Internationals Done & Injuries To Come But Gael Reckons We’re Good Enough

International week draws to a close and the true extent of injuries will become clear. Reports suggest Carlos Vela scored and then limped off, the expectation that the Mexican will be missing for a few weeks, something that will no doubt be confirmed or denied by Wenger in pre-match press conference.

Elsewhere, Nicklas Bendtner scored for Denmark whilst Theo Walcott had a forgettable evening for England, along with the rest of the starting line-up, in the victory over Egypt. Peter Crouch is being hailed as the solution to England’s goalscoring problem which is fine if we are playing Hungary, Uruguay, Trinidad, Jamaica, Greece, Andorra, Macedonia, Ukraine, Belarus or Estonia. Against top-class opposition, we remain totally buggered.

Gael Clichy opined that confidence was not affected by the defeats to Chelsea and Manchester United:

People were saying we were not good enough, when we were playing Manchester United and we lost against Chelsea, but we kept the confidence really high because we know we have the players and the quality to do it.

The performances immediately afterwards suggested otherwise but when you win matches at this stage of the season, performances do not overly matter; three points does. Grinding out wins will be key to delivering the title with United and Chelsea still required to drop points:

If we win our games we have a really big chance of doing something this year, so that’s all that matters to us, to take game after game and show people that we can perform week-in, week-out.

The usual good grace will be shown by the media, no doubt. This is a title which will have been lost by Chelsea and Manchester United rather than being won by Arsenal. Frankly does it matter? Not if the name Arsenal is etched onto the Roll of Honour.

The experience of two seasons ago appears to be standing the squad in good stead although there are still two months to go until the final curtain is drawn on the Premier League campaign.

We stayed at the top of the table for seven months and we finished not strong enough and we didn’t win anything at the end. I don’t know if this year is the best opportunity, but certainly it can be a good year for us, if we can maintain our performance. We’ve played the big teams so now it’s down to us to show people we want it and we’re ready for it. We will try to grab the chance to win something.

This weekend sees Burnley visit The Emirates. Reports suggest Abou Diaby will be back which with Ramsey gone for the remainder of the season and Song suspended, is no bad thing. This is an opportunity so Gentlemen, go grab it.

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. If we’ve only lost carlos its a pity bt we’re gd to go if others come unscathe.


  3. Poor Carlos.

  4. Bradys right foot

    I’ve spent the last week looking from a distance as a media and pundit army align themselves squarely against the gunners. Far from being paranoid I am certain that any content analysis study of Arsenal over the past season on the air waves or in the press would betray a huge amount of negativity being directed at the squad and manager.

    The justification and motivation for this is baffling, it would be too easy to suggest zenophobia, too easy to suggest personal dislike and too easy to suggest rank stupidity. Unfortunately the likes of Claridge, Hansen, Collymore and Dunn make such quick appraisals valid.

    Sky recently showed a reel of challenges committed by Arsenal players in response to Wengers. An editorial descision which would never have been considered if it was Ferguson, an editorial descision that deliberately moved the debate away from what Wenger actually said. This latter point is perhaps the most worrying its seems that no matter how clearly and precisely Wenger speaks his comments are deliberately twisted by those with an agenda. His compliment and fair appraisal of O Neils Villa became a criticism, his “Unacceptable” and “spare me the how good he is” remark regarding the Shawcross became a vilification of the Stoke player. Wenger wanted to keep the debate focused on the tackle and the way in which Arsenal are tackled.

    If we win the title this year then it will be for so many reasons our greatest achievement, for others it will be a fluke that they give mealy mouthed praise through gritted teeth, bring it on.

  5. When we win the title, however the praise is given, we will take it cos it will be due us a worthy champions, no less!

    Anyone that wins the EPL over 38 games is worthy, apart from maybe man u cos i fell they get too much help from the refs up to the point that some teams (wolves and all others coached by fergies old boys, am pointing at you) bothers to play for a win against them anymore!

  6. Bradys right foot.

    Very well said. Arsene is extremely clever with the press, and they know this. They consistently twist or miss quote his words for stories.

