Arsenal Looking For Heroes Not Villains

Arsenal travel to Villa Park for a fixture that starts a run of matches which are being described as if they will make or break the season. Whilst the encounters with FC Porto will be decisive as far as the Champions League is concerned – we either progress or we don’t – the matches against Villa, United, Chelsea and Liverpool will not decide whether or not Arsenal will be champions.

Nor for that matter will they make the final destination any clearer. Once this run is over, there will still be three months of the season to go; Chelsea will still have to play United where one or both will drop points and they have other matches which may cause a stumble, likewise United.

The best example of that is the night we entertain Liverpool. United visit Villa Park whilst Chelsea go to Goodison. There is still a long way to go in this season. Arsenal has to be ready to capitalise whatever the situation, not become despondent if results do not go our way over the next fortnight or so.

The win against Villa at The Emirates just before Christmas was emphatic and much needed at the time. It sent a strong signal to the rest of the Premier League that Arsenal were not going to be there to make up the numbers and that a genuine challenge was emerging this season. A win this evening does the same but rather than defining a challenge as ’emerging’, victory will confirm it, sending Arsenal back to the top of the table albeit until Saturday, at least.

A flurry of activity seems to be building with less than a week left of the transfer window. Huntelaar is being touted as this window’s big signing which may have some truth but, I suspect, has more to do with the resurrection of stories from last summer as the player looks to leave Milan, seeking new, high profile employers that will allow him to bolster his attempt to ensure he is aboard the plane with the Dutch squad as an active player rather than cheerleader-in-chief.

Jack wilshere will meanwhile leave the club on loan by Thursday to gain some experience. The story has been around for a while but I wonder if he would have gone had the FA Cup not be exited last weekend? One player who will not be joining is Chris Smalling from Fulham who has apparently signed for Manchester United.

That is according to their website, the same website that trumpeted the signing of Aaron Ramsey and recently had a profile of Sergio Aguero on it so perhaps nothing can be read into that little snippet other than the United PR staff wanting to distract attention from their huge debts by playing Championship Manager with a transfer budget smaller than that available to Danny Wilson at Swindon.

Either way, there are other centre backs out there, some better than Smalling, some not. When Wenger desires to sign one, they will enhance the squad, hopefully, rather than being the latest Stepanovs.

Back to Arsenal. The squad itself is slowly beginning to return to full strength. Samir Nasri and Nicklas Bendtner have returned to full training, both being on the bench tonight. Having been out for around 3 months, Bendtner will be eager to come back to action and tonight seems a good opportunity for him to gain some time from the bench. It gives Wenger another option up front if he needs it. There are around 16 games left this season and Bendtner could provide 5 or 6 goals in that time, perhaps even crucial ones.

Wenger has been forced to plead for patience as far as Theo Walcott is concerned. Barely into his third decade on this earth , he is being written off as if he is a centre forward with a poorer scoring record than Booby Zamora. Such condemnation provides more evidence of the impatience which still holds sway within a section of the support, the same people who no doubt desire Wenger to hand the club unsustainable debt.

I would expect Wenger to field a starting line-up similar to:

Almunia; Sagna, Vermaelen, Gallas, Clichy; Denilson, Fabregas, Ramsey; Arshavin, Eduardo, Rosicky

A performance akin to that of that at The Reebok would do very nicely, tight defensively and taking chances when they arise at the other end. Three points though, is all that matters, and if the winner comes from a deflection off the referee’s arsenal, who cares? A goal is a goal.

Enjoy the match wherever you are watching it. ’til Tomorrow.

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  1. Bergkamp Ghoulfest


  2. Bergkamp Ghoulfest

    WOOHOOO! first time ever! Now: are we expecting Bendtner to get any minutes, or is it too soon?

  3. Morning YogI

  4. He’ll probably get five mins. But hey he’s scored in less time ;). ( I loved that spuds goal)

  5. “The best example of that is the night we entertain Liverpool. United visit Villa Park whilst Chelsea go to Goodison. There is still a long way to go in this season.”

    Great point Yogi. Also, the games after CL nights are tough for our immeadiate competitors.

    Whilst we won’t have won or lost the title in the next 10 days – the 11 points of November and our lead 2 years ago should make that clear – we can put ourselves in the role of pace-setters.

    With our fixtures to come and the injuries seeming to heal, if we are top of the league after Liverpool we will be very hard to catch. From there it will be ours to lose. If we show that we are the best in the next 10 days it would be the mark of worthy champions and be hard to imagine us bottling it.

  6. It will be interesting tonight to see how Villa approach the game. they must surely want some revenge, but if they decide to attack us and press high up the pitch it may be to our advantage as they are better on the break.

  7. Will be glad when this totally unnecessary transfer window closes. All it does, is provide space for puerile hacks to make mischief and destabilize players and the more gullible of fans, who believe the nonsensical and often malicious although inane bilge that flows from the poison pens of these second rate jobsworths.

  8. i thought Sanga was injured?

  9. It is incumbent on Villa, the home team, to go for a win. This open up the game for a decent win. I venture a 1-3 score prediction tonight.

  10. said Sagna would start. Bendtner and Nasri in the squad. Diaby still out.

    I hope we get Diaby back asap, he was playing superbly.

  11. A performance akin to that of that at The Reebok would do very nicely tight defensively and taking chances when they arise at the other end.

    i dont think we were tight defensively that day

  12. I like your team Yogi.

    Maybe though, Rosicky to play through the middle in place of Ramsey and give Walcott a chance against their reserve left back as Warnock is injured? Might work.

  13. California Gooner

    arsenehollis: revenge? They probably just want to win! But I agree with you re: Rosicky. Villa will almost certainly pressure us hard in midfieldand I fear Ramsey is still a bit light-weight for such situations. Both Nasri and Rosicky could do better when it comes to breaking down the pressure early but I’m not sure how healthy Nasri is. Ramsey will do better if the game really opens up.

  14. I’m a little dissapointed about the Gallas tackle. I know he didnt mean it but he and Arsene still should of apologised instead of trying to justify it. It still hurts when I think of poor Eduardo and I think we should of shown more class. Now we cannot complain if this happens to us. I was also a little disappointed that we didnt kick the ball out for him to receive treatment, we claim to be sportsmen and get annoyed when other teams dont, but now we have lost that moral high ground as well. I hope Gallas apologises I really do, I know it was not intentional but that is not the point.

  15. Sucker!

  16. Don’t be daft, Suker. Remember the injuries to Eduardo, Diaby, etc.

  17. Suker, if we had kicked the ball out of play, we’d have been accused of not letting the Ref do his job and unnecessarily taking matters in our own hands, when the ref was going to blow the whistle anyway.

    Arsene and Gallas both apologized I think.

  18. We need to deal with the crosses of Ashley Young (Sagna and Clichy should be able to cope), the physicality of Carew, the directness of Agbonlahor. These are the 3 danger men for Villa with Carew and Agbonlahor being particularly difficult to handle. Heskey, if playing, is not their danger man and is only good for holding up the ball to bring on the other strikers.

  19. Luke, yes I remember them only too well, now we have proven we are only classy when it suits us and it disappoints me gravely, and I’m sure it disappoints Lady Nina

  20. if you had made a decent point , maybe we would have been surprised at seeing your name

  21. Suker.

    Everybody is saying the Gallas tackle was either a malicious, premeditated attempt to injury Davies or a at best mistimed challenge.

    Have a look on you tube for the Gallas tackle and do the start/stop thing, freezing the frame up to the moment of impact. You will see they both meet the ball at the same time, his studs were not raised and he did not have both feet off the floor. Its just one of those things when two combative players come together in full blooded tackle and one comes out worse.

    The FA looked at this long and hard and came up with the same conclusion of no case to answer to.

    There is no need to apologise, of course wish the bloke speedy recovery but that is it.

    The Eduardo tackle was something different altogether.

  22. btw..amazing post YW..this is the best blog..your point about other teams playing their tough fixtures later is absolutely spot on and this is what eludes many fans who naively believe the press and think that the next ten days could spell the end of the world for us

  23. Kingsalami, what nonsense, you should be ashamed of yourself, you are not a true Arsenal fan, you are one of these new ‘Gooners’, mindless idiots who could easily change there club when the going gets rough

  24. What utter fucking rubbish, Suker.

  25. Suker, yeah right, if you say so mate.

  26. I do not like these new ‘Gooners’, they are not true Arsenal fans and they are dumb, Lady Nina and I reject them

  27. Kingsalami / Frank, Lady Nina and I reject you

  28. OK James

  29. Arsenal will win tonight 2-1…

  30. Whats up rude boys? That Suker is a cheif and you know this

  31. So James is Suker AND William. I won’t reply to any of there comments.

    Caligooner, Ramsey can handle himself very well now.

    Luke supposedly both Carew and Agbonlahor may be out. That would be nice.

    I for some reason thought Diaby was back. Nooooo! Anybody else want Walcott to score against the Villa players, that he always gets compared to?

  32. Bendy may get some game time depending on how well we are doing.

  33. els. “both Carew and Agbonlahor may be out” – great news. Then we should be able to win and repeat 3-0 scoreline easily. 😉

  34. I’ll go for Theeeeeeeeeo to score v Villa els. The lad needs something to go for him.

  35. I’d rather we win 0-3 v a fully fit Villa. That ought to shut the hacks up (not). Then again, I’ll also take 3 points however they come.

  36. I’m hoping Denilson has a good game tonight, Ramsey too. They both looked poor in the last game, and were singled out by the d&g merchants, which is understandable but as ever it is used as fuel to cement the foundations of larger negative arguments. Denilson lightweight, Ramsey not ready yet blah, blah, blah.

    Walcott has come in for savage criticism this season – as though it is his fault he has been so injured and struggle for form.

    It just seems SO counter-productive to judge people so quickly and harshly.

  37. Would be way more satisfying to beat a full strength Villa but Agbonlawhore always causes us problems. I’d be happy if he’s out!

  38. I will be glad to have almunia back after the other day. I know Fab didn’t have a complete mare but that one lapse at the start helped us on our way out of the cup. But, like with Theo, Ramsey etc, consistency will come with experience. I personally think that Ramsey is the most mouthwatering prospect from our younger players. He has stepped it up this season and he’s only just 19…

  39. Bergkamp Ghoulfest

    Rosicky into midfield to make room for… SANCHEZ WATT!

  40. Bergkamp Ghoulfest

    Also, I prefer Nasri playing from deep. He can dribble through the gates of hell when he wants to (ALMOST as good as Hleb was, credit where it’s due) and has a good shot from range.

  41. Agbonlawhore, as you say Arse Shavin, was owned at the Grove by Wille. But I get your point. Dunne is also out and Petrov is a doubt. Reo-Cocker and Warnock are confirmed as out.

  42. Have you seen Wade Elliott’s tackle yesterday against Bolton? it makes gallas’s tackle look like a mere touch. it was a leg smasher and I don’t see any furore about it on Sky or the papers and did not hear Coyle callng it “assault”. If its an Arsenal player and specially if he is french, he will get it, its as simple as that.

