Ducking And Diving Ahead Of Manchester United

When my children were younger, they loved the television programme ‘Engi Benji‘ I think it was called. Whenever disaster struck, as it invariably did with an alarming regularity, the phrase, “What are we gonna do?” chimed out. Those words probably struck a chord in the minds of the multitude who want fresh blood into the squad when Arsene noted in his press conference that new arrivals were unlikely in this transfer window. Not even renewed attempts by the media to say Loic Remy of Nice or Gai Assulin from Barcelona are going to change that.

History is the only judge of whether Wenger is going to be right or wrong and even then, judgements will be subjective, the outcomes of games can be changed retrospectively in our minds. No certainty can be applied to the new results and the arguments continue to rage, winning such debates is impossible since they are entirely hypothetical.

Focus is now on tomorrow’s clash with Manchester United. Ferguson has pleaded with the neanderthals to stop their vile chants against Wenger, rather like King Canute trying to hold back the waves, I suspect. As well as fending off the media regurgitating Wenger’s accusations about Darren Fletcher being football’s anti-christ. Wenger has a bigger target – quite literally – in mind, praising Wayne Rooney on the one hand whilst chopping him off at the knees on the other.

The dive at Old Trafford which ended the Invincibles run still clearly rankles. For some, the penalty he won in the away fixture this season is of equal stature but I would agree with Wenger that it was a foul by Almunia because the Laws of the Game state that the position of the ball is not a primary factor, so long as it is in play. What is galling is the inconsistency in applying those rules, Cesc being fouled in similar circumstances against Bolton yet receiving no reward.

All that Wenger has done is state much of what was written about Rooney earlier this season when for once the media railed against an England player diving, rather than holding Wenger to blame for these ‘Johnny Foreigners‘ who do it all of the time. He stoped short of calling Rooney a cheat but leaving tomorrow’s officials in no doubt that their eyes may deceive them in the circumstances when the United player bounces off the surface.

Meanwhile, under the guise of an appreciation, Kevin McCarra in this morning’s Guardian believes that Project Youth is in decline, citing examples of the Da Silva twins and Kakuta going to rivals as evidence that Wenger is not the world’s leading authority on talented youngsters and losing out to domestic foes means that he will struggle to produce the flow of talent through the Academy.

Except both of those transfers happened a while back and since then Arsenal has signed more youth players. Additionally, all the while the media looked to the bank balances, Wenger was fighting Spanish clubs for the best in the world as well as being bulwarked by British bureaucracy for work permits. In short, nothing has changed other than media awareness of the issue being raised through the shortage of ready cash at clubs to attract star players to these shores and the repeated public pronouncements of those at the top of Fifa and Uefa.

Another piece that was not really worth the effort came in this morning’s Daily Telegraph where an invitation was garnered into the inner sanctum of Stan Kroenke’s sporting empire. Great for the journalist in question, watching various sporting events, a rip-off for his employers as the piece could have been written by any of Stan’s people and so unenlightening for you, as an Arsenal supporter, that it is pointless reading it.

There is no snippet of information there that has not been well-documented in the press already. Any hint of his plans for his investment in Arsenal, is saint or sinner, blocking Usmanov or waiting for the Uzbek to offer a ridiculous price for the shareholding sitting next to the bacon and ribs in Wal-mart?

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. Spot on re the Telegraph article. Balls.

  2. Cmon You Gunners

  3. Crumbs, should I have written ‘first’ or something!?

    Nah – think I’ll be a tad more grown up than that.

    How’s this? –


  4. Oneill is a cunt. a dim witted cunt who has an inferiority complex.

    Thats why he will never manage a side like Arsenal, Manure or the Chavs.

  5. This pic made me laugh.

  6. You can’t even see the strings.

  7. Rooney is a cheating bastard. You know it, we all know it. Won’t stop the pathetic referees falling for it every time though.

    If they have a back four of Silva, Brown Evans and Evra I can see three points tomorrow irrespective of what our defence looks like.