    The most worrying thing is the public. How can they not see it? I have said this before, I can watch a game and after match interview with friends who follow other clubs. After the game we go out no one mentions it, they can see the comments were just and clear. Come the following weekend and its as if they have never heard of Wenger before. Completely swayed by what they read rather than what they see and hear. It’s very frightening.

    We have to support this team with the same guile we want to see on the pitch for the remainder of the season.


  7. In his spare time, maybe Gazidis/Arsenal should look into buying a national newspaper, or starting one up with the same leaning as La Marca does for R. Madrid. Set the (sports) news agenda first. Counter the b/s that Sky et al dribble out. When we win the double, it will be a sweet pleasure just for ourselves, despite what will be written and spoken elsewhere.

  8. Arshavin will be back as he played 45 minutes for Russia

  9. Malaysiangunner


    How accurate your assessment of the press. We can counter in the same argument for the last 2 seasons it was us who lost the title and not Manure winning it thru injuries and what not.

    Arsenal fans should stop reading the likes of Paul Parket , The wife beater and dogger and what rubbish press there is out there.

    We can win this , We Are The Arsenal!!!

  10. ClockEndRider

    It is quite possible that the opprobrium heaped on us by the press is due in no small part to the fact that the club has already begun to disengage from the press. There are no more off the record briefings or moles in the club giving information on transfer targets. Any news is conveyed direct to the fans through the website. The hacks hate this as they have no raison d’etre if they are no longer being perceived as the guys with the inside track and consequently make up the lies that they do, knowing that they have a platform to create the wider public agenda. The same is obviously true of Sky which without football is a fairly vacuous collection of reality TV shows and BBC repeats.
    Frankly, I can live without the papers and their halfwit hacks and “expert” analyses. The value they add is for the most part minimal. Witness the last week where nearly all of the quality editorial has appeared on blogs as opposed to in the papers.

  11. ClockEndRider, I couldn’t agree more with your assessment. Last week I pondered on the question whether Arsene should disengage less at least with 15 of the other Premiership managers. I guess the same question could be asked about whether he should engage with at least some of the press. Although this isolationist policy is romantic, heroic and great for the “story”, I wonder if we are making things difficult for ourselves unnecessarily. If Arsene cultivated a good relationship with say, four of the sports editors, at least the other side of the story could be told to the neutrals and our very own gulibles.

  12. Henry Norris used to own his own paper during his time at AFC, I think.

    Rather then cultivate a relationship with those who have their own agenda, the club could use it’s own resources, upload AW’s press conferences for all to access from the site and such things.

    As said above, other clubs have their own papers, some even used have national TV stations.

  13. When they were in opposition, the Labour party got misrepresented all the time. TOny Blair and Peter Mandelsohn realised that they needed to actively flirt with Murdoch and all the proprietors, in order to be reported more favourably. Of course there was a bit of give and take and policy compromises, something Arsene I’m sure would never do, thankfully.

  14. Crouch is not the answer. beat the teams you are supposed to. This is what we are doing. Do better than 60% on the road and win 95% of your home games and the title is within reach. I hope Carlos Vela is hurt too bad. Thank its all over for international play. We need to get wins. This Saturday is a start.

  15. I meant to say not hurt too bad. Lets wiat for the MRI.

  16. The headlines today say that Ryan Shawcross will not change his style of play. The jerk. He should be suspended without pay for 6 – 12 months.

    The media is on Theo for his performance and saying how great SWP was and how Theo will never make it. Theo is only 20 years old. SWP would have looked a lot worse on that stage at age 20. Look at history. How many players are ready at age 20. I just hope Theo has the patience and the mental strength to realize that he is not there yet but his his time will come. He may never be Messi or Ronaldo but he will be an excellent player someday. Alot of people threw Diaby and Song under the bus. These guys just need time.

  17. Screw the media. I’ve gotten more useful and pertinent information about my beloved Arsenal from blogs like this one (and all the other usual suspects) in the past few years than I’ve gotten from the mainstream media in a lifetime.

