Title Run-In: Hit Or Myth

The title run-in we were told last week by Sir Alex Ferguson, favoured Arsenal. Their opponents were easier, had less to play for and were all emminently winnable games. His theory, presented as if he had invented the wheel by the media, was lapped up and used as the basis for taking seriously the Arsenal title challenge.

It is another avenue exploited as a means of justification for writing Arsenal off following the consecutive defeats by Chelsea and Manchester United. It also denigrates the efforts of the remainder of the season, where to date, Arsenal has performed better against the rest of the Premier League than either of those two sides. You only have to deduct the points earned in the ‘mini-league’ of the top three for evidence of that.

Undeniably, Chelsea has the tougher finish to season as the table below shows (bold indicates home fixtures):

Arsenal Manchester United Chelsea
27/03/2010 Birmingham City Bolton Aston Villa
03/04/2010 Wolves Chelsea Man United
10/04/2010 Tottenham Blackburn Bolton
17/04/2010 Wigan Man City Tottenham
24/04/2010 Man City Tottenham Stoke City
01/05/2010 Blackburn Sunderland Liverpool
09/05/2010 Fulham Stoke City Wigan

The immediate observation is that each side would want to go into the final match at the top, ideally with a points cushion rather than relying on goal difference for all of the opponents on that Sunday have a history of capitulating. Crucially it is the fixtures surrounding these that will have the biggest influence. If Tottenham get to the FA Cup Final, sixth in the Premier League is opened up to the Europa League giving Liverpool and Aston Villa much more to play for. It seems improbable that Liverpool will be in next season’s Champions League and they are struggling if they do not win the Europa League; Tottenham in the Cup Final suits them.

Despite their wretched current form, it would be a major shock if Chelsea do not win at Portsmouth during the week. Were they to fail to do so, they put themselves under tremendous pressure. There are three home bankers in their run-in; tempting as it is to wind any stragglers by claiming that it the matches in which Chelsea play way, those fixtures are the matches that they have against the teams outside of the top seven. The rest? They are truly up for grabs. Chelsea should have beaten Blackburn in the first half by sufficient margin to win the game. They did not and the obvious conclusion is that this was a hangover from the defeat by Internazionale. Perhaps losing to Aston Villa might have a similar effect.

Crucially, all of the top three have derby matches away from home against teams who are fighting for fourth place. Re-arrangement of any matches at this moment in time is a matter of days with nothing being pushed back to the tail end of the season. The team which emerges with seven victories from those games will win the league. Tottenham and Manchester City appear to be the ones who hold the key. They do; the two sides meet at Eastlands on May 5th in a fixture which will surely decide 4th spot in the Premier League. Defeats beforehand will make them more determined in the fixtures inbetween.

Each weekend increases the pressure; none of them teams can afford a defeat in isolation. The margins of error grow ever tighter as the weeks progress. With the perceived and real impact that the 2-2 draw the last time the teams met at St Andrews, this weekend is being built up as a key one for Arsenal. That is before you take into account the home form of Birmingham. This season they have performed well against United and Chelsea. No doubt that will come out in comments from the respective managers this week as part of their attempts to crank the pressure on Arsenal.

It is easy to highlight individual games but Arsenal has to win all seven and has a good chance of doing so, although it may be more realistic to expect a draw or two along the way. United are in the same boat and their meeting with Chelsea will be key for both, winning the match will be of equal importance as not losing it. A draw would suit Arsenal down to the ground.

Arsene Wenger alluded to experience being the key and whilst that is a beneficial factor, an often overlooked aspect is that Arsenal has experience of losing a title rather than winning it. The squad will not want to repeat those emotions and can draw strength should any dark times emerge in the coming months to pull themselves through. There should be no doubt that Arsene will use 2007/08 as a powerful tool to try to push through for the coming games; “You don’t want to feel that bad again, do you?” is as much of a rallying cry as “You’ve been here before; you know what to do“.

It is the tightest title race for years with three teams harbouring real title ambitions. For a squad that has been written off consistently from within and without, it is no mean achievement. Right now, none are settling for second best. Let’s get to winning it.

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. All three sides will drop points IMO. It really is complelety open. People writing Chelsea off are making a mistake as well, if they win win their game in hand they are still in a strong position.

    Either way, if we play like we did on Sat we will be in with a great shout of winning the lge.

    It was such an excleent display, and even when we only had ten men we produced football that most team will never muster.

    I am not a Denilson fan, but credit where it is due; he was excellent and my MotM. Good passing/tackling/workrate. Diaby was also excellent when he came on, as where Eboue and Song.

  2. I’m praying harder right now for the Arsenal than the pope does for the world!… We shall overcome!

  3. I can’t see that we can offord to drop points more than once.

    We will need to do so once less than Manchester – on current form it is difficult to imagine that they will win less than 5 of the last 7. That leaves us needing to win 6, at least.

    This is still extremely tough, even if the other two draw with one another, we still require them to drop points again.

    The nightmare for me is that we are level on the last day of the season and it goes to goal difference, no way Stoke dont roll over and concede 11 in that situation.

    Song and Vermaalen central defence for Barca?

  4. If one side has to win between the mancs and chavs, I would rather Chelsea took the 3 points.

    Team for Brum: Almunia, Eboue, Campbell, Song, Clichy, Denilson, Diaby, Walcott, Rosicky, Eduardo, Bendtner

    For Barca: Almunia, Sagna, Song, Vermaalen, Clichy, Denilson, Diaby, Nasri, Fabregas, Arshavin, Bendtner

  5. A Hollis,
    Why would you prefer Chelsie win?

  6. Off topic…
    Congratulations, ZimPaul! Wonderful news.

  7. FunGunner: You guys are having a baby?

  8. @ ArseneHollis 10:11am: “Song and Vermaalen central defence for Barca”
    Me thinks that Sol and Vermaalen with Song in front of them as DM will make us much stronger, it would be like playing three Central Defenders in a match, especially with Messi playing for FCB.

  9. I just hope the spuds game remains on the saturday morning instead of the wednesday evening, we always beat them on a saturday morning, they play alot better in the evening games

  10. Remember also TH14!

  11. I am loving it!

  12. Whats COYG?

  13. A bit off topic here. Some bastards have cursing Wenger all season. All over sudden they are behaving as if they were behind him all along. I’m cursing those blady wankers at Le groan!

  14. I think you overlook the importance of the champions league and the FA cup. as far as I am aware, it is really difficult to win away matches in the PL after having an away match in the CL. if Twattenham does not manage to beat fulham at home, the title will in all likelyhood go to Manure as they play at home after their away game to bayern and then play away after they meet the bavarians again at home. we, in contrast, would have to play spuds 3 or 4 days after coming back from barcelona, if they lose to fulham in the FA cup…

  15. i think you will find LG may be coming apart at the top…two to share the daily load is a good idea in principle, hard to implement day to day…and philosophical cracks are becoming more evident on a regular basis…

  16. On topic now. The race is too tight on my nerves. I was rooting hard for ‘pool yesterday and they let me down. Now I’m hoping that Wilshere will do as a favour and beat the Mancs. And congratulations Zimpaul though I have no idea why congratulations are in order!

