Respect + Unity = Deliverance

Aaaah, Friday. The day before the weekend and a match. A day when I get a lie-in, Darius takes over. So big fella, take it away. What???!!! You need a week off because of work? Work is for wimps, mister. As Jim Royle would say, “Work, my arse”. Oh bugger, I’d better get my act together….

Right, profuse apologies proferred from Darius so here we go. Nigel Winterburn has got the ball rolling ahead of the visit of Burnley to The Emirates tomorrow, having a James moment, believing that the title may just be the squad’s destiny calling:

They have a great chance now, they are right in there after Chelsea’s defeat on Saturday, and they have to feel they can win most of these last 10 games and push United and Chelsea all the way.

The key is to put pressure on them, like by winning on Saturday before United play and send them out at Wolves knowing they can’t afford to slip up.

Winterburn is one of the few pundits whose opinion is worth listening to. Whilst he, Keown, Parlour and Dixon take the filthy lucre from media organisations, they present a balanced view of Arsenal, giving a valid opinion on the rights and wrongs rather than a sensationalist diatribe spewed with venom to gain a reputation. That the reputation may be one of ‘chatting shit‘ as a friend likes to describe it, is apparently unimportant.

There is an absolute lack of respect, reflecting society in general. Winterburn has a well-honed sense of revenge in that respect:

I really hope Arsenal can go on and win the title or the Champions League this season, because a lot of people disrespected the club at the start of the season, saying they wouldn’t even be contenders.

They have already proved a lot of them wrong, but winning something is the only real way to do it.

And winning the title is a real possibility. I noted yesterday that Arsenal would not be considered to have won the title, simply that Chelsea or United had thrown it away. The Sith Lord of the North implied that yesterday, observing that Arsenal were genuine contenders because they had the easiest run-in.

Sycophantic media chums – or those too scared of being barred from Carrington press conferences – failed to point out to him that the reason Arsenal is still in contention is that in between the top of the table clashes, Arsenal are the most consistent side in the country.

We have dropped 12 points against United and Chelsea yet they lead the table by a mere 3 points. Therefore, Arsenal has performed better in the other fixtures, the ones that consistently we are told, are the ones that matter, the ones that win titles, the ones which this season are derided because we have not beaten Chelsea or United, dismissed as inconsequential. Well, they are not.

The disrespect though is not limited to outsiders. The abilities of players are routinely dismissed by Arsenal fans, frequently in abusive terms. It is not right; it is not useful and it has to stop. By all means be critical of a performance but constructively so; show the unity and support to drive the team forward to fulfilling yours and their dreams.

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. A news that will bring a smile to every Gooner’s face.

    Arsenal beat Spurs 10-0 away in Cup Semi( ).

  2. We are perfectly set up 4 the remainin games. Diaby & arsh comin in 2 ease cesc in d midfield ,the CL match with the whole squad available except van persie against porto ,B57 coming up graudualy,surely i dnt see any reason to stop The arsenal. Its a pity Rambo cant join in the excitement

  3. 5-0 2morrow id say,then 4-0 tuesday night, its gonna be a good week:)

  4. Agreed, Ive been saying all along that bar the defeat to Sunderland we have been the most consistant team in the league. That is our only shock result. Man U won the league last year with a poor record against the big 4 and there was no criticism of them for it.

  5. Why can’t pple leave theo & denilson alone?the lads have not played consistently this season and are clearly suffering from a lack of confidence.get behind the lads and the title will end up at the grove.Aruta continua!!!

  6. Remember at the start of the season SKY had adverts and billboards out advertising the start of the Premier League season.

    On this ad, there were Fergie, Ancelloti, Rafa and Mark Hughes. That was the biggest insult of all, lets shove that picture back up SKYs arse and win the title!

  7. jaymejellyfish

    Mark Lawrenson is a prick

  8. Victory Through Harmony

    Titles Through Unity

  9. Those adverts also had torres,shrek,frank and barry!

  10. Excellent post, YW…can I start doing the country mile thing yet?

  11. K-TR7 glad you remembered the adverts!

    I cant find a single link to them online, its almost as if SKY have purged them to save their blushes!