    As for the Arsenal… can you feel it? Something’s brewing… something great, terrific. Something that will knock the footballing world on its ass. COME ON YOU GUNNERS!

  18. Mingus the problem isn’t that Wenger doesn’t have good relations with the media, it’s that he is too fair with them. There is no other manager in the EPL that the press can go up to and ask ANY question and get his genuine opinion on (barring those questions that he deems might jeopardise his players in some way). Football, Europe, the economy, general culture, take your pick and somewhere along the line Wenger has made a comment on it. But no matter who he speaks to there is no favouritism. Every journo out there knows that they can potentially get an interview with him and doesn’t need to practice any kind of loyalty to get another. There isn’t a select group of journos that get special access to him. Everybody is in the same boat. All you have to do is go to a press conference and you will have the answers you want. There is no such thing as an intimate exclusive with Wenger. Everybody is treated the same. Everybody gets exactly the same amount of time and opportunities.

    Compare that with Old Red Nose. The man has not been speaking to the BBC for nearly 10 years because of an article they ran about his son. That is a stark warning to the media that this is not a man you should cross if you want to continue working with him. I don’t think that they like Ferguson. I think they fear the possibility of not having access to one of the top side’s managers in the league. And he makes sure that they never forget it too.

    Wenger is an opinionated individual that has some truly insightful and intriguing ideas. That to your average hack means someone that they can sensationalise. The Wenger stories are easy to manipulate because they are different and out of the mainstream. The man is an easy target because there is no repercussions for the hacks.

    You see they win no matter what. Whether you disagree or not they are racking up those hits and justifying their salary to the advertisers. The more controversial the stories the better. Wenger and Arsenal is a constant gold mine for the hacks that never runs dry.

  19. Bill, as far as I can see, from the highlights, it was Gerrard’s cutting in from the left which squeezed our midfield over and allowed the Egyptians to double and triple up on Walcott while he was on. SWP had an open run at the right wing as Milner was on for Gerrard at that stage, and he stretched the Egyptian lines by playing wide out on the left. Had Walcott been the one used as an impact sub, I’m sure he would have profited in the same way. Had Lampard finished Theo’s inch perfect pull-back as well, the media would instantly have upgraded their silly point rating for him, from a ‘5’ to a ‘7’.

    As it is I think the hierarchy for right-wing at England is Lennon (when fit) > Beckham > SWP > Walcott. Walcott has 10 games to leap-frog his way up the order. I for one am hoping he does it. The problem for him though, comes in the form of; Eboue, Rosicky, Nasri, and Bendtner. We shall see. I think he’ll start at home vs. Burnley.

  20. Theos hardly played this season and yet within 10 minutes of the whistle showed pace and vision to put on a plate, ………but then fat frank turned up

  21. ClockEndRider

    Newspapers are a dying medium. They’re all cost and no return. I’dd rather the money went into developing an AFC tv channel and the website as well as relations with Arsenal supporters groups (AISA, RedAction). I’m quite happy for the media to write what they want. We needn’t be beholden to them as long as the real message is getting through from club to fans. The club as we all know has much to do in this respect but Gazidis has shown some real signs of trying to bring about change. If this dialogue continues and strengthens I see no reason to develop relations with the old media and every reason to strengthen ties with fans in the UK through new media. We should concentrate on building relations with old media more in those areas abroad where we see the potential for building/developing a fanbase….Thoughts?

  22. Gerry Hatrick

    The best thing that could happen to Walcott is for him not to go to the World cup.

    Then it would make him knuckle down and become the player he believes he already is in his own mind.

    He was dire again last night. And he wont get into our starting XI infront of Eboue

  23. You are a fucking idiot, Gerry Hatrick.

  24. LA

    Walcott to start v Burnley infront of who?Eboue who was great at Stoke? No way we cant have any passengers in the run in.Eboue to start.We have to play our strongest team from now on.And Theo does not deserve a starting place

  25. Yogi – why the “we” when referring to England?

    I thought this was an Arsenal blog – you can only have one team mate.

