Liverpool Preview: In The Middle Of Difficulty Lies Opportunity

Liverpool arrive at The Emirates possibly in their best form of the season having taken 17 out of 21 possible points from their last seven games. Arsenal meanwhile are licking their wounds; the manager lambasted by sections of the ‘support’, chastised by the media for not buying, the players told that a team which is third in the division might well be relegation fodder come the end of May. OK, the last one is an exaggeration but not much of one.

Little joy could be gleaned from the injury bulletin posted by Arsene with Eduardo not making tonight, instead only likely to take the field again in Portugal next week. At least he has no fresh worries furrowing his already well-ploughed brow in this area.

Not so elsewhere and the signs are that, at long last, the straw on the media camel’s back is close to breaking point as far Wenger is concerned. Other managers have routinely banned the media, refusing to give interviews for perceived slights substantially less than those barbs aimed at the Frenchman.

Daily Telegraph hacks invented the story that Thomas Sorensen was a transfer window target, emphatically denied by the Wenger

Back to tonight. Eduardo’s absence hampers Wenger’s choices; Bendtner is apparently obviously not fit, the injury situation such that the Dane seems to have returned too quickly, unable to run freely. It is reminiscent of many who return to fitness at Arsenal although one can only hope that the gentle easing back in will not cause any recurrence, ruling Bendtner out for another period.

Defensively, Lee Dixon and Martin Keown both highlighted the failings of the performances against Manchester United and Chelsea, rather more ratonally than Ian Wright who is apparently fearful that the second leg of the Champions League clash with Porto will spell the end of Arsenal’s season. I do not think I am wrong but the away trip has yet to take place which does rather make it seem that Wright’s glass is indeed half-empty. In pieces. On the floor. Contents strewn everywhere causing others to slip on the misery.

Much is being made that Liverpool can be two points behind Arsenal if they win this evening. A small point, overlooked, is that so will Manchester City be if they win their games in hand, no matter how unimpressive their performances. Liverpool travel to Eastlands this weekend which may well be more decisive in the race for fourth place.

Third should not be the target for the remainder of the season nor should we believe the pundits opinions. The players know the hole they have dug themselves into; tantalisingly, some kind soul left a ladder close to the edge so that they can reach it if they have the necessary belief in themselves and an ample smattering of good fortune from teams facing those above. Arsenal has always talked a good game under Wenger. Arshavin and Clichy continue that vein but both are realistic in their appraisal of the current situation.

The left back is not having the easiest of returns to the side, a tough run in which he has not yet shaken the cobwebs free to the extent that there are calls for him to be replaced. No doubt they will be wanting him reinstated if Traore has a poor match; some people want their cake, to eat it and go back for seconds. I suspect that Wenger is going to be fielding the side, more or less, which started at Stamford Bridge; his options for change are limited which is why I would expect him to go with, essentially the choice is whether Eboue comes in for Sagna and who to choose from Walcott, Rosicky and Nasri.

Personally, I like all three of the midfield choices but Rosicky has more unpredictability than the other two whilst Walcott has the pace to unsettle Liverpool, provided he gets the service:

Almunia; Sagna, Gallas, Vermaelen, Clichy; Fabregas, Song, Diaby; Walcott, Arshavin, Rosicky

Liverpool are obdurate in defence and did well against Everton last weekend although they were not pushed hard in that respect. No doubt that they will have the idea that beating Arsenal is entirely feasible using the tactics employed by United and Chelsea; whether they have the personnel capable of doing so is another matter.

It has been a while since we beat them at home, a betting man would not be far from placing a wager on a 1 – 1 draw which has been the outcome in recent years. A win for Arsenal is essential to keep pressure on the top two, ensuring that they know the race is not over. It will not be if there is a draw or even defeat tonight, provided the gap to first does not widen. A win will see a surge of confidence through the side and ease the pressure from below.

Enjoy the match wherever you watch it. ’til Tomorrow.

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  1. Liverpool will come to stink the place out with 10 men behind the ball.

    The myth used to be… kick arsenal off the ball to beat em

    Now… sit back, and hit them on the break.

    Fine if you have Rooney or Drogba within your ranks, the pony side pool bring to the emirates tonight… if they sit back and allow us on em.. they will get tonked.

    I forsee a wonderful evening for gooners.

  2. can feel a real spanking coming on
    prob is the line up for tonite maybe nasri in for walcott

    but was looking at this in the morning and front 6 just ozze johan cruyff

    Eboue Gallas Campbell TV
    Cesc Song Rosicky
    Diaby Bendtner AA

    is a bit of fantasy but…..

  3. After sunday there is no way Walcott should start.

  4. I see no reason why Walcott shouldn’t start.

  5. In order to sit back and hit Arsenal on the break you need the quality to do so.

    Man U and Chelsea got away with it because we failed to convert our chances in the opening, do they think we will always miss those chances?

    BTW what’s the big deal about Chamakh? Is he really that good? His scoring record does not indicate that he is worth the fuss.

    I’ve never seen him play maybe someone else can enlighten me.

  6. North Bank Tommy

    Almunia should be dropped tonight.Cannot see this clown keeping a clean sheet.I would recall Vito as Flapianski is as awful as Average Al

    My team: Mannone

    Sagna Gallas Campbell TV

    Eboue Cesc Song Rosicky Nsari

    AA 23

  7. *Yawns*

  8. Almunia is really becoming a goat is there really anything he could done about the last 5
    even the OG
    As for chamakh he is scoring for bordeaux and starts every game so he must be doing something right.
    guess wenger likes him cos he’s free and that means we can afford his wages

  9. Tonight’s game is a great chance for us to restore a bit of pride and confidence, I only hope if things don’t go our way early on the crowd show some patience. Berating the team/Manager and groaning when passes go astray will be exactly what the Liverpool players will want to hear.

    Liverpool were written off for 4th place not so long ago and have put together a run of results we could do with, starting with a win tonight.

  10. an early goal for us would do everyone very good
    can could finally count someone

  11. walcott really has to earn his place back
    his hangover from gothenburg is still throbing

  12. Liverpool is never easy. It should be a good game. They have some quality, but lack depth and have been exposed this season. We were more than good enough to beat Villa, and at least draw with Chelsea, league leaders, and if we play at that level, which is not even our best, we will win. Simple.

    I also see no reason not to start Theo and Almunia.

  13. Tonight, It’s about scoring first. We score first we win. Simple as.

  14. theo did nothing going forward on sunday
    he did add some pace to defending on there counters

  15. I see according to SSN the Inland Revenue have rejected a cash offer from Portsmouth. If they are thrown out of the league, does that mean we lose 6 points???

  16. anyone watch BIG jack last night

  17. Hopefully the last two games will have instilled a bit more determination and urgency in some of our players. When a few players in a team are out of form or lacking confidence it’s even more important to dig deep and work hard, show some grit and put your foot it where it hurts. Our passing game will benefit as a result as we will be sure that if we do lose possession, we can win it back and build another attack.

  18. at the bridge we seemed to be winning the ball back well.
    so we can hope that continues

  19. I think that Arsenal will get more change out of pressing LFC than they did either Chelsea or Man U…the simple fact is that they had great chances against both and never took them…that’s highly unlikely to happen three games in a row and as we know arse haven loves scoring against LFC.

    If Arsenal don’t do it tonight and lose to the other three members of the top four in succession then Wenger really will have problems…his ‘maturing’ team is starting to look like it will never mature and Cesc will be at the emirates for only one more full season at most after thsi one…major re-structuring required regardless of tonights result and a new spine inserted into the team with big balls and a mean streak. As for Liverpool…they have the nastiness but nowhere near the depth of technically gifted players that arsenal have. They also have a (diminishing) brittle streak this season and a world of trouble behind the scenes…
    Sadly this is a battle of the also rans in the top four league…Chavski and the scum are part fo a two horse race regardless of blips or fanciful ideas…radical changes needed this summer in both camps to break their stranglehold

  20. JD,

    Yes Ive heard it report that all teams will lose the points they got against Pompey!

    So Liverpool lost and will be deducted none, we will have six taken off, which possibly means before kick off Liverpool could be ahead of us on points!!!


  21. What’s with people? they are calling for Cliche’s head, how quickly people forget!!Anyone remember the 3 games just before he came back?

  22. Song and Diaby will run the midfield tonight.

    I havent watched ‘pool play recently but my friend is a fas and said that Kyriakos hos been their best player the past few games. He’s suspended.

  23. really remi they cant do that chels have only played once so they get 3 off
    and utd get 6 off
    dont seam right means the people who havent played them are at an advantage

    as for cesc leaving read the nuts interview
    he aint leaving

  24. 1st lady least traore could cross
    but both them cant defend
    just leads more to tv or sanga playing on left
    or even gallas
    if gallas was there least he would be scaring almunia half to death with those stares

  25. ‘but both them cant defend’ – i’m sorry but that statement is insane 🙂

    Clichy will come good again, he is returning from a long spell out. Be patient.

  26. i hope he does but at the moment
    he’s a shadow of the player he was 2 season ago

  27. maybe i got the right avatar today then

  28. I would stick Vermaelen in goal, and have Eboue at right back, with Sagna and Sol in the middle with Gallas at left back.

  29. My team for Liverpool:


    Eboue Vermaelen Gallas Clichy

    Song Bilong

    Rosicky Cesc Abou

    Bendtner Arshavin

  30. yo rinsing….bendtner won’t start man…we must ease him back into the side…dont think hes fully match fit yet

  31. Hmmm, and watching Jack last night, I can’t help but think he is gonna be a mere observer at Bolton.. so many times he laid the ball off and made an angle for a return pass only for the bolton player to just ignore him and hoof the ball 50 yards to Kevin Davies. I mean seriously, Jack Wilshere.. one of the brightest talents of his generation.. what exactly is he gonna learn at Bolton?!..

  32. to get stuck in
    and defend
    he knows how to attack

  33. Rinsing, I’m glad you changed your choice of goalie, you obviously read the same article in Arsenal magazine that I did. Vermaelen can’t go in goal because he refuses to wear gloves, he hates them, they make him feel claustrophobic and bring him out in a rash.

    Interesting choice for right back, no Sagna?

  34. yo rinsing…bendtner wont start man…he isnt fully match fit yet….

  35. We have to win against Liverpool tonight. I think Wenger will field:


    That’s probably the team we’ll see. Has anyone else noticed that Sagna and Nasri play really well together? The only liability I see here is on the left. Arshavin won’t track back too often and Clichy just hasn’t been the same. If we play like this, Diaby will play a huge role in defending on that left flank.

    In my opinion we should try a 4-4-2 formation again, especially with the players we have available. If I were Wenger I’d put this team out:


    Subs: (if we’re winning we can go to a defensive 4-5-1) Diaby for Rosicky, Nasri for Arshavin.
    (if we’re losing, a more attacking 4-3-3) Theo for Eboue.

