn.”

    No it isn’t.

  176. This is meant to be a blog comment section where supporters, ‘fans’, trolls etc can talk about football. Pundits included.

    But there’s always a couple of angry little men sitting behind their keyboards having a go if it isn’t what they want to discuss.

    Get over yourselves girls, you know who you are…

  177. Darius Stone I would guess Frank.

    Cheers Jimmy, how are you mate?

  178. Frank, DS is to Yogi, what Daniel-San is to Myagi

  179. Oh dear oh dear oh dear

  180. Arse Shavin, sorry, I just get so frustrated being such a short arse

  181. Darius Stone is one of the commenters is he/she?

  182. Careful Arseshavin, if you don’t agree with the regulars there will be trouble. If you treat some of them as they treat others, they get very touchy.

  183. Oh fucking dear indeed.

  184. Frank, Yes he is, but Frank…. between you and me…….. I think he’s an asshole

  185. oh dear oh dear oh dear oh dear

  186. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Let’s not play the arbiter, Arse Shavin. I think you’re in over your head there pal.

  187. James is looking for anti-virus software?

  188. I think he writes a blog here on a Friday for Yogi. Yogi writes the posts, I think. Hence YW or DS.

    This interview with Ray Parlour thing is brilliant, it is on ATV, highly recommend it.

  189. You know this guy Stone do you, James?

  190. whats up arse shavin

  191. I’d rather people got that kind of rudeness out of their system on boards like this, rather than down the pub and start a fight etc.

  192. Yes Zap you Donut, I am, what do you use? I hear Norton is wank and thats what Ive got

  193. See, now Nasir has told you you are in over your head. It is about as much sense as he will make all night, so you better listen.

  194. Limestone Gunner,

    For some reason you think if we have a player and he’s out injured, then he’s no longer our player. He is.

    You can’t say we’re thin if we have 5 centre halves plus 1 cover.

    No, we just have players out.

  195. You know what else is wank, tottenham

  196. I agree rinseout, I get a good laugh out of this sometimes. In all seriousness, James really makes me laugh sometimes. “Donut”, you can’t argue with that can you.

  197. Is that right, YW? You been having a day off on Fridays?

  198. Frank, I wouldnt say I know him, I know OF him. He just comes on and bangs on about supporting the team and womans rights and all that palava. To be honest I tune out after the first paragraph. He’s no Yogi you know what I’m saying?

  199. Spot on arsenehollis.

    I know, there’s a couple of really protective, clique-loving twats here, it’s almost putting me off the site. How dare we come onto a site that they’ve been spouting their shite on for years and talk about pundits, or disagree about something. This whole debate mallarky is stupid. Let’s all just agree and be done with it, that’ll be fun wont it?

    I can’t be arsed.

  200. Yep, the scum are also wank, absolutely.

  201. It would seem that you have been

  202. …arsed I mean.

  203. You know what is the biggest pile of wank? Arsenal fans being cunts to eachother about meaningless bullshit when we should be supporting the one thing we most definitely have in common…

  204. Stupid FA. No change there, then.


    @ arsenehollis

    Queen of Surburbia’s comment was tongue-in-cheek.

    Can I just be clear – have you been saying that
    a) ex-players-turned-pundits who consistently denigrate the club are doing it for the money and to advance their careers, and that those are perfectly good reasons to do it?
    and b) the only fans of Arsenal who object to TA, Wrighty and Lee Dixon’s remarks are those who have never seen those particular players playing in the flesh?

    @ Arse Shavin
    It’s up to YW what can be discussed on here, not you.
    Also some of the people chatting about Barca and punditry today have objected to particular threads in the recent past, so I assume your ire is directed at them?

  205. I have no interest in Arsenal supporters. I support Arsenal noy Arsenal fans. In fact after the behaviour of the last couple of years in the stadium, on blogs, on talk-ins. I don’t care if I never see another Arsenal ‘fan’ again.


  206. Poor logic there Franko, without fans the club would be nothing. What would you support then?

  207. The only thing I know for sure is that I’d rather have most of you guys hosting the football than most of the guys who actually do.

    But it’s not about pundits.

    It’s a genuine befuddlement about why our own prefer to slag us off in the media.

    Did you see Hansen on Sunday? He was livid at the penalty and he wasn’t even trying to hide his Liverpool allegiances.

  208. The best comedy story of the year:

    Use a translator and laugh

  209. What’s arseneholis on about? I’m worried about you if you think trolls are what this board is about. You’re standing up for the trolls now eh?

  210. I object to those comments, but I can’t forget what they did as players, it is so much more important. If the media stuff distorts your view of them, then you can’t remember the games properly anymore, the moments. That is what I said, about remembering, not having watched them. I hope that clears things up Fungunner.