    I hope England get shafted at the world cup playing their best with everyone fit. They are gash anyway, so it will save listening to the excuses.

    It is a team full of twunts. I hope an Arsenal player scores the goal to put them out.

  26. Can’t you stick to one name for half a fucking second?

    Theo will destroy Burnley.

  27. Yogi – “the expectation that the Mexican will be missing for a few weeks”….? To be honest that is my usual expectation for Senor Vela. He does go missing quite a lot, occasionally even during games.

  28. Serk da Turk,
    I thought you gave an excellent account of Wenger’s relationship with the media. Someone said earlier that Wenger is clever with the press. If by that one means he uses cunning to manipulate them, I don’t believe it is true. He is remarkably straightforward. That is why talk of Wenger spin was so foolish.

  29. LA:

    I think Theo will be excellent someday. I agree with Jon and your comment at 3:37. At this moment we have better options. We have 10 games left and we have a an amazing great chance to win this year. If we win the title it could change everything for us both short and long term. It would validate everything the boss has worked for and could send us on a run of many more trophies in the next several years. We have to win that first major trophy.

    Theo will become the player he is destined to be even if he does not play regularly in the last 10 games. I think we have to give give everything we have got and use our best options for this run in.

  30. Just spoken to a Stoke fan at work. I asked him quite innocently what he made of the game (which he was at), and got a tirade of ‘Arsene Whinger’ abuse, and not a word of sympathy for Rambo. He even claimed it was a good tackle, not even a foul.

    And this from a normally reasonable guy, who actually believes that Stoke are somehow the victims in all of this.

    My only hope is that Chelsea are on the receiving end of some “good” Stoke tackles this weekend…maybe not with quite the same result though…not even Chelsea players deserve that.

  31. He’s not Luke Skywalker, it’s not about destiny. He’s a good player now, that’s why he’s picked regularly by Wenger and by Capello when he’s fit. I think he’ll start against Burnley, but we shall see. We have a lot of talented players, and they’ll all play their part in the run-in.

  32. “Shawcross: I won’t change” The Sun

    We didn’t expect you would want to change, you will remain a stupid, talentless, mediocre, Stoke player because that’s who you’re. You don’t have the ability to change even if you wanted to, you reckless bastard.

  33. I feel kind of bad saying it, but I really hope England flop in South Africa. There is not one player (other than Theo) that I could support with good conscience on that squad.

    I really feel that a combination of Arsenal winning the league as well as England being humiliated at the WC might just make the anti-footbal establishment in the UK think about about changing their ways…

  34. G4E, he has nothing else going for him, he is a thug and a hooligan but the the british media are to idiotic to see the truth with this guy.

    not a bad “bone” in his body.

  35. LA:

    I am a fan of Theo too. His talent will show at some point wheather he plays in the last 10 games or not. I think he will be one of the stars of the 2014 world cup, but that does not matter now. I don’t care how, lets win these last 10 games.

  36. That’s right Paul N, they’re not so much better than him anyways. Stupid Fools enjoy the company of Ignorant Idiots.

  37. I have not been this excited about a finish to the season in quite a while. Arsenal have come through so much adversity this year and are still sitting within striking distance.

    I don’t think the team’s accomplishments thus far are appreciated nearly enough. Can you imagine Man Utd, Chelsea or Liverpool losing their best striker and still being in the running for the title. Chelsea is nothing without Drogba, and Man Utd are definitely garbage without Rooney…and we have all seen the pathetic Liverpool attack without Torres…

    But the Arsenal are resiliant!…Now it’s time to finish the job!

  38. Theo Walcott!

    Theo Walcott!

    Theo Walcott!

    Keep the faith…this lad will come good…and when he does watch out!

  39. Poliziano
    Thank you. And I have to agree that there is no Wenger spin. I think that he has a few of prerogatives that he operates under when he is dealing with the press. The first is his responsibility to the Arsenal FC. Then his responsibility to his players. And finally (and this is the one that really f*cks things up) his responsibility to the fans and the public in general. I believe that he only puts up with the press because he feels he has a responsibility to us as the manager of our club and to the public in general because of the very public nature of his job.

