Burnley Preview, Rambo & Theo On A Wing & A Prayer

Burnley arrive at The Emirates today, wedged by the media into the role of sacrificial lambs, ready to be slaughtered at the altar of pure football. Arsene has no doubt warning the players that the visitors will fight, the relegation place predicted for them at the start of the season being good motivation for them not to succumb willingly. Even so, Arsenal should have too much ability for three points not to be taken.

To do so, the back four will have a little bit of a makeshift look. Sol Campbell and William Gallas will be absent, a starting line-up place for Mikael Silvestre the likeliest option to partner Thomas Vermaelen. The inclusion of Kyle Bartley in the squad looks to be purely so that there is a specialised centre back on the bench although having two left-sided central defenders is less than ideal. Alex Song’s absence due to a two-match suspension, allied to Aaron Ramsey’s injury, means a starting place is likely for Denilson, much to the chagrin of his numerous detractors.

Ramsey has spoken for the first time since that assault:

I remember what happened clearly and after the tackle went in I saw that my leg was broken and hanging at an angle. I have seen images of the aftermath of the collision again but I don’t want to dwell too much on the challenge as I can’t change what has happened.

That is the biggest hurdle Ramsey faces. The prognosis seems to be that he will physically recover but mentally, it might be a tougher journey. Injured players often speak of the depression of not being able to train and play, of the psychological trauma a broken leg provides them, knowing it could happen again in a physical contact sport.

The tackle is being too lightly dismissed by the media and some managers; were it to be one of the players suffering this misfortune, I doubt they would have been so forgiving, such is human hypocrisy.

The Arsenal team though has to overcome the incident as well. They took a step forward last week by winning as opposed to drawing and are being praised by Martin Keown for the strength of character they have shown:

The last time, with Eduardo, the same unfortunate incident cost them the league. They have learned and they remained professional this time. You could see the maturity, especially in Fabregas. I also think that Sol Campbell being on the pitch really helped them

The inference in some papers is that the absence of William Gallas was even more beneficial, a cruel and unwarranted invention on their part, especially given the professionalism the Frenchman has shown since losing the captaincy, no indication that emotions would overcome his endeavours as they did on that afternoon at St Andrews.

For today, Wenger has an embarrassment of attacking riches compared to recent times. Arshavin came through an appearance for Russia in the week and is back in the squad, as in Abou Diaby. It is unlikely that both will start and if they do, doubtful that they are ready for the full 90 minutes. Diaby is the more likely of the duo to be on the pitch at kick-off I suspect with Bendtner likely to be supported by Nasri and Walcott.

Theo has been roundly criticised and abused, Chris Waddle one of the worst offenders, a man whose international career in the early days was marked by boo’s and the player falling over on the Wembley turf, unable to control his body when turning to beat an opponent. To say Walcott has no footballing brain was puerile; how quickly the Geordie has forgotten his own troubled appearances for England.

Marc Overmars offered an insight into where Walcott may be better served:

As a right footer I was always much more comfortable playing on the left wing. In fact, when Arsene Wenger started me on the right for Arsenal, I would say to myself that I’d be able to give myself a 6 out of 10 performance. But when he put me on the left, I knew I would get at least an 8.

The reason for that is that when I was on the right, I felt there wasn’t enough space between the ball and the touchline for me to make things happen – there was little room for manoeuvre. Playing on the left allowed me to get the ball out from my feet quicker and easier and also be more effective going forward. When you pick the ball up on the left wing with your right foot, you can knock the ball forward with your first touch.

But on the right you have to control the ball and you’ve therefore already lost time. Also from the left I could cut inside, which made me more dangerous and meant I could get shots away.

It is too late in the season for the change to be made, the chance of disrupting the pattern of the team outweighs any potential short-term advantage. Moving to the left would also enhance Walcott’s understanding of playing centrally, the days of the traditional number nine are gone, forwards expected to drift out to either flank to leave space for others to exploit.

As it is, this is the line-up I expect to start:

Almunia; Sagna, Vermaelen, Silvestre, Clichy; Denilson, Fabregas, Diaby; Nasri, Bendter, Walcott

Three points is a must, putting pressure on Manchester United for their visit to Molineux. Psychologically, it is important as well, Chelsea and United know they have the tougher run-ins and to see Arsenal start to relentlessly win every match will be mentally testing for our closest rivals.

Enjoy the match wherever you are watching it. ’til Tomorrow.