    If I was slow on the uptake QoS appologies.

  211. Fuck logic. Arsenal have had the poorest supporters in the EPL for some seasons now. There has been a degree of improvement…but there is a long way to go.

  212. Limestone Gunner

    Ole, hours ago now, an old and not productive discussion. You insist on technical numbers (counting someone in the squad with no chance of playing this season since he went out in the Fall), while I examine the context to come to different conclusions. Of course Djorou is still our player; you are right. But he isn’t in the squad except that we are paying his salary!

    The fact of the matter though is we will probably have to rely on Silvestre this weekend or in the run of the next four games at some point. And that does not fill me with a great deal of confidence on the basis of Silvestre’s performance.

  213. Sorry Ole, what are you taking issue with exactly?

    There are plenty of reasonable people who come on here and get called Trolls. As i understand it, a troll is just someone who doesn’t agree with the herd mentality. You call him a troll, then tell him to fuck off, because he doesn’t agree. I dont agree with that, it is narrow minded. Dull to. (You would be better of ignoring them, but some people can’t, because it gets dull otherwise.)

  214. This squad are the best Arsenal have ever had and any success they enjoy, and they will have success, is in spite of the supporters.

  215. No arseneholis. To me the only way to deal with trolls is to ignore them, and especially not laugh at their rubbish.

    I’ll take on anyone on any issue on the merits…I love doing so.

    In fact, Yogi’s quite tolerant of the trolling, and the board here isn’t that severe about it.

  216. ‘Troll’ is a poor and ill-defined term.

  217. Limestone Gunner,

    For some reason you’re struggling with the fact that the problem is injuries not a lack of cover. I’d think it obvious.

    It’s like the way people whinged so much about playing Man Utd & Chelsea without a recognised centre forward without recognising that we had 3 strikers out injured.

  218. Well Frank, I’ll go with any better term you have, and the behaviour I refer to will remain the same.

  219. The tension makes the comments section. It always has. There are other ingredients, but tension is very important.

  220. Very well Ole, so what the hell were you talking about above?

  221. The problem is Ole, without a word, no one else, or at least me, can know what that behaviour is mate.

  222. Tv’s appeal rejected by the laughable FA. A few seasons ago John Terry got a red card for body checking some poor schmoe off the ball, and the FA overturned that on appeal, and yet TV’s get’s punished. Laughable ironically names organisation

  223. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    You must have been absent during the time of the Great Doom War, Rinseout. Unless, you are under a ever changing nom de plume like many people posting here. Frank has every right to view Arsenal fans in that light. He’s one of the OG’s here and his support for the team is unmatched. I don’t blame Frank. We’ve been here battling doomers and Arsene haters under these names for some time. Some of you need to go peep the archives for some perspective.

  224. You’ve shifted your ground somewhat, arsenehollis.

    But surely you can see that criticising an ex-player for his remarks is not the same as rubbishing his record as a player? That is the point notlager made earlier. Perhaps you find it painful because you have fond memories of the player – that is understandable, but it doesn’t make the criticism unjustified. I find it painful when that trio unfairly criticise or withhold their backing from the manager, or the current players. So does Bob Wilson – and I’m sure his memories of their exploits are just as strong and emotional as yours are.

  225. I always thought a troll was some one who went about saying incendary things for some schaudenfreudian purpose. i.e an atheist going onto a christian board spouting blasphemies (admitedly that does sound somewhat fun, but extremely childish)

  226. does anyone else find it disgusting that there are still so many rumours linking fabregas with other clubs? the latest is apparently inter…

  227. Can you stick ian on the end of German words?

  228. i find it sad that clubs like milan and juventus are being told to sign fabregas at all costs.

    they don’t realise how far their stock has fallen.

  229. One man’s troll is another man’s freedom fighter.

  230. @ Frank

    Not sure…I don’t think Ian likes German words up him.

    @ Gadget
    That’s how I would describe a troll, too. Except I don’t think Schadenfreude is the right word.

  231. Very well put FunGunner. But apparently it’s worse to criticise an ex-player for slagging off the club, than for an ex-player to slag off the club.

    Lee is quite moderate with his criticisms usually, as TA has been mostly. Ian Wright has on his own part jumped the shark (and that’s a player I associate with very good memories).

    But I do wonder why with 8 games to go, Tony Adams has to say we won’t win the league. It would be just as convenient, conventional, honest to say “if they win all their remaining matches they have a good chance, but it’s going to be hard for them to pull it off”. What I wonder about is why he would say we can’t. Did Frank Stapleton say that about the team in 91 with 8 games to go? Would TA have apreciated such a vote of confidence then?

  232. no7,

    It’s supreme fantasy.