  17. Also I’m a Denilson fanatic as some of you are aware. Hasn’t been his best season but he’s returning to form. We love him here in Kenya and can’t understand why so many Brits hate him. Maybe they love the Fletcherisque type player, all hard work and no spice!

  18. Jackson…COYG stands for Come on you GOONERS….say it with me now….

  19. Jackson


    Come on you Gunners!

  20. Arseman beat me to it!

  21. THE CUP FINAL SERIES is unfolding nicely… All games should be an attempt to win… and man u Chelsea drawing will be just fine.

    Pompey in a bid for an unlikely escape with no margin for error just like us can make attempt to beat Chelsea… kanu to score a winning hat trick to show his gunner background!

    play Up Pompey!

  22. COYG !!!!!

  23. “Arsenal has experience of losing a title rather than winning it” …………. there is no better motivation and experience for the players than this, my greatest fear is injuries and unnecessary red cards from the referees, the gunners should play the game and not expect favors from the referees….. win or draw it is time 4 all arsenal fans (die hard & critics) to support the gunners, the trophy is about to return after 6 years

  24. If we lose the title to Man Utd by 3pts or less i wonder how Diaby will feel.That own goal is looking more crucial as every game goes by

    Its now a 2 horse race.Chelski are imploding

  25. Just for the fact that Ancolletti looks nicer than fergie is the reason why i will prefer chelsea to win and not Man U.

    Also the officials assist Man u too much! Take yesterdays pen for example…

  26. YW

    Chelsea will not be written off by me, they will not collapse, but I feel confident that they will NOT win all their remaining games. Their away form is just not good enough for that.
    What I am hoping for is one more loss or draw from Chelsea before the Chelsea/Man U game, and that they somehow rouse themselves to beat ManUre. That would do it for us, providing, of course, we win all our remaining games. And if Jacky W and Owen (you owe us and you know it) Coyle can do the business against ManU as well, then all the better.

  27. Frankie 89, But Diaby would look at all the points he has won for Arsenal, way more than 3pts

  28. Ah if it isn’t nearly all of Blazon.

  29. Jeff, do not fear the points diaby has lost, let the points diaby has lost fear you

  30. Excellent post YW, found it quite inspirational.. and yes its up for grabs for any of the top 3. Looking at the fixtures we have an amazing chance, I havn’t really studied them as much or compared them till today. As Wenger said, take each game, and win each game, and the title is ours.

    Birmingham Away will be tricky, going by our recent away victories we know that every game is difficult and Birmingham will be no different. I’m sure the lads will know this and bring back 3 points, then we will be sitting pretty with our next home game against Wolves at home while Chelsea or/and Man Utd again drop points.

    Vermaelen’s red is a blowi must say, a big blow, can we not appeal, 3 match ban for barely any contact doesn’t seem right. He actually nicked the ball away as well, surely we have a case? What do you all think?

  31. I doubt anybody is thinking about Diaby’s own goal, we have a league to WIN not lose.

  32. surely we should be able to appeal on tv5 red card , cant we?……….. currently , how many matches is he set to miss?

  33. He only misses one match.

    And as a stupid decision as it was, it would be easy for a panel to vindicate the Ref. It was a foul (just), and he was the last man. The linesman gave it, and left the ref with little choice.

  34. The title race will slowly unfold week by week, game by game with twists and turn aplenty and we are right in the thick of it. To be in with a shout with only a handful of games left is very exciting indeed and we also have the small matter of Barca in the CL.

    It’s up for grabs now.

    Enjoy it if you can.

  35. Kenyan Gunner

    The reason people get on his back, is he doesn’t have a major strong point to his game, he is an all round good midfield player. This season we have learnt he can add some goals, decisive passes, but he is not a Cesc or an Arshavin, he keeps the ball moving. I think he had a great start to the season then wavered off, now he looks to be refreshed and full of enegy again.

    There was a game not long ago, he lost the ball quite cheaply, and it annoyed me, hes just one of those players, if he aint on the scoresheet or making amazing tackles you sort of ignore the work he does. One thing i do know, is that Denilson, Bendtner, Diaby, Almunia, Song, Eboue and the rest have come back all very strongly from criticism, its been great to watch. We could see the quality over the last 3 years itching to come out, now that its starting to happen, i dont think the rest of the premier league can believe it.

    Our team has strength, experience, skill!, pace, and a team ethic and winning mentality that is probably un-matched. We make our own names, we ignore the media crap, we bring youth through, and we have a manager we all love… what more can you want… cough a trophy please.. hopefully!

  36. 1 match.. i thought it was 3 match ban for a straight red.. or have the rules changed!

  37. is the news bout Rvp being back in training true???

  38. Normally a streight red is for voilent conduct or the like, which carries a 3 match ban. A red for a professional foul only carries a one match ban.

  39. 1 loose cannon

    Vermaelen will be suspended for 1 game only because its not for a violent conduct . I think.

  40. @ARSENEHOLLIS 10:20

    Why no Cesc in either of your line ups?

    I expect we will have Silvestre at the weekend to make sure Sol is fresh for Barca, don’t want him looking tired up against those 3!

    Also think its about time Walcott got a start, say against Brum.

    Almunia, Sagna, Silvestre, Vermalean, Clichy, Song, Diaby, Cesc, Arshavin, Bendtner, Walcott

    Almunia, Sagna, Sol, Vermalean, Clichy, Song, Diaby, Cesc, Arshavin, Bendtner, Nasri

  41. Shocking comment about Diaby earlier on. Why not the chances AA blew at home to Man U for want of obvious and simple passes? Why not the Verms OG or sending off? Why scapegoat when we all need to unite and get behind the squad?
    Diaby has been great this season and putting shit like that into print in a public place cannot be construed as an attempt to support the team.

  42. 1 loose cannon

    I found it silly that people think we can play a weaked side against Birmingham. You have to keep the momentum going and keep playing the strongest side till the end if tactical then its understandable. You will see how tough its going to be to beat Birmingham there are no easy games and I hope the players don’t listen to the rubbish we get from experts. Yes, on paper we have a slightly easier run in but the players have to play Birmingham with the safe efforts as playing Barcelona it should be no less 100% everytime anywhere and that what champions normally do.

  43. “Yes, he was the best in this game. Not because he scored early in the first half, but because he worked miracles in the second one. He kept on snatching the ball from West Ham players, he was everywhere, ahead of everybody like a “clockwork bunny”. In my opinion, Denilson showed phenomenal game.”…….
    this is what arshavin said about denilson

  44. The only players that should be rested against Birmingham, and possibly the one’s with knocks.

  45. @ 1lc
    Hear, hear – seven cup final performances are required.

    @ Matty Boy
    So true – I am in a permanently frazzled state, but I’m loving it!

    @ goonerandy
    I believe the issue is not whether Vermaelen was the last man, but whether he denied Franco a clear goal-scoring opportunity. So not clear that the Verminator had to go. Fantastic save by Almunia as well, shame Pepe Reina could not emulate it.