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  1. Exciting times. Great stuff Yogi, as ever, thanks for the review.

  2. I cant wait. Lets make a statement starting 2day

  3. Missed a ‘p’. Preview of course.

  4. great post yw,here’s to 3 points.

  5. Paulie Walnuts

    Great stuff as usual YW

    Same back 4 as against Sunderland with Eboue storming down the right. Denilson to start & play well with Bendtner & Arshavin on the scoresheet. With Porto looming it would be nice to cruise this one but Burnley will give it everything of course.

    Chris Poodle is out of order concerning Theo, who will add to his game with passing years. Playing on the left is certainly an option for the reasons given by Overmars. I like RVP on the right side too, coming inside onto his hammer left foot.

  6. With all the injuries we’ve had this season, doesn’t the fact we’re still challenging for the title show that our squad is big enough.

    Imagine we had no long term injuries this season. How strong would we have been:

    An extra centre back – Djourou
    An extra left back – Gibbs (not forgetting Clichy’s long absence)
    An extra midfielder – combo of Diaby, Denilson and Ramsey
    FOUR extra forwards – RvP, Bendtner, Eduardo, Walcott

  7. wenger urged his young guns against complacency wen we face burnley and that shud be key.the startin 11 meks sence tho silvestre givs me shivers.

  8. iF SILVESTRE cannot play against burley without causing shivers with all due respect, then there is no need for him to be in the squad.

    here is to Silvestre scoring first, in a 10 -0 drubbing to put us on top of the league! man U to draw wolves… this time around, they need all the points and so cannot accord to put out any type of team casually!

  9. Of course what really cost us in the Birmingham game was the erroneously awarded penalty. We were robed of 2 points that day and I think it is arguable that had as much effect on our season as the injury to Eduardo.

    This time we got a late (and lucky) penalty which turned the game in our favour.

    The result of both games and the impact thereafter has been decided as much by the vagaries of refereeing decisions as anything.

    Very interesting point from Overmars – put like that, it makes perfect sense. I assume there must be a counterargument…otherwise Wenger would seem rather remiss for not remembering this from Overmars’ days?

  10. Or ‘robbed’ of 2 points, though I quite like ‘robed’.


  11. Alec Mclichy – YES, YES & YES.

    I’ve been saying exactly this for ages!

    I still think we could have a better keeper but if we had as few injuries as Chelsea and other teams had had to cope with what we have been through we would probably be 10 points clear!

    Just having a fit RvP would have made HUGE difference. It’s quite staggering when you think about it.

  12. no rosicky? 5-0 today no problem

  13. great post yw,keep em coming. overmars hit the nail on the head. AW must play Theo on the left. anyone who saw TH14 when he was startin out @ arsenal surely can see massive potential in theo. William,whats up wit u dawg? You’ve been missin in action,and you know this. 6-1 to The ARSENAL today!

  14. Jonny, I don’t think it was a lucky penalty. It was a clear handball, although the referee could have chosen to wave it away as he did the 2 other clear penalties that we should have been given.

  15. Emperor Gooner

    i think eboue will start instead of sagna….4-0

  16. Passenal – the other penalty (I only remember one other of the top of my head) was clear cut.

    The handball was very harsh, it was of the kind you would be furious about if awarded against your team. It certainly wasn’t deliberate.

  17. excelent post yw en overmus hit the nail on the head.aw shud try walcot on da left,rememba wen th14 was statn out at arsenal,u kn surely see da potential in tw.william wats up dawg?u’v bin misn in action en u knw this.6-1 arsenal.

  18. lovley post yogi,

    i hope for a good performance today.

    I wouldnt be at all suprised to see an upset at molinuex, I thought wolves were unlucky against chelsea, plus, rooney and owen injured.

    And I think Rosicky deserves a start, he was great when he came on at stoke.

    The circus surrounding Walcott is a sad indication of our damaging fast food mentality. He has shown the flashes of brilliance that will undoubtably become more consistant. Give the kid time he’s twenty years of age! Who were Thierry Henry or Didier Drogba at that age?

  19. Ramsey’s should have been given, then there was the shove near the end.

    I’m not sure I’d be too upset if we’d been on the receiving end of the handball decision. Pugh had no reason to be standing with his arms outstretched in his own penalty area, and he denied Song a chance. Referee had no choice, whether Pugh meant it or not.