    Come on Arsenal !!

  8. Oh and Kevin McCarra is a snivelling soap dodging Celtic fan – ignore him, best policy.

  9. perrygroves – How the fuck does Rooney not get sent off for the tackle on the Blackburn guy?

    The 4 worst divers in the PL are Drogba, Joe Cole, Gerrard and Rooney. Only 3 English players there.

  10. Kevin McCarra – the high priest of the semi-literate, wholly ignorant football fan.
    And it’s interesting that Ferguson comes out with the “don’t sing those songs” cries away from home. Just when he’s going to be sat just yards away from the “Taggart” shouters. It’ll be murrrderr.
    No doubt, the “abuse” he receives will be the worst on the planet etc etc and a result of Arsenal putting the dugouts too close to the home fans. Next time you hear this, take a look at where the dugouts are situated at Old Trafford. Clearly far too tough an assignment for a lazy journalist not wishing to upset the Man Utd access applecart.

  11. Marc, they make allowances for him, cos he’s ‘got fire in his belly’……..

  12. No mention of the rant dished out by Martin O’ Neill leaves me disappointed. I had jotted down some chosen abuses for that jumping C**t.

  13. Rooneys was still a dive earlier this season. He was on his way down way before al touched him. Had he not consigned himself to going down, who knows wat would have happend?
    Its still attempting to deceive the ref, but I agree with wenger saying that no striker is an angel and they all do it to a degree.
    I know theres the argument that its not in the rules that rooney has to get out of al’s way, but when its outside the box, if you knock the ball past someone and purposefully run into them, thats not normally given as a freekick unless the ref makes a mistake.

  14. Poor Kevin McCarra seems to have missed the point Wenger only buys good players for his academy.

  15. No mention of Big John Thomas today.

  16. Martin O’Neil trying to grab the headlines abit from Wenger and Ferguson.

  17. MON is an appalling insult to football in general. he probably got about 40 inches vert leap so he should go try dunking not coaching


    MON IS IRISH. Nuff said


    Interesting comments made by Wenger about strikers making the most of a challenge to win a penalty. Brave of him to come out with that. There is a difference between Blatant diving and making a foul more obvious to the ref. I think it comes off the back of the Ricardo Fuller incident at Stoke whereby it looked like a foul but he didn’t fall down so didn’t get the decision.

  20. when is bolton playing? i can’t wait to wilshere

  21. *cant wait to see wilshere*

  22. Oh my…now I will have to actually watch Bolton games??

  23. Bloody hell ok maybe Pires might have went down a bit to easy in his day but seriously was never as bad as that and was a renound “diver” to pundits and commentators…one rule for some!!

  24. Kevin McCarra is desperate to cancel out Wenger’s genius.

    Everybody knows Wenger still find the best players cheaper. To use Chelski’s Kakuta case to negate that was really daft.

  25. Stop calling that twat MON. He is simply LBO, i.e. Long Ball O’Neill.

  26. Don’t think Wilshere will be on the first team there just yet. That would be viewed as massive disrespect from Coyle by the Bolton regulars if Wilshere just waltzes into the first team. We might see him coming in as an impact substitute. I really have high hopes for him there actually since he will most probably be free to use his creative attributes while the rest of the team do the physical bit. Rather than go for their usual long balls they can play on the ground with him or give him the ball to move the team forward. It would be very rewarding to see him give Bolton a jolt of wengerball albeit a more primitive version lol.

    My team for UTD.

    Sagna Gallas Verminator Clichy

    Cesc Nasri

    Rosicky Arshavin


    Eboue, Campbell, Ramsey, Walcott, Vela, Denilson, Traore

    Would’ve loved for Diaby to be in this as I feel he has some demon’s to exorcise.

  27. Martin O’Neil reminds me of Mini Mouse.

  28. Good team, Pires.
    Like the idea of not having a goalkeeper either in the team or on the bench, though I think starting with 10 is pushing it a bit.
    ManU don’t have much of an attack, so it might be OK.
    How about putting on an extra striker?

