Arsene Bites Back

A mixed media bag this week, praised and berated in equal measure after the two wins over Bolton. Even the vitriol over William Gallas has now subsided, support emerging for the Frenchman as Arsene revealed that talks are ongoing with his representatives over renewing his contract for two years, a volte face on the part of the manager but a welcome turn of events nonetheless.

Ricardo Fuller has played his part as well. The Stoke forward has told the world that Arsenal cannot handle physical sides, noting that Chelsea and Bolton have roughed us up and won. Well, the former may be physically stronger and functional but the difference between the two sides in the last two meetings at The Emirates has been taking their chances and defending well. As for Bolton, Fuller is apparently unaware of the recent history between the two sides, with Arsenal not having lost in the last eight meetings. Physical approaches always work, eh Ricardo?

Still his outburst has played into Wenger’s hands, an opportunity that was too good to miss on his part, allowing him to air his grievances without being condemned as whinging, no matter how legitimate they are. First target was Matthew Taylor of Bolton, his hardman hair pulling and stamping on Cesc brought to the media’s attention and The Sun has this morning duly obliged, publishing a two page spread of the incident with suitably enlarged photos to accompany it.

Wenger is in no doubt who was to blame for the media circus surrounding Gallas’ tackle on Davies; step forward Sky. It is unsurprising that they are the dominant market force in UK broadcasting of sport with the added bonus of being part of the group which publishes the biggest-selling tabloid and broadsheet.

That position does not guarantee any high standards of content or journalistic quality but with format of Sky Sports News is such that the brainwashing Arsene spoke of, is simple to induce. Rapidly repeating the same stories every 15 minutes allows momentum to generate behind the biggest and smallest of events, depending on the agenda the organisation is following which in Sky‘s case means that sensationalism wins every time over integrity.

No doubt Wenger is using this, perhaps more subtley, to forge a siege mentality, a mental hardness within the squad. His bone of contention is the lack of penalties awarded to Arsenal, four denied in the last two games alone. He believes that the Sky-driven furore following the alledged dive by Eduardo in the Champions League qualifier against Celtic is the root of the incident.

It is more deep-rooted than that. Robert Pires was the first target of media criticism over diving and a myth that built up is hard to shake off instantly. Once a belief gains ground, subsequent incidents reinforce it, genuine cases are treated with suspicion, the benefit of the doubt given to the sinner rather than the victim. Referees will of course deny that such prejudices exist which in the majority of cases are subconscious, such is human nature.

Away from that, Wenger disappointed those who are adamant that a striker is very much required if the title is to be won, claiming that Nicklas Bendtner is the answer to the problem. The Dane can be part of the solution and perhaps this opportunity is his ‘Flamini’ moment, a chance to show his detractors how wrong they are. The first thing he needs is fitness and then history will judge.

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. were is everybody

  2. An excellent and inspired post Yogi. I am pleased that Wenger has put his neck on the line by hitting back at the unashamed double standards of the media.

    In his press conference he puts it to them that Arsenal are the most fouled team and that most teams have adopted a lets kick em mentality.When we lose the press say we cant hack it and we are a load of girls or boys. When we are physical then we are called monsters and unsporting.

    Cue Sky Sports (Yes Sky Sports!) with the stats that couldn’t hide fact that Arsenal are the 2nd most fouled team in the Premiership with 316 fouls against them. Strangely enough Hull is the most fouled team. How I don’t know.And we are only ranked 14th in fouls conceded throwing the argument that we are a dirty team right out the water. Take that you f@*kers! Don’t even get me started on not being awarded penalties. Ricardo Fuller has been warned


  4. Damn youn GUYS!!!!!!

  5. personally i think niki52 is the answa.. buying another strika would probably unsettle the team and if we do, what happens when RVP, dudu, vela, nick 52 and the new strika are fit?

    besides it would put youger strikers like watt, simpson and co. down the pecking order, that wont be good for their development

  6. Do you watch ‘Sponge Bob’, Maria? I do, well the grandchildren do.

    There is a perpetually cheerful and optimistic female character who always gets everybody else into trouble with her enthusiasm and determined views.

    I picture you as her, only more attractive of course.

