FC Porto Preview

Porto arrive at The Emirates, defending a one-goal advantage, on the back of a poor record when visiting London. The Portuguese champions have not won on their last six visits, indeed losing them all. If Arsenal are to progress that record must continue. It is the night when comic pundit Ian Wright ‘feared‘ that Arsenal’s season would be over. Perhaps he should return to the company of Fozzy and Kermit.

They will have to achieve that victory without Cesc Fabregas. Losing your best player is disadvantageous but unlike previous seasons, Arsenal has depth in its squad to cover this loss. The likeliest replacement is Samir Nasri but any one of the Frenchman, Tomas Rosicky or even Andrey Arshavin can fulfil the playmaker role, other personnel can be shuffled to compensate for any shortcomings in their respective games.

With Nasri and Rosicky, it would be a more or less, like-for-like adjustment to the team; Arshavin would in truth probably require a third midfielder in the traditional sense to accommodate him centrally. Nasri though is in pole position having made an outstanding contribution to the victory over Burnley at the weekend.

Defensively, William Gallas is still ruled out and despite some initial misgivings on my part, Sol Campbell has returned to Arsenal providing a stable central defensive partnership with Thomas Vermaelen when they have played together, more assured than Mikael Silvestre in that pairing.

My doubts were over his age and what impact that would have on his abilities; Wenger had seen enough in training to warrant short-term cover for this season – and who knows, may be next as well – and it has, thus far, worked well, a moment of madness in the first leg aside. He will be playing this weekend with Gallas confirmed as missing the trip to Hull City as well.

Home form has not been an issue in this season’s tournament, nor has it been in recent seasons unless the opposition has been English. Porto have been amongst the victims but Nicklas Bendtner will need to be more ruthless with his opportunities than at the weekend. The real positive amongst all of the misses was that he did not shy away from putting himself into a position to miss time and again. Adding a cutting edge to even half of those chances out to see this tie buried come the final whistle.

Complacency though will be an enemy that Arsene has to counter. There were enough opportunities to finish the tie in the first half of the first leg. Porto were not tight defensively, allowing Arsenal time on the ball. Perhaps they will be different tonight but somehow that does not seem likely. Their domestic form is indifferent, trailing Benfica by eleven points is indicative of the change in their fortunes this season.

Arsene mentioned that practising penalties was not on the agenda, quietly confident that they will not be required with a 2-1 victory the only possible result which would necessitate such a decisive manner for a result. Defensively, Arsenal will need to be more streetwise than they have been at times and for that reason, I suspect Arsene will start with the same line-up in attack as at the weekend.

Arshavin has played around 90 minutes in the past week and Wenger will be conscious of not wanting to aggravate the Russian’s injury further. Rosicky on the left provides more defensive cover for Clichy although Arshavin does not slack in that area either.

Elsewhere, Alex Song should return to the fray, midway through a domestic suspension where I think he and Nasri will find Diaby for company. There have been no reports of an adverse reaction to his recent bout of knack and slotted in well when he replaced Fabregas at the weekend. Harsh though it is on Denilson, Diaby is a member of Arsene’s first choice triumverate in midfield.

Equally, Eboue has played well at right back but I expect Sagna to be there tonight. Sagna has been rotated more frequently in recent times and one wonders what sort of knock he is carrying since he has been pretty consistent when playing. Eboue is more flamboyant in attacking, Sagna more dependable.

I would expect Arsene to start with:

Almunia; Sagna, Campbell, Vermaelen, Clichy; Diaby, Song, Nasri; Walcott, Bendtner, Rosicky

If matters are not progressing as he would like, the options of Eduardo, Arshavin and Vela on the bench have enough firepower to solve any problems, these matches suiting the style of all three, perhaps more in the case of Vela than Premier League matches do.

A win is all that matters tonight, substance over style more important. I don’t care if the ball goes in off the referee’s backside from a freak deflection in the centre circle, as long as Arsenal has the higher aggregate score. The way the first leg went, perhaps that is the lucky refereeing intervention we are due.

Enjoy the match wherever you are watching it. ’til Tomorrow

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  1. Looking forward to a good game tonight – got my tickets so i’ll be there, i fancy a solid 3 nil victory, this is not a good Porto side.

  2. Bac-ary Sanya, Sanya, Sanya!
    Bac-ary Sanya!

    Bac-ary Sanya, Sanya, Sanya!
    Bac-ary Sanya!

  3. Emperor Gooner


    eboue sol vermi clichy


    nasri diaby

    walcott bendtner rosicky /arsh

    i think this will be the lineup till we get some goals and then around the 60-65 minute mark , we would probably see rosicky or arsh coming in for theo and sagna coming in for eboue

  4. Emperor Gooner….i think starting Eboue and Walcott together will be a little to attacking to start with…but then again…that aint a bad thing..

    Do the Eboue!

  5. Hope we the Gooners can pull it off and I’m not too worried that we 2-1 down at the moment, I trust that we will do well without the Fab but thats how it goes sometimes
    My line- up for Arsenal would be


    Sagna, Verm , Cambell, Clichy


    Nasri , Rosicky

    Walcott , bendtner, Arsh

  6. 1 loose cannon

    Comical Wrighty has finally admitted he jumped on the doom bandwagon too early. He said “IT looks like I may happily have to eat a large slice of humble pie if Arsenal win the Premier League this season.
    In fact, Arsene Wenger might even want to spoon-feed it to me should his team lift the English game’s greatest prize.”
    Even if we don’t win it, he still should eat a large shit pie because according to his prediction we might not even finish in the top 4.

  7. Almunia
    Eboe, vernaleen, Campbel, Clichy
    Song, Nasri, Rosicky
    Walcott, Bendtner, Arshavin.

  8. Yogi, whilst I appreciate your blog, I find your comments about Ian Wright, arguably Arsenal’s greatest striker, cheap and unnecessary.

    At the time of the comment we had lost the first leg, been knocked out of the FA cup, had lost to our two closets rivals, were 9 points adrift of the top of the league and were missing our top stiking options.

    I am sure he was not the only one who was slightly fearful.

  9. Bergkamp Ghoulfest

    I really fancy Eboue in the RB role, but with Sol at CB, and no Gallas, I’d have to pick Bacary.

  10. Ian Wright’s legacy has been tarnished though, Kingsalami. He’s spent the last few years shitting on the goodwill of Arsenal fans, and sticking the boot into AW whenever he’s down – he clearly has a problem with Wenger.

    I don’t mind laughing at him, his retarded opinions or his barrel-scraping media career.

  11. We will win tonight no doubt though it will be a tense match.Up the gunners.my prediction 3-1 to the arsenal with nasri, bendtener & verminator to score.

  12. I agree with Calcot about Wright. He said at the beginning of the season we would not finish in the top 4.

    He would be happy if Wenger spoon feed him the humble pie but I bet a lot of gooners would like to ram it down his throat.

  13. 1 loose cannon

    Kingsalami- never mind 9 points a drift. Wrighty wrote off Arsenal before the ball was kicked this season and tipped Man city for top 4 finish. while Arsenal missing out. You call that support? Yes he is an Arsenal great but that does not make him immune from been called a doomer.

  14. Calot, granted his TV appearances, especially non sport related programmes are apocalyptically cringe worthy, watch through the gaps of your fingers fucking awful, but I disagree with your comments regarding Wenger and found the cheap jibe, puerile.

  15. Did anyone notice the portugeese win and lose in the same way. It was an ugly game last time, they won in a classic portugeese style. Tonight I hope they lose, and I would be surprised if they didnt lose in a distinct portugeese way. And thats basically the same as when they win.

  16. Come the final whistle, I can’t see us not going through. We’re the better team/squad. We’ll have that extra (12th) man singing our collective hearts out, and we won’t make the same mistakes that we did in the first leg. I’ll go for a Bendtner hatrick. I can’t wait. Come on you REDS!

  17. Check the guy’s track record, Kingsalami. Before every season it’s the same old wind-up shit about Arsenal dropping down the table. And he never says anything positive until the bandwagon’s already rolling.

    Anyway, Dups and 1LC have got it right. I mean, why should any ex-player put himself into a situation where he might be forced to “eat humble pie” when it comes to the club where he had his best years?

