Injuries Ahead Of Porto & Ticket Prices

Injuries once more dominate the horizon with Andrey Arshavin confirming that he will be missing a short break in the sun, probably returning for the weekend’s clash with Sunderland. Alex Song seems unlikely to make the flight as well which means that there will be a seat for Eduardo, apparently recovered but you have to suspect not ready for a starting slot.

Thomas Vermaelen is no doubt looking on somewhat bemused by it all. The Belgian was initially diagnosed with a suspected broken leg at Villa Park, a prognosis that was quickly downgraded to a bad bruise, the pain from which was dutifully ignored in order to appear in the recent run of fixtures from Hell; no doubt the medical staff had a ready supply of Witchhazel.

Vermaelen spoke of the squad unity:

We will keep fighting to the end as a team, that is all we can do.

The important thing is to stay together. When you lose, it is easy to say it is his fault or his fault, but I think it is important to remain as a team and a unit.

We will battle until the last moment of the season

The comments identify that the players know that the consecutive defeats were damaging yet the ‘practical’ nature of the Liverpool performance acknowledges that they possess the mental strength to grind out wins. That will be a characteristic which surfaces as the season draws to a conclusion, opponents in the bottom half of the season attempting a similar obduracy as Liverpool in an attempt t0 gain precious points to ensure Premier League survival.

Not blaming one another is key; leave the finger-pointing to the supporters since some appear to be rather good at heaping derision on individuals, no matter whether or not it is merited.

Ticket Prices are a touchy subject. Arsenal’s are amongst the highest to watch football in the top flight (and consequently Europe). The club acknowledges the captive nature of their audience, Ivan Gazidis noting:

Having a lengthy waiting list for season tickets puts the Club in an advantageous position when determining the ticket pricing policy each season.

Having given the matter due consideration, we strongly believe the right course of action is to freeze the cost of match tickets and season tickets for the forthcoming season. We are mindful that the current financial climate is difficult and our decision to maintain the current pricing structure reflects that.

The opening comment is open to conjecture. A waiting list is one thing; converting them into actual sales quite another. An element of the list is not going to take that step, for financial reasons or otherwise.

I still believe the club could do more to encourage families to attend, pricing still not as inclusive as they would like to portray. Too often, football likes to portray itself as the sport of the masses which is true of participation but the Premier League needs to look at expanding the breadth of the fans attending on a matchday only basis.

Arsenal is fortunate as a club; the success of Wenger’s reign and subsequent demand means that the stadium is not empty (until 5 minutes before the end of the match, at least) but elsewhere in the division, the banks of empty seats in the stadium masks a real issue.

Quoting average attendances is a pointless exercise since they will be affected by relegation and promotion; it would be a surprise, for example, if this season’s figures do not show a drop in the absence of Newcastle United. Should they gain an immediate return, their 40,000 average attendance will distort the figures once more, replacing a less well-supported club such as Portsmouth.

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. Fursty Ferret

  2. wow!Eduardo comes back at the required time.just wish that the boys make us proud.Gunners all the way…………

  3. The other injury concern is Gallas’ continually knacked back. I see some big Sol game time up ahead. Perhaps at home to Sunderland.

  4. And quite possibly tomorrow nite Limpar!!

  5. ”less well supported club like portsmouth”

    that means amount i guess don’t it? Well it has to anyway if our fans were as loyal as the portsmouth fans our stadium wud be full till the end and it wud be the loudest in the premier league, look at the atmosphere just in fratton park i hope one day our atmosphere would be anywhere near that

    Also, i think we should re-introduce those flags for the porto home game, it was a great moment seeing that atmosphere vs utd in the champions league last season

  6. ComeOnArsenal

  7. Can someone explain to me clearly what the freezing means and its consequences? i’m slightly confused on this matter thanks..

  8. Interesting someone told me the figure of season tickets handed back at the end of last season was around 5-6,000. I understand the club also quietly offered flexible payment terms to those on the waiting list to get them to buy.

    My season ticket costs £1,300 plus £200 for extra cup games last season ( I spent 11 years on the waiting list) but have to admit if I could take a silver membership it would suit me better with a young family.