  12. Rooney is a talented lad but some aspects of his game such as close control,dribbling skills and x factor are not par to europe’s band of elite attacking players.but he uses the tools he has such as strength,movement and heading ability to the maximum which makes a case for less is more.Theo needs to learn to do the same and thats why when rvp and cesc play with theo he shines;they don’t play the ball to his feet but ahead of him for him to run onto.Ljunberg used his pace to perfection and i hope theo does learn to use his best weapon too.

  13. great post yogi,

    were on the verge of something very special.

    To get behind the team is imperitive.

    I actually believe its at the stage where its ours to lose.

  14. Finally some common sense from a premier league manager:

  15. The disrespect though is not limited to outsiders. The abilities of players are routinely dismissed by Arsenal fans, frequently in abusive terms. It is not right; it is not useful and it has to stop. By all means be critical of a performance but constructively so; show the unity and support to drive the team forward to fulfilling yours and their dreams.

    Hear hear!

    Well said YW

  16. We seriously need to improve our goal difference against burnley.AA has had a month’s rest so he should come and perform the way we know he can.I’m sure AW is being cautious with diaby and big sol since he wants them available for Porto.To all the bloggers,if we were in a cl final and got a last minute penalty,who would you back to take it?

  17. K-TR7 -spot on.

    I did a premier league predictor where you enter all of the results for the season and it predicts your finishing spots.

    According to that Arsenal miss out on the title through goal difference, because Man utd thrash teams.

  18. Nasri is due a goal.Against stoke he ran his socks off but things never really worked out for him.He surprised me by how direct his dribbling was and some of his turns were rvpesque.We need the forward three to score more and that includes TR7 SN8 and AA.Nik is in the groove,the others should step up.TR7 looks close to the level we know he can play.

  19. we have the best penalty taker in the league in robin.

  20. @ K-TR7 – RvP if available, if not Cesc.

    Arse&Nose, excellent points made by Martinez.

    I’m fed up of being told “he’s not that type of player”, “he didn’t go in to hurt him”. It was clumsly, reckless, unneccesary and over-physical challenge. And it spawns from managers like Pulis and Allardyce who either don’t know how to train their players to play football or just can’t be bothered.

    I’m a bit spoilt as an Arsenal fan, but are fans of other clubs really happy to scrap to survive in the Prem League by playing shit football and knocking lumps out of the opposition?

  21. You’re absolutely right, Yogi. Most consistent side in the country. Aside perhaps for Norwich City. And Newport County in the Blue Square South. But other than that…

    Turn on SSN at your peril today btw, they seem to be sand-bagging ahead of Arsene’s press conference. A parade of pricks, pillocks and villains have been carted out to say it was a run-of-the-mill 50:50 challenge that left Ramsey with a broken tibia and fibia.

    Roy Keane has said that our 3 bad injuries; Abou, Edu and Aaron, is ‘par for the course’ these days.

    Gerry Francis (who has become the spit of Danny Devito’s The Penguin, incidentally) said that Ryan Shawcross could just as easily have hurt himself, ‘on Aaron Ramsey’s shoe’. How is this man qualified to speak – at all – to anyone? Could’ve hurt himself on Ramsey’s shoe?

    Tony Gale says you need ‘a little bit of that’ *clenches his fist and grimaces*, against Arsenal. F*cking disgusting man. And they all say that Arsene Wenger is paranoid.

    Where is the balanced f*cking argument here? Why do they feel the need to rig the deck so heavily against us? It beggars belief really. I can only think that they’re scared of what Arsene Wenger is about to say. But why?

  22. Steve C, I suspect other fans have been brainwashed by the sky tv propoganda machine to think that the premier league is the best league in the world and needs no changes!

    Martinex made an excellent point about the location on the pitch where the tackle took place. If he made that tackle in his penalty area it would be understandable but it was in one of the least dangerous parts of the pitch. This again backs up the thought that he aimed to ‘DO him’ .

  23. Theo needs to go back to basics it looks like he was trying too hard against Egypt. Dribbling is something that will come back to him when he gains his confidence.

    I hope wenger plays him in the run in for the season because all he needs is either a good run in the team or a goal or brace to liftt his spirits.