    @ frankie89
    If we do lose by a point or two, I would look back to WHam away – when we had the game in the bag but somehow ended up drawing!

  46. @ jeff and kenyan gunner and others

    Arshavin is a big fan of Denilson – I remember him making very complimentary remarks about him last season as well. In some ways they are opposites on the pitch, aren’t they?

  47. Chrisgooner coincidentaly I’m also called Chris in another persona. Denilson is no Fabregas nor an Arshavin. Comparing him to Cesc is like comparing Rooney to Messi – ridiculous! We love him for his game which isn’t physical but intelligent. Like Diaby and Nasri he can only rarely play his real position because Cesc is King!

  48. Jeff

    According to the official suspensions list at the FA, TV is banned for one game only.



  49. If we do lose the lge by a few points, we can look nowhere else but the games against Manure and Chelski. We have given them 12 points. If we had gotten a couple of wins, or even draws in the games we would be sitting comfortably now.

  50. Does anyone else think that Dan Roebuck looks like Cheggers on crack?

  51. 1 loose cannon

    goonerandy- Don’t think about that now, as long as we still have a chance then lets keep believing. If we don’t win it then you’ll have the whole summer to ponder. We can still do it

  52. YW

    Thanks for informing us of that, thats great news. So no Vermaelen for Saturday.

    Sagna/Eboue – Campbell – Song/Silvestre – Clichy
    – – – – Cesc – Diaby – Denilson – – –
    Walcott/Nasri – – Bendtner – – Arshavin/Rosicky

    Wenger has some decisions to make, i doubt Eduardo will start, maybe we might see Rosicky, Walcott and Sagna get a game to freshen the team up. Depends in what light Wenger takes the game, I dont like too many changes personally. For me every game is a cup final, and i agree with someone before, put the best team out. At least at CB we know Vermaelen will be fresh for Barca. Wenger may be tempted to use Silvestre this weekend i feel. Either way our team should beat Birmingham, will be tough never the less.

  53. Goonerandy

    1. We haven’t lost the league yet.
    2. Er, that’s it.


  54. @ rinseout

    Not Cheggers on crack, Cheggers on Valium. Cheggers on crack would be a terrifying sight.

  55. FG – fair point. I was thinking more crack comedown. He sometimes has those black rings around the eyes which makes it look like he’s been locked away on a 48 hour bender cooking up and been forced to go and present ATVO.
    But yeah, Valium just as good…

  56. goonerandy and all the other eternal pessimists, we have a fantastic chance of winning something. lets just enjoy the show, support the team, and see what happens. Every season you will look back at games and say we could have done better there, but Football is Football, we cant have every game our way. In 2006 we lost the champions league final, we were leading with 10 men up untill the last quarter 15 or so minutes. The Lehmann decision didnt go for us, the referee could have taken logic into consideration and booked him or even let Barca take the goal.. but that was the decision and we lost.

    This year something may give, hopefully we won’t need a decision our way.. but as it stands every Arsenal fan has many reasons to be optimistic.

  57. just thinking at how at the begining of the season, somebody tols me that arsenal would struggle to make it to UEFA cup this year………..(shaking my head)
    We have been insulted to much from the media and pundits trying to belittle us, Evra sayin Man u vs Arsenal is men vs boys, to barca tryin to usettle our captain with no respect to us, to the refs making Man u fans to laugh at Wenger in old Traffod, to sayin that if we dont buy a keeper, defender, defensive midfeilder, target striker, thus insulting almunia, song, dennilson, diaby, eboue, bendtner, accusing Eduardo of diving……..its 2 much, just 2 much

    how ill love for us to silece them this year, i want to be greedy, i want the premier league and champs league, i want it all


  58. @ rinseout

    “I was thinking more crack comedown.”

    ha ha – yes.
    He comes over as a really good bloke, though, that said.

  59. jeff..

    agree, lets take both 😀

  60. Jeff I love your faith!

  61. @ FG – No blot on the man’s character, he does indeed seem like a nice fella, it was only his look on which I was commenting. 8-s

  62. Oh my life, I am not being pessamistic. I do belive we will win the lge. My post was in response to somebody who said that if we didn’t win the lge it would be because of the W ham game (2-2).

  63. goonerandy the point is mate, there is no need to look back and regret when we have it all to play for… just dont make sense when the season isn’t over.

    We was written off by all in August, now everyone is going back on the remarks, and all of sudden they see us as title candidates. Lets just enjoy it, while the experts pinpoint where they think the title will be won or lost. All i know is Wenger will do everything to bring a title home, that is what encourages me

  64. I wasn’t. I was responding to somebodies post. Even if we don’t win it, I still will not be looking back. There is no point.

    Either way, (looking ahead) we have really given ourselves a great platform for next season. The team really will believe in themselves from the very start. I really excpect next year that we will push on and start to dominate domestically.

  65. @jeff


    This is exactly the position we all want to be {save me who would want to be 16 points clear at this stage..}

    With Birmingham on Saturday, we have a few scores to settle. They owe us a league, an injury to a player. We are coming for our dues…

    IF it was mine to decide, i would go for Sylvestre and Song on Saturday, then TV and Campbell in mid week.

    These are exciting times indeed… i cant dare blink oh blimey am excited!!!!

  66. The Equilibrium

  67. Many people say, ‘Arsenal is an English Barca ‘ I always say ‘Barca is a Spanish Arsenal’

  68. I always say Barca are a bunch of cunts

  69. 1 loose cannon

    goonerandy- I don’t think you are a pessimist. Let’s just hope our players don’t beat themselves about some mistakes they made somewhere few months ago. I’m excited and looking forwards to see how it all unravels at the end of the season

    A.kabisa- They are saying that because they won 5 trophies last season and people automatically think they invented the passing game in Fact Wenger played this way long before at times where Barca were playing Liverpool in euorpa cup some years ago. Wenger recently made it clear that his style of football has nothing to do with Barcelona he also stated he got it all from the old dutch team that played that way.

  70. Great video, KS. Denilson was absolutely incredible in that second half.

  71. Arsene is in a difficult position in that he has to win the brums game without injuries to key players and frankly speaking the only real chance we have to eliminate barca is at the emirates.Tough choice to make but he is paid to do so.By the way Yogi am from kenya and would like a jersey of my beloved arsenal.Can you help in that regard?

  72. We have a great chance to win the league this yr and if we are going to concentrate on anything it should be the league. Holding players out of the Brum game for Barca could be suicidal to our league run. Brum away will be a very tough game. I do not see the Mancs dropping many more points now that they have their whole defense fit and in form. If we can beat Barca that would be great but we have to play every league game like it was a cup final. COYG.

  73. Pastec, dont ask Yogi for anything…he isnt getting paid for this. You can go online and order it, it could pe posted to you. a replica jersey is about $100

  74. Watching that clip……Whoever said Denilson was un-Brazilian?!! Leaving aside his samba dance move, Denilson’s footwork in making space for himself, shielding the ball, turning, receiving a pass while changing the axis of his play so that he receives it while shielding the ball…..all this is down to his quick and balanced footwork. That’s Brazillian enough for me. I’m loving this run-in. Whatever happens. I’m expecting us to win it, as well as prepared to accept that it might not happen. Either way, as goonerandy says, next season we will be unstoppable.