  9. no ‘shavin, no song in porto
    who else may be ill or morto?
    but enough of this shit
    lets perk up a bit
    chins up and multo supporto.

  10. Zap if Arsenal were a small club it would be supported as well as Pompey. Imagine the Emirates with only one third of its supporters and the threat of relegation hanging round your neck every season. It breeds a sense of stubborness and bravado which can be called fanatical support!

  11. Kenyan gunner thats not true, they have always been like that even when sitting comfortably above the relegation spots.

    on the contrary, we’re fighting for the title and the fans should make some fucking noise once in a while…i feel sorry for those who do, they’re let down by the other sobs

  12. Kenyan gunner in addition to my previous comment, the emirates with a third of its supporters would be inaudible

    I think the club should employ some fat, tough looking men in the stands holding large canes and forcing everyone to make some noise.

    similar to olimpiacos….

  13. Zap,

    I like your idea of the …”tough looking men..” or women for that matter. I am a Ugandan gunner but trust me I admire the pompey fans, they make incredible noise even when their team is a couple of goals down! My hope is one day to watch a live game at the Emirates, work commitments allowing.

  14. What’s the craic with the CL being spread out over the four weeks? Is it to do with both the Milan teams playing at home for the first leg?

  15. no it’s just to encourage people to watch/pay for all the matches

    thanks uggunner i hope your dreams are fulfilled on that matter(watching a live match)

  16. @caxter yeah chels have to play in san siro first
    but does mean they play inter between villa and shitty

  17. wow Wenger’s very good at keepy-uppies!! haha!

  18. I recall going to Highbury in the early to mid 80’s when we regularly used to get only 18,000 for Saturday afternoon league matches.

    Trust me, you would not want to go back to that level of support again….looking at huge banks of empty seats was painful!

    Still on the bright side everyone stayed until the final whistle as it was a peice of pee to get out!

  19. RealSocialDad your blog today made me laugh thanks for that

  20. it does seem a little bit to civilised at the grove
    the night at grove vid being a point in case
    but if you saw the away fans at chelsea
    we really do have the best away fans in the land
    lots of Flare 😉

  21. We definitely do, those r the guys who are drowned out by moans and groans

  22. Zap @ 12.18pm

    And maybe one of them could be drafted in at DM to satisfy the footballing preferences of the Denilson haters.

  23. our match is on ITV, btw

  24. i wonder wat we re still left with, no trophies but wenger still clinging on with his phantom dream. may b he’s right.

  25. oh no does that mean pleat will be doing the commentary zap

  26. Personally, I think the number of families already attending the Emirates is part of the reason for the poor atmosphere.

    I have been told several times by fathers to pipe down as there are children about. A Family section would be a good idea. The old terracing automatically removed the children from the more vociferous areas of support because they simply wouldn’t be able to see.

    Away from home, our supporters are often allowed to stand and standing support always makes more noise. Standing at the Emirates is immediately stamped upon by the stewards, partly because you may be blocking the view of a child or OAP behind.

  27. PG this is why we need the north bank back
    the hilsborough people have no objection to it and the taylor report said nothing about standing terraces were bad

  28. i wouldn’t know that, rsd

    i agree with Perrygroves

  29. has anyone else heard the news we might be wearing an all-red kit for next season? to commemorate the 125th anniversary.

    there’s a pic of fabregas wearing it but it is blatantly photoshopped, so i don’t know wether the rumor is entirely true but who knows

    i would like to have a simple set of kits next season like city’s this season, they look quite good tbh

    i hope we dont adopt this new trend of abandoning the all-white sleeves

  30. because we started out in 1886 and it will be 2011, so that’s 125 years

  31. If kids want to come to football match’s they can but we shouldn’t sanitise our views just cos they’re there.
    If some dad’s want to protect their kids get them ears plugs
    it aint going to up west end to watch a show it a f-ing football match
    sorry for rant
    been a bad morning

  32. @zap has the all red kit come from the club or that dogey photo

  33. Perry

    Totally agree – I’ve never had a problem with anything said at football since it is a damn sight tamer than that which my children hear in the street. Quite possibly, that says more about the area we inhabit…

    It also suggests that the parents have only been attending football since the Premier League came into existence and never experienced the delights of a British Rail Football Special.


