Stoke City Preview: Arsenal Must Rule Britannia

Arsenal return to the scene of the crime this afternoon, DCI Arsene Wenger must use the evidence of the recent FA Cup defeat to provide the answers that will bring about a victory for the first time in the Britannia Stadium. The match may not be as intense, the outcome no less important to the eventual winners as Arsenal will know whether or not it is an opportunity to close the gap on Chelsea, by the time kick-off comes.

Wenger has key players missing but the line-up this afternoon will be stronger than that which took the pitch in January’s encounter. Diaby, Gallas and Arshavin are missing, failing to recover from their injuries, set to return next weekend. Stoke had a tough FA Cup replay in midweek but any fatigue will be compensated by the victory, comfortable as it unfolded. They will hold few surprises for Arsenal, their style of play does not alter, it is up to the visitors to counter this.

A performance which replicates the win at The Reebok ought to do the trick. Battling with their opponents, imposing the passing game on them and retaining possession. Stoke are not one-dimensional, merely capitalising on their strengths. If they changed their style to that of Arsenal, they would be buried before half-time.

The Arsenal back four will be crucial this afternoon. They must cut the width that allows Stoke to put crosses into the box and hold a steady line if it does happen, not get dragged out of position, permitting space for wide players or central strikers. Almunia has to ‘own’ his penalty area, be assertive in coming for crosses or set plays, Vermaelen and Campbell must attack the ball rather than waiting for it, hesitancy which led to Stoke opening the scoring in the FA Cup.

Equally, the midfield must be aware of the challenges for winning the ball if it is not cleared in the first instance. As much as Stoke capitalise on Delap’s throws, their goals come in equal measure from a failure of defenders to clear the ball properly.

For that reason, I think it will be a surprise if Eboue does not start this afternoon ahead of Walcott. Theo’s saving grace for this fixture will be as a pacey outlet to stretch Stoke on the counter-attack although Eboue is capable of providing that. If the Ivorian plays, it allows Cesc more attacking licence; Denilson, Song and Eboue provides a solid cover for the back four but they must concentrate in this aspect, tracking back diligently, a folly of youth on the Brazilian’s part at times.

That side of their game should not overshadow how they contribute to the side in attack, Denilson’s passing is good, like Song happy to play a simple ball to retain possession rather than cheaply ceding it. Perhaps he should score more goals; his shooting from range is better than his goal return suggests, Everton will attest to that. No doubt this will bring forth a spew of complaints that Denilson is not good enough for Arsenal; get over it, he is.

The line-up I suspect will start is:

Almunia; Sagna, Campbell, Vermaelen, Clichy; Eboue, Song, Denilson; Fabregas, Nasri, Bendtner

With a bench of:

Fabianski, Silvestre, Ramsey, Rosicky, Eduardo, Walcott, Traore

The club’s half-year results were released against a backdrop of Portsmouth’s administration and UEFA reporting on debt levels in football. There were some stunningly ill-informed comments about the state of the finances, concepts which were dubious in their rationale and focussing too much on the fact that £100m was in the bank on 30th November, leading to more criticism – some of which was just for the sake of it – over the fact that Wenger did not spend half of that on players in the January transfer window.

Uefa makes no bones about the fact that clubs are going to be heavily scrutinised over their finances and licences refused, meaning participation in the Champions and Europa Leagues will not happen. Arsenal has to ensure the longevity of the club and is following a path that ensures that whilst competing for trophies.

Few questioning the debt pay down are probably even aware that Abramovich recently enhanced Chelsea’s balance sheet by converting some of his debt to equity, a sign that clubs are acutely aware of the intent of Uefa to enforce their rules for once. If they were aware of it and still felt the need to make crass observations, shame on them for their irresponsibility and thank God they have no say in running Arsenal.

Enjoy the match wherever you are watching it. ’til Tomorrow.

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  1. Thank god indeed.

  2. Mongolian Gooner

    I feel sorry for Portsmouth and Chester fans. And I am grateful that we have some wise people at the helm of our club.

  3. Thanks for another good post Yogi will comment on that later’ please excuse the following

    This is a repeat of my last post on the previouse thread this morning following the reading of this article in todays Telegraph
    MikeSA. thank you for your post you beat me to it, because I like you am proud of the club and the work they do.
    All those doomers who cry Trophy’s and Buy with every waking breath, should have there noses rubbed in this article as they like a puppy foul the Arsenal reputation with their inane demands of constant success.
    Read the article Mike highlights and glory in the real success of our super club and then settle back this evening and enjoy the wonderful Wengerball that makes it all possible.
    Thank you Arsene, thank you Mike and thank you true gooners who over the years have financed and grown this marvelous club.
    Live the spirit, fly the flag, be proud if what we are.

  4. Give me Delap’s hand, Fuller’s head and Pulis’ hat for dinner boys. That or nothing at all, and on the way, smash Sidebi’s head with a sledge hammer!

  5. Campbell inclusion today, with his height and power will be invaluable to the team, a win in this game, justification of Wengers decision to sign him. Eboue too with his strength and ability to mix it, providing he forgoes his diving tendencies will also be important. In what I view as the hardest test we face in the run in to the title.

    If we can hold firm at the back for the first half hour I see a fairly comfortable win and a great lifting of confidence amongst the squad.

  6. The thing is – we’ve played Stoke twice at the Emirates and both times, we beat them comprehensively. 4-1 last season and 2-0 this season.

    The reason we’ve lost to Stoke twice is that we’ve played very poorly. My sense is that it has little to do with any magical powers at the Britannia.

    We just need to stay focus and disciplined to do a professional job and bag the 3 points.

  7. Denilson is not good enough for Arsenal; I will not get over it, he is not.

    He is the worst consistent starter in CM under Wenger. He’s just abysmal, especially defensively. If you can’t see that, then I don’t know what to say.

  8. Bob

    Upon what do you base your assertions? Please provide empirical evidence of the inconsistency.

    By the way, presumably you said the same about Diaby and Song….


  9. Limestone

    I understand your point – it is not peculiar – but as Portsmouth, Chester, Southend, West Ham, Swindon, Leeds, Newcastle fans will observe, if it ain’t right off the pitch, the on-the-pitch part soon goes tits up.


  10. Seems piles palmer has finally revealed his true “blue” colours.

  11. WALCOTT has to be starting every game

  12. Best say nothing then, Bob.

  13. Very dissapointed in you today Yogi.

    ‘Set plays’ indeed.

    You’ll be talking about our ‘offence’ next.

  14. Howdy Consols

    Offense will indeed play a great part of the game as Arsenal seeks to win rather than tie the soccer match through relying on their defense….

    Whoops. P-I-E-C-E-S. Pieces. Set-pieces. Free-kicks. Corners. Throw-ins.

    Back to fixing the picket fence.


  15. Not an easy game today but if we are to play a part in the title run in it’s games like this we have to win. We need to forget the negativity, focus on our strengths and make ManU and Chelsea do the worrying.

  16. I say! Bit uncalled for that. What?

  17. Arsenal play with a high line which is one of their most positive traits. With out Willy G today perhaps the defenders will sit a little deeper but that is still a doubt..

    It one of the reasons keeping the ball in the center is so important at a side like Arsenal.. It seems Denilson is still being blamed for not reaching Sidibe, when the mid-field boy wonder was at fault, for an error he has continually repeated..

    Half Truths are drip fed until they are later recognized as fact..

    One rule for some and another for another, is what makes this world as beautiful as it is..


  18. Consols

    Merely a note to myself to stop thinking in Soccerisms as is required in the working week…


  19. I must say that having Sol in the team has been a master stroke of signing by Arsene. You can see Sol teaching and directing traffic back there.

    Exactly what empirical evidence are you looking for regarding Denilson’s play Yogi. Denilson is a puff ball and should be playing womens soccer if he could actually make the ladies team.

  20. Great article Yogi. Last season Denilson was our most consistent player starting the most games and highest on the actim index. He has had injuries this season and had to contend with the rise of Diaby and Song. But he is definetly Arsenal material and will continously improve his game. Denilson is a Brazilian God. And I love you Yogi!

  21. Martin O’Neil is a silly little man…and I’m not making fun of his stature.

  22. stoke are hardly a win trick pony. And at the Britannia in the last outing they didnt need to be overphysical and exploted Campbell and Denilson pace attacking on the counter which is quite UnStoke like.

    I think eboues inclusion will help to counter this and provide attacking and defensive balance. Also with Bendtner, Almunia and Vermaelen we have a stronger team.Though a draw wouldnt be a bad result Victory would keep the heat on the other title hopefuls.Go City. COYGOne Arsenal.

  23. id go with eboue over walcott aswell,if theo could dribble half as good as eboue he would be lethal but i think all he has is pace but little control over the ball.

  24. Flint McCullough

    Agree the line up YW. Theo possibly wide left.

    I would like to see us take the lead, then demand the towel for every throw in & take 25 seconds to take it. If we take a booking fine because the ref would have to book Delap as well.

    Must emphasis Dandan’s comment. What a privilege it is to support this club, particularly under such a man as AW.

  25. ArsenalArseneArshavin

    The only reason we fear this game is because of Delap. This time I really believe it won’t be enough for them. We are the better team and they have just played 120 minutes of football 3 days ago.

    I expect a convincing win….

  26. Arsenal are just following the logical notion that the first priority is to pay down debt. Interest kills, even if it’s a competitve rate.

    I have no issue with Arsene saying that trophies are a bonus. He has had to juggle staying in the Top 4 over the last few years with rapidly paying down the debt. We’re on course to be debt free in 2-3 years, and then our potential will be scary.

    The only fly in the ointment is whether Cesc, Arshavin, RVP etc will be satisfied with too many more trophyless years. While I agree we’re only 2-3 players away from having a title-winning team, it only makes sense that if we can apply another 50 million towards our goal of being debt-free asap and still maintain a top 4 position, then that’s the preferable option.

  27. Gooner4Life couldn’t agree with you more.
    Stoke showed more against us, maybe because we let them. But we have to get the right balance as you say to get a result from the game.

  28. Chelsea v City’s been dire so far, absolutely awful to watch. I think our best hope of Chelsea dropping points is if it stays nil nil. Regarding handshakegate, full credit to Sky for simply showing it and moving on. ITV or the Beeb would’ve been replaying it from every conceivable angle and getting body language experts to analyse it for half an hour.

  29. We are playing today??? Here I was thinking we were playing tomorrow. Well, better for me!

  30. Sigh…there goes nil nil then.

  31. The anti-Denilson cabal are the same morons who slagged and slated Diaby, Song and Eboue as not fit for the shirt, blah, blah, blah. Further they spent all of last year whining and agitating for the signing of Melo and Cana as the midfield monsters, on whom Arsene should splash the cash. Both players are now competing for the dubious award of the biggest transfer failures in European football in 09-10. Of course they cover their tracks and gloss over their proven idiocy.

    Fact is Denilson has had two back injuries that have caused prolonged absence from the squad. Rushed back to the 1st eleven after the last injury, he has played beneath his usual high standards. One wonders what is the hidden agenda behind this patent idiocy.

  32. SomeRandomGunner

    Hahaha saw the goal chelsea conceded ? a typical Arsenal type of goal conceding and their second goal keeper is world class 😛

  33. Sheer tenacity by Tevez, for a man not long off an 18 hour flight that’s fantastic! I imagine we’d be moaning about Al if we’d let that shot in, it was an awkward one for Hilario to deal with and he did manage to get a hand on it.