    Wenger is a man of far greater intellect than myself. To presume that he can’t see what the press are doing and how they are manipulating his words when I (and most other Arsenal fans out there) can would be an insult to the great man.

    Yet he continually comes back and sits at the that desk and answers all of their incessant questions. He doesn’t moan. He doesn’t hold a grudge. He just gets on with.

    The only way that it makes sense to me is because of the responsibility that he feels towards the Arsenal fans and the public in general. Over that past 14 years having witnessed the honour and integrity with which he carries himself, this is the only viable explanation for me. And I think that it’s a brave and virtuous example of a leader.

    Maybe others will see it as overly romanticised but that’s my opinion.

  40. Has Shawcross publicly apologised for breaking Ramsey’s leg?

  41. I must say this situation has increased my level of respect for Arsenal, especialy Arsene. To hear all this absolute nonsense in the media and even from managers and players and not even respond is very honorable!!!


  42. ClockEndRider on March 4, 2010
    at 3:43 pm

    Things do seem to be heading that way.

    As Serk said above, AW’s press conferences are funny & interesting, in full, not the spun & hacked versions. So, in this instance, weekly press conferences etc. there’s no reason for the middle man (or woman) of the press anymore.

  43. EF, nah, he said, he has had a rough time but has been encouraged greatly.

    poor kid, huh? Break someone leg and all you do is focus on yourself.

    Great young man, obviously!

  44. Viceologist

    I agree. Theo will come good. The boss will pick whomever he thinks gives us the best chance to win these last 10 games. World cup means nothing. 28 points from the run in and we get the parade. Exciting stuff.

  45. *No reason apart from keeping fans informed of events at the club, not everyone is on ATVO.
    But as the tech changes, the way that managers can maintain contact with the wider fanbase may change too.*

  46. When they say he doesn’t have a “bad bone in his body” do they mean he is “Spineless”?

  47. “Wenger is a man of far greater intellect than myself. To presume that he can’t see what the press are doing and how they are manipulating his words when I (and most other Arsenal fans out there) can would be an insult to the great man.”

    Yeah agreed – i think he is well aware how the media are going to percieve a french guy from a half german town working at the heart of the british empire with whats regarded as a team of foreign mercenaries.

  48. seems to me certain sections of the media/football pros are pandering to readers with an Alf Garrnets view of the world.

  49. come on we need to forget about this incident, we must look ahead to burnley, who have the worst away record in the league. I dont underestimate them though, although they are a far less greater force away from home, however we all know what they are capable of

  50. “We have the luck that Denilson could be available again,” Wenger told Arsenal TV Online on Thursday. “He did not travel to Stoke last week because he had an injury to his calf.

    “Arshavin could be available and there is a little, little chance that Diaby could be available again too. I am convinced that Denilson and Arshavin will be OK but for Diaby it is 50:50.

    “Gallas is still out and we have a little problem with Sol Campbell. We will check that tomorrow. Carlos Vela will not be considered for Saturday because he comes back too late from international duty.

    “If we have good news from the other players coming back we should still have a strong squad out.”

  51. Shawcross has really outdone himself. Instead of even a glimmer of remorse he remains steadfast in his conviction to not change his game Not even an apology.Do they not have PR people over at Stoke.
    He has made himself look even more of a tool.

    Very predictable stuff from the media though. We shouldnt be surprised at the stories they will churn.Look what they did to Terry.The mdeia have no friends except Fergie. The worst thing is the media turning round and saying we learned from the last horror injury and emerged mentally stronger. Why do we have to show character when a fellow players leg is snapped in two?

    Well f@ck the lot of them. 10 games to go and a great opportunity to make the pundits choke on humble pie. If they wont get behind us we will do it ourselves!!! Now is the time for fans to stand up and be counted. We will make the emirates a fortress and cheer the team onto victory all the way,flags and all. And we will boo all the rough house hatchet merchants off the pitch and into oblivion. You can break our legs but you wont break our spirit. COYG.