  233. The one thing English has taught me is that you can stick anything you want onto the end of words Frank. for example, ‘y’s on the end of surnames (even when doing so renders the name unwieldy) – e.g. Wrighty & Moyesy. Speaking of which why on Earth do they call Rooney Wazza? Sounds frigging stupid

  234. Sorry guys for having a go at one of the hardcore members of ACLF. Bad day at the office.

  235. @ Ole G

    Agree, TA’s attitude is unaccountable. He must know that the support of someone of his status would give the squad a boost? Might help them over the finish line…

  236. Limestone Gunner

    Struggling to maintain interest in the argument, Ole, with distinctions without a difference. Fair enough, it has been injuries, which happened very early on with subsequent opportunities to remedy.

    Looking for your blog but haven’t been able to find it.

  237. Gadget,

    well i think they were thinking of Gazza, gascoigne.

    anywya i think Shrek suits him better.

  238. @ arsenehollis

    Also, you didn’t respond to this part – whether you are saying that ex-players-turned-pundits who consistently slag off Arsenal FC are doing it for the money and/or to advance their careers, and that those are perfectly good reasons to do it?

  239. FunGunner – “He must know that the support of someone of his status would give the squad a boost? Might help them over the finish line…”

    That’s the thing, hearing a legend saying anything negative about our title chances can’t be much of a boost for our youngsters. Wenger goes the opposite way in his praise and we all know that He knows…

  240. Kaman Tha Feckin Arrrsnallllll

  241. Still pretty stupid no&. Shrek is much better. Makes me think is old Red Nose going for a team of look-a-likes?

    Old man Neville looks like Mackenzie Crook
    Rooney – Shrek
    Valencia – Michale Jackson (RIP) circa Off the Wall

    Come to think of it, for some reason to my mind’s eye, Evra looks like a shaven Chewbacca

  242. btw Zap, nothing up now… Was stressed at work and would have felt bad if i’d vented it at a dumpy middle aged woman.

  243. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Some very interesting points made by FG and OG. What it comes down to with arsenhollis is if you don’t go to games, then your opinion means f*ck all. He’s gone out of his way multiple times to make that known.

  244. Has anyone ever actually seen arsenhollis at a game?

  245. lol NJN, but a bit harsh! I’m sure many of the people on here who aren’t from england haven’t been to many games, and some have shown that they have pretty interesting and valued opinions i think…

  246. Limestone,

    I think it’s a very important point. Something to take on board.

    If you say; we went into the season with just 1 centre half backup, you’re saying that the squad was short. Which is not correct.

    A lot of the disharmony around the club is based on false premises. The manager gets pressure for something he can’t control.

    If you start with the wrong premise that we lack cover & only had Silvestre then you’d say the solution is to buy 2 more. If you accept the problem is injuries then you just hope everyone comes back.

    >>I just saw Steve Bruce back Man United to win the league. Our own heroes won’t back us. Makes me sad because of the esteem I have for these guys>>

  247. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    AS, my friend, how’s that harsh? If anything arsenehollis is harsh. Supporting trolls and backing sell outs at the expense of his beloved Arsenal should be more than enough to be deemed harsh. And that’s without mentioning his nasty view on his own club’s supporters.

  248. oh thanks Dups, am downloading Avast right now

  249. arsenehollis should be quiet and fuck off.

  250. OG, us winning the PL Title will give us all the joy you need.
    The only think I focus on Arsenal is the team the supporters like most on this blog who never lost/lose the faith.



  251. @ Paul N – finally we coincide.
    Congratulations!!!!! How is your daughter doing?

  252. Zap,

    Harsh saying he should be quiet and fuck off.

  253. What is about not being able to go to matches?who cares?
    For those of us who live in a foreign land we pay for cable TV, we buy Jerseys and all that.
    Some may not be able to afford to go but do the best in the way they can.
    Again, who cares?

  254. @ OG at 5:42pm
    Good post.

  255. FunGun, my little princess is doing great, thanks!!!!

  256. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Bang on, Paul N. It’s extremely arrogant to say the very least.

  257. Limestone Gunner

    I wasn’t saying that it was short at the beginning of the season. I was saying we were short post Djorou injury and when we had opportunities to remedy the situation. Do you deny Gallas has had injuries for a good stretch each season, that Sol needs more rest that limits his use when the fixtures pile up, that Silvestre has been a risky choice since last year?

    If we disagree, we disagree, and you’ve made fair points. I hope everyone comes back from injury and also the squad is assessed over the summer very closely to insure we strengthen our defense for next year–that’s right, strengthen, because it can be improved and more better players competing for spots won’t be so terrible a thing as deplored in the post. We manage it for attackers fairly well.