  43. “Wenger has been forced to plead for patience as far as Theo Walcott is concerned. Barely into his third decade on this earth , he is being written off as if he is a centre forward with a poorer scoring record than Booby Zamora. Such condemnation provides more evidence of the impatience which still holds sway within a section of the support, the same people who no doubt desire Wenger to hand the club unsustainable debt.”

    Completely agree with you Yogi. It is not merely impatience. Even on this blog, and more so on others, IMO the majority of our fans still believe in the totally false idea that a club can spend (using borrowed funds) its way to long-term success. Most do not truly believe in AW’s policy of developing young players from within to become super stars. If they truly believed they would understand that, as in the case of Walcott, there are many twists and turns in this process. Their first reflex is to buy a striker or defender, as is now the fashion. I am resigned to having to put up with this nonsense.

  44. Arse Shavin.

    On the subject of goalkeepers.

    I was talking to a Brentford fan the other day who was singing the praises of Szczesny, apparently he is playing out of his skin this season.

    Brentford went up last season and rather than struggling with relegation this season, they are pushing for a play off spot, partly thanks to Szczesny’s ability. I haven’t seen him play, but I am reliably informed he is going to be something quite special.

  45. Keith Richards dealer

    Theo is crap

    the only way he hasnt been bombed out already is because he is the token Englishman.Hasnt improved one bit in the last 18 mths

  46. I don’t think you can really be considered a token anything if you’re part of a group of four or five in a squad of 25 or so. Theo, Craig, JET, Kieran, Sol. A token contingent of Englishmen perhaps, but not a singular token.


    up da pole sczesny !

  48. Here’s a one for you people. I was thinking last night, does Wenger see it as a failure or regretful when he has to sign a more ‘established player’ for more than his usual fee e.g. Sagna 7.5m, Eduardo 7m, Nasri 12m, Arshavin 15m and Vermaelen 10m.

    We know that he has unwavering faith in his youth policy (as most of us do), but with injuries, departures and players not developing on schedule does he loathe dipping into his pocket to sign these players. That said he does always get a bargain and picks fantastic players, ever improving recently.

    Many fans look at these type of signature as a must or at the very least a well received bonus to the team. But I think that Wenger may see it rather differently.

    We all know how anal Wenger is about his youth players progress, setting targets and making sure that all is as it should be. If a player has not kept up with speed, or if so many injuries occur (as is often the case at Arsenal) does Wenger feel that he has to spend to bring in an established player.

    If this is the case do you think he will always have a soft spot for the Cesc’s, Song’s, Bendtner’s… over the bigger signings.

  49. We should see theo now!

  50. Keith Richards dealer


    The other players you name have not got hopes of going to the world cup.Theo has.Eastmond and JET have olayed lest than 5 games between them so to compare them with Theo is folly.
    Theo has had 4 years playing the Arsenal system yet all he has is pace

  51. Dealer/LimparAssist,

    Gibbs = future best left back in football and the others must also include Wilshere = future world player of the year.

    Hardly to be viewed as token presences. Ditto all other English and (Ramsey) British players. More than four and, as I said, hardly tokenism. Yet, Wenger has been consistent and clear about his “ability based” buying and selection methods.

    Keep it Arsenal

  52. Speak to Ole about olaying, Keith. And listen to Dgob, he knows.

  53. I think cracks appear in the squad as the players develop and get set in their positions. For a long time Cesc looked certain to star as a deep-lying playmaker, and now he’s much further forward.

    AW sounded convinced until last year that CB was the only position for Song and now nobody can imagine him anywhere but in the middle of the park. Diaby seems to have found his best position just behind the strikers after being touted as a DM for the last 3 years.

    Eastmond was a right-back until this season, while Wilshere played as a striker until he got to the reserves. Nobody knows exactly where JET, Aneke and Freeman will end up on the pitch.

    The way I see it, as players develop they tend to make small positional switches that can’t really be anticipated. In the future I think these quirks open up gaps that force AW to dip into the transfer market occasionally.

    And that’s before we get to the performance side of things. Some guys may make the leap really quickly, while many simply won’t make the grade and will have to move on.

  54. Can anyone help? Am goin to the Porto match on 17th Feb. Have to be in London on morning of match to get Chartered Flight. Arsenal travel are not giving out details as to what times the plane will leave or return except to say it will leave early morning and return after match. As I have to book flights in and out of London and possibly an hotel can any of you seasoned travellers please tell me approx what times departure and return normally in these games?

  55. Says me, an absolute expert on youth development.

  56. OneOfUs:

    “Diaby seems to have found his best position just behind the strikers after being touted as a DM for the last 3 years.”

    He’s always been seen as an attacking mid hasn’t he?

  57. “Ferguson has banned Sky’s cameras from his press conferences at the club’s training ground after he learned that the television company – at the Football Association’s request – ­produced the pictures that have led to Ferdinand being charged.”

    Seriously, what did he expect, that Sky will decline and not give the footage to the FA? And he’s still not talking to BBC after something that happened over ten years ago. Could you imagine Arsene doing this? No, me neither.

  58. anaconda – lmao. perfect, like cantona and many others

  59. I dunno. I thought AW said that he expected Diaby to play in Gilberto’s injury-enforced absence at the start of 07/08. Then Flamini took over when Diaby dropped out.

  60. Hmm, interesting how that story says that a 10 million deal for Smalling has been announced. Where did that figure come from? Even the Arsenal offer of 7m or whatever was speculation. Another example how transfer fees going around are unreliable.

    It’s always the same, club statement says ‘undisclosed fee’, then some pundit or hack says that the price is estimated to be 10 million and after a few weeks that is a fact and is used in all transfer statistics etc.

  61. Sorry, els, but I’m going to have to take you to task on your use of the word “anal.” Anal retentive is a personality type, so it is impossible to be anal retentive about a specific subject. What is more, it is a non-existent personality type with the most preposterous theoretical foundation imaginable.

  62. I dunno either, but I read somewhere that he was a striker originally, then converted to midfield.
    As for filling in for GS19 well fair enough, bit like AA filling in for Van Persie.
    Either way to my mind he was always more of a skilful dribbler than one to break up the play (unless it was breaking up our play by giving it away as he used to be prone to do when he was recovering from long-term injury)

  63. Keith Richards dealer


    what does it matter if Fergie refuses to talk to Sky or the BBC.Its what happens on the pitch that counts.Sometimes i wish Wenger didnt talk to the media

  64. Damn you poli i’ll count myself taken to task. Your soooooooo intelligent, is that what you are after. Well done. Hey everybody Poli is the cleverest guy in the whole land. Oh and also beyond pedantic. Or is that another misuse?

    So come on then discuss, what do you think about the subject then?

  65. RO, I think that was the plan, but I can’t be certain.

    One of the things I like about Diaby now when he takes on players is the way he waits for the defender to commit before making his mind up; his quick feet allow him to do this. He doesn’t have the vision of Cesc or Rosicky (who does?), but has great technical ability to make up for it.

    The 11:15 comment wasn’t remotely serious by the way. I was poking fun at myself for trying to sound like an authority on this stuff.

  66. One of us, that’s a great point, you can be as calculated (not anal) about the development of the players but a year or so down the line whats to say you will get a shift in position.

    To illustrate my point I think that obviously Wenger would rather be fielding Gallas and Senderos in defence tonight. Tommy has come in and is practically a god, but do you think he gets more of a kick from making astute signings, or developing his own stars.

  67. Congratulations, els, on taking your reprimand so well. I was afraid you might react badly.

  68. “Does Wenger see it as a failure or regretful when he has to sign a more ‘established player’?”

    I don’t think so. I doubt Wenger ever imagined that he would be able to dispense with signing experienced players. A certain amount of good fortune is required to be able to supply a gap in the squad with a player from the youth system. The emergence of the young star has to coincide with the development of a need in the team, as a young player who is good enough to get games at the top level will not wish to hang around for years waiting for his opportunity at Arsenal.

  69. I picked up on the sarcasm at 11.15 OOU.

    Diaby also has that extra drive, he looks like a truck once he’s going, his foot work looks truly out of place when he changes direction. He floats like a butterfly stings like a bee.

  70. Diaby is overated in my opinion, Wiltshire pisses on him. Wiltshire pisses on Diabys head when it comes to talent. It should be Abou ”chopper’ Diaby who goes out on loan, not little Jacky

  71. Bergkamp Ghoulfest

    Diaby and Song do NOT get muscled off the ball. Ever. Love it.

  72. Bergkamp Ghoulfest

    Wilshere had a terrible game when he last played in the first team. Give him a little time at Bolton before he starts “pissing” on anyone, mmkay?

  73. By the way Els, I just got off the blower to Lady Nina, she told me to reject you.

  74. OOU – Agree 100% and it was obvious sarcasm @ 11.15 (I am English 😉
    Wasn’t having a dig just trying to clarify 🙂
    Just wish him a speedy recovery from the calf thing he picked up and continues the good form he was in.

    Also, wanted to point out that after the press rounding on Denilson lately (Adrian Dullard is a c**t), he’s had 3 goals in the last 5 games – not bad for an “Only passes sideways” DM…

  75. Bergkamp Ghoulfest,

    Firstly, your name is dumb, change it or I shall reject you.

    Secondly, Wiltshire pisses on Diabys head, and potentially is better then Cesc, he should be played not loaned out partner

  76. Poli you can’t rip me to bits and then expect me to THANK you, surely?

    Thanks for the reply though.

    That’s a major problem with the youth system appeasing the youngsters with the time that there ego’s demand. Yes they are practically all capable of premiership stardom, but they must realise the squad must be rotated to maintain the philosophy.

    I think that the fact a defender will begin to play his best football mid twenties, possibly five years later than more attacking roles, could be the reason why we seem to only have Djourou left in that position at that age, who has come through the ranks.

    There surely is more than good fortune that we are filling more gaps with the youth system than we are with signings.

    As for ‘experience’, in the sense that is touted in papers and by pundits is a word that is becoming dated. I doubt pundits would agree, but cesc, song, diaby have bags of it. It dosn’t only come with age. Match experience is something that Ramsey for instance will have more of than your average 23-25 year old premiership player. Wenger bloods them at an early age. I think that a defensive signing in the not to distant future and injuries permitting this team could go comfortably without a new face for a good few seasons.

  77. Oh, els. I didn’t rip you to bits, surely. I certainly didn’t mean to.

  78. it felt that way. sniff sniff.


  79. Bergkamp Ghoulfest

    William, reject me and I shall cry. You wouldn’t want that, would you?

    No, Wilshere doesn’t piss on the head of this season’s Diaby, not by miles. Future star is very much what he is, but until he gets to “current star” he should be gaining experience elsewhere.

  80. I may be wrong Poli but I have this sarcasm detector and when you post it HARDLY moves, honest.

    Oh there it goes, off the scale.

  81. I disagree with everything william says, or has ever said or probably will ever say.

  82. Diaby is a good player. I hope he will recover to play against Manu.

  83. JUST CUZ WE BEAT ASTON VILLA 3-0 doesnt mean we’ll beat them again. WE BEAT EVERTON- 6-0. but they almost defeated us at the emirates.