  36. Hehehe.. Matty. TV was just being humble in that interview. The real reason he can’t wear gloves is because he is too farking hard!..

    Regards the right back position, I’d just like to see Eboue given a game as he offers something very different. Sagna is very consistent, and its great to have a right back who is so good in the air, but Eboue offers much more going forward, and I think we’ve been seriously lacking in that department from our full backs of late.

    I think Wenger will probably go with Sagna, I’d just like to see Tinkerbell get a game is all.

  37. Your right about TV he so hard he doesn’t read books. He stares them down until he gets the information he wants.

    you right bout eboue would like to see him get a game.

  38. Rinsing I am sure cole is working towards changing the long ball hoof, problem is its very difficult to teach an old dog new tricks.

  39. tough game though, after all the criticism an early goal would do well to restore confidence, and if liverpool sit down and try to absorb arsenal and play on the counter they could be in for hell, luck seems to shine on them once again but it may run out this night.
    i believe whatever team is fielded tonite, would respond better in this game than the last two

  40. The full-backs will start defending well again (not sure Sagna ever stopped), but they should forget about attack until that happens. Sit back, do the main job first, then go forward.

  41. All i want is to try playing some else at left back because Clichy has been a liability at times at left back. Either Sagna at left back with eboue on the right or Thomas V at left back and Campbell at centerback either way he needs to drop back to the bench.

  42. i know clichy been away with the fariy’s for the last few games.
    prob had to many milkshakes in finchley
    Got brain freeze

  43. Arseman.. I’d like to see him play 60-70 minutes then, although, I suppose, when not fully fit, he has always looked more likely to impact when coming off the bench.
    Will Theo get a start tonight?.. I’ve just been thinking about it and maybe Wenger will go with him as opposed to Rosicky. He really needs a big game to kick his season off.

  44. North Bank Tommy

    William Gallas who along with Cesc and TV has been one of our top 3 players this season has been offered just a one year extension when his contract runs out in the summer.So he will go.Why are we awarding average players ie Walcott Denilson and Bendtner long term contracts and not one of our best players.Madness utter madness.

  45. What the fuc k is old ‘arry on. Has he been on crack or something? he reckons his beloved spurscum should be above us. They cant even be above City who’s played a game less.

  46. @arseneholis..

    I totally agree. The problem is, they need to be bombing forward to nullify the oppositions wide players. This is the way we always try to play. I think people expect far too much of Sagna in particular going forward. I also think he looks far better when Rosicky plays in front of him.

  47. I would like to see Eboue start at right back tonight. Nothing to do with Sanga’s form, but Eboue has looked good in the last few games and our full backs should not be troubled by Liverpoo’s “wide” players so much. He is better than Sagna going forward.

  48. Hahaha Firstlady.. If you listen to the most recent Alan Davies podcast, his response was ‘Listen Harry, when you gave the interview you were fourth, a day later and you’re already fifth.. do you lot never learn?.. How about you concentrate on your own team you mug!.. Don’t worry about us, we’ll be alright. Hahahahahahahaha’ followed by minutes of laughter/disbelief at the twitching old fraudster.

  49. @NB..

    I know nothing of what goes on behond the scenes but it does seem strange. I agree. Gallas is world class and should be offered a longer contract.

  50. Why oh why can’t Bendtner be fit? We have looked a better team with him in it recently, even if he personally looks off the pace.

    That said we have enough to beat Liverpool tonight anyway. We are due a result, we are due a performance where it all just clicks. That’s as long as the players aren’t taking anything for granted, and after the last few games they damn well shouldn’t be.

    Don’t care who Wenger picks, whichever 11 it is they just need to do whatever it takes to win. Anything else is not an option.

  51. @ Rinsing…sorry for the double posts…i do think walcott needs a big game to him back on track…but is it a gamble worth taking….Rosicky has looked dangerous this season and id be much more at ease if i saw him start and subbed for theo later on

  52. Totally agree about Rosicky, because of our recent results his good form has sort of gone under the radar. I know he didnt start at the bridge (I was disappointed) but he was looking very good until last week. Wenger loves Theo though.. he’ll be thinking about the psychological impact dropping him after Sunday will have?

    On a side note, I have a feeling Abou will have a big game tonight.

  53. Do you think he rested rosicky cos he cant play 2 games in a row at the moment rinsing

  54. @ RSD..

    Hadn’t thought of it like that. I suppose a player with a hamstring made of tissue paper would need a few more games under his belt before playing Utd and Chelsea in the space of a few days.
    Shame, because he is an explosive player.

  55. when hes on top of it he’s a god
    thankfully hes not going to WC
    and will get a prop pre season next year
    so he can play week in week out

  56. I cant see how a player can be fit for 30 minutes, after a shorter warm-up, as opposed to 45 to start the game.

    If he can play without endangering himself he should start.

  57. bendtner could give us 60
    but just think wenger thinks he’s only operating at 50%

  58. Emmanuel Petit was picking his greatest ever Wenger Arsenal team on TV last week and completely ignored Cashley from the squad.. fair play to him!.. he picked Winterburn instead.

    Having said that (and this really hurts..) Arsenes comments after the Chelsea game slightly rankled when he said how good their defence was. Arsene sold them their best defender bar none. Every time I watch Ashley Cole it becomes more and more apparent that he is probably the best left back in the world. This is nothing new of course… remember how he used to completely murk Ronaldo for 90 minutes when we played Utd?? Anyway.. it really pains me to say it, disgusting human being but incredible footballer, and if the stories are to be believed, we let him go for an extra few thousand quid a week. Who knows what happened but I really hate seeing a product of the Arsenal academy (and lifelong gooner) being such a positive force for one of our rivals. We should have shipped him abroad. To Tajikstan for instance.

  59. You can expect Liverpool to stack the “D”. This means in American football terms take what they give you us it against them. Patience is the key. Move ball around and then sieze the opening and strike. The “D” needs to stop the counter attack and set pieces. Arshavin needs to finish his scoring chances. What not start Campbell? This is juts an idea. I think we will win. The guys will be ready.

  60. The chance of an injury in a game is 10%. And if a midweek game follows, that is intensive that increases to 30-40%. Imagine the implications on a half-fit if 60%-fit Nicklas Bendtner.

    Still I expect him to start but then again I wouldn’t be unexpectant if he didn’t. The team still needs to be more dynamic so if Arshavin starts, Walcott must start. Been impressed by Rosicky’s intensity in the centre in recent games after coming on.

  61. All we need is a thirteen match unbeaten run and we win the league. I expect us to win tonight and begin the run!

  62. Rinsing; it’s not Family Guy where you can trade someone’s contract to the worst team in the world.

  63. Like some have said earlier, I wouldn’t mind Eboue getting the start tonight. We need to put pressure on Liverpool’s fullbacks so we can push their team back.

    My line up:


  64. @ The Brain

    Any team but Chelsea or Utd would have done me.

  65. If Clichy plays i hope he has his head on the game as oppose to Call of Duty…….

  66. If Pompey go tits up today, this will be how the table will look!

    Chelsea 24 17 4 3 +39 55
    Man Utd 23 16 2 5 +33 50
    Liverpool 24 13 5 6 +19 44
    Arsenal 23 13 4 6 +24 43
    Spurs 24 11 7 6 +19 40
    Man City 22 10 8 4 +12 38
    Villa 22 9 8 5 +9 35

    Liverpool the main winners, so in theory they go above us for having a crap result against Pompey! – Thats really fair isn’t it!- And Chelsea will go 12 points ahead….

  67. remi what r u talking about if pompey go in to admin
    they will lose 9 points
    not everyone else

  68. what is your source on this?

  69. G69

    Yes play Eboue RB but put Sagna at LB.Clichy has been a liability since he came back

  70. This may be an unpopular view seeing as Arsene’s just wrestled Rafa’s title from the British media of ‘worst manager that ever lived’, but I genuinely think that history will show Wenger to be the best football manager of the past 30 years – ahead of even Alex Ferguson.

    Before I go any further, I’d like to point out that I’m not an Arsenal fan, nor a top four fan, and if anything have always favoured Utd and Chelsea over the rest, enjoying the work of Paul Scholes and Jose Mourinho as I do. However, this recent end-of-the-world nonsense coming from dumb Arsenal fans is like an idiot staring at the Mona Lisa from an inch away and spotting a smudge, rather than stepping back and enjoying the masterpiece being created.

    You see, Wenger is a visionary. An innovator. The kind of man that if you put him in charge of a bread factory, would find new ways of making the best bread, and wouldn’t settle for just buying in the best bread making machine in the catalogue. Because life isn’t as simple as throwing money at a problem, nor should it be, with the very best kind of people changing the way we think with imagination, drive and a willingness to try something new.

    The entire football industry is rooted in a failure to embrace the new and stick with the tried and tested. It’s understandable due to the likelihood of a swift sacking if a handful of results go the wrong way, but the truly great men in history weren’t afraid to change the world, and this is what Wenger’s doing. It’s not stubbornness to stick to one’s principles, it’s courage to stand by one’s convictions when the risk of failure and humiliation is ever present.

    So, in the same way that it seems to be the accepted wisdom that Shankly was the superior manager to Paisley, for the strength of his innovation despite winning so much less than his successor, I believe that Wenger will be seen by history as more illustrious than all his contemporaries: The man who created a masterpiece blueprint that turned football into an art form, that could coach diamonds out of promising coal , that built a fabulous stadium, that won his fair share of silverware, that challenged the towering financial odds he faced and, finally, which I firmly believe will win him the league (again) and Champions League.

    I’m not an Arsenal fan, but if I were I’d be bloody thankful that Arsene knows.

  71. Yes correct. Pompey just lose points for going into administration

  72. you know what think remi’s right
    if they wind up and go out of business all pompey games r null and void.
    but this is unlikely to happen
    so admin and -9

  73. They don’t necessarily have to be docked points. it depends whether they are seen to be gaining an advantage from insolvency, as Leicester City did.

  74. I just read the article by Lee Dixon regarding our defensive problems. Excellent article that anyone who cares should look at.

    We have been very poor on defense at some points this season. Even more concerning is that our defense has been slowly worsen over the long term. Our table position on goals allowed in the last 7 years is 1st, 3rd, 3rd, 4th, 4th, 5th and this yr 9th. According to Dixon our problems are basic stuff that should be addressed on the training ground. He seemed to indicate that during his tenure the defense was not really coached. It did not need to be. However, the problems we have now are basic stuff that should be addressed everyday on the training ground. Short term we need to recognize our defensive weakness and play a little more defensively on the pitch, even if that goes against our attacking nature. Not become a defensive team but at least recognize that we have to stay organized in the back. Long term I think we need to get someone whose only job is to coach our defense

  75. If they go into admin Pompey will lose 9pts and all the other results stand.

    If Pompey are wound up and go out of business all results are expunged from the records.

    So it will become a 36 game premier league.

    However Ive just heard they have a 7 day stay of execution, but the way they are talking its last chance saloon and unless they pay the full amount of 11 million unpaid tax they will be wound up!