    He hasn’t become a bad player overnight just one devoid of confidence.

    Denilson quite simply is not as good a Diaby and Song which is why he has not played so much this season.

    He is still very strong and I believe is still improving he needs to work on the defensive side of his game, looked a little suspect a few times this season.

  24. LimparAssist couldn’t agree with you more infact watch the below clip to see how crap a tackle it really was.

    Shawcross had a poor touch and tried to retrieve a lost cuase which cost ramsey the rest of the season and possibly more.

  25. RVP get well soon!Imagine if he came back from injury and fired us to pl and cl glory?it would be fairytale stuff.if it wasn’t for the injury,he would have given rooney a run for his money in the race for the golden boot.

  26. Barnet Gooner

    See for yourself on:-,19528,11095_5488962,00.html

    If you click on the photo of Rooney, Lampard & Barry you’ll find the image that Arse&Nose has shared.

    Was in Dublin this Wednesday and found the same (i.e. No Arsenal) on Sky Sports posters there.

    I think the gaffer should put “Ramsey in hospita”l as well as this photo in the dressing room or way out of dressing room for the team before every game.

  27. Can anyone imagine how Ferguson would have reacted if it were a 19 year old Paul Scholes who was taken out like that?

    Do you remember his reaction to a non-injury on Possebon after Pogatetz thuggishly took him out? Possebon didn’t even suffer a broken leg.

    Ferguson looked like he was going to try to beat up the Boro assistant manager,

  28. ferguson is a winner.

    But he discredits winning because it comes at any price.

    He’s a dispicable man manipulator, a brat with too much power and a lack of morals.

  29. “Excellent post, YW…can I start doing the country mile thing yet?”

    Frank, just a little superstitous, seems we are doing better without the country mile refrain. 🙂 May be the players read this blog as well and get complacent when they see that message!

  30. There is no reason to take Fergusson’s comment seriously. He is so out of practice that it is difficult, almost impossible for him to make an honest statement anymore.

  31. Hahahaha!

    Hack: “What about the tackle by Gallas that put Bolton’s Davis out for 5 – 6 games?”

    AW: “Check your facts you snivelling, shit-stirring f*ck-up, he played less than 10 days later.”

    How bad at your job do you want to be? Seriously. All these people are clowns. In no other industry do you get away with such ineptitude and falsity.

  32. Excellent comments from Martinez. Well spotted Arse&Nose

  33. Great post YW. I am particularly incensed by the quotes coming from the clods at Burnley. A right arse whipping is what is needed to put those relegation fodder shitbricks in their place. As the game after THE injury this is another statement game and one that the team will need to really be up for.
    I am so thankful to be on the other side of the Atlantic so I don’t have to put up with what passes for punditry on your side of the pond. Amazing what passes for a journo over there and the entire attitude too. I don’t know what causes it but I’m thankful to be distant from it.

    Come on The Arsenal!

  34. In other hilarious news…Owen out for the season. I feel sorry for him but it’s not like this is unexpected.

  35. Who the fuck was asking those opening questions? Sounds like he should be the royal correspondent for Horse & Hound.

  36. Excellent description of pundits on the web, YW: “…sensationalist diatribe spewed with venom to gain a reputation”

  37. …and airwaves.

  38. Shawcross has psyche himself off all guilt through tears, blind loyalty of his manager, hypocritical comments of peers/rivals of Arsenal, fabricated emails from Arsenal fans, etc. He’s ok now. He’ll walk with his head held high, can look Ramsey in the eyes, and won’t change one bit. What a joke this young man is. May he be cursed with a season ending injury.

  39. That’s Chris Waddle: “…sensationalist diatribe spewed with venom to gain a reputation”

  40. Fantastic responses:

    “I stand by what I said 100%,” Wenger declared.

    “I knew exactly what would happen the whole week, that was quite easy to predict.”

    Wenger continued: “I am sitting here like I am in a tribunal. What do I have to defend? Is it a football game or something else?

    “I can understand people want to be committed against us, and I have no problem with that.

    “I love the commitment of the English game. I don’t want to change that and it makes the game even more attractive, but high commitment demands fair intention as well.”