    This is for this summer. For now, we hope to manage and to support the squad.

  258. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    And how dare you question arsenehollis’ loyalty to the club, QoS?

    I’m appalled!

    : )

  259. Anyway, this is my point proved.

    You get a small clique of regulars who are willing to keep each other thinking they have something to say, but offer very little worth reading or responding to. They just use the comfort of one another to trun this into their little bully pulpit. Well done lads, Nasir, Zap, Fungunner, good work.

    See you all tomorrow.

  260. Some Arsenal fans might be Messing themselves at the thought of playing Barcelona; but the Arsenal players’ pants will stay nice and clean, because they thow that together they constitute the better team.

  261. he doesnt get it. Of course opeople accept opposing views, but when they are from idiots like arsenehollis, they are disregarded as pointless. If you go on here and say well i dont think that actually…etc.etc…of course that is good, but saying someones views are wrong is just stupid

  262. wait, at the end of that i was supposed to say *saying someones views are wrong in an accusing manner*

  263. Turns out, Sam ‘If my name was Allerdicci they’d say I was the best thing since sliced bread’ Allardyce, has started the fewest number of English players in the Premier League this season, for his Blackburn Rovers side.


  264. Iam not for bullying but never should one being a ble to go to a match be used as a bench mark for their level of support.
    I am quite sure the writers of legrove go to matches but I wouldnt want them to support me in a game of rounders, much less support our Arsenal.

  265. ————————————-




  266. thats my picture of emirates stadium

  267. @ LA
    ha ha
    The man’s a hypocrite. And a liar – whatever his name was, nobody would EVER say that Fat Sam was the best thing since sliced bread. Or even the best thing since minced poo.

    @ Paul N
    Glad to hear it. 🙂

    @ Limestone Gunner
    “I was saying we were short post Djorou injury and when we had opportunities to remedy the situation.”
    That is not correct either. We weren’t short after Djourou got injured. That is why Senderos was kept. Silvestre and Senderos were our two backups.

    “Do you deny Gallas has had injuries for a good stretch each season,”
    This is why we have two backups, plus Song plus, at a pinch, Sagna.

    “that Sol needs more rest that limits his use when the fixtures pile up, that Silvestre has been a risky choice since last year?”
    This is just another way of saying that you don’t think Silvestre is good enough to be fourth choice backup CB. AW does think Silvestre is good enough for that.
    Also, the point that you seem to overlook is that these players are backups. Having been recruited as backups, they are necessarily not as good, or as reliable as the first-choice players. No club has two backups who are as good and as reliable as their first choice, because those players don’t get to play and they get restless. Like Senderos did. Even in our injury-ridden season, Campbell has not been used all that much, and Silvestre even less.

    @ arsenehollis
    When I next encounter you, I hope you will respond to my request for you to clarify what your views are.

  268. @ Paul N

    The irony is that he actually lives in Spain.

  269. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Wrong. What was proved, was the fact that you’re an arrogant nit wit that simply doesn’t have the brain power to answer questions and posts directed at you. Nice try though. That bully rubbish doesn’t fly either, wimp. Anybody worth his salt would have manned up and addressed the posts separately in detail, but you chumped out and couldn’t hang of course.

  270. Allardyce is unhappy Ancelotti called his team a long-ball team. First of all I’m happy long ball is now an insufferable slur. The next step if for the likes of Allardyce to turn their teams around and becoming better footballing sides.

    If you told Arsene Wenger or Alex Ferguson that his side is a long-ball side. He’d have a good laugh and be move on to the next topic.

    Some people say “good football” depends on taste but I do believe that it doesn’t often happen that you see good football and be left in doubt about what you’ve just experienced.

    It’s like good sex.

  271. Denilson has developed a reputation as a long-range specialist after striking six goals in 23 appearances this season, most of them from outside the area.

    “It seems to have become my speciality to shoot from long distance,” said the Brazilian midfielder.

    “Sometimes when I shoot I put a little swerve on the ball which can make things difficult for a goalkeeper.

    “Our team always passes the ball or crosses, ultimately shooting in the box, but people sometimes say you never see the Arsenal team shoot from distance so I try.

    “I do this a lot in training, staying after our team sessions sometimes to practice with one of the goalkeepers and if I have the opportunity, I will give it a go.”

    Bless you – keep up the practice, fella.

  272. “First of all I’m happy long ball is now an insufferable slur.”

    Hurrah! First MON, now Allardyce.

  273. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    That’s an interesting anecdote, LA. Fat Sam employing foreign talent to play the English way, is he? That doesn’t bode well for the English game, does it?

  274. Limestone Gunner

    Indeed, Allardyce, O’Neill et. al. doth protest too much, methinks!

