Monday Morning Round-Up

The weekend’s football panned out pretty much as expected with West Ham and Fulham capitulating on their respective visits to Chelsea and Manchester United. The upcoming weekend could see Arsenal return to the top of the table with our nearest rivals playing on Sunday. Whilst United appear to have the trickier match of the two, I do not expect anything from Liverpool, no matter how much they may wish to win the match. Quite simply, they are not good enough. And yes, I am really hoping that I have to eat those words.

Andrey Arshavin is rapidly becoming a surreal footballing experience; sublime on the pitch and frankly talking as if he has dropped a tab of acid off it. The latest ‘gem’ from his website concerned the visit to Hull:

Unfortunately, we missed a penalty kick. Hull played a bit rude.

I am not sure but I don’t recall Arsenal missing a penalty but Hull playing rudely? How brilliant is that translation. Boateng proved it I guess by poking Bendtner in the eye but I suspect Arshavin is more than a bit peeved with the lack of manners shown when Hull put their tackles in, inspired by that ragamuffin ruffian Jimmy Bullard, legendary prankster, Oliver! reject and Johnny Come Lately street-brawler.

Talking of bizarre statements, one of the weirdest came from Stan Collymore. Noted for his dogged penchant for violence, Collymore’s tongue has regularly been turned on the Arsenal squad, telling everyone who has the misfortune to listen that they are simply not good enough to win the league. Not content with that, Collymore defended Nicklas Bendtner against his critics. Bendtner’s that is, not his own:

It is about time Arsenal fans ate some humble pie over their treatment of him. Bendtner’s heroics go to show that, of the 60,000 fans at the Emirates, only the 30,000 or so who would have got into Highbury appear to know anything about football

Good to know that half of the stadium has a better knowledge of football than Collymore. Actually so do the other 30,000 which says it all really.

He did get one thing right though:

Arsenal supporters can continue to dig me out about a number of issues, but I have seen enough strikers and played in that position myself to know way more than some of the plonkers who criticise Bendtner.

Not the bit about him knowing more, the other part.

Bendtner not only has a knack of scoring goals, but also of netting vital strikes. How dare any Arsenal fans suggest Bendtner isn’t a top-quality forward in the making?

He has scored international goals for Denmark and has already shown huge potential in English football, so what more can Arsenal fans expect from a rookie who is barely 22 years old?

His assessment of Bendtner (and Walcott for that matter) is rather more spot on than most of the comments I have read recently. Bendtner’s confidence and willingness to learn serve him well, being able to put himself into a position where he misses time and again without flinching is a trait all of the top strikers have. His goal at the weekend showed that he is concentrating for the full time he is on the pitch, following in shots from distance in the hope of capitalising on mistakes. He has done well and should be confident of being able to score 20 goals a season if given a run in the side.

Bendtner is better appreciated than his English counterpart whilst that is still a step up from the abuse Almunia and Denilson receive. His timescale on Bendtner improving to become a top striker in the English game might be slightly out. I know football fans have to berate someone – actually they don’t have to, but they do – on their own team, Arsenal has had plenty of those players in the past and will no doubt have them in the future. However, when the team is challenging for trophies, it is because of the collective efforts of all players. Being in the Quarter Finals of the Champions League and the top three of the Premier League has not happened in spite of some players, no matter what you may think.

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. haha phil brown gone. What did he do???

    Good round up yogi.

  2. 1st? Good post as always Yogi.

  3. Ah so I was 2nd oh well, haha.

    Maybe the Bullard v Barmby scrap in front of the Women’s Institute was last straw. Not to mention the fact that the man is a disgrace to management, Hull, tanning and Bluetooth!

  5. clearly dear arshavin was trying to say arsenal missed getting a penalty they deserved. translation is always a tricky business, but describing hull as “rude” is a brilliant bit of most un-russian but very english understatement.

  6. Is it my imagination or reality? Reading Newsnow headlines there seems to be more and more non-Arsenal bloggers in agreeing that dirty, violent tackling needs to be eliminated from the English game. George Boateng is not English so the good old boys have not rallied around him as “not that sort of player.” (Pardon my cynicism.) This link from the London Evening Standard is one such positive report:

  7. YW, you got it spot on when using the word “concentration” with Bendtner. Whether it’s the gum chewing, or whatever, his mind seems fixed on the bigger picture for the full 95 minutes. Which is why nothing seems to faze him at all.

  8. insanely VITAL goals
    sunderland: breakthrough goal
    stoke: equalising goal
    porto: a hat trick we needed
    hull: winning goal

    who cares if they are piss easy goals,
    the fact that he is able to get into those positions says something about him
    so long he keeps on scoring we’ve no complaints

  9. Shotta, that Boateng fella was a bit rude. And that Bendtner was, I feel, rather polite back. COYR!!

  10. Orange is gone.

    HAHAHA Yogi, ‘dogged’ penchant for violence indeed.

    The man is a cowardly vindictive prat. It baffles me as to where his bare faced contempt towards all things arsenal comes from.

    His recent attacks on Wenger have been nothing short of dispicable. Trying to claim that he was “stealing” from the fans by not bringing in a big money transfer, claiming that Wenger should “bugger off to la liga or serie a” because of his reaction to Ramseys injury. He has also jumped on the “I cant believe it, arsenal may win the league and they dont deserve it” bandwagon.

    Im not a violent person, but that man deserves bloody good hiding.