    It’s probably something to do with Wenger and the way his career at the club ended. Wrighty felt he had a couple more years at the club in him, but was shown the door. Same goes for Paul Merson – turfed out at the very beginning and he blatantly has a chip in his shoulder about it.

    A lot of Arsenal careers have ended like that under AW, and some ex-players just don’t know how to take it.

    For contrast, just look at Gilberto Silva, Henry and Pires. Those guys know a thing or two about respect.

  18. Johnny,

    i think it is beneath us to talk about the portuguese. they have no class at all.

  19. perrygroves – Your earlier video was wicked!

    Always take my time to read the early posts (5 hours behind GMT) and perrygroves made my day. Excellent atmospherics. The wag who said bring on Pat Rice after one of Bendtner’s misses is priceless. Nothing like a live football game to bring out the comedic genius in some fans.

  20. Calcot @ 12:57 pm – I agree with you, 100%.

    His publicly undermining of the boss is what I find most treacherous.

  21. Leave Wrighty alone.

    Remember this is the guy that brought us Friends Like These. Pure TV gold.

  22. I thought you were picking Denilson as usual. Seems you’re also giving up on him. The best DM in the EPL based on statisics?

  23. If you were a moda transport, you’d be a fucking Skoda, Moda.

  24. I am lucky enough to have never read any of what Wrighty has said, it is through diabolical media outlets for chumps.

    Simply put, Wrighty will always be a legend. I grew up watching him, he was the hero, he always will be.

    I remeber fondly walking back down Liverpool Road and people would come out of their houses and shout for the score. Somehow, in my memory, the answer was always “1 nil Wrighty”.

    The man gave joy to thousands of fans for years doing what we all turned up to see.

    That will probably be difficult for newer fans who have no real connection to the club and see it only through the prism of the media outlets that are their only way to get involved. It is a poor imatitation of the real thing. It is bizarre that distant clowns, who probably didn’t even see him play – the “partisans of wengerball”, who missed what came before – feel justified to call him a traitor. You need to be one first to become a turncoat, they might concentrate on the first aspect themselves.

  25. Kingsalami

    Nope, I will not leave Wright alone. Since becoming a pundit, he has opted to be a depressed version of Statdler & Waldorf without the humour. As a player, he was an absolute legend but after that?

    Well, anyone who moans that his son is being mugged off and treated like a youth player when the child earns £70k per week is an absolute joke. And that is before I start on the constant bitching about Arsenal…


    Nope, he will be back on Saturday at Hull. Tonight though, Diaby provides more forceful running which is going to be needed to exploit the spaces.

    If you, of course, can substantiate your sneering tone with some empirical evidence that Denilson is not a good midfielder….

    Otherwise a time-honoured ‘Fuck Off Howard’ may be in order.


  26. NJS.

    And who could forget his oscar winning performance of Gladiators.

    The awe inspiring, intellectually titled, Friday Night’s All Wright and the sublimity of Chicken Tonight


    But Ian Wright as a man and an Arsenal fan, I will withold my judgement, I haven’t heard him slag off Wenger or Arsenal to the extent you obviously have.

  27. I will go with a line-up of Alumunia Sagna Sol Verm Clichy Song Diaby Nasri Walcot/Rosicky Bendtner Arshavin as important as scoring is so is not conceding. If they score early on we wud be in for a long nite. Bendtner just ve to be more clinical. I wud also be watching out to see if walcot wud show some sort of consistency. To nite game is massive and here is hoping for a win. We have always been a lost away from doom but a lost to nite would be hard to take. Go gunners!!

  28. Jesus Christ. You two need to have cybersex or something.

    Shotta – you’re making Hollis come out with some outlandish shit. Either that or he’s suffering from chronic nostalgia.

    D-Ream are off the pop charts, global-hypercolour t-shirts are no longer all the rage and spiky-haired trolls are now nowhere to be seen in today’s playgrounds. As a quick glance at the calendar will tell you (provided you’re not living in a Miss Havisham-style 90s time-capsule), it’s not 1993 anymore.

    The game has also moved on. Ian Wright is both an Arsenal legend and a moron. He has spent the last decade trading on his hero-status amongst the Arsenal faithful.

    And when Arsenal win the league this season it will be a global event, and I can’t understand how that prospect wouldn’t fill any gooner with glee.

  29. Ever had the displeasure of reading ‘Mr Wright’? I have and it could very well be the worst book ever written. Or ghost written.

    I love Ian Wright though, very dearly. I see him as a bit of a prodigal son character in the Arsenal family. He’s in the, ‘blown all his inheritence on women and wine, on his knees eating from the trough with the pigs that he tends to’ stage of his life right now (working for the Sun), but he’ll come crawling back, and the Arsenal family will embrace him warmly to our cannon emblazoned bosom once more.

  30. Nobody deny’s d fact dat wrighty is a Legend, just as anybody who dislike’s him for seeing anything ‘arsenal and Wenger’ in the negative, can be understood. To me he is in the same class as the man at ‘arsenal news reviews’ can’t remember his name now. They claim to love arsenal but are no different from the most anti-arsenal out there, they take joy at any chance to say ‘ i told u so’. I love both positive and negative minded gunners. It is just opinions and patience level that differs that’s why i still read ‘le grove’ daily. Inspite of not being happy with the current state of things and going too far with the Wenger and Denilson criticism sometimes, he still shares dat passion to win. And you can tell he loves club.

  31. wright is more of a moron than a hero these days .fuck him

  32. Just hope Sol Campbell, makes it and stays fit. Am not of d same level of confident wen Silvester is playing, you could always bet on him making one big mistake.

  33. Wright will always be an Arsenal hero, as a player he has given so much to the club.
    But as a pundit he obviously lacks class, he doesn’t manage to give a good analysis so have opted for the type of article with big, bold statement but with no substance except a big pile of shit just like Tony Castarino for the times.

    It is a race between a few pundits to say the most outrageous thing in order to sale a few copies of their respective newspaper and Wright has chosen the all too easy path of critising Arsenal.

    On tonight’s match, I am hoping for a strong performance with Nasri, Walcott and Bendtner all putting in great performances.

  34. Yogi,

    Your response to Moda’s common touch had a bit of the Theo about it. Careful lest you wake the sleeping Yogi!

    As for Wright – it is perfectly possible to be both a good striker and an idiot. Note Maradona, who exceeded Wright by leaps and bounds as both a player and an idiot.

    but for the record – there is NO argument. Wright could not wipe Henry’s tuckus.

    And Henry, if I may, has been an Arsenal legend both on AND off the field

  35. Gallas out for a month. Thank goodness it did not happen in October or we might be 9 points out. I love Sol but he certainly can not play every game. WG probably leaving next summer and we have to start all over with a CB pairing next yr. A pulled muscle for Sol or worse TV and our season is in huge jeopardy. We made $30M in the transfer window last summer. We could probably have had Sakho for $10 – 12. Still makes no sense to me.

    If we keep a clean sheet tonight we will win. Diaby and Arshavin on the score sheet.

  36. Wright has been led astray. I reckon he didn’t make much out of the game, was forced out of the club on a free instead of a lucrative new contract and is feeding off the scraps being thrown to him by the likes of the sun, talkshite etc. Like LimparAssist’s prodigal son analogy. Very fitting.

  37. Bill, moaning about fantasy championship football manager purchases? Let Arsene & the scouts worry about that, just support the team, man!

  38. Well said nando.

  39. great response their YW, lets hope we see that sharpness of tongue replicated in the feet of our boys tonight.

    to sum up the lineups, the main debates are:

    – sagna or eboue

    – and who to play wide
    – walcott and arshavin
    – walcott and rosicky
    – arshavin and rosicky


  40. Ian Wright, off the field, pundit or minor celebrity, is essentially the joker, the court jester, the village idiot – and after the first joke, not very funny. He doesn’t give a damn either, and that’s OK with me. I like him. He’s just trying to ‘stand out’ or something. Who knows.

    The thing is, on the field, the same “couldn’t care a toss” attitude is what made him a GREAT striker – at least in those days.

    Such is life …

    Moda is a real clown though.

  41. oh and for me its walcott and arshavin (although i understand, and am considering TR over AA for the defensive considerations), and eboue at rb.. he’s the “in-form” choice, and just bc its our informal consensus that sagna is more sturdy defensively doesnt mean that he will just slot in and all will be well.

