No Excuses – United Were Better On The Day

Arsenal 1 – 3 Manchester United

0 – 1 Almunia (33 o.g.)
0 – 2 Rooney (37)
0 – 3 Park (53)
1 – 3 Vermaelen (80)

Before the match at Villa Park, I observed that winning both of the home games and drawing the away games would give Arsenal a desired eight points out of a possible twelve. That tally is not possible, seven the best that can be hoped for. And it will be seven gained the hard way with a win at Stamford Bridge an absolute must if the title challenge is not to disintegrate before our eyes.

Arsene‘s concern over the result is plain to see, his comments a public castigation of his charges:

It is difficult to take but easy to explain because we were poor offensively and defensively cohesion-wise. We delivered an off-the-mark performance completely and that is why we were well beaten today. We gave them always too much room, we were naive.

Which pretty much covers the whole of the performance. Do you castigate an individual for their performance or do you look collectively and ask whether they were on their own or one of many who were below the required standard? Sometimes the individual does require a kick to the rear.

Other occasions beg the question as to whether or not that individual playing to a higher level would have covered for deficiencies elsewhere. On this showing, the latter is more relevant and unless there had been a substantial rise in the performance level of three or four individuals, yesterday was still a fixture which would have been lost.

Delivering the required improvement to produce a win at Stamford Bridge is going to be the focus of this week’s training, the manager in his own words, will not be distracted by an transfer dealings today as the January window draws to a close. No doubt yesterday’s defeat will bring howls that this cannot be the case, the manager has lost the plot.

In itself, the cries for new players are the ultimate exercise in futility, trying to get a deal done within such a short space of time not impossible but certainly extraordinarily hard if the groundwork has not already been laid.

The opening minutes saw the teams trade half chances. Arshavin shot wide having been freed on the left whilst Rooney mis-hit an effort, Song blocking Carrick immediately afterwards. As the half progressed, openings were at a premium and the sense was that United had started better but Arsenal were clawing their way back into it, Arshavin going closest and looking the only menacing forward in red.

Nani bucked any thoughts of Arsenal dominating the game, quite possibly playing the best game of his United career; certainly his best against Arsenal.The opening goal gave him a sense that it was his afternoon, clipping the ball over Almunia and watching as the Spaniard turned the ball into the net, his vain attempt to turn the ball to safety going horribly wrong.

Four minutes later, Nani broke, found Rooney who scored on the counter-attack. As with the Champions League semi-final, two United goals in quick succession gave them supremacy in the match, a lofty position that they would not drop. Both goals were avoidable. Both came from the same source, suggesting that the initial lesson was not learned. It also notes that the Arsenal left had been identified as a weak point, Clichy’s rustiness in his search for match-sharpness being duly noted by United and worked on.

Any notion of a famous fightback disappeared after the break. Park and Rooney found themselves outnumbering Clichy as the Arsenal offside trap was clinically broken and the Korean scored. Defensively, it was shambolic, the source once more an Arsenal attack which broke down, United strode through relatively unhindered – OK, entirely unhindered – and found the back of the net quite easily.

Vermaelen popped up with another goal, his second in three games but it was nowhere near soon enough for a fightback to begin. If nothing else, he managed to keep a thousand fantasy football managers happy by earning points, one of the few Arsenal players to do so.

The disappointing aspect of all three goals is that there was an element of self-infliction for all three. Almunia is being criticised for the opening goal; he had to try to stop the ball with United queuing at the far post to give Nani’s work the finish it deserved with little guarantee that the covering defender, Sagna I think, would have been able to prevent the deadlock being broken.

Even so, with a decent contact being made, the expectation is that a goalkeeper will be able to safely turn the ball over the bar; an error in judgement on this occasion. Equally, the tracking back by the midfield, Denilson in particular is getting some criticism, eyes were gazing upon the ball rather than concentrating on where the danger behind them was.

Chances were created in response but it was an afternoon with an all too familiar feeling about it, too reminiscent of the Champions League semi-final with Arsenal undone by counter-attacking football. The mental issue highlighted by Wenger is a key issue which has to be faced up to since this weekend’s opponents have a similarly strong hold over Arsenal, the last three meetings seeing twelve goals conceded.

Arshavin had opportunities, selfishly shooting on occasion when a team-mate was better placed. However, he is a striker and therefore has a selfish attitude. Had he passed and the chance been spurned, no doubt the Russian would have received brickbats for not seizing the moment.

No doubt that the defeat is damaging; the litmus test of a season is how well you play against your closest rivals, an indicator of what the true level of the team is. There has been an accusation in the recent past that Arsenal are ‘flat track bullies’, able to decimate the weak, pounded by the strong. This season has seen some credence to that in terms of results yet the title is won in all games not just half a dozen.

Backing the team is essential now. Good players do not become bad overnight. Mistakes happen in all walks of life, Arsenal were publicly punished for theirs. Players are rightly being criticised for a sub-standard performance but like them, we have to pick ourselves off the floor. We have to get behind them, ready to face the moral turpitude which is seeping through football otherwise known as Chelsea, next weekend.

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. “Backing the team is essential now. Good players do not become bad overnight.”

    Yes yes yes!

    YW your write up is fantastic and your positivity should be rewarded with positive followers. I do hope so.

    Looking at the squad we have should be the only pick me up we need.

    Come on gunners!

  2. Im heartbroken…each loss hurts…but this one hurts more than the others…we were supposed to be better…we are better…we were a shadow of the team i saw fight valiantly over the past month…the players really let us fans down….man….i dont know where to start…..but all i can do is keep the faith

  3. We will keep the Faith.

    The moment we stop supporting Arsenal, we might as well abandon football all together.

    TV earned me points on Football Manager alright…

  4. Great read. A calm and rational response to obvious disappointment makes a fine antidote to the predictably hysterical nonsense elsewhere. Thanks. Come on ARSENAL!!!

  5. Reading the posts on here these days it is as if the intelligence and insight that goes into the excellent work of Yogi and Darius is never even read, let alone understood. Pearls before swine.

    There is a rising tide of ‘fans’ who refuse to recognise the tremendous achievements of our great club over the last few years, preferring instead to measure our success against a few baubles purchased by clubs whose approach to our great game is making it as morally bankrupt as it is financially.

    Sifting through the flotsam and jetsam that they leave behind them on this blog is as tiresome an experience as reading the sports pages of the Mirror or the Mail.

    All too rarely these days is it like sharing a terrace with like minded friends on match days, exchanging banter and song and finding pleasure in supporting our team followed by a few post match beers in anticipation of the next game.

    There are just too many fools who insist on sharing their miserable view of the world with us, the misguided few, who believe that at this place, at this time, we are experiencing something special.

    If I wanted to hear echos of the views of the Hansens, Grays and their ilk I would watch the real thing on MOTD or look up Fergies’ arse. They are dull and vexatious to the spirit. I do not let people like this into my life in any other way, why here?

    Life is too short. Spring is on it’s way, the hens are laying again and there are seeds to plant.

    I’ll see you all at the victory parade.


  6. Great report, YW.

    Heartbreaking, but we’ve too many big games ahead to dwell too much on this result. Here’s hoping a week of rest will have the squad back in sync, rested and ready for the next huge challenge.

    Cesc should sleep for the next 3 days (as should Big Al). Denilson has to be rested for a more creative player for the Chelsea game, and let Song do the patrolling behind Cesc and Nari/Ramsey. Our best chance is to do a Man U and to hit them hard in the first-half.

    With everyone fit, here’s how I would like us to shape up:

    Almunia (too late to change now)
    Sagna Gallas Vermaelen Clichy
    Cesc Nasri or Ramsey
    Bendtner Arshavin Rosicky

    Walcott, Campbell, Denilson, Eboue, Fabianski, Traore, Ramsey

  7. Still can’t believe we lost to team so beneath us.

    Upwards and onwards though.

  8. We are heading towards last seasons tragic calls for Wengers head again, and the press onslaught. Why do we have such shit fans.

    Buck up people.

    Come on you gunners!

  9. Good thing that sleazy Terry is taking up most of the media’s attention.

  10. Well said Bob.

  11. Almunia and Denilson are not good enough to wear the shirt.
    Clichy made Nani look like Ronaldo which he isnt
    Ashavin is Not a central striker

    Ferguson changed the United formatition after 20 mins what did Wenger do?Nothing

  12. great post yogi.

    Its always nice to hear things put into a positive perspective when you feel as devastated as Im sure most of us do.

    Kind of glad actualy. The whole season boils down to next sunday. Make or break. Only a win will do.
    Hopefully this has roused the team…and they will be on the alert and full of running thats for sure.That combined with our skill should do it. A win at stamford bridge will take something special….but it will do something special if we achieve it. Utd and Chelsea have plenty more points to drop.

    Support is nothing without hope.

  13. Bradys right foot

    I thought seven points from these four fixtures would be enough to keep us in it. I haven’t changed my opinion on that.

    Contrary to many I think that the Chelsea game is exactly the chance these players need to exorcise a horrible performance against Man Utd. We should have enough in the dressing room to address what was a completely reckless and selfish performance by many of the team playing yesterday.

    The goals we handed a very good side were extremely poor. It reminded me of the Man City match except we didn’t deserve anything from the game. This performance is in sharp contrast to the Villa match last week were you could see that as a team we had an excellant shape and were well organised, yesterday we were “all over the place” not by being out manouvered by the Man U players but by players taking leave of their responsibilities on the pitch.

    Is their a narcissism when we play the very top teams that we can simply play and win if its a game of football. If their is then its severly misplaced. Alex Song was literally left to do everything for everybody yesterday, i actually wouldn’t have been surprised to have see him make a few saves.

    Anyway as you can tell i’m disapoointed however this will clearly focus the players and if they needed a kick up the arse maybe yesterday was it. Remeber last year Liverpool spanked the Mancs at Old Trafford, one result doesn’t define a team how they respond to this is a much better indicator.

  14. “We have to get behind them,
    ready to face the moral turpitude which is seeping through football otherwise known as Chelsea, next weekend.”

    YW my friend. You talking about John Terry or the Chelsea teams moral turpitude?

    It was a very bad day at the office and no one is to blame but the Arsenal team. All the more reason why we all need to pick ourselves up and get ready for Sunday. We’ve beaten Chelsea at Stamford Bridge scoring 3 goals (well, Djourou gave them one), but it’s not impossible.

    It won’t happen if we continue the navel gazing and deppressive tendancies.

    London Colney must and should be an unpleasant place to work this week The team have a lot of work to do.


    Excellent thoughts you have there.

  15. Well well well.

  16. I realy don’t understand the blame culture amongst some ‘arsenal fans’.

    It realy breaks my heart to see some of the people on her and on shitty 606 and talkshite berating OUR players and calling for wengers dismissal.

    It makes you lose faith in the human race.

  17. Yesterday had been coming the home games against Everton and Bolton a foretaste for yesterday.

    We lost the game the season is not irrecoverable, we have the hardest sequence of matches I can remember 4 games against top 4 clubs, a draw would only have taken us one point closer to Chelsea. Man Utd and Chelsea have to play each other.

    What was dissapointing was how lathargic we looked but Ferguson got his tactics spot on flooding midfield, giving us the ball on the flanks is harmless because we cross so poorly and when we do there’s no one in the box.

    Combined with poor performances from Denilson (3 games in a week appear too much) Nasri and Almunia and a defeat was inevitable.

    Now it is time for the players to show their character I just hope the confidence hasn’t been hit to badly.

  18. There's always next season(again)

    Men against Boys again

    At the end of last season we lost 3-1 and 4-1 to Man Utd and Chelsea.No lessons we learned.We bought one CH in the summer.We sold a striker never replaced him and put our faith in Eduardo and RVP.Neither one of them will ever do a full season.

    In November we got spanked at home 3-0 by Chelsea but what happens nothing.Another transfer window passes

    Yesterday we were spanked by Man Utd. Totally outclassed

    So in 9 months no lessons have been learned

    How can Wenger think Almunia is nothing more than average in fact he is one of the worse keepers in the premiership.But his deputy is even worse

    It is now 6 years since we will won the league

    Does anyone believe Cesc will be here next season.He is world class but is surrounded by Denilson an Diaby.He deserves better

  19. Interesting to see a public acknowledgement from Wenger that he was trying to sign David Villa.

    We can still take the title, but it’s no longer in our own hands – we’re now relying on two strong teams to slip up. At the very least, let’s finish the season strong. If we keep thumping the minnows, at least we can be ready to jump in when the chance opens up.

  20. Deano, i rarely hear about gooners wanting Wengers dismissal.

    However, it is certainly not a crime to voice an opinion about a player having a shocking game or three.

    Balance is the key to good debate.

    Otherwise it turns into a boring, back slapping procession.

  21. I agree with Cb, except for the chickens and seed bit that is. Not that chickens and seeds don’t need seeing too at this time of year. Because they do and so I actually agree with that bit in fact. But perhaps I would agree more if I had chickens and some seed, which I haven’t. I suppose I could get some and see. But as Cb says life is too short.

    I also agree with Bradys right foot.

  22. There you go Erichero. The cat is out of the bag. I was nearly right after all.

  23. How much must Arsena be ruing the side he put out against Stoke, what would we give to at least have a game in the FA Cup against Man City to look forwards to??

    So thats SEVEN defeats to ManUre and Chavski since last April making for sickening reading!!!!

    Home. 1-3 Man U in league, comprehensive
    Home. 0-3 Chelsea in league, comprehensive
    Away. 2-1 Man U, we were very unfortunate in this but profligate in front of goal and Utd took their two chances albeit one was an OG and one was a Pen!!
    Home. 1-4 Chelsea in league, comprehensive
    Home. 1-3 Man U in Champs league, comprehensive
    Wembley, 1-2 Chelsea, FA Cup, comprehensive and some odd team selection by AW.
    Away. 1-0 Man U, Champs league should have been much more comprehensive victory for the Mancs!!

    That’s 5 goals for and 18 against by the two main contenders in 12 months, that’s just humiliating. How long can AW come out and say my teams mentally strong, my teams ready, my teams this n my teams that, they don’t believe, we don’t believe it, nobody but Arsene believes it that’s 3 seasons he has been saying judge me on this n judge me on that. The program notes that he wrote yesterday made for some eyebrow raising reading after the match. Another transfer window closes today and were still miles behind the two teams ahead of us with our present crop.

    I’d also say this, when did Arsenal win a truly big match?? And I don’t mean Man U or Chelsea before Christmas, I mean a match on the run in post Christmas or a semi final or final when it really mattered. Under Arsene in his 11 years incharge it must be getting pretty close to more defeats than wins in the big tight games. UEFA cup final, FA cup Final and semi finals, ¼ finals and semi finals and final in Champions league, Can it really be the Champions league run of 2006 that we last won the important games?????

    I saw nothing yesterday that made me believe we’ve learnt anything in 12 months of football against the sides in and around us. 2 weeks ago aginst Everton the bells were ringing, against Bolton last week ant 2-0 down???? Gallas spent more time in the oppositions half, Denilson has no idea what his job is and nor do I, Glichy recovering from injury looked 5 yards short and Sagnas development has gone backwards. The defence cant defend and the goalkeeper is below average. We looked too small and were being brushed aside and gave Utd’s midfield so much time n space it was untrue.

    Im not sure what the answer is but I do know that Arsene looked a broken man once again as he always seems to after we play either of the top two sides in England, are the cracks beginning to show, will this proud man walk away or will he finally put his hand in the coffers and bring in the 2 or 3 players required to move us along when really we are very close to competing, which makes the situation all the more frustrating.

  24. Oh shut the fuck up YeovilGooner.

  25. BRF.

    I’m also of the opinion that 7 out of 12 points isn’t bad at all and actually puts us in a very good position. I was rooting for 9, but I can live with 7. Like most, I’m disappointed perhaps more because of losing the bragging rights and I’ve said as much in describing how bitter the morning after pill is.

    We lost 2 things yesterday.

    1. The chance to directly overhaul our immediate challengers – and this gives us the initiative to take control of the title race.
    2. A psychological advantage – losing to the closest rivals hists you mentally – but the good news is that it’s reversible. the 10 games following defeat to Chelsea is living proof of this.

    We certainly haven’t lost the chance to win the title – and when I’ve previously mentioned the fact that this is a fight, it’s days like this when we have to remove our heads from wherever we’ve hidden them all night and prepare for the next fight.

    Our bigger problem is the hysteria and gloom around that risks becoming a self fulfilling prophecy.

  26. I am fed up with people saying it was a bad day at the office.The same thing was said after man City and Chelsea put 7 goals passed us.The truth is we dont defend as a team.Song has done ok this season but what protection does he give to the back four he is caught up field to often his is not dicsiplined enough.Gallas and TV are good but just take a look at the goals against column.Wenger needed a clearout last summer starting with a new keeper but he didnt.He has to get rid of the deadwood this summer.

    Last 4 games at the Emirates v Man Utd and Chelsea we have let in THIRTEEN GOALS that tells its own story


  27. “Wenger was trying to sign David Villa.”

    dont be so gullible! signing villa is about as likely seeing me walking out next week in place of cesc!

  28. ‘In itself, the cries for new players are the ultimate exercise in futility, trying to get a deal done within such a short space of time not impossible but certainly extraordinarily hard if the groundwork has not already been laid’

    Well what an extraordinately incompetent way to manage a football club, especially one which announced to its supporters that it would buy a striker at the beginning of the transfer window.

    By the way Yogi do I have to buy special rose-tinted glasses to view this blog ?

  29. A full week of rest for the players, not the third game in 7 days.

    A fully fit Clichy, Nik B, Vermy and Diaby to start at the bridge…

    We have a hell of a chance to correct the abysmal performance against the mancs.

    Who know’s… JT may not be Enlgand captain by the time he faces us… might shake things up a little.

  30. and as it being a ‘bad day at the office’… jesus, we barely made it to the office!! pure bottle job

  31. This is a very rational write up YW, but my heart still aches at the thought that AW says that he cannot buy anyone because he does not see anyone out there better than what he has or who can improve the side. I think we can get better players out there who are better than Almunia, Denilson, Bendtner, Eboue, etc….It does not help to be outclassed by the Nanis of this worl at our own backyard as if we donot see the frailties of our side. Much as we appreciate the good work that AW has done so far, would it not be right to bring in someone who can take the eam forward, as AW seems to have taken as far he can? I dont have anyone in mind, but the board would be able to get the man if they are serious. Arsenal is too mch business than footbal team, debt or no debt.
    Am just angry with this trend….with Chelsea waiting at their Bridge.
    In the end, the team will be too low on confidence that the time we play Liverpol at home, they will have no respect/fear at all…..
    Upward the GUNNERS….!

