Arsenal Impress With Attitude

Much is being made of the fact that Arsenal are scoring a number of late goals this season. The inference is that this is something new, the like of which has not been seen in the Premier League other than in ‘Fergie Time‘ at Old Trafford. It is a convenient label for the media to attach to the team, reinforcing their theory that Arsenal are fortunate to be in the title race at all.

Conveniently, this perception forgets a lot of The Emirates history, points salvaged with some regularity in the first two seasons as Arsenal struggled at times to convert their superiority in possession to actual goals. Β It also negates the results achieved without the necessity to score late goals. Arsenal has made the step forward of winning most of the games that they should, beating sides on the road against whom points have been dropped in previous seasons. The matches which we are regularly told are the ones that Champions always win.

Manchester United win games through constant pressure exerted through attacking their opponents. This influences officials with constant possession drawing fouls, the more persistent this becomes, the more frequent set-pieces occur. Arsenal tire their opponents; passing and moving requiring the opposition to chase the ball more often, as the match weaves to its conclusion, mistakes occur such as the one made by Myhill on Saturday, gifting the winner to Bendtner. It does not always pan out that way but more often than not, it will.

Primarily the results have improved with experience, younger players learning from the hardships of previous outings. Equally, the whole of the squad has hardened mentally, an attribute picked up on by Wenger:

These kinds of wins strengthen our belief but I think they are more a consequence of our spot-on attitude.Β It is something special for such a young team to have that. It comes from the desire to win something.Β We started to build this team three or four years ago. The age is around 22 and now people are saying: ‘yes, but what did you win?’ Well that desire to win something is certainly evident.

The inference from his words is that in the past focus has been an issue, something few would disagree since there have been games where the body language of key players has been, for want of a better word, wrong. Despite losing key players at crucial times, injuries have been less of a mental issue this season. Proving that they can win games without Fabregas, van Persie, Gallas, Arshavin and Rosicky has been excellent for supporters as well as the rest of the squad. Victory brings confidence, no matter what the circumstances. When adversity is an influence, the belief grows more out of positive results.

We haven’t won anything yet and as long as you have not won anything it will play on your mind. We have lost the spine of our team [in recent games] yet we can still turn up and win games. That shows something. We have built a good squad here with an exceptional spirit.

The season is panning out nicely. The prospect of breaking their trophy duck is very real. The motivation is there for the squad, individually and collectively. Having reached the top of their profession, they want to win trophies individually. They want to be looking back in retirement with great memories and silverware to back it up. Collectively, they want to be remembered as a great Arsenal side; they might be for winning a title this season through the adversity will bring perhaps as much satisfaction as an undefeated season.

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. Thanks, Yogi.

    You almost sound as though you’re channelling the great man himself in your last paragraph.

  2. Oh, not anymore you don’t. I feel as though I’ve glimpsed behind the Wizard’s curtain.

    I can’t really express how much I’d love for this group of players to be remembered among the great Arsenal sides. It’s not a painful longing though, because everyday I become more and more certain that they will be.

  3. Aah LA, you did indeed see the machinations which was frankly due to incompetence on the part of the Wizard….

  4. I can almost taste it now!

    I have never wanted a team to win anything as much as this. For those who believe in this team for these 5 years, the day Cesc holds the trophy above his head, will be something truly special.

  5. You reckon you know a Wizard, YW?

  6. I have to admit that with Phillipe L’Orange getting the axe, the Chavs looking like they are going to go out to none other than their very own “special one”, Hull City looking more and more like a future Championship side(lets be honest when were they not?) and an end-of-season run that looks pretty easy over all for The Arsenal, that this is turning into a really great week!! Very nice post Yogi, straight out of Arsene’s diary. Now may we just have Lyon for the next round of the CL please, that would be perfect.

  7. Great article again YW.

    There’ll always be something that dulls our performances or achievements created by the press. Even when we went 49 games unbeaten we were criticised. Imagine how much all the pundits and media scumbags would have been creaming their pants if Utd, Pool or the Chavs had achieved something as monumental…

    It’ll make victory so much sweeter at the end of the season

  8. My friend Limpar.

    This team is indeed on its way to becoming one of the greatest Arsenal sides ever.

    I was intrigued that our very own Romford Pele – who got his nickname from a Marc Overmars press conference (the Dutchman was asked if they were afraid to lose, and he calmly replied – No, we’ve got our own Romford Pele)…

    To which of course Ray Parlour asked Overmars whether he even knew where Romford was….but I digress.

    Parlour challenged the assertion that this current Arsenal side are not as strong and physical like the invincibles – usually the specimen samples of Vieira, Petit, Keown, etc, are bandied about to try and illustrate a tired cliche.

    Parlour’s response was to explain that Arsenal and Wenger had moved on from that ‘bruiser’ type of player and they were going for the more technically gifted players who’s primary weapons are speed and skill. His view was that people don’t really appreciate that Arsenal has moved on and there’s that hangover to the years past.

    He also had some really wonderful stories about his time at Arsenal like when he was not included in the squad and they went to the pub only to be asked to rejoin the squad 40 minutes before a game and he was already drunk having downed over 5 pints. Even when he was warming up (unfortunatley next to Jamie Redknapp), Redknapp commented that he looked worse for wear and perhaps the night had gone too heavy – to which Parlour responded “what heavy night?” I’ve just come from the pub.

    Apparently, when he got on the pitch he played a blinder and Arsenal won the game, though Graham docked 2 weeks off his wages.

    The other story was about Kolo Toure and when Kolo came for his trial. Kolo was so keen to get signed by Arsenal, he nearly broke Bergkamps ankle in a crunching tackle that made everyone squeamish. That wasn’t enouge for Kolo – in his next tackle, he floored Henry and everyone was getting worried about Kolo’s determination to break someone’s leg and they had a crucial match over the weekend.

    Finally, Kolo made a crunching tackle on Wenger and Wenger was stretchered off the training ground – and when Parlour later found Wenger being treated by Gary Lewin, Wenger commented – “that Kolo boy is crazy, we have to sign him”….