  29. Afternoon….

    I read Darius’s post yesterday and found it very ineresting and well written as usual. But, I have to say I am really surprised we havent signed a striker to replace (short term) RvP. I felt it was bound to happen.

    Bendtner however, has just come back and he looked sooooo sharp last Wednesday and I hope hen starts tomorrow.

  30. It never ceases to amaze me. Especially after a loss or draw, fans/bloggers go way overboard and scapegoat certain players (Song, Diaby and now Denilson are some of the recent victims), and the hard core Wengerites hit back, usually with facts and figures, to defend the player and their selection. A number of these critics then metaphorically nod in agreement. Come the following game they propose their team selection and invariably it excludes last week’s scapegoat. Their deeds literally betray them.

    This time around in preparation for the ManU game I am noting the same exercise as many of our fans tie themselves in knots as they tortuously find a way to exclude Denilson from the midfield, the same player who was critical in our 21 game unbeaten run last year. Yet this is a player that Wenger has demonstrated consistent faith in. It is simply amazing.

  31. There was a fella stood behind me at Villa Park on Wednesday and I seriously thought he was goin to have a coronary! He was effin and screasming all the game about everything. When Vermealen was hobbling just after he had the magic spray treatment he almost passed out.

  32. Haha glad you noticed that Merlot, well having Almunia back there is pretty much like having noone anyways 😉

  33. I like the way McCarra completely ignored the potential price Chelsea are paying for the manner in which they have gone about recruiting young players. Wouldn’t have supported his thesis very well.

    All this talk about ‘disrespecting the english game’ has made me forget all about the Worst Foul in the History of Football, or the Worst Dive in the History Football.
    Dreary tones that resonate around the tone, Long Ballz, have got me reminiscing back to the halcyon days (last spring) of when we had the shortest and tallest strikers in the land. Surely no p(l)undit could accuse AW of being a football snob towards the English game when he had the most amusing Little & Large/Big Man & Little Man combination in the history of the game? Alas, we sold Ade, for great reward, and this left us vulnerable to the ‘Tippy Tappy’ slapstick routine. This season has been seen a selection of blunt hatchet jobs by various hacks on just such a theme. It could be ’06 all over again (the season before Ade scored thirty goals I think, there were a few headers amongst them).

    PZ already mentioned what a brilliant game NB52 had last season against ManUre.

    Well, tomorrow, maybe NB52 can get something going on with AA, maybe ManUre have been busy reading all the papers, watching SSN, and will get the shock of their life when Bendy nods down a goal kick from Al for AA to run on to?
    (Both have played amazing this season together already with RVP…)

  34. – 1 been

  35. Good point, shotta-gunna.

  36. Bolton just missed a golden opportunity!

  37. Fantastic run by Lee! Too bad he did not get the goal.

  38. Don’t take it the wrong way shotta, I rate Denilson but I think Nasri deserves another go at Utd as he’s hit the target more than others against them last season. Denilson would be great as a sub if we need to switch it up.

  39. So much for the 09-10 goal glut!

  40. Stop Rooney and you will cut off Manchester United’s head. With ou the head the Red Devils can’t function. Wenger has a good eye for talent. Some times you and some times you lose. I never trust the press. Ask them one question- What is your template. Watch these clowns squirm. The template in the press is Arsenal is wrong and Wenger is an idiot. This is the media’s template. read how the stories are written. Forget them. Thanks. Arsenal will win 3-1. Go Gunners.

  41. What’s your template bobbygee?

    Spout a pile of shite and then still hope people will click on your link.

    It’s not a template that works for me.

  42. Did Jack play for Bolton then?

  43. Nope, Passenal. I watched 25 minutes of the second half to see if he’d come on. I felt like one of those Japanese reporters when Inamoto was at Arsenal.