  34. That equalizer came out of nowhere but it came approximately eight minutes after the commentators were talking about realism meaning that the league would come down to only two clubs. Man Poo and Chavski. I wonder what they’ll say when Chelsea drops points today. Cunts.

    And the Chelsea support is horrible. Booing Bridge for not shaking John Terry’s hand. That’s some pretty low stuff. Saw some Chav on the side line calling him a prick not two feet away from him. If there’s a god, Roman Abrahamovic gets done in for tax evasion or unscrupulous business practices and the Chavs lose their money.

  35. 2-1 to City, great goal from Bellamy, shit defending from Obi-wan Mikel and bad positioning from Hilário.

  36. That goal was incredibly telegraphed. Well done Bellamy. Let’s see if this comment goes through as my last one went into administration.

  37. Will Mancio get another one over his old Milan foe?

  38. Come on team Bridge. Terry is a dirty fool with a stupid hair cut. I”l take Sol if I was Capello

  39. Ha, red card for Belletti and a penalty for City!

  40. Oh come on City! This is brilliant! Oh God, anything less than a win later and the doom and gloom brigade are gonna be deafening.

  41. And el Apache finishes well! 3-1 to City.

  42. It looks like Chelsea are heading for another win.

  43. Nice cameo from Belletti, 14 minutes on the pitch, maybe one or two touches and then a red card 😀

    And no subs left. Seems that Mikel has to drop down to central defence.

  44. fantastic result this is.We have to win at Stoke.

  45. SomeRandomGunner

    Chelsea showing their true colors .

  46. This just keeps on getting better.

  47. And a red card for bollocks, oh I mean Ballack. Stupid challenge in the centre of the pitch and already on a yellow card. Tevez got hit, but I think he’ll be fine. And the chavs are leaving the stadium….

  48. I never would have thought I could support man city like i have today.
    Chelsea are such scum.

  49. I hate to say it but Chelsea are doing incredibly well since being 2 players down, you wouldn’t know Man City had the numerical advantage at all if you’d just tuned in.

  50. Delia _ Block 112

    I too am a very proud Gooner at the clubs on and off the field achievements and have been since the 1950s.( things have cheered up, Baletti sent off and Chelski 3-1 down ). Come on you Reds your time has come to do us all proud . I suggest we all take a stiff drink prior to kick off, it’s going to be a very difficult evening.
    More good news Ballack sent off and Chelski down to 9 men— score now 4-1 to City!!!!!!!!!

  51. Haha, today really is demonstrating how little I know about anything…

  52. Man o man Arsenal need a win today!

  53. Chavs dropping points is good but watching them have a melt down is even better. If we win today we’re only three off the top. Let’s go Arsenal!!!

  54. This is certainly an occasion to open another beer, shit I think I have to get more before the Gunners game.

    Btw, have anyone else thought it funny that the press have been full of O’Neill and his shit about Wenger and Carling cup and at the same time they are reporting that Fergie might rest Rooney tomorrow. No criticism of that of course.

    And talk about the Times and their reporting of the financial figures. A couple of articles starting with a small mention of reduced debts and then a long Arsene-bashing. Absolutely ridiculous, considering that their 100+ articles about ManU finances almost never have any sort of bad words about Fergie. Well, I guess they still hope to get to United’s press conferences…

    Ooh, 4-1, then a penalty and the international signal disappeared (I now see a blue screen) but apparently Fat-Frank scored…

  55. Vince, even though City scored I agree it looked like they totally stopped playing after the second sending off.

  56. Yeah, what a weird game. Very smart move by Mancini to make sure Bridge wasn’t still on the field when the final whistle went. It’s incredible, I knew the two teams above us would likely drop points but the gap seems to be closing so quickly that we could still achieve the country mile Frank’s always talking about!

  57. Erm.. does this mean we are ‘back’ in the title race?

  58. Please let us win at Stoke today!


  59. Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha!
    So Arsene is a deluded fool for saying Chelsea and ManU will drop points. At home, no less.
    Thanks Oil City.
    Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha!

  60. So what can we conclude about the Chelsea game?

    Boys against Men? Or just plain chavs.

    Can’t wait to read the headlines.

    Someone would have thought Chelsea were invincible.

  61. This has the makings of a terrific day! Come on Gunners!

  62. How about chelski need to buy a proper big attacker, a dominant central defenders and they need to spend if they want to win. City 4!!!!!! Blame Arsene for our losses, it obvious Chelski and manure are not better than us personal wise. We just need to vary our tactics when we are playing against the Big four clubs. Mancini’s tactics today was spot on because it really abt the points in games like this

  63. Great result at Stamford bridge and extra motivation to the boys to close down the gap. Hope the boys win later and make everyone including the D&Gs to admit that we’re truly back in the title challenge..

  64. I really hope our squad comes out with fire and intensity, especially after seeing this result…they will know this is their chance to make up precious ground…

    Bendtner to prove his worth today…both from defending set pieces and providing aerial threat in attack.


    We have all the motivation we need now.

    We can be top next Saturday, just think about that for a moment. TOP.

    I have no doubt we wont win, but if we can’t do that now, with this opportunity in front of us, then frankly we wont deserve to be champions. If we do, then it is opening up before our eyes.

    Win today and it is the mancs we will be chasing.

    The final few games will be too much for chelsea and they are showing again, as they have for 3 years, that if you try and combine 3 games a week, every week, with the fags, booze, and party it catches up with you. The legs drop off when they play a string of games. They were completely devoid of any creative brilliance, as in midweek.

  66. Now to watch young Jack Wilshire play. Starting on the left side of midfield. Hope he plays well.

  67. Wilshire getting the start with Bolton! along with the America Holden…Looks like I will be watching Bolton…lol, never thought I would be excited to watch a Bolton match in my entire life.

  68. But Bolton still to lose.

  69. I loved Craig Bellamy’s comments after the game.

    Did anyone hear it?

  70. Bellamy on Terry after the match:

    “I know what JT’s like and nothing surprises me about him, so that’s my only comment on that guy.I think everyone in football knows what the guy is like, that’s off the field. But on it, he’s an outstanding player”


  71. We are never given credit for the fact we managed to stay in the race with a lot of injuries. Lets see how the Chavs can deal with injuries and suspensions now.

  72. The mancs have won their game lets hope we keep up the pressure too.

  73. Hey Shotta – what is the agenda behind your patent idiocy?

    Same old blah, blah, blah. Keep banging your drum mate, bring it to the ground if you ever make it.

    Remember, it is about football, not all your Billy-big-time on the blog. Although I am sure you will take time out from watching the match to give your usual stream of drivel during the game – truly bizarre, get your priorities straight.

  74. Somebody just flattened young Jack. Back up though.

  75. LA Gooner

    That comment sums up everything that is wrong with football. Not in your posting, just in Craig Bellamy thinking that he has the moral high ground to comment on anyone…


  76. Ignore the moron Shotta. Idiot!

  77. arsenehollis, f*ck off you prick.

  78. Arsenehollis

    What patent idiocy – I just trounced No.1 son on Fifa10, Denilson got a hattrick. That has more foundation for supporting the player than the logic applied by those who detest him.


  79. Yogi,

    Bellamy is no saint but I think he is just saying it as he sees it. Clearly many people (players and fans alike) do not like the guy and there must be a reason for it.

  80. Yogi, Bellamy might be a bit of a prick, but certainly has his merits too.

    Remember this:

    Craig Bellamy invests £650,000 to help tackle plight of war-torn country

    He set up a foundation too:

    Remember that Terry tried to say about the “Training ground tour” that ‘onest, I gave two grand to charity.

    And even though I hate to say this ’cause I think Arsenal has done great work for charities, they almost never donate as much, club and players combined, that Bellamy did on that single occasion.

    For some reason, I always have liked Bellamy more than Terry, or should I rather say hated him less than I hate Terry…

  81. Wilshere really showed real quality in that little combination play outside the Wolves area. Really needed a better finish. Quality is a very rare commodity in this match.

  82. Good point, Mean Lean. It also shows another strange thing about football, and sports in general. Players are often ridiculed for repeating the same obvious lines and not really saying anything. But when they do actually say what they think, it is a scandal.

    Just like all awards, like Nobels and Oscars and such, the press always complain how predictable they are, but when there is a surprise winner, they are always in shock horror and complain even more.

  83. Agreed shotta, I think Jacky is doing well. Just set up a good chance for Holden who had a good shot, but a little wide.

    Bolton’s Lee is also a player to watch, I think he’s been really good all season, remember how he surfed throurh the ‘dippers defence (too bad he’s shot was cleared in the end).

  84. Mean

    No he isn’t a Saint – Bellamy is more detestable! Terry may have been morally loose, some do not bat an eyelid at his misdemeanours, other do – but he hasn’t been violent toward women.


  85. Portsmouth have scored at Turf Moor. They have no pressure now, so they might cause a surprise or two before the end of the season.

  86. Yogi – my post had nothing to do with Denilson, I like the kid he plays for Arsenal and he’s quality.

    I like a little scrap with Shotta seeing as he tried to call me out before. Now he isn’t up for it, he can’t face the facts.

    He responds with juvenile taunts, because he can’t ignore it despite his pretending to. He let you muck in for him.

  87. Arsenehollis

    My apologies. Take shotta outside, have a row and then come back into the pub, shake hands and sup an ale to forget it.


  88. Fair play Yogi, sounds like a good idea.

    As for the other stuff, I hope No. 1 son gets on here and tells the world when he trounces you on Fifa.

  89. Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! (like back in the school days)


  90. Can we leave the petty stuff for another day? You’re killing my buzz.

  91. Yogi: I have chosen to ignore hollis’ posts for obvious reasons but I wish him all the best.
    Silence is golden.

  92. “Just like all awards, like Nobels and Oscars and such, the press always complain how predictable they are.”

    That might be true of the Nobel Peace Prize, but not of the others. In the last decade, I wonder how many literary journalists predicted that Herta Muller, Jean-Marie Gustave Le Clezio, Elfriede Jelinek, Imre Kertesz, and Gao Xingjian would win the Nobel Prize for Literature.

  93. Guys, I am simply enjoying Jack’s performance. He has made a difference and as I write they score. No more than Bolton deserve.

  94. I agree about the literary prize, Polizi. I was mostly thinking of the Peace prize. The science prizes are not something the normal journalist would have competence to even try to predict and mostly they don’t.

    Well, except the Millennium Technology Prize, which was first given to Tim Berners-Lee and then to Shuji Nakamura.

    Jacky had a great chance to score but the defender did a good challenge and diverted the ball over the ball. Great play from Lee after that and Knight scored. Birmingham also lead, McFadden scored a penalty.

  95. That is great to hear Shotta,

    I’ve just put my youngest down for her nap so I shall be tuning in for the second half.

    So excited about the Arsenal game. I hope we give Stoke the footballing education that they need.

  96. Polizi, also I think that J.M. Coetzee winning the prize was something of a surprise.

    Btw, this kind of off-topic discussions are one the reasons why I love this blog so much. Haven’t been here for a while though, my laptop finally had enough and even though I read the blogs with my phone, I didn’t bother writing comments with it. Also following the Winter Olympics has taken its fair share of time.

    Well, Olympics are soon over, I have a new computer, Arsenal is playing today so things are better again 🙂

    And our domestic football season is starting too, although at this point its training games played inside. Temperature went over zero degrees Celsius today! First time in 55 or 56 days 🙂

  97. Tevez was quality today. It was he that went up to Terry, and he who celebrated Bridge after his second goal. Good on him, especially with his last ten days. I have a lot of time for him (being Argentine of course).

    As for Terry – that was CLASS A defending on that first goal. CLASS A.