  20. Quite right too Overmars let the analysis be left to the experts. How anyone cannot see that Theo is destined for great things is beyond me. We have seen only flashes of his brilliance due to his poor luck with injuries. His only problem at the moment is an over demanding media, the pressure of filling in the boots of the greatest striker Arsenal and the premeirship have ever seen, and that he is a sensitive young man who thrives on confidence ,unlike the street hardened Rooney who would knock you out in a dark alley.

    Rooney has also had his schooling on the wing were he played the supporting act to Ronaldo and was probably less effective. He has gained more confidence in the centre but this hasn’t happened over night. its taken 5 seasons for Rooney to have his best season.

    For those who still have any doubt at just how special Theo is dont forget that he single handedly launched us to within 7 minutes of the Champions League semis after creating that goal for Ade at Liverpool following setting him up in the San Siro as well, and scoring in Istanbul. That goal at Liverpool is second only to Thierry Henry’s goal in the Bernabeu for me. 4 – 0 to the Arsenal. Theo to score!

  21. @ team spirit-love da belief.if silvestre starts guess we gona hav to trust him in our defence,afterall we dnt hav that many options i.e sol is obviously bein rested 4 da cl.who’s ur first choice tday,eboue or theo?

  22. No one takes Chris Waddle seriously YW – assuming you can understand what he says in the first place!

    3-0 to the Arsenal today 🙂

  23. Re: The penalty. It looked very ‘streetwise’ of Nik B ~ he saw the hand and lobbed the ball straight at it…then shot his arm up. Nice one Nik!

  24. 3-0 to arsenal and rosicky to start.wher are u william dog?

  25. oh no Denilson’s back!!!

  26. I’m not into the do it for Rambo thing. Do it because you can. Do it for yourselves. Do it for the manager. Do it for the fans. Just do it.

  27. 3-0 ill take that, and theo to get the third

  28. Jonny, the handball wasn’t harsh at all. He deliberately “made himself big”, the way you coach basketball and hockey players to do. It decreases the number of options for the passer.

    So while he didn’t deliberately move his hand ball, he deliberately put his arm out to reduce the attacking options. And that’s a penalty. And both Ramsey and Bendtner were denied stone cold penalties…both were assaulted while their bodies were between the defender and the ball, with no attempt to play the ball.

  29. The other thing people forget about Theo is that he singlehandedly “won” us he dreaded Birmingham game before Clichy was penalized for kicking the ball.

    5-1, lads. Then we’re TOP OF THE TABLE!

  30. COYG. 4 – O to the Arsenal.

  31. WTF? 6 f*cking defenders?!??!

  32. ..

  33. it wont matter….resistance is futile

  34. 8 morewins, I think to stand a chance.

    This has to be one of them – and it will, I think.

  35. Wilshere scored for Bolton!

  36. This linesman is terrible.

  37. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Thats a pen.

  38. Jay Simpson scored as well. Great stuff from the loanees. Good play from the Gunners too, the goals will come.

  39. Love the Laudrup flick by Nasri.

  40. Nasir Jones-Nasri


  41. Get in!

  42. What a brilliant goal!!!

  43. Could have been two then.

  44. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Nutmegged Jensen?

  45. kamannnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  46. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Go on Theo we need more of that.

  47. That doesn’t look too good.

  48. CB, you referring to the injury to Cesc? What happened, don’t have a feed that works.

  49. who took over the armband?

  50. Cesc is incredible. He has scored three goals this season while being injured. He always gives it all, what a player.

  51. it doesn’t look good for Fabregas. He might miss the Porto game

  52. almunia or rosicky are likely to take the arm band.

    I hope the injury is not serious

  53. fingers crossed its just a twinge

  54. the goal was class. it showed the telepathy between nasri and fabregas.

  55. this game now has eeiry paralels to the game at turf moor.

    We cant afford the same outcome

  56. Good to see Theo standing up for himself, against Fox. Any idea what happened to cesc ? Feed is in German, and no mention was made – except the obvious ~ could be physical, could be to save him for ‘bigger’ games.

  57. does anyone have a link thats not vexcast?

  58. GGooner you have no idea how it looks for Fab. maybe he was just being precautionary so he WOULD be available for porto.

    been pleased with walcotts effort today, loved him getting in fox’s face for that challenge and then the fans chanting his name afterwards. That a way!! Call these thugs out when they make unnecessary challenges.

    and what can we say about cesc… can anyone in the world match his goals + assists this year in all competitions? let us pray he is not injured severly.