  76. it not that great read the one on the bbc site
    not much insight

  77. its 9 days and they have 2 buyer lined up
    also the league would wont this to happen
    but you dont wont to fuck with the revenue
    no one wins and no won wants to help you fight

  78. Bill and RealSocialDad;

    I don’t want to feel like I’m scrounging off Yogi’s blog (because I comment and read regualrly although not the former as much as others) but I did write an article on Arsenal’s defensive system which may suit your needs. Just click on my name, and scroll down till you reach the article entitled; analysing arsenal’s defensive game. Thanks

  79. A reasonable post, Notgooner.

    What I can’t understand, having read it, is why you are not an Arsenal fan?

    Make the logical step.

  80. Ive had my fair share of run ins with HMRC

    They were on my case last year for about £800, and wouln’t leave me alone for months until it was sorted.

    How Pompey have managed to rack up 11 million over a few years and go unchallenged by them is beyond me!

  81. Just read somewhere that the aggregate score from our past 9 games against Manure and Chelsea is 20-5. Ouch!

    Hopefully Arshavin will carry on his run against Liverpool tonight. He seems to like playing against them.

  82. On Sagna vs Eboue. Most goals against have come through the left side, all season. Right defense is one of the team’s most solid and consistent areas. Eboue adds a bit of unpredictability on attacks that Sagna does not have, but I hate to see this solid part of the team tinkered with. I hope Sagna starts whenever he’s fit.

  83. Agree fully with Not Gooner on February 10, 2010
    at 2:52 pm

    It is easier for a non-Arsenal fan to be detached and take an objective and detached perspective. I hope that his belief will come to pass soon.

    “I firmly believe will win him the league (again) and Champions League”

  84. Anybody else on here been fortunate enough to just get an email from Arsenal TV about attending, and asking our greatest captain, TA6, a question for the new show being filmed next week called “an audience with”?

  85. @ brian i always read your stuff i actually subscribe

    @consolsbob true lol

    plus why bother posting on arseblog if you arnt a gooner and to be honest this and couple of others arnt negative blogs to what is a 2 game blip

  86. I’ve got a blooddy meeting with my work tonight so am going to miss the game 😦

    Absolutely gutted as i think it’ll be a great game tonight with us getting a few goals.

    I agree with what people are saying about eboue going forward but i also think that sanga is much more reliable at the back. I would play eboue against some of the lesser teams and stick with the more solid sanga for the big games.

    Not Gooner – great to see that AW’s work is admired by other teams’ supporters as well. Whoever does succeed AW (hopefully not for many years to come) will be presented with the most financially sound, technically gifted and ethically run club in the world. I can’t wait to see what we’re like as a force in a few years time…

  87. me too brain, another excellent blog

  88. Yes, also don’t understand Eboue’s inclusin from some seeing as the same used to see him as a defensive liability beforehand. Either way, I see Liverpool playing Riera but on the other hand, Insua is a liability.

    Play Eboue in midfield, cutting inside which may allow Sagna the ability to take advantage of Isua’s suspect positional play.

  89. I don’t really like Eboue in midfield. He is nowhere near as effective going forward. He needs to pick up the ball deeper. I do agree Sanga is a better defender, but Liverpool don’t really have “left winger” per se. As such I think he is the better bet for this game.

  90. Agreed Brain. Eboue’s running has really given us some directness to our play (even if it has come from right back). He doesn’t have much end product but it only takes him a few times getting into the box to have an easy square ball available… Not sure i would start him tonight though, maybe an impact sub if Theo gets pocketed again.

    Our squad is coming back together now, and we might even see RvP before the end of the season… Imagine if we’d had his clinical finishing for these crunch games…

  91. Aquilani has been ruled out, says Sky sports news

  92. They will play Lucas and Masharno anyway, with Gerrard just behind whichever of their pump strikers they play. Ngog?

  93. Great news Zap, i take it Torres is still out?

  94. was thinking of eboue in midfield
    but really want bendtner to start
    then who do you drop
    Cesc Song Rosicky
    Diaby Bendtner AA

    rosicky only played 20mins on sun so he’s a starter
    if bendtner aint starting then eboue in

  95. I wonder if Wenger will be tempted to start Theo again?

  96. he should be, arse shavin but knowing our luck he might make a miraculous recovery and play

  97. But goonerandy is right – the full-back is the position where generally you start free and Eboue profits from that. In midfield, he looks to provide support and as such, gets crowded out.

  98. I think he will, Theo needs games. And as someone said earlier, Wenger will be thinking of the impact it would have on Theo if hewas dropped after Sunday’s performance. He needs confidence and being put back on the bench wont help – (IMO obviously)

  99. Bedtdner is not fit enough to start, realsocialdad.

    i wud expect this:


  100. bemdy has surely got to be fit to start the game tonight… worst case take him off in the 2nd half.. i rather he start than come on as a sub.

  101. If he does start Theo with Eboue both on the right hand side, that is some serious pace. If Cesc an co get their passing game right Insua would get absolutley raped.

  102. True, but at the same time Brain, he brings extra width to our attack which at times is much needed…

  103. walcott against tired legs is far, far more effective than against fresh ones…he can be deadly coming on

  104. i know how it feels arse shavin, i missed the f.a cup semi final last season..

    horrible feeling….


    never seen tek9 play.

    He looks better than all our keepers though i like fabianski

  106. Brain:

    That was well written and extremely thoughtful.

    If you look at the tables the team that has won the league has had the least goals allowed in 7 of the last 8. History indicates it is very difficult to win without having the best defense in the league. Even Barca conceded the fewest goals in la Liga while scoring more then 100 last year. You can have it both ways. You do not have a be a defensive team to play good defense. United have had the best defense and have won the league 3 yrs in a row and they are not a “defensive team”

    I loved the 433 at the beginning of the year when everyone was saying we might break the scoring record and knock in 120 goals. However, if our goal is to win the league then we have to play good defense. Barca show that it can be done with a 433, but this team has not been able to play good defense for whatever reason. If the boss can not figure out how to get this club to play good defense with that formation then we need to scrap it. Short term we may need to modify our approach until we get our defensive problems fixed. Fortunately after the LP we have a relatively easy run in and hopefully we can go on a winning streak without to much change.

    On the positive side over the long term, I think we could play good defense but we need to do something different with the way we train our defense.

  107. never seen tek9 play.

    maybe our best keeper – though i do like fabianski

  108. big jack – doing his thang!

  109. But Eboue taking advantage of width hasn’t been a sentence you regularly hear. Indeed, even with the whole side, who get into wide positions many times but don’t produce.

    The key as shown by United is switching the point of emphasis and attacking from all angles – United played three in the middle against City, dragged the full back in and created space for the winger. Similalrly, Giigs on the left cut inside and gave room for Evra. But the difference was the crosses were good and the movement and numbers in the box was overwhelming.

  110. Bill: That might not happen as we don’t really concentrate on defensive drills as such. They are given advice etc. and through process of understanding, they get better.

  111. Fair enough Brain. Crosses aren’t even worth it for our front line at the mo. They’d have to be absolutely inch perfect, which unfotunately, they havent been. And we never have the box filled with people to head one in, even short players can cause trouble in those situations but it’s something we’ve never done well since the days of big John H. I think this, along with our defensive problems needs to improve if we are to kill games off.

  112. Gutting Zap. I’m going to have to watch it late and avoid all inklings of what happened. Let’s hope it’s worth the wait!

  113. Nevertheless, Arse Shavin you’re thinking is right. Width is important and we must take advantage.

  114. Gotta go, meeting starts in 10 mins and doesnt finish until 10pm. Can’t wait.

    I’ll be thinking of Arsenal and all who are watching – both in jealousy and in anticipation of the beauty i get to watch when i get home… COME ON ARSENAL!!!


  115. @Arse Shavin and brain

    width and pace is what we need
    can understand people saying it was pointless cross on sunday
    but think it was the wrong kind of crossing seems gael and sanga were crossing before beating there man which just leads to it need to be inch perfect
    if they went to line and crossed it or cut it back.
    then we’d cause problems

    As 433 thought is was a more defensive solution
    give the extra defender in midfield and the full backs dont have to get forward so much

    442 being the best for are short passing game
    66 passes under 40 yards

    were surposed to be switch between the 2 according to wenger

  116. NotGooner, I second Consolsbob…you know you want to be a Gooner so take the plunge!

    Seriously, thank you for pointing out what so many recent additions to this blog and so many others so obviously can’t understand in their quest for instant gratification. Obviously they have the power to take matters into their own hands and realize all the points you make yet they continually fail to do so. It amazes me sometimes…

    If the lads can avoid the mental mistakes they made against Chel$ki they will do just fine against the bin dippers from scouseland.

  117. The Brain:

    Regarding your comment at 4:30 PM, that is rather concerning to me. Based on the statistic I mentioned in my comment at 3:05PM our defense seems to slowly getting worse over the last 7 years. The decline has clearly increased in speed with the advent of 433. Don’t you think it is time we tried to do something to improve our defense rather then just hoping they improve by osmosis on the training pitch?

  118. Hope no one thought my tale of an excurson into Hampshire was a slur, or even, ahem, anti-English as some Trolls might say.

    I met this cool ‘chap’ whilst walking in-between some ancient ruins. A Lovely place.

    Why would anyone read or trust a Beeb Hack’s Hatchet Job?

    Stevie Bould.
    There’s only one Stevie Bould.
    Coaching at Arrrrrrrrrrrrrsenal.
    He never coached Cashley,
    He never joked with Sol
    ‘Cos he does F*ck All!

    Or does he?

    Right, I’m off to the stadium today. From those of you who come from sunnier climes, I’ll try my best to pass on your sunny vibes to the team. Apart frm the sleet, it has been a pretty day in N.London.

  119. I don’t hate the BBC, I’m still on MML.

  120. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    That was a cracking post, NotGooner. Well put.

  121. Agreed Gris Gris we just need to sort our defensive game and if like Lee Dixon pointed out that they we don’t work on it as we should then this needs to become a real priority especially how to properly defend counter attacks and set pieces.

  122. How can a team ever hope to win anything without one fit striker. Not one. Wenger knew this all along yet he stubbornly refused to do anything about it.

  123. prob becuase we dont play with a striker anymore and havent done all season

  124. California Gooner

    I would really like to see Eboue at right-back because he offers so much going forward. however, if that is done, then Clichy needs to be told to stay home at left back until he gets his defense sorted out. That would add some balance to the team; we can’t afford to be burned on more counter-attacks.

    It would also be good for Song to be a little more conservative so that Diaby can really do some damage going forward. Finally, I am a bit concerned that Bendtner isn’t going to start — we need him badly so that Arshivin can become a playmaker again. Lacking that, it will be Rosicky, Nasri and Arshivin up front — obviously too similar, as we’ve seen.