  9. Frank

    You would be very surprised by who I know…


  10. I’m only glad it was not a Wizard’s sleeve I glimpsed.

  11. Well I know a wizard called Bertrand who knew Aleister Crowley….and he supports Arsenal. Bertrand I mean, I don’t know if Aleister Crowley supported Arsenal. I might have a word and see if we can’t have some people turned into frogs for a while. That should teach them a jolly good lesson, I would think.

  12. One might assume that Aleister Crowley feels some affinity with the Red Devils.

  13. I am confused, is it magic day today?

  14. Darius, i heard that about Kolo too. I also heard that DB10 didnt want AW to keep him on because of those dangerous tackles… AW knew as always and turned this crazy midfielder into one of the best CBs in the Premier league (until last year obviously).

  15. Until his 40th birthday he was …Lol…what a champ…

  16. Wasn’t Dennis Bergkamp a wizard?

  17. Thanks, Darius. Some great anecdotes there. When I was growing up Ray Parlour was much maligned by the Arsenal fans I knew at the time – even my Dad would cringe when he shaped to shoot.

    And then he scored one of the most sublime hatticks ever away in Bremen. Not to mention The Ray Parlour Cup Final! In retrospect he was a very talented player from a very young age, he seemed to get a bit of the Denilson treatment at the time though.

    Over the years he’s become one of my favourite Arsenal old boys. He’s never a bad word to say about the team – which I guess comes more naturally to someone who played well into the Wenger era and who understands, and has profited from, and loves, the ideals that are strived for at Arsenal under Wenger.

    (For some more good inebriated footballer stories, check out a chap called Robin Friday, a now sadly deceased Reading player who puts Georgie Best and Ray Parlour to shame!)

  18. Hatticks? Hat-tricks, I should say. A hattick is where you keep your Christmas decorations.

  19. You’re on form today Limpar πŸ™‚

  20. I’ve been really chuffed with the way Clichy has come back into form recently. He seems to have shaken off the cobwebs from his injury and is looking like his former self again. In the last couple of games he’s been getting those quick little tackles in and has started to cut down the amount of crosses allowed from the right hand side. He just didn’t seem to have enough self belief to commit to such tackles etc a few weeks ago. It’s great that our players are bouncing back and coming back into form. Theo’s following suit and Denilson will come back into it soon – helped of course by our supporters bellowing positivity towards him.

  21. Championship teams find ways to win. Period end of discussion. We have done that this year. Some times you win ugly. The title is in sight. Eight matches left. This would be a good time to ru the table. Bendtner and the rest are stepping up nicely. So far so good.

  22. I knew a wizard once, well actually a witch. She wasn’t at all fearsome, on the contrary a lively and very hospitable witch, and I discovered that some witches (or wizards) are not to be feared.

    I think Arsenal have a difficult run in. Not as difficult as it might be, but not straight forward.

    We have minimum 3 points to make good, and 8-goal difference if it comes to that, so we have the disadvantage. But we are in the frame. I like it.

    It will be close. The most important is the spirit in the team. Mr. Wenger is right.

  23. One game at a time.

  24. I wish there were more people like that in England Zim, they were probably all thrown off cliffs or burnt – good old england eh?

    I think it will be tough too, we’ve still got Brimingham away, sp*ds away and City at home. None of those are easy. That’s great though as if it was all burnelys, boltons, pompeys etc complacency would be more likely to kick in.

  25. Frank – have you been in roget’s thesaurus again?

  26. Just re-looking at Denilsons shot for the Bendtner goal. it wasn’t as easy as “Pundits” think. The shot was dipping so ferociously and the goalie made a save by just stopping it.

    more please Denilson.

    Wenger says its because of his short ankle. πŸ™‚ more please

  27. Not only that arsenalkilabisa….he has the coolness in high pressure situation to take his shots confidently….the boy must be praised for his attitude…he really has kept his head down and worked hard while being bombarded with criticism by fans and pundits.

  28. *situations

  29. Roget’s Thesaurus is a dinosaur is it not, Zimpaul?

  30. limestonegunner

    The other day Fergie was talking about Arsenal’s so-called “easy” run-in. I think he is just deflecting attention from the fact that ManU has a pretty straightforward set of games other than playing Chelsea and Liverpool this weekend. Man City seem to be falling off the pace, Tottenham never wins at Old Trafford, so unless something happens to Rooney, they and Chelsea are still favorites while we chase them. If we win all our games, we’ll be in it; a loss or a couple of draws could make the difference. All we can do is believe and put pressure on them by winning beautifully or ugly, whatever it takes.

    How about if our derby with Tottenham gets delayed to the last week of the season because of the FA cup and we need a win to seal the title and perhaps keep the Spuds out of the Champions League! Now I am really looking forward to that scenario!

    I think the Champions League is a different story. I don’t see any easy games there–even Lyon, Bordeaux, and Sevilla (my preference or CSKA) are dangerous–but I’d like to avoid ManU, Chelsea (or Inter), Barcelona (could Stuttgart do it?! unlikely!), and Bayern until a later round and we can have a full strength team with Gallas back and perhaps Djourou and even RVP perhaps available for the semis.

  31. Is any run-in ever easy? No it’s not.

    There are no easy games in the league, as the cliche rightly goes.

    But there are 3 teams that might win the league (In terms of points only the Top 3 can still win it) approaching the final straights.

    If you put the final fixtures of all three teams side by side, it’s clear we have an easier run-in.

    Having an easier run-in is not enough of course. We actually have to win those games.

    But it’s not just that we have an easier run-in, it’s that it’s inconceivable that the other 2 teams will not drop points. They will.

    We have a very good shot of winning this thing.

  32. I think we’ve got an excellent chance of winning the Champions League this year.

    We will need to beat the best teams whether it’s in the final or not. The only teams that i am worried about are Manure and the Chavs.

    Our style suits european competition very well and the other teams haven’t ‘sussed’ us as well as the english duo.

  33. Twice right Frank. Touche.

  34. BillikenGooner

    If only we could have gotten last years results v United n Chelsea this season… but can’t do much about that now. It’s not in our hands, but if we keep up the effort and win out, we have a good shot.