    Wenger added: “I admire a great technical tackle as much as a creative pass.

    “A tackle is an art in itself – that means you always have your eye on the ball, never with a high foot, in your tackle you can already make a pass.

    “To close your eyes and go in too physical, that does not mean it is intention, but there is danger.

    “Tackling is an art you do not want to get out of the game.

    “We have some good tacklers in this league, some who are not good – but that does not mean you go into it trying to break a leg.

    “It is not Arsenal against the rest of the world. What I say here is valid for the Arsenal players as well.

    “I want the Arsenal players to go into the tackles like everybody else, to go into the tackles and be committed.

    “What I say it not just for Stoke or Arsenal players, it is for everybody. I defend football.

    “It is not that we are apart from anybody else. We are the same.

    “I am continuing to defend the values that I believe are important for our club and football.

    “That doesn’t mean we are angels and everyone else is the devil. It is for everybody.”

  41. Great Post:

    Who gives a d*mn how we win. Winning the league over 38 games is never lucky. If we can take 28 points from the run in, I think Cesc will lift the trophy. We have to play consistant smart defense. If we do the only team that we should have trouble keeping a clean sheet againsti is City. Concentration and organization in the back will win the title. If NB, AA, CF and Diaby stay healthy we can score plenty of goals. Keep your fingers crossed that our hamstrings and calf muscles stay intact. If RVP really can help that would awesome icing on the cake.

    If we do win I have some humble pie to eat because I certainly did not think it could happen after United and Chelsea.

    Go Gunners.

  42. Martinez is a legend, Arse&Nose. Great link.

  43. Teamtalk headline:”Tackling is not part of the game”-Wenger.after reading his actual comments i wondered why they took the man’s words and twisted them only to get attention.

  44. The City and Tottenham games are definitely the most challenging in our run-in, but I’m more worried about getting complacent and dropping points against Birmingham or Hull, etc.

    I think the team is well galvanized though. With the guys coming back from injury (hopefully), we’ll be at our strongest since the beginning of the season. Start tomorrow with a right thrashing of Burnley and things are looking very good indeed.

  45. ‘Nuff Respect YW.

    Thanks Luke.

    Any odds on how much of that makes it in to tomorrows Redtops?
    Maybe I could place a bet with that person who owns Stoke FC & Betfair?

    Someone liked this term I used once,

    “The only problem I can see is the Frank Spencer ‘Some Muvvers Don’t Like It Up ‘Em’ school of football fan'”

    I’ve been on MML this week but have heard some snippets in passing. Every time someone like Tony Gale speaks all I hear is:

    “Ohhhhh Betty!”

    Pure pantomime.

  46. Flint McCullough

    Good post Darius

    Thinking of Nutty Boy & the rest of the famous back 5- can anyone remember any of them breaking an opponent’s leg?

    I can’t remember the boot as it were being on the other foot.

    I don’t recall any at the Emirates, bar JT’s broken foot, & the last one I remember at Highbury was Ian Selley.

    In fact I cannot remember any proper class player, from any top flight team, breaking someone’s leg in recent times.

    Can anyone help here because Google isn’t coming up with much & maybe my memory ain’t so great????

    Some hack at AW press conference has said Gallas put Taylor out for 5 weeks. AW showed him up for what he is.

  47. Well done Redaction:

  48. You are right, it does have to stop – its corrosive, insidious and divisive.

    Apart from not noting the consistency with which we have performed we also seem to carry the blame for having too many injuries, for trying to play too prettily, for putting money ahead of success, for being a selling club.

    The disgusting insulting suggestion from the media that ‘if we win’, we will only do so as the worst champions the Prem has ever seen. This is compounded by a significant section of our own fans basically agreeing, by insisting that we HAVE to spend big in the summer and we got ‘lucky’. This implication that it is solely luck that we are here to contest the run in is nonsense – the team has played brilliantly this season and on an unbelievably rigged playing field.

    We have been the more consistent team overall but furthermore if we have an easier run-in now, it also means we have played MORE of our difficult ties than those we are breathing down the necks of. Of course this fact is lost to the cunts too.