  34. haha. the dodgy photo

  35. i actually don’t see the problem with most kids, a lot of them make noise (not the posh ones)

    i think its the old men who go and moan at bedtdner and talk to their numerous friends of a similar age group.

    It’s them, and the parents and kids..

    also i dont see the point taking a 2 or 3 year old to a football match their first word might be similar to that baby in meet the fockers haha

  36. goo go ga ga waa waaa mama da-da al-munia moron bent-ner mor-on

  37. that would have been a sight YW
    parents on 6.57

  38. true zap
    me 2 year old repeats everyword i say so at home im very sanitised

  39. I remember going to a rugby match once and i stood up and told the ref he was a w*nker…..I’d never had so many dissaproving looks and heard so many tutts. can’t imagine football ever being like that. But there should be family areas. I actually had a dad put his hands over his little girls ears looking at me nodding his head. really he shouldnt be taking his girl then should he. and i bet she went home and played an 18 rated computer game though.

    Football was invented for a place for men to go and let out our emotions and to get away from the wife and kids but now they come with us.

  40. Zap,

    Al isn’t a moron!!

  41. yeah i know, m8. you can’t even escape to football innit

  42. DUKE

    i was making a point that a babies first words might be al-muni-a mo-ron because thats what many ”fans” say in the stadium

  43. This is good. Did they run an MRI? Lots of ice and heat. Massage and all that good stuff. This is huge match with Porto. Lets score some goals and take a huge “W” back to Emirates. With Song and Asrhavin out the Eduardo and the rest will have to step up. I hope Vermaelen doesn’t push it too hard. I mean a deep bruise could hurt him for the rest of the season if he is not careful. The medical staff will make sure of that. Go Gunners and lets beat Porto.

  44. anyone know when wenger is have the press round?

  45. According to Sky Sports, no Song, Almunia, Gallas or Eduardo for the Porto game

    Does anyone no if this is true?

  46. *know

  47. look at the training pics i would say they were correct

  48. fuck sake.

    fabianski and campbell will step in, im more worried abt the former

  49. could be smoke and mirrors

  50. i’ve lost a lot of fucking confidence now..

    we wud’ve lost 2-1 if it wrnt for the 2 we r gonna miss tom night.

    i guess this is my team:


  51. RSD, possibly, but sky is saying they havent even travelled with the squad which is making me think its true.

    If it is true i still think we’ve got enough quality to win. Diaby and Deni are just going to have to sit back more than usual.

  52. would think eboue would start
    is edu gona make bench or is not going to algarve

  53. Almunia injured? Or dropped?

    Wenger has been quite ruthless with keepers in the past…..I wonder.

  54. 18 Man Squad is up

    My team

  55. Arsenal has announced the following 18-man squad to travel to Porto for Wednesday’s UEFA Champions League first-leg clash.

    Alex Song, Andrey Arshavin, William Gallas, Manuel Almunia and Eduardo have not made the trip to Portugal.

  56. fabinski is a wonderful keeper, he has been dismissed too readily.

    big sol can step in and use his huge experience to help the whole team.

    gallas will be a massive miss, but the team will still be good enough to get a result out there.

    somebody like theo or carlos will get a chance and will need to step up their game and take the chance with real muster.

  57. no fear … CL away matches are cagey affairs, Sol will do great.

  58. The team pretty much picks itself then.

  59. I thought Eddy was back, why aren’t Almunia and Gallas in the line up?

  60. We will still get the win against Porto, they will be over confident and get smacked!

  61. fab
    eboue Sol TV The Hurricane
    ramsey diaby
    sicky cesc nasri

  62. oooh ooh..Just read the 18man line-up. Not to fret Zap we are going to win or draw with goals. I’d have love Edu to make the bench.