    I don’t know if our defense and goal-keeping is up to snuff to win the CL this season.

  35. I don’t worry about any team. I never quite got the logic of worrying about particular teams.

    If you feel we’re not good enough to win the Champions League, then why worry about any team….we’re not good enough anyway.

    And if you think we’re good enough, still no reason to worry.

    I think we will beat Man United next time we play them in whichever competition. Chelsea is a different matter; we might or we might not.

    I have no fear of them. If Wigan, Everton, Inter, CSKA can beat these guys we can.

  36. new website Ole?

  37. I agree with OG

  38. I just went to your site, OG. I didn’t like to press anything unless it blew up. Hope I haven’t broken anything.

  39. I think it’s a fairly obvious logic to be honest.

    If there’s a team that has beaten us convincingly where others havent been able to, then there is a reason to worry about playing them. Just because i think we’re good enough to win the CL, that doesn’t mean that i wont be wanting to avoid teams who have nailed us in recent times.

    ‘Worry’ is prob not the best word, but i would be surprised if you honestly say you would have the same confidence going into a match against CSKA or Lyon than against Man U or Chelsea.

    I think we’ll beat both of them too but it doesnt stop me from wanting to avoid them – if it mean having an easier run to the final.

  40. Someone told me is made for someone like me. The reason I don’t blog is that I am not as constant or brilliant as the likes of Yogi’s Warrior, Arsenal Vision or Untold Arsenal.

    The format on seems made for attention-deficit individuals like myself so I’m trying it out to see if it feels right.

    Blogging feels like a chore and I already have too many of those.

    Cheers guys

  41. I think this talk of an “easier” run in by so many folk is dismissive really. The only reason why we have an “easier” run in is because we have played most of our tougher games already.

    The season is just that, a season. Every team has the exact same schedule as far as the PL goes.


  42. How on earth no retrospective action is being taken against Gerrard for his forearm smash on Brown last night, I do not know. But still, even if he’s playing like shite, I guess it’s in our favour he faces the Mancs.

  43. Well said, Paul N.

    That’s exactly why I consider it so significant. We’ve had harder fixtures than Chelsea and Man United. If you adjusted for the difficulty of fixtures, the number of and timing of away games we’re slight favourites.

    Man United played at home after the Milan game, we played away to Hull which means we lose one day of recovery time, and it makes a difference.

    When they & Chelsea had to play away after Champions League games this season, they’ve sometimes dropped points.

  44. By: LimparAssist on March 16, 2010
    at 1:00 pm

    “When I was growing up Ray Parlour was much maligned by the Arsenal fans I knew at the time ”

    i hated Ray Parlour when i first seen him in arsenals midfield. I couldnt see the point of him. he reminded me of Shaggy from scoobee doo trying to play football – all hair and no clue (never once booed him or went on a blog daily to say how shite he was).

    few yrs later i was begging wenger to play parlour and veira in midfield as our strongest option.

    off all the players to make me change my opinion of them his has to be the shift!

    take note you denilson bashers!

  45. I don’t live in England so I may be wrong, but what’s up with all the media going on about our winning games late? One game and they start spewing their c**p. Just look at the halftime league table on the official site. Better yet, take a look at that table through the whole season.

  46. Arse Shavin,

    I look forward to winning against the best teams. While I count Chelski among Europe’s Top 4, they’re the only team I’d hate to face, only because the matches against them are so bloody dull, and predictable.

    I hope we face Barcelona or Manchester United, and I believe we will beat them when we do. And if we lose, I’ll just enjoy the occassion.

    Frankly I’d rather we drew 0-0 away, 1-1 at the Nou Camp, rather than beating Porto 5-0 at home, 5-0 away. I love the big matches.

    As a football fan that’s what I want to see my team involved in.

  47. Very sensible there OG,

    And which drunkard made the schedule, Pool and Chelsea one after the other!?!?

  48. Gunner From Nigeria

    The way this season has unfolded as it relates to the Arsenal somehow, reminds one of the 97/98 season where against all odds the title was won with a series of one nil victories.

    The interesting thing about this season is that like a phoenix from the ashes, Arsenal has constantly risen to continue its title pursuit after being written off by so many.

    Its often said that the true test of a strong personality is not how many times He fall but, how many times He rises from such a fall.

    And, the fact that Arsenal has risen so many times this season, only means one thing; victory is certain come May.

  49. and United that is

  50. I totally agree with that Ole. But what i’m saying is, i would be more comfortable drawing one of the ‘lesser’ teams in the quarters. anyone will do after that, i’d just be happier if we could have a slightly easier tie in this round. A final with any of Barca, Man U, Chelski or Inter would be amazing.

    “they’re the only team I’d hate to face, only because the matches against them are so bloody dull, and predictable.”

    that’s a fair shout too!

  51. denilson was interestingly named in team of the week.

    i usually read the reports, especially the “specials” from jolly, harris, palmer. (sounds like tom,dick and harry) with a pinch of salt.

    but even their tone is changing…

    i have a feeling the world is ending.

    let’s win then the last ever premiership and champs league.

    then the world can bloody end for all i care.

  52. California Gooner

    I guess the news today is dominated by the Inter-Chelsea match. I can’t decide who I would rather see lose there? Chelsea or Moninho? Tough choice! In the end, I will go for Chelsea just to give them extra games to play (and damage their chances in the league)… but my heart my change allegiances mid-game. I hate to see them win anything.

  53. Paul N,

    It happens to us every season. This season was the most extreme of course, but last season…remember we had to play; Chelski, Liverpool, Man Utd, Man Utd, Chelsea, and Man United in less than 3 weeks.

    In 07/08 it was Villa, Milan, Milan, Chelsea, Liverpool, Liverpool, Liverpool, Man United in about a month.

    At least in those seasons we had ‘minnows’ to play in between the heavyweight games.

    The fact that we have these games played successively, limited our success, and being played under the klieg lights gave the impression that we’re far behind those teams, to people looking at things superficially.

  54. California Gooner

    Oh, and Ballotelli dropped again. Can we pick him up in the off-season? He seems like a perfect Wenger project. Doesn’t he?