  125. Come on you Gunners. Lets blow the title race wide open

    Erm ..come on Villa do the double against the mancs come on Everton do the double over the Chavs.

    Arshavin 4 please

  126. “BTW what’s the big deal about Chamakh? Is he really that good? His scoring record does not indicate that he is worth the fuss”.

    I haven’t seen a lot of him Wengerball, but from what I have seen he is a Wenger style player. He is good in the air 6′ 2″ and technically good with the ball at his feet. He is a hard worker, unselfish in his play and good at linking up and creating opportunities for others and chipping in with a few himself. He offers a lot of what early Adebayor did, but with better technique and hopefully a smaller ego.

  127. team news Almunia, Eboue, Gallas, Vermaelen, Clichy, Song, Diaby, Fabregas, Nasri, Arshavin, Bendtner. Subs: Sagna, Rosicky, Walcott, Denilson, Fabianski, Traore, Campbell

  128. It looks like the team is as follows:


  129. Also Adebayor didn’t have a prolific status when Wenger got him, so it’s not really a measure how much he scored before coming to us.

  130. Point on Gris Gris 🙂

  131. Subs


  132. Ha! 😉 G4E

  133. Wow Graeme Souness with very gushing praise for Arsenal on Sky Sports and sensible fan and Gazidis perspective too. Souness has even talked about well managed debt Laporta playing up for the vote then. Big nite of football ahead.

  134. great pic-anyone able to do a photoshop in a hime and away Arsenal kit?

  135. “I know as well that it’s down to me to live with the criticism of people. But the same people who said that we will not be in the top ten now slaughter us because we are in the top three.”

    Go on Arsene!

  136. Looks like Arsene has been reading the blogs to get a clue and is starting Eboue as recommended!

    P.S. to my 7.06 pm post, he does talk to the media too much though!

  137. Hi, everyone.

    Looking forward to the game. Come on Arsenal!

  138. Oh and thank you from me, too, Notgooner, for your very gracious comment.

  139. You can’t just decide to be an Arsenal fan, you are born into it, it is about community, and heritage.

  140. Not true, arsenehollis. You can also fall in love. That’s how I became one.

  141. This is pretty much the team a lot of people on here were hoping for earlier, maybe Arsene’s a secret ACLF reader. We can totally do them over tonight, this is not a Liverpool team that strikes fear into anyone. Having said that, we all agreed that we faced the weakest United seen for a while and we know how that ended!

  142. I agree with FunGunner…You fall in love with a club.

    I would say it’s even better because you as an independent person made the choice to love Arsenal, not born into it with no choice.

    In the end, all true fans are welcome…it’s just the ones that don’t know what “unconditional love” means that need to beat it.

  143. Good to see little Jack playing well for Bolton. I still want them to get relegated though.

    Glad Eboue is starting. Seems as if Wenger has had enough of Sagna getting the ball deep on the right and wasting it. Gwan Manu Eboue……..

    Good luck fellas.

  144. Come on, Gooners – make some noise!

  145. our lads will do it tonight i can just feel it..and also watch how the mancs and chavs drop points!!

  146. Damn, Iraq Goals froze – any ideas please?

  147. Villa 1-0 manure!

  148. Villa one up

  149. Thanks you GinLA – life saver!!!!

  150. damn, now it’s all square at Villa Park

  151. I’m not getting my hopes up about Manure or Chavski slipping up – it will happen when we’re not expecting it.

  152. Corner – COYG!!!!

  153. spuds one down too.

  154. Damn – ESPN stopped that stream. Manure equalized

  155. Red card for Nani. Awful two footed lunge, totally deserved. Of course the English commentator thought that maybe a yellow would have sufficed.

  156. Nani sent off.

  157. Are we defending better today?

  158. It’s doing my head in – we keep going close!

  159. People matching match, why was nasri sub-ed.

  160. another dive from stevie g

  161. dunno must be an injury but eboue why oh why?

  162. Guess the game will open up in the second half.

  163. I hope not, Big Al!

  164. Whether Liverpool decide to have a proper go or not, they should be tired after playing with 10 men for most of the derby match the other day.

  165. Either way, this one’s for the taking.

    Come on Arsenal!

  166. Hey there all,, as usual I am trying to find a good stream,, any one know of one?

  167. Cech stops a pen ! damn

  168. No live streams? Please ! Any one!

  169. Getting closer. COME ON!

  170. Thanks Deano,,, MD Apreciated

  171. My blood pressure is through the roof. We are so close.

  172. fuck sake bendtner

  173. Thgis team of officials are going to the World Cup?

    What a joke.

  174. bobs on the cider. arshavins on the vodka.

  175. Come on Arsenal!

  176. it was a dive…..

  177. YESSSS!!!!

  178. DIABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    Fantastic goal!

  181. Fucking yes! YES! YES!

  182. The relief!

  183. abou!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  184. I just love Arsenal! The best!!


  185. Thank Christ for that!

    Two more now. Pressure off.

  186. thats it….diaby 2 on my home shirt….tomorow

  187. what a difference a fukin striker makes

  188. I think we are defending much better.

  189. He’s passed the test, has he, deano? 🙂

    Gallas has been amazing, it sounds – is that right?

  190. Are Song and Eboue OK?

  191. Gerrard dives again!

  192. gerrard = diver

  193. that was a 10 OOU

  194. Why wasn’t he booked? Eh?

  195. ACLFers – I have never been so nervy watching a football match. This is a critical fixture.

  196. Interesting, Sagna in for NB52

  197. This Iraq stream is about three minutes behind play

  198. How many free kicks is this clown going to give pool?

  199. Top save Almunia!

  200. What’s wrong with Song? The ATVO can’t say specific things at the moment.

  201. Great save!!

  202. Thank you lord for Almunia!

  203. So worried about Song.

  204. EVERTON!!!

  205. say nothing people. hold your breath.

  206. I love everton… i do!

    Villa please complete the eveing and Theo pls one more goal to cap a great retart of our 13 game unbeaten run

  207. Come on Final whistle pleeeeeease. Perfect result so far Chelsea losing YEEEEEES

  208. Amen to that, TS.

  209. eveing = evening
    retart = restart


  210. Diving bastards!

  211. This ref is something else!

  212. A bit of naivety from Walcott should keept the ball in the corner and waste few seconds

  213. YESS!!!!

  214. Yay! 1-0 to the Arsenal!

  215. Haha! Deliberate handball by Cesc as well!

  216. oh my god……we dare dream….we love our team…..we love arsenal

  217. Take that you f*cking doomer cunts, we are the Arsenal and we WON! YES!!


  219. Come on you gunners

  220. One nil to the Arsenal – it’s a start!

  221. This is a big win for the Arsenal!

  222. Lovely, lovely, lovely!!!

    Dont care about no free kick, it wasnt a free kick to begin with!!

    2 points on United and 3 on Chelsea hopefully, at the very least 2!!!

  223. @GGooner
    WHAT? No, we are the Arsenal….we shouldn’t resort to those tactics, no matter what. We got too much class for that.

  224. 1 – 0 to the Arsenal, all the way please.

    Am really happy…. gap back to 8 points and 5 points!

  225. 1 – 0 to the Arsenal – how long since we have sung that? Yes deliberate handball but stop crying Liverpool players, you had the ref give eveything your way all night.

  226. Great result, I really thought this game looked like a 0-0 .

    We needed that, let’s build on it lads.

  227. Here’s an interesting link for the Wenger haters:

  228. COME ON YOU BLUES (talking about Everton, of course!)




  231. No way the ref was going to give another free kick itwas way beyond the injury time

  232. brilliant goal…..weve got a star in abou diaby……….rosickys cross was sublime.

    Now to see if Everton can hold on.

  233. what! I wash my hands and type again!
    Gap back to 6 Points and 5 points respectively

  234. And what were the Spuds saying about a fight for third place?

  235. We are at the beginning of a long but difficult road back. The odds are stacked against us we can still win the championships. Of course ACLFers have been saying this since Sunday while the Gloomers have declared us dead and buried. Well it will be interesting to see how they change their tune.
    Come On You Gunners!

  236. Referee was a disgrace. Handball? Who cares. Was Bendter diving? Who cared about that?

    The ref did all he could to get the scousers a point. Disgraceful.

    We are The Arsenal. We ae on our own.

  237. I think they meant third place outside the Top Four, Big Al. That is, seventh.

  238. We are the f*cking Arsenal, I am so happy right now. Tomorrow is going to be a quiet day in bloggersville. Doomers got nothing to complain about, haha

  239. Where was the Rooney did he shit himself today,”White Pele” my backsid. the Mancs have Collins to thank for the own goal.

  240. spurs finish in the top 4 – my ARSE

  241. senderos on for everton…..

  242. Apart from Al’s world class save, what else did he do??

  243. Wolves beat the scum Ha Ha ha Ha ha

  244. Almunia hater????????????????????????????????

  245. Lol Evil Flek… No other blues are of such interest tonight

  246. haha spurs are shocking…..looking forward to shite heart lane

  247. On a comical side note, Wolves have done the double over Tottensham.

  248. I am watching Everton play Chelsea, they are not impressive when you pressure them are they.

  249. When will it end,, come on Everton!

  250. come on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  251. What a night for Arsenal!

  252. It is hard not to gloat but we all know it is a difficult road back.

  253. 6 points…that’s nothing!


  255. FUCKING YES!!!!!!!!!!! Tonight could scarcley have been any better!!!!

  256. Everton have done it!

  257. Yes, Everton beat Chelski – I almost wish we had a visit from DAVE, but no, no, no.

  258. WHERE’S DAVE ?!


  259. All the people that wrote us off sunday…f*ck you, really. How dare you say we are out of race when e are barely past the halfway mark? This team got talent, this team got ability, this team got f*cking character and personality. We are the Arsenal and we can win this league!

  260. So does that mean that Chelsea are shite and Ancelotti should be sacked?

  261. OneOfUS,

    Nothing indeed when you consider they both have to play city, liverpool, man u to play everton and chelsea to play villa….and they have to play eachother. I would throw spuds in there but hmmm.

  262. As bad as we were all feeling on Sunday, how good do we feel right now? I almost caused a commotion in my office!

  263. All the doomers will start to believe again, they dont get it you keep the faith until you have no choice!!!


  264. Right spirit OOU. What is 6 pts. I am sure the players are saying that with conviction tonight.

  265. “FUCKING YES!!!!!!!!!!! Tonight could scarcely have been any better!!!!”

    man u losing would have been the cherry on top, but I’ll settle for the icing. I am so glad that bollocks comments have bitten him on his arse. The chelski scum were so full of themselves after Sunday.

  266. fungunner worried about song why he was good again today.

    clichy had a much much better game and bendtner apart from the dive was good too.

    Chelsea loose all together a fantastic night.

  267. Let’s hope this is the start of a 13-match winning run.

  268. Yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!

    So according to the lazy journos are we back in the race yet, seeing as the gap between the 1st 3 and the rest has further been increased?