  11. It was a shock seeing Collymore saying something sensible for once

  12. The Boateng challenge was whitewashed. If that had been an arsenal player dishing it out, there would have been a furore. ESPN tried to incite trouble by singling out the Campbell challenge, which seems to have got more coverage than Boateng’s filthy knee high stamp.

    Once again, the media show their true racist colours. A hounding of a “french” team with the best disciplinary record in the premiership.

  13. bye bye tango head you lying wanker, and fat sam you are next, i hope hull go down as well happy fucking days gooners this season gets better and better my bet at beginning of season looking good Arsenal to win title, keep the faith Arsenals future is going to be fruitfull

  14. mingus, you’ve cracked it. It’s the gum! I thought all that chewing made our Nick look a bit nervous at first, but it’s growing on me as a look. Maybe it’ll become his trademark, like the Cantona collar, or the Thierry Henry long-stockings.

  15. Paul, what collymore said was designed as a cowardly stab at arsenal fans who gave Bendtner a standing ovation against burnley and chanted his name. Stan the man has had nothing good to say about Arsenal up until now, where he is trying to combine saving face with having his routine dig. Like a shit stirrer in the play ground who tries to get two friends to fight and hides behind the bigger one.

    The man has issues, but is suppose everyone and their goldfish knows that.

    The only people who will be eating humble pie come the end of the season are Stan Collymore and his like.

    Luckily supply will be plentiful.

  16. Spare a thought for supporters of struggling Scunthorpe United; with Phil Brown seemingly ‘back on the market’, they’re in for some sleepless nights. Much to the dismay of the Scunny supporters’ trust, a spokesperson for Scunthorpe declared yesterday, ‘L’Orange is an uncannily ideal candidate for the job – having a c*nt like him here would be like Arsenal having a manager called Arsene’.

  17. with orange gone , hull relegated & arsenal close to winning it, can’t it get any better?Brown its long overdue but you deserve it you clown!

  18. Why is Walcott so shit?

  19. IndiaGun:
    Fuck off you cunt

  20. How can anyone say Collymore was saying something sensible.

    He’s essentially trying to claim he has more faith in Bendtner than Arsenal fans which is complete bunk.

    We have a loud minority who will boo or target players, but the majority of us are for the team.

    In any case, Collymore sounds like he’s the one who’s been selecting Bendtner and not Wenger.

  21. Deano
    I agree at the Emirates Bendy gets a warm reception generally, but there are a lot of ‘fans’ on the blogging circuit who single him out (or used to until last week) for criticism along with Denilson and Almunia as not being “Arsenal quality”.
    I always thought he was good – mind you I also think Ade was pretty good too

  22. How dare he inject himself into a matter than has nothing to do with him.

    Collymore’s support or lack of support for Bendtner is irrelevant in the relationship between our fans and our player.

  23. Limpar, that’s brilliant, the funniest post I have read in ages.

  24. Rinseout you are a very stupid man. Walcott is only in the team because he’s english.

  25. The point is that Arsenal are now very newsworthy around the world. The chances of Arsenal winning the EPL have increased dramatically and with only three rounds to go so has winning the Euro thingy. Press and media people are going to find any angle they possibly can to get Arsenal into their stories so that they can ride on the coattails of that success, increasing their hits and sales. Some of the more malevolent ones will even try to derail the Arsenal train and one tactic is to get between the squad and the fans. Of course some of our infamous blogsites and one publication have been trying to do the job for them this past few years.

    Don’t buy The Gooner

  26. At this stage in this particular season playing before rivals has a small tactical advantage, a bit like taking penalties first in a shoot-out or batting first in cricket; IF you win, it adds pressure on the others, and the pressure mounts rapidly if they fall behind. I prefer it this way, for our young Arsenal players, than the other way round, ie going into a match knowing the other results.

    Half the problem with punditry and Arsenal is that having spent months … years … ignoring Arsenal and just saying ‘they don’t ‘av spine’, now we are in the thick of the race ‘pundits’ find they have to say something knowledgeable on Arsenal and few have background; they really just don’t know the players, their attributes and histories and how the team has developed.

  27. If you could hear some of the rubbish that passes for ‘punditry’ on Sky Sports which is where we watch matches in Africa it would make you weep or cry!

  28. IndiaGun, you are blatantly on the windup you idiot troll. For the record, there are plenty of English players Wenger could pick from the squad. Walcott is there on merit now bugger off!

  29. or laugh maniacally in the moonlight, like a hyeana

  30. @ ros
    ha ha ha Tell it like it is!

    Isn’t that article a massive U-turn from Stan Collymore anyway? Quel tit.

  31. no, that’s not right, that was me thinking of commentators as maniacal lunatics …

  32. @ ZimPaul

    ‘pundits’ find they have to say something knowledgeable on Arsenal and few have background; they really just don’t know the players, their attributes and histories and how the team has developed.

    So true. Hence all the inaccuracies.

  33. I heard Mrs. Brown was going onto the cabaret circuit in the north of england with “The Brown and Out Show”. He has a number of gigs booked.

  34. I know we’re supposed to hate him, but I’ve never minded Phil Brown, despite the headset, dress sense, stunts and crazy rants. I feel sorry for him like I felt sorry for David Brent.

    Not forgetting that Brian Horton was the true villain at Emirates. He was the one abusing Wenger all match, and then he made the initial accusation against Cesc Fabregas. That was the start of the bad blood.