  84. I like els.

  85. Not as much as Vela mind you.

    But I like.

  86. Any news on Rio?

    Heard they could appeal on Thursday and if overturned he could play against us. Is that true?

  87. Rinseout, I as well remember the effort by a few commentators, particularly last year, that Denilson was strictly a “square” passer. This is a criticism that I have not heard this year. Denilson, in my view, has improved this part of his game. He does make penetrating passes. I also read a statistic somewhere that Denilson has one of the highest pass completion records in the Premiership. I think this stat may have been from last year. When he is on form, Denilson is a first rate midfielder.

  88. Two Owls supposedly Deni topped the charts as best interceptor as well.

    Not bad for a shit square passer eh.

    Next season we’ll have people saying the same about him as they are saying about song now. Also the same thing that is happening now with Diaby.

  89. Everymans needs to forget Vela, the boy is shite and we all know it. We need to save Jacky from Bolton, the lad is too good to playing for them doggy dogs, after all, we are talking about the next Cesc.

    Els / Maria / Bergkamp ghoulfest,

    I am sorry guys but Lady Nina and myself reject you

  90. Erm I agree with everything Maria says, or has ever said or probably will ever say.


    I haven’t heard anything about the Rio thing yet Maria. I still haven’t seen the incident either, can’t find it on you tube.

    Aww shucks to mention me in the same sentance as Carlos is so beautiful.

  91. Where is the Queen of Sub? I need to speak with her urgently, its terribly important

  92. Theo is crap?

    Song was crap at 20.

    Diaby was crap at 20.

    Iniesta was crap at 20.

    What was Henry, Arshavin, Eto’o, Drogba at that age?

    Not everyone develops at the same pace, Fabregas, Rooney and their ilk are just a handful of players that are this good at such a young age.

    Yes Walcott has not lived up to expectations, but maybe too much was expected too soon, it is sad that at 20 with so much time on his side he is being written off by so many.

  93. Don’t know J*mes but Eboue is back!

    I couldn’t understand why people were complaining that Denilson was exhausted when he went to challenge before Stoke’s second goal on Sunday?

    I thought he was only playing to bring his fitness back up to the required level for the fixtures coming up. So, that means…job done?
    Like OOU, I’m no expert (neither do I write as well) but I thought we were trying to win the league?
    Same with Sol, did brilliantly for about 75 minutes. Now he’ll have a little more form and fitness, enough if he’s required to play we hope.

    A very nice sideways pass from Denilson across the penalty box in the build up for the fourth goal against Bolton. A great team goal, but I wondered (briefly) if H*ward was celebrating?
    Probably not.

  94. Els, pull your toungue out of Vela’s bumhole, boy, or you shall be rejected with the force of a thousand Wilderbeasts, and you wouldn’t want that would you partner?

  95. Wengerball, very good point.

  96. Really enjoyed today’s post YW,

    I think, from reading the usually gracious Aston Villa manager’s comments that they will indeed be ‘attacking’ the Arsenal, I just hope we have some players left for the weekend, and enough firepower to gun these Villans down..
    I really like Martin O’Neil, but, bless him, when he repeats the mantra that this current Arsenal team ‘don’t like it up ’em’, it just doesn’t sound very convincing at all.


  97. Wengerball, so your saying Walcots crap, I get it, no need to string it out dog.

    Has everyone seen Avatar? The films ok but you must go and see it for the 3D effects, its truly amazing, at some points its like looking through a window. Seriously, go and watch it in 3D before it stops, you will not be disappointed

  98. Finsbury Parker,

    ‘A very nice sideways pass from Denilson’

    He’s good at them aint he

  99. Maria: Heard they could appeal on Thursday and if overturned he could play against us. Is that true?


    If they appeal he can play today in the Carling Cup game. The hearing would then be tomorrow and would most likely result in a four match ban so it seems certain that he will miss the Arsenal game.

    Without appeal he’ll miss three matches starting today. But if the charge were miraculously overturned then he could play of course. It just does not seem likely, it is such a clear situation.

    Actually all the press reports I’ve read fully expect that the ban will certainly come, the speculation is that is it worth doing the appeal in order to have him available today.

  100. Lol….els

    To els,

    From Pz


  101. Yup.

    Much better then Obi One Mikel or…HuddleStone.

  102. @William actually I was responding to @Keith Richards at 10:36 am.

  103. Thanks AC.

  104. Thanks Maria, that was a naughty little elbow.

    Looks like me and Poli are making up.

  105. William, really? Go see a mediocre movie just for the effects, I mean it’s been the same for all mediocre action/disaster movies for almost two decades.

    While there is obviously a lot of new tech in making of this movie, I personally would choose a good IMAX screening of some interesting documentary. Having been to IMAX screening already years ago, I don’t know how these effects could be so much better. Funny, it does not sound particularly awesome, ‘like looking through a window’. IMAX certainly does no feel like looking through a window, but is much better.

    Add to that, I have some experience of a Cave Automatic Virtual Environment.

  106. CAVE looks good, might ask if we can get one at work…

  107. Well I have had the misfornute of watching Davies twice in a matter of days…..

    I say save the ammo of the likes of Bill,J*mes etc

  108. Anaconda CAVE eh. How the hell could they develop movies for that kind of technology?

    I’m actually off to watch AVATAR 3D tonight, looking forward to it. To be honest i’d usually rather watch a movie thats’s actually about something rather than pixels. But y’know blockbusters are good for a few hours entertainment.

  109. Going with anyone special els?

  110. SUH-WIN-DON!!!

    *clap – clap – clap*

  111. I agree with the comments regarding the idiots complaining of Denilson’s sideways passing. Part of his job is to win the ball and give it ‘easy’ or pass sideways, or even dare i say it backwards, thus dictating the tempo of the play and retaining possession. When they are fully fit and on form Denilson and Ramsey will be pushing each other very close for the remaining midfield position and to pick one out of the two is a very nice problem to have.

  112. Maria, nobody that special. I could swing by pick you up if you like.

    I should warn you before this goes any further, people think that my Avatar is a one dished out by Yogi. Sadly that’s a photo of me. 🙂

  113. Matty Bwoy,

    Denilson is weak in the tackle, considering he’s our defensive midfielder, thats not good dog. We miss Song bro, we miss his ass bad and you know this.

  114. els, you is a player

  115. No els, but while I am not free tonight (unsurprisingly) I am sure Pz would love a film like Avatar specially if it has a great soundtrack…..

  116. These next matches are huge. They are season makers and breakers. Why? We are battling the teams the teams in front of us. It is one match at a time. Villa first. The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. Villa is the first step. Keys- dicate tempo. Force Villa to play at Arsenal’s tempo. Attack- move the ball around the pitch- take it to the rack. Defend-don’t give up cheap goals and keep the everything in front of you.
    Here is a bit of news. Brasilian Anderson is leaving Man U- he will be heading back to Brasil. Sao Paulo set a rep to City to talk to Robinho. It looks like Robinho is headed back to Brasil. Thanks

  117. Haha, Maria you tease me 🙂

    Oh yeah Poli with his music beliefs, I forgot about that.

    So you lead a busy life hey. What you doing, that’s more important than a date with moi?

    I only jest, i’m Married with kids and no doubt to old for you. I’ll be forever the one that got away.

    Hahaha. Erm i’m not really an arrogant t***.

  118. unsustainable debt?? what abou spending the amount we got from transfers?

  119. I will be watching the game. DUUH….loool

  120. Nobody is Perfect

    I am an avid arsenal supporter for pretty much most of my life, I am heading towards 50 now. I will point to 5 events that are seemingly distant, yet in my view interconnected. First, the progress of Highbury Square and the financial status there. Two, the combined cash reserve of GBP 35 mio that was garnered by the sale of Adebayor and Toure. Out of which 8 Mio GBP was spent on Vermaleen. Third, comments by AW in August 2009 that there are no special players at the right price and the money. Subsequently, stating in January 2009, that this window period is inappropriate. Fourth, the match yesterday. Arsenal played with 9 players for most of the match. Eastmond and Thomas were more or less absent. Fifth, the salesperson at Highbury Square who was really really eager to sell something. I could sense looking at the availability not a lot of the lots were sold.

    However, in the midst of all this we were heavily linked with Chamakh, in August 2009. This is because AW did feel that we were a striker short. The going rate was 6 mio GBP and I am guessing AW wanted to buy for less considering that the bosman would be applied in Jan 2010. There is no news on that front anymore.

    So now the question does AW have the money and he is just being foolhardy. Or two he doesn’t have the money to spend anymore. I love AW and this entire thing about trophies and seems to building up more pressure on him. I mean he is pragmatic and smart. Campbell deal showed just that.

    Looking at the fact that it is possible that Wenger could have brought a Def Mid on loan. Just to ensure that in places like Stoke we would be able to compete. I mean what happens if Song gets injured and from the looks of it Denilson is not the answer for a def mid. So, why would you risk injuries and loss of confidence and belief in players like Gallas and Fabregas, by putting in youngsters who are bound to suffer in places like Stoke that are tough tough places to be. Sure, these kids are learning but looking at where we are in terms of our standing in the league and years gone by can we not delay there development for 6 months and get tougher people in. Its not like we are Portsmouth and are compelled to work with what we have and play frail 16 year old youngsters against brutes like Delap.

    This is not a tabloid rant. The point Arsene was trying to prove is proven to the wider world. That teams can compete with less money. But right now it is not about him. It is about the confidence and self belief for players like Fabregas. He just needs one trophy with Arsenal to become a leader that we know he could be. My degree in sports psychology and my own experiences every player after a while, needs some success to move to the next level.

    My concern is while the board is showered with glory for pretty much being leaders among the blinds it still does not deter me from pointing at their failures. For example weren’t the stadium supposed to give additional money for transfers considering everything went as planned. The revenue doubled, the costs remain fixed and with no additional expense to the project. So, then why is it that AW is haggling for GBP 1 Mio or something to that effect regarding transfers.

    Do I intend for this article to be a tirade. I hope not. But is it wrong of me to enquire, I don’t think so? Can these be asked in a public fourm? Yes they can be. As I do believe that funds for the team are being diverted towards ensuring other developments finish on time. The success of AW’s management is protecting this failure.

  121. After which I will watch the reply.

  122. ‘the match yesterday’?

    You’ve been writing this since Monday?

  123. I like els too, but probably not enough to watch this Avatar with him.

  124. Realist,

    Sorry, I was just making a cup of tea, would you mind repeating that please?

  125. Anybody see the comment by Pyles that the signing of Vermaelen has probably saved Wenger’s job. Complete utter fucking rubbish. What a wanker that guy is.

    Realist – fuck off you tosser.

  126. It’s a late show, everything is going to be OK.

    Replay there’s always time for that later. Anyway you could study MY moves.

    I’m making myself cringe now.

    What shall we watch then Poli, how’s about a Amelié?

  127. *a Ameilé ???

  128. Muppet, It didnt save his job because he is the club partner, Arsene is unsackable. Even if he got blind drunk at the christmas party and called Lady Nina a fat Ho he still wouldnt get sacked and you know this

  129. Realist – I appreciate your opinion, anyone’s for that matter but to summarise? You think we need to buy players? Or just spend money?