    They seem to forget that we beat Man u in 07/08 even and yet they still won the league… for that matter i thing the bottom team that season even beat them!

    Not that we should not win the matches we have before us, just that there should be perspective!

  269. We can realy go on a run now…..can you feel it?

  270. Hotta Fire! Paul N. LOL!

  271. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!

    What did Harry say about 3rd place?

    Fingertip save from Almunia to preserve the victory

    Diaby and Song will be our foundation for the next 5 years.

    Hope Nasri and Arshavin are very minor injuries.

  272. Some people may have to eat huge amounts of humble pie…I hope bakeries are ready for the high demand, and ambulances ready for the overstuffed.

    It may not be the greatest of performances but it’s the best of responses.

    We love you Arsenal..We do.
    We love you Arsenal..We do.
    Arrrsenal……….We love You.

  273. DIABY of all trades, SAHA you are my hero!

  274. Ballack – bet you didn’t predict that!

  275. Come on you Gunners we can do it! – BELIEVE!

  276. The curse of the spuds strikes again. Every time they mouth off at us, they fall even further behind us.

  277. Everton 1- Arsenal 6, Everton 2- Chelski 1.F**king hacks called pundits; does this mean chelski are out of the title race or are they simply not good enough. As for the Arsenal “big game” critics, every game is a chance to get three points and that’s it. Of what use was Chelski beating us and losing today??? I think we need perspective after any loss or draw. Fair play to AL for keeping us in the game

  278. @ silver gunner
    I was worried about Song being badly injured

  279. 6 Points off the top with a downhill schedule

    i like it

  280. From optajoe on Twitter: “Louis Saha has now scored seven goals vs Chelsea in the PL, more than against any other club. Hotshot.”

    from the BBC live commentary.

    He is to chelsea what drogba is to us then…. Nice to know

  281. we have a run of 7 games we shouldn’t drop points in. this will be great.

  282. Out the title race.. in the title race.. Out the title race.. in the title race.. Out the title race.. in the title race.. Out the title race.. in the title race.. Out the title race.. in the title race.. Out the title race.. in the title race..

    Arsenal Premier League winners 2010!

  283. I agree la Gooner……

    The Idiots need to open their eyes and look out song and diaby for the fabled physicality and grit and determination they so desperatley crave.

    Its right there guys….its exciting…..who would ever question wenger eh?

  284. Poliziano will be happy – Barazite scored the winning goal for the reserves against Stoke tonight

  285. I love Abou Diaby.

    Diaby, Song and Gallas were all fantastic tonight.


    We score a 1 -0 victory keeping a clean sheet. Mancs and Chavs both drop points. If we could get 32 – 34 points out the the run in we can still win.

    Go gunners.

  287. Language, Passenal.

  288. we def have a better run in than chelsea or man u, the only above average teams are spurs and man city.

    Love the fact the other results tonight have completely spun peoples heads on our chances again. looking at the fixtures we have a very realistic fighting chance.

  289. Oh, double joy!

    Barazite’s sojourn in the hills of northern Italy holding hands with Pz must have done him the world of good.

  290. diaby’s the man, owned gerrard today.

  291. This was the night that Liverpool were supposed to exploit the “physical weaknesses” of arsenal, according to Alan Hansan.

    Fuck off Hansan.

  292. Bendtner looked sharpe. Fukin difference with a nutural striker up top , how we missed him or eds against the mancs n chavs

  293. Can’t wait to hear what he has to say now, Muppet.

  294. Would like to see Chel$cum Dave right now..

  295. what a night for the Arsenal

    focus focus focus

    sunderland at home.

    we are arsenal
    we are arsenal

  296. Three reasons why I loathe the doomers:
    – Diabolic Diaby
    – Useless Eboue
    – no-name Almunia

    How big were they tonight?

  297. The defending was immense tonight, we ran over and through players while defending. Thats what we have to do, take a foul if need be, thats what teams do against us.


  298. i’d like to see DAVE’s face right now!

  299. Good thing we have a week’s rest – time to get over our niggly injuries from tonight.

  300. The physical weaknesses of Diaby, Song, Bendtner, Vermaelen and Gallas!

    We are much more powerful than Liverpool. So fricking lazy!

  301. eboue was amazing tonight.

    emmanuale ebooue
    emmmmanuel eboueeeee

  302. natural

  303. oh man..i love this club!!!

  304. FunGunner

    if we had beaten stoke we wud’ve faced citeh

    i reckon we would have fielded a weak side and got, some rest and confidence…

  305. You can somewhat stomach a loss to United and Chelsea but what excuses do the billionaires have for losing against Everton.

    Since its all about buying big players, what the hell is the problem?

  306. Daves a closet Arsenal fan……….he’s probably knocking one out to a rerun of Diabys goal right now!;-)

  307. where is Dave and stringfellow hawk now. No wise crack comments now? Suddenly its a 3 horse race again and those media hacks looking like twats all over again.I cant wait for the excuses for Chelsea and ManUre Never doubted the title would have more twists and turns than a fair ground ride. Drogba is a won trick pony. Batters Arsenal but cant win against anyobe else. What a great day to be a Gooner. In your face doomers.How god was eboue, diaby, song almunia and rosicky. MOTM diaby.Come on you gooners

  308. @ Remi
    heh heh

  309. So does the everton result mean that they exploited “Chelsea weaknesses”. ?

  310. dont worry DAVE will be reading this blog tonight like every night, he just wont comment today.

  311. Look so Muppet!!

    Seriously though, if you pack it in against Chelsea they are not so good. We will learn and batter them next year, of that I have no doubt.

  312. Let’s keep our feet firmly on the ground. This night was unbelievably good for us and considering all the trauma of the last two weeks, we should celebrate it with gusto. When all is said and done, we will realize that the road is as steep as ever. This is only the beginning of a brutal fight that we need to sustain if we need to be victorious. We will need to look deep into our souls and call upon all the courage in the entire universe, seeing that we are stacked against everyone and everything. If we come out of this tunnel in three months’ time with our heads held high, we will know that we fought a war of blood and thunder. This is it, 39 points or nothing!!


  314. Nemesis, lets hope the supporters come out and fully back the team!

  315. DAVE one word


  316. DAVE, three words –


  317. done well tonight the boys, was shiting myself with the free kick at the end, results were on our side for the first time in god knows..

  318. DAVE, four words –


  319. Tonights results have me convinced that the losses to Chelsea and Manchester United are down to our style of play – not quality.

  320. We were a wounded animal, as Gerrard says. Unfortunately for him, Liverpool’s a dead one.

  321. @Remi

    heh heh heh

  322. Dunno whether to watch Wolves v Spuds or Everton v the Chavs on football first now….

    Its like all my Xmas’s have come in one night!

    No its going to be the chavs i think!

  323. There’s a long way to go….

    Let’s not get carried away.

    Hopefully we come back the third time, after being written off.

    The media always magnify Arsenal’s weaknesses and always pretend our rivals are invincibles. As Arsene pointed out, there’s only one invincibles.


  325. “Language, Passenal.”

    Sorry Bob, I get over excited!

  326. @Silver Gunner:

    Bendtner did not dive. Even Andy Gray on TV said it was a penalty and that the Liverpool player caught Bendtner’s ankle.

  327. Thats right Muppet, we lose because always try to win. We dont sit back and defend like the rest of the PL.

  328. I thought it was penalty too, on NB. We have been cursed by the Eduardo Saga.

  329. Way to poop a party, Ole Gunner. After the fortnight we’ve had, can’t we get excited for one night?


    Your boys took a hell of a beating!

  331. Remi, you are cracking me up!

  332. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    OneOfUs bringing Nelson out on the doomers. That cracked me up. What a day to be an Arsenal fan. Hope you negative nancy’s that were reveling in our defeat Sunday are trying to enjoy yourselves.

  333. LOL FunGunner…that’s funny…Saha ha ha

    How come Chel$cum didn’t predict Everton’s game plan?

  334. Remi, you forgot Casscarino and Cundy in that shower of shite.

  335. Ole G – I don’t think people are getting carried away, but considering how the doomers have got carried away in the opposite direction, we are entitled to shove it back down their throats. No one knows what will happen from now to the end of the season, but a supporter supports until it is mathematically impossible and that is the lesson for the doomers.

  336. FunGunner

    Im feeling delerious, the amount of stick i have endured from all the Chav fan’s who have crawled from out of the woodwork has been unbelievable!

    They will be getting it back in spades!

  337. Passenal: and after it’s mathematically impossible, too, of course 🙂

  338. Remi

    Ha ha! Enjoy yourself

  339. Anyone has the game’s highlights?

  340. OLE. It is hard not to gloat. All the media hacks and the doomers counted us out after Sunday despite our, particularly your, efforts to be objective and to point out our weaknesses were not systematic and that other teams were not as invincible as it seem. But you are right; lets be measured. There are still many twists and turns to go.

  341. Nemesis

    BBC 1, MOTD tonight, if you’re in the UK. 10:45

  342., usually has highlights rather quick but maybe not so soon. you can check though.

  343. “Passenal: and after it’s mathematically impossible, too, of course :)”

    Of course Ted, but doomer style support is based on what have you done for me lately, so until they’ve actually failed to deliver, that should be the minimum!

  344. @ Muppet

    Actually, I know what Alan Hansen will say. He’ll say Liverpool were poor and it was only bad defending which allowed to score. Anything rather than give credit to us.


    isnt he embarrassed?

  346. Dont know, I smell an unbeaten run. I really think our team will prove the world wrong this season.

    LETS DO IT!!

  347. Remi:

    we beat everton 6-1 at goodison park

    chelsea lost 2-1, and saha could even afford to miss a penalty.


  349. FunGunner,

    Absolutely. He will say something to detract the result from arsenal. That, or Liverpool deserved a draw or win.

  350. Where are the doomers ?

  351. California Gooner

    Yeah, I thought that Nikki B did dive…perhaps he can take a few pointers from Stevie Me (captain divealot) and get the call next time.

    I am fantastically happy about the win, and to find ourselves back in the title race again. Clichy was much improved and Eboue very good. Diaby, of course, is a world-beater.

    However, i am concerned about our recent poor performances. Some time ago I floated the idea that Arsene needs a stronger assistant coach. Our inability to change tactics or organize what is really a very talented defense. Does anyone think that bringing Keown or Bould in could improve things for us???

  352. Muppet:
    Doomers in the garden hiding,
    Hiding, Hiding.

    (To the tune of Adam in the garden hiding)

  353. I have never ever wanted Arsenal to win the league more than I do now.

    How I would love to stick my fingers up and all the w**kers who have slagged off Arsene and the team.

    I would be more happy for Arsene than myself as a Gooner. He really needs this.

    The players HAVE to give everything from now on, 100% effort in every game regardless of the opposition.

    We can do this, but we have to get back to our early season form.


  354. “Where are the doomers ?”

    Sobbing under rocks, refusing to believe that we have a chance.