  42. TH14 now is simply a class act. And that’s the difference. But we oughtn’t have expectations of ex-Arsenal players as … whatever .. pundits who are supposed to ‘know’ something about football.

    Football is the great leveller. The professor and the street cleaner might play together with a totally unexpected relationship – given their backgrounds – on the field – maybe the cleaner is the ‘strategist’ and the professor the ‘hard man’ -and off the field barely recognise each other.

    It is not necessary to take Ian Wright seriously.

  43. interesting analogy there zimpaul

    although in recent years football has moved from its mantra as the working class game to the “beautiful game” and everything that comes with that…

  44. Rinseout:

    What you say is true, last summer is long gone. However, Thinking about a mistake we made does not preclude supporting the team.

    We win if we play smart defense. We always have 1 or 2 goals in us. A fit Sol in the back is huge.

  45. As for his legendary status, it’s there in the record books – it speaks for itself actually and will never be erased.

  46. glad there is a consensus that Sol > Silvestre.

    Silvestre makes me more nervous than any other player in our squad. as emmugunner said earlier, he’s always got at least one BIG mistake in him per game. whether it be a silly foul outside the box, poor positioning trying to spring an offsides trap, w/e… he lacks positional awareness and when coupled with his lack of speed he forces himself into making desperate decisions

  47. Eboue for Walcott tonight.Theo is too hit and miss.Eboue is more direct and a better crosser.

  48. Ian Wright Arsenal Legend no doubt.

    Between 92 till when DB10 arrived the only Arsenal player who won games off his own back

    Remember what dross he had playing behind him,Hillier Selly Morrow.Mc Goldrick,Carter and Jensen

  49. I heard on a radio show here in the US that M. Essian is out the rest of the year. Always hate to see a great player injured but that sure makes the job a lot tougher for Chelsea. They have a tough finish with Villa at home. Spurs/United/Liverpool away. They will drop some points in the run in. They are not the same team without Essian. Anyone else heard this?

    As long as our remaining CB stay healthy this is our year. 25 points from the last 9 games and Cesc lifts the trophy.

  50. Key don’t let Fabgregas out with a bad hammie be in the back of your mind. Nasri-Arshavin must step up big time. We have to hold serve at home. Win this baby 2-0. A we need to do is win baby. Everyone needs to step up to the plate and play lights out. This is a must. I have a sense we will win 2-0. http://defutebol.net

  51. Its amazing how some Gooners try to put Wrighty down and forget his amazing scoring record.Of course he wasnt as great as TH14 but who was?

    As ZimPaul says check the record books Wrighty is our 2nd greatest goalscorer.That is all you need to know

  52. Harry Flowers

    “That will probably be difficult for newer fans who have no real connection to the club and see it only through the prism of the media outlets that are their only way to get involved. It is a poor imatitation of the real thing. It is bizarre that distant clowns, who probably didn’t even see him play – the “partisans of wengerball”, who missed what came before – feel justified to call him a traitor. You need to be one first to become a turncoat, they might concentrate on the first aspect themselves”

    Smugness is an unpleasant character trait.

    I would never call Ian Wright a traitor. It’s over the top language to use in this context anyway. He’s a legendary Arsenal player for a very good reason.
    He’s all about making money now…..no more, no less. He has been given a voice though….and unfortunately for us he uses it.

  53. God help us if Bendtner plays tonight. He should be playing for Darlington.

  54. At this moment Ian Wright is a complete and utter buffoon… He is a bandwagon jumper and a tabloid spewer. I don’t care what he done in the past he is as anti arsenal as the other fools in the tabloid papers, radio and tv.
    A legend (unless he’s dead) should carry himself at all times with dignity and respect…he exhibits none of these.
    I don’t care if he scored twenty Zillion Trillion goals for Arsenal in the past… he’s a complete twat now… He like many others (collymore and the other idiots) should not be talking about football because he has know common sense or knowledge about the game.

    If people don’t like what has been said …get over it… it’s the TROOF.

  55. Paul sorry but you’re wrong.

    I think Bendtner will score tonight.

  56. Guildford Gooner

    I’m having the runs! Nothing to do with what I’ve eaten.It must be anxiety over this game.Our biggest mistake tonight would be to play for a one nil victory.Arsenal are not a one nil team!

  57. I do feel a little quesy at the thought of Ian Wright on Talkshite Radio, alongside those sociopaths.
    Whatever he might have done in a past life, he doesn’t deserve that fate.

    It’ll be all Wright on the night.


  58. Is there a timetable yet on Djourou’s return? Who would be cover at CB if we lost Sol and either Sylvestre or TV? Kyle Bartley?

  59. Couldn’t find any clips of the 4-0.

    Funny thing about this Arsenal team, they’ve never had a Plan B, ever, have they…

  60. The above is a link to Eboue’s cross for Henry to head in a goal against Porto.

  61. ..

  62. Calcot @ 1:44 pm – I learnt long ago that “it is better to be thought a fool, than to open your mouth (in this case, to write) and remove all doubt.”

    Amazing – One year ago Munu Eboue was trashed by all the doomers as not fit to wear the shirt, especially after that booing at the Emirates (they were even more hysterical after the sending off with the Scum); and today, even the paragons of gloom, the grovers, are demanding that he should play ahead of Sagna.
    Simply amazing!

  63. @ Bill
    “We made $30M in the transfer window last summer. We could probably have had Sakho for $10 – 12. Still makes no sense to me.”

    Please don’t make me start again, Bill. Seriously. Please.

    Do you go to bed fretting over what would happen if an asteroid crashed into London Colney while the entire first team in the showers? Bet you do.

  64. Exactly, Finsbury! Plan A really gets on my tits. Tippy-tappy, tippy-tappy, tippy-tappy-BULLsh*t! Why can’t Walcott cut inside and shoot for once? Why has it always got to be played along the bloody carpet?! We should consider – just for once, Finsbury – lifting the ball over the defence. For ONCE. The other thing that drives me mad is the crossing! We can’t f*cking cross the ball! Does Wenger not practice crossing the ball? I demand answers! What are the crossing the ball staff up to? Where the pneumatic drills? SHAMBLES is what it is up at Colney, SHAMBLES. Rosicky (should be on pay-as-you-go tariff if you ask me – but NOONE EVER DOES!) and Fabregas, are the worst offenders. So wasteful, why can’t they just drop it on Diaby’s big silly head? Or Campbell’s? Or Bendtner’s? I’ll tell you for why, Finsbury: it’s because we’re all bloody medical midgets. Oompa-bloody-loompahs. I’m sick of my Man Utd mates telling me how small we all are. Starting to get a real complex about it to tell the truth… don’t even get me started on the keeper crisis, why we didn’t buy Chris Kirkland I will NEVER KNOW… whinge, cry, sob, noose, asphyxiwan*…

  65. Talking of pundits and the shit they talk, i see Waddle has been at it again today, having a pop about Theo and his ‘football brain’.

    I wonder where Waddle’s football brain was when he blasted that penalty over the bar in the 1990 WC semi Final?


  66. I if placed bets with the guy who owns Stoke FC,
    I’d bet on Sagna starting today.

    The Goldfish Bowl universe of Football Fans may be repeating the cyclical (spherical?) line that Sagna cannot cross the football, but he does have some assists this season!

    Having written that, I wouldn’t be complain if Eboue started.
    I guess the Arsenal squad just isn’t as good as say ManIOU’s.

    Even Hleb scored against Porto in the past. I’m not taking anything for granted, but,


  67. @ YW

    Summed it up, really. Except I have a sneaky feeling Denilson will start alongside Song and Nasri will be used further upfield.
    Whatever happens, if we turn up, we will be fine.

    In a way it’s just as well there is no Cesc today – they tried to crock him last time, and they’d probably do the job properly this time.

  68. @ LimparAssist

    ha ha ha

  69. Harry Flowers

    I glanced at that (t)Waddle article. He’s just smarting ‘cos both Arsene and Theo publicly showed him up for the almighty tit he is.