  32. Alright been some while i wrote any comment on arsenal blogs. First off the performance was aweful and they “humilated” us (yes im a fuckin arsenal fan!) just like Chelsea did and then we ran into a good form and everyone was up for it and said we could win the title (I believed too), not anymore. It’s the same old story, MU beating our good run and make our team look like boys and we end up screwing another season up. Yes Arsenal was playing like boys!

    Hate how much you want but Evra was right saying it last season. 1st goal was wonderful skill from nani and beat 3 defenders and chip an easy ball but Almunia reacted late and put the ball into his own net. It was PURELY poor goalkeeping, you can see the reply and he reacted late. A schoolboy football mistake. 2nd goal was a simple quick run from the middle by the sherk and denilson was his boy here. He kept running without any intent to close down any incoming players. WTF?!

    I switched off the tv just after that and start thinking, it’s all repeating again and again every season. After conciding the first goal Arsenal normally go on wildly and lose another goal whenever they play MU and wenger talks about attitude, mature and stupid lies about his players! 70% of them have no guts and heart! If I was a good footballer and play for a great team like Arsenal I’ll make sure I give 100% in every game and don’t do silly mistakes like that!

    I hate to say this but the team and manager is not title winner material. Only cesc, song, gallas, verminator, arshavin and nasri are the good ones. The rest are average and a few are below average (denilson and almunia in particular!). Where are the “we trust in wenger guys?”. Some might say it’s just a game but to be honest losing at that margin to your title competitator and arch rival is not 1 game, it’s a massive blow and I guess it’s 6 years without a single trophy. If i was a Hull fan I wouldn’t care but this is Arsenal
    and the fans n club don’t deserve this shit wenger is putting up each year. He trust his players but he has more pride and ego for his phylosopies.

    Keep it up wenger, it’s all down to him and his decisions. This will go on and only top 4 is the club’s concern. Highest wages and ticket prices and we just manage to finish 4th each season and with a few more tough games to go we might end up fighting for 4th position yet AGAIN this season! Hopes…that’s all this manager can give us.

    I had it enough, for me things will get onto track if :

    1. Wenger get the and get a new manager in place of him. I don’t care anyone as long as he have the experience and are not afraid of spending!

    2. Wenger changes his FAILED experiments and phylosopies and start buying mens not boys anymore!

    I don’t know about you guys but for me this will be the start of downfall for this season like many other previous seasons and we’ll lose cesc and arshavin. Steps in ramsey (not ready) and some unknown kid wenger will buy. The club loves him because he will save them money and finish top 4. I love Arsenal as much as any of you do and
    I have been watching them since i know what football was. Wenger is just living his past glories that he didn’t built himself alone, it as “leftovers” and he worked for a few years on them (players). That’s all.

    Utterly dissapointed Gooner!

  33. We have a hell of a chance to correct the abysmal performance against the mancs.


    i think they have one hell of a chance to put us well and truly out the PL race!

    going there thinking of winning is ridiculous, we only beat them last time because scolari had completely lost the dressing room

  34. John Terry could teach plenty of our fans a thing or two about constancy.

  35. I hope Cesc leaves as he does not turn up in big matches. Big players make you win big matches. He is just a midget who runs around when you are playing crap teams.

    And yeah, I want Wenger out.

  36. Just feel our defenders need to learn to stay back and actually do defending because that what they are paid for. Bombing forward at ever chance leaves us vulnerable, it happened in a lot of games this season. cant recall the Manure CB making a forward run in the game, they just did the basics.

  37. Arsenal General – the invincibles were almost all Wenger purchases and not rioch/houston/graham leftovers.

    He knows how to build a team.

  38. I doubt Wenger said in his teamtalk ” got out there, ans show no fight or hunger ”

    the players let him down yesterday.

  39. Players go in and out of form all the time.

    Back in the day, being out of form or returning from injury meant a short spell in the reserves whilst form and fitness returned.

    I wonder why that doesn’t happen anymore?

  40. “And yeah, I want Wenger out.”

    LOL, then what on earth are you doing here?

  41. Although yesterday was truly gutting, we have not been dumped out of the competition yet. We have had by far the hardest run in the last few games with Chelsea to come. Even if we lose to Chelsea, we have a far easier run from now until the end of the season compared to any of the other ‘big four’.

    Denilson looked so dis-interested it left me wondering what would it take to spur him on to bust a gut… I really like denilson and i’m not saying he’s not good enough but his lack of effort was appauling yesterday. That should have been THE game to really put every ounce of energy into winning. There is no excuse for lack of effort in my opinion, and it wasn’t just Denilson. The troops didn’t seem like they had been rallied effecively.

    More performances like this against the big teams and the team’s morale is going to suffer. If they can’t get themselves up for a match against Man U at home, what will it take? Maybe it was nerves, but that still isn’t good enough.

    We’ve got to hope that some of the other underdogs can take points off the leading duo…

  42. Interesting also to see Wenger mention the “30” word in an interview. Is he realising now that he’s going to have to break his “20” rule in order to capture top class?

    Remember he quoted his “20” rule when asked about Gignac.

  43. Frank, Villa is coming to town. It might be at the end of the season, but he is dong the ground work now.

    Is it just me or am I really going to go mental when we beat chelsea. With Denilson scoring the winner.

  44. stringfellow… they are his players, all his purchases and play with the attitude and mentality he installs in them.

    if they let him down its cos they arent good enough which again is down to him.

  45. Looking back on Denilson since that “feint” incident in the Everton game… the lad cannot be fit.

    He ran himself into the ground last year… and now he just lets players like Sidibe glide past him without an ounce of effort to track him?

    I would not be surprised if he is carrying some kind of injury that has not been picked up… that crack he had in his back last year… or was that gilberto some seasons back…. do i recall correctly that medics saying it was detected late? and had been carried by the player for weeks?

    Something is not right with him for sure.

  46. ELS…you must already be mental mate.

    “Villa is coming to town. It might be at the end of the season, but he is dong the ground work now.”

    when have we ever done a transfer like that before? every deal we do is drawn out and well publicized because the people negotiating are useless

  47. Arsenal General

    “I love Arsenal as much as any of you do and….”

    trust me you don’t.

  48. Villa turns 29 later this year.

    Anybody who thinks Wenger will purchase him for 25+ M at that age needs there head testing.

  49. I have wondered about that too QofS.

  50. I’m a long-term support, not a Johnny-come-lately 90’s chav who cannot understand why my team is no longer winning trophies.

    I’ve appreciated the glorious football, the fantastic training ground, the incredible new stadium and the masterstroke of keeping a team competitive (if not winning) whilst under incredible financial constraints.

    But . . . . the last few weeks have left me in a rage. Any fool, including me, can see that we cannot rely upon our existing strikers to get (or stay) fit for the remainder of the season – it just simply is not going to happen. Said fool should also have seen the folly of chucking the FA Cup for the 2nd season in a row?

    I am all for continued investment in youth, as this serves as our lifeblood in future seasons, either through performance or funds. At Arsenal , the transfer budget is utilised for new signings and contract renewals. In January, we have seen a procession of contract renewals for players who never have, and never will, attain the standard expected by Arsenal. This has to be to the detriment of bolstering a terribly thin squad – where is the logic here?

    Arsenal enquired for David Villa? Valencia didn’t want to sell? We’re supposed to believe that was a serious approach? Newsflash: Arsenal want to play in the big-boys league. Teams in the big-boys league don’t take no for an answer.

    I hoped Gazidis was under instructions to shake Wenger out of his comfort zone. Instead, he has just slipped under the blanket with him.

    It kills me to see my team demonstrating such poor desire, such ineptitude.

    Can we win at Chelsea? Not a chance.

  51. Arsenal Tom, Arsene of late is treating the market completely differently. He’s playing a different game and it’s probably to do with Ivan. And if Wenger ever sees a player he needs he’ll get him if he feels he’s value for money.

  52. tonyb, well said mate far too many “arsene FC” supporters around!

    gazidis is a chump, he changes his tune every few weeks to please whoever he friendly with.

    bring back dein

  53. Get fucked, Arsenal General you soft cunt. Oh we’re losing so I turned my TV off?! That’ll show ’em. Grow a pair or fuck off.

  54. Exposing the nouveau doomer – Scapegoating 101

    • When the going is good, publicly express devotion to Wenger ball, especially on a very popular blog with a pro-Arsenal slant. Better yet start a blog of your own, ideally with a cannon and the crest as the mast head, to get some immediate credibility.

    • Join the bandwagon. Rail against the doomers and gloomers. Curse the Chavs, the Scum and the Mancs. Call them c*unts, c*cks, pr*cks; anything that makes you look a hard guy.

    • In the run-up to big-game, though, hedge your bets. Big up the Arsenal but express some of the standard doubts about the squad and Wenger’s refusal to spend big.

    • On game-day, during the game itself; pay particular attention to the player you are most insecure about. Forget the other players on the field; they are just the supporting cast. As the game unfolds, start vomiting your insecurities online as soon as the game unfolds.

    • Go into hyper-ventilate mode should the opposing team score first. Worse if the TV commentators make the standard dopey comments about certain players. Scapegoat #1 is born.

    • Post-game I: Shred all pretence of the team wins together and lose together. Rip the presumed weakest link to shreds. Preferably target is a foreign player who cost relative pennies, ignore the higher priced signings as this will undermine your ultimate conclusion that Wenger must resort to the transfer market.

    • Post game II: Ridicule all supporters/bloggers who defend the presume scapegoat. Dismiss any statistics that support the scapegoatee on the grounds that your eyes are better than any stat. Exposed as a hypocrite and plastic supporter, resort to the tough guy language (c*unts, c*cks, pr*cks) to describe those who are opposed to your over-reaction.

    • As Arsenal/Wenger recover from the setback, steady the ship, learn the lessons, return to winning ways – slink off to another blog where you can take the most vicious potshots at Wenger for failing to spend big/win any trophies.

    • Next season – Restart the cycle.

  55. For the first time ever yesterday i felt Wenger had taken us as far as he can.He was clueless about what to do.When Ferguson was making tactical changes during the game Wenger did nothing.At half time he made no substitutions when we were 2-0 down.It was like watching a re-run of the Chelsea game.Men against Boys.And it wasnt a one off

    We are a team that can roll over the small teams but against the big two we look so lightweight.
    But Chelsea and Man Utd picked us off easily on our own patch.That is very worrying

  56. Stringfellow Arshavin is 29 this year. And no I doubt he’d pay that for him, but if he could get him cheaper I think he’d go for it. Also if anybody can do it wenger can.

    Anyway Wenger has himself admitted he has looked at him but won’t pay that much.


    By the way Stringfellow, your bookmark has been removed. It has been great seeing your true colours.

  57. “1. Wenger get the and get a new manager in place of him. I don’t care anyone as long as he have the experience and are not afraid of spending!”


  58. els… your sure about that are you?

    so why did we miss out on so many players of late and not buy and secondary target from his supposedly much coveted ‘magic list’.

    we’ve missed out on players for the sake of 2-3m which in this day and age is peanuts, thats terrible management

  59. Well written post Yogi…I almost feel fortunate not watching the match

  60. “And yeah, I want Wenger out.”

    LOL, then what on earth are you doing here?

    Because I genuinely think that fans with different views want to engage with each other. Wenger has not won a trophy in 5 years, we are getting beaten consistently by our two big rivals, and we have glaring weaknesses like one half fit striker (Arshavin is not a striker) and a DM and a keeper who aren’t up to much. There’s nothing emotive in that, they’re just facts. Wenger is a legend. And I would love him to correct those faults. It comes down to whether people believe he will or not. On this site, most people do. On others they don’t. But on the issues facing the club, most people can surely agree.

  61. So true SG.

  62. I agree with consolsbob @11.07 am and would like to add if I may:

    1. Some of the comments on here do not reflect the tone or intelligently balanced writing of this blog. It does make me wonder if some people actually read the articles.

    2. It’s easy to clip a birds wings but no-one quite knows how it flies.

  63. Armchair Apologist Supporters (AAS)

    1. Have no balance in your view, you must believe the sky is blue, even when it’s very clearly red. Scream, shout, abuse, lie, lie lie and lie some more… never admit the sky is not blue. Liars are true believers.

    2. There are never 2 sides to a coin, heads or tails?
    Be quiet, only double headed coins around my gaff!

    3. Get smacked up with a sledgehammer right across your chops, but lie and tell folk it was a mere feather that tickled you.

    4. Any disobdient must be told he is foolish to have a balanced view. Who ever heard of making comment and judgement based on facts?
    Thats just silly talk, we make it up as we go along.. as long as it suits our view… what? i told you, and i will tell you again the sky is blue… errr not scrub that, RED, it’s red for sure.

    5. Repeat until death.

  64. Agree with Matty Boy 12:04

  65. Thank you, shotta. It’s interesting to see a light shone into the dark labyrinths of the anti-supporter’s rotten heart.

  66. Wenger looking in the transfer market is like me looking for a new car.

    I have a self-imposed budget and have absolutely no chance of getting what I want. I’ll try to get the very best deal out of the garage, but it’s highly unlikely I’m going to get that new Merc for £3k.

    Wenger is looking for “world-class” players, ignoring the fact that the majority of the players we need replacing are far from world-class themselves. We just need better, not world-class.

  67. els – i am truly heartbroken 😆

  68. I see all the layabouts have crawled out of bed.

  69. Refreshing article. I feel much better now.

  70. I agree with SG, Limpar and obviously Maria.

    “for the sake of 2-3m which in this day and age is peanuts, thats terrible management.”

    Look at where that thinking has gotten Man U and Liverpool and Portsmouth and Chelsea in a way.

    Why not change it to Chelsea Tom you’d be happier there.

  71. From Arseblog. “He gave the ball away for the third then didn’t even try. The ref, a 40-something year old man, ran faster than him.”
    is this true? lol. Then either denilson is really injured or that is really one fast ref. Surely Denilson can’t be that slow!

  72. Agree 100% consolsbob, well written sir.

  73. New Keeper was always a priority.Almunia is finished,Flapianski not good enough Mannone too young.How did we ever miss out on Given????? So why hasnt Wenger dont anything about it????

  74. Is it the “let the trolls and doomers out” day up in here?

    I guess they were due their time.

    Some of these folks would have committed suicide if they were Arsenal fans in the 70s, 80s and early to mid 90s.

    I sometimes think that the only reason they seeth and unleash their fire and brimstone is because of their selfish desire not to be humiliated by their Chelsea and Manc supporting peers.

  75. @ Robert the Red

    Can only assume Given was not considered as a world class keeper, unlike Almunia.

    Can I add Alonso to the pot? I can only guess that Denilson is a better player, even if he does get out-sprinted by a referee! LOL.

  76. No big player would move 6 months before a world cup particulalry to a physical demanding league like the PL.

    The WC will create a new batch of superstars clubs will seek to buy.

    Man City, Chelsea and maybe Real Madrid will have the pick of the buys in the summer all other clubs will have to wait to do business. They will therefore spin out the process for as long as possible limiting competing teams options.

  77. Won’t Chelsea still have their transfer ban in the summer or has that been overturned?

  78. Given is a wonderful shot-stopper but has trouble organising a defence, as has been shown at Newcastle and Man City.

    And even if Wenger was interested, City would only have outbid us with their ridiculous slush fund. As soon as they were interested that was a non-starter.

  79. Very disappointing result against a team missing three of their first choice defenders – they were there for the taking yesterday.
    Titles aren’t won or lost by these top 4 games though. A few seasons ago we did the double over Utd and came fourth while they were champions. The title is win or lost by the most CONSISTENT team not who is the most successful against their closest rivals.
    Having said that though, the manner and the margin by which we are losing some of these games is worrying.
    0-3 to Chelsea, 1-3 to Man Utd, this season, 1-4 against Chelsea and 1-3 against Man Utd last season, 1-4 against Liverpool a few seasosn ago, etc.
    It is puzzling that we are not performing in these games and most of these bad results are at home.
    Perhaps there is some physcological reason behind this? Does Wenger need to work on this?
    I think we could get a result at Chelsea next though.

  80. If Diaby, Song, Cesc, Ramsey, Merida are all fully fit and ready to play… does Denilson get a look in?

  81. Darius, I dunno.. I far preferred following the team in the late 80’s and through the 90s to be honest..
    The Littlewoods Cup win over Liverpool and the deafening chants of ‘Arsenal are Back!’ shaking the old Wembley to its core.. 2 and a bit years later and we were winning the league at Anfield with THAT goal. The 90s were great aswell.. £4 on the gate to stand on the North Bank, Ian Wright Wright Wright, Winning in Copenhagen (I was there!) .. The cup double, wining the league in 98 etc etc etc etc…

    But you know what I really loved about the 80s and 90s. You expected nothing from your team, you followed them because you had no choice, and supported any player who pulled on the shirt through thick and thin. Those wishing for Wenger to go are insane, end of.

  82. Think we can get rid of Denilson today on the last day of the transfer window?

    Any buyers?

  83. Limpar, I have it on very good authority that Wenger wasn’t after Given. Had Arsenal been in for him, he would have jumped at the chance to join us over City.

  84. Rinsing that was lovely, was a glorious time.

    We do have some fantastic things going for us now.

  85. “sharing a terrace with like minded friends on match days, exchanging banter and song and finding pleasure in supporting our team followed by a few post match beers in anticipation of the next game.”

    im starting to loose my pleasure of supporting arsenal – not because of results, signings, ticket prices,manager, takeover but OUR OWN FANS!!

    ive never experienced such bitchy, whinny individuals before and they are getting boring now. Arsenal fans are known as they worst moaners in all the leagues!!

    If they do manage to force out our most succesfull manager (cause im fed of them so, god knows what the players and wenger think) then it will be the biggest shame of the club.

  86. All I remember formt he game is Andy Gray talking about Ferguson’s tactics. Did that really win them the game or did we lose it

  87. too true geeGunner, they almost managed it last season, looks to be going the same way again.