  63. I think the front 3 will be:


    with a midfield of:


  64. Porto’s balls will be crushed by the Arsenal hand and you know this dogs. We will grab Portos balls in our grip and then play with them, so they think they can win, we shall then crush there balls in one swoop, we will get millitant

  65. – – – – – -Fabianski – – – – –
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    Sagna – Sol – Verm – Clichy
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    – – – – – – Denilson – – – – –
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    – – – – Nasri – Fabregas – – –
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    Theo – – – – – – – – – – Diaby
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    – – – – – – Bendtner – – – – –

    For me…

    Or Mozart and Eboue on the right, for Theo and Sagna.

  66. That’s a strong team. I don’t get what all the fuss is about. It’s as if we’ve never had injury problems before!

  67. Limpar assist. Sawp Nasri and Diaby around and you are there.

  68. Why should families be subsidised (assuming that you meant subsidisation, when you said ‘encouraged’)?

    Why is it better for anyone if I go with my (theoretical) wife and kids, rather than three of my mates?

    I also don’t understand this bit:

    “Too often, football likes to portray itself as the sport of the masses which is true of participation but the Premier League needs to look at expanding the breadth of the fans attending on a matchday only basis.”

    Am personally very glad of the price freeze, especially as VAT’s gone back up. Of course if we had standing areas, and if the government stopped stealing our money, then prices could be cheaper and the club would make even more money.

  69. I like Diaby on the left, perhaps he is needed in the middle though.

    – – – Denilson
    – Fabregas Diaby
    Nasri – – – – – Rosicky
    – – – -Bendtner

    I’m not sure about Nasri on the left.

  70. Julian

    Given the increased broadcasting revenues across the board for EPL clubs, why should they not subsidise family ticketing?

    Whilst there is, and I do not dispute this, an inherent unfairness in singling out one sector of support, let us not forget that children are the next generation of supporters who need to get into the habit of going to matches.

    That said, years ago, unemployed people also benefitted from reduced priced tickets – they could turn up on the day and get them – so why not continue with that as well?


  71. I think Nasri and Rosicky are very similar, and are confortable either in midfield or either of the wide forward berths. Diaby however is only a central midfielder.

  72. But a very good one I might add.

  73. come on gunners tomorrow

    an away goal will do it, then back to the emirates..

    with regards to the post, I think people leave early to get the train home because the police stop you from walking straight on to holloway road to the stations and people want to get a pint in before it gets busy, especially when we are winning comfortably.

    when we are getting beaten comfortably for example man utd in the champions league I can understand people leaving early…

  74. Witchhazel!!! So that’s why. For Heavens sake! Why not Horse Linament Yogi?

  75. I must admit, I would never leave the game early whatever the result (especially to get to the bar). But each to their own.

  76. a fungus-coated right hand

    In re Blazon (see above):

    This is real talent and a delicate mix of languages!

    no ’shavin, no song in porto
    who else may be ill or morto?
    but enough of this shit
    lets perk up a bit
    chins up and multo supporto.

  77. yeah some people don’t mind losing, obviously they are more level headed but it doesn’t mean the ones who leave, when we are getting battered are less of a fan, they just can’t take defeat as well…

  78. Fair one. Like I said, each to their own. I am not judging.

  79. I love this video

  80. I agree with Zap about teenagers and kids not really being a problem. I think that, in one way, that’s who football is really for.

    If you find yourself sitting next to a father and child, you could just bribe them both with lots of sweets, like I did last Wednesday. Easy. It wasn’t the swearing I was worried about, but the constant moaning at the referee…

    More variable sections would make more sense, people who like to make lots of noise should be allowed to sit together. The most intense stadium atmosphere I’ve ever seen, probably will ever see, was at a cricket (!) match in India, where there were lots of different sections for people to sit in, mainly based on pricing, & there were also ‘family enclosures’ etc.

  81. hahaha, finsbury parker

  82. Sherbert Lemons are not dodgy RSD.
    They are tasty.

    American hard gums?
    Maybe not, next time.