  35. Brian Horton is worse than Phil Brown.

  36. Snap, Big Al

  37. Allardyce, Mark Hughes, Slur Alex and MoN are far more irritating. MoN of late has been downright nasty – I don’t know what his problem is.

  38. YW hope u are not fallin for that cunt collymore shenanigans red nose fergie is also playin games with us

  39. Very, very good, Limpar.

    A great day for football.

  40. Snap indeed! You could have put a jinx on. Missed opportunity.

  41. Nasdrible

    If I could understand a word of what you said I might answer.


  42. I couldnt agree more frank!! im sick of the negativety that is the Goonermag!! its so frustrating to read these peoples strange view of everything Arsenal,and what annoys me more than anything is the amount of anti Wenger articles every week!! dont buy it!!

  43. india gun is a wanker.theo may not be on form but he deserves to dorn the arsenal shirt.Get to live with it or f. off to support the spuds.muppet!

  44. Phill Brown on gardening duty at Hull, oh dear, poor old phil

  45. Patesc, you and Rinseout are dumb, are you brothers? Everyone knows Walcott is only in our team because he is english. Eboue has had a greater impact yet Walcott gets chance after chance and flatters to decieve. Walcott is crap like the rest of the english team

  46. Well, it seems that the ” fox in the box” has been right under our noses all along… his positioning is so freakin good that if he perfect his first touch and finishing he can easily match the number of his shirt with the goals in a season.

  47. Actually Eboue has had a greater impact than Theo this season….and he has played in a lot more games. Both are superb players. Theo is on the up and will be a great player as he gets more games. We are seeing more and more glimpses of his ability to really pressure the opposition. Very pleased with his progress now.

  48. You a racist IndiaGun?

  49. ooh, Bendner that

  50. yes, i think Fergie forgot that declaring arsenal as no threat has never worked for him… i hope the players absolutely ignore him.

    He has started to declare himself scared of arsenal and not scared of chelsea which actually means he is more scared of chelsea

  51. I’m not racist, I’m just telling truth that Walcott is crap compared to other players weve got and gets his place in the team because he is english. All english players are overated by the media, none more so than walcott

  52. Yes you are.

  53. IndiaGun

    Did you watch the game at all?

    Walcott came on and unlocked Hull’s defence twice and provided arshavin and bendtner with clear cut chances when the game was at its tightest.

  54. Don’t be bitter IdiaGun. It was a long time ago…


  56. sorry i meant IdioGun

  57. indiagun you poor bastad. wollymore can f*ckoff, 95% of gooners have been right behind our viking. its c*nts like him who have been slating him.

  58. i dont post often but i must reply to indiagun.. your a prick now please FUCK OFF!

  59. Great news about poor little Phillip. Probably a bit harsh on him (as a manager) but no less than he deserves for being such a fake tanned, earpiece wearing shitcunt.

    It was great to see us winning the type of games that saw United lift the trophy last year. They looked worse than we did on Sat during so many of their games last year but they ended up winning them, ugly. They did this on so many occasions and every time i thought ‘this is a title winning side’. That’s what i’ve been thinking many times this year about this Arsenal side. We have scraped victories and even draws that just wouldn’t have happened last year.

    Birmingham will be another tough one, another one of those games that i would have been worried about last year. But this year… we’ve got the minerals to beat anyone.


  60. The Brown sack thing was totally unexpected to me and as much as I dislike the guy and everything he stands for, it does strike me as harsh. As he is so fond of pointing out, he is Hull City’s most successful manager and I doubt they could do better than him to be honest. That said, if it expedites the clogging bunch of cunts drop then way-hey!

  61. So is Phil allowed to keep his bluetooth while on gardening leave? How else will he be able to communicate with the wife?

    Limpar-good point about Nic’s gum chewing. I’ve always felt it was something he did to calm the nerves rather than show his arrogance. I’m so happy he shut up the media throng in the last couple of games though. The last person I remember with an initial reputation for scoring harder goals but missing the easy chances was Torres at Atletico, so Nic’s in good company.

    However, based on the last two games and three goals, Nic might be both our aerial threat and our fox in the box!

  62. Sorry, bad punctuation. Should have been cunts’ not cunts

  63. please guys, don’t say ‘fox in the box’ it brings back bad, scouse, memories

  64. Rinseout.

    I agree. Strange decision. Hull looked organized and motivated against Arsenal. I would have put them with a 30-40% chance of survival under Brown. That’s now gone down to 10%.

  65. well, I used it because it looks like we have a “FITB” without actually having to go and buy one.

  66. Indiagun are you phil brown in disguise?After being proven wrong by diaby, song etal you stiil are as stubborn as the orange face.Theo will come good after he regains his sharpness and you will eat a humble pie as collymore and the rest of your kind.

  67. “dogged penchant for violence” – hahahhahaah classic.

  68. Walcott is now a lock for the England squad. With Beckham out and Lennon looking increasingly fragile, Theo will be an essential piece of the puzzle for Capello, particularly as Gerrard, Lampard, Barry, Milner, Downing etc lack real pace.

    He might be used as a sub to terrify the opposition in the last 20 minutes, but each game sees his form improving and he’s an automatic pick at this point.

    Also, don’t rule out Gibbs as a surprise pick for the 2nd left back spot unless Bridge rules himself back in. On talent alone, he walks over Shorey and Baines.