  130. You too Howard, on your bike.

  131. Muppet, I dont ride a bike dog, except that one time at the office party….

  132. Is a bike dog a bit like a sheepdog?

  133. I think you might have it wrong, Muppet. Howard’s the other one; he’s the racist accountant. William here is the structural engineer. *shudder*

  134. i agree with the team selection, yogi
    good to see some faces coming back, i agree with wenger that theo needs some games. and i agree that having song back will help the team on more than one front.

  135. William a structural engineer ?

    House of cards construction is this ?

  136. Matty Bwoy, Yes.

    Oneofus, I take my job very seriously.

    Boomer, Your so right partner, we need Song cos Denilson looked tired, saying that though, Song could be a bit Jet-lagged as well.

    Now sing with me Boomer, come on –

    I came here to-night to hear the crowd go,
    Boomer, Boomer, Bommer, Shake the Roomer !
    Boomer, Boomer, Bommer, Shake the Roomer !
    Boomer, Boomer, Bommer, Shake the Roomer !
    Tick, Tick, Tick, Boom !!

  137. Muppet, are you yoda in disguise?

    “House of cards construction is this ?”

  138. (un) Realist,

    What a waste of text.

  139. Another comedian.

  140. Quite a long time

    A win would lift my spirit for quick recovery from ailment.

  141. Has anyone noticed that Cesc, Arshavin, Rosicky and Eduardo are building the same fluency of intricate play that we had before RVP’s injury.

    The link play between those 4 is magical and they can weave the game with panache. The option we now have is to throw Bendy and Nasri into the mix. It’s a shame Diaby is out because he’s got an itch about scoring against Villa.

    Bendy’s link play especially when he’s played with Arshavin has been brilliant and he add’s the bully effect that folks seem to be crying for.

    I remember 3 particularly tight games last season when Bendy scored the critical winner (Bolton, Portsmouth and Kiev in the CL). I think it’s great that he’s back. 1 nil to the Arsenal wasn’t such a bad idea then.

  142. Blessings to Squashy face and his little dribble. Tonight the ostrich Agbonlahor will be silenced by the jaguar Vermaelen. I expect a 2-1 win with the artist formerly known as Prince getting on the scoresheet.


  143. What is the team tonight ?

    Possibly as follows:







    Subs: Fabianski, Traore, Ramsey, JET, Vela, Bendtner, Eastmond, Eboue

  144. Ahh… missed Walcott

  145. Rio ban has been appealed.

  146. Nothing less than 3pts tonight will do.I dont want to hear we gained a hard fought point.Win Win Win

  147. They wouldn’t fully overturn Rio’s suspension, anyway, right? Is there any way he could play against us on Sunday? I’m a little hazy on the way these things work.

  148. I think Walcott might play in place of Nasri in your line up, Muppet.

  149. Muppet Boy

    @ AW should get whoever he wants.

  150. I fancy the following line up:

    Arshavin Eduardo Rosicky

    Ramsey Denilson Fabregas

    Clichy Vermaelen Gallas Sagna


    Bench: Fabianski, Campbell, Eboue, Bendtner, Nasri, Walcott, Eastmond

  151. From the video, it looked a lot like Ferdinand is guilty. The ball was nowhere near him, so I can’t see what excuse he can have for swinging his arms around like that.

  152. Yes.. I agree PZ. Nasri has just come back.







    Subs: Fabianski, Traore, Ramsey, JET, Vela, Bendtner, Eastmond, Eboue, Nasri

  153. Blessings Tunday, poet-in residence at ACLF.

    Come on Arsenal!!!!!!!!!!

    All the way from Zii-Zi-Zimbabwe!!

    Ooh, I’m looking forward to Cesc, Rosicky, Mr. Magic Dudu, Arsh and Den getting going.

  154. Has Eboue travelled with the squad?

  155. Theo as a super-sub

  156. Muppet

    Where is Sol on you bench?

  157. Forgot about Campbell on the bench. Well, Ole’s team favours Ramsey selection and Rosicky in more advanced position. Could well be the case.

  158. Eboue might start. Although from 94% humidity and 30 something centrigrade in Angola to minus-something at Villa Park … hmmm, maybe not.

    I like Eboue.

  159. You know what bothers me the most about Ferdinand’s incident? Is that Fagan took the slap, punch, or whatever on his face and didn’t even open his mouth, he acted like it was no problem for Ferdinand to bitch-slap him, but if this was Gallas or Vermaelen he would have dropped to the floor like they shot him in the face with a rifle.

  160. A big game tonight, and I think we are up for it.
    Clichy back. Ramsey looking pretty good actually. Denilson needs a big game. Will Bendtner be on the bench?

  161. I think Ole’s got it. With Theo as super-sub as ZimPaul suggests. Can’t wait.

    On Rio, didn’t Turner of Sunderland appeal against a similar decision and end up with an even longer ban, for wasting everyone’s time? Rio better get the same treatment if that’s the case – otherwise me, Steve Bruce, and perhaps even AW, are gonna be hopping mad.

  162. Looking at that lineup again….it might be too offensive. Maybe Eastmond and Denilson in central midfield?

  163. Ole Gunner’s formation seems the most rational is it stays in keeping with Arsenal’s last biggest strength XI – Bolton. The only most likely change is Rosicky in central midfield and Walcott wide as Villa are missing their first choice left back.

  164. Come On Arsenal.

  165. With that sort of temperature change Manu could shatter into a thousand tiny shards of Eboue! We shouldn’t take him at all – but leave him to warm up in our state-of-the-art jacuzzi bath back at the Ems.

    Bentner and Samir should both make the bench, ZimPaul.

  166. im bloody shaking already im so frikkin nervous.

  167. Don’t worry, Ole. You’ve not offended anyone.

  168. I think Eastmond is unliekly as it means Arsenal skimping on some technical and creative ability. But fitness may be an issue as Ramsey will have to cope with Villa pressuring high. If the home side do this and deny Arsenal space wide, then they may have some joy a la Everton. Looks to be a tight match.

  169. G4E, I thought Fagan got booked for complaining about it to the referee?

  170. If we win 7, 8 points from this run of games we’ll be in a very strong position.

    The key games are the games against Chelsea & Man Utd. In terms of how points affect our league position.

  171. Well, take your mind off your troubles and have a giggle at this Zap.


    CABE is a useless and pointless organisation, but they are entertaining.

  172. i hate to say things like this but imagine where we would be if we still had v.persie. it’s like going to sleep in the countryside. you know you’re probably not gonna be robbed, but you just feel a bit safer with a baseball bat behind the door. van persie’s our baseball bat.

    i have a bad feeling about this game. I think we HAVE to mount the early pressure, the only time we have sat back and ”soaked” the pressure b4 scoring was at wolves, and villa obviously carry more attacking threat. come on the ARSENAL.

  173. Finsbury parker, the link doesn’t show up for me.

  174. Ole Gunner – how insightful… Especially how you picked out the Chelsea & Man U games as the most important ones. Is that because they are the nearest to us in the table? If we beat them, does that mean we will have more points and therefore be in a better position in the league, and vice-versa? Or am I missing something?

  175. Limpar,

    ….and there I was getting all defensive.

  176. Correct me if I’m wrong Rinseout, but are you not a fucker troll ?

  177. Muppet I’m not a troll, I just couldn’t help myself a couple of times. I’m not trying to wind anyone up, I just wonder what the point of saying obvious things (like OG said) is. If I offended you by asking if you were yoda in disguise, then I apologise. But you phrased the question in a similar way to the eponymous jedi master…

  178. “Maybe Eastmond and Denilson in central midfield?”

    I wondered that. Eastmond did better than Ramsey on Sunday, and his talents are perhaps more appropriate for a tough away fixture. On the other hand, he’s only made 6 appearances for Arsenal, which doesn’t seem appropriate for a tough away fixture.

  179. Rinseout,

    All wins get you 3 points right? Except some three points also take 3 points of your rivals and could be a psychological blow to them.

  180. Zap love your proverb there.

    “going to sleep in the countryside. you know you’re probably not gonna be robbed, but you just feel a bit safer with a baseball bat behind the door.”

  181. I agree with Muppet’s line-up and would love theo to silence a few people. However it’s early days so the minute under his belt will just do him good.

    1 goal and he’ll be flying.

  182. Rinseout,

    The obvious often missed or overlooked, it is.

  183. els i see you picked up on those notes from arse shavin the other day! haha.

  184. Ole Gunner – a case of crossed wires there.
    I understood your original post to mean exactly as you clarify, but still don’t see how that is not obvious. Anyway, I should not have been sarcastic and potentially offensive in the way I questioned it. Sorry about that.

    Forgive me if I am out of order, but I was just bantering as I would with friends or strangers during a footy match.

    I’ll try not to be as caustic in my tone in future.
    I just want Arsenal, (a club I’ve loved for as long as I remember, having been born at the Mothers’ Hospital in Lower Clapton road) to win as much as possible.

    I certainly don’t want to make a c**t of myself on this board… at least no more than I already have.

  185. Rinseout,

    Calm down ! Sorry – it’s difficult to tell the trolls from normal posters sometimes.

  186. Difficult to tell the trolls from the normal posters sometimes it is.

  187. I take my hat off to you rinseout, we all get a little frustrated with the things that we love at times and it does one good to let a little steam off now and again. With the run of games we have i think most people are a little nervy to say the least.

  188. hie zap moron

  189. hi abc fuckin cunt

  190. hi abc fuckin idiot

  191. my fingernails are bitten to the quick Matty Boy.
    It is one of those when I can’t wait for the matches to come, but also can’t wait for them to be over…

  192. oh cumon zap moron arsenal gonna run through villa as a hotknife through butter innit

  193. It’s partly true, though. I think a lot of people here are very passionate about Arsenal and spend a great deal of time talking about football.

    But being so prolific and keeping things upbeat can make you come out with some seriously banal stuff (and I should know):

    “Winning is good for confidence.”

    “If we win the next few matches we’ll be in a strong position.”

    “Young players improve as they get older.”

    “Gigolos have to perform on the night to get a tip.”

    Wait, scratch that last one.

  194. I know what you mean Rinseout. Winning or losing can pretty much make or break a week-end. Sometimes you wonder why we bother but thankfully we get to see wonderful football played by some of the best players in the land orchestrated by the greatest Manager to have graced the game so its not all bad.

  195. its not gonna be that easy though, is it abc. get that into ur head. my prediction in 2-1 either way.

  196. Not bad at all really. When most people have to put up with hoofing, we get the geniuses of modern football.
    It’s not too bad here, but at my last job I was sat next to a sp*d and a man u fan. So sometimes I was dreading having to go into that on a Monday morning. But other times I couldn’t wait to wipe the smug look off their faces. Life would be several shades duller without the Arsenal

  197. Life would be several shades duller without the Arsenal

    well said

  198. good point oneofus

  199. Yes Zap im no match though.

  200. I wasn’t really being serious, NJ – just setting up a bad joke. Any excuse to use the word, “Gigolo”; it makes me laugh

  201. hahah and i as well, making a joke about your post about boring post being a good post… ahh the subtleties of interacting with other human beings over the internet


    getting very excited

  202. Aha. Good then. Only two hours to go.

  203. Thanks for that Finsbury. I got a bit lost looking for your article at first, and stumbled on something equally good for a giggle. I’m not sure quite whether to believe it or not actually…


  204. Does anyone know a site that is streaming tonight’s game please

  205. type in on google

  206. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    I love how Rio Ferdinand denied the FA charge. Since when could you just deny something after being caught red handed ? What an arrogant c*nt.