  88. Thanks for that, YW.

    Yesterday hurt, in more ways than one. But I was particulary angry with Denislon (who jogs rather than runs home, and does not look out for the dangers around him), and Clichy (who could’ve stood his ground or even made a tactical foul on Rooney, which would’ve prevented their counter). The problems are a little deeper than that, though, and for all his faults AW was spot on when he called the defending naive, as if the players thought “he and he can sort this out, I don’t have to bother”.

    Your positivity is inspiring, YW. Hence the reason I read you.

  89. Yogi, thanks for the balanced report – the only one I have seen, as usual.

    We didnt lose because of Almunia – we lost because of successive defensive errors in each of the attacks leading up to the goals, with Denilson and Clichy in particular more culpable (and by the way Nani’s cross was going in off the post – and if not certainly off Park, who made his way unmarked to stand nest to the far post)

    On the bright side Song was excellent.

    Against Chelsea Bendtner must start – even though he wasnt great as a sub.

    and if Theo plays any part, we have to play the ball in front of him so he can run onto it – and not have time to think, freeze and fall over……it’s madness to conitnually play the ball to his feet with his back to goal with a defender close by for him to lose the ball to.

  90. Els, I truly believe we are witnessing a golden age in Arsenals history.. 5 years without a trophy?! Boo fucking hoo!.. The problem is today the live match experience is so sanitized, and with people paying up to 100 quid for a normal match ticket, the mentality is that they have come to be entertained, like at the theatre, and they ‘deserve’ something for their money… the woman who sits in front of me at the Emirates regularly brings a book to the game to read. ??! I wake every morning and thank god I was born a gooner… imagine the nightmarish alternatives eh?

  91. We seem to have some kind of Inferiority complex when we play the big boys, we seem to shit our pants and forget how to play football. The wasted chances were so depressing, but it was like we knew we were going to miss them. Arshavin may be one of our best players but he needs to have more confidence in his team mates and pass the ball to them every now and again. Almunia is a No.2 goalie, anyone can see that. Clichy seems to make bad mistakes at the worst possible times, Denilson seems to be regressing after some improvement at the end of last year. Not sure if its worth panic buying today but I dont feel this team has what it takes to win the league becuase its not just the big boys were dropping points to. Its just so frustrating being so close but so far to having a great team

  92. Le_Bob you are exactly right, Denilson is not a naturally defensive minded player, maybe a new role is needed for him but we have more effective players for those positions

  93. Also contrast our supporters to liverpool supporters.

    we are crap.

    im not saying i wasnt pissed and vexed at the loss – but some of the shit ive seen since is shameful.

    if u all feel that strongly – protest outside the ground but stop being bitches and moan n moan n moan cause u not acheiving anything

  94. Devastated doesnt even begin to cover it for me.I was truly gutted. Slept fitfully last night , plenty of what if’s running through my mind. If only we could turn back the hand of time…

    I dont think we played that badly, they took their chances while we didnt take ours. Arshavin has become very selfish lately, he should be told this is a team sport. I have now lowered my expectations of us winning the title, all I can hope for is for this team to perform at its best one game at a time without paying much attention to our so called rivals. Hopefully they will drop points and this loss wont count for too much.

    Those acalling for Wenger’s dismissal should have their heads checked!!That’s all I’ll say about it.

    off to nurse my frustrations.

  95. The fans at the ground are a disgrace, who would leave a football match with half an hour to go? They obviously dont give a shit and its so embarrasing, it just wouldn’t happen at any other club

  96. “Arshavin may be one of our best players but he needs to have more confidence in his team mates and pass the ball to them every now and again.”

    I would agree with that he done so we could have been 2-0 oursleves very early on.

    The rest of your post DM was rubbish.

  97. Maria, well then I suppose its lucky I dont value your opinion then isn’t it

  98. • Next season – Restart the cycle.

    That about sums it up for our title hopes year in year out.

    Consolbob, Darius, Shotta, I admire the balance provided by you guys to the extremists @ LeGrove, unfortunately you have done that by going to the other end of the spectrum.

    Your line of argument typically – if the stars were to align (i.e. no injuries, players mentality were right, supporters get behind the players) then Arsenal would bulldoze a trail through the BPL.

    But that fact you have to make do with what you’ve got. Manure and the Chavs have made do with injuries, form issues, the former in particular have the trophy to show for 3 years in a row – and you still consider our squad better? No striker needed, Darius? I am totally amazed.

  99. Bradys right foot

    A team with as much backbone as their fans, a few posters on here appear to have the same very qualities that they say is lacking in the team, grow a set of balls and stop whinning.

    Don’t get me wrong i like, Frank, Shotta Consolsbob, Darius and others all suffer from the everyday sub psychotic rage of a football fan that a 3 -1 defeat at home by the Mancs will set off, but it wont dampen my spirit or my enjoyment of the team I love, for better or worse, in success or failure, in victory or defeat. Toughen up you ****ing lightweights.

  100. Wow, some really hysterical comments around here today.

    For what it is worth, if we had been more clinical yesterday we would have goten a result. We created as much as manure did. I don’t think we played that badly, but made some unforgivable mistakes desfensively.

    Clichy is really struggling at the moment, and Denilson really should not be starting games. Good lad, but not good enough to be in the starting 11. Almunia is looking worse each game.

    Even at 3-0 down I still thought we would get a result. Shame.

  101. Rinsing as you say 5 years??? 5 years of champions league, it’s something to be celebrated. However it is a comfort seeing the squad, it’s depth it’s potential and achievements despite our injuries and our budget.

    The budget isn’t needless and will show just how far ahead Wenger is in so many ways when the other big clubs become ‘selling clubs’. I don’t like that label but it is inevitable, surely any club can sell a player for correct reasons.

    We have a fantastic club to support, to be fans of. We play in the best competitions we compete at the highest level, and on our day can beat anybody (that can sometimes go against us with the more troubled fans) and at times play the most superb football.

    Come on you gunners!!

  102. Really gutted that we put in such a poor performance yesterday.

    We are drinking in the last chance saloon next Sunday. Anything less than 3 points and its goodbye to the title imho.

    My biggest concern is how we keep Cesc at Arsenal if we continually implode at the critical moments. He deserves better (and for that matter, so do the fans given the cost of going to watch Arsenal these days….!)

  103. It’s going to be a loong week.

  104. The last 5 years of Champs League is to be celebrated? Yeah, maybe, but I’d actually prefer it if we gave ourselves a realistic chance to win something than just be good eggs and take part in it.

    Throwing the FA Cup t Stoke doesn’t look that great a decision now, does it.

  105. What do fans think of a player that drops his head and won’t work when they are 1 – 0 down.

    Well it seems a lot of supporters here, are doing just that.

  106. !Manure and the Chavs have made do with injuries”

    missing van p and bendtner has cost us a lot and to be fair i think a lot of teams including the chavs and manure would miss the first choice 2 strikers.

    i think we have done well with what we have. and qaulifying for champs league every yr for 5 yrs is not easy ask liverpool.

    Comparing us to chavs (sugar daddy funded) and manure (was the richest club in the world until the glazers) is a compliment to us as we dont have manure winning history and chavs deep pocket.

    the one thing that got on my nerves yesterday we were not anti football enuff. And there are times when we need to be more cynical – 2nd goal as an example – clichy should have pushed rooney in the back when roonay came all the way back to his half to collect the ball.
    the whole team needs to become more aggressive (can you imagine keowns/adams reaction to conceding the 1st goal – nani would be taking one for his team!




    We have to hope for the best AW is a great manager but has been obstinate about Goalkeepers and playing favourite players regardless of how bad they are.

    Whether Cesc will put up with it after this season is the worse worry

  108. els, we just got spanked on a day which we all thought was going to be our defining moment of the season, so excuse me for being a little annoyed

  109. We are being linked with thomas sorensen. Please tell me this isn’t true

  110. I agree Els.. thats all I’ll say.. a bit busy. Chin up gooners!..

  111. Els – I assume you are talking about Denilson . . ?


  112. You are all over-reacting.. 4 points from the next two games and we are still in it.

  113. Yup Rinsing.

  114. Rinsing, 4 out of a possible twelve is good? Dont be dumb

  115. Fabregas insisted that Arsenal must remain upbeat.

    “We have to be positive,” he added. “It is very easy to say we lost to United and let our heads go down. We have to be strong.

    “I really don’t care what people think about us. It is about what we believe up until the end of the season.

    “People are not going to play for us and it is up to us to show what we can do. People watch the football and enjoy it but we must do our talking on the pitch.

    “If you don’t believe, you don’t win things. We want to believe we are still there — I am always realistic and I am not going to lie to anyone.”

  116. I try to remain positive… I still think Arsene is the best manager in world football, I want to stick with the team, I think we have most of the talent we need… but I’m starting to feel like a battered wife whenever we face our chief rivals, I hate to say. I.e. constantly convincing myself that “next time will be different,” only to face the same disappointment each time it happens again and we receive our beating. Now we Gooners face another week of picking ourselves up, dusting ourselves off, trying to remain positive, convincing ourselves a result against Chelski will be possible. I only hope another beating doesn’t ensue, how much more of this can a supporter be expected to endure????

  117. your captain needs you!!

  118. Dublin, the title will be won in May, not over these four games. The hardest thing for Wenger will be to negate the horrible psychological impact losing to our big rivals will have. This is where he will be really tested as a manager. I honestly believe if we draw at Chelsea and beat Liverpool we are right back in the race.. there are still 15 (?) games to be played?.. Keep The Faith. What else do we have?

  119. Look fans I know you are all dissapointed. Me an the team share your fustrations.

    Look at City and Tottenham they have spent fortunes are they in a better position than us.

    Chelsea and Manchester have one trophies , but at what cost.

    Look what happens when you get it wrong Leeds and Portsmouth to mention a few.

    What happens if the Chelsea owner decides to leave , who is willing to lose money ever year.

    When I go you will have a fantastic team, stadium, training ground and a finacially safe future.

    Keep the faith, we will get to our goals

  120. How the fu*k did this shite manc team come to our yard pull our pants down and give us a good old fashioned spanking. an absolute joke. truth is Fergie knows how to beat us now, he always floods the midfield and hits us on the break and we always fall for it. against Chelsea we need to wait for them to come at us and hit them on the counter, we executed this tactic to great effect in our cl run.

  121. I think most if the gooners realize the fact that Arsene is the best that has happened to this club for a long long time and it would be a humongous task for the board to replace him, as and when it needs to be. More than anybody Wenger would be conscious of the fact and he would probably choose what is the best for the club. Because, clearly Arsene Wenger is Arsenal. If he leaves, which he very well could have, given the amount of interest he draws at the end of every season, I’m sure half of this team would follow him and it needs a massive amount of money and effort to rebuild the team. Which I think is not going to happen anytime soon, because a man who has given his life for the club won’t leave it until and unless he has a solid succession plan.

    So, as much as his logic/arguments/excuses at different phases of this season sounds frivolous and massively irritating at times, we have none but him who can get the team out of this mess. So lets hope that the team dusts themselves off and put a decent performance for the fans who feel let down to say the very least.

  122. Rinsing and geeGunner have it right. Some of our fans are very, very embarrassing and are beginning to give the rest of us a bad name. With any luck, some of those leaving with 20 minutes to go yesterday will have fucked off for good this time.

  123. Disastrous but by no means decisive is my view of yesterday’s match. I admit that the Title is a long-shot but I am not prepared to give in just yet. The next two games offer the opportunity to get back into the Title race or consign us to a battle for more minor places.

    I do want to make the following points:

    Almunia has to go. If Buffon is really available, I would go for him without a doubt. Casillias is 100% unavailable and Akinfeev too short, expensive and not totally convincing.. I am not convinced that Given would have been the answer either – he isn’t the tallest and he doesn’t come out for crosses – which is what Almunia gets criticised for. There are not make great keepers available but this would change if Buffon left Juve. There is no guarantee that we could get him but we should at least try and he is 32 and could play for a few more years.

    I like Fabianski but I don’t think he is ready yet. I would prefer him to start next season ahead of Almunia though; Woocash is 24 and will improve, Almunia is 31 and was better last season.

    I do not rate Clichy at all. I have said this before (and was derided) and this is not based on his awful performance yesterday. I believe that the dreaded Birmingham game has ruined him as before then he was brilliant. Since then errors have crept into his game and positionally he is terrible. His passing is the worst that I can remember from an Arsenal player and I am happy if he finds an Arsenal player with a pass once a game, which to be fair, he usually doesn’t. Gibbs being out is terribly unfortunate as I believe he will be much better than Clichy.

    I do think that these two are the weak-links in the defence but it is not a simple as that. The 4-3-3 has translated into no protection of the defence at all. It doesn’t matter if it is Rosicky, Walcott, Arshavin, Nasri or Eduardo on the wings – none of them provide protection to the fullback (although Tom got a couple of tackles in yesterday). Song excepted, none of the other central midfielders helped the defence at all and I include Cesc in this. Denilson was horrible yesterday but I am hoping he improves once he plays more games. When United broke our lack of basic defending was laughable but this is a team issue. All season long we have been exposed at the back by individual errors and a lack of cover from midfield. If we are hit on the counter or by a long ball, our defenders are at best one on one with the opposition.

    It is not the end of the world however, and my view is still that we are a couple of players away. We are probably the 4th best team in Europe (ManU, Chelsea and Barca) being the top 3 which is great but we will have to be one of the best 2 to win the Prem or the CL. AW doesn’t care much for the FA Cup (and nor do I). I would like to see a busier summer for transfers with a keeper, centre back and striker needed.

    I do not buy the argument that we are too small, lightweight or have no squad depth. If we had no depth we would not be where we are in the league with all the injuries that we have had. I think the squad is strong and just needs those players to make it stronger. I think we have done very well with the injuries we have had but it may not be good enough. We still have a lot to play for this season – Prem and CL- but AW really needs to think about strengthening in the summer.

  124. On the positive side, we still have a chance if we win the next 2 games. We have an easier run in then the other top 2.

    Unfortunately in the last 13 months our record against the top 3 clubs (last year Chv, Manc and LP, this year Chv, Manc and City) is 0 – 9- 2. In 11 games we have concede 29 goals. Over a 38 game season we would concede 100 goals at that rate. Our defense is completely AWOL in these games.

    I would love to hear thoughts from others on this blog. What happens to our defense in these big games? How can we fix it so we have a chance next week and next season?

  125. Good article YW. I like your positivity. It’s easy to get too downbeat after such a result. It’s so disappointing because we feel we are so close to getting it right, and that in itself is something to be celebrated.

    No one is immune to criticism, and there’s nothing wrong with expressing that, but let’s all remember that there’s so much still to look forward to with this team.

  126. The entire team was out of synch. Fabregas seemed lost. Rooney scored but the key to the United win was Nani. take Rooney out and make Nani beat you. Nani has been pretty much a waste until this match. Nani stepped up to the plate and delivered a good performance. Still all is not lost. beat Chelsea this weekend. Learn from the mistakes. Forget about it. Next.
    Wengers comments says it all.

  127. I have to say, I’ve seen far messier situations:

    We’ve got a chance to close the gap in the title race on Sunday, and then have a run of comparatively easy games to the end of the season.

    We’re still in the Champions League. RvP could be back in just over a month, while our general injury situation seems to be clearing up.

    Looking long-term:

    Apart from Man City, none of our rivals seem all that willing to invest in their squads anymore, and that includes Chelsea with an ageing team and impending transfer ban. We’re getting back to a level playing field.

    The difference is that our squad is young and has great scope for improvement. Chelsea’s is old and getting older. Who knows when they’ll start wilting – it could happen in the next few weeks.

  128. “Old and getting older”? LOL, sounds about right for me.

  129. ITs not the defence Bill, its a collective thing. We win and lose as a team and as much as I think that Denilson/Almunia are not good enough, there is no getting away from that fact.. When we won the double, both Grimandi and Parlour played a fair share of games.. watching them alongside Bergkamp was almost funny.. but they did a job for the team.
    I feel this team needs a huge result against a big team to redress the mental balance.. winning at Stamford Bridge would be the perfect anecdote.

  130. By: Bill on February 1, 2010
    at 1:54 pm

    we get whacked on the counter as we take the game to our opponents.

    most of those defeats you listed the teams played us on the counter attack. The opposition shows us plenty respect but we tend to show them less respect as we try to enforce our game on them.

    man poo and the chavs have played on the counter against us since 2004/5 season. they dont like to open up cause more time we play better than most teams in space.

    just my opinion!

  131. Some of our players just are not aware enough of what is going on around them (when they don’t have the ball). The 3rd goal which left Clichy against 3 of their players was just embarrasing. It was the sort of thing you see in pub football.

  132. also getting stung on the counter is different to being dominated by passing and movement.

    I believe its easier to play on the counter (manure) than to keep ball and create chances (barca) and the easiest style of play is the (chav Mourihino, GGish) style as its just stopping people playing and nicking one (more likely) on set peices

    i think wengers done the counter attact thing and is trying to move onto a more fluid pass and move (barca) style.

    just my opinion

  133. To all gunners fans,

    When we lost yesterday did anyone remember that Man Utd are a bankrupt club? Does that really matter when you think about something for weeks and then be brought down to earth quite quickly. I am not despondent. I just recognize that Man utd and chelsea rise to their potential when it is required. No matter what we think but maybe it is just our destiny that our talents just deserve a third place finish.

    Second, did anyone notice that when walcott came we started creating more chances. it was pure pace. Not anyone of the nice one one pass that is good to look but ultimately not effective when there are nine players defending the ball. Barcelona could’nt do it. How can we?

    A team with no pace has to commit more to create chances. It opens one to counter attack and that is what man u always works on at emirates. Alex is just better because he learns quickly.For all the idealism of aw the pragmatism of fergie will always be remembered more.

    Am I the only one who felt disgusted seeing our cb acting like a striker from the 80 th minute onwards. I mean is there no bean pole player in the world fit enough for arsenal.

    Tactically it was a disaster. Man u filled the middle of the park and forced the ball wide. That meant crosses for our 5 ft players aganist tall cb’s.

    Arsenal will again play nice football for the first 15 mins at stamford bridge and then lose rubbishy.

    sad really.