  70. Matt – Those who live in glasshouses shouldn’t throw stones.

  71. Waddle should stick to music and leave journalism to the proffesionals.

  72. Lol LimparAssist.

    I find it hard to explain to others what it’s like to be surrounded by some AFC fans repeating weird things they hear off the electromagnetic spectrum, like zombies, rather then use their own memories.

    It reminds me of those New Age Tehnophiles a hundred tears ago who thought they could communicate with spirits by using the telegraph & a weegiee board…?

    Odd behaviour.

  73. kamannnnnnnn

    come on arsenal allez arsenallllll COME ON ARSENAL


  74. Don’t get me started on his haircut.

    It’s unbelievable that anyone would pay him for his ‘expert’ knowledge on football anyway.

    I remember hearing him on Setanta a couple of times and could barely understand what the fool was mumbling about.

    Come to think of it – i am sure i remember him raving about Walcott during an England game….

  75. < a hundred years ago

  76. hahaha limpar assist

    and yea matt, walcott spat back at him and what does waddle do? acts like a child and writes another outlandish article where he makes absurd comparisons to walcott’s situation and where he also fails to mention theo’s consistent injuries this season.. what a punk ass bitch

  77. Raadi Al Haroumi

    I’m sorry but I feel compelled to defend Wrighty, and to be honest am astounded at the amount of stick he is getting here. Ian Wright was an explosive player who wore his heart on his sleeve and LOVED Arsenal.. He could score from absolutely nothing and certainly never enjoyed the same sort of service that Thierry did. He will always be an Arsenal legend to true gooners.
    I think his slight bitterness at Arsenal is down to the fact that Wenger didnt sign his son.. he did a lot to try and make it happen but Wenger wasnt interested.
    3-0 tonight. Bendtner, Arshavin and Sol.

  78. Raadi Al Haroumi

    And about Waddle.. 8 goals in 64 international appearances compared to Theo’s record of 3 goals in 9 says it all. Waddle spent his career falling over and playing for second rate teams. And when the true test came he let down an entire nation. Cunt.

  79. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Arsenehollis has got to be one of the biggest pricks around. What an arrogant son of a bitch. And f*ck Ian Wright, too, that classless leech. And while I’m at it, f*ck Le Grove, too.

  80. anyone else read this?


    Pretty decent blog about Szczesny. By all accounts, he’s going to be a top, top ‘keeper in the not-too-distant future.

    In regards to Wrighty… Love him as a player, hate him as a pundit.

  81. njn soooooo angry man! you cant let idiots get to you.. especially in this day an age of “supporting” a club

  82. Paulie Walnuts

    I`d like to see Sagna & Denilson start tonight. We have to be solid & patient. There is enough creativity up front to get goals but we can`t afford to concede.

    The Gallas news is a concern particularly if TV was injured too. Campbell may struggle to play more than one game per week & Silvestre will struggle full stop. Song could be an option but he`d be missed in midfield & Bartley isn`t ready in my view.

    Anyway, enough of that – let`s beat Porto & history tonight. Don`t care how it`s done

  83. Delia- Block 112

    A clean sheet tonight is an absolute must, otherwise I fear the task will be beyond us, so I expect Sagna to start. Nerves might be a factor early on, particularly without Fab’s influence . I will be holding my breath for the first 20 mins as we never seem to get going until the second quarter. However, notwithstanding the aforementioned comments I fully expect us to make it to the quarters with a couple of goals from Nicki B and Theo!
    Come on you Reds!

  84. Raadi Al Haroumi

    Nasir.. you obviously never watched Arsenal when Wrighty played. It might also interest you to know, that whenever he is at games as a pundit, especially away from home.. he always gets an amazing response from The Arsenal faithful.. I’ve met him a few times… he’s a great bloke who always has time for a chat, and more to the point, no matter how much you moan and bitch, he is a fucking Arsenal legend, and that’s a fact!.. You disgust me. You know fuck all about The Arsenal and on the rare occasions I’ve read your posts, all you seem to talk about is ‘doomers’ and other posters on here.
    How about a little bit of respect for a man who scored 185 goals for our club. Mug.

  85. Raadi Al Haroumi

    All the haters.. watch and learn/

  86. Anybody else watch Phil Orange after the thrashing by Everton the other day?

    He was asked what they had to do to get out of the mes they were in and he answered, almost word for word, I kid you not,

    “Well, we don’t want fancy dan football that’s for sure, we need to step upto the plate and get in their faces, etc, etc.”

    Who do we play next in the league?

  87. COME ON ARSENAL……………………

  88. In regards to Wrighty… Love him as a player, hate him as a pundit.

    taeryn, absolutely right. But some people can’t seem to make that distinction.

    @ Raadi al Haroumi
    “How about a little bit of respect for a man who scored 185 goals for our club. Mug.”

    And how about a little bit of respect from Wrighty for the club which made him?

    Bob Wilson has said doesn’t like ex-players denigrating the club or the manager. Are you going to call him a mug? Don’t you think he’s quite as much of an Arsenal man as you are?

  89. Paulie Walnuts


    I think we know what`s coming at Hull, B`ham & Blackburn

  90. @ consolsbob

    If it didn’t involve our players getting kicked, it would be hilarious.

  91. That’s an interesting quote, consolsbob… particularly as prior to the match he was quoted as saying (I paraphrase),

    “I’ve got a bunch of footballers out there. So if it turns into a game of football, we could surprise people”.

    I had to laugh at that quote, partly because it came from Phil Brown, but partly because it’s rather clever. They might try to kick us to bits this weekend, but hopefully we’ll do an Everton on them.

  92. You couldn’t make it up.

  93. Nasir Jones-Nasri


    The guy just irks me. Sorry if that offended you, but I don’t know any other way!

  94. i dont think there is any point in fighting people we should be sticking together as a group during this crucial period and tonight aswell, in a few hours time we will know wether or not we progress in the champions league. its scary.

    4-0 by half time please to calm the nerves

    i predict 2-1 to us and extra time

  95. Arrogance is calling a true Arsenal legend a traitor as if you are somehow closer to the heart of the matter than he.

    Where is the loyalty, seemingly so valued, there?

    Limpar had it right. Who knows why Wright works for who he does or what he gets out of it or why he needs it? He is true gooner at heart, anyone who can’t see that doesn’t have one himself, not for the club anyway.

    Nasir, nice to see you spouting off as ever. Just a shame that punk mate of yours has gone so quite. Still, keep up the good work fella.

  96. Yes, Zap, you are right – we should be trying to stick together.

  97. 3 nil tonight.

  98. Nasir Jones-Nasri


    I’ve stated many times I didn’t start supporting until 2005. What’s your point? Ian Wright chose to support Man City this season end of story. Don’t get mad at me because your boyhood hero is a f*cking classless two bit sellout.

  99. raadi al haroumi,

    l`olympique de marseille when waddle played for them wasnt a second rate team,they won the champions league in 93 and got to the final the year before.

  100. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Eat a dick, arsenehollis.

  101. Lol….

  102. Just heard on SSN that Denilson and Theo will start on the bench…

    So that makes it..

    – – – – – – – – -Almunia – – – – – – – – – – –
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    Sagna – Campbell – Vermaelen – Clichy
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    – – – – – – – – – -Song – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    – – – – – – – Nasri – – Diaby – – – – – – – – –
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    Rosicky – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Arshavin
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    – – – – – – – – – Bendtner – – – – – – – – – – –

    Assuming Sagna starts and assuming Nas is in the middle rather than Mozart or Shava.

    Very, very strong side.


  103. @ arsenehollis

    The loyalty is to the club. Where’s Ian Wright’s loyalty? Or in your eyes is he bigger than the club that made him?
    By your own admission, you’ve never read what he has said, so how can you judge whether he’s out of order or not?
    Yes, he is weak, easily led, desperate to fit in, and “traitor” is a bit strong, but does Alan Hansen regularly slag off Liverpool?

    And I’ll ask you as well, would you class Bob Wilson as a johnny-come-lately Arsenal fan? Because despite your sense of superiority, getting annoyed when former players (whether legends or not) talk down the club has no connection to how long you’ve been a fan.

    (Sorry, Zap.)

  104. very strong line up,come on the arsenal

  105. Bac-ary Sanya, Sanya, Sanya!
    Bac-ary San-ya!

    Bac-ary Sanya, Sanya, Sanya!
    Bac-ary San-ya!