  75. we are going to concentrate on anything it should be the league. Holding players out of the Brum game for Barca could be suicidal to our league run

    hold which players? we even dont have a first team… who is first etam? Eboue or Sagna? Diaby or dennilson? Nasri or Rosicky?

    We can play two differnt teams that will play both Barca and Brum off the park..


    Sagna Song Sylvestre Traore

    Nasri Denilson Diaby

    Wallcot Edwardo Rosicky

    that is just for arguments IMO


    Eboue Campbell TV Clichy

    Cesc Song Denislson

    Wallcot Bendtner Arshavin

  76. Patesc –


    These should be more within your price range…

    (And no, I don’t work for em!!!)

  77. Patesc – try lightinthebox.com they have wholesale prices for shirts so if you and a few mates get together it would be way cheaper for all of you.
    Just search for arsenal on there.

  78. Arsenalkabisa

    I’d guess that Walcott will start on Saturday with Rosicky more likely to play against Barcelona due to his superior passing and ball control.


  79. We are in the very thick of it, with everything to play for. Let’s forget next season.

    This – these weeks are what it’s all about.

  80. I love how we haven’t made a splash in the news yet…they still ignore us. Perfect.

  81. “A bit off topic here. Some bastards have cursing Wenger all season. All over sudden they are behaving as if they were behind him all along. I’m cursing those blady wankers at Le groan”

    your right my friend it sickens me too.
    Some poster less than 3 months ago was saying they wanted wenger out for 18 months.

    18 month hate campaign forgotten in 3 weeks – These guys – yes you doomers are real cowards!!
    no stomach for a fight – unlike our players who are relishing it.

    Rant over Peace!

  82. yogi,

    Yes, plus walcott tortured ridgewell with his pace at the emirates last year before he came off injured.

  83. I hear that if we win…they’ll be calling us “The Improbables”

  84. Thanks for this detailed look at the run-in, YW. Incredibly exciting times for all of us.

    I can’t say I’m a big fan of all this soothsayering; ‘they won’t drop points there’, ‘we could drop points here’. This season of all seasons has shown us, any Premier League team can beat any other. I’m not putting any stock in anybody’s predictions. As far as I can see, all three contenders could drop points in almost any one of their fixtures, and equally, all three could win them all.

    The closest anyone gets to a gimme, would be a home game against a team in bad form or with nothing to play for. Of those, we have 2 (Wolves, Fulham), Utd have 1 (Stoke), and Chelsea have 3 (Bolton, Stoke, Wigan). So you could argue that Chelsea have the easier run-in by that count. It’s all totally subjective and strikes me as being a pretty pointless exercise, triggered by impatience.

    As Cesc has said, it’s all about taking it one game at a time.

    I happen to believe that we will win the league, because we play brilliant football, and the other two don’t – and over these 7 games, that should tell.

  85. Paulie Walnuts

    With a week`s rest before Birmingham I believe Arsene will field his strongest available side there.

    The game against Wolves at home may be the one he rests a couple of players. However, if the Spuds reach the FA Cup semi – final that would give us a 12 day break after the Barca away leg so he could go with an almost unchanged team (injuries / suspensions permitting) over the next 4 matches.

  86. yeah, walcott is due a start soon, and i doubt he would start against barca, so he would probably start brum

  87. AK, I like Song – Sylvestre at the back for Birmingham Away, and Campbell – Vermaelen for Barca. I think we’ll need Song in the middle for that one.

  88. After Ridgewell’s last love-bite, not even given as a foul, at Home, I’m not too sure if TW14 will start in the Bullring.

    For this particular game, given it’s context & history, the more experienced Eboue or TR7 might start at RW.

  89. Akabisa:

    I think we should play our strongest team vs. Brum. I hope Sol and Song at CB. Leaving Cesc out of the Brum game is a real risk. We are certainly better then them, but no one has played them off the park at St. Andrews. If we are going to rest players then Wolves at home is a better option. Looking ahead to Barca is the fastest way to drop points. I do not see the Mancs loosing anymore games. I can see them drawing 2 games which gives us the title if we win out.

  90. for brum…….
    sagna song silvestre clichy
    song diaby cesc
    walcott bendtner arshavin

    The Wenger i kno, would put dennilson somewhere in the line up tho

  91. Paulie, the only problem is Campbell having just 3 days rest between Brum and Barca. AW has said before that Sol should only be expected to play once a week.

  92. Now I can articulate what is not just good but great about Denilson.

    1) He is the best at dispossessing in such a way that he keeps it or it goes to a teammate…the tackle/pass. (Song is also great at this)

    2) His pass completion rate is even more impressive because the stat doesn’t include “passes that put your teammate in trouble.” He is the best at putting his teammate in a situtation where *he* doesn’t lose possession.

    3) His distance shooting is excellent, on a par with Rosicky.

  93. Jeff, Walcott must start every game from now on

  94. Win them all – or even, more realistically, 10 with two draws – withstand the pressure and demonstrate they really want it and the Emirates could see its first trophy paraded on May 9.

    And that, no doubt, would be one of the greatest football tales ever told.

    I think am in love with Arsenal.

  95. @Kabisa

    “Arsenal must prove they can do it when the spotlight is on them”…..and if we dont, what happens, its not the end of the world…………i hate when the media try to put pressure on us..w…e know what we must do, they dont have to say it every time ,after all they all wrote us off before

  96. i hate that article

  97. Axis

    Paul Hayward called them that in yesterday’s Observer and looked jolly pleased with himself when Brian Woolnough mentioned it on Sky’s Sunday Supplement.


  98. Jeff you are so right, I agree with you 100%

  99. Denilson is a quality player, typical of his brazilian roots he has invented his own techniques, such as the tackle pass

  100. …thanks YW.

    I guess I don’t care as long as we win it.

  101. http://timesonline.typepad.com/thegame/2010/03/cole-first-out-as-abramovich-sees-error-of-his-ways-.html

    interesting debate about chelski’s aging and overpaid squad and the need for rejuventating. some people even say they would be “happy to allow Ancelotti to rebuild with youth, even if it means 5 years without a trophy” !!!

  102. compare that to the so-called arsenal fans who suggested that we need a bunch of 30-year-olds to compete with the like of chelski and manure.

  103. I think it’s funny that there are some blogs still saying that we need a DM. Why the feck would we need another DM? We got Song, we got Denilson and Nasri/Ramsey/Diaby can play there, too, if required. Why buy a new DM??

  104. A new DM…. thats hilarious! We have a host of players that can play there.

    If anything we need a new CB, Silvestre is likely not going to renew, I hope Gallas stays another year, and we are really screwed if Djourou takes a while to get back.. which is most likely. So Campbell, Gallas and a new CB in the summer is likely.. or promote from within maybe.