  59. Burnley will be happy its only 1 down. We need to really take it to them early the second half and get the second otherwise we could have nervous final minutes. Wilshere scored for Bolton we could with him in the team.

  60. Channel – 81774 sopcast

  61. sore knee for fabregas. taken off as a precaution for tuesday’s match.

  62. it`s a sore knee for cesc

  63. anybody knows what the hell bendtner is doing? he should have had 4 goals already. walcott must be so bitterly disappointed. his best game for arsenal so far, and bendtner couldnt do him a favour by scoring from that wonderful cros.

  64. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Wow Bendtner just barely missed that one. Unlucky Nic.

  65. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Come on now, no7. Chill.

  66. Two taxis for Bentdner in 5 mins!

    Good work by Theo.

  67. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Lord. Now that should have been buried.

  68. Dear oh dear Bendtner mate you should’ve had a hat trick. Come on getting closer. Walcott has come on on fire

  69. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    My goodness.

  70. this is how we get punished

  71. Pathetic Shit

  72. I hope Bendtner does not go into his shell now. It will come he needs to keep going

  73. come on arsenal

  74. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    He’s going to get one sooner or later Ggooner.

  75. shit we need to win this

  76. Burnley got theit tail up now

  77. Arshavin is warming up…


  79. it starting to look like one of those games where the ball just refuses to go in.Come oooon


  81. Shove that up your cunt, Chris Waddle.

  82. come on now lets do em

  83. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    What a cracking finish from Theo. He deserved that.

  84. theeeeeeeeeeeooooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  85. fuck waddle, fuck sky commentators, fuck all armchair pundits, fuck football365…theo has been the player of the second half

  86. chris can waddle to the back garden and lock himself in the shed

  87. ‘AVE IT!

  88. What a finish. Waddle are you watching you big ASS

  89. MOTM- walcott

  90. First a nutmeg of The Beast.

    Now Theo leaves his mark.

  91. it really should’ve been 6 by now

  92. i want to kill bendtner

  93. oh fuck bendtner.

    come on.

  94. Nick is really having one of his nights…getting onto great positions but missing 😦

  95. Nasir Jones-Nasri


  96. starting to remember the bentner of old……when we get a third we can laugh at it.

  97. I’m worried for Bendtner now, its clearly his confidence is shot

  98. .

  99. bendtner is still raw…..he will be a quality player

  100. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Enough with the worrying and anger. It’s coming.

  101. I think the sight of Jansen remind him of that game against Burnley where he had about 7 chances, scored none.

  102. well, having scored 3 goals in his last 3 starts, i would be surprised if his confidence gets shot. other than the finishing, he has had a good game

  103. Come on Bendtner!

  104. come on arsenal…..do my nerves a favour and score a feckin 3rd!

  105. Loving Theo today. This performance and goal will do him so much good.

    Oh and hopefully us for the run in

  106. i have a feeling nick will get a goal in this match

  107. EDUARDO

  108. oh, he has just been subbed…

  109. Wish ed had started sounds like he would have had a handful

  110. we dropped a bit. come on guys, We nned a third

  111. nervous defending now

  112. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Yikes Arshavin blew that.

  113. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Nervous defending? Maybe from Burnley.

  114. Jenson looks like my Dad

  115. Job done!

  116. Goal Arshavin. That near post shot was ferocious.

  117. phew…thank god for that

  118. story of the day — THEO THEO THEO

    and yes shotta love to see arshavin get a goal.. he’ll be extra fired up for tuesday

  119. it should’ve been 8-1

  120. It wasn’t Bendtner’s day, but he had a good game. He got in all the right positions, but was so unlucky with his shots..

  121. Great game !
    Burnley – nice try.. good to see Arsh unleash a shot on target. 3-1 ; how many bet on that score ? 🙂

  122. Great game from Walcott…long may it continues.

    Should have been 8-1 but it’s 3-1 and three points, can’t ask for more.

    Eboue continues to be much better going forward than Sagna this year.

  123. They are saying that Cesc’s coming off was ‘precautionary’. Looked like a hamstring to me though.

  124. Ponyboy is back!


  125. now for old mick to destroy man u 2-0

  126. That’s how it looked to me too CBob, but I hope it’s not. Not right now, we need him.

  127. Good Grief! Ponyboy!

    Where have you been you old recaltitrant?

    One more thing that has pissed me off in a week when almost everything to do with football coverage has pissed me off is the concentration on Theo ‘not beinbg good enough for England’.