    And…ummm, who would YOU take for a backup keeper? Hilario or Fabianski? Hilario looks like he might be 20 stone. Lampard looks positively slim next to him

  98. Chelsea clearly lack grit or the stomach for the fight when the going gets tough

  99. Ha, ha, ha, ha. They’re imploding and bottling it big time. If we win against Stoke the title will be ours. This is our biggest game of the season.

    Let’s win the title and laugh off Cashley Cunt Cole.

  100. I wonder if the press will say that Chelsea is “lacking strength in depth’ like Arsenal always do when they don’t win, no matter how many players are injured. Somehow I don’t think so, ManU was unlucky when, for a period of one week, they had more players out than Arsenal.

  101. Why didn’t Chelsea go and spend in January, they have a very weak squad and lack physical presence.

    I mean if they had that then they would be miles ahead of us from what the media have been saying about us.

  102. Today is the day, now is the moment….

    that our young guns display the maturity that can now COMFORTABLY take them to the title.

    The world and their dog will be talking about our charge to the title tommorow.

  103. thank you very much jt and cashley.. you have caned our only real, serious title challengers.

    utd are a one man band will fall away soon enough.. they will finsih a comfortable 3rd.

  104. you have to love bellamy
    talk about takes one to know one

  105. I like Tevez but I stil detest Bellamy.
    Come you gunners no slip ups pleaaaaase. This is the biggest opportunity we will ever have. I’m almost certain if we win all the games the title is ours. but I’m expecting united and the Chavs drop more points.

  106. What the hell are they wearing?

  107. I’ve never liked Bellamy. I’ve always had this feeling that he might be Neil Warnock’s love child but that was just great.

    Why are so many English International players such complete scum bags?

    And people wonder why Wenger is reluctant to sign English players.

    Anyway on to the important stuff, a real chance to put pressure on Chelsea and ManU.

  108. That is NOT a good look. No wonder Ade is always tryng to take unwarranted off days.

  109. Is Bellamy not Welsh?

  110. I was refering to Terry, Cole, Rooney, Ferdinand, Gerrard, Lampard to name a few.

  111. Fortunate favours the brave. A seaons best performance is required at Stoke today. How great a victory would be. Upwards and onwards.So the Chelsea juggernaut is exposed once more battered at the bridgr. Where is Dave now? Denilson to score the winner.COYG!

  112. Well I think we can extend that to the whole home nations.

  113. No arguments there!

  114. Manuel Almunia
    Bacary Sagna
    Thomas Vermaelen
    Sol Campbell
    Gael Clichy
    Emmanuel Eboue
    Samir Nasri
    Aaron Ramsey
    Alex Song
    Cesc Fabregas
    Nicklas Bendtner

  115. Thomas Sorensen
    Robert Huth
    Ryan Shawcross
    Abdoulaye Faye
    Andy Wilkinson
    Danny Pugh
    Dean Whitehead
    Glenn Whelan
    Rory Delap
    Ricardo Fuller
    Mamady Sidibe

  116. # 1 Almunia
    # 03 Sagna
    # 05 Vermaelen
    # 22 Clichy
    # 27 Eboue
    # 31 Campbell
    # 04 Fabregas
    # 08 Nasri
    # 16 Ramsey
    # 17 Song Billong
    # 52 Bendtner
    not bad yogi 10 from 11

  117. Who is on the bench ?


  119. bench * 21 Fabianski,
    * 18 Silvestre,
    * 30 Traore,
    * 07 Rosicky,
    * 14 Walcott,
    * 09 Eduardo,
    * 12 Vela

  120. Cheers realsocialdad

  121. copy and psste you have to love quick keys

  122. just hope you get to copy 2-0 to arsenal

  123. We need to win this game. I do not care how. we have to scrap and fight for these 3 points.

  124. Any decent links?

  125. decent line-up..would have preffered tomas to nasri but he’s a good sub too….we’re gonna do this …comeon ya gunners!!…and yeah – the chavs are f**n hilarious

    any sopcast channel

  127. Our away support is fantastic again (nothing new).

  128. Shit.

  129. these throw ins are a fucking embarassment to the premier league

  130. I don’t believe it. Still early, though.

  131. and that was kind of Song’s fault…I wonder why he’s been a bit slow today. Love the fellow so hope that he gets into this game quickly

  132. Song should know cnceeding a corner is better than a throw. why did he kick it for a throw?

  133. Already?

    It’s going to be a looooooooooooong game ifthi carries on.

  134. second ball badly defended by Eboue and Song at the far post, never mind.

    Plenty of time to get back in this.

  135. This is so true. We can’t give up the first goal. Stoke City just scored off a great throw in ball. Bad defending. The door is open and we have to score.

  136. i think we’ll destroy stoke as Song starts settling in…he’s been getting better as the minutes tick on and our play in midfield is getting smoother.

  137. Stoke are defending in numbers but they can’t sustain it for 90 minutes If we keep it to 1 nil we can turn it around as the game goes on.

  138. here comes the towel again

  139. Well done Clichy!!!

  140. Clichy should’ve thrown the towel away…

  141. There better be loads of extra time added to this half.

  142. They have many more towel EvilFiek any more.

  143. They have many more towel EvilFiek many more.

  144. ok…this is dangerous. we need to bloody defend those throw ins properly, regardless of how annoying they are. The post was left open again!

  145. Why the towel is allowed ?

  146. and btw – Sol’s been awesome so far!

  147. There never is with this lot.

  148. Just let off the hook by Wilkinson.

  149. It is getting ridiculous how the game is just about the throws now. But we have to keep posession.

  150. Towel time has moved from 15 to 20 sec.

  151. Sol is still an effen monster, so far.

  152. This is better, come on the lads.

  153. we are slowly getting in the game as the stoke players starting to drop

  154. yessssssss


  156. This is a monster of a game.

  157. 1-1 Bendtner !!!!

  158. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Super Nic with a nasty header!

  159. BENDTNER!!!!!!!!!!!!

  160. NB52!!!!

  161. Who provided the assist?

  162. I was here thinking to myself that Stoke would break under our pressure and it happened.

  163. Bendtner. Take that you f*cking stoke pricks!

  164. we are beautiful!
    As the game goes on, the more we settle and Stoke will pay

  165. Yeees They can taste a bit on their own medicine

  166. OK, Fabregas.

  167. @FG

    Oh my…great, just great. I hope this will shut those stupid Stoke fans up. Why are they whistling. Are they so opposed to playing football instead of throwball that they have to whistle the instant a team starts playing beautifully?

    We fully deserve this goal, now let’s teach QB Delap and his team a lesson!

  168. where is denilson? not even on the bench?

  169. We have matched them, even outdone them physically. I Love It!

  170. this is going to be a tough one…its all 10 men in the box + counter attack + throw ins from here on…I hate Stoke

  171. Stoke do have some talented individuals I have to admit.

    Delap has excellent skills with a towel, he could be a proper replacement if Vic Akers ever retires as our kitman.

    I think having even cleaner shoes could give us an edge in the title race.

  172. Nasri bottled that, grow some for the fight.

  173. Denilson is not playing.

  174. Careful Nasri. Don’t get physical.

  175. damnit…my only concern is the defending in our box…we still look a bit shaky although Verms and Sol are doing very well

  176. Shawcross = c*nt.

  177. 10 men in one half, Fuller in the other..

  178. Thanks EvilFiek

  179. If we can weather the first 5-10 mins of the second half I can see us doing them good and proper.

  180. They are beginning to come into the game with purpose! They are not backing off the physical play and still managing to play our game. The Welsh lad is going to be a starter. He is superb at such a tender age.

  181. Talking of Fuller why is he allowed to wear a diamond stud??

  182. Fecking great header by Nicky B.

  183. they’re already tired..this has a 3-1 written all over it

  184. Reminds me of the Eduardo goal against West Ham. Excellent header.

  185. Stoke do seem a bit knackered from their FA Cup adventures. EvilFriek, it’s funny how far down the ten others are, the time it takes for them to come to support Fuller is ridiculous. A couple of times Clichy headed the ball towards the center of the pitch, which normally is a big no-no. They don’t really try to counter with many players, just always hope that the defenders head the ball out.

    It seems that the referees try to give as many throws to them as possible.

    Another point: No matter how much one can dislike Kevin Davies, in this game Fuller has fouled as much as Davies does, and no booking for him and half the freekicks Davies concedes.

    It’s beyond belief how much fouling they get away with. Especially in the long throws, and not just against Arsenal.

  186. Raadi Al Haroumi

    I love the big ginger BEndntner he has brought us back into it. I hope now the boys will come out and explode, explode all over stokes ugly face features. If Eboue scores the winner I fully expect him to celebrate by pissing on Delaps towel and wiping it on Abdouli Fayes bald pigs head. Wenger I want Rosicky now, he is great.

  187. Just watched the highlights, Mancini outclassed Anceloti yet again lol

  188. how was that not a pen?

  189. Arsenal had a penalty against Sunderland, you really expect another one so soon?

  190. Raadi Al Haroumi

    That was a stonewall fucking penalty.



  192. Eduardo embargo….duuuuh

  193. for fucks sakes!

  194. Do you know this song? Arsenal don’t get penalties

  195. that fucking bufoon of a ref

  196. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Bollocks. Faye yanked him down!

  197. Rory Delap is killing my enjoyment of football..

  198. fucking hell…so pissed at that. Ramsey was pushed onto the ground and the useless official was right there!

  199. We should be 2-1 up.

  200. Raadi Al Haroumi

    Eboue is a fucking god. We are raping them. We need a goal though. Come on Arsenal!

  201. The c*nt of a commentator was going to scapegoat Almunia for being fouled until his co-commentattor shut him up. Reminds me of something. Uhmmm.

  202. What is the matter with this ref?

  203. The ref is a true w*nker.

  204. this ref is bloody absurd

  205. WHAT? That ref is a c*nt. For what did Song get a yellow card here???

  206. WHAT HAPPENED?????????

  207. No penalty for a clear foul in the box; then a yellow card for a 50:50. Makes you wonder.

  208. F*cking ridiculous booking.

  209. Raadi Al Haroumi

    Why you care about the comentator shotta. Why does he make you cry like this. I dun even listen to the commentary. I play my enemies like a game of chess.

  210. Fuck

  211. broken foot :O

  212. Ramsey’s done for the year. Broken.

  213. Shawcross, what a f*cking cunt, there goes Ramseys leg.

  214. What’s happened to Ramsey?

  215. Just awful. Just awful. At least Shawcross looks well shocked at himself.

  216. What a bastard…

  217. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    That’s awful. F*cking Shawcross.

  218. Poor kid. this is unbelievable. Every year some bastard breaks the leg of at least one of our players.

  219. COME ON

  220. I’m fucking distraught. The natural conclusion of “Arsenal don’t like it up em”.


  221. To his credit, Shawcross seems really disturbed, and other Stoke players as well. Unlike that c*nt Taylor and other Birmingham fucks

  222. Okay, it looks like Shawcross is accepting that he did something horrible. I take back the bastard.

    But still…poor Ramsey. I am gutted

  223. fucking imbeciles..i dont even want to watch this anymore

  224. Just 18. CUNT! CUNT! CUNT!

  225. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    I just lost my appetite.

  226. we all saw it coming…… Getting in thier face!!!!! Stoke never attempted to play today simple as that

  227. Bullshit challenge. And the wankers don’t want Shotta to question what the fuck is happening.
    Kicking the Arsenal is fucking OK isn’t it.