  106. @LA

    If Rosicky starts on the right, Eboue might start at RB, because TR will take some of the defensive responsibility and EE can do his attacking thing.
    I guess we’ll know in about 10 minutes!

  107. haha is allright fg


    Sagna Cam Verm Cli
    Song Rosicky Nasri
    Diaby Bentdner Arshavin

  108. yalla caman arsenal

    arsenal, arsenal, arsenal..Arsenal, Arsenal, Arsenaaaaal, Arsenal, Arsenal Arsenal, ArseNAL, ARSENALLLLLL

  109. Emperor Gooner

    surprising theo’s on bench..no eboue too..still a very strong line-up

  110. who wants it more

  111. Limpar that’s exactly the line up they just announced on sky sports.

    I’m a bit disappointed that Theo and Eboue are on the bench. Without them our right side is going to be pretty uneventful. Since Porto will come to defend and nothing more, I don’t understand why Arsene has put out such a conservative side. I expect us to nick a goal and get through, but it’s not going to be as easy as it should be. Hopefully, if we’re nil-nil at the half Wenger will bring Theo and Eboue in.

  112. Wan Tony Adams
    Theres only wan….

  113. @ G69

    Maybe Eboue and Theo were tired? Or perhaps AW feels the priority is not to concede early on? Anyway, we’ll see how it pans out. We’ve got plenty of options, that’s for sure.

  114. A bit hard on Rosicky there G69.

  115. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Hard on Wenger and Rosicky, cb.

  116. I never said anything about Rosicky. All I’m saying is that in a game where the opposition will come to defend, having a play maker and a offensively challenged right back on the same side is quite conservative.

  117. Amazing how so many are prepared to complain about the treatment handed out to explayers like Wright (how has often foresaken the name of the club in order to earn a dollar) but won’t extend the same courtesy to our current crop of players…

  118. Niklas Bendtner’s grin and shrug after so many missed chances has irked Warren Barton. He says it’s unacceptable and that he wouldn’t have gotten away with it if he were playing for Ferguson or Moyes.

  119. Don’t care about Wrighty or Adams!!

    What I am interested is the performances of Nasri and Bendtner tonight.

    Good luck boys!!!


  120. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Good point, QoS. It’s mind blowing.

  121. Or Warren Barton.

  122. QOS, well said. Since the kidos haven’t done f*ck all yet it’s open season on them. That they play for Arsenal means nothing.

  123. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    But totally understandable, too. Arsenehollis constantly bangs on about all these foreign fans with no connection to the club. Makes you wonder how they truly feel about our foreign players with no connection to the club.

  124. I predict Niki Bendtner will have a very good game today.



  126. BBC says

    01 Almunia
    03 Sagna
    05 Vermaelen
    22 Clichy
    31 Campbell
    02 Diaby
    07 Rosicky
    08 Nasri
    17 Song Billong
    23 Arshavin
    52 Bendtner

  127. COYG!!!!!!!!!!

  128. Pundits are really falling over themselves to remind the viewer that Arsenal has failed to overcome an away deficit nine out of eight times.

  129. Emperor Gooner

    come on lads!!!!

  130. Let’s do it. COYG.

  131. Eboue gives Nasri a hug on his way out.

  132. Does Arsenehollis not say he lives in Spain?

  133. nice clearance from sol there

  134. love that man ❤

  135. Fucking idiot commentators.

  136. ATVO, steww. Only way to stay sane.

  137. Please let Sagna be ok.

  138. No injuries PLEASE!!!!!

  139. Eboue warming up already, Sagna took a knock.

  140. Fuck this team is good.

  141. what a move. we are purring already


  142. bollocks. saved

  143. We’re looking very good so far on attack.

  144. Sounds like we’ve started well, is that right?



  147. Bendtner!!!!!!!!!

  148. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Get the fuck in! Super Nic strikes again!

  149. Who predicted the B52 hat-trick? I can feel it coming!

  150. “that’s broken kindly for the little Russian…” this Sky’s take on that great through ball.

  151. Phew. So important to get the first goal.


  153. oh god now the commenters are saying ‘you could have almost written the script’ on NB scoring! I presume they would have said the same had he not scored tonight? brap

  154. FG we have been magnificent. Quick inventive direct solid – you name it we are doing it.

  155. Holton injured.

  156. Yeah, steww… I’m watching it with spanish commentating so I don’t have to listen to the crap the Sky hacks are spewing.

  157. Thanks, steww.

  158. Arsh has been directing play, really vocal on that side helping out Clichy and orchestrating passing moves in Fab’s absence! This is a perfect start.

  159. Arshavin's Barber


  160. I love the spanish commentary and the dutch but the picture on the laptop is poor so tv it is!

  161. knock on the head for the porto goalie… hopefully he’s feeling as foggy as my somerset scrumpy.


  162. Arshavin's Barber

    we need another two goal which andrieus will score for sure.

  163. So close from Abou. This game is wonderful so far.

  164. He better up his game then AB!

  165. I hate to ask – but anyone got a decent link?

  166. MDG go to MYP2P they have loads

  167. Little Mozart – brilliant

  168. Arshavin's Barber

    typical, i av a custermor asking me to cut his hair now, he wants one of them chris waddle mullets. i say get a lost this isnt the nineties.

  169. Hospital pass Abou

  170. We’ve taken some nasty tackles so far, I really hope we don’t pick up any new injuries.


  172. 2-0!!!!!!


  174. Super super Nic

  175. I do believe he has atoned for saturday.

  176. What’s up with Nasri?

  177. BENDTNER <33333

  178. Thanks Steww just in time to see NB score his second. Cheers

  179. We all said it. Nic puts himself there or thereabouts time and time again and will end up scoring. Games like Saturday and Blackburn last year are the flukes.

  180. Pleasure MDG – glad you got there.

  181. AA skies it again dear oh dear – why doesn’t he just pass to NB??

  182. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Holy crap Arshavin just missed a sitter. That was worse than any of Nic’s vs. Burnley.

  183. Need one more goal now before half time to settle the nerves, right now it is still wide open

  184. What you nervous about mate? This is pure entertainment great fun- I’m smiling all over at this game.

  185. This game is wonderful. I was afraid Porto would come out and stay in their half the entire time, but they are really having a go at it (I guess they have to now). Good stuff, and Song has been fantastic in defense yet again.

  186. Come on, let’s make it 3-0…

  187. Some great blocks from TV, superb all over from Song, ingenious from AA, clinical from NB. Everyone else just fine.

  188. Two legged ties always make me nervous. Nik is playing out of his skin today. May be this is the game that will make him

  189. I know what you mean some games make me eat my own flesh but I feel relaxed about this. Can’t explain it.

  190. And Bendtner right there again looking for the rebound… It’s amazing how well he positions himself.

  191. Excellent 1st half.

  192. Simply fantastic 45 minutes of football. I hope the second half is this good.

  193. We are good for a couple more goals in the 2nd.


  194. i enjoyed that. mor plez

  195. Is Sol not fit?

  196. Come on Bendtner, score another one!

    Just a great game so far, we had plenty of chances and Porto look very intimidated. Whenever Arshavin runs at them, they are absolutely clueless. Nice passing by us, too. Especially those backheel flicks by Arshavin and Diaby.

    And don’t forget: we are without Cesc. Imagine how ManU would cope without Rooney..

  197. Emperor Gooner


    everyone’s playing just amazing

    tv , nikki b , arsh , nasri , diaby , all of em

    i luv this club!! lets get the 3rd one!!

  198. Wow, pundits talking how Bendtner has to prove his performance today isn’t “one-off”… oh how I hate their bullsh*t..

  199. Gutted i’m not there now! Hubby pulled rank, i’m flat out jealous, we’re playing brilliantly!

  200. Oh my…….

  201. Definitely could use a third to settle my nerves a little.

  202. Abou is on fire tonight.

  203. Well done Big Al.

  204. Please let’s just score a third…

  205. Pundits desperate to make this look dodgy for us, Porto are having a go. Of course they are it’s a knockout but we are fine.