  275. When I saw the camera focus on him in their game against the chavs and he had his massive cctv screen showing live game stats, I thought to myself I knew what was coming next.

    Allardyce wants us to believe he’s a cutting-edge manager. Same as Phil Brown & his earpiece.

    You don’t find the best managers doing all that rubbish

  276. Limestone Gunner

    I am sure all managers have access increasingly to all kinds of game and performance statistics as an aid to analysis. But in game screens is like exhibitionism. If you can’t trust your eyes, guts, and knowledge of the game as it flows to decide tactical adjustments and substitutions, well, we see how successful those guys have been. One is on gardening leave and probably still wearing the earpiece. The other has made a living as a mid-table specialist of long ball and dirty practices.

    Nice observation, Ole, rings very true. Those guys resent artistry and genius that they do not posess–their coaching is all about resentiment.

  277. Remember how Allardyce’s bid to become England manager was based on his ability to use a laptop and Powerpoint?

    ha ha ha ha ha

  278. Ole Gunner, did you say good sex and good football as being one and the same thing?

  279. I’m being cheeky. Pay no attention.

  280. Well, NJN, the argument that foreign players ‘steal the opportunities’ of young English players and are detrimental to the English national side, is just dog shit. There are the same number of English players playing in the Premier League today, as there were 10 years ago. Almost exactly. And the national side was a about as pony then as it is now.

    20 years ago there were about twice as many English players in the Premier League – and the national team was even worse! The number of foreign players has doubled over the last 20 years, so yes, it follows there are half as many English players given an opportunity to shine – but the ones that are good enough play in a league many, many, many times higher in quality than those playing 20 years ago. Simple; strong national League = strong national side.

    ‘Ah’, I hear you say, ‘But what about Gabby Agbonlahore and Frank Lampard and Peter Crouch – they’re fucking useless’. Well, yes, my argument buckles like a baby giraffe when the current England squad are brought under the microscope, but I’m confident we’ll see the fruits of the much improved Premier League, relfected in our national side in the coming years.

    Are you listening Kieran, Jack, Theo et al?

  281. FunGunner,

    To be fair I respect Allardyce because he doesn’t respect reputations. He’s not one to roll over and kiss ass.

    Two Owls,

    Artistic licence!

  282. guys, do you agree with this line-up for sat..


    I am extremely nervous about birmingham i hav a horrible feeling we’ll draw, the thought of silvestre doesnt exactly comfort me..

    I was inclined to include arshavin, but he needs a rest, after all according to him:

    ”I found it difficult to catch breath after every dash”

  283. But then again, in silvestre we have experience

  284. @ OG

    I dislike him and what he stands for so much there is no room for respect.

  285. Zap

    I think that is a good guess at the team – possibly Rosicky for Nasri because Nasri had a bit of a knock? But I think we will want it more, so I don’t expect a draw.
    Desperately hoping for a couple of draws for ManU and Chelski of course!

  286. Good football is like good sex!? What a daft thing to say. Give yourself a slap ole gunner.

    Good football is obviously better.

  287. taeryn,

    uh….wasn’t saying one is better than the other….

  288. F*cking hell. Robin Van Persie is still joint 2nd in assists from forwards this year. He has 6 along with Anelka, Drogba, Bellamy, and our very own Eduardo Da Silva. The leaders are Hugo Rodellega and Crouchy with 7. I’d discount both of those from the running though; the former has been deployed as a winger for half the season, and the latter as a giant telescopic basketball backboard. (It’s cheating really, and cruel, they use the poor fellow’s forehead for alley-oops. It’s not his fault he’s a total freak of nature and basically a mutant.)

    But back to RVP, i’d forgotten what incredible form he was in. With 7 goals and 6 assists in 958 mins, that’s a goal or an assist every 73 minutes. Rooney only manages a goal/assist every 91 minutes (‘only!’). Van Persie would genuinely have pissed all over Roonaldinho for Player of the Year – had he have been fit. It makes me very upset, a bit sick, and not a little bit angry. But most of all it makes me very, very excited for next season. This should have been Robin’s season, now next season will be.

  289. Ole, how on earth did you get away ‘Allardyce’ and ‘sex’ in the same post? What use is moderation if it can’t save us from that combination of words?

    Also, Allardyce is a massive kisser of Fergie’s arse.

  290. Hopefully my comment was clearly tongue-in-cheek….


    Brum this weekend is a massive game. I can’t focus on the Barca tie until the three points are safely tucked away.

  291. You can actually place the word ‘massive’ at almost any point in that last sentence and it will still make sense.

  292. LA – RvP has been my favorite player ever since he signed for Arsenal. Unfortunately every time he seems to be going on an incredible tear of form, he gets an injury.