  52. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    I wish there were a good version of the Pale Saints one on youtube. The sight of Shawcross makes me feel blue.

  53. you know, the no malice it was just bad timing excuse is really getting on my nerves.

    the burnley manager is the latest to say it.

    i am going to drive a car, bad timing to brake in time, kill someone, and tell the judge, no malice, it was just bad timing.

    they miss the whole point.

    it is not about whether there is malice or not, but about being reasonable with your challenges.

    eradicating reckless challenges to protect fellow professionals.

  54. i agree with WeAreArsenal

  55. Paulie Walnuts

    I`m glad that Shawcross won`t change as it won`t be long before he cripples someone else. THEN the penny might drop, even with English managers like Brian Laws.

    What I`m really hoping for is a law of averages moment when Shawcross comes off worse & believe me if he doesn`t change it will happen.

    On Theo – he`s low on confidence & a little like Fabianski, so desperate to do well that it`s effecting his performances. When he learns to relax he`ll be a far better player.

  56. I dont know if we should forget about, thinks dont change by forgetting about it. I believe more people to talk about it until something changes.

    Has the FA or the PL said anything about it as yet?

  57. 1 loose cannon

    A Sunday League player was sentenced today to 6 months in prison for breaking another player’s leg. Will it be a good idea if horrific injuries are investigated by Police in the Premier league? That might just put the brutal tacklers off.

  58. Theo is being groomed in the style of Henry. Unfortunately he’ll be stuck out in the wing for a while before Arsene makes the switch. When that happens all the naysayers will be left scratching their heads.

  59. 1 loose cannon

    Why would Chris Waddle a northern bastard and a former Spud would be saying anything good about Walcott. He absolutely slated the kid. Saying he does not understand Football and should not play for England. I admit Walcott did not have a good game for a long time now and that is not down to him being rubbish.
    I think he should not bother with England at all and concentrate on Arsenal because it seems to me the negative stuff that follows the England circus is not doing him any good. Papers and radio stations had a “Theo is rubbish” day. Why trying to destroy the kid like this? He is a 20 years old who has been injured all season and did not play a lot of football. Capello and Wenger rate him highly, these 2 men are professionals who seen it , done it all at the highest level and they have seen something very special in him. But you get stupid people including some Arsenal fans who really don’t know much about football slating him and writing him off. Wenger has repeatedly said he needs time and no pressure on him. But no one is listening.

  60. @ 1lc

    Add to that that the reason he has had a poor season is BECAUSE of being picked for both the U21 and full squads even after Wenger warned he was too tired and liable to pick up injuries. Which he duly did.

  61. we are arsenal

    viva l’arsenalllllll

  62. you know the sky sports intro when they do the line-ups and the players walk to the camera for the teams that always gives me goosebumps when its arsenal

    especially the music they play in the background

  63. btw anyone goin to the porto game early please go early theyre gonna try and build up an atmosphere from early on..

  64. hello I would like to invite to football blog COMPETITION … thank my good rewards website


    Seems 300 Arsenal fans have written to Shawcross expressing sympathy. Guardian flaunts the figure as if it is a huge vindication. But what is the number 300 as a percentage of Arsenal fans across the world with internet access? It is just an insignificant number…

  66. “Maybe Arsene’s done it for a psychological advantage. Quite a lot of his players are small and move the ball a lot quicker so there are going to be a lot of mis-timed tackles.”

    I think Leon Cort has been scanning the blogs over the past week 🙂

  67. By: Keysersoze on March 5, 2010
    at 1:36 am

    Those 300 are not true Arsenal fans. Shawcross, the hard man, doesn’t need any sympathy. Even before his tears have dried, he has already declared that he will not change his style. Is he going back onto the pitch to break more legs? Where is the remorse? He has milked support with his tears, and the support, decidedly anti-Aresenal, has gone to his head.