  69. The only thing Walcott terrifies is brick walls when he constantly runs into them. He should wear a helmet. He is a pitifull dog

  70. You’re a pitiful cunt hound.

  71. We should get IndiaGun in as our next manager. Especially if the homegrown rules come in.

  72. Walcott has been good in the last couple of games he has played for us. It is clear that he is improving his form minute by minute on the pitch. I don’t get why he is suddenly singled out. Can we just accept our players despite their nationalities? How come there are always those lame racist excuses “He only gets picked because he is French/English/etc.”?

  73. haha IndiaGun is trolling like theres no tomorow. He’s just blown his cover from ignorant idiot who knows nothing about football to….irritating prat.

    For irritating prats sake.

    IndiaGun….leave this place and never return, lest Harry Potter places a wand up your nostril.

  74. It isn’t nice to gloat over some guy getting the sack. Even if it is Phil Brown. As has been pointed out……Brian Horton is a far worthier target for vitriol.

    I’m expecting Hull to be relegated now, and after their disgusting display of thuggery in the 1st half on Saturday they won’t be missed.

    And Collymore can just f**k off. Full stop.

  75. Harry Flowers

    I was tempted not to gloat about Brown getting the sack, but thought better of it. I don’t think standard rules apply with Brown. Besides, he’ll land a job somewhere pretty soon as he’s actually a decent manager. Also, getting the sack will be good for him in the long run.

    Hull will go down and he will argue that he would have turned it around (and based on their recent home form that was quite possible) and if adds a little humility to his other managerial skills, I can see him getting back in the Premier League in a couple of seasons with another promoted Championship club.

  76. Harry Flowers, your morals know no bounds. For me, pretty much everything he says and does makes me want to punch him in the face, just like Jamie Redknapp.

  77. India Gun, there is no doubt that Walcott is a developing player who is not even close to his enormous potential. Which in some respects says a lot about him given the odd goal that he produces with increasingly accurate crosses. All the players see his potential and understand that Walcott is not yet the real thing. The team loves his speed and they frequently play to this strength.

    The matter of Walcott playing for Arsenal just because he happens to be English would not be something that I would understand given that Arsene plays the world on his team. Should there be an Indian striker of some renown between the ages of 15 to 20, Arsene would have him in the academy!

  78. Agreed Two Owls

  79. Benny does has have that knack of being in the box at the right time more often than not.

  80. I agree, he seems to be there a lot more these days Maria. A couple of years ago, he was quite a long way from where he is now. He’s getting the poacher’s reactions, the target man’s strength and bravery, now he needs to improve his 1st touch and finishing and he’ll be a complete striker.

    I have to admit, i didnt think he would be an Arsenal 1st team player a few years ago.

  81. why the f*ck is anyone seriously getting into a debate with that prick indiagun.

    Wright phillips or lennon is a lucky man since beckham is out of our wc bid for glory… sorry semi final shout.

  82. “Harry Flowers, your morals know no bounds. For me, pretty much everything he says and does makes me want to punch him in the face, just like Jamie Redknapp.”

    On second thoughts… your right. He is, and probably always will be, an annoying orange git. Gloat on.

  83. he is dead bang right on. Bendtner is a keeper. he has helped us so much. He has the makings of a world class player. Bendtner has save our bacon twice so far this season.

  84. why the f*ck is anyone getting into a debate with that p*ick indiagun.

    Wright phillips or lennon is a lucky man since beckam has been ruled out of our wc bid for glory or shall i say our semi final shot.

  85. I tried to post the following in response to Collymore’s comments but it was not accepted on the website because of “inappropriate words”. Maybe he doesn’t like anyone agreeing with him.

    “I read the head line and logged on to leave a message that it was Stan Collymore who should be eating humble pie because of his constant sniping at all things Arsenal. But having read his article, I found that, for once, I agreed with him.

    In support of the spectators at the Burnley game, when Bendtner missed a hatful of chances, a lot of us were encouraging him by singing “Super, super Nik”. This seems to have worked because he scored 4 goals in the next 2 games.

    If Stan Collymore wants to show his superior talents at recognising skill, he should now praise Denilson. That would really upset those Arsenal supporters (?) who seem to derive more pleasure from criticising Arsenal players than supporting them in the run in to the double.”

    Does anyone know where Val sits at the Emirates. He came on 5Live on Saturday claiming to be a season ticket holder who wants Arsene Wenger sacked and who had hoped Hull would beat the Arsenal. Who needs supporters like that?

  86. What makes me happy today is, that Bendtner last minute winner FINALLY put an end to the orange era.

    Next the butch boyfriend old fatboy himself potty mouth Sam.

  87. I have a question.

    Nicklas Bendtner has scored 6 goals in 5 games for Arsenal since his return from injury. If we’re to get statistically anal, that’s actually a better goal ratio than Wayne Rooney or Didier Drogba and suggests that if he hadn’t missed 3 months out on injury, he would be on course to hitting at least 25 to 30 goals this season.

    I take into account the fact that Nicklas Bendtner’s link play and positioning is very impressive, and the goals will naturally come if he continues to do what he’s doing.

    Does anyone agree with me that it’s somewhat of a failure to recognize what success looks like when we keep referring to Bendtner as ‘one for the future’.

    I’ll be the first to admit that he has a lot to learn, but so do most, if not all the players whether they play for Arsenal or not.

    That however, shouldn’t take away from the fact that in 5 games so far, Bendtner has provided a better return as a striker than we could have ever hoped for from any £20 million striker who everyone was screaming for in the January transfer window.