  355. crazy atmosphere at the emirates tonight… was in a box with john radford, wonderful man.

  356. Mean Lean @ 10:49

    Agree 100%.

  357. Can someone explain how Man U get so many OG’s their way. I think it is 5 in their last 3 games.

  358. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    They’re all at the doomer safe haven Le Grove. Even William knows this.

  359. lol Mean Lean, Shotta.

    What a goal by Saha !!

  360. Btw, any news on injuries tonight? Have we lost anyone?

  361. beauty by saha

  362. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Piss off, Stringfellow. You chameleon.

  363. For the next match, I mean. ie Are Nasri and Arshavin injuries serious?

  364. Bradys right foot

    ” i’d like to see DAVE’s face right now!” Zap @10:11

    Steady on m8 are you sure lol, the contorted facial misery of the unhinged isn’t pretty.

  365. who gives a fuck what you say fucking yankee cocksucker

    did you shout TOUCHDOWN when diaby scored? 😆

    fuck off talking to me about OUR game, faggot uncle sam peasant.

  366. Cali Gooner – TBH I don’t understand your assistant coach idea. What do you think Vic Akers and the other dude next to Wenger are employed to do? Look important? Keep Wenger warm?
    More fundamentally; are you suggesting that Wenger’s teams never grow and develop under his tutelage. Are you one of those that believe in growth like a hockey stick?
    For heavens’s sake this is a man who coached the invincibles. He may not be perfect but his record is unquestionable.

  367. some of you tank pricks think you are proper gooners? giving it large on a forum? all the way across the pond?

    fuck off. you are nobodies.

    arsenal is our club.

    go fucking give it large to the bulls or the fucking bears or whoever

    talking to me about OUR national sport?


  368. Fuck off Stringfellow Hawke you tosser.

  369. plastic fans you lot, give it mega on a forum

    try going to a game.

  370. Brilliant night: Barazite scored!

    – also some good results for us.

  371. worse than the le moaners you boring faggots, yankie morons.

  372. Lets not get into all this again. Arsenal have just won. Its all about the team tonight, surely.

  373. California Gooner
    There’s a bit of misconception floating around that AW is a dictator. He of course makes the final decision but he listens to all opinions and he is willing to change his mind. Also I really don’t see Pat Rice and Primorac as yes men.

  374. Be nice to them Stringfellow Hawke… they are here to voice support for the team ffs…

  375. Im going to milk this one for all its worth especially for the doomers. You know who you are.F@ck the lot of you.

    John Terry the best defender in the premiership responsible for conceding both goals. Chelsea had the @rse ripped out of them. How we lost to this lot is amazing. Cant handle pace and direct play. Saha outDrogbad Drogba. I wonder what Ballack had to say about how predictable Everton where. Ancelotti not man enough to do the post match interview then? and they say Arsene is a bad loser.

  376. Stringfellow Hawke

    You said yourself you don’t go to games because of work commitments. So don’t lay into people who don’t go because they live thousands of miles away.

  377. Myles Palmer’s excellent work again..

    “Tonight, Liverpool will defend well.

    Liverpool have defended very well recently.The only thing they can’t defend well against is crosses. [b]And Arsenal don’t score from crosses because they don’t practice crosses and don’t know how to get on the end of crosses. [/b]

    Arsenal is a French team that is too modern to do anytthing as basic as that, as old-fashioned as that. ”

    Tonight on 72 minutes, Rosicky crossed to Diaby to head home for the winner.

    Shove it up your blue chavy Arsenal!

  378. @ Muppet at 11:05pm

    Ha ha ha

  379. My attempt at bold text didn’t work

  380. i don’t go to “all” games

    i lay into them specifically because of the attitude of high and mighty they adopt.

    they are nothing and should behave like that.

  381. [strong]text[/strong]

  382. Nani’s “horror tackle”, anyone? Oh, I forgot, he plays for ManUre.

  383. Ah! I got it now.

    Anyway off to do some chores and fun stuff like that. Enjoy the victory Gooners.


  384. Pyles disgraced himself today with his diahorrea. His comments were absolutely appalling. Claiming that “thousands” of gooners wanted Wenger to go. What a tosser. We are just 6 points off the lead FFS.

  385. Stringfellow Hawke

    No, that’s not what you said. I can quite see why you’d want to put that spin on it, though.

  386. fuck piles palmer

    he is another none entity

    makes his name glorifying the great man in a book

    then spends the next 5 years writing gutter press shock jock shit on his HEAVILY advertised website.

    slips in the book is now in paperback at every oppotunity.

    he is a failure.

  387. Your mother would be speaking German if it wasn’t for the Yanks saving your sorry ass.

  388. stringfellow,

    ur comments are a little unwarranted.

    don’t forget, your countrymen are the ones with the double standards, protecting chelsea, liverpool and man utd, because of your country’s crown jewels: rooney, terry, gerrard and co.


  389. fungunner – go back and read what i said, its not been deleted

    today was the first game i have been to since last year.

    i have a season ticket that my bro in law uses, i blagged a seat in a box today through business contacts.

    who cares anyway, big deal what others think.. you lot spend far too much time worrying about others.

  390. and btw, i am no american either.

    i just share the same belief as wenger: if you are good enough, your passport does not matter.

  391. and next week i shall be in attendance at the media room at the emirates asking tony adams a question for the new show “an audience with tony adams”

    to be screened on arsenal tv

  392. in snippet of the email i got from the arse today..

    Thank you for applying to attend Arsenal TV Online’s ‘Audience With … Tony Adams’, taking place on Wednesday 17th February 2010.

    We’re delighted to inform you that you and a guest have been chosen to attend.

    You must print this confirmation e-mail and bring it with you in order to gain entry.

    Please bring a copy of the question you proposed asking Tony, the host Tom Watt will have a copy of it on the day should you forget.

  393. Who did Barazite score for PZ ? the reserves ?

  394. @ Stringfellow Hawke

    Thanks for confirming what I said.

    @ no7
    Hear hear.

  395. Nasir Jones-Nasri


    “if idiots could fly this would be an airport”

    That was your view of the commenters here after the Chelsea loss. Why do you keep commenting here amongst all of us idiots?

  396. and what did you say fungunner?

  397. there are some wonderful contributors on here… you aint one of them nasir jones


  398. Have anyone watched Cesch postmatch interview?

    Everything he said made me so proud of our captain.

    That interviewer is a disgrace. Instead of congratulating Cesc and Arsenal he only focused on the handball incident and the rumours of Cesc leaving Arsenal in the summer. But Cesc countered everything just brillantly. Love you Cesc.

  399. @ Muppet

    Yes, the Reserves.

  400. Barazite is a class player. I remember seeing him against Barnet 2 years ago, where he scored the winning goal. He looked pretty big then.. he must be .. what .. 6ft 2.. he will be a great addition to the squad.

  401. notlager – yeah – usual Sky Sensationalism.

  402. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    I don’t really give a rat’s arse what you think about me. You’re a two faced mong who can’t handle watching football. I hope your recovering from your nervous breakdown you had on Sunday.


  404. Let all the idiots laugh now…we will be laughing for years and years to come.

  405. Typical MOTD… don’t show the 2 dives by Gerrard and Kuyt prior to the free kick… and the blatant dive by Gerrard in the penalty area.

  406. and do you think i give a flying what a baseball batsmen, hoop chucking, touchdown loving piece of filth has to say about soccerball?

    😆 yeah right

  407. painful for hanson ahahaha

  408. hanson’s a prick!!

  409. Oh for god’s sake Stringfellow Hawke – the majority of the guys from over the pond are british ffs. In any case, the others, who are american are loyal arsenal fans.. so stop winding them up.

  410. fair enough 😆

    its fun though

  411. Is Ethan back?

  412. oh man, i cant believe you guys are still arguing when we just won.


    grow up.

  413. “i think we deserve a little bit more respect”- cesc


  414. the cellebrations were wonderfull for the goal.

    Fantastic to have diaby back.

  415. Fantastic header, as well.

  416. I hate Mick McCarthy… but I hate him a teeny bit less tonight.


    Oh ‘Arry what the fuck are you like.

  418. i thought our communication at the back was much better than it has been for the past few games. almunia, clichy, vermaelen, gallas, and eboue all had a great outing. that gallas side tackle was UNREAL.


  419. anybody heard the story about why honest arry had to leave bournemouth?

    it invovles a fruit machine… an empty fruit machine!!

    i kid you not.

  420. I f*cking love Cesc Fabregas. Listen to the interview notlager posted. That boy is a gunner. ❤

  421. you are having a laugh Stringfellow Hawke ?

  422. i 100% kid you not

    ask anybody who lived in the bournemouth area at the time, open story.

  423. @ EF 11.36 pm

    agreed. el capitan is pure class

  424. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    I don’t care if I’m ruining the after party, no7. He needed to get his card pulled for the way he acted Sunday. No one stepped up to the plate (baseball reference!!!) so I did. It is what it is.

  425. @ EvilFiek

    I’ve just listened to it – what a star that Cescy-boy is!

  426. Well, Harry Rednapp must be in part responsible for what’s happened at Portsmouth, that’s for sure. He sure did get out their cheque book.

  427. He basically bankrupted the club, I think. With luck, he’ll do the same to Tottensham.

  428. of course he is responsible

    look at every fucking club he has managed.. he leaves them all fucked

    lets just hope he continues.

  429. Did you hear the story that the players chauffers at West Ham were on £80,000 a year ? This is for ferrying players around once or twice a week.

  430. Nick B got booked for doing the Rooney trick. Knock the ball into row Z, and then make contact with the onrushing defender.

    It wasn’t a penalty; I think it’s technically a dive so the yellow was merited.

    The Gerrard incident at Anfield wasn’t given so you can credit Webb the skinhead with consistency. Only that he didnt’ book Gerrard at Anfield.

  431. gerrards a tool

  432. How many games is Nani suspended for?

  433. Cesc is a star and he must be beyond pissed off with the Spanish media

  434. just looking at the run in again….stoke away tricky but do-able.

    April sees the bigg-er games against city and droopy’s maris pipers.

    But we all know whos back in april.

  435. fun-gunner…3 he misses league cup final.

    That’ll teach him for looking like michael jackson in thriller.

  436. Best to assume he won’t be back, deano. He won’t have played for five months. But the squad can do it. A little bit of luck, and no more bad or long-running injuries…

  437. deano

    Ha ha- that is exactly what he looks like!

  438. I like this quote from Arsene

    on accusations that Gerrard dived to win a penalty…

    “I leave that controversial side to you [the reporters]. I am sure you can make something out of it but do it without me.”