  68. Fully agree

    By: Gunner4Ever on March 4, 2010
    at 5:00 pm

  69. Fully agree as well.

    anyone who goes around saying “I won’t change” is a moron. who wants to get comfortable and stay the same in life?

    that’s why Wenger and the Arsenal are so addictive, because they are wanting to always evolve instead of saying “I won’t change.”


  70. 300 messages from Arsenal fans…..fucking rubbish. I don’t believe a word of it. Pulis has not stopped yapping since the incident and is not averse to making it up as he goes along. Shawcross will get annihilated by Arsenal supporters next time he plays against us.

  71. Time to teach Burnley a footballing lesson tomorrow. Screw Pulis, screw Shawcross, screw all the fake support fabricated by Pulis.

  72. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

    Well worth a read.

  73. Bergkamp Ghoulfest

    Frrrriday update……… Give me it.

  74. not much we didn’t know maria

  75. Why would Joe write 300 messages to Shawcross?

  76. the article doesn’t say fans is says supporters
    there’s a big difference between them

  77. Shawcross … full of it
    Pulis… full of it
    Media… full of it

    3 peas in a pod I say, just sitting back and watching them all try to analyse a player who has his leg broken off is sickening. 90% of the football comentators, fans, phone-ins are NOT Arsenal fans. Along with us being the BEST footballing side, and having a French manager, a largely foreign based team for a number of years, and the most intellectual and innovative manager in the league and probably of all time.

    The Media and the 90% of England cannot comprehend this. It is such a shame that we get this treatment now, but Wenger is a living legend who had made legends in Henry, Bergkamp, Vieira, Ljungberg, Campbell, Cesc, Van Persie… we have been blessed by a special man, and blessed to be supporting such a great club. I live in Cyprus now, so I can only manage to watch Arsenal on TV, but every matchday I still get tingles!!!

    Point is let the hacks and cu*ts get on with it, while we have a title and champions league trophy to win.

  78. 300 messages….. hmmmmmm

    So Pulis has ignored the 100,000 death threats/cu*t bag messages. 🙂

  79. Rinseout

    I wish a similar fate as Dan Smith on Shawcross.

  80. Not sure if Shawcross would have the deft touch and control required for hairdressing…

  81. In my view the media have far too much power in the game today.
    The FA seem to act upon media stories all the time – how many games have you seen an elbow, an outrages dive, a terrible challenge…only when the media pick up on it do armchair fans, the general public, and even the FA take note and action.

    The Pizza gate scuffle at Old Trafford involving Keown etc was one of many incidents seen every month in the season – why did that one create mass bans when others do not?

    When it comes to bad tackles and horrific injuries I do not lay all of the blame upon players. Yes there are some who try to hurt the opposition, such as Keano in his day, but most players do not want to harm fellow players.

    I blame the Andy Grey, Redknapp, Sky Sport, all the pundits praise of how teams out muscle Arsenal, go in hard, they heap praise on foulers like Fletcher, Phil Neville, and actually criticise potentially great players like Reyes because they could not hack it in the prem – I wonder why that is!

    The FA and media will do nothing to change this until the inevitable happens….someone like Wayne Rooney is smashed up and potentially career ended. Then the average fan and pundit might actually think…this is not football!!!

  82. As for Theo…I support all up and coming Arsenal players to a certain point. Theo still has my support, he is only 20, has been learning a new position, has had injury after injury, and has so much pressure and media around him.

    He needs to be an impact sub more often than starting right now. When we have Arsharvin, Nasri, and Rosiky fresh and fit I would rather Theo on the bench while the game is compact and tight. Then in the last 30 minutes bring him on when defenders are lagging, the game is open and hopefully we are winning using Theo as the perfect counter attacking option.

    This will give him the confidence and chance to improve his skills until technically good enough to be in the starting XI week in week out.

  83. Arsenal fans should email Stoke regarding their true feelings about Ryan Shawcross at

  84. Done Ole. Nice one for that…

  85. Great Post. Truly said: Crouch is a goal scoring solution when playing against lower teams. On Paper England is a great composition but on field they lack everything (coordination, goals).

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