    I think manu will drop points at home to chelsea, away at man citeh and away at sunderland. Chelsea will drop points against Liverpool, Tottenham. Also, points will be dropped at some random team .

  106. Everyone says Birmingham will be fired up to play us, but I wonder why. I think we’ll be more fired up. They’re a mid-table side with nothing in particular to play for. We’re going for the title, and we’d want payback for 2008. We’re better. They have good home form but have gone slightly off the boil.

    It’s games like Wolves at home I worry about. It’s a game sandwiched between 2 massive Champions League games against opposition we can beat….

  107. Tottenham fans will watch the arsenal wear their classic colours in barcelona in envy.

    Question: What would you rather do, beat barcelona and win tha champions league or win the premier league.

  108. Jeff said

    “for brum…….
    sagna song silvestre clichy
    song diaby cesc
    walcott bendtner arshavin

    The Wenger i kno, would put dennilson somewhere in the line up tho”

    Jeff that’s probably because the Wenger I know doesn’t have TWO Songs available to him. I agree with everything aside from that though. Abou, Cesc and Arshavin (if there are no injuries) are still trying to find form so the game time will actually be an advantage before the Barca game. They don’t need a rest. Definitely rest Sol. And a little rest for Samir and Manu seems like a good idea in the run up to some difficult games.

  109. First off, how excited were you all to see the Blackburn result on Sunday.. thank you Allardyce and co.!! (wont be saying that too often)

    I am nervous of the fact that, as we say in the US, Arsenal dont control their own destiny. IF we win out and so do Utd, they will have the title. I find this unsettling, and have foudn myself rooting almost as hard for utd/chelski’s opponents as our beloved boys in red..


  110. Limestone Gunner

    I’d prefer the CL, as we have never done it and defeating defending champion Barca (and perhaps Mourinho’s Inter and ManU in final) would be epic.

    Won’t complain for either league or CL, though, Zap!

  111. hahahah serk da turk.

  112. Premier League or Champions League? For me; Premier League.

  113. Limestone Gunner

    Terrific result for us the Chelski draw at Blackburn. We still have to play them, obviously tough side for us away. Watch Allardyce lay down for Fergie when they plan ManU.

    I do wish we controlled our destiny, and frankly I think Chelski would do us a favor by winning at ManU as they seem to have some other tough games and have started to topple. Don’t you think they are looking vulnerable and the real leading contender is ManU?

  114. I would play:

    Sagna Silvestre Song Cliche
    Denilson Fabregas Diaby
    Eboue Bentdner Nasri

    We cant blame arshavin for the bad performances of late, you see-according to his website- he had ”trouble catching breath after every dash”

  115. Limestone Gunner

    Why do you favor PL? We’ve won it many times and hope to do it many times more. For some reason we haven’t had the same experience in Europe despite having great teams. Maybe PL means more to many because of the league rivals and rivalries with supporters are fiercer, more local and present?

    As far as glory though–champions of Europe would give us honor far and wide.

  116. Limestone Gunner,

    I think it’s a harder title to win. Also, there’s nothing like being the champions of England. Endless bragging rights for one year.

    Also, if we win the league, nobody can explain it away. If we won the Champions League people could claim it was luck.

  117. Ole

    And if we won both, would people accept that this is a very good team?


  118. Definitely Premier League. I really like the idea that we’ll be the team that stopped Ol’ Red Nose from overhauling Liverpool’s 18 league titles. He’s not getting any younger and can’t have that many opportunities to do it, left in him. It’s a little bit cruel but he deserves it.

  119. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Denilson is a freaking legend. Another quality video, KS. The haters aren’t going to like that one. He was undeniable against West Ham.

  120. Yogi’s Warrior,

    If we won both, I won’t be able to work for one month. It’ll be an unbelievable high.

    If we won both, I’d be worried about this team, because it’ll herald absolute domination by the Arsenal in the future.

  121. As one of Denilson’s biggest critics this season, i have to say i take great pleasure in saying what a great performance he put in on Saturday.

    He certainly hasn’t been one of my favourites all season, but that is the best i have seen him play.

    And Diaby was awesome when he came on, but he has been consistently very good all season.

    Exciting times ahead, my nerves are getting shredded already, but this is what it is all about.

  122. I think winning the champions league would be better, because that means we would have beaten barca, inter and manu in the final. Unfortunately i cant imagine myself being that happy, so ill go for premier league

  123. I think Moda is probably ill. If we do win the league and he holds the trophy, im sure we can find him in a hospital, dying

  124. It would be nice to stop Chelsea being able to say they were the first London team to win the CL.

  125. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    You should go post that on Le Moan, fast forward. You’d probably get thrown in the sin bin straight away, as they don’t allow debate, but It’d be worth it. They’ve been slagging our players and youth policy for quite some time now.

  126. It’s possible to win Champions League and then fade dramatically as a team. If you win the Premier League, our squad being so young, we are likely to be at top for a while, thus increasing the chance we can win further trophies….not just the CL, but FA Cups etc

  127. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Champs League. To round out our legendary manager’s trophy cabinet.

  128. PL or CL? I think we should all calm the hell down a minute – we’re a long way from either. Stop jinxing everything.

  129. Good point Ole G., the foundation is the Premier League then you build on that.

    I would like to win the CL because we never did before as a club, but for this young team, the Premier League is priority.

    Hope we can win both though 🙂

  130. Limestone Gunner

    As we have a team of many promising young players, the possibility of a post-CL victory fade should be more remote. As our past experience of being in the CL competition year after year with some great sides who didn’t win may suggest–you can’t count of being good and winning the CL.

    it is maybe harder (in the sense of needing lots of luck as a knockout competition in the latter stages), while the PL is a grind that insures the best team is most likely to win the title.

    Champions of England=great at the local pub
    Champions of Europe=great anywhere among football fans the world over

  131. i think that there is an undeniable indication of quality that comes with winning the EPL. game in, game out, month in, month out, you have to be on top of your game.. the anti-Arsenal bridgade would have an easier time writing off a CL win than an EPL win, but they would still have a hard time, especially after our draw. but lets be honest, we all know it could happen.


  132. and yes, im more anxious for ManU to drop pts now than Chelsea. i knew that Inter loss would hurt their confidence

  133. Limestone Gooner,

    great point. But it’s a cup competition. I wonder if it’ll give you the same status within the country….with the fear factor that comes with it…etc.

    Also, if you haven’t won the league, you haven’t actually won the league.

  134. Limestone, I agree that we won’t necessarily fade away as a team if we win the CL, because this team is so young and still have a lot in them.

    But, Arsenal is an English club first and winning the local league cements their status as a force to recon with and take them to the next stage in their development to become a multi-title winning team.

    The CL is a European title and quickly fades away in the heat of the local fight, the Premier League.

    As I said, I hope we can win both…why not? Everything is possible if you believe in.

  135. umm. were fans, as long as players dont get distracted we can dream, cant we Limpar?

  136. Doesn’t hurt to dream Zap, LA as long as we don’t settle for the dream and are determined to make it a reality. 🙂

  137. Limestone Gunner

    Agree, Ole. Won’t mean as much in the country; I think that really is true. As you say PL teams we play weekly will respect and fear PL title winner more.
    Hope we win it frequently in coming seasons, starting with this one.