  55. He might be California but he’s a bit tempremental from what i’ve heard. Not sure if wenger would take the risk of upsetting morale

  56. i am for inter.

    and then i will be praying for inter-man u in the quarter-finals

    in chinese, there is a saying: when 2 tigers fight, one must get hurt.

  57. California Gooner,

    I want Chelsea to lose. For some reason, there’s a media blackout on certain things about Chelsea, like the real reason Mourinho was fired (boring football, with Abramovich looking particularly at Mr Wenger and saying, look he’s won trophies in this league and they play great football), or that Abramovich told Ancelotti he’s been hired to win the Champions League. Ancelotti said as much in his press conference yesterday.

    The twist the media miss is that everybody silently knows that this year is this present Chelsea squad’s last chance. If they don’t win it this year, nobody will belive they can win it, and they will have to rebuild.

    It is not clear whether Mr Abramovich will write another fat cheque. Even if he did, Chelski will go into transition.

    I want them to lose. I want to see the most corruptive attempt to buy trophies in football fail.

  58. “I want them to lose. I want to see the most corruptive attempt to buy trophies in football fail.”

    Amen to that

  59. Gunner From Nigeria

    I do not want us to face any team from England in Friday’s draw. If not for Chelsea in 2004 we would have won the Champions League as Monaco, Deportivo and Porto were the teams left after the defeat.

    We can beat any team from continental Europe but, English teams seem to get the better of us in Europe even when we are favourite.

    I would rather take a defeat from any team outside England than those ‘yeye’ Chelsea and ManU.

  60. @ Ole Gunner

    Well said as regards the Chavs, I fully agree they will have to rebuild if they fail to win anything this year. They might get the F.A.Cup but although it is a nice trophy to win it is scant consolation for not winning the PL or the Cl.

    Happy Birthday to Theo Walcott who turns 21 today!!! Keep it up lad, you’re getting better and better each game.

  61. oh cmon gunner from nigeria…we aint got a reason to fear no one…

  62. Put that way I totally agree with OG.

  63. @ Gunner From Nigeria

    I agree we would find it harder to beat an English team rather than a European one but do not right off Bayern Munich, they really are a tough team to play. They have a fantastic squad and even when they go a goal or two down they do not panic and in fact simply raise their game, which is pretty frightening to begin with. I would love to get Lyon as I never felt Real were the finished product, one or two players missing I think. But if there is one manager who knows French football it is Arsene Wenger. We have several French internationals on our team and I do not think Lyon would pose any surprises for us.

  64. Maybe Man Arab would take the hint then and f off back to horse racing!!

  65. Lol Maria, do you think he would take Tony Pulis with him?

  66. Ole gunner.

    Interesting site you have there at

    I have a sneaky feeling Chelsea will be knocked out of the CL tonight – and it’ll be the beginning of the end of the footballing geriatrics.

  67. I agree with Ole and join Darius in his ‘feeling’.

    Another defeat for anti football. The tide is turning.

    By the bye, I like your site Ole. Different.

  68. Gunner From Nigeria


    I know that we do not have to fear any team. Although, the sub conscious thing always rises when a David or a Goliath are your opponents so to speak.


    Certainly, we do have a fantastic record against French teams so Lyon would not be a bad draw and Bordeaux if they beat the Greek side.

  69. Limestonegunner

    If we play tougher teams in CL later we might have some injured players back. Of course we have to defeat someone good to win it, but it is a cup competition and top teams can go out to weaker sides or play one another and weaken/injure one another. If our side had a better record the last couple of years, of course like OG I’d prefer to see us play and defeat top teams: Barca, ManU, Chelsea, Bayern. And although we are better set up perhaps for Eurpean sides, the last two years we have defeated some weak European teams like Roma, Villereal, Porto. It has been a while since we defeated AC Milan.

  70. Limestonegunner

    agree wholeheartedly with the desire to see footballing evil of Chelsea go down and hope for the consequences you mention for that aging squad and a less lavish spending owner. But while we chortle we would have to eye ManCity. If they make 4th they will be able to recruit a top coach and far better players, making a serious bid for Chelsea style dominance.

  71. @ Gunner From Nigeria

    was forgetting about Bordeaux v Olympiacos, would gladly take whoever wins that one!! But to be honest we are playing very well and I think we could beat anyone we are given

    @ limestonegunner

    Yes we did get a few easier teams last year but I do not think AS Roma are an easy team to beat, they are currently third in Serie A not too far off the pace of the 2 Milan teams.

  72. I had a friend who went to the Ray Parlour event.

    He’s really nice. This season on unfriendly outlets like the BBC’s 5Live, his opinions have been generous to all, yet his support for the club and manager has been consistent and unwavering, unlike others.

    It seems he had a different relationship with AW to the other older players from GG’s era, although considering Stevie B, maybe that is a trite thought?
    Perhaps because he was actually young enough to have AW’s coaching have a serious impact upon his career (England caps!!), & because he is good friends with some of the players, he has a closer affinity to the current squad?

    Btw, there is an amazing article on Darius’ blog, with a great quote about ‘water carriers’ (Denilson? Sorry if I’ve just broken the Wizards Code).

    Do AFC fans forget the impact Makelele had in games against the Invincibles?

    The Stealth Screen.

    It’s no coincidence their team degenerated after he left (Robben & Duff were mis-managed by the Special One, so they lost their Key players almost all at once…shame).

    They’ve been unlucky with injuries to Essien (a different ‘style’ of player) since, and so haven’t replaced him, but I’m not sympathetic.

    The only genuine, qualified wizard I know of is the writer Alan Moore. Like AW he is a genuis, but is a little less urbane.
    I think he lives in a forest near Northampton.

  73. Any thoughts on who will grab the 4th spot in the league? I would love the Spuds to get it, just so I could sit back and watch them get humiliated when they play top European competition as they are nowhere near good enough. Could you picture them playing the likes of Barca or Inter? It would be a total fiasco, nothing like watching them lose over and over again πŸ™‚

  74. Anyone know the odds on Stuttgart beating Barca? It might be worth a few bob πŸ™‚

  75. i am for villa with regards to the 4th spot.

    i want to see what happens to liverpool should they have no champs league football next season.

    it will be a defeat to football if man city qualifies.

    spurs don’t belong in the champs league.