  207. It worked for Steven Gerrard. Maybe Ferdinand was acting in self-defense.

  208. Limpar,

    It’s the same design studio that’s behind the new stadium, think I mentioned it above but got stuck in moderation.

    They have a client roster that includes the Spuds and Gary Neville!


  209. Why is sky showing Everton vs Sunderland??
    Can’t find the Arsenal game showing anywhere, disgrace…
    Any suggestions??

  210. Cesc, Ramsey and Denilson? Who’ll defend and head the ball out? I expect Cesc, Denilson and Eastmond. Eastmond sitting ahead of the defence and using his height to clear some of the long balls, an ability he’s proven above Cesc, Denilson and Ramsey. Eastmond will also allow Deni to move up and down while Cesc play in the whole.

    Cesc, Dein and Ramsey will be too attack-minded and poor aerial ability. Eastmond lacks experience but he seems to be developing to be the rightful sub to Song because of his discipline, aerial ability and his natural defensive instinct having played RB for a season for the U18.

    Eastmond is the next English revelation after Kieran Gibbs and Wilshere.

  211. feel pity on yourself

  212. I can’t wait, super nervous now. One game at a time… I know… But if we can win here, then on Sunday… Not get beat the following week… Take another 3 points at home… Top of the league in mid-Feb… Hard games out the way… No cup game before Porto…

    Win 2 home games. A win and a draw away. It isn’t unrealistic.

  213. Off down the pub now. Lucky Simpsons knickers on, lucky socks, lucky pre-game routine carried out thoroughly (I forgot to cut my nails on Sunday, it might have been the problem).

    Just need to warm up the old singing voice for a rendition of “we are top of the league” after the final whistle.

  214. Ferdinand is appealing because there is a chance that he can play in the Carling Cup semi-final and the Arsenal/United game before he gets banned. Worth the risk of being suspended an extra game.

  215. He can’t play against us, i fit is upheld. The hearing is set for Thursday. He will probably get a 4th game added – Fergie really doesn’t want to get knocked off his fucking perch by shitty it seems.

  216. Ha! What an unholy alliance! Perhaps the lead architect is a Mr Lou Cifer.

  217. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    Very true, Poliziano.

  218. who cares wether ferdinand plays or not.

  219. Just need to warm up the old singing voice for a rendition of “we are top of the league” after the final whistle.

    yes arsenholis… i am currently undergoing my pre-game rituals as well. i think i am also partly blame for stoke, as i woke up late and was unable to go through the normal routine..

  220. Apparently Rio’s appeal is, ‘against the advice of Utd officials’.

    The man is clearly hellbent on clearing his name. A bit like Dr Richard Kimble from The Fugitive – flying in the face of advice from the sensible but smirksome Tommy Lee Jones. Although in this instance, none of those watching on will have any sympathy with the protagonist at all.

    If anything should be considered too frivolous for a hearing, then it is Rio Ferdinand. Roll on the 4 game ban.

  221. what are ur rituals nj gooner?

  222. COME ON ARSENAL!!!!

  223. Lee Jansen, I think Limpar. Tommy Lee was in the remake.

    Tonight will be a good night.

  224. Almunia, Sagna, Gallas, Vermaelen, Clichy, Denilson, Fabregas, Ramsey, Rosicky, Eduardo, Arshavin.
    Subs: Fabianski, Nasri, Walcott, Traore, Campbell, Eastmond, Bendtner.

  225. alm sag cli gal ver den cesc ramsey arsh edu ros

    confirmed team

  226. Almunia

  227. 8 points from the next 4 games will see us to the title.

  228. Rosicky and Ramsey in midfield with cesc and denilson. Bendy on the bench.

  229. beautiful line up.

    Shame diabys not available….he was a beast last time we played em.

  230. I didn’t even know it was a remake, Cb.

    I agree. I think we’ll to be on fire tonight – breathing gasoline. I can feel it.

    Wright Gunner – the Sky programming is indeed a disgrace. It’s on 5Live Sports Xtra if you have a DAB radio. That’s what I’m doing, unless I find a very good stream.

  231. So, Campbell is preferred to Silvester on the bench.

  232. I have to admit I feel a bit sick seeing Senderos leave. I hope he got as much from his time at Arsenal as he says he did. Good luck, Big Phil!

  233. i havnt been this nervous since manu in the champions league.

    come on Arsenal

  234. Poliziano, I suspect he agreed with Arsene that it was not the right environment for him. A smaller club, maybe even a different league might suit his game better. He was only really kept on because of the injury to Djourou. But Arsene was quite decent in letting him go on loan rather than continue to keep him when he is desperate to play and no one was going to pay a fee for a player able to leave for free in a few months.

  235. GOOSEBUMPS!!!

  236. When does the game start?

  237. Started just now

  238. Sendo rock. I wish we would’ve kept him. He’s still young.

  239. any streams guys, i’m at work so i can’t have p2p

  240. Check out the 1960’s Limpar!

    Radio 5 Extra for me with one eye on the punch up in manchester.


  241. Great save Almunia!

  242. Dean Saunders understands.

  243. Denilson goes close.

  244. Nice save by Friedel… he’s gotta be one of the best keepers in the PL.

  245. We’re caning Villa on possession, but they’re nifty on the break.

  246. We’re giving the ball away too easily at the moment… hopefully we hit our stride soon.

  247. I miss Diaby 😥

  248. What’s going on?

  249. Campbell having to come on for Vermaelen I think.

  250. Sol is going to be tested here.

  251. Not much… Villa have had a decent number of chances wasted, and we have yet to string much together. Still 0-0 with about 10 minutes left first half.

  252. Come on Arsenal!

  253. bugger

  254. Thanks Taeryn

  255. Half-chances for Villa, but not much more than that. They’re doing the usual high-tempo, hunting in packs stuff. We always come into the game later when sides try this stuff with us.

  256. Sure thing G4E.

  257. OOU… I’m not sure what the stats are, but it seems to me we score the majority of our goals in the second half. Not worried about this one yet, but Villa are definitely dangerous.

  258. Agreed.

  259. Arshavin will score the winner today.

  260. What happened to TV?

  261. Oh!! That would have been an amazing goal!!

  262. Nooooooo!


  263. Ramsey is holding the ball a little too long.

  264. Not bad, not bad. We knew they were going to come at us, but could be one-up despite all the pressing from Villa.

    That was so close!

  265. For fucks sake y did ramsey get in the way bloody hell. no communication, COME ON ARSENAL..

  266. Oh, nice piece of Fabregas magic but the post denied us 😦 I think Ramsey should’ve gotten out of the way cause Rosicky was in the perfect position to strike the rebounding ball at goal..

    Well, not much happening in the first half, awful pitch, though. And Vermaelen…I don’t think he is injured (he looked fine when he came back on the pitch) maybe just a little knock and obviously Wenger can’t risk him missing United/Chelsea…

  267. denilson playing very well imo

  268. I know, had Ramsey and Rosicky not gotten mixed up there, that rebound was buried for sure. Oh well… encouraging signs. Let’s come out and thrash them second half.

  269. Has anyone seen Andrey Arshavin? His wife said he’s at the game

  270. with chelshit winning this is a must win now

  271. Another grind game…I was hoping we’d get out of the blocks a bit faster today.


  273. what happened to TV? no sound…

  274. so i take it Ramsey was interfearing with play.

  275. He took a little knock… theory is AW took him off to avoid risking another yellow.

  276. cool cheers taeryn, was a bit worried for a minute

  277. ole,

    I am sure I have seen someone who looks an awful lot like Arshavin outside the Emirates. He is wearing an incredibly confused expression – I have a feeling he got a call last night from MON saying that he was looking forward to coming to London.


    He is simply not the absolute messiah as many have stated ( not so much on ACLF)

    knowing him tho he will probably come up with a screamer tonight

  278. Has Arshavins form dipped since Russia didnt qualify for the world cup???

  279. His form has def dipped since then Duke, he seems to have lost his appetite for getting the ball and sprinting into space… hope it’s just a blip

  280. It surely must be on his mind but that for me, should be all the more reason to give his absolute all this season for the club.

    He has also been carrying an injured foot for a while as well so maybe this is the reason for his not shining like last year??

  281. Loved Sol’s towering header a few mins ago! Hope he doesn’t have to have a race to the ball with agbonlawhore though…

  282. Come on boys!

  283. Looking a lot better this half already.

  284. Ouch, that was close.

  285. That big oaf

  286. That was filth by Heskey.

  287. Yep… glad to see Cesc is alright.

  288. Man, not another one. Unbelievable.

  289. F*cking woodwork again!

  290. How have we not scored!?

  291. Villa fans are some of the most hideously disgusting c**ts in the world.


  293. Gaps opening up now, but we have to make sure we watch Villa on the break.

  294. what? were they singing their disgusting song again?

  295. Come on Arsenal!!!

  296. Good to see Bendtner back though.

  297. Come on Arsenal. How good if Bendtner scores on his return?

  298. what happened to verma?

  299. Man, this game is poised right now. There have been some big performances so far!

  300. Yeah, Villa singing songs about Eduardo breaking his leg again. There is low and then there is Aston Villa fans. I don’t even recall Sp*rs sinking that low and that’s saying something. Hope Theo comes on and destroys them.

  301. This game is like David Walliams…It can go either way.

  302. Were gonna fuck this up i can smell it

  303. COME ON ARSENAL!!!!!

  304. Anyone who has been to Birmingham will know why they are sick fuc*s. Its a big fukin tip,even the posh areas cant get pizza;s delivered.

  305. That is the benchmark of a shite area. I once lived in an area where i couldn’t get pizza’s delivered. So I moved house.

  306. Did Vermaelen get injured?

  307. Hi G69, looks like he got a knock – he went off in the first half.

  308. We don’t know Gainsborough. God, can people stop asking that question

  309. Yes, Campbell came on for Vermy near the end of the 1st half.

  310. God this is tighter then a ducks arse.

  311. Thanks one of us. Fuck off Abid.

  312. Impressive swan impersonation by Milner there.

  313. Downing dives and the crowd book Gael Clichy!

  314. And Ashavin responds well 🙂

  315. 0-0 written all over it.

  316. Good gosh even their centre-backs are diving around.

  317. Arsenal look like the home side, all Villa are doing is defending and waiting for the counter!

  318. were doing!

  319. Hmm. I guess a draw at Villa Park, this season, is not a bad result. Sounds like it was a wild game.

  320. At least we gave our all towards the end. Not a bad result and pleased with the clean sheet.

  321. That was a tough match. Decent result. I hate the way Villa play football – so predictable, but difficult to deal with.