    I have more confidence good Arsenal sides will win the PL, but to get the CL that first time will cement the legend of Wenger and indelibly write Arsenal into the history of the world’s greatest clubs.

    Let’s see it happen!

  138. Limestone Gunner

    I see the points you and Ole make about our development and the meaning of PL for the league fight every week.

    I can certainly say that I’d love either and especially both!

    I am sure the team are keeping a very determined and level approach. Cesc’s comments about the draw with Barcelona, that champions pay attention first to winning their next game, show what a great captain he has become and that this team will not dream but work to deliver the titles we’ve been waiting for.

  139. But oh, how nice would it be to win the one with the big ears.

  140. How nice it would be to beat Birmingham this saturday.

  141. Limestone Gunner

    Amen, Zap. But you started this thread about CL and PL!

    Would be nice to win and emerge unscathed by injury or ridiculous suspension.

  142. hahah i know

  143. Tottenham play fulham on wednesday night- if spuds win, our match vs them gets pushed into wednesday midweek

  144. It’s the hope that kills me….I can’t bear talking about what we could win.

  145. Oh, and did anyone see the amount of travelling Chelski fans??????

    And apparently they’re loyal and the pride of london, following their ‘superclub’ no matter what.

    About 30 people were there ahahaaah

  146. Always thought diouf was a lovely person, btw

  147. Bragging Rights

    “I used to be worried about jinxing my team, and killing its chances for silverware with my big, stupid mouth – but those days are over now I’ve found Hijinx.”

    Hijinx’s fast acting formula goes straight to the problem area and creates a smooth layer of cooling double-jinx, which means that you can say anything you like about your team’s chances without worrying about the effect you’ll have on the outcome.

    Hijinx works, but don’t take our word for it.

    Manchester United fans and players take extra-large Hijinx suppositories to counteract what could be construed as “excessive confidence”. These guys brag about their chances year upon year. And nobody knew why their hubris never came back to bite them on the backside. Until now.

    They’ve been stuffing Hijinx up there.

    Flamboyant forward and auto-fellatio enthusiast, Cristiano Ronaldo never missed his dose of Hijinx – that was until he moved to Madrid, where Hijinx is unavailable.

    In late February he backed Real Madrid to beat Olympique Lyon 3-0 in the return leg. If his gait seemed unusual on the night of the match, it wasn’t because he’d taken a dose of fast-acting Hijinx. Poor Cristiano had only gone and jinxed all over himself by insulting the opposition.

    So, indulge in some Hijinx today, and talk away.

  148. @ Matt at 4:09pm

    ha ha
    The magic of Denilson will get you in the end 🙂 Seriously, though, that is what he does when in form. And now that he has hit form, I expect him to maintain it till the end of the season. He is very consistent.

  149. Limestone Gunner

    Zap, let’s face it, without the Abramovitch financial super-doping and Mourinho’s spell as manager, Chelsea are simply not a big club. They have grown some gravy-train fans who they will lose if, when, this ageing and tottering team are disbanded and the Russian oligarch doesn’t reinfuse them with hot cash and a real manager right away.

  150. I agree with Ole G. If we win the EPL this year it could send us on to many more titles. I think the league title would mean more to this team. I also think our chances of winning the league are better. Birmingham has been tough all year and have had draws with Manc and Chav at home (I think). We can not afford to loose any points Sat. I say we play our strongest team against Brum and keep our fingers crossed that we do not get any injuries. Sat – Wed should give us time to recover for the Barca game.

  151. Very good, BR. Good to have you back. Who would think that Ronaldo’s kinks had links with Hijinx? *winks*

  152. Paulie Walnuts

    Limpar A @ 2:26,

    It`s true Arsene has said Campbell should only play once per week but these are exceptional times & from what I`ve seen of him recently he`d be fine.

    Paul Haywood is a smug nob-head

  153. By: arsenalkabisa on March 22, 2010
    at 2:39 pm

    Thanks for posting that!

    That was the day i started supporting the arse cause i really couldnt stand liverpool(throwing bananas at ur own players, barnes) as all my mates were supporting them and i fancied the underdog.

    been besotted ever since!

  154. I’m sure you’re right, Paulie. He would be fine. To have him absolutely as fresh as can be for Barca though, we can always call upon Silvestre for the Birmingham game. He’s in our squad for just this sort of turn of events.

  155. Excellent. I thought we’d do that. F*cking ridiculous sending-off. Wasn’t even a penalty. Do we stand to have it extended though, if the appeal is unsuccessful?

  156. I think the least we should get is a 1 game ban thats it

  157. Limestone Gunner

    Zap, what do you think of this move? It must mean that Arsene really wants to rest Campbell this weekend.

    Hope we don’t get an additional game tacked on for “frivolous appeal”. We know the FA has not been protecting Arsenal players properly by dealing with obvious referee bias. Why would this appeal be a good idea.

    We are going to have to win this by fighting every game against poor refereeing.

  158. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Thought I’d pass this on.

  159. yeh. I think Campbell cant play that game AND Barcelona 100% for each. Silvestre and Vermaelen partnership would be great.

    I still wouldnt mind Song in defence though if all doesnt go well.

    We’ll find out wether it get accepted (or not) tomorrow

  160. @ LA

    Extending the suspension is a possibility if they deem the appeal frivolous. But I think that is unlikely (regarding it as frivolous, I mean), given that the Franco didn’t seem to have control of the ball at the time. But you never know with these things – it’s a risk.

  161. Does anyone know wether that emirates stadium pitch cam on ATVO is live? ????

  162. Ah yes, I remember now; the ‘frivolous appeal’. Well, Rio smashing someone in the head with his forearm and then appealing against a red card is an example of frivolousness if ever I heard one. Our appealing a red card for what was a very dubious penalty decision, where, as you say, Franco was never, ever in control of the football – should be taken a fair sight more seriously, even if the ban isn’t over-turned.

    If we get the same crack team of lawyers, using the same cutting-edge, ‘slow the VHS down and point with a biro at the ball’ defence technique – I’m confident our appeal will be successful.

    I can stop worrying about Silvestre.

  163. Paulie Walnuts

    Pair point about Silvestre, Limpar. If AW decides Sol can only play the once I reckon he`d be in against Birmingham rather than Barca but who knows.

    However , I do know how totally unpredictable the FA are don`t be surprised to see TV get another game tagged on to his ban. It`s an Arsenal appeal after all.

    Strange how Stevie G can flick the V`s at the ref & elbow an opponent in the face & escape a suspension yet TV makes a legitimate attempt to win the ball , barely touches his man but ends up being sent off.

  164. It’s a joke, Paulie. He shouldn’t even be getting picked for the England team on current form, so I don’t see why they continually compromise their credibility by bending over backwards to protect him.

    Hey, this is good:


  165. Matt and FunGunner:

    Denilson was awesome. If he continues to play like that he will not have any critics. Just like Song, Diaby and Eboue. Consistant good play will win over even the most negative fans. I hope his form continues.