  76. If Bolatelli becomes available I think AW will definitely try and sign him.

    I go for 3-2 win for Inter and inter to go through on away goals.

    On the arsenal side of things I am liking what Walcott is doing at the moment although he needs to concentrate on football and let the media hacks talk whatever rubbish they want to about him, Campbell has looke good of late and that was not a pen on the weekend I would argue till I was blue in the face about that!!!!

    Up the gunners!!

    Nigerian gunner I like your analogy about a pheonix rising from the ashes great!!

  77. Limestonegunner

    you have to judge Roma on it’s season last year–look where they were in Serie A last year at the end and in February. So lady year and this the first time we played a really strong team we went out, same in the FA Cup last year–we dein’t even get that far this time. That was disappointing, which is why I’d be relieved to draw an easier side, though I don’t think any teams like that are left unless Olympiakos, Stuttgart, or CSKA somehow progress.

    I’d like to see Spuds fail to make it to the group stage next year. Just need to make sure Man City doesn’t crack top four, since it will make them a real threat.

  78. @ Limestonegunner

    Fair point re:Roma last year but this year they are a much better team. I would like to see the Spuds get the 4th spot and then fail to get through the qualifying hehehehehe

  79. kaman tha feckin arsnallllll

    but for now, kaman inter!!!!

  80. Limestonegunner

    Irishgray, but we played them last year!?
    Come on Inter–want to see it go to penalties with JT scuffing his to lose the tie!

  81. the thought of spurs in 4th spot makes me feel ill.

    Villa or ‘pool for me……Everton idealy but thats not going to happen now.

    Does anyone know a site i can put a champions league accumulator on?

    I wanna see the odds on inter, bordeux and stuttgart to go through.

  82. everton would have been my choice for 4th spot, but we probably didnt help them when we whacked them 6-1 on opening day.

  83. great stuff YW, your mid-week posts are so engaging.. nothing short of wizardry indeed.

    and great stuff in the comments. its like there are 2 blogs here. what YW produces so diligently for us each day, and then the awesome banter in the comments.

    Darius… love the Parlour anecdotes. that one story of his drunken squad selection reminds me of this great story about a San Diego Padres pitcher in Major League Baseball. — It was during the 1970s, and mistakingly thinking that it was his day off, a starting pitcher for the team, took a large quantity of LSD. A few hours later, the team called him saying where the **** are you, you’re starting today!! So he raced to the field…got there just in time…. and pitched a No-Hitter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! can you imagine? unbelievable

  84. and im surprised at some of you.. Spuds in the 4th spot??? are you kidding? do you realize how much that would go to their heads?? and i also agree that it cant be citeh. everton would be my dream choice, but as someone said earlier, that almost guaranteedly wont happen.

  85. the story of the pitcher on lsd is true. But he was pitching for the pirates against the padres and he wasn’t called by his team but rather found because his girlfriend read it in the paper a short time after dropping. awesome story though.

  86. limestonegunner

    Okay NJGooner, let’s settle on Villa or Liverpool since Everton are not at all likely.

  87. well thank you kobst for clearing up teh inconsistencies. really is a crazy story. There are some great quotes from him about the bats the hitters were holding squirming like snakes in their hands etc…

    and yes limestone, id like it to be villa over pool, solely bc i would like to see their supporters squirm in the europa league. as if not getting past the group stages wasnt embarassing enough, that would be delightful.

  88. why are so many inter fans wearing green? is there a special reason? Or is it just italians like wearing green??

  89. Perhaps they are in sympathy with man pooh fans!

  90. But forgot the yellow bit!

  91. Balotteli is injured not dropped

    come on inter

  92. 1 loose cannon

    Oh dear what a miss from Milito, what a shame.

  93. 1 loose cannon

    I can’t hear Chelsea fans at all its all Inter.

  94. Inter have been fantastic this second half.

  95. 1 loose cannon

    Chelsea hit the shit, brilliant.

  96. 1 loose cannon

    Is Drogba playing at all? I can’t see him ha ha ha

  97. Yeaaaaa Chelsea have looked weak

  98. 1 loose cannon

    Its all John Terry’s fault, he played Eto on side. Andy Gray was saying its off side. You wish Mr Gray. I noticed he’s gone quiet all of a sudden

    Its getting better Drogba is sent off. He was anonymous anyway

  99. LOL! The special one has well and tuly fucked Chelsea.

  100. Referee totally ignoed that foul on Alex.

    Maybe he’s an Arsenal fan.

  101. Mourinho benefiting is the only drawback for me.

    Terry showing his class by pushing Mikel away for shaking the referee’s hand.

  102. Poor Chavs. Got all the money in the world and can’t go to the quarter final in the CL. 😦

  103. 1 loose cannon

    Bye bye Chelsea

  104. Just one thing to say. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  105. The wheels are coming off now. Ever since Arsene predicted it. overpaid, gutless, spineless…where was Frank Lumphard and Did he dive Drogba today. Inter victorious apart from the histrionics…how the english media will be choking on the ‘Chelsea juggernaught’ and ‘Drogba will rough em up’ mantra’ . Bish bosh bash outdone by proper football. Eto and Mourinho have the last laugh. Brimg on the quarters. Greatness beckons for the young guns. COYG.

  106. I’m not going anywhere near the bedroom just yet (wifey is a diehard Chelsea fan) – I’ll stay away for a while and just sip this wine and soak this marvellous result..

  107. 1 loose cannon

    Its the end of the road for this Chelsea team, too many fat bulky old men overpaid over hyped, the bank balance is loaded, no desire no hunger. Honestly I can’t see them doing anything, its only down hill from here.

  108. 1 loose cannon

    Come on the Villa there is nothing worst than seeing the Spuds in C.league.

  109. Rise & Fall of the Roman empire.

  110. They’re already asking that if Chelsea, the “strong” team is out classed and out muscled by Inter, how will Arsenal cope….LOL!

    We’ll cope by playing football.