    Last season Arsenal were the best in the country against the top teams but lost too many points everywhere else.

    Why were Man Utd considered worthy victors then and yet we will not be should we win it this season?

  49. Flint, depends on your definition of class but didn’t someone from ManUre break David Busst’s leg and end his career?

  50. Yes Rinseout, it was a double tackle by Brian McClair and Dennis Irwin.

  51. yeah right, Irwin.

  52. D. Cisse’s had a couple of leg breaks as well, some man u scumbag got his leg broken by Riise’s free kick as well wasn’t it?

  53. good post YW, I hope you can endure the extra work load having to pick up Darius’s Friday shift. I think we’ve all become spoiled on his enthusiasm for and quality of the Friday post.

    When thinking about all this stuff with the media, I cant help but refer back to AW’s comments regarding the ref after the porto game.

    To paraphrase: “he’s either got it in for us, or he’s incompetent. im inclined to believe its incompetence”

    Seriously, the media are leaving us (the level headed, rational thinkers of ACLF) NO choice but to ponder whether or not there is some sort of mass xenephobic conspiracy being waged against the Arsenal, with tv commentators, hack journos, and, you cant rule it out at this point, the FA and Prem officials. How embarassing is that for them? When we take all of the bs we know to go on, what other conclusions can we come to? I hope its incompetence, but i cant help but feel that this is xenephobic paranoia at its most despicable level

  54. Great post as always Yogi. Spot on Limpar Assist. Cant wait to hear what Paul Merson et al have to say about it on Soccer Saturday.? Really I cant.. Irish gooner you know you are right

    Pundits cannot be relied on. Their determination to tow the line and maintain conservative …and I use that term loosely…establishment views is lazy and uninformed. Didnt they say we wouldnt get anywhere without a striker and that we would be lucky to make the top 6. How they can even have the audacity of mentioning us in the same breath as spurs,villa, man city is insulting. What have they achieved in football in the last 10 years for football? Yet Arry n Oneil might as well be gods.

  55. Arsene must have the patience of a saint.

    If I was being cross-examined by these journos on the Ramsey injury I’d just walk out on them.

  56. truly speaking no one will remember that we lost to united or Chelsea if we win the title…….one can look at the past for examples –
    1)bayern Munich dominated possession and almost crushed united to pulp but united changed the game in injury time and now it is called the greatest champions league final
    2)Chelsea had 4 genuine penalty appeals against Barcelona but Barcelona went on to win the champions league and then the copa Europa and the club world cup
    but do we remember that we call Barcelona the best club in the world


    karma? with taylor already on his way out of football it should only be a matter of time till shawcross resigns.

  58. .

  59. Fast forward, this is a great link…now I wonder if he had any connections to United and Alex Ferguson’s mafia?

  60. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Another right hook to the chin of the doomers in YW’s last paragraph. I love it.

    Your winner by TKO, Yogi’s Warrior!

  61. aayusshya @ 3:59

    Spot on.

    If we win no one will really remember or care if we win with 100 points or 80 points.

  62. Lord Djibril (Gabriel) Cisse had his second break in an international. A collision, twist & fall on a weakened leg, I think.

    His first was against Blackburn
    (under The Oooooooozy One?),
    19 games into his Liverpool career.

  63. g4e,
    maybe he is red nose’s hairdresser now?

  64. That’s a possibility Fast Forward.

  65. As previously stated, I doubt Shawcross would have the deftness of touch and more importantly control & limb co-ordination to be a hairdresser

  66. “sorry i cut your ear off mate, there was no malice intended”

  67. Actually, I will welcome people saying that we didnt deserve the title, that will make the laughter that much sweeter.

    I couldnt care less what people think, anyone with sense knows that Arsenal are the strongest team, especially mentally in the PL.


    Have a blessed day!!

  68. Just watched Diaby and Traore interviews on ArsenalOnline, are they are soooo damn level headed!!

    Makes me glow like a proud mother, hearing them speak in public.

  69. Maria i find alex song funny in those ‘perfect match’ interviews haha hav u seen them?

    and arshavin where he chooses bradford lol

  70. Bradys right foot

    Now that we are only three points behind and have the haters worried looks like the press are now attacking our away fans.