    Did Almunia even have a save to make after the first ten minutes?

  322. Denilson was very poor in the 2nd half, giving away possessions numerous times which leads to fast Villa counter attacks….

  323. sick commentator never spoke about 2 times arsenal hid the woodwork

  324. Unlucky!

    Good work from the boys. On to Sunday….bring on Man poo.

  325. A good point for Arsenal, Villa was playing really well without really creating anything. Soooo close for Rosicky and Cesc with their shots. Arsenal only top side not beaten by Villa this season.

  326. I didn’t know you were a duck-fancier, Duke.

  327. Any news on TV5?

  328. Gackt13, Denilson has missed a lot of this season. It’s unlikely he’s going to be fully fit right now. Wish people would give him a break.

  329. Cesc missed goal of the season by a gnat’s pube. Good to see some wounded returning but all in all we did enough to win. Ah well.

  330. utd 2 city 1

  331. Oh and a word for Sol – immense.

  332. Looks like the Man U game is going to extra time, which is good for us in a way.


  334. Villa is a hard place to go ,Chelsea lost there and Man u, a good point in the long run i think.

  335. I MEAN TV

  336. Good result for us, never mind Chelsea winning. We will be at the top when all is said and done.

    We were not at our best but still had the best chances. I wouldve oput money on AA beating the goalie on the one on one!

    Such is life!!

  337. Worst of this is TV injured. We did well to rescue a point. Villa did nothing except win most 50-50s and run. We only warmed up around 65 mins…

  338. well said oneofus. The whole team is working miracles with so many coming back from injuries. It’s tough to have one coming back never mind half the team.

  339. I agree with Steww @9.42pm. People wrote that man off before he kicked a ball. Arsene knows.

  340. Against Chelski if TV is fit we could play three CB and let TV roam forward

  341. Rinseout – we hit the post and the bar – we did not in any way imaginable ‘rescue’ a draw. We were superior all over the pitch.

  342. WE hit the woodwork 4 times

  343. omg, barbdoor just done us a favour

    missed a sitter

    we want utd to play 30 mins extra time

  344. i KNEW it would be 0-0. from the start i just couldnt see either side scoring.

    It’s not a bad result.

    please can nobody mention the woodwork incidents? it would hurt too bad.

    anyway, it’s a good result, im ok with it even though i thought 3 points was a must.

    Now, extra time will tire manu, i hope it goes to pens..

  345. denilson is just not strong enough to be a competent DM for us.

    hugely frustrating player.

  346. There’s a long, long way to go. That was an OK result tonight.

  347. that’s clearly a point won..the lads displayed a great battling performance in a fixture which will see all the big sides drop 2/3 points….very unlucky to hit the post twice…….lets hope man utd-man city game goes extra time and manure lose..either way , bring on united

  348. Not OT it seems, DAMN IT!

  349. hhmmmmm…MU get lucky again

  350. So much for all the money spent on Cities defense

  351. Yeah Steww – these boys have got us through a few weeks when our squad has been completely wrecked by injury. Hope Eduardo and TV are OK.

  352. city’s

  353. Disappointed we didn’t win this one.But then again Chelksi were pummelled on this ground 2 – 0 so a credible draw. Very positive performance by the team and just one of those days.Villa put everything on the line.

    Arsenal played within themselves and I was impressed with how we defended as a team.
    A gritty performance ( okay pretty dull performance by the Villans top 4 my @rse). Sol might not have the legs but he reads the game superbly he was everywhere when it mattered. What a rock. Bendtner is back

  354. I’d definitely have taken that result before the game. I’d happily take a point also from the other away fixture at the Bridge and win the two games at home.

  355. for fucks sake man now theyll be on a massive high

    not surprised its them of course everything goes their bloody way dammit

  356. You have to admire the way we were still committing so many players forward even in injury time.

    A good point I feel, but with a bit more luck we could have won with two shots hitting the woodwork.

    Now let’s go and beat United.

  357. My analysis of the match doesn’t completely blame Denilson nor does it necessarily factor in his relative lack of strength. You’ll have to wait till tomorrow to find out……if you care.

  358. How did Bendtner do when he came on? He’ s going to be very important over the second half of the season.

  359. Denilson was brilliant tonight. Apart from his brain fart in the last minute when he should simply have sent the ball back immediately but instead dallied.

    He’s back to his best it seems.

  360. he did ok, one point in the match where he could have taken a touch and scored but no he held the ball up, inexperience but it was more a case of lack of match fitness that got the better of him.

  361. denilson was brilliant?

    can’t see that, at best i found him below average, the guy has no strength and is brushed aside easy, then in order to recover his feck up.. he needs recovery pace to get the situation back on side.. he does not have that either.

    he is a very average player overall.. he has no outstanding qualities.

  362. i thought denilson played amazingly in an unfamiliar position. However with song in the side its so obvious we are a different team with him in it. Almost had a heart attack when deni gave the ball away in the dying seconds, a stupid mistake but who cares it didnt result in anything.

    arshavin played very well, i havnt seen him involved so much for a while

  363. Denilson was brilliant? What game were you watching OG. The boy is no DM. If we had Diaby and Song, we could’ve won this game where the great DM never tracked back and exposed the defence. His passing was poor and was bullied all over the field.

  364. that aint his bloody position stringfellow hawk

  365. Shame we couldn’t take the 3 points, but not a bad result in the end.

  366. Bollocks they have just said on Sky that TV left on crutches with a suspected fractured fibula!

  367. wtf?

    unfamiliar position, are we all on a wind up tonight?

    where does he usually play for us then? left wing? striker? goalie?

    ffs, he always play DM

  368. zap, keep off them drugs, son.

  369. fuck off he was in the song role you donut

  370. you eejit, where does denilson usually play for us?

    talk to me

  371. I didn’t realise you were such a tw*t, Peter.

  372. Well Man Shitty could not have tried harder to gift the game to Utd. The usual guff about Rooney from Sky Sports. Bring on the Mancs and the Chavs.I hope we humiliate them both and send them on a 4 game losing streak an beat them both 3 -0. COYG!

    Zap you must be nervous about the North African rematch?No sticks and stones this time hopefully.

  373. zap is a fool

  374. Zap what game were you watching?

  375. poliziano – i did not realise you were a bitch

    oh well

  376. ZAP if that was the song role it was a bad imitation

  377. Fuck Off Howard

  378. abc you simpelton. football is not for you nor for that hawke stringfuckerfellow.

  379. Everyone played their part in a hard game and all you do is blame one player. Some fucking fans you lot are.

  380. We could have won the game if the bar was a fraction to the right and a fraction higher.

  381. yeah fock off Truly Howard FC.

  382. Is this your final say AlexIC? 🙂 just kidding.

    I don’t think now a days many teams go to Villa Park and expect to win. A point in these circumstances is good enough especially if the performance was good.

  383. genius play on words, james

    did you go to oxbridge, old boy?

  384. zap is a fool for saying denilson doesnt plays in dm regularly and james you tell me wats the natural position for denilson

  385. the smart ones on here, truly believe denilson is new to the DM role 😆

  386. fuck off hawke u sad cunt imitating someone isnt really that clever is it mate. fucking go to ur council and ask for a job

  387. you like that stringfuckerfellow?

  388. f*ck off hawke u sad c*nt imitating someone isnt really that clever is it mate. f*cking go to ur council and ask for a job or theyll make u redundant for your previous one.

  389. ABC on the bench when diably and song are back

  390. abc I tell you to team up with stringfellowfucker.

  391. yeah, real smart… bet people love being around a genee-us like you.


  392. If Sol Campbell didn’t still have it, there is no way Wenger would’ve signed him.

  393. I knew we’d fuck it up, so pissed off

  394. The problem dupsffokcuf is that they are fans not supporters. Aston Villa have beaten chelski and man u at home this season. We came out with a point, which could have been more but for the width of the woodwork. As much as we all wanted to win that game, there are still many more games to go before the end of the season and anything can happen.

  395. .abc you donut. shut up and piss off nobody’s in the mood for ur shit

  396. is that honestly the best you can do in terms of debate, zap?

    i refuse to comment further, i despise council house pikeys to be fair

    do not EVER address me again, you are certainly beneath me.

  397. William you donut hows things.

  398. james u lyk giving zap a sweet kiss here and thr??

  399. cheers gooners

    onwards and upwards till sunday.

    bendtner did ok, he provides a lot more up front

    really hope he starts sunday.

    night all.

  400. .abc hawke is off to bed u might catch him in time to join him

  401. abc prefer to kick you, baby.

  402. one thing that concerns me with this arsenal team is the lack of pace but arsenal is the top scorer so u cant complain really but still….

    this can certainly not be called dropped points

  403. denilsons garbage wherever he plays…always has been…dont know why ppl bother arguing over him anymore…
    very dissapointing result…2 points dropped..

  404. Peter really takes playing the dominant role to extremes. He won’t even allow the fellow beneath him to talk.

  405. Could you trolls find somewhere else to hang out? You’re lowering the tone of the place?

  406. FFS. It used to take a loss to bring these arseholes out. These days a draw is enough.

  407. A draw at Villa Park is fine. A valuable point gained. Stop spilling your guts, JimJim.

  408. is hawk too big for you to sustain zap?

    brothers and sisters lets talk some football

  409. hes always had the sames problem pol…

    hes a bit of a twerp and a bully…

  410. Eastmond is even better than Denilson. Denilson Dm? Soon Song and Diaby will send him back to the bench. I’m shocked to see a crap Brazilian who can’t pass. High pass record in all the EPL? because he doesn’t pass beyond five yards.

  411. Frank maybe ur country mile is just a…normal mile?

  412. You have your own site. Go shit on your own doorstep, JimJim.

  413. No more matches against Villa or Everton for us this season, which has to be a good thing. ManU and Chelsea have got them still to come, with both playing away at Everton next month. Anything could happen there.

  414. Truly Howard FC go to bed.

  415. Truly afc are you better than him? are u better at the game of football than denilson? can you even kick a ball? no so shut it

  416. its fine as long as we win both our home games and get a draw at least at the bridge

    but if we draw all 4 games is that points gained??? or points lost???

    we are in a title race dont forget..any points dropped is points dropped…

  417. A country mile it will be. You just have to have the bottle to see it through. Scan through the recent posts and the same old, same old have run for cover again.

  418. Denilson has just come back from injury and is just a fraction slow, that’s all. He conceded a number of free kicks because he was a split-second late.

  419. I always thought Peter had a kinky streak. Prancing around in a g-string at his age, for God’s sake!

  420. “.any points dropped is points dropped…”

    Mind-expanding stuff – I’m not even sure I can cope with it…

  421. You are just spineless really aren’t you, JimJim. One draw and they are all going to be draws. Doesn’t work that way. Thankfully AW showed superb judgement to bring in Sol at the eleventh hour. We will be fine.