    I think we sometimes get obsessed with ‘new things’ that other people say we need it’s almost engraned in our psyche that if something is wrong, the only solution is to go out and buy a new one.

    I get bemused with the cliche that Arsenal doesn’t have a recognized striker as if Bendtner or Eduardo were defenders who Wenger was playing out of position because he is a tight fisted egomaniac who doesn’t want to spend money.

    I suggest to you that Bendtner, despite the improvement that he can make because of the mileage his career has to go – is actually a competent striker here and now, and is doing the job asked of him by his manager and his fellow colleagues in the squad.

    Considering that the so called big name players have also shown in the last week that they can have howlers in front of goal (Real Madrid anyone?) – my sense is that this ‘Arsenal are playing without a recognized striker’ mantra is just nonsense.

    Bendtner is good enough to play for Arsenal and the goals he’s rackign up don’t lie. I’m not sure what it is exactly people are looking for to finally conclude that he’s reached that “A-ha” moment.

    Look at Arsenal’s goals scored column on the league table.

  88. Bernard that Val guy was a typical Le goan regular, who was so full of s*** that even Alan Green and the odd Spud were telling him were to get off!!

  89. I am surprised that anyone is giving this Bendtner and Denilson stuff any currency. It is certainly not true that most people in the stadium have given either a bad time. The odd miserbale fucker perhaps, but the people next to them ought to sort them out. This Valerie chap is unlikely to actually be an Arsenal supporter.

  90. Boobygee,

    Bendtner isn’t a keeper, he’s striker!

    The 6’6″ lumbering CF that scores ‘tap ins’.

    Plans: B/C/D/E/F/G/H/I/J/K/L/M/N/O/P/Q/R/S/T/U/V/W/X/Y/Z

    seem to be in good order.

    It’s a good thing AFC got all their ‘drilling’ out of the way during the Stadium’s construction.

  91. I think the point most people have been making is that we have for the majority been playing without a recognised striker and we are still in the thick of things.

  92. I think the point most people have been making is that we have for the majority been playing without a recognised striker and we are still in the thick of things. Which I think is pretty amazing.

  93. Theo’s Burnley goal was interesting.

    Big Al passes out to TV5. He doesn’t launch a raking ‘Frank De Boer’ ball over the top (some to RVP earlier but none to Theo as yet, although Denny has a few of those in his scrapbook this season), but a simple pass forward to NB52, who spins and gets the assist to Theo.

    Whenever NB52 drops down to the centre circle, and produces that Bergkampesque control and turn on the move, he picks out a lovely pass almost every time. From his earliest games.
    For me, that’s his trademark ‘move’, like Eboue’s Garrincha dribble (a reference from AW in ’06), along with the odd sublime header, every now and then.

  94. “Walcott should be stripped and whipped”

    We will have none of that kinky stuff here thank you.

  95. indiagun fuck you get your dad to strip and whip you, ya fuckin cunt

    go to itv4 and watch indian cricket rather than spout this shit

  96. fuckin retard

  97. come now SDD

    Lets not get racial.

    Thats exacty what monsier indiagun wants. His arguments hold no water he’s just trying to wind people up. Poorly.

    He quite clearly is a spurs fan.

  98. actually, i was saying 2 years ago that bendtner was better than adebayor, because he brings more to the game, and stays onside.

    and i was also arguing that with the chances adebayor was getting from hleb and cesc, it was no surprise that he got 30 goals that season. i argued that bendtner would have gotten 30 goals if he had gotten that kind of service. in fact, most strikers would have.

    but his value to the team was never the goals, but his aerial presence as well as his link-up play.

    glad to see him finally justifying my faith. waited 2 years for it.

  99. indiagunner probably has nothing better to do. suddenly coming up with a comment like that.

    a baseless comment. i thought walcott has been improving.

  100. Maria,

    the next evolution in football would be a 4-6-0

  101. Duke

    It’s because nobody has yet twigged that it is James or whatever nom de plume he cares to use…


  102. Who is James?

  103. I am chastened by the more sympathetic views of Brown’s sacking. My terrible jokes aside (yes, I know), to be honest, I know little about it and don’t really care anyway. At the start I really liked Hull, until the Fabregas incident and the general mocking of Wenger which I found unsavoury.

  104. Well I think you are a star anyway, ZimPaul. Phil Brown is a turnip, but Brian Horton is worse.

  105. Darius Stone,

    Bendtner still has a lot of improving to do. But saying that does not in any way mean he’s not good enough now because he is.

    I can easily see him getting 8-10 goals in our remaining 10 games (13 if we get to the CL Final).

  106. lol Frank, how could you forget your bestest friend?

  107. Ole:
    totally agree and that’s the beauty of this team. They’re all good enough now, but most (if not all) have plenty to go before they reach their peak. Imagine what an unbeatable beast AW will have at his disposal in a few years time…

  108. oh indiagun is actually william

    that makes sense..

  109. and you know this

  110. I agrree arse Shavin

  111. you know that partner

  112. you better check yo-self dogs

  113. I meant i agree…

    you know, this weekend could be a good oppurtunity for points being dropped: A win over west ham could leave us top, and man u play liverpool, chelsea travel to blackburn


  114. OG.

    That was the thrust of my point. Simply because he has the mileage to make and he is at the beginning of a good stretch in his career, I think Bendy will only improve.

    For now, I do believe that he’s doing the job he’s been asked to do and we really can’t ask for more.