  111. Inter didn’t outmuscle them. Half the battle there was psychological. In fact it was quite fitting that Materazzi got a couple of minutes on the pitch at the end.

    He’d have been proud of the wind-up job they did on Drogba tonight.

  112. 1 loose cannon

    True Darius, They relied on their chubbiness but it did not work it was pretty simple. Mourino watched them against west ham and thought this is easy. Malouda crossed about 20 crosses for Chelsea to score 4 goals against west ham. Tonight inter took Malouda out the game and job done. They have one trick they keep doing over and over , we remember the first 2 goals against us they came from crosses from the flank.

  113. Chelsea (Lump it) vs Inter (lump it), only difference was inter had Sneijder. This is why i still think our chances of winning the world cup with Lampard in the middle of the park is near zero!!!

  114. Provided barca beat stuttgart and bordeux beat olimpiacos (both very likely) then the remaining teams are:

    Man U

    teams to avoid:
    Man u

    teams to hope for:

    But then again there are no easy teams, all are capable of beating us, and all of us are capable of beating them..

  115. Only two Premier League clubs in the last eight. English dominance waning a little?

  116. Richard Keys and his bunch of studio monkeys are really struggling to find the words to explain what happened. Perhaps it’s the lumps in their throats that’s stopping them from talking.

    Eat your heart out Redknapp the twat.

    And Souness, how is it you thought that Chelsea had the divine right to as you say, “steam roll” Inter?

    Maybe I’m just twisted, but I’m really enjoying this.

    Lemme switche over to Talk Shite and see what the Chelsea arse kissers are saying….

  117. I am not sure if Bayern is a team to avoid. Without Ribery and/or Robben they actually aren’t a very good side. Their chances all depend on the form of those two players.

  118. Money can’t buy love. Cashley Cole where are you?

  119. If Abramovich is feeling bad about the special one, imagine what Perez must be thinking after getting shut of Sneider!

    I know it might not be a popular thing to say, but I think Mourinho deserves immense credit. This time last year, Man Utd absolutely battered this Inter side and this year, they have dominated Chelsea over two legs.

  120. Chelsea were poor tonight, period.

    Funny that of all people, David Pleat in response to a question about what Chelsea need to get to that next level and get some creativity in the team, he says that they needed a Fabregas or an Arshavin.

    They didn’t have someone to unlock that defence, and the Arsenal maestro was the type of player they needed.

  121. The only thing Chelsea need is one or two lucky deflections.

  122. I think it would better for us if we do face Bayern. cos they did knocked us out a Few years ago Remeber?

  123. 1 loose cannon

    Darius Chelsea had the money and the russian conections to buy Arshavin but bizzarely they did not bother. Its our luck.

    I’m laughing even Collymore who slated Arsenal week in week out is saying Arsenal have Fabregas Nasri Arshavin and maybe Chelsea need something like that. Its amazing how fickle these pundits .

  124. Kamann Tha Feckin Arsnallllllll

    C/L draw is on friday..

  125. 1LC.

    Think of it this way. Even the Invincibles failed to conquer Europe, and yet these so called Arsenal kids have made it to a CL final, 2 semis and 2 quarter finals in the last 4 years.

    Chelsea’s brute force that they slaudeveryday in the EPL couldn’t do much in Europe at the first hurdle.

    Wenger on the other hand, is given grief for building a new creative squad and is derided for not making them “physical” enough.

    Now they scream from the top of the mountain about their media darlings not having the creativity that Arsenal have.

  126. John Terry is a true ass hole. Too bad continental referees aren’t intimidated by him.

  127. They didn’t want Arshavin. No one except us really did. That’s why we got him at such a bargain.

  128. Gainsbourg what a stupid idea it was for arshavin, seriously for the same price we could have bought glen johnson

  129. Let’s pray that Chelski go downhill from here on. Beginning this Sunday at Ewood Park.

  130. im sorry but this is too funny, we bought vermaelen for 11 M and joleon lescott was bought by money city for 25Million!!!!!

  131. yeh ewood isnt a nice place to go after crashing out of the champions league

    it isnt a nice place to go anyway

  132. Personally I’d prefer Barcelona, Man U or Inter in the QF’s. Better to get a side like that out of the way early than have to play the semis against one of them.

  133. Joe Cole should learn that it’s better to shut up and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt. Better still, to shut up and do your talking on the pitch.

    Chelsea star Joe Cole has insisted the Blues will approach their Champions League second leg against Inter with confidence after scoring an away goal in Italy last month.

    Cole remembers a dramatic night five years ago, when Chelsea also trailed 2-1 after the first leg against Barcelona, but won 4-2 on a dramatic night at Stamford Bridge.

    He is not expecting such a tough task against Inter however.

    ‘Inter are a great side but we know we are in a good position and they are not Barcelona.

  134. Arshavin cost less than Nani for f*ck’s sake.

  135. Bring them all on. We have nothing to fear. We can beat anyone on our day as Darius said we will beat them with football. In 2006/7 I was surprised how with a back four of eboue, toure, flamini and senderos we defeated real, juve, villareal and nearly barca. We were hardly pushovers then but nowhere near how strong we are today.Luck would have it that we will probably meet United. When Inter played Rubin Kazan , rubin battered them by running them ragged…they will not cope with pace nor will United.Our success will just depend on our ability to convert the chances we create. And with Bendtner spearheading the attack we look a different animal. Onwards and upwards. COYG!

  136. We’ll take whoever we get in the draw. Not CSKA preferably because of the travelling for the away leg. This is going to be a really exciting year for ARSENAL!

  137. Darius Stone

    I think we are not a Physical Side.But I know where you coming From.Cos look at this way that in the Next Coming Years Then We Can Talk about How physical Our Team is.Cos if we were a Physical Side then teams like Stoke,Chelsea And Manu would’nt Had Shove of Our Young Players.