  206. Thata boy Samir. We are living on the edge a bit. Good defending though.

  207. Oooooooooooooooooooooooo


  209. Samir!!!!!!!!!!

  210. Fantastic strike! What a player.

  211. BLOODY HELL!!!!!!!!!!!

  212. Is that goal for real?!?!

    One of the best goals I have seen in my life.


  213. Let’s not take our foot off the gas though

  214. Thats the goal of the season!!!!!!!!!

  215. …I’ve got chills

  216. Eboue!!!!!!

  217. Yes the goal of the season!!!


  218. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  219. Arsenal’s goal machine!

  220. OMG!!!!!

  221. Right past the keeper, brilliant.

  222. I said 2 more but lets have 3, Hat trick for NB?

  223. 4-0

    now lets enjoy the game

  224. That Nasri goal gets better every time I watch it. I kept thinking he’d lose the ball, or he must pass, but he just kept going and buried it a very tight angle. Just amazing.

  225. THAT my friends is the beautiful game…lovely stuff.

  226. im speechless

  227. Bendtner could have had the trick right there.

  228. Great control from Eboue and I just love the way AA never eases up on a loose ball.

  229. Are we starting to see what Nasri will bring us? All this without Cesc and RVP. Breathtaking. Told you I was relaxed!

  230. we are the best footballing side on the planet

  231. i guess that’s why people called him the new Zidane.

  232. No doubt Arseman, this is football!

  233. I still cant get over the Nasri goal, amazing!

  234. What a team performance, every single one, it’s just so fucking beautiful

  235. So happy for Eboue…

  236. FG Against Burnley and tonight he has been a revelation.

  237. Andrei deserves a goal for the work he has put in today. How about one for him, and a third for Nic?

  238. through the legs…song

  239. Nasriiiiiiiiiiiiiiii……what a player….

  240. hahahaha sanga!!!!

  241. I am just so proud of this team, after all we have been through this season, written off how many times and now we seem to be playing our best stuf. Unbelievable!!!


  242. Its unfair to be able to bring on Walcott at this point.

  243. Haha, too true, Paul N. It’s amazing to have this kind of depth.

  244. What an unbelievable squad of players,

  245. Unfair my arse, go on son scare the shit out em

  246. i can feel another one coming!

  247. youve only come to see eboue

  248. Clean sheet, now please. And we should take back the two goals we gave them at Porto.

  249. taeryn, everyone said we lacked depth.

    No RVP, Gallas, Cesc, Gibbs etc and all the others who have been injured on and off and still loads of talent and class on the field!!

  250. The fact we can have Walcott, Eduardo and Eboue on the bench, and be missing all those players, is a testament to the depth we have.

  251. TV is brilliant.

  252. So close for Nic!

  253. Sol has been outstanding the 2nd also, brushing Porto players aside.

  254. Penalty to arsenal.

  255. Penalty!

  256. Bendtner to take it for the hat trick

  257. Those of us who never lost faith in Nic can engage smug mode.

  258. That’s how to silence your critics :).

  259. BENDTNER!!!!!!!

  260. Perfectly taken too… Helton guessed the right way, but Nic smacked it right in the corner.

  261. pelanty!!!

  262. Smug mode engaging, Captain Steww.

  263. Aaaaaahhhhhh!!

  264. OH YEAH!!!

  265. he did it…good on you Nicky B

  266. Perfect night.
    I just pray Nasri is fit.

  267. Wow. I am so envious of the people who were there.

  268. wenger knows…bendtner knows

  269. Well my fellow gooners…. that was an absolutely thrilling hour and a half.

  270. I hope you did that on purpose Arseman…”pelanty!”

  271. Happy for Bendtner… he is on the verge of being a word class striker.

  272. what do u think axis? taken straight out of waddles’ dictionary

  273. I agree with mingus at 12:56.
    Stunning result. What a squad. What a club!

  274. There’s no words. I love it, I just totally love it.

  275. 5-0 5-0 5-0



  276. Just watched Nasri’s goal again. Jesus fucking christ.

  277. I feel ill.

    Both Bendtner and Nasri came though for us.


  278. This one is for you too Ramsey.

    I wanted us to sell Eboue!

    What a game?

  279. The officiating seemed quite unbiased.
    And we actually got a penalty.
    Am I dreaming?

  280. That ref was quality btw.

  281. and again. It really did happen just like that. Fuck me.

  282. what a night, one of the best ive had watching arsenal

    i cant believe it 5-0 effing amazing




    Arsenal, Arsenal, Arsenal…Arsenal, ArsenAL Arsenaaa-aaaaal, Arsenal, Arsenal, Arsenal…Arsenal…..ARSENALLLLL

  283. i know maria….im giddy with excitement!

  284. – I
    + They

  285. People who say NB is not a good player dont know football.

  286. loooooooooooooooooooool

    Great minds FG.

  287. Who said that Bendy would score a hat trick tonight. Apparently the odds were 40-1!

    Anybody backed him?

  288. Excellent Arseman!

  289. i almost celebrated when i heard the crowd singing bentdner’s name in the 1st 10 minutes…….i love you nb


  290. i love it when wenger jumps around!!! hes awesome!

  291. Well in to mention the ref Maria, he was good.

    Emanueeeeeeeeel Ebouuuuuuuuuueeeeeeeeeeeee.
    Emanueeeeeeeeel Ebouuuuuuuuuueeeeeeeeeeeee.
    Emanueeeeeeeeel Ebouuuuuuuuuueeeeeeeeeeeee.

    Bring on Hull. On Nasri’s performances in the last couple of matches, Cesc can have another week off!!

  292. Yeah, it’s not often said, but respect to the ref tonight. I thought he was superb.

  293. Great team performance, yes? It sounded like every one played out of his skin.

  294. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    What a goal from Nasri.

  295. What a lovely game that was to watch…

  296. the pundits on this side of the world are really slagging of bendtner….wtf???

  297. Arseman, dont pay them any mind, what they are saying is downright stupid.

  298. Oh Nasri, we love you we do.

  299. ofcourse paul n….just that their stupidity amazes me!


  300. Captain’s performance from Nasri.

  301. @ Maria

    “Great minds”

    But maybe it means they’ve decided to finally let it lie.

  302. Arseman, they’re mad because Bendtner made them look like fools now.

    I remember the idiot here in the US, that guy that used to play for New Castle was saying Bendtner will never be an Arsenal legend, take that up yours…from Bendtner with love.

  303. What were the crowd saying to Satan Collymore?

  304. Usual shit from ex-players that can’t read a game or analyze anything to save their lives.

    These clowns claimed that Wenger has always used zonal marking, well until the great Englishman Sol came and told him how it was done.


    Also they claimed never to have seen any Arsenal players on the posts ever!!!

  305. Arshavin's Barber

    andrie getting back to his best, he will be great for our run in.

  306. @FG

    Are you watching Stan Colloway…

    Also hope they are calling him a wife-beating scumbag.

  307. Lol, he just hinted they had!!!

  308. @ Maria

    ha ha ha – excellent!

  309. to all the pundits – nasri has always been this good. so glad you caught up with the rest of us

    near perfect night

  310. These pundits are pathetic a 22 year old striker scores a hatrick and is still being slagged off as having not contributed anything to the team. They definitely find the humble pie bitter. Talk about diversionary tactics. Sad souls

  311. Maria

    That’s just desperation. Fools.

  312. Still on for the double, then.

  313. I agree coolsteve, they’re just trying to put him down to break his spirit.

    Some of them just can’t stomach any success from anything Arsenal.

    They forgot this is a player who came back from a long lay off and just finding his touch. If anything last weekend’s missed chances were just the proof he’s on his way up.

  314. Emperor Gooner

    name one team that can put out a performance like that when it’s deprived of 3-4 of its key players!!

    TV was absolutely solid at the back along with sol

    goal of the season by nasri

    now bring anyone on in the qfs..we’re doing a double!!

  315. Well that was a big let down.


  316. nasri is a little genius! Got to be the goal of the season by a mile.

  317. Porto has just improved so much, with the help of the mad Colombians…

  318. Emperor, not only was it a performance without 3-4 key players, it was a victory in the CL knockout stages without Gallas, Cesc & RVP… The much-heralded ‘spine’ of the team. Could chelski do it without terry, lumpard & drobga?