  83. Afternoon all,

    Gutting about Gallas, but Sol’s more than capable of stepping in. He has the experience that’s for sure. Will be an interesting front 3 if Edu’s only on the bench… Theo, Bendy and Nasri? Denilson, Cesc and Diaby in midfield. Not too bad at all!

    I think we’re going to grab at least an away draw – score draw that is, maybe even a win… Was it right what i was hearing that no English team has won there?

  84. I’d go Mint Humbugs FP, 100% success rate in my experience… A Clarnico Cream can also be pretty persuasive

  85. no AS chels and manu have
    and edu isn’t off too the algarve either

  86. Mint Humbugs? A classic.

    I know what RSD (being a dad and all) means, all that sugar can be dangerous.

  87. Well, well, well if it isn’t Blazon…or most of him anyway.

  88. gob stoppers maybe
    then you only have to carry a few

  89. Hmmm, maybe it was just us that hadnt won there… Shame bout Edu, Vela may get a 30 min run at the end then

  90. you would hope but seems to be favouring theo

  91. Gob Stoppers for the parents? That could work.

  92. Arse manu scored a goal there last season, don’t you remember that Ronaldo cracker..I think it was about 40 yards out or something.

    I also remember them beating us in the group stages but by then we had qualified and played our B team.

  93. FP or a personal fav rhubarb & custard

  94. Nice blog RSD.

  95. thing is 1st lady that now our 1st team minus cesc

  96. John that’s like the lamest excuse..a drink can’t wait 20mins? When we are losing the crowds support can actually propel us to a win in the last min of the game.

    Anyone remember spurs last season when we drew 4-4. It happened in the spun of 20mins or so.

  97. Blog as in website RSD.

  98. Going to be tough with those injuries! I reckon we should line up like this:

    Drop 4-3-3 for the night and give the full backs some proper protection.

    Come on you gunners!

  99. I’d go
    Rice Adams Vermaelen Samson
    Groves Brady Cesc Armstrong
    Bendtner George

  100. firstlady,

    I wasn’t looking for an excuse, i was saying if we were losing comfortably I understand the leaving I have done it myself.

    I was saying people leave 5 minutes early to beat the traffic to get to the station or to get to the pub if they go for a drink after but not if the game is close..

    no excuses where did you get that from?

  101. @ YW

    Took the words out of my mouth about subsidising the family enclosure – if kids come week in, week out we’ve got them for life!

    Frankly, I’ve given up on the hope of ever having more than one-and-a-half fit strikers at any time. I’m just grateful we’ve got 18 fit players!

    Regarding the line-up, how about 4-2-3-1 as in…

    Eboue Campbell Vermaelen Clichy
    Diaby Denilson
    Rosicky Fabregas Nasri

    Vela/Walcott and Sagna to come on for the last 20 mins to nick a goal or close it out respectively?
    Those five midfielders are very good at holding on to the ball and love taking a long-range shot. Diaby, Nasri and Fabregas will steam into the box to support Bendtner and they plus Rosicky can provide service as well. What do we think?

  102. Steww found the flux capacitor

  103. Although having said that, I do like Dan’s 4-4-1-1.

  104. If we do play 4-3-3, I have a feeling Eboue might play on the right side of attack.

    Good to have the options, despite all the injured absentees.

  105. FG, that’s it. You got it. That’s the team that plays tomorrow.

  106. @5.27

  107. well thats all from me
    cu guys
    always a pleasure

  108. Do we know whether Almunia is injured or is this just squad rotation?

  109. Samson is no good since he had all his hair cut off.

  110. FG, with Denilson on the pitch we play a more traditional 4-3-3. With Song we play a 4-1-2-2-1.

  111. Diaby has improved now he has an afro!

  112. yes thats true gainsbourg he’s our anchor.

    you can see this because he moves across the width of the pitch whereas denilson stays mainly on the right and goes forward much more

  113. @ LimparAssist
    Well, if I have got it, it will be the first time I have guessed right!

    @ G69
    You may be right, but I’m sure we played 4-2-3-1 with Denilson and Song early in the season.