    I think what excites me more about Bendy is his overall link play and contribution to the team. I tend to feel that with these extra aspects to his game, he provides much more than just scoring goals.

  115. NB’s goal saturday was amazing!!. His positioning and awareness is second to none if you ask me and his touch will only get better.

    I agree with Darius, he is the deal now!

  116. Well,first things first,excellent posts u do ryt here Yogi Warrior am an ardent reader n fan of ths site from Kenya but funny enuf ths ma first ever comment.To be honest the Arsenal are now the real deal and i feel ths squad is goin2deliver smthng special undr Wenger’s tutelage its only now that the pundits and wht is supposedly the cream of English broadcast(the underperfomance or shld i say biased reports or unprofessionalism)unfortunately we’l make do over here wìth sky.Ths team is now mental,i mean le proff will soon b able to send out two different teams and stl claim victory,wht they hv done is commendable esp in keeping up pressure on Utd n Chavs in recents weeks without the main men cue Fabregas,RVP,Gallas,keep the faith

  117. Let’s hope the ‘pool rise to the challenge and Blackburn away isnt the easiest of ties. They’ve got to play eachother soon too…

    I’m so happy that we’ve got such an exciting end to the season. Even if we dont win the league (and that’s a big if) i’ll be more then happy with how this season’s gone. The team has properly come together now and can win anything. I think we’ve developed more this year as a team than any previously.

  118. I’m glad Brown got the sack. Now if Hull gets relegated it will be even better.

    Bendtner is a quality striker in the making. I expect him to be a hell of a lot better next season. With more confidence and more games under his belt, he’ll prove to be a revelation to all those who doubted him.

  119. I think we will be top of the table by the time United and Chelsea face off against one another.

  120. Darius –

    What i like about him too is that he looks like he should be lumbering around, falling over etc, but he can play on the wing!?! He can cut inside and skin people like a winger and he can even cross it pretty well. That’s on top of his excellent front man link play.

  121. we have to win the league. this is the best chance. winning is something you cannot put off. you cannot say, well next season we will be even better, so no worries if we don’t win it this season. it doesnt work that way. you won’t know what will happen next season.

    we have come so far now. we have to go in and finish the job.

    if and only if we win the remaining 8 games and arent champions, then i would accept it, i would have nothing to say. our best would then be not enough.

    but the opportunity to make everything right exists right now, so let’s grab it.

    if the ball falls to you outside the box, would you strike it, volley it home and be a hero, or would you shirk away from the ball?

    this is the question we have to answer now.

  122. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Arshavin’s opinion on anything, sly digs at Collymore, a mere mention of acid. It doesn’t get much better than that. Then you get to the comments and see Phil is Brown on gardening leave and on his way to Scunthorpe United! Hah and WTF is gardening leave? Is that just a polite way of saying you’re sacked?

    Not a bad way to start a Monday.

  123. There’s something seriously wrong with the water at Talk Sport towers….LOL!

    Adrian Durham of all the people in the world has just expressed his view that he’s glad Phil Brown is out of football because – wait for this – he’s a thug.

    Well, he didn’t say ‘thug’ but he says it’s good he’s out of football for sanctioning his players’ violence against Arsenal. They weren’t physical, they were just dirty.

    He’s also starting to accept Wenger’s assertion that Arsenal are being targetted by teams that can’t play football and resort to violence of the Dawson and Boateng type.

  124. and while we are on the subject of MOnday Morning Round up….Nice goal from Jay Emmanuel Thomas.

  125. NJN.

    Gardening leave is the industrial language for someone who has been fired by an employer and paid to sit out an agreed period and not get back into employment – hence Phil will be gardening during that time.

    Gardening leaves almost certainly always come with a legally binding gagging order stopping the employee from bad mouthing the employer.

  126. Give me sheep

  127. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Cheers, Darius.

  128. A simple lambpoon from WelshDave. There’ll be no fleecing him on this form – shear wit.

  129. Limpar, I am a farmer and am in need of more sheep.

    Red pants is on fire

  130. whens Van Persie back in training?

    Wheres Carlos Vela gone?

    God I cant relax with this season, trying to write a bastard essay is impossible.

    It realy is squeaky bum time.

  131. wait when is rvp back in training?

  132. Zap, RVP is back next week you donut

  133. Its William, oh no

  134. am i right in guessing that welsh dave is IndiaGun?

  135. no then… was worth a go

  136. Well, best not to get yourself into a stew about it.

    Red pants was lambasted by many until very recently. He got a real roasting after the Burnley game. He’s still prone to odd shank I guess, but thyme is on his side and he’ll be racking up the appearances for many years to come.

  137. yeh welsh dave is indiagun, william, james…

  138. I liked IndiaGun, he was cool, he didnt think much of Walcott did he?

  139. limpar

    i take my hat off to you.

    I take it your vegetarian?

  140. welshdave you are indiagun, so theres no surpsrise you think he’s cool is there

  141. WelshDave dont you think we should sign Palacios?

    Shame Huddlestone got signed up today aint it? We need someone of his ilk.

    And I was thinking that maybe we should pin Theo down and shave some ridiculous tram tracks into his eyebrows, might make his decision making better.

    What do you rekon?

  142. Zap I have just bought some fresh doughnuts from the Co-op, feel free to have as many as you like

  143. I’m hungry is what I am, deano.

    What’s your essay about?