    I can’t wait for him to come back.

  293. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Props to Jor-el for that post at 15:46 over on Le Grove. I don’t know how he got that post through, and it’s probably going to be deleted very soon, but much respect. That sums up Geoff and Le Moan perfectly.

  294. yeh same here taeyrn- the birmingham game is massive.

    I really want eddie to come on and score

  295. It didnt last long NJN

    Wow, Le Grove has it all- Jaguar bases himself there, as does moda probably, under a different allias.

  296. LimparAssist,

    LOL on the sex & Fat Sam bit….

  297. Hollis lives in Spain

  298. Hollis lives in Spain.

  299. Both Chelsea and man utd will drop points in at least three of their remaining games.

  300. Gadget:

    “Old man Neville looks like Mackenzie Crook
    Rooney – Shrek
    Valencia – Michale Jackson (RIP) circa Off the Wall

    Come to think of it, for some reason to my mind’s eye, Evra looks like a shaven Chewbacca”

    Don’t forget Nani. Nani looks like a Michael Jackson pulled straight off the set of the Triller video.

    And you’re right about Evra. He does look like a shaven chewbacca. Never thought of it.

  301. Ole:

    “Allardyce is unhappy Ancelotti called his team a long-ball team. First of all I’m happy long ball is now an insufferable slur. The next step if for the likes of Allardyce to turn their teams around and becoming better footballing sides.”

    It’s quite ironic that Ancelotti would say that given that Chelsea is a long ball team themselves. If you watch Chelsea and pretend that they wear white and navy blue you’d start to notice that they look like Bolton. Except a bit faster and a bit more refined.

  302. LA

    That’s how we as mere observers feel, imagine being RVP for the pass few years barring last season.

  303. Wow, RVP looks out of shape in that video i swear he missed 2 open goals!

  304. I think Allardyce truly believes that he’s in line for the Manure job. Same goes for MoN, which might explain some of the spite last month.

    When has being called out on their long ball game ever rankled with these guys before? They’ve always been pretty unapologetic about their approach.

    Actually, I reckon Slur Alex is about to quit, and his lieutenants trying to prove their credentials, knowing that the old twat is going to have some say in what happens next.

  305. I think you might have put your finger on it there, OOU.

  306. I hate all refs especially those that are self-appointed.

  307. Arsenal, Arsenal, Arsenal. Arsenal ArseNAL Arsenaaa-aal Arsenal Arsenal ArsenAL…Arsenal….ARSENAL

  308. Nasir Jones Nasri.. Your last few posts had me in absolute stitches. Keep up the good work. Noble Warrior.

  309. Allardyce and Ferguson have similar ability as managers, but I supect Allardyce’s more intellectual appoach would be inappropriate for man utd.

  310. Yeah, who knows.

    I’m still amazed at MoN’s totally unprovoked attack on AW. It came from nowhere – but when you think back to Martinez’ comments about Funguson’s gang of wannabe successors, maybe there’s some jostling for position going on!

  311. Will you donut, i didnt know you were a spud fan.


    losing at home to wolves?

  313. I honestly thought West Ham wouldn’t go down and that it’d be Pmouth, Hull and Burnley but they’ve been atrocious tonight. Utterly dreadful.

  314. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    I’m glad to be of service, William. You big dunce.

  315. I gues wolves will have less to worry about when they visit us in 2 weeks time

  316. Are Wolves playing Algeria Zap?

  317. Speaking of the pretentious and insufferable Allardyce, Gingers For Limpar had an absolutely masterful piece exposing the dastardly long-ball played by his team and his pitiful attempt to undermine foreign managers like Wenger and Ancellotti, who set up their teams to play football.

  318. I just didn’t get the point of these mind-numbing posts made earlier, (1) seeking to justify ex-players and pundits doing their best to pour cold water on our title ambitions and (2) ceaselessly second-guessing the manager in his decision concerning how many first choice and back-up defenders.
    How does advance the cause of Arsenal and our quest to win the title while sticking to our principles?

    Seeing some of the same names arguing these same points at Le Groan just makes me wonder.
    Trolling anyone?

  319. is Arshavin a victim of poor translation from Russian to English, or is he a complete twat who needs to learn how to keep his mouth shut?

    Seriously, this guy is good but not good enough to be popping off all the time about the team needing more players.

  320. I have to apologize to YW and all those who left comments, as I never read them. 😦

    I am absolutely shocked and appalled by Lee Diox’s comments, regarding Ryan Shawcross.

    Apparently he is over the bad publicity he has had to endure and is now back, not just playing, but in contention for a WC spot on the English team.