    I also hope Eboue starts the rest of the games either at RB or Right mid. Theo will be super in the near future but right now I think Eboue/Nasri/Rosicky are more consistant and add more to the team.

  166. Surprised by the appeal two days after the red card; hope this isn’t linked to another injury we have not yet heard about…


  168. i think arsene wants to rest sol.

    i am worried about the appeal. i won’t be surprised if the FA can come up with some excuse to ban vermaelen for 5 games.

    it is either corrupt or incompetent.

    on another note, apparently we are second favourites for the title now, based on the bookmakers


    a sign of things.

    people can talk alot, but the real thing is the bookmakers’ odds, because they are putting their money on it, whereas those pundits arent.

    2 more weeks, we should see our odds get even lower

  169. That fool Stan is after him, yet again. D

  170. oh, fuck. My laptop is doing crazy things, suddenly a security protector has sprung into action, there are almost 1000 types of spyware, malware and trojan horses detected. Shit!!!! This is the end of Zap. *titanic violin music plays*

  171. Chelsea wins because Capello is under pressure. They have already missed an ever important trophy this season. And the players should react to recent critics.

  172. Arshavin has good comment about Denilson on his website today. Great wee player is our Denilson and its time people laid off the criticism!!!

  173. I agree with LA.

    However I am surpised to hear that we were appealing the decision since it was only one game.

  174. Zap I had that recently.

    I would advice you to delete any new programs you may have downloaded, especially file sharing programs.

  175. Ah, the giant violin. A rare and wonderful instrument. Like a cello, only played from the shoulder, and with great difficulty for the musician. Enjoy, Zap.

  176. 20th of March 2010. Arsenal 2: 0 West Ham United.

    “We should win all remaining games” – A. Arshavin, February 2010.
    London derby. Hosts won.

    arshavin.eu: Fifth minute of the match. Andrey Arshavin intercepts the ball on his half of the pitch and passes it to Clichy. It takes a few seconds … Denilson scores!

    AA: Yes, he was the best in this game. Not because he scored early in the first half, but because he worked miracles in the second one. He kept on snatching the ball from West Ham players, he was everywhere, ahead of everybody like a “clockwork bunny”. In my opinion, Denilson showed phenomenal game …
    Back to the game: I think we started off confidently. We scored a goal.
    Unfortunately, as it sometimes happens with us, Arsenal slowed down, we were unable to continue playing in the same vein, there was no team pressure.

    arshavin.eu: Why did it happen?

    AA: Perhaps this is due to the fact that I was not feeling very well. I could not catch my breath after every dash.

    arshavin.eu: That’s understandable. After the Hull game your leg had been “darned”. There were doubts that you’d take part in this game. How is your leg?

    AA: Doctors and Julia take care of it….

    arshavin.eu: We hope that their joint efforts will help you to come out on the pitch in the next game?

    AA: Sure.

    arshavin.eu: The first half was coming to an end… and suddenly this penalty, Tomas was sent off the pitch.

    AA: Yes. Only ten of us were left. After that, in order to win our team had to show our character once again. I am glad that the guys worked great in the defense. Actually, they didn’t allow our opponents to create a single 100 % moment at our goal. Well, one can recall the episode when the ball struck the bar, after the kick from outside of the penalty area … At the end we scored again. We did well! It is very important. Although, on the other hand, I would like to see my team winning confidently and calmly.

    arshavin.eu: Sure, but let ‘s go back to the key episode of the game. So, Arshavin and Clichy created a goal together.

    AA: I think we started to interact more. He virtually takes away everything, all the balls. Our flank works 🙂

    arshavin.eu: Birmingham and Barcelona games are ahead.

    AA: Both games are equally important. First we have to play well in Birmingham and after that think about Barcelona.

    arshavin.eu: Let’s look ahead a little bit and talk about the Champions League?

    AA: I think that it would be interesting to play with Barcelona, especially at Camp Nou. Catalans show very good football. I hope that we will put up a good show. I am sure that this confrontation will impress football fans. As for me, I had long dreamed of playing at this stadium.

    arshavin.eu: Messi made special mention of Arsenal ‘s Arshavin and Cesc. What does it mean?

    AA: It’s better to ask him.

    arshavin.eu: The first home game in London. Is it a plus or a minus?
    AA: I think it’s OK. Everything depends on the outcome. If we manage to show good quality football, to score and not to miss balls at the Emirates, then it will be a plus.

  177. Thanks Maria, i will

  178. ahh man i hav to delete my flight simulator x

  179. Am I the only one who is loving Henry’s comments??

  180. Wow, \i cant believe the inter fans still like him!

    Chamkh played on the weekend in bordeux’s win over lille, he played well..

    I like the look of him, I also enjoy watching him for Morocco where he is surrounded by less than great players but still makes an impact.

  181. Im loving them aswell Maria

  182. @ Zap

    Did Morroco not make it to the ANC this year? I don’t remember seeing him.

    Also we will again be losing 3 players every two years.

  183. What is everyone congratulating ZP on?

    I am confused!!

  184. Maria

    ZP and his wife Jen have had a little baby boy.

  185. I got the dreaded white screen of death on Saturday. And I used the computer for work – and I hadn’t backed up for months. I’m feeling oddly philosophical about it all. It’s like when someone helps you spring clean and chucks out a load of stuff you were too sentimental to throw away yourself.

  186. An Arsenal fan just mugged off Stan…loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool

  187. Oh…..I see


  188. I think they are congratulating him for his recent recovery from elephantitis my sweet little pickle.

  189. Hi LA. That was me earlier – one of my misguided stabs at humour.

    And congratulations to ZP and Paul!

  190. so Collymore mugs us off every week and He can’t have an Arsenal fan having a go @ him. lol. I absolutely love this. He’s taking it all to personal

  191. Good to see the Denilson sceptics turning around. Despite the fact that he has been injured and has had mixed form thus far this year, he has still improved. I have no doubt that Denilson will be as highly regarded as our former scapegoats Diaby and Eboue. This said, I hope you pessimists learn your lesson and scale back your attacks on young Arsenal players. The Theo is shit crowd needs to pay attention here. He will come good. He’s at a big club so his mistakes will be put under a magnifying glass. Let’s give him the benefit of the doubt. For his sake and the club’s sake.

  192. I know right…..

    He couldn’t even get thought that email against him and that fat spud….this station is entertaining if nothing else…..freaking clowns!!

  193. Congrats ZP. You should instill in your baby boy a love for Wengerball from an early age. Don’t let the local coaches teach him how to play hoofball. Hope your wife and son are comfortable and happy.

  194. Congrats to Zimpaul!

    Talking about happy news here’s footage of RVP running, jumping and kicking a football. And talking about Arsenal of course. Does anyone speak Dutch? I guess it’s basically what Sky reported earlier today, isn’t it?


    Hopefully we can watch RVP doing the same very soon in an Arsenal traning shirt.