  144. Back to the football…

    On his wiki page Mendy is listed as having played RB.

    Last season he had good contests with Clichy from RM. Perhaps playing Mendy at RB was not a random, desperate or utterly negative move by the dearly departed?

    I did enjoy Mendy’s dive as Arshavin scored.

  145. deano, all good ideas, especially the train tracks

  146. spanish national cinema.

    Everyones at it in these films. If I cant enjoy this might aswell pack it in!

  147. @ finsbury

    haha yeah, fingers outstretched n’ all.

  148. whats amazing about tottenham is its SUCH a shithole, with all its gang crime, prostitution, murder, drugs, rape and all that- and it’s football team still manages to be the most shameful thing about it

  149. I’d mention Almodovar if I were you.

  150. I think Arshavin is referring to his easy miss when he says that Arsenal missed a penalty.

    Its appaling to see how the moaners change their stance. As Denilson got an assist and Bendtner got a winning goal, they have switched to Walcott when in reality he is doing really well at the moment.

  151. Zap, Its an up and coming area…..

  152. up and coming area? hahahaahah

  153. Tottenham is a shithole admit it spurs fan am not saying islington is the best place in the world, but its far far better than the other half of north london..and i havnt even started on the football teams

  154. I’m surprisingly ambivalent about the departure of the orange one. I thought I’d be happy, but he’s like a larger than life cartoon figure, whilst the real nasty, evil scum is the one who is still in charge i.e. Horton. It was the latter who loaded the gun and hid behind the barricades whilst Brown fired it and has now paid the price. If Horton had walked as well, maybe I’d enjoy it more.

  155. Almodovar and the amusingly named Bigas Luna.


    Its a scientific fact that Arsenal fans have more fun at White Hart lane than Kim Jong Ill at Christmas.

  156. Breakdown isn’t important enough to be hated, but we shouldn’t be too quick to forgive him. Remember that he vociferously supported the false accusations against Fabregas. Even when the accusations were publicly shown to be lies, I don’t recall him making any kind of apology.

  157. We Are Tha Mighty Arssssnalll

  158. Passenal @ 6:28 pm – My thoughts exactly. The real bastard is Horton and he still has a job. But I am still gloating that we put the final nail in Phil’s (can’t remeber the moniker we gave him last year) coffin.

  159. “Everyones at it in these films. If I cant enjoy this might aswell pack it in!”

    And how. Almadovar didn’t even need an excuse in his movies. Even now, have you seen the “family show”, Aguila Roja (I’m sure YW’s been subjected to it)? It might bring a Spanish family together, but I’d feel uncomfortable watching it with my parents – and not because it’s bloody awful.

  160. Phil Breakdown, thats it. Thanks Poli.

  161. Well, I for one am delighted to be able to say that Brown getting the sack was a lovely surprise.

  162. Thought I would share:

    Compared to the players around him Denilson aint bad. I do feel he is playing within himself these days not trying to thread balls through anymore. Ticking over instead of trying to build I feel this is due to the role he has been given ie Def Mid. He could do with some encouragement to not look for the foul and pass fwds but aside from that he does not deserve all the flak he gets from Arsenal fans.

    *All stats taken from (2008/09 season):

  163. IF we don’t win the title, would you guys rather see United or Chelsea win it?

    I’m tired of United winning title after title but Chelsea are just so despicable as a club with transfer scandals, misbehaving players, etc. At least United is a great club, the fact that they are cunts notwithstanding.

    But yes, for that reason alone we need to win this title.

  164. OneOfUS haha yeah, Cultural explosion.

    Franco had his thumb on the tap for too long.

    now he gets his come-uppance before the last 8 in the champions league every year.

  165. that and obviously…his continued death

  166. Horton will go with the ship.

    Bendtner has inflicted irreversable damage to the Hull.

  167. “Rude” is the perfect word to describe Hull. Let’s look at a few of its meanings.

    1) Unexperienced, inexpert, unskilled.
    2) Devoid of, or deficient in, culture or refinement.
    3) Uncivilized, barbarous.
    4) Ungentle, violent, harsh, rugged.

    I fancy Arshavin’s translator was thinking of the most famous “rude” in the English language, that in Milton’s Lycidas:
    “YET once more, O ye Laurels, and once more
    Ye Myrtles brown, with Ivy never-sear,
    I com to pluck your Berries harsh and crude,
    And with forc’d fingers rude,
    Shatter your leaves before the mellowing year. ”

    Jimmy Bullard, as I recall, has a penchant for plucking his opponents’ berries. Perhaps some such association led to the translator’s inspired choice.

  168. Paulie Walnuts

    Goodbye Phil Breakdown indeed. All the more satisfying knowing our late win finished him off.

    Horton won`t be there much longer before the lower leagues beckon which is where they both belong.

    Onto serious footballers & it`s obvious JET is going to be some player. He`ll certainly be pushing hard next season along with Jack W , Lansbury, Coquelin, Bartley, etc.

  169. Carragher just took a dive greasy ronaldo would be proud of. In fact, in the 5 minutes I’ve been watching this so far, Torres, Gerrard and Carragher have all swan-dived. What a bunch of cunts.

  170. Hahaha… Portsmouth indeed in crisis. How bad do you have to be to lose to Liverpool? Hopefully this gives the scousers some confidence to go and beat the mancs at the weekend.

  171. thanks nezhmetdinov

  172. we are tha feckin Arsnalll

  173. listening to the podcast?