    It feels great to be a gooner from talk shite to the Daily Moron the haters are either in full retreat or descending to new lows.

    If we do win it, i think we should post some of the rubbish analysis and opinion from the assorted hacks/pundits/haters and hoist them with their own verbage. Keith Garside is the only journalist i can remember that tipped us at the start of the season.

  71. “The disrespect though is not limited to outsiders. The abilities of players are routinely dismissed by Arsenal fans, frequently in abusive terms. It is not right; it is not useful and it has to stop. By all means be critical of a performance but constructively so; show the unity and support to drive the team forward to fulfilling yours and their dreams.”

    I have to give you a here, here for this one Yogi.

  72. Diaby back in the squad!! thank goodness, AW wouldve had a tough task picking a 3rd midfielder to go with Fab and Denilson. wait denilson is fit right?

    Maria @ 5:21

    i completely agree, beaming like a proud mother is the only way to describe it. I bet Wenger spends a big chunk of time developing their minds to a healthy place for football, not as important as technical skill, but certainly important, especially at a top, top level.

    its almost like they get training in it.. remember that Fabregas interview where Henry like coaches him through it? Arsenal = class on and off the field, and that includes press conferences


  73. a fungus-coated right hand


    Sol being injured and Song suspended, please make sure Sylvester and Denilson get the memo that a clean sheet is needed tomorrow. I think we’ll be fine offensively but we all too concede soft goals in moments of poor concentration. Playing Sagna over Eboue could also help shore us up defensively.

  74. Official statement from Aaron Ramsey

    “I remember what happened clearly and after the tackle went in I saw that my leg was broken and hanging at an angle. I have seen images of the aftermath of the collision again but I don’t want to dwell too much on the challenge as I can’t change what has happened.

    “It is difficult for me to take everything in at the moment. I thought I had been progressing well this season, so of course this is a real setback. It is very hard to take but I am young and have time on my side. I had an operation last weekend and while it will take time for my leg to heal, I am determined and focussed on overcoming this injury and hope to be back fitter and stronger than before.

    “I have been overwhelmed by the terrific support I have received from so many people including fans from many different football clubs. In particular, I would like to thank the medical team here at Arsenal for their efforts as well as the staff at both hospitals. Glenn Whelan was especially kind and I really appreciated his immediate assistance on the pitch as well as the medical support from Stoke City. I also want to say thanks to Arsenal for helping my family this week.

    “Last but certainly not least I have been blown away by the fantastic messages of support from the Arsenal fans. I am proud to be an Arsenal player and your support has been incredibly touching. Finally, I want to wish my teammates all the best for the remainder of the season. I know that we are capable of winning a trophy and I will be backing them all the way.”

  75. Thanks for posting that link notlager – that is an excellent statement by Aaron, but he forgot to say how sorry he is for poor St. Ryan.

    I’ve just turned off Arsenal Live on ATVO when Robson and Winterburn started with the excuses. I have seen a week of ‘poor Ryan’ and really don’t expect to have more of that shoved down my throat on the official channel. It would not happen if the boot was on the other foot so to speak.

  76. Lol@Passenal



  78. Passenal, Aaron also forgot to mention all the text messages he got from crying Ryan….

    Can’t believe that. Robson and Winterburn?
    I’ve heard that the Arsenal press office got a lot to do this week because they were overloaded with messages expressing anger over Arsene’s comments and the behaviour of Arsenal football club in generell. It’s incredible.

  79. Passenal

    It’s really becoming ridiculous that the aggressor is getting so much sympathy? What happened to this world?

    No wonder Wenger is crucified for being the wise man in a world full of fools?

  80. The Shawcross Redemption continues.
    (tm Alan Davies)

    How much salvation does one man’s soul require?

    As someone nearly said, once upon a time,

    I would love it, just love it, if the home support sounded like the away support tomorrow, for a change.

  81. Fungus Coated Right Hand @ 6:52

    Make sure that memo goes to everyone on the team. We have conceded soft goals when those 2 were not on the pitch. With the qualitiy of personnel on our squad a clean sheet against Burnley should be a given if we maintain our concentration and attention to detail on the defensive side of the pitch.