  422. if somehow arsenal doesnot loose to manc and chelsea it will be huge

  423. The Mancs will be fucking knackered come Sunday. We owe Chelski one. We will do it.

  424. JimJim has a website? He can write?

  425. First two weeks in Februaruy and we will be pulling away.

  426. It’s always huge, so long as he has his Ganymede bound and gagged.

  427. bradys right foot

    A draw at Villa park is no disaster but the minimum we require from these four fixtures is seven points, that should be enough just to stay in touch because after that our run in is as good as we could have hoped for.

    Thats 10 league games unbeaten despite the enormous amount of injuries we have had, fingers crossed TV is okay and I hope Song and Diaby can be back for the Mancs.

  428. Peter has a website as well. He ought to join up with JimJim, since they have identical opinions on everything.

  429. What rock did JonJon crawl out from under. I thought we had heard the last from him weeks ago.

  430. They could call it The G-String Fellows.

  431. oh dear….why cant we talk football…

    why does it have to turn into this every time…your all wierd

  432. Weird I think you mean? or possibly wired?

  433. Frank,

    have you ever considered a career in motivational speaking? –

    Whenever i feel a bit despondant I read your posts and feel like we will win the league!

    Gutted about loss of TV though………

  434. But not wierd

  435. We will win the league, Remi. We have the best squad.

  436. I have a notion that Alex Song might appear for a while on Sunday. We are getting our first team back.

  437. anyone who thinks this is point gained is fing mad…

    chelsea are ripping teams to shreds and you lot are having orgams about a draw at villa park…

    villla were the easiest team to beat out of our upcoming fixtures…and we didnt do it…

    we now have to play manutd with the extra pressure…we cant handle pressure…its all about keeping the momentum and we lost that at the britannia…

    instead of wenger moaning about injuries he should have used the transfer window..thats what its for…

  438. Moan, Moan, Moan

  439. I disagree. The Mancs are the easiest team to beat in this run of fixtures. The Chelski game will be amazing.

  440. No-one really wants to join you in your pit of despair, JimJim. On your own, son.

  441. frank if i agreed with you we’d both be wrong

  442. I wish you’d use the transfer window.

  443. Villa took 4 points from us last season, we took four from them this season and kept 2 clean sheets. We’re definitely headed in the right direction.

  444. im not in despair…

    i think 8 points from the 4 fixtures would be good…

    but we could have done with a win at villa as to not put pressure on ourselves….so im not creaming over a draw like most of you are…it just shows lack of ambition…

  445. “anyone who thinks this is point gained is fing mad…”

    Does this mean we still have 48 points then?

  446. Villa played well defensively. Annoyed at hitting the post – if the league comes down to that… 😦

  447. Apart from a 10 minutes spell, i thought United were pretty average tonight, if we can keep Rooney quiet we have a real good chance on Sunday!

    I would play Song at CB over Silvestre and Sol tho!

  448. Disaster – Vermaelen has a suspected broken leg. If true, he will be out for the rest of the season.

  449. Oh BumBum is back…let the fun begin

  450. Muppet,

    Sky reporting a fractured fibula, either way hes out for a while!

  451. You know you’ve slipped off the edge when AIC starts slamming you for being negative!

    Please let the Vermaelen thing be hype. If we had half the injuries we’d be a speck in the distance right now.

  452. bradys right foot

    Just how big do some people believe our squad should be. Its only because of the depth of the squad that were still in a good position. Its not an excuse but simply a fact that weve had more individual injuries than any other PL team this year.

    Also what top class signings are availible in January that are going to have an immediate impact in this league.

  453. AIC

    if we drew all the games in the league we would have 38points…and probably get relegated…

    but it would be fine cos they all points gained right???

    are we fighting for the title or are we happy with 4th??

    it was two points dropped…

  454. I think this was a good result. We suffered a little from not having both Bendtner and Diaby available, and of course VP. Villa pressed the ball all the games and frankly were totally one dimensional.

    Sol Campbell was outstanding and Bendtner was excellent when he came on.

  455. I agree OneOfUs, the only thing that can stop us is the injury curse we seem to be under at the moment.

  456. what did wenger say after the match

  457. FFS. We wanted 3 points. We got 1. It’s really very simple. I’m not as accomplished as you are at determining whether a person has had an orgasm from the words he writes on a blog, but I can say with certainty that I have not ejaculated either during or since today’s match. I expect many others are in the same situation. To tell the truth, I tend not to be affected in that way by football matches.

  458. JJ

    38 games x 1 point= 38 points. I would never have known that.

    3 points – 1 point = 2 points dropped.


  459. Too many championship manager types out there bradys right foot. They need to get into the real world.

  460. bradys right foot

    By: JonJon on January 27, 2010
    at 11:06 pm

    “if we drew all the games in the league we would have 38points…and probably get relegated…

    but it would be fine cos they all points gained right???

    are we fighting for the title or are we happy with 4th??

    it was two points dropped…”

    LMAO 2 points dropped, grrrrrrrrr, draws away from home are a disaster, Wengers a cnut, Denilsons shite, were in crisis, sign Huntelaar, sign Chamkh, sign RVN, Sky have already said Villa dented our title challenge, Steve Claridge predicts well finish 6th, ………..ffs grow a set of balls young man.

  461. glad to be of assisstance alex….

    still think we’ll win the league..but im not getting the rah-rahs and the pom poms out for a draw at villa park

    two wins at home and a draw at the bridge and i’ll be happy….but we needed a good start….

    passanal..if we’dof signed a couple of players the injuries wouldnt be an issue would they..i dont give me the champ manager tripe..what was AA last year??? quality players make impacts in whatever league they play…we just wont spend the money…cos we too busy giving all the kids top wages and signing 17 year olds who cant play for us until 2011

  462. JonJon – stop the broken record.. please.

  463. only think id agree with you on is denilsons shite…

    but i think your going too far calling wenger a cnut..not nice after all hes done for us is it…

  464. clichydoubledeuce

    fibula injury for TV. either nerve, possible fracture. i watched him walk off the pitch, so fingers crossed it’s the former.

    hamstring for dudu

  465. If u we’dof we’dof…. we we’dof

  466. Excellent point, G4E.

    Any orgasms for you since the match?

  467. JJ,

    I am one of the first to admit that we could do with one or two players but with our injuries we would need a squad of 30 to make a difference.

    This Vermaelen rumour is making me feel rather ill.

  468. Any chance of getting Senderos back?

  469. yeah the TV things abit worrying…

    would like to say thank god weve got sol but its abit much relying on a 35year old to save the day…

    suppose we could push song back..but i dont trust denilson in the middle….

    fingers crossed eh

  470. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  471. Not really Poliziano…I’m trying not to at work.

  472. How did Vermaelen get injured?

  473. Muppet….One day we will We’dof and You’ll not see it because you’re zzzzzzzzzz

  474. Hi AIC,

    Looks like we’ve absolutely no option now but to buy in players.!

  475. LOL @ O’Neill prickling at Wenger’s long-ball comments. Sorry, but their game-plan couldn’t have been more predictable – and, yes, it did require long-balls and direct football. And we dealt with it perfectly; after the first few minutes, the only decent chance they had came from a heavily-deflected cross.

    MON’s post-match mood shows you how pumped he was, and how much Villa put into getting a win – and still Arsenal came closest. I just don’t see how this was a poor result. The only bad news is on the injury front.

    Long balls!

  476. We’dof.. ?! is that a yank expression ?

  477. If Wenger we’dof like I told him to, we would we’dof pretty good right now. But because he didn’t listen to my we’dof, look how we dropped two points…we are we’dofing man we’dofing bad

  478. Every cloud has a silver lining, eh, Joe?

  479. Jo Jon -Chelsea ripping teams apart ? Chelsea in their last 8 games won only 3 and those 3 games they’ve won were at home and if it wasn’t for Smalling’s own goal against Fulham it would’ve been 2 games. You call that ripping teams apart. against Sunderland I thought Wigan who leaked 9 gols actually defended better than Sunderland and todayif it wasn’t for some shocking finishing from Birmingham it would’ve been a different story. We shall see how they do away from home. I’m still not convinced my all the hype about Chelsea

  480. No, I wish…we yanks can’t come with this stuff

    It’s a BumBum’s expression in his pot at 11:22

  481. Hi Joe,

    You know we won’t. Panic-buying is not AW’s style.

  482. oh… lol G4E

    BumBum !! Poor guy. Please – have some sensitivity.

  483. There are yaks high in the himalayas whose solitary farts provide more insight and knowledge than you Pz.

    You should stick to your little emmanuel and fellatio stories. Site Jester suits you best – if only you were funny!

  484. I’ve never been to the Himalayas, Joe, but I’ll take your word for it.

  485. Actually I think Poliziano is very funny and has a good sense of humor.

  486. I hope Vermaelen isn’t badly injured.

    One of Us, brilliant clip. I love Curb your enthusiasm.

  487. I think Joe is on to something. I could exert my mind to the utmost and fail to say something as comical as Joe’s most serious observations.

  488. AIC,

    It was pretty obvious that one of our CB’s would fold eventually. At this intensity its unrealistic to expect that the first choice CBs will stay intact. I thought it would have been Gallas but am surprised it was Vermy. Last year, when Gallas folded, so too did our season. As well as Campbell has done, the fact that we were in the run for smalling says all you need to know. We need to reinforce in this area – otherwise its just taking the usual risks.
    Eduardo is now gone too. As much as I rate Bendtner – he doesn’t have the same physical presence as Ade. Were short up front too.

    And as for goalkeeper……………………..

  489. Do my ears deceive me, or did I just hear the trumpeting of a Himalayan yak?

  490. You exert your mind to the utmost everyday on this blog, Pz – 24/7, and you still fail to exert any sense!

  491. Joe, you need a tissue?

  492. Joe,

    I know that the team has flaws but so do our rivals’ teams.

    I would also like some more players but I doubt we will get them so there is little point in worrying about it.

    Injuries are our biggest problem, not a lack of players. We have done so well, especially considering all the injuries, which shows the strength of the squad.

  493. AIC,

    Agreed. We have done well. But the only reason we are where we are is down to the slippage of Chelski/Manure. We’ve been lucky AIC!

    I only wish we could take that element of luck out of the equasion but maybe I’m asking for too much. The prospect of someone like Silvestre filling in at the back sends shivers up my spine. As bad as things are – surely we can do better than this!

    And as for Almunia or fabianski………

  494. still crying Joe?

  495. Doesn’t look like jimjim does have his own site ‘on whose doorstep he can shit ‘ anymore.

  496. A bit worrying for Vermaelen, he might have a broken bone according to Wenger . It just shows how important signing Sol was but we have Song who can also play in that position, lets hope it does not get to that specially with some crucial games coming up.

  497. …effen tossers.

    When AIC sounds like a voice of reason then you know the trolls are out.

    Complimenting AIC …. I already feel dirty.

  498. Some one mention me earlier!!

  499. Im not worried about the draw today, Villa are a good team.
    What worries me is the injuries, why the fuck do we get them pretty much every game. Our players are made of glass.

  500. Missed the goddamn match!! I am sick to my stomach TV injured??? Not the worse result but these f***ing injuries are raising my temperate (and not in that way) I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS SHIT!!! Also AIC talking sense I really don’t know what to say……….a crazy day all round and hitting the crossbar four times….the old Mancs winning with Shrek and no extra time….bloody week day games….oh well bring on the game on Sunday we will hit 4 pass them I feel….