  174. Why are people saying it’s bad that Brown has left to tend his oranges because Horton is worse?

    If I have a choice of a turd sandwich or a giant enema I choose neither.

    Can we get Horton sacked now please?

  175. Arshavin’s words are acctualy mistranslated. what he was said is that we conceded a goal from a penalty. proably translated in google or smthing.

  176. 1 loose cannon

    Arsenal top the fairplay table and the usual suspects Stoke, Bolton, Blckburn, Hull, Sunderland Birmingham at the bottom

  177. By: Harsh on March 15, 2010
    at 6:57 pm

    “IF we don’t win the title, would you guys rather see United or Chelsea win it?”

    We will win the league, and I’m not interested in any other outcome. 🙂

  178. Luke, but if you had to choose, your life depended on it. You’d choose Manchester Utd wouldnt you Luke

  179. WelshDave

    I would lose interest in who the eventual winner will be completely.

    E.g. would you watch Man U v Chelsea in the Champions League final on tv? I wouldn’t.

    With Ancelloti in charge, Chelsea is less repugnant than before. Though Terry’s conduct has reversed the effect significantly.

    (Ok. I concede that Man U would be less unfavoured than Chelsea for the title.)

  180. Luke, exactly, its all about who you have to see at work

  181. Actually, saying that, theres more manc fans in london then chelsea fans, you’re right, its a lose lose situation

  182. Ancelotti seems a decent bloke, but being the manager of Chelsea casts him in bad light, and not Chelsea in good light.

    Chelsea is the one team with the biggest concentration of cunts in football. Let’s face it.

    From Abramovich to their groundsman who gets into altercations with opposition players. Seriously, which other team would you find the grounds man take on an opposition player in a fight?

    I actually prefer Millwall to Chelsea.

  183. It’s Theo’s birthday today, so if you should see him, do wish him many happy returns.

    Poliziano, you’re absolutely right. ‘Rude’ is the perfect word to describe Hull. Their fans were singing the name of that Stoke thug whenever the Arsenal sang ‘One Aaron Ramsey’ on Saturday. The whole club is ridden with crawling scum. If Cesc did spit on Brian Horton, he had the right idea. I would happily piss on them all from a great height.

    Very excited AW has the squad together for a whole week of London Colney magic. Doesn’t seem to happen that often. Cesc or no Cesc, I’m sure we’ll see some beautiful football against the Wet Spammers.


  184. Strong words Ole – but I agree.

    At least Manure have some sort of cunty class about them. They’ve got to where they are through merit (and some fairly big purchases) but in comparison to the Chavs who’ve bought their way to the top, they’re quite an ethically run club with a slightly lower cunt count.

    I hate both of them but would prefer Man u to win i think. But lets face it, it’ll be our year so this debate is pointless 🙂

  185. Cheers Limpar – Happy Birthday Theo!! A goal at the weekend to celebrate!

  186. Limpar: Can’t believe anyone can be so heartless, let alone thousands of people singing that. Ramsey’s never done anything contraversial, hurt anyone, said anything outrageous etc, no-one deserves that treatment after such a horrific injury, especially poor little Aaron.

  187. ‘controversial’

  188. Please no more manu lifting the cup this season, if its not going to Emirates I’d rather it went to the London dickheads!!

  189. That’s the thing Firstlady, we should put a stop to manu and the london dickheads lifting the cup! We need to beat the spuds and shitty, then we’ll have one hand on the highly coveted cup.

  190. I seem to recall a swan is an ugly duckling. What’s a “swan dive” Taeryn?
    It sounds good.

    Neither of ManU or Chelsea are preferable to win the title, especially Chelsea, and most definately not ManU. I prefer Wigan or Fulham to take it this year, if not THE MIGHTY ARSENAL.

    Theo is looking excellent, just as Mr. Wenger said he would around this time. You sense that Theo is close to that mental breakthrough, when he plays as if he should ALWAYS score or assist a goal.

  191. With Song and Rosicky back, Diaby fit, Nasri and Eboue rested, Bendtner and Theo raring to get on with it, Denilson fitter by a week, and Arshavin just being Arshavin, we should be in fine fettle.

    When is Cesc expected?

    And yes, where is Vela?

  192. Eboue has been the ‘class act’ of the season.

    I took a bet with some eeejot on ACLF at the start of the season on Eboue; whoever it was is due to report in and publicly say Eboue is da man, and proceed to eat his hat.

  193. The Mancs and Chavs can go fuck themselves. If the unthinkable happens and we don’t win it, they should call the competition off. Render it null and void. Doesn’t count. Strike it from the record. Erase it. Delete it. Kill it. Cancel it. Bury it. Burn it. Scrub it. Flush it.


  194. Arse Shavin, ZimPaul,

    I would not bet against Theo scoring on Saturday, and making a couple too! Who is West Ham’s left-back, Jonathan Spector? He’s not slow, but that matters not a jot in a race with Eusain Walcott. He will be burned again and again down that touchline, and then he’ll get turned inside-out just for variation.

    ZP, Carlos went off injured in his midweek friendly the other week, against New Zealand (?). After scoring a goal.

  195. Abort it, terminate it, blot it out, break it off, cut it, do away with it, do it in, efface it, eliminate it, eradicate it, expunge it, obliterate it, quash it, squash it, render it invalid, rub it out, scratch it out, strike it out, torpedo it, trash it, wipe it out, wipe the slate clean and finally zap it.

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