  44. brum equalize!! lets all laugh at tottenham

  45. Thanks OOU, I suppose he needs to train a bit more with his new team mates before he’ll be ready to play.

  46. Jack The Lad was is just returning from injury.

    Oh happy days, the Sp*ds really do have a strong squad this season. Even though they have their very own feeder club, in the same league, they’re still struggling.

    Now Lennon is out for surgery, will many Sp*d fans start to question his ability?
    When he returns will they pretend to have the memory capacity of a lobotomized amoeba?
    Will they say he doesn’t have any ‘technical’ skill just because he’s playing himself back into form and fitness?

  47. f4phantomphreak

    The match tomorrow is massive as I believe we all know by now! 3 Pts is a must to keep up w/ Chelski as they have an easy fixture v. Burnley, how does that work, we get Man’Ure and they get freakin’ Burnley with their new gaffer Laws, whatta crock of gopher dung. Good vid above on the Rooney diving, if that v id doesn’t shore up the fact that he is a fat potato headed diver than nothing on earth will, I pray tomorrow the ref doesn’t fall for another one of his mystery dives, another words the invisible leg coming out and tripping him up, butthole…… I will be sitting in front of me tele tomorrow here stateside with the snow coming down on the East coast watching the Gunners take ALL 3 pts from those donkey dick sucking peckerheads……UP THE ARSENAL!!!!

  48. I am curious to see what midfield gets sent out tomorrow. The combination of Song, Cesc, Denilson really dominated Everton in the opening fixture of the season.

    I would like to see the Nasri, Song, Cesc combo…having Cesc and Nasri in the middle really does give us the added creativity at home. We shall see…should be a crackin’ game…I am looking forward to Bendtner proving himself in this run of 3 important fixtures…


    Good analysis of gambling in Football 😛 and how defense isn’t what it used to be, esp when playing Arsenal

  50. On the subjest od ‘templates’, the Chelsea – Burnley game is a good example to study.

    1. Terry blatantly blocks off a Burnley break away with no covering defender. Yellow card. Commentator syas, ‘Terry just eased him out there’. No further mention.

    2. Lampard hacks at a Burnley player from behind. No card. Commentator explains how Phil Dowd explains to Burnley players why it wasn’t a booking. No further mention.

  51. I’ve never been bothered by John Terry in the past, but this latest affair disgusts me. I’d love to think the English F.A. has dignity enough to expel him from the national team, but I know it won’t happen. This Vanessa Perroncel, as well as being the mistress of one of Terry’s best friends, was also a friend of Terry’s wife. She is apparently now looking to sell the story of her relationship to the highest bidder. I would like to see her become the next Mrs. Terry. They seem ideally suited to one another. A match made in hell.

  52. Yoy couldn’t give a clearer example of the hideous nature of these people’s lives, pz.

    Chav heaven.

  53. ohhhhh come on burnley… it

  54. burnley can win it i feel it in my waters.

  55. Dare we even hope for a Burnley winner, or just to hold out for a draw? If I watch will it jinx them? Or if I listen to 5live would that be better? I prefer to watch a Dutch or Spanish stream as I can’t understand the commentators except for players names and still get the crowd noise.

  56. Any update on the Chav Burnley game…would be such a boost if they drop points ahead of our game tomorrow!

  57. Stop it! Chelsea are bound to win.

  58. lol…I am knocking on wood and crossing my fingers and toes!

  59. Cashley off with a limp. Hope he is out for the game against us.

  60. clichydoubledeuce

    fooking chavs

  61. I hate them so very, very much….

  62. Of all the loathsome low life.

  63. clichydoubledeuce

    1-2 at turf moor

  64. This site is the best Arsenal site I have ever seen.Some wankers ranting about that paedophile Arseholewanker.

  65. Fuck Off mancunian. Go back to mourning the loss of your best player and dream of the delight that is watching Fletcher, and Park, and Nani.