  7. The media and the so called experts have been on our case for years now le boss has come out to attack thats good yw u forgot to mention that cunt alan green and his hatred for us

  8. I believe b52 can do a good job with cameroon bein knocked out on monday things are lookin up.tomorow wenger wil unleash le coq and jet and may le coq have an eduardo moment on bra wearing fat and daft fuller

  9. This is the stuff I like to read from clubs with overweaning ambition.

    ‘Man City to be ‘biggest and best’
    Manchester City executive chairman Garry Cook is confident the club is on the path to global domination.’ The BBC.

    Hubris, my friends.

  10. I for one am nervous resting the burden of leading the line on bendtner, I feel he has the potential but he seems so inconsistant and in some games just doesnt seem like he wants to put in the effort required. I do like the guy and I really hope he comes back and STAYS FIT first and foremost and proves us all wrong when we say we need a CF.

  11. happy new year guys!!

  12. Relax dutchgunner B52 likes attention he is at his best wen he gets it he wil come good

  13. Bendtner looked to have improved just prior to his injury, just like Diaby and Song have. He will do the business for us up front.

    I can’t wait for tomorrow. It will be a massive statement of the talent and depth at the club if our squad/youth players can go away and win.

    We shouldn’t be a small side, Campbell, Silvestre, Eastmond, JET, Traore are all over 6 foot.

    My guess for the team:

    – – – – – – – – – – Fabianski

    Coquellin – Campbell – Silvestre – Traore

    – – – – – Denilson – – – – Eastmond

    Walcott – – – – Wilshere – – – – Thomas

    – – – – – – – – – – Vela

    Bench: Mannone, Bartley, Cesc, Sunu, Rosicky, Frimpong, Eduardo

  14. There seems to be a lot of angst and defeatism on the blog-waves this morning. People seem to think that Ricardo Fuller, whilst dumb enough to shout about it, has been clever enough to figure out the formula for beating arsenal. Bizarre.

    Even with a mix of youth of squad players, we are quicker, stronger, and technically far, far better than Stoke.

    We might be in for a surprise also. Denilson, Rosicky, Cesc, Eduardo and Clichy have all been injured and thus got a lot of time off this season. Maybe he will start the big names, then pull them off?

  15. It’s funny how suddenly ppl are missing Nic Bendtner now that he’s not playing and projecting him as a potential savior once he comes back. I remember his pink boots made more headlines than his goal scoring skills during the time he was actually playing and so called fans rubbished Wenger for putting him in the first eleven.

  16. We had Flamini moments enough from the real Flamini.

  17. Bendtner scored 18 goals and had 9 assists last season in all competitions for club and country. He has 5 and 1 in 11 starts this year. He is getting better and better and will thrive playing in his natural position now.

  18. I’m surprised a C*ntGoon would have a problem with pink.

  19. Gallas is the king

    If Bendtner is the answer god help us.He is not good enough.We are just 1-2 players away from winning the title.Dont blow it Arsene

  20. So what’s your point, BG?

    He had a rough patch in front of goal at the end of 2008, but improved as the season went on. His scoring record wasn’t bad at all in the end, considering the amount of time he spent on the pitch.

    He also started well this term playing as a right-sided forward. I quite like him in that roll because he has the strength and height to dominate full-backs, but the skill and vision to bring other players into the game.

    Either way we’ll probably see him right in the middle for the rest of the season. He’ll do well.

  21. Roll? LOL, that’s “role”.

  22. We win find out tomorrow if Sol still has it.Its already looking good in training but at a hostile Stoke we will get the answer

    Sadly i think we will go out.But the next 4 league games are the ones we have to win not tomorrow

  23. OneOfUs
    It’s the contradiction among my fellow gooners and their expectation from a player who they trashed not so long ago and now when he’s badly needed, well, at least it seems so, trying to create a messiah out of him which baffles me. My point is, it wrong to trash a young player who is trying to do his best on the field and that too playing out of his preferred position and suddenly setting a kind of expectation which is grossly unfair and can be detrimental to a player. I mean the lad is out of the game for a long period of time and as we have seen with others he could get a niggle here and there in the coming matches and will definitely take time to get his A game.

    Yesterday I heard Arsene saying that he doesn’t want a new striker as it means that he needs to change the way we play to accommodate him. Then again he announced that he will look to buy a striker, then he found Bendtnar close for return to postpone that idea. Then how are we all looking at Bendtnar’s height and strength as a positive towards our gameplan?