  319. And Nas’s goal was one of our top goals ever I reckon.

  320. Henry would have been proud of that, what a goal.

  321. I know it does not really matter that much but I am absolutely stoked that they put in the effort and energy to keep a clean sheet. Top drawer.

    Now back to the league. Glad we have Hull this weekend, hopefully even with a little CL hangover we can get an easy win. The league is ours for the taking with a 100 % run in. 25 points would probably also do it but why not take them all. I think we will be in a dogfight to the end with United. Chelsea have the toughest run in.

  322. “Still on for the double, then.”

    You said FG.

  323. Arshavin's Barber

    andrieus with 2 maybe 3 assists. and still not in full flo. fukin blackburn west ham wolves look de fuck out.

  324. Arsenal V Porto game up on ArsenalOnline already.

  325. Opps that was the first-leg.

  326. ruud gullit is a twat.good night

  327. Good night, everyone. The emotion has exhausted me!

  328. Lol, nite nite FG.

  329. Maria my friend, how r ya?

  330. Arshavin's Barber

    goodnight marija my little darling. sleepy tight.

  331. G4E, brilliant goal! its funny how only one side of fans are cheering, its look hilarious.

  332. Will the c*nts who say Diaby, Bendtner, Eboue, Theo and Denilson aren’t fit enough to wear the Arsenal shirt finally shut the hell up?

  333. GB69, do you mean Howard? 🙂

    It’s a wonder goal Paul N.

  334. Just got back from the game and this was up there with the best performances I have seen.

    As a friend who text me said ‘this is tantric’

    Special mention to Clichy who after much derision has got back to his true level, his timing of interceptions is second to none.

  335. Eboue plays on left, He plays on the right, he plays right back, he plays center forward…what else can he do?

    Any striker would be so proud of the way he finished the 4th goal.

  336. you only came to watch eboue

  337. I just saw the work of the Legend!


  338. “Wow. I am so envious of the people who were there.”

    And I am so happy I was FG. It was fantastic! One of the best Arsenal matches I have seen at the Emirates. The handbrake was definitely off tonight. Everyone played well and I was impressed with Arshavin’s defensive play tonight. I thought it was ironic that the two players who had their names sung loudest and longest were Bendtner and Eboue – the worms have turned! Do not write this team or any of it’s players off. They are on the rise!

  339. Just got back from the game. I am very proud of the support today, it was how it should be. We sang from the first minute to the last.

    Even before Bendtner scored his song was sung about three times. Eboue got a great reaction from my section.

    The team were great tonight, so very happy, almost emotional. It is all coming together, the doubters are slowly being converted.
    We missed out first choice outfield spine tonight yet destroyed Porto.

    I love this club, this squad and our manager. Thank you Arsenal!

  340. So why did we pay several millions for some French midfielder “who’s too slow for Arsenal” if we could’ve gotten a quality English chap instead? Really stupid by Arsene!

  341. morning all.

    Glorious performance, wonderful team, exciting future!

    Anyone got a link to the highlights by any chance?

  342. Bradys right foot

    Nasris goal was incredible up there with Villas, Gemmils, Maradonas and Bests.

    I had to break open a nice bottle of Shiraz to mark the occaision, we were fantastic tonight. The quality of some of our play was mesmerising, our movement, pace, invention and despite all that their is still more to come from this team, still better performances ahead.

    No need to mention the qualities of Nasri, Arshavin and Rosicky as its all to obvious.

    Special mentions to Eboue, when he runs at the opposition he’s unplayable. To Song and Diaby the week in week out reasons we will win silverware in the future, two Arsenal giants here and now some just don’t realise it.

    I’ve got too much to say but will end with this thanks Arsenal, the life of a football fan is one of frustration and angst tonight is one of those rare occaisions were I have complete and utter contentment.

  343. I think Nasri was finally played in his best position tonight and maybe that’s why we haven’t seen his best until now. That goal was supreme class. And at a mere twenty two years old the boy is poised to be an Arsenal legend.

  344. deano,
    try arsenalist for the goals and footytube for the highlights.

  345. 1 loose cannon

    lots of happy gooners tonight. Enjoy it guys
    Nasri had a moment of genius. His goal was outstanding, the entire game he was pulling the strings. He is very clever. It’s frightening these players are all in their early 20s. We will possibly see the best Arsenal team ever if we keep all the players together.

  346. I struggle to think of any other player in the world at the moment that could score nasris goal.

    Perhaps only messi.

    Delerious with excitment. This could well be our season.

    A slap in the face to pundits who say we cant play without cesc.

    Our strength shone all over the park and from the bench.

  347. cheers fast forward

  348. … or rojadirecta.org for goals + highlights.

  349. you’re welcome.

  350. Nasri is coming along nicely. We are really starting to see his quality, not just his goal but the way he holds possession when the opposition are snapping away at his ankles.

    ‘Nasri is going that way, get him. Opps he is off the other way.. no, hang on.. hey come back here!’

    As Yazz would say, the only way is up for that kid. 22 years old and will take huge steps forward next season and the one after that.

    The way Nasri and Rosicky kept switching positions from left to center was truly magical.

    I am so high on Arsenal right now, I would have to sober up before driving. That is how happy I am.

  351. Hey Paul, sorry for the late reply busy calling up all the rival fans I could find!!

  352. This Arsenal team is playing their part in overcoming all obstacles to greatness, showing true spirit and commitment, despite the inevitable challenges and setbacks. Unfortunately there are still too many glory hunting plastic fans who try their best to break the spirit of the players when the going gets rough.
    As an example, one of the most pernicious comments I read tonight was in The Telegraph by one Toby Young, a self-described Arsenal supporter, who, despite Bendtner’s success vs Porto, chose to proudly write this screed:
    “Like many Arsenal fans, I had given up on Danish striker Nicklas Bendtner. His performance in the match against Burnley on Saturday was all-too-typical, missing chance after chance after chance. He has become a joke on the terraces, a talisman of Arsenal’s inability to press home their advantage. His puppy-like confidence in the face of an appalling couple of seasons, his enduring belief in his own scoring ability in spite of all evidence to the contrary, has made me want to shove his bright pink football boots down his neck.”
    Who is this self-important prick to believe he speaks for all Arsenal supporters? Of course these are the smug know-it-alls who have no faith in the youth project and are forever looking to blow a wad of cash on some over-hyped veteran who more often not costs a wedge in wages but fails to deliver. Well Mr young et al Bendtner I am sure will ram every word down your throat in the coming weeks and months.

  353. Funny how Andy Gray, was so lost for words in regards to our out of this world performance that he started going on and ON, about how this game proves that the PL is the best in the world.

    Self-important little w*nker!!

  354. Full match is up now on ArsenalOnline!!

  355. S-G,

    My friend has me loving this song but I don’t understand a word his saying.


    Oddly however, I love the song!!

    This is the song.

  356. Not much else to add, except to say I am really, really happy for Arsene.

  357. ONE SONG!


    ONE SONG!……….

  358. ugh.

    I could quite happily slap people like that shotta.

    Why privalidge an idiot like that with a voice when the majority know precisley how lucky we are to have bendtner?

    Appalling couple of seasons?? I realy dont see it. He’s been the difference on more than one occasion and is still work in progress.

    Theyve all got big mouths these hacks. They should use them to chew and swallow their pride instead of chatting pap all the time.

  359. I know we like to pass a lot as a team, but nothing is better than watching a player pick it up from somewhere in the field, beat 2 or 3 players and score. I’ve always wondered what Ronaldinho or Messi would be like playing for Arsenal.

  360. “I struggle to think of any other player in the world at the moment that could score nasris goal.

    Perhaps only messi.”

    Actually, there is one other player. He happened to be playing on the other wing tonight.

    What an embarrassment of riches.

  361. Which one Rosicky or Arsha? Because they can both do it.

  362. As someone would say “Well, well,well”

  363. In some of the other Arsenal blogs I found a few people saying that Bendtner is crap, he has just scored some tap ins.

    I don’t know what is wrong with these guys. The lad has just scored a hattrick in the second leg a do or die European knock out game when the team was trailing after the first leg. Other than scoring goals he has won numerous headers, made intelligent passes, helped out in defence and generally worked his socks off. Give him a break, what more do you want? Almost the only thing Bendtner did not do yesterday was play as the goalkeeper, and still people are slagging him. It just beggars belief.