  134. My Team for Chelsea.


    Sagna Gallas Vermaelen Clichy

    Song Bilong

    Rosicky Cesc Ramsey Arshavin


  135. I agree, the sight of Parlour and Grimandi playing alongside someone like Bergkamp was amusing at times, but they at least put in a shift and, crucially, did their job.

    Watching Denilson amble around the pitch is plain embarrassing. We started the game without a recognised striker . .. and pinning hopes on Eduardo, Bendtner or RvP to finish the season with no further injuries is complete folly.

    I think I read/heard that Denilson has played something like 150 games for Arsenal now . .. . if he’s still regularly cocking up like that, then he should not be making many more. If he’s injured, then what the hell is he doing in the squad, let alone the starting 11?

    Maybe I am concentrating on Denilson too much, but he and Almunia are the bright shining examples of how Wenger can get it very wrong and then do nothing about it.

  136. Realist,

    1. We went close to scoring twice on headers.

    2. Man Utd aren’t a tall team. Yesteday they had Rooney, Nani, Park, Scholes, Rafael, Evra, all under 5 ft 9.

    3. They were even more midgety than us but beat us 3-1.

    Look for true causes of the defeat elsewhere.

  137. Wenger intimated yesterday that one of the reasons for the performance was mental. No shit.

    The way we play, we need confidence and freedom. A number of players have now shown on numerous occassions a fear in the big games, which yesterday will only make worse.

    Almunia – he has made most of his mistakes against Man Utd, starting with his debut at Old Trafford in the Carling Cup when he let a shot through his legs in the first minute

    Clichy – never truly recovered from his mistake in that Birmingham game, but more so in the 4-4 Spurs game. Coming back from injury is part of the reason for yesterday, but has been looking mentally frail for a while

    Gallas – a gladiator in most of the big games, but if it’s not working out, he tends to drift into tactical ill discipline

    Sagna – a shadow of his form in his debut season and doubts beginning to show

    Denilson – I actually feel sorry for the little fella. I think he could be a tidy little player, but a lack of an experienced midfielder has meant he has been thrown in at the deep end rather than allowed to adapt and grow. Not all players are like Cesc and are born big time players, the lkittle Brazilian is human. He would have benefitted the most if Gilberto had stayed an extra season or two.

    Diaby – sometimes very good, sometimes awful. looks to be improving and we probably missed him yesterday, but we’ll never know if he would have had one of his stinkers or not. He would have benefitted from Vieira staying another season or two.

    Walcott – hard to judge someone who hasn’t played much this season, but signs are he hasn’t thought much about his game while he’s been out. There’s more to football than just running, particularly if you keep forgetting to take the ball with you. Probably needed Henry to stay a bit longer at the club to show him how to use pace.

  138. “Inferiority complex when we play the big boys, we seem to shit our pants and forget how to play football” – Dublin, what utter raving nonsense.

    For the first fifteen minutes we were far and away the better team. Had we have taken one of those two clear Arshavin chances – United would’ve been forced out their foxhole and we would’ve been the team with the luxury of playing on the counter.

    If anything it is over-confidence that undid us, overloading the attack at the expense of numbers at the back. Wenger calls it naivety, and more caution may be an answer to conceding less – but it’s our bullish insistance to keep attacking until the death that’s made us top scorers in the league – so I wouldn’t wish it away so quickly.

    We crafted out our fair share of chances yesterday – we couldn’t finish them. United, far less exuberant in attack, were ruthless and ran harder at times – you can put that down to the fitness of Denilson and Clichy, or if you’re a twat you can say it was men against boys and that United wanted it more.

    And Bluntgooner, the mess we’re in? What mess? We’re still in the title race and the Champions League is about to get going again! Chin up!

    I guess it’s for the best that some of the whingeing minnies on here today and last night are Arsenal fans – as if they were to follow any of the 99% of other football clubs on the planet, they would surely have done yourselves a mischief by now. On the otherhand, they are dead fucking embarrassing, dead fucking boring, and I wish they’d back-up their violent reactionary mood-swings with action and just fuck off.

  139. the first game in manchester was so different and you can argue they had a stronger team then cause vidic and ferd played.

    the contrast from the first game to yesterday forces me to believe

    1. we missed van p and diaby
    2. that was an off day

    i know we didnt win in manchester but the performance as a 100 x better

  140. This is the first time I am posting a comment on this site, though ‘ve been following ACLF for the last 6 or 7 months. I should say that YW is the best Arsenal blogger around. He is positive and he talks sense, unlike 95% other bloggers.

    Coming to the match, I feel 3-1 rather flattered ManU. Both teams had chances, they took theirs, we didnt. It was not an absolute thrashing, by any means. The way some bloggers are hyperventilating makes me wonder whether we are in a relegation battle!!!

    Some of the comments regarding Denilson are absolutely disgraceful, he is after all OUR player. He had a poor poor game, but I feel he is not really back to his physical best after all those injuries!

    Btw AIC, I feel Buffon is just a pipedream. This is the guy who stuck with Juventus even when they were relegated to the 2nd division. He is just too incredibly loyal.

  141. I believe in my motherf#cking team.

  142. There have been a number of occaisions now where Denilson has just been jogging when tracking back. And it is simply not acceptable. Look at TV5 when attempting to get back for their 2nd and 3rd goals, he didn’t make it but he was busting a gut. Now watch Denilson, he just gives up. Just like at Stoke the other week.

  143. Hi YW,great article.You can save this article for next week .After the chelsea match,you can publish the same report with the changes only in the opposition goalscorers.

    Denison,Clownmoonia willl start again.The same result or even worse can be expected.

  144. In last 12 fixtures, ManU & Chelsea have 6 games they could be expected to drop points in, we have 2 in same period. Faint hope.

  145. I’m loathed to agree TonyB.. I think Denilson is far better than he’s given credit for, but I think he lacks spacial awareness and football intelligence.. As for Almunia, I have always said that we will win nothing with him as our no.1 .. he has improved a lot, and is a great shot stopper, but unfortunately has no presence. A big team needs a big keeper who can dominate his area and scare the shit out of his back four. Almunia will never be that guy.
    Having said this, we won’t buy a new keeper, and if everyone is fit, Denilson probably doesnt start.
    I still think we will have a lot to say in this title race.

  146. Its unfortunate to see so many moaners flooding this wonderful blog with loads of non sense.

  147. Let doomers have their day….

    It’s not over yet, they could be made to look foolish as early as Sunday.

  148. And, I repeat, if Denilson is not recovered or is still carrying an injury which is causing this drop in form, then what the hell was he doing starting the game?

    Once again, it points to the shallow nature of our squad.

    And can someone have a word in Sagna’s ear about not crossing it? It’s embarrassing.

    The game was summed up for me by one 30-second spell. ManU attacked and had 4 on 4. By the time the ball was crossed in, they had the other 3 players in the box waiting. The move broke down and we countered.

    By the time Walcott (I think) played HIS corss in at the other end, we had no-one in their penalty box, but they had 8 players back.

    Football is not rocket science. It requires tactics, ability and effort. I think we only had one of those attributes on display yesterday.

    Off-day? Maybe. But we always have an off day in the games that really matter to the fans. These off-days subsequently have an adverse effect on the season.

  149. I thought the game itself was fairly even. We had more shots, more possesion, completed more passes. We just were not clinical enough.

  150. If you take games against Everton, Spurs, Villa, City, Liverpool & (ManU/Chelsea) as games to drop points in, they have to play all 6 in the last 12 games, we have to play 2 of those and only 1 away at Shite Hart lane.

    Each has to play 3 of those away. We can claw back 8 points on each of them in that period if we expectedly do well against Sund(H), Stoke(A), Burn(H), Hull (A) WHam(H), Birm(A) Wolv(H) Spurs(A), Wigan(A),City (H), Blackburn(A), Fulham(H)

    Not over yet guys. Let the doomers doom.

    We’re still in this.

  151. I think we need to stuff chelsea to make up for yesterday.

    yogi nice positivity but you probably couldn’t, wouldn’t write anything percieved as negativeness now through fear of losing your clan of sheep.

    maybe you aren’t writing your true feelings anymore just to try to prove a point to this doomer bullshit this site regulary spits….

    I feel for you..

  152. look you can point out denilson as a weak link yest but others ere far more guilty of bad performances than him yest.

    ashavin was guilty of not passing to better placed team mates twice, cesc was guilty of over commiting from midfield a few times, nasri was quiet, song, denilson,sagna, clichy were all poor.

    it was a bad performance all round. it doesnt make sense blaming denilson or any individuals (i blame clichy for a least 2 goals) as the whole team played poorly and the whole team must rectify asap as that is their ambition.

  153. You’re an idiot John. Honestly, most of the people who post here are much cleverer than you are. The regulars here are the sharpest commenters on the Arsenal web.

    I see all the rubbish you post, and I don’t need more than a water gun to blow craters through your claims.

  154. Ole,
    i meant our plan b was never really going to succeed since pitting ashravin aganist the other defenders.

    why were we forced to do so? packed midfield and probably no pace on the wings apart from the defenders. do notice the change in the match post walcott’s introduction. you can’t out pass teams like manu and chelsea. i mean look at the past results.

  155. I am not worried about how many points we can claw back. I am just worried about the lack of conviction we showed yesterday.

    The commitment was not there. It was extremely disappointing.

  156. we can ole!! its always we can, it would be nice if we could be clear saying if we beat chelsea we will be 11 points clear and on the way to being champions. surely you can understand why people are giving it up? a week ago we were top.

    how hard is that to understand?

    if chelsea lose points great so it isn’t in our hands..

  157. Realist,

    It’s not height that was problem it’s not taking our chances when we had them, and had the initiative and Rafael was shaky, and Brown was random.

    Against the top teams, it’s very hard if you have to urgently chase the game. They just close up shop and hit you on the break and then it all looks easy.

  158. what like yesterday ole with your constant defence of a shit performance, you need to fuck off! you were blew away like cobwebs yesterday with concrete bullshit..

    your a stat ,who can’t kick a ball therefore no understanding, you are the poison of my beloved arsenal an internet stream watching, armchair supporter that much is obvious…

    even if the regulars on here are more intelligent it could only be something other then arsenal or football in general…

  159. John,

    Only a delusional person would ignore what is possible in favour of his own personal feelings of inadequacy and his own insecurities.

    In the real world, we do have a chance. Why should I ignore such a glaring fact?

  160. Ole,

    I am only an economist and an accountant and my stupid brain does not capture the full extent of your elaborate expression. It resembles an AW response

    Can you please re-phrase in plain text?

  161. Where does this idiotic men againts boys thing come from? its so stupid.

    We were naive and thats all to it, if we sit back a little bit more and wait for our chances, we woulnt get beat like this. We have to learn how to tweak our philiosphy when we play againts teams that counter well.

    When you get caught with one defender back, thats has nothing to do with ability, the team on a whole has got it wrong.

    And for all of you Denislon and Almunia haters, Arshavin is not working within the confines of how we play. Yes he scores the great goal but of late he doesnt pass the blasted ball. Case and point when Walcott was wide open recently, he went for goal and it was unecessary.

    He has not been up to par, but no one sees that.

  162. We wont beat Chelsea unless Wenger has the balls to drop Almunia and Denilson.But he wont.

  163. ritesh,

    Fuck off and go grow a brain then.

  164. John, talk english ffs … you sound like a raving lunatic.

  165. You don’t become an Arsenal player without spacial awareness and football intelligence. You don’t even leave the house without spacial awareness, let alone amass over 100 senior appearances for Arsenal Football Club.

    Denilson is an exceptional little player who started the season brilliantly. He is working his way back from injury. The whole team played recklessly and without enough prudence or energy in defence. The whole team.

    If you like watching Fabregas afforded a more attacking role – then get used to Denilson, because all those that say, ‘if fit Diaby plays’, obviously haven’t been paying attention. Denilson/Song/Fabregas is the first choice midfield. Diaby is an attacker.

  166. ole,

    delusional I look at the options as much as you look for ways to make excuses. you can find possibility in anything so that doesn’t back you up at all..

    insecurities? nothing to do with football knowledge we can assume that you have nothing more to say to me as you are hardly worth an argument.

    yesterday I proved that as you continued to repeat comment without decent argument.

  167. zimpaul

    you don’t know the argument therefore keep things to yourself, nobody is ranting!!

  168. Just imagine if our players would start to be as negative as some of our “fans”. We would never win another game..

  169. Limpar, I have to disagree with your 1st choice midfield. I think that we have looked at our best with Diaby/Cesc/Song.

  170. Almunia has been a poor keeper for a while but he keeps his place because the understudies Flappy and Vito are no better.That is a terrible state of affairs.If Almunia was put up for sale tomorrow who would buy him?
    Last season Almunia was twice beaten from 40 yards,yet wasnt dropped.Friedal and Given were avaiable why didnt we sign one of them?

    Is there anyone at the club who tells Wenger he is sometimes wrong?

  171. These same folks will be on here talking about how we have a chance to win the title if we beat Chelsea, they will hop their little backsides on the Bandwagon again.

    Supporters, support, when the team gets a hit its up to us to keep believing and holding them up.

    Although I can understand why we moan and cry so much, being in 3rd place and all, you know within a shout of the PL title, terrible season that is!!! How Dare Wenger!!!

    If we could only be in Liverpools place, we would be so much happier, right?

    Shortsighted folks are sickening!


  172. Ah I see that Jaguar with the dubious proclivities is back.

    …and the grim reapers are out in force too

    It is hilarious just how wound up you doomers get about positive and supportive comments posted by real Arsenal supporters

    Well done, YW, the best gurning contest in town.

  173. John,

    The reason I can’t stand you doomer folks is most times you don’t make any bloody sense.

    You could objectively point out how my analysis is wrong, but what do you do, you say “we can ole!! its always we can”.

    As stupid a comment as I’ve seen on this blog today and that’s saying a bloody lot.

    That you can call me an armchair supporter makes me laugh.

    Won’t go into bragging contests with you. My comments, and devotion to the club will speak for itself.

    In any case I dont wnt to get into a slagging contest with you. That’s all you airheads ever do anyway.

    So and so is crap. Wenger is this…Almunia is that….never objective, never analytical.

    What’s your value to this blog or to the team?

  174. also ole,

    how do we know that you are right? you’re a idiot you’re comments are behind your personal feelings you hypercrite! what makes you so special?

  175. “surely you can understand why people are giving it up? a week ago we were top”

    Not really, no. What on earth would be the virtue of being a football fan that gives up so easily? There seems little point in following a football club if you give up hope when still in the very thick of a title fight.

    Take solace in the fact this team will not be wilting so readily.

  176. Our lack of physical strength and confidence against top notch opponents is manifest as defensive mistakes causing us to ship goals at a rate that no team could recover from. We can outscore Bolton or Pompey because of our quality, but we have not scored more then 1 goal vs Chelski or Mancs in the last 9 games. We can not win if we do not keep clean sheets against these teams.

    Barcelona that world leader in beautiful football conceded only 1 goal in 3 games last year vs Chavs and Mancs to win the CL. They traded style points for the grunt work of playing defense to win the CL. Barcelona also gave up the fewest goals in La Liga last yr. The invincibles, the Mancs for the last 3 yrs and Chavs before them had the best defense in the league when they won the title. Barcelona, the mancs and the invincibles all had great defense to go along with their attacking style. You can have it both ways.

    We clearly need to upgrade in 1 – 2 positions esp. GK. However the problem cannot be blamed on 1 or 2 people such as Denilson. The team and the entire organization has put so much effort and built a team for intricate attacking football. I suspect that either overtly or subconsciously we have lost site of the importance of the basics.

  177. We’ll come out at the end of the season fighting it out with those 2 at the top. They will def drop points and we will bounce back from this – even if it is after the Chelsea game…

    I agree goonerandy – i think we look best with song, cesc and diaby.

    It’s been quite unlike ACLF on the comments today, were people bored of reading le groan or Myles?

  178. A sad lunatic doomer is always fun to imagine. Banging the keyboard, tears running down his streams, and breaking his lego city with a fist.

  179. Doomers are idiots. You can’t have a rational conversation with these guys.

    Doomer lament: We lost key players.

    Doomer solution: We shouldn’t renew contracts of current players because they’ve won nothing.

    I hate the word doomer, I only use it because that way even they know what I’m talking about.

  180. Let’s all whine. Let’s all rip players apart. Woe is me. Fook me. We’ll never win anything. Wenger BUYYYYYYYYY!

    I want a player. I want new players. I want new players!!!!!!!! Waaaaaaaa waaaaaaaa

  181. Sorry load of whiny pricks. No mental strength.

  182. Fellow in the West Upper yesterday left after 60 minutes muttering about our kids not having any bottle or staying power.

  183. PAUL after supporting Arsenal for well over 50 years I have seen many ups and own Wenger is a great manager BUT when it comes to Goalkeepers hes thw shortsighted one we have had chances to buy keepers at reasonable prices but hes never bothered.

    I wish Wojech would come back from Brentford and get a chance in the run in

  184. Ole Gunner you are dumb, why’s it dooming to talk about your teams piss poor embarrasing performance? Its just discussing the game, nothing more nothing less. We were piss poor and it was embarrasing.

  185. i never say a player is crap almunia may well be bordering it.

    when I say we can its always we can, its more like an excuse for you guys, you can’t not see this as you are one sited, open you’re eyes before you tell me to.

    of course we can still win the league I’ve been highlighting things to suggest we are a bit behind but will always back the team..

    for the first time ever I will go into an arsenal game not confident that we will win this is not a nice feeling.

    if you think all our players are good enough fair enough it’s of course up to you

    you’re value to this blog is to support yogi mine is nothing but to sometimes disagree.

    yogi you’re writing and the way you put things is exceptional no wonder you have a following. A*

  186. DublinMason,

    Is there anyone here who has not talked about the team’s poor performance? Find one single person?

    It’s a lack of mental acuity, extremist stances on players, and undue negativity that’s the issue.

    And a lack of bottle.

    I want new plaaaayyyyyyyyerrssss. Waaaa!

  187. One of the guys who used to act as a top plod in The Bill let everyone know in the bogs yesterday at half time that he has had it with Arsenal and wants to sell his season ticket. Something almost Darwinian about this…maybe the shit fans will all give up their season tickets this season so that some real supporters can get into the ground. Every cloud…

  188. ”The Dutch are keen for Van Persie to play against the USA in a friendly in March”

    if they do who’s with me to blow up the dutch fa?