  24. C*ntGoon, we don’t need a saviour. We are top of the league. Nobody is trying to create a messiah out of Bendtner. I haven’t heard such rubbish since Tunday was last here.

  25. why do people in england hate arsenal so much?

    i am not from england. so as an outsider, may i offer a possible explanation?

    the people are jealous that we are playing a kind of football they can only dream of. and we are playing it without any mainstays of the england national team.

  26. Buying a new striker is too risky at this end of the season, Bendtner is a better alternative to what’s available at sensible money and he has improved a lot.

  27. Why do you keep talking about me Poliziano, even when I am not present to stand againt your accusations?.. For the record, I think Nicklas is a top class player and I have been saying so for 3 years now. He can definitely step up and do a job, making any signing up front rather futile/.


  28. dutchgunner
    nick52 works really hard on the pitch when he is playing well or not. hard work always pays off, im sure he would come good.

  29. people hate arsenal because they assumed that since we dont spend as much as the rest of the title contenders, we would be a middle table team by now……….but we are still top. it really hurts them, that we are cheating our way to success with sexy football rather than spending sugar daddies

  30. we are top of the fairplay table. no red cards in 57 games. woah. we are topping in everything except goals conceded. that would be a nice addition.

    a new striker now is difficult, because there are so many things to consider. the price, the eligibility for champions league. and also we have bendtner, vela, walcott coming back. don’t forget, van persie will return sooner or later.

    yes i know, you can never have too many good players. but many of our players are young players who need their chance. like JET, jay simpson, sunu.

    and with our 4-3-3, nasri, rosicky, arshavin will also be in the forward line.

    so wenger must be thinking: if i buy dzeko, villa or whoever, will i be killing vela, bendtner, walcott?

  31. right now we need anyone who can win a header. without the diaby & song the entire front six are all midgets. For me, old pink boots goes straight in the team when he’s fit.

  32. California Gooner

    The reason people are anxious to see Nikki Bendtner isn’t because he fills people with confidence, but because he is our only player besides RVP who can comfortably play that central role in the 4-3-3. Eduardo seems physically short (But full of tricks) while Arshivin is much better used on the left. I hope that Bendtner proves he is more than potential, but only a fool would be certain of it given is up-and-down track record.

    Berg10, how can you say no better options are available??? For what money? how do we know who’s really available?

  33. THAT is assault. hope the FA does something about it.

  34. I love his pinky boots. He looks like an elephant wearing ballet shoes. When I was in London last season I went to Craven Cottage and watched Arsenal lose 1-0. Alex Song did more in that match in about 7 minutes than any other player did the whole game. Anyways, I was blessed by the cosmos and when Nicklas came over to the corner to warm up he was blocking my view. I shouted, ‘ Hey Nicklas , move, you are in my fucking way’ and he laughed, and said ‘oops sorry’ jokingly and then crouched down so we could see the corner. He is true Arsenal legend like a wildebeest on stampede.


  35. Word up Berg 10.

    We dish out a few lessons in Arsenal football over the coming month and we might be both best attack and meanest defence statistically.

  36. california gooner,

    i saw an article the other day about edin dzeko’s price being 40million euros, according to his agent. would you pay that price?

  37. “Brainwashing” by the media. Shock, Shock, Shock.

    The last four-five years at least (YW goes even further) has been a case study of the use of xenophobia, racism, voodoo economics, and the cult of manly-up in in their face-tough as nails-English football to denigrate the efforts of Arsene Wenger to rebuild this 3rd generation of Arsenal Football Club.

    Shock, Shock, Shock….its all politics and not football.

  38. Good post as usual Yogi. I can see why Arsene is no longer looking at another striker. A goal hanger who cannot contribute to our all round game would force a change of formation and possibly nullify the outstanding contribution of our midfield, particularly Cesc. That would be a waste of the best player in the league.

    There is also the chemistry issue and possible impact on the squad spirit. That is precious and is what is getting us through games during this injury crisis. He cannot afford to take risks, which might disrupt that. Bendtner has the skill and touch to bring others into the game, but what he has over Eduardo, Arshavin, Vela and Walcott is height and heading ability. That just adds another dimension to our attack, without losing the key part of our game plan. Also he knows the Arsenal way so will not need that settling in time, just time to play himself back into match fitness and form.