  439. I’m off to bed now. Good night, all.

  440. California Gooner

    shotta-gunna, that is a bit of an extreme response!!! How would floating the idea of a new assistant coach make you think that I hold either opinion??? Of course Wenger’s teams grow under his tutelage (I totally fail to see how you got one from the other). I also could not deny the fact of the invincible season. I’m talking about right now: the same weaknesses and tactical naiveté being exposed with some regularity. A new assistant could bring new ideas (e.g. organize the defense)– and allow Wenger to stick to what he is really, really good at as well. That’s all. So, I don’t really see the idea as a criticism of Wenger in any way, or even a criticism of Pat Rice. It is simply made in recognition that a new man might bring something new, shake things up, etc.

    Anyhow, I don’t want to take the gloss of what was a very welcome victory. I am particularly happy that Clichy played a solid game for us… or at least that ‘pool don’t have the personnel to bother him in particular.

  441. “faggots” Stringfellow? Really? That’s the word you’re going to use? That’s a shame. Oh and it’s also a big shame that people from abroad aren’t allowed to support our club according to you. You clueless prick, people like you really do taint wonderful wins like tonight.

  442. i’m sorry my words affected you so deeply… i will try again after porto.. hopefully i have the same affect

    😆 fool

  443. Wait, let me guess this straight…I’M a fool because you use totally unacceptable language?

  444. Stringy:

    “plastic fans you lot, give it mega on a forum

    try going to a game.”

    Look who’s talking about plastic fans…

    These same yanks you’re slagging off are the same ones you were fighting with the other day when you were all about the doom and gloom.

    You’re a wishy washy supporter. If I lived in London I’d be at every home and away match. Plus I’d never allow my support of the club to waiver like yours has. You enormous cunt.

  445. Are you serious? A friend of mine lives by the mantra “I love football, I just hate the fans”. I think you’re exactly the sort of person he’s against.

  446. err, you dipstick.. go back and read and tell me where i was doom and gloom

    this is the problem with you numpties.. you don’t actually read

    go take a fucking look at my blog and come back and apologis you little baby

    grow some balls.. and go get some reading glasses at the same time

  447. To slag off our supporters from abroad is to completely disregard the potential of ‘global branding’ as the club would say, which is a massive part of our future.

  448. vince – your words are just mumbo jumbo and i enjoy rattling you.

    its far too easy , mind you.

  449. There’s a fantastic episode of the US version of The Office where Steve Carrell justifies his choice of phrasing by saying “i’ve been calling people faggy for years, it just means lame…”. It’s funny because his character is ignorant and clueless, which means I get to laugh at you for the same reason.

  450. i’m sure your laughing.. whilst the victory was “tainted”

    too easy, like i said.

  451. night gooners

    and yanks 😆

    keep smiling 😉

  452. f*cking great response from Arsene, Passenal.

    At this moment let us spare a little thought for our brilliant manager, Arsene Wenger. Every other manager would have cracked under the pressure following the onslaught of the media and some morons who called themselves Arsenal fans. Instead he didn’t betrayed his principles of supporting the team and keeping the tough talk behind close doors. All the while respecting the opposing teams. AW must drive the hacks mad. To such a degree that the media has to twist his words to stir the shit up.
    AW has too much class, is too smart for them.

    So while AW won’t do it I’ll give you the finger instead, you hacks and doomers.

  453. *you’re
    That wasn’t necessarily aimed at you personally. I just mean the same people who still find things to moan about post-victory take the shine off an otherwise fine evening. But man, you have YOUR OWN BLOG! I mean, I could never compete with that. You practically own the internet. I’m shaking with awe. Not shock as well though, the two combined are an American thing and I know how you feel about our friends across the Atlantic.

  454. Great night. I fucking knew that Chelsea and Manure were going to drop points.

    MU is away to Everton next and Chelsea face a resurgent Wolves away as well. I think they’ll drop points and we close that gap to four and three points respectively.

    Diaby was shit tonight wasn’t he?

    Where’s Dave by the way?

  455. I’d never visit your blog Strings. You all showed us what your analysis consists of. Wank, wank, wank. Wank, wank, wank. Wank, wank, wank. Wenger is an idiot. The end.

  456. G69, i’m glad i’m not the only sensible human still awake.

  457. I’m just back from the game, and I’d like to say, please DNFTT.
    This one’s a ****.

    Much more fun to sit next to five year old and watch the Arsenal outplay a Liverpool team that looked poorer then Standard Liege, then skim read a Man-child trying to give itself some excitement.

    Hope all true supporters enjoyed their evening.

    The Che pub, once known as The Lord Palmerston, is definitely, my favourite Arsenal Pub.

    Oh, Clichy is Fine.
    Gallas and TV5 immaculate.
    Diaby made Liverpool look like a Pub team.
    A non-fit Bendy was OK, which means something, I think.

    Both FB’s spent most of the first half begging for a pass, but we were determined to be Very Sensible. GG would have been proud. If he had the guts to admit it.

  458. G69,

    I hope you meant ‘DIaby was THE shit tonight’

    I was at the game and the guy is an absolute monster and he is getting better and better. Opposition players just do not know what to do when he has the ball; close him done and he wriggles free; don’t and his telescopic legs will get past you.

  459. gainsborough 69

    considering my blog is called Legendaire and is a personal blog dedicated to our legendary manager.. it would appear you really dont do reading.

    i have never once critiscised the club or our manager.. and my blog is testament to this.

    i wind up fool like you, its fun to lead you lemons on… btw i have nothing against yanks.. apart from the pompous ones who think they know it all.

    have to larf… me having a pop at wenger? 😆

    oh the fucking irony.. or should i say blind ignorance.

    i never ruck on here because i am a doomer, far from it.. again my blog backs this up.

    i ruck on here as i like to take the piss out of dickheads.

    considering Arsenal TV have asked me to appear on the Fans forum later this month to talk about my blog…. i wonder how anti-arsenal it actually could be?

    how about that for some right egg in your ignorant little face? 🙂

  460. Dave is in his cave.

    What a much needed win. It was one of those games where getting a goal in any manner would have sufficed and keeping a clean sheet means a lot too.

    What a great performance especially – funnily enough – from the players who were doubted the most.

    Almunia – did everything which was required and made a save which showed why he is our number 1.

    Clichy – coped well with everything and got forward on occasion.

    Eboue – Defended well, and overlapped when needed, he hardly put a foot wrong and proved he can give Sagna some stiff competition at RB.

    Diaby – got the goal but his overall performance was immense.

    Bendtner – led the line magnificantly even though you could see his fitness was still not 100%

    So pleased for them all and most of all AW.

    Hope we can put together a good run of wins and draws now.

  461. I agree with notlager @ 12:17.

  462. Finsbury,

    Where is The Lord Palmerston? If i’m in the area I normally watch the games in the Junction or The Pins. Great atmosphere in both especially the Pins which is also good for a pre and post game warm up 🙂

  463. Jimmyd I was being snarky. Diaby is my favorite player on the team.

    Strings, you’re a joke and I’m pretty sure your blog is shit. Your behavior the other day is inexcusable and having a go at foreign supporters is dispicable. I’ve been following Arsenal for fourteen glorious years and I’ve never had a pop at our supporters or the club like you have. You’re an embarrassment to supporters who stick with the team through thick and thin. The fact that you can go to a game means fuck all. If I lived in London I’d be a regular even at reserve matches.

  464. Happy days,. What a result. I’ve been saying for a while Chelsea are poor away from home, 1 win in 7 away games that is very poor indeed the only difference they don’t get hammered by the press when they lose.
    Gerard should really stop diving its getting ridiculous now with this guy. 2 blatant dives tonight, Lets see if it gets a mention at all.

  465. I hope one of ACLF’s readers is at that function you’re going to and knocks your teeth out.

    I don’t know why but you strike me as a little fella. Otherwise you wouldn’t be such a little prick.

  466. gainsborough you are an ignorant neuvo goon

    14 years? fuck off you pikey

    14 fucking years and you come on here giving it large?

    you a teenager?

  467. fucking 14 years 😆


    where were you when we were shit.. you fucking dopey cunt

  468. MB, from the Stadium going down the steps past the Armoury, right, under the bridge, on or off Jackson Road, I think. Not sure wher the Pins is, but this is very close to the stadium. Gets a little crowded.

    Also, it’s not full of fake desperado’s who sound like they are attempting to perform for an audition for ‘American Idol’.

    ‘Look at me, I got given a corporate ticket!’

    Er, there is an entire tier of Corporate seating at the new Arsenal stadium.

    On a more relevant note,

    G*d bless Arsene Wenger.

  469. must be a yank 😆

    soccerball invented circa 1996

  470. “giving it large”?! Amazing, absolutely amazing.

  471. Bradys right foot

    Diaby played realy well against Chelsea and tonight he was brillant. Song was relentless, and i’ve said if before on this blog these two guys will be the reason we win trophies in the future, physically very strong technically very good and both love the club.

    These two players have received from the haters in the Arsenal blogsphere over the last number of years some incredible abuse, but hopefully they’ll get some credit in the future even from the haters.

  472. Great tactics from Wenger it was all about patience. We certainly learned a valuable lesson from the Chelsea and M.utd games. We defended really well and did not commit everybody up but hit them when we got the chance. If we play like that we should beat anyone.
    If we win all games remaining I have no doubt we can nick the title, Lets take it one game at a time and we shall get there in the end.

  473. Finsbury, cheers i will check it out next time i’m in the area.

    The 12 pins is out of Finsbury Park station on the left sort of behind Rowans bowling alley. It gets very busy but is big enough to hold a good crowd in full voice.

    Its a shame we have to wait so long now until the Sunderland game!

  474. G69, I thought so.

    Diaby has also been my favourite player since I saw him play in that unfortunate game agaist Sunderland and not purely because of the injury although I hugely respect the man for the come back, both physically and mentally.

    Strings, I don’t understand you, why critise fellow supporters who by and large are actually a positive influence on the blogsphere even ‘if its just for a laugh. Also length of time supporting Arsenal is irrelevent, are you going to apply the same logic to a 5 year old.

    A supporter is a person who from the minute they come to the realisation that The Arsenal way is the only way, bring a positive influence to both the club and the fellow fans.

    The irony is that with you earlier comments you come across as doing neither regardless how you want to be perceived; pro-wenger.

  475. jimmyd – explain what comments make you think i am not pro-wenger?

    on a side note, i take the piss out of the yanks for jokes, its pulling their chokes and reining them in for getting over cocky.

    i note no englishmen have had a pop at the anti-english comments from earlier… so we are we all american on here?

  476. g69 is ignorant, he makes it up as he goes along.. to follow his lead does not bode well.

  477. Oh yeah, Rowans Bowling, I know it by it’s old name.

    How could I forget to mention Al’s save!

    It is a little weird to see someone who’s chosen to give themselves an American ‘name’ for their avatar attempt and fail to be be abusive towards Americans.

    I guess some people do need help.

  478. or some people need to read between the lines… and get off their high horse.

  479. Enjoy the journey home.

  480. ARSENAL

  481. What a satisfying win!

    The league table looks so much more healthier than it did this morning, Its been a real roller coaster ride being a Gooner these past few games.

    It just goes to show it’s important to keep faith and supporting during the hard times and enjoy the good times to the maximum, without getting too carried away if possible!