  228. I feel like crying…

  229. And he was having such a great season. This is so unfair.

  230. Can’t believe it.

  231. but this ref is as much responsible for this as shawcross is.

  232. Raadi Al Haroumi

    I don’t believe this. I don’t even want to comment but to say.. Aaron, we are all with you. You will be one of the worlds best. Take Care and heal well. Truly, truly shocking. We need to go on and win now!.. We can’t let this horrific injury disrupt a very good performance. All the best Aaron.

  233. I’m fucking distraught. The natural conclusion of “Arsenal don’t like it up em”.

    Absolutely right, Calcot. It’s disgusting.

  234. EF, I AM.

    can’t believe it

  235. Poor boy is probably in total shock.

  236. Just feel awful for Ramsey.

  237. Bradys right foot

    Im so fucking angry, two people are directly responsible for this Shawcross for being a cunt, late high deliberate, fucking deliberate and that bastard Walton who has let the stoke players away with every foul they’ve committed so far. A fucking disgrace i said at half time to my son that someone was going to get injured because of that cunt walton.

  238. It is f*cking OK to kick the Arsenal, simply because we play football.

  239. Raadi Al Haroumi

    Eddie to come on and score the winner.

    Poetic justice.

  240. Is that the away support? They are the f*cking best.

  241. This is what happens when suckers encourage to kick Arsenal. Hansen are you watching? Is that what you mean by kick Arsenal to stop them play?

  242. there’s no justice to this…there’s nothing, except hearing that Ramsey will be ok, that makes up for this.
    I hope we win but I’ve lost interest in the game.

  243. In a very disturbing way, you could see how distraugh Vermaelen was, and Clichy was engouraging him, in a macabre ‘we’re used to this way’.

  244. SG: agreed; they have been massive today. As always.

  245. Refrees buy into the crap that Arsenal are too soft and allow these kind of tackles, there is no protection at all from the refrees when we play.

  246. I kind of wish Arsenal didn’t play in the Premier League. You never see this sort of shit happening to barcelona or madrid

  247. Is this for real!?

    Hope and pray its not too bad!!

    Touch him Jesus!!

    Its a shame that such football is celebrated in the PL, well atleast until something like this happens!

  248. My laptop has gone crazy. What is going on?

  249. @Maria
    Freak tackle by Shawcross, Ramsey’s leg broken..

  250. Ramsey’s leg has been broken by Ryan Shawcross in a tackle.

  251. C’mon Eddie to score the winner

  252. Yes, that would be beautiful justice.

  253. It is very real Paul N. We are kicked, even denied a clear penalty, until Ramsey is struck with a broken leg it seems. We the victims are then treated as whingers and complainers.

  254. Dammit. So close, Eddie.

  255. Agonising.

  256. What a miss Eddie? With your left foot., no less.

  257. lets have it.

  258. Penalty!

  259. oh my god…well, PK after all…

  260. Finally, finally a penalty. Fucking justice.

  261. YES YES YES


  263. I’m shaking, can barely type

  264. We are destined to win this effen league. Come On You Gunners

  265. For Ramsey

  266. It’s not just the player who should be blamed for such an incident. But rather the f**** refrees who let the opposition play as they do, with their illegal physical game. The fuc*king pundits and the media, for encouraging that play against Arsenal. Fuc**ing criminal what has happened today. That mother f**** should be banned for life. Bas***, regardless of his intention.

  267. lets move the ball let them chase it.

  268. come on boys – for Ramsey!

  269. Now I am crying..

    at least one positive thing today..

  270. Lets put another one in for Ramsey!!!


  271. That was a penalty as well. FFS. C*** ref.

  272. WTF?

  273. Shoulda been another penno there, Nic just shoved over.

  274. Another clear effen penalty from the replay.

  275. Yessssssssssssssssss


  277. Vermaelen 3-1!!!!!

  278. Doing it for Rambo.

  279. TV, I almost in tears!!!


  280. what a massive massive game. bittersweet, but massive.

  281. I am so proud of the boys. They have responded so well.

  282. Come on My Gunners. A team of destiny!

  283. For Ramsey!!!!

    This team has got the final motivation they need..

    Awesome Away support!!! Comeon u Gunnerss!!!!

  284. we’ve done it!

  285. How many clear cut penalties will we be denied?

  286. Really mature from the boys. I hope the win doesn’t temper AW anger though.

  287. best performance of 2010!!!! only one team wanted to and tried to win??? how is it for arsenal not being title contenders!!!

  288. One Aaron Ramsey!
    There’s only on Aaron Ramsey!

  289. Pulis is a cunt.

  290. I don’t think it will, Calcot. I think he might just let loose.

  291. Torture them with possession football.

  292. what the fuck is pulis moaning about?

  293. Awesome post-game huddle there, too.

  294. Should be glad Nasri wasn’t on the field. He would have shown these c**** about foul play. Don’t feel like celebrating anymore. Really hope he recovers well, and completely.

  295. Good Character shown.

  296. Sell clichy!!! He is not good enough blahblahblah!!!! The commentator said we one because of stokes midweek game, that Bendtner is fortunate to be meeting the stoke defenders @ this stage.One fair question, Do we Arsenal fans really care what these cunts think???

  297. SomeRandomGunner

    If shawcross is a decent guy he will not sleep until Ramsey kicks the ball again

  298. Almost two years to the day, unbelievable.

  299. F***, you shouldn’t have posted that link randomgunner. That’s horrible. So sorry for the poor Ramsey. That seems to be the only way they think they can stop us playing. Awful. Fu** this.

  300. This victory really feels sad for me, not sure why.Am not even excited

  301. I really don’t know why the ref did not give the second penalty or its Arsenal so we are not allowed 2 penalties in one game . Brilliant fron Cesc, he told Pulis to shut his stinking gob. Its a shame what happened Ramsey.

  302. Did you guys see the team huddle after the game. This is a team that is battle hardened by experience and self-belief. We are going to win this league. Frank’s proverbial country mile.
    Come On You Gunners!

  303. From the audio commentary, it sounded like Clichy was EVERYWHERE. He is back!!!

  304. Bradys right foot

    I’m still seething let no one be in any doubt that wqs an awful tackle unmeasured reckless dangerous deliberate, he’s a fucking disgrace. Worse that Taylors, he lunged from a greater distance same result. Hope and pray young Aaron can recover, god bless son.

  305. @ Ted Harwood

    The huddle was great.

  306. I don’t really want to see it

  307. Cesc using the Arshavin Goal Finger to silence Pulis was superb. He was lucky not to get a booking for that foul near their corner flag though!

  308. Did you see how we doubled our resolve after the broken leg, unlike two years ago. Did you see Gael after the incident geeing up the team and demanding we don’t hang our heads. Contrast this with two years ago. We have grown up and now of these clod-hopping leg-breaking northern teams are going to stop us on our march to victory.
    Come On You Gunners!

  309. Everything just pales in front of what poor Aaron will go through from now on till such a time when he can play at the level he would have been playing if not for this piece of crap deciding to show him how to play ‘ard bu fair. I hope Aaron recovers well and fulfills his undoubted potential. I pray for you young one.

  310. @Vince

    I love that side of Cesc.

  311. I honestly think Shawcross had no intent in the tackle, completly different from the Eduardo tackle.

    Cesc is giveing a post match interview – We have just lost him to Barca.

  312. Clichy was MOTM

  313. Agree with every word Shotta – COME ON ARSENAL!

  314. That has got to be the game of the season!!! We rose to every challenge thrown at us and the tackle made me feel sick to the stomach.St Andrews all over again.Credit to the team for showing immense courage and grit.That was for you Aaron Ramsey. Nothing is impossible now. No one can beat us after that performance.2010 Premiership Champions!Tell em Fabregas.

  315. Marc, seriously. Shut the hell up you utter tool.

  316. Best wishes – get well soon Aron.

  317. Will Song miss two matches? Ten yellows, right?

  318. Vince – Why?

  319. “How hard was it to play on after that tackle, Cesc”?

    “It’s the third time I’ve seen that, Abou. Eddy and now…, It’s too much.”

    Spot on, Cesc, Bastard media, bastard refs. It’s all in the game, isn’t it?

    Did you hear who Stoke mde ‘Player of the Match’?

    Rory Delap. Rory Delap. Fucking Rory Delap.


  320. I really have to blame the talk from pundits that you have to kick Arsenal to beat them so we get it more than the usual. Will the Suckers like Hansen finally stop applauding the thugs when they kick us. In spain there is more protection from refrees here in this country we love thuggery all you hear is “ITs a man’s game” no it ain’t , its a cowards game who can’t play propper football.

  321. Song’s out for the next two yeah.

  322. Well said Arsene – This has to stop. The media has a lot to answer for.

  323. For your utterly moronic “we’ve just lost cesc to barca” comment @ 7:34 Marc, that’s why.

  324. @ Marc
    Are you saying that Cesc has announced he will go to Barca?

  325. Sol Campbell – stand up and take a bow

    what a man!!

  326. Marc I don’t blame Shawcross or even Tiny Taylor of two years ago. I blame the effen refs for allowing the kicking to go unpunished. Lay the law down from the 1st minute, card the kickers, blow for clear penalties in the box and this will stop the poor, anti-football teams from resorting to illegal tactics. If Shawcross doesn’t get “stuck-in” as his manger demands, he will never have a career at Stoke.

  327. Is the Arsene i/view on Sky?

  328. Speedy recovery to Ramsey! poor youngster.

    Will the PL finally do something about this gettin stuck in crap. How can you have teams say this is how you play Arsenal and the governing body of the League dont warn the teams about it?

    The guy doesnt have to be a bad guy but when something is pumped into you, you will react accordingly.

    Its a damn shame!!

  329. Such a promising young man who has suffered a career threatening injury. I was commenting to my mate that you need to match Stokes and their physical game before you can play football. I need to say that I thought the ref was letting a lot of questionable play go without blowing his whistle. The Football Association needs to be more studious in their monitoring of physical play in English Football. I am absolutely gutted over this injury to Ramsey.

  330. FunGunner – No – But how many times do you think he can watch friends and team mates suffer broken limbs before he decides he might be next?

  331. Not this time….Not this year.

    F*ck all that….We are going to win.

  332. I just saw the Mail pictures. It is horrible. Nuff said.

  333. Bradys right foot

    Marc 7:34

    Shawcross no intent?

    Listen m8 he made an high airborne lunge at full speed and took out his right leg he’s miles away from the ball.

  334. Has any other team suffered as many of these injuries recently?

  335. @ Marc
    Then make it clear that’s YOUR assumption, don’t put words in his mouth. I nearly had a heart attack. For all you know, he might be even more motivated to win, mightn’t he?

  336. I agree with you Bob and Shotta, it’s the refrees, the pundits and the media as a whole who should be blamed for what happened today. They should start taking actions, to keep the integrity and entertainment factor alive in football. It’s disgraceful, how the commentators seem to get orgasms when talking about how Arsenal can’t play against physical opposition. GO fu** yourself, bastar*s.

  337. Yeh Marc, cut that crap talk out about losing Cesc

  338. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    I’m absolutely positive Shawcross was trying to inflict some damage with that tackle. There’s no doubt in my mind.

  339. The sheer ridiculousness of the state of refereeing in the PL is shown by the fact that Song was booked for what was a foul on him.