  364. Bendtner’s performance was great… Burnley game was one to forget.

    One can say lack of experience. This pressure handling attitude will only come with time. Bendtner will be definitely more productive than Adebayor in near future.

    This game will help to gain confidence: good to see it coming in a CL game!!

  365. yeah bitches….

    nas…whatta goal, whatta player.
    arshavin…as good as he’s ever been for us. superb.
    bendtner..nicely done big man.

    wonderful supporting performances from everyone else.

    Now lets go and do hull a new one.

  366. Bendtner could’ve scored six goals last night and some people would’ve still criticized him. I say forget about those people and thank god that Arsene Wenger doesn’t cower to those types. Their track record, as far as them deciding who is fit to wear the Arsenal shirt, has taken a battering for the past few months. The team is on the up and up, and the players who they once slagged off are doing great. Just look at how many moaners have come to praise Eboue and Diaby. One day Bendtner, Theo and Denilson will receive the same praise. It’s not like Arsene picks them just to piss them off you know. Two points off the top in the league and a CL quarter final despite the fact that it’s a team full of kids and important senior players are out.

  367. I am still doped from last night’s performance. Where do I start? I am lost for words.It was a truly magical game .I love arsenal.

  368. Some have described Bendtner’s place in the team last night was by “default” because of the lack of a physically fit alternative. I choose to believe that Wenger’s faith in Bendtner was the reason for Arsenal not making any new striker signings in the January transfer window. Therefore, Bendtner’s place in the team was by design and not by accident as some would lead us to believe.

  369. Before I went to sleep last night, I wrote down the score in my little results notebook. I looked at “Arsenal v Porto CL 5-0 W” and thought, those words don’t even begin to express how I feel.

    Injuries, bad officiating, haters, do your worst. We are an unstoppable force.

  370. Maria

    My mind somehow was able to blank out Andy Gray’s comments during the game. I was so exhilarated by the waves of purposeful Arsenal onslaught on the Porto’s goal right from the first minute. The first and second Bendtner’s goals were well deserved rewards of our efforts. Arshavin could have been joint MOTM with Nasri if he had converted his chances to add to the assists to Bendtner and Eboue.

    Nasri’s solo goal was sheer brilliance. Such a goal left me at a loss for words to describe it, coming at a crucial phase of the game with the score at 2-0.

  371. Officiating was fair last night. The foul count for Arsenal was one of the highest we had, but it was more a reflection of the fair refereeing that offer protection for players attempting to play the game in its proper spirit and allowing creativity to be rewarded, and aggression punished.

    I hope we get this referee again in this year’s competition. He scored at least a nine in my book out of ten.

  372. Luke

    “Officiating was fair last night.”
    Was that remark sparked by my comment about bad officiating? If so, I wasn’t talking about last night. I said earlier the ref was unbiased. I meant bad officiating in the away tie, and in general, both in CL and PL.

  373. FunGunner

    Yes, sparked by your comment. But it is my standalone opinion on the referee last night. Even Porto’s manager had nothing to say about him post-match.

    It was such a fantastic game that it even gets video replayed in my sleep last night. 🙂

  374. well, well, well, well, well…..

    Just got back from the game. What an evening. Made a profit too. Alex Song MotM for me. Oh and well done everyone in the stadium last night. Didn’t stop smiling from the minute I went through the turnstile…still smiling now.

    Message for Falcao and Pereira. Fuck off you cheats.

  375. I thought the referee was a low average last night. Compared to some of the buffoons we have to suffer I guess he was OKish. Awarding yellow cards at Falcao’s say so is pretty fucking poor refereeing..

  376. This Falcao is a very poor imitation of the real one.

  377. Lucky you luke…that broad Scottish accent was drilling though my head!!

  378. Frank

    I beg to differ on the referee. I wouldn’t mind at all to have him again.

    Come on. 5-0 and with a penalty award to boot? I have no issues with him.

  379. Ok Frank.

    I recall TV’s yellow card now. It was harsh.

  380. No I can’t accept that a referee is good just because we won, Luke. Nor can I accept that a referee is good just because he is even. He is probably as a good a referee as we can expect, but we have a refereeing crisis in football. Standards are very, very low.

  381. Who cares if Bendtner scores only tap ins.

    I remember when Thierry said he needed to start scoring ugly goals. Van Nistlerooy never scored from outside 10 yards in the Premier League.

    Being in the right positions to finish off people’s moves is more important in teams with lot’s of attacking talent. Just ask Serginho and the rest ofr Brazil ’82

  382. I remember Serginho to be a rather clumsy Brazilian centre forward.

  383. Brazil 82 has a talented midfield but a striker that couldn’t finish off moves.

    They could have done with a few “easy” tap ins

  384. TV was also colossal last night. He’s a fighter with a winner’s mentality. He made many brave and crucial blocks to protect our goal and was in no small way responsible for our clean sheet.

  385. I might abandon my atheism and start praying for no injuries to TV now that Gallas is out a month apparently…

  386. Morning all.

    Now that’s I call a team performance.

    Moment of the match … the 4th goal, and Arsene runs towards the pitch, jumps in the air, two fists raised high, beaming … well done Mr. Wenger.

    Other moment of the match … Almunia in a full stretch horizontal dive punches the ball away, far away, far far away.

    Third moment of the match Rosicky in trouble in the middle, harried by 2 portos does that impossible reverse thing he does, seconds later Arsenal is threatening the opposite goalmouth.

    Arensal keeping it real … big thankyou and well played.

    Nasri … what can anyone say.

  387. And Bill even got his clean sheet!

  388. Cracking atmosphere at the grove last night. Maybe we our support isn’t so bad afterall?

    I thought we got the ‘rub of the green’. Ref was a bit of a homer. But I’m not complaining…

    At some point this team will win something…sooner or later.

    I thought we made too many mistakes in a game we were comfortably dominating. We have to sort out the individual mistakes, the lazy passes, and rash decisions….

    We’re on the way up.

    The 5-0 victory makes it look like we had easier opposition than we actually had. But it also means we’ve raised expectations…be prepared for a crisis if we don’t now go all the way.

  389. ‘Ref was a bit of a homer’ – What, an incredible story-teller?

  390. Good mates with ‘Arry’s tottle.
    We do rotational sublime performances. Nasri? Then Cesc? Then Abou? Then AA? etc…. while Denilson and Song keep the steady heartbeat going.

  391. The season is ticking along rather nicely now and warming up for a nice nail-biting finish. In with a chance in the two biggest competitions and to think some people had us ‘doomed’ by December. Heh.

    Nights like last night make it great to be an Arsenal fan who kept the faith. Well done to all those faithful gunners. Enjoy it!

  392. Nothing so classical Limpar….

  393. @ LimparAssist at 10:33am

    Ha ha ha

  394. Samir’s goal has left me speechless.
    To Jack Wilshere – See that? That’s you, that is – in a couple of seasons.

  395. Have we signed Chamakh? A big part of me hopes there’s a place for Jay Simpson in this Arsenal team.

  396. AndyE – I still remember Serghino, with horror.
    Ha, Ha, Ha!

  397. Who could we get in the draws?

    I want Man United or Barcelona…..as I usually do every year.

  398. I would prefer to meet Man U now than in the final. I know we can beat them on our day but to lose to any English team in the final would take a lot of getting over.

    On a more positive slant I would like us to get Man U and then beat Barca in the final. Sol to score the winner of course. That would be sweet.

  399. although nothing beats the chant 1 -0 to the arsenal, 5 – 0 to the arsenal is not bad at all.

    NB52 fir a domestic hattrick vs hull next up!

    Well done to both fans and players alike!

  400. fir = for

  401. Matty Boy, Eboue to score the winner,

    speaking of which, i hope his contract has been sorted out?

  402. Can we please forgot the Theo must start media led bandwagon so he can get to the World cup.He is now behind Eboue as our right winger.And last night proved it again

    When it came to picking Theo for a big game Arsene left him out.That says it all

  403. Fuck off you name-changing, shape-shifting, slimey little fuck.

  404. Ole, i would like barcelona to be honest



  405. Super, Super Nick
    Super, Super Nick
    Super, Super Nick…


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