  66. Just what you’d expect eh folks? Pure class.

  67. Fuck off you pricks.they are better than your bunch of kids and their coach paedophile Arsehole Wanker

  68. C bob – don’t give the degenerate the pleasure, it doesn’t deserve a response.

  69. He will get his respone, tomorrow.

  70. Yes, I know steww. I just can’t resist reminding the classless half wit what a team of so very average players he has to watch!

    Just imagine, he has to persuade himself that they have the panache and talent of past manu players. Ha! Ha! Plus they are bankrupt!

    It’s all going to go very wrong for them over the next few years

  71. tonights game at turf moor is the perfect argument for the atheist.

  72. Som much for the hoped for ACN effect on the chavs 😦 think they have not dropped any point during the period….

  73. No need to worry about anything, forget the conspiracy wolves raping young sheep in fake armani clothing with high heels and gucci boobs alongside louis something nonsense.

    If Arsenal win tomorrow we can enjoy the coming week with no real pressure ahead of the cska parade.

    So long as we do not lose in the next two we are fine, if we win sunday we are in the favorites position – just like my cat on heat. Stay calm, no conspiracy, she is just horny.

    Bendtner to get 2 goals, arshavin the other, Almuna to play a stunner – pin-ball style. Rooney is ugly. Viva Arsene.

  74. This is Chelsea’s first away win in 2 months, well they only scraped through thanks to a late header from the rat. I’m almost convinced they will drop more points away from home somehow they are not doing well away from home and yet the most pundits praising them as the champions come May, I find that very strange. Let’s hope we do the business and reduce the gap, 3 points would be massive tomorrow. Lets do this Gooners. No early departures please and let make some noise.

  75. Watch here the goals :D! Grande BARCA!

  76. I heard Wayne Bridge sent his missus a replica of his cock made from Cadburys chocolate.

    She said that she prefers Terrys!

  77. is it true that barca havent been defeated all season yet?

  78. She’s not too keen on chocolate. She likes Allsorts.

  79. Interesting comment from AW on the official site

    “It is not only about wanting to buy, it is to find better players than what you have available and we haven’t until now. It is as simple as that,” he said.

    “You always want to add a [Cristiano] Ronaldo if you can, but is he available and where is he?

    “Marouane Chamakh is not available because he is playing with Bordeaux and Bordeaux don’t want to release him. David Villa as well, Valencia don’t want to let him go.”

    Maybe Frank has been right all along and Villa was a serious consideration? Valencia have a chance of qualifying for the CL and Bordeaux are top in France so they are not going to sell their top strikers right now.

  80. Passenal,

    maybe Arsene is surprised how quick our flying dutchman is recovering?

    well, it’s the dailyfail but I need something to hold on to…..

  81. I know notlager, I saw that too and I can’t help getting excited and wishing it is true. I will be doing some serious praying now!

  82. clichydoubledeuce

    the audacity of the kvnb to be “keen for Van Persie to play against the USA in a friendly in March”…!


  83. clichydoubledeuce


  84. I hope Arsene tells them where to go when they come asking for him to be released.

  85. Passenal, Arsene is not that kind of person even though he may be very annoyed at the Dutch FA.

  86. California Gooner

    Martin O’Neill just doesn’t shut up, does he? I would seriously hate him if I didn’t just find him pathetic. A decent coach, but a small minded man.

  87. I know Dupsffokcuf, he always sees the bigger picture and does the decent thing. For example, Owen Coyle would not have been getting Jack Wilshere from me after his little outburst. I’m much more petty and unforgiving than Arsene!

  88. mon is a cunt

  89. Deano

    Not sure but I can think of one home defeat to Rubin Kazan in the CL


  90. Barce is undefeated in the league. They lost to Rubin in the CL and sevilla in the copel del ray (I think).

    Go Arsenal, I am sure we will take care of business against united.

  91. Speechless….

  92. We are not worthy champions on that showing…by a country mile is it??? Why do have to make things so difficult for ourselves??

  93. What ducking they will make it all the way@!

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