    There are no guarantees in life never mind about football. Arsene has to weigh all the pros and cons and take a chance. There are risks to either decision, but the difference in going with what he has is that he knows the qualities and personalities of his existing players and believes in their ability to deliver.

  39. California Gooner

    no7, no Dzeko for 40 million would be too much. But — I doubt that is his real price ( i.e. the agent is dreaming). More to the point, that is one player — still a bit short of saying ‘nobody’ is available. Anyhow, I’m with you all in hoping Nikki B does the job, but I’m not going to go overboard and claim he will. Without cursing him, he could get hurt again, or he could simply be ineffective.

  40. No 7 whilst it makes a change to see that highlighted eventually, I note they don’t show the worst moment with Taylor actually kneeling on his neck.

  41. California Gooner, there are probably plenty of strikers available, but the question is are they right for Arsenal and are they available at the right price? Obviously Arsene doesn’t think so, which is why he has not found anyone so far. What people seem to forget is that the purchase price is only part of the price of the player. Wages also have to be factored in and if you pay £30m + for a player, they expect that level of wages, which Arsenal will not pay.

  42. passenal, i agree. the angle of the shot with his foot on fabregas was bad. during the game, we saw it close-up. if someone could get hold of the video and get that screencap…

  43. Bendtner doesn’t have an up and down track record except in the very narrow sense that his finishing has sometimes been lacking. His height and strength are very useful against The Pansy Division and similar teams, and his phenomenal energy is useful against any opposition. I have complete confidence in him.

  44. California Gooner.

    I think Passenal (11.41) summed up why I feel we nedd not look at another striker right now, something like not upsetting the apple cart springs to mind, on my otherpoint, Wenger will not throw stupid money at players with high price tags (which I totally agree with) most of whom have been linkd with us at some time recently,also some of these may not cut it in the EPL. Perhaps we should look at RVN, or perhaps definitely not!

    Hey AH, how goes it matey?
    Yeah, I’m with that, the hard work (and patience) looks to be paying off.

  45. Is it just a coincidence that most of the British press happens to think on the same line as SAF!

  46. California Gooner

    Yeah, the don’t upset the apple-cart argument has merits. There is a real risk of that. But against that there is the “your this close, do what you need to to win it” argument. There are a couple of options. One is a short-term signing of an experienced player to at least provide competition and cover for NB. That seems like the safe option, although RVN just isn’t going to happen. The other is to pay a lot and get an athletic big man who will provide something different even when RVP and NB are back. If no top quality signing for the future can be found — the time to do that might have been last summer when Arsene had Chamakh in his sites– then I prefer option 2. The problem, as you point out, is finding that player.

  47. Yeah, CG.
    There isn’t much available based on the Wenger attributes.
    I just don’t feel we could sign someone that’sgood enough and prepared to sit on the bench IF and that’s a big IF,RVP stays fit for long periods. Bendtner, Walcott, Eduardo when fit will also be vieing for that role.

  48. Yeah, CG.

    There isn’t much available based on the Wenger attributes.

    I just don’t feel we could sign someone that’sgood enough and prepared to sit on the bench IF and that’s a big IF,RVP stays fit for long periods. Bendtner, Walcott, Eduardo when fit will also be vieing for that role.

  49. What the hell is Paul Merson problem?

    Actually defending Bolton and other teams for kicking Arsenal as part of their gameplan.

    Saying you have to let them know you’re there, you can’t let them embarass you.

  50. In terms of a short-term option is it not possible for Arsenal to sign someone to at least give a psychological boost? That is one part of Sol Campbell’s signing, of course the main being he is still talented.

    On one hand is wages, the other someone willing just to play a couple of matches because it is likely they will not be first or second choice. But anyway, I don’t believe we need a striker if Eduardo is there and Bendtner is back (although that is a bit thin). The key is if there is some dynamism down the wings so Walcott coming back will be a huge boost.

    In the shortest-term, a central midfielder is needed but that is only a couple of games. Also, I hope Cameroon wins the ACN as the psychological boost it gives Song will be great. Imagine he came back next week and thrown straight into the action?

  51. berg10,

    no self-respecting player would be willing to sit on the bench.

    just look at flamini.

  52. no7.


    Can’t say I have any respect for him anyway.