    Of all the really poor players who have turned out for England in recent years, and there have been many, can you remember any of them getting such a savage press after a game?

    Don’t get me started on how poor Rooney and that spud were. Gerrard looked like he just didn’t want to play on the left- again. Not a word on those performances, but Theo…


  128. on a wing and a prayer ehh deano??

  129. ‘recalcitrant’, Doh!

  130. That’s right deano….they probably will roll-over to Alex Mafioso Ferguson.

  131. 1 win down, 9 to go
    so the high scores expected could actually have been met, Nicki didn’t put on his shooting boots today, but the 3 points are in the bag and we are actuality on the way!

  132. notlager..never went far away, old chap…just became Town Dog for a while. Under the radar, that dog!

    Well, Wolves got thrashed, alas..but it’s a game of 9 halves..

  133. i got a feeling….that tonights gonna be a good night.

    On a side note….Im happy for portsmouth and avram. I think he’s a cracking manager.

  134. yea nik didnt have the best game finishing, but walcott, nasri, and fab’s service and nik’s positioning were great. denillson did well protecting the back four, positionally speaking. great performance outside of the finishing of NB.

    but lets remember RvP didnt spark fire instantly getting use to playing the most central and forward role in our formation, but once he caught fire, he couldnt be stopped. i predict the same will happen with NB in the run in.

  135. Great win. The football was absolutely sublime. Bendtner will be disappointed with his misses, but that’s life. Better luck next time. He scored a vital goal against Stoke, so he knows how to score in tight situations. Walcott was electric. Nasri as well.

    The team is going from strength to strength.

  136. Still talking bollocks I see Pb.

  137. Nail biting game when it didn’t need to be. We should’ve beat them by at least six even with their goal.

    The assistant referee got two off side calls horribly wrong early on with Bendtner in on goal. Bendtner missed like three sitters and squandered some neat crosses from Theo. If I were Arsene I’d make him practice finishing from now to the end of the season. Just him. By himself. Shooting at goal. No running, tactics or cone drills. Just finishing. Until he’s so sick of it that he becomes a twenty plus goal a season player.

  138. Clear penalty on Walcott as well in the first half.

  139. whats the lowest amount of penalties ever awarded to a premier league team in a season?

    We cant be far off.

  140. Nasri and Walcott were excellent, but as a whole we were poor today. Hopefully that is just down to the midweek games and Porto on Tuesday.

    The win was all that matters, but we really milked playing the worst away side in the league for all it was worth.

    Team for Tuesday?

    Almunia, Sagna, Campbell, Vermaalen, Clichy, Song, Diaby, Cesc, Nasri, Arshavin/Walcott, Bendtner

  141. yep, Consols.. no longer the dog’s bollocks though.

  142. The penalty was a bit soft but the two offside calls were horrific. We could’ve been up two nil, at least, at the half.

  143. I’m sure that you are trying to say something, Pb. It’s just figuring out what it is.

  144. Nasri was indeed good. Him and Theo were the strongest candidates for man of the match. Diaby had a good game. I thought the team picked up a bit when he came on. Denilson was also solid. I guess there’s nothing for the trolls to feed on today.

  145. hmmm…..Im trying desparatley to recall the last time i saw one of RvP’s masterfull penalties? Was it against stoke last day of last season??

  146. what a result! Hung on in the end but no more than we deserved. Sensible evaluation from Jonathan Pierce on BBC Final score, we still won this potential banana skin of a fixture after an emotionally and physically draining game and players back from international duty. De ja vu for Bendnter. Pink boots next time I think. Walcott and Eboue were excellence personified. We looked like we would score with every attack. Eboues confidence is ridiculous. What a backheel to Fabregas.

    Rooney not even named as sub.Dimitar Berbaslob leading the line. Go on Wolves.Hope Fabregas is ok. This one is going all they way to the wire.

  147. deano –
    desperately ?

  148. skywatchingmug

    Bendtner had a bad day. Not one of his missed chances where on target.
    But apart from that a good day for The Arsenal. Theo had something to prove and he showed it today. A very productive game form him and I for one was glad for him and us.

    Nasri was my man of the match and Diaby had a good come back game from.

    More positives than negatives.
    They showed their metal today with the finishing line closing in.

  149. arsenehollis, you meant to say Burnley were poor because Arsenal were not poor apart from some finishing by NB.

    We played some terriffic stuff today!