  340. Just saw the tackle. Someone should have punched the fuck out of these c**ts. Horrible. No intention, my a**.

  341. I dont know what to think of this ref; was he trying to let the game flow by not booking players of what? He gives Song a ridiculously cheap yellow and doesnt call for two clear cut penalties; I blame him squarely what what happened to Ramsey; Utter idiot, i hope lightening strikes him before the day is gone

  342. It was Cesc who instigated the huddle after the game, it doesn’t look like he wants to be with any other set of players to me. Our next opponents are Burnley who couldn’t even beat Portsmouth today, they won’t know what to do on the massive Emirates pitch.

  343. Arsene what a legend. Blamed it completely on the Press media, and the refrees. Spot on. Said, there are no coincidences that three out of the players have gone out this way.

  344. Great caller on ATVO now echoing Darius’ post from yesterday!

  345. We should challenge the Song yellow card, the ref got that one wrong.

  346. i see know reason why the reply should not be shown, we should have a choice of watching it or not. This is in contrast to Gallas challenge that was shown over and over. You’ll probably hear that he is a nice lad and didn’t mean to do it, and you could see him crying. Expect shawcross to be portrayed as the victim hear. Its no coincidence that this team has had Three red cards in their last 3 Epl games. The Ref and paundits have to take the blame for this, and every coach that issues “get in their face” instruction

  347. Good to see you back, Ateeb.

    God rot the lot of them.

    Arsene has just said that “He doesn’t deal in coincidence” I wonder what the reaction of the FA will be.

    Fucking Green already saying that he hopes “Shawcross isn’t demonised for the tackle”, but, of course, he hopes for Ramsey’s “full recovery”‘


  348. This cu** pundit on ESPN, blamed the incident on Ramsey’s quickness. WTF. Same old, same old. Just as Eduardo. It’s shameful how these pundits simply have no dignity.

  349. MF Andy Gray craping in skysports…what a show of solidarity by the team. I blame the pundit arseo**s for fuelling the ‘arsenal dnt like the physical side’ who the f*ck likes it?

  350. SomeRandomGunner

    Arsene is shaken too …. , it is 1:20 am here. Dont think i will sleep today.

  351. Was it a tackle or a 50-50?

  352. The ref is an idiot! along everyone in football in england.
    Its a damn mindset! CRAP!!

  353. Trying to not think about Aaron for a second, is Verma our second top scorer yet? He can’t be far off RVP now surely!

  354. 3 horrific leg injuries in 5 years against Arsenal and the morons keep banging on about grit and how physicality is a great advert for the EPL. Things have got to change. Onwards and upwards

  355. The pundits will say anything rather than admit they have been wrong. Pathetic.

  356. Arsenal for the double!!!!

  357. Let’s see what the Welsh have to say about this; last time the Croats tried to speak and it went largely unnoticed; in a space of 4 years, 3 career threatening injuries have been sustained by ARSENAL. This besides other injuries that could have been worse. Coincidence? Of course not! What do you expect when you have a stupid fat pundit sitting on a couch poluting the minds of everyone that you must knock Arsenal out of their strides by putting in crunching challenges. What is the point here? Are you trying to advocate for people to play football or are you inherently biased against Arsenal and would rather rejoice in their loosing?

  358. Bradys right foot – I thought Shawcross was late but the tackle on Eduardo was intentional – of the let him know your here type. I could be wrong but I hope I’m not. I’ve only seen the original angle and it was to far away to be sure.

    FunGunner – Of course it’s my opinion but if we keep seeing this sort of injury to Arsenal players (how many Chelsea or ManU players do you see this happen to?) how long before Cesc fears for his career?

  359. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Arsene has been trying to change the ugly English game for years. The old red nosed bastards are just too stubborn.

  360. How the FUUUCK do you blame and injury on someone’s quickness? Why not blame it on the other moron’s slowness?

  361. Ateeb has come back after some skirmishing in Afghanistan.

  362. Bloody Stoke fan now saying that Cesc got poor Shawcross sent off for waht was ‘only’ a late challenge! Apparently, Stoke have suffered from poor referees all season!

    You couldn’t make it up.

  363. Good to see you too Bob. Been unemployed as doomer hunter here, since the team has been doing the talking on the pitch. Legends in the making, if only everyone could see the way we do.

    The EPL, has been reduced to an ugly league. Where only a handlful dream to play the way it should be played. And the media, the federation should be held accountable for it. You have these C**** who encourage ugly football, and out right against technical players. Ridiculous.

    It’s Ramsey’s fault that he’s technical and quick footed. F*** that. This league is going down a s***hole, in ever f**** way. Even financially clubs cant hold their ground. And the media encourages spending big and pulling them into debts. Something is wrong with the world. It’s filled with too many simple minded pr****. And it’s sad that they are in majority. And have a say about everything.

  364. In the afternoon the idiots disguised as commentators & pundits were saying the ‘noisy neighbours’ had done ManU a hugh favor & no mention of Arsenal. Now they would focus on the comments of Cesc & AW while sweeping our role in the title race & the way Arsenal players are never protected enough by the refs & the media. It took a broken leg before the stupid fellow in the middle to award a penalty, he turned down a cast-iron for Ramsey himself! If only he had award that…

  365. Well, the timing is right, Muppet.

    Should we tell someone?

  366. Horrific – but nobody should be surprised. There will be more too because nothing will be done.

    Infact , give it a few days & you`ll read`poor Ryan Shawcross`.

    I wish we could up sticks & move away from the EPL.

    A great win but tonight I`m ashamed to be English

  367. Nah consolsbob… I’m sure Ateeb was just hunting down Doomers.

  368. I agree with Muppet. Good rage, well targetted Ateeb.

  369. Well, maybe, Muppet. Mind you, given that all this is being monitored by the Intelligence Services. it may be too late anyway.

    Rory Delap. Man of the Match.

  370. what an emotional victory…i dont care if we win anything or not , i just love this team cuz they have character..they have balls….loved the reaction after vermis goal

    bittersweet for obvious reasons..hope the lad recovers fast..atleast there wasnt a bone sticking out!! i think he’ll be out 4 months.

  371. Haha Muppet, good to see you. Sad, that you don’t have citizens like we do. Or else we would’ve handled cun** like shawcross, Martin Taylor, and the refs, long time back.

  372. I must admit after the injury I was worried that we’d fold, but great credit to the team who were visibly traumatised that we went on to win. If we can keep that team spirit going we can win the league.

  373. Don’t screw with this intelligence thing, Bob and Muppet. Apparently blackwater has setup their operations in Islamabad. And I am pretty sure, the simple minded pr*** they would be, they wouldn’t have the eye for detecting humour or sarcasm. Won’t take long for them to come hunting me down. Probably already on their way, with the guns and s/ldfd,sf
    dsf HEEL L L LPPpppppp

  374. @ Marc

    FunGunner – Of course it’s my opinion but if we keep seeing this sort of injury to Arsenal players (how many Chelsea or ManU players do you see this happen to?) how long before Cesc fears for his career?

    So you shouldn’t have announced it like it was breaking news –
    “Cesc is giveing a post match interview – We have just lost him to Barca.”.

    You don’t know how Cesc will react. YOU might want to get out, doesn’t mean HE will.

  375. A few days ago, I said that if we are going to win this league; we are going to be in one hell of a fight; a war of attrition of some sort; This was just the beginning;

  376. The media are making excuses for Shawcross. Ok. so maybe no intent. but surely club, managers and players have responsibility for their actions ?

    Smug manc and chavs centric media have been condoning and encouraging physicality for years. Somebody has to take action.

  377. Marc you’re in your tw*t mode today? Discussing Cesc is about to leave and crap, right after the injury. Get a grip on yourself. There was only going to be one result today, despite all their efforts.

  378. Anyone has a link to Cesc’s “Shut the F***k up Pulis”?

  379. Shawcross’s first touch was shit, Rambo was always going to get there first. The f**ker just kept on going through with a late, ill fainted tackle.

    The ball was well gone, no where in shot.

    Another over zealous tackle by a pumped up thug. Sent out with the words of his manager telling him to – ‘Get stuck in against the Arsenal they don’t like it.’ Ringing in his empty brainless skull.

    Shawcross’s feet did the damage but his accomplices need to be brought to book.

  380. I really doubt there is ever an intent to break someones leg. But I am pretty certain, the intent is always to either inflict minor injuries, or create fear in the opposition with the hard tackling as to destablize them. The refs allowing such tackles, leads to situations like today from arising. So it doesn’t matter what his intent was, like Arsene said, there are no coincidences. It’s the system and the way game is being allowed to play, that leads to such injuries, especially to Arsenal.

  381. Sky trying to stir up controversy, shamelessly asking Tony Pulis to comment on the penalty that was awared, he could have topped himself by asking if the tackle deserved a red card just like the commentator who said the card was influenced by the injury rather than the tackle!!

  382. & song got a yellow card for his arm being pulled by R Fuller!

  383. Here we go – Stoke local radio saying “Shawcross isn’t that kind of player.” !!!!!!

  384. If it wasn’t for Arsenal, I’d rather be watching the Spanish league. Idiots.

  385. Get used to it Fun. the alternative is that someone might, heaven forbid, have to take some kind of action.

  386. You’re not wrong there, consolsbob. Denial, it seems, is once more the order of the day.

  387. i was shivering when i saw the look on the faces of the players… it was like 2 yrs ago but like is rightly said above it the fukkin media n shit refs that r responsible for this… shawcross looked happy at the red card. i dont think he wanted to be on the pitch any longer… shit technique by him…

  388. Two Stoke players now going on about what an honest lad, Shawcross is. Green now saying that nothing is coming out of Stoke to suggest that he is a malicious player!

    He also says that Arsenal, and Arsne in particular, must be more careful about what they say.

    Arsenal fans, saying how awful the Stoke fans were, gets short shrift.

  389. I think Sol has come in and changed the mentality of the boys. He was really a rock today. We’ll need him in away games against Hull, Birmingham and the likes. Arsene should think of extending his contract for one more season.

    Let’s pray for Ramsey, just got a breakthrough playing so well and then this? So painful.

  390. Marc, the Shawcross tackle was of the “just to let you know I’m here” variety as well. I don’t buy the bull shit that one can’t pull out of the tackle at the last minute if he knos he’s going to inflict damage on another player. That is absolute fucking nonsense. These men are proffesionals for god’s sake.

    That tackle was just a culmination of what had been happening all afternoon. They got tired of chasing shadows and got frustrated.

    What I’m afraid of is that the law of averages is going to bite us in the ass. How many horrendous tackles like these are we going to suffer before we get a player injured so badly that he has to retire? That’s what I’m afraid of. Fuck Shawcross and fuck the EPL because they will not have a league left if the very best decide not to play in a league where butchering someone’s leg is a common occurence.

  391. Btw, wt a perfect response from the team…the huddle at the final whistle. Like Sagna said it probably our destiny to win the title this yr.

  392. I’m afraid that the only way to stop this is that if a player is sent off and the sending off is upheld if appealed, then the player should sit out for as long as it takes the victim of his challenge to recover.

    That might be the only way to make players think twice before making these horror challenges.

    Of course, an appeal can also be made against a ‘parallel to injury’ ban, but I don’t see any reason why Smith, Taylor and now Shawcross shouldn’t have sat out for as long as Diaby, Eduardo did and now Ramsey will.

  393. sol was immense, he defended like a nutter, he drove the ball forward every time he could… he marshalled the defence, he was up for this.

    wenger you have done it AGAIN, what a perfect addition to the squad, at the perfect time.

    gallas would not have had the same effect today.

  394. WWF beckons if this argument is not won.

  395. Pulis’ interview was good…when asked about the penalty he immediatly said that none of that mattered and wished Ramsey well.

  396. “I really doubt there is ever an intent to break someones leg.”