  195. Just read this on Arsenal.com:

    “Have you watched Arsenal TV Online on Friday night yet? If not, now is your chance because our familiar pre-match schedule will be available FREE on the Club’s official website this week!”

  196. Dont install somehting with ActiveX control!

  197. Zap, you should not install anything without scanning it for a virus or malware.

  198. yeh i know i just found out the hard way, dammit

  199. aaaww blesssssssss

  200. come on portsmouth on wednesday

  201. 1 loose cannon

    Thierry is hoping he is not playing against Arsenal. he is dreading the thought of scoring against us. I think Guardiola will drop him in the first leg. A true legend he has the club in is heart and we should give him a warm welcome but a brief one and support our team once the game kicks off.


  202. Notlager, did you watch how many times RVP shanked the ball?

  203. What the hell did RVP say on the video? The audio is all Dutch. Come on – somebody on ACLF must speak Dutch.

  204. Gainsbourg, I did. I guess it’s how Robin used to say hello to Bendtner in a non-verbal way.

    Shotta, there is a link on today’s Arseblog to a transcript of an interview RVP has given to Dutch TV. It’s not the complete interview but here you are:


  205. Sky seems to quote Robin from the same interview as well:

    ‘I am medically fit, but physically I have to gain,” he told Dutch television programme Studio Voetbal. “Only then can I train with the full group.

    ‘I’m not there yet but I’ve left a difficult period behind. For a few weeks I’ve been training with the ball and it looks good.

    ‘I still hope I can take part in the final phase of the league and hopefully the Champions League. This has been my goal from the beginning.

    ‘My first goal is to play for Arsenal. When I said that a few months ago, I looked crazy.

    “But as it stands now, that will happen. Only then can I think about the World Cup.’


  206. What a fantastic season it has been. Like Wenger says its great but not good for the heart..Statistically we are 3rd favourites to win the title if everyone wins their games. One hopes that the Draw specialists Villa and Man Citeh will at least draw with either Chelsea n Man U. And as long as Ade doesnt get another stupid red card I think he and Tevez will rip the United back 4 to shreds playing for the pride of Manchester.

    Chelsea have been poor travellers but surely they should beat pompey although they struggled to break them down at the Bridge.Liverpool shoul wake the f@ck up when the play chelsea otherwise it will be more europa league mediocrity for them.Birmingham will be a tough outing but I have a feeling 2010 is our year. To the team keep up the great work and to the loyal gooner keep the faith.

  207. I have to admit to always loving Thierry Henry. A true Arsenal legend!!

    But as an Irishman….and a life-long Arsenal fan (26 trips to Highbury over the years, 2 to the Emirates) It absolutely gutted me when he blatantly handled THAT ball and then (to make it even worse) managed to pick out Gallas to score!!!

    Christ was I all kinds of confused!!! But now that some time has passed and I realise I never had any intention of ever going to the WC, or for that matter ever believing that we could actually do well(never mind win) in it, I wasn’t too bothered that several Arsenal players and Arsenal’s top all-time scorer would get one last shot at glory 🙂

    Also there is the fact(ignored by all) that Robbie Keane had tried 3 or 4 times to use his hand to control the ball during the same match, and I must admit he would have done the exact same as Thierry. Well except he would have gone for glory and missed again, but you get the idea 🙂

  208. If there’s one concern about the Barcelona’s fixture, it’s that three of our regular central midfielders (Denilson, Song and Fabragas) lack pace, and this could get exposed by Messi and Henry (still feels odd..) running through the middle.

    However, I think we should stick with Sol and Vermaelen at the back (although I have a sneaky feeling Gallas will be back for the game), allowing our midfield triumvirate of Song, Diaby and Cesc to dictate the game.

    I confidently predict one thing though. Song will pick up a yellow card on an intelligent foul to stop a Messi or Henry break.

  209. We have to accept that next to the Spanish, European n World champions we are a clearly considered 2nd favourite. Messi is a phenomenal player. He makes the difference.But Barca will be just as concerned about the physical intensity that Prem teams bring though unlike Chelsea and Utd the emphasis from Arsenal will be less on neutralising Messi than outplaying the opposition. As both teams are adept at higj octane expansive football a high aggregate score of 5-4 for victory is not improbable. 3-1 victory at the Emirates and a 3 -2 win for Barca at the Camp Nou and were in.

    Looking at Statistics Barca hardly ever keep a clean sheet even against relegation fodder. So opportunities to score are always going to present themselves. Clinical finishing will be the order of the day here. Barca’s weak link is its back four. Alves,Puyol and co will not enjoy having walcott, arshavin, eboue and clicy running at them.Barca have a less than electrifying record in England and this season have travelled badly in the champions league.. We have to make home advantage count and put them under pressure not conceding more than 1 away goal. Our strategy at home should be hanbrake off. But aldo ironing out defensive lapses against counter attacks. MY PREDICTION AT HOME ARSENAL 3 – 8ARCA 1.

    Barca have been statistically stronger at home. So we can expect the lionel Messi show. In the previous meetings Barca were restricted to minimal scoring opportunities by Chelsea and Utds spoiling tactis , defending deep with 1O men behind the ball, markin Messi wiyh 3 players. Our game plan in the Camp Nou should be to push Barca out wide when they are in possession and not allow them to cut inside were they are more dangerous and smash and grab counter attacks. We will have to have better defensive discipline to overcome the threat of their conterattacks. MY PREDICTION AT NOU CAMP bARCA 3 – RSENAL 2. JOB DONE.

    COYG. It will be special!

  210. As with all other exercises you want to do all motions slowly and under controlled environments to avoid pulling muscles or other injury.

  211. In That Video, is RVP missing an open Goal???


  212. the last times we met former players… we went to the final.

    remember how fabregas bossed vieira. and then we knocked out pires’ villareal.

    make it a hattrick, sorry thierry.

  213. Wilshere to score a brace versus man u…

    Will he get a medal for hos contrubutions to us winning the PL? LOL

  214. hos = his

  215. Robbo’s predictor. We win it by a strand of Sagna’s white braid..


  216. I know it’s off topic, but if anyone has computer problems like spyware etc, download and run a pogram called rkill.com from bleepingcomputer (google rkill.com download) – it will stop any virus/spyware/malware processes and allow you to run a proper badness removal program, for example, malwarebytes anti-malware.

  217. p.s. I’m an IT tech in a universty computer science dept. and this is how we do it if people get their laptops infected

  218. G4L,

    Looking at Statistics Barca hardly ever keep a clean sheet even against relegation fodder.

    Which statistics. They’ve kept 25 clean sheets this season.

  219. (Another) brilliant article by Tony Attwood over at Untold Arsenal. This time on Ian Watmore’s resignation from the FA. Well worth reading.

  220. Rinseout, but isn’t Norton supposed to stop that stuff anyway?

  221. Norton is rubbish.

    Isn’t Rkill just for removing removing issues with the program ‘Security Tool’?

  222. only need 1 removing

  223. Whats the best protection?

  224. new post

  225. James look here:


    If you want a free anti-virus ‘Avast’ is probably the best. You should also use SuperAntiSpyware and MalwareBytes.

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