    WALCOTT!!! what a display from a player without a football brain.


  150. Come on Wolves!!!

  151. you better believe it ponyboy. Desparatley. As desperate as the 12 missed calls I just got off PonyGirl.

  152. anyone see wilshire’s goal yet?

  153. Deano ~ hehe… well, atleast she’s a ‘mare..

    apologies CB – the stream showed some old game where Man Ure beat Wolves 3-0 and, in all the excitement..forgot they haven’t begun yet.

  154. ” I guess there’s nothing for the trolls to feed on today.” (Gainsbourg69 at 5:15 pm)

    Spoken too early, I see.

  155. Still taking the drugs then…

  156. This is from The Sun:
    “England forward Walcott had been anonymous for most of the game but fired in on the hour mark and Arshavin struck at the death to seal all three points for the Gunners.”

    Are they f*cking kidding? Walcott was anonymous? What game were they watching?

    Just proves they’re idiotic hacks and just make up stories. Waloctt was great today, apart from 20-25 minutes in the first half when the entire team dropped down a bit.

  157. Emperor Gooner

    we are the best..watch manure drop points today…they’re a mid-table team without rooney…we’re going to win the league!!!

  158. Well done Theo. So much for Chris Twaddle.

  159. Great finish from Arsh, did you see how hard that was hit and how he sqeezed it inside the post? Theo looked really sharp -great for him after allthat was asid this week.
    I only saw their goal in replays but a looked suspect and offside to me.

  160. skywatchingmug

    Wilshire’s goal was a well taken effort, he had to adjust his feet and body to score. He controlled the shot and guiding it in, on the up from about six yards out with a defender closing in on him.

    Shame it was for the Bolton twats.

  161. And Walcott named MOM on whatever stream I watched G4E @5.42

  162. I am waiting for the Bendtner bashing to begin. It’s his turn now, right?

    Great result. Ignore the hacks….always

  163. up the wolves and up the fulham.

  164. Emperor Gooner

    lol..these c**ts at sky wet themselves over united…now that united are piss poor without shrek and not being able to play , these c**ts are saying its because of the pitch..lol

  165. You can never grumble when a striker and a team make and get chance after chance.

    Nothing to worry about, Nikki B will bang a hat trick in this month.

    There would be a hell of a lot more to fear if we were NOT making so many chances.

    All is very rosey in the Arsenal garden… it’s all coming together nicely.

    Just a shame about not going top with an extra 2 goals.. but hey ho.. 3 points in the bag.

  166. Every time you feel like pulling your hair out when Bendtner misses a sitter, think about his amazing positioning to be in the place from where he could score. This guy is going to be a star.

  167. Henry still refers to Arsenal’s fixtures as “our” fixtures. What a legend.

  168. Wolves doing well so far – really a one-man-band without shrek..
    Ugly teams, both – but the old saw applies: One’s enemy’s enemy is one’s friend.

  169. Emperor Gooner

    united look like a mid-table team without rooney..shockingly poor..wolves should’ve been 2-0 ahead

  170. We have so many enemies now, Pb. there is barely a team in the Division that i don’t have reason to detest.

  171. This is what bugs me. The press make Wenger out to be the bad guy when stands up for his players. How about the coaches who teach dirty play. This is a classic make the perp look like the good guy and victim look like the perp. I hate this. Three points are must. we got them. Man U and Wolves tied at half nil-nil. Without Rooney the Red Devils are havinga hard time.Lets hope for a tie or a loss. http://defutebol.net

  172. SomeRandomGunner

    Any body has a link of arsene’s post match reaction ?

  173. The Wolves-ManU game is bad…really bad. Two teams that can’t play…

  174. Watching Wolves play is really frustrating. They play a long ball and hope. If some player manages to get to the long ball and head or deflect it into a good position (and good position means closer than 25yds to the goal) they shoot — in any other case they keep backpassing until the ball is in their own half, then try another long ball.

  175. skywatchingmug


  176. No, Scholes scores

  177. Oh wow, that miss was worse than any of Nik’s misses today..

  178. Berbatov at the flag…real class!

  179. skywatchingmug

    You can see why Wolves are down in the mire.
    That game should put our earlier performance into prospective. least we made chances to be missed.

    Points will be dropped by the mancs.

    Come On You Gunners.