    The only exception I can think of is the incident with Roy Keane; but I won’t say much about that, because I know he is loved by many of our fans. Otherwise, the intention is usually just to cause a minor injury.

    I agree with Shotta the Great that the auguries are much different from two years ago. To confirm this, I just sacrificed a man utd supporter. By the pattern his intestines made when they spilled out on to the altar, I can say with certainty that we will win the league by a country mile.

  397. And once again, lazy pundits don’t check on what the rules are. “Intent” isn’t the point, it’s whether the tackle is deemed dangerous or not by the referee.

  398. A tackle of a coward, only one player was going to get injured. Ramsy had no chance where as Shawcross made the choice of going in late. He had the choice of staying on his feet. But he was unlikely to get injured, so he got ‘stuck in’.

    To me cowards tackle. Seen it before and will keep on see it in this league.


    Shawcross has previous!!

    He bust Franny Jeffers ankle with a 2 footed challenge a couple of years back.

    This cunt needs a good 6 month ban to set a precedent.

    Or the FA/PL face losing more top stars to Spain.. where they prefer to see football and not hyped up legal thuggery.

  400. abid, I agree that Pulis interview was good but the points about Showcross being a nice kid and having a family is irrelevant; maybe he should then call himself a nutter and a thug for turning a good kid into a leg breaker

  401. good family, i meant

  402. Hello Pz, good to see you. Been a while.

    I agree with you Gainsbourg69, after playing for years, I am certain by now the players know if they would get to the ball or not. But having lashed out like the way he did at Ramsey’s feet there was surely an intent to hurt him, if not as badly as he did.

  403. We did get to see how things have changed in the last two years, and how what happened to Edu meant some of our players were better prepared today than they would have been. Clichy in particular comforted Verma who belied his ‘hard man’ reputation in looking the most shaken of our squad, when the former seemed arguably the most affected in the Birmingham game. Cesc just pulled his shirt halfway over his face and looked fucking furious. Did anyone else think Clichy was absolutely superb today too? Looked like his old self.


  405. ffs – is this some kind of joke????

    Shawcross has just been named in the England squad?

  406. Hello, Ateeb. It’s always a pleasure to see a star reappear in the ACLF sky.

  407. jeezzz…confirmed the cunt is in the squad for eygpt

  408. Having a Welsh background rather than Croatian, I believe more sympathies would follow this time.

    Eboue was amazing today again, Theo would need to step up if he is to replace him. His runs were fabulous, and his shot at goal was quite a surprose.

  409. Eye for an eye law…

    Ryan Shawcross should have his Leg medically broken just like Ramsey.

    Only way to stop idiots like him making challenges like that.

    If he doesnt agree to the procedure then he should be kicked out of football permanently.

  410. Unless we have the most stealth players ever in the history of football three malicious, destructive tackles on our players is no fucking coincidence. This crap about those tackles not being malicious is dishonest and disingenuous. I mean, Man U and Chelsea have some pretty quick players themselves and they don’t suffer injuries like these. It’s always us and it’s always the same outcome. A year out and the player has to play through niggling injuries for two orthree years until they are able to recuperate fully if at all. mean, Diaby isn’t 100% ad his tackle was more than four years ago and he still suffers from that njury. Nevermind Eduardo who isn’t even half his former self.

  411. Agreed with “Eye for an eye law…” Stringfellow Hawke

  412. Yeah, let’s see what the English fans say since the injured party isn’t an exotic import.

  413. Damn, Stringfellow. I thought I was taking a hardline stance!

  414. ok, maybe that’s a little ott.

  415. Eye for an eye nothing. The directive has to come from the very top of the F.A.. If they don’t condemn these tackles the league suffers for it. Plain and simple. If a player makes a tackle that breaks a player’s leg they should sit out at least six months. Otherwise we’ll have yet another injury like this in a few seasons time.

  416. Vince @ 8.40pm

    Clichy was having a superb game, and looked really sharp.

    Having said that, it seemed everyone was on top of their game today, particularly Clichy, Sol, Eboue (except for the theatrics) and Ramsey. Good to see Clichy back, though.

  417. oh, one other thing. The offending club should pay the player’s wages while he’s injured.

  418. some potentially better news…. the break is definately a clean one.

    will certainly help the healing process… think diabys was quite a complicated break at the time?

  419. I feel sick just seen the tackle. Can’t believe these pundits and Stoke fans are really are disgusting. While this ref needs a spell in the championship. He missed two clear pens. and had the cheek to book Song with all those other animals excepting his gaze.Asshole.

  420. That’s a relief, I suppose. About the clean break, I mean.

  421. we should be on such a high this evening.. we have just won the league…


    what a downer, what a talent, what an obvious outcome.

    it was going to come at a stoke or bolton type norvern monkey place with the inbred crowd baying for blood.

    arsenal should look to take legal action.

    we are clearly not protected.

    the fat cunt fuller was telling the press before the fa cup tie that arsenal should expect “agressive” game… ffs

    its like a murderer phoning the fucking cops and saying… i fancy some blood tonight.. what you gonna do about it?

    and the cops saying… ok good luck.

  422. People make me laugh, how do you judge intent please???? its simply like reading ones mind. is that really possible?

  423. Wasn’t it Shawcross who dived into the back of Adebayor’s ankle when the ball was already out of play and Adebayor was almost off the pitch as well? Anyone else remember that?

  424. Was it a compund fracture? Was the knee affected? Thanks for the news SH.

  425. Everyone did really well after we went down a goal.

    Sol had another excellent game.

  426. Only in England would such a shit player like Delap be playing football. Other than his throws the man was absolute shit on the pitch.

  427. Pz, haha. Thank you.

    “Shawcross has just been named in the England squad?”

    Capello has realized that the only way England’s going to stop other teams is to have thugs like Shawcross in the team.

  428. Maria, they did indeed respond brilliantly. That maturity we noticed at the start of the season has come to their aid again.

  429. Fungooner; Indeed that was him; he put Adebayor out for the next 3 games?

  430. got no further news on the extent of the injury aside from the clean break part.

    more will come through as the evening progresses.

    young ramsey is being flown down to london from norvern monkey land where they have 3rd world facilites.. and undergoing emergency treatment.

  431. I never doubted our boys. We should have won by at least five since we got two legitimate peno’s brushed away by the ref. gThe one on Eboue and the one on Rosicky.

  432. Thanks SH. LOL at the norven monkey land 3rd world facilities stuff.

  433. There would be a day of national mourning, the premier league would be cancelled this year and probably all sporting events cancelled.. had roooney, gerrard or any other england player been in place of ramsey.

  434. I accept i am venting a lot of anger.. my apologies.

    When the dust settles, and we the fans and the team re-galavanise themselves after tonights events…

    boy… the rest of the league better watch out, this title is so clearly ours now.

    again, in the face of all adversety… it’s such a proud night to be a gooner.

  435. SomeRandomGunner

    After speaking to Arsenal officials, BBC Radio 5 live reporter Darren Fletcher said that Ramsey had damaged the tibia and fibula in his right leg, and would be taken to a local hospital to stabilise the injury before deciding on the next course of action.

  436. What does that mean? Is it as bad a injury as we feared?

  437. just hope ramsey get well soon…

    this so much looks like our title… justice will only be served if we win it..

    against all odds… go gunners!!!

    gr8 post match interview by arsene.. he clearly is pissed…

  438. it’s been assesed that there is a clean break, maria

    so he is now going to be flown to a specialist hospital in london from stoke ( about 140 miles )

    where he will undergo surgery immediately.

    being a clean break.. it is much better news than a partial break.

    they heal quicker and stronger.

  439. just came bk from the game,the fans wanted to go into the pitch after ramsey`s injury,and the strated singing there is only one aaron ramsey.the way the players (cesc and sol) mainly celebrated the goal was imbelievible.i`m so proud of this team.

  440. And Cesc’s penalty was huge! MASSIVE credit to our peerless captain for slotting that one away so cooly. His face said it all as he was lining up the pen. MASSIVE! Starting to become a greater captain than TA, for me.

  441. i wanna go home,i wannnaaaaaaaaaa go home stoke is fuckinhg shi i wannaa go home

  442. of course its shit, they all belong down the pit.. permanently.

    fucking cavemen.

  443. FUCK reviews of the match. Neither the match nor the win matters anymore. Even if we go on to win the premier league and dedicate it to ramsey’s injury, what the hell does it matter? The poor chap’s leg is gone. Its a career threatening injury. It wasnt malice on shawcross’ part but what the hell? WHY US? GODDAMNIT WHY US EVERYTIME? Arsene’s damn right this time. I no longer believe in so many coincidences. Everybody wants to fuck around with our quick witty players. This injury is far far far worse than the eduardo one. At final score, they said FOX sports refused to air replays of the tackle because it was so sickening. Players nearby were either mad with fury or reduced to tears. Shawcross knows he might have destroyed the career of one of the best young talents across the globe. I saw the team-huddle cesc summoned after the match. I am sure they want to deliver the good news to his bedside that they have won the match but it fucken DOESNT MATTER. Is there anything left at all? What’s next? Next week, it will be the same scenario all over again. Some other thug from another thuggish team might as well try shooting us with a shotgun and piss on his dead body. People have been trying such stupid tackles on fabregas all the year round as well. WHAT if CESC went for the ball and this INJURY happened to him? I DONT WANT TO SEE ARSENAL WINNING SILVERWARE. All I want to see is their art form and magical passing on the field without coming across crunching tackles. NO, I FUCKIN DONT want Arsenal to play PHYSICAL and show their mettle. Bloody cunts who designed the laws of this game.

  444. The `nice lad` line is a total cop out. Shawcross knew he had a good chance of injuring Ramsey in the split second before contact but didn`t change his mind.

    As for the predictable way the media have begun testimony for the defence (of Shawcross, Pulis, Stoke, The EPL) I`m wondering what might have been said had that been Wayne Rooney spending the next few months wondering if his career may be over.

  445. well said stringfellow,sol was immense!you see his reaction after tommy scored?!!he went absolutely mental,great to see!

  446. I have a terrible feeling of deja vu over this incident. The excuses for the perpetrator might as well have been cut and paste from the Eduardo/Taylor incident because it is the same crap, just a different day. While I don’t wish injury on any player, until it happens to Rooney, Gerrard or some other darling of the English game nothing will ever change. It fucking pisses me off that we are powerless to do anything about it.

  447. Wenger said: “This is the third player – Eduardo, Diaby and now Ramsey – we’ve lost to tackles that are unacceptable, and spare me the articles tomorrow about how nice Shawcross is because we had all that with Eduardo.”

  448. someone please fucking break wayne rooney’s FUCKING LEG

  449. Consols, you should stop listening to that radio it’s bad for your health.

    Poor Dan Smith, poor Martin Taylor, poor Shawcross they are not really malicious players.

    Bollox to the lot of them they are all bad players and should never be in the premier league.

  450. How sad for Shawcross having to miss 3 games but at least he has been called up for England. That should ease the his pain.

    You could not make it up.

  451. The players have certainly learned from the Eduardo injury and their heads did not go down after Ramsey’s injury and finished the job.

    I have been listening to the radio all I’m getting from the experts, it wasn’t intentional. That is not the point. The point is these teams who can’t play football, have the idea of “Kick Arsenal to beat them” screwed into their heads from pundits, experts and their managers, against Arsenal they are just that little bit harder. intentional or not is irrelevant they are tackling our players harder to put fear in them but unfortunately sometimes it leads to horrendous tackles, the signs were there since the beginning of the season just last week Lorik Cana dished out 2 horrendous tackles, luckily our players got out of the way. Walcott was hacked by Ridgwell and what did we get from the pundits, “It was hard but fair” the fact that no one condemn these tackles the cowards will continue their thuggery to make up for their lack of football skills.Seb Blatter a man I do not like but he made a point during Eduardo’s alleged dive and he said diving is not serious we need to iradicate bad tackles.