    Go Brazil…or Spain…or Germany…or Italy..or South Africa…or USA…who cares….just do not let Ryan Shitcross win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  321. * Dixon’s

  322. Well it’s just been announced that TV’s red card has been upheld.

    Because he impeded on an “obvious goal-scoring opportunity”


    Back to the WHU V AFC game.

    Long ball over the defense, defender and striker(for want of a better term) chase said ball.

    Defender gets his head(barely, but still does!) to the ball and then….


    Maybe referees forget shit but there is such a thing as an “indirect free-kick” which is awarded when a foul in the box is neither dangerous or “a direct interference with a goal scoring opportunity”.

    Oh and by the way, in order to have a “goal scoring opportunity” you must be in control of the ball. By my reckoning, TV was the lat one to touch the ball, so its his ball. Or its a 50-50. If its a 50-50 then diving(watch the replay) in front of the defender is a straight yellow. Or…….wait for it!!!…….TADA!!!!! players fall over each other when they go for the same ball!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  323. Oh and I thought that when you lodged an appeal against a red card and lost, they automatically increased the ban by one game.

    They (theFA) call it Frivolous……..something

    Yet, as I write(type) this even though we lost the appeal it is still a one match ban. Which to me is the FA’s way of saying that although we where right and the red card was in error, it is still a “Frivolous” offense. Someone can’t do their math!!!!!!!

    1 match ban + appeal = A] 2 match ban ( the nerve!!! French bastards!)
    1 match ban + appeal = B] appeal upheld ( Mon Dieu!!) no match ban
    1 match ban + appeal = C] 1 match ban

    and the answer is………C!!!!

    And in an ironic twist that every Arsenal fan will not enjoy but will appreciate, the real answer is:

    JE NAIS SE QUOI!!!!!!!!

  324. A rant by a fan in pre-season after Wenger bought only Vermaelen

    we are slipping back and now we have practically reached the level where their is a big 3 not a big 4…I am not trying to be ungrateful to the board n manager…I just feel they should be more honest with the fans regarding the clubs financial/cash flow position

    Heheheheh. Was he talking about Liverpool?? :))

  325. Keep the faith. We will have these pictures at the end of this season.

  326. well arshavin sometimes gives me the impression that he is playing for himself, not for the team, with the decisions he made.

    i think he still thinks he is better than the rest of the team…

    but we have actually won without him, and without him playing well, due to his fitness and injury problems.

    so i think he should just shut up and play football.

    it is getting kind of tiring to see his remarks popping up all over.

  327. no7 i sadly agree. I’m not totally sure on what he said and if there are translation probs again but if it is correct what he has supposedly been saying he needs to keep his mouth shut at this vital part of the season. Nobody should be placing doubt in the teams mind, especially a senior player.

  328. Long time Else.
    I also think its about time Arshavin shut the fuck up. It’s not like he’s been our best player this season to feel entitled to bring the team down every turn he gets. If he didnt give these interviews there would be less chance of him being misquoted!!

  329. For someone with so much to say for himself off the pitch he should be offering much more on the pitch.

  330. If Arsenal go on to win the league, Wenger with his arms out in the stand at OT will become one of the most memorable pictures in our history.

    Maria, thank you for your concern as to where I live, I am sure you are a charming young sort, but I value my health.

    I do live in Spain now. I don’t get to as many games as I used to, very few in fact and I used to go to every home game and a some away. Therefore, I am in a good position to tell you, watching football from afar and going to the stadium regularly are completely different things.

    Whilst the experience is obviously totally different, not even the gobs above would deny that, you do not build up the same connection from afar. I know this, those people on here who get touchy about me saying it don’t, they only get pissed off because they have never been and so on this can’t comment.

    Of course, what is a fairly simple point – that going to games is more intense, time consuming, it dominates your life more – has beeen twisted by a small group of chumps who feel slighted by a simple observation of fact.

    For the record, I never said that people who don’t go to games have a less valid opinion on football.

    That statement is in no way an attack on foreigners in favour of the British, I couldn’t give a toss about all that.

    I know full well that there are a lot of twats who go now the stadium is bigger, going to games doesn’t mean you give a toss necessarily, but for those who do it distinguishes them from the rest. This obviously applies to me also, I didn’t suggest otherwise, but it is still true.

    If all those new fans from far away don’t like that then fine, but until you have done the other way, going up and down the country, europe even, and especially with a group or community of fans, you don’t know what you are talking about on that one. It was much better like that, you are closer to the team.

    The original point was also made to try and temper some of the more presumptious criticism of away fans for booing Song. I disagree with that, but some clown behind a TV thousands of miles away has a difficult time grilling them on being ‘good fans’.

  331. Me thinks Arshavin wont be around for too long. When someone says this about his fellow teammates he is surely on his way out. I am sure most of the players will feel underminedand his superior attitude with no end product must be getting to them by now.