  138. To make the week complete, let’s hope Liverpool gets knock out of the Europa League so that they can focus on getting 4th place in the premier league… and whacking Manure and Chelski for us. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  139. Where’s that troll Dave right now?

    how sweet it is

  140. Bordeaux would be nice. If only to show Chamakh the kind of team that he should join. On a free, of course.

  141. The reason why Chelsea got beat by Inter today is because Zanetti, Maicon, Stankovic, Cambiasso and Motta made sure that all service to Drogba was cut off. That and Ancelotti plays a predictable christmas tree formation. The same formation he failed with horribly at A.C. Milan. I hope fat Sam was watching this game and plays a 4-5-1 at the week end. I’m putting money on Chelsea dropping points.

  142. Chelski should dump Drogba. He’s a liability to them. With him in the team, they will never, ever, not in a million years, win the Champions League.

  143. Good call Harsh. I’d forgotten all about Dave the Chav. I would love to taunt him over the fact that Lucio kept Drogba in his hip pocket over two legs.

  144. Chelski is a team of fat, old and overpaid players. And they fuck everybody.

  145. What a stupid headline: “Classy Inter punish ten-man Blues”. The 10-man part is only for 4 mins of regulation time.

  146. Gooner2 , any team with the likes of Bendtner, Song, Diaby, Vermaelen, Sagna, Clichy and Gallas has to be considered a physical side. The crap about us not being a physical side is just an excuse for teams to foul our creative players and get away with it. If a referee comes into a game thinking we’re soft then he’s going to down play the amount of abuse we get since he may view our players as exaggerators.

  147. Hope we get inter next round, even the bloke on 5 live rekons we have the, and I quote, the “jiggery pokery” to beat them. So happy. Come on you gunners!

  148. If we draw Inter, Motta and Lucio will miss the 1st leg Q-final for their bookings against Chelski.

  149. 1 loose cannon

    Harsh Dave is reading just does not have a courage to come on, possibly he wet himself and feeling damp.
    Chelsea will implode big time if its not now next season they will get even worst. the only way is down for a team’s average age 30. there is a pattern with Chelsea now they start the season flying then they go down hill and its getting worst every season while for us we are getting better every season.

  150. The fact is that Mourinho built that team and there has been little to no improvements made since he took off. And now that City can compete with them for the signatures of the best players on the planet, they will no longer be able to build teams of the same calibre as the one they currently have. Which is not saying much since they haven’t won a league title for three seasons and they have always come short in the CL.

  151. I was discussing our recent run of ’90th minute’ goals with A Man Ure supporting work colleague of mine today. He said ‘eventually your lucks gonna change’, to which I responded ‘yeah, sooner or later we will start beating teams well before the end of the game!’. He had to admit he liked my answer. A great piece YW, it would seem their has been a growth in the collective maturity this season. AW has always said that a side should be judged not on how it is beaten but how it responds to being beaten. Time and again weve been written off this season and now finally with only 8 games remaining pundits and opponents alike are finally sitting up and taking notice. Come on you Gunners, you know you can do it!!

  152. Ha ha ,, I hate Mourinho but damn it was good to see those dirty scum bag mother F—-rs go out of the champions league,,
    And Drogba,, 3 years in a row,,,,,, what a dick!

  153. Ill take inter in the next round,,, any one actually, except man U ,, I think its to soon, if we meet them in the final we will be prem champs bye then and we will fear no one.


    My boy Eto did me proud tonight.

  155. MarylandGooner

    The Guardian is reporting that AW is targeting 18 yo Ajax attacking midfielder Christian Eriksen. He’s supposed to be a smallish player with great vision and technical skills and a fav of DB10, manager of Ajax U18’s. The Daily mail apparently also had this back on Feb 25th. Anyone know anything about this?

  156. Assuming Barcelona and Bordeaux go through:

    Arsenal order of preference:

    1. CSKA Moscow
    2. Lyon
    3. Bordeaux
    4. Bayern Munich
    5. Man United
    6. Inter Milan
    7. Barcelona

    I would actually quite look forward to Man United. We were horribly naive against them at the Emirates, and with a more healthy squad, I think we would handle them comfortably.

  157. Yeah, where is DAVE tonight? Actually I’d like to see Chelsea in 4th place.
    Why the commotion about goals being scored late in the game, they all count in the 90 minutes whether it be the 1st or 89th minute and why do we call it injury time, it’s all the 90 minutes allowed. Lazy journalism and commentary.

  158. HAHAAHAHAHAHA Fuck off Chavs!!! Way to go Eto’o and Jose!! Have to say after watching the game I would love to get Inter in the next round. They would not be able to cope with our pace at all. The first half was nothing but long balls by the Chavs to try and find their front men. If you want to beat Inter put the ball on the ground and have a go at them, and other than Barca, Arsenal are the best team at doing that. Hell even the usual Arsenal bashers are lining up to say that if only Chelsea had a Fabregas or Arshavin or Nasri to open up their defense. So apparently the Chavs only lacked one of these players to defeat Inter, well we have all three and way more besides!! Please, please give us Inter in the next leg, and let Barca and Manure face each other aswell. That would be 4 games of footy I would be very happy to sit down with a nice cold beer and watch, honestly is there anything better. COYG πŸ™‚

  159. I want Bordeaux or Lyon. Moscow is too far to travel and bad for our already congested fixtures list.

  160. Imagine Maicon Against Arshavin… a match made in heaven…

    The big strong Bully Giant vs. the tiny wizard from Moscow… Bliss

    Oh! and the wizard looks like a red faced owl…

  161. wesley sneijder is a class player.

    real madrid were dumb to let him go. they never trusted him.

    sometimes it is about believing in the player.

    assuming bordeaux and barca go through, i can only say, the more favourable draws would be moscow, lyon and bordeaux.

    the two teams i definitely want to avoid are inter milan and man utd.

    i know we talk about setting the record straight etc etc, but i don’t believe you have to beat every team to win the trophy.

    there is nothing to prove. people won’t give you the trophy if you beat barca in the quarter-final but don’t go all the way.

  162. i am torn between hoping to draw bayern and not. hoping to draw bayern, because i live in munich, and i would by hook or by crook go if we draw them.

    but i am wary of them. they are not a good team. a cheaper version of real madrid. but they do have two world class players in ribery and robben. they can produce a moment of magic any time.

    plus, they have gotten their terrible start behind them now.