  82. “I’ve just turned off Arsenal Live on ATVO when Robson and Winterburn started with the excuses. I have seen a week of ‘poor Ryan’ and really don’t expect to have more of that shoved down my throat on the official channel.”

    Passenal, I logged on to make the exact same complaint! Although I didn’t turn off.

  83. silver gunner


  84. silver gunner

    How he can honestly with a straight face say

    “We are perceived to be this big, strong, physical side that out-muscles teams”

    err yeah that is exactly what you are?!

  85. Finsbury @8:00pm

    The Shawcross Redemption…If you haven’t listened to the “Up for Grabs” pod; do yourself a favor and give it a listen. Probably the best clear-headed blasting of this whole situation…Alan Davies is excellent.

  86. Paulie Walnuts

    I think Arsene is close to ending his fair-mindedness with the press. Everything he says is twisted & the questioning is aimed at getting a response to use as a hostile soundbite. Nothing new but it seems more sinister than previously.

    I had the misfortune to hear Pulis on R5 Live a little earlier. What a loathsome individual.

    It seems to me that there is becoming two groups of managers in the EPL – with SAF, Fat Sam, Tango Brown, Pulis, Mcleish, O’Neill & `Arry in one camp & Arsene, Rafa B, Martinez, Zola, Ancellotti, Mancini & Avram Grant in the other.

    You can draw your own conclusions

  87. :::Hypocrisy:::

  88. @ Paulie Walnuts

    I think we have Hodgson on the foreign side as well though

  89. I don’t think so Aaditya, I lost allot of respect for him when he offered Smalling, to Pinkey on a sliver platter.

  90. “I’ve heard that the Arsenal press office got a lot to do this week because they were overloaded with messages expressing anger over Arsene’s comments and the behaviour of Arsenal football club in generell. It’s incredible.”

    I didn’t think of that, or I would have sent my messages of support for Arsene as well, just so they know that apart from the 300 voices in Howard’s head, the rest of us support the real victim in all this.

  91. Has there really not been a link to this analysis? At the risk of repetition….

  92. I have LA.

  93. Paulie Walnuts

    Maybe Hodgson did us a favour there Maria. Time will tell.

    To be fair the likes of Hodgson, Moyes, Bruce & even Mick Mc-Earthy who are far more palatable than the Fergie crew who seem to resent AW & all he stands for.

  94. Bruce and Coyle are happy to suck up to Arsene to get our good young players on loan to help their 2nd rate teams, but when push comes to shove they line up behind the prince of darkness aka SAF. But Arsene is a pragmatist. Whatever he may think personally, he will always do what is best for Arsenal Football Club and his players, regardless of whichever lowlife scum he is forced to do business with as a result.

  95. “it wasnt a bad tackle because it wasnt a tackle at all.”


    and you wonder if anybody else has been watching.

    i bet the tv producers were trying to get the camera man to stop filming. “what the heck is he doing??!??!! hes not supposed to be saying all these crap. our imbecile audience isnt supposed to know the truth”

  96. F. Frederick Skitty

    Not read the comments yet, but absolutely loving the call to arms!

    Be ye a doomer or an AKB, or any hue in between, let’s watch what happens when we question less and give more – this is the time to realise what being a supporter actually is.

    Glory is beckoning….

  97. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    I’m pretty sure that’s the third time that’s been linked, nolagunner.

  98. So much English bashing this week…

    But English football has to get its head out of its arse and face facts sometimes.

  99. Passenal: “that is an excellent statement by Aaron, but he forgot to say how sorry he is for poor St. Ryan.”


    I believe that the omission is eloquence in its most simple form. Right?

  100. This headline in the Guardian says it all:

    Ramsey snubs Shawcross.

    Just because Ramsey didn’t talk about how poor Shawcross is not a bad lad, he is snuffing him?

    That’s absolutely crazy.

  101. was shawcross expecting an apology from ramsey for causing him duress?

    was the entire england expecting an apology from ramsey for causing shawcross duress?

  102. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Goal flash! Jack Wilshere!

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