    “The Premier League is very interesting, at least as long as we continue fighting to win it. But without new experienced players, real stars, it will be difficult to achieve success.

    “Ideally we need three or four such experienced players and then among our youths there should be guys who are not only good at playing football but have real character.”

  332. Arshavin has said things like this, if it is a true translation, many times before. Wenger always defends him and says he is a quality player and person.

  333. Arshavin has always had a big mouth, but he probably deserves better than to be rounded on for this. Russian TV via the Sun! Plenty of opportunity for creative interpretation there.

  334. This is the vaguaries of the ACLF regulars and there super loyalty. If you cross them even once then it is open season.

    Former legends who gave decades to the club? Fresh meat if they say the wrong thing.

    Current players? You run him out of town if he speaks out of turn.

    He will play again, score important goals this season and this will all be forgotten.

  335. There is much sense in what you say ‘holis. Very reasonable in the most part. Then you go and write your last paragraph.

    That is why you draw fire on here. It seems very reaonable to me for some “clown” behind a TV thousands of miles away, or even around the corner, to challenge any fan in a stadium for booing their own players.

    And yes, I have watched Arsenal hundreds of times at Highbury and at various other grounds. For which I consider myself extremely fortunate, although sometimes watching the likes of Selley and Hillier I might not have realised it at the time.

  336. Hi Firstlady been real busy, hows all things ACLF?

    OOU if indeed this is another misquote then wenger is going to have to put a stop to it anyway as it will only cause negativity true or not.

  337. consolsbob selley and hillier! aaaaaaah the good ol days.

  338. irishgray,
    I should think an appeal would be considered frivolous if it is evident that it will not be upheld. Man utd’s appeal against Ferdinand’s ban was judged frivolous because he was clearly recorded hitting someone in the face, which is not permitted under any circumstances on a football field. The justification for Vermaelen’s red card was clearly not so obvious, as most commentators thought it unfair. An appeal against such a decision could therefore hardly be considered frivolous, even though on balance the F.A. judged the decision to be correct.

  339. There you go again.

    It is not surprising that the ‘regulars’ as you call them, are dismayed at former heroes talking down their once club. Or even current ones.

    You really should have noticed by now that most who post here are fairly one eyed in their support for our club.

    In my experience, that is what fans are. You might bemore reasoned than this. Good for you but don’t critiscise Arsenal fans for being, well, Arsenal fans.

    There is also a sense of being arch club loyalists in a world where you could easily be led to believe that to be an Arsenal fan is to be a fool. I don’t percieve there to be too many fools on this site.

  340. arsenehollis is not really talking about Arsenal fans, or ACLF ‘regulars’. He is talking about shotta-gunna. That’s all he talks about these days.

  341. As far as I’m concerned, an Arsenal “Legend” is only as good as his most recent public comment about the club. On that basis, Tony Adams (a.k.a. Mr Anti-Arsenal) cuts a pretty poor figure.

  342. For me they’re all still proper legends, still on their pedestals except Ian Wright.

    I just wish they’d STFU sometimes

  343. Arshavin's Barber

    Comrades please a do not slag off andrieus for his comments today he is a worried that is all, he love a this club.

    tony the adams was a big part in givin the arsenal great reputation in a russia…we love a man who can drink 2 bottles of vodka and still start cars.

  344. Arshavins Barber is correct, lets not slag off Arshavin for his comments, if anything, lets slag him off for his ridiculous hair cut.

  345. does arshavin realise that if we were to buy 4 experienced players, he would probably end up on the bench?

    i said back when flamini and hleb left: those who leave are saying they are not good enough, because they need to go to a team where other players can win the trophies for them.

    at such a crucial period in the season, what matters is to step out and be counted. not stand behind and hope for someone to win it for you.

  346. He must get paid well by whats probably the most fashionable magizine over there for these interviews, he’s like the Beckham of russia isnt he and he obviously loves the attention.

    He doesn’t have Beckhams style though does he, or hair for that matter.

  347. Arshavin's Barber

    Jjames, like beckham hasnt had a sily haircut or 7. i get no business if i done some of them styles in my salon.we have name for man like him in russia. a poofta.andries is a real mans cut.

  348. Arseneholis not that I need to justify my comments to you, Fabregas said our loss against Porto was made of school boy’s mistakes and many people called him on it but non said he was going to leave. There is a chance Arshavin may have been misquoted but still him insinuating that this crop of players miss character is so off-mark it pisses me off!!I am sure if our players were to come across these comments the’d be pissed off as well and no way in hell that would be good for team morale and the dressing room for that matter. I am not denying he is a world class player but I am getting fed-up by his petulance and so-so performances.

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