  163. Excellent. I asked Bertrand to put a spell on Didier Drogba. Make him think he was a frog….and it worked.

  164. And Bayern have been blessed with good luck to beat Fiorentina with Klose’s offside goal in the first leg, and Robben’s legitimate goal to clinch it by the skin of their teeth on away goals in the 2nd leg. I would want to avoid a team blessed with such luck.

  165. they are like liverpool of yesteryear.

    remember 2008, liverpool.

    i hate to play against teams like that, not because quality-wise they are good, but because they always get such dodgy decisions, that we have to play so damned well that we render these decisions irrelevant.

    that’s why i am hoping for man utd to draw inter.

    interestingly, i am less wary of barcelona. because i believe if it comes down to football, we can actually beat them.

    bordeaux are a defensive team. we just need to handle chamakh and gourcuff. full concentration at the back, and they won’t be able to defend forever.

    lyon are more of a team this time round, not reliant on juninho and benzema. their achievement at the bernabeu cannot be ignored.

    while the orbituary of milan was written 2 years ago when cesc scored at the san siro, real madrid, with their dubious money, arent a fallen giant yet, though records prove otherwise.

  166. i think from now on, it is all about keeping our concentration and composure, playing our game. then every team is beatable.

    a team like inter, barcelona or man utd would be, to borrow a cliche, a test of our credential.

    a test which we should look forward to with relish.

    but also, a test which we don’t have to take.

    i believe if we explicitly wish for such a draw, it would only be because of our ego.

    we don’t need ego. we just need to keep going, keep winning.

  167. No7,

    ‘a test which we should look forward to with relish.’

    I agree 100%. What kind of relish were you thinking? I was thinking Burger

  168. Or maybe even some Brinjal pickle

  169. how about some ajvar. it’s croatian. eduardo would like it.

  170. What a terible game of football. Diving, whining cheating chavs. Chelsea were outcheated by Inter. Serves them right

  171. Inter’s tiago motta is got to be the worst(or best?) diver/cheat I’ve seen

  172. God I hate that mourinho guy. He’s all over the news this morning. everone’s worshipping him for being a tactical genius, when all he did was get his players to dive and cheat. Except for Sneidjer. That guy is class, wouldn’t mind him at arsenal at all.

  173. Henristic, you have to give the special one some credit. He completely out-psyched Chelsea, they were beaten before a ball was kicked. You have to give the man credit, he is the special one

  174. It was a beautiful demonstration of the dark arts. Normally I hate it, but when Chelsea are the victims…

    This story about Brave John Terry hasn’t appeared in England – from what I can see:

  175. James, what Arsenal fan would call Mourinho the “Special One”?

  176. Good article, lucky I’m fluent in seven languages, and Welsh isn’t one of them

  177. Oneofus, A special Arsenal fan. I suppose in a way, I am also a special one.

    Mourihno is entertaining though isn’t he, you’ve got to give him that if nothing else.

  178. It is good that Chelski lost. Wesley Sneijder was excellent. I don’t agree that it was a perfect performance by Inter though. The centre-halfs should have had at least two blatant penalties awarded against them. In Chelski’s case though what goes around comes around. They have been guilty of similar transgressions in many games.

    Yet another example of the refereeing crisis we are now suffering. The referee was absolutely appalling.

  179. Mourinho is not entertaining. Self-publicists rarely are.

  180. Maybe it’s just me, James, but I dislike him as much as Ferguson.

  181. henristic,

    i didnt really catch that game yesterday, but for me, stevie g wins that award hands-down.

    inter’s key players are eto’o and sneijder. lucio is a gung-ho defender who reminds me of kolo toure. walter samuel is a cheating bastard who gets away with things.

  182. When he said ‘Everyone knows I dont lose at stamford bridge’

    Thats funny by anybodys standards. I think he’s great as long as he’s not winning Chelsea trohpys

  183. i go into every game, hoping the ref would do his job. but hope is the absence of reason. so i don’t bank too much on it.

    i just cheer on our team to deliver a performance that makes the refereeing redundant.

    cesc should really while waiting at the tunnel, shake the ref’s hand, look him in the eye and tell him: i hope u do ur job today, ref.

  184. Stevie G is good, but no where near that Tiago. Even Drogba was stunned. Before he thought of falling, tiago was already rolling on the floor

    It was a terrible game of football, but a good for those who appreciate the darker arts in the game.

  185. James,

    hes great as well as long as he doesnt win the champs league.

  186. no7, that would have the reverse effect cos most refs are on power trips, just like alot of young police officers

  187. It was great to see the Chavs go out. Both teams acted like dispicable c*nts last night. Diving constantly and arguing with every decision. Chelsea make themselves look like such fools when things arent going their way, and they talk about Arsenal being kids…

    They were the team that i would have liked us to avoid the most. I think Man u are definitely beatable and the others rarely have to play teams like Arsenal, so in my opinion, this is a great chance for us to finally land the biggest prize in club football. ARSENAL!!!!

  188. I thought it was best to draw 0-0 away and win 1-1 at home against chelseas and barcelonas?

  189. Oh yes sorry Rinseout, how illogical of me…

  190. every team is beatable, us included.

    no tie would be easy. lyon seeing off real madrid would have them thinking: we did it once, we can cause another upset.

    cska got tru with an away win. that would give them confidence, that they are not a team that can only play in the frigid cold of russia.

    and i ahve talked abt bayern already.

  191. Enjoy the game Ole?

  192. our recent form should give us confidence, whoever we draw.

    but we must also remember that football is about what happens on the pitch. we cannot take anything for granted.

    every team is beatable, but they have to be beaten.

    nothing is won, until it is won.

  193. Of course everyone’s beatable. It’d be a pretty poor sport if that wasn’t the case. Us and Barca will cause the most problems to the other european defences through with our quick flowing styles.

  194. The beauty of our situation is that many of the teams left will be underestimating us. Our reputation on a european scale is a fair way off the Barcas, Uniteds etc. But at the same time, there is Lyon and CSKA who will be thinking the same way. We wont become complacent but i think others might against us.

  195. true that.

    well we can only wait and see what happens on friday.

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