  180. i hope wolves get relegated!!! what a good for nothing team. They just keep giving gift, but they’ll probably play us as if their life depends on it. People criticize Arsenal, but we have been more consistent than the two above us. United don’t deserve anything from this season

  181. Just back from the game. I thought we played well and could have scored several more goals if Bendtner in particular had been on target with his shooting today. That Burnley goal was a fluke that came from nowhere. I was convinced it was offside watching it in the ground, but we got the goals and the victory in the end and that is what counts. Given the emotions of the day and evidence of a little bit of tiredness after midweek internationals, it was a pleasing result. Great to see Theo answer his critics with a good game and Nasri gets better and better. I hope Cesc’s injury is not too serious or long term. We need our captain and top scorer for the run in.

  182. I was at the match. Great result and it was great to see Theo getting back to form although my favourite monent was when he went head to head with their player and then shoved him away. I think the Burnley players were complaining because they had been told that he doesn’t retaliate when fouled.

    I was very unimpressed with the crowd in the family section. I was in row 18 Block 26 and hardly anyone in front of me was joining in the songs or encouraging the team. It seems the further back they are, the better supporters they are.

    The 3 youths sitting next to me went for their half time refreshments (?) about 10 minutes before half time and missed our first goal. They then left (presumably for more refreshment) before our third goal.

    Some people were criticising Bendter but after about his 5th miss a fair few in the crowd sorted that out by starting to sing “Super, Super Nik”. It seems stupid to do otherwise as he will be part of the team and squad for the rest of the season and hopefully for many seasons to come.

    We’ve only got 4 more home league games. Let’s support our team to winning the league. If you just want the spectacle, watch the game on Match of the Day.

  183. I am off to the pub but have just read my post at 7.55. Sorry to strike a down note. It reads like I should have been a vicar.

  184. the media narrative is changing from “Arsenal are too brittle to win the title” to “Arsenal are flat-track bullies who’ll limp across the finish line first inspite of themselves.” pathetic and sadly predictable. f*cking twats.


  185. CDD, they will always find a way of diminishing our achievements, but when we win the league, we will not care what they have to say. Our name will be on the trophy and history will not care how we did it.

  186. hear hear, passenal. COYG!

  187. I was at the match today, good to hear the crowd keep singing Bendtners name…..

    I think some of the crowd have learnt the lesson after the Eboue booing last season!

    I thought Nas was excellent today!

  188. Man U almost dropped points at Wolves without Rooney doing everything for them. If Rooney is injured for a few games they’ll drop off the title race.

  189. I hope so Gainsbourg69

  190. We have a goals difference gap to make up. Seeing Man poo again this evening, I just don’t see them winning it.

  191. I’ll drink to that, G69!
    The most important thing for us is for ManUre to lose their aura of invincibility. Teams have got to feel it’s worth having a go at them, then they will drop the points we need them to drop.

    Post-international week feel to the performance today, but they got the job done, which is all we can ask at this stage.
    And what great riposte to his critics from Theo – shove that up your hole, Waddle!

  192. They will as a matter of course drop points. I think they’ll even lose to a team nobody expects them to lose to.

  193. Why would anybody listen to anything Waddle had to spout. (That is assuming they could even understand what he was saying in the first place.)

  194. Must say I was pleased with B52 work-rate today. He may have missed a few but he kept working to get into good positions, unlike some other tall fellow we used to have.

  195. cdd @8:55
    the hack got what he deserved. he gets slaughtered in the comments.

  196. thanks, ff. good show by all who exposed the nonsense in that article.

  197. “Men one day, boys the next, Wenger’s fireflies needed the fixture list to deliver a soft ending to keep them close to Chelsea and United.”

    everybody plays the same 19 other teams.

    so i don’t get his point.

    if we are close now, it means we have done better in the ‘tougher’ fixtures we have had, whereas the media darlings have screwed up their easier fixtures so far.

  198. CDD @ 8.55
    Thanks for the linkas it was great to see the hack getting slaughtered in the comments section (including Ole Gunner??). He should not be paid this week for writing such utter drivel

  199. @ no7

    “Men one day, boys the next, Wenger’s fireflies needed the fixture list to deliver a soft ending to keep them close to Chelsea and United.”

    They are just trying to find any excuse should we will the title.

    Having written us off right from before the 1st game of the season they now see how wrong they may have been. As far as I am concerned they can fuck of.

  200. Watching the game back, it’s clear that while Diaby, is another wonderful attacking option for us it’s his defending that sets him apart. Keep an eye out on who is there more often than not, to give Clichy the cover he so desperately needs in front of him.