  452. WtF, for the first time Moth day’s Hansen is saying the league is wide opened. For the first time, he is not saying we are not contenders “They got turned over by Manchester United and then Chelsea, am becoming an Arsenal fan sine both teams are refusing to win it” He looked so sad saying it. The can smell the humble pie already, we just have to shove it down their throat now!!

  453. I am so proud of this team. All the tough defeats to manure and chel$ki, all the dooming from the so called fans, and then another horror tackle in a must win game. The response was massive and the team is together. I feel so sorry for Aaron, and he was the cover boy in this month’s magazine. It was so nice to read about him…and now he may be done.

    I am hoping for good news from hospital.

  454. coolsteve…I’d rather shove shawcross’ boot down hansen’s throat, the fu(king wanker.

  455. Reading about Hanson becoming an Arsenal fan I think I’m going to vomit.

  456. wtf are they talking about he has no previous?

    gets called up for england and is already being protected

    he broke jeffers ankle 3 season ago via a nasty challenge.

  457. If we win I’m going to Fleet Street with a a huge pie, of the humble priority to rub pundit faces in.

  458. that should have read….”huge pie of the humble variety”…

  459. coolsteve- Hansen is saying ” I’m becoming an Arsenal fan” because he know he has a lot to do with what has happened to Ramsey, how many times did he repaetedly say on MoTD “to beat Arsenal you have to kick them” I held him and many others who applaud the thugs for Eduardo, Diaby and Ransey’s injuries. They never stop taunting our players with their usual bullshit. Its sad that a team trying to play good football is not encouraged to do so.
    Now lets imagine that was Rooney’s leg.

  460. Take some to Phil Thompson (only 3 big teams) as well Ole.

  461. its heartbreaking words cant describe this, i feel so sorry for aaron

    you just hope he can walk again get through this period only then think the football

    Is there going to be an adress to send get well cards like the eduardo injury??

  462. i think some certain people have developed a little soft spot for us

  463. well, has it occured to hanson that man u and chelsea refuse to win it, because they don’t have the quality?

    if they had lost drogba or rooney the way we lost van persie, do you think they would be above us?

    and rest assure, ryan shawcross will probably make a fool out of himself on his england debut.

  464. The thing I cannot understand is how no Stoke player received a yellow card (just the red) in that game.

    Almunia was fouled at one point when he tried a fast counter attack. That should have been a yellow card for a deliberate delaying tactic.

    Tp my mind Huth should have a yellow card for being such an odious (unt.

  465. on a lighter note whats all this about adrian chiles dressing up in a wolves shirt for MOTD2?

  466. Dups if that was the case, brittania stadium would be empty every week haha

  467. 3 legbreaks in 5 years is no f*cking coincidence. Abou, Edu and now Aaron; all great talents. Arsene is right at

    Thanks to the FA, thanks to the ref, thanks to the f*cking pundits and media. Get stuck-in, get in their faces, kick them off the field. Forget intent. Really. Isn’t this the same Shawcross who smashed in Ade’s standing leg last year keeping him out for 3 games. This is the sorry state of the English game where clubs who can’t play footballl have the right to kick Arsenal off the pitch

  468. Bradys right foot

    Let get behind this team, the away fans take care of themselves, but i hope this result can galvanise our sometimes dire home support to really get behind the lads. This team grew up today and time for some of our juvenile fans to do the same. Only 3 points behind 10 games to go.

    If we could win the league this year i don’t know what would be better the fact that we’d be champions, or seeing the like of Steve “Arsenal will be lucky to finish fifth” Claridge, Andy Dunn, Alan Hansen, Lou Macari, Jamie Claptrapp and the two clowns who run Le Moan to name only a few of the haters choke on a large portion of humble pie.

  469. I love watching Arsenal, greatly admire Wenger and enjoy the passion of the English fans for their sport. But the culture of English football is truly disturbing. The referee Walton should be suspended by the FA for incompetence. Stoke was playing on the extreme edge of the rules and he gave them one card all day, and that only because he had no choice. To hear the pundits call it, the offense that might have ended Aaron’s career was a marginal red card given only because of the ghastly result. That is just sickening. How is intent ever determined? If we always give the benefit of the doubt to the offending player no matter the outcome, why have rules at all? Just take the ref off the pitch and make lines and offsides calls.
    I’ve only followed English football for 7 or 8 years, and while I find it fascinating it’s also at it’s core somewhat disgusting. Any football culture that would hold a team like Stoke in any regard is morally bankrupt and headed for a fall.

  470. let’s not talk about malice on shawcross’s part.

    i give it to his defenders.

    the reason why this happened is purely down to the ineptness of the FA.

    the FA that allowed teams to declare before games that they are going to kick us out of the game.

    i don’t ask for extra protection.

    i only ask that referees do their jobs properly. touch their hearts and ask themselves: did they make the right decision.

    how the fuck could song get a yellow card and they don’t?

  471. Don’t talk to us about a culture that is morally bankrupt mate. There’s no place like home…

  472. 1lc @11:11 pm
    exactly. and ridgwell is another timebomb. he did some practice today and took a wigan player and the linesman out with a two-footed lunge. no card given.

  473. fast forward, just saw it at MOTD, a truly shocking challenge, especially because it was so utterly needless.

  474. It’s actually 3 in 4 years – Dan Smith was 2006.

    You could almost call it a biennial dose of GBH.

  475. sad day for welsh football.

    hope he gets well soon.

    Shocking tackle – ‘late and over the top’ an understatement.

    3 match ban – not enough.

    bitter sweet – bitter now but hopefully sweeter at the end.

  476. anaconda:
    yeah, the ball was already out of play. like shawcross vs. ade last year.

  477. Shotta Gunna @ 7:40 pm

    Top comment along with so many other posters here this evening.

    On the positive side, Aaron is 18 and should eventually make a good recovery.
    But like Diaby, it will take a while.

    Cesc is right, it is too much. AW’s post match demeanour was the same. Does that mean he’s leaving?

    It means he has a brain, and a soul.

    Well done Arsenal.

  478. I’m ok with a 3 match ban personally. But he shouldn’t have so many people excusing his actions.

  479. what a relief: shawcross says there was no malice in the tackle. so we all can move on now. and it was just about enough to get him into the england team. because there was no malice. anyone for ridgewell as england left-back?

  480. That’s a purely speculative (but hopeful) thought about Aaron, I haven’t looked at any X-rays, not sure if I could.

  481. At least Shawcross didn’t dive like Eduardo! That would really be against the spirit of the game whereas a bit of leg mashin is what it’s all about. It’s a contact sport after all.

    10 more games for the team to win a medal for Aaron. no more booing and bitching – time to unite and get behind the players who were magnificent today. All we can offer is our support.

    Doubt I’ll sleep well tonight, but at least reading this posts makes me feel we are finally together as gooners.

  482. FG:

    I don’t think it was a 50:50.
    Diaby on Sneidjer I thought was, Alonso on Cesc, etc.

    Ramsey was not ‘too quick’, he had the ball under control & Shawcross was out of control.

  483. If we win the league, does Aaron still get a medal?

  484. We = AFC

  485. Finsbury, AAron will get a medal

  486. Played 7 + 11 sub appearances.

  487. Sol Campbell is twice as big as Shawcross.

    Sol Campbell is twice as heavy as Shawcross.

    Sol Campbell has played foot ball twice as long as Shawcross.

    He has never challenged anyone like that, has he?

  488. Thanks Dupsffokcuf

  489. Sol Campbell is ten times a better footballer than Shawcross though.

  490. Is there one more World Cup in Sol?

  491. Dups

    I know, you’re right, but I think that keeping yourself ‘under control’, or ‘knowing your limits’ so to speak is more a mental issue then one of pure skill or ability.

    Sol will have a few more games, who knows?
    Wish he’d piledrived Shawcross headfirst into the penalty spot. However, the way the Arsenal players reacted was probably the wiser, and more productive choice.


  492. that team huddle at the end just summarises our togetherness, wow who would have imagined the team this close after losing 3-0 against citeh?

    ive begun to hear some positive things abt ramseys injury, the worry is wether he will play football again let alone make a return ever again but hes got time on his side as andy gray pointed out… we’ve seen it with eduardo

    but i mean his leg was bent like rubber,,,ugh sickening its horrible

  493. i meant 3-0 last season after the gallas incidents

  494. and another positive(apart from winning)

    we’ve secured a week’s worth of laughing in chelsea fans faces….

  495. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    I thought it was a perfectly valid comment, Rinseout. Is Shawcross your cousin or something? I agree with Wenger’s comments, too. When teams like Stoke tell us before hand they are looking to rough us up the whole coincidence thing goes out the window. Shawcross intentionally tried to hurt Ramsey. End of story. I don’t know that he meant to break his leg, but he definitely was looking to leave a lump or take a chunk out. Ian confirms this with his comment, too. It’s the good old leg smashing English way. You should leave the childish bullshit for another blog, Rinseout. If you don’t have anything relevant to say then don’t say anything at all. No one gives a f*ck about what you think of the USA as a nation.

  496. Everyone is talking about “malice” and “Intent”…You don’t need malice or intent to hurt someone badly.

    When you get behind the wheel drunk and drive, there is no intent or malice to hurt anyone….but you still can kill someone.

    You don’t even have to be drunk, there is something called “Reckless” driving…Showcase and the stupid giant, plus the one who hurt Diaby share the same feature…recklessness, and for some reason they are all English players in mediocre teams with mediocre talent for football?

    The funny thing is when poor Fabio Cabello can’t find any decent player but the reckless to select for his national squad.

    The FA will do nothing because this is Arsenal
    The aggressor will find a million pundit to say he’s nothing but a “docile lamb”.
    And forgive me for saying this, but it will happen to us again and again…it already did 3 times in 6 years…because this type of aggression and recklessness is allowed against Arsenal.

    The only one that can stop this aggression towards us, and get the FA’s attention, is US and only US….but that’s another post for another time.

    I’m proud how the whole team reacted after this horrible incident, and specifically some players starting with: Vermaelen, Clichy, Campbell, and Fabregas.

    Every time the mugs, hacks, and not so bright pundits spread the doubt about us competing for the title, we put the doubt right back into their empty thick skulls…take that you f8ckers.

  497. Hey Rinseout- GFY, mate

  498. just watched the tackle again in slow mo.

    may have been no intent to injure the player – but he over ran the ball, lunged and followed through over the top of the ball and literally snapped his leg in two (it actually goes in different directions on the point of impact fom the knee down) Shocking!!!.

    his intention was to imitate peter kay in the john smith advert as in ‘ave it’. was not inteligent or clever and ran the risk of seriously injuring a player which it did.

    really gutted for ramsey, he was looking the business this season – dammnnn

  499. G4E fucking great post 1:46 am
    night people

  500. “but i mean his leg was bent like rubber,,,ugh sickening its horrible”

    That is because both the tib and fib were broken. Muscles and tendons then pull on the bottom of the leg and there is no bone to hold it straight.

  501. ucking toke ity and pukes sad ucking gits neanderthals the bunh of them

  502. What a day.

  503. I’ve been reading comments from Man Poo fans and they’re almost identical to what they said about Eduardo’s injury. No malice or intent. Football is a physical sport. The reason why that happens to Arsenal is because you can’t give it back. Blah, blah, blah, blah. I hope one of their players breaks their leg because I’m going to laugh and laugh and laugh.