    Where are all the Almunia/Clichy/Diaby doubters now? Eating humble pie i suspect…..maybe i’m getting a little carried away again…..

  482. ARSENAL



  483. ARSENAL






  484. ARSENAL









  485. time for the medication, finspark?

  486. What I am saying Strings, is that because you come on here and slag Americans off for jokes many perceive you to be a less than positve influence on the topic of Arsenal regardless of your actual stand point.

  487. ‘Enjoy the journey home.’

  488. ok, but what has that got to do with being pro-wenger, or not pro-wenger?

  489. Jimmyd – ‘A supporter is a person who from the minute they come to the realisation that The Arsenal way is the only way, bring a positive influence to both the club and the fellow fans’.

    That’s a good point Jimmyd, if only that were the case.

  490. nurse…. increase his dosage please!!

    he is rambling repetitive crap now.

  491. and therefore are not likely to take you view point seriously.

  492. well that would be a another notch on their ignorance bedpost then

    sometime… seeing the wood from the trees… is a very hard task when sitting on a high horse

    big problem for some

  493. a blog is not the real world, its a make belief world that is usually full of loners and losers

    who like to think they are important and feel needed and wanted

    when somebody steps in and is the real deal, and upsets the apple cart…. etc etc

  494. i’m a straight shooter, i say it how i see it

    fuck feelings.. we are all make belief to some extent

    therefore, wear extra make belive padding if you cannot handle some of the banter.

    to question my loyalty to the manager, considering the content of my blog, beggars belief.. and proves how ignorant and short sighted twisted folk can be.

    glorious, fully evidence example right here right now.

  495. Oh! the irony, ‘repetitive crap’ this is exactly what many feel about some of the sh*t that you come up with.

    ‘High horse’ says the man with a very obviously superiority complex, I do this, I do that. Meaning look at me I am the uber fan so what? It’s a fact of life that not every supporter can get to the games and have varying levels of dedicaiton to the cause but in my eyes support is support. End of.

  496. i see i rattled your cage.

    but lets go back, please explain why you believe i am not pro-wenger

    or admit you fucked up… cos by now i am sure you have gleened my blog and realise just what a right fucking wanker you look 😆

  497. on that note…i will bid the wanker good night 😆

    so, good night, wanker!

  498. more tickled actually.

    You launched into a massive tirade about apple carts and the such, I seem to remember some sort of cowboy reference, real world this and are you also applying for the apprentice; ‘real deal’ indeed.

    Your arrogance is palpable.

    ‘Pro-wenger’ was possibly the wrong choice of words but all you seem to do is constantly berated people and do not really ingage with the conversation about the game.

    But hey, each to their own. I am off as I have a real job to go to in the morning.

  499. DAVE is in his cave trying to make some excuse for the Times report below:

    John Terry makes his exit after errors cost Chelsea the match at Everton

    Chelsea jumped to the defence of John Terry last night after the deposed England captain’s blunders had cost his team vital points in the Barclays Premier League title race.

    Louis Saha twice took advantage of errors by Terry to give Manchester United, the French striker’s former club, a huge helping hand as Everton came from behind to beat Chelsea 2-1 at Goodison Park.

  500. Arsenal Fans,
    when they come out of the Stadium at the beginning of their journey home sing:


    (And other, slightly more elaborate songs).

    Especially after a win.

    I’d have thought, that an Arsenal Fan who’d been to a game would know that.

    Night all.

  501. Usually, that’s called a ‘set up’.

    : )

  502. Stringfellow Hawke

    I’m an English supporter of Arsenal who lives in the United States. Didn’t you realize that bashing people from another country is dated by now. Most of the world has moved on…maybe you should too.

    On another note, for someone with their own blog, you spend an awful lot of time on this site. I guess those ‘3 comments’ or ‘no comments’ inr response to your postings aren’t taking too much of your time up.

    Please note that I’m not questioning your credentials as Arsenal fan, as it’s clear you’re a firm supporter.

  503. smallfellow hawke must be blog head

  504. Big win.We can be on a winning run from now on. The battle has just began.

    ‘The great’ unbrazilian Brazilian has now found his fitting place, the bench. If Diaby is fit he plays. If not, bring in Eastmond instead of the joker.

  505. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Smallfellow Cawke,

    Who’s the sad loner? You’re the one who came back to a blog you said was full of idiots Sunday. F*ck off you already you delusional mong.

  506. Happy, happy … H-A-P-P-Y …

    If I is not mistaken Me-Lord Chelscum and Manbigot ‘av to play each ‘uver and hence if we is 6 points behind now, one of the top two ‘as to drop at least a couple more points like, an’ are 4 points adrift (if we win that weekend, know wot I mean?).

    Um, I am trying my special cockney accent above for Stringy’s benefit, as he seems to be the complete ‘name-dropping’ arsehole tee hee and he doesn’t like foreigners.

    Anyways, I would say with …. is it 12 games … to go … 4 points is ‘shooting distance’.

    Nana nananana hey hey-ey goodbye Nana

  507. The battle to come is psychological, I am certain. Can we do it? It’s a head game, and if we know we can, we will. One game at a time now. If we keep winning chelsea and manu will crack.

  508. Wenger would have made a great cricket coach.

  509. ZimPaul

    Agree, its mental but we can do it if Arsene just put away his gentle manner and talk straight. Manu and Chelsea will soon commit suicides. Chelsea still need to go to Anfield, WHL and Old Trafford; definitely, they will drop more than six points.

    We just have to win against Stoke, Hull, Birmingham and at WHL. Not easy but if the players are pushed they can do it. Why not, RvP may come and support at the tail end of the run in. If Diaby continues to stay fit, that will be another bonus. We can still do it.

  510. Days like this always remind me of Frank, Consols, FunG, Passenal, Pol, Limpar, Ole G, Brady Foot, OOU (oofus), Matty, Maria, Queen, Muppet, Nasri, Ateeb, Paul N, Shotta, Finsbury – hell I can’t remember everyone but you all know who you are. Greetings! A country mile Frank.

  511. to top it all,i got my ticket for the stoke game through the post yesterday.come on you goonerrrrs

  512. What does this Stringfellow Hawke guy have to do to get moderated, YW?

  513. Could fairy tales be made of sweeter stuff!!!We won and the two twat teams lost /drew. I am in seventh heaven. The gods were on our side, we even got away with a blatant handball, babel’s woodwork shot. Almunia was on his A-game tonight, so was Gallas(phew!that tackle in our box), Clichy is picking himself up again. Diaby oh diaby. Bendter was great despite him being alittle “short”. he assisted the assist to the goal. Rosicky, I love him, he cld have scored. Hope Arsh and Nasri arent too badly injured. We started alittle slower and played with patience despite the boring boring Liverpool.

    I love this team!!!!

  514. Ooooooh happy dayssssss……….

  515. How many goals has Diaby scored now?????

  516. WHERE’S DAVE?

    Stringvest is a complete moron. Ignore him and he’ll go away. He writes his own blog too. Hahahahaha.

  517. Cesc was outside the box and there wouldn’t have been time to take another free-kick. We got away with nothing.

  518. The Chavs don’t like it up nouf no?? loooool

  519. I control aside from a short spell after we scored. We seemed much more solid. Diaby/Song/Cesc is such a good midfield combination.

  520. DIABBBBY…….really is in the form of his life…gotta love the guy…he looks like a gentle giant….untill he gets the ball…then its game on…

  521. Well, well, well

  522. did ancelotti really not show up for the press conference???

  523. Arseman and the way he stretches his legs to get to balls first thought to be out of his reach!!!!

  524. I wonder how le groan is fairing today.I am guessing they have jumped ship again?

  525. Almunia’s getting credit for the save, but where the hell did he find the punched clearance to nearly the halfway line? I think Reina did it in the last match against us, so maybe we’ll see more of these from Al in weeks to come.

  526. what is crucial that we focus on one game on at a time.

    our remaining fixtures are not as tricky as chelsea and man u’s.

    they have to play one another, they have to play 4 out of these 5: liverpool, villa and everton, spurs and man city.

    we still have to play spurs and man city.

    of course any game would be tough but when i look at the fixtures, i know the teams i can rely on to hurt them are liverpool, villa, everton, spurs and man city.

    results against the rare of the big 4 rarely matter. this season, we have 6 points from that.

    is it a sign?

  527. @firstlady….a couple of our first team seem like androids….TV and diaby…..

  528. I’m glad to see the funereal atmosphere has dissipated on here. One more day like yesterday, and we’ll be in touching distance of the top of the table. Chelsea and man utd will drop plenty of points, no doubt about that. Weekends when they both pick up three points will be the exception rather than the rule for the rest of the season. It’s up to us to ensure we don’t drop by chance what they will drop by necessity. Everything is in our hands.

    We wanted to be in peak form for the last four games. That would have guaranteed us twelve points. Instead, we have suffered our worst run of form this season, and we had to be content with four. The best reaction to the games against Chelsea and man utd is to forget about them. They tell us nothing about the relative ability of Arsenal and the assorted scum. We are now at least back to doing what we do best: winning. Let’s keep it up.

  529. We just wanted it more.
    A bit scrappy but the boys did it.
    Diaby was immense.
    Put me in a nice, chilled mood afterwards.

    Doomers & Gloomers are like petulant farts…they eventually blow away.

    Next up: Porto (away)


  530. “nothing plus nothing equals to NOTHING.” Wenger is the man

  531. C’mon you DOOMERS!!! You can do it!!!

    Poor little fellas, gotta feel sorry for them, give them some encouragement.

  532. OK, that’s enough encouragement.

    Back to sewer for you lot, off you go now, be good lads.

  533. And take Dave with to keep you company, he’s a LAUGH A MINUTE

  534. an act of kindness … I propose that the board build a home for doomers, preferably under the Emirates. It might resemble an 18th century asylum but should have prams with toys for them to throw out.

  535. Walcott could have kept the ball at the corner flag in the last min of stoppage time. Instead, he hit a meaningless ball towards goal and from there, Liverpool set off on a last ditch attack. Costed us 1 yellow card for Fabregas, nearly another yellow card for Fabregas handball (=red card) and nearly a penalty equaliser for Liverpool with last kick of the game if Howard Webb had seen Fab’s handball and judge it to be inside the penalty area.

    I really wish Walcott could grow up faster. We need him badly to regain his confidence and contribute to our run in to the title.

  536. @ Matty Boy at 12:34am
    Absolutely right! So good to see those guys coming good.

    @ Firstlady
    Could fairy tales be made of sweeter stuff!!!We won and the two twat teams lost /drew.

    Ha ha ha – I couldn’t have put it better myself!

    we even got away with a blatant handball
    I’m going to disagree with you there, though – I think Cesc was wiping his forehead with his sleeve – the hand goes up before the ball is struck.

    Great post at 9:32am, Pz!


    I agree with Perry Groves. DNFTT

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