  501. Don’t get me wrong though, …………………..AIC IS A PARASITE…………….

  502. So are James and Howard.

  503. California Gooner

    You know what’s funny? Martin O’Neill responding like the Chinese Premier to Wenger’s comments on Villa’s long-ball game. An ‘appalling insult’ ??? You can agree or disagree, but that is just a hilarious overreaction. Why does O’Neill get so irritated by Wenger?

  504. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    F*cking hell, Joe. You do love a good whinge don’t you?

    How the fuck was it obvious that one of our CB’s would fold eventually, Joestradoomus?

  505. California Gooner

    BTW, I thought Bendtner was excellent. he may be a bit rusty in front of goal, but his ability to bring down long balls, hold up play and bring players in was immediately evident.

  506. I think, because he really admires Wenger and would love to emulate his football style. So the perceived criticism from his hero hurts.

  507. was replying to CaliforniaGooner 3:30am comment, btw

  508. Aside from the draw itself, which would have to be put down as a slight disappointing due to losing a little ground, overall I think we’re a plus one in positives vs negatives:

    +3 Sol looking very good, Nasri back and Nic settling back in excellently

    -2 TV and Eduardo injuries

  509. Lol Maria “the old Mancs winning with Shrek and no extra time”.

    Hope Shrek is tired as hell and manure have a shocker.

  510. Very disappointed that we didnt win last night but considering how well Villa played I will look at it as a point gain rather than 2 dropped.

    I hope Vermaelen isnt too badly injured, we need him in the coming days due to the crucial game we have. I was really impressed by Sol, he still has it in him, played exceptionally well, I dont know how well he will hold up playing week in week out if it turns out Vermaelen’s injury is serious. Bendtner coming on was also very refreshing, upto until that moment we had lost all goal kicks(sometimes i wonder why Almunia persists in them since we dont have height threat upfront) but he was able to get them and control the ball several times. Nasri coming back early was also heartinng but I hope Edwardo isnt gone for another 3 weeks.

    Anyone else think Fabrigas wasnt at his usual best? Side effects of the stoke game were showing. This is not a criticism, just noting he didnt play at his usual best. Our midfield wasnt at its usual best, Song is what we need. Glad he is back.
    I wasnt impressed by the ref as he kept stopping the game every 10seconds(I know I am exaggerating here but it seemed that way to me) even for unwarranted fouls either side.

    5 points adrift the leaders, win our next 2 games and we go back on the top. I cant wait.

  511. This was a point gained, as any of the ping pong corners would have gone anywhere.

    FL who sez tha Cesc was down? did you see his shot on the post? he passed the defender so deftly the defender had no option that to just stand! i even though the ref had blown the whistle, coz the defender was standing…

  512. “Why does O’Neill get so irritated by Wenger?”

    Truth hurts? Villa’s game is always the same – long ball over the top for one of their speed merchants to run onto or a cross into the box for one of their giants to head. They never pass the ball short or play their way into the opposition half so I have no idea why he would moan. It’s a way of playing, which they have perfected to good effect. He should have the courage of his convictions and be proud of the way he has chosen to play the game. Stoke don’t apologise for their limitations.

  513. we’re gonna thrash united for sure..all we need to be wary of is the nani/valencia threat from the right..clichy will have to be at the top of his game..other than that , the mancs are pretty much mediocre

  514. 5 point adrift First Lady?? Your assuming Chelsea win that game in hand are you? Seems the idea Chelsea’s ‘team thrashing’ has gotten to you too! Lets be more optimistic. Aslong as we don’t lose to any of UTD or Chelsea i’ll be ecstatic. Fabregas had a great game. When he just floated past that player and when he gave that amazing pass from the back to start the counter. He’s in top form and was just unlucky today. I think we played fairly well today against a team that was trying their best to stop us playing our game. The only negatives were the Vermaelen injury and obviously the missed chances. What I find funny is that noone has been busting Clichy’s ball’s for how we was constantly being skinned by Ashley Young. I can guarantee you if it was Traore he would’ve been crucified on here by now. This game is dead and buried for me, it’s time to focus on UTD and how we’re going to whoop them.

  515. O’neil he sees what he wants to see. he said “We should have won tonight. We played strongly, kept going and should have won” they had one clear cut chance we hit the woodwork twice. I think they were lucky to get a point. He also got the hump over Wenger describibg his game as “Long Ball” well Mr O’neil you are hardly Brazil, first half they tried to play a bit second half when we pressed high up they resorted to their usual long ball down the the flanks to Agbonlahor so Wenger wasn’t wrong.

  516. Let’s pray TV’s fibula not broken….relying on Sol for the rest of the season will cost us points for sure.

  517. Bad result. We played poor. I really think we should buy a new striker.

    How bad is Denilson?

    Can’t see us winning the premiership this season. Still some way to go I think.

  518. Cesc was quite flat yesterday. He seemed to be carrying a knock to me.

    The 4 passer guys in midfield did not pass it well.

  519. Cesc can’t be carrying the team every game. I feel abit sorry for him. He has a lot of weight on his shoulders. Players like Arshavin, Nasri, Rosciky and Eduardo need to step up and show their worth.

    Hopefully with the return of Song and Diaby we should be in a better position. Team looked hollow without them.

  520. Cesc was forced to play deep because Denilson is hopeless. I can’t see why Arsene persist with this unbrazilian Brazilian. We need Song and Diaby back if we have a chance to challenge.

    I think Sol has proved that he can hold his own in the absence of TV. He’s so strong in the air. Some fans say Sol is slow but even at this age, he’s faster than Senderos and Terry.

  521. Cesc played deep yesterday? Where do these people come from? At times Cesc was playing as the lead striker!!

  522. Seeing what they want to see. Not seeing what they don’t want to see, OG.

  523. if arsenal is supposed to be the best team in europe

    is arsenal not supposed to win against team that are playing well

  524. Just chill abc. It’s not like we got dominated, we hit the bar and post. This is football mate, one day is with you and the other against you.

  525. Denilson at 3.5+ is the most expensive crap foreign player at the Emirates now. He doesn’t bring anything to the team. No aerial and heading ability, poor tackling, pushed to the ground every minute, poor positioning, lack pace to track back.

    Denilson is one of the players with high pass success rate, why? He doesn’t pass beyond 5 yards.

  526. A lot of these guys don’t actually watch the football.

  527. Yes. Cesc played deep mostly in the second half because Denilson was failing once more there.

  528. In your playstation, Truly AFC?

  529. TRULY Denilson is semi crap but it seems hes a favourite of AW and without Diably and Song theres a choice of Eastmond or him, I prefer Eastmond.
    Did anyone count how many stupid fouls Denilson made?

  530. You can see Cesc’s average position yesterday. It was decidedly NOT ‘deep’.

  531. It is getting to the point of being ridiculous, but predictable.
    A win for Arsenal and there is a triumphalism in the air that is almost sickening in its excessiveness. A draw or a loss and the over-reaction is equally intense but more akin to the vomit of an anorexic.

    Move over Almunia. It is all Denilson’s fault. No tackles, no interceptions, no passes complete, no shots on goal. He is shite for being out injured at least thrice this season and not being totally match fit.

  532. I thought Denilson was our best player in the first half. He wasn’t off the pace or anything. He did many things well and nothing wrong.

  533. Hi Sol,

    Denilson was a fraction late for some tackles as he is coming back from injury He was a bit off the pace.

    We were not at our best by any means but we got a result.

    A magical run and a few neat touches aside, Arshavin didn’t do much and he doesn’t seem to be getting criticised.

  534. If TV is injored we have a few days to get in a replacement or play Song at the back becuae Games v Man U and Chelski will be too much for Sol. Rooney/Berbatov and Drogba and Anelka.It was a miracle both TV and Gallas have stayed injury free so far

    Yes it was 2 pts dropped,Chelsea and Man u are now must win

  535. The battle for midfield:

    Passes 29 good, 15 bad
    Shots 6 (5 blocked, 1 hit the post)
    Free kicks 1 won, 2 given
    Interceptions 2
    Tackles won 3, lost 3
    Won possession 6 (total Fr Kick, Inter, Tackle)
    Lost possession 25 (bad pass, bl shot, shot off target, free kick given, lost tackle)

    Passes 33 good, 5 bad
    Shots 1 (on target)
    Free kicks 6 won, 3 given
    Interceptions 5
    Tackles won 1
    Won possession 12
    Lost possession 8

    Passes 30 good, 5 bad
    Shots 1 (blocked)
    Free kicks 1 won, 2 given
    Interceptions 1
    Tackles won 1
    Won possession 3
    Lost possession 8

    Passes 31 good, 4 bad
    Shots 2 (both off target)
    Free kicks 3 won, 1 given
    Interceptions 4
    Tackles 2 won, 1 lost
    Won possession 9
    Lost possession 8

    Passes 28 good, 10 bad
    Shots 0
    Free kicks 3 won, 2 given
    Interceptions 1
    Tackles 1 won, 2 lost
    Won possession 5
    Lost possession 14

    Passes 26 good, 16 bad
    Shots 2 off target
    Free kicks 3 won
    Interceptions 3
    Tackles 1 won, 1 lost
    Won possession 7
    Lost possession 19

    Passes 12 good, 18 bad !
    Shots 1 off target
    Free kicks 2 won, 5 given !
    Interceptions 2
    Tackles 2 won, 3 lost
    Won possession 6
    Lost possession 27

    (note: Arsenal had 55% of the possession by passing numbers, so AV should have higher won possession figures)

    Conclusions: Denilson is obviously crap.

  536. Excellent riposte jbh.

    Nice work.

  537. Jbh

    Who would you or Barcelona want in there midfield?Cesc or Denilson? As has been said many time befoer Cesc plays the killer balls that lead to goals Denilson plays 5 yard square balls

  538. California Gooner

    JVP, that is just a silly comparison. Cesc is a super-star, Denilson is just a very good role player. They have different jobs. If anyone is coming up short right now it is Ramsey. Huge potential, but he isn’t quite ready for the more physical midfield battles IMO.

    By definition, most players in the world are not as good as Cesc. In fact, based on current form, he is easily one of the top 5 midfielders in the world; I say that with confidence having not seen many of the others. He is almost unplayable; his passing as brilliant as ever, his dribbling and shooting now lethal, his strength vastly improved.

  539. California Gooner

    Passenal, O’Neill’s hysterics really do make him seem small-minded little boy who is tired of being bullied. I like what he has done with Villa. They are a very good, young squad and have given us a torrid time over the last couple of seasons (Cesc’s cameo aside). But it is just childish to get so upset about another manager making a comment like that. Disagree, use humor and sarcasm (like Arsene does) — but don’t act like someone insulted your mother!

  540. California Gooner

    Final question: why would Liverpool sell Benayoun, much less sell him for a paltry 8 million? He is one of their most creative players — a really brilliant schemer, an Iniesta at admittedly a somewhat lower level. And in general, they totally lack in creativity. The whole thing just sounds crazy — like most of Benitez’s transfer dealings.

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