  53. Having just witnessed another disgraceful witch hunt against Arsenal & WG10 on Sky Soccer Saturday by Paul `I Mean` Merson & the two big noses it`s left me despairing for English football.

    Thank goodness for Charlie Nick, the one voice of reason who not only stuck up for us but managed to get another dig in about Darren Fletcher.

    Ten minutes of anti Arsenal vitriol was follwed by a couple of minutes on being top of the league

  54. berg10,

    if he doesnt respect himself, why should you?

  55. follow the link to read a wonderful hidden gem of an atricle in a mainstream paper.. that tore red nose fergie a gloriously wide new arsehole

  56. The mistake made by The Pansy Division (as well as by diverse commentators and pundits) was to think they had their own special talent to set beside that of Arsenal. Arsenal’s talent, they thought, was the fancy-dan stuff, such as accurate passing, close control, movement, and so on. Their own talents, which they considered of equal merit, were strength, courage, and aggression, which they demonstrated by kicking the opposition at every opportunity. What they failed to realise was that Arsenal can kick just as well as them, but choose not to, whereas The Pansy Division can by no means replicate the skill of Arsenal. When Gallas knocked the Pansy foot-soldier’s ankle, almost bruising him, it turned their world upside down just as surely as our world would have been inverted if The Pansy Division had abandoned their English style mid-match and instead started to play football.

  57. Good Berg, cheers mate.

    We scored 8 goals in our last 3 league games, Cesc is on fire, Bendtner is coming back, Eduardo is just a quality goal away from scoring like he used to, Walcott hasn’t played this year, Rosicky is contributing again, Diaby scores a goal, Ramsey also, even the centre-backs chip in.

    If we defend better, that will be a bigger boost than a new striker.

  58. P.N.E 0-1 Chelsea anelka, 36′

  59. Senderos is going on loan to Everton till the end of the season.

  60. bloody always get kind draws.

  61. PZ
    In the words of Cpl. Jones “they don’t like it up’em”

    I was concerned about Rosicky, whether he’s come back after all the set backs but he has impressed me greatly, Walcott I feel is trying to adapt from the bang it forward and chase it system that he has been trademarked with. Eddy is just lacking that final ingredient at the moment based on confidence but he looks better in every match for me.

    On the defence, maybe Sol will have an input there and I’m not talking physical attributes only.

  62. and they just missed a fucking open goal ffs

  63. That’s a funny article, Peter. Someone hates Ferguson more than I do. I could almost feel sorry for the old bastard.

  64. preston could be in the lead, dammit.

  65. that preston manager is an ugly git isnt he.

  66. ArsenalArseneArshavin

    it really pisses me off when we are subject to hard treatment we dont like it in our faces ( kicking ) but when we make a bad tackle we are not without blemishes ourselves. When did we claim we are the saviours of football? when did we claim we are angels? But statistics don’t lie. We have not had a red card for 50 odd games and we are the 2nd most fouled team in the leauge behind hull surprisingly.

    No symphaty whatsoever. If you don’t like it hard don’t dish it out then

  67. I’m still not understanding the pressing need for a new striker.

    Opponents haven’t worked out how to stop Eduardo yet. He’s playing the pivot role to perfection.

  68. TheGreatGunnerB

    Re: Being the 2nd most fouled team.

    Are Advantages counted in the statistics?
    [I don’t think so, but someone please correct me if I’m wrong]
    My own belief is that we are, in fact, the MOST fouled team.
    Watching every match in its entirety I see the referee frequently acknowledging fouls against us by indicating that he is playing the Advantage [even though that often leads to nothing because the fouled player isn’t then available for a return ball]
    Thus, in the strictest sense, no foul.
    I would dearly like to see the stats for Advantages – are they out there somewhere?

    And, yes, that Hull are 1st [or second…] is a strange one.

    Roll on tomorrow.

  69. Another idiotic performance from Merson. He actually said that we should have let Bolton score after the WG10 tackle because it was the fair thing to do.

    As others have said above; thanks to Champagne Charlie for having a go.

  70. I don’t find anything in Paul Merson and his coke-aced comments that I can relate to. Never heard an intelligent comment from him. All I hear is endless nonsense.

    Let Bolton score….it’s the right thing. Kiss my Arse Merse.