  201. P.S.

    How can the run in keep us closer when we were close before the run in.

    You could not make it up.

  202. Oh and Bendtner’s link up play was superb.

  203. We couldn’t but they do Dup and are paid handsomely.

  204. I watched Arsene shouting at Abou late in the 2nd half (I think to stay further back) but Abou was having none of it and kept going forward. I wonder if Wenger gave Abou a bollocking after the game. 🙂

  205. Nasri and Cesc in the middle was VERY interesting Nasri MOTM for me.

  206. Lol, Abou could smell that third goal and was just following his instincts.

  207. I agree Maria, MoTM was Nasri. He gets better & better.

  208. Cesc would have been my MOTM if not for his substitution due to his hamstring injury.

  209. A response to Andy Gray:

    “Do teams adopt a slightly more aggressive approach to their game when facing Arsenal because they think they can get under their skin? Yes.”

    Why do teams adopt more aggressive approach against Arsenal? And why don’t they apply the same approach towards Manchester United and Chelsea?

    Is it because it’s ok to be more aggressive with Arsenal? Is intimidation allowed in football?

    Who incites, suggests, and approve the more aggressive approach towards Arsenal? The media, The managers, The pundits?

    I’m sorry, although I respect your opinion, it’s bogus and no more than finding an excuse for the aggressor. A reckless and extra aggressive tackle is just a reckless and aggressive approach and it is mostly and vastly approved towards Arsenal players but no other team.

    I can’t wait to hear your opinion if this was a tackle by Diaby that broke Rooney’s leg.

  210. Diaby only breaks the legs of players on his own team

  211. arshenal, have you ever seen the incident when Nasri broke his leg? He is the one who attempted to tackle Diaby just as he was about to shoot at goal. There was no way that it was Diaby’s fault.

  212. You know what? I loved Nic’s smile as he came off. All that shit about the pressure getting to him when actually he is as relaxed as a kid in the park.
    We the fans can get tense, swear and cry like babies when the pressure gets too much but I like that the players want it and mean it (look at how often Nic got into the right place no matter what) but can still be relaxed and enjoy it.
    Fuck the so called fans who whimper and whine, lets smile and enjoy the ride.

  213. Was only joking, but I haven’t seen the injury. Diaby is one of my favorite players, and had an absolute stormer yesterday.

  214. Did anyone realise that 4 English Arsenal players scored yesterday?

  215. Ok Arshenal, I guess I was being a little over sensitive!

    I just finished re-watching the game and I thought Nasri and Eboue were excellent. I love to watch the way Nasri just glides across the pitch with the ball stuck to his feet. He very rarely loses it and the way he twists and turns to retain possession is quite outstanding.

  216. Rinseout

    Walcott, Wilshere, and ?

  217. Passenal

    Eboue was more subdued in the 2nd half. Do you think he was under instruction to curb his attacking inclination?

  218. JET and Simpson

  219. JET is another.

  220. Two goals and an assist on his debut for Doncaster Rovers

  221. @ Maria and Passenal

    Ditto to your comments about Diaby, Nasri and Eboue. Nasri is like Hleb + acceleration + goal threat + vision.

    And we do look better on TV than we looked at the match. You can see the players’ movement so much better on the telly.

  222. Something in me says that even though it will be great to go on and win the CL, I won’t be too upset if we end up going out in the quarter finals. That will leave us with just 9 more games to play over 2 months, and with this schedule I think the team can just go on and win all the remaining matches and win the league.

  223. Would love to see Chelski bogged down by FA Cup replays – they would really need to prioritise then, or go for The Treble, but winning none. 😀

  224. When Capello implements a “no wife” policy for S Africa, John Terry was made to sign up to an additional clause that says “including team mates’ wives and their girlfriends”

  225. FG – I find it better to watch at the ground than on TV. I sit in the upper tier so you can see the whole pitch and see the off the ball movement too.

    Keysersoze, I disagree. These players love the opportunity to play in Europe and losing to Porto could derail our PL campaign too as it would knock their confidence. With players returning from injury and suspension, we should have enough quality for Arsene to rotate the team to see us through to the end of the season.

  226. passenal,

    I agree watching the game live is so much better, I am also in the upper tier, blue quad and I find myself not watching where the ball is rather concentrating on players movement, this is why I find it so difficult to stomach people critising Denilson as he is one player who constantly moves and makes himself available for the pass as well as covering well for the full backs.

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