  504. Sad day for poor Aaron (and the beautiful game) but let’s hope that his youthfulness will allow a quick and full recovery.
    Missed watching the game on FSC though but the pictures of the aftermath are sickening. But this may drive the team even more – let’s win the EPL for Aaron!
    BTW – nothing on here from that sicko DAVE, showing his real bullying colours by being conspicously absent about Chelsea today. Good comments here today from Gunners – thank you.

  505. I am hoping that someone is Rooney lagooner.

  506. Oh and read on he also meets up with Cesc who is NOT leaving!!

  507. One last thing bout the Ramsey tragedy. Why doesn’t this happen when we play any of the big clubs? Are they less hungry than those shit kickers like Birminghm, Stoke and Sunderland?

  508. Barcelona are leading la Liga with a squad of 23 players. I think that says it all when it comes to the nature of the English game.

  509. I’ve actually kind of had it with English football now. I didn’t enjoy the match, and although I admired our win, this is not nice.

    Bye all.

    Good luck to Arsenal.

  510. All the hypocrites slither out of their holes … damage limitation in english football. That’s the story for the next 2 weeks.

    I am concerned for the young man. I worry, being younger, he is not quite as tough as Eduardo. I worry he may recover his leg, but not his football.

    The beautiful game stares ugliness in the face.

  511. They should repeat the footage of Shawcross’ assault over and over again. Not suppress it on decency grounds. People need to see the result of the anti football violence meted out to Arsenal and which is encouraged and lauded in every quarter of the media.
    When will this stop? I simply cannot believe it has been allowed to happen again.

  512. Ever since Ferguson sanctioned that to beat Arsenal you have to “get stuck in”, teams beleive that the only way to play Arse is to go full bore, with no regard. There is not a doubt that the myth started by Fergie, and permeated needlessly every day by hacks in the media, that arsenal are little kids, who need to be taught a manly lesson or two has resulted in this fiasco.

    Every game involving arsenal, has the media generated theme of whether arsenal’s kids can handle the physical barrage that is going to come there way. Pointed physical and nasty play shielded behind the claim that this is a contact sport.

    It is this mentality, that make players go 110% in to tackles that they only have 50% chance of getting. The fact is that Arsenal are at the receiving end of some very harsh and physical football. More so than any other team in the PL.

    There are no co-incidences. And the sad thing is that Ramsey, a kid of 19, has to go through such to finally say to the refs that there is a line beyond which it is their duty, their duty to protect the players, and the integrity of the game.

    I blame the red nosed cunt!

  513. gunner_expat

    Sam Allardyce, Pulis, Mark Hughes, and co are all equally culpable.

  514. Not forgetting Alex McLeish

  515. First off, best wishes to young Ramsey, look forward to seeing him out there in the red & white again.

    Now then, I could be wrong but I really don’t think Shawcross went out to break the boys leg. He went in strong but not that strong, bad luck had a lot to do with this one. Don’t even think it was the worst tackle in the game to be honest.

    I can understand Cesc and Wengers comments completely however. 3 nasty injuries against clogger “physical” teams in 4 years tells it’s own story. Let’s also not forget that it was “Sir Alex’s” & the nations darling’s that first showed the way to beat us. That infamous game at Old trafford when the Nevilles & Scholes went around kicking everyone, especially Reyes, yet it was Ashley (N95) Cole who got the first booking.

    Can you imagine if 3 Manu players had been injured in this way, there would be questions tabled in the commons for fuck sake.

    This whole jingoistic attitude of “they don’t like it up em” has been nurtured by all sections of the “self regulating” British media. The likes of (I love a bung) Allardyce have been lauded for setting their teams up to intimidate and out muscle the foriegn poofs at Arsenal.

    Again, just as with Eduardo, you hear Andy (3 wives) Gray and his hairy chimp sidekick state that ” he doesn’t believe that a proffesional would deliberately go out to harm another player”. Fuck sake, have they never seen that outrageous tackle on Diaby by that Sunderland player. Ramsey’s I’ll accept, Eduardo’s I wont and as for Diaby’s, well to suggest that was anything less than an assault is an insult to the game.

    As for the ref yesterday, what an arsehole. Had he not “allowed the game to flow”, which in reality means “rough up Arsenal, if they don’t like it fuckem, it wont be a fair contest otherwise after all”, maybe Ramsey would’ve finished the game. If a team is allowed, even encouraged, to be physicall then it’s hardly surprising people are going to get hurt. The wanker just waved on every appeal we made yesterday yet blew up when we inevitably starting giving a bit back. How the hell did Song get a booking within the context of that game?

    As for the toothless FA’s “respect” campaign, I say bollocks! Why don’t they act when a player openly comes out in the press and states they will kick Arsenal? Surely that’s bringing the game into disrepute.

    Finally, well done to the boys for finishing the game off yesterday, fantastic show of mental strength.

  516. right i often think, being an arsenal supported we have a siege mentality. an us vs them situation. but when a players foot is dangling of the rest of it, you don’t need justification anymore. we no longer need to prove that there is a conspiracy involved here.

    it is frankly out of our control. it was then and it is still is. but if the the powers that are are interested in the maintianing the integrity of their beloved PL they have to take note now.

  517. Garry T, I don’t think intent is the issue – Shawcross was out of control and reckless and this is the result. He also dived in on Nasri I think earlier in the game but got away with it because Nasri was quick enough to get out of the way. Yes, it’s a tough physical game, but professionals should behave responsibly towards each other knowing how short a football career can be. Unfortunately until the FA crack down on over the top fouls and the media stop lauding limited players throwing their weight around as the way to play the game, we will continue to see more of the same.

  518. Tactically speaking, it’s far better for us if the ref lets the game flow. When teams like Stoke foul us on the half-way line, they’re trying to get a breather and reorganise. Shawcross probably had that in mind when he launched into that disgraceful tackle. He was high up the pitch and he probably felt that if he couldn’t win the ball he should at least concede a foul.

    Still stunned. 19 years old! Poor guy.

  519. That was an excellent post G4E. I can’t remember you making a better one.

    Very well said.

    ZP? I know exactly how you feel. The reaction of the football establishment has been all too predictable. I am heartily sick of it all.

    The trouble is, not an unhealthy obsession with football per se, it is the unhealthy obsession with winning at all costs. Nothing else seems to matter to the typical modern football ‘fan’.

    Not football, not style, not ‘playing the game’ in the right way. Just winning. I’ve quoted this before on here. I’ll do it again.

    “There will be no laughter, except the laugh of triumph over a defeated enemy. There will be no art, no literature, no science. …..there will be no need of science. There will be no distinction between beauty and ugliness. There will be no curiosity, no enjoyment of the process of life. All competing pleasures will be destroyed. But always—do not forget this Winston—always there will be the intoxication of power, constantly increasing and constantly growing subtler. Always, at every moment, there will be the thrill of victory, the sensation of trampling on an enemy who is helpless. If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face—forever.”

  520. Nice read, sums up the whole situation perfectly. Kudos to arseblogger

  521. I woke up angry this morning. Went to put the kettle on for my morning cuppa, and it just occurred to me I’m agitated.

    I’ve always hated so many things about our football….for me the media is a big big part of the problem.

    Muppet sent out a tweet to Phil Mcnulty asking him if they think we’re mugs.

    Do they think we’re mugs? That we’re so stupid we won’t make the link between the fact that all of English football says Arsenal don’t like it up them. The only side in England they say it about. And they started saying it when we had a team of bruisers. So it’s not about physicality, it’s an admission that our football is devastating. Instead of evolving, copying, tactical evolution, they advocate violence.

    When commentators say you have to stop Arsenal playing they are inciting violence. When pundits say you have to get about them, that’s what it’s about.

    But the media want us to believe we just happen to have had 3 career-threatening injuries in 3 years?

    It’s just coincidence that we’ve had 5 players suffer impact injuries this season; Walcott, Gibbs, RVP, Merida and Ramsey.

    It is not coincidence, and we are not mugs.

    I recommend the club take this matter up with the FA and Premier League

  522. What’s all this crap about intent and shawcross crying/ being broken?? So a man drives his car recklessly and kills a child, we say he didn’t mean to kill the child so we let him off the hook?? Obviously, he didn’t mean to kill the child, but was reckless and is therefore liable. This is a direct result of to” stop arsenal, you need to kick them” propagated by the pundits and journalist. It’ll finally be addressed when maybe Rooney, Gerrad or Lampard get injured in a similar way before a major competition

  523. The thing is coolsteve, these teams would never try that against Rooney, Gerrard or Lampard, because they are the media darlings and they would be crucified for it, whereas soft foreigners are an easy target knowing the English perpetrator will be characterized as the victim by a friendly media.

  524. Let’s not forget that Shawcross damaged Adebayor’s ankle last season when we played them at the same venue. I was livid about it, and must have written about it here on Arsenal Vision.

    When Wenger complained, he was ridiculed in the media.

    Now people are telling us Shawcross is not a dirty player, he’s a nice guy etc. Fucking hell, just zip it.

    I do feel sorry for Shawcross. It must be terrible to know you’ve perhaps ended another player’s career.

    I don’t think it was deliberate but that doesn’t matter. The time to not mean to hurt is before you jump into a 50-50 with excessive force 60 yards from either goal.

    It’s not his fault. He’s doing what he’s been told is the way to play.

    The problem are the yahoos; managers, pundits & hacks who advocate violence against Arsenal.

  525. The commentators and ex-pros keep misleading the public.

    In football intent is largely irrelevant except for judging penalties.

    Referees can not look into players’ souls to determine what their intentions were.

    The rules of the game deliberately crack down on two things; 1. Using excessive force in a challenge, & 2. endangering the safety of an opponent.

    I am sick of hearing “he didn’t mean it”. It’s not how to judge whether a tackle was fair.

    The question is did he use excessive force? Was he in control of his body as he went through the tackle? Did he go through his man? Did he endanger his opponent?

    NOT was it his intention to hurt.

  526. Stoke only had no booking yesterday except the red for Shawcross.

  527. I’d like to see long bans for players who cause serious injury through foul play, and perhaps points docked from their clubs. These incidents are not so accidental that severe punishment would not reduce their likelihood.

    Shawcross apparently looked upset by what he had done. Very well. It is like someone who kills a man in a brawl, and then realises the effect it will have on the rest of his life. His guilt feelings will be used to extenuate his actions. I don’t believe much in feelings of guilt – the weakest of the human passions. It is more for novelists than something that occurs in real life. His bad conscience will have healed long before Ramsey’s leg.

  528. Ryan Shawcross is a product of today`s British society. He has styled his game & persona to identify with the people who pay to watch him week on week.

    A crew cut , tattoos & an uncompromising on field image have made him a cult favourite with Stoke fans. Ive no doubt he owns a dangerous dog, wears a baseball cap & watches Jeremy Kyle.

    What better way to earn his supporter`s admiration than getting stuck in to those soft southern football playing fairies who were embarrassing his team so badly.

    I`m sure he`s woken up feeling bad this morning (he will have had more sleep than I did) because he`s been shown for what he is. A feckless, ignorant waste of space.

  529. Wenger interview, never seen him so blunt he goes ” Spare me the Shawcross is a nice guy thing tomorrow” classic

  530. I suppose the one redeeming thing about suffering three assaults in four years is that Eduardo and Diaby will know exactly what to say to Aaron to keep his spirits up.

    And love this image – shame about the watermark.

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