  71. TheGreatGunnerB

    On that link to The Sun that no7 left, I had to laugh at this bit near the end:

    “When the Potters came to the Emirates last month boss Tony Pulis ended up butting James Beattie in the dressing room afterwards.

    Wenger joked: “I’d ask him to do that before the game this time!” “

  72. Mesrson is a Sky poodle they feed him crumbs of the table so he has to agree with their bullshit. as we all know there is no loyalty these days Money comes first.
    I would love nothing more than seeing the end of Sky and Merson to go on the dole. any of you lot pay those suckers their hard earned cash are misguided. They slaughtered Eduardo , Gallas and Henry they just played their clips on a loop 24/7. Rooney and Gerard, swept under the carpet.
    Imagine If Wenger was a Tax evader like Del Boy ARRY Rednap. They would have driven him out of this country and blame him for the recession. Double standards when comes to foreigners and Arsenal in particular.

  73. Did he really say that? Unbelievable.

  74. The ref saw the tackle had the whistle in his hand but chose to allow play to continue. gallas isnt getting banned the player isnt injured, what the f*ck is the deal.

  75. Had the misfortune of listening to talksport yesterday and i have to say im now back on the antihypertensives.

  76. This BS was laid to rest when the Gunners came back and beat Bolton. Second- rough play has always been part of the game. Deal with it. If not then put a dress on the players. Futebol is a rough sport. There is a difference between rough and dirty. Still Arsenal has shown it can play beautiful as well as tough. This is called mind games. Pysch em out. Arthur Ash wrote a book called Levels of a game. It talks about what separates players of equal ability. It is the mind and the will to win. This has always been the case.
    Sir Alex plays his mind games. Jose Mourinho plays his . They all do so what else is new.
    Screw the media.

  77. bobbygee – got to totally disagree with the points you make about comparing arsenal as the poorer sister of manure and pool.

    historically, until the premierhsip era, pool and arsenal were clear in their historic league titles.

    utd have caught up dramatically during the premierhsip years… whereas pool have yet to win a epl.

    comparing arsenal to the philly eagles aint on in my book.

    we are as much a historic superpower as manure and liverpool.

    you need to do more research on our great club… and it extends back a lot further than the wenger glory years my friend.

  78. “He actually said that we should have let Bolton score after the WG10 tackle because it was the fair thing to do.”

    Ffs, we’d already let them have two. How many do they want?

  79. With a nickname like the trotters, I suppose one would expect them to be greedy.

  80. clichydoubledeuce

    hahahaha defoe misses a pk

  81. What strikes me as completely neglected in these sort of debates (Bolton blaming the ref for a goal) is that the moaning team had ample opportunity to clear afterwards and then redeem the situation. They were useless, down Robinson’s side incidentally, then got battered for the rest of the game.

    Even after we scored, due as much to their defending and goal-keeping as the ref, they were still drawing 2-2 with 40 minutes to play. They could have gone on to win the game, but actually they couldn’t. They lost by 2 goals, even without the cesc goal, we would still win 3-2. Plus, the ref denied us a blatant penalty, the third in 2 games.

    Bolton never deserved to win that match. They were basically lucky to be 2 goals up, we gifted it to them and spurned about 5 chances ourselves. They STILL couldn’t do what was needed after that start. They got embarrased and no amount of whining can hide the gulf in quality between us.

  82. Just spotted Senderos watching the Everton v Birmingham game seated next to a beautiful girl.

  83. Was it one of the Bolton players, Gainsbourg69?

  84. i think it was jimmy bullard

  85. you beauty

    was a blatant penalty aswell

    well done leeds

  86. HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA!

    The Scum just choked….AGAIN.

    Leeds just scored in the 96th minute. 2-all tie.

    HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA!

  87. I have to make an apology for Bilesh who is one of my students. I have taught him about the evils of using profanity and he has now been banned from using the computer for a week. Thankyou for the heads up Yogi Warrior. Tomorrow is the young lions chance to shine like the morning sun over the sahara. Big up your chests and do it for Haiti boys!


  88. Peter……hahahaha.

  89. How bizarre, Gary Lineker desperate for Arsenal to win the title? At least he would make Merson and Wrighty ashamed of themselves.