  189. I think limpar,

    that people give up hope when our wonderful football club play a challenging team and lose for the third time this season in the thick of the title race.

    as I said I haven’t we still play at the bridge sunday.

  190. Have even I not said there are reasons to believe we might not win the league?

    Is there one person here, John, who says we will definitely win the league, or its not disheartening to lose these games.

    I drank myself to sleep after the trashing from Man poo in April.

    Just stop the fucking whining.

    And it’s an insult that you, of all people, will call people here sheep.

    I simply don’t see any evidence that you add anything profound to the debate here.

  191. I doubt if RvP will play for anyone in March, let alone a friendly for Holland.

  192. what frank like the 22000 new fans that have ruined the atmosphere…

    or that fucking dreadful elvis song

  193. The games against the Top 4 are tough. Every team has a period in which it has a poor record against other Top 4.

    Before yesterday, Man U hadnt won in 6 games away at Top 4 sides.

  194. To spill your guts on a blogsite when everyone is obviously feeling low is cowardly and disrespectful, and reflects very badly on the person making the comment.

  195. It will the new ‘fans’ who leave. They have the least stickability. I doubt if the Elvis song will grace the stadium next year. Enough people have complained about it.

  196. You might want to stick a be in there if you can be bothered to read it.

  197. I hate to say this, but we realy do have the worst fans in the world.

    Spoilt fucking brats.

    Its not just our fans actualy….its people in general.

    Were a failed experiment. I bet god wished hed stuck with the fucking dinosaurs.

    We are by far the best side in the premier league to watch- and yet our fans leave early…even when there being treated to a goal fest.

    There are people who post on this great forum only when they want to suggest aggressivley that they know better than wenger, a man that has secured an exciting present and a sure future for this great club, something that cant be said of ANY of our rivals.

    Yesterday we were well beaten, but still the flashes of brilliance were there to be seen even in a poor team performance when we were well below our best. We are suffering with injuries.

    Do people not grasp factors such as team spirit that can be adversley affected by the signing of a ‘big name’?. How it betrays our philosophy and principles as a club?

    This team can beat ANYBODY on their day.

    Yesterday was just not their day.

    Roll on Stamford Bridge.

  198. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    If one is unable to take the bad with the good, what is the point of even watching football? And what happens if one is unable to experience the good without whingeing about something? It’s right in front of your eyes folks. The sensationalist, low IQ, paper worshipping Le Groan crowd that has infiltrated and diminished Arsenal’s support over the last few years is really becoming something nasty. Remember, these were the same people that came on here whingeing after we smashed Everton to open the season. Cries of RvP isn’t a lone striker…where are the goals going to come from? Song is crap, we need Melo! Who cares that we just bought TV05, we need another world class backup CB. These people were and still are wrong, and there is no doubt in my mind Arsene Wenger’s youth policy will bring us continued success for many years to come. The Chav and Manc dynasties are on their last legs. I feel we are on the verge of something special, and no c*nt can tell me different.

    Long live Arsene Wenger.

  199. come on hull.

  200. OG, these guys are weak!

  201. ole,

    it’s just me and you debating ole! what is that bothers you? me and you disagree it’s pretty clear.

    I am not saying we can’t win the league!!

    again you moan when I called you sheep but you just threw me in the same catergory as a doomer!


  202. bet you thought you’d never say that zap?

  203. John, I must have got you wrong – I thought you had given up. Chin up and go again – that’s the spirit.

    SOL, that’s astonishing. 50 years? I might’ve sworn you were a very young man. I think it’s the sporadic shouting – thinking about it though, this can just as easily be attributed to senility.

  204. algeria got beaten 4-0 by our rivals. they lost the 3rd place play off. then’s safe to say i’ve probably had a worse week than most of u

  205. The title’s not over.
    Now it’s a must win at the chavs.
    We weren’t outplayed or out muscled, we were outthought.
    We lost because we lack discipline, both up front and in the middle, and we are arrogant.
    Arshavin was poor with his ball management. He chose the wrong options.
    Playing Alumina is arrogance personified.
    His contribution again put us on the back foot.
    His neither commands his penalty box nor has the respect of his CB’s. His is no better than robinson at blackburn.
    Denilson was awol when he should have being protecting the back four like carrick. Can’t say he’s inexperienced. His just does not posses the mental discipline for these types of matches.
    When our best player was Song there are some serious issues. No criticism of Song…he was awesome. Song as a holding player would have negated the counter attack. Notice that most of the possession in the middle went thru him. The team has utmost confidence in this young man. AW needs to look at the contribution of Denilson.
    In a tight game his positioning was poor and Shrek was more intelligent.
    Saying that he’s not fit does not cut it. Song came back drained metal and physically and put out a performance that out some of his colleagues to shame.
    AW has always maintained that we will win and die by our free flowing style. Problem is that the two big boys above us in the table keep exploiting this and we have not found a way to counter.
    In defense of AW we sorely missed Diaby.
    Clichy was awful; however in defense of him Nasri offered no protection either. No team defense.
    The front three, in particular Arshavin need to seriously look at what they offered.
    The doom and gloom brigade will be out but from my vantage point this was a better display than the abject performance in the champions semi last year.
    I am confident we can beat the pool and with players coming back we will get stronger. However, the chavs game…
    Some of the younger players are not ready for the next big push.
    Song has shown he has made that leap.

  206. Deano, they dont get it, the best thing we can do now is to show solidarity. The boys know they blew it and they dont need us to kick them now.

    We are all dissapointed but there are only two teams in England that wouldnt trade places with us at the moment and for me, we can turn this thing aroung and I believe we will on Sunday.

  207. haha i know deano.

  208. Listen up John….

    We’re not debating. You didnt address my points. You attacked me directly when I didnt even care to have a conversation talk less of a debate with you.

    I hate the word doomer. I hate that we divide ourselves into categories instead of unite around team.

    But there is a category of people on thsi team who dont do anything but whine and spit bile.

    Not the point of this particular blog.

  209. John, good on you keeping the faith!

  210. Cbob, Frank, Zap, OG, NJN, Deano – Hats off to you guys. Supporters, in every sense of the word!!!

  211. Ole,

    I dont want new players.

    I just want the ones we have to wear their socks off when they wear the shit, which currently is not the case.

    They get paid enough for that. Enough of this shit everytime we play a big team.

    Doomers??? wtf? If you cant complain when you support a team, where’s the fun. We are not in China here.

  212. If you whine enough it will happen Ritesh.

  213. harry’

    outthought could well be one of the best descriptions i’ve heard about yesterdays game.

    a long week of tactical training may be in process after all wenger didn’t look happy after.

    my dad told me at his seat near arsene that fans were calling him allsorts, which obviously isn’t on..

  214. harry, that was sensible, Denilsons issues can be different from Songs. Also Song has been playing all along while Denilson has just got back from injury. kinda apples and oranges to me.

  215. Ritesh, complaining about something is an unusual and worrying way for someone to have fun. I suggest you get out more.

    “..wear their socks off when they wear the shit”

    I wouldn’t have thought playing without socks would make a massive difference to our defensive deficiencies – least of all when you’ve just shit yourself.

  216. lets all look on the bright side….Murray got beat by federer.

  217. ok ole,

    but actually you called me an idiot and attacked me.

  218. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Listen to Rinsing at 12 46 too. That’s a top class Arsenal supporter there. Anyone calling for Wenger to be sacked has seriously lost the plot.

  219. Too many people who dont do anything but whine and spit bile. Find a word for them if you don’t like doomer.

    Even if we lose the league, should we slit our wrists? How many teams even get to compete for honours?

    Why is there always so much pressure and criticism on Arsenal than on any other team, despite fact that 14 teams in the league would spend £600M to be in the position we’re in and might still not make it.

    Wny can’t we have some bloddy perspective?

    And to be called a sheep for injecting perspective into discussion. That’s heavy.

  220. Damnation is a easy thing to sell. It’s the irony of an Arsenal football player’s life that when they score a goal they share the joy and ecstasy and run towards the very same people who choose to desert them when the going gets tough.

    I think they are better-off with these morons on the opposite side of the fence.

  221. The terrible things about doomers is that they will rejoice with those who have fully supported the team when we win as if they always believed.

  222. Ah Solgooner, well over 50 years? Since you originally claimed to have been at the Dynamo Moscow game in the thick fog in 1945 surely that should be well over sixty and even approaching seventy years shouldn’t it, son?

  223. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Bradys Right Foot, too. Proper Gunner.

  224. Also agree with CB@11.07 and other regular posters. But my goodness where did all these doomers and idiots appear from yesterday and today? Were some people drunk last night because they seem more rational today?
    I enjoy reading this blog for its reasoned and intelligent (on the whole) thoughts from fellow Arsenal fans, sprinkled with a generous helping of good humour. If others don’t like that, why not go and read another blog. William/Howard I can stomach in small doses but “DAVE” is beyond a joke – I don’t want to promote censorship but the element of racism is very strong and should not be tolerated – it is time that YW considers banning him (in fact is DAVE some kind of computer troll because he nevers answers questions, just picks up on other posters comments.
    And for those crying for big name transfers, I don’t see too many other English clubs breaking the bank in the January transfer window. How do you buy if no one is for sale halfway through the season?
    Hoping that Arsene and the team can concentrate on the Chelsea match.

  225. Nasri Jones,

    You said; “If one is unable to take the bad with the good, what is the point of even watching football”?

    APPLAUSE. *Bows*

    Stolen for RT on Twitter.

  226. hopefully diaby is fit to play sunday.

  227. I have read a number of Wenger out comments today and these comments have the following in common:

    They do not suggest an alternative.
    They are bollox.

    I will say that there are a number of glaring deficiencies in this team that Wenger can no longer afford to ignore.

    Getting caught on the counter continually can be solved by simply having more players in defensive positions. I would argue that there is no point having so many men forward for a corner as our deliveries are so poor and they often do not beat the first man or are straight to the keeper. We may as well give the ball back to the opposition’s keeper to take the goal kick and keep men back.

    What is the point of Sagna and Clichy attempting to cross the ball? I would like to see some stats on their accurate crosses but I’ll wager it is in the region of 0 out of 250. Why do they not make a run with the ball, then play a simple pass and then run back to a defensive position. By trying to cross near to the byline they are often left stranded upfield when they fail to find a teammate with a cross. This, coupled with the wideplayers not tracking back leave us vulnerable to long balls into the space that the fullbacks vacate and that is not filled by other players. Neither Song nor Denilson have great recovery pace which makes the problem worse.

    To be fair to the wideplayers, most are strikers or attacking players so they can’t be blamed too much for not having defensive awareness. AW simply has too many attack-minded players in the squad.

    It is very disheartening to be beaten by a ManU team that is not outstanding. The last 4 games at home v Chelsea and Manu have ended, 1-3,1-4, 0-3 and 1-3 and this tells its own story. The team has barely performed in any of these games and the question is why. AW hinted at something psychological which is in stark contrast to the “great mental strength” mantra. Did the team “choke?” This is certainly a possibility and raises some serious doubts. The problem is that this team hasn’t won anything so maybe the FA Cup may help in building a winning mentality. I am not sure.

    I am a big Arshavin fan but I think he has been peripheral for much of the season. This could be down to his position and injuries but overall he hasn’t been great.

    The way Rooney surged into our box after running full-speed for 80 yards was in stark comparison to our defenders and midfielders who casually trotted back. This is completely unacceptable.

    I cannot understand why so many have given-up already. If these people supported anyone other than ManU or Chelsea there would be mass suicides. We are still in with a long-shot of the league and are in the CL. A win next week will change things. I cannot see how signing anyone in the next 5 hours or so or sacking AW will improve our fortunes for this season.

  228. i guess arsenal nearly having 3/4 million supporters in england would cause a difference in opinion and of course all around the world..

  229. poor taste?

  230. After the Stoke game, Fabianski was rubbished. Alumina earns us a point at Villa Park – not a peep about it. Yesterday he should’ve tipped over the bar, but that teasing angled cross/shot would’ve looped over most goalkeepers. Now it’s ‘if Almunia starts against Chelsea, we’re f*cked’. The other two goals were down to over-committing in attack/lack of caution in defence when we were chasing the game. Almunia will start against Chelsea because he is our best goalkeeper – just like Cech will start at Chelsea, despite having an awful season so far – because he is Chelsea’s best goalkeeper. Goalkeeping is harder now than ever before, you can’t just hang them out to dry when they concede a goal.

  231. Ole, fair play to you man.

    It’s easy to slag off any performance, whether it’s because we didnt win by enough goals, we conceded one after scoring 4, or if we got beaten fair and square by possibly the best winning team in the world. I’m sure all of us were sitting back in whatever seat we were in, bemused and disappointed. But the true supporter will look for the positives, no matter what – hence ‘supporter’.

    We weren’t completely outplayed as many people have suggested. We just didn’t put away our chances. We can give Chelsea a go and Liverpool are as frail as they have been in years. The rest of our fixtures? easily winnable.

    This is a fight up until the end of May, not the end of January.

  232. Thanks for the blog Yogi. Great reading and great perspective on a very gloomy day!
    Come on you gunners!!

  233. Ole

    You could say the same thing about the rose-tinters who think Wenger is God and the sun shines out of his backside.

    They are probably worse as they cant see the failings even after 5 trophyless seasons

    We all want to see a successful Arsenal team but dont lets bury our heads in the sand when it plainly obvious we are light years behind Manure and Chelski

  234. Frank,

    I also heard the guy from The Bill (Srgt Cryer?) in the bog yesterday. He also said the best thing that could happen would be for us to sell Cesc to Barca cos hes too good for Arsenal!
    Said he’d been a fan for 60 years and would not renew next year to watch such shite!
    God is he’s been watching that long he has seen some real shite before AW.

    Maybe it was just the pain of defeat but if not he’ll be able to sell his ticket to the Grove spivs!

  235. Mark,

    What is a light year?

  236. Titles not gone yet. Absolutely can’t lose to chelsea though, not only for the points lossed which will be massive but the confidence and belief.

    Agree with Harry above. Hate to make comparisons but when Song offers more going forward and more defensively than Denilson, then what’s the point? Denilson does have his good games player but has been caught out too many times and aside from his long-range efforts, doesn’t really bother defenses. He almost always makes the obvious decision, some may call that tidy but it’s also unimaginative and predictable.

    It’s no question that song, cesc, and diaby should be our midfield 3. I’d even rather have rosicky/nas fill in that 3rd slot if they can commit defensively.

    And I also don’t believe that wenger plays denilson over diaby. When has Diaby been fit and not started? And yes, although he is an attacker (ie better attacker than denilson) I do remember him being moved to the holding role during a game, and both Wenger and Diaby have spoken of developing that side of his game.

  237. Incredible. Thats the fellow, 1 Number 10. Seems we frequent the same bog…so to speak.

  238. Mark,

    I am many categories of that.

    1. I think the sun shines out of Wenger’s arse. Not literally of course, he’s French and they dont have big enough arses.

    2. We have a better squad than Man United….better lineup even yesterday which makes the defeat more gutting.

    3. Chelsea have a better squad but they’re less than the sum of their parts.

    4. 5 trophyless seasons….against 3 teams who’ve spent close to £1B on players while we had to grow a squad from scratch…and contesting for the league twice, should have won in 07/08, getting to semi-finals and finals….Not as bad as you make out. Nothing in our past, or present that entitles us to do better than that. if anything only Wenger’s genius keeps us in the hunt. Without him we’d be like Spurs or Everton or Villa.

  239. I think we all ought to be careful agreeing with consolsbob. He’s right of course but it sounded a lot to me like a ‘goodbye, farewell, see you later, fuck off, you’re all a bunch of spoilt eejits and I’m off to tend to my crops and make elderberry wine and sloe gin and hand-crimped pasties… see you at the victory parade’.

    Consols? Say it ain’t so. The Arsenal needs you.

  240. Bradys right foot

    By: Ole Gunner on February 1, 2010
    at 4:07 pm

    “Why is there always so much pressure and criticism on Arsenal than on any other team, despite fact that 14 teams in the league would spend £600M to be in the position we’re in and might still not make it.

    Why can’t we have some bloddy perspective?”

    Well said Ole, to apply some perspective however requires a small degree of intelligence which would be a huge effort for some of the doomers. Why adopt logic and reason when you could have a lynch mob mentality.

    Alex Song has been our most consistent player this season, he was an effigy burned by the doomers for his every touch over the last two years.

    Another defeat and another scapegoat, if you compare us to say the Liverpool fans we are a disgrace.

  241. “5 trophyless seasons….against 3 teams who’ve spent close to £1B on players while we had to grow a squad from scratch…and contesting for the league twice, should have won in 07/08, getting to semi-finals and finals….Not as bad as you make out. Nothing in our past, or present that entitles us to do better than that. if anything only Wenger’s genius keeps us in the hunt. Without him we’d be like Spurs or Everton or Villa.”

    Fantastic dose of perspective Ole, but as some wise man has said, “you never knew what you had………”

  242. I think this blog is for gays who fantasize on wenger & his players before going to sleep…;-)

    Have a good night…

  243. ‘We told you so’

  244. Ole, you are an ass licking fan…. A french ass licking fan.

  245. Yes ritesh, there might be people here who fancy men, and some of the Arsenal boys. Have a problem with that?

    Do you prefer the Chelsea boys?

  246. We really do have some of the most spoilt, whiny, miserable and ungrateful fans in the world.

    Wake up – Arsenal do not need you. We all get frustrated when we lose but a bit of perspective is needed.

    5 years without a trophy – so fuc*ing what!

    @ Limpar 4.27pm. That really made me laugh.

  247. Yup, we love a bit of the big Arsene. His curvacious hips and outright beauty are something only dreams are made of. Sylvestre is my biggest fantasy. I think about his beautifully formed head every night. Oh yes Arsenal!

  248. I do worship Wenger. Because he’s such a whole human being.

    Intelligence, heart, passion, braveness, boldness, spine, moral rectitude, foresight, realism…..

    Very few people I see in life are such complete characters.

    But despite all that I criticise him a whole lot, but maybe because of my admiration, I try to be fair in criticism.

    All said he’s doing a great job for us.

    I’ll be very disappointed if we win nothing this season, because we have the squad to do it, and he himself has said so. And he should he accountable for what he promised.