  114. Dan – that team looks like the one, I hope so anyway. It doesn’t matter what you call the formation, it is the same thing. Fabregas will support bendtner, Diaby and Denilson hold the middle and the two boys out wide.

  115. Sorry, G69, didn’t read what you said properly! But it kind of depends which out of Diaby and Denilson are (notionally) holding.

  116. Fabianski gets his big chance.

    If he plays well he may just keep the place for good. Almunia isn’t a bad keeper, far from it,but he isn’t amazing either.

    Lots of people have been quick to judge Fabianski on his errors, but ignore the fact that he has made some astonishing saves. He is young, but his skills are better than Almunia’s and he is the future for the club.

    We may miss the waiters penalty saving though, that is a massive bonus in the cup.

  117. Almunis definitely injured, btw. His finger.

  118. what do you mean his big chance he played in the semi-final and quarter final in the fa cup and c/l respectively

  119. Fabianski has never had a run of games, plus he has improved on last season. he is ready now to really challenge for the starting spot. This is his big chance to take over for Almunia. I think he will take it, the kid is quality.

  120. There is a family enclosure at the Emirates adjacent to the away supporters.

    Attendances did dip to 20,000 in the early 80’s but not regularly. For a price check my first standing season ticket on the North Bank in 1985 which included 5 cup vouchers cost £50. You could pay on the turnstile for £4. Indeed I attended the last sell out 55,000 crowd which was the Everton league cup semi fianl second leg which shows the boost standing had on the capacity of old stadiums.

    One of the benefits of being knocked out of the FA cup is that there are more CL cup ties on the season ticket which last season the club charged Grade A ticket prices for.

  121. i hope he will.

    go wukash

    Sagna Campbell Vermaelen Cliche
    Denilson Fabregas Diaby
    Nasri Bendtner Rosicky

  122. The club should get the standing back.

    My season ticket is in the family enclosure, the youths can make a decent noise at times. ALthough overall I wouldn’t wish it on anyone – not if you have the choice. It is full of posh c*nts with ugly children who talk through the whole damn game, normally loudly with retarded opinions, when the should be watching the best football on the planet instead.

  123. Bekham starts for AC



  124. I hope we play Eboue tomorrow, he links well with Bendtner and is good for this sort of match with his work rate and keeping possession.

    A good test for the lads if we keep a clean sheet for the first 25 minutes, weather the storm, then I can see us winning by a couple of goals.

    This will be the start of the Nicklas Bendtner show – he will fire us to glory.

    RVP is another who, as good as he is, may struggle to get the status he had in the squad after his injury, just because Bendtner is so good.

    Within the year Bendtner will be seen as one of Europe’s top strikers.

  125. I can’t want them to win, but maybe it would help us if our league rivals stay in the Euro Cup for one more round, then get humiliated?

  126. @ arsenehollis ‘waiter’? Come on, can we save the insults for opposition players.

  127. Gotta be backing Milan. If Leonardo’s attacking Milan side shred Utd – then it’s a mini triumph for positive football over turgid Fletcherism.

  128. ACM 1-0 MU


  129. AC Milan lead!!

  130. Seems it was an own goal to.

  131. Maria – I thought waiter was a term of endearment.

  132. darn. 1-1

    milan shud have scored at least 2 more goals

  133. Gah, Real and ManU have been so lucky. That Scholes goal was a sickening fluke – after Milan had dominated!

  134. Milan 1-2 MU

  135. Milan are fucking shit

  136. so much for beckham’s pre-match shit, he got like 4 touches in the whole game!!!! what a prat

  137. MU thru again

  138. Talk about the luck of the devil!

  139. United is only winning because Flamster the Super DMidfielder is not playing.

  140. You’re right G4E, if superman was playing it would be a different story I’m sure!

  141. Well done to Lyon though

  142. Agree Passenal, good for Lyon and Real Madrid is a living proof that you can spend all the money you like on Superstars but not necessarily win.

  143. lyon have madrid’s number

  144. Rooney and Drogba are absolutely on fire. It really sucks for us because RVP is of that quality and would be right up there competing for top scorer with them.