  90. Arsene Wengers Flying Circus

    The Sol Man will be the MOTM at Stoke

  91. I hope, if Sol plays, he has no need to be MOTM and all the action is at the other end of the field.

  92. i think we will be defending for a lot of the game, with our inexperienced team they will be up for it and they’ll throw a lot at us i dont expect them just to sit back…

    come on arsenal..

    i’m trying to stay awake for as long as possible so i wake up, according to my plans, a few mins b4 kickoff so there’s no waiting.. i hope it doesnt backfire and i wake up at half time or even worse full time, though….

  93. clichydoubledeuce


    that article almost floored me

  94. There’s no doubt that signing a striker at this stage would be a risk, particularly as they will have to establish a good chemistry with the rest of the team immediately.

    Dzeko is a pipedream and Chamakh is a non-starter, even for the summer if is moaning about Arsenal ‘pressure’ is to be believed.

    Closer to home, there’s only one viable option and that’s Louis Saha. He’s coming to the end of his contract and playing for a team that is now out of the F.A.Cup and with little chance of a European place.

    If rumours are true (which is always a massive ‘if’), then Arsenal would be paying him 60k a week for 2 years. He would probably cost not much more than 2 million at this stage of the season and he has 11 goas in the Premier league this season from 19 games. Of all the players out there, he would present the least risk.

  95. Hey Lg, saw your comment yesterday a little late….nice to see someone appreciates my solo run all Cesc like though….lool….anyhoo I think Wenger has been asked about Saha and while he rates a ‘uninjured’ alongside the Torres of the world but has enough injured stikers at the Arsenal gave the same reason for not being interested in Charlton Cole.

    P.S I did EVENTUALLY pass the 10 post mark!!!!

  96. Congratulations, Maria!

    By the way, the closer the game gets, the more I think the team will be stronger than we’ve been thinking.

  97. Me too la, Arsene has mentioned good mix enough times for me not to expect the regular Carling Cup team. I think Clichy,Eduardo and Denilson may play. I wish it was a 12pm ko.

  98. I wonder if a Stoke preview will arrive anytime soon?

  99. Arsene Wengers Flying Circus


    if we failto win the title.The question will be asked why didnt we sign a striker?it reminds me of 07/08 when we were top.We failed to strengthen and we lost the title.Did the signing of AA effect the team in a bad way? of course not it helped us kick on

  100. Bendtner’s like a new signing, and far better than any of the alternatives that have been mentioned so far.

  101. hope so-I’m in the tough spot now of wanting to see it life, but with 3.5 hours to still go….

    AWFC: The problem is that the wrong signing could have the effect of destabilising a very successful team right now. It’s true that Arsene doesn’t often get it wrong, but the odds get tougher when the player is new to the Premier League. Arshavin was not a typical situation. As I mentioned on this blog before, statistically Arsenal would have made the Top 4 based on their average points per game before Arshavin’s arrival.

    The good news is Arsene is fully aware of the balancing act here. He knows that he can’t afford more injuries upfront, but he also doesn’t want to mess with the team’s chemistry right now. There is no elite striker available for the 15 million Arsene was able to get Arshavin for.

    My guess is that if a the right deal falls into place (as Saha still might) at the right price, he’ll move on it, but he won’t force a deal through if he’s not convinced that the player will make a meaningful difference at a reasonable price.

  102. loooooooooooooooooooooooooool

    Dzeko would kill Vela!!!!!!

    I for one want Vela alive and well for our wedding this summer.This will be reward ofcause for scoring the hatrrick that completes our treble so NO to the assassin.

  103. Bentner is the best bet, but as Arsene pointed out in on a couple of days ago, the risk factor in not signing another striker is if we incur more injuries.

    It’s why it still makes a lot of sense for Wenger to keep his options open for a stop-gap (not Dzeko, Chamakh etc) in case Bendtner gets re-injured, which we all know is quite possible when a player has been out for a while.

    The stop-gap would be a player like Saha, just as Campbell is a stop-gap for our defence.

  104. NEW POST!!!!!

  105. it’s getting late…littering this blog up with typos (life, Bentner). Time to get my 3 hours in before the game starts…

  106. Let’s just hope the boys don’t give us a scare by trying to prove to us that they can overturn a 2 goal deficit with consummate ease lol

  107. wenger must sign a tall and strong defender and defensive midfielder to make Arsenal so strong. wenger must sign a tall and strong defender and defensive midfielder to make Arsenal so strong.

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