  249. Ole, not because of his exquisite body??

  250. No problem Ole… But we should be talking football on football blogs, not french arses.

    If they fuck up, we say they fuck up. When they play well, we congratulate them. Its part of the game, at Arsenal and all clubs.

    Perspective, my arse. Some people would be talking of perspective even if they were supporting Leeds in the third division. Thats arse licking, not perspective

  251. ritesh,

    Can you find someone here who says Arsenal did not “fuck up” yesterday? Just one.

  252. Ole

    we dont have the squad.Not one of our keepers is anywhere near the class of Seaman or Lehmann.Just look how short in strength we are upfront.When we have to play Arshavin as a lone striker.
    The squad lacks quality in key areas.Keeper,back up CH,Quality midfielder to partner Cesc and a 25 goal a season striker.

  253. We can say that we fucked up as much as we want, as long as there’s a rational point, not just reverting to calls for AW’s head or that certain players aren’t good enough. Where were these people when we beat Villa 3-0?

  254. You forgot to include Afro-French Arses there Ole, how dare you!

    ‘It’s part of the game to call for the sacking of a manager who’s done a job that no other manager in the game could have achieved’

    …you couldn’t make it up!

    Happy to agree with that Limpar.
    I hope Bob didn’t think I was referring to him as smelly in my poorly constructed post last night, it was the undead spectre of the ghost of NojNoj that caused a stink.
    I could only imagine Consolbob smelling of, er, apples, and fresh air. (A citygrubbers perspective).


    i know maybe something is lost in translation etc,
    and i appreciate arshavin for his honesty, but i get really pissed off if he does say things like that.

    he is a senior player, a key player. players look to him and he talks like this.

    i am just pissed off because it sounds as if he is pushing the blame to the rest of the squad. like the team is not good enough to help him fulfil his ambitions.

  256. Mark,

    RVP would get you 25 a season. EDS might. In 2 years Bendtner might.

    Almunia is no Seaman, but EVDS is not Seaman either. But I get your point mate. But all squads are not perfect. Our rivals have squad weaknesses too.

    And we have no quality midfielders? You really think that? I have to laugh at that one because you’re patently wrong there.

  257. You are a star, Ole Gunner

  258. What would ‘Victory through Moaning’ be in latin?

  259. OG, I dont think Chelsea have a better squad than Arsenal, maybe more mature but better?

    I believe we are just too anxious to destroy the big teams, hopefully we can relax and wait for our chances vs Chelsea.

  260. no7 – i totally agree. I don’t think he means these things to be printed how they are but he should be a lot more careful about how he words things. I’m sure some of the players see some of these blogs and it can’t be good for morale to hear such things – even if they have been mis-interpreted

  261. Hope AA didnt say that!

  262. honestly, if you look at man united’s squad, i would only take rooney, van der sar, evra maybe, and giggs because giggs is a player i respect, regardless of who he plays for.

    the rest are all ordinary players.

    as for chelsea, i would take petr cech and maybe essien.

    as for liverpool, only torres would interest me.

    we have a better squad. we just need our players to believe in themselves.

    how can a f***er like nani have such tremendous belief in himself when our players 10times more talented than him not believe in themselves???

  263. Paul N, i think we can put a lot of this down to nerves. Like you say, hopefully we will be more patient on Sunday…

  264. I agree, Arse Shavin.

    I think this article is sensible apart from the last line.

  265. Someone needs to get into our lads heads – before they scored yesterday, we were fighting for everything. After that, it seemed that the crowd and then the players got the mentality of ‘here we go again, another spanking at home’.
    We don’t really need new players, alright a new GK would be great, but we need the players we have to live up to their undoubted potential.

  266. arse shavin:

    honestly i feel that arshavin shouldnt have said anything. yes, individuals made errors yesterday.

    yes, he is playing with a foot injury and playing in a position he doesnt like.

    but he had 4 decent chances yesterday, and had he put any of them in, it could have been different.

    instead of saying such things that may hurt morale, he should look at himself and get on with it.

    his body language worries me, because it seems he isnt happy in london. i don’t know why.

    every single player needs to step up and take responsibility, and not think: the team is not good enough for me.

    because if they think like that and want to leave, like hleb and flamini, then they are just saying they are not good enough, because they need people to win things for them.

  267. Ritesh, do please stop harping on about licking arses. It’s weird and unsavoury.

    Finsbury, I imagine Bob might smell faintly of freshly split birch wood – but certainly apples and fresh air too.

  268. SG’s 12:01 post was a very good exorcism.

    I feel much better now. No more projectile vomiting.

    I’d say Shotta has had some practice at this kind of thing.

  269. it was heartening to see theo play with some fire yesterday. and you know there was once he broke down the flank and the commentator was saying there was no one to cross to.

    what a fool the commentator was. rosicky was at the far post. theo did extremely well to get the ball to rosicky.



    “With all my respect, I really don’t care what people think about us. It’s about what we believe up until the end of the season. People are not going to play for us and it is up to us to show what we can do.

    Brilliant young man!

  271. Ole, Nasri and other “non-doomers”

    The supporters of this club no different then any “big” club in the world. I live in Dallas Texas and despair and gloom about the Dallas Cowboys is rampant. Hysteria was breaking out when the New York Yankees did not win the world series for several years. Liverpool fans hate the team owners and have plenty of doom and gloom. Real Madrid gets a new chairman and spends $200 M if they do not win. Gooners are no better or worse then any group of supporters. I share your concern about the ugly nature of some of the comments and I wish people would actually have logical debates rather then rant. Unfortunately that is not human nature. The doomers will disappear when we win again.

    Most of the criticism I read is directed at our team management. Field managers of “big clubs” traditionally fight with ownership to get as much money as possible and use it to strengthen their club. That system has worked for big clubs for as long as there has been football. We have completely changed that model in the last 5 years and the results have not been up to the standards set in the previous years. Perhaps the Mancs and the Chavs and City will implode from debt in the next few years. However, the Mancs may be bought out by billionaires and continue to outspend us and we will never catch up. At some point we have to stop building for the future. We were very close to winning in 2008 then the Flamini, Diarra, Gilberto and Hleb saga contributed to a rather lackluster 2009. Some of the decisions management have made are difficult to understand. As a fan, I feel betrayed by a team which made $30M in transfer profit this year and has/had a real chance to win this year. I do not advocate spending ourselves into financial oblivion, however we should use the money we have available to strengthen our squad. Buying players will not always guarantee success but it would certainly give us a best chance to win and that is all I can ask for from management.

  272. no7 – I remember reading a while ago about how the lads would take the piss out of AA23 cos of his accent and make comparisons with that f**kin compare insurance advert. He made the effort to learn English before he came to us so he could fit in better and a bunch of younguns ripped it out of him for doing so. That’d piss me off, especially when some of the lads, who have been with us for years never do interviews in English…

  273. The transfer deadline is over – well thank fu*k for that. Now can everybody please stop banging on about who we should sign as if they know better than our world class scouting system.

    Nobody has signed anybody of any note and that speaks for itself.

  274. Ole,

    we have nothing but quality midfelders and that is the problem – the squad is so unbalanced, it’s bordering on negligence 👿

  275. rinseout,

    i didnt know about that. i don’t know what is your point though.

    i admire arshavin alot.

    i just want him to be happy at arsenal.

    i don’t want him to think he is better off elsewhere.

  276. What utter shit, Rinseout

  277. SUGA3,

    Any squad will look imbalanced with the injuries we have.

    We do have 5 strikers, and can you believe that at the weekend not one of them was fit enough to start the game except Theo and he’s just back from injury.

  278. no7 – the point is AA came into a squad of lads who had largely grown up together and had a mutual understanding of the culture. AA appears to be a mature person and seems quite a serious guy in many ways. I can understand him feeling alienated by banter which he may take as disrespect.
    Hopefully any body language etc may be as a result of that kinda thing rather than not wanting to be at Arsenal. To be fair to him, he was/is a massive star in Russia and probably no-one would have taken the piss at Zenit.

    Once he gets used to the banter, should be fine…

  279. All we need to do is find the balance between going forward and defending, thats obvious.

    We can score, thats not a problem at all.

  280. Bill,

    A lot of Wenger decisions are distorted by media.

    They say he let Diarra go. But Diarra had 4 players in fron of him, and refused to play a cup game. Intolerable. No manager worth his salt would let him poison the dressing room.

    Flamini….the boy told the manager, and 2 close personal friends (Cesc & Rosicky) he was going to stay, then he left for more money. Some say we should have paid more, but 2 seasons after, he’s not played as well as he played that one season, and even on hindsight it’s clear it was the right decision not to cave in and pay him as much as Cesc.

    Hleb: Good player for us. But his mental weakness is too evdent in the choice to leave for Barcelona which proved in just a matter of weeks to be a very poor decision. He wanted to leave.

    3 players who wanted to leave…was AW supposed to grovel at their feet?

  281. ”a club source” hahahahahaha!

    Rinseout that is a ridiculous article and u know this

  282. Ole,

    injuries or no injuries, there are too many similar players and no plan B…

    that makes us vulnerable to physical teams we used to obliterate without breaking sweat…

  283. OMG. Footballers teasing each other is news!

    You should read about the Tinkerbell revelations in the match day programmes Rinseout.

    Scandalous stuff.

  284. Man Utd won the PL last year taking 5 points off the top 4.

    Yesterday was frustrating because it seems the team aren’t really progressing when faced by a true challenge.

    AW brought the pressure on himself by throwing the FA Cup game the margin for sucess or failure this season was therefore made very narrow.

    We all owe AW for making Arsenal what it is today, bringing football of a class unseen before and revolutionising the whole English game.

    The frustration is because of games like Sunday the club seem to be drifting this season is almost a re-run of the last 3. This team doesn’t seem to learn from their mistakes or are not being coached to learn.

    Ferguson is the greatest manager in the english game because he instills a wining mentality. Man Utd had inferior players on sunday (indeed their squad is the weakest I can remember it) but he got the tactics spot on. Once we were 2-0 down AW’s chances of changing tactics were limited and options on the bench poor. (It should be noted that altough AW hasn’t spent big on transfers we have the third highest wage bill!).

    I’ve said for a while that I think for Arsenal to attain the next level i.e. European Champions we need a different manager and approach, not to denigrate AW or what he’s done but I believe a Capello, Hiddink or even Mourinho are much more focused on winning by any means rather than on the style and that’s ultimately seems what supporters want but is never guaranteed.

    However the debate should wait until the end of the season we are not entirely out of the title race and are still in the CL, although I admit it scares me to think what a Barca or Real Madrid would do to us.

  285. matty I don’t think signing anyone was a big thing it’s our squad now that have shown some problems that need to be sorted.

    also who doesn’t think we need a new goalie in the summer?

  286. Ole, we have the best midfielder in the World with Denilson.

  287. The Day Mourinho is our Manager is the day i stop going to games.

    What makes anyone think any of these people want to come and manage us anyway.

    If there is something more knee-jerk i have not heard it today.

    What about David Moyes, he’s good……

  288. SUGA3, the game yesterday has nothing to do with United being more physical and also we beat Bolton twice. This physical thing is a load of dog doo. We got beat because we didnt play smart. I wouldve settled for a defensive 0-0 draw rather to see them keep slapping us on the counter all game long.
    All of the goals came on the counter, think about where the problem was.

  289. Since the widespread clamour against Almunia started, he now makes a game-ruining mistake per game.

    In that light he has to be the worst keeper in the division.

    No other keeper I know is blamed for every goal his team concedes. I just wonder how come we led the league for 3/4ths of the season in 07/08 with him in goal.

    He’s gone from being faultless while we were flying to being complete crap.

    That’s a long way to fall.

    By the way, he will also be at fault for the next goal we concede whenever we concede it. It’s pre-destined by 100s of 1000s of people.

    And if so many say it it must be true.

  290. ‘Supporters’ are not a homogeneous group as you well know, VivB. There is no representative supporter opinion and any top club who hires and fires managers on the basis of what some supporters appear to want is destined for disaster. Any ‘debate’ you wish to have about changing managers is superfluous, at the end of the season or any other time.

  291. SUGA,

    What would be a reasonable Plan B. That’s another of those phrases thrown around which dont appear to mean anything.

  292. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Who do you c*nts that hate Wenger worship? The ultra corrupt, grudge holding, purple nosed rapist Ferguson, the king of the 4 5 1 and nicking wins in extra time? Abramovich the oil thug who purchased all his trophies? Fucking no brain scumbags.

    F*ck you Wenger haters.

  293. Frank’s exactly right. If enough arseholes start with the anti-Wenger rubbish again, we the silent majority will come out in force.

  294. Bill,

    you know what is the problem nowadays?

    we talk about buying, buying, buying.

    but who do you want to buy?

    and if you have someone to buy, like villa and dzeko, would their clubs sell? they won’t, unless you offer crazy money for it.

    and if you want to buy someone, you have to think: would you be killing anyone because of it.

    that is what wenger is thinking.

    a striker. he has rvp coming back. walcott, simpson, jet, vela waiting for their chances.

    a midfielder. denilson, diaby, coquelin, merida, ramsey.

    the beauty about supporting Arsenal Football Club is that Arsene feels a responsibility to the kids he brings in.

    it is not win at all costs, treating players like commodities.

    that is what makes supporting Arsenal special.

  295. Wenger out Mourinho in, ha ha ha, i might make a banner and see how it goes down at the Liverpool game.

    Sorry Vivb but i think AW brought pressure on himself by winning two doubles and making our club a permanent fixture among Europe’s elite.

  296. I hate Mourinho and would hate it every day if he were manager here. Much like it is for the 10k people who really really hate Arsene Wenger.

    But I’d nevertheless honestly be curious to see him manage Arsenal. It’d last 2 hours until he realises the transfer budget is £20M and not £200M.

    In any case he won’t come because he’d only either go to a club that’d give him £200M to spend, or which already has clearly the strongest squad.

    He’s about massaging his stats. A coward who’d never take on a real challenge.

    Not 25% of AW’s balls.

  297. Ole:

    My perception is that management is not giving this team the best chance to win. It certainly is not following the model that has lead to success in other big clubs at this point. I understand that we have a new stadium and needed to spend wisely. However, AW and the board both indicate that there is money available. AW said we could use a striker. Now we are in danger of dropping off the race and the money that we could have used is sitting in CD’s. That makes no sense to me. AW said himself that our defense was the major cause of our not fighting for the title last year. Our defense is still leaking goals this year and we still have $30M in the bank from transfer profits and we still send our central defenders forward at every chance leaving us open to the break. That does not make sense to me. I want Arsenal to win as much or more then anyone but I and many others percieve that management is not giving us the best chance to win.

  298. This team is good enough to win it all.

  299. ok ole,

    you are an almunia fan and its the fans fault that his form has dipped in the last few years,

    sometimes you talk absoloute nonsense…

    he has never been a good goalie 90% of gunners will tell you that 100% will tell you when they know what they are talking about!

  300. I wouldn’t want mourinho to manage arsenal ever but if it happened ole you would have to accept it.

    you wouldn’t lose your intrest in the gunners because arsene goes, would you?

  301. By: Mark on February 1, 2010
    at 4:19 pm

    “You could say the same thing about the rose-tinters who think Wenger is God and the sun shines out of his backside.

    They are probably worse as they cant see the failings even after 5 trophyless seasons”

    exagerate the point

    we won the FA cup in 2005 – correct me if im wrong but that 1,2,3,4,er?8 yrs ago?!!??

  302. Nasir Jones-Nasri


    For your own health, you might want to stop reading the shitty papers. Go do some pushups, go for a run or something. Reading the papers makes you stupider and worse off. There’s so many other positive things you could be doing with your life.

  303. Bill,

    tell me which defender you want to sign?

    the thing about defence is that it is alot about understanding.

    do you know why in 1988, rinus michels brought marco van basten to the euros, although he was half-fit?

    he said: a striker doesn’t need to grow into a tournament. he can turn it on if he is good enough. it is unlike defenders. the whole defence needs time to gel with each other. the chemistry is more crucial in defence compared to attack.

    that is why most coaches build their teams from the defence first.

    you need a stable back 4, with youngsters ready to step up in case of injuries. you can’t chop and change the defence on a whim.

    in our case, i think gallas, vermaelen, clichy and sagna are about the best defence you can get.

    clichy can cross better, sagna can attack more. and on the whole, the concentration just needs to be there.

    we didnt lose the title race last season because our defenders were bad. we made concentration errors.

    we seem to be making them still.

    my concern, therefore is not getting new defenders, but getting our present defenders to function better as a unit.

  304. Bill,

    There’s a simple fact that media don’t present. And that’s where we often go wrong.

    It’s that “other big clubs” are spending beyond their means and it has become unsustainable.

    It’s like a bank competing against Bear Sterns, not doing the fancy derivatives trick, and being beaten by its staff for not doing what other big banks are doing.

    We can’t afford to spend at the rate the others have.

    I even think we might have been sucked into the race for the bottom when Chelski came along and poisoned football, it just turned out we had two massive large demands on our capital; a stadium costing £350M and a neeed to replace an ageing squad which finished 12 points off the pace in 2005.

    We had to be more realistic than the others.

    But there are other constraints, now we have money in the bank, but it’s not a supermarket, you dont always find what you want.

    And the reason Wenger has kept us competitive on a shoe string is that he is careful and deliberative, and would watch a Vermaelen for a year, and judge him on performance not reputation, and get him for £8M and not £20M a Chelski or Man City or Real madrid would have paid.

    He takes a longer view. He has too. If we start buying on the spot i.e. we need a striker today, so we go and make sure we buy, our money wont go very far at all. A top striker in the spot market costs £35. In the Wenger market might cost £12M.

    You might say this will never work. I don’t know but I think it will. We led the league for 75% of the season in 07/08. 4 points was the difference. We’re still in the title race this season.

    Valencia, Deportivo, Ajax, Wolfsburg, AZ are teams who’ve won major titles recently without breaking the bank.

    At some point this squad will win a title.

  305. no7 – i agree. Its not the personnel that needs changing its the way we defend as a team that could make us harder to beat which i think is one area we could improve upon. Hopefully Sol Campbell’s experience will help in the coming months.

    But of course most people just take the easy option and blame Almunia or Denilson or Bendtner or Eduardo. It used to be Gallas and Song and Diaby.

    The transfer deadline is over.

  306. Ole GUNNER!

    You talk sense Sir, keep up the good work.