    Almunia, Gallas, Song, Arshavin are out for tomorrow. We’re basically missing a spine.

  145. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    “We’re basically missing a spine.”

    And we’re still going to be fielding an extremely strong squad that is more than capable of doing the job. There’s plenty of quality for Le Boss to choose from.

  146. I thought Almunia was poor!!!!Jeez dida!!!

  147. really only watch highlights

  148. This may not be 100% Arsenal for some tastes but I found it amusing in parts……….

    [audio src="" /]

  149. will have to wait for later PG
    no sound on this pile of pooh
    is always good

  150. any classic quotes from it this week?

  151. dida is an accident waiting to happen any day of the week

  152. sorry i missed the game
    and wasn’t in me highlight reel
    what did dida do?

  153. RealSocialDad,

    It was crazy dog, Dida stripped naked and started singing ‘Fight for this love’ by Cheryl Cole, it was messed up but you prob would of enjoyed it partner.

    Love him or hate him dogs, Rooney is on course for world player of the year and you know this. Just hope he dont get injured before leading England to victory in South Africa

  154. MY TEAM
    Eboue Sol Ver Clichy
    Cesc Diaby
    Rosicky Bendtner Nasri

  155. Yes, RSD! We’re On Our Way!

    Good feeling about the the line-up tonight. If Rosicky starts on the left he can weave magic with Abou, and cover him if he decides to stride off into the distance.

    Same applies on the right, Sam can drop back in and, if needed, we can form a 4-5-1 Roman turtle defence unit, springing out on the break with short stabby swords, slings and spears…

    Willy G’s back-knack turns out to be merely calf-knack, so that’s more good news.

    Feeling good about the Algarve.

  156. 2nd that, ZP. Although I might swap Nas and Moz around.

  157. fab
    eboue Sol TV The Hurricane
    ramsey diaby
    sicky cesc nasri
    am hoping the crab wont play

  158. True Limpar,although was thinking more balance of defensive duties. Rosicky is, i think, better than Sam tracking back and will protect our right side (Cesc can be a bit slowish at times) while Diaby/Clichy is already solid down our left.

    I hope Bendtner scores a header, and Eboue gets the second – a run through the centre, intricate 1-2 into the box, and wham into the far corner …. Eboue!!!!! Cesc gets the third, a 25m range effort, and Diaby the fourth dribbles through 3, a 1-2 with Rosicky assist and passes the ball into the near corner.

  159. sounds like a great game zim

  160. ‘The crab’, if I understand you right, will be integral tonight.

    ZP! I can totally see all of that. Wonderful stuff. Especially Eboue’s. Can’t wait!

  161. if he’s 100% (mr stats)
    he will be Limp’s

  162. oh, I forgot Sol gets the 5th, rises majestically from Cesc’s free kick and powers and unstoppable header off the bar, one bounce, a defender frantically tries to clear, desperate stuff, and it dribbles across the line.

  163. You can’t accuse me of being a dreamer, can you?

  164. hope this come true
    but have cesc down 78th min 0-1 ft

  165. I’m backing ZP’s 5-0 tour-de-force. The world needs all the dreamers it can get.

  166. I was looking forward to the game but now ZP has gone and spolit it by telling us the ending.

  167. oops, sorry CB

  168. i also dreamt a 5-0 lol.

    I had an Eduardo hatrick in there but seeing he is not in the squad, then ZP’s dream will do!

  169. So it begins.

    The Nicklas Bendtner era starts here.

    We have 19 games left this season. If he can get at least 10 goals then we will be champions and maybe do teh double.

  170. What did dida do?
    dida doo
    dida ddum
    dida doo
    dida dum
    dida dum
    dida doo
    dida dooooo

  171. There will be some really interesting battles within this squad in the near future.

    Wilshere and Ramsey will both put pressure on the current players for a place in the team.

    The rivalry between Fabianski and Tech9 though will be the fiercest. Those two are the future of Arsenal, maybe from next season.

  172. @arsenehollis
    The Great Dane Era
    Marmaduke, Marmaduke

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