  307. Matty,

    you may notice i didnt mention almunia.

    i am not convinced by him. i do hope that we have a truly good keeper for next season, be it fabianski, mannone or whoever.

    for squad stability, there is no point buying a keeper now.

    to me, there are 3 things we can do:

    1. bash almunia
    2. defend almunia
    3. pray that almunia will come good and become a hero and save us all.

    i chose 3.

  308. No 7 and Ole.

    Thanks for the reasonable debate. That is what makes these blogs fun. Unfortunately, I am getting behind at work, but I would love to continue. See you tomorrow. Bill

  309. Well done to everyone who has continued giving the enemy a bollocking today.

    I can’t agree with Ole’s assessment of the word doomer. The only criticism I would make of it is that it is too generous, as it suggests they are merely pessimistic, when in fact they are actively opposed to the club. There are many people attached to Arsenal who are in no way supporters. I don’t care if they’ve been going to games for 60 or 70 years, as indeed they all have. The best of them give luke warm support when the team is winning, and turn against them as soon as a result is worse than hoped. They are like wolves, which will supposedly give up their quarry in favour of devouring an injured member of their own pack. The worst of them are silent when the team is winning (except of course on match days, when they are singing louder than anyone else). They wait in silence for a draw or a loss, or until someone dares to praise a player for whom they have taken a dislike, before attacking like a rabid dog. I see no problem in lumping this scum together into one contiguous mass of shit, that it may the more easily be disposed of.

  310. my challenge to the team would be to get up and fight.

    14 games more, that is 42 points.

    no point thinking about manchester united.

    42 f***ing points to be won, and you want to brood over 3?

  311. Bill,

    you know what is the problem nowadays?

    we talk about buying, buying, buying.

    but who do you want to buy?

    and if you have someone to buy, like villa and dzeko, would their clubs sell? they won’t, unless you offer crazy money for it.

    and if you want to buy someone, you have to think: would you be killing anyone because of it.

    that is what wenger is thinking.

    a striker. he has rvp coming back. walcott, simpson, jet, vela waiting for their chances.

    a midfielder. denilson, diaby, coquelin, merida, ramsey.

    the beauty about supporting Arsenal Football Club is that Arsene feels a responsibility to the kids he brings in.

    it is not win at all costs, treating players like commodities.

    that is what makes supporting Arsenal special.

  312. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    And good lord Bill. You’re mistaken comparing Arsenal, who are one of the classiest teams around in all of sport to teams like Real Madrid, the Yankees and the Cowboys who attempt to buy championships year after year. We are similar to the Pittsburgh Steelers and Anaheim Angels. They assemble their (always good and competitive) teams through finding undervalued gems in the draft. Occasionally they bolster what they have with a free agent signing. Wenger is similar. If you want Arsenal to be like the Cowboys and Yankees, you might as well just throw on a Man City or Chavski or Real top and call it a day.

  313. John,

    I am not an Almunia fan. I think the criticism of him has become very stupid.

    I was taking the piss but I was also serious.

    For him to fuck us up every game, he really must be the worst keeper in the division.

    But I know that’s rubbish. So it has to be the good old Arsenal bandwagon. All of you start on one player, and work yourselves into a frenzy, and he gets blamed for everything.

    In fact your comment underlined my point. You say 90% of you know he’s a crap keeper. You’ve decided he will be at fault.

  314. I genuinely hope someone can enlighten me on this (I’m not being sarcastic when I say that).

    In my free moments today I spent a bit of time watching the game again – the last 20 minutes were really gutsy from us by the way – and I noticed how often we elected to cross from a less than dangerous position, usually nearer the touchline than the area.

    It happens a lot, and generally it gifts possession to the the side.

    When it come to percentages, wouldn’t it be worth instilling a bit of gung-ho flair into our full-backs and wider forwards, and encourage them to take on their man and drive into the area more often to try and find room for a cut back?

    Maybe having someone nearby who can make a decoy run might help as well.

    Easier said than done, I know, and it isn’t always going to come off; we’ll lose the ball a fair bit, but probably no more than when we try speculative crosses that none of our players could hope to reach. Sagna and Clichy are nippy over a couple of yards, and have the technique to take players on a bit more.

    Is it a confidence thing? Or because we prize a team ethic so much and nobody wants to be responsible for losing possession?

    Genuinely interested.

  315. Nasir-Jones-Nasri according to bobbygee we are like the Philadelphia Eagles

  316. The Mancs were on form yesterday and we were not. Football can be fickle sometimes. We had chances to win the game as did the Mancs. One mistake for the first goal..if that hadn’t happened it could all have been so different. We have played worse and won….and better and lost. The Mancs have played much worse and lost too. Another day another result. There is certainly no need to throw your rattle or indeed the manager or players out of the pram. That would be childish and stupid.


  317. lol poli

    you should go and live in north korea where there is only one way to think tunnel vision

    “when in fact they are actively opposed to the club” what bollocks!!


    how much money do you think we would need to get a better goalkeeper?

  318. That’s an other thing about it – it’s inconsistent with the football we play the rest of the time: Beautiful passing shapes, long periods on the ball, then an aimless cross and we surrender possession again.

    I think our full-backs get a lot of stick for their perceived lack of crossing ability, but they really have nothing to aim at from this kind of position.

  319. Poliziano,

    I know. I prefer to call some of them anti-Arsenal Arsenal fans.

    But its wordy, and I really really don’t like the fact that we dont unite around the team. So I am hesitant to press labels, or claim righteousness.

    We also have to allow ‘doomers’ to have their say, in between all the rubbish, they express all our anxieties.

    I just wish they’d show more bottle in the fight when we’re trying to dethrone teams who’ve spent £100B with a lot of the establishment against us, with a young team, such that they dont cower after every setback.

  320. oneofus,

    i think our players don’t take risks in terms of taking on the defender, but they do so by trying to slip the ball in.

    maybe our players are not as suited to taking on the man. honestly i can only see arshavin and walcott doing it, because they have that burst in them.

    another reason why i think we don’t do it as often is because teams often sit very deep when they play us. you want to beat the man, you have to make sure there is space behind him for you to run to. when they sit deep, there isnt alot of space, you will just run the ball out.

    if you remember, arshavin went to take on the defender at least once yesterday, and that was because we were breaking on the counter.

  321. why do we ALWAYS have the opposition playing under perfect circumstances??

    rooney was on the verge of 100 goals, what a bloody way to get it he would’ve thought which spurred him on.

    booing nani was just stupid it was evident that the booing made him fight even harder. ffs.

  322. actually ole not every time we concede I blame almunia, thats ridiculous.

    but he keeps making mistakes and will be blamed.

    you keep saying jumping on the bandwagon but I will say if anyone has a bad game

  323. no7,

    With his pace, balance and trickery, Nasri should be tearing full backs apart every week. But he has this habit of cutting back. Has to be coached out of him. He beats the man going wide, and then cuts back inside halting his own pace.

  324. no7 – a reasonable argument from you there with regards to Almunia. Given your options I would say I am somewhere between 2 and 3 🙂

    Its too easy to say ‘replace him, replace the Manager, replace Denilson’ and a lot harder to say ‘these are the players our Manager has picked and i’m going to back him and support them’

  325. Andrey very nearly took the Mancs defence apart on his own at times yesterday. Cesc ahd three players marking him for the first 70 minutes. For the last 15 or 20 mins the Mancs began to tire badly hence the gamesmanship around substitutions, slow goalkicks etc. I hope we get them in the European thingy.

  326. ole,

    i love watching nasri play. it is so hard to get the ball off him.

    300th win at stamford bridge. end their home record. how about that?

  327. i never really understood how nani could have so much confidence in himself and our players don’t seem to have in themselves, when they are obviously better.

  328. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Bobby Gee means well, Zap. And he is sort of correct, but I went for the other team from Pennsylvania because they have achieved success similar to Arsenal. But policy wise he is correct. The Eagles build their teams through the draft mostly and bolster when they need to through trades and Free Agency. It’s funny, because it pains me to credit the Steelers with anything (being a life long Eagles fan in California who absolutely worshipped Randall Cunningham as a kid), but they’ve won the titles and the Eagles haven’t.

  329. The game really did not go our way yesterday but what I saw was an Arsenal team which played its guts out to the bitter end even with the odds stacked against them. They will do the same against Chelski, but with a bit more cohesion and a bit more luck. They will never give up…..

  330. honestly i thought we could have come back yesterday even 3-0 down. and when vermaelen got that goal, i thought we could make it 3-3.

    i honestly don’t know why people said man u were much better or whatever.

  331. Fucking hate the Eagles. Commercial rubbish. Gene Clark, Chris Hillman and Gram Parsons were the real pioneers.

  332. nasri does have the trickery to get behind full backs and he cuts back all the time.

    we have no real natural wingers thats why we get our full backs to cross from deep, if they got in behind more we would be more dangerous. also that happens to us because good sides play narrow and deep against us…

    however I would love it if they shot more from the edge make the goalie work or in nasri’s case get in behind to make a cut back which he is more than capable of…

  333. By the end of the week we could be 2 points off top.

    We could be 11 points off top if things don’t go our way.

  334. John,
    I don’t have the slightest interest in your opinion, and I wouldn’t lift a finger to change it. I accept that retards have retarded opinions. My only wish is that you would promote your opinion at a more suitable forum.

  335. nasri needs to shoot more. it is good to see fabregas shooting more. rosicky can shoot more. just shoot.

    it goes in and you are a hero.

    and i am not saying shoot for the sake of shooting. you look at our players; they are more than capable of shooting.

  336. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Hard to argue with that, Frank You wouldn’t happen to be a Big Lebowski fan would you?

  337. you should all come out in force the silent fans.

    At the Santiago Bernabeu, there are 100,000 white hankies which are waved at you.. So this buch of crap players should consider themselves lucky to get only limited abuse.

    Loic Remy, the Arsenal target had a bad game and fans waited for him to come out and spit at him in the parking, thats whats being a footballer means. If you cant take it, quit.

  338. you make no sense ritesh u donut


    The 19-year-old Poland international has been in sparkling form for the Bees since arriving in November, conceding just six goals in nine games.
    He will now stay on at Griffin Park until May 31.

  340. we didnt have a bad game yesterday. we made 3 mistakes and got punished.

  341. the result was bitter, because we could have beaten them.

  342. For two of the Manc goals our defensive line seemed to be about 10 yards too far up the pitch. That is what happens with an attacking ethos. There we are without a recognised centre forward on the pitch running at the fuckers like good-uns. Andrey was squeezing in under both centre-halfs arm-pits on several occasions. Cesc is standing there with three players on him…and he is begging for the ball. Fantsatic attitude. But we got drawn in too much…twice. Just a tweak is all we need and we are there.

  343. almunia
    sagna gallas vermaelen clichy
    fabregas song diaby
    nasri bendtner arshavin?

  344. It is a bit of a prick you are, Ritesh. You can dish it but I bet you can’t take it, son.

  345. almunia
    sagna gallas vermaelen clichy
    fabregas song diaby
    nasri bendtner arshavin

    for chelsea?

    personally i wonder if walcott would be given a go from the first minute.

  346. umm what about rosicky?

    does anyone have news on van persie is he coming back sooner than expected or is this made up??

  347. “If you cant take it, quit.”

    Good advice – you should heed it.

    Point taken about sides sitting deep, no7. And I did notice the impact Walcott made yesterday. He picked out Rosicky beautifully with one cross. His off the ball work made a big difference as well.

  348. i think it is between rosicky or nasri. maybe rosicky will get the heads up because he is more experienced?

  349. we have a small advange over the Chavs they travel to Hull tomorrow and hopefully our players will be a lot fresher and ready for a hard fight.It won’t be easy but we will see a different attitude from the players, surely we can’t make the same mistakes again.A win would be famtastic but avoiding a defeat is a must anything less and 3rd would be the best we could hope for unless the chavs and united collapse.

  350. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Right, Ritesh. Just like they’ve gotta deal with the pain of being hit in the head by a pound coin right? And you’re not a footballer unless you can withstand getting hit by a flying iPhone, huh? What a neanderthal.

  351. We did not play bad, we were great, just made 3 mistakes and got another hole…not bad play Frank, we are a good team actually, very good team…

    Denilson played well for around 2 mins, Almunia was good everytime the ball was in the opposition half, decent performance if you judge by the number of mins played.

    We were very good guys, even Wenger said we were very good. He loves these players, they never let him down you know.

  352. Diaby as well – he’s got quick feet and great balance. In 07-08 I was desperate to see him show a bit more aggression when he was out there on the left.

    Although I have to say he’s playing to his strengths more than ever this season. Great player to watch.

  353. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    They let us down all the time, Ritesh. We just don’t choose to participate in the ridiculous lynchings they receive when something doesn’t go our way. It’s a team game you daft c*nt.


    ritesh, do you honestly believe we like to lose?

    it is just about keeping things in perspective. 42 more points to play for.

    back when we beat bolton twice, i knew people would start going crazy the moment we stop winning.

    cool heads need to prevail.

  355. Agree Frank, a tweak and we will be champions both this year and for years to come. I have no doubt in my mind!

  356. go home to le grove ritesh

  357. …and why do u post on bobbygee’s blog as a manu fan?

  358. its not about wiining the league 7

    It being humiliated on your pitch for the second year running by an average manure team. Generally, gaffers apologise after that. Wigan players refunded the traveling fans after their Everton drubbing!

    These players have no self respect. Fabregas a great player, yes.. a big fish in a small pong…but a minnow in big water. Never turns up in a big match.

    Rooney had 3 arsenal players around him and he scored. Nani had 2 players around him and, he went past them as if they were not there.

    So have some perspective….we are not good enough to challenge for top spot. That real perspective.

  359. ritesh,

    i think you are ridiculous.

    do you think this doesnt mean a thing to arsene wenger? do you think that he doesnt feel gutted when the team made mistakes and lose the game?

    these are the players he put his head out on the chopping board for.

    he, more than anyone else, should feel let down by the players.

    but at the end of the day, it is about man-management, about people.

    human beings. protecting them, nurturing them.

    we all think we can be the one in the hotseat. but can we even manage our own relationships with the people around us?

    arsenal is different.

    it is about love and respect. you feel that the club has values. that the club is not about winning at all costs.

    that is why i am honoured to be supporting arsenal.

  360. We’re four behind MU and if Chelsea beat Hull, which is the likely result, we’ll be eight points behind Chelsea. A victory against them and we cut that deficit down to five. Four and five point deficits are not insurmountable. Chelsea and Man U have a tougher fixture list than us coming up. A few bad games from them and we’re back in it. This is reality. This is where Arsenal stands as of right now. Any commentary beyond this reality is superfluous and speculative. I have faith that this team will shake off this bad result and push forward with a lot more confidence.

  361. Gutted of course to lose to the Mancs again…but I can’t deny we were not good enough on the day. Nothing about luck, nothing about the referee and no one to blame except ourselves.

    I think we went “Gung-Ho” after the first goal, and we should have composed ourselves and made it more tight at the back and attacked wisely…but we conceded the second and the third with the same naivety and it was no way back from there.

    I think our fullbacks given up on beating the opposition fullbacks and the only one willing to take the risk is Eboue, and sometimes Arshavin when he drifts to the wings. Nasri, Rosicky, and Sagna always cut inside and it becomes very very predictable, Clichy’s crosses are also predictable and most of the times are not accurate.

    Cutting inside and penetrating from the middle with quick passing may work against small teams, but it doesn’t seem to work against the big ones.

    I don’t know what the problem is, but I’m tired of losing to the big teams. I said before games against the top 4 would not decide where the title goes, but it certainly gives the team the confidence, drive, and self belief.

    We’re not out of it yet, but certainly a defeat to the Chel$cums would make the title a distant possibility.

    I don’t think this is Wenger’s fault in the sense of him doing everything for this team. He stands there and takes a slap on the face after slap on the face from fans and media hacks but he continues to stand by and defend the same players. I don’t know how he can plant the belief inside their minds? It’s something they have to come up with…You either think you’re good enough, or you think you’re not entitled to go all the way to the top. These players have to make up their minds, and make it fast.

    Sorry for the rant, but I’m not a happy Gunner4Ever right now.

  362. Gunner4Ever,

    i always say: the players must come out and prove arsene wenger right.

  363. I do agree that our players could take on their defenders a little more. Its not only about speed but skill, Nasri and Rosicky have that in abundance. You can look at Cesc, not the fastest but gets past palyers. if you get the defender off balance you can go around them.

  364. Oh dear oh dear oh dear, G4E. You will have to stew in your own juice I am afraid.

  365. Absolutely superb Ole Gunner. In a nut shell your analysis is the essential truth regarding the influence of Monsieur Wenger. He, like you, has a degree or perhaps a graduate degree in football’onomics. All spending is indeed very shrewd.

    But, we have something else with Wenger and that is ‘total football.’ It is this intelligent style of play which captures my interest. Whenever does one see third man running in English Football except with Arsenal. In addition, all the players switch positions and we often see our centre backs in the oppositions box which delights me.

    Some will say that the centre backs have no business to conduct in the oppositions box, but this is precisely why it is so effective. It is true that we concede the odd goal because of abscent defenders but I can live with that.

    The team were on tranqillizers yesterday and their tablets will be taken from them I can assure you. You will see a different team play Chelsea and I would not be surprised to see the Russian’s boys take a beating what with their wife shaggers and all.

  366. What angers me more than any defeat ever could is that these morons from the last two days will celebrate with the rest of us when this brilliant team comes good. They’ll act as if they never doubted for a minute, and they’ll talk in terms of how good “we” are. It makes me a bit sick.

  367. You like/d Jane Birkin, Gainsbourg69?

  368. Well said, Vince, you are a star.

  369. 7, ur ridiculous to say a team is doing well when time and time agains they fuck up in big matches.

    Fans like you are doing a great disservice to the team by overprotecting a bunch of highly paid spoilt underachievers

  370. ritesh fabregas doesn’t show up in big games?

    u donut. u didnt answer my question y do you post on bobbygee’s blog as a manu fan don’t deny this.

  371. Haha! I always wanted to mention 69 Année Érotique, but thought it’d look a bit dodgy.

  372. “For two of the Manc goals our defensive line seemed to be about 10 yards too far up the pitch. That is what happens with an attacking ethos. There we are without a recognised centre forward on the pitch running at the fuckers like good-uns. Andrey was squeezing in under both centre-halfs arm-pits on several occasions. Cesc is standing there with three players on him…and he is begging for the ball. Fantsatic attitude. But we got drawn in too much…twice. Just a tweak is all we need and we are there.”

    Thank you. Reading pragmatic analysis is a real treat.

    I completely agree with you saying we need just a tweak. I think our midfield could have been a bit more cohesive yesterday. We conceded two identical goals through the same central space. I know it’s fashionable to slag off Denilson but what people seem to be ignoring is that Alex Song was there too. Vermaelen and Gallas were shot forward as well. I think we lacked a bit of defensive discipline and played them as if they were Bolton. This shall be corrected in training this week. I’m sure the players will watch film of this game and they will study what was wrong with those two last goals.

  373. It’s not like we have to go back decades to find a time when we beat man utd or Chelsea. We beat both of the f*ckers only a year ago, and in far worse circumstances than we are in now. The annoying thing about yesterday is that we had a team that was more than good enough to win, but they didn’t do it.

  374. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Right their multiple blog names down, take pictures, write down seat numbers, stick post it notes around the house, whatever you gotta do to remember the snakes, Vince.

  375. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Whoa. That was weird. Write not right.

  376. you fucking idiot ritesh

  377. Zap, you suck!

  378. You like/d Jane Birkin, Gainsbourg69?

    She was pretty hot.

  379. Jane Birkin hot????


  380. do i. well someone who supposedly is an arsenal fan but posts somewhre else as a manu fan seems to me as a complete idiot

  381. A sort of Cheryl Cole avant la lettre.

  382. ….we are arsenal..

    …we are arsenal…

    …come on arsenal!!!!

  383. je voudrais une barclays premier league, sil-vous plait.

  384. I don’t think our team looked inferior despite the score line. We kept pushing on in the first half and fought the whole second half.

  385. Moi aussi.

  386. Ritesh, i see you were calling for wenger to be sacked. great idea what a boost for the team’s morale.

    you fish

  387. Frank, I do have to stew in my own – not so happy – juice and it’s my problem.

    I believe in the team and I believe in their technical abilities..all of them. But, when we take a beating from Chelsea 3/0 and a beating from the Mancs 3/1 at home…there must be something wrong, and whatever it is, I don’t like it.

    We say we have to learn from our mistakes in previous big games, but it doesn’t look like we do. Last year we lost against the small teams, and we fixed that…this year we are losing to the big teams like we did the year before last?

    I don’t care about losing the 3 points, I care about losing to the Mancs a few times in a raw now home & away and all of them seems like we shoot ourselves in the foot, why is that? They’re by no means better than us, they didn’t have any players yesterday who are better players than ours, we didn’t play so bad (as always) yet we still lost to United for the third or fourth time in a raw.

    Sorry, I have to stew in my own juice because I believe those players are capable of more than that.

  388. Zap, you are a delusional cunt.

    I support Arsenal….the football club…I am not a Wenger arse licker like you.

  389. Cheryl Cole?

  390. Gus Hiddick in place of Wenger would not be bad…

    But I did not say Wenger out, delusional cunt!

  391. Sack Wenger and bring in whom?

  392. did i say i agree with EVERYTHING he does? no you fish,

    and yes u do post on bobbygee’s blog as Rite$h and a manu fan, u even said after wedsnesday night’s carling cup match u want manu to win the game don’t deny this

  393. Zap, tu communique en francais comme une pédale!

    Retourne a l’école, pauvre demeurer

  394. Fuck you Zap….

    ur a real cheap cunt to resort to such excuses.

  395. She’s Ashley Cole’s wife, Gainsbourg69. She used to be a member of Girls Alert.

  396. Great post Yogi….

    Prepare another good one to keep these bloggers happy after Chelsea.. Keep it up!

  397. umm if i am not mistaken.

    i went on le-grove today just to see what everyone means by it being anti-arsenal, and during the match, u said ‘wenger out’ so shut up and don’t deny this u donut.

    so, one of the best stadiums in the world, a large amount of history and loads of trophies not good enough is it? u cunt

  398. Nasir Jones, I forgot your comment.

    poor chap. You are pathetic.

  399. Oofus, it’s interesting…

    It does seem as though we are resorting – if that’s the right word – to crossing into the box, too hurriedly, and too often.

    Often it seems we’d be better off keeping it on the deck, just as I think we should opt for the short corner more than we do. If we can’t get to the byline to whip it in low; then try to recycle it, play to our strengths and keep looking for that final slide rule pass that gets us in.

    Crossing on the break is one thing, into and over a backpeddling defence – as Eduardo’s goal at Wham shows. But crossing into a packed box of defenders who know exactly what’s coming – is mostly futile. With our present starting lineup the best we can hope for with that sort of a cross, is for (someone like) Eduardo to gobble up a badly cleared second ball. Sometimes it’s as though we cross into the box to get a final product from a period of possession. More patience needed, I think. Don’t be afraid to put your foot on the ball and move it back inside. But then, when you’ve got tens of thousands of people baying at you to get the ball in the box, it might seem like the easy option.

    Anyway, the reinstatement of Bendtner may change all this of course. I wonder if he starts on Sunday…

  400. so ritesh i communicate like a pedal? wow gr8 use of the online translator

  401. After the third goal, i said Wenger out!!!!

    Like 1,000 of fans in the stadium…and hundreds of thousands around the World.

    And you spend time to do that…ur a real cunt…get a life Zap, ur pathetic.

  402. On peut continuer en francais ou en espagnole si tu vex, pedale!!!

  403. Good article…………on this site u mentioned that we don’t need a striker u still think that?? we played 4-6-0 yesterday.

  404. Hiddink is not someone I’d give this squad to as he’s not someone I trust would help further the Arsenal ethos. Besides, it’s taking a step back with a manager who doesn’t understand the league. He’s good at putting teams together for the short term but he’s not what I would call a forward thinker. If Wenger were to be replaced I’d like it to be someone that thinks about the structure of the club and the future of it as well.

  405. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Nothing like a bit of Cocteau Twins when your down.

  406. Mais toi, t’es surement un maghrebin….pauver con

  407. I think we need to be more patient after we concede. Go for the equaliser, by all means, but don’t go for broke when there’s still half the match left to play. The period after a goal can be a time of weakness for both teams. It makes sense to try to take advantage of that, but also to avoid being taken advantage of.

  408. t’es ou Magrebin… tu traduis…

  409. I know who Cheryl Cole is, I was just wondering how you linked her to Jane Birkin.

  410. Surely Gallas and Vermaelen are dangerous at corners.

  411. Ritesh has been found out.

    Shame on you.

    Shame on you for calling yourself a supporter.

    Shame on you for not supporting the team and Manager.

    Shame on you for jumping on the Le Grove bandwagon and bringing your filth on here and to The Home Of Football.

    Hang your head.

  412. Et voila, l’autre magrebin maintenant avec ses chansons a la noix…

    c fou ce monde ici

  413. good article……….on this site u said we dont need another u still think that??….we played 4-6-0 yesterday…….

  414. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Ugghh grammar is poor today.

  415. I agree with you G4E, but it’s football, shit happens. And that’s exactly what happened, we played better at OT, unfortunate to lose. But yesterday, we should have nailed them. Carrick, Scholes, and the other c**** were their for the taking, and we blew it. And it’s been going on for quite a while now, and we should have learned from our mistakes by now.

    I have a better feeling for the next game. I expect us to beat the Chavs.

  416. Gallas and Vermalaen shouldnt have come out of our half against them mancs. thats exactly what they wanted and we fukin did it, we mugged ourselves.

  417. seriously ritesh and u say i need to get a life..

  418. Zap n’est pas maghreb.

  419. we’re gonna bull-doze chelsea , trust me!!

  420. Was thinking the same thing, Pz. We should have been more patient trying to equalize. But we made the grave error of committing too many men forward, and they hit us at a counter again. We should have held the defense better.

  421. i just wasted my last 10 mins arguing with u m8.


    internet cafe’s closing

  422. usama…wtf only the name left now is bush , nazist and sp*r fan

  423. We didn’t concede the last two goals because Gallas and Vermaelen were up for set pieces. They each went up with the play. Personally, I think one of them should stay back when the other goes up.

  424. Ritesh@ 7.46 pm – After the third goal, i said Wenger out!!!!

    Shame on you.

    Hang your head.


    With fans like this………….

  425. obviously not time wasted for u probably the most exciting thing you’ll do all week.

    leila saida

  426. You’re right, gainsbourg69, I was being unfair to Cheryl – but that’s the price she pays for marrying Ashley Cole.

  427. I hope you’re right Emperor G because it’s about time we bulldoze someone.

    I’m so pissed off Ateeb, and I didn’t even comment yesterday because of that….I thought I would be better today but I’m still pissed off just as much as yesterday.

  428. Ritesh @ 7.46 ‘After the third goal, i said Wenger out’!!!!


    Hang you’re head.

    With fans like this…………………..

  429. @ ateeb to look at the positives . we created the chances unlike with chelsea or manutd(CL) and also i think we need just one motivational guru or speaker sort of thing. that motivation is generally provided by fans but our neo-fans like ritesh argue about whats wrong in booing the team and players and managers

  430. “Like 1,000 of fans in the stadium…and hundreds of thousands around the World”

    Testifying to what thousands of people might have been saying at a particular point in time, in a place in which you yourself were not present? And you talk of delusion…

    …oh, Poliziano, yes, Gallas and Vermaelen are a great threat from corners – I just think we might benefit from mixing it up a bit more.

    I think patience went out the window on Sunday when we found ourselves 1-0 down despite having dominated the first fifteen minutes and carving out two clean cut opportunities. The fact that we hadn’t taken advantage of these openings seemed to have a maddening effect and we all bombed forward as if there were only ten minutes of the game left to go.

  431. Alan Hansen is apparently a good motivational speaker.

  432. Apparantly John Terry was asked what he would do if he lost the England captaincy…He said he was going to cross that bridge when he came to it.

  433. Its a cliche in football that you are vulnerable after scoring and the same is true after conceding. To that end we didn’t show enough patience after they scored the first and tried to get straight back in the game.

    Having said that take nothing away from the Utd for the second goal they scored, it was classic counter attacking football and was clinically finished even if we did make it rather easy for them.

  434. vermaelan for captain anyone?

  435. what and not cesc?

    btw i want to ask u guys this question, say we don’t win something this season, cesc leaves..will u forgive him?

  436. i think vermaelen will be the captain of arsenal b4 too long..unless his grandma’s uncle’s father’s sister was born in Barcelona and it’s discovered by Bojan Krkic and Pedro that he has Barcelona DNA

  437. for me cesc is a humble and modest person. he wont shout at the players who err and certainly people wont be afraid facing cesc in the dressing room.
    if cesc leaves best of luck to him, if he leaves in a decent way and verminator for captaincy after cesc

  438. and zap u will always be a moron your cafe just never seems to shut down

  439. Arsenal General

    els – I don’t have to trust u mate, i know myself better.

    LimparAssist – oh and you’re so tough eh? talk shit and you’ll keep getting the shit from wenger, cheers!

    Stringfellow Hawke – you must be one of the “i trust in wenger” guys. Keep trusting 😀

    Wenger lost the plot and he is simply a stubborn old man now. Time for a change.

  440. clichydoubledeuce

    @ ritesh 7:46 pm

    you didn’t ask for wenger’s head in the heat of the moment after the “third goal”… repeated your bile at 11:43 a.m.

    “I hope Cesc leaves as he does not turn up in big matches. Big players make you win big matches. He is just a midget who runs around when you are playing crap teams.

    And yeah, I want Wenger out.”

  441. clichydoubledeuce

    no perspective whatsoever

  442. clichydoubledeuce

    AG – that’s exactly what we plan on doing….i.e. “keep trusting”

    please go back to le moan. you are certainly not welcome here.


  443. Yes! Sack Wenger bring in David Moyes. Lets make banners and take them to the Liverpool game.

    Or should we start our revolution from a blog?

    How about Le Grove?

  444. Pathetic.

    And these are our ‘fans’.

  445. Shameful.

  446. clichydoubledeuce

    amerigooner @ 1:37 p.m.

    “I only hope another beating doesn’t ensue, how much more of this can a supporter be expected to endure????”

    honestly, you don’t have endure it for a moment longer. here are some options for you. trust me, we’ll learn to live without you:

    fooking plastics

  447. poli,

    do you even no my opinions you fool!

    I will continue to know more about arsenal and football then you ever will, your opinion matters about as much as adrian durham to me you are both deluded but in an opposite direction.

    but very similar.

    prick!! don’t address me again..

  448. On a better note: Eduardo could be back for the Chelsea game.

  449. clichydoubledeuce

    moderation? moi?

  450. matty what about diaby

  451. clichydoubledeuce

    that’s excellent news, MB!

    Ed-warrrrrdo, Ed-warrrrrdo

  452. And Diaby too. I wonder who will get injured in their place…. 🙂

  453. do some one else here out of wengers multi million pound signings arshavin has flattered most

  454. Isn’t ritesh that glory hunter who says one thing on le groan and comes to tint over here (at least while the going’s good)?

  455. It’s funny how nobody clamors for Lorik Cana anymore. I’m watching Sunderland vs Stoke as we speak, which barely qualifies as a football match. If we had him we’d be playing with 10 men each game. At least Denilson will remain on the field.

    Song has won over fans, Diaby has won over fans, and Denilson will too.

    On a side note, I cannot believe we lost to Sunderland earlier this season.

  456. Absolutely gutted but now is not the time for epitaphs there are still 14 games to play. Save tne post mortems for the end of the season. There are no excuses. We were very very poor, indisciplined and naive and didnt get the basics right. Being calm, not playing to our strengths and altering our game in response to Utds threat.

    The hardest thing to swallow was making that fake looking Ronaldo wannabe twat Nani look world class by gifting him a goal and watching him run the length of the pitch unmarked twice and making Rooney look like Messi. The reruns on Sky are making me sick.Once the midfield was lost the defence was non existent in the end and dragged from pillar to post, no shape or cohesion. No one calming the team down.

    Hard lessons to be learned and plenty of mirrors to be looked in. We outplayed Utd at the beginning of the season with this same squad and were robbed. They have out thought us in the reverse,not battered, outclassed or outmuscled. Down but not out. Bring on the Chavs. When we do them over the doomers wont know what to do with themselves.

  457. “On a side note, I cannot believe we lost to Sunderland earlier this season.”

    Especially as Denilson wasn’t even playing!

    Nor was Clichy, for that matter. I suppose that one must have been all Almunia’s fault.

  458. or it was simply wengers fault

  459. I see the wasters are out in force tonight…

    now, which one of the fuckwits shall i bully the fuck out of tonight?

    😆 fucking joeys

  460. Yeah, it’s a tough one LA. Maybe more patience is needed. Moving the ball back inside and trying to rebuild the attack would surely be more effective than getting it in the box against a defence that’s totally settled and in position – the fans might see it as a sign of indecision though.

    I’d still like to see Clichy and Sagna drop a shoulder and have a go a bit more often, even against a negative team.

  461. clichy d.d

    you would have to be very thick to tell someone to go and support another team! it is an insult!

    you don’t change you’re football team you shouldn’t say that to even the most deluded. it’s wrong.

  462. clichydoubledeuce

    john, i wasn’t addressing you in that comment.

  463. clichydoubledeuce

    and i was trying to prove a point, mate

  464. This is the BBC from London

    The Met Office has issued a severe troll warning, manifesting itself over London, N5 where an air of defeatism has formed into a particularly and damaging cloud.

    There will be a deluge and heavy flurries of these pre-pubescents, causing widespread flooding and rising of anger.

  465. I know you wasn’t clichy!!

    all I’m saying is nobody wants to support them clubs on both sides of opinion

    we are all arsenal with different opinions, there is enough of us!!

  466. I’ve been reading youngguns for 2 years now, but some of the people on here write the most fuckin’ hilarious stuff. I mean it…I laughed out loud. It’s witty, sarcastic, and just plain funny. It took me over an hour to read all these posts! Some of them aren’t so funny, but a few are pretty awesome!!

  467. Ah hem, just got back from the common walking the dogs; didn’t see you there Frank?

  468. I tend am an admitted pessimist by nature, and everyone has their own little personality quirks, but reading the positive comments on this and a few other blogs has softened the blow of this loss, and helped me to maintain an even and objective perspective on the team’s current and future prospects. It will be VERY TOUGH TO WIN THIS YEAR, but this squad has a tonne of quality and I still feel that we have a better team spirit this year, than last year. I wasn’t even close to being this optimistic last year. Not even close. I’ll admit that. There is still something to believe in, in my opinion. I’m talking about the players as well as the manager and his staff. I am not a devout follower of Wenger by any means, but he still has injected enough in to this current squad, that I believe they can keep fighting. This year is a bit different for me than last year. I will say that much.

  469. Maybe we’re abit naive. We don’t know how to commit the professional foul to stop a fast counter attack. Imagine Wenger needing to teach the boy Denilson to handball the next time he has to go down due to an injury (not resulting from a foul). Only Gallas, Vermaelen and the more experienced players are street smart enough to go for it.

  470. California Gooner

    Milo (and the rest): I understand your pessimism.

    Just remember that the worst day being an Arsenal fan is infinitely better than being a ManU fan, even on the day they won the double… and be thankful.

  471. let’s just look at the remaining tough fixtures for all the three sides –

    for arsenal – chelsea away
    spuds away
    birmingham away

    liverpool n city home can be won easily

    for united – chelsea home
    city away
    liverpool home ( tough for them)
    villa away
    everton away

    for chelsea – united away
    arsenal home
    spuds away
    liverpool away

    clearly , we’re better off as far as that is if we get some decent result at he bridge , well and good but even if we dont it wont be the end of the world for us…and on top of that , both chelsea and united have tough CL matches and that can have an affect on the league performance too..we’re very much in the race – just that we’ve had a much tougher first half to the season

  472. Frankly speaking, the gulf of class between the two teams became apparent during the game. Whilst United were tipped to struggle on Arsenal’s perch, they so-not did so. Instead they produced an encore of the CL semi-finals from last season with Rooney & Nani taking over where Ronaldo left. Sad day to be a Gooner.

  473. Complete rubbish, Tazz

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